Habibie & Ainun 3 (2019) - full transcript

This movie follows the story of Hasri Ainun Besari Habibie's young life when she was in high school and medical college. She was known as a smart figure who became an idol and admired by many male students, including B.J. Habibie.

May 22nd, 2011, Jakarta One year
after the passing of Hasri Ainun Besari

Aku sangat merindukanmu.
I miss you so much.

Apakah Papa baik-baik saja?
Are you all right, Dad?

Mom. I need to...

Honey, go to the bathroom by yourself,
okay? Learn to be brave.

- Where are you going?
- I'm taking a plate.


Sini. Sini sebentar.
Come. Come here for a bit.

Later when we're having dinner,
don't talk about Grandma Ainun.

Why? Because we'll miss Mom?

Dad needs at least six months
to accept Mom being gone.

Let's not take him back to those times.

And anyway, when Grandpa talks about
Grandma Ainun, he talks for a long time!

Hey, don't say that.

Tapi memang benar.
But it's the truth.

We need to have fun at dinner later.
Laugh a lot. Okay?

- Okay.
- I need to send a quick message.

Nadia, this is what I found.

What's this?

You took this from Grandpa's collection,

That's why I told you
to get it yourself. Go!

You're so unreliable.



Please accompany me to the bathroom.

Your house is so big. I'm scared.

Tifani, what's wrong with you?
You're supposed to go by yourself.

Tak apa-apa. Mari. Ayo.
It's okay. Come. Let's go.

Okay, Grandpa.

When Grandma Ainun was young,
she was very brave.

She went to the bathroom by herself?

She did, but not just that.
She did many things.

She was very brave.

Tell me about her, Grandpa!

Yes, okay. Later, okay?
I'll tell you all about her.

- Go pee first.
- Okay, Grandpa.

- You're brave, right?
- I'm brave, Grandpa.


Ikannya enak sekali.
The fish is very good.

- Right?
- Right.

I have a funny story.

Some time ago, I visited the psychiatric
hospital in Magelang. My friend owns it.

My friend was joking around
and asked one of the patients...

"Sir? How are you? You enjoy living here?"

The patient answered,
"You need to experience it yourself."

He was surprised.
"Why should I? This is my hospital."

The patient answered again.

"That's it! I was also admitted to this
hospital because I claimed to be the president!"

What's so funny?

That's why you need to learn
to pee by yourself first!


Grandpa... you promised to tell me
stories about Grandma Ainun.


- Tifani, I haven't finished my story yet. So...
- I don't want to hear it.

Tak apa-apa.
It's okay.

I want to hear stories about Grandma Ainun.

I promised her.

Tifani, you want to hear stories
about Grandma Ainun?

Yes? Which one?

How did you first meet Grandma Ainun?


- It must be about Brown Sugar...
- Shh!


You're all here!

Sit, sit.

- Sit. Where's Thareq?
- He's at a meeting. He'll join us later.

What were you talking about?
Sounds exciting!

We were listening to Grandpa. He's
telling us stories about Grandma Ainun.

Farrah, Farhan, sit down!

What's wrong with you two?
Why are you always fighting over things?

She's the one who started it!

- No, you.
- You.

- That's enough.
- Twins. You're both the same.

- No! We're not the same!
- No! We're not the same!


- Grandpa.
- Yes?

Please continue the story.

- What story?
- A story about Grandma Ainun.

Grandpa, I want to hear it too!

Me too!

You want to hear it? Okay...

It was 1953...

when I first met her.

But there was an unfortunate event.

Come on, Rud! Go on if you're brave enough!

You said it yourself.

He's probably going to chicken out.

Shh! Quiet, you two!

Then prove it.


You're dark and ugly!
You're like muddy brown sugar!

What is he doing?

- Let's go.
- Quick!

You called her ugly?

- Seriously, Grandpa?
- Yes.


Grandma Ainun...

paling cantik dan cerdas. ...was
the smartest and most beautiful woman.


Felicia. Farhan. Come.

Come here. Sit.

Come on.


This is the woman I called ugly and dark...

but actually, she was really brave.

Okay? And smart. She was very smart!

Go! Go! Go!


One point for Team B!

I never understood
the concept of this game, rounders.

It's like baseball.
In both games, players hit a ball.

- Right?
- They also use a bat. It's simple.

No, rounders is different from baseball. It's also different
from hockey, eventhough all three games involve a ball!

- Nun!
- Nina!

Din! Din!

Yes! Overtake position!

Did you see the ball hit the Team B player?

It means that
Team A may overtake Team B's position.

- So they need to throw the ball at their opponents?
- Yes.

That must hurt.

the batter must try to hit the ball...

and then run to the free area
and return to the main area?

- That will score two points?
- Yes.

Come on, Han. You can do this.

Come on!

Time-out, sir! My friend is injured.

- It's okay.
- Don't.


Looks like someone got injured.

Rud, Brown Sugar is the one helping!
Go help her!

Come on.

Take a deep breath.


This will hurt a little.


Luckily you passed the ball to Dina.

They were close to leading by two points.

But we're in the last round.
And they're still leading.

And you're injured too, Din.

You must take her
position as a batter then.

Everybody on our team is at a base.


You can do it.

- Good luck, Nun.
- Okay.

Let's go.

Good luck, Nun.

Ainun! Ainun!

Why didn't she hit the ball?

She chose not to hit the ball
because the bowler threw her a bad one.

Ainun, focus!

- Let's go home.
- Wait. It's starting to get exciting.

Rud! Wait! Go home later!

- This is Brown Sugar's ultimate hit!
- No, I'm going home.

- Just wait a bit.
- Fine.


