Guilty as Charged (1991) - full transcript

A female parole officer discovers a secret death row prison under a meat plant, that's being run by the plant's unhinged vigilante owner and his reverend friend. A politician with a shady past becomes its latest "guest". But is he guilty?

♪ ♪



Come on, man. It's cold.

I don't want to be here
all night.

...our newsroom,
in a decision this morning,

the State Court of Appeals
has released Kurt Vlondick,

the Veg-A-Matic Slayer,
from prison,

with a ruling expected to have widespread ramifications.

Vlondick made a public
confession while a guest

on the popular TV show
Love Connection,

but the court ruled
the confession inadmissible,

because he did not
have an attorney present.

They should have
locked that guy up

and thrown away the key.

Fred, what have you got?

Nothing. Not a thing.

I've checked everything,
and I don't know

what's causing
those power surges.

Had any tonight?

No, I told you.

They always come
exactly at midnight,

which should be just about...


♪ ♪





This poor lamb departed at,

12:01 and three seconds.


Hello, my friends.

My friends, I'd like
to thank you all,

all of you,

for being here.

You see, the Lord spoke unto me,

and he said

that the wages of sin are death.

Praise the Lord!

Now, this man is a sinner,

for, with the simple misuse
of a vegetable slicer

he committed unspeakable acts
against your loved ones,

your sons and your daughters,

but still...

still, the law of man
refused to punish him.

Woe unto the law of man!

And then the Lord

spoke to me again,

and the Lord said to me:

"Send this poor sinner
to my door,

so I may judge him,"

and then, with the assistance

of the Department
of Water and Power,

the Holy Spirit, yea,
the Holy Spirit visited us,

for the Holy Spirit
is electricity,

and the chair
is God's instrument

of justice and salvation.


Oh, yes.

Oh, yes, my friends.

I'd like to thank you all again
for coming.

Now, please, along with me,
if you would,

let us pray.

What did he say?

"Have a nice day"?

No, Grandpa.


"Let us pray."

Almighty God,

because of the power
You vested in me,

this sinner

has been castrated
of his ability

to harm his fellow man

and is now ready
for deliverance unto you.


God be with you,

and may he shower his blessings
upon you!


Oh, thank you, God.

Thank you for this evening.



♪ ♪

How could you do it, man?

How could you just
kill a man like that?

You're a lunatic, you know that,
crazy fuck? You're a lunatic!

You're a lunatic,
you fucking maniac!

You're the one who
should be locked up!

Mr. Kallin, I'm not supposed
to be in this cell.

What am I doing here?

Por favor.Please.

Peace be with you too.

137.4 degrees.

I win.

Damn you, Aloysius.

You always win.

What are you doing?



We, uh...

We like to bet

on the body temperature.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

We give this gentleman

the same respect that we give
all God's creatures.

Now, go on.

Take him downstairs
to the incinerator

and cremate him.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Dust to dust, ash to ash...

Let's take him down
and burn his ass.

Criminal negligence, my ass.

If I'm going to keep
Conner Chemical in business,

I can't waste money
trying to find

a place to store toxic waste.

Nobody swims in
that river anyway,

so what's the state trying
to prosecute me for?

Josh, don't get so excited.

You'll ruin your golf swing.

Listen, I told you before.

If I'm elected governor,
and I will be,

I can help with a lot more
from that office

than I can as a congressman.

Josh, don't worry.
You can trust Mark.

Yeah, tell him about the, uh...

Okay. Remember when
those people filed a suit

against my building,
because, what,

their kids were eating... Lead paint.

Yeah, lead paint
off the walls, right?


Mark makes one telephone call,

and the whole case
is thrown out of court.

All right.

Put me down for...


Surely you jest.

I'm surprised at you,
Mr. Conner.

I always thought you
were such a bright man.

The type who knew
a bargain when he saw one.

How can you pass up
the chance to buy

your very own governor
at Kmart prices?

Funny, darling.

Your contribution to
my husband's campaign,

surely you can get it up
a little higher.

All right, what the hell.

I'll make it half a mil.

All right, let's
hear it for Josh.


By the way, darling,
Joey's over there

with someone for you to meet.

Oh, I want you to see this.

Stay right here.


Lovely dress.

Nice tie.

Thank you.

Sorry we're late, Congressman,

but her car kept dying on us.

Oh, and this is, uh...

Kimberly Adams.

I've just recruited her

to join the campaign, sir.

It's a great honor
meeting you, sir.

No, the honor's mine,
believe me.

Mr. Fryfeld thought
you'd want to see this

as soon as possible.

Oh, it's great.
Isn't it great?


Honey, take a look at this.

Tell me what you think.

Say, what's all this
American hero stuff?

You were never in
the military, were you?

Course not. That refers to that
James Hamilton affair. Remember?

Voters love the fact
that our candidate

actually captured a murderer
with his bare hands.

I know some people

who think there was
something suspicious

about that thing.[LAUGHS] Tell us about it.

We were plagued by the press.
Remember, sweetheart?

It was hell.Hell.

I'll tell you one thing, Josh.

I saw James Hamilton murder

my secretary with my own eyes.

I think I need a drink.

Excuse me.

They're scum on the South Side.

They're all crackheads
and killers anyway, right?

Not everyone on the South Side
is a criminal.

Uh, listen, little lady,

I own plenty of buildings
on the South Side.

I know what I'm talking about.

Kimberly knows what
she's talking about too.

Uh, she's doing
a summer internship

with the parole board.Ah.

You know, Congressman,
she could probably

tell you some
real horror stories

about how messed up
it is over there.


Champagne, Kimberly?

Thank you.

So, beauty and brains, huh?


See, this is what
I'm talking about.

This young lady represents
the bureaucracy

that we're running against,
but even so,

she still agrees with
my anti-crime campaign.

Right, Kimberly? Absolutely, sir.


Listen, maybe you and I
should get together

and talk about some
of your other experiences.

That would be great.

Okay, so enjoy your champagne.

I'll talk to you later.

[GROANS]STANFORD: Don't worry, Josh.

I'll take care of everything...


You were in rare form
tonight, Markie.


Don't start, Liz.

I thought that Kimberly

was a very attractive
young lady.

She reminded me
a little of Fran.

Shut up, Liz.

Just shut up, will you?

You just yakked all night...

"Yak, yak, yak, yak"
...and you never shut up.

How about that Kmart ad-lib?
That wasn't what we rehearsed.

I think you hit an all-time low
tonight in bad taste.

It worked, didn't it?

You have some swell supporters
these days, Markie.


Didn't used to be that way.

Of course, don't apologize.

Nobody's perfect.


Yes, Edna?

I turned down the sheets,
Mrs. Stanford.

Will there be anything else?

No. Thanks for everything.
You did your usual

impeccable job.
Go to sleep.

