Ha-Kayitz Shel Aviya (1988) - full transcript

"The Summer of Aviya"

Gila Almagor

Kaipo Cohen
as Aviya

Ali Cohen, Marina Rossetti

Avital Dicker, Dina Avrech

Ya'acov Ayali, Rami Baruch

Yossi Kantz,
Ariela Rubiniovitz

Guest star:
Sandra Sade

Screenplav: Gila Almigor,
Haim Bouzaglo, and Eli Cohen

Adapted from the book:
"The Summer of Aviva" by Gila Almigor

Costume Designer:
Rona Duron

Art Director:
Yoram Shayer

Film Editor:
Tova Neeman

Music composed by:
Shem-Tov Levi

Director of Photography:
David Gurfinkel

Produced by:
Eitan Evan, Gila Almigor

Directed by:
Eli Cohen

"Welcome to the graduation ceremony
of the 1 951 School Year"

Hold it!

I told you to hold it.

Lift it up. Good.

Now two kids, come here
and hold this post.

I said only two,
not all of you.

That year in boarding school
Mother came to visit me only once.

It was in Hanukah,
during the winter.

Then she was ill again
and hospitalized,

and I didn't see her.

When summer came with the ecitement
of graduation day,

I knew...

that I was staying
here in school,

while my friends were going home
for the summer vacation.

Where is Aviya?

Tell me, why are you

My mother won't be coming.

my mother, I wanted her so
much to come,

I was so scared she would.

We're on,
and you aren't even ready.

But Pua, it's too big,

it's dirty, couldn't you
find me something nicer?

Please Pua.
-That's your costume and it's nice.

Why are you crying?
Stop crying.

I'm not crying. -Relax.

It's such a nice play,

and you've got a great part,
the leading part.

If your mother comes
she'll be proud.

You know she won't come.
-ls she still in the hospital?

Don't dare talk
about my mother.

You know she won't come.

Take this and go.

"On the shores
of the sea of Galilee, a pa..."

Sing already,
you're ruining everything.

Eeverything we did...

Aviya, "On the shores
of the sea of Galilee..."


We can't count on you.
What's wrong with you?

You've ruined everything.

What's this crying?
Look at you.

Is this what I came for?

To see my girl make
a fool of herself?

Be quiet!
-You witch.

It's lice.
Your hair is full of lice.

Be quiet in here.

What's lice doing on my girl?
What is this, a concentration camp?

You're coming with me.

I came out of the hospital
and rushed over to your party.

Is this your side?

Like a fool,
I bought you candy,

sweets and things,
and well,

what do I get in return...

You're not coming back
to this place.

Mom, wait for me.

Not so close.
There's enough room.

Tzika, come home.


Mom, don't! Don't!

Why are you doing
this to me?

Mom! Stop it!
My hair!

I can't breathe.

Mom, enough! Enough!

Why are you cutting
my hair?

Why? Why?

We're finished
with the lice.

My girl won't have lice.

I know all about lice.

Why Mom? Why?

No need to look now.

Hair grows. You'll see.

Do you know where to go?

It's near the grocer's.
Here, give her this also.

I made it
in occupational therapy.

Wait a minute,


Better put on a hat.

It's... yes, it's better.

Come on down, kid.

Please stay out of my way.

Point it in my direction. Good.

A bit more.

This chest,
the minute I saw it,

I knew I had seen
it before.

But when?


Barzilay, turn the chest over.
move it from here.

Come with me, Barzilay.

Not with force.
-O.K. O.K.

Barzilay, lift it up.

Lift it up. -I am.


Are you a boy or a girl? -That's
Partisanke's daughter. Is it true?

What haver you got
under the hat?

Come on, leave her alone.

you see, no one has eaten you.

Now take the laundry...
to Lady Abramson. Yes.

O.K., are your hands clean?

A small present for
her too, handmade.

Remember to say "thank you",
"please", and "excuse me".

She's a lady.

Don't disturb.
There's a class inside.

Oh, such beautiful work!

Your mother always
gives me something nice...

when she returns
from the hospital. wait.

I'm sorry I don't
have any candy,

Can I go inside?

I won't disturb them.

O.K., but quietly, O.K?

I want everyone to
breathe in

and very slowly
open your hands.

