Hacked (2020) - full transcript

The deep dark side of the digital and the social media world.

Madam, are you going to take longer?

I had to close up, so

Yeah well
I've some work.

I'll let you know.
- Okay, madam.

Had I known that her reason to
stay back in the office wasn't work

Like those who stay in
office for long hours

because they don't
have a reason to go home.

I guess Sameera madam was like them.

She would stay back in the office
all alone even after everyone left.

Like she was waiting for someone

who was never going to show up.

Sam wait.

I need to talk to you.

I know there is no improvement.

There's no improvement at all.

And there's no scope either.

You know we're keeping
her only because

But I would still suggest
that we take her off life support.

The pain won't stop.

She is suffering, Sam.

And the worst part is
she can't even express it.

You will have to understand, Sam.


Sam, she is clinically dead.
- No, she is not, Ravi.

How long are you going
to let your past dictate you?

Someday you will have
to face the truth, you need

You need to move on.

No, I can't do it, Ravi.
I can't.

I know that's why I am
trying to talk some sense in you

You've been this
difficult since college.

Still stubborn.

Waiting for something
good to happen is not stubborn.

Waiting seems practical
when there's hope

and unfortunately, in this case,

we can't expect a miracle to happen.

There's always a miracle
in everyone's life.

I am waiting for mine.

Maybe there will be
a miracle in my life too.

You know there's one
thing about you, Sam.

You always turn your
back on your problems.

You think ignoring it will
magically solve all your problems.

But that's not true.

Every problem needs to be solved.



Tiwari, who parked the
bike in my parking space.

Sam. Sam.

No need to call Tiwari.

I parked Sudhir's bike.

To save your parking space.

You're such a darling, Vivek.

I know, right.

If it wasn't for you, it would've
been difficult to live here.

But I am here.

So no problem.

Yeah, that's true.

Well, see you.

Thank you so much for carrying this.

No problem.

Good night, then.
- Good night.


are you okay?


What's wrong with me?

I am fine.

Granny, I am thinking of enrolling
you in a rock-climbing workshop.


But what do they do?

The same thing that
you're already doing.

What's the need to do these stunts?

Talk to your parents.

They've been driving me up the wall
calling continuously from New York.

Why? What did they do this time?

Your college documents.

But you don't understand.

First, get down.

No, first I must
- I said get down.

Please, just get down.

Careful. Get down.

Just give them all the documents
and close this chapter once for all.

Yes, I'll do that this week.

But you must take care of your health.

Take your pill.

Everyone has a secret, sir.

Maybe Sameera madam was sad because

there were many secrets
hidden in her heart as well.

Or maybe she was
someone's little secret.


Rohan Malhotra.

I stay in the apartment
right below yours.

We talked on the
phone about the leakage

Oh yes, yes

I am so sorry.
Please come in.

Come in.

This way.

I guess the leakage is
in this bedroom's washroom.

Wow! What a beautiful piano!

Steinway huh!

How do you know?

I am a music director.

But frankly,
this music director has music

but no one gave me
a chance for direction.

You will find one soon. I am sure.

I am hoping.

Anyway, I've some work to finish.
You carry on, please.



Sameera Khanna, right?

Yes, sir.

Om Kapoor.

Everyone knows you.

They all know me,

but not completely.

I love you!

I love you too.

I promise I will leave her, okay.

I want to be with you, Sam.

Govind, check the shower area.

Maybe the leakage is on this side.

Were you making coffee yourself?

No, it was a long queue
- Hey, Vivek, wait!

You didn't wait for me inside.
I was looking all over for you.

Anyway, thanks for fixing the Wifi.

My engineer was stalling
me for the last two days

but you fixed it in five minutes.

It's no big deal.
- It is.

And you know what,
from now on your coffee is free.

On the house.

And here's your money back.

Thank you.



I am impressed.

Nice. You help everyone out.

I learned a term in my college.


which means helping
each other to survive.

We all need each other.

Like you need me to get you
coffee in a no-parking zone.

I need a free ride to my college.


Actually, drop me off on MG Road.

Your phone which we gave for
repairing must have been fixed by now.

I'll pick it up and go to college.

Damn I had completely
forgotten about it.

But see, you remember.

You're a good friend to have, Vivek.

Goldie, did you send the consignment?

- Okay.

What have you done?

It doesn't even turn on anymore.

Did you fix it or make it worse?

Remember I said, chances are slim.

There's no guarantee it can be fixed.

It only had a faulty

But it doesn't even turn on anymore.

You just made it worse.

Why take it if you can't fix it?

Don't try to teach me
how to run my business, okay.

I've had this shop when you were
still running around in your diapers.

I opened the first
mobile store in this area.

You stole the parts, didn't you?

You stole it, didn't you?

Don't try to be a wise guy.

Is this how you do business?

Get lost.

Take a walk.

Get lost.

What are you staring at?

Do I have to push you out now?

- Hi, Sam.

Your phone hasn't been fixed yet.

It will take another 2 days.

That's okay, That's okay.
No worries.


Sam, everyone's waiting
for you in the board room.

Hurry up.
- Yeah.

So, team, I have a special
reason to assemble all of you here.

I am retiring.

And my talented daughter
Nandini will step in my place.

Effective from today
she's the company's new CEO.

Please welcome her.

Congratulations, and welcome.

Thank you, everyone.

My mom didn't just hand over this job

in fact,
she's also given me a challenge.

My target is to double
the sales in my first year.

And I can never do
it without all of you.

Especially you, Sam.

Oh yes, of course.

Whatever we can do.


Because I want to change the
content strategy for our magazine.

Parade's content
quality is quite good,

but it's also outdated.

The millennial generation
is bored of relationship talks.

They want sex and lust stories.

And we'll give them that.

Excuse me what?