Yes, thanks, Edna.
Why don't you stay

and straighten up a bit
before you go to bed?

Yes, sir.

Edna, the sofa...

I rotated the cushions.

And the dogs?

Walked and watered.

I know I asked you

to iron my boxer shorts, Edna,

but for God's sakes,

don't put starch in them.

Whatever you'd like...



Good night.

♪ ♪

We heard from Mark Stanford's
campaign committee,

and they made it quite clear
the congressman

could make it
very profitable for us

if we made an under-the-table
contribution to his campaign.

What are you talking about,
under-the-table contribution?

That's breaking the law,
soliciting campaign funds.

Well, yes, sir, it probably is,

but he's also going
to be the next governor,

and with all the improvements

we're planning around here,

we're going to need
some tax breaks

over the next few years,

so I think we should
support him.

Support a criminal? Support
a man who's breaking the law?

You have to understand

We live in very dangerous times,

and the only thing
that separates us

from being barbarians
is the law.

Is that understood? Yes, sir.

Good. Now, let's look
at the intestines.

So, you know, there's a whole
political career ahead of me...

Oh, don't give me this crap
about your career.

What about your promises to me?

You said you'd marry me.

You said you'd get a divorce!

I'm working on it, all right?

What do you want me to do?
I'm just about to launch

the biggest political
campaign of my life.

What do you think I am,
Ted Kennedy?

I can't get divorced now.
What about my image?

Your image? How do you
think your image would stand up

if the press found out
about the money

you've been taking from
defense contractors?

Why don't you shout louder?
There are people

in the next county
that didn't hear you.

I'm not some bimbo

you can fuck a few times
and forget,

and I'm not gonna let
that bitch you're married to

live in the governor's mansion.

If you don't marry me,
I'll ruin you.

Listen, why don't you shut up?



I've got records, Mark!

Every meeting, every illegal
nickel you've ever received,

and everything
you've ever shredded.

Tomorrow it's all
going to the press.

Ugh! Fuck you!

We can talk about this.

♪ ♪


Just be quiet, all right?

I just want a little money,
that's all.

That's all.

What are you gonna
do with that gun?

Look, I don't wanna
hurt you, all right?

Just give me your money, okay?

Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Come on, you're taking too long.

Just give me the purse.

Give me your watch too.


I don't know what to say.

You could say thank you.

I just saved your life.

Thank you...

You're welcome.

...for making my life
a living hell,

you faceless, lying
fucking coward!

This doesn't change anything!


Maybe this will.






What's the matter, Markie?

Another bad dream?

Did you dream about
shooting Fran again?

About watching her die?


About all that blood
in the street.

Ooh, that's the part I hate.

Goddamn it, Liz.

You actually enjoy this,
don't you?

I don't know why I ever told you
in the first place.

Do you think

you could have
hidden it from me?


I could smell the guilt on you

the minute you walked
in the door that night.

It oozed out of your
big, open pores

like sweat.

Poor Markie.

You just can't handle it,
can you?

James Hamilton and I
are the only ones

who know the truth about you.

Why do you keep
bringing this up, Liz?

Why do you keep
torturing me with it?

Because I'm your
punishment, dear.

I'm what you get
instead of jail.

Got it?

I'm working on
an angle right now.

Oh, an angle!
Oh, yeah.

What kind of angle, huh?

you couldn't prove nothing
at the trial,

what are you gonna prove now?

Oh, come on, man.

Ain't nobody gonna take the word

of a poor nobody nigger like me

over a rich, powerful fucker
like Stanford.

That's just the way it is,

and when he becomes governor,

he's gonna make sure
I never get paroled.

I'm gonna get you out,
okay, James?

No, you won't, because
I'm gonna get out myself.

I know a guy
who's been talking about...


Talking to a guy about what?

Look, man, just forget it.

Hey, listen... Forget it.

Hey, listen to me.

Don't do anything stupid,
'cause you're gonna blow

everything we've been
working on,

and you've got to trust me.

Yeah, man. Right.

I talked to the doctor
yesterday, Ellen.

He thinks your mom
would be happier if...

Oh, I'm sorry.

Please, excuse me, would you?

I'm dreadfully sorry.

Please, don't be embarrassed.

Oh. Ellen Washington.

Your daughter?


How did it happen?

She was murdered.

Shot to death
by some neighborhood punk.

My wife...

My wife has been like this
ever since that night.


It just breaks my heart

how the innocent
of the world suffer.

One question.

What happened to the killer?

Three years in jail.

That's all.

Is that supposed to be justice?

Oh, no.

No, that indeed is not justice.

I, sir...

I can offer you justice.

Now, you come.

We have much to discuss.

Hello, is this Mrs. Cash?

Yes. Who's this?

This is Kimberly Adams.

Um, I'm an intern
with the parole board.

Your ex-husband Georgie missed
our appointment yesterday,

and I was just wondering
if you know where he is.

Hell, no. I won't let
that bum in this house.

He's no good,
his friends no good,

everybody he knows is no good. If you're looking for him,

you try asking his brother.
That's where he's staying.

I did speak to Benjamin,
and he said that Georgie

disappeared last week and that
he left all his clothes behind.

He was the one who suggested
that I call you.

Well, ain't seen him, and if
he's gone, good riddance.

The world's a better place
without him.

Mrs. Cash, please.

You're the last person
that I know to call.

I mean,
he can't just have disappeared.

He's gotta be someplace.

♪ ♪

Morning, Georgie.

I came by to see

what you'd be wanting
for your last meal.

Go to hell.

Something wrong?

Yeah, something's wrong.

That crazy lunatic you work for
is gonna kill me tonight.

I don't wanna die.

Why not?

You've gotta pay for your crime.

What crime?

What happened to that girl
was an accident.

I didn't even know
the gun was loaded.

You shot her three times.

Well, yeah, man.

I was so surprised
the gun was loaded

I just kept firing away.

Look, I already paid.

I spent three years in jail.

That ain't paying.

That's delaying.

You killed an innocent girl,

and the only way you can pay

for something that bad

is by dying yourself,

but you're a lucky man.

Lucky? Why?

'Cause you get to die
in the chair.

It's a great way to go.

I used to run the chair
for the state.

I've seen lots of men fry,

so I know

once Mr. Kallin
throws that switch,

you'll be out like a light.

You don't feel the electricity.

You don't feel
your flesh burning.

You don't feel nothing.

You don't even
have to smell yourself,

and that's the worst part.

Ain't nothing smells worse

than a man cooking away
in the chair,

but you'll be out by then.



You're crying.

You're crying, Georgie.

That's good.

That way,
Jesus knows you're sorry

about all the bad things
you've done.

Jesus Christ, Georgie,

with your fucking crying.

Kallin's gonna kill you anyway.

