Hacker's Game (2015) - full transcript

A love story between two hackers, Soyan and Loise. Like many other hackers, Soyan works for a company he previously hacked.

It is no harm to give a tiny appreciation

Disasters in China.

There is an accident happened
in Chai Wan nuclear power Plant.

The nuclear reactor have been leaked
The people in the area have been evacuated

The coolant system probably was not working;
the radiation has affected the civilian population

In the location near Hong Kong
so far 8 people died and 27 are wounded.

The Chinese government
still not issued any statement

There are a lot of misunderstandings
among the departments..

They are trying to prevent a meltdown.

We hoped that the military can give
some answers

Chen Da Wei.

Hathaway, self-foot
hands behind you!

Open 16!

Go, go, go!

Search everything!

Get off that!

1, 2, 3! up!

That was founding in your cell.

You have adding $ 900 to all your account,
cono series account in your cell block.

Is this your tattoo?

With it you have opened a terminal
and then give you command line?

And then you broke to the network
and plus up the balances?

No, I used to call Santa
in the north pole

And told if he can do Christmas
earlier this year

A virus took our control system.

How was this possible?

We have any evidence?

It could be a 'Rat' or other device.

We must strengthen our defenses.

If the attack fails, I had an alternative.

What were they after? access codes, passwords?

-I don't think so.
Why not?

They caused the reactor to overheat and explode!

What do you think?
It's a terrorist attack?


And then?
Blow up this state?


-Then what?
What motive?

-I do not know.

I'd like to contact the FBI's cyber-crimes branch
for assistance.

Then I can dig deeper.

And we can understand more.

Then call them
and collaborate with them!

-Then I decided. You can go now.
-Thank you

What we know about this guy?

His grandfather was a military commander
in Shanghai in the 20s,

and in the 30s, against the Japanese
during the Civil War.

his father become China Undersecretary
for trade to the UN.

He came in New York
brought high school studied in sciences, MIT.

His sister's is network engineer
in the private sector.

-Is he grows up in New York too?

He's our rising star at
PLA Cyber Defense Section

You liaise with them?

He invited us to hen house Carol.

Stanley, we go head to head with the Chinese
on these cyber intrusions.

Every day for the week

Not a bad idea to be
face to face working with them

For once

You monitor very closely, what they do
and do not have access too, okay?

Send the code.




Can I keep you a company?

I’m not what you thinking are.

- Not interested.
- Are you her boyfriend?

I'm her brother,
Her brother said she is not interested.

-I need to talk to you.
-Hey, listen, this is my card.

Hey! I was talking to her!


There goes the second martini.

English much be better

-Tomorrow, I can't, I think it's impossible
-Why not?

I got an optical overlay network
that's got to be up in about 17 days.

They sent me some code, Lien

the Black hat hitting Chai Wan reactor.

When I looked at the code ...
It was a...


I need a network engineer
which I can trust.

fully trust.

Hundred percent.

When do we leave?

The meltdown in China
and run up soya yesterday

were facilitated by the same RAT.

How got loaded in the first places
we don't know.

But once we inside in the club to be aim
what it really is

a remote access tool.


A RAT job was opened a back door of our system
and call home

The Black hat then use this back door
to inject the second part

His payload

That's what happened with soy

Now we look at the RAT and
the payload closely

We think they....
-Written by different artist

how we have figured that out
was the code in the RAT

Those several years old is ...

The payload on other hand is frantic, confused.

Or overwritten?

So the question
we dealing with is?

Is there somewhere
we can talk?

Daniel is qualified
in computer forensic

The interim can write
that report.

Oh really.
And who we need if not Daniel?

A liaison, liaison group
implies mutuality

If you don't like our boys
what idea who you want to bring to the dance?

A man named Hathaway.

He is a convicted hacker serving 15 years
in US Canaan in way Pennsylvania.

You telling me some hacker in prison
is hitting our financial market?

No, but we want Hathaway in our team

So he can help us in the investigation

He hit four major banks
ran up 46 million in damages

And that's just what we know about

You want the DOJ to do
anything other than laugh?

Daniel said two author of the virus

I do not know who wrote the second half,
but the first half..

