Hacksaw (2019) - full transcript

A young couple traveling across the rural outskirts of California, go off course by stopping at an abandoned building near the city, to see where the local urban legend of the notorious murderer, Eddie "Hacksaw" Crowe was killed.

We good.

Hold up.

Well take your sweet
fucking time, honey.



How do my teeth look?

You look good.


They're perfect.

Well that's what
I want to hear.

If you take one
more damn minute!



I'm Max Hart,

here live to give
you a first look

at the building where
everything took place.

For years, this
city has been trying

to tear down this building.

And now, finally, right
before Christmas, folks,

we're getting a little
present early this year.

With news that was
just released today,

the tear down to this
building will begin

the day after Christmas,

finally, putting to
rest the horrible past.

But what really happened here?

Is the legend true
about this Ed Crow?

The man who killed over 300
people in this building.

Men, women, children,

all killed by his hacksaw.

Or was it all made up?

This once former hospital
has still yet to release

any documents confirming whether
or not this man, Ed Crow,

in fact worked here.

Or was it a game of copycat?

Said people taking this
thing a little too far,

wackos who call themselves
the followers of Ed Crow?

When we come back, I'll be live

with a man who believes
the legend is true.

A brother to one of the victims

who was last seen near this
building just last October.

When we come back,

I'll be live with Richard
Hill on The Hart Show.


That look good?

It was great.

My teeth, they look good?

Yeah, they're good.

That's not what I
want to hear, dick.

They're perfect.

My man.

Are you recording?

I'm not recording.


Ow, are you
gonna help me pack or what?

No, I'm
taking a shower.

Get over here,
come and help me pack.

Come on.

This is how I need
a shower to get on the road.

Thank you.

Hey babe, if you watch
this or when you watch this,

I just wanted to say thank you.

What could've been an
easy plane ride back home

has turned into a
two day road trip

because someone thought
it would be a good idea.

So thank you.

I love you.

And thanks for helping me pack.

Oh, one other thing
I want to add,

when we get married
and have kids,

you're helping out, okay?

I'm not gonna be
your fucking slave.

Just wanted you to know that.

Oh, and I get dibs on
naming the first kid.

Knowing you you're going
to want to call him

Sky or Friday or Apple

or some stupid fucking
celebrity kid name.

So, uh-uh, first dibs

and you're not smoking
anymore, I've decided.

What up, bee-otch?

- What's wrong?
- I'm engaged.

Oh my god!

Oh, I'm gonna get Mom.

No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

- Please don't get Mom.
- Okay, why?

Because we're headed there.

It's a surprise.

- Oh really?
- Yes.

What time are you
guys flying out?

Well, we're driving.

- Who's stupid idea was that?
- Mine.

Please promise?

Whatever, just don't take
forever to get here, okay?

Teryn, promise me
you're not gonna tell Mom.


I promise, I promise,
I won't say anything.

Okay, well, we got
to get on the road

to head your way, okay?

I'll see you soon.

- Bye, bitch.
- Love you.

I'm driving.

I'm driving.

Come on.

I'm driving.

Whatever, man.

Love you.


I told Teryn.

You what?

I told Teryn.

would you do that?

Why would you tell her?

Why would you tell her?

'Cause she's my sister.

gonna tell your Mom.

She's gonna tell your Mom.

No, she's not.

Well, just don't
be surprised when we get there

and your Mom already knows.

She won't.

So we're taking
the 26 to get there?



Because I thought we could
take the scenic route for once.

You know
it's gonna take

a lot longer to get there.

No, it won't.

- It will.
- Not.

- It will.
- Not.

- Mm-hm, it will.
- Not.

- It will.
- Not.

- It will.
- Not.

- Will.
- Not.

- Will.
- Not.

Stop it!

Are we
going, let's go!

- Stop.
- Come on!

And we're off.

Are you recording right now?

Yes, Ash, yes, I
am recording you right now.

Well stop, I don't
look good right now.

I disagree, babe.

I think you look pretty
fucking foxy right now.

Oh my god.

So just
own it, alright?

Let me see it, come on.

Let's see those beautiful
lips of yours, come on.

