Gunmen (1993) - full transcript

400 million dollars are hidden in a boat in some harbor in South America, hidden by Dani Servigo's brother. When his brother gets killed, Dani is a wanted man - by undercover DEA agent Cole Parker and also by Armor O'Malley, who is working for drug boss Loomis. Together, Servigo and Parker search for the boat.

bite the bullet,
bite the bullet

you think you're bad, punk,
here comes the gunman

and loadin'the pistol with
metal so you better run, man

yo, amigo, don't let your ego
write a check your ass can't cash

'cause shit'll happen
real fast

boom! That's it,
you're done

I show you real quick
how the west was really won

it's quick and
your heartbeat ticks

the hood ain't too much different
than the old west, I think

so when you say
the times have changed

I'm lookin' strange, 'cause in
a lot of ways it's all the same

banditos chasin around with
longer pistoleros

looking for the dinero,
on what simuleros

so who's gonna
get the loot

hey, yo, duck, man

I think I'm gonna shoot, there
ain't nothin' to it but to do it

I know you can't hang yourself,
then you're gonna bite the bullet

shoot 'em up and bang bang
bite the bullet

I'm only loaded with a shotgun
in my hand and a bang bang

ooh ooh

shoot 'em up and bang bang
bite the bullet

you remember

I know you need a little shot in
your hands and your head bang bang

bite the bullet

suramerica, tu pueblo is
strong where daddy never comes

a song about action,
the laws of the jungle

say, I own the streets

Oh, no!

No, not in there!
Not in there!

So many things are changing.

My sweet, sweet wife.

Where is it, armor?

I don't know.

But I can find it.

And when I do find it,
it's gonna cost you.

Don't toy with me, you fuck!

My life is on that boat!
My life!

So, how much do you want?


I like you, armor.

All right,
I'll give you 10 percent.

10 percent of $400 million,


Find that boat

And $40 million
is yours.

It will soon be over,
my darling.

Do you think
I'm overreacting?

I don't know.

What did she do?

Loyalty is very important
to me, armor

Dani servigo, let's go!

Let's go, come on!

come on, move it.

Thank you. Thank you.

I mean, I've been waiting
for that for months!

I'm so happy to see you.

Who are you?


This is my house.

That's my family.

Not here, please.

Loomis is upset.
He wants his money back.

I told him,
and I'm telling you,

Karl and his men stole it.

You know what I mean?
Stole it. He took off.

It was your responsibility.

You've been loomis's banker
for what, 20 years?

You promised karl would ship the
money safely out of the country.

What happened?

I don't know, armor.

Why don't you ask karl?

So, I should talk to karl?


Please do that.
Talk to karl.

Excuse me a minute.


You know that was every penny
that mr. Loomis had?

I trust you.

Where's the boat, karl?


I don't think he's gonna answer
me. He would've answered me,

But maria here,
being the bitch that she is,

She cut his tongue before I
had a chance to question him.

And java over here, the motherfucker,
he chopped his hands off.

And then,
the fucking guy dies on me.

The tongue part
was an accident.

So, help me out here, guzman.

I'm irish,
maybe I'm thick.

Karl takes off
with a ton of cash

And then,
he comes back.


Probably, he come back
for-for his brother.

Karl has a brother. Yeah.

And where can I find
his brother?

He's in macaibo prison.

My brother karl paid you
to break me out, right?

He's rich, my brother,
you know.

I gotta go meet him
as soon as possible,

Help him spend
all his money.

You wanna come with me?

So, what then?
Why did you break me out?

What the hell's the matter
with you? Are you crazy?

What are you trying to do,
kill me?

So, why did you
break me out?

The only reason I broke
your flat ass out of jail is

'cause your rich brother
shared a little secret with you.

And you're gonna
share it with me.


You gotta believe me.
I'm telling you the truth!





You son of a bitch!
How could you do this?

Shut the fuck up.

Start the truck.

Let's go
find his brother.

Trust me, sweetheart.

You're better off.

Hey, hey, hey.

This is police

Yeah? Well,
I ain't the poice.

Got a property haul.
Got another one, huh?

Yeah, right here.

What about
my rights?

You know what?

Your rights have
just been suspended.

I'm gonna hurt you
for this.

Where's chief?

Down the hall, but watch
yourself, he's in a bad mood.

Oh, yeah? Hey, can you keep
an eye on this guy for me?

Don't I know you?

That's nice.

oh, gross!

Yeah. Just kids.

Hey, cole,
glad to see you.

Yeah, you're the only one
who is.

What happened?

