Gunpowder Milkshake (2021) - full transcript

In her turbulent life as a professional assassin, Scarlet was cruelly forced to abandon her daughter Sam and go on the run. Years later, despite the estrangement, Sam has also grown up into a cold blooded hitwoman. After a high-stake mission spins out of control, putting an innocent 8-year-old girl in the middle of the gang war she has unleashed, Sam has no choice but to go rogue. This ultimately leads her back to her mother and her former hitwomen sidekicks, who all join forces in an avenging war against those who took everything from them. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
There's a group of men called "The Firm".

They've been running things
for a long, long time.

And when they need someone to clean up
their mess, they send me.


-Where are you?
-At home. Sewing.

Meet me at the diner.


How much trouble am I in?

An extra scoop for my favourite client.

Thanks, Rose.


I put in an extra scoop
for my favourite client.

-Thanks, Rose.
-I'm sure she won't be long.

You clearly don't know
my mother very well.

Hey, stranger. Can I lighten your load?

I'm not carrying today, Rose.

Guess there's a first time for everything.

-She's over there.
-Thanks for keeping an eye on her.

You said you'd be here in 30 minutes.

I'm a few minutes late.

Three hours.

You're bleeding.

Just another day at the office.
Did you bring it?

-Anna May sure can pick them.
-It's loaded.

Good girl.

Listen, I have to disappear for a while.

-Then I'm coming with you.
-You can't. Not this time.

Nathan will be here soon.
He'll take care of you while I'm gone.

-I don't want to go with Nathan.
-I'm doing this for your own good.

I'll stay in the library with Anna May
and the others.

It's too dangerous.

What's going on?

-It's complicated.
-Tell me. I'm not a kid any more.

No, you're not.

You haven't touched your milkshake.

I didn't wanna drink it without you.

How long will you be gone?

I have to make a quick phone call.

Stay here.

Evening, gentlemen.
Can I lighten your load?

-Get lost.

Hello, little girl.

Mommy says I'm not allowed to talk
to strangers.

This mommy. Looks a lot like you?

Only bigger and more stabby?
Got my father's blood all over her?

I don't like you.

Enough games. Where is she?

Go kiss a pig.

Tell me where she is.

Close your eyes, baby girl.


Evening, darling. Can I lighten your load?

-I'm clean.
-Regular clean or diner clean?

-Forgot about this one.
-Course you did, sugar.

Boy. These girls are worse than the Stasi.

You hurt?

-Just another day at the office.
-Wow. You sound just like your mother.

-I don't have a mother.
-Well, you sure have her temper.

-What the hell happened tonight?
-Bad intel.

You said four or five idiots
with peashooters.

Yes. And?

For Christ's sake, child.

This was supposed to be a low-profile gig,
not a bloody massacre.

-Next time I'll just let them shoot me.
-Next time just do what you're told.

Remember who you're working for.
As long as they're happy...

And you called me here, oh, so urgently,
just to remind me of that.


Your talents are needed pronto.

Somebody stole from us.

Who's crazy enough to steal from The Firm?

Somebody who doesn't know
who we really are. An accountant.

From the clean side of the business.

-How much did he take?
-Enough to earn a visit from you.

We need that money back.

Good girl. I'll text the address later.

And get rid of those Stone Age
firearms you carry.

But I've had them for years.

Find an open vendor and get yourself
some clean boomsticks.

We can't have you linked to that war zone
you left behind, now, can we?

Did you know about this little endeavour
my son had on the side?

Sorry, Uncle. I had no idea.

Where's the shoe?

What shoe?

The shoe that is not currently covering
my son's left foot.

The one that looks exactly like its twin,
the right one. That fucking shoe.

-I don't know.
-Well, find it.

Found it, Mr McAlester.

Nobody tells his mother about this.

We'll tell her he ran off with some girl.

I get it.

Now bring me the heads of the men
who killed my boy.

Hello, dear. What can I do for you?

I need to exchange some books.