Yes, Sam. You don't seem to agree.

No, I mean sales have been
affected in the last few months

Months you say?

One full year.

But everyone's going digital,
Nandini, and you know it.

And as a magazine,
we're still fighting.

Exactly, that's my point.

We have to fight.

Parade has its own identity.

We're known for our content.

Market strategies and
trends will keep changing.

But that should force us
to lose our identity, Nandini.

And the kind of content
you are suggesting

well, everyone is offering that.

So how will that separate
us from them if we do the same thing?

If they are booking profits
at the end of the year

then I'll be happy if
Parade joins that bandwagon.

Nandini, listen,
what I am trying to say is

Please Sameera, I know mom
ran this business on her ideals

but now I want to run it on mine.

And my method is pretty simple.

Put your money where
your mouth is or just shut up.

Well, ladies, there will
be many more debates on content.

This is just the first meeting.

Nandini, will you join me for lunch?

Sure, mom.

Hello, ma'am.

What are you doing here?

Om sir had a shoot close-by.

And he said I should ask
you whether you can spare the time.

And come with me.

Tell your boss I don't have time.

I am busy.



Sameera madam was very nice.

She loved Om sir.

And Mr. Om Kapoor.

I am sure Om sir loved her too.

Why else would anyone
cheat on his wife?

I earned these wealth,
luxury, and leisure on my own

so you don't have the bloody
right to tell me how to live.


Nobody has the right
to tell me how to live.

So the TCP/IP protocol makes the
internet. - Ma'am, may I come in?

Go sit quickly.

makes the internet possible.

The server then listens
to the node board.

Come on, baby.

Don't baby me, I am serious.

I've been here for over an hour,
waiting for you.

And now when you come,
you don't even ask me how I am.

Are you just interested
in having a good time?

Why would I wanna have a bad time?

I am serious?

So the connection between the
two is then switched to another port.

Thus making the initial port free.

Did you talk to Amrita
yet about the divorce?

Come on, let's not do this right now.

No, we have to do it now.

Tell me, did you speak to her?

My film's about to release.

I can't afford a scandal right now.

When then, Om?

You have a release every six months.

How much longer do I have to wait?

Do you have any idea
what I am going through?

The day we met you said
you're on a road to divorce

that is why I dated you.

I am not some

I am not some kind of mistress

who will spend the rest
of her life with you like this.

Sam, what you and I have.

This is real.

My marriage with Amrita
is just a compromise.

It's a sham.

You and only you are
the woman that I love.

Sam, this is all just temporary.

In the end,
it's us who will be together.

And what am I asking you for?

Just a little time.

You can't give me that.

Don't you trust me?

I do.

I've been telling you for days now.

And you haven't found the time yet.

Do you even understand
the importance of this?

I've spoken with reputed
colleges over here for you.

And you can't find the
time to find your certificates.

I am sorry,
I was quite busy last week.

Busy with what?

Mohan, don't stress yourself.

It affects your blood pressure.

I'll take care of the certificates.

Let it be.

Dad is just trying to help you out.

You insisted on finishing
your graduation in India.

Vivek, we're talking to you.

Where is your focus?

I've to go.

I love you guys, sorry.



You talk some sense in him.

He doesn't listen to us.


Let it be.


Is this Police Control?

Who do you guys think you are?

I'm not going to take this lightly.

Being a cop doesn't give
you the right to do as you please.

This is no way to treat a common man.

Even I have contacts.

I'll screw your life.

I'll get you fired from your job.

Uncle, as I said there
was a misunderstanding.


Your name was on the most-wanted list.

And we received a tip-off.

We're letting you go now after
the confusion's been cleared.

Now get lost.

Get lost.

It's you.


You told me to take a walk

and took a trip to
the Police Station yourself.

Now you'll give me a new phone
in exchange for the one you damaged.

Otherwise, I can make the
jail your permanent residence.

You look innocent,
but you're a rascal.

Stop wasting my time
and give me that phone.

It's someone special's birthday today.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear Sam.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday

From my boss.

Thank you.

I just got your gift.

Thank you so much.

But since it's my birthday,
I have a request.

Anything baby, just ask.

One evening, for me.


There's a party at
home in the evening.

If you don't show up,
I'll be completely alone.

Please don't say no.

Okay, I'll be there.


It's your birthday, baby.

I am going to come.

Thank you.

Oh my, God. I can't take this.

I mean I liked it.

Thank you so much.

But such an expensive gift, Vivek.

Did you spend your
entire pocket money on it?

Come on, Sam, it's your birthday.

And anyway,
there's no return policy on it.

So please have it. Just take it.

Okay, fine.

But promise me,
no more expensive gifts next time.

And if you do, I'll return it.

No matter if there's
a return policy on it or not.


- Deal.

Now, come give me a hug.

Thank you.

Now go get drunk.

Hey, Sam.

How are you?

I am good. How are you?

Very good.

Well, happy birthday.
- Thank you so much.

And, this is for you.

Thanks again.

And thank you so much for coming.

Agra's special sweets.

Oh my, God.

This is my favourite.

How do you know?

Well, lucky guess.


I was wondering, what do you
give a person who has everything.

But then I figured those
who have it all

often don't have one thing.

I see. What's that?



Things that we used
to like in our childhood

we get separated from it.

By the way, you've been
staring at that door all the time.

Are you expecting someone special?

No. Not at all.

For me every guest is special.

Anyway, please make
yourself comfortable.

I'll just be back.

Excuse me.

There are girls, there's wine,
there's cheese, there's all of that.

But guess what, how do I stay warm?

Tequila baby, tequila.

And I swear I am so

- Truly.

Oh, please

"Let the heart not
get addicted to anyone "

"Let the heart not
get addicted to anyone "

"May we never fall in love again."

