Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya (2002) - full transcript

Shiv (Abhishek Bachchan) and Pooja (Karisma Kapoor) are happily married to each other but sometimes can get into the most petty arguments coming from the way they approach life. Shiv takes each day as it comes whilst Pooja's imagination sometimes gets the best of her. Pooja falls in love with Shiv so much that she gives up her high rising career for him and settles as a housewife. Their in-difference gets worse and Pooja is soon convinced that Shiv has been unfaithful. Pooja asks for a divorce and leaves him. She carries on with life and meets Raj (Akshay Kumar). Raj has everything anyone could ask for: money, fame but not love something he has craved for some time. He falls for Pooja and she also begins to like him. They get engaged and as the wedding approaches, Shiv re-enters Pooja's life. Old feelings and emotions come rushing back and she finds herself torn between two men. Who does she choose...?

''Every man has dreams
of the woman he wants''

''Some will tell you...
some will hide it''

''lt's a strange situation
to be in''

''Every girl dreams of
the boy she wants''

''Some will tell you...
some will hide it''

''lt's a strange situation
to be in''

''How long will anyone
travel through a lonely journey?''

''How long will anyone
spend a lifetime in loneliness''

''She will come some day...
my love will''

''How long will l remain lonely?''

''How long will you remain lonely?''

''He will surely come some day...''

''My love, will''

''Somewhere, someday...''

''you and l will meet''

''Every man dreams of the
girl he wants''


''l'll fall in love''

''Mischief, l will be up to too''

''She's the one l dream about.
She's the one l desire''

''Every moment, l wait for her...''

''She's the one l pine for''

''He'll come with
the bridal headgear...''

''the bridal procession,
he will lead''

''He'll take me away as his bride''

''Every girl dreams of the
boy she desires''

''Every man dreams of the
woman he desires''

''Some will tell you...
some will hide it''

''lt's a strange situation
to be in''

Praise Lord Shankar

You're Shiv. And l'm Shiv too

But you're God.
And l'm an ordinary human being

Lord, l'm starting a new life today.
You must've seen the newspaper.

l wonder how many people saw
that ad on the second page

They want an Executive Manager.
One post, many aspirants

But make sure You bless only me

Lord, when will this devotee of Yours
find a job? When will l make money?

When will l have a wife and kids?
When will l tell stories to them?

Our little family will then
come here and sing praises to You

Praise Lord Shankar

Just get me this job, Lord... please

And don't You think
of anyone else. Okay?

No matter how much
anyone prays to You

My obesiences, Goddess Parvati

l will say nothing to Shivji.
He won't listen to anything

A woman has to struggle so much
in a man's world

We've got to get pushed around
so much, try so many tricks to make it

Now for today's headlines

Look at the speeches they make

And women would have said the
same things with so much of compassion

But some people just won't listen

Let's see the second page.
Maybe l'll find some justice here

A job! There is a vacancy!
For the post of Executive Manager!

''Gender, no bar! The same status
for both, men and women''

l could make it. l'm so qualified...
l just can't lose out.

But You know who will be
the obstacle. Men again!

lt's up to You now, O Goddess

Please accept my humble plea

And please get me this job

You must win, Goddess.
Not Shivji. At least not this time

Going to eat? Go on

Will you have some water?
- No

- No

A cigarette then?
- No

Like to chew some tobacco?
- No

How about meeting

You have no vices.
You're going to get this job

How come?
- True. This Hyderabadi...

can understand what your heart says.
l've been doing it for years

You're absolutely right, you know.

l'm No 1 ! l have all the degrees
- Really?

No power can stop you then

l'm Dil-phenk Hyderabadi. You?
- My name... Shiv. Shiv Kapoor

Shiv Kapoor? Do something, Pooja!
Or you're going to lose this job

Think of something. Go on!

What destiny! What luck, my boy!

Don't you forget me.
- How can you say such a thing?

As if l'd forget you! Don't worry.
- Dil-phenk, come here...

and stop chatting. Come on.
- The gentleman is calling me

He gives me great respect

Don't you forget me
- Don't worry. Go on

Who are you?
What are you here for?

Sit down. Sit

Okay, stand up....
Never mind. l'll sit down

What's that in your hand?
- Certificates of my qualification

For a job in Papa's office?
- Yes, well...

they issued that ad in the newspapers
for the post of Executive Manager

And so, l...

Why? What happened?
- This morning at breakfast...

Papa received a call from a
very influential man

Your job is gone.
- Gone? How can that be?

He receives a call and l lose my job?
Where is your Papa?

Calm down... sit

You want to go very far
in life, don't you?

All right then, trust Papa's daughter
and please go away. Okay?

You're such a rich man's daughter
and yet, so compassionate

Only my name won't impress him.
You must show him l'm capable too

Only then will he agree.
... when should l meet you again?

You don't have to meet me.
l'll meet up with you

l have your name and address, right?
- Right

So please leave now. Or l won't be
able to help you. Go on!

What is it now?
- You haven't told me your name

Beautiful name.
My name is Shiv Kapoor

Please don't forget

Damn it!

Thanks for living up
to Delhi's reputation

You've rammed into my
beautiful car, haven't you?

Your beautiful sister has
rammed into your beautiful car!

Brother! l've found a job!
- Great news!

Which means...

keeping me up all night with you
has finally helped!

l can now personally shoulder
my responsibilities

Here you are. Keep the change
and just get lost!

Great affection brother and sister
are showering on each other!

l'll give you news that will
brighten up your mood too, sis-in-law

Come on, brother. Let's tell her

Great news, sis!
- Sis? My foot!

- Let go! What are you doing?

He's already panting.
- He's panting out of happiness

l've got a job as Executive Manager.
- Thank God!

You'll stand on your own two feet.
- Here l am. On my feet!

You must stand up too.
- What for?

For not having to cook tonight.
l'm treating you to dinner

- At Delhi's Number One restaurant

Wow! Do we get to eat like this every
day, or is this a one-time treat?

My sister has a large heart, Kittu.
She would do so much for us.

That's okay. But Pooja hasn't told us
how she got such a big job so easily

Want me to tell you the truth?
Or just fib?

You're always fibbing.
So tell us the truth this time

Very well then. Here goes.
When l got there...

it was as if all the doors
were open for me

There were many Toms, Dicks
and Harrys before l got there...

but who could have possessed
my kind of personality?

Oh yes.
- When l moved further...

the staff were so impressed,
they got up to salute me

They rolled out the red carpet
for me, leading to the boss

Guess what the boss said,
when he saw me?

Go on.
- He said, ''My child'' !

Such abilities, talent, confidence
and personality? ln this nation?

''Where were you all
these days, my child?''

You ought to have told him
that you were with us

Pooja, the boss called you ''child'' ?
- Oh yes, brother

And l started calling him ''Papa'' too

l'm sure it's divine intervention.
- Oh yes

All thanks to Goddess Parvati.
l wonder how She got Shivji to agree

- Who's that?

Shiv. The one with the
high qualifications

Who are you?
- l'm Shiv... Shiv Kapoor

l see. And what are you doing here?
- l'm drowning my sorrows, Poojaji

lt's my friend's second
wedding anniversary

l had to come,
he dragged me here.

Or l was only thinking about you.
- What? Who's this, Pooja?

- Shivji?

Right. Shiv Kapoor. And you folks?
- My brother and my sister-in-law

Hasn't Papaji come?

