Hack-O-Lantern (1988) - full transcript

A kindly old grandfather is actually the leader of a murderous satanic cult which sacrifices its victims on Halloween.

Grandpa, Grandpa, you came!

Happy Halloween, Tommy!

Nothing could keep me from seeing you,

on this, the grandest day of the year!

And Grandpa's got something
very special for you.

I bet it's a pumpkin.

Take your pick of the patch.

That one.

What else you got in there, Grandpa?

This is something very, very special.

It's just for you.

Something for me?

Because I'm special?

Yes, Tommy!

Because you are very, very special!

My Pumpkin!

Stop it, you splashed me!


Mommy, tell Tommy to stop splashing me!

That's enough, Tommy!

I told you to let your father
do the Jack-0-lantern later!

You're gonna cut yourself!

Trick or treat, give me all your candy

or I'll blow your head off!


would you learn how to
talk nicely to your sister?

Bang, bang, you're dead!

Tommy, what did I tell you?

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Tommy, we have to wash that!

But Mom, I like the taste of blood.

Grandpa says it's good for me.


When did you see Grandpa, Tommy?

Did he give you that pumpkin?

What else did he give you?

Nothing, nothing.

We've been over this God
knows how many times, Amanda,

and I still don't understand.

Why does he continue to single out Tom

over the other children, hmm?

You know, Amanda, the
problem is he's your father.

And for some reason, you just
don't want to confront him.

It's okay.

The only thing we'll have to do,

is for me to go deal with him myself.

No, Bill, please!

Just let it go.

I'll tell him not to
come around here anymore.

Tried that once, it don't work.

Tell him again!


Not tonight, please!

It's Halloween!

Damn it, woman.

Your father needs more
than just a warning.

There's something about Tommy.

He's got some kind of hold over him,

and I don't want it.

So I'm gonna go talk to the man,

and get this done with.


Hey, ain't gonna be gone long, okay?

I don't want you to worry about me.

We don't like trespassers here.

You shouldn't have come, Bill.

You listen to me, old man,

and you burn this into your brain.

I want you to stay away from my son.


And you leave him alone.

Tommy was never yours.

He belongs to something greater
than you could ever imagine.

Don't give me this crap.

You come around him again,

I'm gonna bust you wide open.

Bye, Bill.


You'll never have to
worry about Tommy again.

Burn in hell, Bill.

Hurry up, Tommy!

Come on, there's no time to linger!

I know, I know.

It's Halloween.


This is not just any Halloween,

tonight is yours.

Tonight you learn what power is.

You will know your own strength.

Ceremony will begin at sundown.

The ceremony will allow
you to prove yourself

to your creator.

Your master.

Hello, my lovely offspring.

Lay off him.

He is mine.

He is not your son.

He's mine.


We both know that Tommy belongs
to the two of us, together.

Just leave him alone.

Let him have a life.

I have plans for Tommy.

He will be a leader.


You've taken my husband from me.

Your husband came to us.

He shouldn't have done that.

You and your people took him.

You can't have my son.

My children...

They're mine.

They belong to me!

For 13 years my husband has been gone.

Your husband has always
been here, with us.

You know that after all these years,

you are still a temptation to me.

You are beautiful,

and a lurid woman.

With no man for 13 years.

Don't you think it's about time

we did something about that?


Stop hurting Tommy!

Stop ruining his life!

Learn, my sweet.

You must learn.

You cannot stop what is meant to be.

You have no power here.

The force of nature will conquer all.

That's not nature!

It's death!

Happy Halloween, Mrs. Drindle!

You must be Vera's friend, Beth?


We're gonna get ready
for the party together.

Where is she?

She's in the bathroom.

Does she know you're coming?

I hope not.

I plan on surprising her.

It's only a dummy, dummy!

God, Beth!

Happy Halloween!

It's my favorite day of the year!

Go figure!

You don't seem too thrilled.

Aren't you excited
about the party tonight?

I dunno.

I mean, it's my mom.

Ever since my father
died on Halloween night,

this day seems to really
affect her, you know?

She hasn't gotten over it yet.

Poor woman.

She's had a lot of problems.


One of the bigger problems is living

right here in this house, huh?

So, is Tommy going to the party tonight?

You know him.

He hates to hang around
with the rest of us.

So what are you going as tonight, huh?

I left my costume in your room.

Lam going as Princess Die.


You are gonna try to pass for royalty?

You never know, I just
might meet my Prince Charming.

You're a lucky stiff, rookie.

Working a Halloween party,

while I'm stuck here doing paperwork.