"Let the heart not
get addicted to anyone "

"May we never fall in love again."

"I've no desire to love anymore."

Happy Birthday.

"May you never need me again."

"May you never need me again."

"May we never fall in love again."

"Pain has become my refuge "

" and not my desires."

"Being apart has taught me to live "

" you're not the only one I need."

"I've no desires to crave for anyone "

"May you never control my heart ever."

"May you never control my heart ever."

"May we never fall in love again."

Why are you doing this?

I'll do it in the morning.

I'll manage.

Yeah, it's okay.

And anyway, you look really tired.

Let me do it.

I am not tired.

I am drunk.

Actually, you know what

Let me help you.

Sam. Sam.

What happened?

If I had known that I would have
to suffer so much humiliation in love

then I would've never
let Om come so close to me.

Makes me feel like a beggar.


He's turned me into a beggar.

I am begging for love, Vivek.

I am begging for it.

I am begging for it.

It's okay, Sam.


It's okay. It's okay.

It's not okay.

It's not okay.

It's not okay.


Is everything okay?

Sam. I can hear you.

Open the door.


That was Om, wasn't it?

I can handle this.

I won't let anything happen to you.

Listen, I am getting late for office.

I think you should go home.
We'll talk later.

Excuse me.

Oh sh**

Sh** Sh** Sh** Sh**

What have I done?


Sam, are you with us?
- Yes.

If you've recovered from your
party mood, can we get some work done?


So, team, I want to very seriously
discuss the figures for this quarter.


You have the report.

Hi. I am here for Sam.

She is in a meeting right now.

Could you wait for a while?



We are down by 13%!

Our investors are
threatening to pull out

and you still can't get
over your birthday hangover!

If you're no longer interested
in working, then you can quit!

I can always find
someone to replace you.

Did you get that?

Sam and I were not too close.

We were just colleagues.

Basically, she was the
chief-editor in my company.

I don't know much
about her personal life.

And I've no clue about Vivek at all.

Good afternoon, guys.

Time for Sam's lunch.

Since its lunchtime,
all of you go grab some lunch.

Please, move out.

You're always busy.

When are you going to eat?

Guys, what?

Happy lunch. Leave.

Look. Salad, Biryani, your favourite.

And it's from your
favourite restaurant.

I am sure you will love it.

Hey what's up?

I think we need to talk.


What the hell do
you think you're doing?

Bringing my lunch to my office

And how were you talking
to my colleagues?

What is all this?

Sam, you don't know, but

you desperately need
someone to take care of you.

What do you mean?

I mean

you let people walk all over you.

Like that lady in the conference room.

How rude was she?

How dare she?

Wait a second.

That lady is the
owner of this magazine.

And creative differences
are common, Vivek.

No big deal.

Why am I even explaining this to you?

You know what?

You can't do this, that's it.



in this whole wide-world I maybe
the only one who can support you.

I'll support you in every
- Wait a minute.

I am not helpless.

What's wrong with you?

You know what, please leave.

You must leave, go.

I also have a lot of work to finish.

So please leave, okay.



What is this?

What's wrong now, madam?

Someone else parked in my space again.

Madam, the owner
- Listen

of this car is also
a member of this society.


Does it ever happen to
you that you need someone

but you don't realise
that you need him.

What do you mean?

In recent news, the shares
of Reges Media took a nosedive.

According to experts, this
could directly affect Parade Magazine.

On the other hand, this
incident is being deemed historic.

The drop in shares prices of media
companies is not a common occurance.

On the other hand,
this can come as a big shock to

Parade Magazine and
their partner companies

and can directly affect their
relationship with their investors.


Last night some sensitive information
was leaked from our company

which is strongly affecting
our reputation

and our shares in the market.

Investors have decided to pull out
from our company after this quarter.

Oh my, God.

But, how did this happen?

Do you have any idea
how this happened?

My guess is we've been hacked.


The information that was
leaked was saved in my draft folder.

I didn't even send it.

I shared some of my concerns on that
mail regarding the company with mom.


Shekhar and his team
are the best IT guys around.

They will be
investigating this matter.

I am requesting everyone to
cooperate with them, in every way.

Yeah, sure.



Did your boss learn her lesson?


She was yelling at you.

So I thought of teaching her a lesson.

So I dropped the prices
of her company's shares.


You did this?

Of course, Sam. You need me.

You just don't realise it yet.

I did it.

You don't know me.

For your kind information,
your boyfriend is a hacker.

Where are you right now?

Meet me at the coffee shop right now.

Do you have any idea what you've done?

Do you know the losses my
Company suffered because of you?

You fuc*** hacked my boss' account.

Are you crazy?

I did all this for you.

If someone treats you unfairly,
then I must punish him.

You never do anything.
- Listen.

You don't need to do anything for me,

I can take care of myself.

Come on, Sam.

You've turned suffering
into your fashion statement.

So it was important to
show you what I can do for you.

And you don't have
to tolerate everyone.

Neither Nandini, no Om

Listen, do you understand
what I am saying.

Are you even listening to me?

I never gave you the right to interfere
in my personal matters, Vivek.

Do you understand that?

I thought you were my friend.

But judging by your actions,
I was so wrong about you.

I mean, whenever you
feel like we're friends

and on other times I am your lover.

What is this?

Get over it.

Get over it!

I made a mistake, Vivek.


Whatever happened
between us was a mistake.


You used me to get
rid of your loneliness.

This is what you mean?
- That's it.

That's it.

You have two choices.

Either you understand
me or you misunderstand me.

And I really don't care, Vivek.

Or you can also understand me.
- What?

Understand what?

That I fu*** love you.

I really do.
I love you.

You mean a lot to me.

Just understand this.

I really do.

I can do anything for you.

Don't do this.

