Gun Hill (2011) - full transcript

When a man is released from prison, he meets with his twin to assist him in getting back on his feet. Shortly after leaving a bar together, there is a turn of tragic events, and it becomes evident that their lives have taken remarkably different paths.

>> I swore to myself

I'd never step foot back

in the Bronx.

But after 12 years of being

locked down, I had to come back.


>> Another ginger ale.

>> Why don't you go all the way

with it?

Order yourself a glass of milk.

>> We both done.

>> A little bit.

>> When did you get out?

>> A week ago.

Thanks for meeting me.

You're a hard cat to track down,

you know what I mean?

>> I'm busy.

Started a new job.

>> Still 5-0?

>> Can't really talk about it.

>> (scoffs)

Some CIA-type stuff?

>> Can't really talk about it.

>> How Ma and Duke's doing, man?

>> I see her every Friday.

Bring her roses.

Half the time, she doesn't even

know who the hell I am.

>> Tulips.

>> What?

>> Tulips are her favorite.

>> Honestly, Bird, it wouldn't

make a damn difference if

I brought her a bunch of sticks

and weeds.

She just--

She just lost it, man,

when you got locked up.

>> She started losing it

when Pops died.

>> She lost you when Daddy died.

The way you were out there, man,

literally drove her crazy.

You put her in a nut house!

>> At least she still has

a golden child.

>> I don't need this, man.

>> Hold up, man.

Hold up.

I, uh...

I need some help.

>> What?

>> Brother needs some cash.

Made a whole bunch of promises

inside I can't keep.

>> Hell no.

I can't help you.

>> Can't help me?

What's this?

>> It ain't much, but I send

600 bucks every month.

Mom used to do it.

But I took over six or seven

years ago.

>> Yeah.

Got a big ol' head

just like you.

Can't believe you got a kid.

>> No, Bird.

You got a kid.

>> What are you talking about?

>> Dante Michael Evans,

11 years old, fifth grade.

He's your boy.

Yours and Janelle's.

>> She said she was getting

an abortion.

>> Well, he looks a lot more

like you than I do.

>> How come nobody told me this?

>> Janelle didn't want you

to know.

Mom wanted to have a grandson

in our life, so we were just

following the script.

>> You want a drink?

>> No, I'm good.

>> I got somewhere to be.

Where you staying?

>> 32nd Street, east side.

>> The shelter?

>> You got any better ideas?

>> I'll drop you off.

>> * You say we're identical

* But we couldn't be

* Farther apart

* One gets to shine

* While the other

* Gets left behind

* If man did judge me

* Only God knows

* Take my chances

* Out here tonight

* Let destiny control

* The floor...

>> What's he like?

>> Haven't forged

a relationship.

He gets a check every month.

I get a picture every year.

>> Move, go, go!

(tires screeching)


>> Damn, damn, boy!

What the hell are you into?

>> Nothing!

>> Then who the hell are they?

>> I don't know.

>> Glove compartment.

Safety off.

All you have to do is pull--

>> I know!


(tires screeching)


>> Praise the Lord!

(engine revving)

(tires screeching)

>> Trane, you all right?

Trane, you all right?

(tires screeching)


>> (grunting)

>> * Hold on

* It's gonna be all right

(tires screeching)

* The grass is greener

* On the other side


* The mist of adversity

* Can find paradise

* It won't be long

* If you be strong

* And hold on

* I wish I could fly today

* To a place in the sky

* Where the truth can't hide

* Wish I could cry away

* All the pain and the fears

* And the guilt inside

* Pray for a better way

* I hope to God he'll open

* Our beautiful eyes

* Hold on

* It's gonna be all right

* The grass is greener

* On the other side

* It won't be long

* If you be strong

* And hold on


>> Your face--

it's all wrong.

>> What?

>> Goatee.

>> Trying out a new look.

>> Oh.

Keep trying, Mr. Stevens.

>> When I walked through those

gates, they told me I was free.

That's a hard concept

to swallow.

(elevator whirring)

I've been so used to people

telling me when to eat,

what to eat.

(microwave beeps)

Sometimes be wondering what you

were doing, how you were living.

(line ringing)

>> Hello?

>> Hi.

It's Trane.

>> Trane?

>> Yeah.

