Ha-Lahaka (1978) - full transcript

Comedic musical, about an army singing group.

"We seven returned to the city

"The smoke rose from the hill

"The sun in the East was high

"On Ammunition Hill,

"On fortified bunkers,

"For our valiant brothers

"Who stayed always young,

"On Ammunition Hill,"

Thank you very much,

Allow me before we part,,,

I just wanted you to know that
this is our last performance

as a group,
with our present show,

Sadly, 3 members will be released
next week, Lucky for them,

We're already missing them and the
time together, and especially you,

who together we've been through a
war, and ate sand, dust and bombs,

For the last time in uniform
I present you with

Yoni Fuchs!

Would you move it?

Rachaeli Meron!
-Rocha, honey, you're exposed,

Shut up!

We will be holding auditions
next week for 3 replacements

For Yoni, Rachaeli and myself,
-Where's my cane?

You heard of course that at
headquarters they're claiming,,,

You've heard what
that highflier wants? A cane,

Cut with all the crap,,, -I'm not
going on stage without my cane,

Get real!
Don't make me punish you!

I'm not going on stage with
something that's not mine,

Stop making a federal case out of
it, -The new members are accepted

on a trial basis for a half year,

And believe me, this is a half a
year of service that,,, -Thank you

Now for the last time we'll sing
for you, join in,

"The Band Song"
-Molly, where's my hat?

"Next to the piano
we learn to sing together,

"But my voice is alone
in a song on another day

"ln the promised land,
volunteers from side to side,

"l remember, -Yes,
-Words and tunes,

"And then I thought, yes,
that it's all lost,

"That I don't have a chance,
I'm heading back to the battalion

"No chance,
it's back to the battalion,

"All I ever wanted to be was
a singing and dancing soldier,

"l wanted to be funny and happy"

"June 1 968 - May 1 969
The War of Attrition"

"We came to the reserves,

"We thought it'd be a blast,

"Got an Uzi, a meal,
and some snoozy,

"We came to the reserves,

"Got an Uzi, a meal,
and some snoozy,

"We came to the reserves,

"Sergeant major called:

"Have to lineup,

"Jump into place,
and start to pace,

"Sergeant major called,

"Called out to start digging,

"And we dug a ditch till dawn,,,"

Okay, okay, Thank you,
We got the general idea,

But I'm not done,

We'll send you a letter,
Next, -Moshe Albez!

Moshe Albuz,

I see you've been serving at
a transport base for 4 months,

Do you have a military profession?
-Yes,,, No,,,

I was a trainee in the laundry,
-So let him do our wash,

So, Moshe, what have you
prepared for us? -Nothing,

I didn't know I had to prepare
anything, -So what's it gonna be?

Do you want to come back
for the auditions in July?

No, I'll sing something
in French,

Abu Albert
Sofer Aviva

Sanderson Dan,
Atias Yitzhak, Mazor Ronit,,,

Excuse me, may I have
a word with you?

Are you maybe the Gershon Gershon
sisters from City School? -No,

Are you sure? -We're sure,

Because you can never
be too sure,

Do you want a cookie?
-No, thanks,

I don't want one either,
I hate these,

My whole family hates them,

"Look up, my daughter,
to the Golan,

"There are soldiers,
but in the future

"Blue and white flags
will be flying,

"Daddy is also there
crying and laughing,

"Mommy, we had a green house
with Daddy, a doll and loquat,

"The house is not there
and daddy is far away,,,

"Oh mommy,,," -Okay, okay,
That's enough, Thank you, Noa,

That was really nice,
We'll send you a letter,

Okay guys, you're done,
Carmela, bring them in,

Hurry up, Noa, get a move on!

Pardon, -Dotner, nice to meet you,

Very good,,,
Guys, let's move it,,,

The men's barracks are four
buildings down, next to the fence,

And these fellows,
if you don't recognize them,

are your brothers in arms,

Each one of them could keep 2
psychiatrists in business,

The tall one is
the famous Dani

who sings most of
the band's hits,

As you can see Dani can't see
a thing without his glasses,

but insists on playing ball
without wearing them,

The tough guy who's pushing
is Moti, the commander,

Moti, get over here, you schmuk!
-The goalie is Micki Ben-Tov,

who knows how to sing no worse
than she knows how to yell,

Defense! Get over here
on the double!

The short guy over there
is called Doron,

he's the impressionist and actor
amongst the group,

And it's advised not to let him
get a hold of you, if possible,

Jesus, did I ever get it just now,,,

Doron, we're not in summer camp,,,

And that's Paul Aviv,
the director of the band,

That's Moni who plays
the organ,

And the one who's yelling at him
now is Shuka, the drummer,

The tall guy is Zani who was once
a member of the band,

but he didn't get on so well
so they made him the electrician,

The two standing together
are Molly and Sari,

known also by their directions,
"right" and "left",

The little diligent one is
Yafa, who the guys call Yafchu,

The blond who's all done up is
Orli Ne'eman, whole army knows her,

and most likely some of you
will get to know her, That's it,

Only Benny Razon is missing,
and he's one of a kind,

And there's Leichet, the musical
director, who you'll soon meet,

So let's get under way,

Dani, move your ass!

Stop cursing, fuck'n shit!

Look what they brought us here,

Look what a,,,
It's the ones I told you about,

The one on the right looks nice,
I'd say it's worth a try,

Look what a nice ass he has,

Excuse me,

where are the girls' rooms?


Hello! -Fuck'n little shit that Aviv!

What does he think,
that we're in the paratroopers?

Leave the little shit alone,
he's not normal,

You know that his whole problem
is an inferiority complex,

Hey, you with the bazooka,
what's going on here?

Get your trash out of here,

This is the third letter
this week from my girlfriend,

She's under contract,

Cheglar, if someone asks about me,
tell her I'm in the shower

and that she should bring a towel,
-Think you've made it, ya lazy bum

Excuse me,,,
-Someone speaking to you? -No,

So why are you answering?

I'm not answering, I'm asking,
-That's exactly what I mean,

and I don't want to hear that
shitty music, got it? -Yes,

What kind of music
do you want to hear?

I don't want to hear anything,
and keep your mouth shut! -When?

Another nightingale's arrived,
-Stink'n shrimp,

Say, Amnon, is it always
like this?

You're also leaving?

"ln a red dress and two braids

"A little naive girl stood
all alone and asked "why?"

"And all the cannons
and all the soldiers

"And all the honchos
and all the scholars

"Stood pale faced
and tongue tied,

"And all the volcanoes
and all the storms

"And all the lions
and all the tigers,

"And all the honchos
and all the scholars

"Stood pale faced
and tongue tied,"

Really very nice,

Do you know what this song
looks like? Like shit,

You look like 1 2 pieces of shit,
one piece of shit after the other,

You perform like that in Sinai,
and it's the firing squad,

No questions asked,
and that's the truth!

I'm talking to you also,
Ms, Orli,

It's not a solo performance,
it's a group! -Orli, stand up!

Let's not forget the band,
what a lot of noise,

What are we here,
"Cafe Noga"?

Okay, you have
a two minute break,

and I suggest that you think
about what I just said

if you plan on getting
any sleep tonight,

Orli, come here,
I want to speak with you,

Hi, I'm Dani,
You are very pretty, -Thanks,

What's the story with you
and Dana? -What story?

"What story, what story,,,"?

Yafa, my earrings look fantastic
on you,

I'm sick of it,
do you understand me?

I'm liberal and we're not living
in the Middle Ages,

but you're acting like a slut!

I'm sick of these discussions,
-Wait a second Orli, Wait up!