The RAT, the remote access tool,
that Daniel call linen graceful

One of the original authors was me

I co-wrote it

as a gag eight years ago at MIT.

My roommate the genius
lead author, it was ...

-Nicholas Hathaway.

That's right

The hacker found the
RAT online, modify it

If we want move around within this code
looking for the clue the hackers identity

We need is the architect

The reactor in China
I heard about, but ...

The spiking soy future

I don’t know any of this
we not got a lot any news in here

The US government would like
your technical advice on this

In exchange for that we gonna
furlough you out of here

You sign that in the last page,
and we get you process

You will wear ankle bracelet and
be accompanied by US Marshal

you're computer access
will be restricted

If you want to study the whole document,
you can go right ahead.

then come back in month or two.

I'm done

-You didn't sign it
-Yeah, why would I signed it?

Why, because of generosity the Assistant US Attorney
and granting your furlough

both of you and the Assistant US Attorney
can stick that document up at your ass

I'm Sorry?

Why are you sorry?

I insulted you, What would you sorry for
I'm not sorry

-Don't think you gonna ...

You want reach me out of here,
to solve your trading thing dilemma

and I get the furlough for couple of weeks,
are you kidding me?

Do you have any idea how much
progress you can made

and strike this complex
without someone like me?


-This is not a negotiation.
-I just made one.

you want me pass it upstairs

my assistance resolve the identification and
the apprehended the guy you after

I want you to keep my sentence

I can bend to you task my ass back in ....

Those are the terms.


Review is over

How badly you need this guy?

-How good to see you bro!
-And I, more than you think to see you.

Let's get out of here.

So you planned to reunited with your friend
from the moment you landed?

Bear in my mind

you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

please keep him out of sight
you can help it

He rip off and stole the code.

-What the hell is this?

The agreement wasn't approval on the
presence of his computer access

I approved it.
- DAJ approval.

-Now change the gold coast?
-Hola Chica, You came to me

How must I do my work,
if I have ...or something?

-Chica? I'm a Spanish?
- What’s the hell going on?

I dedicated to get your way here

I pull every string to get your
convicted sprung from the street

-Captain Chan.
I never asked,

But I offered partnership
an equivalent

-Or we will do our own
-I'll be happy

To pass back to Canaan and
put your ass on the first plane back to china.

We apologize.

My brother miss understood
our arrangement, special agent.

Look around

After the morning backups.

Your network is sitting behind deep
packing inspection intrusion, protection

It is extent your firewall.


Someone had to come physically
to the room plug the virus in

We review key card scan and surveillance tape,
there was one unauthorized to entry

And I thinking now a RAT witness

- Too complicated, when he do down there

Yeah, what your proposing
didn't happened

There is only one person has
authorized to access this terminals.


And the password and my thumbprint.

May I ?

I assume I have approval now?

This is the code for RAT's

It's compact, it slips under...

You never pick up by

Have you ever left your
USB drive on your desk

- I suppose so

Who work so doesn't like you,
recently hired or fired?

-Who ?

Lozano. His mother passes away
two weeks ago

John Lozano.
He's only on job for a month.

-He has access to your office?

-I will an employment record.
-Everything will call up phony.

Except this
you got the photo ID?


This section of the code right here
is a mess

There are 25 lines
He left text it looks incomplete.

-Or as notes for himself.
-Dead end idea.

Maybe he still writing

Yeah, that's good

So if you got a ability you move command anyway you want
what will you do?

I play long and low key
I Do want this spike and play month after month.

-No risk to be detection

But our guy jack soy
by 250% in a day.

It's weird. He knew he will bring down the heat

- Maybe he needed cash
- he got the money from Won soy.

And it took to write for the code next

You still have really to come.

We have Lozano's photo.

Keep any routine surveillance fixed

Like carding identity theft

Who work in West Texas prison gang

Our cowboy has a tattoo on his shoulder,
he is law Spartacus

I send something to you right now

That's him, On the bottom left

Alonso Reyes get two years
in Huntsville for carding


Move back to L.A.
I have a lair to pick him up.

You got to monitor is home grid,
I did

We got a better shot, get him first
to look at him ourselves

Is that not why you
brought me here?

-Yeah, go ahead

That's mean you and me on the money

unless you think you can
do on your own too?

