Hablar con los Muertos (2017) - full transcript

For generations, Andy's family has had the gift of talking and communicating with ones who have passed over. A non-believer, Andy finds himself in a mystery, and only the dead can help.


How did he die?

I know he died in Vietnam,

but how did he actually die?

Head injury.

It was quick.

No, it wasn't.

It hurt like hell.

I was layin' there for
two hours after I fell.

He said he died saving
a school full of children.

But then a group of cong attacked him,

and he fought them off as long as he can,

but he lost the battle.

He died a hero, I knew it.

Shouldn't you be trying
to communicate the truth?

He said he's glad to see you're happy.

I know my death was
a little embarrassing,

but she really should know what happened.



What is he saying?

The truth, boy!

The truth!

What is he saying?


Why did I have to die such a young man?

Three years married, getting drafted.



They're coming.

They're coming right now.

What's happening, Owen?

The G men, the men in black!

Owen, I need to know
where he buried the money.

Tell her it's at Tuffy's grave.

She knows where to go,
she knows what to do

and she'll understand, believe me.

He said it's in Tuffy's grave.


But what about your payment?

This one's on me.

Good luck with the treasure hunt.

Stay safe.


So, next week will be the anniversary

of your daughter's death.

I know.


I know this has been a
problem for you in the past.

I was just wondering.

How are you doin'?

Well, if we're gettin'
all touchy feely here,

I guess I feel the same
way I do every year

around this time.

I remember the pain,
the anger, the misery.

It was worst for the first three years,

then after we realized that the sky

wasn't gonna cave in on us,

it became more tolerable.


We established early on, first meeting,

that neither one of us were
touchy feely kind of guys.

We also established that we both agree

that there is no such thing as closure.

At least not in the overall sense of it.

That's why I came back
for the second visit.

If I had a dollar for
every time somebody told me

when and where I should feel closure.

I have this neighbor.

He told me at least
this is the worst thing

that could happen to you.

What if I lose another?

Closure is something that takes place

on the streets of New York City,

not in your heart.

You know, there's one
thing I never asked you.

I suppose I should have.

But I always wondered, why
did it take you so long

to come and see me?

We did kinda just get right into it

at the very beginning, didn't we?

It was always something
I kinda kept to myself.

I thought losing a child
was a big enough reason

to seek help.

The road that got me
there was insignificant,

but maybe I was wrong.

The drinking, the drugging.

It all fell in my lap the
minute I saw her limp body

in the hospital.

My wife was unaware of my habits.

She was dealing with her own grief.

She was always stronger than I was.

She found the path that I never could.

I became a real loser.

Trust me.

It got to the point
where I hated what I was.

It was a real eye opener.

Then, in a drugged out haze,

she told me that she was ready to leave

if I didn't smarten up.

She also told me that she was pregnant.

The smarten up stick hit me at both ends.

I got clean real fast.

Gave them my two weeks notice,

and then the rest you know.

So, you go from being a nine to fiver,

to a full-time stay at home father?


How about the dreams?

Are you still having them?

We haven't talked about them in a while.



Is that because you're not sleeping?

Oh sleep.

My darkest foe, the bane of my existence.

I was never meant to sleep, Doc.

And those house tranquilizers
you prescribed me,

they don't give me more than four hours,

and those teas and
oils, that hippie stuff,

it's all smoke and mirrors.

It only takes a few seconds to dream.

I dream.

What are you dreaming about?


My wife and I,

we have a PTA meeting tonight.

Parent Teachers Conference.

Kitty's first grade evaluation.


I was always so nervous when my parents

went to my PTA meetings.

But Kitty's a lot smarter than I ever was.

Children have a way of bringing us back

to our own youth.

I think staying home with your daughter

was the best move you made.

You got out of a toxic situation,

and you're entering a brand
new phase of your life.

You should be very proud of yourself.

I am.

Everybody thought I was
gonna raise a maniac,

but I think I'm doin' a pretty good job

of bein' a Mommy.

I know we talked about
what you were going to do

when your daughter went
to school full time.

Any thoughts on that?

I have a friend John who
works for the Bronx Reporter.

They're looking for a
freelance photographer.

I'm thinking about taking the job.