Excuse me,
Henya's daughter is here,

you know, the seamstress.

She wants to watch.
Let her, O.K?

Quiet girls,
the class isn't over yet.

Concentrate and stop

Take your seats.


I want you to look at the picture
above the piano.

Look closely, girls.

I'll play something,

and each of you will
tell me what she sees...

In the picture above
the piano.

We'll listen to the music,
and then we'll talk.

Hava'le, what do you see?

Water and geese swimming,

and a lot of weeds.
-Geese swimming.

Yes, right.

Miralle, what do you see?

They are not geese
but swans,

and they're swimming
and they're happy...

that they have lots of
air and water.

Hold it,
I don't understand,

Doesn't this picture
inspire you?

These wonderful tunes...

Don't they touch
your imagination?

I've got imagination
and I like music,

and these geese
are like a family,

they go in and out, they...

they're really together,

they do things all the time,
and they...

What's your name?

Who, me?


Yes, Aviva,
what do you see?

Aviya, not Aviva.

O.K., what do you see
in the picture?

An enchanted lake,

and a swan floating
in the water.

Once this swan
was a little girl,

who felt bad
and wanted to die.

She's the crazy woman's

And she jumped into the

and a man who didn't
want her to die,

saved her by turning
her into a swan.

Aviya, what kind
of a name is Aviya?

Just a name.

A strange name.

Go on with your story,

And he floated
through the lakes,

passing the days, knowing...
that it was only temporary,

only for a while.

A beautiful story,

do you read many books?

It was really
a beautiful story.

O.K. girls,
that's all for today.

We'll meet again next week.

Think about Aviya's story,

and remember
to dress... -nicely.

See you.

I've got a terrible

Where have you been?

Where were you?

I thought... where is my girl...
where is she...

It's O.k., Mom, it's O.K.
-It's not O.K!

It's not O.K!

My head.
Such a headache.

Mom, what kind
of a name is Aviya?

A beautiful name,

a most beautiful name.

When you grow up,
you'll understand.

Finish your yoghurt,
don't leave half,

It's expensive.
-I don't like yoghurt.

Food is not eaten
to be liked.

You've got a moustache.

You too.

Mom, I'm big now,

and I can understand.

I want you to tell me
about him,

about my father.

He had a nice voice,

he was handsome.

A handsome man.

Mom, I want to know
where he is.

Where is my father?

I told you,
he died a long time ago.

Before you were born.

A person doesn't die before he sees
his own child born.

Turn off the light,
it's expensive.

At night,
when mother was asleep,

I took out my secret

Mother probably wondered where
my father's pictures disappeared to.

The pictures that have
survived the war, the woods,

and the concentration camp.

This chest,

I knew I had seen it

They had the same one,

the new neighbors.

You stepped on the line.

Yes you did.
Don't cheat.

This Partisanke, can't she see
that we're playing here? What a nut.

Be careful,
she'll shout at you.

Go call her: "Crazy Partisanke
and her bald daughter".

Crazy Partisanke
and her daughter...

I forgot.

But it said in the paper that
they're distributing 6 eggs today,

I want the eggs.

So go and buy them
from the newspaper,

I don't have any eggs,
you can search my shop,

Mr. Altman,
I want the bill please.

Why don't you turn this
thing off?

It doesn't cool at all,

it only drills a hole
in my head.

Henya, why
does everything bother you?

Good day, sir!
I'll be right with you.

This is Mr. Gantz,
our new neighbor.

How do you do?


Here, please.

Do you know him?
-No, they're new.

But he looked at you,
he knows you.

He looked, so he looked.

It's nonsense,
it's all nonsense.

What's going on
in that head of yours?

Father's picture was blurry
and difficult

to identify, but there was
a resemblance

between Mr. Gantz and the

Is it possible that...
Mr. Gantz is...

How old were you
in this picture?

It's from my sixth

In Haifa.
-Why did you leave Haifa?

We had some trouble there.
-What sort?

Do you have any more?
-ln the album.

Go get them.

But I haven't finished
playing yet.

Doesn't matter.
You can play later.



What's your mother's name?

Once in Poland
her name was Helena,

now it's Esther.

She could have been
called llana.

She wanted Esther.

And your father? -Max.

That's their wedding.

What is this? A cross.
She's got a cross!

