Ha-Pritza Hagdola (1970) - full transcript

Eli is an Israeli soldier who manages to escape from a notorious Arab prison. He makes it back to Israel, where he finds Beno, another soldier who had spent 2 years of horror in the same prison. They organize a rescue operation against the prison. The soldiers must use both cunning and boldness if they are to help their fellow Israelis regain their freedom.

(Militaristic Music)


(Dramatic Music)

get up! at ease

this way

(door opens)

all right what about the other two? they 
are still being interrogated by the major

so the israelis claimed that we kidnapped 
them? where? in tel aviv they were almost in

our capital when we picked them up 
in the capital my friend major heito

they are five soldiers you can't treat 
them like criminals no not criminals spies

there's a big difference even you in your 
united nations don't protect spies do you

have any proof but of course captain torrensen 
can we see it yes lieutenant tomorrow morning


can you hear me your show is the 
place in the morning won't you

what are you trying to do mo shut up what do you 
think you're doing keep quiet are you trying to

keep them up i know you're giving us away i i 
didn't speak okay you told them i know i didn't

even know how do they know take your filthy 
hands up shut up dave stop digging i said

well captain thorensen did you know that the 
israeli intelligence service was so resourceful

they'll go to any length to eavesdrop

you didn't believe me there's your proof 
gentlemen why don't you step up and have

a closer look something interesting to tell 
you are superiors in new york go ahead open it

open it i said

what are you waiting for open it

what's the matter with you don't 
you understand i said go from it

get down it won't explode he's

something's wrong it won't exist try to kill 
us down everybody everyone get down it's

going to explode stop it stop it all right 
shoot stop him major heigl don't kill him

catch himself

foreign come on

all right

ugh i saw him fall are you sure yes he's 
down there somewhere check the bush's camera



he can't be far watch for any signs of blood

keep your eyes open check 
the caves he may be anywhere

move come on quickly


but you're ready who's your commander what's your 
mission why are you here who sent you here name

your number your name your regiment 
why are you here who sent you here who

number your number your name 
regiment your regiment liar liar


attention ready

well you're awake

hello and good morning

trying to figure out where you are

don't worry you're home you're hungry hey you

how long have i been here almost two weeks

two weeks huh he insisted i get in touch with you 
immediately and bring you here i hope you don't

mind i was old i was here he's fine it's amazing 
considering what he's been through where's laffy

where's moshe i'm here for two weeks what have 
you done what are you waiting for what are you

waiting for ellie take it easy why get yourself 
so upset they told us that everything's being well

taken care of who who just tell me names names who 
it's been taken care of through the proper chances

there's the government the armistice commission 
the united nations it will be all right well when

let me know they are beating them day and 
night they will kill them they they will

hang them can't you understand they 
will they will hang them ellie please

where is this special unit they are sleeping 
where are they where don't you know no i don't

know nothing no i don't know where's beno the 
special unit has been released everybody went home

beno is a civilian now so are the others 
it's not the same policy you're talking to

me about policy i'm talking to you about 
hanging can't you understand hanging

ellie we know we know everything believe 
me i promise you we are doing our best to

bring them back home you will bring them back 
in coffins you know in the coffins you've got

to get them out of there you've got to get 
them out okay take some of those friends

it's worse than hell relax believe me 
worse than hair right now help them

ellie ellie go back to your room i'll 
be right there unless i go back to your

room just put on some coffee for me will you 
please ellie i'll be there in just a minute

you know they know they they took 
us out of our cells one morning

and they dragged us into the yard we didn't 
know what was happening and then haikul came and

said he was going to execute us they stood us in 
front of a big white wall and they blindfolded us

and we were standing there you know and 
soldiers were in front of us with current

gustavs and then haikal shouted fire and 
we was standing there with the blindfolds

and nothing happened machine guns bursting 
with noise i could feel the ground shaking

under my feet but that's all i felt do 
you realize can you imagine the feeling

well the bullets were blanks beno washing 
collapsed they broke him they forced him

to talk i know i heard about it but no they 
know everything they may break the others too

