Hacker (2019) - full transcript

Thirteen-year-old Benjamin discovers that his mother didn't die in an accident as he was led to believe. The trail points to high-ranking officials in the Danish Secret Service, and he is told to trust no one.

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- Why can't I turn the light on?
- Be quiet.

Sit there.


You read well, huh?

Shouldn't we turn on the light?

- Anna Wickman?
- What do you want?

Please be reasonable.
Give us the algorithm.

I told you no.

- Who was that?
- No one. It's just...

Someone from work.

Hard drive erased.

Come. Go into the closet.

- We're playing hide-and-seek?
- Yeah.

Benjamin, listen. It's important
that you hide in the closet.

And you can't come out until I find you.

- Do you understand?
- Okay.

- Anna, open the door.
- Mum?

- Yes.
- I love you.

I love you more. Come on.

Anna, let's figure something out.

Check the gate. She has to be nearby.

Hurry. We need all her things.

- I'm here if you need me!
- She's in the backyard.

She's running. We're in pursuit.

- She's on the bridge.
- Over here!

- Anna!
- You'll never get the algorithm!

Anna? What's going on?

- We're on the bridge. She's gone.
- Come again?

She's gone. We lost her.

- What's going on?
- I told you to be careful. She's gone.

- The algorithm?
- Her computer with Zeus is gone.

We just had to talk to her.
What do we do now?

The police are inbound. Move out.




- Benjamin.
- Mum!

Right. On my way.

- Are you awake, Pirate?
- Now I am. Why?

Your firewall is leaking like a sieve.
It took me ten seconds to get through.

- I'm busy. What do you want?
- You won't hack the test, right?

- Perhaps.
- Perhaps?

Please follow my advice:
If you do something dangerous...

Don't do it at home.

- Just listen.
- Easy, Ghost. It's all good.

I have to...

- Hey.
- What's up?

Why aren't you at breakfast?

- I wasn't hungry.
- You have to attend meals.


- What are you up to?
- Nothing. Getting ready.

Hurry up. Time to go.


- We're leaving in five.
- Right.

- Ghost, I have to go.
- I have to tell you something.

- No, see you.
- Don't...

- Hi, Benjamin.
- Are you coming to Doom today?

- I have a test today.
- We can pay for you, if you want.

- And my debt to Mugge?
- Never mind.

You can chat in the bus.
Come on, we have to go.

I'm thrilled you could finally be here.

- We'll leave when we arrive.
- Deal.

- Ingrid Loft.
- Hello. Ahmed.

- We liked the room.
- I'm glad.

That's Savannah, the new one.
Total wreckage.

She burned down an entire wing
at her former orphanage.

They had to close up for two months.

Her record is off the charts.

I'm actually Benjamin's new guardian.
Is he here?

He's in the bus already.

- We have to get a move on.
- Right. Thank you.

Your record clogs up half the server.
It's hard to find a foster family.

This is your chance. Off you go.

Feel free to call me,
Savannah, day or night.


- Yes, I believe so.
- M.M.

If you...

You need to see this.

This is the national test.
You know the rules. No mobile phones.

They have to be turned off
before you hand them in.

Hey! Turn off you mobile
and collect the rest.

Savannah, did you get a pupil login?

Remember, there are a lot of questions.

But every question is about
what we've been studying this year.

So do your best.
Check some boxes. Think hard.

We'll talk about it afterwards.
Just provide as many answers as you can.

It's about getting good marks.

And it will only get
more and more important, all right?

- Whose mobile is that?
- It's mine. Sorry.

I just told you to turn it off.
Hurry up.

Make an effort. Check the boxes.

Think hard first.
This is very important -

- and these tests will only get
harder and harder.

You have to make an effort.

And the 45 minutes begin... now!



What the heck is going on?

Come on.



- Where is this?
- Around Nørrebro station.

- How certain is it?
- Biometric facial recognition is 99%.

- What's going on?
- We got this during a hacking attempt.

- That can't be true.
- I'm afraid so.

- The boy's location?
- I'll find him.

- Name?
- Benjamin.