Pays pretty good, and I
can make my own hours.

It would be nice to
get back in the saddle.

I think that's great news.

Something to get you out of the house

and back in the grind.

I miss the grind.


Good thing I wasn't out in traffic.

Damn cell phones.


Lost, sir?

Yes, I am.


Vera Lynn Monroe.

The teacher's are all on the first floor.

You're really lost, diddly-do.

Yeah, I was on a phone
call and I just got lost.

They say don't text and drive,

but what about texting and walking?


You're funny.

Thank you.

And what are you doing
up here all by yourself?

I'm hiding.

Wanna play?

It's kinda late.

Maybe some other time?

VERA: See you soon, diddly-do.

See you soon, diddly-done.


There's no escaping your dreams, Andy.

There's no escaping your dreams.

What are you gonna do, Andy?

What are you gonna do?


You'll do nothing!

What are you gonna do?









Are you all right?

Are you okay?


That was new.

I always promise you
new and exciting things.

It's in our contract.

You know, you keep adding
things to this contract

that I never saw.

I knew getting married
in Vegas was a bad idea.

You know, I'm not even sure
Elvis was a certified preacher.

Neither was my mother.

WOMAN: Do you wanna talk about it?

Same as always.

Screwed up, not making sense.

I couldn't breathe.


Well, we know what that
is, no mask wearing boy.

You have sleep apnea,

and you have to start treating
it with conventional methods.

Not sleeping pills or booze.

I didn't take any pills,

and it wasn't the apnea.

I really felt like I was being choked out.


You should still see a sleep doctor.

Keeping you, Kitty and the
shrink is more than enough.

I don't need some other doctor

telling me what I already know.

Oh, and what might that be?

That I can't sleep!

Yeah, but this is the first time

that I ever heard you scream.

Oh, wait.

I'm sorry, I remember when we
went on the ride El Diablo,

and you were screaming like a little girl.

Little girl?

I saw a little girl tonight.

Her name was Verna.

No, Vera!



And she was in my dream tonight.

Well, what little girl?

I was in this school
and I was on a phone call

and I got distracted,

and I wound up on the third floor.

And I saw this little girl there,

playing hide and go seek by yourself.

So it seemed.

She told me that I was lost,

and then she disappeared.

Random meeting.

The doc says things that happen
to you throughout the day

can wind up in your subconscious,

and then appear in your dreams.

Makes sense.

Yeah, that makes sense.

But the only girl I want
you dreaming about is me.

Now, why would I dream about you

when I have you all to myself?

You are my dream girl.

Nobody else would put up with my nonsense.

Promise me you're gonna
go see the sleep doctor?

Sleep doctor.

Sounds like a a wrestler.

Stop, I'm being serious.

Whatever he's called, I really
think he could help you.

Annie gave me a number of a
guy on our insurance plan.

Annie's got more doctors
than I have sleepless nights.

You really want me going to see somebody

that she recommend?

Who else would know a good
doctor but a hypochondriac?

Well, ain't you little
miss logic tonight.


I promise.

I'll look into it first
thing in the morning.


Now let's try and get some rest.

Not all of us could sleep in.

You're the only one
that comes to visit me

for my birthday.

And you bring me my favorite chocolate.

For Uncle Tim.

You were his favorite.

He wanted me to give you everything.

Rest of them could rot.


I got a freelance job.

I start working tomorrow.

In the words of Elvis Costello,

welcome to the working week.

So, last time we spoke,

you were into bingo.

How's that working out for you?

Well, that was a few weeks ago.

Gay bingo.

- ANDY: Gay bingo?
- Yeah.

But, you're not gay?

Or is there something I should know?

No, silly boy.

I'm not gay, but friend Peggy is,

and she joined a game,

and so I joined.

Well, now you know that
I need the whole story,

so bring it on.

Okay, so Peggy is gay
and she joined a game,

it moves from place to place.

You get a text from each
time it's going to be

and what date,

so I joined.

I don't have to be gay to belong.

That sounds nice.

Oh yeah, exactly, it's
so much fun, so I went

and I had a blast.

They give you weird gifts.

You gotta look at this.

A little head.

Everybody needs a little head.

I'll say.

But you know what the fun part is?

