Habana Blues (2005) - full transcript

Two cuban friends play in a blues band in La Habana. When a spanish music producer offers them a contract to record an album and to build a career in Europe, they will have to decide between stay in their birthplace with their loved ones or grab the chance of leaving Cuba.

Where are you from?

-From Italy! Italians!

Venice! I love bicycies!
And the Ladies?

-Living it up, I'm sure.

Here's a little song for you.

Playing rock n'roll,
listen to the beat.

Things are looking up,
the wind's at my back.

This is a war
and there's no end in sight.

Who knows how long
the lies will last.

People in the street

have their minds on hold.

This may be a party,

but we aren't having fun.

So take a ride to the other side.

Night is on It?s way...

Take a ride to the other side.

The rumba's playing

so start dancing. Let's get crazy.

If you can't beat 'em, forget 'em.

We're recording. Let's get to it.

Turn that down.

Get your feet off the bed,
you're notat home.

How about some coffee?

l need some coffee.


Here we go.

Damn it! One, two, three...


Take it easy.
Make up your mind.

-You've got it wrong.

Like this.

There it is!
Let's go again.

That's my boy!

You guys, all set.

Okay, guys.
We're ready to go.

Gentlemen, we're all set!

Lucio, here's the song list
and recording order.

Too many songs for 3 days.

We have no choice.
Everyone is ready?


Here I am again,
on this same street corner.

The smell of sweat,
sex and cigar smuggling.

Between the street and the rum,
life is rough.

I'm pedalling through time,

riding forward
right back into the past,

back to the same place.

Trying to get by.

Fighting, baby, fighting.
You know it, baby.

Trying to get by.

Dreaming, baby, dreaming.

Baby, it ain't easy to laugh
in the city of the brave.

Life is rough here,

that's no surprise.

I do what I got to,
using my own bare hands.

I'm low on cash.
I can't afford rock n'roll.

Trying to get by.

Fighting, baby, fighting.
You know it, baby.

-It's dead.
-What happened?

Lucio, what happened?

-Granny, we have to do it again.
-What happened?

That damn computer.

Son of a bitch!


Tell that drummer
to slow down.

Okay, but watch those long pauses.

Spare me the singing lessons!

It's not that...

Come on, enough garbage.
Let's record.

Here, fill this up.

No, Granny.

Otherwise I walk.

And hurry up,
I'll miss my soap opera!

If loneliness sickens your soul...

If winter arrives at your window...

Make room, Santa Claus is here!


The lobster the other day
wasn't fresh.

How can you say that?

You know we love you, baby.

-Always top-quality.
-How much?

-100, since it's you.

-No way.

90's as low as I go.

It's perfect for the poster!

Very nice, baby!

In Paris you could be a model.

Invite us.

No, buddy.

Of you

I can take care of you,
but the two of you impossible.

-Here, it's all I have.

It's plenty.

Will you be back soon?

I don't think so.

There are other places
besides Cuba.

But Cuba's where
you have the most fun.

lf loneliness sickens your soul...

Goodbye, my love.

Pour la France!

And to Valerie.

The carrier of our hope.

What do you think?


It's about time.

-You want to hear it?
-No, I'm too tired.

Tomorrow with the kids.

There it is. A friend's
gonna move it in France.

Maybe it'll work this time.

What's this?

Carlitos wrote you a song
and Lucy drew you a picture.

"Street rat rapper."

"Street rat rapper,
rum rompin' robber..."

He wants you to write background
and sing it with him at the concert.

I quit school.

My cousin got me sick leave
for depression.

In case anyone calls,
or if you see anyone from school...

When did you decide that?

You didn't tell me.

Are you sure?

I'll do handicrafts full-time.

The money my mom sends
isn't enough.

You like teaching.

If you did your share,
maybe I wouldn't have to quit.

Let's forget it.
I don't want to discuss the subject.

My decision is made.

Did you find somewhere to go?

The demo's taken all my time.

Always making excuses.

Big deal, a few more days.

It will be,
if you don't leave soon.

Turn off the light or go outside.
I want to sleep.

And take a shower.
You stink of French perfume.

I started at this theatre
as an errand boy.

Then I was doorman,
then usher...

After the Revolution triumphed,
they made me manager.

Never in my wildest dreams
could I have imagined.

I had to learn, so I did.

All the big names of Cuba
have been through here.

My grandmother debuted here
when she was 16.

Luz Maria Ferrer!

Then she's the one
who called you?

She said you were
good musicians.

That you needed a hand
for your debut concert.

You said on the phone the government
handles the sound system.

I was about to mention that.

They denied our request.

They say the event
isn't in the public interest.

What the hell do they know!
Sorry, comrade.

-Don't worry, I agree with you.
-What did you tell them?

That the concert is going to done.
I'll take care of it.

Not with out a sound system.


Julio, our technician,

fixed our system.

And he loaned us two mikes.

Try them.

Thanks, but we need a good system.
This concert means a lot to us.

With a full house...

Think you'll fill it?

We hope so.
We may be unknown,

-but we have a following.
-To see it full one last time...

One last time?

The city architects
want to close it.

They're afraid it'll collapse.

Follow me.

You can rehearse in here
for the time being.

That is, if you've got
nothing better.

Anything's better than nothing.

Then search no more.
I'll clean it up for you

and it'll be perfect.

-How about it?
-Bro, we're broke.

How can we afford the system?

We'll think of something.

When new sounds reach the island,
one of our own

always finds a way to add
a little Caribbean flavour.

Listen to X-Alfonso's new song

and see what I mean.

Be good, and don't wait till
tomorrow if you can be happy today.


Our big concert's next month,
Saturday the 28th. And of course,

-you're the host.
-I'm honoured, gentlemen.

-And promoter.
-Leave it to me.

AII of Havana will know.
Is that my demo?

It's hot.

Chen, remember we're taping
next week's show tomorrow.

-That's complicated. Bye.

"Doing the Havana," the 2nd track,
will be a hit. When'll they play it?

I don't decide the play list.

-Shit, Rober!
-You guys have nothing to lose.

This job is all I've got.

Here, a gift.

This could get me into trouble.

I?ll see what I can do.

Wait, wait!

I heard there are Spanish producers
here scouting Cuban talent.

-Those are rumours.
-Come on.

You've asked every musician
in town for a demo.

Relax, my friends.
It's a surprise.

-Not any more!
-It's a rough project...

The Spaniards have arrived.

You see? The surprise is here.

Just in time. Gentlemen, if you?ll
excuse me, I have an engagement.


More small-timers, maybe.

She's got a big-time resume.

She produced all the best rock
groups in Spain in the 90's.

Her record label is small
but the media corporation behind it

has a share of the U.S. market.

-Where did you meet them?
-Her at Cuba Disco last year.

I pitched her a project
with underground groups...

-Like us!
-A record, a tour in Spain...

Introduce me. I want to be
discovered before I'm 90.

We've got to meet them.

Okay, slow down.
There's no rush.

This is my territory,
don't meddle.

-I know you.

-You don't trust us?
-I trust no one.

People always ask me for help
and then leave me out in the cold.