- Yes. Papa

Have l said something wrong?
- Not at all

Didn't l tell you, brother?
Papa=Boss; Boss=Papa...?

That's just it

Okay, l'll do it for you

Very well then...
- l see. Very well then!

How can you leave like this?
You're Pooja's friend

You must eat with us tonight.
Pooja has ordered so much! Look

So much of food...?
What are you celebrating?

Celebrating the job, of course!
- Job?

Jobs, of course! lsn't it
my duty to get employment...

to every poor man, where l am?
- You'll give me a job, won't you?

Yes, l will. Good bye...
- All right... good-bye

Don't forget it, okay?
- What are you doing?

Amazing! Your first day at work
and you're already employing others!

l said my sister has a large heart!
This is how you must always be Pooja!

He's a good boy, although he's poor.
You must certainly give him a job.

Oh sure

God! He's driving me up the wall!

l'll have to do something about him!
The bloody hanger-on!

Sir, l've finished my work for the day.
Even the work for tomorrow

l've even sent that
detailed fax

ls this all?

l have something to discuss.
- Speak

l have a friend, sir.
He's very highly qualified

He stands first in sports.
And he has no vices at all

Well? What am l to do?

Sir, could you give him a job?

All right. Send him here right now.
l'll employ him

What job are you
going to give him, sir?

l'll fire you and hire him instead.
- What?

lt isn't even a week since
you've joined this office...

and you're already finding
other people jobs

Work sincerely, if you wish to.
Else, l'll have to show you the door

l'm late! lt's 9:00 already!
- lt's 9:00 ! l'm late!

Why don't the two of you wake up
early, if you don't want to be late?

You are both just the same!

Where's my key now?
- l'm getting very late, brother

Please drop me at the office.
- Are you mad, Pooja?

My office is in this direction,
yours is in that! No way! lmpossible!

Greetings, sir.
- Bhiku Singh? What're you doing here?

Running an errand for the boss, sir.
- For C.P. ? l see

Who's this?
- lt's my boss's car.

He's going in the same direction.
Ask him to give me a lift

Can you drop my sister at
Connaught Place, Bhiku Singh?

Go on. Hurry up


Poojaji! Listen to me!
One moment, please!

One moment!

Listen to me!

One minute!

At least roll down the window!

lt's Shiv Kapoor!
l met you at the office, remember?

Thank you, Bhiku Singh.
You may go

Where did he spring from?

l've been calling out to you and
you wouldn't even look back at me

l've been following your car
on my bike

- Oh yes. And how would you listen?

lt's such a big car.
Fully air-conditioned

Your windows were shut.
How can you be blamed?

Well? What is it?
- Have you seen today's newspaper?

Have you?
- What does it say?

Your office has advertised again!
How could they, when you're around?

Your Papa will once again get a call
and l'll lose my job, won't l?

You're so naive.
You just don't understand

To remain in circulation! One has
to do it to fool people. See?

l see

But why must you worry?
l'm very much here

l've spoken to Papa.
Your job is confirmed

Confirmed? May l meet him then?
- Meet Papa?

Yes. l have an interview with him.
- Really?

Listen, be very careful
during the interview

Nobody must know that
l have recommended you.

Or you'll lose the job.
Not even my Papa, okay?

Go on now.
- May l?

Be very careful

You? What are you doing here?

How did you get here?
- l found you at last, didn't l?

Laddoos, Poojaji.
- How did you know l was here?

When will your friends help?
Those Anju's and Sush's...

you have an amazing friends' circle!
They were only too happy to tell me

- Come to the point. What is it?

Okay, where is your hand...?
- Let go! What are you up to?

Ever since you shook
hands with me...

my life has changed for the better.
- What happened?

Your Papa has taken your advise

He has employed me as
the General Manager!

What? What are you talking about?

Why're you so surprised?
You're the one who did it

Have some laddoos, Poojaji.
Made with clarified-butter

l bought them from Bengali Market.
Have some

That's enough.
- Enough? Have a whole laddoo

No, l don't have a whole laddoo.
- No? And l swallow half a dozen!

Give some to your brother and...
- No. Not them!

Why not? Give them some, too.
- Don't disturb them!

Give them some...
- l've heard you talking, Shivji

This is just what l
expected from you, Pooja

You've got this capable boy
a job at last

See what a large heart my sister has?
And you...

Not just large-hearted...
she's a magnanimous Delhi-ite!

Know what? You do have
a beautiful sister!

Shut up, feller! And put
those laddoos away!

Let me watch Aishwarya Rai!
- Don't be angry, Sardarji

l've got a job today.
Have some laddoos.

Congrats! l'll have two laddoos.
- One for me...!

Congratulations, General Manager!

This Hyderabadi will now treat you
to the most delectable food!

Thanks a lot, my friend

lt's only after l met you that
l embarked on this lovely journey

Had you hung around the other day,
you wouldn't have got this post

You'd have been hanging,
lower down in the ladder

True. lt's all thanks to Poojaji

As long as l live,
l'll worship only Pooja

Pooja? Pooja who?
The manager?

Come on! You're giving the employer
the status of an employee?

This is the limit! Thanks to her,
so many poor guys have found jobs

Take my case. Hadn't she put in a word
for me to her father, the employer...

could we have been chatting in
this posh, air-conditioned office?

What a shame! You're making
my head swim with rubbish

That girl has made
a sucker out of you

She got rid of you the other day
and snatched your job. That's it!

What does that mean?
- l mean, she's just...

an executive manager. Nothing else!

Which means, the boss
isn't dear papa at all?

Chopra, the old fossil,
is a rotten old fig!

And he's still a bachelor!

You mean Pooja didn't
recommend me at all?

My dear naive boy!

Recommend you? She's been
cutting you out all the way!

Really? So she took me for a ride!
- Yes.

And took me all over Delhi!
- Oh yes!

She has turned out to be
quite an actress!

Dil-phenk, call her immediately.
l'll fix her

l'll call her. And you
must teach her a lesson

lt's your right.
You're the General Manager!

Let her come. l'll show her

l'll teach her such a lesson, she'll
never think of conning anyone again

Do come

My word!

Sit down. Why're you standing?
- How can l sit in your presence?

You have done so much for me

You took my destiny into your hands
and made my life

You've recommended me to your Papa
at the breakfast table!

l do that very often.
- ln a flying Mercedes car...

you weren't thinking about yourself.
You thought of me

lnstead of the Executive Manager,
you made me the General Manager!

You're such a great person.
lt's amazing, Poojaji!

Would you like to have some tea?
- Tea...?


You dare make a fool out of me?

Shiv? Call me ''Sir'' !

Poojaji! l went about worshipping you.
And you kept making a fool out of me!

The pampered daughter of the
dear Papa...

you're a sympathiser of the poor
and recommend them, don't you?

You played around with me! You conned
me the first time we met...

and walked away with my job!
And as if that wasn't enough...

you polished off fancy delicacies with
your brother at the 5-star hotel!

Like a madman, l went around Delhi
looking for you...

and you were sitting in the theater,
watching the latest movie!

And l still got laddoos made
for a stone-hearted girl like you!

With clarified-butter!
So tell me now, Poojaji...

what am l to do with you?
Must l kill you? Or let you go?

Tell me

l agree to any punishment you
hand out to me, Mr General Manager

Will you do as l say?
- Yes, l will

Will you marry me?
- Yes, l will

''The way you look,
tells me...''