When you get caught using or
texting on your cell phone?

ANDY: 50 lashes.

No, no.

Close though.

You walk up and down the aisles

and the accused gets dabbed by ink.

Bingo dabs.

It's called the ink mile.

Oh my God it was so much fun.


Sounds like you guys are
having more fun than I am.

How's Kitty?

First grade is the big time.


We're happy.

She's really smart, she gets
along well with everybody.

She takes after her mother.

How are you?

How's the tea I gave you?

Is that helping you to sleep?

You sound like my shrink.

Shrink, you don't need a shrink.

You know that.

I know, but he did
help save my marriage,

and for that I'm grateful.

You can't deny that
your dreams are your gift.

You refuse to admit it.

No matter what you do,

you are who you are.

What's so good about havin'
a gift that you can't use?

It's torture.

You know what, it's been passed

from generation to generation.

You are too sensitive.

Your dreams haven't reached
their full potential.

Had a new one the other night.

I was actually getting
choked out in my dream.

When I woke up, the hands
were still around me.

Once I realized that it was a dream,

the grasping hands were gone,

but my breath was slow to come back.

Anything else?

Anything out of the blue?



I woke up screaming.

It was scary.

Poor Wendy.

What did she say?


She said it was apnea.

You know what, that runs in our family.

Well, lucky me.

I seem to get all the side
effects and none of the glory.

You know, your Uncle Owen had the gift.

He learned had to use it as a child.

You know, his parents used to
tour the bible belt with him,

speaking and preaching for
whatever they could afford.

See the boy who could speak to the dead.

They played small tents,

and when they became too small
they went to large arenas.

He would seek something out, feel it,

feel the person's dead relative or friend

and have a three way conversation.

He was always on point.

He was always right.

That was his downfall.

Yeah, but in the real world

when you tell this to somebody,

you either labeled a nut or a conman.

Well, I live in both,

and we need to find out what
your dreams are telling us.

I need you to do me a favor.

Take this.

The minute you wake up,

anything you can remember write down.

Dreams have a way of dissipating.

We need to find out what
the universe is telling us.

I love you, Beck.

And I will.



I hope you're more
entertaining than that flick.

Hello, madam, my name
is Joseph Shullenberger.

I know you're here for a reason,

and I'm open to what you have to say.

Who's here, Joseph?

There are four of us.

We need Andy's help.

We need you to make
sure he does just that.

Can you speak a little clearer, son?

There's another one, the dark one.

He's trying to stop what must be done.


Mind your own business, witch.


That was some bad mojo, Tim.

We gotta figure something out soon.

And I don't know what
Andy has to do with this.

We're gonna need some outside help.

The whole family's in danger.




or taking the train?

I don't even know who you are.

You never answer any of my questions.

in your head since birth.

Watch out for the dead.

They hold grudges.

Time is running out, Andy.

Follow your heart.

Keep away from the darkness.

It bleeds and is angry,
but you are stronger.

Kill you too, diddly-do.

VERA: They have tried
to take your voice before.

Smoke and mirrors.


Dead hold grudges.

Crumbled cities.

Smoke and mirrors.

Take my voice.

Took my voice.

Dark man.

Small, dark-haired girl.




Diddly what?

I'm sorry, Wendy.

I had homework.

Home what?

When I went to visit
Becky the other day,

I told her about my nightmares.

You know, she'd been get me trying to

get me all sleeping pills
with herbal remedies.

Oh, are you chanting now?


No, you know me better than that.

She wants me to keep a dream journal.

She thinks it may help.

If she could help you to
go to sleep I'm all for it.

Same here.

I was just jottin' down
the details of the dream

while they were still fresh in my mind.

So, what's diddly do?

Well, there was a
small dark-haired girl,

and a dark man.

They told me something
that I had heard before,

but that makes sense, right?

Nothing about you and your
sleep issues makes sense.

I swear I could sleep like a rock.

I wish I could just rub
you and pass it along.

Listen, why don't you go back to sleep.

I had my first assignment tomorrow

and I'm a little wired.

I think I'm gonna go watch some TV, okay.

Okay, try and get some rest.

I love you.

I love you too.



This is my favorite movie.


You can find me.