They've been shooting it out
since 4:00 this morning,

And you know what we got?

316-year-old boys.

same everywhere.

Kids take the hit.

So, I suppose I better
tell you this right now.

Political situation down here
has gotten so shitty,

We're pulling out
day after tomorrow.

What about loomis
and his crew?

I thought we'd end
this bullshit.

I got my orders.

Wait a minute,
hold it, hold it, hold it.

Loomis's poison took out
half my neighborhood.

You told me if I came down here,
I'd get my shot at guys like loomis.

I'm down here.
I want my shot.

I'm sorry.
You know I am.

Another drug lord gets away.

Hey, no.
Chief, listen, listen.

You're dani servigo, right?

I knew your, brother.

Oh, yeah?

He'd sell out anybody
for a nickel.

Oh, really?

Don't talk about my brother.

Guys like loomis got nowhere
to launder all that drug money.

It's piling up quick.

Karl servigo figured out where
loomis had his money stashed,

And he ripped it off.
All of it.

Cleaned him out,
right from under his nose.

We get loomis' drug money,

We put loomis
right out of business.

So, where is it now?

I saw karl and his men
load it on a boat.

Karl blew away his own men,
and he booked.

And you couldn't
grab him?

No. Jeeps don't float.

So, you ain't got dick.

Wait a minute, hold up.
Come on. Wait.

I got the name of the boat. I
know what the boat looks like.

That's the most
we've had in months.

Let me see that.

Could be anywhere.

You're looking
for a minnow in the ocean.

Yeah, but-but

I got karl's little brother,
dani, right here in custody.

If anybody knows where
karl is, it's his brother.

finding karl's
not the problem.

We found his body
this morning.

All cut to shreds in a burlap
sack out at guzman's beach house.

Like I said, amigo,
you ain't got dick.

chief, chief,

What do you wanna bet dani
knows where that boat is?

It's a shot.
Will you work with me?

Yes, of course.

If loomis knows
you got karl's brother,

You better watch your ass.

You know the drill.

Something happens to you,
the agency don't know you.

We miss you,
but we don't know you.

Why did you come back for me,
karl? Why?

We could've had
such a great time.

Goodbye, brother.

I got something
for you, right here.

Think you can find him?

Yes, I can find him.

Very well. Here you go,
get to work.

oh, oh, oh

can we remember love

the way it used to be

can we remember love




What do you mean, more?
I don't have more.

Where is the boat?

The boat?

Oh, shit.

How'd you know
I was gonna be here?

you just get out
of the joint

And you're thinking
with your joint.

Now, one time.
Where's the boat?

Shut up!
Where is he?

Where is he?

whoa, whoa, whoa!

What are you guys doin'?

We need these idiots alive.

shut up and keep moving!

Keep going!

Yeah, you're gonna tell me
where that boat is, huh?

Let's go. Keep moving.
Keep moving!

Don't move.

I said where's the boat?

Don't move! Big snake.

Big poisonous snake.

Don't play me, boy.

Put the gun down
before I take it from you.

Put the gun down?
Put the gun down?

I'm gonna put the gun
down your throat!

Let me tell you something,
I know where the boat is.

It's in a marina
with lots of boats.

What I don't know is
the name of that boat.

And you're gonna
give it to me now.

It's called
the u.S.S. Noneya.


Yeah, like none
of your damn business!

Oh, being a wise guy with me?
Get out of here!

we got some information
from a man at the d.E.A.

The guy with dani servigo
is cole parker.

He's a bounty hunter from new
york. Works with the d.E.A.

He saw the boat.
Knows the name.

Find him.

Don't like them.

Apart from that,
it's good for you,

City boy.

You're a sick
motherfucker, man.


Beautiful boat.

Money, lots of-

Lots of money on this boat.
Lots of money?

Lots of money in it.

Yeah, boat with lots
of money in it. Yeah.

Oh, baby.


Lisa? Lisa?

Come on, baby, hold me.

Hold daddy
like you used to.

Yeah. Hug me, baby, please.


The boat has...

The boat?

...Has money in it.

Money in it?

This is lisa, baby.


On the boat.
It was-

On the wa...

On the wa?

On the water.
On the water.

The money and the name.

The name? And the name?

The name of-


The name?

Oh, baby. A kiss?

Give me a kiss.


Give daddy one.

One kiss for the name.
Come on, baby.

One kiss.

One kiss?

For the name
of the boat.



Please. One little...

You'd blown me, man!

Oh, you.

I knew you were
faking it!

You've been in jail too long. Oh, come on.