What are you doing
with the pictures?


I told you a thousand times
not to touch this album, right?

I've got to rest,
I've got a headache.

O.K., I'm going.
-Hi, Lena.

What is this?
Where's mother?

We can help put the
things away.

Did you find a friend,

I promised you wouldn't be alone
in the new neighborhood, right?

I'm Aviya.

Pleased to meet you.
-I'm Henya's daughter.

Gantzush, let me do it.

I've prepared dinner for you,
something that you like.

Do you still love
your Lena?

The U.N. Forces
have aadvanced 1 0 miles today,

overcoming fierce opposition from
The Chinese Forces,

who are planning
to attack Seoul.

The Deputy Speaker
of the Knesset

said this morning
that a coalition

without active participation
of the Religious Party, is...

Mom, the news is
nearly over.

Oh, right...


Where is the...

Where is the list
of lost relatives?

The Lost Relatives Dept.
of The Jewish Agency...

received the
following names...

I can't hear...
we need a radio.

In a little while
I'll buy one.

But... -He came to lsrael
in May 1 948.

Yanek Tiles from Keshnov,

is searching for his cousin,

whose date of arrival
in lsrael is unknown.

Hana Madursky from Gomel,
White Russia,

is searching
for her brother Elia,

who went to Siberia during the War
and has since disappeared.

These were the names issued
by the Dept. of Lost Relatives.

Nothing again today.

You know Mrs. Marisha,
from Chic Paris Store?

She found her niece
who was with me in the camp,

just like that,
from the radio.

Mom, you'll find too.

In our boarading school there's a girl
who's found her father.

She was sure he died
in the war,

but he lived,

and now he's got a new wife
and new kids,

and she even went
to visit them.

Well, that's luck.

Excuse me, may l?

Please. -Can you please mend
what's needed and iron, of course,

and I thank you very much.

It will be O.K.,
when it's ready,

my girl will
bring it back.

Please sit down, Mr. Gantz.

Something cold to drink?
-Yes, thanks.

Prepare something cold
for Mr. Gantz.

I don't smoke much.

I haven't smoked
for a long time now.

But if I smoke, then only
American Blend.

So they sat and talked,
and mother was relaxed.

They were beautiful

Everything looked so

so right.

Health isn't everything
in life.

Are you still here?
You can go,

I can do this myself.

Stop it.

Stop fighting.

Stop fighting already.

What's this banging?
It's you.

What is this smell?
What is it?

Gantzy, we have to
pay the girl.

What is this smell?

Of course,
it's Henya's laundry.

Thank your mother.

Mashinka, learn from Aviva.

Aviya! Not Aviva.

But in Poland
they called me Maxi.

Look how she helps
her mother.

Everything you touch
becomes dirty.

I can't do without help.
You like the smell of Henya's laundry.

Do they always fight
like this?

Is it the problems
in the bank?

Look, we can be
real good friends,

just like sisters.

I'm sorry,
but I have to go,

I'm late to Maya's already.

Did you bring
the laundry? -No.

I also want to...

Like that?

Go tell your mother to give you
something nice to wear,

just like all
the other girls.

Dressing nice
is compulsory.

Mom! Give me something
nice to wear,

something pretty. Hurry!

What for?
What's the occasion?

It's for the dancing
lessons at Maya's.

Hurry Mom,
they're starting already.

What you're wearing
is fine. It's clean,

tell her it's clean! -No.

Come here, I'll tie the scarf
like a plane, a real butterfly.

You don't seem
to understand me,

you can't come in
dressed like that.

Maya, go back inside.
I'll deal with her.

Listen! Stop bothering us.

Mom, she won't
let me in.

Mom, she won't let me in.

She doesn't if
you're not dressed nicely.

Not dressed nicely?

Why, the princess,
who does she think she is?

The Queen of England?
It's clean.

Go tell her that
it's clean.

Hurry up,
they'll finish soon.

Don't you understand?
She hates baldies.

What you're wearing
is nice!

It's nice! Go over to her
and tell her that I said

that it's much nicer
than her face. The bitch!

Get away from here,
you ignorant girl. You're not getting in.

Maya, open up!

Open up! -You're breaking
the door,

get away from here.

Get away, do you hear?

Maya, come out!

Maya, come out!