Think we can talk?

I'm out front.

I changed a lot in the last

12 years.

Hopefully enough to make her

think I'm you.

>> Hey.

>> Hey.

>> How are things?

>> They changed my hours

at the hospital.

Instead of being on five days

a week, they got me doing three

double shifts.

>> You did it, though.

>> What?

>> When we were kids,

I remember-- I remember

my brother saying that you

wanted to be a doctor.

>> Please.

Being an RN is a long way

from being a doctor.

Besides, Bird used to laugh

at me.

>> It's never too late,

you know.

You still have that dream.

>> My dream is to make sure

my boy doesn't end up

a statistic.

>> How is he?

>> Trying to mess up in school

right now.

But I straightened his ass out,

believe me.

So what's up?

>> I'm leaving New York tonight.

Might not be coming back.

>> Job stuff?

>> Yeah.

Got something for you.

>> What's this?

>> It's 10 "G"s.

>> Where did you get this?

>> My savings.

>> I don't know any cops get

paid like this.

>> I'm in a special division

that pays good.

Besides, no one has to know.

>> I'm the only one who has

to know?

>> That's right.

>> Well, I have to know.

Look, I don't need any trouble.

>> I may not be doing right

by the IRS, but I'm not out

there robbing banks, okay?

It's not like that.

>> Then hold onto it.

Look, six years from now,

Dante will be going to Harvard

or Yale or something.

It'll come in handy.

All right?

>> Six years from now.

>> Yeah.

Or you might want to take that

and fix up your ride.

>> Yeah.

Somebody tried to steal it.

People ain't got a conscience,

you know?

Can I see your boy?

>> He's sleeping.

>> I won't wake him.

I promise.


>> It's too bad you're

leaving town.

Right about now, he could use

a role model in his life.

A male one.

>> I figured you wanted me

to keep my distance.

>> I never said nothing like

that to you, Trane,

and you know it.

You may look like your brother,

but you are completely


I've always known that.

(tires screeching)


(cell phone ringing)

(cell phone continues ringing)

>> Yeah.

>> You set for tonight?

>> What?

>> You all set?

>> Yeah.

>> Don't be late.

(pounding on door)

(pounding on door continues)

>> Who is it?

>> Me, Trane.

How long you gonna keep me

out here?

>> It's open.

>> I've been calling.

>> I got busy.

>> Oh, you got busy.

For two weeks?

>> You know how it is.

>> No, I don't know how it is.

Why don't you tell me?

>> Maybe we should, um, do this

some other time.

>> Trane, we've both been

upfront with each other.

Our careers come first.

It's what we both wanted.

And if things get too serious,

our relationship is too serious.

Those were your exact words.

(cell phone ringing)

>> Can't believe you still using

that same line.

Ever since we were kids,

you've been telling chicks

you didn't want to get serious.

>> Just have him leave it with

the doorman.

Yeah, okay, thanks.


This new unit you're working is

controversial, and I laid my ass

on the line for CCF.

The last thing I need is for

people to think I'm motivated

by personal reasons.

>> I understand.

>> Now you're patronizing me.

Why do you look like that?

>> I...

grew a goatee.

>> Yeah, I hate the goatee.

That's not what I mean.

You look different.

Your eyes look different.

>> Maybe you never really

looked before.

>> Maybe.

Well, if we're gonna walk away,

we should at least say good-bye.



>> (heavy breathing)

>> Martin, what the hell

is your problem?


(distant sirens wailing)

>> (moaning)

>> I didn't know we were in such

a hurry, baby.

>> Sorry about that.

>> (chuckles)

Don't be.

We friends?

>> Hell yeah.


Maybe me and you ain't

so different after all.

Maybe if I got the "A"s

and "B"s, I would be you,

you would be me.

>> Right on time, Giant.

Ready to do business?

>> Yeah.

I guess so.

>> (chuckles)

You guess so?

Where's my money?

>> Where's my stuff?

>> Four pounds of ice.

It's all there.

Remember, Giant, if we get word

of you selling outside

of the hood, you are a dead man.

Now, the 50 "G"s?

>> You know, all this

nickel-and-diming is for boys.

Why don't we act like grown men

up in here?

100,000 for eight pounds.

>> What the hell you think

you're doing?