and they know lots more it's dangerous we've got 
to get them out they have been there three months

already they are killing them with torture three 
months ben or three months they are there let's

take some of our friends and go and help let's get 
them out they said the united nations is taking

care of it if we wait for the united nations they 
will rot you understand benoit they will rot you

know haikal haiku major hiker i know him we could 
get them then oh it would only take a few men

you know some of our friends avi solomon amram and

please we'll see the gate and courtyard 
the other stairs to the cellars

the bridge is the problem i 
know that bridge it's small

you can blow the bridge it's a cinch what do 
you think sure no sweat what about these slopes

the drew's told me it's a minefield 
completely covered with machine guns

look if we can get across the 
bridge and stay close to the walls

they can't see us and we can assume there 
are no mines right there a man is not going

to put mines against the walls of his 
own house it might work it's 30 miles

it'll take you all night to get there you'll 
have to find a place to stay under cover during

the day just a moment i have a place i used to 
i used to see it from my cell window what's this

place it's an abandoned well house the wells near 
the prison have been drive for some time uh-huh

there's a truck with water every morning 
i forgot remember your main problem

is major height if he suspects you're in the area 
he will kill all four men before you get there

no i think i know him he will use them as bait 
to get us in may no this is an unusual mission

i have made a decision i don't want you and 
your men to do it alone what do you mean

someone else will be there to help





hello any girls around yeah hey 
baby tell me what's your name go on

come on catch i'm going up shall i go yes


come on come on

ellie ellie take care of yourself

there it is

still remember it

two years in that place you 
don't forget heavy walls dammit

good morning good morning what can i do for you 
my name is coleman and i'm from the international

journalist service my office cabled you for a 
reservation did you receive it mr coleman yes

with a cave no i'm sorry we've not received it 
but uh don't worry we have a room for you oh good

oh by the way can you give me directions to el 
mazir prison excuse me i don't understand elmo's

ear prison i'm writing an article for my magazine 
can you give me directions on how to get there

no no but uh you can go to the police station 
they're around the corner here they will help you

fine thank you here's my passport please have my 
luggage taken to my room certainly sir thank you



you can get them in tangier for half the 
price i had a friend who opened the shop there

that's my hotel that is where 
he is there in the garden

he was here at ramadan 
that's the last i saw of you

well i'm going where to back to almost 
here no i'm off duty today i'm going to the


sergeant yes sir come here

did you see the falafel just left 
yes followed him check his identity

could you wait over there please 
i must speak with the major

excuse me nature but there is someone 
here wants to speak to you he says

he's an american journalist he's waiting 
over there takeover i'll be right back

mr conan this is major hiker here's the manual 
glad to meet you major how do you do all right

what can i do for you

read this letter major it's from your 
defense ministry authorizing me to go to

mazir to write an article and to take 
pictures el muzirser is a military

prison and not a tourist attraction 
i am not a tourist re-read the letter

the musee is out of bounds 
completely and totally out of bounds

even covenant ministers get to see my prison from 
the inside only when they are sent inside do you

understand what i mean oh yes i understand and 
what do you want from me i want to go to el muzir

to take pictures of the life of the 
most notorious prison middle east

and major i want to take pictures of you the 
most notorious commander el mozier's ever had

either you are out of your mind or else 
you are really laughing at me mister

coleman with a k mr coleman with a k you want 
to take a picture of me where the last time i

had my picture taken sir it was from the class 
photo when i graduated high school is that a

fact that is a fact buy or something might 
interest you major do you recognize this man

how the hell did you get this from 
an old high school friend of yours

take a good look major

who gave you these israeli intelligence service 
sent them to my editor only last week rumor has it

that they were smuggled out by an israeli prisoner 
who escaped from el mazir escaped an israeli

who told you such nonsense no one escapes 
from my prison is that a fact that is a fact

do you know this man hey you to me 
yes you me you yes come here quickly

show me your papers


you will never succeed never we will succeed

i'm sure you're familiar with this 
magazine it has over 50 million readers

throughout the world i know i work for this 
magazine now our feature article next month

