Hacker: Trust No One (2022) - full transcript

Danny was set to be rich with his new crypto currency until he was caught hacking finding himself and his girlfriend on a hit list.

[electronic beeping]

[air whooshing]

[metal clanking]

[electronic beeping]

[electric hissing]

[dramatic music]

[upbeat electronic music]

[computer chiming]
[mouse clicking]

[gentle music]

[mouse clicking]

[message beeping]


Um, hey.

You're so not my type.

See ya.

[disappointing music]

[mouse clicking]


A glutton for punishment.



My name is Monique.

I'm Danny, Danny Miles.

Are we supposed
to share last names?

That seems kinda dangerous.

What if you Facebook
stalk me or something?

Yeah, I didn't
think about that.

You're right,
that's weird, sorry.

Okay, so I'm just Monique.


This is my first time
using Dating Roulette,

my first night, I mean.

Oh, I do it all the time.

Virtual dating kills the jitters

for the real thing, you know?



- what do you do?
- I don't know what to say, I-

- Sorry, you go first.

No, you.

You, please.

[mouse clicking]

[mouse clicking]

I didn't mean hot
librarian as in bad.

I'm in the hot librarian
as in, you know.

I know exactly what you
meant and it's demeaning.

[sighing] But I was
just trying to flirt.

You could have
given me a compliment

instead of turning
me into an object.


Look, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to.

Nice job, Danny.

Nice job.

You have such a nice smile.

[laughing] Thanks, so do you.

And you seem like
a nice person too.

Thanks, you seem
kinda nice too.


So how about you
ask me a question?


So you can get
to know me better.


Is there anything
you'd like to be asked?

Huh, um, no.

I just thought you might have.


Danny, I'm gonna give
you some advice, okay?

You really need to think about
who you're talking to, yeah?

And, like, maybe ask
questions next time.

[disappointing music]

[mouse clicking]

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

[Danny sighing]

Okay, let's try this again.

Don't be weird.

Just be cool.

Be yourself.

Be cool.

Be yourself, be cool.

Just be cool, yeah.

[keyboard clicking]


[Alyssa] Hey.

Er, hey.

Is your connection
working properly?

I can hear you, but
I can't see you.

[Alyssa] Yeah,
it's working fine.

But you're not on screen.

I know.

I'm tired of talking to weirdos.

Are you a weirdo?

I don't think so though.

Though I have been
called a weirdo

a few times lately though.

I'll give you the
benefit of the doubt.

Maybe you're one
of those weirdos

who's normal enough to
admit you're a weirdo.

The real question is, would
you consider yourself a creep?


What is this, a dating
app or an interrogation?

An interrogation, obviously.

Well, in that case,
I want my lawyer.

No lawyers allowed,
you're stuck here with me.

[Alyssa laughing]

I've been in worse situations.

Stuck with me and
my probing questions.

You all right, Danny325?

Please, call me Danny.

I'm Alyssa.

So, I don't actually
use this app for dating.

Then what do you use it for?

I use it for practice dating,
like, not dating dating.

I mean, what are
the actual chances

of me finding someone
on here I actually like?

I dunno it could be,
er, a million to one.

More like a billion to one.

[both laughing]

So practice date question.

What kind of things do you like?

I like cars, I like computers,

I like reading, I like numbers.

Like just then I was
thinking, when you asked,

we could get the probability.

If we got the stats
from the dating app,

we could find out the
number of unique dates

versus successful matches.

You are such a
nerd! [laughing]

We're on a practice date and
you're thinking about maths.

Hey, I always
think about maths.

Well, cut it out then, weirdo.

[laughing] Okay.

You thinking about
maths again aren't you?

I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Maths is in everything.

You are a lost
cause, Danny325.

I know, believe me, I know.

Now, don't take
this wrong kinda way.

You are a handsome-ish
kind of guy.

Why aren't you out there
chasing real world girls?


I guess it's 'cause
I'm too nervous.

I don't think I'd really
call myself handsome.

No, I can't let you
get away with that.

Here's a practice date pro tip.

You're going to
have to chuck out

this whole nervous,
nice guy act.

It's really not working for you.


What if I can't help it?

That's just who I am.

Well then, you're
screwed, handsome or not.

[laughing] Thanks.

For what, emasculating you?

For the advice.

It's nice to talk to
someone cool for a change.

No, you're cool, Danny325.

This might not be a
match made in heaven,

but I definitely
enjoy talking to you.

[magical music]


[phone ringing]

[mouse clicking]

If it's not the
myth and the legend!

How are you doing, Danny Boy?

I'm feeling too old to be
called a boy these days, man.

Ah, don't let life
get you down, Danny.

Don't wanna hear none
of that pussy-ass

bitching coming
out of your mouth.

It's never too early
to realize your dreams

and all of that, you know?

You still got some, right?

What, dreams?

Right now, I'd just
settle for a job.

I'm cooped up inside all
day, playing video games.

A waste of my time,
waste of my life.

[laid back music]

Could call Klaus for a job.

I hear that lucky son
of a bitch is rolling

in crypto riches right now.

He's got like what?

Five startups financed
off of this Klaus Coin.

I don't feel like
hitting Klaus up,

for a job or anything else.

[laid back music]

Nah, I can understand
why you wouldn't

wanna go to Klaus asking
for a job right now.

What else you got going on?