I saw you twice.

I'm not crazy.

GIRLS: We know.

You must be Andy.

Nice to meet ya, I'm Brad Perry.

Is it that obvious?

No, no.

John described you to a T and
I was just lookin' out for ya.

Listen, can I get you anything?

The press conference has
been pushed back to 1:30,

and I know you have to pick up a kid.

Is that gonna be a problem?

No, I don't pick her up until like 2:45.

Not a problem at all.

Great, great.

Listen, this is gonna
be a real turkey shoot.

You just get in there,

take a few photos of the
first three speakers,

then you can split.

They usually only use one
picture for a story like this,

and they're trying to get one

where they're looking emotional.



Come on now.


What kind of pie do you have?

Well, we have apple,
blueberry, peach and pecan.

But, I would recommend the blueberry.

It was just flown in
last night from Maine,

and it is as sweet as a new born babe.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Sadie, you didn't tell
me we had blueberry pie.

Shame on you.

Well, you never asked for it.

Okay, so make that two
pieces of blueberry pie,

and I'll take a coffee.

Anything for you, Brad?

Anything else?

Get me a refill on the coffee, hon,

and I'll forgive you about the pie.

Sure thing, Brad.

So, I hear you're a stay-at-home Dad.

God bless ya.

Me, I've never been married.

Never wanted to be.


But to take care of kids,

you are a saint.

To see the world through
the eyes of a child,

that's the greatest gift
that could've been given.

Getting this job is my first
step back towards normalcy.

I'm looking forward to it.

Gettin' to hang out with the adults.

I get it.

Listen, let me ask you a question.

Do you do those kids parties too?


Ho, geez.

You poor soul.

Let me tell ya.

I went to my sister's kid's
party about three weeks ago.

I wanted to blow my brains
out and jump out a window

all at the same time.

I don't know how you do it.

You, you are a saint.

Only in America, my friend.

Mom's homemade blueberry
pie right here in the Bronx.

Oh my God.

This is one fine piece of pie.

She is correct, sir.

So, what about you, Brad?

How long you been with the paper?

John and I started the paper
I guess about 30 years ago.

It's really a side job for me.

I sell antiques.

That's my passion.

But I do the newspaper

to keep me in contact
with the neighborhood.

I love people.

And everyone has a story.


You just gotta try and
find a way, you know,

get it out of them.

But the problem today is
everybody goes on the internet

to get their news.

Nobody goes out and beats the pavement

for a story anymore.


They just get onto Google, type
in what they want, and copy.

It's a damn shame.

Hey, I'm glad that the
Bronx still has a local paper.

There's so few of 'em left, you know.

Dinosaurs, Andy.


But, I guess in the end
we're all dinosaurs.

You know, that whole circle of
life or some crap like that.

Ah, but dinosaurs have knowledge.

It's one of the perks of
being around for so long.

Nah, I guess you have a point there.

Unless of course you have Alzheimer's,

then it don't matter.



Good day.

Ah, sure.

Is everything okay?


Yeah, she wants to see the boys anyway.

Okay, bye bye.

Good morning, guys.

MEN: Good morning,
it's good to see you.

Andy, nice to see.

In the office.

Straight to your right.

Straight to your right.


Heard you got a new job today, Mr. Mom.

And who told you that?

Who else?

Kitty was in here this
morning bragging about it.

Yeah, good thing that girl
doesn't know any state secrets.

We'd all be doomed.

So what's up?

Just a little early.

I figured I'd come by
and pay her lunch up.


10 dollars even.

Not a bad price for the cuisine.

Not according to my daughter.

There you go.

Miss Mariel here was
telling ghost stories again.

Scared two of the girls
in her class to tears.

I bought the book at
the school book fair.

If it's that scary,
why are you selling it?

Kid's got a point.

Since we only have 15
minutes before dismissal,

Miss Mariel's parents
will be meeting her here.

Hey, can you do me a favor?

Sure, if it doesn't
entail breaking any laws.


Nah, no nothing that severe.

When I was here the other night

for parent teacher conferences,

I saw this little girl
playing by herself upstairs,

and I thought she might be
related to a friend of mine.

Her name was Vera.



Vera Lynn Monroe.