Tell him.
Find out if he knows something.

Get the Security Service involved.
We need jurisdiction.

But keep them in the dark.
We can't trust them.

I'll do it.

- Okay.
- I know where the boy is.

- Good. You do it.
- He isn't qualified. He's in research.

- It's national security.
- Can I have that?

- It can't leave the premises.
- Here you go.

There we go. That's 45 minutes.

When you log off,
your marks are uploaded.

And your parents
will be able to see how it went.

B. You're welcome.

- A. 30 EUR.
- Do you accept MobilePay?

Only cash. You know that.

- What's up, Oliver?
- My dad will be so mad about my result.

I don't think so. You got an A.

You're serious?

- I can't pay.
- Don't worry.


You hacked the test and made money
off the marks. How much for my A?

First time is free.

Great use of your talents. You'll be
locked up on your 15th birthday.

Look who's talking!

- Huh?
- Rumours about you travel fast.

Benjamin, come to my office.

- Hey. Give me my bag.
- What?

- Give me my bag.
- If it's her bag, then give it back.

The money is in here, idiot.

I'm Peter, from a Defence Intelligence
unit that handles cyber security.

That means internet,
hacking and stuff like that.

- This is...
- Leif Falk. The Security Service.

Police intelligence.
They call me Falcon.

- But it was just a test.
- A test?

What do you mean?


Ingrid Loft. Hello. Local authorities.

- Hello.
- Benjamin's guardian.

- Good thing I was nearby.
- The authorities?

I followed protocol
since it was so urgent.

Hi, Benjamin. We met at the bus.

- Where's Jacob?
- Well, Jacob...

Jacob Abildgaard was the guardian,
but he had a serious accident -

- so I'll cover for him.

Well, Defence, Police... All we need now
is the Navy and Home Guard.

- What's this about?
- We want to ask him some questions.

If that's all right.

Well... I guess it is.

Good. Benjamin...

Do you remember your mum?

- You'll need good cause for this.
- I'll explain.

She drowned.

When she jumped off a bridge.

Yes, we thought so too.

But we have reason to believe
that Anna, your mum, is still alive.

Do you know what he's been through?

I want to hear the question.

This was captured
on a surveillance camera a week ago -

- and we're confident it's your mum.
Has she contacted you?


It's just that we really want to...
talk to her.

I told you to be careful,
and now she's gone.

Her computer with Zeus
and the algorithm is gone.

We just had to talk to her.

What do we do?

Do you recognise her?

Not really. Can I...

Honestly, what is this?

Unfortunately, I can't tell you more.
It's confidential.

The boy is just 13 years old.

- It's not her.
- You're sure?

I clearly remember her funeral.
She's dead. Okay?

No one else could have made contact
on her behalf?

Benjamin has answered your questions.

- Can't I leave now?
- Of course, you can. Thank you.

You will get a complaint for this.

- Give me the bag.
- Only if you help me.

- With what?
- You can erase my record.

- Give it.
- I hid the money for you.

- It wasn't about that.
- It could have been.

Just wait. If my record isn't erased,
I'll never get a foster family.

All my faults are in there.

- Do you have money?
- What a friend!



What does Defence Intelligence want
with his mum?

She's been underground for six years.
We want to talk to her.

- What's odd about that?
- You know the mum.


- Why do you say that?
- It seemed like it.

You have to give me something
for my report.

- No, I don't. It's confidential.
- Of course it is.

The Security Service
is always so suspicious.

- You work with Mark Møller Larsen?
- M.M.? Sure. Why?

- I've heard rumours.
- Okay.

- What rumours?
- Of something big.

Right. National security is pretty big.

The rumours are about the Patriots.

Sure. Please prove that they exist.

It's just a conspiracy.

What the...

Hey! It's just... My bike is gone.

Someone might have nicked it.
Did you see something?

It's... It's red, and it has a basket
with flowers on it.

I'm sorry. I just got here.

Why didn't you tell me?





Drat. I'll need Bertha.

Thanks for helping me.

That record...

- Yeah?
- I'll help you with it.

- Cool.
- But first I have to do something.