Nothing, like
literally nothing.

I tried online dating, but
it's not going too well.


Could've fooled me.

Just being in your presence,
I feel so uplifted.

Like a weight has been
taken off my shoulders.

Any girl would be lucky
to have a guy like you.


No man.

You're like a 10 ton ampoule.

A drain on my game.

No chick is waiting to have
the life sucked out of her,

dating app or not.

Look, try putting a
smile on for a change.

Don't take it all too seriously.

Girls on those dating apps
are just wasting time anyway.

Same as you, know what I mean?


I don't know how I
became so boring.

[laid back music]

I know.

I know exactly
how that happened.

Come on, come on, fire.

Fire, fire, come on,
fire, burn, burn, burn!

Come on.
[keyboard clicking]

Come on, he's only got a
little bit of health left,

come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.

Oh shit, um.

[notification beeping]


Er, crap, hold on a second.

[keyboard clicking]

Are you playing a video game?

[laughing] No.

That was, er, um,

yeah, Warriors of Everstone.

Which is a video game?


Welcome to Friday
night. [laughing]

Video games and eating pizza.

Oh, all dressed down
with nowhere to go?

Maybe we could keep
each other entertained.

Yeah, sure.

What'd you have in mind?

No funny stuff.

Your mind which a filthy
place then, didn't it?


Didn't it?

Well, I wouldn't say filthy.

We're just practice
dating for now, mister.

So that means just talking.

So, say something interesting.

Hmm, something interesting.

Now you're just being cheeky.

Beware, because I will out-cheek
you any day of the week.


But what does that look like?


Being out-cheeked,
it just sounds weird.

Well, I guess it looks
like you being humiliated

and me celebrating with glee.

Right, okay, yeah.

That sounds about right.

You're a curious guy, Danny.

Why is that?

Because you ask funny questions
and you say very little.

You're also a
little bit deadpan.

I've never understood
what that means.

Well, it means you
looked dead like a pan.

[laughing] Oh.

Bet you think
you're a real sly dog.

There it is again.

What does a sly dog look like?

I don't know. [laughing]

Like argh.

Oh, like an ugly pirate.

Who are you calling ugly?

Oh, I was calling your
sly dog ugly, not you.

But me and my sly dog

are indistinguishable
from one another.

How can you call us that?

Sorry, I'm an actress.

Was that a bit over the top?

Er, just a little.

God, everyone's a critic.

Are you really an actress?

I am.

And a part-time waitress.

But mostly a full-time waitress.

I mean, that
must be fun though.

Waiting tables?

Being an actress.

Oh, um, with the right role.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Well, that was
a bit of a jump.

I am currently unattached.

Happily unattached.

Happily unattached and
still on a dating app.

Same as you.

Just because I'm happy,
doesn't mean I'm not lonely.

Yeah, I guess the two
aren't mutually exclusive.

No, they're not.

Everything okay?

Yeah, sorry.

I just went to a super
serious place then.

I'm back now.

So what do you do?

I'm a computer programmer.

Well, an out of work
computer programmer.

I don't know any programmers.

What's that like?

It's like a being a
professional puzzle solver.


Tell me more.

Well, someone gives
me an assignment

and then I see it like
a puzzle, you know,

something needs solving
or fixing or creating.

And then I create magic.

Aren't computers as
un-magical as it gets?

No, not at all.

You know spells have
magic words, right?

Well, programming
has its own spells,

languages that can be rolled
into infinite possibilities.

There's hidden instructions
running beneath us all the time.

Like the code that looks after
your computer, cell phone,

even this web app, you know?

Data gets sent from the camera

and then programming and
code allows us to speak.

Being a programmer is
just like being a wizard.

That was almost romantic.

If it wasn't weird. [laughing]

[laughing] Well, your brain
does the same thing too.

You know, it's
just seeing things

based on patterns
it's already made up.

You know, 80% of what
you see, hear and think

is already pre-planned,

we're just thinking machines,
interpreting the world,

also using thinking machines,
interpreting the world.

Ah, my head hurts!

Oh, sorry.

That's that's another
thing I'm good at,

cutting off any
sense of romance.

I didn't kill off anything.

I'm still here.

Oh, you said you
were an actress.

I did.

What's that like?

What's it like
being an actress?

It's like, um,

it's like, er,

I don't wanna talk
about it. [laughing]

Oh, why not?

I just don't
wanna talk about it.

What the hell, man?

Sorry, I didn't mean to.

I was just curious.


You wanna know what it's
like to be an actress?

It's like being in front of
the whole world all the time,

being judged and evaluated.

Knowing your tits,
your ass, your figure.

That's all they
really care about.

So you fail auditions
all the time,

and you fail till
you get to a point

where you wanna hold every
casting director at knife point

and just scream at them
for wasting your time.

And you're just one of
thousands of actresses

all fighting for a role

you never even had
a shot at landing.

And all you wanna do
is inspire people.

So you're stuck.

Stuck waiting tables,
stuck dying inside.

Just stuck.

[computer beeping]

Oh man.

No, Mum.

Yes, Mum.

[rock music]


No, I changed the oil
in my car last week.

Yep, yep.

I get it all delivered now.

Yeah, yeah, straight
to the door.

I am.

I've been looking.

No, no luck yet.

Yes, I remember him.

No, I don't speak
to him anymore.

Yes, I'm aware he's rich.

