Haani (2013) - full transcript

Haani is a romantic saga spanning two different generations of a family. It tells the story of love, friendship and honor immortalized by commitment. The film simultaneously narrates 2 plots. Ranjit (Harbhajan) and Jagga (Sarabjit) are best friends in 1964 where Ranjit falls for Sukhaan (Mahreen) and loves her to death. Other plot involves Harman (Anuj) and Preet's (Sonia) love story in 2013 and Tony (Rupan Bal) who has similar role to Jagga in the movie. Somehow fate connects these love stories together.

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"O Jagga is jumping around"

"Hey, he's jumping
around this Jagga"

Hey, is shouting
challenges on the ground"

Oh no! I hope you
didn't get hurt, aunt.

Are you feeling alright?

Stand up, stand up, stand up.
- Oh!

You okay? You okay? Okay.
- You?

Aunty, seeing you has made my day,
a good omen.

What use of omen?
Are you getting married?

Mother, have you seen Ranjit?

No, my boy.

Where were you all these days,
why are running panting now?

I had been to Changsana,
had been to maternal aunt's place.

Has your father won a battle?

Natha Singh. - Yes.

Did Ranjit come this way?
- No he did not come.

He's in the fields.

If you must take my name
you should say the whole name.

Natha Singh Poochwala. - Sure.

I will swat you with
my tail if you say Pooch.


Damn you,
I have been looking for you.

It is incredible, friend.
It is incredible. It is incredible.

I will be wrestler in the ring.
My friend has become a lover boy.

A lover boy, friends, Changsyala.

Your girlfriend is remarkable.

This is incredible.

What is incredible? He's
started staying at aunt's place.

No that's not aunt's place.

Talk of Changsayali,
I've seen a bride for you there.

Shame on you! Girlfriend?

Girls from maternal aunt's place
are like sisters.

Damn you!

I shall call her sister-in-law, man!

Okay, call that.

I lost my hunger.

I swear,
I saw her from close quarters.

She was laughing with her friends.

And they were popping
like popcorns.

Her walk was so enticing.

Why am I the only one talking?

Say something.
You haven't said a word.


Let's go now.
Wonder what you're praying for.

Who knows when god
might grant which wish?

Great job, artisan.

You have sculpted a piece of art.

A man could die for her.

Let's go. He is a gone case.

Is that so?

What's good about it? Don't let
somebody's evil eyes fall on you.

You just giggle all day long.

Keep watching.

Here's the ten of spades.

And here comes the queen.

Where do you think you are going?
Your husband is right here.

Natha Lumbad's game is over.

Come here. I'll knock you
out if you call me handicapped.

No, don't fight.

Your name is Natha Singh.
Don't become aggressive.

Let them call you
handicapped or anything else.

Uncle, you too?

Forget it, friend!
First tell me...

Has Nazar asked you to join
wedding party?

Uncle, take Nattha Singh along,
but we're scared of one thing.

If his tail gets stuck under
someone, then what will you do?

Curse you, you freak.

Then he'll run with his tail
between his tail.

Uncle, why are you running
after him holding your tail.

The entire village is
only interested in my tail.

Damn, useless fellow,
don't you have anything else to do!

He too?

Pretty girls

Uncle, do you only
comment on girls..

..or have you ever tried to..?


Hey, you just go around,
why not look at the girls.

Look at the one in the green dress.


Turn around and see.

She looked.
That means even she loves you.

Yes, one does feel happy
seeing sister around.

Don't say that.
I refuse to be taken to task.

Okay, let it go.
They have gone to aunt's house.

Good. So why don't we go too?

Let's go seek aunt's blessings
and mark our presence. - Yes.

Damn you, hold on!

I'll break your legs
if I get hold of you.

Is he the same? I don't know.
- Yes.

Come on, let's go.

- You too.

Girls, girls.
- Yes, aunty.

Here, these sweets are from
your aunt's place.

Hello everybody.
- Welcome, brother.

I bow to you, aunt.

I bow to all of you.

Brother, long live and be happy.

Now what's this?
Is this the time to arrive?

We are busy people, aunt.
We had to complete our work.

Work? You don't look like
the sort who does any work.

It's we who have to come to meet,
and they are all dolled up.

Don't say that, girls.

They are the most eligible
bachelors of our village.

They also do very good work.

He's so famous.

They will take charge of
all the work at Sukh's wedding.

That's right, aunt.
We will be here till midnight.

Right here.
- Yes.

We shall do anything you need.
- Yes.

Nita, let's move. This guy
is like test less seed of a fruit.

Tejo, tell me what her name is.

And why would I?

Sukha, at least let me come.

Come here. - Coming, coming.
- Sukha.


your sister is very bright.

Just like her brother.

Let me help you.
- Give it to me, sister.

Here they just talk but they
don't ask for any refreshments.

Sukha, after long this happy
occasion has arrived.

It is empty.
- Sukha... happy days are here...

Have some tea.
It is spiced tea.

That's what I call service.

Sukha, the happy days are here...

Aunt, why don't you sing that song?
- Which one?

Sukha, happy days are here again.

What's it?

Boy, we'll sing this song when
the bride comes here.

That's the song to be sung by us.

Hey, Sukha then why not sing then.

I say, Sukha,
the happy days are here...

He to can just sing and nothing.
He gave me bland tea.

It is just fine.

Try drinking from my cup.

And why would I
drink from your cup?

Come along, girls.
Take a look at wedding suite.

Come on, get up. Rush!

See what the groom's
aunt has brought. Come.

For whom is red dress?

The red dress is for the bride.
- I see.

That's what I call sweet.

Jagira. - Yes.

Someone put a sack
of sugar into this.

As sweet as honey.
That was delicious.

Here it is,
I fixed it now it won't move.

Now you can do anything to it
nothing will happen.

Now it will be fun
to hear the sound.

Poor guy, how hard he laboured.

Isn't it? - Yeah.

We'll give you bread with sugar.

Bring it. I am going to...

I am going to have
the special sweet.

You will forget the sweet,
at least eat this first.

Let's go friend.
At least try it.


Pure refined butter is used
with the local jaggary.

Eat and see!


Damn, it's all salted!

It's made poison like.
It's just horrible.

He's spitting all over.

Hey, you...

Friend, your guy
is enjoying and eating.

Is it that bowl got replaced?

Is it? - No.

Bowl hasn't changed.

I am changing.

Sukha, light the lamps.

Beautiful heart!

Which game you are up to
Nathha Singh?

Watch out, lest you might
get some dame stuck by you.

O' cousins!

What? - Not you!

Okay, bro.
- Gajju aunt is calling you.

Hey, listen! - No, I am
calling her, you just move on.


Soft heart...

Not this way, have to go that way.

Not this, not that,
you have go go the other way.

Is there some curfew imposed?


Let me go!

Just come with me.
- Oh!

Let off my hands.

I haven't held it to let go.

Murders take place if one
hold a unmarried girl's hand.

Who is gonna kill someone
who is already dead?

Now, you've already murdered me.

Something is happening within me.

It's first time that some guy
has held my hand.

Let off.

My fingers are paining.

Yeah! Are you so delicate?

Hmm? - No.


Why? So you got to her,
isn't it friend?