You can at least
go out like a man.

You leave him alone.

He's repenting his sins.

He's sorry about
the bad things he's done.

What about you?

Ain't you sorry

about the bad things
you've done?

Ain't you sorry

about the man you killed?

Fuck, no.


He irritated me.


What do you waste your time

talking to that
worthless meat for?

Hey, Al. What's the deal
with your friend here?

Christ, he looks like he's the
one that should be behind bars.

The chair is hungry,

and both of you
are the meat, not me.

Please, Aloysius,

don't let them kill me.

I don't wanna die.

Everybody has to die, Georgie.

I can't help you there,

but I'll tell you what I can do.

I can get you something
real special

for your last meal.

How about some...


Kentucky Fried Chicken?

No! No!

They make good chicken.

Hey, sis.

I hope your day went
better than mine.

Oh, man.

Is that all we've got
to eat around here?

I got take out.

It sure would be nice
if a guy could come home

to a home-cooked meal
once in a while.

You know, Gary,
I said that you could

stay here
until you find a new place.

I didn't say I would do
your cooking and cleaning.

Don't talk to me, all right?

I'm busy doing this work
on Mark Stanford's campaign.

I still can't believe
you're working for that asshole.

You know he framed
an innocent man.

He did not.

Just because Hamilton
was your client...

No. I've defended
lots of guilty men before.

They deserved what they got,
but he's different.

But Stanford saw him shoot her.

He took the gun away from him.

Now, do you think that
a U.S. congressman would lie?

You know,
that is your problem, Kim.

Whenever you meet somebody new,

you think that you have found
your new mission in life.

Like the time that you
started dating

the new age guy and you thought
you could channel

a 17th Century Irishman.

Or how about the time

that you went out
with the Marxist,

and you flew to Germany
to put the Berlin Wall back up?

And now you're working
for a fascist

who's practically ready
to open up a concentration camp.

Doesn't it bother you, Kim,
that if Stanford was governor,

half the ex-cons you're working
for would end up death row?

The system doesn't work
the way it is now.

What do you mean?

I mean, half of the time,
like, these guys, they come in,

and everything's going well,
and then they just disappear,

and I tell my supervisor, and
it's like he doesn't even care.

They're ex-cons.
Maybe they just skipped town.

No. There's something
more than that going on.

I was looking
through some old files,

and every single person
who disappeared,

they went to prison
on a murder charge.

Come on. What, is this going to
be your new mission in life?

Finding out what happened
to the ex-cons?

Go ahead, Gary, laugh at me,

but I think there's
something weird going on,

and I intend to find out
what it is.

♪ ♪

Georgie Cash,

for the murder
of Ellen Washington,

you are hereby sentenced

to death by electrocution.

Do you wish to pray?

Oh, Lord...

Oh, Lord,
please forgive him his sins

and accept this poor lamb
with open arms.


don't do this to me.

You just repeat after me,
all right?

Accept me with open arms,
oh, Lord.

Accept me with open arms, Lord. Accept me with open arms, Lord.

Accept me with open arms,
oh, Lord.

Forgive me my sins.

Forgive me my sins. Forgive me my sins.

Forgive me my sins.






That was painless, wasn't it?

There we have...

We have another lamb
on his way back to God.

Hallelujah! ALOYSIUS: Hallelujah!

Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
Hallelujah, I say.


Hallelujah, I say again.


Don't hurt the man.

We are not in the business
of torture here.

Come on.

Yes, sir.

I repented, didn't I?

What do you have to kill me for?

Why can't you just let me go?

"The Lord is my shepherd.

"I shall not want...

Killing me's not gonna
bring that girl back.

He maketh me lie down
in green pastures."

Let me go, I promise,
I will never hurt anyone.


It's not like
she was anybody important.

She was just
this neighborhood bitch.

Who cares if she's dead?

Let me go, Mr. Kallin.

I promise I won't tell
anyone about this place.

You can trust me.
Just don't kill me.


I'm too young to die!

I'll do whatever you want.

♪ ♪



Oh, Jesus.

Forgive me.



Fry, you bastard!



You're back.

You've come back to me.


Well, yes, ma'am,
I understand that.

Well, Mark Stanford
believes that...

Oh, I see.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry
to hear that.

Well, you know,
I think in that case,

I wouldn't vote for him either.

No, thank you.


How's my prettiest
campaign worker today?

You know, sir, I'm sorry,

but I don't think that I can
work on your campaign anymore.

I'm finding I disagree with
a number of your policies.


You know,
that's what I love about you.

You're so honest.

Listen, why don't we
go into my office,

and we can talk about
this entire thing,

and it get it all
off your chest?

Come on.


Come in, please.

Have a seat.

I just have to make
one phone call.

Hi, Fred, it's Mark.

Yeah, did you talk to
those Greenpeace people yet?

You did. Great.
That's good. Good.

One thing, Fred.

I don't want any of this
to get into the media,

all right?

Thanks. Bye.

You're talking to Greenpeace?

That doesn't sound like you.

I know it doesn't,

but there are a lot of things
that people don't know about me,

and one being
that I'm a hypocrite.

It's true. I'm just like
every other politician,

but how do you think
people would feel

if I came out
and I started to talk

about the just
and compassionate society

that I really believed in?

The forces of big business
and racism

would line up to keep me
out of office.

Uh-uh. The only way that
I can get elected governor

in this state is to pretend
to be I'm somebody I'm not.

Well, what about those men

that I saw at your house
the other night?

Disgusting. Scumbags,
every one of them.

They can pay to have me elected,

but they can't buy my integrity.


You know what a mess
this state is in.

You know what the governors
have been like up until now.

The thing is,
if I expect to implement

any real change around here,

then I'm going to have
to get elected.

That has to be my
number one priority.

I'm sorry, sir.

I had no idea
how you really felt.

Of course
you have to get elected.

I'll do anything
I can to help you.

You know, um...

I don't know,
I had this idea. I...

I found out
that all these ex-convicts

have been disappearing,
and I thought that if

I could discover
who was doing this,

and that you could expose it,
it would show people

that you really care
about all our citizens.

That is a great idea.

That's a wonderful idea.

I don't know.

I knew you were bright,

but I didn't know
you were brilliant.

Now, Kimberly...

there's something else

that I wanted
to talk to you about.

It's a little more
on the personal level,

so please forgive me.

It's about Joey.
I was just wondering

exactly what the nature
of your relationship was.

Well, I think that he's
more interested in your campaign

than he is in me.

Well, I'm only asking you

because when I get elected
and I go to the state capital,

I want to take you with me.

I want you right there
by my side,

keeping me honest.

Are you serious?

Dead serious.

I would consider that
to be a great honor, sir.


Back to work.

♪ ♪

This is good.

This is really good.