Yeah, filthy rich,
yes, thank you.





Okay, come on, just do it, okay.

[phone ringing]

I guess it's over.

[door clicking]

[computer beeping]

[keyboard clicking]

[gentle music]

That would suck.

Why not?

[phone ringing]

I dunno why I called you.

That okay, I
don't need a reason.

If I tell you anything
else about myself,

you'll realize how
much of a mess I am.

It's okay, you don't have
to talk about yourself.

Well then, what else
is said to talk about?

Well, I can tell you
something about myself,

if you want to.

I'd love that.


I was in prison until recently.

I only got out a few months ago.

I was caught hacking.

Oh, wow, when you said
you were a programmer?

Yeah, I'm also a hacker.

Was a hacker.

I'm on probation.

[sighing] I exposed
a non-profit company

that were diverting funds
to personal accounts,

money that was meant to
go to animal shelters

was ending up in the
personal accounts of the CFO.

I thought I covered my tracks,

but they traced the
hack back to me.

And then they put
me behind bars.

What about the nonprofit guys?

Did they go to prison too?

Not all of them,
and not for as long.

I was in there for a few years.

That's so messed up.

Tell me about it.

You know, I went for
two interviews recently

for tech startup companies,

and by law, I have to tell
them about my conviction,

so both of them turned me down.

What are you gonna do?

Get any job I can, I guess.

Life can be so
unfair sometimes

I grew up in the foster system,

so didn't even know my
parents. [laughing nervously]

It's okay, you don't have
to talk about yourself.

It's okay.

I was poor as a kid,
like really poor.

My foster dad used to pay
me a pound to mow the lawn,

and I knew it wasn't much then,

but I earned it.

Finally saved myself
up enough money

to buy a ticket to London,

and by 17, I was
sleeping on the streets.

Then I got lucky,

found myself a few
rich boyfriends,

some were even famous.

Some hit me.

Some didn't.

Either way, it never worked out.

So now I'm back
to being a nobody.

You're not a nobody, Alyssa.

Sorry, I'm, I'm no good at this.

[moving music]

You were doing fine,

for a second. [laughing]

Have you heard of Klaus Coin?


It's a cryptocurrency
I helped create

with a friend of mine.

Is it like Bitcoin?

Kind of.

I created the
algorithm with this guy

and he initialized the blockchain
whilst I was still inside,

so now he's rich and I have...

He didn't give you anything?

I can't even prove that
I was a co-developer.

So, he even named
it after himself.

There's no evidence at all?


He was supposed to be my friend,

but I used to think
he was pretty cool.

Couple of people suggested
that I reach out to him.

What for?

See what my options are.

I guess I could see why
that might be a good idea.

I mean, who knows, right?

Just do it.
[mouse clicking]

Can't believe my eyes.

Danny, is that really you?

Hi, Klaus.

I'm so sorry to hear
about what happened.

It's really not fair
that you should be jailed

for exposing that
scum, very bad news.


It wasn't easy.


Look, I've got meetings all day.

You know, my time
is very valuable.

Tell me, to what do I owe
the pleasure of this call?

Well, I was just wondering

if you snuck any Klaus
Coins away for me.

Snuck away any Klaus Coins,

why would I have done that?

Because I helped make them.

They're called Klaus
Coins, not Danny Coins.

Yeah, but I still helped
develop the algorithms for them.

Even if that were true,
which for the record, is not,

any script kiddy can
write blockchain.

It takes support to develop
and maintain blockchain,

to nurture blockchain.

I did these things,
now we have Klaus Coin,

which is worth 10K
a piece by the way.

This is due to my hard work.

Yeah, you did do
that, but I helped.

And I thought we were friends.

[Veronica] Klausy, the other
girls pushed me into the pool

and now I'm all wet.

Veronica, say hello to
my little friend, Danny.

[Veronica] Hi Danny,
are you gonna come join us

at the pool party later?

Ah, he won't be
able to join us,

he's not local, he's in, er...



It's cold over there, yeah?

Stay warm, Danny.

We'll be in touch,
we'll talk another time.

Veronica, say goodbye.

[Veronica] Mwa, bye Danny.

Bye, Danny.

[phone beeping]

[desk banging]

[somber music]


[water trickling]

[cigarette packet crinkling]

[cigarette paper rustling]

[notification beeping]

[somber music]

Well, you've not
met my friend, Katie.

She is more stubborn
than a Texan bull.

[laughing] Are Texan
bulls known to be stubborn?

Yes, more stubborn
than any other bull.

And she's just like them.

Anyway, so the
security guard comes up

with all of our clothes,
and we're just so drunk,

we kinda just grab
them and stumble away.

Somehow I managed to get home
in an Uber without scratch.

You are wild and adventurous.

I might as well be
a cardboard box.

I'm sure that's an adventurous
soul in you somewhere.

Hmm, the hero who desk
to defy corruption.

That takes bravery.

Mm, or stupidity.

They're not-

- Mutually exclusive?

I guess maybe I shouldn't
use the word hero.

Hmm, criminal.

Don't be so hard on
yourself, Daniel San,

when you're not like this, you
can actually be a lot of fun.

Thanks, I think.

Danny, you're one
of the good guys.

So loosen up a little bit.

So tell me more
about this girl, man.

Well, she lives in London,

I live in Portsmouth,

but long distance relationships

are doomed anyway, aren't they?