How am I to know whether
I go her or not!

Your friendship is confirmed.

Here take it.

It's like love's sun is rising.

Hey, look! How's she's
broken that beating it!

She isn't breaking the contraption.

She's hitting on your heart, buddy!

Is it right thing to carry on the
ritual procession?

They've burst my ears!
They just put on speakers!

And they have also put up
these big speaker boxes.

A weak fellow will have an
heart attack!

No look at that!

Oh, in the present time...

...this what is done thing.

So look at the present generation.

Neither the grand turbans,
nor the decent clothes..

How are you, Happy?
- My respects, sir.

Rascals, wear strange dresses
and jump like monkeys.

Does celebrations mean
jumping like monkeys?

All of them are monkeys here...
- You are right, Jagir Singh.

Now see! They apply medicines and
make their hair stand like nails.


What's the matter?
Why are you staring like this?

Is something wrong?

You... Are you talking to me?

You... ?
- Hey, Herman!

Hey, Happy!
- So you've arrived my tiger!

Wow! How are you?

What are you looking
here and there?

Thank god, you arrived before
the arrive of marriage procession.

Yes, bro, the flight was delayed.
- Oh, okay. Come now.

Hey, Tony where were you?
- I was....

This is Tony from Canada.
- Hi, I am Happy.

Hand over you luggage.
- He too has come to India first time.

Okay, come along.

Flight delayed me a lot.

Harindar... Harindar's son?

My grandson!

Oh, well, well, Herman, my son!
So wedding made you come here!

Come I will introduce you.
She's you granma.

And they are your uncle and aunt.

Hello, Papaji!
- Hello.

Have a long life.


Harindar complains a lot about, says
you drink a lot and create trouble.

So it is, but we will certainly
have a little function here.

Why little why not complete function?
We used to do it fully when young.

What are you doing, you're talking
so loudly before these young girls!

The season of youth never
returns, son.

Your grandfather Ranjeet Singh,
was what a strong young man!

Entire area was under his spell!
No one is gonna be born like him.

He's Herman,
has arrived from Canada.

He is grandson of my friend
Ranjeet Singh.

Meaning, Hrindar' son..

My respects!
- Hello!

Seeing you, it reminded me
of your grandfather, son.

My so happy go lucky friend was...

...made to hang on the wall in
this picture, in his youth.

Damn, the foreign countries.


Grandpa! You?

Herman, why are you scared of me?

Look... Grandpa... behind you...

Who? Ranjeet Singh?
- Grandpa, you...

Look at the back.
At least take a look.

Look... Look there.

O, Herman!
- Grandpa...

What's wrong with you, man?
- Hey, Babaji! Babaji!

I will make him calm down, sir.

Should I make him drink?
- Go ahead.

Seems he is still under jet lag.
He will be fine with it...

Give him a drink, man.
Make him drink. -Drink.

Come on, drink!
Oh wow, how is it?

Hey, what happened?
It hit you right over!


Grandapa! Grandpa...
You are ghost... a ghost!


Why only you are seen by me?
Why not the others?

Son, you are my blood.

And why is it that you only
can see me, that God only knows.

After half a century I am
talking to someone of my own, son.

Sorry to distract you.

Oh, it's okay. No problem.

I was talking to him.

With whom?

There... - Yeah.

Nobody is there?

I'm Herman.

Hello, I am Preet.
I'm a costume designer.

I had brought clothes.
Just wait a minute.

Hey, Miss Preet!
It's my phone you are receiving.

Jyoti is waiting for you
for so long.

Hey, it's your scarf.

Come, let's go.

Sorry, Preet you had to
come so late night.

But don't worry, will drop you
at your place. All right?

Hey... - Herman! Herman!

I have brought something for you.
A bitter thing. Drink it and see.

You will have full fun.
It makes you whirl.

Drink on, drink!

Doesn't it hit your directly?

Got it, right?

All right now?
I have set you.

Tony, you won't believe.

I can see grandpa.

Hey, in two pegs you've
started seeing grandpa?

Hey, you better have my drink.
You'll see Canada.

I'll go and fetch two more
drinks for us. You wait here.

Son, this is local punch. You've
come from abroad, be careful.

You're here from there?
- Yeah.

Come on, I have enough of
such local punch brews.

I am Jat from Canada.

Whom are you talking to Mr.
Canadian Jat? - I was with him...

You won't understand.
Oh, I have something of yours.

Where is it.

Oh, Herman dear... Hey,
wait, wait... take this fourth peg.

I say I am drunk enough
you to get set.

Wow! Good!

Pure Gold!

I am a dead man.

Hey, Tony, what's this, man?
- Future will have the same thing.

Hey, Happy! You've spoilled all the
songs of our times.

Now nothing will be left of old
by these guys.

But you too are
getting mad like them!

I have something of you.
- What?

Something of yours ...

What's that?

Okay, I lay it down.

Herman! Herman!

Now, it was the intoxication.

Village Chief, sir!
Your boy is perfectly fine.

If required give him one more
dose of the medicine.

Okay, permit me to leave.

Thank you very much Doctor.

All right, no problem.

Bye! - Bye.

Thanks a lot.

Sorry, grandpa!
Sorry, grandma!

Had a bit too much to drink
last night.

The wedding party should
be arriving. I will get ready.

Wedding party?

Hey, the wedding party has
already left with the bride.

Your sister was angry with
and she went to her hubby's place.

You and Tony,
for the entire night...

...did not even turned over
during the night.

I am sorry, grandpa, I was...
Come on, get up go take a bath.

And also, it is first time you have
come to your ancestral place.

Come my son. Get up and
go take a bath. Come.

Oh... now that girl,
the costume designer...

...she has some work with you.
I will send her to you.

Don't know why they
praise this place!

What a beautiful house!

Too good.

Yeah, grandpa has warned.

What! Which grandpa?

Oh you guys from Canada!

You're awake then?
Why're you holding your heads?

Have some curd shake!

Hey, Ramu!
Bring some Lassi for them.

Hey, the mat aren't dry yet.

Who prepared the punch last night?

Oh, nothing buddy! It was some whisky
and some beer and country liquour.

Country liquor? How is it made?

Look. It's made from sap of a tree,
few more condiments and spices.

And some times you cut a
chicken and put in it...

..and he country liquor is ready.

Forget all that, don't you put
cow dung in it?

No they don't put that in it.

Should I give you a good slap!
Making fun of me?

Let it be.

Now tell me, what was
there in last night's drink.

Beer, whisky and country liquor
that's all.

No, no, no, Harman...

...first we got liquor from country
liquor shop, and then rose flavor one.

Water was a bit more in it.

And to balance all these things,
the real thing which was added...

...it was the vaccine with which
cows are inoculated.

And the local punch is ready.

Oh, here come the Lassi.

Okay, guys it's your wish.

Here is the lassi...

...I would only say...

...if you add country liquor in
this lassi and have a nice sip...

Then I say, the hangover
which you have...

...will be over in no time and like
alignment of car will be set again.

Who is this guy, man?

Hey, he is our...
- Hold on, I will describe.

My name is Ramu Great.

And my father's name was
Balvindar Singh Great.

My father was so great that, for his
reputation, he sold of all the lands.

And after that....

...my mother had to bring
for my father from Bhihar state.