Go, Ainun!

Two points for Team A!

Yes! Finally!

If Ainun wasn't determined
to get those two points, we would have...

- Nun.
- What is it?

We should be the one asking that.

From the beginning of the match,
you seemed a bit distracted.

No. I'm fine.

What's fine?

Ouch. Be gentle. It hurts.

Rounders is actually exciting.
But it's complicated too.

That's why rounders is often considered
a sport for women.

What does that have to do with it?

Can you ever understand a woman's mind?

Look at Rudy. The complicated one.

Like a woman.



- Is there a problem?
- A problem!

What did I say? Complicated!
No wonder he understands rounders.

I don't have a complicated mind.

I'm just thinking of my plans for college.

Will I get accepted to
UI's Faculty of Medicine?

Is that really what's distracting you?

Nun. UI will suffer a loss
if they reject a smart student like you.

How could you be so sure?

Of course, I'm sure!

Seeing the way you helped Dina,
I'm sure you'll be an incredible doctor.

I want to be an engineer. TH Bandung.

TH Bandung is close to us.

We could walk there.

It's also close to Brown Sugar!

That's enough talk about brown sugar.

Come on, Rud. Stop denying it.

The whole school knows
that you both are geniuses.

That's right!

Which means you're both soulmates!

But people keep telling me,
"Ainun, just become a midwife."

"Women are more suitable as midwives."

As if the world is owned only by men.

I want to become a doctor.

Speaking of men...

Do you not have anything else to talk about
aside from women?

leave the complicated things at school.

Why should we talk about school
when we're not in school?

Rudy? Who?

Oh, that one. The one that mocked Ainun.

- The one that called you dark?
- Yeah.

What else does he want?

No. I'm just curious.

It's unusual for him
to come and watch our match.

As far as I know, he doesn't like
any sports aside from swimming.

Well, maybe...

he likes you.

But he called me ugly.

All men are stupid.

But he's smart.

He was held back once
because his Bahasa was poor.

But after mastering the language,
his grades skyrocketed.

- You know him so well!
- Our friend is falling in love.

I'm not! I'm just saying
that he's not stupid.

Ainun, Heny and I are going home first.


Nun, I believe that a genius
will always be a genius.

You'll definitely be an incredible doctor.

Indeed. And I believe...

that you will be a
woman who creates history.

Oh, you two.

Okay. I'll go my way now.

I'm going with you.
We're heading in the same direction.

I thought you still wanted
to hang out with Rudy.

I'm only human. My brain needs a break.

I'm not like Rudy.
His brain works non-stop, 24 hours.

Okay, Rud.


You should stop by Ainun's house sometime.

She has the brain of a genius,
but her heart needs...


Bye! Take care!

- Excuse me, sir. The usual.
- We're ready to go. Please sit.

Watch out!

- What happened?
- That usually happens here.

Kau baik-baik saja?
Are you all right?

Tidak apa-apa.
I'm fine.

Be careful.

Saya tidak apa-apa. Terima kasih.
I'm fine. Thank you.

Miss Ainun...

- Thank you, sir.
- You're welcome.

I'll be going!

Where are you going?

- You just got home?
- Yes.

I'm going to Braga.

- I'll be off!
- Take care.

- Ainun!
- Siti.

- Don't bother her.
- Let's play!

- Not now, Siti.
- Come on!

- Okay. I have something.
- What is it?

Come here. Sit down.

- Dad.
- Nun.

Look what I brought.

- Thank you!
- Read it, okay?

Why aren't you hugging me?


When your sister asks you to play with her,
you usually play with her.

- Yes, Mom.
- And every time you come home...

you usually greet your mother first.

Sorry, Mom.

What's wrong?

I'm just tired.

- Tired of doing sports or tired of...
- She's tired of love, Mom!

What's with you?

So, there's still no word from UI?

What? You're the one who told me that
UI is busy with their new curriculum.

And they don't have enough teachers because
they were sent back to the Netherlands.

Or maybe the quota for
female students is filled.

I don't buy that.

You know emancipation is all talk,
but you still insist on becoming a doctor.

Hush! Why are you joining the conversation?

Of course. If anything happens to Ainun,
I'll be the one in trouble.

Ainun also cries to me a lot.

I'm going, Mom.

Take care.


- Wait! What is that?
- What's wrong with you?

- What is it?
- Why do you have it with you?

What is that?

- A letter from UI, Dad.
- Really?

It arrived two days ago
when I was alone at home.

Two days.


got accepted, Mom. Dad.

Our wish has been granted! Congratulations!

Thank you, Dad.

- You should hug me too.
- Mom.

It's all thanks to me. Hug!

The letter could have gone missing
because of you.

- Congratulations.
- If I didn't find that letter...

Prom Night SMAK Dago 1955

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Come here, hey!

Don't go far!

Come here

Let's dance

Until dawn!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Come here, hey!

Don't go far

Come here

Let's dance

Until dawn!

Congratulations. Universitas Indonesia?

You got accepted to TH Bandung, right?

And I heard you also got accepted
to an engineering school in Europe.

Yes. At Aachen. West Germany.

- Did you take it?
- Of course, I did.

I want to have a passport.
I saw my friend's and it was amazing.

The country's sponsorship won't be a waste.

Not the country. My mom
is paying for it herself.

So you're not taking any scholarships?


My mother swore to my late father
that she would pay for my education.

- Really?
- Really.

And I thought that the scholarship could go
to someone else who needs it more than I do.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Ainun.
- Yes?

What are you studying?

- Medicine.
- Medicine?


Why? Are you also having doubts...

about dark and ugly women like me
wanting to become a doctor?

- It's not that. It's not.
- What is it, then?