>> Renegotiating.

>> I think I'll keep the deal

in place.

The money?


>> It's in my truck.

>> Well, go get it.


If the money ain't there,

handle it.

>> You look nervous.

>> Point the gun at yourself,

I'll look more calm.

>> I can give you boys

the time of your life.

>> Get the hell outta here.

>> You don't know what

you're missing.

>> Let's keep it that way.

>> I can't break cover.

Get outta here.

>> Throw me the keys.

Throw me the keys!

Let's go.

>> Get outta here.

(tires screeching)

>> Move!

(tires screeching)

>> What the hell happened

back there?

>> I don't know.

>> What do you mean,

you don't know?

Why did you deviate?

>> Just didn't feel right.

>> Didn't feel right?

You could've gotten

yourself killed.

You could've gotten

Danny killed.

And why your windows are

blown out?

>> Kids tried to steal it.

Chased them off.

All I could think was,

who the hell is she?

Where the hell are we?

And who the hell is my brother?

>> Stevens.

In my office.

>> All this nickel-and-diming

with your boys.

Why do we act like grown men

up in here?

100,000 for eight pounds.

>> This ain't no one-man show.

You want to be Kobe Bryant,

join the Lakers.

>> The only reason I--

>> Shut up.

We had Raden inside

for five months.

Built a relationship

with the number-one guy.

And on the day we could have

blown this investigation

wide open, you go in there

and screw everything up.

Give me one good reason why

I don't put charges on your ass?

>> Instinct.

>> Instinct.

>> I told them I would spend

twice as much money for twice

as much product.

The only reason he didn't bite,

'cause he ain't the shot-caller.

>> Intel says he is.

>> Brother, I know what I'm

talking about.

>> It's "sir."

Or "Captain."

>> Sir...

or Captain...

I know what I'm talking about.

>> Danny Raden put in a good

word for you.

Said you had DEA training


And it says right here

you made 38 successful

undercover arrests with them.

In fact, it says one of your

strengths is teamwork.

Now, either they were lying

about you in this report

or you're not the guy

they say you were.

So which is it, Agent Stevens?

>> I messed up.

My bad.

>> My bad?

"My bad" doesn't cut it in here.

"My bad" gets someone killed!

Empty your desk.

>> What are you doing here?

Danny, you can't take this kind

of risk.

>> I was careful.

No one saw me.

Come on.

(fighting sounds)

>> (grunting)

>> Excuse me.

Thank you.

>> Hey, what floor

you hopping off?

>> Five, please.

>> No problem.

We got you covered.

>> Hey, hey, it's all there.

>> Yeah.

If it's all the same to you,

we're gonna count it anyway.

>> You two realize it's quite

disrespectful to lay on

another man's bed.

>> It is soft, though.


Right, Satine, isn't it?

>> It was a Mets game.

There was this assemblyman

from Long Island.

And they went to play

the National Anthem.

And I watched him.

He was mouthing

some of the words.

This is an elected official

who's faking the Anthem.

That's when it started for me.

>> I don't get these

phony-ass politicians.

They aren't about the people.

They're about themselves.

>> That's right.

That's why there's

a Founding Patriots.

Let's honor our comrade.

>> Ay, yo!

>> What's up?

>> Y'all take credit cards?

>> (children playing)

>> Whoo!

>> You and Pops went on

a fishing trip one Sunday.

I couldn't go 'cause I got into

a fight at school.

Deep down, think you were happy

when it was just you and him--

father and son.

>> * Like Stevie, girl

* You are a wonder

* I wonder what spell

* Am I under...

>> I thought we were

smoking weed.

>> Trust me.

This is like smoking 20 buds.

>> That ain't crack, is it?

>> You think I'd let you

smoke crack?

I'd kill you first.

Here, here you go.

>> Like this?

>> Yeah.

>> What are you doing?

>> Your high's gonna last

till tomorrow.

You're gonna want

to remember this.

>> * They make it sound better

* They want some reverb

* Make it sound

* A little better, like

>> * Da da da da da-da

>> * Hmm

>> * Da da da da-da

>> * She's my melody...

>> Nice, huh?

>> (chuckles)

>> Founding Patriots pay $500

to anyone who can post

a black kid smoking meth.