Had to bring from Bihar, sir.

Now stop it. Why do you
keep repeating the story. Go.

Man, he is hired for household work

Taste is good.

Then have one more.

Hey, why down one more.

You should have gone there
and thrown it.

I had asked you gulp down
a glass of lassi more.

Nothing can become of you,
Tony Singh!

Oh, it's the language.
- Ok, then I'll drink it from the jug.

Hey, Tony Singh!

Why are you being a bull buffalo
instead of a man! Let it go.

Bull buffalo! Who is that?

Son of buffalo.

Son of buffalo?

I don't know about it, man.

Buddy, he's is like you.

Grandpa, you!

Yes, son, it's me.

Grandpa, may I touch you and see?

Yeah, go ahead.


Oh my God!

Don't be scared, son.
I am your grandfather.

That's fine, grandpa, but...

How! I mean...
You exist and you don't.

And... you aren't there
but are there...

And to be not to be...

I just... I don't...


To whom are you talking with?
- I?

With a ghost.

Yes. Yesterday night too
I had seen you.

Oh... Oh, yes.

Yes, it was on really one.

Oh hello, drink bit less.

So last night you were saying
something of mine is left with me?

Now tell me what it is?

It is... - Oh, thank God...

I found it.

Oh, now I can breathe easy.

Do you know, I could not sleep
last night due to it.

It is very precious for me.
- Is that so?


Wanted the same necklace
for Harjot, so had brought it here.

It is really priceless for me.

If had not got it back
I would have died.

Really? - Yeah, really.

How beautiful it is!

Look at it. - Oh wow!

Show it to me.

Oh wow!
- Is it good?

I haven't ever
seen such a necklace.

But wearing this necklace
you'd certainly look a queen.

Really? - Yes.

what will you take for this?

Fifty bucks.

It's too costly.

Okay, how much would you pay?
- Hey, brother!

How much they liked
this necklace for?

Fifty one.

Now it's mine.

Nimmo will be startled seeing it.
- No.


The necklace is mine, my friend.

Yeah, so how much is it?

- How come is that, man?


First you settled
for fifty-one with me.

The necklace is for my damsel.

Mine has chosen it and gone.

Necklace will be worn by her only.

And as far as money is concerned,
it will be what he asks for.

I am not let you take this.

So my friend Jagara has
started singing again?

Before the end of the song,
you try and get it from me.

And then necklace will be yours.
- Wonderful!

Two tigers are ready to fight.

But in this festival fight starts
with equals, that's why.

The one who runs from the arena...

...then it isn't right for him
to stand and challenge.

That too with one...

...who keeps roaring like a tiger
in the arena.

Those who fight in the ring
then show your might here!

Beat him!

Come on, smile guys!

What's the name of the young man?

His Ranjeet Singh from Maan Marna.

Man, Marana guy swear a lot!

Have long life, Ranjeet Sing!

Come on, my buddy has become
the great lover!

Not yet, brother.

Take the token of becoming
a great lover Mirza.

By the way, the necklace
was suitable only for your dame.

Oh, no. It would have gone well
with Nimmo too...

...but that too would be
the property of a Jat.

So Ranjeet Singh,
the work is fully...

At matenal place everyone is
fond of song and dance.

Naseeb Kaur,
I am going to a concert.

Shut to door. Okay?

Yes, fine.

This area is that of ladies.

And Sukha is yours.

I had conveyed your message.

Now, the courage is hers.

And the luck is yours,
Ranjeet Singh.

Now brother too has left.

Let me too go to the concert.

Yes, sister-in-law, from our terrace
we can watch the performing singer.

We can clearly see it from there.

Really, sister-in-law really...
- Now stop it!

You've rotted my brain
talking the same thing.

How many times will you
repeat it?

Don't know what a new
hobby of listening to music!

Entire village has gone to
the concert.

Now you, win over her.

Come on, you too leave now.


More than the Sugar
from Sugar Cane...

...she will be tastier.

Get lost, damn you!

Return before your brother returns,
and don't put me in trouble.


Hey, why this way?

Sister-in-law, brother would be that
side so... - Yes. Come let's go.

Oh, now they are out to
listen the concert.

I nearly died...
- I too.

If someone sees me.

Let's so that we reach there
safe and sound...

Where do we have to go?
- This way, this way.

Come, come.
- I am here.

Come, let's go quick.
- Hey you are in so much of hurry!

Come. - Yes. yes.

It's the opposite terrace.

Go. - It's fine.

Okay, listen, listen.

You are in too much of hurry
to go?

Don't be too greedy.
- Oh.

Oh! What's this Oh?
It's me.

I was scared.

If somebody was at home, then?

Nobody is at home.
Come in.

All of them have gone to
the concert.

Jagir had arrange for everything.

Okay? Come now.



Jagir made aunt a go between
for you wedding.

She will talk to your brother
about it.


Before that I want to talk to you

Why have you gone quiet?


Thinking that you are brave.

I should talk to you.

But I am afraid,
you might abandon me.

Have heart. I won't leave you.

You had someone earlier?


Where is she?

It's so sad...
- What?

But... she has left her sign.

My son Harindar.

He's two years old.

So what's is it to you?

That's all, was it?

I will be everything to you.

Seems we've bound to each other
since ages.

But I am afraid of my brother.

That's it, I just needed your yes.

I will take care of your brother.
- No, don't.

Don't fight about it,
else we won't be friends.

Okay, fine. I won't fight.




Oh! It's the same necklace!

I had forgotten to ask...

...as to why did you fight
for me.

Now I understand.
For my liking.

All right. Put it on and let's see.

Yes. You put it on.

Ranjeet. - Yeah?

This all the game of fate.

Swear on you.
As long I breathe...

...this token of your love
will remain here.

Mingled in breathe, always.

Is it?

Really, Ranjeet.



Your heart seems like containing
lots of sorrows like Heer.

You love your son so much?

Tell me something.

Did grandfather gift you
this necklace you’re wearing?

Sweetheart, we elders keep
the truth close to our hearts.

We don’t tell the
facts to the world.

In time you will read
the truth in my eyes..

..because my grand daughter
is just like me.

Where did you find the necklace?

I met an unfamiliar boy..

..he has given to me.

Rinku! Deep hasn't returned
with the burgers yet.

He'll be here.

He is coming with the burgers.
Here he comes.

It's been 2 years since you've been
following Preet, and no results yet.

Something will definitely happen.
Our elders are old friends.

Then why do you keep following her?

Have to be watchful, lest some other
lover boy type runs away with her.

Hey, bro!
Where's Preet's boutique?


Why? What for and
where are you from?

From Canada.
Want to place an order.

did you land here directly
from Canada?

My village is Marar.

Oh, I see!
It's that way.


Lucky? - Yeah?

He seems to be a lover boy type.

Hey, Preet!

Oh, hello! You here?

Surprised, right?

Will you have some tea or coffee?
- No, no. Thanks.

Hey, this is very modern?

I thought it would be very
rustic type.

Hello, one has to be modern
from within, not outside.

And, in order to progress
forgetting one's past is foolishness.

Exactly! I think so too.

You speak very well!

And your...
dressing sense is so good.

Enough praising me
and my boutique...