Well, that's nice. Not a lot of people
your age read nowadays.

-Do you have a card with us?
-No, but I'd like to open one.

Wonderful. What kind of books
are you interested in?

Mostly smaller ones. A few heavies.

Well, you won't find them there.

Those are our children sections.

The Enchanted Forest.
And The Never Ending Ocean.

They sound like fun.

Have we met before? You seem so familiar.

I'm embarrassed to say it's been
a while since I visited a library.

Well, that's no way to live, dear.

Let's get you into a good book.


Anna May, this lovely young lady wants
to open an account with us.


Madeleine should have told you

that we don't accept
new readers without a reference.

-Madeleine had a hunch.
-Fudge your hunches.

-If you pardon my French.
-Technically not French.

-Always literal.
-Of course I'm literary. I'm a librarian.

Yeah, be that as it may.
Florence, dear, would you join us?

I'm afraid we need a tie breaker.

Madeleine thinks this girl needs
to do some reading.

I told you I had a hunch.
There's something very familiar about her.

Hunch shmunch. I, on the other hand,
think we should dispose of the body

and then have a long talk about
our onboarding protocols.

You know I can hear you, right?

Hush, girl. Don't be rude.

Turn around, hon.

And take off your hat.

-What did she say her name was?
-She didn't.

That's odd.

Well, girl. Cat got your tongue? Speak up.

It's Sam.

-Scarlet's kid?

I knew it. Never forget those eyes.

We haven't seen you since
you were yea high. How is your mother?

I haven't seen her in 15 years.

Well, that's something
we both have in common.

My, my, my. Little Sam.
We hear about you all the time.

You've made quite a reputation
for yourself.

Come here. Give Auntie Madeleine a hug.

Why come back now?

I needed clean guns, and...
I guess I needed an excuse.

Nice collection.

And you take good care of them.
Let me guess.

You're the sentimental type. Romantic.

Sentimental types
don't last long doing this. So, no,

I don't think I'm the sentimental type.

Tommy Tomahawk.
I looked everywhere for him.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

So, you're an idealist.

Nope. Maybe I don't have a type.

-Everybody has a type.

Maybe I'm the professional type?

Old school. No women, no children type.

-Women are fair game.
-Gender equality. Very progressive.

-She's a feminist.
-Fine. You get to live.

We'll make these disappear and get you
into some new, clean books.

You'll need a Jane Austen.

A Charlotte Bronte.

And a Virginia Woolf.

And an Agatha Christie.

For reading.


I need to answer this.

You need to walk away and thank God
I'm not in a killing mood.

I got no choice.


Playing hard to get?
Not very smart, moron.

Not unless you want me to send
your little princess back in pieces.

You have exactly 60 minutes to bring the
money to the Gutterball bowling alley.

A minute late and she'll be celebrating
her ninth birthday with the worms.

Sixty minutes.

Please. It's my daughter.

Fuck me.

I'll get the doctor.
Guns go in the cookie jar.

Hey. Haven't seen you in a while.

And you've brought a new friend.
What the hell happened?

I happened. Just fix him.
I need him on his feet in ten minutes.

He's not going anywhere.
Not in ten minutes.

-Maybe not ever.
-So what can we do?

We? Well, you could start
by not shooting people.

Please. My Emily. There's no time.

That's it, just relax. Take it in deep.

-Is that laughing gas?
-Well, duh.

Just patch him up. I'll be back soon.
He'd better be functional.

She's really quite annoying, isn't she?

Who am I talking to?
The guy that she shot in the stomach?

-Is it done?
-There's a change of plan.

What are you talking about?
What does that mean?

They kidnapped his little girl.
That's why he stole the money.

If I don't get to the Gutterball
in 15 minutes, they'll kill her.

Sam, you're not thinking straight.
Just bring the money back. Now!

I just need half an hour. I'll release
the girl and bring you back your money.

Okay, listen to me, Sam.

If you screw this one up,
they will give the kill order.

And I won't be able to stop them.