Hey, Mugge?


- You're doing food now?
- The Chinese tore the wall down.

- I need Bertha.
- Bertha? Oh, I see.

You owe me 369 EUR.
Bertha isn't for kids.

Poor orphaned kids.

Take the row. Nothing messy.
I don't want police here.

No, of course not.

Hey. Why did you bring her?
Are you dating?

- No.
- No.

Whatever. Take a seat. Let us know
if you want takeaway. It's free.

Thank you. Please proceed.

- My record is on the local server.
- I have to do this first.


I disconnected surveillance.
Make sure Mugge doesn't notice.

- How?
- I don't know. Improvise.

Show me what you're worth, Bertha.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Weren't you on Survivor, 2010?
- Yeah.

I thought you looked familiar.

- You watched it?
- Of course! Did you win?


- How was it?
- Since you ask, it was amazing.


Did she make contact?

No. No, I don't think so.

How is it doing?

The damage from our last attempt
has been mended.

But the test subjects...

They're still in psychiatric care,
forced detention.



Once this thing works, we won't fight
our enemies with our hands tied.

This nation will be a safe haven
thanks to you.

I need the algorithm
to make the quantum computer work.

And you'll get it.

"Defence Intelligence, Cyber Division."
What's this?


- "Backstabbing Lone".
- Yeah.

Messed up hag.
She just blurts it out to all of us.



Anna Wickman is gone. Without
that camera, we had never found her.

Your screen. It flickered. Let me.

It's being shadowed.

Naja here. We're being hacked again.
Listen up. We're under attack.


What are you doing? Hacking
the Defence Intelligence Service?

- I don't have time, Ghost.
- I have to...

Talk to you later.


- Status.
- The Security Service is dispatched.

Roger that. Bravo team is in transit.

It's from this area.
We triangulated the signal.

- Could it be Anna?
- Sure, it might be.

They're past the firewall.


Let's see what you're hiding. Gotcha.

I have the source. The signal is routed
from a Bluetooth connection there.

- From our car park.
- Through our car?

The signal is being relayed.


It's routed through your tablet.

- There's a USB transmitter in it.
- Wait. Come here.

M.M., they're accessing
the "Zeus" files.

It's the kid. He's the only one
who touched the tablet.

- Her 13-year-old son?
- Yes.

If you remove it,
they know they've been discovered.

We have an address.

Doom internet café. 200 meters
from Anna's last known location.

- Target is the Doom internet café.
- Understood.

- What is Zeus?
- It's confidential. Give me that.

The suspect is Anna Wickman.
She's unstable.

- She'll try to escape.
- Roger.

- Ready.
- Bravo team. Arrival in 60 seconds.

Look at this.


- Can I have your autograph?
- Of course!

- What's your name?
- Savannah.

Hey! You need to see the pictures
in my scrapbook.

Why aren't they working?

He knows the cameras are down.

Bravo team on location.
Moving into position.

All our tests are in that folder.
It can't leave this building.

- Do we terminate the connection?
- No, it must be her.

- Where's the surveillance?
- It's been bypassed. They're smart.

Put on your cap to avoid recognition.

Shit. It's the police!

- Ready to move in.
- What do we do?


Takeaway. Awesome!

We must terminate the connection.

- Ready to move in.
- Permission granted.

At the back.
Second row from the back. Get her.



Police, show me your hands!

Who are you?

M.M., copying is still in progress.

- 100%.
- Find the destination.

- Does the computer have a transmitter?
- Yes, with a pirating logo.

If it's her, she must be nearby.

That's it.

Look for other exits at location.

She escaped through the restaurant.
Check the back exit.

What the hell happened?

It was Benjamin, her son,
according to the assistant.

Owner. And a girl
from the orphanage. They...

Are we done here?

- Report them for a search.
- For 13-year-old hackers?

No, they're orphans. Dig something up.

- Did you erase my record?
- No.

- What did you do?
- Hacked the Defence Cyber Division.

- Do you have a mobile?
- Why?

Just give it to me.

... Parliament will instate a new voting
system with fingerprint authentication.

