Ha-Muvtal Batito (1987) - full transcript

Duration: 1:25:00
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A Zeev Revach film.

"Batito the Unemployed"

I want all the workers to disperse

and clear away from the gates.

"Bread and work with a little
garlic and jam..."

I want all the workers to disperse.

"I am Batito, a veteran worker
with a paycheck of 700 shekels.

"They arrested me,
and opened a file on me.

"And threw me to the dogs.

"The lady's screaming
at the clerk about the high prices.

"Now I ask you, what can we do?"

"Bread and work with a little
garlic and jam..."

I repeat myself for the third time,

Disperse now
and clear the gates.

"There's a woman on my
block with a body of a panther,"

"She works night and day
in our neighborhood."

I require a water cannon
be sent to the site to disperse

the protesters. Over!

All the water cannons are in use
at other protests. Make do without.

"Bread and work with a little
garlic and jam."

"Bread and work
to increase the birthrate."

Did you see? They closed down
the factory? That's life.

Take it from me, life is nothing
but a bunch of shit.

Look at us. We work like mules

and we can't even wear
these uniforms with respect.

I can't afford to feed
my children.

And what about me?
You call this a salary?

Vaknin, Vaknin.

Vaknin get back in line!

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There's a water hose
from the fire-fighters

and we could turn on the water
at maximum force and disperse them.

Good idea, Sergeant Meir.

"I laid beside her."

"There's no work, nor income
so go and strike."

I'm asking you as politely
as I can,

let's be civil about it, and come
to terms as nicely as we can.

I'm asking you to go home.

Really, I'm asking nicely!

Let's finish this
in a civil manner.

Break up the demonstration
and go home...

Great, great!

I'm asking...

Captain, the car
is at your service.

He got hit in the head.

All day in front of the TV? Don't
you have anything better to do

besides just watching
TV all day long?

No, father, no.
It's the middle of the movie.

Get back there and start studying!
You have finals!

Instead you watch movies

and if there aren't any movies,
you're always listening

- to Michael Jackson.
- Calm down, relax. - Relax...

Shai, my dear boy, Shai!

Shai, honey, Shai!

Why are you irritated?
- Do you know what I'm going through?

Do you know what happened
to me today?

- I don't want to hear from her.

No, it's not Mirav,
it's little Nisim.

He needs money for
the trip tomorrow.

- Only 40 shekels.

Where I'm gonna get him
40 shekels?

What can we do?
The whole class is going.

- Tell him to be sick.
- But he's healthy.

Don't interfere!

Let him be sick.

Batito, come here!
Come have a seat.

Come sit down and have a little
something to drink.



Cheers to the blessed memory of my wife.
- Cheers! - Cheers!

Are you listening?
When my wife was alive,

we had a black and white TV.

When she passed away,
this store opened

and what did I do?

I went and bought this thing,
a remote control.

Can you see the beam of light?
That red eye.

It's a good eye, good eye.

It makes an evil eye
on all the TV sets.

Just like this...
turns on everyone of them.

Look, boom... it's...

Drink, drink.

No problems, huh? Cheers!

Look. And when I finish all
the TV shows

I'll go to the port.

I'll go to the port,
and catch a fish or two.

Afterwards I'll go to sleep
for a two, three, four hours,

and after that I'll go to work.
Drink, drink.

Where do you get all those
thoughts you have in your head?

- What's wrong?
- What can I tell you, Zaki,

when you have work you're happy.

But since I haven't been working
I haven't been sleeping.

- I'm going crazy.
- No, you don't need to go crazy.

Life is lovely. Look at me.

Do you see?
I work in a conference room

of different parties.
Everyone comes here

and everyone says the same thing.

And I host them the same way.

Drink, drink,
what do I care, let them talk.

Let them talk about
whatever they want.

What about changing
to the other channel?

But you turned it off.

I guess there was a short circuit.
- Not a short, it's...

You... don't know.
It must be the remote.

Push here.
- On this? The third one, did you say?

It must be broken.

- No, this button doesn't work.
- So what?

Push this.
- On this.

Wow, look, where have you seen
a thing like that?

It's free, free!

Come on...

There's a thief here.

A thief?
- Yes.

Miriam, maybe you should
call the police?

Which police? It's a pity...

The poor thing could have killed us.

I'm sorry that I

woke you like this in the middle
of the night, it's...

Look, look, if we had...

If we had, we would give you,
I swear!

But, but we don't have anything
that's why the shade is open.

Do you understand?
- It's all because the money for the trip for the boy.

I'm not a thief.

A thief?

What, did you steal anything?

The luck of a poor guy!

Up there is Mr. Friedman,
from the city council,

who lives upstairs and travels
abroad every year.

They say that his wife has had
her face lifted like this.

- Just like a baby's butt.
- A baby's butt.

What, from where?
It costs a lot of money.

Where did they get it?
From bribes?

Who's that? Where's he going?

Here, it's here.
I haven't seen him in ages.

They say he went to investigations.

Once I was in his house,
I'm telling you

what a house. The whole living room
was filled with French antiques

and vases and every vase
was worth a year's salary.

Chinese from China,
everything was real.

Maybe you should try getting
into his house.

Nobody's there, you could
take a vase or something.

I didn't say a word.

Here, do you see?
It's right there.

Here on the second story where
the shade is open.

I'll return this before
they say I broke it.

I rented the apartment this morning,
with three great windows.

Nobody knows.

I'm sure we're being followed.

This time, if my husband catches
us, he'll kill me.

But honey, it's not a motel
that's very public.

Even to the real estate agent
I used a fake name.

I said that my name is...
Come here.


What, this is the nest?
The nest you promised me?

Eilon, are you nuts?
Look, Eilon,

I really love you,
close the door.

Eilon, this time you
went over board.

What do you think,
that I'm someone off the streets?

Why, Razia? Why, my sweet pie?