''l'm the one you love''

''The way you talk,
tells me...''

''l'm the one you could die for''

''l'd teach you the way of loving...''

''and lay down my life for you,
my love''

''You set my heart racing,
you taught me lessons in love...''

''you have accepted me,
you're my crazy lover''

''We have taken a vow...
we will never part''

''This is a new story,
this is a new friendship''

''This is my first love...
you're my first beloved''

''Under the blue skies,
two young hearts meet in love''

''The way you breathe,
it tells me...''

''l'm the one you love''

''The way you lurch forth,
it tells me...''

''l'm the one you could die for''

''l'm not in my senses;
you realise nothing''

''lt's the effect my love
has had on you''

''Let's lose ourselves
in each other...''

''so that no one in the world
can ever see us''

''Every secret of your dreams
tells me...''

''l'm the one you love''

''The way you embrace me, tells

''l'm the one you
could die for''

''l'd teach you the way to love...''

''and lay down my life
for you, my love''

''You set my heart beating,
you taught me lessons in love...''

''you have accepted me,
you're my crazy lover''

''We have sworn, we have vowed...
never to part''

lt's morning already.
But your mischief isn't over

Don't ruin the General Manager's
mood, okay?

l'm the only General Manager
in this house!

l didn't deny that. You're the
General Manager of my heart too.

lt's amazing! l sometimes wonder...

how l could to sleep alone
all these years.

What must the poor bachelors
be going through?

Are wives meant only for this?
You men are all alike!

You just won't improve.
- lf we improve, madam...

what happens of you women?
- lt's pointless arguing with you

Get up now, bathe
and leave for work

Or we won't even have this house
the company has given us

Get up...
- No

Must l go to the office today?
- l've given up the job

lf you don't go to work,
what will we live on?

Simple. We'll live on love and air.
l'll eat you up too!

This is my right!
- No rights. Just get up

See who's at the door...
go on!

Get up, please!

You're very lazy! Get up and go.
@ 02/05/11902

Who are you?

- What?

l'm the milkmaid, sir.
My name is Kismis

Take it

How much?

Accounts are settled at
the end of the month, sir

You're a newcomer?
- Yes. We're newcomers

So tell me... is one packet enough?
Or must l give more?

One should be enough. Why?

l ask, because people in this
building use lots of milk

One is enough.
- l'll leave then, sir

l say, sir...
- What?

Lend me a hand.
- What?

With this burden.
- Sure. One moment

God! l've been had!

May l say something, sir?
- Go ahead

You're a very decent man.
A very nice gentleman

You have a handsome face...
you worthy of befriending, sir

- Oh yes. May l leave, friend?

Tomorrow morning then

Has the friend left?

Yes, she has.
lt was the milkmaid

So it's going to take so much of
time to fetch milk every morning?

You could've seen her off downstairs.
- l was only helping her...

and what are you thinking about?
A milkmaid and l...? C'mon Pooja!

l know you men very well.
Give me the milk

First give me what is mine


This lungi and kurta you're
wearing, are mine

Go on. Take it off.
- Come inside. l'll give it to you

Now. Right now

Have you gone mad...?
People are watching!

Let me go!

Shiv, l'm going to take the
milk from tomorrow. Not you

This is funny. He calls us here
and doesn't turn up himself

l can't understand why he said,
we mustn't tell Pooja

They haven't had a fight, have they?
Your sister always itches for a fight

Not more than you do.
- Taking up for your sister again?

She's lucky to have found a
husband like him in such times

Here he is

Sorry, folks

Can't help this Delhi traffic.
l'd have zoomed in on a bike

Ever since l got this car,
l get stuck everywhere

What is the secret that you call us
here without even telling Pooja?

What's the day today?
- 15th of December

And tomorrow?
- The 16th of December. So what?

What, eh? You forget it, after
all the years she spent with you?

And l remember everything in
just a few months with her

Tomorrow's Pooja birthday.
- l know. So listen...

We'll first buy a huge cake.
We'll pack some food...

buy lots of balloons and gifts
and surprise her at midnight!

And l thought my husband had
brought me out to the amusement park

l'm not leaving without
sitting on the giant-wheel

As if it's your age
to sit on the giant-wheel

- No age-bar to enjoy life

We'll do just as your wife says

Come on, brother.
- lt's very high! l'm not sitting in it

Come on...
- No! l'm scared, Shiv!

Go with her instead.
- No. The couple sit together

Come on...
- Are you coming too?

lf l don't come back alive,
look after my bitch

What rubbish! Come!
- Look after my Kittu!

Not too high, mister.
l'm scared

What happened? Why's it jammed?
- Don't worry

lt'll start up again. Enjoy the sight
of Delhi from this height, my love!

Let's spend the night chatting

Will you be my friend?

My name is Shiv Kapoor.
l have a wife. A missus

Her name is Pooja

Pooja, my darling wife

l say, brother-in-law...
- Yes?

lt's already midnight, l say

Oh yes. All the way

Today's your wife's birthday?

But it's so sad.
You're stuck here... with me

Looks like they're fixing it

l wonder how many more jolts
l'm going to get tonight

Oh yes. l don't know how many jolts
this husband will take tonight!

Where were you?

First tell me where you were.
- l'll tell you. l'll explain

l know you will believe what l say.
- Now tell me the truth...

only the truth. Speak up!
- l was in the office all night

There was something only l could do.
l knew it was your birthday...

but l couldn't disobey the boss.
- Really?

But l kept calling the office
all night. Nobody took the call

All the lines were disconnected.
They were held up

lt was as if l was in the skies
and you were here, on earth

Who baked it?
- l did

Shall we cut it?
- No

Do you think l'll give in so easily?
lt's a nice story...

but what is the truth? Tell me.
You're not having a fling, are you?

What rubbish! Do l want
to have a fling and die?

Are you angry?

l flared up on you without
even thinking, didn't l?

Forgive me... l'm sorry

All right

l don't like you suspecting me
all the time

After all, how much will a man
convince you? You must trust me...

My sulking lover...
you're angry, are you?

l get all rotten ideas. l have
brains that work over-time, don't l?

All right... what's happened
is in the past

Today's your birthday, isn't it?
So this evening, is solely for you

We'll dance, make merry,
eat and drink

And make love

May l go and take some rest now?
l'm exhausted

Go on

lt's nice... and different

lt's work, day in and day out!
Who have you been talking to?

Your boss-papa

He's sending me to a conference.
- When are you leaving?

l'm not going alone.
You're going with me too

What does that mean?
- lt means...

what every lndian dreams of...
destination Switzerland

Switzerland? Really?

Of course. Your boss-papa is sending me
there to attend a conference

you and l, will celebrate
a delayed-honeymoon

Shiv, see how lucky my birthday is?
Just wait and watch

There's going to be an explosion
every second!

My God! l find you here!

l was wondering where l'd find you.
And here you are

lt's Laila! Shiv, have you
forgotten me in just a night?

Pooja? Your wife?

Celebrating your birthday, l see

We celebrated it last night

The two of us were stuck
up there, in the darkness

Shiv, in the confusion of
the darkness night...

l think my diamond-watch
slipped over to you

Did you find it?

Yes, he did. Certainly.

Your watch is with me.
This is the one, isn't it?

This diamond-watch
is terribly expensive

So l was scared.
- l was looking for you too

l wondered how l would
return to you, what is yours

Shiv, may we return her thing to her?

l've got my precious watch!