Hello, girls,

May a stand near you for a bit?
-There's a horrible noise,

a chirping that reminds me
of mice,

A squeaking,,, -A chirping
noise like gray mice

who are damp and sticky
and so disgusting,

One is a city mouse
and the other is a field mouse,

So primitive,

Isn't it terribly crowed here?

Hold on tight
so you won't fly off in the wind,

Dotner, go to the kitchen
and ask for bread, butter and jam,

and make sandwiches for the gang,
-Why me? -Get going,

Listen, bring some
chocolate milk,

Okay gentlemen, first:

What's been said and will be said

stays in this room,
and doesn't leave, Clear?

Next: In another month and a half,

that means two weeks after
lndependence Day,

the television is covering
a live army entertainment show,

I've received word that there
are two bands being considered:

It's either us or the tank corps,
-We're in the middle of rehearsals,

Just a moment, Moti,
An ass hears only half a story,

They'll plant people
in our show and tanks',

and they'll choose the best
band, And you better,

you better help them to reach
the right decision,

Look, Bazooka, sometimes we perform
on bases in very tough conditions,

sometimes under fire,
We have to be ready for anything,

Return fire, of course,
while continuing to sing,

because the song must go on,
-You'll have to return fire

and of course grenades, -Have you
signed for grenades? -No,

No? Go straight to the armory
and sign out grenades,

Look, we don't need any second
rate soldiers here, understood?

We need combat soldiers, Real men
like everyone else, my mates, men!

Start singing, when we give the
command, respond to the command,

Is it clear? -Good,
-Begin singing,

"Jerusalem of gold,
and of,,," -Fire!

What are you, a real imbecile?
What are you firing at? Keep singing!

Why are you singing?
Keep shooting,

Fire with the rhythm of
the music! -Cease-fire,

They're coming from here,,,
Careful, firing on the side

Terrorists up above! -Careful,
careful! -Terrorists above you,

Throw grenades! -Keep singing!
I'm telling you, keep singing!

What are you clinging for?
Are you insane?

"I'm a violin,,,

"Violin!" -That's enough, can't
you see they're screwing with you?

Quiet, please don't disturb
the admissions committee,

Careful, thorns on the side!

What are you stuck to the floor
for? Get up! Get up!

Guys, guys, Aviv and Moti
are coming! -Keep singing,

"We love you,
Ada, Ada,

"Like fresh bread
with chocolate butter,

"And if not,,," -Giora!
-Yes, Commander!

Why aren't you sleeping? -There
are people awake at the Canal,

so we are singing as a sign
of solidarity with them,

Be careful not to show solidarity
with them all night long, Micki,

Okay, everybody, one minute
to lights out,

Orli, why is your shirt open?
-What shirt?

Dani, wipe that stupid smile
off your face!

Is there something funny?
Since it's so funny,

you can keep this
full pack on till the end, Clear?

Moti, write that down,

You have 42 seconds left,
I hope you'll make the schedule,

Good night,

Moti, something's going on there
I heard, -Nothing serious,

just the staff,
-Sari, where are the cookies?


Dotner, -Dotner, get up,

Dotner, you've slept enough,

Get up! It's an emergency,

What's the time? What's going on?
-Get up already!

Forget the time, get up, -What?
-Go out, They want to talk to you,

What's going on? -Just a minute!

What time is it? What's happening?
-Forget about the time, go outside

Do you see that sign there?
Do you see 1,2,3,4 doors?

Alron the education officer's
room is in back, You go inside,,,

You see the list that,,,
In that drawer, -So?

The list of who's getting booted,
and,,, -What booting?

By the end of the rehearsals
you'll get it, In every show,,,

So they're getting rid of
the worst ones from the show,

Just so that you can know if
they're getting rid of you, or not

Why me? -Look, first it's
basically your problem,

we're just trying to help, Second,
if a guard comes by you can say,,,

that you're on the way to the
showers, they already know us,

But what? Are you sure that,,,
-Take a towel,

Go on, Quietly,

Wait, it's really not,,, -Come on
it's okay, -Perfectly, -Good luck,

Go on,,,

Don't move! Don't move!
-I'm not moving! I'm not moving!

Dotner! Idiot!
What are you doing here?

What? I,,,

I'm looking for the showers,
-At 3 in the morning? Jerk!

It's an issue of,,, Yes, I always
at 3 in the morning,,,

Go looking for,,,
Want to take a shower and,,,

when I was a child, it was
an issue with me,,,

I would get up at 3 in the morning
and sing to myself,

You would sing? So I have
a message for you, dear,

you're going to go sing me a solo,
I'm giving you another test,

Are you nuts? -Shut up!
But not alone,

go bring the rest of the band,
go wake the girls and the band,

everybody, In two minutes everyone
is to be here, -Excuse me,


He sings quite nice,
don't you think?

Turn off the radio,
you're at attention,

So tell me, what are you singing
for us this morning?

Why are you fuck'n with us?
It wasn't enough the whole night?

Shut up! I don't want to hear any
more out of you, idiot!

I'm going in, are you coming? -ln
a minute, I'm waiting for Dotner,

You bean pole,
sing from the vibrations,,,

You get free from her? It seems
like you're the one hanging on her

What do you mean, hanging on her?

You know she can't do anything
on her own,

She can't even go to the canteen
by herself,

Besides that, I also help her with
her solos and her presentation,

That was very nice,


You sang really well,


Thank you,
-You're welcome,

Wait a minute!

Why are you looking at me like
I've come out of the forest?

"Above the camp

"The moon is shining

"Over the tents
a star is twinkling

"And time passes

"Like stretched rubber

"It's a Friday night

"with no taste at all,

"and,,," -No, no, no, no!

That's no good,

Let's do it differently,

Noa, do you know the words?

Let's do the song with
you doing the solo,

Yafa, switch places with Noa,
-What d'you mean? It's my solo!

Don't give in to him,
-Doron, back to your spot,

Moti, aren't you going to say
something? -Later,

Are you sure?

Okay, from the beginning,

"Above the camp
The moon is shining

"Over the tents
a star is twinkling

"And time passes

"Like stretched rubber

"It's a Friday night
with no taste at all,

"And the silence tears
the heart,

"What stillness
and we do not a thing

"What tranquility,
and another week has passed,

"The Sabbath doesn't seem to end

"We've read
all the evening papers,

"We've sung
all the campfire songs,

"We've mended the holes
in our socks,

"And finished all
the crossword puzzles

"What a stillness,

"and we do not a thing,

"What tranquility,

"and one more week has passed,

"And not one letter from you
have I received

"ln a moment the commander,,,

"ln a moment the commander
will arrive, -Then he'll promise,

"And he's sure to promise,,,

"Yes, yes you'll soon
get your leave,,,

"Your leave is coming soon
-Two more in the balcony

"Buy more two for the balcony

"What a stillness
and we do not a thing

"What tranquility,
and another week has passed

"What a stillness
and we do not a thing,

"What tranquility,
and another week has passed,"

I'm telling you, girls like that
need to be kicked out of the band

Yafa, what are you worried about?

Don't you remember the girl
from the last group?

Plays at being naive and bashful,
-Queen of the bitches,

Exactly, She would sit and sing
with Leicht all night,

Afterwards would get all the solos
whether she deserved them or not,

The fact they sit and sing all
night,,, -But it didn't help her,

She was kicked out on her butt!
So what do you care?

Look, that they sit
and sing all night,

is their problem, I don't want to
get involved; it's not important

what I think it does to
the atmosphere of the band

and to the name of the girls
on the whole base,

But that afterwards they get solos
that they shouldn't,,,

That's really disgusting,
-You know what bothers me?

