Hachi-ko (1987) - full transcript

The true story about a dog's loyalty to its master, even after his death.

December, 1923

Odate Town Akita Prefecture

I'm Kakita from the
agricultural engineering section

It's some blizzard

How's it going?

It'll probably take till morning

Let's go and see

They are borned yet?

- Thanks
- Make yourself comfortable

The male is purebred from
Onoda Gorozaemon's place

It'll be a fine litter

Our chief engineer, Mr. Mase,
was asked by his mentor

Professor Ueno Hidejiro of Tokyo

To find him an Akita puppy

When Aka was born

We had a snowstorm
for three days and nights

We almost thought
our house would collapse

They are borned


When you suddenly yelled out,
"They are born!"

I thought your wife had given birth

I've already got five kids

I couldn't handle another one

Here's the house

Professor Ueno is one of our country"s

Top agricultural engineers

And he's very' fond of dogs

When I visited him last year,
he had just lost his dog

A female Akita...
not a purebred though

Please come

He mentioned then that he
wanted a purebred next time

He'll be overjoyed

I'll notify him right away

May I use the phone?

Right here

I'd like Tokyo please

Tokyo, Aoyama... number is 2007


His daughter is another dog lover

It's a Mr. Mase from the
Akita prefectural office

Hello, this is Chizuko

My parents are in Hakone
at Tonosawa Hot Springs

They go there every' year

I'll be happy to take a message


A dog?

An Akita?

You're giving it to us?

That's wonderful!

It was born this morning

A fine looking pup!

Today is December 16th

So after the new year...

Yes. I'll call my father right away

Thank you so much!

We're going to get an Akita puppy!

A dog, again?

What do you mean "again"?

It's a purebred Akita!

I must call Father.
What's the number in Hakone?

Look, a singing frog

Welcome back

Your daughter is on the line


Shall I put the call
through to your room?


A man from the Akita prefectural office
...what was his name?


Right! Mr. Mase called

A beautiful Akita puppy
was born this morning

He said that you had asked for one

Not really...

But Mase was there when Gonsuke died

He said he'd send me an Akita

So I just asked him to keep us in mind

No more dogs

Yes, well...
it was a sad-time when Gonsuke died

Even you cried

So let's not get another dog

It's too late to refuse!

Mr. Mase really wants us to have it

If you don't want it,
I'll take care of it!

I've always wanted a purebred Akita

She says that, but I'm the one
who'll have to take care of it

Even when she found Gonsuke
in front of the train station

I had to do everything

And I hate dogs!

I hate cats AND dogs

You promised me when Gonsuke died that

We wouldn't have any more dogs

But Chizuko insists

Well, I'm opposed to it

It's a purebred this time

Purebred or mixed

I don't want to go through
that sadness again

Chizuko says she'll take care of it

Look, it's snowing

Stay healthy now

I hope they like him

Take care

I'm going out.
Don't forget to pick up the dog

- I pick up the dog.
- Yes

What's going on?

I intended to go to the station with you

But I changed my mind an hour ago

I'm going to a concert at Hiblya Park

Excuse me!

It's Tsumoru!

I'll be right down!


I'm sorry'!

That's an idea

She's always so fickle


He's not here

Where is he? It's urgent

Oops! Sorry'!

Hey, don't break it, will you?

I'm right here


What's the big rush?

There's a dog arriving at 3P. M.
at Shibuya Station

Another one besides Gonsuke?

Gonsuke died last year

He did?

You're right...
I took him to the crematory' myself

If it's from Akita,
it must be an Akita breed

With a tail that curls tight

Sorry' to interrupt

I'm against having a dog

But Miss Chizuko loves them

People who love animals are kind

You hate dogs because

It's always your duty
to clean the doghouse

Miss Chizuko is so mean

She was supposed to go
to the station with me

But suddenly, she changed
her mind to go to a concert

That fellow... her fiance came

Naturally! She'd prefer him to a dog

Will you go to the station with me?

Go alone!