Maya Abramson, come out!

I've got something
to tell you, princess.

Tell me, are you crazy?
Stop shouting like mad.

I'll call the police.
You're disturbing us.

You're a bitch!
I wish you'd die!

You're not the Queen
of England!

You're a bitch!
You and your mother.

I told you to go,
you ignorant girl.

Great! -Great!

Go call your Partisanke.

Go away,
we don't want you here.

Go, baldy!
-I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

My eye!

Help! Someone help!

Maya's dead,
her eyes are bleeding.

You're crazy,
look what you've done.

Call a doctor, help!

Is the ambulance coming?
-Don't ask questions.

Not now, clear the way.

Maya, get well!

Maya, hurry back.

The lady can sit up front.
-Please. -Thank you.

Maya, get well!
-See you, Maya!

What's happening?

I don't know exactly,

something with Abramson's

It's your delinquent

she should be locked up,

that daughter of yours.
-My girl?

Where is my girl?


Aviya, "Partisanke".

Stop shouting like crazy,

Come on home,
Aviya, where are you?

Enough, Henya, enough.
Take your delinquent kid

and get out of this neighborhood.
We don't want you here.

She can't see with
both eyes.

That's all we need... eyes.

We'd better pray
that she'll see.

Dad, make her see again.

I didn't mean Maya
to go blind.

Just make her see again.

I didn't mean it,
I'll be such a good girl,

I'll stay up like this
all night.

I'll even die,

just make Maya see again.

That whole night I spent praying
and begged God and my father.

I hurt myself on purpose.
I swore not to change...

the painful position
of my body

and stay like that
till morning.

To show Him that I'm sorry,

that I'm punishing myself,

that I regret what
I have done.

Who are you
looking for, kid?

For Maya Abramson.

She's going to have her
eyes operated on.

You can't walk around
in the corridor.

A hospital isn't a place for kids.
Please leave immediately.

So could you
just give her this?

What? -Flowers.
-From who are the flowers?

What shall I tell her?

Girl, girl.

hurry up, hurry up!

Hedva is a coward.

Get out of here,
you're no good.

we don't want to
play with you.

Dummy! -We don't want
to be around you.

Scram! Scram!

Crazy Partisanke and
her delinquent kid.

It's a pleasure talking
to a pretty lady. -Thank you.

Regards to your wife.

How was it at Friedman's? -Actually
it was O.K. I managed a lot.

You know they got a wedding
dress from America,

and their daughter is so fat...
I have to take out here and there.

it's a lot of work.

They make such a big fuss
over the wedding,

you'd think
it's the only wedding around.

So where did Mr. Gantz
come from?

How'd I know where he came from?
From the sky, maybe...

or from his work
in the bank.

What's going on in that
head of yours? -Lots of things.


Here are all the papers...

How is she? Was she ill?
-May I help you? -Yes.

I'm looking for
Maya Abramson.

What? -Maya Abramson.

Nose Ear and Throat,
third floor.

No, she's looking
for Maya Abramson, from room 2.

What are you doing here?
You know it's forbidden to be here.

Come in the afternoon,
it's not visiting time now.

Mira, wait a minute.

Hanalle, is it you?

No, I'm looking
for Maya Abramson.

She was just taken
to surgery.

What are you
dreaming about?

Eat up, you haven't
touched a thing.

I'm eating.

That's not food,
you have to eat this.

You need strength,
you're grow now.


Don't correct my Hebrew
all the time.

I speak very good Hebrew.

I too have a lot
of things on my mind.

Mom, there's someone

What do you want?
Go away from here.


What do you want?
-Don't speak Hebrew.

What do you want?

Gantz lives over there,
turn left...

Where are you from?
-From there...

Well, Mrs Henya. -l...

It's a real miracle.

I thought that he...

Would you believe it,
Mrs Henya...

to get out
of Auschwitz alive?

One member of
an entire family...

Alter, would you like
some juice?

Alter, don't you
know me?

I'm Henya.

Nushka. -Nushka.

Beautiful Nushka.

He recognized her,
he knew who she was.

"Beautiful Nushka". That's how
the Partisans named her.

She fought in the woods.

Her beauty and courage
made her a legend.

My mother was
a real heroine.

And here they
called her "Partisanke".