What are you doing?

- They can track your mobile.
- What about yours?

I wanted to erase my record,
not add to it.

Go back to Solgården.

- What is it?
- Where's my asthma inhaler?

It was in your pocket.

You owe me a favour.

13-year-old Benjamin Wickman
and 14-year-old Savannah Blume -

- are wanted in an arson case.
They've fled the orphanage Solgården.

Benjamin Wickman is of average build
with light hair. Savannah is...

That's us!

Please contact authorities on sight.

- What the hell did you do?
- It's my mum.

- What?
- I thought she drowned when she jumped.

But she's not dead.

- How do you know?
- I recognised her.

The Defence Intelligence guy showed me
a surveillance clip from last week.

- What are you going to do?
- Find her, of course.

- How are you going to do that?
- By following the leads.

- I think I know where we can crash.
- Okay.

What is Zeus?

I can't answer that.

How about Anna Wickman
surfacing after six years?

She's connected to the hacking attempt
last week. You know that.

You seemed scared when you saw her.
Is it because you studied together?

You know what I think? I think all this
surveillance has made you paranoid.

Have you seen him before?

No, never seen him before.

- The police are looking for you.
- Can we come in?

- That's what I thought.
- Okay. Then come in.

We didn't start a fire. It's not true.

- Okay. So why do they say you did?
- I don't know.

We'll turn ourselves in.
Give us until tomorrow.

- Won't you make us tea?
- Tea?

Yes, of course.

I just have to...

... find out where I put the tea.

Here it is.

You have a price tag.

Thanks. I do that sometimes.

- Ingrid is quite forgetful.
- That sometimes helps in my field.

Sure. It does.

- Stay here. We'll work it out tomorrow.
- That's a deal. Goodnight.

What's up?

- What's that?
- Files. Dates.

- That date...
- What about it?

It's the day my mum disappeared.


- What does the hat do?
- It measures your brain activity.

- That plate sends you impulses.
- Okay.

- Are you all right?
- Yes.

Good. This is test number 171.

That's her.

Now just relax.

Okay. Place your hand
on the plate.

- What's she doing?
- She was a brain scientist.

Maybe she still is.

- How much do you smoke a day?
- A pack.

What are they doing?

I don't know.

How much do you smoke a day?

I've never smoked. Please take one.

Thank you. I don't smoke.

- That's the guy.
- From school?

Yes, the Defence Intelligence Service.

- This is amazing.
- What's she doing with him?

He was there when she disappeared.

- She made him quit smoking.
- And he didn't notice.


- Which way do you vote?
- Right.

- Which way do you vote?
- Left.

- Any more questions?
- No more questions. The test is over.

- Who is that?
- This is M.M.

Mark Møller Larsen,
Defence Intelligence.

- Peter has been praising your test.
- I told you no.

Peter wanted her to work with
the Defence Intelligence Service -

- but she didn't want to.

And then she disappeared.


Maybe we could just talk about it.
Anna, won't you...

- Your test is in safe hands with us.
- Anna!

- She never even sent you a postcard?
- No, nothing.

I'd have found a way to keep in touch.
Maybe she's been here all along.

- What happened?
- I wanted to burn my record in a bin.

- It didn't go well.
- I'll help you erase your record.

I really hope so. You owe me.

Goodnight, Pirate.

- How did you know my hacker name?
- I saw the logo on all your gear.

- If you hear about Zeus...
- I'll tell you.


- Hello?
- It's me. I'm sending more material.

- Okay.
- It's for the investigation.

- Who's that?
- I don't know, but he's everywhere.

- Is there a connection to Peter?
- I don't know.

Peter seemed nervous.
I think he's hiding something.

I agree.
He and M.M. act very suspiciously.

I'm quite confident it has something
to do with Zeus and Anna Wickman.

They seem very set
on getting a hold of her.

- What did Benjamin get from the hack?
- Zeus files. I can't access them.

- Maybe he knows more than we do.
- Yes. We have to work with M.M.

That might enable us
to contact Benjamin.



- Did you sleep well?
- Yes.

Time for breakfast.