Yes! Yes!

This is good.
This is bad!

Fuck, $5?

Five fucking dollars?

What am I, nuts?

I should have killed the bitch!

What am I talking about?

I can't just
go into this bitch's house

and kill her for no reason.

♪ ♪


Who says I can't?

I can still kill the bitch.

Ah! A fucking meter maid?

She's dead.


Bless you.

This just in to Newsbeat.

Two prisoners have escaped
from the state penitentiary.

One of the escapees
was James Hamilton.

Hamilton was serving
a life sentence

for the murder of Fran Ripley, a late secretary.

...Gubernatorial candidate
Mark Stanford...

Oh, damn it!
Why did he do it?

Why did he do
something so stupid?

And you were so sure
that he was innocent.

REPORTER: comment on this
latest turn of events.

Maybe I'll get lucky,

and Hamilton will get killed.

You'd really like that,
wouldn't you, Markie?

It's not enough he went
to jail for you.

Now you want him to die too.

What's the matter?
Does it worry you

that the only witness
to your crime

is running around, loose?

You're not gonna hide
in the bottle again, are you?

You know, you really don't have
enough brain cells to spare.

That gives me an idea
for your ad campaign.

You could get a bunch
of winos and drunks saying:

"It's time we had lush
for governor."

Or you could use
famous murderers.

Son of Sam, Charlie Manson,
Ted Bundy...

No, they fried Bundy.

Shut up. Just shut up!

You don't have the balls
to hit me.



Why, I am surprised.

I don't know why, though.

I'll bet
you slapped Fran around.

You did, didn't you?

Just before you shot her.

I won't forget this, Markie.

I promise.

I say we kill him.

No, no, no, man.
I don't want no killing.

Well, I do.
You gonna stop me?

What are you, crazy? Don't
point that thing at me, man.

Just fucking drive the car,
will you?

All right. Take it easy. Pull over.



Come on.

Get the hell out of the car,

Come on.

Hamilton's right.

It won't do you any good
to kill me.

Oh, shut the fuck up.[GRUNTS]

♪ ♪

If you're going to say any
prayers, say them now, pal.




You stupid son of a bitch!

I should have never
brought you, man.


Give me the gun.

I've got the gun now, asshole.

Now, you can take the car,

and go anywhere you want.

They'll be looking for it


I hope they fry your black ass!



You're gonna fry!

Shut up!

Thanks, Hamilton.

You saved my life.

Raise your arms.

Come on, come on.

Hey, nobody said to get up.

Just stay down.
Stay right there.

Look, Hamilton,
if you go back with me now,

I'll make sure
they go easy on you.

I ain't going back.

Oh, come on, don't be crazy.

I could help you.

Look, just shut up, okay?

I'm tired of hearing people

telling me
how they're going to help me.

Ain't nobody can help me.

I'm innocent.

I was framed.

I don't know how many times
I've got to say that.

Now, if you really,
really wanna help me,

then you're gonna
tell nobody about this.

That way,

they'll be looking
for two of us.

Okay, Hamilton.

♪ ♪

Good luck.





there's been a prison break.

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

I know, I know.
Now, come on.

I have something for you.

Oh. Right.


Just put it on the chair.

Good evening,
Mr. Kallin.

Good evening, Aloysius.

This is Ricky Landon.

He's kind of young, ain't he?

Oh, yes, he's young.

He's young and he's vicious.

He killed a Jehovah's Witness

for trying to give him
a copy of The Watchtower.

The only thing that
saved him was his age.

You see, he got off
with a light sentence.

I'll tell you what,

let's put him in Cell 2.

Yes, sir.

You're gonna like
Cell Number 2, Ricky.

It's got a brand-new mattress.

Just fixed up for you.[SIGHS]


You going after
the escaped convicts?

I'm going after Hamilton

because Hamilton
is the convicted murderer.

The state can have
the other one.

Sir, I'd like to volunteer
to get Hamilton myself.


Oh, come sit on my knee,
just like old times.

Come on.

Sit down.

Now, you just listen to me.

First of all,

you've touched me
to the depths of my soul.

Now, I'll go after
Hamilton, I promise you.

I'll go after him,
but not tonight.

I wanna give the state police
their chance. Follow me?

And if they don't get him,

then I promise you,
with the Lord's help,

the Lord will lead me to him.

Understand that?

Don't you have a pickup
scheduled for tomorrow?

Oh, yes.

But now we only have
one empty cell,

and when you get Hamilton,

that means two men in one cell.

Oh, my God.

Oh, get up, Deek.

I never thought of that. Oh!

Well, what kind of a monster
am I?

You can't have two men
in the same cell.

That's not humane.

Well, there's only
one thing to do.

We'll just have to have
an execution tonight.

♪ ♪

Hey, you let me out of here,
you fuck.

Look, you can't do this to me.

Here you go, Ricky.

I would have gotten you
a full roll,

but you ain't going
to be here that long.

Christ, Al, he's just a kid.

Yeah, I'm just a kid, man.

He's not a kid.

He's a killer,
and like it says in the bible,

"Old enough to kill,
old enough to die."

You're full of shit. It doesn't
say that in the bible.

It doesn't say that
in the bible.

It says it in my bible.


Man, you put that there!

Nice handwriting, Al.

All right, listen up, group.

Due to circumstances
beyond my control,

I am forced to hold
an execution tonight.

No, Mr. Kallin,
por favor,

don't kill me.

I swear...

I'll never hurt nobody again.

Don't be such a chickenshit,

The way I look at it,

when your time comes,
your time comes,

and when it's my turn,

I wanna face Kallin like a man.

♪ ♪

You know,
one thing I admire is courage,

and that's appropriate,
where you're concerned, you see,

because since your victim
left no family behind

to witness the execution,

tonight's your night.



What are you talking about,

I'm not going to the chair

Prepare the chair, Deek.

What are you talking about?

Juan's been here longer
than I have.

He killed three people.
I only killed one.

Or take the kid!

Hey, fuck you, man!

Take the kid.
Al, tell him. Tell him.

"Old enough to kill,
old enough to die," right?

Come on, tell him. Shh, shh.

Right? You're right, Robert.

Every man is entitled
to a last meal,

and I have something planned

real special for you too.

Big Mac, fries,
and a chocolate shake.

Please, I don't want to die.

Now you sorry
for killing that man.

I don't wanna die.

Doesn't that make you
feel better?

Are you ready to make
your peace with Jesus, hm?

I don't wanna die!

If you think I wanna die,
you don't know Robert Dominique!

I don't wanna die.

I don't wanna die.

♪ ♪


Fuck you, Kallin!

I'll see you all in hell.

Juan, look, there's
gotta be some way.

I mean, doesn't this guy
even let us out

to exercise or anything? Hey, vato.