[upbeat music]

Says who?

Says everyone.

But if it were
possible, you could move.

[Danny laughing]

I don't think
we're in that point

of our relation-dating-ship.

All right, okay.

[upbeat music]

If you were there, would
money be the only problem?

Well yeah, but...

Well, doesn't seem
so doomed to me.

Seems to me like you like her.

I do, yeah.

I do like her.

[phone ringing]



Happy Friday.

Happy Friday.

It's everything okay?



I'm sorry, Danny.

I don't really know what to say.

That's okay.

Sorry, I've gotta go.


[computer beeping]


[Danny sighing]

There's gotta be a reason,
there's no need to be weird.

It's cool, it's fine.

[Danny sighing]

Something's gotta be wrong, so.

It's fine, it's cool, it's
okay, it's okay. [sighing]

Something's wrong, but she
doesn't want to talk about it.

It's fine, it's okay.

It doesn't mean a big deal.

Just try and call her again.

[keyboard clicking]


[phone ringing]

Come on.

Come on, pick up, come on.

[phone ringing]

Come on.

[Danny sighing]

Hello, Daniel Miles.

Can you hear me okay?

Hello, yes.

Yeah, I can hear you all clear.

And I can hear you.

How are you Daniel?

Please call me Danny.

I'm, I'm okay, I'm
just a little nervous.

I'm sure you'll do fine.

I see you have a lot
of coding experience.

Uh, before we go any further,

I just want to be completely
open and honest with you.

Well, we always
appreciate honesty.

Um, okay, er,

I do have a previous conviction,

but I've served my
time and I'm clean now.


I hope this doesn't affect
my chances of working with you.

our company policy

doesn't allow us to
hire former convicts.

We've got so many
applications for this position

that it's more than likely

that will negatively
affect your chances.

Frankly, I just don't see
how this could work for us.

Would you mind telling
me a bit more about that?

Um, sure.

I hacked into the
personal accounts of a CFO

that was diverting funds from
a nonprofit organization.

I realize that my actions were
wrong and I've done my time.

[tense music]

Well, I would have to
pass this on to a superior

to sign off on it.

Company policy does
have zero tolerance

on criminal convictions and
we have so many applicants.

So it really depends on how well

we feel you would fit
into our organization.

[sighing] Right.

[cigarette paper rustling]

Come on.
[keyboard clicking]

[phone ringing]

[cigarette paper rustling]

[Danny sighing]

Guess not.

[paper rustling]

[phone ringing]


[Alyssa] I'm here.

I can't see you, it's,
it's, it's really dark.

[Alyssa] The
camera's turned off.

Is, is everything okay?

[Alyssa] Not really.

Is there anything I can do?

[Alyssa] I'm gonna
turn the camera on now,

so don't freak out.


[sad music]


Not feeling too pretty today.

Did someone do this to you?

I asked you not to freak out.

I'm not.

I am.

Nobody should be
allowed to hit you ever.

Who did it?

My ex.

He was waiting when I got home.

Standing outside my porch.

I should've ran the moment
I realized it was him.

Have you gone to the police?

Never makes a difference.

It's not the first
time, you know?

It's not right,
it's not right at all.

I'm just so angry right now.

I can't do this.

I can't do this, I can't do it,

I can't do it, I can't do it!

[electronic hissing]



[tense music]
I don't know if I can do this.

[Danny sighing]

Oh fuck.

If I do this, this is...

[music intensifying]

I don't have a choice.

[Danny sighing]


[Danny sighing]

I've got what I need.


[keyboard clicking]


[keyboard clicking]

Okay, I need a
browser extension.

[keyboard clicking]
[Danny sighing]

What else do I need?



E X E dot run.

[Danny sighing]


[keyboard clicking]

Am I really gonna do this?

I need a second opinion.

[phone ringing]

What's up, man?

Zeke, am I a piece of shit?

Everyone's a piece of shit,
don't let it get to you.

No, I mean it, man, I just-

- Well, what's going on?

It's this girl, I really
like her, and I'm worried.

Dude, you're a catch,
stop worrying so much.

I'm worried that
something's wrong.

Look, last time I spoke to her,

she had this bruise on
the side of her face

and she told me it was her ex.

Sounds like this
one's got baggage.

Oh, shut up for a
second, man, I'm worried,

I'm worried that something's
gonna happen to her.

Should I try and do
something about it?

What are you gonna do?

Like you said,
she's at a distance.

You and I both know that I'm
not suggesting I go up there.


[Danny sighing]

Does it make me
a creepy stalker

if I have a rummage around?

Or does it make
you the heroic knight

who's saving the princess?

I've already done
time for this shit, man.

Yeah, but this
time you're the hero.

I was the hero last time.

Mm, yeah, well
this is not exactly

high profile stuff, you know?

You probably won't get caught.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Be careful, man.

[electronic hissing]
[tense music]

[Danny sighing]

[keyboard clicking]


It's a false account.

Am I really gonna do this?

I'm telling you,
it's not that easy.

[Captor] I don't wanna
hear about how hard it is.

Just do what you're
goddamn told.

[Alyssa screaming]

[handcuff rattling]

[Alyssa] Ow, ow, ow.

[Captor] Get up.

Get off!

[Alyssa screaming]



Get off!

Go, go, stop!

- What did I do now?
- Shut up!

