Hablamos esta noche (1982) - full transcript

Víctor, the engineer responsible for the Zapater nuclear power plant, joins his professional problems with an imminent divorce, a homosexual son and a new relationship. When a few days remain for the inauguration of the plant, an engineer very friendly to Víctor, guilty of a serious work-related accident and alcoholic, warns him of the possibility of a failure in the operation of the plant. Nothing guarantees the veracity of this warning, but to find out, the inauguration must be suspended.


Don't insist on creating
unnecessary alarm, huh?

I hope it'll prove unnecessary.

You can study it alone, right?

Not a word to anyone.

You and I both know,
the present moment is delicate enough

so as not to start an investigation
that would derail the whole matter.

I'd rather you stay longer so we can
study it together. So you can't say...

First thing tomorrow
I have to be in Santander.

They're exhuming
the remains of my sister.

They're exhuming Charo?

- What the hell...?
- It's an administrative procedure.

After ten years, if you don't have
a permanent burial, well, you know...

- Want me to go with you?
- No, I'll call you later.

I'm sorry I couldn't come earlier.

There was no need
for you to witness this.

It's my duty.

I never know if you can be counted on.

Can you take me to the airport?
I have to go back on the first flight.

You could at least stay and eat with me.

- It must be two years since I saw you.
- I don't have time, I'm very busy.

Get in. I'll take you.

I haven't smoked in four years.

Your famously laconic answering machine

only said that you were out of Madrid.

Now where were you?

In Almonacid.
Where else would I be?

- Didn't you say that you'd moved?
- Fifty-fifty.

- Careful.
- I saw it.

So when the hell do you inaugurate it?

If no problems come up,
in a couple of weeks.

Are there any threats?

Not exactly.

Well, watch Lemóniz.

No, we don't get threats,
we're not in a conflict zone.

We aren't a political target.

It's fine, man. It's fine.

That's your problem.

Open the glove compartment.

Take that envelope.

It's for you.

I had them enlarged.

I thought you'd like to have them.

I haven't been able to
come to terms with it.

- Why did she do it?
- What's the use, talking about it now?

You've never wanted to talk
about your sister's suicide.

She used to tell you everything.

To me she's always been
an unknown quantity.

Don't talk about Charo, please.

It hurts us and it's useless.

Attention passengers
for flight 133 going to Madrid,

please go to gate #8.

Thank you.


Take care of yourself.

And if I don't see you beforehand,
at least try to come to my funeral.

- "Bad grass never dies," Papa.
- Goodbye, son.

The computer gives a spread
of 7% in the last link-up analysis.

Could that be a problem?

- No, it was predicted.
- Okay.

Villalba, come with me.

Mr. Ballester arrives from Paris at 12.
He'll wait for you at 6:30.

Your wife called,
and she'll call back.

Great. Well when she calls back,
pass her to me. Nothing else, thanks.

Have a seat.

Pretty good, huh?

Very clever.

You're picking up pretty fast
the language of the blessed ecologists.

- How many have been published?
- 20,000.

When will you start distributing them?

Ballester's already seen it.
The only thing left is your approval.

- Anything else?
- A shooting date.

Excuse me.

Your wife on line "C" as in Colombia.

Very good.

María Rosa.

Sorry for insisting.
I know you're really busy right now.

How are you all?
Did something happen?

I'm calling for Claudio.

Nothing's happened, but let's just say
he needs to talk to you.

So, something happened.

Nothing we can talk about
over the phone.

I'm at the school.

Can you stop by here?
This evening?

I'll wait for you.

I need a date and the permission
to shoot around the plant.

To shoot what?

A television program.
It's what you pay me for.

Careful with television, all right?

We'll control it, I suppose.

There's nothing easier.

You just have to appear saying
a few words as the person in charge.

As you know, the human touch
makes an impression on people.

Something like Edison
discovering the phonograph.

I'll think about it.
I don't find it too fun to show my face.

Tomorrow I'll send you the script.

- Good.
- Do you need anything?

Nothing more, thanks.

It's not a very cozy spot,

but we can talk here
without being interrupted.

What's going on with Claudio?

Come on, go ahead. I'm ready for it.

A problem, more or less.

Yes, I know.
Your father called me yesterday.

He still calls you?

When he feels very alone, I suppose.

I also call him now and again.

So you make up for my indifference.

I don't do it for you.

What's going on with Claudio?

Right, there isn't time to dilly-dally.

Claudio is homosexual.

Are you crying?

I've cried all that I had to cry.

I suppose you're sure of it.

I've had a suspicion for some time.

But I preferred to think
that it was just apprehension.

You knew that.

We talked about it once.

I don't remember.

Perhaps we haven't broached the topic
head-on, but I've hinted at it.