I gotta run my own show.

Relax, we won't give you
any trouble.

Holy shit.
It's the director.

I thought it was odd he was late.
He smells them coming.

-Introduce us.

We have an important meeting.

There's a cocktail party
at the Music Institute later.

-You can meet them there.
-You're the man!

I'll take a chance on you.

Don't screw it up, okay?


Now get lost.
My boss hates hippies.

-The feeling's mutual.
-Fuck off!

Can I have a cigarette?

Give me a cigarette.
Come on, do it!

It'll mean a lot
to Cuban culture...

She smiled.

With your face and my dick
you could be the king of Havana.

Don't be crude, you're an artist.

That's not why I'm well endowed.

And clueless.

Why do you say clueless?

How much?


But for you,


Okay. Give me a second.

Your daughter's waiting for you
to fix her bike.

Caridad, I can't.
I'm late.

You start work at 10:30.

Yeah, but we have to meet
some Spanish producers first.

Have you got 10 dollars on you?

-I've got five.
-Not enough.

-Take it anyway.
-No, keep it.

I can only give you 15.
I?ll pay you the rest tomorrow.

Honey, I trust you.
But this time I can't do it.

Take a pair of
the necklaces I make.

I sell them for 15 dollars a pair.
You'll double your money.

Hey, Chino.

You should get rid of that meat.

-Caridad, telephone!

Hey, go get the phone.

Okay, okay.

Thanks. Come back later

-to choose the pair you like best.
-After the soap opera.

Sweetie, take this
in the kitchen for me.

Put it in the fridge.

Hello? Hi, Pancho.
What's up?

When did you hear?

Is that permanent?

Those bastards!

There's no other option?

Hold on a sec.

Carlitos, cut it out!

I can't even talk
on the phone here.

What was that, Pancho?

Where the hell would I get
500 dollars?

Imagine that.
Oh, well.

It's all ready to go.
I?ll bring it over

in the morning.
All right.



Give me a peso.


Here's your phone back!
Thanks, honey!

What happened?

They revoked my license
to sell at the fair.

I can get another
for 500 dollars.

What will you do?

What can I do?

Keep paying someone
to sell at their table.

Goddamm it! Where will I get
that money? We're broke.

The kids will hear.

You hear me?

It's hopeless.

They're keeping us down.

Dad, it's Tito.

tell him l'm coming.

I'm going, too.

Don't be long!

Chari has something special
planned for later.

I?ll come pick you up.
Luz Maria would love to see you.

I can't, too much work.
Besides, I'm not in the mood

for tourists. I get my share
during the day at the fair.

Give her a kiss for me.
tell her I?ll stop by next week

with the kids.

Where the fuck is Rober?

The Spaniards are over there.

-Let's meet them.
-No, wait for Rober.

-Fear doesn't win battles.
-Rushing doesn't either.

What's up?

Where were you?
We've been waiting for 2 hours.

-Take it easy.
-We don't have all day.

-We have work later.
-It's all set.

I already gave them your demo.
It's all arranged.

I just need your help
with a couple things.

The Spaniards want a beach house,
Not a hotel. I don't know any.

Damn, Rober.

-What an amateur.
-Hey, fuck you.

-Piece of cake, man.
-Make sure it's amazing.

-And with a good cook.
-Find out how much they'll spend.

The other thing...

We'll look into it.

Things are tight,
but we'll try.

If you have any more questions,
you can ask me later. Goodbye.

Goodbye, thank you.

Marta, Lorenzo,
these are Tito and Ruy.

The musicians
who gave us the demo.

-Hi. Nice to meet you.

I think you?ll like them. It's the
type of stuff we're looking for.

Any previous records
Or contracts?

No, producing
is so expensive here...

Cuba's blocked.
It's a tough situation.

-But you?ll love our stuff.
-I'd like to hear it.

-They're finding a beach house.
-Give us a couple days.

With a big living room,
for an office. Money's no object.

Then space won't be a problem.

What about dinner to night?

I don't know. Any ideas?

I was thinking something simple...

-The Floridita...
-No, Rober.

Save the tourism.
Leave it to us.

We know a nice little place
with great music,

-good food...
-If you don't like it, our treat.

Send me the revised contracts.

And the editorial rights.

Tomorrow I meet with the consul
and the cultural attach?.

The visa won't be a problem.

Yeah, we've signed
the pre-contract.

Quite a feat over here.

I've had two meetings.
I almost gave up. Hold on. Hi.


Sorry, gotta go. I'm getting into
the Time Machine.

-What is this relic?
-A 1952 Chevrolet.

A 1952 ChevroIet.
How quaint.

-Is this it?

Hey, bro!


-How's it going?
-Fucking awesome.

Welcome to Terror Palace.

Where have you played?

Small joints.
More than three people

is a conspiracy here.

Just kidding. A coupIe places here
in Havana. The last time was...

I forget.

Keep in mind the Beatles

were banned here
for "ideological subversion."

To Cuba!

Let's cut the crap and give these
Spanish invaders a little hell.

One, two, three.

What the fuck was that?

Anarchy, subversion,


Get sucked.

Won't open her legs,
says to wear a condom.

She's on the rag,
her tummy hurts.

Here's some advice
for that special moment.

You'll both enjoy lt.
Get sucked.

Get sucked.

Get sucked.

All refined-black persons have met

-and we have decided...
-Not to play more rumba!

All refined-black persons

have met

-and we have decided...
-Not to play more rumba!

All refined-black persons have met

- and we have decided...
-Not to play more rumba!

Manga rode that horse...

Manga rode that horse...

Yahoo, deja vu, it's you...

Don't stop, keep going.

You'll love it.

Feel the glamor.

All refined-black persons

have met

and decided...

Not to play more rumba!

What was that email about?
What do you mean, Miami?

I can't, I'm working.


I don't want to see
those conceited assholes.


Don't explain the obvious.
Of course I know we need them.

I really don't want to go.

Fine, I'll go. Okay.

Let me know.

Yeah, we've seen
some good stuff here.

Good ideas, good concept,
bad producing.

Don't flatter me,
you know I don't like it.

Especially when I'm pissed off.
Okay, bye.

Coming through, gentlemen.

Don't ask who we are,
or who we were,

or where we were born,

or how we survive.

Don't worry, what matters

isn't how we got here.

You should sign these guys
right away.

They're leaving for France
next week.

They're awesome.
Really great stuff.

-They're leaving next week?

...overcoming adversity.

You're riding a star,
so don't turn back.

It may be rough,
but don't turn back.

You're riding a star
so don't turn back.

We can't take anymore

of all this corruption!

For years my people

have faced oppression!

-All we can do is fight!

Strength in unity!

We'll never betray

the future of the nation!

No more pain!

No more fear!

Change is inevitable!

Open your eyes

to the suffering

of the innocent!

Don't think

about defeat!


Don't hold back!

Don't think about defeat!

Don't hold back!

Don't think

about defeat!

Don't hold back!

Don't think

about defeat!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Cuba rebellion!

Whata gorgeous cousin I have!

Oh, my God!

It's my cousin!

I wish my aunt
could have been here.