This ain't summer camp.
This is death row.

You only leave your cell
one time,

and then you walk
through that door.


There goes Dominique.


What was that?


The power's out.

What did it, the chair?

No, it never happened before.

It's got to be the storm.

♪ ♪

Mr. Kallin, did you
see what happened?

It's a sign from God.

He doesn't want you
executing anymore.

He wants you to let us go.

What are you talking to
that nut about God for?

'Cause that's why he does this.

He thinks God talks to him.

He thinks God made him
His executioner.




What happened in there?

Oh, terrible...

Terrible thing.

Poor Robert.

Already starting to burn

when the electricity went out.


But he ain't dead yet.

He's still in the chair.

His skin's all
blistered and burning.

Ay caramba.

He's twisting and shaking.

It's horrible.[WHIMPERING] Oh, my God.

Funny thing, though.

Robert refused to repent

right up till the end,

so it's like...

It's like God gave him
a second chance.


I'll bet he's repenting now.

Dios mio.

Yes, sir, I bet
he's real sorry now.

Mr. Kallin...

such a good-hearted man.

He hates to see anyone suffer.


He's just like...

Just like Mother Teresa.



Ay, chihuahua.

Oh, my God.

Hold it, Ricky.
Hold it.

I think you're gonna
need a full roll.


This report says that
you were seen over the weekend

in the company of a Burt Tenzer,
a known drug dealer.

I know, ma'am,

but Burt's my cousin.

I've known him my whole life.

Mr. Sparrow...



Now, you know you are
not supposed to violate

the terms of your parole.

There are no exceptions.

Yes, ma'am.

Now, how is your job hunt

Not very good.

Nobody wants to hire an ex-con.

How many jobs
have you applied for

since our last appointment?

Well, there aren't
that many jobs around.

You don't sound
like you're looking very hard.

I'm really serious about this,
Ms. Adams.

I know I made a lot of mistakes
when I was younger,

but I wanna make
a new start in life.

I know you do,
but you have to make an effort.

Now, by our next appointment,

I want you to have applied

for at least a dozen jobs.


Yes, ma'am.


Can I ask you a question?


I can see you like music.

Would like to go dancing

I don't think
that's a good idea.

Why not?

Well, I just...

I think that's impossible.

Why? You're a girl.
I'm a guy.

Well, Billy, it's against
the terms of your parole.

Now, I'll see you
in two weeks, okay?

I, uh, really appreciate
your help.

It's nice to know
there's someone out there

who believes in me.

Someone like you could make all
the difference in a guy's life.


We interrupt this program

to bring you a special
news update.

One of the escaped convicts,
Johnny Ray Evans,

has engaged police in a fierce gun battle earlier today.

Still at large
is James Hamilton.

♪ ♪


Hey! Hey!

Hey, mister,
can you give me a ride, please?

My pleasure.

Thanks, mister.

You saved my life.


Hello, Ricky?

Oh, God,
I hope he's not another one.

Come on, Ricky. Be there.


Excuse me,

do you know a Ricky Landon?

[LOCK CLICKS]Go away! I'm not home!


Excuse me, I'm with
the state parole board.

Ricky missed our appointment,

and I thought
you might know where he is.

I don't know nothing about it!
I wasn't home last night!

Something happened to him,
didn't it?

I didn't see nothing.
I had a date. Goodbye.

Now, listen, you can tell me now
what you saw,

or I'm gonna get the police.

Now, if you tell me, I can
keep your name out of this.

So, what's it going to be,
me or the police?

But I'm innocent!

I swear to you, man!

I'm innocent!

No, you're not.

If you were,
you wouldn't be here.

Hey, listen,
I never killed nobody.

Mark Stanford killed
that girl, man.

He knocked me out, and when
I woke up, he said I did it.

Aloysius, I'm going to go out
and get a guest,

and I want you to clear out
the empty cell, all right?

Yes, sir. Hey, Kallin,

you've gotta listen to me.

I ain't like this other men.

I never killed nobody,

I swear to you
on my mother's grave.

I'm innocent!

You were found guilty
by a jury of your peers.

I know, but I'm swearing,

Mark Stanford did it!

I didn't do it, man!

Hey, reverend!

Forget it, man!
Aloysius ain't gonna help you!


Just forget it.
We're dead.




Who is it?

It's Kimberly Adams.

Uh, just a second.



Oh, Billy,
thank God you're here.

You've decided
to take me up on my offer?

No, no, I found...

It's kind of like a job for you.

Here, look at this.

All these convicts disappeared,

and I found out today

that they were kidnapped.

They all served time
for murder, like you.

So I think whoever's doing this
will come after you too.

If we work together, we can
find out who's doing this,

and I can turn the information
over to Mark Stanford.

I know he'll pay you
for your help.

What are you doing?

I haven't had a woman
in eight years.

Now, look,
you can't walk in here,

wave your tits around,
and walk out again!

You want to fight, huh?


You fucking bitch!


Go ahead! Go ahead, scream![CRYING]

Nobody's gonna hear you. No! No!

You know you want it,

and now you're gonna get it.

Do as I say,
or I'll cut your eyeballs out.

Who the fuck are you?


Get up here. Come on.

Get up here.

Get up here.

Stay right where you are,

or I'll get blood

all over her nice, clean blouse.


Hey, drop it, man,
or I'll kill her.

I swear it, I'll kill her.

[CRACKLES]Drop it!

No! No!


You fucker.

You fucking, fucking bastard.

You fucker!
Fuck! You fucker!

You bastard!

No, no, no, no.

Easy, easy, easy.
Easy, now.

I promise you, you're safe.

He'll never bother anyone again.

I'll take good care of him.

Come with me.

We'll sit down on the couch.

You're him, aren't you?

You're the one who's been
kidnapping ex-cons.

You know about me?

I've just started putting
the pieces together.

Oh, well... Well,
then there's no need

to keep secrets, is there?

My name's Kallin.
Ben Kallin.

Kimberly Adams.

Kimberly, yes.
Wipe your eyes, Kimberly.

Well, Kimberly Adams,
what are we gonna do?

Well, I guess we should
call the police.

Oh, no, no, no.

We can't call the police, no.

First of all, I don't think
we can press charges.

They're gonna say your
being here provoked the attack,

and then he'll
get off Scot-free.

Another thing, I don't think
the next young lady

will be as lucky as you were.

So, what do you think
we should do?

I know one thing.
The first thing

we should do
is get him out of here.

Let me out of here!

♪ ♪

This is the electric chair.

Would you like to sit in it?

Ha! I love it.
I love it.

I designed it myself.
I put the wings up.

It gives it more
of an ethereal quality.

You know, kind of a flight
of the soul to heaven.

It's the most humane device

ever invented by man
for execution.