...but do tell me,
what do you do in Canada?


There's a nice cafe nearby,
will you have coffee with me?

Chhotoo! - Yes, ma'am!

Bring two cups of coffee.

I asked, what do you do in Canada?

Well my, dad is a rich businessman
in Canada.

And we've the largest manufacturing
company and we... - Hello!

I am not asking about your dad.

Will you get this packed?
Okay, ma'am!

I asked you,
what do you do in Canada?

Just chill. Enjoy.

And also beat up
white and black guys.

Did you hear, what does he do
in Canada! - No, no...

I just spoke, It's for fun and all.
That's it.


Dad did suggest a few jobs...

But, I believe one should do a job
which one likes.

The way you are.

Okay, anything else?

Right now, will have to go home.

Then... shall I drop you?

Thank you very much,
I have my own car.

Today's meeting was nice, bye.

Hmm, Mr. Harman.

This girl is old
fashioned & modern.

I'll have to work
on her double time.



Hey, That Marara guy who asked
about Preet's boutique is here again!

Isn't it Lucky?

Hey, hero!

Let's have a chat.

Yesterday there and today here?

Same can be asked of you too, man.

Yesterday there and today here?

Bro, take care of our sister-in-law to be,
or this guy will run away with her.

Constantly buzzing suitor
and shoe warming suitors...

They call girls, their sisters
an item, goods and other things.

Don't know what's wrong with
these writers, singers!

How many boyfriends do you have?

I shall kill many for you.

Hey, lovers pray for each others'
well being.

And you, what are you writing?

If you have to write, then write
like the great poet Bulle Shah.

Write like Waris Shah.

If you have to be a real lover
then be like Punnu.

Be like Raanjha.

Be a Heer.

"Saying Ranjha, Ranjha
I myself became Ranjha"

"Don't call me Heer,
call me Ranjha instead"

This is real love.

Hey, this isn't a show,
it's a rehearsal. - Oh, sorry.

Whom do you want to see, by the way.
- Sir, he's here to see me.

You really delivered a nice speech,
about real love.

I only say that what I see
and experience.

Yeah, why are you here?

Happy told me

that you are doing post graduation,
besides managing the boutique.

So, I was here in the city...

and my car broke down. Thought,
could take a ride with you.

Will give me a ride?

I am really surprised...

In such a native atmosphere,
a girl like you?

self-employed, talented,

And confident too.

I mean, look at the confident
way you drive.

You also know the distance
to be kept from the car ahead.

and from prospective suitors?

Oh... No!
That's bad driving.

Hey, where you going.

This way, right here. Thanks.

Hey, do you want to come in?

No, thanks. - Hey!

O, Harman!

So how things? Got to her?

She's coming back for you.
Look back.

Harman, Harman! Harman!

Is there something wrong?

Everything is cool.

Look back. Back.
She's there, bro.

Your car had broken down, isn't it?

Yeah, that's another car.

What did you tell me in the car?

I am Confident, self-employed...
- Intelligent, talented...

You are nothing like this.

You represent today's spoilt
youth 100%.

Father has ample wealth.

So what's the use of
doing anything? Have fun.

Awful way to live !


Enough of your nonsense - praising
me and my work, trying to meet me.

After today nothing like that
should never happen.

That's it! Full stop!

Shut up!

Don't shut up me, man.
I am telling you this.

She's the right girl for you, bro.

Oh, that's nonsense.

I have seen many girls like her.

Hey, no, son!
Preet isn't such a girl.

she doesn't like your show
off style,

Then she will have to change
her mind about me.


Go then.

Hey go, he's far away. Go!

How far?

He's quite far.
Get lost.

Yeah, I will go.
But you are too much.

It's the ghost's deed, and gone!

Hey, are you leaving or
should I make you leave.

Look, my honored ghost, sir.

Get up! Up!


Compare to being with him I
should go back to my mom in Bihar.


Be mindful of Preet's thoughts,
in the future.

That's so strange, grandpa.

What do you know
about her thinking?

Strange, really strange.

I may not know her thinking.

But I do know the thinking of the
one who brought her up ...

...what he thinks.

She is just like him.

Now! Tie a turban, and get decked up
and roam around the village lanes.

And just roam the lanes

Just don't do any work.

Had not I told you about Ranjeet
when I saw him the first time?

Yes, but.. - But brother Gurjant
has gone to Ranjeet's village.

If he too feels like me,
then what will we do?

Then you do this...

Ask Gejjo aunt to talk about
my alliance.

I'd be a slave to him all my life.

But for your sake he made me
his sister.

Have you gone mad?

My heart is beating with fear!

Let it be, don't worry.

My heart says, that both of
you will be a nice couple.

Sis, what's going to happen
is what destiny decides.

Destiny? Yes.

He is my destiny.

Sir, his land is about 35-40 acres.

And at home,
and there is only his grandmother.

Hey, Modu! Who is Nattha
is moving around with?

All the village goons, scoundrels
and rascals...

...gather at
Ranjeet's home in the evening.

Now you tell me...

Who does not like free drinks?

And after drinks Jatts won't fight?

It isn't possible, simple.

Hello! - Hello.

Yeah, it's true.
- The guy seems to be an outsider.

Why are you standing there and
rubbing your feet? Come here quick!

I am here. - Now take this milk
there. Quick.

Bro, Gurjant! Loombad has nobody
of his own

He merely keeps jumping
from one door to other.

He keeps watching everyone. Keeps a
tab on others' comings and goings.

He's the typical back biter.

No aunty, no.

No, bro Gurjant Singh.

Its true. Whatever Loombad said,
there isn't much substance.

But one more thing.

Uncle-aunt might have
hidden this fact...

...that my first wife
who died.

had a son. He's two years old.

My son Harindar, and is being brought
up at his maternal grandparents home.

Have long life, aunt.

You don't find such guys
even if you look for them.

I like Ranjeet Singh.

Ranjeet Singh!

He still stands true.

Yeah, Jatts are like this.

I say, I too am a proud Jatt!
And I like this.


Aunt, here take the token amount,
and consider the alliance finalised.

Bless you, bro!
You've kept my honor.

Hey, then come give me a hug.

Lots of congratulations.


"Yours and my pairing
will last for ages."

"It will be the
merging of two fates."

"Two fates have come together..."

"Fates have come together."

Grandpa! Its very nice!

Super music!

But tell me, whom was it sung for?

Harman! Harman!
whom are you talking to?

With grandpa.

Hello, grandpa.


Oh, hello, grandpa!

What? He too!

One had already lost his mind,
and now second one too has lost it!

Hey, is it that Canada has sent
all their insane guys here only?

Lest me too get affected,
I will go..

What's wrong with you, buddy?

I thought you were joking or drunk
that's why you were behaving like this.

But you have gone crazy, man!

Should I call the mental home?

I swear!
Grandpa talks to me.

Listen. He taught me this song too.

Son, Harman! The words are
the same and it is the same tune.

Who taught you this song.

It's good, isn't it?

My grandpa taught me.

Oh, I see. he came down from
heaven to teach you?

Was he alone or did the fairies
too come with him?

And did not he tell you this,
damn fool...

...that I had taught him this song.

Ask him about the story of Shamo's
in the Kapah fields, this big guy!