He's watching.

Everything's fucked.

What are you talking about?

He's on the other
end of that camera.



You're there, Danny, aren't you?

Who are you?

I'm not gonna
answer that question.

He's kept me locked up.

Be quiet!

I'm the one doing the talking.

Oh, Danny, I know who you are.

I know you probably
have a lot of questions.

But we are in the
middle of a crisis.

It was never gonna work.

It was gonna work until
you fucked everything.

You have one thing to do,

or you die.

Don't hurt her!

Then do exactly as I say.

And she will be fine.

Who are you?

I can answer that question,
but then you'll just ask more.

I like to keep things simple.

Let's just say I'm the guy
that made this happened.

Why? Why me?

Why her?

That's going to become
very clear very quickly.

You do as I say,

and she'll walk
out of this alive.

Danny, I need you to
put the middle finger

up to your buddy Klaus.

Hack into his chain, his
blockchain in Frankfurt,

and shut that shit down.

Taking out his farms
will destroy him.

Yeah, dude.

I can't.

You can't or you won't?

You, say you won't again?


Stop, stop, stop, stop.

I don't even know how.

Danny, you're one of the
very few people who can.

That's why I picked you.

You're one of Klaus
Coin's secret founders.

I'm not a founder,
I was in prison.

I have zero control over-

- You know how to take control.


It's not going to be easy.

I don't care about easy.

I'm going to give
you three hours,

three hours to shut him down.

How am I supposed to
take out his render farm?

Figure it out on your own.

That's why I picked you.

It's 8:43.

You have until 11:45

to take down Klaus's
side of the chain

and wipe it from existence.

I don't-

- Danny!

Just stop being a pussy.

Just do it.


Stop, stop, stop!

[Alyssa crying]

Clock is ticking.

Wait, I need to
see she's safe.

Fine, you can have
the bedroom camera.


And if you phone the police,

she's dead.

[Danny sighing]

Holy shit, Danny, holy shit.

Take out Klaus Coin?

Oh my god.


[keyboard clicking]

Okay, cool.

Oh, Danny, what's up, man?

[tense music]

Zeke, I need a
package of tools,

I need everything you've got.



I thought you were on probation.

Yeah, I am, but there's
something I gotta do.

Well, I mean, I can
get you the tools,

but I don't have them on me.

Okay, well who does?

You're not gonna like this.

Oh, fuck, it's Luke, isn't it?

You asked man,
that's where it's at.

[sighing] Okay, thanks.

They have a map of networks
for spoofing and anti-trace?

Yeah, you know they do.


You know, I never took you
for the break probation type.

Always thought you're
a goody two shoes.

Yeah, well I can
surprise people.

Well, it must be important,

whatever's got
you greased again.

Yeah, you could say that.

You could say it's important.

Well, if you're
going to go break bad,

you come to the right place.

So what kind of
mischief you plan?

I don't know if I
can tell you, man,

You really going
to be like that?

Dude, I've had your
back from the beginning,

during and after the big house.

Fuck, whatever, man.

All right.

Do you know when a
guy named Arash Addie?


Okay, well, I need
everything you've got on him.

Okay, but you're not planning
to mess with him, are you?

What if I have to?

Dude, he's no two-bit player.

The guy was there when
Klaus Coin took off,

and he's knee-deep with some
very, very dodgy people.

You know, the kind
that would leave you

at the bottom of the ocean?

Yeah, well, I'll
consider myself

properly warned.

[engine humming]

Come on, move!

Light's green,
asshole, let's go.

Fucking Jesus.

Come on, come on,
red lights again?

[Danny sighing]

I don't have time for this shit.

Come on.

Come on, change, come on.

[alternative music]

[engine rumbling]

Right, I know he's
round here somewhere.

Come on, where are
you, where are you?

[Danny sighing]

Right, okay.

Let's do this.

[keys jangling]
[Danny sighing]

Let's bring you along with me.

Come on, Luke.

[gate banging]

Come on, man.

Come on, man, I don't
have time for this.

Hello to you too.

The fuck you doing
showing your face here?

[Danny] Look, I
know, but I'm in a jam.

I need your help right now.

Fuck off.

[Danny] You owe me, Luke.

I don't owe you shit.

So why don't you step
back before I fuck you up?

[Danny] I don't have
fucking time for this.

[gate clattering]

[Luke groaning]

Ah, the fuck are
you doing, Danny?

[Luke groaning]

[Danny] You know why I'm here.

You shouldn't be around me.

[Danny] Five years.

Five fucking years,
Luke, I did for you man.

I didn't open my
mouth to anyone.

Fucking anyone!



Not here, no, no.

[garage door creaking]

What have you got
yourself into now?

I can't get into it right now,

but I'll tell you later.

Zeke told me who
you're messing with.

You sure you know
what you're doing?


Everything that
you need is in there.

All numbers wiped
and everything?

Of course, what
do you take me for?

Do you want it
back when I'm done?

No, of course not.

Fucking destroy 'em
when you're done.


Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, what are you doing?


I've helped you, and that's
as far as my help goes.

Look, you can pick
up a signal anywhere.

Look, everything in there
is all I can give you.

That's all I can do.

Right, okay.

Thank you.

Get the fuck out.

Fair enough.

[tense music]

[garage door creaking]

[keyboard clicking]

[phone buzzing]

[phone beeping]

Hey man, how'd
it go with Luke?