Just don't do this.

You're breaking my heart.
- Vivek, listen.

Listen, Vivek.

Do you even know the meaning of love?

Do you even know this?

You're just 19.

You're a 19-year-old boy.

Didn't you remember that
I was 19 when you were kissing me?

Or when you were sleeping with me,
didn't you remember that I am 19?

Or when you were screaming

"Vivek Vivek, don't stop.
Don't stop!"

Shut up!

Just shut up!

Stay away from me!

I don't want to see
your face ever-ever again.

"I am fixated on making you mine "

" no matter what the world says."

"I'll write your destiny "

" doesn't matter what God has to say."

"I am fixated on making you mine "

" no matter what the world says."

"I'll write your destiny "

" doesn't matter what God has to say."

"Your happiness, your sorrows,

your identity "

" matters to me."

"Without you, I refuse to live."

"The pain "

"This pain "

"This pain is my love "

"It's my love."

"The pain "

"This pain "

"This pain is my love "

"It's my love."

This case was disputed for many years.

As a result, it was rusting away.

Of course, I am interested in selling.

But one thing puzzles me.

What is your interest in this place?

Bro, I hope you're not
into some shady business.

Yeah, I am a terrorist.

I make bombs.

It was just a routine question.

Just for confirmation.

College project.

I don't mind.

But remember not to
get in any kind of a mess.

Otherwise, we'll both get in trouble.

Thank you.

"Your happiness, your sorrows,

your identity "
" matters to me."

"Without you, I refuse to exist."

"The pain "

"This pain "

"This pain is my love "

"It's my love."

"The pain "

"This pain "

"This pain is my love "
- Good morning, Sam.

"It's my love."

All the best.

Today is a very special day.


Sam's here.

Yeah, okay.

What is all this, Nandini?

Why am I being treated like this?

Shekhar and his team were
investigating who hacked our company.

Shekhar's theory was that
the leak came from inside our office.

And guess what,

Shekhar was right.

The leak was from inside our office.


Who did it? Who's done this?

Amazing. You're acting so innocent.

I know, Sam.

The leak was from your laptop.


My laptop?

What are you talking about, Nandini?
- Shekhar, please.

What are you talking about?

Is this your laptop?


And were these emails
sent from your laptop?

Oh my, God.


I didn't send these.

Your laptop was used to send emails,
but you didn't send them.


Then these logs must be fake too.

This proves that Nandini's
system was accessed from your laptop.

You didn't do this either.

Of course, I didn't, seriously.

Nandini, you have to trust me.

I've not done all this.


Save it!

The company's reputation is at stake

that's why I am not lodging
an official complaint against you.

But you're fired
effective immediately.

You are fired!

Grab your stuff and leave!

Just leave!

See what I can do.

There's still time, Sam.

I can make things like they were.

Or make things worse that
you won't know what hit you.

You have until 6 tomorrow.

Come to me on your own.

See what I can do.

There's still time, Sam.

I can make things like they were.

Or make things worse that
you won't know what hit you.

You have until 6 tomorrow.

Come to me on your own.

See what I can do.

Ma'am, turn your phone off.

This is ICU.

I am really sorry.
I can make things like they were.

Or make things worse that
you won't know what hit you.

You have until 6 tomorrow.

Come to me on your own.

See what I can do.

There's still time, Sam.

I can make things like they were.

Sam. Is everything okay?

Sorry. I am really sorry.

This thing won't stop.

Very sorry.

You have until 6 tomorrow.
- Just shut up.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Just shut up.

Just shut up.

Just shut up.



It's all over.

It's over.

It's all over.

It's over.



You can try to make her sleep.

I'll keep waking her up.

Your car keys.

The guard gave them to me.

He said last night you weren't even in
a condition to walk home on your own.

What is this, Sam?

You've been through so much

and you didn't think
it was important to tell me?

Isn't our relationship strong
enough to share each other's pain?

Tell you what, Om?

And when?

I would tell you if you
take some time off your stardom.

Sam, I am here now.

And I want to know.

Believe me,
Om, you don't want to know.

Believe me, Sam, I do want to know.

This would've never happened
if I hadn't fallen weak that night.

Vivek has confused
my mistake for love.

And now he's angry at being rejected.


Sam, this is all my fault,
and not yours.

I've not complaints,
just angry with myself.

I am responsible for
everything that happened?

If I hadn't left you alone,

you wouldn't have felt alone, and

I am so sorry Sam,
that I wasn't there.

But I've realised my mistake.

And I am going to make it right.

I'll be leaving for an outdoor
shoot in a couple of days.

Come with me.

We'll go out of Mumbai
for a couple of days.

And it will be easier
for you to forget this episode.


This Vivek.
He's given me a 6 o'clock deadline.

I've to handle him as well.

I wonder what he's going to do next?


That little sh**

I am Om Kapoor, the star.

I'll call the Commissioner,
and he'll be behind bars.

Still, Om, understand.

I think I should stay.

It's all so confusing.
- Sam Sam Please

For my sake.

You know how important you are to me.

Sam, without you there's nothing.

"I am like the summer days "

" burning all day for you."

"You're like the winter evenings "

" I am the one that completes you."

"I am the wound,

and you're the cure."

"Give me relief."

"Since I found you,

"I found my support."

"Like the shore"

"to the wandering tide."

"I found in you "

"I found in you "

"Without you,
I looked so incomplete in life."

"But being with you made me complete."

"What I am, it's all thanks to you."

"Because of your ability to find God"

"even in inanimate objects."

"I am not human,
nor do I have an identity."

"I've been nameless forever."

"Wandering around like a nomad "

" be my asylum."

"I am the wound,
and you're the cure."

"Give me relief."

"Since I found you,"

"I found my support."

"Like the shore
to the wandering tide."