I believe that you will
be an incredible doctor.

Doesn't matter if a
person is male or female.

If they're smart, they're smart.

How can you be so sure
that I'll be able to do it?

I saw you treating... What's her name?


That was just a small injury.
Anyone could do that.

Don't underestimate small things, Ainun.

Look at this large hall, standing strong.

It all started from a small grain of sand.

- Anyway, what are you studying?
- Airplanes.

I want to make airplanes.

Do you know how an airplane flies?

Not yet.

So, an airplane can fly because there's
a great force lifting it from below.

If the force is greater
than the air resistance...

that makes the plane...



It's okay.

I'll make sure that when
I make an airplane...

it won't crash into anyone.
Especially if that person is you.


So, you've decided to go?


Is there any aviation school in Bandung?

Ainun, I have a goal.

Someday, when I've finished
my studies in Europe...

I'll come back to Indonesia.
To build this country.

I want to make airplanes
that'll connect all our islands...

so that there won't be any that are
disadvantaged, isolated or forgotten anymore.

Itu manis sekali, Eyang.
That's so sweet, Grandpa.

- You think so?
- Yeah.

And you didn't meet Grandma Ainun again
after that? Until you left for Germany?

That's right. That's what happened.

- Hello.
- Hi, Thareq.

Sorry, I'm late. Hi.


Tak apa.
It's okay.

Why do you all look dazed?

Come here.


Ada apa?
What is going on?

We're all dazed by the story
of how Grandpa and Grandma met.

Baik, semuanya.
Okay, everyone.

Looks like the story is over.
Let's tidy up and move.

Papa, the story about Grandma Ainun
isn't finished yet.

Tifani, dear. The story's already finished.
Grandma Ainun went straight to college.

Hon, could you please...

Papa. Grandpa hasn't
told us the story of...

Grandma Ainun's life in college
and how she became a doctor.


Saya rasa jangan. I don't think
you should tell them the story.

Come here, dear.

I'll continue the story
of how Grandma Ainun became a doctor.

In 1944, Indonesia was still
under Japanese occupation.


And Grandma Ainun told me...

At that time, the Japanese conquered
almost the whole of Java.

Grandma Ainun and her family fled
from Semarang to Sadeng.

Move! Move!

1944, Sadeng Village, Central Java


Ainun tidak boleh lihat.
Ainun, don't look.

There are many Japanese soldiers outside.

Mom hasn't come home yet. Where's Mom?

That's enough. Mom will be home soon.

- Father...
- Please don't take my daughter!

Pa, someone's here.

It's the Japanese! Hide!

Hurry! Get down!


Mrs. Besari.

- Mom.
- Mrs. Besari.

- Mom, are you all right?
- I'm all right.

You must not be scared.
You must stay calm, okay?

I have to go again...
it seems someone needs my help.

Don't go, Mom. It's...

Please don't go. Please stay here.

It's dangerous outside. There's lightning.
It's going to rain.

- She's right, Mom.
- If I don't go, it'll be even more dangerous.

Please look after the children, okay?

I need you to help me get ready.
Take care of your little sister, okay?

- Mom.
- I'm sorry I have to go again.

- Please take care of my children.
- Don't go, Ma'am.

I'll come with you. I want to help you.

No, Ainun. Stay at home.
It's too dangerous out there.

But who'll hold your umbrella?

This cloth needs to stay dry, right?

All right. You can come with me.
But you have to make sure...

this cloth doesn't get wet.

Okay? Don't take a
single step away from me.

I understand, Mom.

- Take care of everyone at home.
- Yes, Mom.

My sandals.

- Mom!
- Get in here!

Sepertinya ada orang!
I think there's somebody!

Coba kamu cek!
Go check!

Di bawah. Di bawah.
Down there. Down there.

In Japanese

Thank God. Thank you.

Please come in.

Dear! Mrs. Besari is here!

Please come in.

Mrs. Besari is here!

Hang in there.

Ainun, put the thermos on the table.
And help me calm her down.

- It hurts!
- Calm down, dear.

- Here, Mrs. Besari.
- Please put the green one on the table.

Mrs. Ponin, get ready.

Lift your body a little.

- It's time. Please be by her side.
- Of course.

Take a deep breath. Then push.

- Push, push.
- Push.

Don't force it. Just push.

Dorong, dorong.
Push, push.

Dorong katamu? Kau kira mudah? You're
telling me to push? You think it's easy?

Menyebalkan! Ini gara-gara kamu.
This is terrible! It's all your fault.

Ini salahmu menghamiliku.
You got me pregnant.

That's enough. Please focus.
Push again. Come on.

That's enough. Push again. Slowly.

Tak lelo… lelo… lelo ledung…

Please hush, don't cry

My beautiful child

If you cry, you won't look as beautiful


Yes, Mom?

What's wrong, Mom?

I'm happy.

I'm proud of you, Ainun.

Thank you.


Pernyataan Presiden Amerika Serikat... Press
Release by the President of the United States...

atas jatuhnya bom atom...
regarding the atomic bomb...

Dunia akan mengetahui bahwa bom atom pertama...
The world will know that the first atomic bomb...

telah dijatuhkan ke Hiroshima.
Was dropped on Hiroshima.


We, the people of Indonesia...

hereby declare the
independence of Indonesia.

Matters which concern
the transfer of power...

will be executed by careful means
and in the shortest possible time.

- Dad.
- Yes?

I can't wait to go to school again.

You will. I'm sure you will.
You need to be patient.

- Which school do you want to go to?
- A medical school.

I want to become a doctor.

You don't want to be a midwife like me?

Now, I want to ask you.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

I want to help everyone, Dad. Mom.