Today she took your solo,
and tomorrow she'll take Molly's,

Molly, you'll say something
if you don't want to be made

a sucker by this whole thing,
-What, it's not right?

If they're not deserving of it,
it's really annoying, -Anyway,

with the way she's acting there's
no way she'll be staying,

Yafa, if you,,, -Shut up! We heard
enough of how you sing today

and we don't want to hear
how you talk!



Are you okay?

Do you want me to bring
you anything?

What's wrong with her?
Why's she crying? -Don't know,

Careful, you could kill
someone with that! Noa!


Tell me what they did to you
and we'll take care of them,

We'll smash their faces in,
-We won't be smashing?

Relax, that's what they
do to everyone,

My ass they do it to everyone!

Look how she's crying!
What is this, the Egyptian army?

Is this how you break in new
girls? -It's a tradition,

We're not the ones about to change
it, I went through the same story,

What story? What are you bringing
me stories for now?

We'll show them, right Noa?

Keep your traditions at home,
not on our backs,

We'll cause them trouble,

We're gonna rattle their bones,

We'll tear them apart,

We'll smash their faces in,

I'll give them a black eye,
I'll pull their eyelashes out,

Look what you did,

Good, now you're laughing,
that's what I want to see,

You have more talent in your teeth
than all those snobs put together,

We'll settle things with them,
right Noa?

It'll be okay, Are you in with us?
-I don't get involved,

If you don't get involved,
at least don't get in the way!

What's going on here?

The audience is out there!

What are you doing?
There's an audience,

Pay attention,

Hi guys, look who's here!

Uri! Fantastic,
What a hat, really groovy,

What is this, a break
or the beginning?

No, no, we haven't begun yet,
I want you to say a few words,

Great,,, -Orli, let it be,,,

I'm Orli, -That's Orli,
We know each other, -Yes, yes,

Hello, -Do you know Dani?
-How are you?

It's okay, but I'll fall asleep

" The son, the son,,,

"My dear

"My dear


"ls he

"ls he

"A darling child

"A darling child

"Darling, darling

"My dear son,

"My dear son,

"My dear son,

"My dear son,

"My dear son,

"My dear son, my dear, Ephraim,

"ls he a darling child?

"For whenever I speak of him,

"l earnestly remember him still,
remember him still,

"My dear son, Ephraim,

"My dear son, Ephraim,

"My dear son, Ephraim,

"My dear son, Ephraim,"

What's this? What's all this mess?



Pick it up, guys,

Be careful, it's army property,
It has to stay in one piece,

Take it slowly, like a couple
of girls,

Wow, just like a bunch of retards,

And you there,,,

tie it well, exactly in
the middle, did you hear me?

So it won't get loose,

Otherwise, Dotner,
I'll be losing you,

Okay, like that,

Good, in the middle,

Is it ever raining outside!

Sit down, Dotner,
Why are you standing?

Take a seat,

You'll be tired tomorrow
for the show,

Moti, Moti, Moti!

Calm down!

Open his shirt, Micki!
-Move, move, move!

Open his shirt,
-Okay, why are you yelling?

Move, move,,, -What are you doing?
-Shuka, Shuka!

Open up the window, -Shut up, -No,
the rain will come in,

Wipe the shit, you little farts!
-Bring some water,

Calm down, calm down,

No need for hysterics,
you're taking up his air,

Put some water on your hand,

Put a little water on your hand
and give him some water, -Dotner,

Get up! -It's nothing,
He looks fine to me,

Clean it up you assholes,
Look what you did to him,

Dotner,,, Clean it, you idiots!
-Are you cleaning there? -Yes,

You can sit there until the show,
you pig! -Why are you shouting?

Radio lsrael from Jerusalem, the
2 o'clock news broadcast, -Quiet!

Shut your traps, the news is on,
-Yes, Sir,

This morning at 9 the Egyptians
opened fire from ambush

as they passed the Suez Canal
about 1 0 km north of Port Tufik

Three command cars were on
the road east of the Suez,

The troops returned fire on the
assailants, We have 3 dead,,,

Where'd you learn to drive like
that? Go drive the wagon,,,

Did you notice what's going on
in the back seat?

Who's that, Orli?

Wish it were me,,,

Orli,,, She's something,
-Are you interested in her?

So, go make a pass at her,
-Are you nuts?

What's wrong? You think she only
puts out for,,,

That Don Juan?

I don't know, l,,,
don't know any girls like that,

Do you remember this song?
-Can l?

Yes, -Why aren't you sleeping?

I'm not tired,
-You seem worried,


As the commander, I'm concerned
for the welfare of the members,

Of course it's not
a personal issue,

but,,, the role of the commander
is to solve any problem which

could hinder the principal
mission of the band when it's,,,

been broken off, of course,

Therefore l,,, try very hard to
nurture the individual dimension

between myself and the band,


You can come to me,,,

with any problem you may have
even if it's just a girl's thing,

Do you have a problem like that?

I'm happy to hear that you don't,

That's good,

Dani? -Yes,
-ls this your duffle? -Yes,

So I can understand, are you in
basic? Can't you carry anything?

Leave the bum alone!

Another one, with clothes and
books, the weight of a feather,

Shut up already,

Moti, I thought the commander is
supposed to set an example,

"Haleluya, haleluya, haleluya,,,

"lf there was no need for guns
then we'd sing Haleluya,

"With the coming of peace you'd
see the army singing Haleluya


"Haleluya, haleluya, haleluya

"lf children on the borders would
play, we'd hear mothers 'Haleluya'

"lf the North would be
the Center,

we'd sing in Damascus, Haleluya,


"Haleluya, haleluya, haleluya!

"When the front gate sings a duet
with the wire, Haleluya,

"The Hermon will say to the Sea of
Galilee we can love, -Haleluya


We'll do the whole thing over
from the beginning,

Everyone out, let's go!


Your honorable judge!
-What's your name? -Zako,

I wrote him down, Bring in
the witnesses, -Let's go!

"l had a young lover,

"His voice was clear,
his eyes were bright,

"The battle was done,
and he came again to the gate,

"But his stride was heavy
and his face was stern,

"We shaved the beard
and folded the uniform

"We sat in silence with coffee
mugs and friends,

"Things slowly return
to normal

"You learn not to think about
those who are no longer,

"You learn to go back
to your old habits,

"But your face, my love,
has changed,,,"

Up, up, on your feet!
-What's the story?

Take the blankets
and shake them out

and bring blankets to everyone,

Why me? -Take it as an order,

When you're older, you'll
get it, -You think we're suckers?

Watch it, Dotner!

Shake them outside so there won't
be any dust here,

Okay, Bazooka, put a coat on
and let's go,

Do you mind folding by yourself?
There are a few more blankets,

No problem, -Thanks,
Take care of the transistor,

Hello, -Hello, -Am I disturbing?
-Am I disturbing you?

No, you're not,

Not at all,

Keep singing, That song is
very nice, -Thanks, Dotner,

How are you? -Good and you?
-Good, very good,

Tell me, can I exchange a few
words with you?

Do you have words to exchange?
-I have a few nice words,,,

I was abroad last
year and I brought back

one word that,,,

Dotner, what's the story?
-I was just passing by,

and I saw camels, so I stopped,

Very nice, -Yea?

I'm very sympathetic,

Tell me, "Micki" is from Michal?
-No, Micki is from Microbe,

What's "Dotner"? -"Dotner"
is a popular Yemenite name,

Do you mind if I sit?
-No, if you'll find a spot,

I'll find a spot,
the bus looks pretty empty,

So, what's it gonna be?
-Be about what?