She's just a little girl.
I can't leave her to die. I'm sorry.

-Don't you dare hang up on me, young lady.
-I'm sorry.


Go to the Gutterball.
Try to reason with her.

Bring back the money.


Now, when I say reason with her,
I mean no guns, no knives.

She comes back alive. Understood?


And for God's sake, be careful.

And remember who you're dealing with.

What the hell are you waiting for? Go.

One of the men Sam killed was
Jim McAlester's son.

-Are you sure it was McAlester's kid?

The board is on its way.

God damn it, Sam.

Who the fuck are you?

Just someone who has your money.
I want the girl.

Where's Daddy?

He had an accident.

He sent me.

You want your money or not?

The girl got to this point alive,
but if you as much as sneeze

without my permission,
that could be easily rectified.

-Got it.

Now, see the locker behind you?

Weapon and phone go in the locker.

Along with the clothes you're wearing now.

Slam the door shut and it will lock.

Go to the Westfield Mall
across the street.

You, the suitcase, the new clothes
and the little girl's phone.


Ten minutes.

Hello, Sam.

-Hey, Sam.


I really don't have time for this.

Nathan's worried about you.
Doesn't want you to do anything stupid.

So why don't you hand over the suitcase
and nobody gets hurt.

Counter offer.

Go back to Nathan.
Tell him you tried but I roughed you up.

You can beat each other up
for added realism.

-That's funny.
-What, no guns today?

Nathan doesn't want you hurt.
Not too badly, anyway.

That is so sweet.

I'll try not to kill you too.

Who the fuck is she?

Ground floor. Video Beast.

-Cutting it close.
- I had a few hiccups.

We saw what you did with those hiccups.
How do we know you're not a cop?

Can a cop do what I just did?

-I just want the girl.
-Then we'll get along just fine.

There's a shopping cart behind you.
Put the suitcase inside.

Push the shopping cart towards us,

and we'll push the girl cart towards you.




It's okay. You're safe.
I'll be right back.

We're all stinking rich,
you magnificent bastards.

Stop the fucking car.


You greedy traitor!



-Anything broken? Are you bleeding?

-Bleeding on the inside?
-How can you tell? It's inside.

You're probably fine. Let's go.
Try to keep up.

I see you morons have found my stash.

This some good shit, doc.
You should be very proud of yourself.

This is not a toy.

It's for medicinal use only.

So, who fucked you up like this?

A girl.

So a girl made the three of you look like
you're from The Walking Dead?

I've never felt pain
like this before, doc.

She got us good, doc.

I don't think I'll ever walk again.

Well, there must be an epidemic,
because I got a guy in the next room

who's got similar symptoms.

-What do you mean?
-I mean...

a girl fucked him up too.

Keep talking, doc.

-You're bleeding.
-It's just a scratch.

It can get infected.
Worms will get in there and lay eggs.

Then they'll have to cut your arm off.

That's what they teach you
in school these days?

Discovery Channel.

Well, thank God
we're going straight to the hospital.

-Is my daddy there?

Is that why he didn't come? Is he sick?


It's okay. You don't have to lie for him.

He never comes when he says he will.

Here. Just let me help you.

Thank you.


-Are you sure it's her?
-Yeah. She dropped off some guy she shot.

Said she's gonna come back
and pick him up later.

-And the money?
-Well, she had it last time we saw her.

Then get it back.

She still getting the VIP treatment?

-Do whatever it takes.
-Alright, alright, alright.

Now that's what I call a work benefit.

Just stay behind me, okay?

Come on.

I'll get the doctor.

She's here.

Shot in the shoulder.

Maybe you should take your break now.

So, my payment?

Transferred to your account.

Now, what's the plan, doc?

Once I stick her with this,
she'll start losing control of her arms.

After 60 seconds or so,
she's a sitting duck.

What's wrong with you?
Let me do this right.

It's just a scratch.

Well, scratches get infected.
That's how you lose an arm.

Yeah, I heard.

-What happened to him?
-Someone shot him.