I want to help sick children.
And also help mothers give birth.

Is something wrong, Dad? Mom?

We already have our independence.

You're right. We have our independence.

But out there,
there are a lot of minds that aren't free.

You need to strengthen your will.

I'll support your dreams, okay?

Hurry up!

Don't ever think that you're competent...

just because you got accepted to UI!

Not yet!

Pathetic kids like you
aren't worthy to be called students!

You! Why are you studying Medicine?

I want to help people.

- Why do you go to college?
- I actually wanted to join the military.

You want to be a hotshot here?

You're very pretty...

Line up!

- Don't touch me! I can walk by myself!
- Shut up!

Don't touch me!

You! Why are you studying Medicine?

- I felt a calling to serve.
- You're a call boy, huh?

Come with me!

- Why are you studying Medicine?
- To find my soulmate.

Hey! What did you say?

Did I say something wrong?

- Do you want to line up like that girl before?
- Sure.

- Come with me!
- One!

- Two.
- You want to find your soulmate, right?

- Three!
- You're such a crybaby!

Here. Do squats.

- Five!
- Up here. Up here!

- Six!
- Squat!

Stand! Stand! Squat!

Stand! Keep doing that! Don't stop!

This is why you shouldn't act macho!
Do you want to pass out like that?

What now?

You! Count till one thousand!

You're tired, right? Sit there.


You're Ainun, right?
From Dago Christian High School?

Arlis? So you're here too.

You think you're the only one
who wants to be a doctor?

Liar. She chose UI so she could follow me.

Neighbor! You're here too?

Is there another good medical school?

He has a point.

- Soelarto Reksoprodjo.
- I'm Hasri Ainun Besari.

- Dago Christian High School?
- Yeah.

- Do you know Rudy?
- You know him?

- I'm Rudy Habibie's nephew.
- I see.

Hey! This isn't the place for a reunion!

You! Hotshot!

You, soulmate seeker!

And you, call boy! Come with me.


Eat it.

Hey, eat it!

Eat it! Eat it!

Eat it!

They're here earlier than us.

You're right. They're very diligent.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Wake up.

- How long have you been here?
- Since 6am.

- Ainun.
- May.

- Arlis.
- May.

We were warned that
there wouldn't be enough seats.

You're here already.
Did you spend the night here?


- May I sit here?
- For a childhood friend, sure.

Thank you.

Whoa! Here's the call boy!


- You're a senior.
- Don't talk so much. Move. I want to sit.

This is my seat.


Whoever arrives first gets the seat.
That's customary everywhere.

Whose customs?

Whose customs?

I said this is my seat.

If you don't believe me,
go ask the other seniors.

So you failed this class?

- Quiet!
- Here's a correction, miss.

I, Agus Sumarhadi...

and Raden Mas Bambang Prasetyo
didn't pass this class...

because we had to represent our campus
in a national sports match.

That's why you should all respect
campus heroes like us!

- Did you win?
- Win what?

The match. Did you win?

If you won, then you can be called heroes.

You lost,
yes? You should've told us from the start!

You lost, but you're acting heroic!

- I want to talk!
- That's enough!

Hey, girl! Don't act all proud.

Even if you do become a doctor,
you'll never be greater than us men!

- We'll see about that.
- Arlis!

- I'll just sit down here.
- Why, Ainun? We were here first.

Arlis. We're here to become doctors.
Not to see who wins or loses.

Now we're learning to yield,
to accept things.

As that's what we will need to give
to our patients later.

My mother is a woman.

it's a given that I should respect women.

- Me too.
- Me too.

Good morning.

Ada apa ini?
What's going on here?

You were in my class last year, right?

That's right, Professor.

Do you think this class is
a place for you to bully freshmen?

- No, Professor...
- We're the ones being bullied!

Get out.

Bagus. Kembali ke kursi kalian.
Good. Go back to your seats.

Have a seat.


- Hi, Ainun.
- Hi.

- Ainun! Who'd you get a letter from this time?
- Arlis!

Quiet! This is a laboratory.

- Ainun, this is for you.
- No, thank you.

Ainun, here's a flower for you.

Ainun leaves her boarding house at 8am
and heads straight for campus.

She crosses the Cikini River and...

- Sorry, I accidentally left my book here.
- Ainun.

Cover it.

What are you doing?

We're practicing for a play!

The boat speeds off, the moon shines!

I clasp the necklace
onto my girlfriend's neck.

The coast is clear.

Excuse me, Miss Ainun. A gift from someone.

- See?
- Here it is.

- Who is this from?
- I don't know, Miss.

He's handsome!

Let me see.

- Ugh, the smell...
- If you can't stand the smell, leave this room.

Pull back the cover.

Any other girl wants to leave?

- That's a boy, professor.
- Yes, I know.

Women have sharper emotional instincts...

compared to men...

but that makes them vulnerable
and less suited for a medical profession.

In addition to bones, the human body
is held together and moved by muscles.

Muscles follow orders from the brain.

So, if you girls think
you're capable enough to become doctors...

show me where the radial nerve is.

You know where it is, right?

The nerve that leads to the thumb, Prof.

This is what I meant by female sentiments.

Women defend other women in trouble.

Okay then. Show me
where the radial nerve is.

Here, professor?

That's a blood vessel, not a nerve.

But I respect your calmness.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

- A lot of students vomited.
- Well, it was a corpse.

The professor was horrible.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you.

Excuse me, nurse. Do you know where...

Sorry, I'm not a nurse.
But I might be able to help you.

- You're not a nurse? You're...
- A medical student.

Are you the one...

who has inspired all the other students
in this university...

to form the AFC?

