H6 (2021) - full transcript

The film sees a portrait of today's China and how it is drawn between capitalism and traditional culture. It is based on the Shanghai No. 6 People's Hospital where medical staff, patients and families with disrupted lives rub shoulders.

- Where's the dog?
- Yes, where?

- Where is it?
- No idea.

I'll get changed and go.


You owe 7.6 yuan,
you paid 20 yuan.

We owe you 12.4 yuan.


Xiu Xiu, it's me, I'm here.

Xiu Xiu, it's me.
Do you recognize me? I'm here.

If you recognize me, give me a sign.

Put her on the stretcher.

Can we go with her?

Families must wait outside.

Be good!

You can't leave a child alone!

Listen to the doctor!


Your father is outside.

Give me the tourniquet.


His brain isn't affected.

It's hard to let him down.

His brothers feel the same way.

I know, but the operation is risky.

Besides, it's expensive.

Could he die?

It's possible.

It's destiny.

Even moving him is dangerous.

We still have to check
if he can be operated on.

If you're sure about the operation,
you need to have the money ready.

We must anticipate all the risks.

If you take him home,

we're afraid he'll die.

We're walking a tightrope.

Are things stuck?

We'll decide what to do,
with his brothers.

- Are you Dr. Wu?
- Yes.

Stop crying, be a good girl.

Grandpa's here,
he's going to buy you toys.

I know you are in pain,

but I can't take you now.


You're really brave.

Don't go running
by yourself again, OK?

Keep her hand high,
don't let it hang.

The love that sustains the boat,

I reached out my heart
to take your hand

It's good that you hover with me
over the sea

But all this is enough
to fill this long life

I'm only looking for you

Hua's father is singing again.

Who's singing outside?

Meng Xia's father.

He sings a lot.

Yes, but he's off-key.

What is it?

We're discussing my dad.

Is he a tenor?

I feel your presence...

You've come to protect us

His wife's dead, he's in a state.
His daughter's legs are broken.

How did she die?

- His wife died?
- In a car accident.

- She died at once.
- The daughter's in intensive care.

You must have
positive energy for life.

Do you agree, brother?

Go on, sing.
She sings very well, too.

The palm of your hand
is as important as the top.

My wife is the back of my hand
My daughter is the palm of my hand

- That's not it.
- It takes both to make a hand

Both sides are made of flesh

You rant about your dad.
Without him, you wouldn't exist.

Your daughter will be out soon.

Is that the Destiny of May song?

Just one look

To open the door to the heart

Few people miss you

Few emotions last a lifetime

All that counts is the love

Of two people together

We're missing but a few people

To accomplish our life

No compensation? What else?

Did the police say so?

Those bastards,
taking advantage of our weakness.

Forget it, there's no point.

I'll call the boss.

Buses always go too fast!

And their side mirrors
aren't fixed properly.

He pays for most of the care.

Above 125,000 yuan,
we have to pay half.

They've already paid 50,000 yuan.

The man in charge of the buses
told my brother.


It's true
that they don't refund much.

The insurance
only refunds 125,000 yuan.

I don't agree with that offer!

We won't sign.

The treatment's costly.

I sold my land
to pay for my daughter's operation.

Someone's calling me.

Hello, my friend.

I'm at the hospital.
What do you want?

Why should I be sad
because of the accident?

I sing every day.

Do you want me to sing for you?

You're not smart enough,
you should be happy every day.

If you're not happy, you're a fool.

I don't want you as a friend anymore!

Everyone in my family is smart.

We're in a good mood.

You learn fast.

It's like a big market here.

There are a lot of people.
Several thousand.

The air isn't like at home.

No need to think about me,
I'm fine.

How do you know how I feel?

You can't see into my heart.

Don't worry about me

Do you agree?

If you want, I'll sing for you.

Gotta dance, too!

She's asleep! Don't insist!

Even I'm waiting in the corridor!

- Your son gets out tomorrow?
- Yes.

I hope I never come back!

Nor me, even if they pay me!

We eat and sleep badly.

I have mouth ulcers.
I can't eat.

Don't eat apples!

How are you getting home?

By train. It takes 31 hours.

Some mosquito repellent!

Too many mosquitoes here.

We're vegetarians, they like us.

They don't bite you
because you eat fatty food.

Have you got ulcers?

Is it contagious?

It's mine!

This one's mine!