I hear that's pretty lethal.

-Let's fix this.
-Don't. I'm good.

-Trust me, you'll need this.
-I said I'm good.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean...

You motherfu...

Sixty seconds!

Sixty seconds!

Sixty seconds.

Come on.

Listen, I need your help.
Some bad men are coming to hurt us.

The ones who killed my dad?

I promise I'll explain later,
but right now I need your help, okay?

-Good. Grab the biggest knife.

Careful of the sharp end.

Okay. Now grab the tape.

Excellent. Tape it to my hand.



Now tape the gun to my other hand.

Careful. It's loaded.

Fifteen, fourteen...

Round two, bitch!

-Better get ready!

Thank God it's just you three.

You know, for a second there I thought it
was someone dangerous.

The only reason you're still alive
is because Nathan wanted it that way.

Now, just take my finger
and put it on the trigger.

Well, it's over now.
I'm gonna tear you into little pieces.

-And I'm gonna love every second of it.
-Yeah, that's great.

Can you hold that thought?
I'll be right out.

You're being very brave, Emily.

I need you to do one last thing for me,
and then go and hide. Okay?


Hey, bonehead.


I need you to come grab the phone.

Come on.

It's okay. Just pick it up.

You are a goddamn rock star.
Put it on speaker.

Someone better start talking.

That was a... jerk move,
sending the three stooges after me.

-You left us no choice, Sam.
-There's always a choice.

Well, then, we can still figure this out.
Just bring the money back.

It's gone. The suitcase was blown
into a thousand pieces.

That's really unfortunate.

So now what?

Well, you know the drill, Sam.

You're no longer under our protection.

In your little massacre earlier tonight,
you killed the wrong people.

Including Jim McAlester's son.

But I was sent by you, by The Firm.

It doesn't matter.

This is business, Sam,

and you landed on the wrong side
of the balance sheet.


it needs to be rectified.

How's this for business?

If I get out of this alive,
I'm coming for you.

All of you.

I would expect no less.

Goodbye, Sam.

-Mr McAlester, this is Nathan.

I'm the head of the HR department
here at The Firm.

What do you want?

To prevent an all-out war between
our two fine organisations,

we would like to offer you the woman
responsible for your loss.

So you had nothing to do with this?

I can assure you this is not how The Firm
conducts its business, sir.

It was an unsolicited action
by a very troubled individual.

I'm sending you her last location.
I hope this is satisfactory, sir.

For now.

Take everybody.
Don't come back until it's done.

-It's a text message from Nathan.
-What's it say?

"I'm sorry, child.
I can no longer protect you.

I left you a package to help you
survive the next few days.

Take it and disappear.”

Then there's an address.

That's close by.

What if it's a trap?

Can you press the button?
We're parked on minus two.

Just remember, you were spared thanks
to an eight-year-old girl.

Eight and three quarters.

Sorry. Eight and three quarters.

Are you a serial killer?



-Where did you learn that expression?
-History Channel.

Well, I am not a serial killer.

-But you kill people.

-So that makes you a killer.
-And you've killed more than one.

That is serial.

It's more complicated than that.

Serial killers are, you know,
mentally unstable.

They kill people out of a compulsive urge.

So, then, why do you kill them?

For money?

Again, it's complicated.

Look, I'm gonna need your help
for a little longer.

Because your arms are still paralysed?

Yes. After that, I'll get you
to your mother.

-She left a long time ago.
-To your grandparents, then.

-They're dead.
-Uncles? Anything?

We'll figure it out, okay?

-So, here's an unrelated question.

Do you know how to drive?

Let's go over it one more time.
Left. Right.

I've got it already. D is for drive.
R is for reverse.

And you get to do the easy part,
stepping on the gas and brakes.

Don't be a smartass. Turn the key.

Put it in drive.

Let's go.

That's it. Straighten up.

-I'm driving.
-Yes, you are.

Emily. Don't worry about the bullets.

Reverse. Now!

Hard left!