Maya, there's a nice girl here,
who came to visit you.

What's the matter?
Don't you feel well?

No, I'm fine.


Hey, kiddo.

So nice of you to come.
What is this?

Who is it? -Aviya.

Maya, you have
to forgive me.

I didn't mean
to throw a stone at you.

I really didn't mean
to throw it.

Please, don't cry.
I can't take it.

The doctors said
that I'll be fine.

They promised me
that I'll see.

You don't have
anything to worry about.

Come here, sit next to me.

I think you'd better
leave now,

it tires Maya.

Will you come again?
-Every day,

'till you get well
and leave the hospital.

Say, Alter,

do you remember
my mother and Gantz?

From there, right?

And how were they

And will they get
together again?


Oh, it's a secret.

But when, when will it be?

"Yes" what? You say yes
to everything.

Yes Ma'am, how much ice?

Who's the last in line?

Mr Gantz.
-I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry.

The bank won't run away.

Did you want
to buy a lottery?

Mr Gantz!

Kid, what are you
doing here? -Mr Gantz!

Look at me!
Look at me!

Is it... is it true...

Is it true
that you're... -Max.

Go home,
your mother is very angry.

"The man turned
and looked at the boy,

"and ran towards him
suppressing a groan

"and into the father's
arms fell the boy.

"'My Chichelo',
cried the father

"after having observed thoroughly
the patient's face."

Lift me up, Mr. Oshrov.

Baldy! Baldy!

You're no good
and your mother's crazy!

What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

You're hurting me, stop it!
-Let her go!

You're crazy!

Be careful,
you're killing her.

Stop it! Stop it! mummy!

Aviya, you forgot something.

What happened?

You were beaten up, right?

No, I stumbled
and fell down.

Don't worry about
the laundry.

It's only sand,
we'll rinse it.

It'll dry during
the night.

In the morning
I'll iron it in no time.

You're a big girl now,

you're 1 0,
next week's your birsday.

What's next week?
-Your birsday.

We'll have such a nice birthday,
you'll see.

Everyone'll come.
-Come where?

To your birsday party.
-Birthday party, Mom!

Well, what did I say?

We'll have such
a birthday party,

the whole neighborhood
will come.

You'll see what your
mother can do.

Eitan, Are you coming?
-ln a minute.

Such swines!

You invite people to a birthday party
and no one shows up.

No, sit up.

Don't wrinkle your
new dress.

They'll come, you'll see.

Let's see what it is.

What a cake!
-Those sweets!

Look at the napkins!

Where is that woman?

Come girls, come on in.

It's Aviya's birthday
party now.

The birthday is inside,
not out here.

Come in,
congratulate Aviya.

Here, such nice fellows.

Come in,
it's Aviya's birthday party.

Come on in, it's nice.

A birthday with cake
and sweets.

Look, Aviya, some fellows came
to your birthday party.

Come on, Aviya,
look how many kids...

came to your
birthday party.

Here is the nice
Altman family.

Mr. Altman, Mrs. Altman,
come in.

It's Aviya's birthday now.

Everyone is here,
come inside, It's now.

Please, just to drink

Look, Aviya, everyone came.

Well, what do you say?

Really, what a putzkale...

So tiny, what a pretty
tiny baby.

Such a tiny beauty...

came to Aviya's
birthday party.

It's not a girl,
it's a boy. -A boy?

This woman is crazy!

Aviya, why are you
so gloomy? Smile!

It's fun now.

Now let's make a
real birthday party.

Everyone, please,
get up and lift Aviya

ten times,
and one more for next year.

Where are you going?
-Mom, don't!

Everyone, please,

One... -Mom, you don't
lift a ten year old.

I'm big now.
-Four... five...

I was ten years old,
I celebrated my birthday,

but since then, I never
wanted birthdays again.



Thank you!

It was a wonderful
birthday party.

You're an exceptional
girl, Aviya.

What's exceptional?

You're a good girl.

You're also
exceptional, Maya.

Aviya, can you keep
a secret? -Cross my heart.

After the summer
I'm leaving home.

I've decided to
rent a flat in town,

and start taking
ballet seriously

with Gertrud Kraus.
She's the best in the country.

Does your mother know
about it?

No, she doesn't.
Anyway, I'm twenty already,

and I told you it's
a secret.