Hey, man. I don't want
you sleeping behind me.

Give me a break.
I knew you were faking it.

You don't know nothing, man. I could have
- you'd have kissed me, man.

Oh, come on.

I got shit
to know about it.

I would've kissed you.

Just sleep over there.

did this, uh,

Loving brother happen to tell
you how much money he stole?

Ah, he said millions.

Millions and millions. Move!

That way, come on.

my brother
was, uh, suppossed to move

Loomis's drug money
to a safer bank.

He stole it instead
and put it on a boat.

I was gonna meet him
but I got arrested as usual.

But I know
where the boat is.

And I've gotta tell you we're
gonna need a plane to get there.

What is that
fucking thing, man, huh?

I mean, you hear that thing in
every single tarzan movie. Is it big?

Does it bite you? Should we
be running from this shit?

We got him, armor.
I see him. We're movin'in.


oh, man, I wouldn't do that.

You got candiru in there.

Can of what?

Spiny little fish that
like to swim up your penis.

Man. Don't play
with me, boy.

Come on,
your mother's a candiru.

It's true.

I knew a guy who lost
his entire penis from one.

It was horrible.

Look! Look!

See? Candiru!

Ah, man,
those are trout!

I'm not going!
I'm not going!

Be my guest.

Man, let's just find another
way around the water. Come on.

move, move, move! Hurry up!

don't kill them, you morons!

go! Go!

wrong way!


Crazy gringos!
They jumped off a cliff!

Any sign of the bodies?

no, boss. I'm sorry,
they got away.

Oh, no!

hey, servigo!

Is there any candiru
in this thing?

Hold it, hold it,
hold it, wait!

I think
we lost them.

Yeah. Move!

Where's my gun?

I lost it.

You lost
my pearl handle,.9 mm, huh?

Yeah, I lost the gun.
You lost my gun!

I lost the gun! What are
you talking about "move" for?

Oh, come on, I can't beieve you're
talking about a gun! We could've died.

What a team! Think positive! Be like me!

Positive? That's my gun you just
positively lost! Boy, where you from?

I can't believe you!
Just keep walking.

Don't push me!

I ain't pushing you! You talking about
"move." you could at least apologize!

I apologize! Ok?
I apologize.

Damn, bennett,
you bathe with that thing?

I lost my rubber duck.
Who's that?

Oh, he's-he's cool.


You know, I think I know
why you look so famiiar.

Is your name dani servigo?

I knew your brother.
oh, yeah.

Good. Good guy, too.

Hey, she liked
my brother.

Man, it runs in the family.
That's real nice.

Listen, you're in a lot
of trouble.

They got your face
plastered all over this town.

Really? That's great.
I'm famous.

That's not good, stupid.

You're jealous.
No, I'm not jealous.

You're jealous.
I'm not jealous, ok?

You're jealous.
Is it loomis?

It's a guy named o'mally. Armor
o'mally. He works for loomis.

Do you know him?
Yeah, I know him.

Bad news?
He's real bad news, man.

This is the good news, everybody's
getting out of the country.

And I'm having
a close-out sale.

I got ak-47s, m-16s.
I got colt super 38s,

Super redscopes.
I got uzis, machetes.

And as many hollow point bullets
as you can get your hands on.

Where's the plastique?

It's in the drawer over there
on the left.

$300 a pound.
American dollars only.

Uh, you have any 45s
with, um, laser sighting?

Laser sighting?
You wimp.

What are you talking
about laser sighting, man?

That's for fools
that can't even aim!

What are you saying? Look
at you. What are you doing?

You want it
'cause you can't aim!

What are you doing?
If you go 12 guage, punk,

You stick with
the german, punk.

Punk? You gotta speak
english, man. All right?

First of all,
I prefer the remington.

Oh, really?
You don't know guns.

It ejects better, and you
know what else? It never jams.

The name of the boat now!

Tell me where the boat is,
or I'll pop a cap in your ass.

Hey, hey, gentlemen,
let's calm down.

Look, I'll even throw in the kevlar
flak vests, lifetime guarantee.

We'll take them.

I don't need this.

I'm sorry about this.

The banks are all closed,
we're a little short right now.

We don't have time
to rob one.

Can you strip?

Dani, dani,
come here, please.

Come here, come here.

Come here, man,
that's not in the plan.

Well, it should be.

No, it's not. What's the
combination to the safe?

It's open. Only $800.

That's gonna do fine as a
contribution. Please turn around.

Get the rope.
Dani, get the rope.

Oh, yeah.