Look what a nice apartment,
a beautiful apartment.

What do you want?
Four big windows.

What windows, what air?
They will be closed all the time.

But really Razia,
everything will be okay.

Tomorrow I promise you

I'll have the apartment
furnished with the best.

It will be a beautiful apartment.

We'll go to the flea market, I'll
get you exactly what you like,

the furniture that you pick out.

It's all because of your jealous
husband, I'm guilty?

Do you want to almost get caught
again in the middle...?

It's here where the shade is open.

The investigator told me,
to come here!

Wow, I'll catch them red-handed.

Good, it doesn't matter. Listen what I want from you.
- Yes.

We're going upstairs now.

Look at me, you idiot,

I want you to take
sharp up close pictures.


I don't care about closeups. Just
make sure it's up close. Got it?

Check the lights to make sure
it works. See that it works okay.

If he ever catches me, he'll kill me.
- He won't catch us.

He can't find out. I even told
the agent that my name's Eilon.

- This time he'll kill us.
- He won't kill us.

I know it, this time he'll kill me.

Now I burst inside,

and you're with me while we storm
in and you click the camera...

Why are you clinging to me?
Give me some space.

Give me some space,
don't be so close.

My husband will kill us.
It's the end of us.

This time it's really the end.

Where is he? Where is he?

- Eilon, don't go.
- Where is he?

Not me, for Christ sakes,
I can't see a thing.

Move, where is he?

Oh God!

G'dalia, don't kill me!

Here's my wife,
the lovely and nice,

the pious, the bitch!

I'm gonna kill you. Where is he?

- Where is he?
- Here, over there.

There he is, the roach!
Here he is, the piece of shit!

Come here! Come here! Come here!

Here's your Apollo.
The dregs of the earth.

Here he is!

Him? You chose him over me?
Come here, take a look, look!

Who's more handsome?

You're still laughing at me,
you idiot?

- But I don't even know him.
- You don't know him?

Maybe with his clothes on
you don't know him.

She doesn't know...

Not me, you asshole.

What are you smiling about?

Okay, get to work!
What do we do?

A kiss? You want my wife
to kiss that scum bag?

What, you're making a whore
out of my wife? A good idea.

Kiss him.
- I don't even know him.

I said to kiss him!

We need paint, G'dalia.
- What?

- Paint's a good idea.

Spread this and kiss him.

G'dalia, I'm begging you,

- I don't know him.
- Spread it and kiss him.

You don't want to? Okay.

What are you taking pictures of?
What are you taking pictures of?

I want you to photograph
the evidence.

Why are you shooting me
kissing him?

You want everyone to think
that I'm gay?

Nobody will know,
I'll blow it up

- and put it on a shelf.
- On a shelf?

A good idea.

Are you laughing at me?

Wipe the smile off your face,
you piece of scum.

G'dalia, I'm willing to do
anything, just don't kill him.

I don't want to hear
a word out of you.

We'll end this either
in court or in the cemetery.

I wanted to say...

What are you butting in about?

What are you smiling about?

Wipe the smile off your face,
you shit head.

Okay, so what do we do now?

I once saw a hot pose in a film.

- Yes, the girl...

She's on her knees

and the guy comes
at her from behind.

- From the back?
- G'dalia, he's nuts.

Shut up, you slut!

What, you want to make my wife
into a slut?

It's my wife you want
to turn into a whore?

- Good idea.
- I told you.

- Kneel on all fours.
- No!

Kneel down or I'll kill him.

Get down on your knees,
come here, you Don Juan.

Come here!

I want to tell you, I have...

What are you so pleased about?
Wipe the smile off your face.

Don't move!

Great! Great!

Clean the lens so it
will come out nice and clear

- for the court.
- It's okay. It's okay.

You know, that position
really is a turn on.

It's a mistake...

Shithead, that's enough, did you
finish enjoying yourself?

Come here and take your things.

Get out of here. Get out!

Just a second,
are you the new tenant?

Do you know that you haven't
paid the house committee yet?

It's been four months already.
I'm from the house committee

and I demand that you
pay in full today.

What do you think?
What are you doing here?

So under no circumstances
do I agree

that you'll turn
this respectable house

into a whore house!

- And wipe that stupid smile from your face

while I'm talking to you.
Do you hear me?

Cheeky! And I want you
to pay up today!


Shai? Shai? Shai! Good morning!

Good morning, my darling,
good morning. Good morning...

- You've arrived? - Yes.
- What, yes!

What, what yes?

- Where were you all night?
- I was out.

You were out.
I know that you were out.

- But, you were out where?
- I don't remember, Tikva,

I don't remember.
I hung out in different places.

I paced the floor all night
worried sick about you.

And you tell me,
"I don't remember!"

Who were you with?
- What do you mean? Who could I have been with?

I want you to tell me
with what girl

were you out with all night

that your whole face is covered
with her lipstick?

I don't remember.
I really don't remember, Tikva.

I just remember that I was
in some house

and something fell on me.

There were a pair of eyes
that looked at me all the time.

That put an evil eye on me.
There was lighting all the time.

Afterwards some woman told me
in the morning

- that I owe her 70 shekels.
- What?

- She said that I owe her 70 shekels.
- What are you talking about?

I don't know. I don't remember.

Besides that, I don't feel good.

I don't feel good.
Tikva, leave me alone.

"Welcome to the Party's
Jubilee Convention."

Gentelmen, please exit the lobby

and enter the auditorium.

That includes those that are
sitting near the kiosk,

please leave the lobby area
and enter the auditorium.


- Mr. Shmueli, how are you?
- Fine, thank God.

- I haven't seen you in ages.
- I haven't either.

- I quit with the shit.
- That's good.

"Henei ma tov uma nayim
shevet achim gam yahad."

Look, that's
the Knesset Member's wife...

What's his name?

The Crocodile of the Knesset.

The one who mediated at the closing
down of the clothes factory.

