Habla, mudita (1973) - full transcript

Grandfather Ramiro is on vacation at a mountain inn in the company of his family. He decides to send his people to Madrid and stay in a shelter, saying that his health needs it. But the reason is another one.

It's me.

How nice you smell, Rosita.



I'm leaving, Don Ramiro,
to see if there's any damage.

They're calling you, chickenshit!

Put on your shoes.

What a child.

Good Morning.

What is wrong with you, my sun?

Oh, my child!

And Rosita?
- She's getting dressed.

Come here, my queen.

I'll prepare breakfast
for you right now.

Good morning, Rosita.
- Good morning, Eleuterio.

The rat's going to eat you!
- Eleuterio!

I told you to put on your shoes!

Father, they're calling you
from the switchboard.

Is the bottle ready, Rosita?

Let's give it to her.
Oh, look at the bottle!

Stop it, Ramirin!
Stop it, I say!

Oh boy, what a child! Ramirin!

- Come on!


Oh, my child!

If I get hold of you?

Good Morning.
- Good Morning.



Hello grandfather.

Why are you bald?

Because I am old.

And if you're old,
why don't you die?


Come on.

Yes! Yes!

Well, it's not.


My girl, my girl...

If I catch you, you'll see.

- I'll tell your mother.

What's with the child,
how funny you are.

If the baby falls, you'll be sorry.

Ramirin, you're hurting me!
Watch out for the baby!

Editorial Felix? It's Ramiro.

Keep still!

Put down that stick, Ramirin!
- Listen!

Good morning family.

How are you?

I told you to wear
the other sweater.

It's not cold here.

Well, Dad,

I think it's time to go.
- I don't want to go!

- You be quiet!

You'll have to go up to the shelter
to pick up your things.

From today it
the mating season of the owl.

Eat slowly. Chew.

Don't be so silly!

Ramiro, why are you
making that noise with the spoon?

If I don't stir the sugar
it won't dissolve.

And if it doesn't dissolve, it's bitter.

Do you want me to give you a lift?
- It's not worth it, it's not definite.

Is there much to finish?

Finish what?
- It's the 12th.

It's outrageous.

No, if I say it for those from the Parador,
it's two weeks since they had to close.

Well, the owl is unique...
- Could you pass the coffee?

Leaving Canada only to come here.

Son, eat more slowly.
- Mom!

Set an example.
- Chew, chew!

Now that kind of thing fits.
- An example...

What example?

A male.

Without a female for hundreds of miles.

But he continues
to emit his mating cry.

It's a language without communication.
Or communication without language.

Don't talk with your mouth full.

And now the hoes.

Words, friend Castelar,

are only instruments
like hoes or sickles.

And what about a hoe
that will not dig?

That was broken.

There used to be a huge forest

with trees that couldn't
be encompassed by 15 men.

But with that invincible armada
they've left us like this.

What a bunch of scoundrels.
- Who?

Who else would they be?
The hikers.

Come on, the ones that survive.

We'll tackle more here.

I'm not in a hurry,
I prefer this way.

Or Road... Route.

Track... Path.

Cattle track.

Pathway, that I also
read in the dictionary.

And pavement and cutthrough.

And since I have a pastor or shepherd

who is salaried
and somewhat mongoloid,

you must be more vigilant
than Luis Miguel Domingu?n

before they shot him.

Hello, good day.

Goodbye and good trip.
- Hello!

Send my greeting to your
wife and her daughter-in-law

and a cordial greeting for your son.
- Thank you, Castelar.

Farewell, Don Ramiro.

Don Ramiro, what?
We're packing up?

Later, Sursuncorda.

Later than when?

Well, I'll go and tell.

Well, aren't we going to pack up?

I'm going to work.
- Well, I'll stay here.






Anyone there?

Is there anyone there?



Are you alone?

What's that?

It's just... I've gotten lost.

Ah good.

You're German?

No, from the Parador.

Jesus, from the Parador...

Well, then they never close.

Sit down.

Where have you been?
Take them off.

It's just... I got lost.

Then you're one of those from Madrid.

It seemed so to me.
Madrile?o you had to be.

A lot of money,

now what good people.

Oh, you're getting it everywhere,
you great idiot.


I'll make you some soup.

No, no, for heaven's sake.

You don't know what kind of soup
I'm going to make.

I don't want to bother you.

What kind, huh?

- He's smart, the wretch.

Yes, sir.

Garlic and very spicy.