Listen, put your hands
behind your back.

I'm sorry about this. We're gonna
have to tie you up right there.

You guys tie me up,
you better mean it.

Whoa! We're gonna need
more rope.

Her hands, dani.
Her hands.

Oh, sorry.

Hey, my car's down.
I need a lift.

Yeah, sure,
wipe your feet.

Heard anything
from cole yet?


I wonder if
he's found the boat.

What boat?

Servigo's brother's boat.
The one who's so loaded.

Must be a lot of money
on that boat, huh?

A lot of money
in this business, rance.

A lot of money.

A lot of pain.

You know,
there's been a lot of leaks

Coming out of
the office lately.

I don't mean the rain,
you know. Leaks.


I don't know
what you mean,

I'm just asking
how cole's doing.

What do you want,
a medical report?

Who you working for, rance?

What are you talking about?

I work for you. Jesus!

I'm gonna say it
a little bit louder.

Who are you working for?

I don't-
I'm not feeling too good.

Who am I working for?

I'm working for me!


What do you have?

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Are you crazy?

What are we doin'
back in town?

Now, you talk more shit than
a radio. Will you shut up?

We're gonna
find a plane,

And we're gonna find
someone to fly it, ok?

You're cool, esse.

But your bitch
gotta stay with me.

Oh, come on, man,
we're a team.

say hello to the badman
coming from a badland

push up
and take your last stand

because my smith & wesson
teaches people a valuable lesson

then I'm not, niggity-not, not
the one you should be testin'

a loner and a drifter,
the wrong one, the rifter

because I might
just lift ya

to throw down in
a showdown none can

not against
the gunman

going down, going down,
going down


going down, going down,
going down

say what?

going down, going down,
going down

Man, I thought
we're going to atlanta.

No, you made-

You said we were going
to atlanta, man.

What are you
willing to pay me?

Ain't got a lot of money, man.
I got $800.

That's enough, man.
Come on.

Now, who made these
travel arrangements? You did.

Manuel made them. I thought
we were going to atlanta.

How come everybody around here
got a damn gun?

Yo, yo, this is
your man, here?

Right here, man.
He may not look like much,

But I promise,
you'll be pleased.

Is your name, izzy?
Izzy, can you fly?

Hey, what happened
with your hair?

It's growing.
Will you look at that?

Forget his hair.

I can fly. I can fly. I'm doing
a pretty good job right now!

Hey, izzy, izzy.
Do you have a plane?

Yes, I have a plane.

Ok, where's your plane?

My plane?

My plane is none of
your fucking business.

I'm out. I thought you
said he was all right.

Come on. He's just been
drinking a little too much.

General seriousness.
Sit down.

Stick to business, man.
All right, baby.

going down,
going down, going down

going down, going down,
going down

going down, going down

Like I told your man,
I got 800 american dollars.

No, I ain't doing this.
That's it.

I'm not going.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

take it easy.
Give him a minute. Man.

Give him a minute.

I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry.

Come on, sit down. I'll make
it nice. I appreciate it.

Come on, man.
Leave the guy alone.

Easy, big fella.

Oh, nice blanket,
nice blanket.

Haircut makes
the blanket.

Let's do this business.

Please don't send me out with this
superhero that looks like whoopi.

Are you gonna do
the job or not?

Yeah. Yeah,
it'll be cool.

nice choice.

You got any wheels?

Yeah. This thing
over there.

Hey, where are you guys
going so fast? Man, don't run.

We should stay
for a while.

We'll have some beers.

We'll have some beers
and sing some songs.

Hello, dani.

Name's armor.
Been looking for you.

Oh, yeah?

You know somethin'?

You look an awful lot
like your brother.

Uh, I mean, the way
he used to look.

Yeah. I miss him.

Sometimes I wish
I hadn't killed him.

Ah, but that's
living in the past.

By the way, let me offer
you my deepest condolences.

Cole parker,
ladies and gentlemen.

From the mean streets
of new york city.

One of the toughest men
special forces ever saw.

Now on loan
to the drug...


But not a cop.

No, not a cop.

Why is that, cole? Why is
it you never became a cop?

I know your daddy
was a cop, right?

Oh, but then he got killed.
Is that it?

That mess with you, huh?

Did that screw you up inside?
Did that disillusion you?

So that now you think
you're gonna take on

All the big bad drug dealers in
the world all by yourself, huh?

So, I'm looking for a boat.

My boat.

And I believe,
between the two of you boys,

There's a lot of
information that I need.

Who is it, armor?

what are you
talking about?