Where's my cardboard?

Where did you put it?

Who took my big cardboard?

It was here!

Look for it
instead of annoying people!

My cardboard was so good.

That's why it was stolen.

Patients' families left this for you.

Let me sleep.

Hey, wake up!

I can't stand this pain anymore.

Loosen the screws.

Nie Shiwu, feeling better?

It's too tight.

It must be tight
or the weight won't hold.

The doctor said so.

It's hurting my head.

It's to maintain your spine.

Clean my eyes, please.

Do you grow vegetables?

Yes, my wife and I are farmers,
we have 3 hectares.

It makes 10,000 yuan a year.

You're a seasonal worker
in Shanghai.

- How many children do you have?
- Two.

- Are they in the countryside?
- Yes.

Was it a work accident?

No, I fell from a tree.

On a building site?

- No, it was a holiday.
- Oh, OK.

- Must you pay for your treatment?
- Yes.

Don't worry, it'll be OK.

Do you think...

Will I get help from the society?

You will get help.

Will the health insurance cover me?

Has your stomach's hurt
since yesterday?



Show me where it hurts.
Ah, here.

Does it hurt after eating?

- It hurts when I eat.
- I see.

Chew your food well,
your stomach is still weak.

It's not very serious.

Will you give me an endoscopy?

No, there's no need.

Can Nie Shiwu eat?

Yes, rice soup.

Nothing else?


- Can he swallow?
- Yes.

Are you clear-headed?

Can you move your hands?


Not at all? Make an effort.

Can you feel anything?


Any itching?

I feel...

- Any tingling?
- Yes.

- And on your shoulder?
- No.

It's nearly finished.

It hurts so much!

- God in heaven!
- It's done.

I'm 79, I can't borrow any money.

I have to sell the apartment.

My son's in Japan.

But he doesn't have a solution.

Hello, I'd like some information.

My wife has been sick
for a long time.

I need to sell my apartment,

but it's in both our names.

Are you her legal guardian?

Of course.

You must bring the document.

Oh, OK. I understand.

Who are you talking to?

Isn't it done yet?

I need my wife's signature.

It's only 30 yuan,
but you keep on about it!

Is that all I owe you?

Must we change my father?

No, it's OK.

If the doctor decides to keep him,

I'll ask you to look after him.

I don't go to bed before 11 PM
and I'm up at 3 AM.

Being a nurse's aide isn't easy.

That's why I have dark circles
under my eyes.

I don't have time
to look after myself.

- 40 is still young!
- You look very young.

What? I'm nearly 60.

You don't look it.

You look so young!

She thinks I'm 40.

I'd say you're 25.

No more than 45.

I've worked here since I was 32.

25 years as a nurse's aide.

You must be really rich!

No, I spent it all on my children.

Boss, where's the restaurant
to cash in my canteen card?

- Is it here?
- Yes.

Nie Shiwu, time to eat.

Is my wife here?

She's in the corridor.

Can you call her?

It's not visiting time.

I haven't seen her
since she arrived.

Is it important?

Your wife will come at 3.

Enough salt?

It's OK.

You prefer your wife's cooking.

Give me her clothes!

I got the money!

- Wrap her in the duvet!
- OK, we will.

Wait outside, we're treating her.

My son.

What now?

Give me the bill,

it's safer.

Respect the rules, please.

Wrap her up well.

It's forbidden!

The patient's name is Song Xueling?


Nearly 3 years old.

Are her parents healthy?

Her mother abandoned her
when she was 5 months old.

My son is the girl's father.

His mother also left

when he was 3 years old.

I raised them.

Where was the accident?

Hongmei Street.

Are you from Shanghai?

Yes, we live
in a decorating market.

Show me the file.

I was asked to pay an extra 480 yuan.


For the private nurse's aide.

We'll see later.

It's so it doesn't get overlooked.

Can you lend me 11 yuan?

Did you listen
to what the doctor said?


- Are you sure?
- Yes.

We have to prevent
the fingers from sticking.

I can't do everything, dammit!

She's your granddaughter, not mine!

I understand. Don't worry.

I'm a responsible person.

If you're not sure, ask the nurse.

Don't hesitate to ask questions.

I'm not your private nurse!

I have my own job.

We don't need you
to come all the time!

Today, we have no choice,
you have to pay.

OK, it's done, I'm going.

There's no more money
on this canteen card.