So do I.
How is she doing?

Fighting like a tiger. If she were
a man she'd be a section chief.

But being a woman,
and at her age, she manages.

Hold on a sec.

Look, here's 150 dollars and
the list. Check that it's all there.

Just as well. This'll keep me
going a couple more months.


I talked to your mom.

She wants you in Miami.

We have a contact
to get you out.

We've been over this.

-I don't want to leave.
-Keep an open mind.

Read the letter, she explains
everything. Your mother needs you.

Working over there is hard

for a 56-year-old.
She's lonely.

What about Armando?

Armando left her

a couple months ago.

She didn't want to worry you,
but you should know.

Forget that mulatto.

He's hopeless.

Make your mom happy.

The kids will be fine.
I'll take care of it.

What does she say?

Nothing, that she's
working a lot.

You remember her,
next to my mom?

That's Orestes! We all thought
she'd been eaten by sharks.

They're working together.

As soon as she saw her she said,

"Everyone, this lady makes the best
fried malanga in all of Havana."

She's having a rough time.

Caridad, telephone!

Mommy, it's Grandma!

Hurry, she's on the phone!

Mom! What a surprise.
How are you?

Oh, we're fine.

Don't send so much money.


Yeah, it arrived fine.
The kids love their toys.

-Say thanks for me.
-Let me talk to her!

Mom, Ruy says hi and thank you

for the guitar strings.

-Me too, Mommy!
-Carlitos, hold on.

I wish I could give you a kiss.

How are you? I read the letter,
but talk to me.

I'm fine, don't worry.

Yeah, I talked to her.

l don't know,
I'll call you.

Relax! Seduce me!

My temperature is getting higher,
with your hips, I'm like a train.

If the night asked me if I have got light

I started to feel that tingly

in my spine.

So relax, darling.

Seduce me!

I'm heating up,

riding your hips, I?m like a train.

My adrenaline?s pumping
east and west.

Your whisper makes my heart

want to jump
right out of my chest.

Go on, baby, grab it.

Give me your kisses and honey.

Come on, give it up.

I came all this way for you.

Let yourself go.
Do your thing.

You're a natural. So relax.

Seduce me.

I'm heating up...

Ay, what's wrong?

That look and that mouth
are killing me.

Ay, what's wrong?

What's under your dress
is blinding me.

Go on, grab it, baby.

Come on, give it up.

Go on, grab lt.

I'm breaking my rule here.

What rule?

I never screw the musicians
I work with.

We're not working together yet.

We'll see how your audition goes.


I'll have to decide
which is more in my interest.

You in the project,

or you fucking me.

Rules are made to be broken.

I don't like breaking mine.

Nice evening, isn't it?

A bit chilly
to be out here doing nothing.

I thought you'd stay
for breakfast.

Coffee, scrambled eggs,
orange juice...

She's a tough one.
Likes sleeping alone.

How interesting.

They say it's hot in Madrid
in August.

Yeah, they do.

Not hotter than here.

And we have the blackouts, without fans,
the wholly shit!

They have blackouts
in Madrid?

No, I doubt it.

Should we go?

Yeah, let's go.

But where to?

Havana or Europe?

Europe all the way.

Hit it.

I have to visit my cousins
in Camaguey tomorrow.

What for?

My mom asked me to in her letter.
You'll have to watch the kids.

Damn, it had to be this week.

I'm auditioning
for the Spaniards.

Figure it out. The kids aren't
taking a 400 km trip so you can

-play around with Spaniards.
-I'm not playing around.

I don't care.
You have two kids

and you have to
take care of them.

I'm sick of everything
always being about you.

Fine, I'll watch the kids.

And next time it's this late

just don't come back.
This isn't a motel.

I'll sleep with the kids.

And find yourself somewhere to live
before I get back from Camaguey.

Tito's, wherever.
I can't take this anymore.

I don't deserve
to be treated like this.

-How's the sound coming along?
-We're on it.

We're getting a good price.

-Well, guys?
-How are things going?

Afternoon, gentlemen.

Sorry we're late,
we were delayed.

Yeah, I know about
your "delays".

-You and all Havana.

-We're not here to waste time.
-We work for free, remember?

We know bro.
It won't happen again.

-First song?
-"Doing the Havana."

We've already got
that one down.

Pick another song.

We're starting with
"Doing the Havana."

I have a new change.

It's perfect for the audition.

We can't always be
changing shit all the time.

It'd be stupid to not give them
what they want.

Hey, great. But I'm not here
to please anybody.

Who cares? Let's have
a little collaboration.

Hey, I collaborate

all the time.

But I'm in this for the music.

If that's how you feel,

-then quit.
-Don't get all bad ass

-with me, motherfucker!
-Fuck you!

What the fuck?

Guys, there are
children present.

Be cool, man.

-You heard him.
-Forget him, he's a shithead.

Shithead? You, too?

Look, man. You know me.
I never back out of anything.

But for the next time, put your dick
into your mouth before talk.

For the next time, I will try
with your sister's mouth.

You have tried more than once
and she has rejected you.

Come on, let's go.

We've wasted enough time.

Doing the Havana.

Playing the guitar.
Dancing the rumba.

Doing the Havana.

Doing business.

Spreading the word.

Riding downhill on my bicycle

through Bel?n neighborhood

It?s the hidden Havana,

the one you never see.

Full of good people,

with humble roots.

Nostalgic and with purpose,

searching for every door
to the solution.

Doing the Havana.
Playing the guitar.

Dancing the rumba

through Bel?n neighborhood

Doing the Havana.
Doing business.

Spreading the word.

The system squeezes us
and don't allow us to survive.

And on the black market

you can find just enough...


This is great. But what about us?
Are we last?

Haven't you heard?
The last ones go first.

Actually I was always taught
to be first at everything.

Patience, my friend.

No, thanks.

Life's too short,
and in Cuba wasting time

is the national pastime.

Behind Cuba's
tourist-poster facade

hides a worker
giving his all.

This island isn't just rum,
cigars and hookers,

Varadero and Cayo Largo beaches.
It's more.

There are people working all day long
for a better future.

So let's do it.

Doing the Havana.

Playing the guitar.

Dancing the rumba.

Doing the Havana.

Doing business.

Spreading the word.

Well, where do we celebrate?

Celebrate what?

Marta's birthday, man.

And also...

You guys are fucking awesome

and you're in the project!

-Great! We'll have a huge party.

-At my place.
-Your place?


We want to interview Tito,
Ruy, all the musicians.


What a musician!

Where's your suitcase?
The plane's taking off, baby!

Be cool until we sign.
It's a free ride.

If they get me out of here,
I'll pay my own way.

To the Spanish slaves!

Finally, bro!
What happened?

Double the work, man.

Don't worry, in a month we'll be
in Spain making 20 times as much.

-Sorry, where's the kitchen?
-That way.

Hold on,
careful in the kitchen...

-Where's Caridad?
-In Camaguey with her cousins.

I knew she must be away.

How's Julia?

With a big round belly.

Give me two glasses.

Hey, I don't work here.

If this trip works out,

Caridad should start fresh.