I can't eat spicy,
it gives me dermatosis.

I get itching.
- Everything here is natural.

No, no, really.

You'll be licking your fingers.

Good, but not spicy.

If you don't want it spicy,
I'll have it chewed for you.


Very good.

Very good, grandmother, really.

But with a spicy...
- It wasn't.

As if I hadn't noticed.

It's the garlic, birdbrain.

I like it, but it hurts me.

Let me die right here.

A glass?

No, not that.

For me it's deadly.
- Well, a glass.

It seems that you like it.

I don't smoke either.
- Poor man.


No whistle.

Goodbye, and thank you very much.
- You're welcome, sir.

There was paprika.

And some chilli.

What a toff.

An owl.

The only owls left

are in Canada.

Take it.


But you can't hear.

Besides, it doesn't play.

And I don't know how to play either.

Open your mouth.

Say "Aah".

You see? You can talk.

Here comes the champion.

Come here.

I'll make you a father.
Come here, asshole! - Lardass!

You should have been
up there an hour ago!

You're always with them all
and with the tripe!

Hello, Don Ramiro.

Have you seen the cows up there?

What cows, God.

What udders, good heavens.

As big as elephants.

And the merit isn't mine.

It's the ferruginous water
born in these pristine mountains.

Water with silicate.

Is he her boyfriend?
- That one?

Every day I thank God
I didn't have children.

That one when UNESCO
came with the tests.

They said he was the dumbest
they found in all Spain.

That's him.

And they said he belonged
to the last category.

To that of prehistoric hunters.

Do you know what a test is?

Hello Carlota!

But, Ramiro.

I only got lost.

Sure, as always.

And I still haven't
brought the things down.

You'll be tired, huh?

Weren?t you cold?

- And what else?


Lies that I tell you.

Is it a nightingale or a lark?

A lark.

Did you work up there?

You'll catch cold.
- Good work?

And what's it mean "good"?

Good.. it's the cowboy
for the saloon girl.

And bad for the Indian.

They called you three times.

We come here and
they spend the day calling you.

We have to go.

Is that mint?

I'll have a cup.

And that? How long?
- Who knows.

This... I was going to ask you?

No, nothing.

Hey, you know someone who's dumb?
- Yes.

And a girl who goes with him.

Who doesn't talk either.
- His sister.

- Fatty!

Come on!


To bed!

The ointment.

The ointment!

He must have eaten something spicy.
- Shut up, you idiot. - The ointment.

Don't be rude, Ramiro,
or I'll scratch you.

That's without going to Madrid.
I'm sure it'll get worse there.

It'll get worse, Carlota.

Have you moved your bowels?

This morning, but very little.

If you want

I can stay with you here.

I told Ramiro that I would
stay until Saturday

and not...
- We can both stay.

But at the Parador we can't continue.

No, me alone, up, in the shelter.

Let's see...
- Saturday.

Grandpa has a girlfriend!

Take care.

- Bye.

Hello, mute one.

You do it.

You'll see how it vibrates.

Touch it.


Poor little mute girl.

Very good, very good, very good.

Well, almost good.

Well, let's see...

Fine let's try the "O",
it looks like the "O".

No, O.

Let's see if with the lighter...

No, pretty, no, when you say "O",
you don't keep it.

Oh, girl, you're insatiable.

Well, keep it.

No, it's for you.

For you, keep it.

Keep it, keep it.

Really, keep it.

Poor little mute girl.

I'll give you such a slapping.



Very good. Perfect.


You see? Very good, very good.

For you.


But a space...




Ra as in


It doesn't work.

And even if it worked.

What? Packing up?


Well, I'll let them know.

Come on.

So we're not packing up?
- Leave me in peace

Ro as in...

Like... rhododendron.



Like rock.

Pay attention.

And here you have to be cleaner, girl.

You should see how you smell,
you smell of cattle.

You have to be a lady.




Like your hair


What is that for?

Ah! It's for a shotgun.

And what do you want a shotgun for?

To... To hunt?

And then?

Get out, get out!

Don't get too close.

You can't make a silk purse
out of a sow's ear.

Oh, how skinny she is.


Come in.

And the tin?

Your things.

Oh, it's Sunday.

Yes, I know.

And tomorrow Monday
and the next Tuesday.

For me?


And... the mute lad?

In church.

Get down from there!

Tough guy!

Oh, how lovely you are!

Come on,
don't be afraid of us, man.

Give me the ace.

Yes, man!