Must have been someone else.

I don't see it on the register,

and I've never heard of her.




See you soon.

Hey, mister.

Miss Mariel.

That was quite the defense
you had back there.

You should study to become a lawyer.

I hate them, man.

Lawyers are dirty.

Smart girl.

What can I do for ya?

That girl you were asking
about, Miss E was right.

Vera doesn't go to school
here, but she does hang around.

So, she has a friend
that goes to school here?

No, dude.

She's a ghost.


What makes you say that?

I saw her one night.

She wanted me to play with her,
but I knew she wasn't right.

I know these things.

Ghost stories, you like 'em?

Dude, that's my life.

I've been hearing about this
stuff since I was a kid.



My family can talk to the dead.

I believe you.

Well, of course you do.

If you saw Vera, you can talk to the dead.

You and I are the same.

What did she say?

Nothing much, I think she just wanted

to hang out with someone her own age,

or her age when she died.

Mariel, thank you for
getting in trouble today.

You just helped me with a
big piece of a crazy puzzle.

Our kind has to stick together.

My nona says one day the dead
will try to rule the earth.

People like us are the
only ones to foresee this

and stop it.

We have a blood connection, dude.

We will cross paths again, brother.

You ready to go see your
cousins Bob and Church

and feed then some snacks?

Now, come on Kitty.

We came all this way to see Aunt Becky.

You can't give her the silent treatment.



Can I get a smile?

That's my girl.

Ready to go?

You ready, sweetie?

All right, good girl.

Look at Aunt Becky over there.


I got the package with
the cat nip inside of it.

They go nuts when see it.

Come on inside, let's go spend
some time with your cousin.


Kitty, go upstairs and
play with your cousin.

Be careful.

Careful up there, sweetie.


Thank you.

Lily Dale.

True story of the town
that talks to the dead.

Put it on your reading list.

You know, a few days ago,
I would have laughed at that.

But after today,

I'm convinced that there's
something dark going on.


Who hit you over the head with a shovel?

A girl named Mariel.


She's a girl that goes to Kitty's school.

Seems that she and I saw the same ghost.

BECKY: Please fill me in.

I was at Kitty's school for
parent teacher conferences,

and I saw this little girl
playing hide and go seek,

random meeting.

I asked my friend Amber
who works there about her,

and it turns out that she had never seen

or even heard of her.

This girl Mariel said that she knew her,

and that she was a ghost.

If you tapped into your psychic muscle,

that would have made sense.

That's why I'm calling in on a favor.

ANDY: Who?

Paul Chandor, a friend of the family.

You know him.

Remember as a child when Uncle Tim died,

he was the man who conducted the seance.

Oh, that guy was a weirdo.

Stop that, stop that.

Chandor is coming with Madam Cassie here

to talk to the spirits
to see what's going on.

Be here at eight.

You know what's worrying me?

Something is drawing to your psychic core.

We need to find out what's going on.

What worries me is your
dream about being choked.

The dead hold grudges, Andy.

Son of a...

Do me a favor.

When you get back from your trip,

give me a call.

I wanna know how you liked it.

No problem, thank you very much.

All right, good night.


There's nothing like a good
nip at the end of the day.

You can say that again.

Not another one.



Would you care for a drink?

Oh yeah, you can't drink.

That's right.

Well, I'll have one for you.

I have a message for you.

I'm not interested.

It's important.

I sell dreams of a different kind now.

If you wanna book a trip
anywhere in the world,

I'm your guy.

But if not, I'm not interested.

You should maybe book
a trip to the Bronx.

Your blood needs you.

As I recall, the only
family I have there is Becky.

And if I know Becky,
she can handle herself.

And Andy?


That's right.

I forgot about him.

What's goin' on?

What about Andy?


Whoa whoa.

You're a whispering ghost?


You freak me out like close talk us.

Is there really all necessary?

That's affirmative.

Gimme a second.

Okay, let's get this over with.



Yes sir.

Thank you.

I owe you an apology.

I'm sorry.

Feel free to come for my help anytime.

But do you have to pop in like this?

Can't you use the front
door like everyone else?

And the whispering,

we can't do that no more.

And a little mouthwash, that won't hurt.

Thank you.