Well, I'll be sure to
carve a Jack-o-lantern

that looks just like you.

And to think it's in your own town.

How sweet.

Remember, Rodger,

I want you to check out that cemetery.

There's been another grave overturned.

Sure, Sarge.

I know it's a "grave" situation,

but I'll get to the bottom of it.

You're useless.


Can you hear me?

Go away, I'm busy!


You've got to stop all this!

You can't live like this!

I won't allow it!

I can hear nothing anymore.

You paint such a pretty little picture

Honest face and a perfect man

A misplaced soul that loves to hate

And it rots away your mind

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You live to show me such a bad bad time

You go out of your way to destroy

You're growing old but you won't die

Who wears your pain

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You never come out in the light of day

That's a strange way to behave

You paid your price to live in hell

And you're trying to take me down

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son

You're the Devil's son


Hi, Mom!

Don't tell me.

It's my big brother again.

Oh, Rodger.

I don't know what to do.

He's driving me crazy.

Come on, Mom.

Don't worry about it.

Take it easy.

Alright, tell me.

What's he done?

I can't help him.

I can't control him.

If only you could see what
kind of company he keeps.

That'll be all.

That comes to 40 dollars, then.

15 dollars is your change.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

So what does Nora Bennigham
have that I don't have?

For one thing, a tattoo on her butt.

Yeah, I bet you go for that
sort of thing, don't you?


And word has it,

that girl's done some pretty weird stuff.

Yeah, well she has to be weird.

She hangs around with Tommy Drindle.

Rich bitch.

Hey, come on, guys, let's go.

I promised Vera we'd help
decorate the party hall.


Did you get everything?

Well, I think I picked up
enough for the both of us.

We can have a nice celebration.

After all, it's your big day.

Oh yeah.

Grandpa came to remind me this morning.

How many times I gotta remind you?

You're enough to try
the patience of Satan!

Grandpa, what are you doing here?

I come by the store to pick up

some candles for your ceremony.

What do you call yourself doing here?

I don't know, just having
a little fun, you know.

Well, ordinarily I'd
say screw her brains out,

but I don't think that
little witch has got any.

But where's your head, Tommy?

You know you must be pure for tonight.

Knock this off and preserve that energy!

And as for you, sweetheart...

If you know what's good for you,

you'll get his little butt home,

and I mean right now.

If you change your mind, Tommy,

I'll be in the pool all afternoon.

You and Brian have been
dating for a month already,

and you still haven't done it yet!

Oh, I have a hunch that's
gonna be changing real soon.

How soon?

Well, I've been thinking-


While all you guys are
decorating this afternoon

for the party,

Brian and I could...

Play trick or treat!

Your trick, his treat!

Lucky Brian!

Brian who?

I don't know his last name.

I just wish Vera would stop seeing him

and spend more time in her own home.

Mom, she's 18.

She's grown up.

That doesn't mean she has to grow away.

She's a young lady.

She needs me.


I promise I won't run
away from home, okay?

You can't, she's
already called the cops.

He's not a cop?

That Rodger, my normal brother.

That's enough, Vera.

Hi, I'm Beth.

So you're going as a cop?

That's a pretty terrific costume.

Thanks, but I really do
work for the sheriff's office,

and they make us wear these outfits,

especially when we're on duty.

So you're on duty now?

I work tonight.

I'm working the party.

Oh, so we'll see some
more of each other.


Come on, Beth!

Vera seems to have a
nice little friend there.

I wish Vera and Tommy and you

would stay together.

We all need each other.

Mom, you know you'll always have us.

Vera and I...

And I'll talk to Tommy.

Just let me try with him.

Is he around?

Who is it?

Tom, it's me, Rodger.

Are you alone?

It's just me.

Is Mom with you?

No, come on, open up.

It's open.

Why do you keep it so stuffy in here?

I like it that way.

So Tommy, where do you go all day?


What do you like to do with yourself?

Fuckin' leave me alone.

God, Tommy, what the
hell is wrong with you?

Look, I let you in here to talk.

We talk, and you do nothing but bother me.

Come on, I'm your little brother.

I'm supposed to bother you.

I remember when you won this.

You were one hell of a good shot.

Why don't you do something
meaningful with your life?

What makes you think I'm not?


Let me show you something.

Christ, Tommy.

Now I know why Mom's so worried about you

spending time with Grandpa.

So, tell me more about him.

Well, I don't know what
you're talking about, Beth.

Oh, you mean Tommy.

Yeah, when have you been
such a masochist, huh?

No, I don't mean Tommy.

Why are you hiding that
dashing young deputy from me?

Who, me?