About you and me, -ls there
something about you and me?

Of course there is, Didn't you know?
-No, -So now you know,

Good evening,

Okay, good night,
-You don't have to go, Dotner,

He can go; maybe he's in a hurry,
-I'm not in such a hurry,

I'd happily stay, but I'm,,,

,,,busy, I do hope you'll
enjoy each other's company,

I thought it was decided that we
don't speak with the new guys,

Nothing was decided with me,

Tell me, Micki, is there
something you're not telling me?

Stand in formation over there!

What are you doing, Bazooka?
What's going on with you?

You also don't know how
to fold a blanket?

Here, I'll show you how it's
done, Like this, you space cadet

We have to teach you everything?
Hold the blanket like this,

Take a look, Yes?

Like this,,,

Come here, is it so complicated?

Complicated? Here, it's simple,
-Thank you, -You're welcome,

Moti, it's not okay! Moti,
it's not okay, I told you,

What would happen if suddenly
we were attacked?

We'll be there in a minute,
Don't worry,

"lt'll be okay"? All because that
education officer insisted,,,

Tell me, was Trumpeldor a hero? -No,
He'd take sick leave all the time,

They say he was
an amazing guitarist,

He strummed and played
the cords with the same hand,

You don't say!
-I swear,

At the end of the show
he would clap for himself,

I heard that people are getting
kicked out at the end of the week,

Who's being kicked out? -Don't
know, Surely the new guys,

Relax, you're ruining the gum,
-Who told you that?

A guy named Trumpeldor in Education,
-Very funny, Moni,

That creep! I've been here for
three weeks, and still haven't,,,

What three weeks? We're talking
about a month,,,

How are you? -Come on, they're
coming, -They're here!

Here's the reserves that came
to switch us, -No, soldier,

we came to have some fun,
Where is everybody?

Wait, you're not from,,,
Headquarters? -No,

They're the combat
entertainment band,

The clowns are here,

There's only five of you here?
-See? What can we do?

Some of the guys are
on leave,

Waiting for the laundry pickup,

So start,,,

"lf birds

"that fly above the ocean

"lf birds

"could speak like man,

"What stories

"these birds

"would have of lands

"over the mountains,

"All the wondrous beaches

"All the blue lakes,

"All the snow covered peaks,

"All the week days,

"That passed by

"All the days of rest,

"lf birds

"that fly over the ocean,

"lf birds

"could speak like men,

"What songs

"the birds would surely sing,

"What a carnival

"the poets would have,

"All the forest green

"the rumbling silence

"and lusting hearts of summer

"would change

"to Autumn colors

"of unfulfilled loves,

"All the wondrous beaches,

"the blue lakes,

"the snow covered peaks

"the days of the week

"that passed by,

"all the days of rest,

"But the birds

"loyal to their silence,

"with the coming of Fall

"fly off with a flap
of their wings,

"and their secrets

"with them,"

Bazooka is stealing the show,

Every time,

Stealing, what's there to steal?

He makes faces on purpose
like I don't know what,

He's just primitive,
-Primitive but successful,

They want what you want,
the same thing, You just need nerve,

Bazooka, here's your chance,

Not that one, it won't work,
-lt'll work, you'll see,

Go on, go on,
ask her to sit with you,

She'll agree? -Of course she
will, go ahead, -Now? -Yes,

don't be afraid, Go, Now,

Go on, Go on up to her now,

Who is she?

Excuse me, Yes? -Aren't you from
the band? -That's right,

Your name is Orli Ne'eman?
-My name's Orli Ne'eman,

How do you know?

How do I know?

Rudi, do you know Rudi?
-Who's Rudi?

A friend of ours, Rudi, Told us
that he met you last year

at some base when he was
doing reserve duty,

I don't know any Rudi,
maybe it's a mistake,

Yes, Orli,
so tell me,,,

Do you feel like listening
to some tapes in the barracks?

So these days they call it
tapes in the barracks, do they?

No, Really, We just got
some great music, -Great music,

From America,

If it's music, it's okay,
-Yes? Great! -Good,

There were two of them and one
of you, That's not too bad,

Okay, don't be so sad,
what's your problem?

What can I do?
-Nothing, it's okay,

The main thing is that you
practice, Look, it doesn't matter,

The important thing,,, but you,,,
you need nerve, you know?

You need to come off like
you know what you're doing,

Show you have confidence,
go on, go speak,

I think your second chance,,,

just limped inside,
-Forget it, they're ugly,

It doesn't matter that they're
ugly, until you've done it

for the first time, the second
time, it doesn't matter, got it?

They won't want me, look at me
with these glasses,,,

Bazooka, the glasses don't
mean anything,

Here, take off the glasses,
open your collar,,,

I can't see a thing,
-It's okay, everything's okay,

There's nothing to see, Believe
me, it's better you can't see,

Now come with me, and whatever
I do, you do the same, Understand?

We've already waited half an
hour for a candy bar!

We're not waiting half an hour,
take the bottles,

Stop helping him, He's been
hanging out here half the day

without doing anything,
-He hasn't been here half a day,

Don't try and tell me, I didn't
just meet this guy yesterday,

Listen, how you blew up the radar
was serious business,

What radar?

You really fixed that pillbox
with a grenade from 50 meters

into such a small slot,,,

You'll get a medal,
my hero,

An operation like that deserves
a celebration,

Hello, girls, -Hello, -Hello,
-Hello, are you from here?

Yes, and you? -We're not,
we're only here for the night,

we're from the commandos,
-Which commandos?

Why are you yelling? You want
the security officer to hear you?

May I speak with you for a
moment? -Yes, -On the side,

That little guy there was part
of the big operation in Egypt,

He's probably getting a citation,
don't ask, what a story,,,

Blood and fire and pillars of
smoke, It was really amazing,

It was unbelievable what he did,

Anyway the boy,,, -He's a bit,,,
-He's a little shell-shocked,

That's a problem, It can happen,
not much that can be done,

He's shell-shocked,
and needs help to get over it,

I was thinking, maybe you have a
room, maybe music, -Yes, we do,

You know, maybe some low lights,
-Yes, sure, -Yes?

Great, do you also have anything
to eat and drink? -Yes, to drink,

Could we come over for a little
while? -Sure, -Great, so it's OK?

Sure, no problem,
-I'll go get him,

Just wait a moment here,

Okay, it's fine, come on,
Everything's arranged? It's okay?

Feels uncomfortable, -Tonight
you're coming, it's alright,

Now you're gonna get laid,
Come on,


Bazooka, -Hello,

Introduce us, -Dorit, -Dorit,

Yisraela, -Yisraela, nice,

Okay, we,,, can we get moving?
-Fine, yes, -Great,

Look what a lovely night,
Look at the stars,

Real stars, not like ours
in the band,

I can't remember when the last
time was that l,,,

had time just to sit and stare
at the stars

and with such a beautiful girl
to talk to,

I'm sorry Moti, I can't,

No problem, fine, l,,,

I respect it,

I really appreciate girls with
such high moral standards,

I'm glad, By the way, Liecht
gave you the solo in "Shalva",

I sincerely believe that you have
real potential, it's just,,,

you need to make sure it doesn't
get wasted,

Actually it scares me,
all the to-do over it,

You have nothing to be afraid of,

I support you all the way,

You know what?
I could speak with,,,

Liecht that,,,

he'll give you other,,,

another solo in one
of Dani's songs,

Are you interested? -lf you want,
It's up to you,

Noa, -What?
-Can you keep a secret?