Don't worry, we'll pay everything
for the hospital.

It's so it's not forgotten.

Call me if you have any problems.

I just want to be reassured.

Are you reassured now?

There are still
a lot of papers to do.

I've done nothing else
since the accident.

Sorry to disturb you, boss.

No problem.

Want a cigarette?

There are laws.

You can't do as you please.

If the bus company doesn't pay
compensation, what will we do?

Mind her hand.

Yeah, OK.

Do as the doctor explained.

Get home safely.

Look after her.


You get in first.

21, 21! Is there no 21?

Families, Number 21!

She's coming.

You're being called.

Number 21 needs her hair washed.

Who'll do it?

I'm a hairdresser. 80 yuan.

I thought it was 50 yuan.

A shampoo is 80.

It's expensive!

It's hard to wash the hair
of someone who can't move.

60 yuan!

I can't.


It didn't use to be so expensive...

It's OK.

Bed 1... Bed 2... Bed 3...

Nie Shiwu?

How do you feel?

Alright now you're here.
Do you have the insurance papers?

I forgot them.

Keep all the bills.

I know.

Don't forget to get them stamped.

I know.

Hey, you have to bring me some food.

Don't you get enough here?

I was told to bring only liquid.

And walk around Shanghai,
move around a bit.

Oh, be quiet...

I don't get the chance to talk.

When will I get out?

When the doctor says so.

I can make the most of Shanghai
thanks to you.

But I'm not moving.

Shanghai is so beautiful by night.

The avenues, the tall buildings...

It's intoxicating.

I can't see a thing...

I'll bring you some photos.

You can sing a bit.

The river of pleasures

Gently enters my heart

- It's a beautiful song!
- You're off-key!

I sing this one better.

I see you going through wind and rain

Stop it. Let's talk.

OK. I'll bring you some fruit.

When will I be operated on?

We're waiting for the test results.

Not even the doctor knows.

Laughter is a good remedy!

It's better than food.

During your operation, I was laughing,

and the operation was a success.

Those who saw me laughing

were happy, too.

Meng Xia,
say goodbye to your dad.

It's nurse Huang, she's kind.

We know each other well, don't we?

Say goodbye to your dad.


Bye, bye.

Come back tomorrow.

I want you to get better.
For our children's sake.

Have you called the children?

Not since I've been here.

You have to take care of them!
I want to talk to them.

Call them. I want to talk to them!

- They're at school today.
- What?

It's the 8th, they're at school.

I have to go.

Ask about the date of my operation.

Will I still be operated on?

only an operation can help.

Stay in the corridor.

- Is it good?
- It's sweet.



The rice needs heating up.

The noodles are hot!

This boy never listens!

The nurse's aide needs paying.

We're broke.

The bus negotiator thinks
we're scamming him.

Is he trying
to finish us off or what?

I always talk nice to them,

they think we're exaggerating.

They think
we don't know our rights!

That we're poor citizens
who don't know the law.

They only know the law!

Sure they know it better
than we do.

All we can do is negotiate.

Do you think he's screwing us over?


The girl didn't throw herself
under the bus!

The driver should've been careful!

I asked you to heat up the rice!

Shut up, old woman!

I'm sick of it all!

I just want him to eat hot.

Stop it or I'll send you
straight to the crematorium!

What a pain in the ass!

A child playing alone in the road
isn't normal!

We can't write that!

They want us to sign that.

I wrote that her grandma

was watching her as she sold fruit.

- It's the truth!
- Yes, I know.

A lawsuit is expensive

and the outcome is uncertain.

The best thing is to negotiate.

You can't win against them.

I don't want to rip them off
if her hand gets better.

We have to be honest.

It made me a bit hungry.

In a single movement! Here goes...

That's it.

Remove the strap.

Come here, kid, so I can explain.

The bone is broken in 2 places.

It'll hurt a bit here.

Is it over?

With the cast, it'll be fine.


Look, it's working now.

Move over.

What's with the garlic?

Take this off!

Will he be able to walk normally?

Trust me.

You can have surgery if you prefer.

Or else you shouldn't have fallen.

It can't be perfect.

But I was knocked over
by a scooter.

The reason doesn't matter.

All I can do is heal you.

Don't move!

Doctor, do your best.

I will do my best.

It's the simplest method.

An operation is more complicated.

And much more expensive.

I'll tighten your cast.