The only thing is,

I just hate to inflict pain

on my fellow man.

For someone who doesn't like
inflicting pain,

you certainly picked
an unusual hobby.


Oh, no, my dear.

This is not a hobby.

Oh, no, this is the will of God.

Yes. Yes, an act of love.

Love for my fellow man,

and love for the children,

and love for the innocent,

and love for all those
poor, blameless victims

that were cut down by
these savages, you know?

The one thing I regret

is I have to do
my work in secret.

You see, in my eyes,

the state should televise
the electrocutions.

They should be on
Saturday mornings.

They should be with The Smurfsand The Muppets,

and then even the small children

would understand that
the wages of sin are death.

Come along.

Cell one.



Are you in on this too?

Let me tell you something!

If I get out of here,
I'm gonna cut you!

I'm going cut her, you hear me?

You're not gonna do
anything of the kind.


I'm terribly sorry.
Come on.

James Hamilton is here?

You know him?

I know who he is.

I've been doing some
work for Mark Stanford.


You work for Stanford?


Lady, listen to me
very carefully.

Now, he's the killer.

I've been trying to tell
this lunatic, but...

Just stop.
He's all upset

because he's going
to be executed

at midnight tomorrow night.

You know, if you really
want the state

to have more executions,

then you should help
Stanford get elected.

That's what he wants too.


You bitch.

I'm gonna get you for this.

You're not going to get anybody.

Now, all of you
behave yourselves,

or by God, you'll pay.

Cruz! Go ahead, my darling.

Please, let's get out of here.

When you come out, darling,
watch your step.

Be careful there.


Okay, you follow me.

I'm sorry to take you this way,
through the dark.

These things look so grotesque

hanging there.

How did all this happen?

I beg your pardon?

Everything that you showed me.

How did it get started?


if you really wanna know...

I do.

Oh, Lord.


I was married to a very...

adorable woman,

and I had, uh...

I had...

two children.

I had a, uh,

boy and a girl.

They were twins.

Then one day, I came home and...

I found blood.

There was blood...


There was blood...

on the walls.

There was blood...

on the rugs...

and I went
into one of the bedrooms,

and I found the remains...

the remains of my family.

♪ ♪

Someone had gone after them...


With an ax.

And the man who did it,

he had only been
out of prison...

eight days,

and he had only served...

seven years for murder,

and if they had put him
in the electric chair

straight away...

If they had put him in the
electric chair straight away,

my family would
still be alive today.

Anyway, they sent him
to a mental institution,

and he was there
for a few months.

And then one night
during a thunder storm,

he escaped,

and he hadn't gone
more than a mile

when he was killed instantly
by a lightning bolt.

He was killed the way
God intended him to be killed,

by electrocution.

God's way.

And that's when God spoke to me,

and God said,

"Man's law is false.

My law is just and pure,

so go ye forth
and enforce my law."

And that's
when I built my death row,

and that's when I began
to do God's work.

But why the jail cells
and everything?

Why don't you just execute them

as soon as they get in there?

I couldn't do that.

I love them too much.

I have too much feeling
towards them.

I wanted to give them
time to repent.

That's why I try to gather

all the relatives
of the victims together

to witness their execution.

I mean, not to make
the witnesses happy.

I'm sure there's a few of them
who are happier.

They see. They have
their-their-their revenge,

but that's not why I do it.

I mean, I do it to help
the condemned, you see.

Believe me, when they
look up from the electric chair

and suddenly they see all
these people in front of them

whose lives they've destroyed,

then they understand
the magnitude of their sins.

But Billy...

♪ ♪

Poor Billy...

I don't know
what to do about Billy.

You see,

the woman... the woman he killed
left no one behind

to witness the execution.

I don't know what's going
to happen to his soul.

He has to open his heart to God

and he's got to beg forgiveness.

Otherwise, he will be damned.

Damned for all eternity.

Mr. Kallin,

if you think
that it will help Billy,

I'll witness his execution.

I will.

♪ ♪

I hope you're all happy now.

Repent, Billy.

This is your last chance.

Ask Jesus to forgive you.

Ask the child to forgive you.

Forgive me, Jesus.

Praise the Lord.


Forgive me, Kimberly.




Now, now.

You done a wonderful thing
tonight, child.


You saved a man's soul.

It's all right, child.

No, offer him
$50,000 for the reward.

Yeah, and make that
"dead or alive."

Thanks, Dave.

Oh, Markie,
you're such a good citizen.

You'll even pay a reward
if he gets killed,

and I know
how you feel about money.

Huh. Hamilton must really
have you scared, huh?

Running around,
telling the truth about you.

Maybe even finding
a way to prove it,

but don't worry.

You can't help
being a coward and a murderer.

No one's perfect.

Shut up. Shut up!

Just shut up! Shut up!

You're driving me crazy!

So I killed Fran.
So what?

Big fucking deal!

She's dead. What do you
want me to do?

Give up my own life?

Why don't you admit it, Liz?

Why don't you admit it?

You're just a big bluff,
that's what you are.

You want me to be elected
just as much as I do,

so that you can share
in the power and the prestige

of the governor's office.

Why don't you admit it?

If you thought
I did anything so terrible,

you would have done something,

but you didn't do anything

and you're not gonna
do anything.

And you know why, Liz?

Because you've got no guts.

Now, shut up.

Just shut up.

God, I hate you.

Just shut up.

♪ ♪

And the only way
to wipe out crime

is to eliminate the criminals.

The only way to wipe out crime
is to eliminate the criminals.



Ben Kallin
of Kallin Meats is here,

and he said
he'd like to speak to you.

Not now, Joey.
I've gotta learn the speech,

and I've got to deliver it

to that rally in 30 minutes.

Yes, sir. I told him
you were busy,

but he said he was interested

in making a sizable donation
to the campaign,

and since we...

Oh, well, what the hell.

I've got a few minutes.
Send him in.

Got it.

The only way to wipe out crime
is to kill the criminals.

Oh, wait...


I hope I'm not interrupting.

I don't know why I'm here.

I really don't, but I knew that
I had to speak to you today.

Well, that's quite all right.

Mark Stanford.

Ben Kallin.

Kallin Meats.

Oh, of course.

I know your bacon.

Yes, thank you very much.

Well, it's always nice to talk
to one of my constituents,

Mr. Kallin.
Come in, come in.

Oh, thank you.

What can I do for you?

Well, I'm a bit embarrassed.

It seems that someone
from your campaign

came to see someone
from my company,

and they suggested that we did

kind of an under-the-table

Well, I said to them,
"No, no, no."

I turned them down flat,
you see,

because that's
blatantly illegal.

Well, it certainly is illegal.

It's totally illegal,

and I'm gonna search out
the guilty party,

and I'm gonna have him
dismissed immediately.