"Since I found you"

"I found my support."
- Sh***

Sir sir

Sir, do you want to divorce your wife?


No no comments.




No comments, please.

Excuse me.

Please excuse me.

Let me go, please.


Om listen.

Please, sir

Please, sir

All these are just rumours.

In fact, I am not even sure what people
get from spreading such rumours.

Sameera Khanna and I are
just good friends, that's all.

I was returning from a
shoot and met her on the flight.

So as a friend in need
I was trying to support her.

That's the truth.

I love my wife very much.

And no, we're not
going to get a divorce.


Auntie's in serious condition,
and you went to Goa.

What the hell are you doing here?

Auntie is resting.

How dare you come here?

You still doubt my courage.

Or do you think I am a coward
like the rest of the men in your life?

See how Om ran off with
his tail between his legs

You want to marry him, don't you?

He's a celebrity.

He won't marry you unless
the media isn't around.

You'll be waiting for
him alone at the wedding aisle.

But I can marry you if you want.

Get out.

Get out from here before I
call the security and throw you out!

Why don't you understand?

Don't you realise what I can do?

Shall I hack into
the hospital's system?

And then auntie
- Don't you dare?

Don't you dare?

If you don't leave
- Or else what?

Listen carefully,
I wanted you to come to me willingly.

But now

you'll pay for not listening to me.

Your hot photos with Om are
already trending on the internet.

Your life is screwed.


the consequences of
breaking a hacker's heart.

Your life is hacked, Sameer Khanna.

And you can't escape me.

You can't take over my life by
hacking me on the internet me, Vivek.

I will take my life back from you.

I promise.

That's the problem, Sam.

Life these days is on the internet.

You cannot take your
life back even if you want to.

You can try all you want.

I said

I will take my life back from you.

We shall see.

What is your name?


Full name.

Sameera Khanna.

Why doesn't your hair
smell like Sam's hair?

I told you to be completely like Sam.

I tried.

The softness of your skin

You can never be Sam.

Leave me.

You can never be Sam.

You can never be Sam.

Leave me.

Leave me.

No one can be!


Get out!


You took a rickshaw today.

What happened to your car?

I was facing parking
problems every day.

So I sold it.

Sold it?

Are you okay?

I am fine.

But I've made up my mind

if anything begins to weigh me down,

better to get rid of it.

She is in peace now.

I know it's not easy to
let your mother go like this.

You're a brave girl, Sam.

I am proud of you.

I just hope it's not
too late to be brave.

I am sorry for your loss, Sam.

But I want you to know
that I am here for you.

And what you did

was necessary.

In fact,
I wanted to suggest this myself

but, never could muster the courage.

You've always had
a lack of courage, Om.

Sam, come on. Are you still angry?

There are two bodies
burning in that pyre.

One that you see,
belongs to my mother.

And the one you don't
see is the old Sam.

My friend said I always
ignore my problems.

He was right.

But the time has come
to face my problems.

If I ever see you again

Trying to be a friend,
love, or a star

then you've no idea
what I'll do to you.

Get the fu** out of
my sight and out of my life.


It's high time you realise Sam,
what an as***ole he is.


Does Vivek live here?

Yes. But

Call him.

Call him.

What did Vivek do?

We'll discuss that later.
First, call him.

Are you Vivek?

What happened?

What happened?

You look so naive,
but on the inside you're evil.

Come on. check inside.

If there's a laptop or a phone inside,

check it properly.

This is not right
- Granny, don't interfere.

Don't interfere with the Law.


Vivek, what have you done?

He's going to go in for long.


Take a good look.

Is that him?

Fine, you may leave.

If he talks, I will update you.

Take him inside.

Come on.


Are you the Superman
of the computer world?



Hacker. Hacker.

Why are you bothering Sameera madam?

No I have done nothing.
- Hey.

You can't hit me.

Why not?

You're 19, aren't you?

If you can vote,
then you can also take a beating.


You're mistaken

You're going to speak up.

Because whoever comes here,

He comes in intact

but goes out broken.


We've your laptop and your mobile.

So you better speak
up before we find anything.

Keep a watch on him.
- Okay, sir.

I'll be right back.

Can I get some water?



what have you decided?

Will you speak up or take a beating?

The Malwa restaurant at
Chakala serves the best fish fry.

Absolutely delicious.


I am sure you know.

It's Surubhi's favourite.

You went there last Wednesday.

Surabhi was insisting.


Isn't that what she calls you?

So sweet.

Does sister-in-law know?


About Surabhi.

Many years ago, Chanakya said

Four things that a person
need to become powerful.





You've the power to convince,
bribe, or punish.

but I control the secrets.


I've more such secrets that
You would want to keep to yourself.

Now apologise to sister-in-law.

And me too.

Yeah, inspector.

Madam, you know what

we let the kid go.

We didn't find any proof against him.

But you'll find proof
if you look for it.

Look, madam, please don't
make such rubbish complaints

and waste the Police's time.




He isn't taking any
action against him, is he?


I don't know how Vivek managed
to overpower that Inspector.

He was scared.

I don't understand how
the hell is he doing this.

I don't

Yeah, Anuj.

Sam, you didn't have to do this.

I told you I'll find
something for you.

It's not right to be so desperate.


Wait what are you talking about?

I don't understand.

I am talking about
your post on Facebook.

Facebook Me

Wait, let me just call you back, Anuj.



He's posted a picture
on your Facebook page.

I sold my car today.

I lost my job a couple of days ago.

I've been having a streak
of bad luck recently.

My company fired me,

my boyfriend Om publicly
denied our relationship.

And my mom passed away.

I am very depressed

and request my
friends to help me out.

Oh my, God.

I can't even delete this post.

I think your Facebook
account is hacked.