A broken bowl can be fixed,

but it'll never be as good as new.

Just trust me.

Or get an operation!

It's over. You can go.

But there's a crack on the X-ray!

Is he a real doctor?

Come on, let's go...

Come calm her a bit.

Stop crying.

We'll just change the dressing.

The dressing's too dirty.

Tell her not to cry.

It won't hurt.

Help me hold her hand.

Keep still or I'll beat you!

- What's your name?
- Song Xue Ling.

Tell me, what's your name?

I didn't see the old cast!

Uh... I don't know.

Show me the X-ray.

Did the screw fall out?

No, it's still there.

The cast is to protect the hand.

I'll do a small cast

between these 2 fingers.

All done!

What if the screw falls out?

It'll cost less than taking it out!

If it moves, it doesn't matter.

Don't leave anything.

Thank you.

I'm worried about her hand.

You must be patient.

Can you make her

a disability certificate?

It's not my decision.


I treat people, I

I don't do admin.


Number 14, Nie Shiwu
will be operated on next week.

We're waiting
for confirmation of the date.

Any news of Number 23?

Wait your turn!

Nie Shiwu's operation is risky

and he won't ever

fully recover.

He wants the operation.

But he won't fully recover.

He insists.

It's your decision.

He really wants it.

What about Bed 23?
When's the operation?

I'll go see my dad first.

- Are you feeling better?
- I'm OK.

Have your uncles got the money?

They're still trying.

Can you still not feel anything?

- No.
- In your hands and feet.

That's good. He needs to move.
Who are you?

- I'm his son.
- Oh.

My mother's coming.
She'll phone home.

I'll be back to see you tomorrow.

Who are you?

I'm his brother.

Did you talk to the doctor
this morning?

No, his wife did.

There are so many of you
in this family!

It's serious,
we have to talk it over.

When you're done,
go see the doctor.


If you have any problems, tell us.

OK, carry on.

If you really want the operation,

we'll find the money.

We're doing our best.


We'll do our best
if you believe in the operation.

I'll go.
I want your family to make it.

It'll cost over 100,000 yuan.

That much?

We'll have to borrow the money.

One, zero, two, six,
four, nine, one, seven.

Are they at school?

No, they're at home.

Tell the children
to come talk to their father.

Ask the children to answer.

It's your daughter.

I'm still in the hospital.

You have to study!

If you understood,

answer me.

My girl, say something.

My girl...

Be good, especially at school.

Do you understand?

Listen to your teachers,
it's important.

I don't know.
Maybe in a few days.

We'll be going home soon.

You have to be happy.

Was the shampoo good?

I prefer to have it at home.

Nothing's perfect.

But you must be happy.

It's better
when you can do it yourself.

Do you agree?

Who gave you that soft toy?

A friend.

I'll take my phone back.

- Bring mine tonight!
- OK.

Promise? You forget it every day.


Don't get angry.

OK. But don't forget!

I'll try.

Promise me
you'll stay calm though.

I'd rather know.

You'll know everything
when you get home.

Don't think too much,

it's better for your health.

Don't be negative.

It's no use crying.

That's just how life is.

I'll bring your phone tonight,
you can read the news

and tell your friends
you'll be home soon.

My voicemail must be full.

I don't think so.

Nobody has called you,
except for your professor.

She said to tell her
when you get out.


I'll do my best for tonight.

- It's for this girl.
- The doctor told me.

You have to wait to see him again.

- The girl's name is Song Xueling?
- Yes.

Ah, I'm in pain.

- Come back in a month.
- To the ER?

- No, I'll write down the address.
- Thank you.

Should she take any medicine?

Sure, her hand is swollen.

It'll be OK in daily life.

What about work?

Why do you want her
to do manual work?

She has to earn a living.

She'll be able to write just fine.

A girl must have pretty hands.

- We'll see about that later.
- It'll be ugly.

We can do plastic surgery.

OK. I'll do everything for her.

You have to pay the nurse's aide.

You haven't done so yet.

You have to go pay her.

It's up to the bus company to pay.

- Go tell her.
- We'll go pay...

- But it's not up to us...
- Tell the nurse's aide.

You have to settle up.

- They'll pay.
- Go tell them on the 4th floor.

The doctor's right. Let's go.

Explain it to her.

- It's time to go.
- OK.

I want to walk.

I'll do what I want.
Do you have the money to pay her?