Yes, yes. Look what fur
and diamonds she's wearing.

Where do they have all the money
to buy stuff like that if not...?

Are you missing diamonds
in your life?

What do I need diamonds
for if I have you?

Orit, did you see how much
your mother loves me?

I'm going to sleep. Ayelet...

- Put them to sleep, honey.
- I'm also coming to sleep.

Asshole, you almost ran me over.

Oh, my nose...

The screw. The screw.

What kind of world is this?

Be here exactly at three.
Don't make a fool out of me.

Trust me.
What are you worried about?

"Vera! Congratulations on
winning the election."

- Vera, you have a call.
- I have a call?

Yes, who's it from?

Hello? It's Boazi, my son,
just a second.

Just a minute, Boazi.

Hello, Mom! Yes. Yes. Now.

No, of course not.

I have time to get a bite
and take a shower,

and I'm getting picked up
at 3 o'clock.

But not from the table,
Boazi honey, not off the table,

that's for the guests that
are coming after the election.

Good, so go to sleep.
But not from the table.

Promise! Okay. Bye.

- Yes, Verashvski.

Boazi is here.
- Yes? Great!

- But only for three hours.
- Will he be at the convention?

No, he won't be.
I told him not to come.

- He's very tired.
- What a pity.

In the beginning he wanted to,
but I told him not to.

- Let me have your speech.
- What speech?

My speech that I have to give.

What's this, Shmuel?
I told you to bring my speech.

You didn't tell me to take anything.
- I'm going crazy.

Shmuel, what am I to do now?

Okay, I'll ask... Ruti!

Ruti, come here for a moment, dear.

Ruti! I'll ask Ruti. She'll bring
it for me. I'll ask...

- Do me a favor. He forgot my speech at home.

It's on the bookstand in the bedroom sweety.
- The speech?

Yes, take the keys,

take the car,
and drive very carefully.

Here are the keys to the house
and these are for the alarm.

It's very important that you turn
off the alarm, do you understand?

Boazi is sleeping. Do it quickly,
okay, honey?

Drive carefully, honey!
I don't have a choice.

- How could you do this to me?
- You didn't tell me.

Yes I did.
Ruti, what are you doing here?

I can't find the key to the alarm.

Why are you hysterical?

Come here, did you come looking for me?
- You wish.

Your mother sent me
to get the speech

and to check that everything
is ready for the party.

So Mom's already been elected?

No, they are about to vote any moment.
- It's final? - What's final?

Boaz, I have to get the speech.

- What's wrong? Are you mad at me?
- Mad, no, of course not!

For two weeks you haven't called,
why should I be mad?

You don't understand that I'm
in the reserves for the month?

You think I'm
enjoying myself there?

- I don't care. - You don't care?
- I don't care.

And besides that
I need to go get the speech.

- The speech? - Yes, the speech.
- The speech? - The speech.

The speech...

Nothing, nothing!

"My Granddaughter Vera
From Grandma Sabina."

Grandma Sabina.

That's enough Boaz, I know
the whole story with Tami.

- Tami? - Yes, Tami, your secretary.
- That little slut, Ruti.

That slut,

that communal mattress of yours.

- What are you talking about?
- What am I talking about?

Every time I call you,
she laughs at me on the phone.

Ruti, that's her natural laugh.

You should see her.
She's nothing.

I've seen her.
I saw her at a party.

A party! At the party
she had makeup on,

if you'd seen her without it,

- you wouldn't be concerned.
- You saw her without makeup?

Ruti, you're really something else!

- The speech! - What, which speech?
- The speech.

No, I have to bring
it to the convention,

- your mother is waiting for it.
- Forget about the speech, Ruti.

No, I have to get
to the convention.

You'll get there,
you'll make it.

By the time of the vote,
you'll make it.

Boaz, stop it. I can't do it

on your parent's bed. It's not nice.
- Okay, okay.

- What was that about?
- What? What about what?

- Someone is here.
- Nobody is here.

Dear friends, you all know how
much I appreciate

and value our veteran
and loyal member, Vera Vertman.

May I ask Vera to join
us here on the stage.

They're waiting for me at the convention.
- Let them wait.

Hello? Yes. At the convention.

Can you call later? Thanks.

- What was that?
- Just a journalist.

But I feel that someone's here.

No one's here, only me.

but before we go to the vote,

let's decide on a second candidate,
a different candidate

very close to her
and very experienced

in pressing economic issues.

I invite Mr. Vertman to the stage.

For us, Vera is our representative.

For us, Vertman is
our representative.

Quiet! It's a legitimate
democratic process.

We are all one family,
that are interested in one thing:

All we want
is for the good of the party.

Lonik! Lonik!

Who's for Shmuel Vertman,
please raise your hand.


Who's for Shmuel Vertman,
put your hands up.

One, two, three...

Quiet, quiet, gentleman!

The eyes of the nation
are turned to us.

Gentleman, I'm asking you,

take a seat, return to your seats
so we can begin with the voting

in a democratic fashion.

Stop this immediately,
it's enough!

"So long as still
within our breasts."

"The heart beats true..."

The coat, the coat,
open the door, oh shit!

What's this? I'm waiting for
the speech and she's still here.

- Maybe she didn't find it.
- Drive, drive, it doesn't matter.

The convention is over,
the speech.

I'm in a hurry. Hand me the dress
quickly, quickly.

It's okay. Calm down.
- I won't be able to look at your mother.

- There's no problem. - I'm gonna die.
- She won't come up here.

- You can leave through the porch.

- Are you a friend of Boaz?
- Sure.

- From the army?
- Sure.

- Did you shower?
- Sure.

Can you say anything else

- besides "sure"? - Sure.
- When did you get here?

Where's Ruti?
Where did they run off to?

I can check.

Boaz, Ruti...

- That's Boaz.
- Mom,

she took the speech and ran to the convention.
- The convention

I thought she's running after you.