- I've left clues.
- You never insinuated anything.

It's fine.

I admit I might have been too subtle,

but you've never stopped having
a relationship with Claudio.

You never noticed anything?

These last two years I've lived more
in Almonacid than in Madrid.

It always consisted of
going to football matches

and eating together on Sundays.

A fairly restricted
field of observation.

He's always been a very reserved boy.

Well he's started to
get over that reserve...


What do you mean?

If he's homosexual, I prefer
that he live in freedom, without fear.

"If he is," you say?

So you're not sure.
You're conjecturing.

I'm sure, Víctor.

Do you have a cigarette?

What happened?

Did you catch him in flagrante?
Some scandal at school?

No, there wasn't anything sordid.

His life has changed
over the past two months.

He's more open, more affectionate.

He's not single.

And sometimes he doesn't
come home to sleep.

And why are you so sure
that it's because of another boy?

Because he himself confessed to it.

Not to me.

It's sad, but it hasn't been me
with whom he's been honest...

but with Hans.

Hans? What right does Hans have
to interfere in this situation?

Hans didn't do anything to interfere.

But if Claudio confides
more easily with him than with me,

I don't think it would be Hans' fault.

If Claudio were living with me
this wouldn't have happened.

That's ridiculous.

And although it's not my style,

I remind you that you never
wanted to have Claudio with you,

not even during vacation.

When you left he was still a kid.

Víctor, please!

What did Hans do, applaud?

Those Dutch are supposed to be
more liberated than us, no?

He listened to him
without being shocked.

And he promised to tell me.

Claudio asked him to.

Did he also ask for you to tell me?

- No.
- So, then?

We thought you should know about it.

You both thought so? You and Hans.

How considerate on your part.

Would you have preferred not to know?

Of course not!

I have to leave.

Listen, Rosa.

Who's the other guy?

I think it'd be better
if you asked him that.

- Sunday... will you be in Madrid?
- Yes.

Because I suppose
you'll want to talk to him, right?


See you Sunday.

Can we keep the date fixed?

For the moment I'd say yes.

You don't sound too convinced.

Are you afraid of any new complications?

I wouldn't call them complications,
the stages that have to be completed.

Make no mistake, Ibáñez.

I don't interfere in the technical side,
much less the matter of security.

But if I claim a specific timetable,

it's because I'm obligated
to keep other factors in mind.

Economics. I don't forget it.

Economics that are also politics.

The inauguration should take place
in three weeks exactly,

no later.

For some reason that escapes us,
this plant has become

a question of opportunity
for certain pressure groups.

In a word, they're using us.

Don't make me be any clearer.

We use us.

Yes, certainly.

In deals, you always
receive something in return.

I don't need to press
the council's wishes on you.

Three weeks.

I'll try to complete it
within the limits.

No one's asking you for a miracle.

But we're confident
you're capable of doing it.

Speaking of the council.

One little annoyance.

A niece of Mr. Mariano de la Mora,

is preparing something like a
dissertation on nuclear energy.

He's asked authorization
for the girl

to freely visit the plant.

You're the one who decides, of course.

But it would be nice
to be able to please Mr. Mariano.

Talk with my secretary.

Very good.

It's the same menu as yesterday,
I'm afraid.

I haven't had time to make anything.

Roast beef tastes better the next day.

I received another letter from Fano.

From who?

Fano, Italy.

The marine biology lab offered me a job.

News to me.

But Víctor, I told you.

I must be losing brain cells.

Are you going to accept?


it's pretty tempting.

In a country like ours
where research doesn't exist...

our future couldn't be darker.

So you're going to accept.

I still don't know.

I want to think about it.

And discuss it with you.

It's your career.
I won't stand in your way.

We've led a somewhat
altered life for the last...


Yes, three years.

It's my fault, love, not yours.

Do you mean to say

that I can retaliate?

That I can go to Italy because
you've cheated on me with Almonacid?

Aren't you afraid of separation?

I'm secure with my feelings.
You aren't?

I don't like to
take anything for granted.

It's a bit boring
to take stock every day.

Look at how different we are.
I take for granted that I love you.

Would you prefer I don't go?

I prefer that you be free to choose.

María Rosa called a little while ago.

Claudio's waiting for you
Sunday at noon.

She told me that you were at the school.

Did you talk about the divorce?

There wasn't the opportunity.

They're just two words:
"Let's divorce." It's that simple.

I suppose she'd also want to formalize
the situation with Hans and the girls.

We had something
more urgent to talk about.

In regards to Claudio?

Why Claudio?

Did Maria Rosa say
something about Claudio?

Well, no.

Did something happen with him?

He's not doing well at school.

Don't eat that.