I'm going to talk
to the nurse's aide.

What're you going to tell her?

Take your daughter.
I'm going home.

I didn't know

the nursing was extra.

We should have
looked after her ourselves.

I mean, the bus company must pay.

But they refuse
to pay the supplement.


Are you OK?

I miss my mother.

She didn't come today?

She was also in a car accident.

At the same time as you?

You have to accept what happened.

Don't cry,

it'll delay the healing process.

Did you write to your mother?

Is she any better?

I don't know.

Doesn't your dad give you news?

Where is she?

I don't know.

Don't cry, I know how you feel.

Your eyes and lashes are moon-shaped
when you laugh.

Love others as yourself,
give them a hug.

Expecting nothing in return.

Geese fly close to the earth,
fish hide in the mud.

The world is so beautiful,
it heals worries.

A happy heart is a cure-all.

- What's wrong with him today?
- I don't know.

Gao Ji Mei to Room 3.

- Have you had painkillers?
- Twice.

Still in pain?


Lie on the bed.

You must rest.

It's her, Liu!
She's mean! Yes, you!

What's wrong?

You're asking us to pay

for 3 days,

but we only stayed for 1 night.

You didn't do much.

I offered to refund you.

Just one day!

I thought it was two days.

- Liar!
- I thought it was two!


350 yuan for one night
is too expensive.

Calm down.
I'll give you your money back.

It's settled.

That's enough!

You're exploiting the situation!

I've never done that!

It's OK.

I don't believe you!

I made a mistake, it happens.

I'll report you!

Go ahead!

- She's unreasonable.
- Just let it go.

I really made a mistake.

I really was a mistake.
She's unreasonable.

Don't argue!

Numbers 3 and 4!

Number 5?

Why did you take Number 12's card?

I'm Number 14.

How are you?

What's the decision?

The operation is really dangerous.

You run the risk of dying.

That's life.

But we have to pay
and it's expensive.

Are we going toborrow the money?

Yes, we're looking everywhere.

It depends on you.

The operation can be done tomorrow
if you want.

Maybe it's less than 100,000 yuan.

100,000 is just for the surgery.

The treatment costs more.

Do they refund it
if it doesn't work?

Of course not.

My children are still young.

I have no solution.
I know it's hard.

Don't worry about the kids.

You're my brother, you must help me.

We're such losers.

- Could someone help us?
- I don't think so.

Just take me back to the village.

Find a piece of land for my grave.

Nie Shiwu!

You're my wife
and the mother of my children.

I know.

- You must help me.
- I know.

What's your decision?

I can't make the decision for you.

It's your choice.

What does the doctor think?

He told you this morning.

Is there really no chance?

I believe in a miracle.

What do you think?

You have to choose.

What do you want?

What a life!

Take me home if you want!

God in heaven!

I have 2 children,
I must think of them.

I'm worried about them, too.

Without this operation,
I'm going to die.

Visiting time is over.

I'd like to know what you really think.

I found the soy milk he likes.

If you want to do it, we'll do it.

It's time!

You mustn't stress him out
before the operation.

The hairdresser is coming soon.

Wait in the corridor.

Don't worry.

Nie decided to have the surgery.

Wang promised me 30,000 yuan.

He didn't manage to borrow it either!

Did you mortgage the house?

It's urgent!
We'll pay you back.

We can't borrow the money in time.

I'm here to make you look nice.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Are you a hospital hairdresser?

Yes, I'm a professional.

Do you have a good salary, then?

it's the hospital's tertiary sector.

Can I see?

No problem!

Do you have a mirror?

I'm more modern than that.

Can you see?

Are the holes still there?

They're healing.

You can hardly see them.


- Very good, thanks.
- You're welcome.



What are you doing, Hua?

Can you make paper planes?

Only planes that don't fly.

I like this ECG paper.

You can send a wish up in the air.

Your dad's happy
when you feel better.

He's singing for you again.

Did your son call?

He asked after his mother.

It's natural!

I can't ask him to come.

Maybe he's busy?

He has his family.

I don't want to put pressure on him.

Having one child is complicated.

He works in Japan, it's too far away.

We can't blame him.

She's lucky to have
a husband like you.

Nice but poor!

I wish
my husband was more like you!

But is he nice to you?

He's OK, I guess...

My husband isn't the tender type.

He has trouble
expressing his feelings.

I make an effort,
even with the patients.