-I do okay
-You do..ha!

Let's see how you handle
the financial sector

Thanks, Stanley.

-My eyes on you
-Where do you think I going?

This guy one step away from
I'm get out of jail with free card

So, how can I help?

We want to see your trading record
of you trader

Who took a large profit
from the soy runner

Your request, to get to turned over recorded to
the FBI and a foreign power

On thousands of private
brokers and traders?

But I can't possible to
accommodate you

You gonna protect a person who
manipulated your market.

No, you're casting your net weight
to wide Mr. Chen.

You want to see my data, you need to
come with something more tangible data,

something with
probable your cause

Can I call you Gary?

How this can be tangible
in the next 15 seconds

I will call Laura Green
at the Commodity Trading Commission

And I say: Hi Laura how are you doing

I would like to launch an official investigation
on one Gary Baker.

So the headline
N-Tech Official

Investigate for ateing and batting
cyber criminals.

Leaks to CNN in next 90 so
make at 3:00 news psycho roll

And for the night news
that we could do

Am I being tangible ?


Look around here,
but I stay here with you,

No, take nothing

What happened to you?

drop...set a meet?

drop...set a meet?

He has WRT hardware and a router

He can route and encrypted data
and stay anonymous

with no IP address?

Yes, someone told him a
how to set it up.

sure, see you there.

She probably called 911.

-Who is this woman?
-A manager...

Let me see.

Proximity sensor.
Refresh Rate: one day.

Try it now.

Barrett, is Jessup.

Thank you, Jessup.

We better make calling the money
pay off, Reyes is isn't, he's dead.

Oh great!

Wait a minute

I'm looking for buyers of soy
or just the sellers.

Only our player knew exactly
when to get out

Reyes got an e-mail.
about the drop tonight

Without Rayes we got to find a
new link to our main players on these ....

It's time Jessup?

No, a body ten block away

You getting to not
enough for one day

I can't blame my way
it works, don't be stayed on

I go too

You look not so different
from the picture.

What picture?

That my brother shows me before.

Why you in prison?

I was in a bar, I met some girl
and some guy got my face

We got into a fight.
when it's over he is in the hospital, and I in arrested

The one I've sentence to
18 months to NCI Norfolk.

And graduate from Academy of
Gladiator Academy.

Then what?

When I get out
I was 22 and

Not allow going on for silicon valley
for next con with no degree

-So ...

Yeah, that happening, wholesaling
internationally, for eight years run

A few card Then the FBI caught me
and I got 13 years.

You have regrets?

Regrets? No.

The banks got lost, not the people
I don't burn people. I don't burn people

-Not every bank to chosen everybody
all the time anyway

-I'm not sorry for me
-I mean

I'm sorry
for what happened to you

Sorry, don't be?
I'm not fishing for sympathy.

I did the crime, I do the time
the time is doing to me

What's that mean

I do my own time
not this institution

So hold on who you are and
you dedicate yourself

To your program, you got your body
and your mind

Open your eyes.

-What did you say?
-You talk like you're still in the prison.

But you're not in prison, get a thinking
to where you are and not what you see

What do you know where I've been?

-No, nothing
-No, nothing

Okay, tell me what is it I'm
suppose should start to see fast

-Where you are
what? Korean town?

This restaurant, this table?

You've been in robust
mode in decisions making

having to make intuitive choices.

The people against you
high speed, world class, dangerous

To be a genius coders
to all smart.

...... all said include

You have to think
about it clear

Not easy, I know.

There is no transition time.

But ...

I believe you are a very strong man
very smart man.

Here, Chen.

Three trades, three different accounts.
lodge by him, they also within a minutes of each other.

just at the shop close at
1:13 p.m. and 1:14 p.m..

time perfectly to the dot

-What's that?
- Bank accounts. Foreign.

-Same place
all three


Hong Kong.

You want the bill?
If you order more, you can work the table.

Are you really earned the space?

Holly sake yeah.

May be our guy no show

What is it?

"Korean restaurant"


Who is

"server administration contact"

"Write SDKSDK"
"I'm onto you."

"Who are you?"


"Piss off and die Ghostman"

-Let's go
-What’s happening?

Who are you?

Why are you here?