He happy to see you?


I bet.

He loves you, man.

Oh yeah, we had a hug and
a catch up, it was great.

You found anything yet?

Yeah, sure did.

Sending it over
to you right now.

Got it.


Are you sure you don't want
me on this one with you?

You know I do Z,

but I think you're gonna
have to sit this one out.

Fuck, man.

All right, whatever.

Just watch your ass, all right?

I will.

[keyboard clicking]

Okay, run trace.

[Danny whispering]

I am not losing this game.

Okay, okay.
[keyboard clicking]

[Danny sighing]

[phone ringing]

Oh fuck, oh fuck no!

Oh fuck.


[tense music]

[electric beeping]

[tense music]

Why are you talking
to Zeke and Luke again?

Look, something's
going on right now

and I'm in a really tight spot.

I'm getting messages you
went to see your old partner

and you left there
wearing a backpack.

He's still active.


You're lying to me.

Who do you think gave him
all of those unmarked laptops?

[door banging]

Yeah, one minute.

So where are you?


[keyboard clicking]

Public toilet,
Commercial Road.

[Danny sighing]

Okay, look, I'm in trouble

and I'm trying to
save someone's life.

Come on, Danny.

Cut the bullshit.

I'm telling you
I need fucking help

or someone's going to die.

Look, look.

[Alyssa moaning]

What the fuck is
going on, Danny?

Look, I need access
to all crypto files

so I can begin to move
cash for the transfers.


You shouldn't be getting
involved in any of this.

You saw the videos.

They've got this girl hostage,

and they pretty much said

if I don't do exactly
what they tell me to,

they're going to kill her.

You should have contacted us.

Didn't have time.

You better not be lying.

I'm not lying.

Fucking Christ,
I need your help.

Look, track me and follow me.

If I'm lying, you can put me
away for the rest of my life.

Please just help me.

You know what I look like.

Follow me, monitor
me through CCTV.

You can put me away
for any bullshit.

They're gonna fucking kill her.

I'm monitoring you on
that laptop you have.

And if any action kicks off,

keep your mobile phone
facing the right way,

I can access the camera
remotely from here,

and keep that laptop close by.

I will.

Danny, if you're lying to me,

I'll put you away for so long,

you'll never see sunshine again.

I swear to Christ,

I'm straight.

Hmm, we'll see.

I'll be in touch, kid.

[tense music]

[keyboard clicking]

[Alyssa crying]

Where's my money?

I'm doing what you
want, fucker, I need time.

Where's the fucking money?

The longer you
keep talking to me,

the longer it's gonna take
for me to get your money.

Show me Alyssa.

You haven't done what I asked.

Why would I show you to her?

I had to wrestle
a man with a machete

to the fucking ground.

Show me Alyssa.

[laughing] How exciting.

But none of that is my problem.

I want my fucking money!

Show me her.

I'll do something better.

[Alyssa groaning]

Fucking move.


I gave you a set
of instructions

and you didn't
follow any of them.

Don't you fucking hurt her.

My money!

Get my fucking money!

Jesus Christ,
you'll get your money.

The next time I call

and you don't have my money.

[Alyssa crying]

No, no, please stop.

[knife chinking]

Oh, mother fucker!
[blood squelching]

Oh, fuck you.

I'm gonna cut every tiny
little piece off of her,

and I'm gonna film it,

and I'm gonna send you updates,

every fucking single stage,

unless you get my money.

Do you understand me?

Oh no, fuck you!

Do you understand me?



You have 30 minutes.


But, no!

30 minutes!

Oh fuck.

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

[tense music]

[Danny sighing]

[Man] Tick, tock,
tick, tock, tick, tock.

[Danny] What the
fuck did you just say?

I told him already, I'm
getting him the money!

Do you have a fucking problem?

No! [crying]

[tense music]


[Danny sighing]


[Danny sighing]


[keyboard clicking]

[Danny sighing]

You're not gonna like this plan.

So don't say it.

Look, this guy's not
gonna stop until she's dead,

and I can't let that happen.

He's gonna kill me too.

Danny, I know who's
making you do this.

[somber music]

Please don't
tell me it's Zeke.

Yeah, we're watching him too.

You think you know
your friends, right?

Did you find anything yet?

Pretty much what
I needed to know.

You're in way over your head.

These guys, they're

Do you have a plan?

Look, she needs my help.

Have you moved the
money out already?

To the offshore accounts
and through the black market,

yeah, but I haven't
changed the currency yet.

Borrowed accounts?

Just told you, almost done.

I'm a little rusty.

I see.

[sighing] I'm
running out of time.

Do you want my help or not?


Zeke locked down the
location for this asshole.

I'm not even able to trace
the IP for long enough,

and they keep scrambling
their locations.

You know, for a government
agent, you sure are useless.

The internet is a
lawless place, Danny.

You know that.

When I got the lock on the
location, we'll be moving in.


I'll try and keep this
asshole on long enough

so you can get a trace on him.

That could work, unless
he's watching this,

and she's already dead,

and they're coming
to kill you next.

Well, that's why I
have friends like you.


We're monitoring you, kid.


[keyboard clicking]

[Woman] It's him.

Oh, stop it.

[Woman] He's so sexy.

Fuck off!

[Woman] I'd do
anything for him.

Fuck's sake.