Listen to me, okay...

Hear me out, Pooja.
- What's there to say or listen to?

Maybe you're making a mistake, Pooja.
Maybe it's something else...

Shiv could explain only if you're
prepared to listen, isn't it?

What will he explain to me?
l've met the girl...

he spent the whole night with!
l'll never forgive him!

Whatever happens, l'm not
going back to him!

Enough! You break your relationship
for every little thing?

You're willing to walk out
of your house for nothing?

This isn't how you go through life.
Marriage is no child-play...

that you blow a thing like this
out of proportion, Pooja

Listen to the truth, if you must.
Shiv called us to the fair...

to prepare for a surprise
birthday party for you

l insisted on sitting on the
giant-wheel and the poor man agreed

Our misfortune! The giant-wheel
broke down...

and we had to spend
an entire night in it!

When we got down, Shiv requested us
not to tell you...

that he had spent the night
sitting with another girl

He said Pooja wouldn't be able
to take it. And he was right too!

He was right. You have done
just what he expected you to do!

lf you have any sense,
go back to your husband...

seek his forgiveness
and bring him around!

Not at all

Pooja does not need to seek
my forgiveness

She need not apologise to me.
lt's enough that she loves me so much

And yes, she has a very
unique way of loving me

And this is what l'm crazy about

l know it, Pooja. More than the
amount of anguish you cause me...

you feel tormented yourself.

More than you make me ache...
you ache too

All this, only because
you love me so much

But l have loved you too, Pooja

l have loved you too

''l'm your love,
my heart beats for you...''

''do always be with me''

''l'm your love,
my heart beats for you...''

''do always be with me''

''Should you have any
grouse against me...''

''do always tell me''

''l have loved you too, my love''

''Yes, l have loved you too''

''l'm your love,
my heart beats for you...''

''do always be with me''

''Should you have any
grouse against me...''

''do always tell me''

''l have loved you too, my love''

''Yes, l have loved you too''

''The way you drop your tresses,
and lower your gaze...''

''where did you learn this spell from?''

''You too have a way with words''

''Go on... stop pestering me''

''Passions are taking over...
my yearning is getting worse''

''don't giggle and make it worse''

''Should you have any
grouse against me...''

''do always tell me''

''You're as mischievious
as a madman...''

''but l know the truth
about your heart''

''Don't you understand what
the climes tell us...?''

''We can't do on our own anymore''

''Don't take such a deep breath,
be not so naughty...''

''don't be stubborn''

''Should you have any
grouse against me...''

''do always tell me''

''l'm your love,
my heart beats for you...''

''do always be with me''

Yes, l have loved you too

How will l spend
the entire day without you?

You know l'm here for the conference.
lt's only till this evening

l'll be back in a jiffy.
Go shopping till then

Eat and go to sleep.
And dream of me

You're the one who's giving me
a surprise. lt must be...

5 years since college and
when we last met, right?

Really? ls it so long already?

Pooja, this is Meghna.
We studied together in college

Know what, Pooja? Shiv was the
most handsome guy in college

his studies and sports.
But now that l see you, l must say...

he does have a great choice.
You're the one he finally chose

Don't believe her, Pooja.
Meghna was a brilliant student too

She always had a way with words

What are you doing in Switzerland?
- l came on business

ln fact, l must leave now
or l'll get late

You're put up at this hotel, right?

Why don't we have dinner together?

So tonight will be an amazing night

l'm glad you like some girl at least

Hurry up and go now.
And come back soon

Come on, you've got to get ready

What's up, Meghna?
- My car has broken down

Where have you to go?
- To Geneva. To attend a seminar

Life sure is a co-incidence!
l have a conference in Geneva too

Come, l'll give you a ride

How about my return?
- l've got to return to the hotel too

We'll come back together

You can talk to me in Hindi.
l'm an lndian, Madam

Do you have a bigger model
of that beautiful house?

l want a bigger one.

Not right now.
You can have it tomorrow.

All right then. l'll give you an
advance now and pick it up tomorrow

At what time tomorrow?
- 10:00 a.m. Sharp

- Namaste

Absent-minded professor!
You're still forgetful

ls your work over?
- Yes. And yours?

Yes. Shall we leave now?
- Let's return. Rouge Mont

lt'll take us 3 or 4 hours

l still can't believe how absent
minded you are. You haven't changed

Looks like there's a problem

Shiv! How much time will it take?

7 or 8 hours? l'll freeze
to death in the car!

Ask him if there is a place
we can spend time at

l suggest l ring up Pooja and
tell her that we're held up here

The phone had to disconnect now!

What happened?
- The line got disconnected

Let me try and make that call.
You go and change

lf something happens to you,
your wife is going to kill me

''Where have we landed...?''

Why're you laughing?
- Why? Look at you!

You look crazy! l mean...
you look like a mad gypsy!

Remember when you played mad gypsy?
- l did? When?

ln college, of course!
Have you forgotten?

How we danced during that
inter-collegiate competition

You aren't to be blamed
for what happened, Shiv

What happened between us
was just an accident

You mustn't think l will interfere
in your life, Shiv...

or that l will pose
any difficulty for you

And why must you hold
only yourself responsible?

l played an equal part in it

Shiv, l want this to remain
a secret between you and me

So l'm leaving

We will never meet again

We will never meet again

Not a thought for me!

Do you have any defense for
the mistake you have made?

Will you ever be able to alleviate
the agony you have caused to me?

Will you ever...?

Let me ask you. Had l made
the mistake you have made...

would you ever have forgiven me?
Answer me!

Would you forgive me?

Do you have an answer...?
Speak up!

You don't, do you?
You can't!

You can't have an answer
for such a grave sin!

There can be no pardon

You and l cannot live
under the same roof anymore

We can't spend our lives
together anymore!

l will never forgive you!
The faith and trust l had in you...

You must regret your mistake
all your life

You must pay a price
for betraying my trust

l want Divorce


''Yes, l have loved you too''

lt's like this, Pooja. You've been
through so much, if you think of it

But you've been through nothing,
if you don't think about it

You have been courageous
in taking this step

Maybe you've done the right thing
by not staying with your brother

You haven't made your problems
the cause of their worry

Problems and sorrows
are all part of life

So why shouldn't a woman
face them...

move forward, and shape
her own destiny?

You don't have to tell anyone here
that you were married

Or that you have had a divorce

You know how people view a
woman who has been divorced

But this is the city of Mumbai
in which you have arrived

Nobody here cares for
the past lives of others

People come here to start
life afresh

There's no saying when and where
you will come across a messiah

Neha, l couldn't even dream of finding
a nice friend like you so soon

Now that you're with me,
l will surely find a way

So be courageous. Make the attempt,
and l'll do my best too...

to find you a job. Okay?

God! You're great

l wish every designer
was like you

You're a magician... a wizard

Neha, l mean it. Your boss
is the Designer Number One!

Look, l'm so beautiful.
Like Pui Bawla

Am l not right?
- Who's Pui Bawla?

Pui Bawla...? Don't you know?
She's the Heroine Number One!

l see

Bunty must also be designing
Pui Bawla's costumes, right?

- He must be, of course!

A film star, after all. Obviously,
he must be giving her all his time

That's just what l hate about him

During the awards
function last year,...

he designed the clothes
for Heroine No 1

He's always designing clothes
for film stars

Do we society women
lack something?

What do these film stars
have at all? What?