Who are you?


Watch out!

Reyes probably was killed.

E-mail on his computer was a bait.

Whoever it is want to see
we were on Reyes trail.

-We burned.
-Can you track to our guy location?

No. the video feed went
into proxy server in Ukraine.

Who knows where about
to us death.

Yeah, and our players
are foreign too

What about the money?

Three accounts,
all in the same places

They took 74 million.
We gonna follow the money.


put my sister on

They did recognize me.

We must breaking up and move

Meet where?

Where he held a birthday for me.

Just go there.

We flying to china in the morning

My dad was steel workers as a father
and he raises his son on his own

came and he visit, twice

and he got sick

Now, I see replay memories

So I when I got home


Captain Chen!
Hong Wei , nice to meet you

-What is the status?

We try to restore the coolant
by pumping the seawater.

I got more Injured

I am going to be able to enter inside it

Since it happened,

-Was there any demand for money?

If it's not about the extortion,
is it political?

Any terrorist attack,
any decorations?

-No claim, no statement
-What is this guy want?

-What's the malware attack?
-Program will lose the controllers. PLC's

They turn the pump turn on
turn off to cold the reactor

Any idea where
the attack origin air

I was track when the malware
when the core went

We have to evacuate

But if the is machine failed
it should save memory to diagnostic file

That’s right, and if the memory don't
may be the trace code,

May be this guy real IP address.

Place servers is the control room,
everything is still hot

We are fighting a meltdown.

Chen Lien.

Inspector Alex Trang,
Hong Kong police.

Hathaway, US Marshal Mark Jessup.


Is this them

-is this the guy?

We got anything?

Here they are.

Johnny Lee, Yang Li, Samuel Wu.

Lee just came out of prison two months ago.

Yang and his mother are both junkies

Wu run a chop shop

Hardly..... speculated.

Their front, proxies

And how they communicate.
How do they connect to our asset.

They don't

Phone, internet.

And they all been there all day
all night, but nothing

If you're him right now

-What would be you're next move?
-I beat my trail and go

- How?
- I cash it out

Cash money doesn't got be trail,
pick it up, walk anywhere you want

But the money hasn't move yet
there is no activity in the accounts.

Yeah, this is all too clean.
there is got somebody between them

To talk to them, to instructs them,
tell them what to do,

There has be someone in contacted

He is not the main player,
too much exposer

The middleman

He not follows here by accident
- Where?

May I just?

Right there.
Where is this?

Yau Ma Tei.


Knock slowly next time.
you scared me!

-Who are you?
-Captain Chen Da Wei

What going on here?

running the surveillance

On who?

Some Lebanese guys
on traffickers watch list.

Why did you let him in?

They want see if he talking
with anybody homegrown

Why here?

Every morning he came
to meet someone.

Run him down

Elias Kassar.

Fought in Christian Phalanges’
in the civil war, then disappeared.

Pop up in the 90s in the
paramilitary in Colombia

He rented a house month to month
the Shek

Who he meets?

No one
no one ever showed

He texts

Has your phone an Android ?

I see it


Bluetooth transmitter.

Short range, we would
never pick it up

See he don't come to meet them
he comes to this

Kassar texts, Wu, Yang and Li walk by,
the receiver in their pocket, pick it up

They read it delete it
Kassar never meet them, never see them.

No mail, no phone calls, no nothing.
It's slick.

-Can you crack it?
-In about a month.

-It's lock in GPG encryptions
-At least in 512 Kb

We pick him up, we all over him

We let them ride until to the main player

You don't have any choice
This guy here, he will gonna roll.

I think we let him ride


Sun rise in two hours

When this is over,

What will you do?

I do not know, fix TVs,
garage doors opener

Do you still gonna like me,
if I'm fixing garage door openers

I don't know, maybe.

-Give me a bottle of water.
-Right away.

They move the money.

In all three accounts.

Wire transfers
to Macau casino

The casino

-Nobody moves

-We can't reach the team in Shek O

We're gonna Shek O
We're gonna Shek O to pick up Kassar.

Launch SDU,
meet you at the heliport.

I'm gonna pick up
the meal

Come on, Let's go

Outside, faster, faster!

We need to talk about these.