Did he tell you anything?

Tell me, what did he say?

Yeah, he told me.

He also told me...

...that you used to watch Shamo
plucking the flowers and sing.

And you had a fight too for her.
- Shut up!

Dont dig old graves.

So how is it, grandpa!

You do teach us a lot.

But we did not know about
your errands.

I am going to tell,
grandma hear about your escapades..

It's good. So nice.

He treats me more like his
real grandson.

Do you know?

All the old guys in this village
call me grandson from Canada.

After all the people
of my generation are gone...

no one will place their hands on
younger ones heads to bless them.

In our times, whenever a girl
came to her mother's home...

...then all elders would go
and bless her.

And everyone welcomed all
the sons-in-law.

This is what our culture is.

You should take it with you
back to Canada, my son.

All right, grandpa.

You too come with me.

I am... I can't cross the
boundaries of the village, son.

Why not?

Life after death... I mean,
Is there a life after death?

Tell me grandpa,
what had happened to you?

What shouldn't have happened,

I had dreamt about living my
entire life with someone...

But just me...

The night of parting is very
long for your grandfather

Okay, forget it.

How did you like the song?

It is such a wonderful song.
Why did you not teach it earlier?

Just like that.

Whom are you talking to?
Is grandpa here?

Standing behind you.

Behind me?

Don't be afraid.
He's grandpa.


I can't see anyone.

Is he like a vampire or a ghost?

He is neither a
vampire nor a ghost.

He is the same as he was.

He is smart & handsome.

Listen, he taught me this song too.

It will be very useful to me.

Good, Harman! Very good!

Isn't it?

Yes, sir. This is the tune
we needed.

It fits our situation perfectly.

Students what do you think?

Yes, it fits perfectly.

But what about the lyrics, sir?

Yeah, Harman...

The movement will be the same,
on the lyrics, right?

Yeah, movements will be the same.

You can continue the
dance movements. I will try.

Sir, how did you recognise
an artist in a strange guy?

Last Friday when I went
to the music shop...

...Harman too, had come there
to get his guitar repaired.

And when he played the synth,
that was it.

I just knew that he was the guy.

He is the only guy
who can do our job.

Very good Harman.

Thank you.
- Harman, in this creation...

...our Preet's beauty and style
too has an hand in it.

You agree to it, don't you?

Shut up, Raman.

Yeah, now I don't need to be here.


Raman! - Yes.

You are right. - Oh, yes!

Oh, Harman!

Harman, by the way, tune's &
lyrics are great.

Thank you.

Harman, I find this aspect of
yours very appealing.


- Appu!
- Yes.

We've come to the last
rehearsal of the play..

...but your posture hasn't any
thing called love.

Why? Isn't Herman?

No, sir. When he saw Preet
he so well patted her...

Everything was good.

Just something like calling
for play was left.

Alright, then why
don't you teach me to act?

Brother, you got angry!

Not at all, Mr. multi-talented.

Now that you have commented on my acting
you have to teach me how to do it.

Show me, how to do it?

Beyond expectation.

Wonderful, Herman. Amazing.

What a couple!

Today my car is really not working.

Did I ask you anything?


Hey, Lucky, the new lover boy
really got her.

No matter.. I shall have a talk
about it with my father.

Yes, yes, yes!

Oh, no problem, bro!

Just come Punjab, we all are free.
Have lots of beauties.

Nobody is bothered about guys
who do nothing.

Bro, here it's lots of fun.

Why do he call me Ramu Great?

If I don't drink
this canned drink...

...I shall crush it and...

Everything bro, everything
is available here.

Local brew is so strong the make.

Oh. Now have to go.
We will meet tomorrow.


Hi, Toni!
- Preet, what's up?

Hey, Gant!

O, Harman!

Herman, I am sure, so you've
have got Preet.

You're really a dog!
Did not tell me even?

Did you act like loving dog?
- Get off!

What's wrong with you?
What language you're using?


Talking about swine behaviour...
- Hey, what is it...

Hey, she is a very cute girl,
do you know?

Stop it!
- Herman

When a dog pulls other dogs legs...

...dose he minds it?
Then why are you doing this?

And yes he pull his tail too,
be he does not bite.

This is called dog love.
Have you done it?

Tony, from where learnt this?

Happy, taught me.
It's Punjab culture.

Go and tell it to your father.

That you have learnt this
from Punjab.

Oh, buddy!

Oh does not mean a peg.

It could be water too.

Get lost!

Ok, Don't worry,
I will correct my mistake.

Damn you!

Come on, man!

What's wrong with you?

Why are you getting irritated?
- Leave me.

In Canada when you used
to go around with dames...

...then you used to tell
us about it with pride.


And then you used to sleep with
her within 20 or 25 days...

...and just for sake of hugging
a girl now you are behaving like this?

Oh my, God!

Preet went home very happy?

This means, he has completed the
journey of 20-25 days today itself?

Shut up!
Preet isn't such type of girl.

You will get a slap
if you talk nonsense like this!

Sorry, bro.

Might be falling in love.

You know to strum
heart stings well.

Seems, heart's strings got
tuned of my grandson.

Isn't it?


By being with someone today,
it felt so strange and sweet.

And after that, all my feelings
and everything changed.

What's it?

Son, you are in love.

Now you have become one.

You are my grandson...

If I had body,
I would have hugged you.

Yes, grandpa.
May I try?

No, man.
- It may happen.

I am like air,
how would you hold it.

Should not we both try?

As you like, son.

Grandpa, if the hugs are like
this here, let go.

Herman, son.


Nothing, grandson and grandpa
are hugging.

You are so much educated,
how can you say such things?

Please believe me, grandpa.

Otherwise, that song...

...and the Shamo's thing how
would I have found.

Ranjeet is still here?

He standing there.

How does he look.
Just like me?

Tell this gray bearded fellow, that's
what the benefit of dying young.

Yes. I look like unplugged flower.

Same as I had died.

Did he say anything?

He says...

This is the advantage
of dying young.

He is same as when he died.

He is same like that.

Talk to me.

Why doesn't he talk to me?

It's been fifty years now.

Oh dear...

Ask him to hug me too.

Tell him...

He is standing before you.

We played together,
grew up together...

Go you fraud! Go you deceiver!

By dying early you cheated
this friend.


Don't die like me.

I could not fulfil what I could...

What I could not do
you better do.

With honesty fulfil
heart felt desires.

By becoming my real grandson
and friend.

Hi, Preet! - Hi!

Hello! Why are you sad?

I find myself under burden.

The foundation of true relations
cannot be false.

Which relations?

Your and my relation.


Since last few days whatever
is happening in the theatre...

...according to me it was
not natural.

It was fixed, planned.

Professor meeting me
in the shop...

...and that song...

...the one which I claimed
wasn't mine.

It was the creation of my grandma.


So that I may set
up you for myself.


A few days ago you had insulted me.

That due to my father's wealth
my thoughts are bad.

That day you hurt me.

That's why to take the revenge,
I planned all this.

Then why are you telling me?

Preet, while enacting this drama
I came closer to you. And liked it.

And after that my feelings changed
for you.

Last time,
my friend grandpa told me...

deal honestly with your love"

And what he said it struck me here.

Preet! There is no one like you.