- Excuse me?
- Ainun's Fan Club.

Sorry, if you don't have anything
else to ask, I'll excuse myself.

Wait, miss.

How does it feel to be part of
an inspiring minority?

- I have a lot of assignments.
- I'm Ahmad.

Ahmad Notosastro. From the Faculty of Law.
We're belong to the same almamater.


What's your relationship
with Professor Notosastro?

May I have your address?

You might need a legal point of view...

when facing a patient
who has nothing to do like me.

How many girls have you courted this way?

You could get in trouble with many articles
of the law for accusing me like that, miss.

On the contrary,
I could charge you for disturbing my peace.

Excuse me.

You're stitching skin. Not a tablecloth.

Your stitches are too close to each other.

Start over.

Suli! Keep it up!

So he does martial arts?

- You're blocking the view.
- Let's try.

If I had known earlier,
I would have dated him.

What's wrong?

It's nothing.

You know that boy?

Not really.

Arlis. What are you doing?

I don't like the way he looks at you.

That's Ahmad.
He's also a student here. Law student.

Wait here.


What do you want?

So, the sweet lady has a bodyguard.

What do you mean?

I heard that the law students have
a sort of fan club for Ainun.

Are you one of them?

Hey. What's going on here?

- Another bodyguard.
- We have a new job.


- Yeah. Protecting Ainun from boys like him.
- Oh God, that's enough.

Wow... itu tuduhan yang berlebihan, Nona.
Wow... that accusation is too harsh, miss.

Listen. I...

It's okay. Let's calm down.

It appears that these pretty ladies
are victims of...

What is it called?

Categorical syllogism.

Judging people based
on previous experiences.

I see.

If that's the case, then I'm ready
to face the trial of a fit and proper test.

- Judo, right? I do jiu jitsu.
- Wait, wait. What's this?

- I don't like fights. I...
- Relax. This is a men's thing. Leave them be.

Yes. You can relax, Miss Ainun.
Just think of this as an introduction.

I think it'll be fun, too.
What do you think, man?

Let's do it.

- No need to worry. Right?
- Arlis.

Come on!





Go, Suli, go!

You can do it!

That's enough, Lis.

Just enjoy it. This is exciting.

Think of it as watching
a free martial arts match.

Let's end it.

That's enough!

I declare that it's a tie.

What? There's no winner yet!

I'm saving you from the sins of gambling.


Let's get out of here!

Are you done?


We declare that you have passed.

But remember, this is only the first stage.

If anything happens to Ainun,
you'll be the first person we look for.


You're all crazy.

Grandma Ainun dated another man?

That's only normal. Perhaps back then, they
just weren't on the same frequency yet.

Aren't you uncomfortable talking about...

She means, about Grandma Ainun's ex.

Baik. Sudah cukup, anak-anak.
All right. That's enough, kids.

Ganti topik pembicaraan.
Change the topic.

Anak-anak, kita berenang yuk.
Kids, let's go swimming.

- Do you want to swim?
- I don't want to.

- Let's go.
- Come on, Tifani.

Come on.

The swimming pool is warm. It'll be fun.

Sana berenang.
You can go.

Be careful.

Where are you going?
The story's already finished.

Tidak apa-apa.
It's okay.

Come sit.

Both your Grandma Ainun and I
had an agreement.

We chose to be together
and forget about the past.

Cukup adil.
So that's fair enough.

Aku tak percaya.
I can't believe that.



Nomor satu. Ya?
Number one. Okay?

Listen to me carefully.

Itulah hidup.
That is life.

You all have the right
to choose your own path in life.

Your Grandma Ainun and I
chose to move forward in life.

We chose to tell each
other all about our pasts.

Oke. Adil, ya?
Okay. It's fair, right?

Iya, tapi... Untuk apa?
Yeah, but... What for?

Well... to learn.

To learn not to repeat
the same mistakes in life.

Kalian paham?
Do you get it?

Kunjungan kehormatan bagi Pabrik Mercedes...
It's a special visitation for Mercedes Factory...

di Stuttgart-Untertuerkheim.
In Stuttgart-Untertuerkheim.

Presiden Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno...
The President of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno...

yakin dengan produksi mobil Jerman yang berkualitas tinggi.
Believes in the high-quality German production cars.

Dear students...

Come quick.

- It's Mr. Karno when he was in West Germany.
- West Germany?

You are the future!

The new fighters for economic
growth and acceleration!

Study well.

Become engineers, doctors, physicists.

And then, return to Indonesia.

The country will provide sponsorship!

Excuse me, ma'am.
What's wrong with your baby?

He has a fever. It's been three days
and the fever isn't coming down.

Oh no.

- They're also your kids?
- Yes.

They also have a fever.
How long have they been like this?

It's been almost a week.

Have you given them any medication?

We're struggling to just eat.

- Where is your husband?
- I think he's scavenging trash right now.

Ma'am, please wait here. I'll be back.

- All right.
- Wait for me.

Where are you going, miss?

Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
I need to go to the hospital. Excuse me.

Wait, miss. Wait.

Did you just give them some money?

I didn't give any money.
I'm just trying to help.

We also need your help. Come with us.

- What's wrong, sir?
- Just come with us.

I'm in a hurry. Hey, stop that!



- Quiet.
- Get in here.

Calm down, miss.


Come on. Run!

Damn you!

Watch out!


You again!

You're drunk again?

Are you okay, Nun?


What are you doing here?

There was a mother...

Her children are suffering from dysentery and
typhoid. I want to take them to the hospital.

Let's go. It's okay. You're safe now.

- I'm sure they'll be released.
- How do you know?

They're just pawns.