Bazooka, what are you doing?
Are you nuts?

It's nothing, he's shell-shocked,
He's been decorated,,,

Don't hit! Don't hit!
-Who's hitting her?

What are you doing? -You're
insane, -Pour some water on her,

No! Not from the aquarium,
-Quiet! Quiet!

What are you yelling about?

He's not,,,
He's not okay,

You're nuts!
-A towel! Bring her a towel!

Dry her off, Bring her a towel,

He's insane!

He's not in shock, he's
completely off the wall!

Shut up! -Take him away!
-What are you doing?

Get him out of here!

Do me a favor,
get him out of here!

He's completely lost
his marbles, what are you doing?

Take this, please,
-But I don't need,,,

So you think there's something
between Dotner and Bazooka?

They say that they hold hands
before the show,

Do you think it's serious?
-I mean, do their parents know?

They haven't told the parents,
-Molly, when you grow up,,,

I also heard that people will be
getting booted, -Really booted,

The food in the army
is disgusting,

My girlfriend can never
understand why my stomach hurts,

The coffee's gone,

Doron, can you bring coffee?
Ours is finished, -No problem,

What are you doing?

This coffee is really good,

It's even better than what
my girlfriend makes,

Someone wants coffee? Dotner?


Dotner, -What? What happened?

Good morning, dear invaders,

Excuse me, where's the bathroom
here? -What? -Toilets, bathroom,

In the pavilion over there,

Where are you running? -I'm going
to the bathroom,

I'll show you what a toilet is
in the middle of a show,

Five pound fine for each of you,

and I'm having you court martialed
again, Go get changed,

But I have diarrhea,,,
-I don't care, go get changed!

Maybe right now there's someone
from the TV in the audience

who's deciding to take us
or the tanks' band,

And these degenerates
want a toilet!

"When the Bilu came
all full of hope,

"And settled together
the land of our ancestors,

"They were ill
with malaria,

"they suffered from the heat,

"But something whispered
in their hearts,

"lf it's good or if it's bad,

"there's no turning back,

"there's no turning back,

"lf it's good or if it's bad,

"there's no turning back,

"there's no turning back,

"They rode horses with
swords and staffs,

"to banish any conspirator
or intended killer,

"ln Rehovot and Gedera

"Petach Tikvah and Hadera

"They called Palestine, lsrael,

"lf it's good or if it's bad,

"There's no turning back,

"There's no turning back,

"lf it's good or if it's bad,

"there's no turning back,

"There's no turning back,,,"

What pisses me off is that he only
gave them a 5 pound fine,

They deserve it, -You should have
seen how they ran off the stage,

By the way, were Dotner and
Bazooka in bed when you got up?

No, they weren't in bed when
I got up,

Do you think they finally
got the idea?

What's that? -Do you think
they finally got the hint?

What you can't get through your
head, you get through your ass,

They had a night full of cans,
filling cans with their shit,


Oh, man,


Hey, they're totally insane!

What should we do, Moni?
-I don't know, we need to think,

We can't lose our composure,

We gotta take them down,
-We can't touch them!

It's forbidden to touch, Run and
call Moti, before someone comes

and lays a towel on them,

Do you think they'll blame us?
-Don't think about it now,

go get Moti already! -Moti!
-Get going! Idiot! -Moti! Moti!

What happened?

We didn't think it would happen,

What did you do, idiots?
-lt wasn't in the plans, we,,,

What's wrong with you?
Have you gone insane?

Why are we to blame? We're to
blame? -You're guilty! Who else?

What did you do? You're nuts!
-We didn't do anything, okay?

Moti, say something!

Do something!
-Get them down already!

I'm gonna die! What a joke
they pulled on us,

They're crazy,,,

Talking about free love,
with our situation in lsrael,

it doesn't help anything,

because our men are dying
every day at the Suez Canal,

It's irrelevant at this point,
-Look, the world is divided

between crazies and those who are
even more crazy, -Voice of lsrael

broadcasting from Jerusalem,
the time is 6, and for the news:

On Mt, Herzel the preparations
are being completed

for the national
Memorial Day ceremony

that will begin in
about an hour,

Throughout the country stages
are up for shows and folk dancing

"Carnival, in the 'Nahal'
it's a carnival,

"Whoever misses it,
loses out

"Whoever misses it,
loses out

"The valley and the mountain,
the savanna and the desert,

"Everyone's sharp
everyone's pretty,

"everyone joins in,

"So come on, y'all

"Do your souls a favor,

"ski down from the mountains,

"to be drunk like us


"Carnival in the 'Nahal', Carnival

"Whoever misses it loses out,

"Whoever misses it,,,

"Loses out!"

Take this,

Vulin, leave it alone,

Let's go, let's go,,,

Go over there,

Come on,
Come one!

Move it, move it,,,

Here, here, here,,,

Soldier boy, get over here,

Come over here, please,

Come on, follow me,
I need your help,

I know all about those tricks,

Say, you're not from the band?
-Yes, -You sang there, -Right,

Do you know who I am? -No,
-I was also in an army band,

in "Chizbetron", Have you heard
of "Chizbetron"? -Yes, of course,

A superb band, Hello, Yoel!


Acting lessons? At my place?

No, I have a friend who,,,

Wants to sleep with me,
and is always hanging on to me,,,

Hi, Molly,

This is Molly and this is Avi
Nesher, he's a film director,

Nice to meet you, -Molly,
Molly's our soloist,

I wanted to have a word with
you afterwards, alone,


Wow, look what we have here,

The army has begun to place
people according to their talents,

Say, Moni, you don't think that
it's dangerous to leave him

with two such military cakes?
-Excuse me, waiter,

could you bring something else?

Do you mind if I put these cakes
on the table?

Doron, do you mind? -Do you mean
in practical terms do I mind,

or theoretically do I mind?

I'm trying to understand
the meaning of your question,

It's a question of concept,
because actually,,, -Hello, Micki

Fuck you,,,
-Fuck it all, bastard!

Why are you throwing cake?
What an idiot, a real low-life!

Retard! -Screw you, you slut,
I'll show you how to piss!

Why are you throwing cake?

Whoever accepted you to the band
is an idiot, you piece of shit!

What's going on here?

Fuck'n jerk!


Throwing cakes!


Bazooka, you frightened me,

Why are you walking like that?
Are you nuts?

I forgot my shirt,

Do you want my jacket?
-No, it's okay, I'm not cold,

Let's help you look for it,

Are you waiting for someone?

You're not going home?

Where do you live?
-I'm from Sharim,

but I'm almost never there,

I mean most of my sisters live
there, but l,,,

I'm always in Tel Aviv,
-At Sari's? -At Sari's,

I saw her driving off with
some guy a few hours ago,

It couldn't be, she'll be back
any time now,

Why are you putting her down?
She's not that kind of girl,

I'm not putting her down, lf
you're sure she'll be back, fine,

Yes, she,,, but of course
I'm sure,

Sari & I are best friends,
just like family,

Does she think the same
as you do?

Wait, what are you trying to say?

That a girl like her couldn't be
a friend of mine?

Why do you say "a girl like me"?

I think you are much prettier
and much more talented than her,

What are you,,, really,,, you're
just,,, you don't know anything,

Maybe I don't understand,

but I know when one girl
is jealous of another,

I'm jealous of Sari?
-Exactly the opposite,

Sari's jealous of me? Now you've
really gone overboard,

and talk like a blind man,

No just throwing out words,
I don't understand,,,

I don't understand you at all,
-lt could be, Doesn't matter,

Do want to go to the city-officer?