Her mom wants her
to go to Miami.

-Even better.

She shouldn't be allowed
to separate me from my kids.

You are going to Spain.

-Yeah, but I?ll come back.

She can't raise them here alone.

I'd send her money.

Spain is a question mark.
And you go through money like water.

Daddy, I'm going to bed.

-Yes, my little man.
-Daddy, I'm sleepy.

Good night.

Thanks, Celeste.

-Save me a drink.

-So now we sign a contract, right?
-Of course.

Will they pay us well?

I don't know about that.
That's up to the boss.

I hope so.

Yeah, but generally...

Enough small talk.
Get to the point.

We need to rent a sound system and
some instruments for our concert.

We're completely broke.

We need money up front.

400 dollars.

400 dollars? That's nothing.
If Marta doesn't help you out,

-I will.
-You're the man!

When Marta gets back from Miami
we'll sign the contracts.

You see? You guys really know
how to do business.

-"Tito's bar special."
-Right on.

What's she got in Miami?

Business, man, business.

Miami's the key
to the Latin market.

There are people there
interested in our project.

Those people aren't
interested in us.

My friend, when there's
money to be made,

people only see one color.
You dig?

Yeah. "Doing the Havana."

Are those drinks ready?

Right here, my love.
For you.

Anything else?

Start making another.

They're pretty.
Who makes them?

Caridad, the mother
of my children.

"My wife" is easier.

We're getting separated.

-But you sleep in the same bed.
-So the kids won't know.

She's either dumb
or very in love.

Caridad ain't dumb.

-I'm looking to move out.
-You don't seem to be

looking very hard.
-It's not easy in this country.

When I find something
we'll tell the kids

-about the divorce.
-I think your search is over.

When I get back we sign the contract
and in a couple weeks

we fly to Madrid.

That sounds awesome!
What about in the mean time?

Keep rehearsing.

Help Lorenzo handle things.

Warn those who can't keep up
that they'll be left behind.

No one's spot is safe.
are you following me?

I?m following you.

Turn around.

It looks good on you.

Keep it.

I want to clarify one thing.

I didn't pick you
because you're fucking me.

I did it because
you're good musicians.

So you owe me nothing.

That's not why...

I'm too old for fairy tales.


Caridad, what are you
doing here?

And my kids?

With Celeste.

Get up and throw
all these people out.

Caridad, don't...

Shut up, Tito.

Do you want I go with you?

That would make it worse.

Save me some room in your bed.
I'm sleeping over to night.

Daddy, Mommy punished us

-for not going to school.
-Shut up.

Not a peep!

You'll learn to be responsible.

It's not their fault.
Leave that, I'll clean up.

Go downstairs.

Go on, move it.

Stay in front of the building.
Don't test me.

-I'm sorry.
-You went too far.

Way too far.

I?ll find a place this week.

No, I'm the one leaving

this time.

To the U.S. with the kids.

Have you thought carefully about that?
You're just upset and it'll pass.

-We have a contact to get a raft.
-A raft?

Are you nuts?
Listen to yourself.

-A raft!
-I want the divorce as soon as possible.

You know how many people
get killed?

Or eaten by sharks?

You think I'd risk our kids' lives

-if it weren't safe?
-but they're my kids, too.

For how long?

-What about when you're in Spain?
-Why not?

You think I don't love them?

I know you love them,
but it's over.

You've got a chance
to start over in Spain.

I wish you the best.
But I have to do the same for them.

We'll find a solution.
I'll send for you

-from Madrid.
-I don't trust you anymore.

Your mother can get you
the Green Card.

-It would be safer.

And wait in line for 5 years?
No way.

It took me long enough to decide.

I'm through waiting.

You can either support me
or deal with it.

Or you can report me.



If you won't support me,
at least don't complicate things.

Caridad's taking the kids
to the U.S.

in a raft.


She's taking the kids

in a raft.

You're kidding.

-I'm worried about them.
-Yeah, so am I.

But couldn't you have said
something to change her mind?

It's too late for that.

You're a fucking idiot, man.

She's stood by you for 10 years,
and what have you done?

Besides stopping her
from studying and practically

Living off her?
What else have you done?

What raft?

Some friend of hers.

But what about the raft?

You can't let them just leave

without seeing what kind
of raft they have!

What the hell can I say?
"Don't leave"?

No, support her, for once

in your life.

Yeah, they're not your kids.

They might as well be,
damn it.

Come in strong
on the second chorus.


Let's see.

Didn't we agree yesterday
to change the last verse?

-Yeah, but I don't want to.
-It's too local.

This is getting too local.
People only understand it

here in Cuba.

This record is for
the Spanish market.

It's a Latin market.

Yeah, but with Cuban musicians.

Wait, hold on.

Look, it's simple. We need to
sell it, and to sell it,

people need to understand it,
so it needs to be changed.

What people need to understand
is our music isn't like that crap

-they make in Spain.
-Watch it.

Let's get this straight.

We're making a quality record.
It's in our own

but we also have to consider

our market. This is a business,

Business is business.

The sun rises and I get up...

Hey, go play with your stuff.
Play with your doll.

Hi, Mommy. Aunt Betty!

I haven't lost the faith.

I just don't know
what to do anymore.

I want to believe...

for those who are here,
sketching a sunrise.

and I am praying for those
who take to the sea at night.

Silence out to sea...

And others will weep because
they are missing this sunset.

It's not like I know

what's best...

or worst.

Now that you're here,
what will you do? Tell me!

Fate is carried by your voice,
your judgment,

for a better life.

I haven't lost the faith,
I just don't know what to do.

I don't know what to do

for those who are here,

a sunrise.
Praying, praying...

...for those who take
to the sea at night.

Silence out to sea...

And others will weep because
they are missing this sunset.

What are you doing up?

So you wouldn't
have to sleep alone.

There, I told you.

Let's sing a happy song
for the future.

Not too much to ask.

A speck of your love...

This isn't life.

If you can keep up,

give a little more...

This is your home.

And I'm back for another sunrise.

Sorry, guys.
It's my fault.

I'm really sorry.

Should we stop?
I need to leave early.

Okay, more tomorrow.

What happened?

I feel awful.

I can't stop thinking
about that raft.


It'll be all right.

When would it be?

Not even they know that.

Anytime after your mom pays.

They give me 3 hours notice,

and I take you and the kids
where ever they say.

Only three hours?

-It?s for safety reasons.
-They wait for no one.

Either show up
or lose your money.

I would like to meet them.

-Is it possible?
-What for?

They've never botched a trip.

What if something goes wrong?

It's my wife and kids!

Then don't let them go.
Don't take the chance.

I have to see this boat.
I'd feel safer.

I don't blame you.

But I am doing you a favour.

I'm already risking

too much.

-Try to understand.
-Betty, you know them.

They won't risk showing
their boat to anyone.

They'll laugh in my face.

He's right. Cousin,
you have to make up your mind.

Your mom has the money ready.
If I call her you?ll have it

by tomorrow.

Prepare a bag with water,
food, towels

and bathing suits
for you and the kids.

If the police stop us we will say we
are spending the day at the beach.