No, no, no. There's no
need to do that, sir.

You see,
I've reconsidered my stance.

I've come to the conclusion
it would be

a good thing
if I backed your candidacy.

Provided you're very serious

about your anti-crime,
pro-capital punishment views.

I can't tell you,
Mr. Kallin.

May I call you Ben?

Of course.

Ben, I am very serious

about my stance
on capital punishment.

This administration
is going to wage

an all-out war on crime.

Oh, I'm glad to hear that.

I'm glad to hear that, because

I'd like to retire
with the full knowledge

that my work would continue.

I have been bitterly
disappointed lately

with the courts and the governor

because they just seem

to refuse to enforce
the death penalty,

so I had to go out
and build my own prison,

my own electric chair,

and I enforce
the death penalty myself.

I-I'm sorry?

I enforce the death penalty

Well, uh, Ben, it's...

That is, um...

certainly a novel
idea, Mr. Kallin.

What I wanted to do,

I wanted to invite you

to the execution
of one James Hamilton.

You have James Hamilton,

and you're gonna execute him?



that's a totally different idea.

That all depends, you see,

because if you become governor,

you can grant him a reprieve,

so I have to be sure
in my heart of hearts,

that you are dedicated
to the death penalty,

so what I'm going to do...
now, you listen,

listen very carefully...

I am going to place
the life of James Hamilton

in your hands tonight.

♪ ♪

Yeah. Would you like a drink
or something?


Who could that be
at this time of night?

Somebody I very much
want you to meet.

Sorry it took so long,
Mr. Adams,

but I had to wait till
both of them left the house.

Kimberly, this is Edna.

She's the Stanford maid
and she's also

been doing a little work for me

planting a few bugs
around his house.

This should do the trick,

and make sure the papers
spell my name right.

I want that dickhead to know
who did this to him.

Don't forget you promised
I could go on Geraldo with you.

Wait'll you hear this.

You know Geraldo
isn't even his real name?

Edna, shh.

You'll pay a reward
if he gets killed.

Hamilton must really
have you scared.

Running around,
telling the truth about you.

Don't worry, you can't help

being a coward and a murderer.

No one's perfect.

Shut up. Shut up!

Just shut up!
Shut up!

You're driving me crazy!

So I killed Fran.
So what?

Big fucking deal!

She's dead. What do you
want me to do?

Give up my own life?

Yes! That is the evidence
I've been waiting for.

He's a liar.

He killed that poor girl.
Oh, my God.

That bastard.

Kim, who are you calling?

Are you calling
the papers already?

I asked you a question.
Who are you calling?

Thank you for calling
Kallin Meats...

Think they'll take my picture?

Kim, tell me what's going on.

Our office hours
are 9 to 5. Please...

You'd better answer me.

What was that, Kim?


♪ ♪

Where are you going? I'm going out.

I believe in the law of God

more than I do the law of man.

That's a wonderful thought, Ben,

and I agree with you.

When the state falls
short on its duties,

it's up to the individual
to take up that slack.

I don't believe it.
I don't fucking believe it.

I should've known.
Stanford, you fucking liar!

You know I'm innocent!

Don't you see, Kallin?

He's just trying to use you
to get me out of the way!

Shh! It's okay, Ben.

You hear strange stories
from desperate men.

Don't pay any attention to him.

He's one of our more
disagreeable guests.

By now, most of these men

have learned
to accept their fate.

We don't accept it.

We know that
yelling and screaming

ain't gonna do no good.

But you...

Ay, chihuahua.

You're running for governor.

How can you just stand by

and let him kill
innocent peoples?


I never killed
an innocent man in my life.

Every man I killed
was a murderer.

But I'm not a murderer!


Oh, Deek, Aloysius!
That did it!

Let's get Mr. Hamilton
to the chamber.

♪ ♪

Come on. Come on.




Let me tell you something.

A lack of repentance
is the road to hell.

Bring him out.

Repent. Repent.

Repent! Go to hell!

I've got nothing to repent!

Repent! Put your faith
in Jesus!

I've got nothing to repent,

you phony preacher!

Let me go!
Let me go!


He's the one
who's got to repent!

Oh, Lord, forgive this boy.

What the fuck is
wrong with you people?


I didn't do anything!
You guys are crazy!

Let me go!



Unusual-looking chair.

Oh, yes, well, you know, I feel

that if it's the last place
a human being is going to sit,

the least we can do
is make him comfortable.

And speaking of comfort,

why don't you sit down?

Thank you.

Yes, you look comfy.


Hey, lady, you almost killed me.




All right, that's it.


Well, Congressman, heh,

let me see if I can
explain this to you.

See, the first thing we do
is strap him in,

because when the first surge

of electrical current hits him,

you know, his body's liable
to leap out of the chair.

We wouldn't want that.
Also, the electricity

makes the muscles
twitch involuntarily

and that might tear an electrode

from its contact and that would
spoil the electrocution.

[HONKS HORN]Get the hell out of the way!

How about a cigarette?

I want some money for
the bottle you made me drop.

Hey, lady, you can
hear me in there!


Lady, I'll tip you over.

Come on, open the door.[ENGINE TURNS OVER]


Let me out of here!

I'll go back to jail!

I'll go back to real jail!


Hush and let Mr. Kallin speak.

Now, if the procedure
goes correctly, you see,

the first surge will cut off
his entire nervous system,

and he won't feel
any pain after that.

Yeah, how the hell
do you know, huh?

Have you ever been through it?


Oh, my God.

And then what we do,

we put an electrode on the leg.

We put one on his head.
That makes a complete circuit.

if we didn't have that,

we'd, well...
we'd just broil him.


Now, over here...
You see, over here,

I control the voltage
with this dial, you see.

In fact, here, we have, um...

10 seconds at 2000 volts,

25 seconds at 500 volts,

and 10 seconds at 2000 volts,
you see?

That is the recipe.

Damn! Damn!

I can't believe this!

I just can't believe this!

Why do you turn
the current up and down?

Well, I have to.
I mean,

if we left him at 2000 volts,
he'd just...

...he'd just burst into flames.


Shit! I'm sick of this!

Why is this happening to me?

Stupid piece of junk!
I've had it!

Also, we put cotton up the nose
to keep the blood...

I'd rather not go into that.

I hope you understand.

♪ ♪


Now, where in the hell
is she going

at this time of night?

Well, Congressman,
the question is,

what kind of governor
will you make?

I mean, do we grant
Mr. Hamilton clemency,

or do you believe, as I do,

that all murderers
deserve the death penalty,

regardless of what
the courts say?

I believe as you do, Ben.

I believe that
this man is a murderer,

and he deserves to die.



Mr. Kallin! Mr. Kallin!

Kallin! Kallin!





What the hell?

Oh, God, we had a power failure.