Let's do that. Great.

- Who was that?
- Just work. The office.

Who's that?

My son. He was in the army.



You actually remind me of him.

The Defence budget is the first proposal
to go through the new voting system -

- but political turmoil
has put the outcome into question.

So what should I do with you two?

Benjamin, I'm your guardian.
You can trust me.

I want what's best for you.


My mum is alive.

I get that you miss your mum,
and that you want her to come back.

So you make up this reality
where she's still alive.

If your mum was alive,
she would have contacted you.

Trust me. A mum would do anything
to see her child.



I have to do something.


Where are you?


Get out!

Flintholm station, now!
Don't trust anyone.

- What are you doing?
- You were right.

- She was here all along.
- What?

My mum. She's Ghost, my online friend.

- You're sure?
- I'm meeting her.

- When?
- Now.

Then you'll have to be quick.

- What are you saying?
- What?

She called the police.

Moving up.

- They left. In pursuit.
- They left the apartment.

Good thing we got that tip.

- And the Security Service?
- In pursuit.

- Should we apprehend?
- No. We need the mother.

- Where are we going?
- Flintholm station.

- On the train to Flintholm.
- They're on the Metro to Flintholm.

Let's get a visual.
Put it on the main screen.

- The Security Service?
- In position.

- No contact.
- Keep clear.

Train to Flintholm on track one.

Train for Vanløse.

Let's see who we're meeting.

She said to meet her here.

Shit. Not him. Come on.


- They're running.
- Stand by.

- How did they see us?
- I don't know.

- Who's that?
- Leif Falk.

Stand by. Keep clear.

- Say again?
- You're scaring them off.

- Leif Falk!
- Come again?

- This will have consequences.
- Let's just get the files while we can.

Should we hop on?


Benjamin. I just want to talk.


If you help me, I help you.

- What are they saying?
- Audio is out.

- Let's get out of here.
- You don't know what you're up against.

They're lying to us.
Let's find your mum. Come on.

At some point,
you need to trust someone.


- The van.
- Huh?

I've seen it before.


- They're moving towards the car park.
- Send a second team.

There. That's their contact. The van.

They're getting away.

- What do we do?
- Let's apprehend them.

Thank you.

- Just you.
- What?

Not her. Come on.

- I'm screwed if they get me.
- Both, or I stay.

There's someone with him. Okay.

- Both. Get in.
- Come on. Get in.

Benjamin, I can help you!

They escaped.

What are you doing?

You can't just take my stuff!
Cut it off. What are you doing?

Stop it! Go away!

- What's that?
- You can't take that.

- She needs it.
- Give it to me.

She has asthma.

- What have we got?
- We lost them.

- What happened?
- They evaded...

Bloody hell!

Where's my mum?

- I checked them.
- We're on our way.

Where's my mum?


You're in on all this?

Wait here.




Why did you leave me?

You've got so big.

- What size shoe are you?
- 45.

Why did you leave?

- It's the hardest thing I've done.
- Why?

Come on. Come with me.

- Get her a cabin.
- Benjamin!

- We have to check her.
- She helped me.

- She can't come. What did you expect?
- She's with me.

- Ahmed, give her a cabin.
- Benjamin.

They'll send me back
to my old orphanage.

Relax. It's just Savannah.

Yes, but we can't trust anyone.

- She just moved to Solgården.
- I know that.

Savannah, you stay here.
Do you understand?

Is that a DXV-7520?

- It erases digital tracks?
- Exactly.

- I thought only CIA had one.
- And me.

Look at how I erased my tracks.

- Where did you get this?
- I made it myself.


Let me show you something.
An encryption generator.

Why is the Defence Intelligence Service
looking for you?

- I created something they want.
- Zeus?

Yes. It was just
a simple rehabilitation app.

But unfortunately, this invention could
be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

- They can't complete it without you?
- No.

Only I have the algorithm.

In here.

They'll do anything
to make me programme their computer.

You're my weak spot.

They know that.

- What have you done for so long?
- Tried to prevent what I facilitated.

- Changing people?
- Yes.

Why do you have a picture of him?