He's got a plant inside
the d. E. A., don't you?

oh, come on, guys!

get him out of my sight.
Back in the trucks, boys.

Let's have a little party.

Karl's brother

Is dead.

How do you know?

He fell off a cliff.

You think...

You think he could have
told someone?

Could be someone else
who knows where the boat is.


Took it to his grave.

Just like his brother.

Great cigar.

Don't worry, loomis.

You'll make another fortune.

You know, armor,

You can tell a lot about
a man from the way that he

Cleans his nails.

Yours are very dirty.

Now, we're going to
find that boat.

Even if it kills you.

So, you be a good boy.

I'll call you when I need you.
Go on now, leave me.

My long-haired friend
tells me armor's lying.

Kill them all.

How the hell are you?

Hey! You know what I like
to do in the morning?

I like to dunk my donut
into my coffee.

How about you?

let's try this again.
Where is the boat?

I don't know!
I swear, I don't know!

Why don't you let-

Stop! Stop!
I'll tell you!

I'm sorry,
I can't hear you!

Could you speak up
just a little bit?

It's in puerto vallarta!

Puerto vallarta, I swear!

You know something?
I believe you.

Let's go!

kill them. Kill them all.

hey, boss.
It's loomis' men!

We're under attack!

hey, boss, it looks like
we got some bodies down there.

What the fuck?

Take it down,
I want to talk to java!

You're fucking cryin'
about a guy

Who sold us out
to fuckin' loomis!

How do I know you're
not working for him, too?

Your boyfriend
was a piece of shit.

Scumbag! He was
a fucking traitor.

What are you looking at?


Let' s get out
of here. Shit!

Hey! See my jump?


Pretty good, huh?

Yeah, that's cool. Come
on, let me help you up.

What's the matter?

I think I broke a rib.

Are you crazy?
You didn't break a rib.

If you did, you'd scream
much louder than that.

You told 'em where that
boat is, didn't you?

I didn't tell them anything.
That's bullshit, man.

If you didn't, they would
have been back for your ass.

Hey, don't get smart, ok?
You still don't know.

Now we're gonna
get us a plane.

Come on. Move!

A plane?
Yeah, that's right, a plane.

I'm not sure about this.
A plane?

Keep moving.

Don't point the gun at me!
Don't touch me!

Don't point the gun at me!

I'm seriously wounded.

takin' advantage if you
concede to mess with

the rhymes
of the microphone soloist

sit by the radio,
hand on the dial

as you hear it,
pump up the volume

dance with your speaker
till you hear 'em blow

then plug
in the headphones

and let it go,
it's a four-letter word

Oh, sweetness.

I must be the luckiest cat
in the world.

I'm the alley cat.
I'm the baddest cat.

Hey, izzy.
Hey, who the hell are you?

Don't worry about it.

Hey, whoopi,
what's happenin'?

I want you all to meet
some friends.

What's happening?
Wait a second.

Come on.
Fellas, wait!

Hey, baby-

Mr. Loomis,
we have a visitor.

It's all right.

Well, I'm flattered

That you've come to me
to beg for your life.

that's funny.

Is that one for me? 'cause
it's not quite big enough.

Look at yourself,

You're crippled.
You're dying.

And now you're broke.

How are you
gonna pay these men?

Are you gonna sell
your house?

Hold an auction
or something, huh?

Really, I'm curious.

I'm offering them
a percentage.

Besides, unlike you,
they have honor.

You have nothing.

That money is mine.

What money, loomis?

I don't see any money.
Do you have it on you?

Do you want to fuck
with me?


Let's fuck.

The world's
a democracy now.

Let's ask your men.
Let's let them decide.

10 percent of $400 million.

Now, who do you think is more
likely to find that money, loomis?

You? Or me?

You crippled piece of shit!

Kill him, manolo.

Kill him, manolo. Kill him!

Go on, do it!
Kill him!

I'm in the market
for a good man with no morals.

What do you say?

kill him!

Kill him!

No! No!

He's fucking pathetic.

come on, come on.


Faster, faster.

You learned everything
from me!

All of life's lessons.

Look at me. Look at me!

You're looking at yourself.

Oh, god.

Our father,
which art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.

Thy king- thy kingdom
come- oh, shit!

Thy kingdom...
Thy will be done.

Let's get the fuck
out of here.

We're going
to puerto vallarta.

hey, one of you tough guys,

Bring me a map of wherever
the hell we're headed!

I'm flying blind back here.
I can't do this.

Yo, man, I'll do it,
don't sweat it.