is a pictorial article on el mozier prison your 
government press bureau has advised me to go to el

musia prison to interview the israeli prisoners 
and to take new pictures to bring things up to

date and give it a more let's say an objective 
point of view do you understand and now major

if you'd be so kind would you lift your head and 
smile what come on take me to his room quick yes



oh you are fools if you try 
don't you understand perhaps

no one has ever managed to escape from el museum 
no one i made it only weed luck and two bullets in

your body supreme they are going to pay you more 
than they paid you for those pictures you make

do you do you believe i did it for the money 
no i don't really understand you saved me the

other day in the wadi and they didn't pay you 
i really don't understand i am a druze so they

hate you as much as they hate us and that is not 
all i have children in israel where in romney

we'll take you with us all right come on 
you are all crazy and i'm even crazier

get it

each car is checked twice first at the bridge 
then at the gate and the water tanker yes the

tank or two even though it comes in 
every morning and everyone expects it

a jeep with a major and somebody 
else is on its way to the prison

it might be our man ellie come on sit down

over there great michael himself 
is taking him into the prison look

that's the signal isn't it take a look that's it

they wake up at 5 30 breakfast 
at six physical training

and then work who are they scum of 
the earth political prisoners spies

traders that's amazing major you really have 
quite a fortress here be very difficult to blow up

blow up oh i mean the walls are thick strong they 
don't make them that way anymore i would say this

place was probably built before christ oh it's a 
very old building even before uh muhammad ahmad

mr coleman i just remembered i must go up to my 
office my sergeant will show you to the cells

right when you finish please 
come to my office i will ahmad

go on see you later yes oh by the way major

i really don't understand why everyone speaks 
so badly of you you show me such such courtesy

so hello hello yes here we ask for 
the defense ministry the chief himself

all right will you talk with the colonel 
samuel just a minute please connect me major

hello hello michael speaking 
how are you yes small question

does the name coleman mean anything to you

coleman a reporter you gave me a letter for me

what i see yes that's what i thought 
something very funny is happening down here

you'll hear more about it yes i'll call you

sit down

is something wrong wait a minute

tell me something do you think the israeli 
intelligence service is composed of idiots

and oh oh no no you're full they are clever they 
are as clever and cunning as devils those israelis

look the guy arrives and just about 
moves the mountain to get in here

and then he goes around leaving me messages 
everywhere that he is in israeli like this

shirt with his big made in israel label 
all these phony passport now tell me

jamil if they are not idiots why would 
they do this why i don't know why

to feed me with false information or as they 
say to confuse the enemy it can't be sir look

he's an israeli

i know that he's an israeli and he knows that i 
know that he's an israeli get it i see what you

mean that's very clever major yeah come in 
major what's the matter something important

something very urgent

that's him

are you sure it was him yes sir i'm quite sure

ali returns welcome back

so they're up to something

one is outside and one is already inside i 
know these two have come to free the full

israeli prisoners just the two of them no no 
my friend i'm willing to bet that several more

of them are in the area we've got to catch 
them major of course we've got to catch them

but let's use our brains brains jamil i want them 
all maybe there are 20 maybe a hundred a hundred

why are they hiding they are not stupid 
they've got a plan carefully thought out

why don't we ask the army to help no 
we shall take care of them on our own

i don't want any bloody staff officer from our 
headquarters collecting medals at my expense

let them be a hundred let them be more 
we'll take care of them on our own

you know i've got a feeling i may be 
meeting an old acquaintance of mine

who someone who i've been waiting for 
for a long time he spent two years here

and he promised that he'd come back to settle the 
score do you mean the tall israeli i know who you

mean what was his name dana do you remember him 
do you think he's one of them just the feeling

they want to break in here they are 
welcome they are all welcome to come in

to come in but not to go out

that's very clever major to come in but not to go 
out unless they leave in coffins enough lieutenant

yes sir go find that reporter and have him meet 
the israelis you know in which room yes sir leave

him there alone and report back to me let him talk 
to them alone you heard me alone yes sir let's go