He's hacked my Insta-frame too.

And posted the same
picture with the same post.

It's on Twitter as well.


Everyone will think it's me.

I am doing this.

This bas*** can't get away like this.

He will have to fix
everything he's done.

And I'll make him pay for him.

Now tell me, what happened?

Why did the Police arrest you?

It's nothing.

Tell me what you're up to.

You must have done something.


I will tell your dad everything.

He can't handle so much stress.

It was just a misunderstanding.

They mistook me for some other Vivek.

You know what,
send all your documents to your dad.

And start a better life in the US.

Are you listening?


How can I relax?


- Vivek.

Where are the passwords
for Sam's accounts?

Where are the passwords
for Sam's social media accounts?

Where are the passwords
for Sam's accounts?

Give me the passwords.

You won't listen, will you?

You like destroying others life,
don't you?

I will set you straight.


Stop it! Stop it!

Leave me.
- Rohan, stop it.

Give me the passwords.

What account? What password?
- Where are the passwords?

Rohan, leave him.

Leave me. Give me the passwords.
- Stop it! Stop it!

Rohan, stop it. Please stop it, guys.

Just stop it Rohan. Stop. Please stop.
- Give me the password.

Where are the passwords
for Sam's accounts?

Where are the passwords
for Sam's accounts?

Rohan, leave him.

I said leave him.

Where are the passwords?

Sorry, bro.

What is all this, Vivek?

What have you done?

First the Police, and now Rohan.

He's the most innocent
boy in this society.

What have you done?

Tell me honestly.
- It's nothing.

Just a little society drama.

Don't stress yourself.

I see

Even I know this is not drama.

I am old but not stupid.

What did you do?

It's nothing.

Tell me.

Thank God.

Rohan, why did you have to go there?

Why should we let him know that
all this is making a difference to us?

But, Sam, your condition.

I couldn't see you like that.

This bloody guy, how could he do this?


where's the first aid kit?

I think it's in the cabinet.

I'll get it.


Why didn't you tell me?

What could I say, Sam?

Your friend who studied with you

is still failing every exam in life.

Sam, you're living a life of success,


I could never muster the courage
to stand next to you.

Maybe that's why

I never could tell you.

Take a good look at me.

Do I look successful to you?

Just look at me.

After everything that happened to me,

you think I am successful.

I am a lonely, shattered girl.

Nothing more.

You're not alone, Sam.

I am with you.

But the fact is even I am shattered.

But your shattered friend
won't let you shatter anymore.

"O Dawn don't peek
from the clouds yet."

"The night wants to stay
to know our advice."

"O Dawn don't peek
from the clouds yet."

"The night wants to stay
to know our advice."

"Tell the clouds I am floor "

" I am all yours,

without having to say anything."


"You're safe in my arms forever."

"I'll follow in the
path you'll tread on."

"You're safe in my arms forever."

"I'll follow in the
path you'll tread on."

- Hi

I can't sleep peacefully
in my own house today, Rohan.

He's keeping an eye on
me every minute, everywhere.

I feel like a damn goldfish in a bowl.

Don't worry, Sam.

This goldfish has a way out.

"I am sad that you don't need me."

"But I pray that we'll meet again."

"You're my story, my asylum."

"You're my excuse for a life."

Thank you.

"You're safe in my arms forever."

"I'll follow in the
path you'll tread on."

"You're safe in my arms forever."

"I'll follow in the
path you'll tread on."

Vinod Mehra.

After my favourite actor.

I became a cybersecurity expert.

Even in future if
you have any problem,

you will let me know.


But I'll be really glad if
you can solve the problem at hand.


So you believe he's
hacked all your accounts and

there are spy cams
and mics in your house.


See, finding every mic
and spy cams isn't easy.

We'll have to un hack your laptop,

Will that solve our problem?

I want to go to the
root of the problem.

After that everything is easy.

Don't worry.

Your problem will be solved in a snap.


This is going to be a piece of cake.

First, we've to see which
root directory did he put the big in.

I envy your optimism.

You really think this NCA graduate can
even lay a finger on this MIT topper.

By the way, he scored the
lowest marks in cybersecurity.

Ah-ha Wait just a minute.

I'll find out.

We'll see who's better.

Hey Cyber Expert, you have
an account in Model Bank, don't you?

Now leave quietly.

Or else I'll find you
10,000 rupees every 10 minutes.

Isn't that your visiting charges?

What the

He really did it.


You still have a chance, son.

Take my advice.

Because you don't have enough money
in your account to take a chance.

Oh, genius!

You really thought your problems will
be solved if you turn off the laptop.


if the TV turns off,
I will empty your account.

This guy's crazy.

He knows even more than I do.

I am sorry, guys.

Vinod, you need to help us out.

Vinod, we need your help

I am sorry, you need someone else.


I told you, Sam.

You won't find anyone better than me.

I kept telling you
but you don't wise up.

I can destroy your
entire life if I want

and I can do it for good.

Even if you run away,
or move to a different city,

or even change your identity.

Or even erase your past.

But I will always find
you and bring you this crossroad.

You've no idea about my powers.

I am a hacker.

And a hacker can cripple
the government, and


you're just a helpless woman.

You can fu*** run from me,
- There is no place to hide, Rohan.

but you cannot hide.

There is no place to hide.

I can't take this anymore.
- Sam. Sam.

Sam, wait.





There's no way to run!

There's no way to run!

There is no place to hide.

There is no place to hide.

There is no place to hide.

There is no place to hide.

There is no place to hide.

There is no place to hide.

There is no place to hide.

There is no place to hide.

There is no place to hide.

There is no place to hide.

That's right.

There is no place to hide.

Do you like to complicate everything?

Things can be smooth.
But no.

Go ahead and ruin it.

I've been telling
you just do as I said.