They're from yesterday too.


I don't want to.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hello.

You're going to Almonacid to, I'm sure.

- Have you been other times?
- Yes.

How did you get permission?
It's not easy.

I have an uncle
on the Administrative Council.

Me too.

Could it be the same one?

I also have a close relationship
with the chief engineer.

That Ibáñez?

I imagine I'll meet him there.

You imagine wrong.
At the moment he's off on a trip...

on this plane.

How silly of me.

One imagines those nuclear engineers...

- ...how?
- I don't know, with glasses, unkempt...

Like this?

You're missing some diopters.

I'm going to the plant
to do some research.

Will I be free to ask questions?

Of course,
as long as you don't demand any answers.

Why do you surround yourselves
with so many security measures?

Not so many.
They gave you permission, didn't they?

I know that not just anyone can get it.

I also know that, without permission,
entrance is impossible.


Industrial espionage, terrorism,
what do you want me to say?

The nuclear issue is highly sensitive.
I hope you stick to your role.

That of the modest but avid student?

Let's say that of the...

...pretty and attractive niece.

Give me your pass.

I'm sure everything's in order.
It just takes a moment.

Well, a nuclear power plant
has a containment building,

- another for fuel...
- And the containment building

is where the reactor is located.

And its vital parts are the fuel rods,

the control rods,
the moderator, the cooling fluid,

and the heat-carrier
circulating through the nucleus.

I learned the pamphlets by heart.
It's the least I could do.

See you.

Here. Put it someplace visible.

Hi. This is Clara de la Mora.

- Luis María Molina, engineer.
- Hi.

She has a degree in physics.

She's preparing a dissertation
on nuclear energy,

and wants you to tell her everything.

Another thing. She has an uncle
on the Administrative Council.

Luis María is a frustrated poet.
He's capable of talking about the plant

as though it were Venice.

I've been looking for you.
Excuse me a moment.

I have the reports we needed.

A liquid vein.

A fault in the terrain that isn't
registered in the geological report.

We have to postpone the start-up.

For the moment there's no delay, right?

Did you understand what I just said?

I insist.

You have to postpone the opening.

We'll talk tonight.

Here. It's mandatory, you know.

Let's go. We can even have a coffee
before on the machine.

- Bye.
- Bye.

The vials aren't
making much progress, huh?

They're going at a normal rate.
No delays.

I want them within 15 days.

- Is the inauguration on schedule?
- It's on schedule.

If there's an earthquake,
what happens?

The pillars of the essential buildings
are seismic.


even if a missile landed,

it wouldn't produce a leak.

All the buildings would move as a block,

What I don't understand is,
if it's so clear,

why you don't better facilitate it
being known?

It's a delicate subject, but
I'll be able to tell you more tomorrow.

You're saying I can stay?

It's not my business.

Didn't Ballester tell you
you have your own chalet?

If Luis María can put up with you,
you can pass the whole winter here.

In a couple of days,
she'll know more than we do.

Could I see everything related to
security in the containment building?

Ask him yourself.
It's his department.

He's the prophet of our catastrophes.

Or rather, the one with
the responsibility of avoiding them.



You should at least show me
where the key for the gas is, no?

Who normally comes through here?

The president of Imesa,
some minister or other,

some... American technicians,

German experts
and, probably, your uncle.

Are you coming to dinner
at Luis María's house?

Thanks, but I'd prefer
to work a little tonight.

Besides, I don't have anything
to change into.

I'll leave tomorrow as soon as I'm done.

And you?

I'm a bit more programmed.
My future is always planned out.

Dates, commitments, contracts...

A woman?

Yes and no.

A son.

And something unavoidable:
45 years lived.

I'll send you a toothbrush,
I don't have anything else.

Will I see you in Madrid?

For what purpose?

It was the summer of '52, right?

What a summer, Víctor!

Those French girls! Those English girls!

We were just discovering
Sartre and Camus.

But the real discovery
was by your father that night.

The colonel found our copies of
The Plague and Nausea,

and who knows what else on the
night stand, and cried out to heaven.

"These satanic books
in a Christian place,

and within reach of an innocent girl."

How old was Charo then?

- 13 or 14.
- What a hubbub!

And we decided to
pass the night on the beach

while tempers cooled down.

I don't remember -
what ever happened to those books?

I've been meaning to recompile
some with zeal.

Then we decided to read foreign books

with the dust jacket from
a Luca de Tena or a Gironella.

Crazy, no?

Give me the bottle, dammit.

An explanation had to be found
for why the water to kept going down.

The liquid vein had to be found,

probes made, samples taken.

Here's everything.

Víctor, I'm worried.

But, more than worried, I'm happy.

- Happy?
- Yes.