I'm afraid of dogs

That face of yours would scare dogs more

I'll bet you're afraid of dogs too

Come off it! At least a dog
is better than a cat

Feed a dog for three days
and it'll be loyal for life

But you can feed a cat for three years

And it still won't care a whit!

Saikichi, let's go!

There's a box... where was it from?


It's from Odate... a dog

The dog?

Here you are

Your seal, please

I don't have it with me

Look! This is for Ueno Hidejiro

Don't you know Professor Ueno?

I do, but...

Well, you should!
He's a famous agricultural engineer

I'll get the seal, Kiku

Never mind

Recognize my face?


What kind of clerk are you?!

Kiku of Inarizaka is pretty
well known in this area

Remember that, blockhead!

- Now do you still need my seal?
- Yes

Your head's full of lead!
Like the railroad tracks!

Your thumbprint will do

Why didn't you say so from the start!

It's dead

Hey! The railway company
will pay for this!

What's the matter?

The dog they sent from Akita is dead

The railway company's to blame!

Is it really dead?

And I'm not taking a dead dog!

When live animals are transported

The railway company
is not responsible if it dies

Welcome home

What about the dog?

Sailichi went to pick it up

Didn't Chizuko go?

She went to a concert with Mr. Morlyama

Such a bad omen
at the start of a new year

Another dog's funeral

Bound to happen...
after riding a shaky train for two days

Thanks, Kiku

Hey Prof...

The pup's dead

What's the matter, pup?

Get some milk

Poor little thing

I guess the journey was too long

That's why I was against this

It's dead, Prof...

It's alive!

It's drinking

I'm home!

You're home?

Is the puppy here?

The puppy's here

- You've been back?
- I am back.

Is the puppy here?

Welcome home

I'll go and see it


You traveled so far

Good boy!


You'll be responsible for the puppy

It's not about the puppy

What is it?

About Tsumoru...

I hear you went to
a concert with him today

He has something to discuss with you

I know what he wants

He wants me to get
another friend into college

But I don't believe
in backdoor admissions

It's not about that

What then?

I'm free this coming Sunday

It has to be tonight



All right

Where is he?



He's waiting outside

How rude!

Why didn't you tell us?

Shall I call him?

Of course!

Please sit

Has he eaten?

He doesn't want any

Why didn't you show him in?

It was very' thoughtless of you



Go on


I'm listening



Chizuko is with child

And... I'm responsible

Are you angry'?

Well, after hearing whose child it is

My blood pressure has gone down

And so...

I'd like to ask for her hand in marriage

I see. Thank you

Under the circumstances

I think it's best to have
the ceremony right away

Have a nice day

Have a nice day

How's the dog?

You're looking healthy

You don't have a name yet

Please don't choose a name
like Gonsuke again

But you can't go nameless

Let's see...
your forelegs are firmly grounded

Just like the character
for number eight

So we'll name you Hachi as in 8

Like it, Hachi?

We just got an Akita dog.
Will you take it in?

Not for me

You're born in the year of the monkey?

No, the boar

A former student now
at the Akita prefectural office

Sent it to me

My daughter wanted to keep it

But she'll be getting married soon

She is your only daughter, isn't she?


I had hoped to adopt a son-in-law

But her fiance is also an only child

So it won't work

They're getting married
in a bit of a hurry'

On the 29th of this month

Will you honor us by attending?


And you also

Ueno Chizuko

Do you take this man

To be your lawfully wedded husband?

To have and to hold

To love and to cherish

To honor and obey

In sickness and in health
till death to you part?

I do

Chizuko didn't even shed a tear

I noticed your eyes were watery' though

When she said good bye
from the train window

The sadness suddenly hit me

That my little girl was being taken away

Were they tears of bitterness then?