i'm an american journalist i'm here to 
ask you some questions and i would like

to have them answered truthfully okay what 
do you want to know everything i ask you

okay only if you get rid of 
these two is that possible

five minutes cigarette

thanks hmm all right how long you been in solitary 
confinement three months hmm how about the food

sweet or salted tea dry bread twice a day

what's the matter with him he won't talk he hasn't 
said a word for three months they broke him and

he tried to commit suicide since then he's he's 
been sort of strange he needs urgent treatment

he'll get it sooner than you think 
now tell me about the water situation

there isn't any here the wells are dried up they 
bring the water from farid every morning in a

tanker in a tanker yes early at four o'clock 
in the morning you mean that a water tanker

goes in and out of the prison every morning yes 
at four o'clock i don't understand keep quiet

gather around i have something very 
important to tell you about we have a plan

who are you my name is abraham but that's not 
important i bring a regard from colonel udi from

beno and from your friend ellie ellie yes where is 
he he's all right you'll see him soon enough now

let me tell you about the plan be careful they're 
listening up there all right listen carefully

we're going to break through tomorrow night to 
get you four out of here what time midnight uh-huh

you know where to find us in the 
solitary cells yes and the lost ones

don't worry we'll find you see you tomorrow night

hey may i have that cigarette now

this should give back to me tomorrow night

hey we've gone home soon come in come in

have you got the transcription yes sir are you 
sure he said midnight yes sir well i dismissed

i learned the prophet i don't understand he 
must have realized we were listening to him

so you're beginning to catch on 
and they have a different plan

he was trying to mislead us yes but if it isn't 
midnight it can't be done because they have to

go 30 miles to get back to israel which means they 
would have to walk all that way in broad daylight

and why not the israelis always 
attack at dawn remember at dawn

hey wait a minute where is he now 
photographing in the yard come on let's go


thank you

for such an ambitious man you're very naive 
jamie so you think they wouldn't attack captain

then why would he care about the 
time the water arrives and how

in the tank the only vehicle that enters 
without any problems every morning

i salute you mr coleman beautiful plan you son of 
a [ __ ] well mr coleman are you pleased yes major

i am pleased very pleased frankly i'm impressed 
i had no idea your prison would be like this

and major i can't tell you how much i appreciate 
your cooperation nonsense it was my pleasure

entirely i don't want it said that we hide the 
truth no of course not just wait just wait till

you see the article i'm preparing for you i'll 
be finishing up soon go on please thank you

tonight i want double guards and you think they're

going to break through tonight 
at four o'clock in the morning

hey boys you know i'm thinking this 
is the right age to marry already

then two hours later you've got a divorce

shut up quiet you're too loud you're stupid all 
right hand it over i'm on what's it for breathing

pipes breathing pipes what do you mean when you 
sit in a tanker full of water you need some air

to breathe see take off your hats and wave like 
you just won a big victory huh okay good hold it

good good good good now everybody come closer here 
huh now let's hold it squeeze together lift your

guns up in the air like hurry i'm winning good 
well done very nice mr coleman ah thank you major

all right all right back to your places well 
i think i have just about everything i need

now if you have no objections i'd like to get 
back to my hotel right away my fingers are already

itching to get right down to work i'd like to type 
up my impressions of your wonderful prison while

the ideas are still fresh in my mind i'll write 
a very interesting article you'll see i really

admire you do you think i could take a look at 
the article before you send it in of course it's

an excellent idea why don't you meet me in my 
hotel tomorrow morning for breakfast what time

well let's see it'll have to be early i have 
a plane to catch i see you are leaving the

country uh yes i'm going back to the 
states so i'd give you my sergeant to

take you back to the hotel thank you you're 
very kind major i'll see you in the morning

sergeant take mr coleman back to the farid hotel

see you in the morning mr coleman





shalom your name

baby avraham

you must be benno

hey what about me uh so valentino 
exactly that is if colonel odie's

descriptions of all of you are accurate hey 
what about me you yeah uh huh big solomon