I'm not blind,
I know the two of you are together.

If you look in my eyes, what do you see?

Hathaway. being in prison

He has something to offer my sister.

And the future is not exactly
guarantee is what I see.

What else?

She deserve better I think
if I have a chance

I've really seen her happier.

But what if these fail?

nine years in prison.
What kind of life is that for her

-Chen it's Barrett.
- I hear you

The meal we caught Li and Yang.

And listen we can’t wait
surveillance in Shek O.

On the ground floor.

Hey, over here!

Come on this way!

Hold on there..hold on

Stay down!

Hijau (Green) Hijau (Green)

Merah (Red), Biru (Blue)Biru (Blue)

Merah, bagaimana? (How is he?),

Sepertinya tidak bertahan lama boss
(It seems he cannot hold anymore boss)

Go! go!

Come on!

Elias. Coming.

Come on.

Don't wait, get them out of here!

-its Paul Lang,

Whatever we restore the water

The bug ..... and to stabilize the reactor
it still hot, but we can get in.

Can I take the car?


The temperature inside is high,
about 53.8 degrees.

You have eight minutes,
then you must exit.

If someone is sick,
you must return immediately.

I still don't get it.
What is he after?

Why this?

Otherwise, you'll be irradiated.

- Hei What she say?
- Move fast.



Take him, both of you
get out of here!

What are you doing

We were right

In the memory dump there is
fragment of the malware, but it's corrupted

Maybe it's IP address.

But it is too full hole

Get one of the team bug me in "O" 7
in out my door and flushing files

But when I come in trail they retrieve
all this data and all they can retrieval

Black Widow's is NSA software

Examine fragments and
reconstruction original

within a couple of hours
of super computing

The cases like yours
they loan it to us

Rich, I need access to Black Widow.

It is classified tech with the Chinese
Are you kidding?

that is not even getting into Hathaway to use it

We need full Cooperation Rich,

You aware you're justice, we at NSA.
I want too I can and I don't want it.

An uncategorical "no".

Okay, how does it work? you gave NSA's the data
they run it, and then what?

Now they have the remote logging
while we run it

-You not thinking
-Come on they got the key of the kingdom.

Our guy's address may be,
and whatever is cook up next,

Is right in there?
only we can read it.

Let's go.

My old correspondence
with Donahue is here.

- But there is no way the logging is still active
- I'm not goanna use that logging.

Ok Donahue,
the NSA contact you talk

If NSA discover the intrusion

-You Sure you want do this?
-FBI can explain after the fact?

You locate this guy okay
you got discovered, you're dead meat.

You know that, don't you?

The NSA guy you're talking to
What his supervisor name?

Ben Hitchens.

Maybe it's better for two of you,
and you weren't around

So you can deny me in here

-How are you feel about this?
-Not good

It's worse for the guy in there.
I was surprise you are alone.

Washington didn't sees Chai Wan.

In light of the fact you were
contacted by an FBI agent

working on Joint Task Force with
Chinese Cyber specialist

become concerned about
the security of your Black Widow

remote logins, we strongly suggest
you change your password

You asked him to
change his password?

When he downloaded the PDF,

What he downloads is the key logger

Got it!

Now we wait.

We're in

You can call me Chica
and tell me whenever you want.

This is our hacker home IP address
is the home server.

It is not in Mumbai
nor in Minneapolis, nor in Riga.

-He is in Jakarta!
-Can you crack the site?

No, it's an armor hosting company
like a hotel, Swiss bank.

Exclusively for blackhat hackers!

so it's bullet proof. The server is in
there but we can't crack the site

- I saw the movie strictly low tech
- has in?

Go to Jakarta, bug the place
get his hand on his server.

We don't have visa or badges
for work in Indonesia.

Can FBI get the documented?

After the NSA turn down,
I would stay away from DC

Then I'll work for myself for the entry
I will take face to face with my boss.

- Alright.
- Alright.

Access denied.

You have been anywhere?

No, No into the server

But I got in
into Interarm's accounting

-Look at this
-Charges to our boy's account

-Okay, so?
-Look at this $14, $17.

Now, $16,400,
five times.

Pay to Satellite shot,
Satellitesshot.......... time.

-What kind of shot?
-This kind.