-Put it in drive.

That's it.

Hard left. Go!

Get ready. Hard left.

And another hard left.

Okay. Put it in reverse.

Hard right.

Put it in drive.

Hard left.

Put it in reverse.

Quick, kill the lights.

Okay, be quiet. Duck down.
That's it. Get down.

Okay, put it in drive.

Then close your eyes.

Keep her straight.

Keep it straight.

-Are your eyes still closed?

Good girl. Put it in reverse.

-Can I turn on the radio?
-Go nuts.

Emily. Doorbell.

Didn't I teach you to always
guard your back?

Hi, Mom.


Is this...

-Am I a grandmother?
-God, no.

Hi. I'm Emily. I'm her apprentice.

-Emily. Come.

-That is a hell of a story.
-Hell of a night.

Try wiggling your fingers.

-The feeling should come back in no time.
-Yeah. Already started working.


You look really good. Are you eating well?

Cut the crap, Mom.

Where have you been for the last 15 years?


Watching you.

Making sure you're safe.

Great parenting.

Glad to see you taking an interest
in my career.

-I never wanted this life for you.
-And how's that working out for you?

I wanted to stay with you and your aunts,
but I couldn't.

Why not?

Because I fucked up.

I fucked up.

I was young when I had you.

I left London and followed your father
here, and when he died...

When he was murdered.

When he was murdered. You were a baby.
I had nothing.

No money. Nowhere to go.

I knew Anna May from your dad's work.

She and the other aunts took us in.

-The best years of my life.
-Me too.

Fast forward 12 years and I find out
who shot your dad.

The Russians? The Russians from the diner?

Once I knew, I couldn't let him
walk around enjoying life,

knowing what he did to us.

But he was in bed with The Firm.
So there was a price to pay.

Once I killed him,
there was a mark on my back.

I couldn't take you with me.

I couldn't risk your life.

So I made Nathan promise to keep you safe.

I guess that's over.

There isn't a day that goes
by I don't regret pulling that trigger.

But back then I couldn't help myself.

I'm sorry.

-Does the kid know about you and her dad?

But she's smart.

-She'll figure it out.
-What happens when she does?

I think there's a bad man outside.

We have to get out of here.

-So, what's the plan?
-Can you press the lobby button?

-What plan?
-Come on. You always have a plan.

What is it? A secret escape route?
A warehouse filled with guns?

-I called us an Uber.
-Are you kidding me?

-An Uber?

What the hell are you talking about?

I know you. You make plans, and then
you make plans to make other plans.

You're frothing at the mouth.
It's unbecoming.

Get them!

Don't feel bad. Could happen to anyone.

-My hand is still paralysed.
-Yeah, course it is.

-T is.
-I know.

Right. After you, ladies. Come on.

Hurry up.

-Where does that go?
-Fucking Narnia. Go. In. In!


-No plan?
-Now is not the time.

Out of my way.

-Need help, Ma?
-No, thank you.

I think I'm quite capable of disposing
of one idiotic grate.

That freezer is a mess.
It's completely unacceptable.

-Come on.
-Are you kidding me?

-We have to go.
-Go where?

Obviously your plan was to end up here.

-That was a long time ago.

-I am not going in there.
-Mom, listen to me. We need weapons.

We need a car. We need a safe house.

-I'm not sure they'd even let me in.
-Only one way to find out.


For the record,
I still think this is a shit idea.


Girls, I think I see a ghost.

-Hi, Madeleine.
-Hi, Scarlet.


-Hi, Anna May.
-No. No, you don't get to talk.

Because you're a ghost
and ghosts can't talk.

-You know how I know that?
-Can we do this later?

Because if ghosts could talk, they would
say something before disappearing.

Or at least leave a note. But they can't.

So, ipso facto, you're a ghost.

-I'm sorry.
-Fuck you!

Language, Anna May.
There's a child present.

-Fudge you.

-Fudge you.
-Fudge you.

And why is there a toddler in our place
of business?