he got it okay okay what about him is 
he dead no brought him along in case you

wanted to talk to him or use his clothes 
come with me i want to talk to you ellie

come on let's see what we got here

major it's a hyco yes what is 
it i have just called the hotel

they haven't come back yet there's no sign of 
them neither the correspondent nor the sergeant

something must have gone wrong out there 
major what do you think has happened to them

maybe it was a mistake to let that reporter 
go don't worry jamil he'll be back soon

he'll be back and he'll bring some of 
his friends with him just wait and see

hey solomon you hear anything

is that it it will take him 15 minutes 
to get to the wells is everything ready

yeah everything's all set just give 
me a chance okay then let's move out


that's not

if they are we are going to enjoy this


let's give them a welcome

hey what's happening what's going 
on here get away from there quickly

where are you going check the guards major 
all right watch closely tonight yes sir

you hear me all of you in the tanker

i give you exactly 30 seconds to come 
out with your hands above your heads

i repeat 30 seconds don't get any fancy 
ideas any false move in my men will shoot


i think that's his jeep coming

ten more seconds

come out or i'll open fire this is 
your last chance come out all right

keep your eyes on the road okay good luck

well ted nothing just some water water check again


major major heichel but no matter what happened

there is something wrong in the gate of the bridge 
i don't understand there is no god come quick

indians what's the jeep doing here 
jamil it belongs to the sergeant

sergeant all right we'll check it later

send your mentor to cover the bridge here quick 
all you man cover the bridge all of you on

here come our cousins the grenades quick come 
on come on what are you waiting for act like you

got all the time in the world i've got a feeling 
that the israelis are already inside inside yes

come on come on quick

oh very sally

command station x319 x319 
el mozier to command station

can you hear me do you receive me come 
on station this is an emergency x319

x319 almost there to command station this is an 
emergency do you receive me command station x319

come in please come in come on station this is 
an emergency can you hear me can you hear me

damn it can anyone hear me acts 319 this is 
almost here calling for help calling for help

sorry about that

i'm sorry about that baby but your man started it

if he hadn't grabbed for his gun i would 
have just wrapped him up a little bit


come on

i'll shoot your stinking guts out 
you didn't tell us about that gun

they must have done it this morning i 
didn't know about it i swear by allah

all right cover yes

get the lights


come on

wait they're in there

sobriety come on go ahead

so where are they i don't 
know ellie when you get back

turn my family in around me that 
i helped you all right get down

oh where are they in the major's 
office come on poof and get going


damn towers got us pinned down what can we do

i don't know we'll never get to hiking with 
those men in that tower yes you can handle it




come on come on they must be 
trapped they're still shooting

hurry up get this gun post otherwise we'll be 
here young kipper oh watch my lumbago hurry up

pass the bazooka here can you say 
anything tell me yeah i see i see

dawn break's ready stop making poetry clear those 
bastards out come on damn it let me aim straight

what do you think okay get off 
my back i'm not your mother

must have been amram

that was clear let's go

hello look who's here you didn't have to break 
the door down it was open come in come in

uh leave your guns there

you heard me gentlemen leave your guns

there come in please hello 
mr benno shalom mr ailey

i missed you you benner you've 
been away for quite a while

two years isn't it i expected you back much 
sooner get the others maybe doctor leave the guns

well mr coleman with a k my compliments

you almost succeeded almost too bad but 
in case you still think you have a chance

forget it don't even consider it first 
of all your friends here will die

and then your turn will follow 
no one is leaving here alive

not any of you it really is a 
pity you will all die very slowly


major may i have a word with 
you go ahead i'm listening

in private please all right mr bae now

be my guest watch

major heikel i want to make a deal with you 
let those four go what did you say let those

four go let them all go and i will stay i let 
them go and you will stay ellie will stay too

we both will stay but let those four go it's me 
you've been waiting for all this time isn't it

so what's the deal i'll have you 
anyhow i have men on the outside

so the game is not over yet or do you say 
i'll tell you something mr vayner i like you

you are very clever you know something 
major heikel i think you are very clever too