Of course not! I was just telling
you that Sari should be back,

We arranged it that l'd
come to sleep at her house,

Good night,

What do you know
about anything?

I remember that I saw you last
year on TV,

My whole class sent cards to
The Hit Parade after the broadcast,

Tell me, how is it that you sing
most of the solos in the program?

I don't know,

I didn't ask for it,

They gave them to me, and in the
army you do as you're told,

And what about Micki and Yafa?

I have something here!
Micki and Yafa wouldn't care?

What about them?
What do you care?

Who are they?

Liecht knows what he's doing,

The important thing is who sings
the best, No games,

It's a fact, he let you sing
"Shalva", and you,,,

And you've barely been here,

Sometimes I'm not sure I deserve
it, The girls talk,,,

Of course you deserve it, You can
see the song works, right?

Do you think there's a chance
that I'll ever get,,,

another song to sing, so they
won't say that it was only chance?

Sure, you deserve to,

It just takes time, -You,,,
Do you think we'll sing together?

You're getting out at the end
of this program, right?

And that means that we need
to arrange for you,,,

to sing with me in this program,
is that what you're saying?

No, I wasn't saying anything,

But that's what you meant,

Everybody's free to dream,

I live here, on the second street,

Would you like to come up?

Do you live with your parents?

Micki? -Yes,

I love you,
-Really, just like that?

Yes, just like that, Is that okay?
-What's okay?

I don't know, I don't have a lot
of experience with these things,

I'm also not exactly an expert
in the matter,

In these kinds of circumstances
you need to bring guide books,

Now I believe according to all
the books, we,,,

need to kiss, no? -Yes, that's
what's usually done, -Right?


What ever will be, will be,

Let's go in the water, -Why?
Do I look dirty?

No, you're just insane,
Are you coming?

I'm not sure it's what
I want to do now,


Molly, wait a minute!

Where were you yesterday evening?
-I wasn't anywhere,

I went to sleep at the
city-officer's, -But why there?

I thought you were coming to my
house, -I waited, doesn't matter,

But Molly, I waited for you
and we left a key,

It's okay, don't worry,

Good morning,
-Good morning,

Good morning,

How's it going?

How was it?

No, really!

Moni, where's Micki?
-Moti, where's Micki?

Wow, you were fantastic,
really great, -Thank you,

Here they come,
what's the panic?

Good morning,

They were together,

What's this look?
Back from the ocean? -Yes,

Sit down,

Change your uniform
at the first chance you have,

You look like hippies,


How are you?

Sit down,


get a hold of yourselves, and I'm
saying this for the last time:

I've had it with the tardiness
and the lack of order,

Don't force me to act like
a commander in basic training,

because I know how it's done,
Now pay attention:

next Monday the television
is doing a live broadcast

of our show,

What a bitch, that Aviv,
Why didn't he tell me?

Friends, the whole country
will be watching us,

and we're just a simple band,
Get a hold of yourselves, go on,

Okay, guys, I have a short

Dani and I have decided together
with Avi and Leicht

to take the second stanza
in "Red Dress",

and give it to Noa,
We'll do it like that tonight,

Surprise! -Are you insane?

Tell me, have you both
lost it?

Why do you tell us
in the middle of the show?

Because at another time
we wouldn't agree?

Moti, the girl signed on
for four months for that solo;

do you know what you're doing to
her with this? -Friends,

it's for the good of the program,
-For the good of who?

It's for the good of the program,
The song's not strong enough now,

And Noa,,, the audience loves Noa
from "Shalva"

You took "Shalva" from me, too,
"Shalva" was my solo,

Nobody took anything from you,

The positions are remaining the
same, There are no other changes

except that Noa is singing
the second stanza, Action on stage

I'm not going on stage, -You're
going on stage and that's an order

I'm not going on stage, and I'll
go all the way with this,

just so you know, I'm sick of you!

Just tell me, do you want to ruin
the program for the television?

You're going on stage now!
-Okay, we'll go on now,

We'll go on now, but this is not
the end, just wait and see,

Come on,

What nerve, and she's
Moti's girlfriend,

how else would she get all these
solos? I knew this would happen,


careful, in the end you won't
have any solos,

Don't touch me! -Sorry, didn't
mean to touch you,

Do you need any help in your
public battle?

"ln a red dress and two braids

"A little naive girl stood
all alone and asked "why?"

"And all the volcanoes
and all the storms

"Stood in rage
and couldn't find the answer,

"Stood in rage
and couldn't find the answer,

"The animals stopped,

"A little naive girl
stood all alone

"And asked "why?"

Are you okay? Go on,
go on with the song,

I've had enough of this shit,
That's what's going on now,

Cut out all the crap, -Why don't
you just shut your trap!

You can shut up, Dani, you're
the last one to be talking!

Why are you even opening your
mouth? -Who are you to butt in?

Piece of shit!
-Shut up, fuck'n bitch!

Shut up! What do you know
about anything? Nothing!

But, Yafa, nobody's been taking
solo's from me one after the other

Have you noticed the atmosphere
in the band with that little slut?

How can you call Noa
a little slut?

Bazooka, sometimes your
questions are too much,

What's your story? He's right,
What's wrong with you,

Only you, Yafa, and Molly
deserve to get solos,

Another one who gets it? What's
the connection? -What's with you?

Yafa signed on for an extra four
months for this, did you know?

Really, what difference
does it make?

What does it have to do with four
months? Is this health insurance?

Noa is talented
and has a pretty voice,

so it's great that she'll be
singing, What do you want?

Dotner, you're new,
and a little wretched,,,

Now don't involve the new,
small and wretched into it,

Calm down, Keep your mouth shut
and say thanks that you're here,


The honorable judge!

Your name? -Zaku, -I had a good
impression, -Honorable judge,

Bring in the witnesses, -Let's go,


Tell me, soldier!
-At ease,

You said that your name is Zaku,

Zaku is what you're called?
Your name is Brasso!

Please return to the issue
at hand, -One moment,

This is an issue of a police
trial! So you said Brasso?


There's an issue with the police!

-Just like it was in the court,

so I said,,,
I got annoyed,

and I said to him: "Eat it"!
He didn't eat it, and l,,,

so I took it, and he did
like this in my face,

The defendant,

I accuse you of disruption of
the court proceedings!

You'll pay for this,,,
very high fines!

So why don't you forget about her?

It's impossible after
a year and a half, you know,,,

She's also used to me, and l,,,

The truth is that I pity her,

That's the whole thing, I think
you just got stuck with her,

Really, simply stuck with her,

I don't know how I can help you
on this,

She pisses me off
so much sometimes,

Tell me, is it true that the guys
in the band fuck from behind?

Real gays?

What do you want? Look at them
all, what ladies, really,,,

Moti, Moti, I think I see someone
in the bus,

Where? Who?

Maybe it's thieves stealing
the instruments,

maybe replacing equipment
or something,

Wait here, I'm going to rip
their bones apart,

Dani, not here,
-Stop it, stop it,,,

We'll be seen, -Everyone's in the
dining room, what's with you?

Don't shoot, commander,
I surrender,

It's not fair,

It's not fair, Dani,
it's not fair!

That's prostitution!

Forget it, Moti, it's nothing,
it's not,,,

It's not serious,,,for fun,

For fun?

Just for fun?

I'll show you fun!

It's not just for fun!
Come here!

Cut it out! That's enough!

Stop it already,

Dani, Moti!
Stop it!

Cut it out!


It's enough already!

That's enough, stop it!