But no you just
complicated everything.

Look at your condition.

Your reputation is in tatters.

No one wants to make
you their girlfriend anymore.

You steal your boss's information,
and also someone's husband.

And you put your
reputation on social media.

I mean there was a point
in time when I wanted to marry you.

But now I won't even
make you my girlfriend.

And that's why I have decided,

I will use you.

For sex.

Like Om does.

I will fu** you.

And here's the deal.

Until you don't call me up,
I will keep hacking your life.

And trust me, you don't want that.

Spend nights with Vivek,
for peace and happiness.


Royal Bar?


Even if Vivek can see us here,
he can't hear us.

We're safe here.

Thank you for bringing me here, Rohan.

But I didn't want to come
here to escape from Vivek.

I wanted to come so I
can turn the tables on him.


What's on your mind?

Like Vivek said there's
no place to hide.

He was right.

He made one thing pretty clear.

We bury our secrets on the internet

and scoundrels like Vivek
find them and blackmail us.

But I have no more secrets.

Now it's Vivek's turn.

You mean we'll find Vivek's
secrets now and use it against him.


Vivek is a sociopath. He's a criminal.

And every criminal's
crime is hidden somewhere.

We just have to find
the record of that crime.

Sam, these are the photos
I showed you at the club.

But what are you trying
to see in these photos?

One second.

Yeah this one.

Sam, that's his maid's photo.

What are we going to do with that?

Look at this picture.

Look closer.

If she's a maid, then how does she
have such an expensive designer bag?

It must be a fake, sam.

People buy duplicate stuff.

You're forgetting.

I was the editor
of a fashion magazine.

I can tell real from the fake.

This is an expensive designer back.

It must be worth a fortune.

And Vivek can't afford it.

And if she's a maid in his house

then how does she have
such an expensive handbag?


so you have an outing
with Rohan today.


Out for a drive.


She is the one, Rohan.
She is there.

Central Mall.

Come on, let's go.

There she is.

Come, come.

Where did she go?

She came to this store.


A few years ago Vivek came
to my store for an internship.

He wanted to understand
the retail business.

In the beginning,
I thought he's a sweet kid.

Because I didn't know
the monster hiding inside him.

Soon I realised that he follows
me outside the store as well.

He also tried to flirt
with me a couple of times

but I clearly said no.

And you couldn't escape him.


Because he has some of my secrets,

which if becomes public

I will be ruined.

I am married, Sameera.

I also have two kids.

He has some of my photos
which if he leaks in the media,

then I'll be finished.

And he knows that pretty well.

And that's why he
started to blackmail me.

He said if I don't work
in his house as a maid,

then he'll release the photos.

Maid so that his granny
never grows suspicious about us.

So I just became his prostitute.

And then you came along,

and he became obsessed with you.

This kid is just 19.

I don't understand how he
can be such a pervert at this age.

Devil doesn't have an age, Rohan.

Rhea, he will pay for his crimes.

You're not the only one, Sameera.

There have been others before us.

Vivek was after my
best friend Sheetal.

He proposed to Sheetal many times,

but she refused him every time.

Vivek got so furious that
he decided to humiliate Sheetal.

He hacked Sheetal's phone,

laptop, etcetera.
- I am waiting.

Go on!
- Then he started to blackmail her.

He later leaked Sheetal's
nude photo on the internet.

Sheetal was so embarrassed by this,
that she committed suicide.

After that incident,
Vivek dropped out of college.

I promise you, Priya.

I'll win or die trying.

Thank you, Doc.

Anytime, Sam.
Take care.

- Bye.

Ralph's cafe.

After a really long time, my friend.

Remove sim card of your phone.


Just do it.
I'll tell you why?

But Sam, will it be safe to
discuss out in the open like this?



So smart, Sam.

But you're forgetting that
I set up the Wifi in the cafe.

I want one grilled sandwitch.

You want one?
- Yeah, w'll share.

The hall is very good.
- Yes. I am coming first time.

Without the phone, he can't hear us.

He can only see us.

And he won't know
anything about our plan.

But Sam, what is the plan?

I have a plan to get
Vivek off my back forever.

We know everything about Sheetal.

Now we'll blackmail him.

But how will we do this?

We'll book a room in a hotel.

We'll bug it with cameras and mics

so we can see and hear Vivek clearly.

Then I will contact him.

And I'll tell him
that I accept his deal.

He's very smart.

Do you think he'll show up?

He will.

Because I will call him.

This is what he wants after all.

Once he shows up

we'll tell him that we know
that his maid is not really his maid.

And we also know what
he did with Sheetal.

So either he quietly confesses
or we'll tell everyone.

I'll make sure, Rohan.

I'll make sure that
he confesses everything.

While you'll be in the parking.

Stay in the surveillance van,
watch him.

As soon as I give you the signal,
you can come up and catch him.


Hey, Sam.

I accept your deal.

Good call baby doll.

But I will decide the place and time.

Done deal.

Where are you going?

Going out with some friends.

Your father called.

He was asking about the documents.

I'll handle that.


What do you mean?

When you weren't around I went to
your room to look for your documents?

Since I couldn't find them at home,
I asked around at the college.

I found out that you didn't
complete your graduation.

And you're not doing your Masters

In fact,
you're repeating your last year.

So you've been lying
to us for all these months.

I cannot protect you anymore.

Your dad will find out why you
dropped out of your previous college.

Why did you have to be a detective?


Hi, Vivek.

So what do you think?

You won and I lost. Right?

And you can do whatever
you like with me.

You can have your way with me.


You're wrong.

I have your secrets, Vivek.

Till now you used to
play with people's secrets.

Now I will play with you.

I know you bugged this
place with mics and cameras.

I am not stupid.

Of course, I've bugged this place.