Where's Dad?

Hypocrite and a cheat!

Thief and bandit!

Ma'am I think you're exaggerating.

Mom, I understand
that I can congratulate you.

Dad doesn't need anything.

"Vera! Congratulations"
Can we remove these decorations?

Throw it in the trash!

Mom, what happened?
You weren't elected?

Let's not talk about it, okay?

Because I'm fuming!


I'll make him so jealous.

I have no idea
what's going on here.

I'll kill him. I'll kill him.

- Why is she yelling? They'll think a thief is here.

Forget it, you know how she is.

- Sure. - From the party?
- Sure.

Listen, you have to tell
me what happened there.

No, I don't have to, I have to go.

Forget it, At least wait 'til Dad
gets back. Come sit down.

Boaz. - Batito.
- Excuse me. - Batito.

I understand that you're also
in the Movement.

Lately, I've been doing
a lot of moves.

You know, I can't grasp
people like you.

- No, there are those that can grasp.
- Day and night.

Lately, only at night.

Yes? Do you at least
find satisfaction?

Not really satisfaction,
but at least a livelihood.

- At least you admit it.
- No, I don't admit it.

Sometimes you could sit for years.

- You're telling me?
- Of course, on condition...

No, on probation.
- And to check the paper for your name.

Believe me, I personally am not
interested in publicity.

- Do you know what you are?
- What? - An idealist.

Idea what?
- Idealist... That's what you are. - Idealist?

Look, I...
sometimes it's part of...

It's part of the profession,
you understand, I need to go.

Wait a second, you didn't tell me
what happened at the board meeting.

Don't ask what happened at the meeting.
- Yes.

Don't ask about what happened
at the meeting, they sat and sat

and there were more meetings
and you know how it is at meetings

when there's a meeting they sit.
They need to sit on it.

At the meeting, what happened
was that they sat and sat...

No, no, Verashvski, it'll be
okay. Believe me, it will be okay.

You shouldn't get so agitated.
It'll be OK. She needs to calm down.

Don't ask what I've been through,
I... you can't, I...

I didn't intend to stay for so long.
- Okay.

- Bye, Boaz.
- See you, Batito. - See you.


- This is my house...
- Dad, Dad calm down.

- Please meet Batito.
- Batman.

- From the Movement? - Sure!
- From which department?

From Acquisitions.
- I'm from the board of directors, on the side.

I'm also on the sidelines.

Come sit down.
Make yourself at home.

Batman, is she still upstairs?

Don't ask how pissed off
she is with you.

Why don't you go upstairs
and calm her down a little?

It won't help.

Batman, if you hear of differences
of opinion in the family.

"Tell it not in Gat, publish it not
in the streets of Ashkelon."

No, I'm not going to Ashkelon.

I'm... by chance I'm...

You don't desert a sinking ship.

That's right. But that ship
has given me sea sickness.

- Do you want to hear what happened?
- Don't start with it.

Boazi, you look horrible,
what happened, son?

You're so thin,
it's terrible, honey.

You don't look so good yourself.
Let's go have something to eat.

Boazi, don't be afraid
of my threats to your dad.

Are you listening? Sit down, my dear.
- Come on. - I'll make coffee.

Yes, have a seat. Feel at home.

What a mess! Where are the spoons?

How can I serve coffee like this?

No, no, we don't need coffee.

- Mom, I want coffee.
- So we don't need spoons.

- Something alcoholic?
- For me that'd be nice.

- I want a Bloody Mary.
- And you?

I... Maybe you have
a Bloody Arak?

Mom, some journalist
was looking for you.

- That's just what we need now.

I'm not interested in publicity
right now either.

I agree with your friend.

She's already turned
us into friends.

We're all friends in Israel.

One Arak, one Mary, give your mother one.
- Thanks, dad.

- Cheers! - Cheers, Batito.
- Cheers.

- Cheers!

May I have another one, please.

Excuse me.

How could you do
such a thing to me?

I devoted my life to the Party.

The Social Welfare Department is whom?
- It's him.

No, it's me.

- "The Baby Project" is whom?
- It's him?

No, it's me. "Lend a Hand
to an immigrant", is whom?

- That's me the immigrant.
- No, of course not.

It's him?
- No it's not him, it's me.

And then my dear husband,
the poisonous snake, stole it.

The neighbors will hear her
and call for a patrol car.

You'll excuse us
for these expressions?

On the contrary, I feel at home.

Maybe we'll continue this later?

- No, if I'm bothering...
- Doesn't matter, let him hear it.

How could you!

If you can't get along
without me...

We're fine. It shows that you're
in the Social Welfare Dept.

Look how many welfare cases
there are in this country.

That's true. There are many
welfare cases in this country.

Everyone's against me in this
house. They're all deserting me.

Oh come on, don't start crying.
Don't cry. Come on now.

You're not deserving of a wife
like me. You don't deserve it!

You hate me, right?
You really hate me.

I really don't hate you.

Not you, him!

How could you?

This villa, my dear husband,
this villa,

is from the money you got to build
a nursery school downtown.

Maybe for once you should decide
what to do.

We simply need to decide which one
of us will run for Knesset.

As far as I'm concerned,
he can run for the Knesset.

Why don't you decide already

before this herring comes out
of my ears.

Batito, we were prepared
for twenty guests.

Maybe you could give in to him...

You need to give in.

Stop it! I can't deal with this.
I'm going back to the army.

I'm sick of this house.

Do you see? Do you see what you
did to the boy? You stole him.

- He's such a sensitive boy.
- Sensitive.

Yes, he got it from me,
not from you.

- We heard already.
- I'm his mother.

With a mother like that it would
be better being an orphan.

- You high class whore!
- Everyone stood in line for me!

I don't have
the strength for this.

the services she provides
for members of the party.

I hate him!

- Batman, let's go.
- Go!

Go to Verashvski.