>> What are you saying?

They want to use the Internet

to market drugs to black kids?

>> I'm saying it's already


>> Which way is the IP address

to a 16-year-old boy

in Jamaica, Queens?

>> Let's get this 16-year-old

picked up.

>> Done.

>> Who's Web have dealing

in Queens?

>> I couldn't tell you.

But there is another thing

you should know.

Last night, after they burned

Andrew's body, some guy

showed up, somebody important.

>> How important?

>> More important than Web.

>> What if...

what if we bring Web in?

Show him everything we have

on him?

Can we turn him?

>> He's too committed.

>> To what?

A war against black people?

>> Flooding more drugs into

the hood is not their end game.

It's a military tactic.

>> What's their end game?

>> Eliminate anyone who does not

share their beliefs.

(cell phone vibrating)

>> Oh, damn.


Hello, Miss Logan.

I appreciate the concern

from the D.A.'s office.

But we're doing everything

we can to conduct a thorough


One of our agents is very active

on the case.

>> You only have one agent

working this?

>> Just one from the inside.

We had another agent undercover.

Unfortunately, I had

to dismiss him.

>> If you don't mind me asking,

who is this agent you dismissed?

>> Trane Stevens.

He's a loose cannon.

>> I see.

If you only want one active

agent on this case, that's

your call.

But let me be frank.

>> You always are.

>> Yeah.

The promise of this agency was

to investigate, infiltrate,

and impede criminal activity.

Now, if I can't show results

and soon, it'll be shut down

and written off as a waste of

money this city does not have.

And for whatever it's worth,

we all had high hopes

for Agent Stevens.

Have a good day, Captain.

>> You do the same, Miss Logan.

>> When we were teenagers,

you got permission

to call her Marva.

Even though I was getting

in trouble for staying out

all night, I only wanted

to call her Ma.

Hey, Ma.

It's me, Trane.

Your son.

I saw your grandson

the other day.

He's pretty amazing.

And Janelle is doing a really

good job taking care of him.

Here, wait, let me do that

for you, Ma.

Remember you used to do this

for us as kids?

We'd go down to the botanical

gardens, chase bubbles all day.

You remember that?

Care more about the bubbles

than the flowers.

Anyway, I...

brought you something.


I just wanted to come by and...

say hi.

I'll see you later, okay?

>> (whispers)

You my baby, Bird.

>> No, Mom.

I'm Trane.

>> You my baby, Bird.

(computer beeps)

(pounding on door)

>> Who is it?

>> Who the hell do you think

it is?

>> Ebony and Ivory.

What the hell y'all want?

>> We just happen to be in this

crappy-ass neighborhood.

>> (snorts and laughs)

>> Your friend Kendra was rushed

today to the emergency room.

Look at her!

They found her unconscious

choking on her own saliva.

By the time she was in

the ambulance, she showed signs

of heart attack.

She probably had no idea

she could O.D. on meth.

They tried to save her,

but they couldn't.

She's dead.

You made it happen.

And you're gonna get jail

for it.

That's a promise.

>> Wait.

You're saying no jail time?

>> You don't get to act like

what you did never happened.

But if you'll cooperate...

>> Sit down.

>> ...I'll push the D.A.

for a lighter sentence.

>> What do you want to know?

>> That you're not dealing,

so how did you end up

with the drugs?

>> Cousin gave some to me.

She told me to pop as many

cherries as I could.

She said, after they did it

once, they'd be hooked.

>> And your cousin's name?

>> If she finds out...

>> I'm good at keeping secrets.

>> Arlene.

Arlene Carson.

>> Thanks for the show,

but what this got to do with me?

>> You may be right.

There's a good chance Web is not

the shot-caller.

>> Apology accepted.

If you'll excuse me, I'm busy.

>> You play this right,

the Founding Patriots will

come to you.

You got your job back.

I'm putting you on 60 days


>> I didn't ask for my job back.

>> What's the matter, Trane?

Did you get your feelings hurt?

You made a dumb-ass move.

And you should be happy as hell

you getting a chance

to redeem yourself.

>> I don't need

to redeem myself.

(door slams)

>> That him?

>> Yeah, that's Freddy.

He works for my cousin.

>> Look, stay here.

Keep your head down.