Pair of threes!

And the jack!

We'll give you a choice.

Let's see how lucky you are.

Pinch, pinch.

You'll pay me back.

And now... do we catch him?




What an ass!

Beast! Animal!

Go, go.
- Margarita!

Get lost!
- Listen,

Come on, woman, listen to me.
- Go away.

- Behave yourself!

Look at that hair...

But do you know who's with Margarita?
Leave me alone!


Stop it! The dumb one
who looks like a monkey...

- Hurry up.

Come on!

- What's up?

This is Babylon!
- Open up!

Open up!

- The guy with the mustache

with your sister up the mountain...

That's why Margarita
didn't want to open up!

Come, don't run!

Hello, father.

To name something is to own it.

But say field....

And it will be fenced.

Say home...

And they'll tell you to clean it.

Say wonderful.

And they will try to sell it to you.
Say I love...

And they will tell you no.

Awkward noises without meaning.


How beautiful it is to say... field,

House... wonderful,

I love.

I teach you noise.

I teach noise to a wretch...

who steals from me.
A half idiot

That makes fun of me.


And gross.


I could pick you up
and cut you into small pieces.

Itsy, bitsy pieces.

From here,

from there,

Ask me... whatever you want.

Get out!

Get out!

And don't come back... ever.

Your son is in the tavern,
should he go up or down?


Thank you very much.

Are you well?

As usual.

Aren't you going to ask about Mom?

How is she?

Are you really interested?
- No.

Or yes.

You really smell.

How is your mother?
- And how d'you want her to be?

I don't know.

Do you have... do you have...
- What?

Any change?

Hello, Ramiro.

How are you, don Ramiro?
- How's things, young writer?

Good Morning.

5 pesetas.

Have you brought reinforcements?

You look good.

What does not kill me...
makes me stronger.

Asuncion, give these
gentlemen what they'd like.


You come with me.

- Come with me

Not that.

From a specific point...

Whether you want it or not.
- Not that.

Speak lower, I can't hear.

I don't know if you're crazy or...

We do it, huh?

There he is!
- Swine!

If he's not in the shelter now,
he'll have to come back sooner or later.

Yes, yes, he'll be there...


What do you want now?

No, I've had a falling out
with my student.

God help you!

- Grandma you say! I'm a lady.

Clear off or I'll report you!
Report you!

You'll be punished!
- I must talk to the girl.

No sir!

Why not?!
- Out, out!

Because I don't want it!
And certainly not talking to you!

You'll really get it in the neck!

Shut up!

Speak, mute girl.


Come, talk again!

Please go away.

Go away.

Go away!

Have pity!

Get out of here!


Tell her it's for her own good!

Tell me, what did you do
with the mustache guy?

I'll give you some candy.

Sleep, my child,

That I have to...

Wash your clothes

And sew

My sun, my star

You must be marquis,

Count or knight.

Sleep my child

that I have to...

Wash your clothes

And sew

Thank you.

Ramiro, Ramiro.



I'm too old for this sort of thing.

Oh, mother.

Oh, my mother.

I don't feel too good,
I have to warn you...

They've raped the mute girl!

Oh my god...
- Don't tell me any more.

He's already done it! Right!

Sardines and anchovies!


The one with the mustache...
- I saw it with my own eyes.

And what's more I prophesied it.

Come on, everyone down!

I'm going! I'm going!

There he is, there he is!

There he is, hard at work!

Come out!
- Come out of there!

Swine, murderer!


On the whim of his zipper!

What did you do to her? Tickle her?

Behaving like a stallion!

And with that innocent face!

On the bus!

There he is!

Witnesses! I need witnesses!

And all on a whim!

Your son has come!
Come on, man, get out of there!

It's not your fault, it's her's.

You'll see, you'll see!

Now you're in for it!

He's coming onto the roof!

Look, look!
- Look at him!

Come out!

He's killed him.

Your father has killed one of them!

What a bump!

His Lordship to name names.

TV News.

Get off!

... expressive gargoyles.

You'll find out who I am!

And you're so familiar!

Shut up!

Lord of the day over night.

Don't be afraid, Don Ramiro.

But they only want
to throw him into the river.

At night, a fearful noise.

But deep is the night.

imagined by day.

And the offence?!
- What offence?

I mean the bald man with the mustache!

That bald guy will be your aunt!


Grandpa has a girlfriend.

I would like to read
The Quixote again.

Carefully, very careful.

Ramiro, Ramiro!

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