Just tell me
where we're going.

I'll do it. I'll do it!

Top side?

yeah, right there!

Hey, don't be
messin' up my shit, man.

Mex-mex... Uh.

Dani. You can't read,
can you?

No. I can't read.
I can't read! So what!

Lots of famous people
can't read!

where are we going now?
All right now, let me guess.

We're going, uh,
to el boca grande?

Uh, tortuga?
Puerto del oro?

puerto vallarta.

It's in puerto vallarta?

I love mexico!

Yo, izzy,
question of the day be?


So we have some friends in
a bell jet helicopter, right?

They left an hour, an
hour and a half before us,

Who's gonna
get there first?

They will.

Hey, if armor
and his men are there,

It's gonna be rough.

Oh, yeah, he's gonna be
there, I guarantee it.

Then, we'll just have to
kill them all.

As many as we can
before they pop us.

Or we kill each other.

Either way.

Oh, I wish
my brother was here.

When it comes down
to killing bad people,

He was good at that.

That's not to say he wasn't
a good guy inside, you know.

But it was his life.

Oh, my god.
He was the greatest.

I've been thinking
about your brother, man.

Oh, yeah?


You're the only one
in the whole wide world

That knew where his boat
was gonna be, right?

His only loose end.

I don't think
he came back to save you.

I think he came back
to blow you away.

I got nothing.

Maybe, I'm wrong.

What about you?
What about your father?

My pops was cool.
He raised me up.

He was a good cop.

Maybe too good.

He got on to something

And someone on the inside, someone
from the force had him done.

So chief chavez, you know
the cat from the d.E.A.?

He's kind of watched
my back ever since.

The way I look at it,
you got nothing.

I mean, no family.

And I got nothing.

So together,
we got nothing.

The greatest kind of team.

Yeah, right.

you know,
when I was 6 years old,

And I moved out of atlanta,

My daddy used to put on my
uncle billy's james brown wig

And run through the streets
of downtown atlanta.

One day I took it and I
ran out there, butt-naked.

Running around,
6 years old,

With my daddy's
james brown wig on.

It was the fun-

Hey, hey, hey. Come on.
I just wanna share, too.

What's the matter with that.
I can't share, too?

Don't point no pistols
at me in my plane.

Or I'll crash this son of a gun
and everybody'd be outta here.

it's time to get on up.
This is your captain speaking,

And you're flying aboard
the I-z-z-y.

Now, if you take a look
to the right of the aircraft,

You'll see the beautiful city
of puerto vallarta,

Which means one thing,
our ride is just about up.

Time for you cats to bail.

What do you mean, bail?

How? That's a good question,
dirt bomb.

You've done
this before?

Yes, I've done
this before.

Come on,
you go first.

You take the bag.

No, you'll keep
the bag.

Come on!

I go first
and I keep the bag?


Count for me.

1, 2, 3!

There's nothing here,

Come on.
What's the matter with you?

What's the matter
with me?

I'm carrying
the damn guns, man.

Oh, I'll take the bag.

Now that we're here,
you get the bag.

Hey, listen. You might not
have it in you to kill me,

But you might just try
and run away from me, right?

What you talkin' 'bout,

My leg!

Ah, come on.
Don't take it like that.

I just shot you in the leg.
Big deal!

Give me my gun!

No, that's a bad idea.
Come on, let's go.

Give me my damn gun, dani!

Don't slow us down,
will ya?

We're still partners,

Give me my damn gun, man.

You shot me
in my leg!

There's tendons in the leg, you know that?

Part of the reason
you limp, man.

I play ball.

God, don't be
such a wussy.

You stupid,
ignorant euro trash.

Hey, we need
a balcony view.

Back off, back off.

What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

You want a view?
I'll get you a view.

This is my wallet!

Yeah, I know.

You took my wallet.
Oh, yeah.

That's my credit card
you're using, man.

I know.
Hurry up.


What is this place?

Time share,
don't worry about it.

Here, give me the scope.


You see it?

Did you see the boat?

Did you see the name?
Come on, man, it's there.

I told you everything
I know.

bionic bitch.


you gotta tell me.

Did you see the boat?

Let's get out of here.

Come on,
let's get out or here.

Did you see it?

You saw it?
I saw it.

You saw it! Hey!


Nobody's moving an inch.
I want the name now!

Come on, man,
it's not fair.

What happens if you die?

I've got nothing!
I want the name now!

The what?

The killer. The name of
the boat is the killer.

The killer.

The killer.
Are you sure?

Oh, shit.

You shot me!