But I'll get the position.

And only I'll sit
in the Knesset, dear Sir.

I'll sit in the Knesset
and tell Verashvski,

that I know about the bank account

you have in Switzerland.
Yes, I do know.

425 million dollars

that you stole from the party

and hid away
in a Swiss bank account.

Would you like to know
the number of the account?

The number is 623715.
I told you that I know.

What are you looking at me for?

As far as I'm concerned you could
have left ages ago. Get out!

So, Verashvski told you
about that as well?

And you went with him
behind my back!

- My wife turns against me?
- You're starting up again?

Harlot! Still keeping up with
your movements...

Don't mention the Movement.

Six, seven, three,
seven, one, five.

without me you're zero.
- Since back then you're making eyes...

And you didn't go behind
my back to Verashvski?

You went behind both our backs
to Verashvski?

- You're smart!
- Don't start fighting!

I have an offer you can't refuse.
Just a moment.

Heads or tails?

Believe me, there's nothing more
democratic than this.

Heads! - I'm heads!
- You really are an empty head. - Tails. Tails.

Where is it?

Just a moment, Sir,
Mr. Vertman...

Just a second...

Excuse me, Mrs. Vera...

What are you looking for over there?
- A coin.

Boazi, wait a second.

Wait just one second,
my dear. Your friend decided

to flip a coin for it.
Oh, my dear,

I'm so sorry we ruined
your evening.

It won't happen again,
I promise you.

Boazi sweety, tell that
friend of yours Batito

that he shouldn't say anything in the army.
- What friend of mine?

Batito's your friend from
the army, no?

- He's your friend, no?

Wait a minute.
- He's your friend, his friend,

Everyone in Israel are friends.

From the party, no?

From the party...
from the house... from life...

- He came with Mom, no?
- No, of course not!

He came with you from the army, no?
- No.

You didn't say that you were from Acquisitions?
- Sure.

Wait a minute. When I came into
the house he was on the stairs

- and after a shower.
- That's right.

Batito! What's going on here?

- Batman, who are you?
- Batito!

God damit, who are you?


Hey man, who are you?

The spoons!

Shmuel, Shmuel!

Shmuel, a thief!

It's busy.
Dad, I got to get going.

I'm telling you that I'm not
staying with him down here.

Don't worry, Mom, in his condition
he wouldn't be able to harm a fly.

What a hell of a night.

All I wanted to do was catch
a couple hours of sleep.

See you, Dad.
So Batito, from the party?

You've ruined my evening.

Don't say a thing in the army,
do you hear?

You have a nice boy, really nice.

How did you sleep?
- A great night, dead as a log. - Really now!


- Let me go!
- It's busy.

I'm gonna teach you a lesson.

I'll show you. You stole all
the herring.

I'll show you...

Wait, wait...

Mrs. Vera, I...

Shmuel, Shmuel!

If I was you, Mr. Vertman,
I wouldn't call.

- You still have the nerve to talk?
- You know what? Call.

Call the police, go ahead
and call. Call Verashvski also.

Plan whatever you want.

I'll do my own figuring.

What's wrong with me doing
my own figuring?

I'll tell the whole world about
425 million dollars

that you stole and hid away
in Switzerland

and you put it in a safe.

And you think I don't know

the account number for the safe?

Six, two, three, seven,
one, five.

I'll repeat it: 623715.

Now you can do whatever
you want.

So, call. Yes, call.

Why aren't you calling?
Go ahead and call.

Mr. Batman. Just between
the two of us

you're in a fairly
shitty position.

And you're not in a fairly shitty position?
- You have nerve.

Let me, I'll show him.
I'll show him.

I swear that I'll
still kill you.

I'll kill you! Murder?

- Why not kill him?
- It's not a good idea.

You swear that you won't
tell a sole what you heard here?

I'm simply a small time thief.

Just a moment, just a moment.

Why shouldn't we behave as if
we were human beings?

Come on, Vera.

Come and have a seat. Relax a bit.

Mr. Vertman, Mr. Vertman,

I swear not to say a word
to anyone.

You understand, Mr. Vertman,
I'm simply

unemployed with seven kids.

It all began because of the money

my boy needed for a school trip.

Mr. Vertman, I think I'm in shock.

I lost my memory.
Believe me, Mr. Vertman.

Even your name I don't remember.

Even the number
of the bank account

six, two, three, seven, one,
five, I already forgot.

I'm asking for a little pity from
you Mr. Vertman. A bit of pity.

Shmuel, what are you doing?
What's that?

- Leave me alone!
- Mercy!

Get up, get up, calm down.

Get up...

Sit down... sit!

- Sit down already!
- To sit with a dirty thief?

Soon you'll be inviting him
to sleep with us.

I didn't bring my pajamas.

- Tighten it, tighten the spring.
- You little thief.

You piece of shit! Bigger thieves
than you have been caught.

- Are you sure?
- He's just a little extortioner.

- Extortioner?
- Extortioner!

- I'm an extortioner?
- You're an extortioner!

If I'm an extortioner, how much
do you pay a little extortioner,

who won't go tell the whole
world what he knows?

I knew this was coming.

One thousand dollars.
One thousand dollars and that's it.

Take it or leave it.
Not a sent more.

You have no luck,
just a month ago

we changed the furniture,
what do you say about that?

Maybe you have a cigar, Mr. Vertman?
- Please.

Actually you said
that you're unemployed, right?

Maybe we could help you out

through our Social Welfare
Department, what do you think?

Tell me, are you a party member?

No, no, I'm from the Opposition.

Okay, if you don't want,
so maybe I'll be going.

No, no! Have a seat and a cigar.

- I never smoked a cigar before.
- Please.

Mr. Batman, we can both speak

as cultured people, right?

- Yes.

- Okay. - Nice.
- Let's be cultured... - Please.

With lots of culture...

- With culture...
- Yes. - I...