I never found one.

After this confession of mine,
I might lose you, be refused...

But this is the truth.
I am very sorry.

Hey! Hey, Hero!

The one you are after...

...our elders are already
talking about our marriage.

And I am the one who gonna
go for honeymoon with her.

Hey, you broke my arms!

Preet! Preet!

Herman, isn't that kind of boy.

Of course many girls came
in his life and went..

I know him from
last ten years, Preet.

He has never behaved like this.

I swear, Preet.

Flirting with you he
fell in love with you.

Otherwise, why would he
tell you truth?

Please, Preet!
Don't do something wrong.

Do make wrong decisions.

"Hey, your and min pairing...

Grandma, tell me what am I
going to tell you.

The song?

Forget about it. First you tell me
what I am going to tell you?

You are going to make
someone meet with me.

Oh, my God!

How did you come to know?

It's in yours eyes.

Go and bring him in.

He is here. Herman!


Where are you lost?

Nothing. Just I was lost seeing
what I had seen.



My respects.
- Welcome.

Have a long life!
You are good, lovely.

Come sit down.

From where you are, son?

From Canada.

Actually I am from Toronto.

Oh I see, so you have come
from Canada.

Where at your back, son?

At the back?

Back means, your village in India.

Oh, yeah. Marara.



Very near. It's very near.

You've been there?


Went were close but came back.

Which family you belong to, son?

Your father's and
grandfather's name.

Oh, yeah.
My dad was always in Canada.

But here the name runs of
my grandfather, Ranjeet Singh.


Do you know him?

What happened?

Grandma, what happened?
- Ranjit?!

Nothing, I just recalled something.

I will be back.

You show him around the house.

I will be back.

It's all right.
Come I will show you my house.

Oh Lord Almighty,
what's this game of yours?

Herman, this is my room.



Looking at it a fellow may die!
- Shut up, Herman!

By the way, this house is like
the grand daughter...

Is that so?
- Really.

It's first time someone has held
my hand that too so hard.

My fingers have started to pain.


Are they so delicate?

'Fingers have started to pain.'

'Are they so delicate?'

The pairing of you and me...

Pairing of you and me will
last for ages....


Let these kids not have
the same as mine.

Harman! hmmm...

Mother, you do like him, dont you?

Then everything must be fine.

And I also trust my Preet totally.

My dear Preet! - Yes.

Do this, ask the boy to come
and meet me in the morning.

Now, go and bring a nice cup of tea
for your father, on this occasion.


what was the name of that boy?


Lets meet Harman once,
then we'll see.

He is from Canada, well educated,
handsome, everything is fine.

Also listen...

One does not waste time
for good things.

Son, did you mind that...

Preet chose the boy herself...
- No, no!

I was thinking about uncle.

He is coming tomorrow with a boy.

for Preet.

He might feel offended.

Otherwise, I have no problem for
Preet choosing a boy herself.

Provided everything else is fine.

I, you, uncle... all would have
searched for a bridegroom for her.

Then we would have asked
about Preet's liking.

Its good that she
found him herself.

If only my brother too had thought
the same as my son...

Gurjant Singh, have you arranged
everything for Sukha's marriage?

Yes, it is next month on the 15th.

Oh it's better, if the girls are
married off soon.

Brother, Ranjeet Singh!
How are you doing?

I am very fine, brother.

Brother, I got the invitation
for your wedding.

But tell me something, man?

My to be sister-in-law
is the same girl...

...whose necklace we fought for
in the fair?

Yeah, she's the same.

Oh wow! Great!

You are lucky, bro!
Come inside with me.

I have got to go.
- Hey, come on!

When exactly is the wedding?

Next month's fifteenth.
You must come.

Oh sure, I will be there.

Someone else married
my Nimmo.

But I certainly will come to see
your girlfriend, becoming my sister-in-law.

Okay, come and pray.
You might get your Nimmo back.

Sister-in-law! Don't do this.

Sukha, move aside.

You saw this?

Don't know what thoughts
you are lost in!

my nephew is coming...
You should be happy.

I am happy.

But since your brother,
has returned from the Gurudwara...

...he is mumbling something.

Says he does not accept
this alliance.

Sister-in-law, somebody must have
filled his ears with some nonsense.

He himself went & enquired about
everything in Ranjeet's village.

Yes! He has finalized the date too.

But what can you say
about him being misled.

You know your brother's nature.

I worry lest he do something


I will go to Ranjeet's home.

Otherwise I will...
- No!

No, dear, don't say that.

Don't be so disheartened.

I will talk to your
brother tonight.

Dear, I say...

I am saying...

I feel you are bit
under the weather.

I will massage your feet.

Nothing is wrong with me.
Go to bed!

If you have heard something tell
me, why're you hiding your face?

She's made me incapable of
showing my face

Everyone is talking about
our girl openly.

Even before finalising their alliance
Sukkha and Ranjeet knew each other.

Now again someone has
filled your ears.

Nobody has done that.

At the Gurudwara, Ranjeet and Surain,
were discussing our dear girl.

Now here you go again.

Boys keep talking and joking
about girls like this.

Here, have some milk.

Don't try to hide her mis-deeds!

He had also been fighting
for her in the fair.

And I did not even know of it!

They fooled me.

I feel like cutting
her up into pieces and burying her.

No, no! Don't commit that sin.

I beg of you!

Let go off my feet!

Don't do that.

What happened, grandma?
- Nothing.

The past came back to me.

I am sorry, grandpa.

But you old guys, suddenly
wander away in your thoughts.

Today, Preet's grandma got lost
in her thoughts after seeing me.

She said, "I was seeing
what I had lost in the past".



Preet's grandma, how is she?

Her nature, how does she look?

She's Preet's grandma,
must be good looking.

I saw a photo of her
in her youth.

Don't ask,
she looked so beautiful!

a man would die for her.

Is that so?

I swear.

Had you seen her
when she was young...

I guarantee that you would have
been knocked out.

O Lord, what a creation.

A guy would die for her.

Come, dear. He's a lost cause.


I lost the world itself, Tejo.

What did you say?

- Yeah!

Downstairs, Preet's grandma
is here. Come quickly!


Sukha has come home?

Our home?



Harman, where are you?

Fifty years ago
I would have entered this house.

This is called fate.

Fifty years I was to be

...was to be a bride.

But that remained a dream.

What dream?

Home of my beloved Preet.

my dream house.

Then why not enter?

The son, has brought a bride...

Brought her at the
right auspicious hour.

The welcome is so heartening
and its celebrations all over.

The girl is so beautiful...



Hello, grandma!
- Hello.

You, here suddenly?

Please come.

Preet, grandma here suddenly?

She wanted to talk to you,
so she is here. - What?

What does she want to talk about?
- Don't know.


Grandma! Where are you lost?


Harman, Grandma got lost
in her thoughts in your home.

Come on, anyone who comes here
gets lost.

Shut up!

Yes? - Yes.

Son Harman, come tomorrow morning
and meet my son.

And yes, only talk about your
relatives in Canada.

Anything related to your past here,
your village...

...name of your grandfather's name,
you don't need talk about that, son.


I didn't understand anything.

So I asked grandma to
tell you herself.


When old names pop up,
then old secrets too come out.