What happened?
- The film folks are coming

They'll take offence

Who's that?
- Raj Malhotra, the film star

They're on his staff.
- Hello, Nehaji

Are our leading man's dresses ready?
- l was waiting for you, Babban Miyan

The costumes for the hero's
dance sequence are ready

God! So many costumes
for a single song...?

They must be changing behind trees!

Their tastes in eating, dressing et al!
Everything is so loud!

Why must one leading man need
so many people on his staff?

They're show-offs! Just show-offs!
- Watch your tongue...

lest my heart pops out
of my chest

Who's this lady without
any control on her tongue?

Who's this female?
l could deliver a stinging slap!

No... it's Mrs Chana Singh. Wife of
leading industrialist, Ghana Singh

Wife? ls this how wives are?

What's wrong with her husband? How
could he swallow such a big snake?

Ask him to send her around in a burqa!
Anyone who sees her, will die!

You're scaring us with your looks.
What's all that?

What's he saying?
- Shut up, you lame horse!

You wear this weird make up and pass
comments on your hero's costumes?

You're insulting our hero?

This fatso sure does blabber!

l'll feed you stale food and you can
sit bombarding on the potty!

She's already stinking

Ghana Singh's wife is insulted thus?

Go on, get lost, or people will
dump garbage on you

You old fossil in white!

Old fossil? Want to try me out?

What did you call me?

l'll have you sacked!

She sure is a funny one!
- Enough

Maria, Chinni, enough of jokes

Neha, are the costumes ready?
- Absolutely

But l've got some work
for you folks today

What is it?

You offered me secretaryship to
the film star recently, remember?

You know, l wouldn't ever
turn it down

But how will l quit
Mr Pandit's employ?

l have a friend. She's a very
nice girl. And trustworthy too

l can stand guarantee for her,
if you wish

lf you could give her the job...?

Send her over to the shoot.
She'll have the job

Really? Will she get the job?
- l can tell a man for what he's worth

Which is why we had offered
the job to you

Now that you're recommending
someone else, she must be good too

We give you our word. The three
of us will see she has the job.

Don't tell me, Neha!
How can l handle this job?

What's wrong with it, Pooja?
- Films? l...?

l know nothing about films
or the film-world

Pooja, there are good and bad
people everywhere in the world

lt's for you to conduct yourself
the way you want to

As for these folks,
l know them very well

l think you're going
to find a job there

As for your future boss...

his staff lovingly calls him hero-ji

He's a very nice man. Even in
a world of glitter and stardom...

he has his feet firmly
on the ground

No wonder he's the darling
of the masses

What's the name of the film star?
- Raj. Raj Malhotra

''How can anyone spend a lifetime
without love?''

''The beloved's eyes
hold a treasure, my friend''

''How can anyone spend a lifetime
without love?''

''The beloved's eyes
hold a treasure, my friend''

''On earth descend sometimes,
the Moon and the stars...''

''such are the treasures
the beloved's eyes hold''

''ln this lifetime,
there will be a story...''

''no longer can l spend my youth
in loneliness''

''So let me find a beloved...
on a night so lovely''

''Let me listen to her heartbeat
and tell her how l feel''

''lt's a matter of destiny to
find the support of her arms''

''The beloved's eyes
hold a treasure, my friend''

''How can anyone spend a lifetime
without love?''

''Belong to someone...
and take someone for your own''

''Let your eyes
dream lovely dreams''

''Remain in my arms...
forget the world''

''Let me lie in these tresses...
and kiss her moist lips''

''Let your eyes
dream lovely dreams''

''The beloved's eyes
hold a treasure, my friend''

''On earth descend sometimes,
the Moon and the stars...''

''such are the treasures
the beloved's eyes hold''

''How can anyone spend a lifetime
without love?''

Take it off quickly

ln a moment, hero-ji.
Will you have some patience, please?

Have some fruits, hero-ji.
- No food from home? No chicken?

No chicken. You've got to remain fit.
There's so much of competition

Look at the old-timers.
Dharmendra, Jeetendra

They've fed on fruits for
40 years and remained fit

Their staff has been fit
for 40 years too

Stop talking and tell Babban Miyan
to get the car out

The car's ready. But where will
you go and when will you return?

The secretary has left us
in a mess of schedules...

what have you thought about that?

This is the problems we have when
secretaries turn producers

Where will we find
someone honest now?

We mustn't a crooked man!
Our hero-ji's such a simple man...

they'd rip him apart.
- So where will l find the man?

lt could be a woman too, right?
- A woman?

Can a woman handle my affairs?

When l can look after your house,
your clothes, your food, everything...

why can't a girl look after your dates,
your schedules and your accounts?

lf we could find an honest
and trustworthy girl...

but where will l find one?
- We've found her already

You've found her already?
- Yes

And who is she?

Where is she?
- Just a minute

Hero-ji, this is Pooja

Neha, the designer's assistant,
has sent her over

Why talk in French?
l'd rather you did it in Tamil

She's a very good girl

You must interview her, okay?

So, you're...?
- Let me tell you at the outset, sir

l know nothing about
the film business

So how will you handle this job?

Neha and your staff asked me
to meet you. So, l...

l see. So what are you
well-versed with?

l'm familiar with computers

l know a lot about programming
and accounting. That's all

That's all? And that is enough

The knowledge you have
is enough for this job

You could say you've landed the job
- Pardon me?

Yes. lf my staff says you're good,
you really are good

So tell me how do we
sweeten your tongue now?

With these sweetmeats!

Here you are. Offer Pooja the sweets!

Wow! Here you are. Have some sweets.
- Go on

No small pieces. Take a whole laddoo

Fortunate are those who get
to eat all these goodies

No taunts, hero-ji

But you may have two laddoos
to celebrate her arrival

Not two... eat up all there is!
- Thanks. Keep this in the car

You can report to duty tomorrow

Hero-ji has appointed a new secretary.
She'll be here any moment

Pooja is here! All the mess
will now be cleared!

Come here. This is Pooja.
The new secretary

Whatever you've got to ask,
you will now ask her. Okay?


What are you doing, Babban Miyan?

lt's a 2 'o clock shift. And you
wake me up early in the morning!

l know. Apart from film shootings...

there are many things you've
got to do on your own

This big house and all those people
downstairs... who'll handle them?

You have no one of your own either.
- So what are you folks worth?

Okay, but there are things
we can't do. Only you can

And this is something
only you can do, hero-ji. Not we

Such as...?
- Such as, signing documents

lssuing cheques. Who'll do all that?
- You do it, Miyan

No thank you. By God, don't
trust people in the world so much

lt's a terrible world!
Money's everything for them

May l say my lines now?
- Sure, go ahead

May l go for a bath?
- Sure.

But come back soon. And see...

how the world is waiting for you

You said there were a lot of people.
There's not a soul here

The producers must have fled

My mistake

Will you stop flying please?

He said there were producers here
to meet me. Where have they gone?

Bingo! The wonder girl
has worked a miracle!

She brewed such a broth
that everything fell in place!

lf you guys are going to say
everything, what lines will l say?

Now tell me what happened.
- Pooja-ji! The wonder girl!

The way she handled the producers,
l could only watch in amazement!

l swear it on God, my eyes can
never make a mistake!

This is the right girl, hero-ji.
- Really? And where is Pooja-ji?