- High res scan!
- Off the coast of Malaysia.

-What's there?
-Nothing too much.

Why you scan there?

-Good day.
- Da Wei, nice to see you again.

What was wrong?

I am happy to tell you
that We have identified the source of it.

Thanks to Hathaway
I found the source of the virus.

We need proof, we need to go there,
In order resolved it quickly

Hold on, the Department of Defense
has contacted us.

Hathaway is a computer brilliant,

But they shall back

We need to teach them.

The hole set agreement
and now does not comply

You know that we have
problems with America

But your colleague is
not our priority.

Keeping our commercial vessels
is more important

We cannot lose our agreement
because of Hathaway

We don't need him anymore.
He will be handed to America.

-You finish.
-Excuse me

We are so close
to catch the killer!

We know, but we must do without him.

We will tell the Americans
and concludes the investigation.

Spider Bit, no visa for friend.
move now

-This is Barrett.
-What the hell did you let go on there, Carol?

-Then you know what your guy did?

-What are you talking about?
-Cut the crap.

I'm talking about they called
god damm NSA and Defense.

our guy blow the reactor in Chai Wan

-Don't you watch CNN?
-That's not the point.

-That's not the point.
-That's exactly the point.

This guy we working will drop the
big hammer nothing twice about it

Came on, come on,
don't involve the 9 11 on me

You've never lost
anyone there Stanley.

look I'm under orders.
now so are you

Bring him in, Carol,
bring him in

What is going on?

-Damm it, Hathaway's gone.
-Hey, this say he is here.

-He cut his bracelet?
-He can't it will signal the alarm,

this say it working

-Check his settings.

A reset once every 24 hours.

We have been tracking him since from L.A.
They are in Chendown street

-Mr. Chao?
-Yes, they are in there.

Thank You.

They're coming for you..

-They coming for you because of Black Widow.
-That's was fast

I want you to turn
to the American

So tell me and walk away

Barrett and Jessup will back me up.

NSA won't care, and because of you
now we have Black Widow.

You have to run.

You're goanna refuse the order?

You escape
we reconnecting in Jakarta.

-Now look you're the boss whose got 2 and 2
-Not turning you in.

Do I go with you or Nick?


It doesn't involved you

Who may I trust?

He's right.

I don't see any
light at the end of this tunnel anymore.

What did you do, Chen Dai Wei?

If you owes now
to get leave him behind?

-You not go down that road
-I decide what for me.

yeah and I decide for me.
I go, and you not.

Now we need our data.

Here, you take the car.
You may have to move faster.

I'll be on touch after the Core Bay.

He's in Kowloon.
right here.

You goanna take him
to custody?

-I follow orders.
-What's your order?

Stop the bad guy
or to arrest Hathaway?

I'm goanna to ask you a
personal question.

Don't answer, if you
don't want to.

Who do you lose in 9 11?

My husband

You got to rid of that thing.

We got a couple hours.

Hold it, hold it

He's on the move again.
He is in Hong Kong.

-The Core Bay.

He headed to the Core Bay.

I thought you going separately.

Nick will take a small plane,
I am flying commercial

Sister, go home.

You did this?

Let's go.


Lien! hold on!

-Hold On!, Hold On!
-What? What?

- Listen?

I am a fugitive now.

They Will issue the warrant
in couple of hours

Hey, You want me to
take you where I'm going?

Don't blame your brother.

Go! go! go!


Can they make the next stop
before the train?

Listen we got grief later
we have to survive!

Can they make the next stop
before the train?

they can't.

Okay, okay

We both go after them?

We both go

-Yes, we are

We are..

Here your passport

Here, take the money

We're depart to Malaysia

The coordinates are right here.

Yeah, right here
look at this

This guy got 74 million in cash,
Write a code what for?

What's here?

Got tin, Palm oil, hell of tin mining,

Hey, these pump ...

It is stasik pump?

They use the same model Stasik water pump
as Chai Wan reactor.

The same brand,
controlled by same PLC's?

-And what they mining over there?

Ferra Limites,

-Mining tin

Malaysia is one of
the biggest exporters.

And there are others four mining
operations in the next valley.

This is a river bed.

They divert the water
with Stasik pumps.