And we are unaware.

of what transpired in the old days,
good or bad, or a fight...

...past could come up as a
problem before you.

I don't want you
to have any problems.

I don't get it.

Son, you'll know everything
at the right time.

For now, Listen to me and do
as I say.

As you say.

Have long, happy life.

Grandma, you should have
some tea or...

No, son.
- Great!

No. It's time to go now.
Some other time. - Ramu!

This village is near by.

But time sometimes doesn't
let people meet.

And this small distance becomes
too long to cover.

Dad's reaction was favourable
on hearing about you,

Come in the morning to meet him.

Meet? Why?

Harman. Son come tomorrow
and meet my son

You'll find out.

Preet, let's go.

Should I explain something
hundred times?

You have to ask for my hand,
Don't want to get married?

Can't you understand!

Where had you gone leaving
the village boundaries.

You know, I can't cross the

Preet must be waiting for you
for you. Don't you want to go?

Grandpa, I...

I will not marry her.

Why not?

Do you think she should simply
go around with you ?

Nothing bad. What's wrong with it?

This is the way
in western countries.

This happens in
big Indian cities too.

But in Punjab?
It doesn't happen in Punjab, son.

Here the traditions
are still alive.

You won't understand, grandpa.
How do I explain you!

I understand, grandpa.

Not there, here.

- Yes.

Grandpa, his qualities... He's
present right? - Yes he's here.

Grandpa, he has commitment phobia.

I mean, he is scared of
relationships without reason.

He had the same problem
in Canada.

Grandpa, if any girl got

...he ran like this.

I forgot those girls,
too, didn't I?

So it is not necessary...

that I should keep loving Preet
after a few years too. - You will.

You will keep loving her.

Else you would not have come here
leaving those girls in Canada.

And you met Preet again due to
that necklace?

The same necklace I had given her
grandma fifty years ago.

The same things
are being repeated with you.

What happened between me and

It's an indication from the Lord.

Mine and Sukha's
incomplete story...

Our incomplete love story will be
completed by you two. Its destined.

Try to understand the Lords
plan, son. Try to understand.

Yes, uncle, good.
Everything is fine.

Here things are progressing.

From here you will reach somewhere.

Don't worry. I am gonna receive
you at the airport

Should I bring
him from the airport?

As it is they've kept me
in fear of the ghost...

...and now they are adding one more.
- Harman!

- Here comes the Jet aunty.

What did you say?
- I just said hello.

Tony, where is Harman?

He is not answering his phone.
And he isn't here ?

He forgot the phone at home,
and he has gone to your home.

Oh, God!
- Is there something wrong?

Grandma did not wish that he
should come in front of Uncle.

And who's this uncle?

Grandma's brother, who else!

Preet! What's wrong in this?


Sarvans Singh, Rashpal is not
merely my nephew...

...he is like my son.
- Oh I see.

So tell me Rashpal Singh ji!

When should I bring my nephew
here as the groom?

Brother, give us some time.

Relationships aren't
formed everyday.

We will let you know.

All right.

I haven't ever
refused Gurjant Singh.

Rest is your wish.

Please dont mind, before the uncle
told us about you...

my mother had seen a boy.

Whom Preet likes.

By the way, I & uncle have to
meet him.

My mother likes him.

We'll see afterwards how
things happen.


- Son, you here, suddenly?

Be blessed.

You go inside.

According to me, he is the
same boy, right?- Yes he is...

Sit down.

- Be seated.

What's your name?

It is... Harman.


Harman which is your village?

Sir, I am from Toronto, Canada.

But, you must be having
some background here?

Maraar is his village.

It's Maraar. I know him.

Yeah, keeps roaming about
the university.

His village is Maraar.


Actually I have come to Punjab
for the first time.

As a child, my father lived with
his maternal grandparents in Kalkala..

...then he went to Canada.

That's why we don't have
any links in Maraar.

Why did he live with his
maternal grandparents?

Sir... my grandpa died before
I was born.

Brother, why are you talking
like this in front of them?

What's your father's name?

Sardar Harindar Singh.

Harindar Singh?

My son, Harindar.

is being brought up by his
maternal grandparents in Kalkala.

Are you the grandson
of Ranjeet Singh from Maraar?


How dare you ask for my
grand niece's hand?

I have still not forgotten the
taste of the food in jail.

Please, forget old matters now.

I know my about my grandpa and
your sister's affair... Shut up!

No, no! -It may happen that
you may die by my hand!


Harman go.
- I will..

Hey, Gurjant Singh
is still alive...

Now stop that.
Forget about the old issues.

Harman, don't say anything!


Ranjeet's grandson, will he come
to my home? - Uncle!

Uncle, please don't do it.
- Couldn't you find anyone else?

Let him go!

What did not happen fifty
years ago, it will happen today.

- Gurjant!

You never told me..

...that Preet is
Sukha's grand-daughter.

After grandma, it was Preet's dad
& now his uncle.

Grandpa, who is he to stop
this marriage? That's what it is.

Otherwise Sukha would have been
Harman's grandmother,

What? You and Harman's grandpa...


Oh, my God!
How, when, where ??

Fifty years ago...

...in Jand Sahab Gurdwara...

Ranjeet and I met
for the first time.

With that shock, sister-in-law
lost her dream of being a mother.

And at the same time my dream of
being with Ranjeet was shattered.



Then it happened, what should never
have happened.


Sukha, run!

Sister-in-law! Brother!

Looters are here!

- They are taking away Sukha!
-You go inside.

Somebody stop them.
- Brother.

Save Sukkha.


Listen, I will go look in the lane.
You come soon.

It's me!

Have you gone mad!

Yes, I have gone mad.

You are my love.

Gurjant can't break
his promise to me.

Come, I have come to take you.

This is not right.

How could you think that
I will come with you?

My brother will have to listen to
the taunts of people his entire life.

You, me.

That I eloped from home.

This stigma we will never be
washed away for generations.


Ranjeet! Think ahead.

Don't think I have changed.
I am yours, will always be yours.

We should keep our love within
ourselves and be strong.

Brother will have to agree.

Be quick man.
- Be quick. Lets' go.

You continue with the Jeep
at the corner, I will follow.

Okay, but make it quick.

I was angry so thought of this
& became crazy.

Please forgive me.
I will go.





No, no!

Let me go!
- No, no.

Now we will meet
in our next lives..

My life is over...I have to leave
this world

No, I will come with you.

No, no! Promise....

Promise me, that you
won't go alone.


I promise.
- Ranjeet, No, no!

we will be together...

We will leave this world together.

No, nothing will happen to you.
I swear.

Ranjeet, I swear you...

Come, get in.


I will die without you!


At least let's save him.


Sukha, what have you done?

What have you done!

Ranjeet, hold on.

Stop the jeep.
- Yeah, I will, I will.

Nothing will happen to you.
- Have courage, Ranjeet.

Hey, nothing will happen to you.

Have courage,
you will get through this.

Nothing will happen to you.

It's my last moment,
my friend.

Oh, no!

Ranjeet! Ranjeet, hey!

In front of me... I see

The God of death on a bull
with huge horns

He is there,
sitting and watching me.

Take away this earthly body of
bone and mass.


Don't say that. But my
spirit will not go without Sukha.