- She's working. On the computer

Are you through?
- l'm doing it... l'm still at it

Sir, l've sorted out those dates
that were messed up

Accounts of money we've
received against shooting,...

l've fed in the computer

l've fixed your appointments with
directors, during lunch-break...

so you won't be disturbed.
You've got to read some agreements...

and sign them now.
- Okay

ls all the work over?
- Yes

Nothing remaining?
- No

ln which case, why must you come here
all thirty days in a month?

Come just for a day.
- One day?

Yes. What's the date today?
The first

So we'll meet up again
on the first of the next month

lt's pack up for you.
You may go

What are you saying, hero-ji?
You've ruined all our joy!

Pooja-ji handled everything so
quickly with her intelligence...

and you just won't praise her!
- You've messed up the grease-paint!

She completed a month's work
in just one day

So what will she do for the
rest of the 29 days? What?

You've worked for a day, Pooja.
You get paid for a day's work too

Goodness isn't appreciated!
The same amount of work...

the previous secretary took
2 months to complete!

And you paid him double the salary!
- No wonder he became a producer!

And you won't appreciate Pooja for
completing everything so soon!

Where will l break my head now...?

He's laughing!

Sir, you're laughing?
- l was only joking

And you talk of breaking heads?

Where were you all these days?

l must say, you folks do
have an eye for people

Now tell me, how many years contract
do l draw up for her?

20 years? 25 years...?
- For a lifetime. Forever, sir!

No secretary works like this.
Only a wife does...

the one made for you, does!

Have l said something wrong?
- You always say the wrong line

What did l say?
- l'll tell you later

You mustn't take offense
at what they say

Because l'm so lonely, they're
always cooking things up for me

They aren't bad at heart

You have handled everything
in just a day, l'm impressed

Know what? l had this problem
for quite a few days

l couldn't decide what was right
and what was wrong

But now l think everything
will be all right

Get on with your work.
Please carry on

Poojaji, please don't feel bad
about anything

Now that you're here,
it's going to be fun

We'll do good work and
spend our days in fun

We won't even know when
the climes change

Raj, give me just two minutes. Please

Chinni, please come here

What is it, Pooja?

There was a call from
Mr Morani and Mr Soorma

l think they want to discuss
dates personally with you

So l'll meet up with them.
Just tell me when

Anytime you wish.
l'll tell you your programme

Raj, please let's have
another rehearsal

lf l mess up this time, l'm
going to get a lot of scolding

All right. Wait here, Pooja

l'll speak my lines, okay?
- No, let's begin with my lines

All right. Go ahead

l'm so happy today...

Where is she, Raja?
- Who?


Why need that when you
have this one?

- What does that mean?

l'll tell you what it means

Rascals! Have you nothing
better to do?

Do you come here
only to bother girls?

Have you been taught nothing better?
Can you only talk nonsense?

Come here...

l'm going to smash your face

You won't be able to
face anyone again

Your tongues wag a lot!
You want to have fun!

You want girls, eh?
You want girls?

Was this enough or do you
want some more fun?

No! Enough!

So when are you leaving the hotel?

Today! Right now!
- Good

Get lost soon.
- Sure we will

Room No 420.
A room for frauds indeed.

You must apologise to all
those you have insulted

l'll wait for you

Heroji, they're escaping

Where are you guys going...?
Wait... you don't have to leave

Leave after you watch the shooting.
- No thanks

You must have fun!
- No thanks

How can l let you leave like this?
Go after you see the shooting

Come, l'll introduce you
to the whole unit

This is the director.
Say namaste to him


This is our heroine.
Pay your respects to her

Our respects.
- This is my make-up man, Chinni

- Hello

No hello. Touch his feet

Go on. Take his blessings.
You've got to play the baddies

You haven't met her. She's...
- Namaste, Pooja

Namaste, Poojaji.
- Poojaji?

Sister Pooja!
- Good. But try something new

Something spontaneous.
- Praise the Lord, Sister Pooja

Praise the Lord! You do have
respect for womenfolk

You must come to the shoot tomorrow.
Oh yes, you must!

Where are we shooting
tomorrow, Poojaji?

We're shooting at the graveyard

We're going to bury the dead.
You must attend!

You must! Please!

Don't make me lose my temper...
l might push you

They've had it

l'm sorry

Stop giggling and attend
to my hair, Chinni

What are you writing?

What are you writing?
- Nothing

Let me see what you're writing

l knew you'd do something like this.
That you would resign

This is how you girls are.
You flare up at everything

Tell you what? Go into the
kitchen and smash things

Your temper will cool down.
- You cooled down. By beating them up

There wasn't a better way
of handling it, was there?

Was it necessary to do all that?
- lt's like this, Pooja

lt makes no difference to me
what they write or say about me

Because my life is an open book

But l know, it makes
a difference to you

You can't tolerate it, because
you're not used to it

So l did what l had to.
And you're angry with me?

You're handing in your resignation?
- Please don't misunderstand me

l don't want such a thing
to happen ever again

They... they could say
anything about you and me

So let them!
l'm not backing out, am l?


And what do you think?

That you will give me the resignation
and l will let you go?

God has brought us together
at the right time

You're lonely. So am l
Where would we meet, if not here?

Why don't we get to know
each other better?

You don't know anything about me

l don't even want to

That you've heard me out and haven't
even slapped me, is enough for me

You look so nice when you smile.
Always keep smiling

Wrong timing

Whenever l'm going to say something
nice, Mr Chopra will always call up

Mr Chopra? Yes, everything
has been arranged

Yes, l've done my packing

Aren't we going to Australia?

l have a request.
Book another ticket

The name is... Pooja.
- No

lt's confirmed, yes

How can l...?

l've been all over the world.
But there's no place like Switzerland

lt's heaven!

Why don't you want to go, Pooja?
What's wrong with that?

Besides, you're going there
on business too

How long will you keep
feeling afraid like this?

How long will you cling
to your old memories?

How long will you hide?

You must set out
on the same path again

On the same path, you must wipe out
the old foot-prints with new ones

You must show courage, Pooja.
And move forward

Don't stop yourself. Don't

Life's once again calling out to you

You must embark a new journey
once again, Pooja

You must go, Pooja.
You must

There's that lady sitting
there on Seat No. 3B

Ask her what she wants.
Or she won't ask for anything

Thanks, l want nothing

Shiv! Leave me alone!
What are you doing?

This isn't our bedroom.
lt's an aircraft. Leave me alone!

You won't stop being mischievous!

Let me go...
- Should l?

Here goes. l'll be back in a moment?
- Where to? Come back soon

You've just been married?

Yes. A few days ago. We're going
to Switzerland on a honeymoon

The dream of every lndian


ls this your first visit?
- No...

Yes. This is my first visit too

l'm told it's heaven

We could have gone anywhere
else in the world

But l believe that Switzerland
is very lucky for married couples

lt's just great for those in love

l'm very lucky. My husband
is a very nice man

Are you married?


Maybe you won't get the
same feeling as l do

From what l'm told,
it's a place...

which gives you memories
for a lifetime,...

should you spend a few moments
there with your beloved

No matter how much you try,
you can never erase those memories

''l'm your love;
my heart beats for you...''

''do always be with me''

''Should you have a grouse
against me...''

''do tell me''

''l have loved you too...''

''Yes, l have been in love too''

''l'm your love;
my heart beats for you...''

''do always be with me''

''Should you have a grouse
against me...''

''do tell me''

''But do be with me''

''l have loved you too...''

''Yes, l'm in love with you''

''How will l forget
the moments l spent?''