Diane, hey.

I need a favor.

I have to drive to the
Bronx as soon as possible.

No no.

My niece is sick.

I have to get down there quick.

Can you watch the store?

I don't know, three days until I get back.

Great, great.

Thank you, thank you.


I'll see you soon.


Pick up, Marge.

Pick up.

Pick up the phone.

Pick up the phone, Marge,
I know it's next to you.

Get away from the TV
and pick up the phone!

Hey, it's me.

I have to go to the Bronx.

The family's in trouble.

I know.

I'll call you as soon as I arrive.

I know.

I will.

I will.

Marge, Marge, I have to...


Marge, Marge, can you stop talkin'?


I have to go.

I know, I will.

Yes, I love you too.

Okay, bye.

One more for the road.

Thank you.

Madam Cassie and I met
in Lily Dale as children.

Lily Dale is a community
in upstate New York

where spirits will live and prosper.

It is said that the
land attracts our kind.

I agree.

Our connection to Lily Dale is through

your great Aunt Tessie

who's lived there most of her life.

Chandor channels the spirits,

and Madam Cassie receives
them and communicates

through the tablet in front of her.

They work hand in hand.

Without each other's souls,

they would have no power.

It has begun.

I'm speaking to the one who
haunts in the name of Andy.

He is one of us but he rejects our ways.

He comes from a long
line of spiritual beings,

who have ties to the other side.

I ask for your help in seeing his path.


The dark one is trying
to stop the information.

Keep trying, Cass.







BOTH: Oakwood Institute.

Look what the cat dragged in.

It's good to see you too, Cassie.


Owen, you're alive.

So, Cassie, I seen you
wound up with Dr. Strange.

How's that working for you?


Andy, this is your Uncle Owen.

Owen, this is Andy.

Oh, you're Andy.

It's nice to meet you, son.

You're the reason I'm here.

If you would have accepted your destiny

instead of fartin' around,

maybe none of this would have happened,

and I would be home
sleepin' in my nice bed.

But no, no.

A soul came to me today,

and he wasn't a handsome one,

but he came to help and he did good.

Gave me some clues onto
what's going on here.

It seems there's a group of young ones

and they're in danger
of never crossing over.

They've been trapped here
for a long, long, long time.

And something's about to
disturb their remains.

Some how, some way, Andy here is the link

to all four of them.

And they need your help, son.

That's all I have.

So, I see you been playing
with the dead again.

Anyone care to fill me in on
what you found out tonight?

Oakwood Institute.

And the name is Bob Mack.

That's where you broke the link.

Chandor, Chandor Chandor.

Don't you realize I didn't break the link?

I scared them outta the house!

And everyone beware of the dark one.

He's trying to stop all of
this and silence the others.

The dark one.

How can we help?

I'm working at a newspaper now.

I guess I can ask my
friend to look into it.

That's great, Andy.

That's a good start.

They're gone for now.

Probably recharging for the big one.

You understand?

We maybe have a day or two
to figure something out,

and before they come back.

I'm plumb tired.

That was a long trip.

I need to sit down.

Of course.

I think you two should catch
up and get to know one another.

Yes, that's a great idea.

Andy, don't forget to go see your friend,

but please find something out.

Tea, anyone?



ANDY: A little early
for the hair of the dog?

What's that?

No, this isn't for me.

This is for Bill.

This here is Andy.

He's a photographer for the newspaper.

And he's been workin' on a story,

but he can't seem to find
anything on the internet.

I was wonderin' if you
could give 'im a hand.

A mystery?

I like mysteries.

You know, Google is only as good

as the dummy who types the information in.

Books and journals, they
lie too but not as much.

So, what do you have, son?

Very little, I'm afraid.

I know it has to do with a place

called The Oakwood Institute.

I know it's not much, but at
least it's a starting point.

Oakwood Institute.


For some reason that
sounds familiar I think.

I know I have somethin'.

You know, there's a reason why

the web had no reference
to the Oakwood Intitute.

They changed the name.

To what?

We got it now.

It's coming back to me.

Long ago before they built
the Throgs Neck Bridge,

Locust Point was a lot bigger.

Then, when they built the bridge,

they cut the neighborhood in half,

takin' houses and businesses with it.