Does he look as good out of his uniform?

Oh, I hope this isn't
gonna turn into something

X rated or illegal.

I hope it does.

Beth, I just don't think
Rodger's wild enough for you.


An officer and a gentleman.

I bet I can teach him some new

search and seizure techniques!

Oh, please.


You scared me half to death.

Please don't ever do that again.

I just came from your father's grave.

I think you should pay
him your respects today.

Okay, Mom.

Mrs. Drindle?

We'll walk through the cemetery

and I'll wait at the party hall, okay?

Bye, Mom.

Tom my?

Come on, Tommy, I know you're out there.

I heard the knock.

Come on, Tommy.

I know you're out there.

Hey look, this is your last chance.


This is it.

Oh, Tommy.

Alright, alright.

Nice costume, Tommy.

You scared the hell out of me, okay?

Jesus, I need a drink now.

Come on.

Tommy, you really know
how to scare a girl.

I gotta hand it to you, though.

Now I'm gonna have a bloody mary.

And for you, I think...

A little devil's delight.

It always seems to bring
out the devil in me.

So come and get it, you devil.

Come on.

Don't you want to see my costume?

You're gonna love it, you know.

I'm Lady Godiva.

Want to play my horsey?

Be careful this time, Tommy.

Last time you left marks.

You gonna surprise me?



Hey, Happy Halloween, honey!

I just come by to bring a
whole truckload of pumpkins

for your party tonight.

Come on, Grandpa.

You came here looking for Tommy.

No, I know where he's at.

He's with that Nora Bennington.

Naw, I just come by

cause I want to give a little something

to my favorite little gal.

Vera, honey, I must say,

you are certainly growing into
a very tempting young lady.

Yeah, I kinda like her, too.

You got some kind of problem, mister?

Not as big a problem
as you're gonna have.

Is this guy bothering you, Vera?

Oh, no, Brian.

This is my grandfather.

Yeah, Grandpa, this is
Brian, my boyfriend.

Oh, sorry, I didn't know.

Nice to meet you, sir.

Do you think I made a good impression?

Let's not worry about it.

Let's get back to work, okay?


Well, well.

Rodger Drindle, my grandson, in uniform.

Ain't you the goody two shoes

who gave you them guns.

Come on, Grandpa.

So, you gonna protect the town tonight?

I'm gonna do my job.

I say damn your job

if it means your grandpa can't
have any fun on Halloween.

It's just that some strange things

have been going on lately.

Grave robbings.

Satanic rituals.

The Devil, you say.

Well, what's wrong with
raising a little hell.

I can't sit around and jaw with the law.

See you in hell, Rodger.



Looks great.

Why, thank you.

Listen, did Grandpa stay long?


Just long enough to freak me out.

Rodger, I want you
to meet Brian, finally.

This is the Brian I've
heard so much about?

Well, I can only hope
you've been talking

to people who like me.

And I don't think that
includes your grandpa.

Brian, do me a favor.

I don't want you to take
things so personally.


We can't help it if our
family's a little opinionated.

Yeah, that's a polite word for it.

Look, it's good to meet you, Rodger.

Somehow, I'm relieved.

What's up Rodge?

Hey, dude, how's it going?

So, listen, are we still
on for this afternoon?

Of course!

What are you going as?

Punk rocker, dude!

Look, I want you to go over to your car,

and I'll meet you there in
about five minutes, okay?

Sounds good to me.


Get out of here.

Hey Rodger, come here a second.

I want to talk to you.

So, what do you think about Beth?

Can I pick em or what?

Come on, I just met her.

Well, I don't care.

I want your first impressions.

First impressions...

So, come on, tell me.

I don't know.

Mom doesn't think much of her, though.

Mom doesn't think much
of any of our friends.

You should hear what she says about Brian!

I have.

You know you can't listen to
anything Mom says, don't you?

Look, Rodger.

I want you to talk to Beth, okay?

Say hello, make up
something, I don't care.

Just, you know, make her think

that you might be interested in her.

Hey, I got an idea.

Why don't you take her for
a ride on your motorcycle?

She'll like that.

Vera, why do you think I'm even here?

Oh, well, I can tell

you've been thinking about that, Rodger.


Pretty damn ingenious.

After all, you're my brother.

She's inside the hall here.

You two go ahead and
have a good time, okay?

And fix that hair or something.


Fix it!


Since I'm done here,

you want to take me into custody?

Alright, I got a few things I gotta do,

but you can come along, I guess.


You made a mistake.

What are you doing, man?

Stop it, Tommy!

"Shut up!

Leave him alone!