-The short version?

Well, her father was killed
and she has nowhere else to go.

I was downsized by The Firm and they fed
me to McAlester's endless supply of thugs.

And you decided to come here?

I'm sorry. Shall we come back
at a more convenient time?

Maybe you should.

It seems like whenever you come here,
you bring a war with you.

-Bringing your problems...
-We need to table this for now.

Seconded. Let's go down.

Go and take Emily. I'll buy you some time.

I think I should stay.

No. I screwed this up.
I'll clean up my own mess.

We'll meet at the diner once
I've finished them off. Go.



Sure you don't need help?
I could use the target practice.

Anna May was right.
Shouldn't have dragged you into this.

-I'm staying with you.
-No. No, you're not.

You're going with them to the basement
where it's safe.

But you need me. I'm your apprentice.

Okay, listen, Emily.
The bad men are coming.

I really need you to go with my mom.

-No. I wanna stay with you.
-You can't.

-But why?

-Because I killed your father.
-You're lying.

You just wanna get rid of me.

Your dad, he stole
from some very bad people.

And they hired me.

And I shot him.

Come on. Let's go.

-I need weapons.
-Try the self-help section.

-I have to go help her.
-And you needed my permission?

-I can't bail on her again.
-Why? You've gotten pretty good at it.

Look, I'm sorry I couldn't give it up back
then and just stay here with you.

You're human. You screwed up.

I can only imagine how painful
it was leaving her behind.

Leaving us all behind.

But she grew up to be a fine woman.

I never wanted this life for her.

Maybe it was meant to be.

Or maybe she wanted to be
just like her mother.

I missed you.

We kept these ladies for you.

Just meet us at the diner.
Come back in one piece, okay?

Both of you.


-Is anything broken? Are you bleeding?
-I'm fine.

Bleeding on the inside?

-I think the rest of them are coming.
-Would it kill you to say thank you?

-You can still go, Ma. I'll cover you.
-And miss all the fun?

Women Who Run With Wolves.

-Awakening The Giant Within.

How To Win Friends And Influence People.

You really should have stayed away
from this line of work.

Are you kidding, Ma? You left.

Killing people was the only thing
I knew how to do.

Okay, maybe in retrospect it wasn't
the best environment to raise a child in.

You think?

-But it made you who you are.
-At least we can agree on that.

And you are a strong, smart,
incredibly impressive young woman.

There's not a single person on earth
I'd rather kill people with.

Thanks, Ma.

And so strong. You can't be eight
and three quarters.

I am.

You sure you're not 28 and three quarters?

Anna May. Madeleine. Come and see this.

We're not leaving.
Scarlet's still a librarian

-no matter how much of an asshole she is.

-So these...

Jerks up there just made the biggest
mistake of their lives

when they stepped into our library
and threatened our own flesh and blood.

They're not gonna push us around anymore
and they're not gonna scare us off.

This ends now.

Madeleine, finish getting the van ready.

Florence, you and I are going up there
to defend the herd.

We're gonna bring the sky down on their
mother-fudging heads.

-All in favour?


Motion carried.

You think you have a chance here?
I have an army.

Oh, yeah? Well, I've got my mom.

-I wish we had some more time, Ma.
-It's quality, not quantity.

Chin up.

Why don't you just come out?

And I will put a bullet through your head.
Nice and quick.

Why don't you go fudge yourself?

If you make me work for it, I'm gonna
shoot you in the stomach.

Then we'll have some real fun together.

Hey, dumb-dumbs.

Hey, idiots, catch these!

Idiots to the left. Morons to the right.

The rest of you knuckleheads
stay here and kill those two.

Put these on.

I'm gonna make a little noise,
so play it loud.

Can you do that for me?

Sam! Reload.

You got something in your hair.

It's a tooth.


He took Emily.

I couldn't save her.

It's okay. We'll get her back.

It was nice having a kid
in the library again.

There's little joy in life for me.

And little terror in the grave.

I've lived the parting hour to see

Of one I would have died to save.