now listen very carefully tell your men to throw 
down their guns or you are a dead man tell them

major we haven't got time to waste make up 
your mind tell them to throw down their guns

no quickly you heard him put down 
the guns but you see where you're at

watch him drop your gun lieutenant

you tell your man to come 
out into the yard no weapons

quickly this is major hike this is major hiker 
everybody outside everybody outside without guns

all sergeants take your soldiers outside 
without guns you're making a big mistake

you are making a big mistake yes i have news for 
you you're coming with us henry you better hurry

the sun's rising all right josh get some of the 
uniforms and weapons for everyone let's go move

don't move don't move

hey eminem what's going to happen how long do i 
wait for their reinforcements this army gets up

late we'll give them another half hour and 
then go home i could do with an early night

now boys listen to cousin amaran i hope you 
all realize that uh you now have the honor to

be enlisted in the israeli army so you better 
behave keep your chins up and your mouth shut

you too mr lieutenant not a word understood 
or otherwise you'll get to know who i am

stop what's going on

sorry you and your man wait for me here everyone 
wait here hey amram shouldn't they be here by now

don't get excited we'll give them a few more 
minutes now shut up everybody lieutenant not

one word you're here wait wait till he just gets 
through the bridge then we blow into pieces ready

what's going on where is everyone now

to the main road so they can see us

those are israelis taking 
the main road to the border


so fast

hey america are there pretty girls in america i 
wouldn't even cop no i never met an american girl

you know what you're missing pal you 
know what when we get back to israel

if we get back we'll get back i will 
introduce you to an israeli girl

ellie what's wrong tell benner we've got to stop

he's bleeding i must change 
his bandages okay wait here

we must stop for a while valentino

yeah i think he's dying the caves we passed yeah 
go in there i'll scout ahead okay i'll call you

you know ellie i didn't believe we would ever make 
it home we haven't made it yet the last five miles

will be the hardest we'll make it hey doctor 
huh when are you going to become a real doctor

when i get a real patient i suppose you're not 
hurt now come on relax valentina you're all right

hey ellie where the hell are you i can't see 
you i'm i'm here i'm here in front of you i'm

here when we get home we'll throw a party eh a 
crazy party before we even wash you supply the

drinks i supply the girls what do you say here 
okay sure our american gets to pick the best one

i promised him he was really good let him taste 
the land of milk and honey you know what i mean

hey hey i got a crazy idea get this major hiker 
with you to come to the party huh what'd you say

that's a great idea but what kind of a 
girl will you supply height huh valentino

doctor he's dead

where are you going he's dead i 
just thought i'd we will bury him in


ellie we'd better move on all right 
let's go button you carry him come on

ellie let's go

hey you what are you waiting 
for come on run come on man

hello they're speaking who is it what happened 
captain the canyon he's raised quick hello

what i blocked the entrance come on



how did they know we were coming what do you 
think i think something went wrong with i'm

roman solomon i got them too soon huh otherwise we 
wouldn't be boxed in they probably couldn't help

it the whole army must be on their tails at least 
they gave us an easy 20 miles do you know another

way out of this canyon yes the only way is to 
climb up why to climb up josh can you see what's

going on out there i can't see i think they're 
closing in on us i'm gonna get a better look okay

he asked for it let's go




what do you think what's the 
matter we're in the minefield

maybe we can make it if we stay 
on the rocks so let's try no wait

anybody have any more grenades i i i i have one 
here they know catch take cover behind the rocks

follow me try to stay on the rocks

hurry it's not far now

there they are down in the mine field fire on 
them carry your fools before they reach the border



come back

get down

it's my fault

oh [ __ ] it's my floor no it's gone let's go


how bad is he isn't the hope in heaven 
we can try it'll be cruel i'll stay here

with you no i'm all right i'll wait i 
can't leave him he's dying go you want

just get out don't give him any 
water all right get out of here


uh i sure hope am ramen big 
solomon made her all right

don't worry they made it as a 
matter of fact here they come now



tell me what what about alien trophy

if they don't return till the 
evening we'll go back and get them

(Millataristic Music)