Because I'm going to be able to
give back to you some of what I owe you.

- Don't talk nonsense, come on.
- No.

- Come on.
- No!

- Luis María, come on, man!
- No! No!

Come on, don't sit down.
It's too cold for that.

One never says...

but I know very well how things are.

- Víctor.
- What?

You pulled me out of
the shit I was sunk in.

Let's let things lie, man.

You don't like that I say that, huh?

Well one shouldn't die before saying
their peace to those they care about.

- Fine...
- And tonight I'm telling you.

By the way, I'm pissing.

I'm happy, for sure.

And not because there's a flaw.
No, fuck, I'm not an asshole.

But because it was I
who discovered it.

And if I discover it,
I'll save you from a royal fuck-up.



It's not going to happen to you,
what happened to me. I swear.

They won't sink your foundation.

Nor are any poor men going to kill you,

nor will they ruin your career
or your life with some fucking reports.

I'm here to stop it.

Here I am, like a firefighter.

A fracture in the support.

The seismic survey
leaves no room for doubt.

A fracture that
isn't even considered there.

I'm not saying the engineers responsible
didn't do a conscientious job.

I don't mess with them,

but, some way or another,
it escaped them.

A fracture!

You know it's difficult
but no impossible.

How did you check it?

I've repeated the sounding
and examination of the sample.

Again yesterday.

A fracture, huh?

Do you understand what that means?

It could mean a little and a lot.


the whole plant would be constructed
on top of a geological fault!

Don't exaggerate.

Everything could collapse!
It could cause a sinkhole!

Don't imagine things!

Ever since that famous bridge issue

you've had a certain tendency
to imagine catastrophes.

It's logical.
The same would happen to me.

This will have to be studied in depth.

Yes, I know I'm a little excited.

But those tests are precise!

I don't doubt it,
but I have to assume that these are too.

A sample was taken
every 100 square meters.

There was a previous
geological survey that was made,


when the foundation sank,
and three of my men were killed.

You're right.

It still obsesses me.

This time there may not be three...

but 300,000.

All right, let's leave this for now.

Go on, get some sleep.

I'm tired,
and I leave at 6 in the morning.

Stay calm. Let me act on it.
The responsibility is mine.

- You'll raise the issue?
- When I find it opportune.

If something has to be done quick,
I will, whatever the consequences.

But leave it in my hands.
I know what I have to do.

Of course, I don't want to interfere.

- Víctor...
- Thank you.

That's what I want to hear you say.

Regarding nuclear energy,

with the production problems
both economic and industrial,

as we all know,
also comes the human risk.

But in Spain, the depletion
of hydraulic resources...

I ask you to please limit your questions
to the Almonacid nuclear plant.

Mr. Ibáñez, to what extremes
do the security measures go

at a nuclear plant?

International standards,
in terms of safety,

are extreme, as you say.

We abide by the NRC regulations
on all points.


Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Including adopting
its most recent modifications.

Mr. Ibáñez, in the hypothetical case
that a catastrophe happens,

have you thought about
how you will evacuate the area?

A wide network of accesses.

There in the pamphlets you have
a series of maps and aerial views

that are more eloquent
than any verbal explanation.

In the case of an international conflict
taking place,

in which Spain became isolated,

even after its entrance into NATO,
as anyone would know,

to what extent is the supply line
of spare parts guaranteed,

for example,
of the fuel rods themselves?

Doesn't this imply a total dependency
on the multinationals?

Your question
is more political than technical,

and goes a bit beyond
my area of expertise.

but haven't the sovereignties
of all countries been affected,

those that depend on Arab petroleum,
even the United States?

In this arrangement...

Won't it affect
the very sovereignty of Spain?

I just said no, as I understand.

We've read here that this new plant

costs 134 billion pesetas.

How is this going to
affect the consumer?

And, above all,
how will they be repaid by Imesa?

Are the rumors true
that the government has promised

a rise in rates?

Do you want my honest answer?

If only they were true.

- Mr. Ballester.
- Hello, good afternoon.

And the tone of the questions?

These guys have turned into
the new Inquisition.

We Spaniards have no choice.

Freedom of expression,
they're calling it.

What will it be? We have
Galician oysters and grilled sirloin.

- Sounds good.
- And you sir?

For me too.


I got a call telling me that
you had to pay for some new testing.

Some new testing
done a few days ago.

Are you aware of the matter?

Is it true?

Good information service.

Yes, I'm aware.

Explain to me what this means.

At this moment,

I don't want to think about
the commotion that would arise

if this got to
the Administrative Council.

Imagine if the gossip reached
one of those press vultures.

What's this about?

Nothing important,

some geological tests
to obtain...

some data.
Pure scientific speculation.

Enormously inopportune.