You know why Chai Wan reactor?

We were looking through
the glass a wrong way

He didn't target the reactor to knock out the reactor
he targeted to knock out the pumps

He was rehearsing, it was a rehearsal

Chai Wan is a rehearsal.

He wants to shut down the pumps
And flood the tin mines.

And the valleys, villages, village’s people and the...

Create a sort of tin,
And tin price will rise and shoot up.

His 74 million from Chicago were
to buy options in tin ore.

That's what they doing.

He is son of bitch

Jakarta. Indonesia.

System configured
for a single user.

Copy files to the external hard drive.

Alright look at this

A third version of the virus
controlling other PLCs.


53 PLC's.

Five different tin mines
which is to flood Five river valleys.

Here the money's from Chicago.

73.6 million dollar in cash.

Deposit it into a local bank.
Bank Sentra Agatis.

- To this address.
- okay.


-Excuse me, can you speak English?
-A Little.

I'm here to have a meeting with
Mr. John Harry in five minutes.

-Go to the reception, on the third floor.
-Yeah, I know, but ...

Can you help me?
my presentation got stained

Any chance you print
another copy please?

Not supposed to, but ...

Bank Sentra Agatis
Administrative login


I'm done.

You do not know me,
but I know you.

You having a bad day

-You get my message?
-Why are you here?

-You tell me! What do you want?
-I'm not goanna talk to a fuc*ing bad man

Here is the term,
phone only, not face to face

You got that?

Next, your boss
online with me in 15

That’s not possible

I have 74 million of your money
and you make it possible.


You’re not said that you know me
but i don't know you,

That's not really true is it right,

I know you.

Yeah you do

Well, that's make a lot of us

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning
and do not know who I am.

Where am I, in what country?

And you know me!

I know you,
I know about money

Because your score board
in the virtual world.

You found me, what you want?

One be cast for the ghost

Don’t you have any job
looking at yourself out of prison?

-This guy is bad fake
-You looking for employment?

Why do I want employment for!

Oh, you want a piece
to put yourself back into the game

You will never in the game

Your glorify cutter,
a cutter is....... expired

Take your expression they
just shot like it was over

Glorify cutter is holding you
$74 million.

Okay, last time,
]what do you want?

I want 20% of
the Malaysian tin ore.

-For anything but money
-No, for renting you my code

Is my action
that gave the code you wrote meaning

What meaning without bank roll

-You want to be my partner?
-20%, and you call whatever you want

I meet my partner

Well I don't. And I’ve told you bad man
I don't want to meet

I don't give a fuck what you want.

That's what I want or
we won't got a deal, face to face

Because I can ...

Put together other bank rolls
to know the target

And if I stop thinking about you,

And I should stop thinking
about anything

It disappears,
it vanish.....do exists.

But you, you I want to meet

Or you can go piss, holly ghostman.

Alright you and Kassar.
I'll call you and tell you where


Okay, we're on

Emergency, please

So about the fight we can get
closer enough fast enough.

Hey, I told you
you and Kassar alone

Five men
two floors below.

The team two floors below.

And two gunmen with them

And the two guys with you?

loose them
I change the location.

You and Kassar
Hyper Square, walk west.

-Give me two hours.
-It will be pack. How do I find you?

I will find you.

Ke sini cepat
(Come here faster)!

Cepat (Faster)!

Dia punya mata-mata
(he have a spy)

-Kamu kanan dan belakang
(you right, and behind)


Step back, step back!
Hands up!

Hands up!

Hands up! turn around!

Turn around!

Nobody came to me
so close before

-20% is too much Hathaway.
-you talking points?

A lot of people dies
on this planet every day.

What you want to do, grief?
To know him, he is not here anymore.

Where's my money?

Not a problem with money.

It's not about zeros, or one
or codes!

What do I tell you?
Get away!

I'm not a gamer

I'm hire people
to do some of my dirty stuff

You killed my friends.
I do my own

Do I care?

it's no bad isn't it?


-I got it.
- Okay.

- This one?
- Yup.

It's good, It's good


Please enter your pin.

Please take your cash.

Would you like a receipt?

Transaction completed

Withdrawal: 5000 Euro.
Remaining balance: 46,759,131 Euro.