Don't try it!

Stop it!

Let go of me, God damn it!

Let go of me!

Next time,

you're dead.

I'll tell him a thing or two.

God damn that mother fuck-

Ow, shit!

My foot!

Damn that Tommy!

That son of a bitch.

I'll get him for this.

I swear to God I will.

Oh man, what an asshole.

Hey, who's there?

Please help me!

What are you doing?


I'm really upset with Tommy.

He had no right roughing
up Brian the way he did.

Yeah, he's got a pretty short fuse.

It's like Grandpa's got
some kind of hold over him.

You know, I'm really worried that one day

he's gonna get into big
trouble with the law.

Poor Mom, she's going
out of her mind over this.

I know.

But listen, the reason I called

was to say thanks for
introducing me to Beth.

We hit it off pretty good.

Yeah, but you make sure

you bring her back before seven, okay?

You know, her costume's here,

and we're going to the
Halloween party together.

Don't worry, I'll bring her back.

But remember, I am
working the party tonight,

so see if you can stay
out of trouble, okay?

I don't think it's me you
have to worry about, Rodger.

I think you should keep an eye on Beth.

She's capable of all
sorts of crazy things.

Hey, by the way, where is she?

We're at the fruit
stand around the corner.

She said she wanted to stop
and pick up some passion fruit,

or something.

Yea h, okay, but don't
get too passionate.

Remember, seven 0' clock, alright?

Alright, bye.

Mom, what happened to you?

Did you fall down or something?

Are you okay?

I've been out working in the orchard.

Somebody has to take care of this ranch

your father left behind!

Come on, Mom.

I don't know.

Rodger, he leaves home to become a cop.


He's aloof and distant.

And violent.

He beat up Brian and
tossed him out the door.


You only have time for your friends.

Mom, that's not true!

You treat me like I'm the enemy.

And all I want is to
keep my family together.

Mom, relax.

Come on.

Let's go inside the house
and get you cleaned up, okay?

We welcome the night.

We welcome the night.

We honor the Master.

We honor the Master.

The hour of Satan has arrived.

Let us share the blood.

Share the blood.

Share the blood!

Share the blood.

Share the blood!

Share the blood.

Share the blood!

Share the blood.

Share the blood!

Share the blood.

The power is the blood.

The power is the blood.

Tonight, we ordain
another into our coven.

May you forever serve the Master.

I will forever serve the Master.

Prepare this woman to
be his in eternal life.


You wanted to come here?

Yeah, Sarge wanted me to check it out.

There's been problems here recently.

Such as that?

Right over there.

Alright, freeze!

Trick or treat!

They're only children, Rodger!

What were-

What were you kids
doing here by the grave?

We dropped all our candy, that's all.

Yeah, we're just
trying to pick it all up.

Well, go along now, kids.

This guy was gonna shoot you.

What are you two doing here?

He's a policeman, guys!

He's always looking for trouble!

And I have a feeling I just found it.

Go along now, go have fun!

And don't eat all your candy!

Trouble, huh?

I think you're in grave trouble.

So, ever mad e out on a grave?

No, I've never considered
myself dead meat.

Dead or alive, they all
rise to it, my command.

I have the power.

What's the matter?

Your hand, it's so cold.

Don't worry about that, I
tend to warm up real quick.

You enjoyed it.

I could tell.

It's too bad I have to work tonight.

But somebody's gotta keep this town safe

from you Halloween frights!

Vera and I are gonna get crazy tonight.

I wonder if my sister should
even hang around with you.

You sound like your mother.

Howdy, ma'am.

Need a good cowpoke?

Good shit, huh?

What are you guys doing out here?

Didn't you see the stripper in there?

You didn't see the stripper-

What's wrong with you guys?

You should have seen her, she was great!

She had, like, the biggest
blue eyes you've ever seen.

And boy, you know, she reminded me

of one of those girls
in the girly magazines.

You ever seen those girls?

My favorite part in
there is the naked girl.

I love the naked girl.

But now I've got a
favorite brand new part.

The little memo right underneath
the naked girl's picture.

Cause the things they
say about themselves,

they're not quite accurate, are they?

I mean, they say things,
for example, like...

"I'm just a conservative girl."

And then you turn the page,

and then she's getting
all emotional on you.

"L just need a man who understands me."

I bet you understand that.

You ever been at the wrong
place at the wrong time?

You know, like,

a turkey.

Three days before thanksgiving.

In the woods.

He's scared.

He just got away, he's a pet.

He doesn't know what's going on.

He looks at the hunters.

Now the hunters are coming all around him,

and he's really scared now.