Is that clear?

5000 dollars now,
and he will wait till I leave.

-I can tear it up if you want.
-What for?

What will I do
with that old car?


Try Wilson's, he's selling
a great rum from Santiago.

-Granny, I told you...
-Don't Granny me!

What's the fucking point
if I can't drink a little rum?

Keep it.

-The plumber's coming tomorrow.
-Another idea

of yours?

Granny, you've been

complaining for years about the tub.
He's going to install a shower!


-Comrade, I'm here for my class.
-Come in, Pablito.

Today you've got the
lesson number 3.

And stop calling me "comrade"
or "professor." Just Luz Maria.

Your coffee will get cold.

Give me a kiss.


Stop a second.
This is fucking crap.

We've been at it for 3 hours.

Nobody remembers
the arrangement?

We have to focus.

-Again. From the beginning.
-Look what time it is.

I'm exhausted.

-I can't go on.
-We've been here

-since 9 A.M. I'm delirious.
-Show them what we're made of.

Hey, I'm as much
as a musician as you are.

Come on, fellas!

Lorenzo, we're having
a bad day.

Tomorrow we'll take it
from the beginning.

Fine, tomorrow it is.
But remember, you guys

have to be at 100 percent

and we want total dedication.

Okay. See you guys tomorrow.

You're crazy, man.
This is a total burnout.

Not like this, man.

-In the real world...
-Man, I don't care.

I've had enough for today.

We're not in Spain yet.

Show some respect
for your colleagues.

I?ll meet you outside.
And hurry up.

Caridad needs help
cooking dinner.

I can't go. I have to pick up
Marta at the airport.

Don't do that to Caridad!

I'm sorry, I forgot.
What can I do?

Do as you please.

Tell Caridad I'll be there

as soon as I can.

That was delicious.
The pork was amazing.

Better to not get too used
to eating so much.

You guys, I got a letter from
Orlandito with the last catalogue.

I heard he bought an apartment
in downtown Madrid.

Yes, sir.

And we can't even afford
new shoes.

Is he doing that well?

Yeah, he's selling a ton.

He got so lucky.

It's not luck.
He went after it.

I really love Orlandito,

but what he's doing now doesn't
compare to what he used to do.

So what? He's painting what
people buy.

That is the opposite side,
I think people should work on
what they really believe and
try to live form that.

Cari, for that you need to leave
this country.

An artist needs a public.

-How would you know?
-Business is business.

Pure art is dead.

No, it should be killed.

Well, let's drink to that.

No way.
I won't drink to that.

I've been putting up with
his poetry nonsense for 14 years.

He never asks his aunt in New York
for medicine or shoes or money.

He asks for books and magazines.

And now that he's finally writing
something good,

we can't throw it all away.
No way, guys.

You'll keep being
my cursed poet

and pay no attention to these

capitalist scumbags.

-You hear me, darling?
-Yes, dear.

I don't care if I have
only one pair of shoes

or if I have to wait in line
for hours

to buy a couple eggs and bread.

I'll be a hooker if I have to.

Hey, wait.

An erudite hooker, of course.

But you promise to be a pure artist,
the purest in the world.

-Right, my love?
-Yes, dear.

My Mariana Grajales
of the cursed poets.

My Joan of Arc
of misunderstood verse.

The pure artist

lives on!

Let's drink to that.

To the pure artist.

The unquestionable lighthouse
of a disoriented humanity.

Such a way with words.

Come here.

Baby, say something to me.

-Like what?
-I don't know, anything.

We're sick of lighthouses.

My only light
pours out of your eyes.

My only verse is your smile.

My best song
is already written inside you.

-How mushy!

My love...

You guys,
there are children present.

What's wrong?

We'll talk later.

Who wants coffee?

Caridad appeared to me...

Not that one.

...one afternoon
among university notebooks...

And goodbye loneliness...

Who did it?

-You told him to sing that.

Yes, he did. It was Daddy.



...of voracious love.

Today, I look through you

the streets of my Havana.

Your sadness and your pain

are present in all frontage

Your soul and your loneliness
are the voice

of this tired nation.

Alone, you and I...

in the sleeping city.

Alone, you and I...

kissing the wounds.

Oh, Havana.

You forgot more and more
of yourself

to support my dreams.

But I know I broke your heart

by playing with your feelings.

It was the light

I had stolen

that left all your desires
in the darkness.

Alone, you and I...

In the sleeping city.

Alone, you and l...

kissing its wounds.

And I have to let you go

putting the sea between us.

Paying the price for others

that are taking advantages
of the contradictions.

Another family

marked by separation.

How can I fight the sun,

politics and God?

-Are they asleep?
-They're tough ones.

Prepare yourself.
Making them is easy.

The hard part comes later.

My fellow lovers...

of poetry and others
human miseries...

Our friend Ruy here

and yours truly,

the lady who filled your stomachs
this evening...

...have two pieces of news.

Depending on your viewpoint, they're
not good or bad, or both good

-or both bad...
-Spit it out,

suspense is bad
for pregnant women.

We're getting a divorce.


-It's about time!
-Thank God

you went through with it.

And the other news?

I'm taking the kids to the U.S.

I didn't want to leave
without warning you first.

I didn't want you to ask people

where I was and hear
that I left just like that.

Or you to think, "Hey,

she could have at least given me
a hug, or carried a letter for me."

I don't know.

We'll do the hugs now then.

And the letters tomorrow.


Another friend to visit abroad.

Another poem taken out of the book.
Another friend...

to dedicate a song to.

And more plants to water!

Another dog to feed!

Let's have a toast.
To everyone here.

I?ll really miss you all.

To the good times
we've had together.

And to the good times ahead,
damn it.

Let's not be sad.
It's a party.

Alex, play something fun.

Give me that.
We've got the blues tonight,

so I'll play a blues song.
Where's my pick?

Let's see what happens.
You might like it.

During the blackout my back woman

Grandma's gonna start

getting all

fussy and grouchy

and knocking the government

and Grandpa will bitch about

how it's because of
imperialism, by OPEC

and free trade...

Baby, pass me that candle.

I'm gonna miss
my soap opera again.

Close the Westinghouse,
It'll defrost again.

What will I do with
my electric guitar?

I wanna dance with a lighter.

Light me up with tales of love.

Sing me a blues before
the lights come back on.

Sing me a blues before
the lights...

Sing me a blues

before the lights...

come back on.

How pretty.


What's up, mulatto?

-Why is this closed?
-The rehearsal got cancelled.

The Spaniards had a meeting

and everyone left.

And Tito?

-With the Spaniards.
-Is that it?

Nobody told me anything.

They met

with Alex in the office
and had a fight.

Hello? Hello?

Luz Maria.

This fucking phone!

-Luz Maria, it's Ruy.

-Is Tito there?

I need to talk to him.
It's urgent.


-It's Ruy!
-I'm coming!

How was the divorce?

Fine. We're broke
so it was easy.

-Fix this damn phone.

We're on our way, bro!
We sign tomorrow.

I told you we could do it.

But tell me, what happened
with Alex? I went by there...