What's wrong? What happened? It's a sign.

It's a sign of nothing.
Deek, you know what to do.

Right away, sir.Damn.

Oh. Excuse me, Lord.

What's going on over there?


I want to talk to you,

You'd better investigate
the power company.

That's the second time this week
that this has happened.

I hooked up an old generator

for emergencies such as this.

Please! Please, let me go!

I won't talk, I promise!

Oh, damn!

No power.


Shh. What?

Did you hear that? What?

Someone's up there.

Scream, man.



Get us out of here, man!

Mr. Kallin! Mr. Kallin!

No, I haven't been drinking.

Get the cops over here now!

Now, Mr. Kallin,

I can't spend all night here.

Oh, I realize that.
Just sit down.

Sit down just for
a few minutes and relax.

I assure you, the electricity
will be on any second.



Now can we get on with this?

Oh, my God.

An angel!

I assume you haven't
changed your mind.

Murderers deserve to die.


Hamilton is innocent!


Oh, my God.
There's the guilty man!

She's crazy.

She doesn't know
what she's talking about.

You fucking bastard!

Would you stay out of this?

He killed that poor girl.

You know I have never
killed an innocent person.

But I am innocent.

You've gotta listen to her!

No, I can't let you do it!

HAMILTON: Please! Would you stay out of it?

HAMILTON: Please! I'm sorry, Congressman.

Let's just get on with this,
shall we?

You're wrong. Can't you see
you're making a mistake?

I never make mistakes.

Listen to her!

He still hasn't repented.

That's his problem.

Let him burn in hell.

Just pull the fucking switch!

No! No!

What? No!




What's happening?

What's happening?

Yes. Yes!


Oh, amen. Amen.

Amen. Amen.

So, there you are.

You see, my dear child?
I told you.

Heh. I never make a mistake.

I never should have doubted you.

Praise the Lord.

Justice is done.

Mr. Hamilton,

I'm afraid I owe you an apology.

I hope that our
little charade here

didn't cause you any anguish,

but I'm afraid it had to be.

It had to be.
I mean,

Aloysius will give you
the wherewithal

to start a new life.

See, I was afraid

that you'd return
to a life of crime

and then I thought maybe sharing

this little experience
would help you not to.

That's a hell of a way
to teach someone a lesson.


Well, I can't argue that, can I?

Well, I apologize to you.

Huh. You...

I don't know,

I feel a little ashamed
about you, you know?

I mean, you didn't even have
a trial by jury.

Well, nevertheless, heh, heh,
you got the mercy you showed.

How did you know
that he was guilty?

Well, when I came back,
you know,

I heard on the radio
that Mr. Hamilton,

he had risked his life

protecting the guard
that he kept hostage,

so I said, "That doesn't sound
like a vicious killer to me."

I began to think...

to think a little
and then I decided,

well, why not, you know?

I'd make a little
investigation on my own.

And I was more than happy
to tell him

who the real killer was.

Mrs. Stanford.

Shocking, isn't it?

Mm, well done...


Hold it. Hold it.
Wait a minute.

You mean to tell me
if you hadn't heard

how I saved that guard's life,

then you would have executed me?

Well, I don't know...

I don't know what to say,
you know?

I don't know if it was...

if it was God or it was chance.

I'm just now
beginning to realize

that power...

power is dangerous.

How could I be...

so stupid to think
that I could do God's work?


I wonder...

Have I been playing God
all along?

♪ ♪


Oh, Mr. Kallin, please,

don't be so hard on yourself.

Look, you are doing
great work here.

It's just too limited.

There's plenty of
criminals out there

that the law can't
or won't touch.

You need funding.
We could...

[SIRENS WAILING]What's that?

It's the police.

Oh, lordy.


Deek, no, no.

Come on, give me that.

This is not the Wild West.

Listen to me. Come on,
out, out, out.

Go on, get out.

Are you coming?

I'll get there later.

Go on, please, Aloysius.

Don't argue.
I'll be there.

No, I'm not leaving.

Yes, you are.
You have to leave.

You have to show them
how to get out.

I depend on you.
Go on, now.

Go on, you big baby.

All right, this is
your last chance.

Come out with your hands up.

Come on, we're wasting our time.

Come here.

Take care of yourself.

Good luck,
Mr. Hamilton.

Hey, man,
I ain't even gonna jaywalk.

I bet you won't.

What about you?
What about your work?

God will find somebody
who might not have been wrong.

But you weren't.

Oh, yes, I might have been.

I might have been, angel.
I might have been. Go ahead.

You've been an inspiration
to me, Mr. Kallin.

Oh, God bless you, child.

Mr. Kallin,
why don't you come with us?

They're gonna kill you.

No, I'm afraid God has decided.

God has decided.


Please, God bless you.

Go on.

God has decided...

God has decided
that I'm a murderer.

Oh, almighty God...


Sweet God in heaven,
forgive a sinner.

Forgive a sinner.

I was wrong.

I hear you.

What the hell is this?

♪ ♪

We're saved! You've got to get us out.

We're being held
prisoner by a lunatic.

Don't give him a chance.
Just shoot him, all right?

It's jammed.

Jesus Christ!


into thy hands
I commend my spirit.





♪ ♪



Oh, my God, Liz, I'm so sorry,

but, you know,
if there's anything I can do,

you know who to call.

You're on my list.

But the good news is,

I never did send in
my campaign contribution.


Oh, thank you.

Pigs in a blanket?

Hey, weenies.

Here. Get rid of that.

You know,

I've been looking at you

throughout the entire funeral.

How would you feel

about getting out of here?

Sure, babe.

Where would you like to go?

I want to go to the basement.

Phew. The basement?

What's down there?

Something really special.

Something you will never forget.

What are we waiting for?

Are you sure

you're doing
the right thing here,

Mrs. Stanford?

These men haven't
had the benefit

of a trial by jury

and even Mr. Kallin,
God bless his soul,

almost executed an innocent man.

You could execute
an innocent man too,

and then what would you say?

No one's perfect...

are they?


♪ ♪

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

♪ I once was lost ♪

♪ But now I am found ♪

♪ I was blind but now I see ♪

♪ All because
All because of ♪

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ Yes, it is ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

♪ Mm ♪

♪ Through many dangers, toils
And snares ♪

♪ I have already
Already come ♪

♪ Yes, I have ♪

♪ And it was grace
Grace that brought me here ♪

♪ It brought me safe thus far ♪

♪ And grace
Grace is gonna lead me ♪

♪ Is gonna lead me home ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ Yes, it is ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

♪ Oh, yes, it did ♪

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ Amazing, amazing ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

♪ Don't you know
That I once was lost ♪

♪ Oh, but now I'm found ♪

♪ I was blind but now I see ♪

♪ So glad I see ♪

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