''Every moment,
those memories torment me''

''How will l tell you?
lt's a secret l keep with difficulty''

''Those moments never come...''

''what's true is here,
this moment''

''Come to me, my love.
Give me a smile and talk to me...''

''do not remain silent''

''do tell me''

''But do be with me''

''everything here is
for you, my love''

''There are thorns among roses,
and a chill in the snow''

''What fire consumes
my breath all day and night?''

''This cold breeze say...''

''do not burn thus''

''Should you have a grouse
against me...''

''do tell me''

''But do be with me''

''Yes, l am in love with you''

Here you are, Babban Miyan. The
clothes for your schedule are ready

Thank you very much.
- No, l must thank you

You gave Pooja such a nice job.
- We do nothing

God gives everyone
his rightful place

Not just a family member...
a lifetime member

What did l say the other day...?
- Shut up, Chinni

''Come unto me, O beloved''

Neha, everything is all right.
Just don't worry

Your boss always advises me
to wear ordinary clothes

Ordinary clothes give one
peace of mind

The heart is no longer restless

What is more, one has control
over his tongue

You folks...? Pranaam.
- Pranaam

How are you?

How's your lovely world
of films doing?

You make such lovely films

You are such lovely folks.
Aren't you?

Are you shooting a song again?
- Well...

Go ahead.
Make a whole lot of costumes

Change as many clothes
as you wish to

Behind trees, on the mountains...
change wherever you wish to

What have l to do with it?

Well, may Chana Singh,
wife of Ghana Singh, leave now?

My two children must be impatiently
waiting for their mother's arrival

Gana Singh must be waiting for me
at the religious gathering

''When will you come?''

Good bye.
- Good bye

''Come unto me, O beloved''

Gana's going to die!
What sorrow after happiness!

Pooja told me you're going to a hill
station for shooting, Babban Miyan

A beautiful hill station in lndia

Whenever we have been there,
something has always blossomed

Let's see what blossoms
at Naini Hills this time

''Tie the dancing-bells
to my feet...''

''and watch my swagger''

Oh yes. You're shooting at
Naini Hills this time

Where is the manager?

What for, sir?
What is it regarding?

Regarding? l've got to discuss
things with him. ln detail

His cabin is over there, sir

Manager, salutations

Greetings. Well?

l'm Mr Raj Malhotra's trusted man.
His driver, his Man Friday, Babban

l came to enquire about his room.
lt's secluded, l hope?

What does that mean?
- By God...

fans nowadays harass him a lot.
He's such a simple man...

he doesn't want the hassle.
- Don't worry

l've personally made all the
arrangements for him

You will have no cause for complaint.
- That's very kind of you. Thank you

You must have seen his films?
- No, l don't see films

You live in lndia and
don't watch films?

What say, manager...?
You're different too?

That's not how it is. l used to
see films earlier. l don't anymore

And you're missing nothing. Where are
the films they used to make earlier?

Where are those heroes
and heroines anymore?

Where will you find those stories?

What films they used to make

l used to be in Mr Yusuf Khan's
employ during those days

An artist like him has never graced
the lndian screen ever again

lt's all over.
After l left him...

l joined the hero.
My hero does only hit films

l make the choice

Which is why l'm with him

Even to take a look at his room,
this servant comes first...

he'll come later

Rest assured, Babban Miyan.
You will have no complaints

When is your boss arriving?

The hero's caravan should be here
any moment

Mr Raj Malhotra has checked in, sir.
You wanted to meet him, didn't you?

l'll talk to him over the phone.
Go on

May l speak to Mr Raj Malhotra?

Who's this?

The manager of this hotel

One moment

Call for you.
- Who is it?

The manager of this hotel.

My name is Shiv Kapoor

Yes, Manager?

lf there's anything you need,
please do let me know

You have a beautiful hotel

l can see in everything that
it's being managed nicely

lf there's anything you need,
you'll find me on extension 16

Please do call me.
- Of course l'll call you...

if l have problem.
Where else will l go?

But l'm finding everything
nice today

l'm the same,
so is everything else

Yet, l see a change
in something around

These eyes of mine have always
dreamt dreams for others, Pooja

For the first time, they're
daring to dream for themselves

They aren't doing anything
wrong, are they?

You can't ignore my remark
with a smile

You must give me an answer

You want to tell me something
before telling me about your decision?

You want to tell me
about your past?

l don't want to listen

But if it's going to relieve you
of a burden...

and makes it easier for you
to decide about me...

But remember this much.
No matter what you say...

my decision won't change


Speak, Pooja

l'm a divorcee

l was in love with someone

And we were separated

l told you, it won't
make a difference to me

lt'll stop making a difference to you
if you stop living in the past

Forget what has happened

What is with you now
is the only truth

So tell me quickly...
is it ''yes'' Or is it ''yes'' ?

Because there's no question
of saying ''No''

Know what? l'll pack up with
the shooting quickly...

and we'll go and prepare
for the wedding

No, that's wrong. We'll leave
after we complete our work

Get ready quickly. The whole unit
must be waiting there for you

l'll complete my pending work
and get there too

Let's have a small party in the
lawns of the hotel this evening

To celebrate our happiness
We won't tell anyone anything

Meet the manager and
organise the party

Now what was the manager's name...?

You're with Mr Raj Malhotra.
- That's right

Mr Malhotra wants to throw a small
party on the lawns tonight

l wanted to talk to you
about it

l want everything to
be perfectly organised

lt would be better if you could
discuss it with our manager

No. lt's enough that
l have spoken to you

Who is your manager, by the way?
- Mr Kapoor

His full name?
- Mr Shiv Kapoor

Has he just arrived?
- Yes. He's been with us for a year

Where is he from?
- Delhi

Where does he stay here?
- ln the cottage behind the hotel

ls his family here too?
- No, he's all alone

l see. Please see that everything
is perfectly organised

He's the manager you were
asking me about, madam

She was asking me so many
questions about you...

and she just walks away now.

''What's love...?''

''fall in love,
and you will know''

''Make her laugh some,
make her cry some''

''The firefly burns...
and why?''

''burn yourself,
if you must discover the secret''

Heroji, you're playing
the firefly today...

and where is your flame?
- Keep that under wraps

''Why ask him about
playing Romeo''

''Come to me,
thou shall be Juliet''

That's great, Babban Miyan!

What's happening?

Everybody disappears
in the darkness?

Where's everybody?

Who are you?

l'm the manager of this hotel

There's a power-failure.
lt'll be restored soon

So you are the manager?

l must say, you've done
a great job of our party

You remember my name?

Once l hear a name,
l don't ever forget it

And you have such a lovely name.
Shiv Kapoor

l'm thinking of using that name
for myself in my next film

You appear to be very happy, sir.
You've even thrown a party

What makes you so happy?
- That's just what l can't tell you

lt's giving me a stomach-ache!
But l think l'll tell you how l feel

l'll at least be rid
of the stomach-ache

Must l...?
- Go ahead, sir

lf it will relieve you of your
stomach-ache, give me the pain sir

You won't tell anyone, will you?


l've fallen in love with someone

And l'm going to get married
the moment l leave this place

Congratulations. Who is it?

The lights are back!

And my beloved too

Pooja, you must've met him already.
The manager, Mr Shiv Kapoor

Look at the pains he has taken
to make this a grand party

He's amazing

Why don't we let him handle
the decorations at our wedding?

l don't know why, but l felt
a sense of belonging with him

And l told him my secret

We have decided that you will handle
the decorations at our wedding

- Yes

You will make it as beautiful
as this party. You are amazing!