Now, some houses moved to the other side.

Others, they just took the money and left.

I grew up in Locust Point

and I remember hearing this story

from the elder members
of the neighborhood.

Some of the stories I
never told, like this one.

I'm gonna write this
down for you, buddy.


You see, the Oakwood
Institute was a mental facility,

over by the Hell Gate Bridge.

Part of a psychiatric institute,

only some of the patients,
they weren't mentally ill.

What were they?

Back in the old days,
if you were a celebrity

and you had a sex scandal,

you didn't turn it into a TV show

or announce it to the public.

No, you hid it as best you could.

You see, there were two,
maybe three reporters

who covered the Hollywood elite back then,

and they could be easily bought off

by the rich actors and
producers who ruled Hollywood.

Some things never change.

Ah, that's where you're wrong, son.

People change along with the times.

You see, if you were
married and you had a baby

with another actress or maid or whatever,

you didn't have an abortion.

No, you sent it away.

And you paid a lot of money
to keep your secret safe.

You see, Oakwood Institute
had a special wing

for these children of celebrities.

It was like a prison.

They had some freedoms,
but not a whole lot.

They were the dirty little secrets

that nobody wanted to bother with.

My God.

Poor children.


All that changed when a reporter

by the name of Hank Reynolds.

He broke the story about
the children of celebrities

on Randall's Island.

As you can imagine, the people in power,

they started to worry.

So they sent three.

Sorry, four children
over to the other side

of the bridge to live.

Horse head, I think it
was called back then.

So, you're saying this house
was located in Locust Point?


Horse Head Point if I'm correct.

But wait a minute, what
happened to the house?

Was it moved with the
others or was it torn down?


This is where the story gets real sad.

You see?

Oh my God.

ANDY: What happened to the children?

They never found the children.

Their remains or nothing.

The whole story didn't get
a lot of coverage back then,

yet the people who knew better,

they said the children
will move to another place.

But Hank, he didn't believe this.

He believed that the
children were sacrificed,

and their bodies buried
someplace close by.

Now, he went to his grave believing this.

This is some story.

Do you think I could get
copies of those documents?


So, how'd you guys hook up on this story?

It was a story that somebody told me.

I just needed a little confirmation.

Well, I hope I've helped you.

More than you know.

Listen, if I come back here,

I'm bringing you a case of that stuff.


Sleepy time.


This is gonna hurt a lot.


I forbid you to free my children.


Here to see me off?

Off is right.

You know, you don't tell me everything,

but that's fine.

I never got involved in your
relationship with Becky.

But believe me, I know she has
your best interests at heart.

I trust her with your life.

Hopefully in the
morning I'll introduce you

to my long, lost uncle.

Is he anything like Becky?

He makes Becky seem normal.

Hey, my contract said
that I would introduce you

to my crazy relatives one by one.

Didn't you read that part?

I know you're ghost hunting.

When you sleep, you talk.

I know all your secrets.

You're lucky you're
not steppin' out on me.

I realize now that there's a lot

that I don't know about myself.

I promise, after tonight,

we'll sit down and I'll
tell you everything.

Whatever's going on, please be safe.

Now, go and play with your family.

Kitty's sleepin' and
I'm not that far behind.

I'll see you in the morning.


So, what's the deal?

ANDY: Did you bring the shovels?

Yes, but can you please fill us in?

Bob McCann was the caretaker
of some unwanted children.

He sacrificed them and then
he tried to cover his tracks

by burning down the house.

McCann buried the remains
not far from their home.

I saw Vera years ago,
but I didn't realize.

I was wasted.

She tried to warn me,
but she couldn't speak.

I just figured I imagined it,

but she was there where we used to party.

If only I woulda had a hold
of my powers back then,

I coulda righted so many wrongs.

I coulda...

I probably woulda heard her speak.

It's not too late to make it right.





It's Bob McCann.

He's the force trying to stop us.


I figured that out.

He died a few years back.

He's trying to keep his secret.

Don't mind them, they're with us.

It's nice to know we have backing.

When you walk into the light,
the universe is with you.

In the darkness there's few friends.

You're absolutely right, Becky,

but that don't mean it's
gonna be a walk in the park.