- I said no, stop.
- Come on, let me

get a close up.
I'm gonna pinch your titty.

Quit it dick, I'm driving.

- Babe, I...
- Don't.

I really need to
go to the bathroom right now.

Well, hold it.

Babe, I
really, really need

- to go to the bathroom right now.
- Hold it!

Okay, I
really, really need

to go to the bathroom right now.

You want me to hold it?

Are you serious right now?

Okay, I'm gonna
get a kidney stone, all right?

There's a gas station
coming up, all right,

and I just really need
to go to the bathroom!

Well, if Christmas
wasn't enough on your mind,

it looks like winter is going
to be a little off this year.

Record high temperatures
reaching well over

in the mid-high one hundreds.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Guys, this
is DJ Cassidy...

Did you get me a drink?

What, no.

Did you get me a drink?

You didn't
say you wanted to drink.

I want a soda.

All right, thanks
for telling me now, okay.

And jalapeno chips.

and jalapeno chips.

Yeah, since I'm here.

Babe, I really don't
wanna go back inside there.

Please babe?

really gonna make me

go back in there, huh?

For your fucking jalapeno chips?

Jalapeno chips, my favorite.

gonna make me do this?

Yeah, yeah, I'm starving.

Are you sure?

Hurry up, gotta go!

Now how long was she gone

before you and your family
noticed something was off?

After we realized she hadn't
contacted us for two days,

we contacted the police.

And did the
police do anything?

Yeah, they filed
a police report

and said they do their
best to find her.

Their best.

Now, how do you feel
now that this building

is being torn down?

Absolutely nothing.

It feels great.

But it's not gonna
bring my sister back.

How long has it been since
your sister's disappearance?

She didn't disappear.

That fucker got her.

We can't cuss live.

I'm sorry.

So what do you
feel really happened?

It's really obvious.

The whole city knows
he still lives there.


He as in Ed Crow?

Ed Hacksaw Crow.

He killed my little sister.

Do you feel that
your little sister

is still in this building?

Fucking a, I do.

Sorry, yes I do.

I believe he fucking killed her

and all these fucking
followers that follow him

like some fucking cult helped
him fucking kidnap her.

Now if you, Richard Hill,
could do anything to this man,

if you could say
anything to this man

in front of millions of
watchers in this world,

what would you say?

The camera's right there,
what would you say?

I wouldn't say anything.

You wouldn't?

I would do to him what
he did to my sister.


I'd cut him up with
his own fucking hacksaw!

Okay, that's it.

Okay, that's it.

The people here need
to know the truth.

They think he's dead or never
existed, but I know the truth.

He's fucking real and
all of his followers,

they're all fucking in on it.

- Stop recording, dumbass!
- Sorry.

There's a fucking
kid out here.

- They're all in on it.
- Stop recording, dumbass.

They help him take people
and they fucking kill,

don't touch me,
you fucking prick!

Hey, this is my show.

I don't give a shit.

People need to know, they
need to know the truth.

People are dying in here.

They're tearing down this
building after Christmas,

- you know this!
- That's not gonna stop him!

That's not gonna, he's
not going to go away.

Okay, okay, that's it.

This interview is over.

You can't fucking kill him.

You can't fucking kill evil!

You can't...

That is gonna get
old really fast.

Come on, babe.

I just got the fucking camera.

I'm experimenting
with the settings.

I'm just getting used to it.

I'm trying to figure it out.

Come on, just stop being
a fucking Grinch, alright?

Come on.

I'm not a Grinch,

I just don't like the
way I look right now

for you to be recording me.

You know I love you

stuffing in your
mouth like that.

You know how I love to see
you stuffing your mouth.

With chips, with chips, come on.

Hey, I was
listening to that.

Not the best thing to
hear before Christmas, guys,

but the city's mayor has
issued a statement today

that the building
on 21st and Grape

will in fact be torn down
right after Christmas.

I know it doesn't bring
back your loved ones,

but it certainly eliminates
that horrible place

from ever standing tall
in this fine city of ours.

So finally the home to the
most notorious murderer

in history, Ed Crow,
will be gone forever.

Now back to something a
little more cheerful, huh?

I'm going to play one more
song before I head out

and Mandy comes in and
covers the next round.