She'll probably make
a big fuss.

Well, it's tough on her, you know,
raising a child all by herself,

without a father in the house.
-But I've got a father. I do.

You've got what?

But promise to keep it
a secret.

Do you want a blood oath?

No, Maya, I trust you.

Something wonderful
has happened.

My mother thought that
my father died...

and my father thought
that my mother died.

But no. They didn't.
They're both alive.

I told Maya
that my father was alive,

and was living here
with his new family.

That he was waiting for
the right time to come back to us.

I don't know whether
she believed me,

But she asked...

"Are you saying that
he's living here in this village? "

Do you mean here
in this village? -yes,

and you even
know him.

Should I tell you?
It's Masha's father.

Maya, I have to go.
-Wait a minute.

Friends? -Friends.

Look, it's grown already,

by the end of the summer
you'll be pretty.

Don't ever let me see
you here.

There's a limit
to everything.

Carrots, onions, radishes.

It's good to have a garden.

Saves us a lot of money
on vegetables.

But you'll have to
take care of it,

when I'm in boarding

Why boarding school?
Stay with me.

Can l? -Yes, you can,
you can.

If you can bear this
summer with me,

you can face anything.

I'm not letting you
go away from here.

Tomorrow I'm going to register you
at the village school. -Mom!

Hi! -Hi!

Well, of course,
I knew you'd be here.

Another cup of tea
or lemonade?

Mrs. Henya, may I ask
a big favor from you? -Yes.

I have to take Alter
To the New lmmigrants' Hostel and...

if you could come with us
it could do him good. -Yes, sure.

No problem,
I'll just go and change.

Sorry you had to wait,

we were waiting
for the lady.

Maya, come here a minute.

I'm coming.

I told you.

The three of them
felt miserable.

Alter was quiet as usual,
Mr. Gantz apologized a lot,

and mother showed
understanding, saying:

Immigrants Hostel
isn't so bad,

and only I was happy
with the trip.

I was riding in
a taxi for the first time,

with my mother and
Mr. Gantz by my side.

See you, Alter.

Is he from Dad's side
or Mom's?

He's from his side.

What does your Dad do?

He works in a bank.
-lt shows.

Let's go somewhere else.

Go where?
We're going home.

No, let's go
to the beach.

We're not going
to the beach,

we're going home.
I've got work to do.

Next time.
This ride wasn't for fun.

No, fun is at a ball.

Are you coming
to Abramson's ball?

Do come. People need
some fun in life.

Come, we'll dance together.

Just a minute, Maya.

Your attention please.

I'm happy to announce
that right after the holidays

we'll be opening here
in the basement

Maya Abramson's
Dance Studio.

The first one
in this village.

Registration will be
held right here.

They are waltzing.
-What's a waltz?

It's... a beautiful dance,

and your father,
he knew how to waltz.

When he danced,
everyone stopped...

to make room
and to watch him.

He was such a dancer.

Once we won a first prize
in a dancing competition.

Too bad Abramson
didn't invite you.

You could have shown
them a real waltz.

Me? No...
He would have shown them.

To waltz,
you need a good partner.

Without him...

I don't dance anymore.

How do you dance
this waltz?

One, two, three...

See? We're having fun too.

A real ball, right?

We've got music,

and everyone is happy.

Such eyes, Miss Maya.

To think that
they were in danger.

Your eyes, I can't
believe it.

He had exactly
the same ones,

Such big, black eyes.

Stop, Mom, I can't anymore.


My head!

Mom, stop!

The music stopped, Mom,

the dance is over.

There's no more waltz.

I hadn't noticed.

They'll start again
and we'll dance.

Enough, Mom,
go to sleep, it's late.

No, no, you go
to sleep, l...

I can't sleep
on such a night.

It's so hot,

you can go out
of your mind.

I wish this summer
would end.

What a crazy summer.


Mr. Gantz,
you promised me a dance.

No, a waltz. -Waltz.

Mrs Henya, I was taught that people
who are uninvited don't come.

But Mrs. Abramson...
-Mr Gantz...

Stay out of it!
Since you came here...

we've had nothing
but trouble. -Trouble?

I thought he was
an honest and dignified man,

but it turns out that he isn't so.
You can't hide such things.