I didn't see that you
offered any

constructive or
cultured proposals

that would turn me into
a happy and cultured man.

Besides that since I've finished
your Bloody Arak,

I don't think I have anything
else to do here.

Maybe I'll go to the papers?

Maybe I'll go to the television?

Then they'll have
a reason for a real celebration.

Hold it, what are you angry about?
Let's sit and talk about it.

- Where are you going?
- Bring me the thousand dollars.

Vera, what did you do?

Get that off him before
he suffocates, Shmuel.

I'm afraid, maybe he's electricuted.
- Oh, no!

Dear God, he's not breathing.

What did you do? You killed him.

Can you not be so hysterical?

- Do you have immunity?
- I'm not a Knesset member yet.

What do I do?
I can already see my picture

in the paper tomorrow.

What a catastrophe.

Let's throw him somewhere.

- But Boaz knows about him.
- I'll speak with him.

I don't know what to think. Wait,
maybe we'll take him to the ocean?

We'll throw him in.
They'll think he was drunk.

What are you saying, dear Vera?

Instead of talking,
let's get him into the car.

Help me, help me! Pick up...!

That's it! Get him by the legs.

Put him in the trunk.

I can't, I can't...
We'll put him in the back seat.

Open the door, I can't.
He's so heavy.

Straighten his legs. That leg.

Shmuel, drive already, drive!

What's this, don't you have
a house? Why are you outside?

Oh my Lord, where are we?

Let's go...

Let's get out of here,
before someone sees us.

Get in, get in. Get into the car.
- I'm getting in.

Throw the things, tie the boat.

Get up here already,
we're wasting time. Come on!

Captain, the guys have been
waiting all night.

I think they tricked us.

There's no trick.
The information was correct.

You stay in your positions.


Bring the binoculars.


Here he is.
That's him, Abu Halil.

I've been waiting for
that scum bag for two years.

Now, I'm gonna get him.

Stay in your positions.

Abu Halil? Come here, Abu Halil.

Is this Beirut?

Of course it's Beirut.
Where were you?

Come here!

Finally I got you, Abu Halil!

I'm not Abu Halil, I'm Batito.

Batito, huh?
- Batito.

What do you mean?

Are you kidding me or what?

- What are these stories?
- I'm not telling any stories.

Captain Shisal, believe me,
last night

some electrical things fell on me
and my whole head has been

electrical things
and lots of lightening

and suddenly I woke up
and I was inside a boat.

Far out in the ocean.

I was frightened and scared,
and used the board of the seat

I did like this...
and the boat

drowned at sea and I...
I started swimming

and suddenly I saw these wheels
from the car man...

Thank God,
I was able to grab onto it.

Tell me, what are
you babbling about?

You don't have any connection to
this hash? What are jabbering on?

Believe me, Captain Shisal,

I told you the whole truth
and only the truth.

- Maybe it's possible...
- What?

Could I have a drink of water?

I'm so thirsty thanks to the herring last night.
- Why not?

There are other ways of doing
an investigation.

Tell me, how long do you think
I'll keep listening to your b.s.?

Captain Shisal,
call the Vertman family.

- Phone up the Vertman family.

Which Vertman?
- Vertman from the party with the convention.

Shmuel Vertman?
- Vertman.

What kind of a relationship do you have with Vertman?
- A connection.

Ask them who's Batito.

Hello? Captain Shisal?

Good morning, Captain.
Yes, yes, how are you?

Yes, yes, were you
at the convention yesterday?

No, I wasn't at the convention.

She knows me.
- Mrs. Vertman, I'd like to ask you

about someone named Batito.

Batito? Just a moment, Captain.

I'm sure my husband
could help you out.

- Shmuel! - Yes, Ma'am.
- Go call my husband, quickly.

He's coming, just a moment.
Yes, Shmuel.

What are you yelling about?
Nothing was said on the radio.

Captain Shisal, come here.
Captain Shisal.

Captain Shisal, take it.

Hello, Captain Shisal?

Mr. Vetman, I'd like to ask you

about a man
who works for you named Batito.

Batman? - Batman?
- Batito.

- Batito. - Yes, Batman.
- I'm asking you

- to come down to the station.
- No problem, no, no problem.

We're on our way
to the convention anyway,

we'll stop by before.
See you later, Captain.

- They found the body.
- We're done for.

Captain Shisal, may I have
a glass of water?

I need to...
Very salty taste in my mouth.

What? What happened?
Hey, come here.

So as we agreed, he was over
at the house

last night, drank a whole
bottle of Arak

and went home happy as a bee.
That's all we have to say.

Along with that you could add

that you knew him from your
Social Welfare Department.

Like I told you, the most
important thing is not to lose

your nerve. Just stay calm.

Keep composed. Stay cool...

He's dead.

- Mr. Vertman. Hello, Mr. Vertman.
- Hello, Captain Shisal.

- Please, come into the office.
- Yes.

She was the one with
the lampshade, hit him...

Shmuel, are you nuts?
What's wrong with you?

- With the lampshade.
- Shmuel what's wrong with you?

I saw him.

Monster, you said that you
wouldn't say a word.

Excuse me Ma'am... wait a sec...

We are at the police station,
just a moment!

I can't stand it with you
any longer.

Mrs. Vertman, I'm asking you.

What's with you? What's going on
here? We are in a police station.

It's not a convention.
I saw you on TV last night.

What television?

I'm gonna give it to him...

I'll show him...

He's gonna get it...

I'll show him...

Leave me alone! Let me out!

I'm asking you, just a minute.

Why didn't you tell me such
important people were coming?

I would have made them
something to eat.

There's no need, get inside
the house and don't interfere.

Instead of being
at the convention we're here.

I explained to Verashvski
the whole situation.

They're waiting for us.
It'll be okay.

I'm really sorry, Mr. Vertman

- that you had to wait so long.
- That's okay.

I felt terrible.