How could you authorize such a thing?

Impossible to prohibit it,

on that front
you can't be too inquisitive.

The truth is,

all of it is due to the excessive
professional zeal of a colleague,

explainable a certain way:

A few years ago he had the bad luck
of having an accident.

Don't say that word.

It won't have any significance.

Of course, if you recommend
that the staff member

who sent you the data
forget about the matter...

I've already done that.

But it still leaves me
with the concern that

something really could happen.


It would be very unfortunate,
not only for our interests,

but also for yours, Ibáñez.

You have to fight at any cost
this so-called nuclear disenchantment.

And understand,

I'm telling you especially
at this moment

in which Ignacio Torres,
our old engineer is retiring,

and we have to replace him.

Yesterday the nomination was discussed

of a new head of central division.

No names were thrown out.

But the council is ripe
for me to propose yours,

and they'll accept it without question.

Naturally, nothing abnormal can occur.

And much less right now.

Pardon, Mr. Ballester,
your secretary is on the phone.

Pass her to me.


What is it?

Since what time?



Thanks, Marisol.

A protest in Almonacid.

They're camped out
in front of the entrance to the plant.

Pardon, Mr. Ballester.


They're camped out peacefully.

One mustn't count on that.

Ecologist, yes.

An association without legal personhood

and without the rights to state media,
you know.

But El País and EFE
have been here all morning.

Has anyone been charged?
Has there been violence?

Let's say there've been
moments of tension,

but we're well-protected
by the National Police.

What a downturn, my god.

Proceed with caution.
There always has to be some crazy person

who leaves us a gift of dynamite.

I said e-co-lo-gists.

Not terrorists.

Listen to me. Order an inspection.

I'll call you back.

Solar energy,
not nuclear!

- Pablo.
- What?

Get me the head of security. Go!

...you bring the radiation. Energy...

Breaking and entering.

What happened?

Nothing serious.

Are you very tired?

You look elegant.

Is going to this dinner unavoidable?

You don't feel like it?

Not at all.

I can forgive you.

The Ferrers aren't too sensitive,
but I have no choice but to go.

Because of the Fano thing.

The who?



I told you they'd offered
me work over there.

Yes of course, you told me.

Do you mind if I don't go?
I've got a tough day tomorrow.

So I won't come back to sleep.

See you on Friday.


Don't go to see the Pollack film,
I want to see it with you.

We saw it last week, dear.

Hey, listen,
I wasn't able to talk with María Rosa.

About what?

About the divorce.

There's time.

By the way,
a certain Clara called for you.

She wanted to complete some,
I don't know, data on Almonacid.

But she doesn't sound like an engineer.

Here's the phone number.


Is this brush yours?

No, it's Julia's.

It's not just the brush.

There are more of Julia's things.

- Who is she?
- A brilliant biologist.

What's so funny?

She's a biologist,

I have a degree in physics...

You would have fucked
Madame Curie gloriously.

Do you live with her?

Well, as you can see...

not necessarily.

- Good day.
- Hello. What's up?

Good day.

One moment, please.

Mr. Molina.
It's the third time he's called.

Mr. Ibáñez's secretary. Talk to me.

Pass him to me.

You're in luck,
Mr. Ibáñez just arrived.

I'll put you through.

On "D" as in Denmark.

Luis María? Yes, what is it?

I won't talk about the ecologists,
I'm sorry.

My concern right now is my report.
Have you verified it?

Of course, but pardon me,
I have a visit in the office.

This'll just take a second.
If someone's there,

limiting yourself to
"yes" or "no" will suffice.

Have you brought it up
with Ballester?

He's traveling. I'll see him Monday.

I'll use the weekend
to study the matter.

Don't think too long.
The first thing to do

is to delay the opening.
Is this clear?


I'm not drunk.
I know what I'm saying and so do you!

Hadn't we agreed
that everything would be in my hands?

Yes, excuse me,
it's just that I'm very uneasy.

Well calm down. See you later.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Where do you want to go to eat?
- I don't care. You decide.

It's nice weather.
We could go somewhere to sit outside.

Fine by me, but will we have time
to go to the football match?

I think so, but no matter,

sometimes it's nice
just to chat and get some air.

Sure, fine then.

The package that's back there
on the seat is for you.

- Is it too big?
- Not at all. Thank you.

The belt.

What belt?

The seat belt, damn it.

Can I put on a cassette?

Yeah, of course.

Let's see what you got...

There are some new ones,
from ones you like,

from Models, Nina Hagen...

What's that?

Il trovatore.

I didn't know that you liked the opera.

Me neither.

How did you get into it?

Oh, you know...


tell me about everything.

What do you want me to tell you?



I don't know...