Behind them are the bosses, and the dealers,
the ones with money. They need the manpower.

Next time, don't go alone.

- You have me.
- Thank you.

Sir. We're coming along.

Whose house is this?

Just a moment.

- Hey, thanks for the motorcycle!
- You're welcome, Ahmad.

- Wait. How about gas?
- I've filled it up. It's full.

- Awesome. Take care.
- I will. Thank you!

Let's go.

- So, you borrowed the motorcycle?
- Yeah. Why would I buy one?

Let the rich buy them.

I'd rather borrow if I can.


What's that?

Colonizers. Go back to your country!

So, it's true that the professor
will be sent back to the Netherlands?

I wonder why. He's a
great professor actually.

Maybe the government feels...

that three and a half centuries is enough time
for our minds to be indoctrinated by the Dutch.

It's time for us to be exposed to the way
other countries think.

But did they really have to
fire him like that?

Oh, well. What can we do? Let's go.

Let's go to the beach!

Ahmad? Why are you here?

Because I already know what's happening.

So, let's go to the beach.
But just the two of us.

Since I've got what we need.

The Vespa again?

No. A Jeep. Perfect for sandy roads.

- I can't. I have an assignment due tomorrow.
- It's okay. Let's have an adventure!

- But don't do anything stupid.
- Relax. I won't. Let's go.

- Which beach?
- Just come with me.

The Dutch professors of our medical faculty
were all suddenly fired.

Isn't that discrimination,
from a legal point of view?

Yes. You're right!

Well, I guess it's okay if the goal
is to improve the way students think.

But firing such competent people...

that's a primitive way of thinking.

Typical of Indonesians.

Is this yours?

Terima kasih.
Thank you.

What are your plans for the future, Ahmad?

I'm going to swim with them!
And after that, we're going to have lunch!

That's not what I mean, Ahmad!

Something more long-term.
Something more "in the future".



The first rule of having an adventure.
Don't talk about serious matters.

Second rule. If you start getting serious,
refer back to the first rule.

- Come on, let's swim.
- No, I didn't bring my swimsuit.

- Your clothes will dry!
- But my bag, our belongings...

Just leave them! Don't think
about all that! Let's just have fun!

Milikku yang hijau.
The green one's mine.

Looks like it's about to rain.

Sir, thank you.

- Come on, Nun! Let's just go home!
- It's far!

- It's close!
- How is it close?


Come in.

We're all wet.


Professor Husodo?

So, it's really him?

My dad teaches your
surgical practice course?

Ainun once told me there's
an amazing professor.

I didn't think it was you, Papa.


You're going to leave
her dripping like that?

Crazy kid.

Please sit.

Thank you, Professor.


You really meant it?

You really think I'm an amazing professor?

I've learned a lot, Professor.

For years,
I've maintained my harsh teaching methods.

I might have been unfair to you.

But I'm thankful.

I'm always harsh on my students
because I don't want them to be weak.

And according to me...

women are too weak to withstand
harsh treatment like that.

But after meeting you...

and seeing your attitude...

my thoughts have changed.

And that crazy kid...

It's been a while
since I've seen him smile so much.

And that's all because of you.

Where is that crazy
kid? He's taking so long.

- Ahmad!
- Yes, Pa! Wait a second!

He's like that.

How was it, talking to my dad?

Are you two close yet?

- Thank you.
- Let's go.


Yes, Pa?

Where are you taking her?

I'm taking her home.


Make sure to take her home.


Do you still think he's
such a good professor?

I'm even more certain.

Let's go.

Hi, how much is this?

It's fifty rupiah.

Why did you leave me
this afternoon at campus?


How did you get in?

What are you doing here?
If the landlord finds out...

That's it! Us Indonesians...

always thinking negatively.

- Ahmad, it's late.
- How can you become a good doctor...

if you're always thinking negatively
about people, Ainun?

Just go.

- Come with me.
- To where?

Where are we going?

What's going on?

Not this one! Not the birthday song!

- You said it was her birthday.
- That was three months ago!

Play another song!



Will you marry me...



What? Grandma Ainun was proposed to?

Yes. That's only normal. Right?

Seriously, Dad?

Yes. Of course. It's not a problem.

Well... It is normal. I just...

Why? Somebody else proposed to you too?

I mean, Grandma Ainun's
story is extraordinary. Right, Pap?

Even the way Ahmad proposed to her
is more dramatic than...

how Thareq proposed to me.

- Really?
- What did you say?

Come on. Don't be shy.

Dad proposed to Mom
while they were riding a pedicab.

That's right.

So even if they shared something
extraordinary and dramatic...

it's not certain that they were
on the same frequency.


- You want to ride that?
- Yeah.

You haven't tried that before?

I'm imagining having a clinic
as lively as this night market.

People having fun and laughing,
without any cares.

So, you're hoping for people to be sick,

A hospital or clinic
isn't just for sick people.

Then what would it be for?

Okay, let me explain.

How would you know that you're sick?

I'd feel it.

How would you know if you're healthy?

You can't be sure, right?

It would be too late to go to a hospital
or medical clinic when you're already sick.

That would mean you already have a problem.

A medical clinic is for people
who would like a checkup.

Before feeling or being sick.

So, it's the same as law then.

What do you mean?

Well, when someone asks for a legal consult
when they're already in trouble...

it's too late.

- You're right.
- Yeah.


Excuse me!

Oh my God! My husband!

My child! Oh my God!


Why aren't you all doing something?
Let's help them!

- Sir, don't move him! Don't.
- Why not?

What are we supposed to do?
We were told to help, so we're helping!

Who are you anyway?

I'm a medical student.
May I take a look first?