You shot me
in the leg!

That is very dangerous!

It's called the killer, huh? Yeah.


You sure?
Yeah, I'm 'sure.

You're not lying?

No, I'm not lying.



If you were lying,
I'm really gonna regret that.

The killer. Ha-ha.


Hey, how ya doing?

Hey, hey, hey!
Watch the shirt, ok?

You jump out
of a helicopter?

What are you made of,
fucking rubber?

No, it hurt like hell.
Listen, I'm gonna go now.

Where's cole?
I killed him.

I left him on the beach.

You're lying,
aren't you, hmm?

Where's the boat?

Christ, did he tell you
the name of the boat?

Fuck you!

No, that's my job.

Kill him, ok?
Sink him when you're done.

No blood on the docks.

I'm sick
of this fucking bullshit.

they wouldn't be here
if the money isn't here.

It's too bad
I can't fuck you.

But you know, sooner
or later, you're fucked.

What the hell
is she stroking him for?

They'll be here soon.
What are we waiting for?

Take him.

He told me!

that's enough!
Tie him up!

he told me the name!

Find cole.

He's gotta be
somewhere in the hotel.

What, am I supposed to
kill him, too?

Get the name of the boat.
Then kill him.

You know, there's a lot of...

A lot of killing going on and not
enough looking for the money, huh?

I'm starting to get
a little worried, you know.

We made a deal.
What about my cut?

Shut the fuck up,
and find cole.

All right, all right.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Bishop here.

Bishop, it's cole.

I'm gonna need some backup.
Let me speak to the chief.

Cole, I got some
bad news for you, man.

Chavez is dead.

What you talkin' about, man?

Yeah, we found
his body by the road.

Listen, cole, someone got to
loomis, all right. He's dead.

So, you just gotta go home.
Get out of here, man.

It's just-
it's over with, man.


The killer.
It's called the killer!

The boat!

What are you, deaf?



Cole! Son of a bitch.
Am I glad to see you!

You're ok?

I've been looking
all over for you.

You were right all along.

We tailed armor here. We're
about ready to grab the boat.

Only we don't
know the name of it.

Everyone's downstairs.

Who's we?

Rhodes, bishop.

The chief's got us
posted all over the marina.

Only we gotta move, man.
We need the name of the boat.

The chief
and bishop are here?

Oh. Oh, I'm sorry, man.

The chief's dead.
They got him.

The chief is here,
or the chief is dead?

Just give me
the name of the boat.

let's make a deal.
Fine. $400 million!

That's a lot of money.

put him down on his knees.

You like to use
your mouth, don't you?

Hold his mouth.

Ok, now.

Blow me.

I ain't gonna tell you
I don't swallow.

Come on!
Let's get to the boat!

Hey! How are you?

Oh, man, thank you.
Thank you, man, thank you.

You know
where the money is?

She was gonna kill me.
You saved me. Why?

Anybody kills you, it's
gonna be me. You got that?

And I'm just using your
ignorant ass as a decoy, anyway.

Oh, come on, man,
come on.

You wanna hit me?
Hit me.

Do you feel better now?

Yeah, yeah.
I feel a lot better now.

Good. Listen, I'm gonna
need a gun.

You know, a small gun.

A small machine gun.

Come on, man. Come on.

Come on.

Please? You can trust me.

Well, thank you, man.
Thank you.

Listen, you go that way,
I'll go this way.

You kill her,
I'll kill him.

And we'll meet at the
boat. No, you listen to me.

You and I
are gonna go that way.

And we're gonna
avoid killing anybody!

And you're gonna be
in front of me always.

Ok. Whatever you say.
I'm your friend!

In front of me!
I am your friend!

Is this the boat?


We're rich.

is this the boat?

This is the el matador.

El matador? El matador?

You said the killer.

It is the killer.
It's in spanish, ok?

Oh, you lied to me.

No, I just forgot
to translate, all right?


He got away.

God! Son of a bitch!


Stay with her, they
gotta be here somewhere.


Ok, dani, you grab one of these flak vests

And go ahead
and put that on.


Ok. Now, dani,
when I tell you, man,

I want you to go ahead

And, um, press the
ignition button. You got me?


Ignition. Yeah.


I can't breathe.

I'll tell you
what you do.

You know, hold up the first
finger. Tell me what you see.

I see a finger!


I-it looks like an "I,"
see that's...


That's the
- that's the first letter in ignition, man,

Why don't you just go ahead
and press that...

Whatever you see
that looks like an "I," ok?

ig... Ig...

Igni... Igni... Ig...