I want to record your confession.

Sam, I know there are too
many cameras and mics in this room

which I will never find in time.

I am glad you know that.

That's why you will come with me,
out of this hotel.

Don't you see, Vivek? Your time is up.

You don't call the shots anymore.


What the

What did you do to him?


Your childhood friend
Rohan is dying inside the van.

I gave him a slow poison.

If he doesn't get the antidote
in four hours, then he will die.

My God

How dare you

Of course,
you can take him to the hospital.

But they will need four hours
to find which poison he's been given.

And poor Rohan, dead, dead, dead

You think you can take me
from here and no one will find out.

You are mistaken.

You're making a big mistake.

You're wasting time, Sam.

Rohan has very little time left.

Vivek, listen to me...

Give me what I want, and I'll give you
this injection that can save Rohan.

Hurry up, Sam. Tik-Tok-Tik

No one will disturb us here.

There's no one here
except for you and me.

You know what I was thinking.

That thing that's
been trending recently


I think I am a victim too.

How a high profile lady took advantage
of a 19-year-old innocent kid.

And threw him out of her life.

What do you think?

What are you looking at?

She is my granny.

She won't say anything.

She is dead.

I had to kill her.


And I don't understand
why everyone has to do this.

Everyone I love they
fu*** turn against me.

First Rhea, then granny, and now you.

I've to take these violent steps.

Because I don't fu*** understand
what is wrong with everyone.

Do you think you won?

I called you at the hotel.

And the hotel's CCTV records show that
I was with you, and also left with you.

If they find my dead body,
then the Police won't spare you.

And if you leave me alive,
then I will tell you the Police.

I will get you arrested for rape.

Don't think that you've won.

I've yet to make my move, Vivek!

I've yet to make my move, Vivek!

How childish are you?

Watch how I turn your
backup plan into a flop show.

You cannot do anything.

My entry in the hotel's been recorded.

So is yours.

Even that we left together.

You cannot do anything, Vivek.

But I never came to the hotel.

And you never left the hotel.

What nonsense

What are you taking?

a magician never reveals his magic.

But you are special.

You're my VIP guest,
so I can make one exception.

Now watch how I erase
my digital footprints.

Everything is data package.

Replace one with another,
and you get what you want.

First, we've to erase
Vivek's CCTV footage.

Now, this is Hotel
Grand's CCTV footage.

And that's me entering.

I will replace this
data package with another.

And I disappear.

And look.

I am going towards your room.

And in the same way,

I've disappeared again.


I never came to the hotel.

You'll be caught.

Don't be foolish.

How can I get caught
if I was never there?

And now for you

You never left the hotel.

Let's watch your footage
entering the hotel.

Here you go.


And that's our footage coming out.

But since I was never there, so I

will erase myself.

And woosh

Vivek's disappeared.

Now you're leaving the room alone.

I'll change the time
stamp to 8:10 in the morning.

Hence proved

you entered the hotel
at 7:30 in the evening

and leave at 8:10
in the morning, alone.

I feel pity for people like you.

You don't even realise it and
your world changes before your eyes.



This is the digital era.

The age of exhibitionism.

And that reminds me

I'll have to exhibit
how much I love you.

A monster like Vivek deserves death,
not punishment.

He needs to die, Priya.

And I'll do it.

I kept thinking

how can an ordinary girl
like me outwit a pro hacker like you.

And then I realised that
you can only hack computers.

For generations, girls like me had only
one weapon to defeat people like you.

We girls can hack your pervert mind.

And that's what I did with you.

Sam, even if we manage
to outwit Vivek,

we'll still have not won.

Remember you officially
lodged a complaint against him

that he was harassing you.

So if anything happens to Vivek,
then you'll go to jail for that.

You'll be the prime suspect.

Vivek keeps saying that only
someone better can defeat him.

So why don't we use him to kill him?


you proved that I am
in the hotel till morning.

That means I am not here.

And if I am not here,
then how can I kill you?


If we want to use Vivek against him

then we must convince him that
he's still in control of the game.

Then let him control the game.

But how?
- Cafe.

I remember he fixed
the wifi of that place.

And if I go there Rohan, I am sure
he'll try to hear my conversation.

I told you, Vivek,
I will take my life back from you.

I am sorry, Vivek.

But for doing that
I had to take your life.


So what happened on 12th August.

officer, I was completely broken.

Tired of fighting

And finally called Vivek.

I told him that I'll wait for
him in room no. 204 of Hotel Strand.

Did she call Vivek?

Yes, sir.

According to Vivek's call logs,
Sameera called him at exactly 4:30

As far as I know, you and
Vivek live in the same society.

So why did you call Vivek
to meet at hotel Strand?

I didn't want to call him to my house

and ruin the purity of
my house, officer.

I've been embarrassed a lot.

I didn't want any more humiliation.

Other people stay
in that society as well.

They see they talk,
and I didn't want all that.

This is the CCTV
footage of hotel Strand

where you arrived at 7:30
and left at 8:10 in the morning.

Is that you?

Yes, that's me.

So that means you were
in the room all the time?


So who could've killed Vivek?

I mean who would want to kill Vivek.

Now that's your job to find out,

And as far as I know,
I am not his only victim.

He's harassed several other people.

Maybe one of them

You know what I mean.

My experience says that
she's committed the murder.

But sir, how can she
be in two places at one time?

That's impossible to prove.

If she was in her room,
then she can't be at the gas station.

However, she did do it,
and it's a bloody perfect crime.

So, what happened?

Case closed.


That's cool.

Shall we?

So now?

So now

Now, magazine editor,

Sam will start her own website
and enter the digital world.

Wow, that's a good idea.

It is.

And to celebrate we
should get some coffee.

No. I am done with coffee
for the rest of my life.

That's it.