Typical stuff. The bastards
in Miami. They imposed conditions.

-on Marta for the bands.
-What conditions?

-I'm here.

-What conditions?

Only unknown bands.

We have to cancel the concert.

But she knew we had it planned.
It means a lot to me.

And to me.
But what choice have we got?

-We comply or we're out.



Damn telephone!
Ruy, can you...? Ruy!

Hey, let's talk in person.



There. Listen, meet me
at the beach house.



Shit. This thing's fucked.

Get it fixed!

-I need a phone!
-Yeah, later. Bye.

Miami will distribute
100,000 copies

and pay for a tour
across the Western Hemisphere.

And most importantly,
they have

-a sponsor for the Spanish tour.
-In exchange for what?

They want only unknowns

who haven't had any concerts
or records and haven't been

out of Cuba. Those who don't
qualify will be dropped.

-Who cares if we're unknowns?
-They're pitching "forbidden music."

You know, political stuff
against the regime

and a little trash talk.

A couple interviews
and were famous,


That's suicide, man.

If we criticize Cuba
they'll never let us back in.

We know that.

This isn't easy for us,

Especially for me.

-I have no choice.
-The Cuban issue

-Isn't our fault.
-Yeah, but you exploit it.

This will benefit all of us.

And if it doesn't?

A risk you have to take.

At least you'll have gotten

out of here.

The two of you in Spain

will have no problem finding

a way to survive.

What happened, man?

Marta's looking for you.
Something about her making dinner.

-This is killing me.
-What's wrong?

I hate being played with.

Don't think so much about it.

Dog eat dog, man.
The ship's sinking.

If things get rough
they'll drop us like a bad habit.

-A risk we always knew about.
-But we can't come back.

I know, I'd be leaving
my grandma behind.

You should think more about her.

Don't worry about her.
She's my problem.

Besides, we're better off in Spain
even if this falls through.

I don't feel right going around
talking bullshit.

We're musicians, man.
What do we care

-about politics?
-Then where's the problem?

Leaving isn't the same
if it's for good.

Don't get worked up over it.

Man, the euro, tours...
We're going to make a record

with more than 100,000 copies
already sold.

Be smart, bro.
This is the best we've got.

I know, man.
But not like this.

I can't do it.


I don't want to be used,

It has to be about the music,
not just some assholes

who could give a shit about this
country trying to get rich off us.

Don't give me that, Ruy.

Look, doing the concert
will open other doors.

-And wait another few years? No way.
-We're locking ourselves in here.

What do you care?
Caridad's taking the kids.

It'll be easier to go see them
from Spain.

If they screw us,
we dump the lot of them.



I can't do this without you.

Man, trust me.


-Come on, it's late.
-I'll go with you.

What? No, you stay here

with Marta. Keep her happy.

She can go play with
someone else.

Don't get cocky.
There are plenty of Cubans around.

Not like you and me.

Get real, bro!

Musicians are
a dime a dozen here.


-Want a beer?

Are you okay?


Shall we go for a swim?

I didn't bring a suit.

So? I'll take mine off
and we'll be even.

I'm not in the mood.

I want to go home early.

-It'll be dark soon.
-We'll get a taxi.

No, I've got my ?Mercedes-Benz? bike
parked outside your house.


It was nice while it lasted.

I'm really sorry
about everything.

My company does important business
with the Americans.

They're in charge now.

They make the rules,


I'm going for a swim.

The water's great and nobody's
going to ruin my evening.


Can't you finish it?

I'm blocked.
Nothing comes to me.

Is there a problem?

-Did you fight with someone?
-No, nobody.

Well, nobody in particular.

In that case,

maybe you're angry with yourself.

It's possible.

That means whatever it is

can still be resolved.

What day do you leave?

In three weeks,

more or less. Why?

My mom might sell the apartment
to my cousin Betty.

Where do I come in?

You probably won't come back,
so we might sell it.

Why probably?

Why would you come back?

Spain has anything you need.

And Tito's dying to stay there.

But if you're coming back,
we need someone to look after it.

Your mom should sell it
if she wants to.

Don't be a shithead.

She said she'd sell it
if you planned to stay in Spain.

Don't get angry with me,
it's not my problem.

Don't look at me that way.


You know exactly
how you're looking at me.

Who cares?

I do. I'm not your wife anymore.
Or did you forget?

I'll be frank with you guys.

This contract,

relatively speaking, is crap.
lf you were established

musicians you'd throw it back
in my face.

But you're getting started
and it's reasonable.

It lasts for three years.
During that time

the company owns your work.

-All of it?
-All of it.

Nothing is done without
the company's consent.

That has to be totally clear.

-You follow me?
-Get me out of here

and I?ll follow you anywhere.

From the moment we leave Havana,
and during the first six months,

the company will take care of you.
In Madrid you?ll have

room and board
and spending money.

After six months,
you're on your own.

With what money?

Your cut of concert profits.

What's our cut?

25 percent the first year.
It grows yearly up to 60 percent.

-Is that enough to live on?
-Not at first,

but I think you?ll be fine
in no time.

Just watch your expenses.

Let's continue.
No royalties will be paid

until recording and marketing
expenses are covered.

-So we pay for the recording?
-Of course.

We front you the money.

It's our investment,

we're taking the risk.

Who decides when
expenses are covered?

The company, obviously.
But you can solicit information.

And finally, during these
three years of contract,

50 percent of
the editorial rights

-go to the company.
-What's left for us?

You expect us to spend three years
living for your company?

We've always been poor, man.
It's no big deal.

Nobody gets rich off my work.

Who ever doesn't want

to be exploited
can just not sign.

Okay, let's stay calm.

My company wants to invest in you.
They'll guarantee a record a year

for each group and a single

based on each group's

We can't even negotiate editorial
rights? 50 percent is pretty high.

You'd complain if you

got screwed with Vaseline.

You want it to hurt.


listen up. My advice is
don't dwell on

the contract details.
Consider the possibilities

it opens up to you. All musicians
have to start somewhere.

They're out there waiting,
dreaming of being discovered

by someone who'll produce them.

That's what this company
is offering you.

So we should be grateful
on top of it.

Why not?
To a certain extent, yes.

Frankly, we depend on them

-and they don't depend on us.
-Not quite.

They take advantage
of our situation.

-You don't know what you're saying.
-And you do?

Maybe you guys have
a juicier contract

-than we do.
-Man, don't go there.

Easy, fellas. You can say

what ever you want,
but don't get nervous.

Any more comments?


We all know the contract
is nothing special

but it's an opportunity
I can't ignore.

-Aren't there any others?
-Gorki, I need to get off

this island.
I can't take it anymore.

I'd do it all for free.

That's bullshit.

We deserve to be treated

-like this.

You're awfully quiet.

What the hell can he say?

All right, man.

Could Ruy please give us

his opinion of
this generous contract?

-It's better than nothing.
-Not very enthusiastic.

He needs more practice.

No, you don't seem
very convinced.

Because I'm not.

Would Ruy please explain

his lack of enthusiasm?

Personal matters.

Shit, let him answer!

God damn it, Gorki!