>> I learned to go to war

long before I got locked up.

When you get asked somebody,

you back it up at all costs.

>> You all right?

>> Let's go hurt somebody.

>> (chatter)

>> Slide up outta here.

Freddy's busy right now.

>> Yo, who the hell is you, man?

>> We're Coke.

And you're the no-name,

cheap-ass cola.

Do you know what that means?

>> Yeah, it means

you're dead men.


>> It means...

you destroyed.



>> Know what I want you to do?

I want you to tell all

your customers you can no longer

provide services for them

over here.

>> You fools even know who you

messin' with?

(gagging and wheezing)

>> Shh.

Man up, soldier.

You good?


I don't want you working

around here no more, all right?

I come around here, I don't want

to see Freddy working.

It's my block.

Anybody asks you,

I'm Giant.

Cheap-ass, no-name brand cola?

>> What's wrong with that?

>> When you want to get

someone's attention,

you get loud.

Founding Patriots got their

product in the hood.

Their connect was a sister

named Arlene.

She had Queens on lock.

Captain said we needed

the Patriots to come to us.

So I got loud.

Real loud.

>> * But ignorance is bliss

* Because their fists

* Turn into a bullet

* If their index finger

* Pull it

* Cameras coming

* For the footage

* Channel 9, Channel 11...

* Another baby

* For the reverend...

* Taking action

* In a matter of a second

* Nothing matters when

* You repping for your turf

* Hold it down, have heart

* It's the moral of the story

* When you worry

* Then you wicked

* And you mental, never get it

* It's a sickness

* When you kill your own kind

>> You all right?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> The trial's coming up.

I'll handle everything.

You don't worry about a thing.

>> Thanks.

>> You just have to let me know

what you told them.

>> I told them nothing.

>> Where did you tell them

the stuff came from?

>> I said I didn't know.

>> And they believed you?

>> I'm in here, ain't I?

>> They tell you that girl died?

>> Yeah.

>> You was hitting that?

>> No, we was just friends.

>> Chick couldn't pace herself,

I guess.

>> Kendra.

>> What?

>> Her name was Kendra.

>> The most important thing

for us to focus on right now is

making sure you get back home,

all right, cuz?

>> There she is.

>> What did he say?

>> Said he didn't talk.

>> You believe him?

>> I don't know.

>> Agent Timms, how would you

say Stevens did in the field


>> Let's just say I'm glad

Stevens is on our side, Captain.

>> He shot a man.

Maimed another.

Would you say that

was necessary?

>> "Necessary" isn't the first

word that comes to mind.

>> What word would you use?

>> "Convincing."

>> Captain, I have Agent Raden

on the line.

>> Danny, talk to me.

What's up?

>> We put a hit on Lee.

There's not much time.

Get him in solitary.

(soft music plays)

>> Your Uncle Trane was

a starting running back

at Evander High School.

>> For real?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Twenty-one, right?

>> Twelve.

>> Twelve, that's right.

You know, I think your brother

was jealous.

Every cheerleader in school

wanted to get with you.


>> Well, I want to play tackle,

but my mom said I can only

play flag.

>> Flag ain't a bad way

to get started.

That's how I got going.

>> My father ever play football?

>> He wasn't into sports

like that.

>> What was he into?

>> Comic books.


He loved music when he was

your age.

>> What?

>> I was just thinking how

at one point he wanted to be

a jockey.

He wanted to ride horses.

>> (giggles)


I never heard that one.

>> For real.

One summer we went to one of

those carnivals across county.

Had to be about 11 or 12.

There was this smelly horse

in a corral.

My father bought him a ticket.

And he jumped in that saddle.

That horse started going crazy

as hell.

Just so happened to have anybody

riding him.

At least a week or two after

that, all he could talk about

was riding horses and becoming

a jockey.

>> So what happened?

>> Guess he realized how crazy

it sounded.

>> You mean he quit.


>> Maybe.

At some point in his life,

he did quit.

I really don't know.

>> My mom told me not to end up

like him 'cause he was

a quitter.

That's why that bastard got

himself locked up.

>> Watch your mouth, Dante.

>> Edgar?

>> Agent Faraj, one day

we should meet under

happier circumstances.

>> One day.