Oh yeah, I've got a dog.

How nice.

It's an English setter puppy.

I'd rather have a German shepherd,
but he's really sweet.

It must have cost a lot.

He was a gift.



Your mother?

A buddy of mine. He has a female.
He bred them and she has puppies.

It has a good pedigree.

From school?

Yes, from school. His name's Werther.

- Who?
- The dog, of course.

Werther, huh?

Are you studying Goethe?

No, it's from the opera.

This coffee's cold.

Are you done?

Well fine, drink that and let's go.

We'll be late to the match.

And besides, it's hot.

You're not finishing your donut?


All right!

That's it!

Come on, man!

Come on!

It's cold.

You're unhappy today.

Now you're cold.

In the restaurant you
were dying of heat.

The lamb wasn't a suckling,
and the wine was sour.

And at the match
I acted like a hooligan.

We should have gone to a movie.

You'd have thought
the movie was a bummer.

Where should I leave you?

At home, as always.

You could go somewhere else, right?

On Sunday at this hour?

Don't you have friends?

Never on a Sunday.

Well, mission accomplished.

Come in for a moment.

You can see Hans and the little ones.

- It's just...
- I'll grab Il trovatore.


Come on in then.


Good, tell the teacher.
Maybe she'll let you.

Certainly won't.

Fine, who cares?

- Hi, Víctor.
- Hi.

Hello, Mom.

I was waiting for you.

- Hello. What are we up to?
- 50.

Hello, Víctor.

- Hello.
- How are you?

Will you have tea with us?
Come with me.

- How did it go with the thing?
- It didn't. He didn't give me a chance.

But you tried?

Look what nice things there are.

Need a hand?

Yes. Thanks.

Take this, please.

Will you help me?

- I don't want to.
- Fine, go on, then.

You all seem good.

We are.


I'd like to talk seriously
about our divorce.

I don't think it's the best time

to get worried
about some damn paperwork.

Well, let me know.

Come on girls, teatime!

You'll see how I get another one.

- Come on, throw it!
- Take that!

- Give me the tray.
- Thanks.

Well now it's my turn.
Let's see if I get another one.

Come on, girls.

Come here. That's it. Here.

That's it.

- And you, come here.
- I want to eat churros.

Come over now with Papa,
or it'll get too late.

You already have a lot.
It's enough.

I don't want any.

- I want breakfast.
- And you?

- There, that's it.
- Come on, you've already had breakfast.

Don't talk so much.

Just have your snack!

You're talking so much.
Four churros for you, and four for you.

- That's it.
- I want more snack!

You'll snack more when you're older!

How's Claudio?

He has a dog.

Can you hand me a cigarette, please?

There aren't any left.

There are in my purse.

What's with these...?


Nothing, nothing.

Did you have an answer for the Italians?

Not yet.

You haven't told them
you're not going to accept?

There's still time.

To answer them...

or to decide?

I got a call this afternoon from Marina.

She's really worried about Luis María.

Sounds really nervous.

Marina tends to see phantoms.

She thinks something serious
is happening,

that he discovered something, an error,
that maybe he himself committed,

and that he doesn't dare to bring up.

And why wouldn't he dare to?
I'm not an ogre.

Nothing, it's simple apprehension.

Luis María's an insecure person,
Marina should know that.

- Yes, but he's scared.
- That's his problem!

I've already told him,
the responsibility is mine.

I'm the director, not him.

Why don't you call him?

Just to repeat that to him?

You can't do anything to calm him down?

You know how much
influence you have over him.

Friendship doesn't serve at all
in these matters.

The boss' authority is more important.

Or the doctor's.


Could be.

And a bit of finesse.

Finesse isn't my forte.

What are those folders from Italy
doing in your handbag?

I'd like to go and see the laboratory
and the people who work there,

before deciding to accept or not.

And I was thinking of visiting
Rimini, Ravenna...

a bit of tourism.

By yourself?

No sensible woman
would go to Italy with a man.

Mr. Molina left you a note.

Thank you.

I can't on these, of course.

But I plan to vote on 87.

I want you to be optimistic.

- Am I interrupting?
- No, I was waiting for you.

I was just leaving.

Just by coincidence,
or because I'm here?

What nonsense.
I have class at 10.

He gets more paranoid every day.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Give a kiss to Marina.

Why are you in Madrid?

Cause you're impossible over the phone.

Mr. Ibáñez, here is your coffee.

Thank you.

I want to know what's going on.

Since when has Claudio left
without a goodbye kiss?

I don't know, for a while now.

One day, without warning,
he held out his hand to me.


When are you going to give the report?

I told you, everything is in my hands.
I don't want any interference.

But the days are passing.

I need to talk to you about Claudio.

It's not the best moment.