Tears of bitterness, joy, sadness...
all at once

I guess they've checked
into the inn by now

It was their honeymoon

They could've gone farther than Atami

Tsumoru wanted to save money

He's very' stingy for his age

But to think she was pregnant

She'd have gotten pregnant
sooner or later

It was just sooner

I was quite shocked by the whole thing

What amazed me was the way she said

"I'm not taking the dog"

So bluntly, right before Morlyama

When she offered all
her love to Morlyama

I couldn't help but stare at her

He was quite speechless too,
so I guess it worked

Chizuko was only saying
what was in her heart

I wonder?

Of course

What will you do about Hachi?

Chizuko asked me to take care of it

I'm against it

You're pretty adamant

I'm not willing to share your love either

Spin three times and bark!

Spin three times!

Spin and bark!

Dumb dog!


Don't tease the dog!

He's only a pup.
He doesn't know any tricks yet

Besides, I don't keep dogs
so they can perform tricks

Put yourself in the dog's place!

Hachi is hungry'! Hurry' and feed him!

You've already eaten, haven't you?

Have a nice trip

Watch Hachi while I'm away

How long will you be away?

They're cultivating the area now

I want to check the progress
so about four or five days

Just as people have rights,
canines have rights too

I'll respect Hachi's rights

Even if we're going to give him away

We must protect his rights
while he's staying here

Have some tea, Sir


No! Hachi!


My poor flowers!

Hachi, if you want
your rights to be respected

Don't be so naughty!

Babies have excess energy

They can't sit still

How old is the little one?

Three months

Imagine! Becoming a father at his age!

I'm sorry'!

How's Hachi?

He's doing well

Hi Hachi!

I hear you ruined your mistress's garden

Welcome home

I think Hachi has grown

You've only been away five days

I see signs of intelligence in
those eyes of yours, Hachi

Do you understand me?

What will you do about him?

It' better to give him away
while he's small

Well Hachi?

Do you want to be our dog?

You want to stay?

All right. I won't send you anywhere

Fine day, isn't it?

Such a cute dog

Go on, Hachi

Good day

Isn't it hot?

He's growing so fast

Have a nice day

Thank you, Hachi

Now go on home


I hope you didn't chew on grass

Will you go to the station
again this evening?

Gosh, it's so hot!

Dear, look

Good boy!

Waited for me, did you?

That's some dog

This is no good

Doesn't look like it'll stop

Wonder if the dog's here

He's waiting

Thank you

Good Hachi!

Thank you for coming, Hachi.
Even in this snow

Father, happy new year

Happy new year

Happy new year

Same to you

Hasn't he grown big?

Here's your grandfather!

Was it all right to bring him
in this cold weather?

That's what I said

Come inside, Chizuko

Hasn't Hachi grown so big?

Catching fleas suits you, Father!

This is number 33

Let me carry' him

Toru's gotten so heavy

He doesn't talk yet

Of course not.
He's only three months old

Has Professor been at it since morning?

It's like a research project with him

That's how he is

Once he gets started he can't stop

I think Father loves Hachi
more than his own grandson

Don't be silly

I heard Hachi accompanies him
to the station daily


And goes back at sundown to meet him

Hachi doesn't wear a watch,
but he knows the time

Go to sleep

Sleep well

Shall we play some cards?

Cards, huh?

Better still, run a bath for me

How is the water?

Just fine, thank you

He amazes me

Does he bathe with Hachi all the time?

Always... after catching the fleas

Better watch out, Mother

Or Hachi will take Father's love from you

Excuse me

You're good at it

Won't you join us?

No thank you

Hachi might catch cold,
so close the window

You're soaking wet!

It's all right now

I didn't even notice a storm brewing

I'll warm you up in no time

Just you wait

Come over here where it's warm

Wait right here


Hachi, are you all right?

What is it?

Is that all you can say?

Do you prefer Hachi to me?

What did you say?

There's a limit to all this!


What's the matter, Hachi?

Let's go

Come on

Good boy

Now go on home

Good morning

Hachi! Settle down!



You're barking so much

What's the matter?

The second stage can be recognized

In the flooding that occurs
every' five or ten years

This circumstance is unusual

The third stage would be

The most critical range

So called the pro...