This is Agent Trane Stevens.

>> Trane as in John Coltrane?

>> My father was a fan.

>> My wife got pregnant four

different times when we rode

between the sheets

to "A Love Supreme."

>> Thanks for sharing that.

>> Though I'm partial to

Charlie "Bird" Parker,

the most innovative saxophone

player of all time...

>> Look, Edgar, we need to see

the body.

>> Yeah.

Right this way.

Stabbed 24 times.

Very little subtlety in that.

>> So you okay?

>> I'm fine.

>> Part of the job I hate.

>> Look on the bright side.

>> Bright side?

>> Listen, they killed him

because we got them scared.

Scared cats make mistakes.

>> What the hell is

your deal, man?

>> My deal?

>> This kid is lying dead

because of us.

>> The kid is dead because

he didn't watch his back.

>> You expect me to believe

you don't have a tinge of

remorse about how we used him?

>> Remorse is a waste of time.

>> You throw up because

something you ate?

>> The smell.

>> Don't believe you.

>> You know what, I don't give

a damn what you believe.

Are you over here shedding tears

for this kid?

His cousin is out there

making moves.

>> (chatter and laughter)

>> Y'all at my table.

>> * Yeah, uhh...

* You

* You rock me every time...

>> Get a bottle of your

finest champagne.

>> * Special way you grind...

>> What I'm talking about, yeah.

>> * Ooh, go, girl

* I'll put you up

* Against that wall

* You got me

* Standing at attention

* If only...

* Can't stop

* What's going down tonight...

>> The infamous Giant.

>> Arlene.

Sip some.

>> You got a lot of balls

coming up in here.

>> Wanted to make it easy

for you.

Heard you was looking for me,


Besides, I got a business

proposal for you.

>> Let's go talk.

>> * Gotta give you

* An applause...

>> You've been particularly

bothersome, my brother.

>> Had to get your attention.

>> Spotlight's all yours.

Where you from?

>> DC.

>> They do drugs in DC,

don't they?

Why you coming to my neck

of the woods?

>> You know how the song goes.

"If I can make it here..."

>> That's a big "if."

>> (exhales)

>> Let me hear your proposal.

>> You and me become partners.

>> Partners.

>> That's right.

>> And how do you see this

partnership working?

>> I control all the meth

in your neighborhood.

>> Oh, is that all?

>> I also get the nightclub.

>> And out of curiosity,

what do I get?

>> You?

You get the hell out of my way.

>> Oh, well, now I'm

really curious.

What if I don't like

your proposal?

>> Sure you don't want to check

with the white boys

who employ you?

>> You have to take it there.

>> Be easy.

I ain't the one to judge.

But let's be real.

We've always played a role

in our own demise.

>> One man's demise is

another man's come-up.

Besides, they give me product

on the cheap.

>> Long as you keep it

in the hood, right?

>> And that makes them

my partners.

Not my bosses.

>> That makes them our partners.

>> (snickers, then laughs)

Somebody should've told you

about me.

>> They did.

>> You know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna sit at my desk,

light a cigar, and watch them

clean your brains off my wall.

>> Might want to find out

why the music stopped.

>> Get up.

>> Let me take that off

your hands... partner.

>> You wanted to see me, sir?

>> Giant somehow muscled his way

back into our lives.

>> I don't understand.

>> He's now controlling

all of Queens.

>> Damn.

So what do we do?

>> For the moment, we do

business with him.

>> This is the guy

who killed Andrews.

>> Unfortunately, Andrews was

a casualty.

>> A casualty?

Sir, you were the one who taught

me how to stand up and fight

for our beliefs.

>> We all have to answer

to someone.

>> Who are you answering to?

>> It's classified.

>> The camera is in this snap

right here on the pocket.

No audio, just picture.

And of course, I will

make it wireless.

>> How many minutes

can you record?

>> Twenty.

When you want to start

recording, you push in this knob

right here.

When you want to stop,

you open the pocket.

>> That work for you, Stevens?

>> This jacket has an old-school

Members Only vibe to it.

I guess I'm a little bit more...

>> Stevens, put on

the damn jacket.

Word on the street was

I took over Arlene's operation.

I even ran her out of her own


Founding Patriots had no other

choice but to come to me.

>> Let's do some business.