I was saved.

But Ranjeet passed away.


He had promised
that we'll go together...

..but he broke his promise
and left.

I and my friend were jailed
for two years.

And Gurjant was sentenced for 7
years, for murder in self defense.

Family and Sukha's relatives
told her to think of the family...

Then she was married off
to a army man.

But later he too was
martyred in the 1971 war.

So son, this is the end of
the story of my friend.

No, grandpa.

The end is still pending.

Hey! Hey, now it's enough, friend.

Spit out the anger, my son.
- Why did not you tell me earlier...

...that Preet's uncle had
murdered you.

Then your and Preet's love
would not have progressed.

Forget about the murder,
it's fifty years past.

But I heard of it now.
That my grandpa was murdered.

But it was my murder,
I have forgotten it.

Forget it.
Think of the future.

I have thought.


Hello, Preet!

Yes, tell me. Oh...

You have courage, I will...
- Dad..


What will you do now?

I will take her to Canada.
Let them do what they like.

Fifty years ago, I too
thought the same.

I would take Sukha and
go to Calcutta, my uncle's place.

But Sukha did not agree to it.

Preet is the same Sukha's
grand daughter.

My grandson, my friend!

Why will Preet agree
to your proposal.

Grandma, take care of yourself.

Since yesterday you have not
ate anything.

I can't forget that time...

For my sake Ranjeet left this
world, for just one word of mine.

The blood flowing from his back...

...is still in...

...in my eyes,like the tears
of blood.

Grandma, please don't think
about it any more.


Aren't you ready yet!
Go get ready.

Rashpal! Rashpal!

I will not let my girl go to Gurjant.
Your mother is not dead yet!

I know.

This dear girl's
grandma is still alive.

Wanting to kill the living.
She is better dead.


How could you say this to grandama?
What's wrong with you?

When my daughter and
my mother..

... are ready to compromise
with the enemy...

...then they should not expect
anything good from me.

But you had agreed, no?

Uncle's foolishness cannot...
- Shut up!

Beware, if you utter a single
word against him.

Uncle... Is everything for me.

During the 1971 war,
I was a small baby...

...when my father martyred.

Do you know...
who stood behind me at that time?

The same uncle.


Was like the shade of a huge
tree on our head.

The same uncle today, to you
and your grandma is the bad guy.

I know everything.

Grandma has sacrificed everything
to safeguard uncle's prestige.

Hello! Hello!

Sarvans Singh. We are leaving
from here. You reach AkalGad.

Yes, yes. Okay. Okay. Bye.

Darshan! Come here.

Oh, welcome, Harindar Singh!
Was your flight on the right time?

My respects.

Have a long life. Live long.

Tony must have told you
everything on the way, right?

Now what to do further?

Uncle! - We should sit down
and discuss.. - Uncle.

There is a problem,
Happy called just now...

He has gone with Harman to
Preet's village - AkalGad.

Yes, to fight.

Damn it! Now the trouble begins.


Sarvans Singh, you've been here
many times with uncle.

But you will be our relative today

- Yes.

So what's the news.


You aren't ready yet?

The groom's people are here.
Get ready.

Dad! Am I an animal?

Will you hand me over to
anyone whom you like?

Why did you not tell me earlier.

Is this the reason that you
brought me here?


- Shut up!

Uncle... Stop! Listen.

Today you get engaged.

Or it will be your funeral.

And I am...
ready for both eventualities.

Get hold of him. Catch him.

Hey, what's going on!

Have you gone mad!
Hey, where did he come from!



Uncle, who has let him in?

- Damn you..

I say stay put here!
Don't move.

Hey, hold him.


Take care of him!
Call some more guys.

Damn you. I'll break your bones.

That's all!


Come along.

Preet! Harman! Stop.
Go back...



Brother Gurjant!

Gurjant, brother!


Brother, Gurjant Singh...

You are still in the same position
Where you stood fifty years ago?

the world has changed...

...but you did not change.

You, too, have not changed.
sister Sukhjeet Kaur

you are still standing where
you stood fifty years ago.

Then you were running away...

today you are helping your
grand daughter elope..

..you called Harman here?


I have called him. Me!

I was right then...

..and I am right today too,
and what I did was always right.

Neither is Preet eloping
nor was I running away from home.


Ranjeet, for the sake of the
prestige of both our families...

...was returning alone.

When you shot him at the back.


For the family's sake,
wherever you sent me... I went.

...I quietly got married.

But... like wet fuel...

I kept smouldering inside.


It would have been good...

...would have been much better
than this torture...

...you should have shot me
too at that time .

What did not happen that time..

...I will do it today.

I too kept on suffering my
entire life.

That I did not kill you
at that time.

why did I climb down the terrace
when Ranjeet told me to?

Thus you got the opportunity
to shoot Ranjeet?

Now I will not give you the chance
to kill one more Ranjeet.

You shot my friend at the back.

I shall shoot you on your chest!

No, uncle! No!


Ranjeet's son?


Live long.

Gurjant Singh, first you
killed my father.

Now you are standing ready
to kill my son.

I can forget everything
and forgive you...

If you are ready to accept the
true love of these kids.

I don't care nor believe
in any damn love.

You will have to accept.

For the same true love...

...my friend's soul is still
wandering here in this world.

It's wandering here for Sukkha.

My friend's spirit talks of
his sorrows to Harman.

So you...

He had promised you, didn't he?

'Promise that you will not
leave this world alone!'


'Yes, we will go together
from this world.'



Ranjeet's soul...

...still... is still wandering!

And me... I never realised.
I kept living.

My... Lord!

No, no!






- Mother.


Grandma... My God!

Doctor! Doctor!
Take her to the hospital!

Hey, what happened to the car?
- I don't know.

What happened?

Don't know why the
car isn't starting.

Do something!

It's not firing.

the car had to die on me now!

What happened.
- It conked out.

Take Harman's car.


Dad, my car isn't starting.


Where is your car?
- My car too isn't starting.

Sir, your car!

This one too has conked out.
Oh God!

Every car had to stop here?

Sir, your village is nearby,
please arrange for a vehicle.

Hey, it's no use !

No use. It's no use.

Come out of the car.

Fate has brought Sukha to the
same place...

...where she had to be.

My friend Ranjeet...

half century ago, took his last
breath at this place.


Yes, grandma.





Grandma, Grandma!


Now see, Gurjant Singh.

not my home...

...but we are going together
to the Almighty's place.

Gurjant, brother! Ensure that..

like us, you don't
lose these children.

We are on our way to the Lord.

They who loved, found God.

Gurjant, why are you standing
here ashamed?

will you meet us in God's
presence ashamed too.

Enough.. enough.

I made a big mistake.

I committed a crime towards
both of you.

This sinner had the curtain
of misunderstanding on his eyes.

But now, this has opened my eyes.

I was...I was..

I am not even worth your pardon.

Harindar singh, congratulations.

Your son is married.

Congratulations to you too.

For the wedding of your grand son!

Yes, we should do something new,
what's new in it?

New thing is already here.

You know the best man...

...he is always younger than
the groom.

And Mr. Chief, here the best man is
hanging around with big mustaches.

Hey, lets not show off. Its
not done that way,

This is how it's done.