[tense music]

I did it.

Fuck you,
motherfucker, I did it.

Okay, okay, okay, come on.

Come on.

[tense music]

Pick up, asshole.

Come on.

You're free Alyssa.

[Danny groaning]

[tense music]

[Danny groaning]

[vomit splashing]

[Danny coughing]

[Danny panting]

[water splashing]

[tense music]

[Danny groaning]

[Danny groaning]

[keyboard clicking]

Come on.

Oh fuck.

Oh fuck.


[Danny panting]

[phone buzzing]

You don't look so
good, are you okay?

Do you remember when I asked
you if I was a piece of shit?

Are you bleeding?

Fucking yeah.

Do you remember when
I asked you that?

I think so, but dude,
it doesn't matter, man.

We need to get you some help.

Well, now I know that
you're the piece of shit,

and I'm never gonna forget that.

Look, look, look,
look, look, look, look.

[Danny panting]



[Danny groaning]

Oh shit.

Oh fuck, okay.



[Danny groaning]

Oh shit.

[Danny groaning]

Okay, okay.

[Danny panting]


Oh, you can do it,
okay, you can do this.

Okay, okay.

Okay, here we go.

Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

[Danny panting]

[Danny screaming]

Okay, one more,
okay, one more, okay.

Come on, gotta get you clean.

Okay, okay, come on, come
on, don't be a pussy.

Don't be a pussy, okay, come on.

[Danny panting]

[Danny screaming]

[phone ringing]

I see you got my money.

Good job.

Good job.

And for that.

I know that's not Alyssa.

You're bluffing.

Well, she's no use to me now.

It'll add to your prison time.

I've already
gotten away with it.

[Danny laughing]

Something funny?

[Danny groaning]

Actually, yeah.

See you had a
little accident there.

What the fuck is so funny?

After all this, I
just wanted to smoke,

and I haven't got
a fucking lighter.

You're not too bright, are you,

Eric Maine from
Southampton? [laughing]

What did you do?

[Danny groaning]

Why don't you
check your emails?

You're fucking dead.

You're done, Eric.

I'd probably say you have
about five minutes left.

[police siren blaring]

I'm gonna find you.

I don't care how long it takes.

But I will find you,

and I will burn
you to the ground.

I'd like to introduce
you to a friend of mine.

We've been looking
for you, Mr. Maine.

Who the fuck is that?

This is Detective Julian.

He's the piece of shit
that put me away before.

I guess it's true what they say.

The enemy of my enemy.

Fuck you.
[sirens blaring]

I wouldn't call him a friend,

but he certainly isn't
any friend to you either.

[door banging]
[sirens blaring]

I wouldn't do that
if I were you.

[sirens blaring]

Clock's ticking.

You're fucking dead!
[sirens blaring]

[door banging]

Yeah, so I heard.

[door banging]
[sirens blaring]

[Danny panting]

[electric hissing]

[dramatic music]

Hello, I am Dominic Kwong.

Welcome to the Vlog Press.

So we've all been
paying close attention

to the Klaus Coin conspiracy,

and we are very lucky to
have an exclusive interview

here today with Danny Miles,

the man at the center of it all.

So tell me, you were
betrayed by your best friend,

fooled by the woman you love,

and forced into
criminal activities.

How are you feeling?

Broad question, but
I'm feeling better,

feeling better in myself, my
wound's healing up nicely.

So yeah, I can't
complain too much.

So how does someone like you,

I think it's safe to say,
an expert in your field,

get fooled by the very
thing that you know best?

Well, I would say that
anyone can be cat-fished

and that it doesn't
necessarily acquaint

to your technical
acuity with something.

You know, at the end of the day,

I thought I was building a
relationship with someone.

It turned out to be fake.

As I said before,

you were betrayed by almost
everyone you trusted.

Do you think you'll ever
be able to trust again?

I don't think it's
necessarily going to be hard

to trust anyone again,

but going through this
has really made me realize

that not everyone
is who they seem.

So I'd say it's made me a
better judge of character.

So you have quite
a history of hacking,

and I believe you
were even convicted

of criminal activities.

Can you tell me
a bit about that?

Yeah, sure.

So as you, as you
said before, I was,

I was actually thrown in
jail for my previous hacking,

which was something that
I thought I was doing

for the right reasons.

Apparently not, but
this time was different.

This time, the people that set
me up knew exactly who I was.

They picked me,
they targeted me,

and it's kind of hard
to get away from that.

So now this is all
over, what's next?

What does the future hold?

What do I see in my future?

Hopefully a successful

rather than one that
doesn't go awry.

I'm looking forward to
making some new friends

and hopefully these are
friends that I can trust,

but my name's clear now,

so I'm really looking
forward to having

what you'd call a normal life.

Thanks, yeah, I'm
doing a lot better.

Yeah, it's starting to heal.

Well, I don't want to be,

I don't want to be
laid up forever.

Did you see the
article I sent you?

[Danny laughing]

Yeah, it must be nice
to see me in the news

for the right reasons for once.


Yeah, that'd be
great, next weekend?


I love you too, Mum.

So how you feeling, kid?

Ah, can't complain much.

You did good.

I'm glad it was legit.

Look, I told you, I'm
not going back inside.

Who was the girl?

You back on the
dating scene already?

Who was the girl?

I don't really know.

They're still processing
her information.