That's right, your
local favorite Mandy.

I'm heading off on
vacation for two weeks,

but Mandy will be
in to cover for me

and make sure we pay
the bills around here,

'cause somebody's got to do it.

But first, this next song

for all my first time
couples out there,

during the best
time of the year.

That's right, I'm your
favorite, DJ Cassidy,

and this is your favorite
station to listen to

on the road, while at work,
live all day at HC Radio.

We're so going.

No, we are not going.

Nope, we're going.

It's fucking insane.

It's fucking, it's gonna be fun.

They're gonna tear it down soon.

It's really fucking cool.

Come on, I can get all
the footage on my camera.

It's gonna be sick.

Are you deaf, I said no

and they said the
building was sealed off...

No, they said they're

tearing it down after Christmas.

Okay, it's gonna be gone soon.

- No.
- Why?

Why, why?

- We're not going?
- Why?

Well, one, we have
to get to my parents

and tell them the big news.

And two, I'm not running
around in some building

where some shit went down.

- Ashley?
- Don't.

- Ashley?
- It's not gonna work, Tommy.

Heart crushed.

That's what this
supposed legend, Ed Crow,

has done to folks
in this glory sick.

I'll just like,
did you get that?

Hurt, crushed,

that's what this
legend, Ed Crow,

has done to folks
in his glories.

I would just like
to take the time

to thank Mr. Richard Hill

for coming on The Hart Show.

Your family will have justice.

Your family will be
happy once again.

Thank you for coming on
The Hart Show, Mr. Hill.

This building that
I'm standing next to

will be torn down to
absolutely nothing,

down to the fucking ground.

Excuse me.

Pavement, it's flat pavement,
turned into a parking lot.

I'm sorry, just, it
hurts me terribly

when good, hardworking
Americans like Mr. Hill

have to suffer like this.

Hey, come here.

Now, if there is an Ed Crow,

if there is the supposed
followers of Ed Crow out there,

you hear this, we're
coming for you.

And the light's about
to shine on you,

if you're still in there.

And cockroaches run out
when the light's on.

So be ready.

Cause we're coming in,
we're going to tear

this whole goddamn thing
down on your faces.

I'm Max Hart and this
is The Hart Show.

Till this time after
Christmas, we'll be here,

live, when we bring down this
motherfucker to the ground.

And who fucking is talking
across the goddamn street

during my video.

'Cause your dick is
so small, little dick.

He could see my dick
all the way from here.

What the fuck are you saying?

It's over, done.

Right now it's done?

It's done when I say it's
done, this is The Hart Show.

Oh, we got to wrap
up now, I'm Max Hart,

we're going to see you
this time after Christmas,

when we tear this
motherfucker to the ground.

So are you gonna
ignore me all night?


Are you gonna
ignore me all night?

No, I'm not
ignoring you at all.

Okay, let's go.

Go where?

You know where.

What, now?

No idiot, tomorrow.

But I
thought you didn't wanna

go to the building.

Well, I mean the road trip
was my idea so I feel bad.

We really
don't have to go

if you don't wanna go.

Really, it's fine.

It's fine, it's okay.

You really want to
go, so let's go.

Do you still want to go?

Fuck yeah,
I still wanna go.

It's not that far
from your Mom's anyway

so it's probably about
at least an hour out.

I did like the road
trip, it was fun.

I did get to get some
things on my camera, so,

but would've got there a lot
faster if we took a plane.

That's just me, all right,

I mean, hey, I'm not pointing
any fingers at anybody,

but you know, still
love you, babe.

Well, we wouldn't be
able to do this anyways

in the future, we're
gonna be pretty busy.


Yeah, when we have kids.

Busy, uh-huh, as in,

you do know that just
because you have a kid

doesn't mean you
can't go anywhere.

You can still do things.

People go to a lot of
places with their kids.

But it's a lot harder.

it's a little harder,

but we'll make it work.

Kids as in more than one?

That's usually
what that means?

Well let's just see
how it goes with one, okay?

If I can keep something
alive for longer than a year,

then we can talk.


I'm not
having five kids.

Never said we're
having five kids.

Or four.

One is good.