He's from the television, I know,

The whole country is filled
with former band members,

Aviv, listen a minute, maybe we'll
have rehearsals with you,

You know, this is a live
broadcast, there won't be jitters

Forget about jitters, these aren't
kids, but real professionals,

Let's go in quietly so they won't
take notice or get excited,

What a shitty show!
They're all out of key!


may I go to the bathroom
for a second? -No,

Just for a second,
-Don't want to hear a word,

You'll be hearing from me after
you hear from Alron,

what he has to say about
this fiasco,

Okay, band, in another 72 hours
you're being filmed by the TV,

A cancellation would cause us
considerable embarrassment,

so in the next 72 hours Aviv will
work your butts off,

and will make you into
an army band,

If you don't make it to
the required levels,

the show will be cancelled and
the band members dispersed, clear?

To work, -Within 40 seconds
everyone is at rehearsals,

Gentlemen, get a move on,
or does someone want to find

himself back at
the induction center today?

Micki, do you need
a special invitation?

"But the birds are loyal
to their silence,

"And with the coming
of Fall

"They fly off with
a flap of their wings

"And their secrets with them,,,"

Okay, not bad, Not good,,,

But not so bad,

Okay, enough of this for today,
we'll continue tomorrow,

Now Leicht will teach you the
voices for the new song, Leicht,

What? -You're insane, -Leicht,
Are you crazy? You're nuts!

What's this? -Who does he think he
is? -We've been at it for 14 hours

What's going on?

Tell me, Moti, are you the
commander of a band or just a rag?

Listen: "My Doron, I love you,

"and I'm not embarrassed to write
it, quite the opposite,

"Yours with hot kisses, Anat,"
How's that? -Great,

Okay, guys,

Iights out,

Leave the lights!

I'll turn the lights out,

If you touch the electricity,
I'll smack your face,

Smack my face, you're doing good
with me, commander!

Maybe it's enough?
I've had enough of your crap,

Is that also a tradition of yours,
turning the lights on and off?

Shut up, Dotner!

Or I'll arrange a meeting for you
at lnduction! -Really? -Really!

Yes? Are you speaking seriously,
or are you just into

making the fellows laugh,
you comic! Sing something, Dani!

Shut up, Dotner,

Why don't you shut up,
you little twerp,

Shut your traps the both of you,

Let's see you make me
shut my mouth,

Dani, are you crazy? Don't do it,
-Shut up!


Don't let him,,,
-Shut up,,,

Who are you to tell me,,,

"The silvery waterfalls,
the washed branches,

"And all the water
washes them away,,,

No, no, no, no, no!

That's disgusting!

You' not performing
like that

in two days, is it clear?

We'll call the whole thing off,

Micki, can you hear yourself? What
are you barking at? Are you a dog?

What's with you, Dani?
Can't hear you,

Do you want to be sent on holiday?

Do you need to be hooked up to
an oxygen tank? What's going on?

Gentlemen, you're moving
like at the retirees' ball,

So get moving like you know how,
or we'll close up shop!

From the beginning,

"Carnival, in the 'Nahal'

He's really gone overboard, What
does he think, we're windup toys?

Micki, shut up and start singing!

"Whoever misses it,
loses out"

Giora, -What?

Are you angry with me?
-Why should I be angry with you?

I don't know,

maybe I'm to blame for all
the fighting,

A pity that you and Micki
aren't,,, -It's not a pity,

Forget it,

Bazooka, you're not guilty, and
Noa's not to blame, nobody is,

It's just all those idiots
with all their crap!

I could puke from hearing
about everyone's solo,

tradition, and solos,
and messing with our heads,

3,4! "Let the sun rise,

"the morning give its light,

"All the prayers,,,"

Okay, okay, that's enough,

Stop, stop,,,
Enough! Enough!

Gentlemen, if you're not tired,
I'm surely not tired,

Miss Micki, if you noticed,
this song also has staging,

So please start moving that big
fat ass of yours

together in rhythm with the rest
of the band, got it?

Aviv, I'll dance tomorrow,
it really doesn't matter now,

You won't be telling me what's
important and what's not, you twat

Is that understood?

If I tell you to move your ass,
you'll move it,

and if I'll tell you to bang your
head on the wall,

you'll bang your head on the wall,
the ground, wherever I tell you!

Do you understand this?
-Yes, I understand it,

You're not going anywhere, miss,
You're not going anywhere,

Bastard! What do you think
you're doing to everyone?

You want to turn everyone here
into whores?

Commercials and television
and the press?

I've had it, don't want any part
of this, Understand me, Aviv?

Micki! Micki! Micki!
-Wait! Let her go and calm down,

Moti, tomorrow morning put her up
for trial with Alron,

She'll sit in jail for that,
Up on the stage,

From the middle,
Wipe the smiles off!

Do you think they'll
be rehearsals today?

Why are you so quiet all the time?
-No reason,

Did something happen?

Hi, -Hi,

What's going on?

So? How much? -35 on probation,
-And,,, -And what? -You staying?

No, I'm joining the marines,
Be good, guys,

Okay, no choice, we have to go
to rehearsals,

Screw the rehearsals!

Okay, get a move on, everyone,
We have a show in 24 hours, so,,,

Put a little effort into it,

Mr, Dotner, are you ready, please,
to go up on stage?

We want to begin the rehearsals,

Sucker whoever goes up on stage,

What? -What you heard, a sucker
whoever goes on stage,

We're here in a band,
It's like a family,

so if Micki makes
one little mistake,

that's no reason to kick her out
of the band!

Dotner, cut with this family crap
of yours,

and jump on the stage!
-You can jump on the stage!

He's right, you can't just
kick people out,

Get out of my sight, both of you,
-I'm with them in the same family,

Wait, I'm coming to fly with you,
-Dani, this is the end for you,

the end of your career, I'll burn
you in the civilian market,

Burn all you like,
have a big bonfire,

What's going on here? An uprising?
Have you all lost your heads?

I suggest that you all go up on
stage and I'll forget all about it,

Okay, 4 is also okay, The crew
will be amazing entertainment,

Moti, you'll play the guitar, Yafa
and Noa will sing and Orli'll act,

Moti, -Sorry, Aviv,
I'm with the gang,

We'll do a female trio, You don't
need that human scenery,

you're the real stars
of the show anyway,

They're going with him,
-They'd die first,

Orli, it's the end of you,


Leicht, say something,

What's it gonna be?
-"Yafa will sing us a solo,

"Yafa will sing us a solo,

"Yafa will sing us a solo,

"Everyone all together!"

Yafchu! Yafchu! Yafchu!

Sorry, Aviv,

So that's the way you want
to play the game, fine,

I'm great at these kinds of games!
It's the end of the band!

You're confined to this hall
until further notice,

The first one to leave will be
arrested, is that clear?

I'm going now to officially
arrange it with the generals,

T ry to calm down
and think logically,

If they split up, what does it
say about us? -What do you mean?

What do you want from us?
You saw for yourself, bums!

Bums or not,
it means that

we weren't successful in getting
the show off the ground,

The television cancellation is on
our heads, the fiasco is ours,

and we're carrying all the
weight, so let's think for a sec,

What do you suggest?
-To wait,

How can we wait?
Tomorrow is the show,

Maybe it'll work out by then,
-What'll work out? You saw them?

A bunch of trouble makers,
-Yes, but give them some

time to stew in their own juices,
and they'll calm down,

No love lost between them all,

They'll start taking into
consideration their futures,

They'll think about the
managers and the hit parades,

and will calm down and say
they're sorry like little tots,

So, we,,, don't say a word
to Alron? -Nothing,

And just wait? -Just wait,

Truth or Dare? -Truth,

Are you a virgin?