Well, that was exciting.
Been a long time since [ killed someone.

Let me talk to Emily.

You know, it's a real tragedy what happens
to poor orphans in our line of work.

You know? It's really quite sad.

What do you want?

My uncle insists on meeting you.

He says skinning you alive will
let him work through his grief.

That's not too much to ask, is it?

If I come to you, Emily goes free
and everyone else is off the table.

Okay, we have a deal.

-The diner.
-Can't wait.

We gotta go.

Hey, you can't just hand yourself
over to those animals.

They can't bring their guns into
the diner. It's Emily's best chance.

-It's a suicide mission.
-Well, someone else got a plan?

I don't right now, no.

But it's you, Mom.

You always have a plan.


Then I guess this is goodbye.

-They're waiting for you, honey.
-Thanks, Rose.

Did they hurt you?

It's been a long day.

But it's gonna be over soon, okay?


You're a special kid, Emily.

I wish I had more time to get to know you.

-I'm Jim.

You know, Samantha,
I've always considered myself a feminist.

When my first daughter was born,
I was over the moon.

Painted half the house pink.

It was all unicorns and lollipops.

And my second daughter was born.

And the third. And the fourth.


Always whispering at the dining table.

Always giggling in dark corners.

I love my girls,

but I don't understand them.

Then my son was born.

It was different. Simple.

We understood each other.

I wasn't alone any more.

I know

it was just a job to you

and he was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

None of that matters

because you took him away from me.

I'm gonna do terrible things to you,

You are gonna suffer more
than you thought even possible.

Because you have made me a stranger
in my own home again.

For what it's worth,
I am very sorry about your son.

Thank you, Samantha.

Just let the girl go.

Not yet.

-We had a deal.
-And I am a man of my word.

I will set the girl free, unharmed.

But only after she's watched
what I do to you.


Please, I will do anything.

Don't start begging yet.
There's plenty of time for that.

How y'all doing? Can I get you something?

No, we're just fine.

Maybe some more coffee or apple pie?

If I have to tell you no again,
there will be consequences.

Hi, sweetheart.

-Hi, Mom.
-Guess there was a plan after all.

-Guess so.
-Why don't you take Emily out of here?

It's no place for a kid.

Stay out of this, ladies.
It's not your fight.

There's no more standing on the sidelines.
We all need to pick a side.

Right, ladies?


I'm so sorry I killed your father, Emily.

-If I could take it back...
-I know.

But you tried to save him.


And you saved me.

Thank you.

Besides, I know you just pulled
the trigger.

I know there was someone else
who told you what to do.

Who sent you to my father?

There's a group of men called The Firm.

-It's a Girl Scout.
-Get rid of her.

No, wait.

They've been running things for a long,
long time.

They make all the rules

and change them when it fits their needs.

They think they're untouchable.

They think they can get away
with anything.

But they won't, right?

No, they won't.

Not any more.

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

-I'm selling cookies.
-Really? Where are they?

You're the little girl that I've heard
so much about, aren't you?

They think so little of me, they sent
a child to do their dirty work?

I'm insulted, frankly.

"Look into your heart?"

Fuck me.

-Can you hear me?
-Loud and clear.

We're both alive and well.
And that's the way it's gonna stay.

Come on, Sam.
You know that's not up to me.

You get one chance to end this now.

Years ago my mom screwed up
and pulled the wrong trigger.

I'm not making the same mistake.

That little girl in front of you
will have a future.

Go back to the partners and tell them we
know where they work, where they live.

We can kill them a hundred times over
without them ever seeing us coming.

Tell them they were only spared
because of an eight-year-old girl.

Eight and three quarters.

Sorry. Eight and three quarters. Got it?

Got it.

Now, close your eyes and count to ten.

One, two, three,

four, five, six, seven,

eight, nine...


-Can I drive?

Can I turn on the radio, then?

Go nuts, baby girl.

Right, folks, time to hit the road.

Take care, and see you on the other side.