- This girl is...
- Sir.

Please listen to her, sir.

Please help my child and my husband.


Sir, could you please help me?
Put his legs down. Slowly.

I'm afraid the injury may be deep.

Oh my God!

We need to take him to the hospital
as soon as possible.

Where's the nearest hospital?
Can somebody call an ambulance?

- Sir? Ma'am? An ambulance.
- Can somebody call an ambulance?

- Ahmad, help me.
- Sir, help! Sir.

Just follow me! Move!

Ma'am, I need your help. Talk to your son,
so he can regain consciousness.

Dear... Mom is here.

Now I need two boards, plastic, tape...

and scissors.

Come on, sir! I need your help right now!

Please hurry, sir!

Is there any plastic?


Yes. And I need something that'll stick.

Bandages. Or something like that.

- Here, miss.
- Thank you.

- What else, miss?
- I need rope or...

- We have something!
- Please take it, ma'am.

- Ma'am.
- Yes?

- Could I use your cloth, please?
- Of course. Did someone fall?


Thank you, ma'am!

Poor kid.

I need two people to help hold his legs.

- Can anyone help me?
- Here. Use this.


- Be strong, ma'am.
- My child...

Be very gentle. Yeah.

Is it broken?


- Move.
- Make way.


What happened?

Pneumothorax. And a fractured leg.
He fell off a ferris wheel.

Take action immediately.

Check his blood pressure.

Go ahead.

One, two, three.

You're incredible, Ainun.


Bagaimana keadaan cucuku, nak?
How is my grandchild's condition?

He's in critical condition.

- What?
- Critical condition.

This girl helped him.

- Doctor.
- How is my son?

I'm sorry.

We tried our best,
but we couldn't save your son.

He died, doctor?

- We tried our best, sir.
- Doctor, please!

- I did everything you asked!
- Save him!

- I did every single thing you asked!
- Save my grandchild!

- But my child still didn't make it!
- Doctor!

Please calm down.

You're a murderer!

You killed my son!

I don't understand why people in
this country tend to think negatively...

during difficult times.

What I mean is...

who could predict fate?

Us? No.

You did your best, Ainun.

I know it and saw it myself.

So, this is not your fault.


Miss Ainun.

We do not have power over death.

But preventing death is our obligation.
Whether or not we're doctors.

You've done your best.

It's not your fault.


Do you know what you should do?

Yes, Papa.

Excuse me. Ma'am?

Excuse me.

- Yes?
- Ma'am, is Ainun here?

Ainun? She went back
to Bandung this morning.

She didn't say goodbye to you?

She didn't.

- All right. Thank you, ma'am.
- You're welcome.

Why didn't she tell us?

Yeah. Now I'm worried.


Here you go, sir.

Hey. What's wrong?

Are you still thinking about that child?

I failed to save him.

Who? Who said that you failed?

He died.

You didn't fail. You actually saved him.

What happened next is in the hands of God.
Not yours.

I know you have a gentle heart.

You can't simply stand by
when you see people in need.

That's a weakness and a strength.

How is it a weakness?

This. This here is the weakness.

Once you want something so much,
but you fail...

you cannot take it.

Then you feel like
you're the one who's suffering the most.

But the strength is...

people with gentle hearts are sensitive
to what happens around them.

And that is what you need to hold onto.

How do I hold onto it, Dad?

Never feel like you failed.

What happened was nothing
but a rock that made you stumble...

so that you can be
more careful next time.

That's the way to become someone
who can impact others.


If only you were in Jakarta, Dad.

You could be my friend
who reminds me to stop regretting.


Come on now.

Nun, one day you'll find someone...

who'll always be there to remind you
and stay by your side.

But what's most important...

is that this and this...

need to always be taken care of.

Okay? Where's your smile?

Come on.

Now that's my little girl.

Come on.

That loving feeling
That loving feeling

Hey, see it from afar
That loving feeling

I want to fish but there's no bait
Better go to a restaurant

Let's not add enemies
Let's hold hands

That loving feeling
That loving feeling

Hey, see it from afar
That loving feeling

I watched a puppet show
From night to morning

Your face is so radiant
Like a sky with a rainbow

That loving feeling
That loving feeling

Hey, see it from afar
That loving feeling

To Jakarta, bringing a suitcase
The both of them, riding a train

Dreams of becoming a doctor
A woman's place is in the kitchen

That loving feeling
That loving feeling

Hey, see it from afar
That loving feeling

With a strong will, went to Jakarta
Rode a car with an old driver

It's true that I'm a woman
What's wrong with having dreams?

Duku and mangoes
Picked from my neighbor's yard

Forget your dreams
Because they're in vain

Went to the market on Sunday
Confused which clothes to buy

This country won't become better
If your way of thinking is shackled

Damn you!

Don't touch me!

I just want to talk for a bit.



will make my family proud...

by graduating as the valedictorian
among medical students.

My name...

my family's honor...

will be maintained.

And you, Ainun!

There's no certainty
that you'll even become a doctor!

- Stop it!
- What are you going to do?

- That's enough.
- What is it, man?

- You want us to listen to you, to respect you.
- Ahmad.

This is the type of mentality
that'll hold Indonesia back forever!



- Hey, man!
- What's going on?

Ahmad, that's enough!



That's enough!


- Ahmad!
- Ainun!



Are you okay?

This is my apology.

For worrying you the other night.

Thank you.


I only wanted to protect you.

Can I ask you something?

I already know the answer.

Yes. I want to watch local films!

Not that, Ahmad.

Yeah! I want to eat egg crusts!
And play with horses!

- Ahmad!
- Yes? What is it, Doctor?

What are your plans for the future?