You get married only
once in a lifetime

l want my wedding to be
such a grand affair...

that people are left stunned.
Let's shake hands. C'mon!

Raj, are you through
with your couplets?

There's a gathering there also.
Let's go

l'll recite a couplet
and be back. lt's just that...

''lf there is anything that
is ignorant, it's the rose''

''The whole garden
knows the secret''

Pooja, l want to discuss
something with you

But l don't wish to talk to you

l'll wait for you in my cottage

Will you remain standing there?

Come on in

Sit down

Won't you sit?
- No. l'm okay

You're still angry?

You're still sulking?

You haven't changed.
Not in the least

You're still the same person
l first met

When you and l fought
for the same job

And we're still fighting

Know something, Pooja?
l could never get over the fact...

that you gave up everything you had
in just a moment. Only for me

To settle down with me

You came to be my companion

l don't know if you
ever miss me, Pooja...

but l could never forget you


To forget you, l left that job,
that city and all those memories...

and started living here

But you have come here too

Just as destiny always brought us

it's the same destiny that
has brought us together again

When l found you asking about me,
it gave me a lot of confidence

l thought you had not been
able to forget me

So why all this, Pooja?

How can you leave me
and go ahead like this?

lt's my free will. Who are you
to ask me why l'm doing all this?

l will do as l please

l do not need to seek
permission from anyone

And l've seen what l got
when l asked earlier

Deceit! And betrayal!

Pooja, can't you forget all that?

Must you give me such a big punishment
for something so trivial?

So trivial? You call it trivial?

What didn't l do for you?
l changed the course of my life!

When a woman gives up everything
for her man...

she nurtures the relationship with
sincerity, devotion and desires

l honoured every vow
l took with you

But you forgot the vow of fidelity
you had taken with me

You had sworn to remain loyal,
you had sworn to be faithful

By breaking the sacred vows,
you have deceived not only me...

you have betrayed God too!
You are a sinner!

And you must be punished
for your sins!

Really? So what do you want?

What punishment do you
want to give me?

Do you want me to be hanged?

l admit, l have made
a mistake Pooja

But my home was shattered too

You gave me a divorce and
severed your relationship with me

But you didn't give me even one
opportunity to explain

l didn't say a word then, Pooja...

because l thought
you were very angry

And your anger was justified

But you're still as angry
and obstinate as ever

You have no place for me
in your heart

One mistake, even God forgives

So go and seek forgiveness from God!
l can't forgive you. Never!

l can't forgive you. l can't.

All right, Pooja

lf this is what you want,
l will not come in your way

l will not come between
the two of you

l think l must leave
this place

But l have promised the man
you're going to marry...

that l will decorate his wedding

You will no problems from me
during this wedding

Believe me or not...

from my heart will come
the best wishes for you

From my heart

Come on, guys

Why the tension, Mr Khanna?
- l have a problem, Raj

The guy who was supposed
to sing at your wedding,...

his flight has been cancelled

You're the only one who can
do something now. Save my skin!

You want me to sing?
- Yes

So everybody else runs away?
- Oh no

Ask one of the guests, producer

One of them must undoubtedly
have feeling in his voice

Why don't you sing, Sardarji?
- No! The bride will run away!

No, we don't want a song in Tamil

May l suggest something, Mr Raj?
- Go ahead

The manager has an amazing voice

lf his song doesn't make your
wedding greater, nothing will

Where is he?
- Who's that?

But where is he...?
Shiv saheb!

Here he is

Yes? ls everything okay?

Yes, everything is okay, but...

your secrets are being exposed

Pardon me?

You deserve praise for doing
a great job with my wedding

You have done me a great favour.
So please do me another

- l'm told you have a great voice

The guy who was to be here to sing
won't be coming

So please sing something.

that will make me, my guests
and my bride... just sway!

We must remember nothing
except you!

What? Me?

Yes, you. Know what they call someone
who stands by you in such times?

The best friend. The friend...

who gives the bride away
to the bridegroom

Forget it. Sing something that
makes your voice a blessing for us

Please sing

''May the vermillion on your forehead
forever shine''

''May the henna on your palms,
forever be fragrant''

''May you forever be together''

''May your bangles
forever tinkle''

''Bless you, bless you''

''May your wedding be blessed''

''May you always be happy.
l pray for you''

''May the world kiss the earth
you tread on...''

''may you always be happy.
l pray for you''

''For you is the Spring''

''May you never face any sorrow''

''What is it about me?
l'm crazy''

''Nobody knows how l suffer''

''May you never have to
pine for love''

''May you always be happy.
l pray for you''

''Ties of a lifetime,
you can never sever''

''Midway through a journey,
you don't desert your companion''

''You mustn't ever forget
the norms''

''The vows you take, you must honour''

''l have spent a lifetime
in loneliness...''

''may you always be happy.
l pray for you''

''l have been in love too''

''Yes, l have also been in love''

''Yes, l have been in love''

''Yes, l have also been in love''

Pooja, come...
l'm here to take you along

The guests are waiting
for you downstairs

l have kept my promise

l have no complaints or regrets

l face no dilemma...
that you're leaving

Your bridegroom has sent me with
so much of love, to fetch you

As his best man.
As his best friend

Something like this must
never have happened before

Perhaps this is the
first time ever...

that a man is getting his wife
married to someone else

lt isn't a nice thing to happen

To punish you, l have punished myself

Why didn't l forgive you?

Despite the love l had for you...
why did l deny myself?

What am l to do, Shiv?
What am l to do?

The sacred fire around which
we took the vows...

now chars my heart! lt won't
let me erase your name

lt won't let your name
be erased

Pooja, Raj is waiting
for us downstairs

His guests are waiting for us.
We must go now

Come on

You knew Shiv and
didn't even tell me?

You knew each other...
and l didn't even get to know?

ls he the man you were married to?

ls he the man you have
never been able to forget?

So he's the one you loved
with all your heart

He's the one you wanted to punish,
and ended up punishing yourself

This story began between
the two of you

Will you decide its conclusion now?
Or must l do it?

l'm told it's difficult
for lovers to get together

As far as l know and feel...

l think the two of you
are made for each other

What is right and what is wrong,
what's true and what's not...

who ought to be punished,
who should be forgiven...?

mere mortals like us
can not decide

But yes, if there is anything
that can decide it...

it's the vows you take to remain
together for seven lifetimes

And every vow you take together.
Which you can't forget so easily

lt's true, Pooja. That's just why
you couldn't move any further

Your eyes could never see
the truth behind the norms

You can't love anyone but Shiv

Pooja, signatures on a piece of paper
don't make or break relationships

The name you write on your heart...

you can never erase
in a lifetime

And there's just one name
in your heart. Shiv's

When you severed your relationship...

there was no one to stop you
or reason with you

And see where it has taken
the two of you

Only the fortunate ones have
someone to lead you by hand

l'll show you the way
ou could never understand

l'll restore for good, this
relationship that had broken

l hope you had a comfortable stay
and a successful conference

What are you doing here?

You're the one who's surprising me!
lt's seven years since we last met

Seven years?

We studied together in college

He was always busy with
his studies and sports

Now that l see you, l realise that
he had a great eye for women

He reserved it for you

l'm here for a conference

You will eat, won't you?

Shall we go?