He's my son, isn't he?

Has he confessed anything to you?

María Rosa has brought me
up to date on everything.

On everything?

Even who this guy is
who he's infatuated with.

And you don't plan to do anything?

I don't know you.

What would you do?

Me? Probably nothing.

I am always too willing
to understand others.

But you?

I'd imagined you'd make the guy jump
out of a window at the high school.

Well, you see, I'm not that savage.

If you were able to
control your outbursts,

it wouldn't hurt you
to have an interview

with this teacher of... chemistry.

It would be good for Claudio
if his father and his...

that man

met each other.

And we'd all go out together on Sundays.

It's the second time in 24 hours
that I've been advised on caution.

Calm down.

Life is taming me.

Víctor, we need to talk.

- I'll go with you.
- No, right now I don't have time.

Go back to Almonacid
and wait for me there.

I don't want to see you in Madrid again.
It seems an excessive lack of trust.

Here, for you to read on the way.

- Growing controversy
among local ecological movement -

Head of State to Inaugurate Almonacid
Nuclear Plant Next Week

One moment, please.

I'm the father of Claudio Ibáñez.

Nice to meet you.

I believe Claudio finished his classes
at 5:00 today.

I came to speak with you,
not with Claudio.

Very well.

Would you like to sit down?

Or if you'd prefer,
there's a café very near here.

Wait a second, please.

Shall we?

Would you prefer that we
talk here, or in the head office?

We'd be more comfortable.

I wouldn't want to make a mistake.

You're Claudio's teacher?

For the past six months.

He doesn't have much of a penchant
for chemistry, truth be told.

And what does he have a penchant for?

For the humanities, I'd say.


and literature too,
has started to attract him.

And music...

Opera in particular.

We copied
your cassette of Il trovatore.

Claudio is going to return it to you.

So I'm not mistaken, then.

- You are...
- Yes.

The son-of-a-whore
who I'm looking for.


if that's your way of saying
I'm Claudio's friend,

that's up to you.

You won't defend yourself?

I won't defend myself,

but I don't want to be left blind.

A madman at the office door,

a fanatic. Threw himself on me
and I had to defend myself.

Well then you were lucky.

He didn't manage to ruffle your hair
or wrinkle your shirt.

A cop would say
that the attacker was you.

- And what would you say?
- I'm not a cop.

But you use the same methods.

I'm tired of your lies.

Didn't we agree that you had overcome
your bizarre jealousy phase?

Don't go off on tangents,

we aren't talking about
that Clara, or whatever her name is.

And you say that's not jealousy?

I'm talking about Claudio.

Once again,
I had to find out from third parties

because you weren't able
to tell me yourself.

I'm sick of it.

If I don't deserve your trust,
am I worth a damn in your life?

You know perfectly well

there are private matters
that I don't like to talk about.

That's a lie, you love to.

So long as you can use them to portray
a wonderful image of yourself.

But a homosexual son
is too much, of course.

That's something that could smudge

the splendid image
you always want to give.

That's why you keep quiet.
Not for Claudio but for yourself.

That's why you care.
For yourself!


Thanks for your understanding.

You might have sought it out.

But again you've let the opportunity go.

I'm going to Fano on Friday.

And when will you be back?

I won't.

I've accepted the job.


You're very smart.

You're the one leaving but I'm the one
to blame for the separation, huh?

By the way,

your keys.

Good job coaxing out of me
the identity of Claudio's friend,

so you could punch him out.

Who was the one who
advised me to go see him?

Claudio thinks that
I'm in league with you,

that I betrayed him.

I don't want to hear any more
about that matter.

Real convenient.

It's fine, I've settled on convenience.

Leave. I have to work.

It's about your son!

It's about me!

Forgive me,

my nerves are on edge.

Everything's piling up...

the Claudio issue,
the work, the fuck-ups.

I feel incapable of analyzing
these problems with composure.

Julia's decided to leave for Italy.

And now you.

Yes, of course.

And I contribute
to the collective punishment.

A bit.

It's not a whim.

It's the result of an investigation
that you yourself authorized.

I listened to you,

I left Madrid
and I haven't called you again.

What are you going to do?

There's something
that you need to get through your head:

I'll do what I do,
and you aren't responsible.

You told me that,
but it's no more than a phrase.

My position here
is tremendously delicate.

I know.

And, until now,
you've fulfilled it perfectly,

in spite of
or thanks to your scruples.

I myself vouched for them
when I recommended you.

That exaggerated zeal was necessary.
You were the ideal guy for the job.

I discovered that fault, Víctor,

the risk that I know exists.

And you think the issue
hasn't kept me up at night.

But I studied the geological report.

I've called Frankfurt. I've consulted
with every engineering team.