What are you talking about?
No? -No? -No? -I'm pleased,

Moni, -Moni,
-Moni, Truth or Dare?

Dare, dare,

Dare you to kiss
Yaf'chuk's elbow,


Truth or Dare?

Did you sleep with Micki?

Yes, I'm in love with her,

Okay, your turn,


Truth or Dare?


Dare you to take your shirt off,

Want me to do it with you so
you'll feel more comfortable?

What's the deal?

What are you embarrassed about?
-A dare is a dare,

you have to take it off,
no getting out of it,

You weren't bashful on the bus,

Everyone turn your heads around,
-I'm not looking,

One more step,,, -What, you're
so,,, what's the story?

Just to take off a shirt,,,
-lf I had a body like yours,

I'd already be undressed,
-So,,, Guys, she's taking it off,

Well done!

Truth or Dare?

Truth, -Have you ever had
relations with a man? -Yes,

You mean you don't like
girls at all?

I like anything that's pretty,

there's no difference,


Truth or Dare? -Truth,

What happened? -I was too naive,

and I had illusions because
I thought you were my friend,

I don't understand,
-You don't understand?

To begin with you spoke
differently to me than to others,

That's not so, -You know, it
pisses me off that you're lying,

No, I'm really not lying, because
I don't understand, -No, so,,,

Molly, I'm sure you're right,
because you're always so straight

but I just don't understand what
you're talking about,

You pity me, right? I bother you
and you're stuck with me?

Between us, who's stuck
with who, Sari?

What a stupid fool I was!

Now that I remember, I'm
recalling so many memories,

I can't believe what situations
I got into because of you,

What,,, I didn't do anything for
myself, I don't understand,

I,,, oh how I worshiped you
and trusted you,

Sari, do you know what
a disappointment it is for me?

I,,, due to you I thought
I wasn't talented, nor pretty

and just a rag, and all that time
you were jealous of me,

That's not true, I'm not jealous
of you at all,

And l,,,
I love you so much,

I mean, I always loved you,
-lt won't help,,,

You're my best friend,
do you understand?

What happened was,
in some way, like,,,

I went astray and,,,

I'm human, Can't you understand?
I mean,,, -Sari,

I don't want to hear anymore,
I won't accept your apologizes,

and that's all!
-I'm begging you,,,

Try to understand what
a person,,, -That's it!

That's how it's gonna be?

Play "Truth or Dare" already,
It's a really nice game,

Truth or Dare? -Dare, and there
better be some action,

Dare you to kiss the most
talented guy, -Gladly,


Micki, Don't scream, it's me,

Okay, okay, -Dotner, stupid,
what are you doing here?

I'm not here,
you're just dreaming,

Good, if it's only a dream,
-Do you have anything to eat?

There's a candy bar under
the bed, -Where?

Here, Better one in hand
than two in the sea,

How are you? -I haven't thought
about it,

No, because if you're concerned
about Aviv,,,

We're all behind you, the whole
band, -What do you mean?

What mean?
-Dotner, what's going on?

We're not willing to perform
without you, -Are you crazy?

They'll screw you over!

And by the way, if we're speaking
of fucking, so,,,

Dotner, it's really not
the issue right now,

I don't want you doing
that for me,

Who's asking you anyway,
you little pest,

You make a federal issue over
everything, I'm sick of it,

Try learning to be a bit human!
And take your candy,

Dotner, come here!
-I don't want to,

Hello! I can't hear anything!

Tell me, where are the showers
here? -Sit and wait,

Hello! Television? -Do you know
what's happening, Shula?

You should know better than I do,

You'll have to take
what you dish out,

Hello! Hello!
Is this the television?

Have them come in;
I want to speak with them,

I don't know what to do,
I can't reach them,

I don't understand,

This is the biggest scandal ever,

I've been in the army 1 5 years,
never have I seen such a thing,

You're all a total shame,

A disgrace to the army,
-We just,,, -Shut up!

When I want your help,
I'll ask for it,

Your friends are out lying
in ambushes,

chasing the enemy, fighting,
and you're playing strikes!

I don't get it!
I just don't get it!

Little shits!

Got it? Chocolate soldiers,
that's all you are,

We're not choco,,,
-Shut your trap!

In a half an hour

every one of you takes his
personal gear,

turns in his performing uniform
and hits the lineup field,

Cars will take you
to your new bases,

You'll peel potatoes, wash pots,
clean toilets, lay in ambushes,

and then you'll have loads of
time to think about your fiasco,

Shula, get me the television,

Wait a minute, you're not doing
it right,

Like this,

Thank you,

Yafa? -Yes?
-No, it doesn't matter,,,

Yafa Harish, Orli and Sara
Liechtenstein to Refidim,

Get on the first truck,

Michal Ben-Tov, Malka Levy,
to Base-4, You're in the jeep,

Bye, Micki,

Noa Baron, Emanuel Bergeson,
and Giora Dotner, to Baluta,

Go to the truck on the right,

Yehoshua Stein, Doron Rudenski,
Benjamin Razon, Dani Stav,

you're going on
that truck as well,

It's taking you to Refidim,

Moshe Albaz, Moti Halprin,
you're returning to headquarters

for reassignment,

You're insane,

You're crazy,

You are all nuts!
What are you doing?

What are you doing all this for?

You want to ruin people's lives?

Just because of your inflated ego!

Because of your
outdated principals,

What are you doing?
It's enough,

So what if they spilt yogurt
on you, Aviv?

Yogurt,,, Here's yogurt!

Here's yogurt!

Here's more yogurt!

So what?

It's only yogurt,,,

We haven't told the TV yet,
We could forget the whole thing,

Okay, in another 5 hours
you have a show,

Okay, guys,

we have a little under 5 hours
to put on a show,

So everyone, including Micki,
runs to rehearsals,

"Let the sun rise,

"the morning give its light,

"All the prayers

"won't bring us back,

"Now our candle's flickered out

"and buried in the dust,

"Bitter tears won't wake him

"or bring him back,

"You can never bring us back

"from a dead and darkened pit,

"Neither the victory cheer

"nor songs of praise will help,

"Just sing a song for peace,

"don't whisper a prayer,

"Just sing a song for peace,

"sing out loud,

"Let the sun shine on
the fields of flowers,

"Don't look back,
let go of those departed,

"Lift your eyes in hope,
not through rifle sights,

"Sing a song for love,
and not for wars,

"Don't say the day will come,
bring on that day,

"It's not a dream, and in all city
streets cheer for peace,

"So just sing a song for peace,

"don't whisper a prayer,

"Just sing a song for peace,
sing out loud,

"Let the sun rise,
in the morning give its light

"All your prayers
won't bring us back,

"Now our candle's flickered out
and buried in the dust,

"Bitter tears won't wake
him or bring him back,

"So just sing a song for peace,

"Don't whisper a prayer,

"just sing a song for peace,
sing out loud,

"Sing a song for peace,

"don't whisper a prayer,

"just sing a song for peace,
sing out loud,

"Sing a song for peace,
don't whisper a prayer

"just sing a song for peace,
sing out loud,

"Sing a song for peace,
don't whisper a prayer

"just sing a song for peace,
sing out loud,

"Sing a song for peace,
don't whisper a prayer

"just sing a song for peace,
sing out loud,

"Sing a song for peace,
don't whisper a prayer

"just sing a song for peace,
sing out loud,

"Sing a song for peace,
don't whisper a prayer

"just sing a song for peace,"

Beth Kuzi

Elrom Studios