Look, Vera.

Brian won't blame it on you.

And besides, you can make it
up to him at the party tonight.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Hey, let's just go out and have
a great time tonight, okay?

My good times have already begun.

And I didn't even need the dress.

Oh, you and Rodger?

You two sure didn't waste any time.


Can I have this?


It's the only one I have of
the three of us together.

I forgot you have such
a close knit family.

Anyway, let's get
back to you and Rodger.

So, tell me, where did you guys do it?

Right there, behind that tombstone.

You did it there?

You have got to be kidding, Beth.

Why would I kid you?

Don't you have any respect for the dead?

They don't need my respect.

They should feel honored.

Well, this is cute, Beth.

First we had the fake spider.

Now we have the fake hand.

How original.

What are you talking about?

This is great.

Another Halloween prank just for me.

So, I think we should see

what this is attached to, don't you?

Vera, don't, I didn't put that...

Vera, don't!

Vera, I didn't put anything there!

Oh, come on.



Tommy did this to you because of me!

I'm gonna get him for this
if it's the last thing I do.

♪ Please baby please ♪

♪ You're a fool, you've
got nothing worth saying ♪

♪ From down on your knees ♪

♪ You've got to pull yourself together ♪

♪ Hey look I know what
a woman can do to a man ♪

♪ But you gotta listen to me now ♪

♪ Now dig it ♪

♪ They might kill ya ♪

♪ They might kill ya ♪

Look, I know he's in there with Grandpa.

Vera, are you sure you
want to go in there alone?

Just stay here, Beth.

It's a family matter, okay?

Some family.


How could you, you son of a bitch!

You shouldn't have come here, Vera.

But he killed my boyfriend, Grandpa.

You have intruded upon
the ceremony of blood,

and now, you must pay the
price for your sacrilege!

The power is the blood.

Release the power, my son.

The power is the blood!

The power is the blood.

The power is the blood!

The power is the blood!

Please, Tommy, you can't do this!

The Master demands the sacrifice!

You must share the blood!

Tommy, please, you can't do this!

Do it, Tommy!

You must prove yourself to the Master!

For God's sakes Tommy, I'm your sister!

Don't be a fool, Tommy!


She's my sister!


Oh my God, Beth!

Vera, what happened?

We've got to find Rodger.

Let's get the hell out of here.

In the kingdom of hell,

we are your family!

The disciples of Satan!

No one else matters except the Master,

and you have failed him!

You have shamed me.

You have no place here.

Shall we bring him back?


I know now what I must do.

I have no choice.

Hey, want to be my Geisha?

Well, thank you.

Buzz off, buddy.

Me Tarzan.

Me can show my jungle.

Another time.

Hi, officer.

You have an arresting personality.

Would you like to dance?

Sorry, no dancing on duty.

Are you a real cop?

Yes, I am.

Is that a real gun?

It sure is.

Well, sometime
when you're off duty,

I'd love to pull your trigger.

I always thought it was Tommy,

but who could ever believe Grandpa

could do something like this?

I could.

I'm sure he's the killer, Beth.

Let's hope Rodger can handle this.

Oh my God, Beth,

when my brother finds out what's
been going on in that barn,

he is gonna freak!

Hi, you devil.

Some party, huh?

I just came for one dance,

but then I met this
adorable young policeman.

I think I'll take him home.

So can you help me?

It's this corset.

You know those men like em hard and firm,

so tighten it up.

This is it, Sarge.

We're going in.

I don't see anybody here.

So where are they, rookie?

I don't understand, Sarge.

Someone pulled a fast one on you, kid.

Don't forget it's Halloween.

Let's go.

It's okay, we're gonna get through this.

I know.

It's about time you girls got here.

The party's almost over.

God, Vera, you look like hell.


She should talk.

I don't know,

maybe I should fix my face.

Come on, I'll fix it for you.

Come on.


I hope Rodger hurries back.

I'm scared without him.

Hey, can you hang this up for me?


God, what's wrong with her?

Some people just can't
handle their punch.




Come on, Beth.

Get out of the closet.

This isn't funny.

Wake up!

What's wrong with you?

I need your help!


The killer, he's here!


Tommy can't save you!

Nothing can save you.

Tonight, you belong to Satan!

Vera, what's going on?

Rodger, it's Grandpa!

I think he's dead!


The power is the blood.

The killer, he's getting away!

Tommy, freeze!

Don't make me shoot!



Mom, it's Tommy.

I only wanted to keep my family.

I'm sorry, Mom.

I love you.

I love you, Tommy.

We welcome the night.