-You're overdoing it.
-You're the ones overdoing it.

You want us to be
political toys,

to work for squat...

and we have to smile about it.

We're not starving here, bro.

We're hungry,
but I'll eat a brick

before I make some company rich.

Does that mean you won't sign?

You can say it louder, Marta.
But not any clearer.

Can you give us a second?

Thanks. Leave us, Rober.

I expected this from Gorki,
but not from you.

I consider us friends.
I'm asking you

-to think this through.
-I have, Marta.

The contract is abusive
and your plans for us are bullshit.

I know it sucks but
it's the best I can do for now.

Maybe once in Spain Marta can
negotiate for you guys on the side.

You have no chance here.


If you don't sign,

Tito can't go either.

We'll be fine, don't worry.

-You're making a huge mistake.
-Perhaps, but I feel great.

How's that for a bad contract?

-None whatsoever.
-I've betrayed a lot of people.

Including myself.

But never my music.
It's the only real thing I have.

A very moving speech.

I hope you're good in bed,
you fucking idiot. In a few months

you?ll remember today
and realize how stupid you were.

You'll be back in line waiting for
a new producer to come.

Maybe he'll like mulattos like you
and it'll be your ass next time,

free of charge!

Ruy, please.

I should punch you
in the face, Lorenzo.

-Bro, you screwed me.
-I'm sorry.

Why did you do that?

It was a shitty contract.

-Shitty for who?
-For everyone.

Why didn't you talk to me?
You know how badly I want to leave.

If we're good,
we'll have plenty of chances.

You're so naive!

You think success

comes from talent?
Bullshit! Success is knowing

when to jump at your chance,
you hear me?

In Cuba that's how it is,
you dumb mulatto.

That's not true.

Get out of my car.

Look, I may be a dumb mulatto...

-But I'm not a whore.

Get out.

You and I are through.

Get out.

Get out, damn it!


Nothing in this country works!

They'd have fed us for 6 months.

Six months away from this fucking
stubborn car that's ruined my life.

Six months of real life, damn it!

What was fucking wrong
with that contract?

Are we any better off here?
Tell me, are we?

Sure we are.
We have our concert.

-Fuck the concert!
-They were vampires.

They would have sucked us dry.

But we'd be in Spain,
dumb shit.

In Spain!

We'd have managed on our own.

You dumb fuck. They would have
sued us for breach of contract.

Three years as their slaves!

Whose slaves are we here?

Nobody's. Our own.

Fuck you, Ruy. Spare me
your speeches. I'm sick of them.

Man, we'll find a way.

I want out of here. I'm 28 and I've
never been off this damn island!

-Easy, bro.
-Fuck that!

A whole month kissing

their asses and right when
we've got them you come along

-and screw it up.
-Then you go ahead.

Go sign their damn contract
if that's what you want.

Not without you, dickhead.

You're coming with me!

I don't want to go alone,
damn it!

No fucking way!

Fuck! Fuck!

Not so rough!

That wasn't rough.

Come on, it hurts.

Hold still. Your kids
behave better than you.

I'm cancelling the concert.

With only 5 days left?

Without Tito there's no concert.

Sing your own songs.

There aren't any.
We wrote them all together.

He'll be over it by tomorrow
and you?ll be friends again.

I don't know about that.

Your kids are excited
about the concert.

They want 20 tickets
for their friends.

-Get them at least ten.
-There is no concert.

Do what you want,
but after all you've put into it

I think it's pretty stupid.

It's not just the concert.

When I write a song it's like
he knows what I'm looking for.

You understand?

I understand perfectly.
But you're on your own now.

Or will you quit music?

Deal with it.
This is what life is about.

Everyone follows their own path.
You without him,

and me without you.

Talk to him.
He's probably over it by now.

He'll have changed his mind.

-I?ll go with you.
-His mind won't change.

Tito, enough screwing around.

I?ll forget about
what happened with Lorenzo.

Just convince him.

It's your only chance to leave.
It's up to you.

You're wrong, Marta.

Without me,
there's no project.

I'll report all of you.

I have nothing left to lose.

You'll screw everyone.

If I don't go, no one does.
Nothing will happen to them.

-But you'd be screwed.
-You wouldn't.

I wouldn't? Try me.

Are you nuts?

Comrade manager!

tell me, Estrellita.

Our friend's here
about the concert.

You're just in time.

Don't move, stay right there.
I have a surprise for you.

Julio, kill the lights!

It's no big deal,

-but we tried.

Comrade manager had to fight with
half the Ministry of Culture.

-If it were me,

I'd have closed the theatre.
Let the damn thing collapse

-if they won't fix it.

Do it right
or don't do it at all.



Well? What do you think?

Pretty, isn't it?

It looks really great.

But come down here, Ren?.
I have something important

-to discuss.
-Of course.


-There's one more thing.
-That's right, I almost forgot.

I have another surprise.

I'd rather talk to you first.

Just for a second, boy.

Julio, dim the stage lights!

Do it, Julio!


The best spotlight
in all of Cuba.

This Julio's a genius.

You know the last time
that equipment was used?

Five years ago.
And there it is all yours.

It's so wonderful up here.

Just imagine it with a crowd.

I get goose pimples
just thinking about it.

What did you want to tell me?

We couldn't get the money.

We have to cancel the concert.

We'll see about that!

Luz Maria?

-How's it going, old man?
-Here I am.

Like they say,
the show must go on.

My friend here is going
to give us a hand. Tell Chari

what you need.
She'll front us the money

if we do her cabaret again.
How many nights

-did you say?
-Ten, Luz Maria.

We need more repertoires.

Granny, I can't do it.

Sure you can.
Who's gonna stop you?

I can do it all.

I may be small
but I don't suck my thumb.


Street ratrapper,
rum rompin'robber,

running down the boardwalk.

The rat steals rum
cuz there's cheese in the cellar.

The ratuses his hands to steal,

not to work.
I use mine to paint,

play and fly.

And to give my mom a hug

or my dad.

Not to steal, brother.

That'll make your face stink.

The street rat rapper
plays tough,

jumping from wall to wall

In the cellar. He's no frog,

he's a kangaroo.

The rat's time will come,
his path will lead him astray.

Maybe on a rainy night

or under a full moon
or stars...

But he'll end up all alone,
he'll fall

like a bowling pin,
like a bull

at a bullfight.
You can hear a sigh...

Poor rat!

I can do it all.

I may be small
but I don't suck my thumb.


Daddy, if Tito goes to Spain
and you stay here,

you won't sing
together anymore?

-Yeah, more or less.
-That sucks!

It always happens when people
are together a long time.

They separate

and go their own ways.

Does that mean Tito won't come
camping at the beach?

No, he won't.

-Who'll take us?
-Aunt Betty's husband.


I like Tito's car better.

I know, baby.
I can't go camping with you.

Why not?

Because I have to work
at Chari's club with Luz Maria.

Tomorrow's concert is expensive
and I have to pay for it.

Come on, spend the day with us.

We'll make a bonfire
like last time

and I?ll sing
"Street Rat Rapper."

We can charge tourists on the beach
to cover the cabaret.

Silly little boy!