I feel for them.

I know you're a good person.

How can I put it?

It's destiny!

It hurts to be misunderstood.

It's like you with your son.

He will understand
when we're gone.

11.10 yuan. Give me 11.

10 yuan.

10.20. Give me 10.

What day is it today?

Saturday already.

Next week, your case will be settled.

We gave them all the papers.

You need a residence permit

or the girl
will not be able to go to school.

- We'll never get one.
- You have to make the application.

Family record book,

birth certificate...

Move! It's dangerous!

When you have all the papers,
we'll apply.

Get down and play.

Should I give you it all?

Grandpa, look at my toy!

Go play over there.

Watch out for your hand.

You have to go keep an eye on her.

- Go on.
- You go!

I can't carry her anymore.

You can get dressed.
Call me if you need help.

When it's over, I'm going home.

- Are you not from Shanghai?
- I'm from Anhui.

You just come for the treatment?

No, to have my knee checked out, too.

My leg is broken and twisted.

In Anhui, they sent me here.

It took me 50 days to sign up.

Then 20 days to get a bed.

The operation ruined me.

I took several detours
to come here.

Take care.


A caress...

- I'm too tired.
- You're exhausted.

Do you want a chair?

I'm going home to cook for her.

There's nothing left to eat.

I have to cook.

What will you make for her?

If I'm late, give her some milk.

So tired...

Get some rest.

I'll be back soon.

I don't want to hang around
or else she'll be waiting for me.

Are you awake?

Have you had enough sleep?

Do you want to drink?

Are you thirsty?

Do you want some fruit juice?

It doesn't matter,
we can feed her with an IV.

Her recovery will take a while.

We have to go slowly.

Does your daughter still not know
that her mother is dead?

I won't tell her yet.

You'll have to tell her
one day, though.

That's why I'm singing songs for her.

What'll you do once you get home?

I'll give her a "political lesson"
in the ambulance.

- It's true, it's complicated.
- You have to take your time.

When she asked me,

I said her mother was in a coma.


you mustn't tell her suddenly
in her condition.

- Bye.
- Get well soon.

We'll be back to see you.

for looking after her so well!

Thank you very much.

I've missed you so much.



Is it you, my girl?


I've been in Shanghai

for a long time.

I'm taking
the night train home tonight.

I'll be back at 11 tomorrow morning.

Can you charge

the scooter's battery?

It's been stolen.

Don't speak so quick.

One or both?


It's so your heart doesn't stop.

Your nerves are fragile now.

Even moving you around is dangerous.
It's hard on your heart.

You could die.

That would be simpler.

I know.
But you still have a chance.

I know.

We'll try to save you.

We'll reduce the risks.

Think about the money,
your family...

I have to talk to them.


It's an impossible decision.

I don't know what to advise.

- I know it's hard.
- We have no money.

Nie Shiwu wants to try the operation.

You must think of the consequences.


- What's the aim?
- To get better.

He'll never walk again.
You'll have other problems.

It's not just medical.

It's also a family matter.

You must think about all that.


I need somebody.

We're coming.

It's kind of urgent.

I must talk to my family.

What is it?

Tell my wife to take me home.

What about the operation?
What do the doctors think?

I think they agree.

You can talk to your wife at 3.

Can you ask her to find an ambulance?

She has to organize a family meeting.

- Can you let her in?
- I'll see what can be done.

- He hasn't eaten today.
- He doesn't want the operation now.

But the doctor said...

- He's decided.
- What?

He doesn't want it now.

He said that? Are you sure?


He realized it's too dangerous.

So you're leaving today?

Take care of your dad
on the journey.

- Who needs me?
- I do.

When are you going?

This afternoon.

Have you found an ambulance?

Where is this ambulance coming from?


It's a very risky journey.

The car moves a lot.

His neck mustn't move.

- When does the ambulance arrive?
- 2 p.m.

The discharge papers...

Yes, I must prepare his medicine.

The pacemaker
costs 1 yuan per kilometer.

That's 1,500 yuan.

13,000 for the car,
1,500 for gas.

- Do you have an ECG?
- Yes.

His heart rate
must stay between 45 and 80,

no less.

His heart
needs to be monitored closely.

Have a safe trip!

Good luck.

Thanks, goodbye.

The ECG is good.

What is my heart rate?


How much is it normally?

Between 60 and 120.

OK, everyone's here.