What things?
What're you talking about?

I'll tell you
what I'm talking about.

Tell me, is it true?

Leave me alone!

What was that supposed
to be?

What kind of stories have you
made up about your mother and me?

Do you know
what you have done?

We are people, a family...

You're a bad girl!

My friend, Maya Abramson.

For years I didn't
mention her name.

She was a girl
I threw a stone at...

one summer...
when I was a little girl.

Excuse me,
Mrs. Henya,

I don't understand,
your husband? Is he alive?

What? -Your husband...
is he alive?

My husband...

was killed in the war...

in the woods
of Poland, 1 941.

Two weeks later,
the Gantz's packed...

and left. They had
hardly been here...

and now they were
immigrating to Australia.

Mrs. Henya,

I hope you understand,
Mrs. Henya,

it's a difficult
country, and...

we haven't had any luck.

Maybe over there...

and the sun here,
a lot of sun...

Too much sun here.

Watch over your
mother, kid,

she's a wonderful woman.

Look at the dust
they've made.

About time they
built a road here.

Summer was nearly over.

The days grew shorter.

And an ominous
feeling hung about in the air.

No, close it.

Come on, I told you
to close it.


Close the window.

Close the window.

I've got a headache,
such a headache.

Take this.
-I don't want to, it doesn't help me.

Take it!
-lt doesn't help me.

There's a train whistling
in my head.

Have a good weekend,
Mrs Henya.

Why not take your
kid to the beach?

No, it's too crowded
on a Saturday.

Another time.
-There is no other time.

Summer is over
and winter is coming.

We can take her with us.

She Should enjoy
every minute. -No.

My girl is sensitive.

Too many people
make her nervous.

She's got a nerve,
that woman.

Telling me what to do
with my girl.

What does this Cohen woman care
if we go to the beach or not.

What's a beach?

Just sand and dirt, that's all.
Just another place to catch diseases.

I don't want to see
her face.

I don't want to see

Some things,
you can't ignore.

I'm waiting here
for this Cohen.

until she comes back
from her beach

and then she'll hear
from me.

Everybody will hear
from me.

Some things,
you can't ignore.

Everyone should live their lives,
and not interfrey in other peoples'.

Mom, no one's interfering
in your life.

No one is interfering. Drink this.
-Don't you talk back to your mother.

You're as impudent as everyone else.
-Mom, I'm begging you,

stop shouting.

Don't shout.

You're not to talk back
to your mother.

Close the windows
so they won't hear...

how impudent you are
to your mother.

Mom, stop. -Stop what?

Don't shout! -There's a train
in my head...

A train in my head!

it's whistling
in my head...

My head hurts,
It hurts all the time.

Aviya, the pills!

Where are my pills?

Dr. Angel! The dogs!

Dr. Angel! The dogs!

Someone please come out.

The dogs!

Rexy, Humi, quiet!

What's the matter, kid?

It's Henya, my mother.
It's happening again.

Hurry. She needs you.
It's urgent.

Henya? Which Henya?

Henya the Partisan?
-Yes, the Partisan.

I'm coming right away.

good thing you came,

she's... Give me the key, O.K?
She's shouting inside.

Kids, I've asked you to go.
Go on, go home.

I'll open the door for you.

She's locked up inside.

Please come in.

Kid, your mother
is very sick.

We'll have
to hospitalize her.

You see, Mom,
you feel much better already.

You'll get well, and we'll
travel by... a taxi.

We'll have such a nice
time together.

We'll go and visit Alter.

He's so lonely
there in the Hostel.

Just don't worry, Mom.

We'll have such a nice
time together.

Aviva, don't worry.

I'm taking your mother
to the hospital.

I called your aunt,
she'll come over.

If you want to, you can stay with us
in the meantime.

Aviya, it's me, Maya.

Aviya, please open
the door.

I know you're in there.

Aviya, please open up.

I have to talk to you.

Why didn't you eat?

Eat up,

you need strength.

Your father...

if he could see you...

Let's not talk about it,
Aunt Alice.

My father is dead.

It's O.K,
I'll manage on my own.


It's only for a while,

it's only for
the time being,

only until your mother
gets well.

That year Mother
didn't come to visit.

not even once.

"The summer of Aviya"

Translation and subtitles:
Elrom Studios