He wasn't Defence Intelligence
back then. We studied together.

- You worked on Zeus?
- Yes.

And you just worked together?

Thank you.

I found nothing on the girl. If we
can't trust her, she's highly skilled.

- I told you.
- Okay.

Come with me.

Didn't you send me away?

I guess I'm too paranoid. I'm sorry.

Benjamin says we can trust you.

- I'm sorry, I...
- It's right upstairs and to the left.

- Are you seasick?
- A little.

- Speak to me.
- We've got them.

To begin with, I thought Ghost
was some overweight nerd -

- hacking credit cards in his basement.

If you knew how many times
I wanted to tell you, "I'm your mum..."

Then why didn't you?

If I'm alive, your life is in danger.

I did it to protect you.

Ahmed has kept an eye on you.

You need to see this.

- Has anyone seen my left hand?
- Yes. There we go.

It's Peter.

- The third test subject has failed.
- Who are you?

She has to be hospitalised now.

Their quantum computer works,
but the test subjects go insane.

- We have company.
- Savannah.

Prepare my bike. We have to go.

It's a transmitter.

- She doesn't have asthma?
- No.

- They had me lead them to you.
- Yes.

- Get him far away. They can't find him.
- Of course.

- Benjamin, come on.
- Mum!

- Stop it, Benjamin.
- I want to be with you.

They'll use you against me.

- Call the police.
- They are the police.

- They're coming.
- Where are you going?

Stop it, Benjamin. I don't know,
but they can't catch us together.


Jump on. Come on, Benji.

- We've got her.
- Let me go! You'll never get it!

What's going on? Where's the computer?

- We moved it to a secure location.
- No one told me.

This is the beginning.
We finally have Anna Wickman.

- How?
- The boy led us to her.

Where is she now?

- At a location where we won't be seen.
- We?

Who the hell are "we"?

- We're not Defence Intelligence?
- We're also Defence Intelligence.

- We're everywhere.
- You exist. The Patriots.

The privately operated organisation
is real?

Our people die because politicians
fail to act. We can't trust democracy.

What do you plan to do with
Zeus and the quantum computer?

Are you with us or against us?

- What will happen to Anna?
- That's up to you.

Maybe she'll lose her mind.

- She has a son, Mark.
- Choose.

They're everywhere. Run, Benjamin.

Come on. What are you made of?

- Hi.
- Is Ingrid in there?

No, I'm on vacation with my mum and dad.

- No one named Ingrid lives here?
- No, we rented the apartment on Airbnb.

It was all a lie.


- You have a price tag.
- Thanks.

Dad, a boy asks
for someone called Ingrid.

You don't know what you're up against.

At some point,
you need to trust someone.

If you help me, I help you.

Here you go.
Your record has been erased.

You led us to Benjamin's mum
as we told you to. Thank you.

Oh, and good luck finding
a foster family. You deserve that.

What you did will make
a great difference.

What will happen to them?

Don't worry about that.
We'll take care of them.

- Hey.
- You?

I could kill you.
You stabbed me in the back.

You promised you'd help me.

- You gave us up to Ingrid.
- I thought your mum would send me away.

They would have sent me back.
I'd never get a foster family.

- I had no choice.
- I just found my mum.

I know how to find her.


- I don't know where she is.
- What a great plan!

But we have something they want.

- What?
- You.

Why should I trust you?

Are you going back to Solgården?
Back to selling good marks?

I heard them talk
about a vote in Parliament.

I think it's big, but not good.

How do you want me to find her?

You can't.

What are you saying?

We let them find you.

We'll need this.

Here you go.

We'll need some help too.

I know who can help us.

- Go.
- Why not call him?

You heard Benjamin. They're listening.

- Do you have a licence for that?
- Nope.


Are you proud of yourself?

Their useful idiot.

- We are the Patriots.
- Which rhymes with idiots, doesn't it?

You don't have the algorithm.
Your test subjects are going insane.

The social worker. You looked better
in that skirt than you do in camouflage.


They want to influence the politicians!

- They'll do a coup.
- It's not a coup if no one notices.