This is definitely it.

The city's gonna break
ground here in three days.

If the remains get lost
in the construction,

the children's souls will be lost forever.

It looks like someone's still workin'.

We better be quick.

Lady, wake up, your
daughter's in danger.

He's here, wake up!

Wake up.


KITTY: I know who you are.

I see you in my dreams.

I'm not afraid of you.

Well, you should be.

I must keep what's mine.



Kitty Kitty, what's wrong, baby?

Did you have another nightmare?

It's all right, Mom.

They're gone.


Becky, he's trying to stop us!

We need to create a shield!

Come on!


Will he make it?

He's been tested and he's passed!

We just have to see him through it, Becky!

Hold on tight, Becky!

He's almost there!

They're here.

Hold on tight, he's almost there!

You lost!

Go back to where you came from!

Your secrets are uncovered!

You lost!

This isn't over, Owen.


He's gone.

It's over.

Now all we have to do

is bury these remains in hollow ground,

and that should release them to move on.

Looks like Brad's gonna
get the scoop of a lifetime.

The whole story could be here.

A lot of wrongs can be righted.


Make sure you get everything.

I have a plot I reserved years ago.

We can give these children
their proper burial.




Rest in peace, children.

How did you manage to pull this off?

I grew up with the guy
that owns this place.

Many years ago he lost his
pants in a three day poker game.

His house was on the line.

I felt bad for the poor guy.

What was I supposed to do?

Take his home?

So we made a deal and he
gave me four burial plots

in exchange for what he owed me.

And he's smart enough to
know to keep his mouth shut.

What about the headstone?

Whose name are we putting on it?

We can't put the
children's name on the stone.

I want these souls to find peace.

When you hand over the
journal to your friend,

the story's gonna tell itself.

McCann never wrote about the killings.

It happened too fast.

And what happened to these four children,

that'll stay a mystery.

The important thing is

that they crossed over to the other side.

Are you sure about that, Owen?


Oh yeah, I'm sure.

So what are you gonna have them write?

I don't know.

I fiddled with putting
my own name on the stone,

but maybe we could take
a letter from each name

and create a new one,

but we have time for that.

Besides, your name is
on the paper work now,

you can do what you want.

My job here is done.

Owen, you're leaving us again.

I have to, Becky.

I have a life back home.

But I promise I won't be a stranger,

and you make sure you
keep this boy on his toes.

Traditions must be passed on.

That's the only way we could survive.


And Andy, I'm sorry I
never met your family.

I wish I did, but maybe next time.

Thank you.

That's what family does, son.

Stay well.


Are you moving today?

I guess so.

And you are?

Good job, diddly-do.

Great job, dude.

You're right, Andy.

We wanted to visit you one last time

to tell you that we are finally free,

and to thank you.

But what happened to
the ghost that lives here?

He's not a ghost.

The voice is you.

I can't explain it.

Against the rules.

You don't need the voice
or this place anymore.

Say goodbye.

At least you're packed.

I'm willing to tell you this
for what you have done for us.

Are you ready?

Thank you.


I'm away for two weeks,

and you get involved
in a major news story.


I know.

It was a life changing experience.

Yeah, sad thing is they never found

the remains of those children.

If he had put that in his journal,

we might have known what
happened to those poor kids.

What a sad but a sensational story.

It is very sad.

But I learned something from it.

What was that?

I was wrong.

Wrong about what?

Almost everything.

The main thing is that there
is such a thing as closure.

I never thought I'd be
saying it but there is.

I also know I wasn't as
screwed up as I thought I was.

I also know that this'll be
our last session together.

It's been fun but I'm good.

I think we still have work to do here.

I'm good.

Better than I've ever been before.

I'm ready to start the
second part of my life,

and I wanna thank you so much
for listening to my problems

the last two years.

Tell him, Andy.

Tell him.

Well, doc, your father
wanted me to thank you

for the flowers that you put on his grave

this past Father's Day.

He liked the red roses,

but he'd prefer white ones,
just so you know, for next year.

How did you know that?

Oh, and he wanted me to tell
you that he's proud of you.

Even though he wanted
you to become a tailor.

A heartbeat.

It's a love beat.