You think the tourists
will give you money?

Sure they will.

You're dreaming.

They'll pay me, all right.

-Who said?
-Mommy said.

What's your problem, boy?

Easy on the piano.

You're leaving, but I'm staying.
And that's my living.

It's off key.

What are you talking about?
You're the one off key.

I can't work like this.
It needs to be tuned.

No, it doesn't.
The piano's fine.

If you want to tune something, tune yourself.
Why don't you talk to him?.

-There's nothing to say.
-Don't be such a pussy.

Talk to him, work it out.
You're too old for this crap.

It's not crap. He almost got me
taken off the project.

Is it his fault?
He's the only guilty party?

He's the one who quit!

He chose his path,
and you chose yours.

After all these years?
I don't wantto leave without him!

Then look.

It's right if front of you,
you hear me?

If you decided to leave once
and for all despite everything,

then go ahead.
Leave already, damn it!

Just stop whining
about the damn trip!

What about you?

What about me?

-What will we do with you?
-I can take care of myself.

I never needed anybody,
you hear?

Forget about me.

Go get famous.

And send me cash every month.

Where are you going?

To get a bottle of rum.

Mine is almost out.

Take an umbrella!

Okay, bro. It's time.

Let's get to it.

Come on.

Let's go.

Well, how do I look?

-Let's hear it.
-Like the Queen of Havana.

Remember, mulatto.
Next week you're mine

and if you let me down
I'll take off my wig

and cut your balls off.

-Don't worry.
-Okay, boys.

Good luck! And remember,
after the concert,

party at Chari's!
We're having a bash tonight, baby!

We can sing background vocals
if you want. Good luck!

-Come on, kids.
-Bye, girls. Let's find our seats.

Go on, go with Julia.

-What about you?
-I have to help Daddy.

Good luck, Daddy.

Show them what you're made of.

Go on.

Good luck.

Okay, gentlemen.

It's show time.

Thanks for all your hard work,
it's been rough.

Which shirt?

Wear this one.

You could be my manager now.

You're crazy. After this concert I
never want to see another musician.

Stick around.

I'll be here.

It's your big night.

Enjoy it.

Here's your towel and water.
Have you warmed up?

Right now.

Hurry, it's almost time.

It's full, huh?

A huge crowd.

The stage looks amazing.

The people who run the theatre
really out did themselves.

And Chari came through
in a big way.


And Caridad and a few friends

That's what friends are for.


That's right.

You hit me hard the other day.

You deserved it.

Damn, bro. Spain won't be
the same without you.

Staying here alone
won't be much fun either.

When I'm famous
don't go asking me for money

or for an invitation letter!

And don't go calling me saying
"I miss the rice and beans

or fried malanga,

or your Havana..."

Give me a kiss.

Back off, you homo.


Come on.

I can't let you have
all the glory.

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen,
guys and dolls...

Tonight, under a full moon,
we have the pleasure to witness

the musical debut of
one of our very own new stars.

Ladies and gentlemen,
dear family, all of Cuba...

Ruy Santos!

And the co-star,

or should I say the other star,

since they're together again...

And the two of them together
are like one...

even if they are the biggest
trouble makers in all of Havana...

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you...

Ruy Santos and Tito Garcia!

Go get 'em, boys!

Good evening, Havana!


We're claiming our right

to delirium and utopia.
Havana rocks!

Here I am again,

on this same street corner.

The smell of sweat,
sex and cigar smuggling.

Between the street and the rum,

life is rough.

I'm pedalling through time,

riding forward right back

into the past,

back to the same place.

Trying to get by.

Fighting, baby, fighting.

Yeah, baby.

Trying to get by.

Dreaming, baby, dreaming.

Hey, man. I'm moving ahead.
All I need is a different spread.

Stick to your own.
Just tell them what you feel.

I'm here to shout
what I'm all about,

I'll never stop dreaming.

Come with me, come here!

And you will dream with me!

Without looking back!

And you will come with me!

Without looking back!

And you will fly with me!

Without looking back!

And I will die with you!

Without looking back!

And you will dream with me!

Without looking back!

And you will come with me!

Without looking back!

And you will fly with me!

Without looking back!

And I will die with you!

Without looking back!

I'd like to dedicate this song

to my children
and their mother,

my partner and friend
for many years.

For you, "Sands of Solitude."

Starting over,

free of fate and possessions...

Following the right path
that teaches me

not to lose faith.

Escaping this pain

without looking back.

What good is a heart
without the beat to believe...

In the beauty and truth and
the hope

that drives our thirst for love.

In all the feelings left behind,

the ever lasting dreams...

And I searched and was taken prisoner

by the wings of love,

beyond distance

and memory,
in the sands of this solitude.

Prisoner of a broken


Children of the sunrise
that never came.

Pleasure led me astray...

And I close my eyes
just to understand.

What good is a heart

without the beat to believe...

In the beauty and truth and
the hope

that drives our thirst for love,

In all the feelings

left behind,
the ever lasting dreams...

And I searched and was taken prisoner

by the wings of love,

beyond distance and memory,

In the sands of this solitude.

...In the beauty and truth
and the hope

that drives our thirst for love,

In the feelings left behind,
the everlasting dreams...

And I searched and was taken

prisoner by the wings of love,

beyond distance and memory,

In the sands of this solitude.

...in the beauty and the truth
the hope

that drives our thirst for love,

In the feelings left behind,
the everlasting dreams...

I searched and was taken prisoner
by the wings of love,

beyond distance and memory

In the sands of solitude.


"Country" means anywhere
there's a human on this planet.

Your country is inside you.

We'd like to dedicate this song
to anyone who's far away,

wherever they are

and wherever they're headed.

I love you, Havana!

Friendship is a seed
that grows anywhere.

When you feel cold,
cover yourself with the branches

of my fate.
Wherever you go,

you'll find my love,
my open arms.

Love is everywhere,
ln every corner of the world.

Everyone chases a dream.
So let's change course.

Deep is the distance,
deep is

the remoteness.
A wandering soul

has no country.

Flags are a problem,
countries and geography...

Wherever you may find me,

I feel that land is mine.

That land is mine.

Yours and mine.

I'll be your coat...

...lf you need consolation.

I'll be your nest...

...lf you need affection.

I won't let you forget me.

I'm with you everywhere you go.

I'll be your coat.

In Madrid and New York...

Havana is everywhere

because you take it with you...
You'll never be uprooted.

Every continent has its borders,

but we all live by the light
of a single sun and moon.

I wish I were the morning,
singing that melody

that makes you grow every day.

Paths that separate

and make you secret captives
of languages,

and ideologies...

Never fall captive to languages

or ideologies.

I'll be your coat...

...lf you need consolation.

I'll be your nest...

...lf you need affection.

I won't let you forget me.

I'm with you everywhere you go.

I'll be your coat.

I'm right here beside you.

I'm right here beside you.

I feel trapped

by my own past.

always, always,
a prisoner of fate.

Always the same.

We're all shadows,
we're all children.

I have a dream.

Show him the way.

For all those
that left this country

we're all teardrops

tattooed from my Havana blues.