Probable maximum

This probable...


Someone, quick!

It's too late


With the professor gone,
this house is too big for me

So I'll be going to live with Chizuko

Why don't they come to here to live?

Chizuko thinks this house is too dreary'

She is so indifferent

She was born in this house, wasn't she?

I still sense my husband's
presence in this house...

And sometimes, it gets unbearable

I plan to sell this house

You two have worked here for many years

But I must let you go now

It's not much, but I'll pay
you half a year's salary

So please start giving
some thought to your future

I'll go back home to Narashino


I think I'll return to Shizuoka

I'd like you to have
a memento of the professor

Is there anything you want in particular?

I'd like his hat

The fedora?

No, the silk hat

All right

And you, Oyoshi?

I'd like a pair of his shoes

For your father?

If I ever marry' and have a son

I'll let him wear it

And tell him that it belonged
to the good professor

When he went on his walks,
I loved to watch his back


Good bye, Hachi

Good bye, Hachi

Please take care of yourself

Thank you

Thank you for everything

Take care


Are you taking Hachi?

Chizuko says that seeing Hachi

Will only remind her of her father

I have an uncle in Asakusa

I thought I'd ask him to take Hachi in

I see... Maybe that's for the best

- Hello!
- Hello!

I took a day off from the office
to help with the moving

So did I. Let's do it then

What shall we do with Father's books?

I'll have no use for books
on agriculture and cultivation

Take it to the used books shop

Anyway, come in

I was in a dilemma
about where to start first

Just get rid of anything old

I'll clean out his study

Kiku, can you help upstairs?

We've got a lot of young helpers

All strong and spirited

So we've got our hands full
without any pets

But just leave him. I'll do what I can

Thank you

He eats anything people eat

One can never tell what the future holds

The professor was the
picture of health, yet...


Be good now

Good bye

He knows

I wonder how Hachi is doing?

You're such a worrywart

I'm home

You're home

Didn't you eat yet?

Mother scolded me that
I should wait for my husband

The foreign office keeps unusual hours

So next time, please don't wait for me

How about a bath?

I want dinner first

Your grandmother's here to stay, Toru

How was Hachi?

I left him with my uncle in Asakusa

Dinner's ready, so please wash up

How old is this house?

About 20 years

It belonged to a college professor?

Yes, an agriculture professor
at Imperial University

He was world reknown

It's so nice and bright
with all the windows

It's sturdy for an old house

And the price is right, don't you think?

The missus is a kind lady

Will she lower the price any more?

Hachi! What's the idea!

I thought you were in Asakusa

Are you all right?

I hate dogs!

It belonged to the late professor.
His name's Hachi

If this dog's going to come around,
I won't buy this house!

Don't worry'

This dog stays with a relative in Asakusa

You mean he walked from
Asakusa to Shibuya?

I guess so. He wouldn't ride a train

Don't worry' about this dog

Just think about the house

If it's right, please buy it

Remember though, get rid of the dog!

That dog has no personality

Never reacts to a thing I say

Just turns around and starts to whine

He bites off the chain and runs away

Well, leave him here again

But if he runs away, that's it

Set that up next to the bureau

And don't scratch it!


You can't stay here!

That felt good!

I chopped up the doghouse for firewood

Such a fine day... perfect for moving



Hachi, I want you to listen well

Your master is dead

And this house was sold to someone else

The new owner can't stand dogs

It's dangerous to wander about here

He'll chop your head off with his hatchet


Come to my house then

I don't care for dogs myself

But we've known each other a long time

Let's go, Hachi

London, England?

Yes, as a first secretary'

He'll attend to the new ambassador

Are you going too?

I'll be returning to
my hometown in Wakayama

The professor's old home?

No... he had no other relatives

But my mother still lives

I remember...
somewhere near the beach, was it?

Yes, a whaling town

Gee, I'd love to see
a live whale spouting water!

About Hachi...

Are you taking him?

Can you take him in?