They're first-class technicians,
people who work with all rigor.

What you have is no more than...




I didn't use that word.

For the last time...

what will you do?



But what the hell are you thinking?

Do you know what the alternative is?
Yes, you know.

To stop. Disassemble the entire plant.
Start from scratch, from ruin.

I'd do it, for the record!

I'd do it if there were
more solid grounds for it.

You're scrupulous,

but I am satisfied with
simply being responsible.

Ruin, you said.

Your own ruin.

Don't be offensive.


I forgot that, of the two of us,
you're the irreproachable one.


My unfortunate background
doesn't allow me to moralize.

And much less in front of someone
with such an immaculate past as yours.

Is that what you mean to say?

It's not a moral question, damn it.
As you know, it's a question of luck!

But it's true.

I have an advantage.

I don't carry any guilt complex.

I have always given due attention
to every report.

Are you saying that, on that occasion,
I didn't?

Sorry. I don't like to
rummage through the past

and much less when it's so painful.

But what I do want
is to calm you down.

You're still obsessed,
fuck, and it's been seven years.

You're negligence from back then
is what you want to compensate for now,

magnifying a fault that shouldn't exist.

You're a son-of-a-whore.

I'm unfair.

I was forgetting about
all that you've done for me,

about how I owe to you
my professional rehabilitation.

That seems unnecessary,

and a bit morbid.

I am a bit morbid.

And maybe even a bit unnecessary.

What is it that you want from me?

I already told you.

You never took me to the lake.

You never conducted those tests.

There is no fracture.

You couldn't put your trust in me?

If you gift me this bottle,

I promise you: yes.

One moment, please.

It's the chief of protocol
of the presidency.

Pass him to me.

On 2.

What's up?

Hi Claudio.

Can you please give this to my dad?

Don't you want to see him?

No, he must be busy. I'm going.

Yes, everything's in order.

I understand.

You can be at ease in that respect.

I have personally dealt with the matter.

Yes, we can go together.

If you'd like,
we can make an inspection in situ.

Thank you for the confidence.


Let's skip a few Sundays.

Just out of simple curiosity,

what gravity viewfinder could reach
the issue if you don't stop it in time?

Well, the same thing happens
with security investigations as with

the adulteration of food products.

There is always a margin of doubt
and it is easy for the alarm to spread.


I hope you don't take it as indulgence -
you know that it isn't -

but the council agreed last night
on my proposal

to proceed with your nomination
in the next session.

So, congratulations.

Thank you.

I'd prefer to say you're not in.

Mr. Ibáñez isn't home. Go ahead.

Has something serious happened?

Luis María?

Marina still hasn't arrived.

The judge has authorized
the lifting of the cadaver.

Can we talk?

About what?
I think everything's been said.

We could try, couldn't we?

Are you going now?

- Yes.
- Marina.

Bye, everyone.

- Take care.
- Let's go.

I can't.
My flight leaves this evening.

I have to pack my luggage.

OK, let's go, then.

I'm sorry.

It must be really hard for you.

I'd like to understand him.

He had tried before.


I accepted the doctors' version of it,
but it wasn't true.

You know.

Why did he do it, Víctor?

Why did Charo do it?

Charo's was ten years ago,
and one tries to forget.

Why did he do it, Víctor?

You were with him the day before.

What did he tell you?

How was he?


Really, fine.

We finished up a few details
about the opening of the plant.

There are no rational explanations,

Nor were there any with my sister.

They give us the right
to not say anything.


That's enough for today.

- Terrible today, huh?
- No, much better.

- Thanks.
- OK. See you tomorrow.

How are you?

Are you as screwed up as it looks?

I'm sick. I think I've got nausea.

I thought people like you
were invincible.

I'd almost say that
seeing you like this calms me down.

I'm not going to pity you, though.

Would you mind leaving this aggression
for another time?

I'm not marvelous.
I thought you'd realized.

But you need to be told it.

You don't like to hear
that you're a bunch of incoherencies.

At least, that's what it seems like.

I hope everything is in order
at your headquarters.

When's the inauguration?

Anything else?


How do I put this?

You give the impression
of thinking one thing,

saying another,

and then doing another,
and, perhaps, feeling yet another.

Would it be possible for you to agree?

That's what you think?

I don't know you well,

but you're not the only one.

That's how I see it.
You don't like to hear that, do you?

It doesn't seem like the best moment.

Have I told you that I like you?

In spite of everything?

Thank you.

I don't know which of us
is more incoherent.

I don't mind admitting it.

I detest people like you,

but, like I said: I like you.

Want me to tell you
you're the love of my life?

Well fine, I'll tell you that.

What else?



As long as you don't stop liking me,
the very most.