Don't say that you're going to swim
or have dinner.

Ahmad. Please.

Just this once, consider this important.

- It has to be now?
- Yes.

I want to take you away from here.

From Jakarta?

From Indonesia.

But why?

With your intelligence,
you can do anything.

But you can't do it here.

Ahmad. You know a lot about Indonesia.
You love Indonesia, right?

That's exactly the point.

It's because I know Indonesia
and its people that I want to leave.

I have dreams for us.


Come with me and explore the world.

We'll build our dreams out there.

We'll teach our kids...

in a healthy and civilized environment.

What is it, Nun?

I admire your intelligence.

But I want to stay here.

I want to build this country.

No matter how hard it is.

I can't come with you on your adventure.

Okay, Nun. Okay.

I'll try. Even if I won't like it.

You can't do that.
You can't force yourself to...

At least I'll try, Nun!

That won't be fair to you.

Chase your dreams.

But what if you're my adventure,
Nun? My dreams?

Dreams aren't about "who".

They're about "why".

For reasons far greater than all this.

Do you love me, Nun?


Did you ever love me, Nun?


We're part of the same book.

But we're on different pages.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

Maybe it's mine.

It's no one's fault.

This is a choice.

Your eyes are more beautiful than ever,


I need some time alone.

I'll take you home.

I'd like to be by myself right now.

- Let me take you home.
- Ahmad.

I'm sorry.

It means...

Grandma Ainun and that law student
could have ended up married...

if they had been on the same frequency.

Yes. But the fact is, they weren't.

But Grandpa...

if Grandma Ainun had married Ahmad
and you had married someone else...

that could have been...

Then Dad wouldn't have been born
and we wouldn't have been born too!

So, you didn't go swimming after all.
Naughty kids.

You were eavesdropping? Come sit.

Well in reality, we're all here.
And that's a fact.

Your grandma and I were
on the same frequency.

We were in different fields,
but heading in the same direction.

Your grandma and I were able
to do so much together.


Take a deep breath.

Okay. Again. Take a deeper breath.

Take a deep breath.

- We're heading back, Nun. Bye.
- Take care.


Professor. You're still here?

I should be the one asking you that.
Why are you still here?

I have something to do at the library, Sir.

Can we talk for a bit?

Are we going to talk about Ahmad?

I believe that you and my son can overcome
the consequences of your decision.


We learned about the human body, Professor.

We even learned how to fix it.


But if it's about a human's heart...

that's a lifelong lesson.

But this is what I really
wanted to ask you.

Why are you using such a dirty coat?

It's old, Professor.

Give me your bag.

Your coat.


A student of mine...

can't wear a dirty coat like this.

Thank you.

Kau akan melakukan hal hebat.
You will do great.

Sukses, ya.
Good luck.


I wonder where Ainun is right now.

Yeah, where is she?

It's late and she still hasn't arrived.

I would like to ask your valedictorian...

who has come so far...

to give us a speech.

A good teacher...

learns more than their students.

Not the other way around.

Here, we all learned a lot.

Especially me.

Without further ado,
let me present to you...

your valedictorian, Hasri Ainun Besari!







A lot of people have asked me...

"Why would a woman
want to become a doctor?"

"Is it because she wants more respect?"

"Or because she wants to be rich?"

"Or simply wants to prove herself?"

I used to have trouble
answering that question.

Because in reality, it wasn't any of those.

In this case, I'm not even a woman.

I'm just an Indonesian.

A part of Indonesia.

Although it's a nation
that's still young...

and still stumbles...

and has a lot to learn...

it has big ambitions and dreams.

To rise. To stand on its own feet.

To become a prosperous society.


and all of us...

will be part of that commitment.


In 1961, Grandma Ainun graduated as
valedictorian of her class.

And then she continued her studies,
specializing in pediatric health.

When I grow up, I want to be just like
Grandma Ainun. I want to become a doctor!

Really? You can do it. You're smart.

Learn how to pee by yourself first, Tifani.

I'm sure she can do it. Okay?

Aku bangga pada Papi.
I'm proud of you.

Terima kasih.
Thank you.

You have taught us all.


Aku sayang Eyang.
I love you, Grandpa.

Eyang juga sayang padamu.
I love you too.

Hey, I can't breathe.

How about we don't go home?

Let's stay here tonight.

- Stay here?
- Yeah.

Yes, please stay.
Who wants to sleep with me? You?

Come, eat first.

Go ahead.

Let's tidy up.

Farrah, Farhan.

Farrah, Farhan. Stop fighting.

That's enough.

The plates...

This seems fresh.
We can put the leftovers in the fridge.

We're going to prepare the rooms.

I'm going to go tidy up.



What is it?

Are you about to tell me
that I'm dark and unattractive?


No... no.

To the contrary.

You're gorgeous, Ainun.

Pure and beautiful, like white sugar.

Too much sugar isn't healthy, Rud.

Is that so? Okay, Doctor.

Oh, God...

After all that you've gone through
to become a doctor...

It's okay, Rud.

You had to sacrifice your career.

I chose this.

To be with you.

Thank you, Ainun.

Aku sangat merindukanmu.
I miss you so much.

I never left you, Rud.

I'm always by your side.

One day, we will meet again,
in another world.

My Rudi.

You don't need someone who is perfect.

You only need to find someone
who always makes you happy...

and makes you feel like the most
important person in the world... to them.

When I was young...

and then I grew older and got sick...

I was afraid of death.

When my time comes, to transition
into the same dimension as Ainun...

I'm certain that it will not only be my family
that is waiting for me there, but also Ainun.

Hey! You're finally here!

There's a saying,
"Man proposes but God disposes."