One is good.

So did
you tell your Dad?

What was that?

Did you tell your Dad?

What, about us?

- Yeah.
- I did.

And how did it go?

All right,
that's all that matters,

but yeah, I don't talk to him

like you talked to
your parents, okay?

Doesn't really matter what he
said or what he thought, okay?

Guys, we don't really
talk about our feelings.

You two need to work out
whatever it is that's going on.

Me and Dad, we're
really not the talking type.

So you know this
already, so, okay.

I'll try.

I really will, I'll try.

Our kids are gonna know
who their grandfather is.


I'll try.

I really will, I'll try.

Are you gonna be on
that camera all night or...


Because it's either going
to be me or the camera.

Yeah, is
that a trick question?

This is stupid.

We look like a
bunch of jackasses

standing in front
of this building.

Looks like
a full human bladder

exploded all over the wall.

It looks like the bathroom
when you don't clean it, honey.


Are you
sure about this?

It's probably all made
up bullshit anyways.

Hey honey,
after we get married,

do you think maybe we could
move into a house like this one?

Oh, that's lovely,
look at those windows.

Oh man, this is perfect.

We don't even have to, yeah,

it doesn't even need any
touching up or anything.

This is ready, babe, right?

Hey, you can raise
your five kids here.

They each get a
floor, look at that.

Hey, you can raise your
five kids here, honey.

Isn't this nice?

They can come out here
and pee on the wall too,

add a little art to the wall,
you know, potty train them.

Yeah, it'd be fun.

Stairs, stairs, stairs,
we got stairs, babe.

Alright, just hop over
there, climb up the stairs.

Come on, babe, babe, babe,

hop over the fence and
climb up the stairs.

Come on, hop over the
fence, climb up the stairs.

We're leaving.

we just got here.

Well I'm not
waiting forever and I wanna go.

You wanted
to drive back home.

You said it wouldn't
rain, it did.

Who said it wouldn't rain?

It wasn't that bad.

Yeah, right.

But it is
pretty though, right?

No, it's not pretty.

It's fucking raining
it's fucking ugly.

Who are you, Robert Smith?

The pictures of
the raindrops are beautiful.

Fucking girls.

Oh, now you like to take the,

oh yeah, now you
like the camera,

oh, now we're taking pictures,

oh, now that it's
raining outside.

It's so beautiful.

We stopped because
you wanted to take pictures.

Having fun getting
your pictures?


Very nice,
very nice, honey.

Very Texas Chainsaw.

Maybe you can post that one on
your Instagram or something.

You would.

There's so much junk everywhere.

Are we gonna do
something that I want to do yet?

Well, yeah, and?

Yeah, I get shit
'cause I wanna stop somewhere,

but oh, Ashley wants to stop.

Oh yeah, of course.

There's a pizza parlor down
the street around the corner.

So I'm going to
eat, you have fun.

where are you going?


This place
is gonna be gone soon,

all right, come on!

Fuck, god damn it.

It's right there.

Right there, I can see it.

That's the fucking way in.

We just gotta just
crawl the fuck under,

go up that ladder, that
that's the way in right there.

Shit, fuck.

Ah, shit, fuck, fuck, shit.

Hey, can you order me something?

Hey, did you get inside or?

No, I did not find a
way inside the building.

Can you order me
something, please?

Yeah, I'm fine.

If you could please
order me something,

I'm actually really
hungry, please.

Yeah, that's fine, you know me,

- pepperoni, mushroom...
- What are you doing?

Holy fucking
shit, what the fuck, man?

What's your problem, man?

Yeah, I know that.

So what do you do?

None of your
fucking business, man.

Yeah and stop following me.

Fucking asshole.

There's no coming out again.

I know the way inside!

Yeah, I'm listening.

- 50!
- What?

- $50.
- $50?

I know a way in.

Okay, that's great.

Look, all I have is a 20, okay?

I don't have a 50,
so if you know a way.


Oh, so
we're going now?

Look Ashley, Ashley,
I got a way inside.

Someone's gonna help
me inside the building.

I know you ordered the
food, just hold onto it.

I found a way
inside the building.

No, you can stay there and eat

but I'm going
inside the building.