Now I feel much better.

Batman, we have to get
to the convention.

I want us to speak openly, okay?

How can we compensate you?

Batman, I see the situation.

Think about it, don't be modest.
I'll abide by any request.

You see. I...

Batman, don't stammer.
We're among friends, right?

If we're among friends.

- I have problems with my teeth.
- Yes. - Right here. - Yes.

- Yes, I can see.
- I pulled them out by myself. - Yes.

And when I chew. - Yes.
- Sometimes all the food stays in my mouth.

- It doesn't get grinded.
- Yes.

I don't have money
to go to the dentist.

That's no problem. Vera, tomorrow
morning call your dentist

and we'll make your mouth
as good as new, right?

As good as new.

- Yes, yes, yes?

My daughter, Orit.
- Yes?

Such a sweetheart. Really wonderful. Believe me.
- Yes.

She's studying for her final exams.
- Nice! Yes.

- All day long Michael Jackson.
- Jackson, yes. - Michael Jackson.

And if possible for college,
some assistance like a scholarship.

- Believe me, God endowed her.
- She's gifted?

- Gifted children are Vera's department.

Vera, we'll favor her, right, Vera?
- Blessed favors.

- Yes, yes, yes?

I want a little money.

From the account of the safe

over there in Switzerland, 623715.

Not a lot, just a bit.
Not too much.

- You still remember the number?
- I forgot.

Well done, well done.
Really well done, Vera?

How much?
- It's not for me. Believe me, it's not for me.

How much?
- For our factory.

Believe me, the workers
are good people.

Twenty-two years we've
worked at the factory.

My spine goes...
due to the tractor...

I'm telling you that
the management stole the money.

The management stole the money.

Calm down Batman,
you're a good man.

You bring tears to my eyes.

Isn't that right he brings tears
to my eyes, Vera?

You don't think about yourself,

Batman, you'll be
the factory manager

and I'll make sure that they
return the funds from Switzerland.

- I'll take responsibility for it.
- You'll take responsibility!

I'm telling you,
I'll take care of it.

- And... - Yes, yes...
- Is it possible?

- Everything is possible, Batman.
- Only if it's possible.

- Anything. - I would like...
- Yes.

I'd like to be a candidate
to the party instead of you

- and be elected to the Knesset.
- What did you say?

I want to be elected to the party
and afterwards to the Knesset.

Of all the nerve!

Vera, calm down. Relax!

Batman. I'm gonna kill you.
I'll kill you.

Tell your husband.

I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

I'll show you, I'll show you...

I'll show you what happens
if you touch my husband.

- I'll show you...
- Batman! - I'll show you.

I'm telling you, leave me alone.
Let me go!

- Batman, tell her.
- I'll show you who Batman is.

- Batman, help!
- Let go of me.

Batman, look what she did to me.

What did you do to him?

I told you not to get involved.
Go into the house!

Batman, look what she did.
Why did she do that?

I wasn't okay?
Take a look at me.

I gave you the teeth that you
wanted. I helped your daughter.

I gave you the money
from Switzerland.

You're going to be the manger of
the institution. I can't have

you elected to the party.
We have democratic elections.

Why is she doing this to me,

Take this, go let Vera
clean off the egg

- and we'll meet in the car.
- Vera?

What are you laughing about?
Stop laughing. What's so funny?

Shmuel, look where you've gotten.

Okay, okay, very funny.
Okay, okay...

Mr. Vertman?
- Yes.

- My wife would like to apologize.
- It's okay.

I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry.

But with us it's unacceptable to
have a hand raised on your husband.

Take the beret so you won't catch
a cold. You're after a shower.

Okay, take the towel and go inside.

Batman, let's talk about it.
You can't be elected.

It's a party issue

but I have an offer you
won't be able to refuse.

Ten thousand dollars
and part of it

in security bonds.
What do you say?

I say that you still
owe me another half a shekel.

From the coin toss.
- Right, I was heads. - I was heads.

I was heads.
- I was heads. You were a dumb head.

You can't demand from us
that you be elected.

You want to see me.

There'll be a big commotion in the party.
- A plowing of the fields.

"Planting of tears,
Reaping of joy."

My whole life I devoted
to the party.

What will my future hold?

- What will my future hold?
- That's the difference between us.

You have a future,
and I only have a past.

Wait, Batman, don't go, let's go
to the convention and talk.

Come on, get into the car.
Get in and we'll talk there.

Forget about the convention,
let's just call Verashvski

we'll go to some restaurant,
and settle everything over a beer.

As much as I drink,
I'm still thirsty

from all that herring last night.

In my opinion they should have
been here by now.

They went to a different place.

Where did they go to?

To a restaurant
at the Mesubim junction.

Mr. Verashvski,
this sounds very serious.

- Do you know where it is? - Yes.
- Take us there. - Okay.

"Tikva's Grilled
Meat Restaurant."

Hello, Mr. Verashvski,
I'm very very pleased

- to finally meet you.
- I'd like a small

group of friends to meet
to clarify the details.

Don't worry, Mr. Verashvski,
don't worry.

The party's secret is
sealed here in my heart.

Just like in a safe
in Switzerland, 623715.

- I'm happy that you understand.
- I'm happy that you're happy.

Smartass bandit, Al Capone.

Why are you standing?

Why are you standing? Sit, sit.

Have a seat. Feel at home.
Waiter, put a spread on the table

fit for a king.
It's all on me today.

- How was it? Is everything okay?
- The fish was great.

- Would you like anything else?
- What do you have?

We have ribs.
- On the grill?

On the grill.
- Make them... well done, okay?

Mr. Vertman, pass me the humus.

Until he brings the ribs,
we'll enjoy the...

Why aren't you eating anything?
Sit down and have something to eat.

Eat something. It's a pity
that it will get cold.

- Why not Ma'am. It's very good.
- Excellent.