- You shouldn't be here.
- Put him in the chair.


We'll let him go
when we have the algorithm.

I'm sorry, Mum. They found me.

- What about Ahmed? Where is he?
- Let's say he's on sick leave.

You'll make politicians your puppets.

Don't you get what this is? Zeus lets
politicians make the right decisions.

A politician who caters to his voters
can't make the right decisions. We can.

This will protect our country.
Release her.

We're almost ready.


- Somebody's trying to download a virus.
- Where?

- The satellite dish.
- Check it.

Bypass the connection.


Light it up.

Activation in 60 seconds.

Activation in 40 seconds.

Anna. Come on!

Activation in 30 seconds.

Activation in 20 seconds.

Activation in ten seconds.

Five. Four. Three. Two.

One. Zero.

System activated.

Benjamin, do you hear me?

- Mum!
- I'm right here, honey.

- Start reprogramming.
- You promised to let him go.

- We need to test it. Test him.
- Wait. I'll do it.

I saw a picture of you and my mum. You
looked happy. It had a date on the back.

Did you know
I was born nine months later?

... to get ready for the vote.

M.M., the vote is in four minutes.


Tonight, Parliament will start using
the new voting system.

PMs will log in with their fingerprint
when voting on proposals.

The defence budget is the first item.

The government's plans to increase
spending by two billion wasn't well met.

The supporting party's demands weren't
met, so the proposal will likely fail.

Hands up.

- What do you want?
- We've found Benjamin and his mum.

- Where?
- Here.

Falcon here. I've found Benjamin
and his mum. Sending coordinates.

Call in the team and meet me there.
No radio.

Peter. Erase old memory, insert new one.

- Ingrid, stop!
- That bloody bastard.

- You got what you wanted.
- He's my friend now.

You'll end up right back
where I picked you up.

- Who knows you're here?
- The police are on their way.

- Any updates? Police? Defence?
- Nothing to report.

She's bluffing.
That's all she's good for.

Would they trust a wanted girl who says
we're taking control of the country?

Good thing I'm not a social worker.

Ingrid, about your son...


Was that a lie too?

This won't bring your son back.

- Ingrid? Come on, Ingrid!
- Yes.

Good. Erase the memory of his mum,
and replace it with me.

Activation in ten seconds.










System activated.

Let him go.

Come on.

- Are you all right?
- Mum?


No. I'm not your mum.

I'm Ingrid, Ingrid Loft.

- Hello. What do you do?
- I'm a social worker.

Warning. Cooling system overheating.

You should move that out.
It doesn't create a good environment.

- Peter!
- I chose sides.

- You won't get away with this.
- Neither will you.

You can do a lot by reversing a circuit.

Go, go, go.


- Go, go, go.
- Wait.

- Mum!
- Run. I'll make sure they can't use it.

Come on!

Come on, Mum!

- You little bastard.
- It's over.

Hard drive erased.


- It's over. Falcon is coming.
- It's not over. We're everywhere.

- Get out!
- Benjamin!

- Benjamin... He isn't here.
- Benjamin!

Are you all right?


- Benjamin.
- I'm sorry, honey. Forgive me.

I'm sorry. Benjamin.



- You're crushing my arm.
- I'm sorry.

- You reversed the circuit.
- An old trick.

- You're so awesome.
- I had help.

Come on. Get up.

Can you stand?

Are you all right?

That thing about the dates
was just something I made up.

Okay. Right.


It's a mess.

I'll report this to the authorities.
This will have consequences.

It's a mess.

- Anna Wickman?
- Yes.

What's going on here?
Is this about Zeus?

You have to discuss that with Peter.

- So this is it.
- Yes, I guess it is.

I'm sorry.

Where are you going?

- Back to Solgården.
- We're friends, right?


I have some ideas on
how to find you a foster family.

Of course you do.

Abort mission. I'll explain later.

Mum, I understand why you did
what you did, but you have to leave.

- They're everywhere. It won't end here.
- We can get through this together.

They know you're alive.


And I'll never leave you again.

Never again.

- I love you.
- I love you more.