My best guess is that
she was a rough sleeper,

an easy target with nobody
to report her missing.

You know, you could always come
and work for me and my team.

Work for you?

Send me back to the hole.

Come on, Danny.

Work for the good guys.

[sighing] Look,
I think you and me

have different definitions
of who the good guys are,

but thanks anyway.

Well, if you change your mind,

you know where to find me.

More like you'll
be watching, right?

Hey, who else is going
to make sure you're okay?

Ha, could have fooled me.

Bye, kid.

Watch yourself.


[papers rustling]

[computer beeping]

[computer dinging]

Hi, I'm Kirby.

Hi Kirby, I'm Danny.

Why don't you
tell me something

interesting about yourself?

I'd love to.

♪ My patience, Ma was like
go be a doc or run shop ♪

♪ You're Asian ♪

♪ Quick, too flat for my crew ♪

♪ To the land of the fuming ♪

♪ Wait for the next generation ♪

♪ Are you two running
round rude in a UK zoo ♪

♪ But you're mullies and coolies
with something to prove ♪

♪ I'll be the one to
be cooler than you ♪

♪ I'll be your queen, yeah ♪

♪ Gimme my jewels ♪

♪ Dash and I'll steal,
yeah, baby, the rules ♪

♪ Rani, do what
you're daddy said do ♪

♪ Still you ain't
following suit ♪

♪ Broken trust, the hood's
only fooling a few ♪

♪ Shit, someone just
started a feud ♪

♪ But out there,
you're soldiers ♪

♪ I got my thuggees and moves ♪

♪ And an assault, and
I don't know what ♪

♪ Of the notion,
who is devotion ♪

♪ Soul's on the loose,
head's in a noose ♪

♪ I am not king, I am a prince ♪

♪ That be learning to rule ♪

♪ Take up my throne
when I know what to do ♪

♪ I'll be revealing the truth ♪

♪ I'll be the
people you choose ♪

♪ What is true, I feel
like I'm falling ♪

♪ But really, I'm
falling in space ♪

♪ Spirited away, hey, hey ♪

♪ I'm so gone, there's
no coming back ♪

♪ Gimme the Red Bull and booze ♪

♪ Gimme the weed,
gimme the lead ♪

♪ Gimme a Grammy while
half of me snooze ♪

♪ I'll be your lesson,
familiar youth ♪

♪ I done made something
from nothing like poof ♪

♪ Some of us win,
most of you lose ♪

♪ Life be a bitch, hey ♪

♪ But I made her my boo, hey ♪

♪ Hey, sharabi ♪

♪ Let's get saucy, I
feel a bit poor me ♪

♪ Pour me a shot of that sauce
straight from the source ♪

♪ Hand me that bottle and
Imma be one with the source ♪

♪ I been so lost in the sauce ♪

♪ Me, I had nothing but
still I had source now ♪

♪ Cut that sauce ♪

♪ I'll be the essence
and if it's a hot one ♪

♪ Gimme that last dab then
I can say what I want ♪

♪ Tell all the people
that shit, I be rolling ♪

♪ On that camera, that
camera, that camera ♪

♪ Mamma, go turn up the telly ♪

♪ And put out the
Tetley, I'm on ♪

♪ Made it through telly ♪

♪ Feel like my
heart is the one ♪

♪ Karma's a bitch, get your
hands off, minds off my shit ♪

♪ Help me get spirited away ♪

♪ Ganja is lit,
put your hands on ♪

♪ My hand's on my spliff ♪

♪ Help me get spirited away ♪

♪ Liquor is calling, I
feel like I'm balling ♪

♪ But really, I'm
falling in space ♪

♪ So spirited away ♪

♪ I'm so gone, there's
no coming back ♪

♪ Tell me the boo is to pick up
a six in the air, elaborate ♪

♪ Give me the bangers
that wake up ♪

♪ At six in the AM to pay
a brick, mm gang gang ♪

♪ Man, they be letting
their colors drip, nah ♪

♪ That's not the regular folk ♪

♪ Got a duty, go make
it, I'll power the bits ♪

♪ Ain't that some shit ♪

♪ Rishky, I be 'bout
love and the war ♪

♪ My soul be 'bout
taking a risk ♪

♪ I'll be 'bout lifting you up ♪

♪ When you feeling
as low as it gets ♪

♪ I'll be the one that
will bring you a tea ♪

♪ And a couple of biscs ♪

♪ I'll be the one that'll
push you to swim ♪

♪ When you think that
you outta your depths ♪

♪ You're saying to me
El Capitan is a kid ♪

♪ Climb up K2,
climb up Everest ♪

♪ Making each
mountain my bitch ♪

♪ Treating 'em like they're
a molehill and skip ♪

♪ My mind's feeling so wavy ♪

♪ That's my problem, nobody
been able to save me lately ♪

♪ Maybe my mother gon' hit
me like nature did, hate me ♪

♪ Karma's a bitch, get
your hands off my ♪

♪ Hands off my shit, help
me get spirited away ♪

♪ Ganja is lit,
put your hands on ♪

♪ My hand's on my spliff ♪

♪ Help me get spirited away ♪

♪ Liquor is calling, I
feel like I'm balling ♪

♪ But really I'm
falling in space ♪

♪ I get so spirited away ♪

♪ Hey, hey, I'm so gone,
there's no coming back ♪