It's not like the herring you had at home.
- That's right.

A completely different taste.

- Vera, what a surprise!
- Hello, Gabriela. - Hello.

- I hope I'm not disturbing. - No.
- Of course you're not disturbing.

I'm happy even if you were
disturbing a little.

So to whom may I offer
my well wishes?

No, we haven't gotten
to the well wishing stage yet.

We are just
at the stage of wishing.

Excuse me? - Yes, what did you want?
- Who are you anyway?

I'm... Sason Batito...

I will help the people
and all the workers

so that there will be food
for everyone to eat.

And more than anything
I'll take care of the soccer teams.

I understand that you are one of
the candidates for the elections.

You understand correctly and I
believe they don't have a choice.

Mr. Vertman, let me have the...
no, no...

- There, the salad at the end.
- The salad, the salad.

- I need your picture.
- A picture?

- Yes, I need a picture of you.
- My picture?

I think the police have one.
A profile and a close up.

- You have a real sense of humor.
- He'll make it. - Thank you.

What a scoop! What a scoop!

Where are you?
- Just a second.

Look here, look! Great!

"Welcome to the Party's
Jubilee Convention."

Wonderful! What a great suit!
"He raises up the poor

out of the dust and lifts
up the beggar from the dunghill."

It's fantastic how you took care
of things at the factory.

The management dispersed and
everyone's talking about you.

- Believe me, it's all from God.
- May God help you, Amen.

Believe me I miss the factory.

I'm not cut out for all this party
and convention stuff.

Believe me, it's a jungle.
They're animals.

They're not human, believe me.
It's not for me.

They'll do it to you.
Don't be afraid.

I must go in
to welcome the people.

- With your permission.

Ben Porat Yosseph,
what nice children you have.

Save the first row before there
won't be any room left.

Sit next to Mrs. Vera
and Mrs. Ruti, quickly.

But how will you speak to them?
Did you prepare a speech?

I'll take the speech,
I spoke with Ruti

about I'll using Vera's speech.

I would kiss you,

put I don't want to get you dirty.

What are you spitting
on my hand for?

- Children come on.
- Go in already.

I see that you brought the whole
tribe with you.

- God bless them.
- Very nice, Mrs. Batito.

Hello, Mr. Batito.
I'd like to wish you good luck.

- Thank you. - Good luck!
- Thank you.

- You look familiar.
- Sure, you don't remember?

Where do I know you from?

You don't remember me? I...

I'll give you a hint. My wife has
been a fan of yours for years.

And in line with her, so am I.
Here, look.

Nice, huh?

I thought it was a dream.

No, it's no dream! It's reality.

Here you are on top,
and she's underneath.

You came to swindle me?

- Me, a swindler?
- You are an extortioner.

No, of course not.
- So, why did you bring the pictures?

No, of course not, look it's...

Wait, let's say I was
a blackmailer, how much would

you pay to a swindler like me
to keep our little secret?

I'll give you a more constructive
answer later.

Forget the constructive, just make
sure it's in large bills.

- How much?
- Later.

Wow, believe me,
you're really something,

we love you!

All the best!

Dear friends, I am happy
to tell you

that the Party has
unanimously decided,

without any abstentions,
to choose Mr. Batito

as vice...
- Ruti, let me have the speech.

- Good luck. That's my speech, Ruti.
- I don't know how to give a speech

I'd like to invite Mr. Batito
to the stage.

Mr. Batito grew up amongst us.

Step by step he advanced
in the community

reaching his goals
through his actions.

Mr. Batito, I ask you
to say a few words.

Bravo, bravo!

"Ladies, and gentlemen."

I'm standing before you,
filled with excitement.

"I wasn't expecting this honor

- "and I'm not deserving of it."
- Bravo!

"I'm just a small screw"

"in the workings, and maybe
I'm not a screw at all."

- "But rather a nail."
- Bravo! Very nice.

"And maybe I'm not a nail,
but rather a tack."

"A tack stuck in the sides
of some of the members."

This speech isn't for me.

Mrs. Vera, this isn't a speech,
it's a junk yard.

It's the speech that I wrote,

You should have read it
with more emotion.

I'm very sorry, Mr. Verashvski,

members of the board,
party members,

it's not for me
all this bullshit.

- All this politics, I...
- What do you mean?

I relinquish my candidacy.

- What is he doing?
- What does that mean, Batito?

I don't want screws...

My candidacy is up for election.

What are you fighting over?

What are you fighting about?
Over honor? To get to the Knesset?

Such an honor,
you don't understand

that this whole country
laughs at Knesset members

that run after the television
and then afterwards

they show them asleep
in the Knesset.

You have no idea what goes on
with normal people.

What normal people feel.

People are suffocating here.

This country is suffocating.
It has no air.

No, I don't agree.

Open up the doors and the windows.

- This country needs air.
- Don't let him resign.

He represents the silent majority.

What are you doing to me, you
scum. I was counting on you.

Everyone's behind you, sweety!
Batito! Batito!

Gentlemen. I'm closing
the meeting.

"So long as still
within our breasts."

"The heart beats true..."

Move! Move!

- Hello, where is your manager?
- Over there!

Work manager.

That's the suit of a work manager?

- It's what they made for me.
- Good, so cut with the bullshit.

Tell me, where's the constructive
answer that you spoke of?

You think I have time
for your construction?

Where's the constructive answer?

Would you like me to show
those pictures

to all the workers here at the
factory? Is that what you want?

You want to show those pictures
to my workers.

Those pictures you want to show
to my workers?

That's a good idea.

Guys, take a look,
that's his wife,

- that's you here, no?
- I'm here.

Yes, that's me here.

I'm here on top looking down.

That position is a real turn on.

Wow, can I have her number?

You're making a whore out
of my wife? A whore?

That's a good idea.

"Batito the Unemployed."

Translation: Beth Kuzi.

Subtitles: Elrom Studios