>> Business?


The man in charge only talks

to the man in charge.

>> You're looking at him.

>> Don't waste my time, playboy.

Wait here.


>> Web.

>> Hello, General.

This who I think it is?

>> It is.

Giant, meet the General.

>> Looks like you're preparing

for a war.

>> We're in a war.

>> Yeah, against who?

>> Federal government.

>> Wow.

All because we have

a black president.

>> No.

This is much bigger

than the president.

But he certainly hasn't hurt

our recruitment.

You try that target.


At least we know you're not

a cop.

Stand down.

>> Stand down!

>> Stand down!

>> What about you?

White supremist?


>> I'm a real American.

>> What about the kids

in the hood you trying to get

the drugs to?

They ain't real Americans?

>> Drugs have always found

their way into the ghetto.

If not by us, it'll be

somebody else.

>> And that helps you sleep

at night.

>> Because of black violence,

our gun rights are infringed.

And we're forced to pay higher

taxes so illegals can get

free healthcare.

Yeah, I sleep just fine.

You think I have that wrong?

>> Right or wrong,

ain't a concept I subscribe to.

>> So I guess that helps you

sleep at night.

>> Gonna make you an offer.

I'll give you 200,000

ever month.

In return, every month,

you give me 16 pounds of meth,

pure and uncut.

I get to sell it wherever

I want, to whoever I want,

black, white, polka dot.

>> I'm not in this to become

a kingpin.

What you see here,

this is a movement.

>> Movements have price tags.

Wars ain't cheap, baby.

>> Tomorrow night.

Web will set up the meeting.

>> Cool.

owned flooring and towel


Went bankrupt four years ago.

Hasn't had a job since.

>> Criminal record?

>> Tax evasion.

Three months in jail.

>> It doesn't make sense.

A guy this committed

compromising for money?

>> Everybody has a price tag,


>> Oh, is that right?

>> Damn right.

>> I had 30 million laid out

in front of me in a knockoff,

and I didn't take a cent.

So why don't you enlighten us?

In that situation,

what do you do?

>> In that situation...

I'd do the same as you.

>> Now that we're a happy family

again, let's talk about tonight.

I want the team to meet up with

Raden and see what he knows.

And let's all be

on the same page.

>> Real politicians to talk

tough and walk soft.

However, we all must be

committed to making this city

a safer place for everyone.

The decreased budget is

no excuse.

I was raised to do more

with less, and that's what

we intend to do

at the D.A.'s office.

Thank you.

>> Hey.

>> Hey.

>> I just saw you on TV.

>> How'd I sound?

>> Like a sister you don't want

to mess with.

>> Captain tells me tomorrow's

the big day.

Be careful, okay?

>> Ay, uh, why don't you come on

by later on and practice being

friends again?

>> Good night, Agent Stevens.

(cell phone ringing)

>> Change your mind, didn't you?



Give me 20 minutes.

>> I was a rookie.

Never even questioned

a witness before.

She says to me, "Well, I'm too

upset to tell you what I saw.

Maybe if you come with me

back to my place tonight,

maybe I'll open up."

>> So did you go?

>> Hell yeah, I went.

Hell yeah.

And after about two hours

of consoling her, I found out

she never saw anything at all.

But I did do about three or four

more follow-ups just to be sure.


>> What'd I miss?

>> The usual.

Mason's indiscretions.

>> Danny boy.

You want another one?

>> Yeah, why not?

>> All right.

>> Something wrong?

>> Trane I used to know only

threw back Coke and ginger ale.

>> Figure just this once

wouldn't kill me, right?

>> So what do you know

about the meeting?

>> They want to do it

at the warehouse.

I still have my wires in place.

Let's keep it plain and simple.

We show up with the drugs,

you show up with the money.

They put a hit out on a kid,

and we didn't stop it.

Let's get this one right.

>> Once the transaction's made,

Trane gives us a pass code.

>> Yeah, so what's it gonna be?

>> Pass code?

Haven't thought about one.

>> Well, how about something

like "nice doing business

with you"?

>> Nice doing business with you?

>> Yeah.

>> You couldn't sound more like

a cop if you tried.

>> Let's go with

"it's all good."

>> It's all good.

>> Works for me.