You coming?

No, no, I'm not.

No, I'm not.

You eat the food, I
know you got it for me.

I'll eat it later, all right?

There's a guy right now
who's gonna take me in, okay?

What do you know
about this place?

Just a
guy named Ed Crow

used to work in this hospital,

killed a bunch of people.

And that people, he had some,

I dunno, he had some
sort of a cult thing.

I just heard about
it on the radio.

And you still want
to go down in there?

It's all just
made up bullshit, dude.

There's no such
thing as Ed Crow.

Okay, maybe someone got
hurt a long time ago,

but it's bullshit.

What is this, man?

I paid you, dude.

You're just gonna stand there
or you gonna show me in?

This is as far as I go.

Everything you want
is through that door.

I already tried
that door already, man,

and the other one and
they're all fucking locked.

Is there even?

Hey man, what, this isn't cool.

What the hell?

Where the fuck did he go?

Fucking asshole took my money.

The door is locked.

Where are you?

Honey, down here.

Tommy, I
can barely see shit.

Keep walking
down, keep going.

Tommy, I do
not wanna be in here.

walking down, come on.

Further, all the way down here.

It's bullshit, man,
there's nothing in here.

There's nothing in here.

Look, I know you
don't want to be here.

I'm just going to go
through really, really fast,

I promise, and
then we're leaving.

All right, I know you
don't want to be here.

It's a once in a lifetime
thing, all right?

Please just let me do this.

Five minutes, five minutes,
five minutes, tops.

I promise five minutes.

Tommy, I don't like this.

Just come with me.

Someone is going
to notice a metal bar

on the ground up there.

Just come with me.

In 10 minutes, I'm leaving.

Babe, are
you gonna come or what?


- Nope.
- Ash!

I'm staying right here.

Ash, are you coming?

What the fuck!

Hey asshole, get your
fucking hands off her, man!

What the, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Stop, stop, hey!

Get the fuck away from her, man,

get your fucking
hands off my girl!

Ash, fucking push him away!

Get the fuck away from her!

Hey, what the fuck
are you doing, man?

Hey, hey, get her the
fuck out here, man!

Hey, hey, hey, come on!

Open this fucking door,
get her out of here, man!

What the fuck are you doing?

Hey, come on, hey, what the
fuck are you doing, man?

Ash, hey, get her the
fuck out here man!

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm coming, Ashley,
I'm coming, baby,

I'm coming to get you,
don't worry, hold on, baby.

I'm coming, I'm coming,
Ash, I'm coming,

I'll be there soon, alright!


Ashley, where are you?

Ashley, what the fuck is that?

What the fuck is that?

What the fuck is this?

What the fuck is this?



Jesus fucking
Christ, are you okay?

Hey man, are you okay?

Are you okay over there?

Hey, oh fuck, God!

Jesus fucking Christ!

Why are you doing this to us?

Please, don't hurt me.

Fuck, no!

I guess this wasn't such
a good idea after all.

Everything started here for me.

My first kill,

I was pretty close to your age.

My hair was a little
longer than yours though.

For a long time,
I always thought

this place would be my tomb.

Every time I tried get out,
something kept calling me back.

Tommy, Tommy, you still with me?

And they think they're
gonna tear this place down?

I'd like to see them try!

Because whatever soul sets
foot inside this place

will be trapped inside
forever with us.

Leave me alone!

Let me out!

Let me out!



Go right up.

Go right up.

Be one of my children.

Be one of my children.

Tommy is with us.

I wanna go home!

Yes he is.

I wanna go home!

Why are you fighting me?

Let me out of here!

It can all be over.

Let me out of here!

Join us.

Please, please,
just let me out of here.

Please, I just want
to go home, please.

Ashley, Ashley, it's okay.

I feel a lot better now.

They're really out here.

They really are.

Just say yes and
you'll be with me.

It's me, Ashley, Tommy.

Are you gonna
help me pack or what?

No, I'm
taking a shower.

Get over here,
come and help me pack.

Soda and jalapeno chips.

Babe, I really don't
wanna go back inside.

Please babe?

You're really gonna
make me go back in there?

For your fucking jalapeno chips?

My favorite.