Igni... Ig...

Hey, hey, hey.
I can read! I can read!

Ign... Ign... Yeah,
forget it. Yeah!

Press the ignition button,

I got it!

Shoot the mooring lines, oh.

Shoot the mooring lines, man!
Shoot the mooring lines.


everything ok?


Come on, come on,
come on, let's go.

Jesus christ, I'm with
the fucking morons here.

Start the boat.


Get up there.

Where are they?

Ok, let's spread out, everybody.
I want these guys dead.

Andale, let's go!

I almost killed your ass, man.

Check and see
if they're out there.

Why me?

What do you mean?
I swam with the damn bag.

I jumped out
the plane first.

Just check and see
if they're out there.

All right,
they're out there.

No kidding.

He's mine.

I got him.

You got him?
Yeah, I got him.

How do you know you got him?
You didn't even look.

I think I got him,
all right?

I got him.

Just cover me, man.
Cover you?

Cover you?

Oh, shit! Shit!

What's wrong
with this woman?

all right.
Pop goes the weasel!


You know, I hope I didn't hurt
your feelings the other night.

When I said that stuff
about your dad.

That's how I am, though. I say how
I feel. My therapist taught me that.

Let it out, you know. It leads to high
cholesterol if you don't let it out.

That's why I always
say how I feel.

You dumb motherfucker!

You know
how I feel right now, mmm?

I feel like a member of the
los angeles police department.

come here, motherfucker.


Oh, no. Time's up.

Dani, dani!

get off the boat!



Get off the boat!


Get off the boat!


Holy shit!


You die on me.
What am I gonna do?

What about me?

Are you ok?

I'm fine.

Are you gonna make it?

Of course,
I'm gonna make it. I'm fine.

I don't think so.




Oh, my god, cole!

Come on, please?

I don't care about the money!


Oh, please. Please.

Make him come back!
Do something, please!



You came back
to save me. Why?

You son of a bitch!

I'm gonna tell you why.


Because if anyone's
gonna kill you,

That's gonna be me.

Hey, man, relax, will you?

Relax? Relax?

Fuck me.

Holy shit!

You could've killed me!

I told you
to get off the boat.

I thought you'd be
worried about the money!

The money! The money!

hey, what would you have
done with your half?

I'd start a fund

For kids on the street,
you know.

Chavez would've
liked that.

What about you, dani, huh?

You believe in charity?

Of course, I believe
in charity. Yeah, right.

I would've helped that
little girl with some nuns.

Yeah, sure.

It's the truth.

What are you doing?

Ah, come on, man, I thought
we were gonna grab some brunch!

Come here.

You son of a bitch!

You son-of-a-bitch!

Oh, we're rich!
We're rich! We made it!

We fooled them all!
What a team!

Oh, my god.
Boxes and boxes, oh.


What are you doing?
We're partners.

You wouldn't,
would you?

Stab an old friend
in the back?

Put it back.
Put it back.

Put it back?
Put it back.

Put it back?

Hey, look.
This here's my money.

It's my money,
it's my money!

Hey, our money.

Our money.
Put it back.

Most of it is mine.
For the trip!

hey, where're we going?

we're going back down
to south america.


You got that money to give to that
little girl and the nuns, right?

Oh, come on. I was gonna fedex it. Come on.

love and happiness

wait a minute,
something's goin' wrong

someone's on the phone

3:00 in the morning


talkin' about

how she can make it right


happiness is when

tell her how it's done

you really feel good
about somebody

ain't nothing wrong

with being in love
with someone


tell her how we're gonna
sing it now

love and happiness

love and happiness

take it off


talkin' about
the power of love

I know what love


talk, talk, talking 'bout

love and happiness

love and happiness

oh, yeah

be good to me,
go ahead, baby

I've been good to you

we'll be together


we'll see each other

walk away with a victory


oh, baby

yeah, darling

love, love, love

love and happiness


love and happiness

one time y'all

love and happiness

love and happiness

take it off


hit it home

talkin' about the power

said I'm gonna
move one time

it's the power of love

oh how big

happiness is when

you really feel good
about somebody

ain't nothin' wrong

being in love with someone


talk, talk, talking
about it

love and happiness


love and happiness

oh, god,
it was a nightmare

lord, it was all true

they told me,
don't go walkin' slow

the devil's on the loose

better run
through the jungle

oh, don't look back
to see

thought I heard a rumblin'

callin' to my name

200 million guns
are loaded

satan cries, take aim

better run through
the jungle

better run through
the jungle

oh, don't look back
to see