But we have a cat...

We'll take care of him

You said you didn't want a dog!

But Missus can't take Hachi

Why not?

Hachi was bred in Akita

I know that! So what?

Akita is a cold place

Wakayama is down south...
where they catch whales

A dog from Akita couldn't
adjust to the warm weather

I never met a woman who could talk more

Kiku, please take care of Hachi

I'd be so relieved if you'd agree

All right, I will

It's my way of repaying
the late professor

Hachi's gone

Where'd he go?

Around this time,
he's always at the train station...

Waiting by the exit


I'll get your ticket


Your master's not coming back any more

I'm going back to Wakayama

I've asked Kiku to take care of you

Good bye, Hachi

Let's go


I never thought
you'd agree to take Hachi...

You hate dogs

You're such a fool

She has her mother to
take care of back home

She couldn't take this big
thing with her

That's true

Can't you understand
simple human kindness?

Is that so? Well, don't brag so much!

You're getting senile lately!

Fool! How dare you say that to me?

What "fool"?!

You called me...

A 'fool' first...!

Dear! What's wrong?

Sorry' Hachi...

But I can't take you back with me

I have to take Sanae here

I've cancelled the lease
for the house too

You can't stay here


You're strong,
so don't lose to those stray dogs

You can be the leader of a pack


Stray dogs run free

So be free and live proud

Good bye

Good bye

Take care

He must be waiting for his master

He doesn't realize that his master's dead

Admirable dog

He comes every' day at the same time

Such a dumb dog

You must be hungry'

Come... I'll give you something

What's the matter, Hachi?

Shiro died

Poor thing. He's so skinny

It's a year now

Waiting for a master who won't return

Watching him is painful

Why wait for someone who won't come?

Hachi wants to wait

I know that

December, 1928

He's here again

So? Let him wait

But it's useless

It's all right

Hachi doesn't care


Enough already. He's not coming back

It's raining

Come here and have a bite

I'm a reporter with Asahi Shimbun

"Man's Best Friend"

"Dogs waits loyally for a master
who won't return"


I rushed over when I read the newspaper

You've been waiting for
your master every' day?

Look how dirty you are

How you must've suffered

You're the missus?

This dog comes every' day in the evening

My husband really loved him...

It hurts to see him like this

I'm sorry',
but we don't have a place for dogs

Any corner will do

Isn't this the dog
that was in the papers?


So this is the loyal dog, Hachi?

And you are?

I knew the late owner, Professor Ueno

Well then, I'll let this
loyal dog stay the night

I hope he doesn't bite though

No, he won't

Hachi is a good boy


He was here awhile ago

Hachi disappeared from the inn

It's been three days now

I guess he thought
I'd give him away again

Hachi wants to stay here

Free and unchained

I can feel his eyes on me

I must be going

If Hachi comes, please feed him

We can't accept!

Please take this

All right

Bad dog! Coming here again!

Take that!


Two Japanese army is still fighting

Our team is entering the city

- It is really exiting.
- I don't want to see this


You poor thing!

Is this the mutt the paper wrote about?

He's got a name... It's Hachi

Well, he's not waiting for his master

He's just a freeloader waiting for food

These foul pests should be put to sleep

Say mister, you're the one
with a foul heart

How dare you face
a customer and say that!

You're no customer of mine!


Take your money!

Keep it!



Eat all you want!

Eat up

Poor thing

May, 1934




Tatsuya Nakadai

Kaoru Yachigusa

Toshio Yanagiba

Toshinori Omi

Mako Ishino

Masumi Harukawa

Kei Yamamoto

Shingo Yamashiro

Norihei Miki

Kin Sugai

Tokiko Kato

Hiroyuki Nagato

Takahiro Tamura

Executive Producer

Kazuyoshi Okuyama


Hisao nabeshima

Jun-Ichi Shindo

Original Story'

Kaneto Shindo


Tetsuju Hayashi

A Production of Shochiku-Fuji Co. Ltd.


Seijiro Koyama