>> Me, too.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm out.

>> Hey, Sammy, want to do some

role-playing tonight?

You be the cop, I'll be

the witness.

>> You're a pig, Mason.

>> (growls)

>> Good night, guys.

>> Let's roll, Mase.

Let's roll.

>> Hang on a second, man.

About that fight we had...

>> Water under the bridge.

>> I wasn't apologizing.

I was just wondering where you

learned how to scrap like that.

Not exactly what they taught us

at the academy.

>> Maybe hard for you

to believe, but I had a whole

'nother life before you hit

the scene.

>> Right.

High school football star.

The kind of running back that

relied on speed, not brawl.

Am I right?

Cats like you aren't usually

the first ones to clear a bench

when a brawl breaks out.

Your brother teach you to fight

like that?

>> Yeah.

>> He got out, right?

You seen him?

>> Said he was heading

down south.

>> Hmm.

Let me ask you something.

When we were DEA, remember when

we did our entries?

I always wanted to be first,

and you had to be last 'cause

you wanted to watch

everyone's back.

>> What about it?

>> When the meet goes down,

make sure that's the Trane

that shows up.

>> It's getting late.

>> Yeah.

(car starts)

(computer beeps)

(computer beeps)

(computer chimes)

>> All right, listen up.

The team is arriving.

>> Everybody get what they want

this time.

We all go home happy.

You know what I mean?

>> It's fine.

>> Well, things seem to be

in order.

>> Same here.

It's all good.

>> All teams, move in.

>> (chuckles)

I like that.

It's all good.

(guns click)

>> What the hell are you

doing, man?

>> This was never supposed to be

a long-term relationship.

This is about our freedom.

>> You have no idea what

it means to lose your freedom.

>> Well, since you've never

been free, you have no idea what

it means to lose yours either.

Do it.

(metal clanging)

(distant gunfire)

>> Move, move!

Move it!

>> Timms, look out!

>> Your choice.

(police chatter on radio)

>> Thanks for covering my ass.

>> It's what we're trained for,

even if you don't remember

it right.

>> What are you talking about?

>> On our entries, I was never

the last one in.

I always led the team.

What's the matter?

Getting senile on me?

>> Maybe I am.

Hey, explain something to me.

You used to swear up and down

that you were too disciplined

to drink alcohol.

Then all out of the blue,

you're kicking back beers.

>> I was 15 or 16, my brother

started drinking.

Come in, stumble around after

hanging out with his boys.

I swore to my mother and I swore

to him I'd be different.

Maybe it seemed like it came out

of the blue, but I just felt

it was time for me to take off

that cape.

>> Guys, heads up.

>> How is he?

>> I'm sorry.

He didn't make it.

>> Thanks.

>> I heard an undercover

was shot.

>> Timms.

>> Is he okay?

>> He's dead.

>> Oh, damn it.

You holding up?

>> Yeah.

>> Look, if you need anything,

just call.

>> When I was a kid,

I thought about fishing.

Instead, I spent all of my money

on video games.

You know, I missed out

on good things like this.

>> Uncle Trane?

>> Yeah?

>> How long does it take before

we actually catch a fish?

>> Well, that's the thing.

You know, we, uh, we wait

and we see.

You never know, you know?

You bored.

>> Yeah.


>> Yep.


Look at that, look at that, boy.

This is what I do.

>> What's that, what's that?

>> This is what I do!


>> Air time.

>> Watch that air time.


>> Let's go, let's go.

Ay, ay!

>> Damn, bro.

This is some life you have.

After they killed you, man,

I grabbed that bag of money,

jumped on a highway,

and I was gone.

Know why I came back?

Because of my boy.

'Cause of Janelle.

More than anything...

I just wanted to know what it

felt like to be the good one.

How's it going?

>> All right.

Looks like you had a long night.

>> One too many beers.

Guy from the fifth floor, right?

>> Huh?

>> Fifth floor.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Guess I'm not the only one

who's been drinking tonight.

>> Think the Mets got a chance

this year?

>> More of a Yanks fan.

(elevator whirring)

>> (both grunting)


>> Why'd y'all kill my brother?

>> We didn't care about

your brother.

We were coming after you.

>> What?

Which brother do you

think I am?

Which brother do you

think I am?!