Guilty (2020) - full transcript

When a college heartthrob is accused of rape by a less popular student, his girlfriend navigates various versions of the story in search of the truth.

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I'll ask you again.

Where were you on Wednesday,
February 14th, 2018?

You've kept me here for over four hours.

Stop playing at 'True Detective'.

How can I remember something
that happened a year ago?

Please answer the question, Tashi.

The same question again?

- Do I have to look at the camera?
- Yeah.

On February 14th, 2018, I was in college.

It was St. Martin's Founder's Day,

Asif Shaikh was performing.

And everyone was there.

The rest of the band members?

What about them?

What were they doing?

What do college kids do at concerts?

Everyone was smashed.

Tashi, I hope you realize that
you're all over 18.

No longer 'kids' in the eyes of the law.

When did you last see
Vijay and her together?

Can you turn off the camera?

Sorry man, can't.

Look, dude, it's pretty simple.

Our bro's a decent guy,

and that bitch is a whore.

This is MeToo being misused,
to its full power.

Listen, now that my lips...

- My man!
- What's up?

- I'm good. How are you?
- Good. Yeah, how is it going?

- How are you?
- I'm using "silence" again.

- Thank you so much for this.
- Thank you, sir.


- Our man can never pull this off.
- Of course he can.

It's not that difficult also.

He can't become Freddy Mercury.

Anyone can be anyone they want.

- Like in Metamorphosis.
- What?

By Kafka.

Who fucked who?

Pass me the doob...

Listen. bro.

It's your composition. Your lyrics.

Why don't you sing it this time?

If you've the balls,
then say it to VJ's face?

VJ's sycophant.

Stop screwing with him.

VJ scares the shit out of him.

And you love sucking up to him, right, KP?

Are you still in high school?

Ten days left for
Transcend Fest submission.

- Exactly.
- We still don't have a scratch..

Put it on my tab.

Just saying.

Nanki. My smoke!

Are we having a jam session?

- Do you know what you are, Tashi?
- What?

You're VJ's balls.

The left one.

If I am VJ's balls,
then you're my pubes...

- Asshole.
- What shit.

- Nanki. What's up?
- What's up?

I heard you stopped
attending union meetings.

Been busy, Jha.

Actually, we need an interview
for the student union's newsletter.

Can you help?

I'll speak to VJ.

No, not VJ.

We want to do an article
on the songwriter of Doobydoo Crew.

You see, our star reporter, Arnab here

- is all set to write a fantastic report.
- Very eager.

Nice try, but that's not going to happen.

VJ... VJ, stop it! Put me down!

VJ, stop it!

- The problem with you is you're too slow.
- stop it.

Foucault's theory of power

What may I ask are you doing,
Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh?

Sorry, sir.

Nanki Dutta, the future Rhodes scholar
from our prestigious institution..

was found in a state
of utter distress in the corridor.

I simply had to don my cape for
the greater good of the college

and save our invaluable asset,
Ms. Dutta.

And what distress could
Ms. Dutta possibly be in

within these hallowed halls of
St.Martins and under our watchful eye?

So, you see, I scooped her away
from the evil clutches

of the diabolical debating society.

Sir, trust me you've no idea

how traumatising it is to be
harassed by college intellectuals


All right,
settle down, settle down.

So, let's get back to
what we were talking about.

Foucauldian theory of power in the...

See? I even convinced your local guardian.

No more sneaking out.

Wow, my hero.

New tattoo?

- Show.
- Stop it.

- Come on.
- Stop it, he's looking.

And I thought you were
not that into me.

I am not.


What could the V possibly be for?

Virginia Woolf.

...and other political theory.

Miss Dutta.

What was the last thing I said?

Dr. Roy, we were studying
the Foucauldian theory of... power.

Why don't you come and sit
down over here at the first row?


Sit. Right here in front.

So, the Foucauldian theory of power in
the context of feminist literature..

Man, I'll be honest with you.

VJ, never really had to try hard.

It does not make sense, right?

The coolest girl in college
was already his girlfriend.

And she definitely had the feels for him.

And her...?

Did she have these "feels" for him?

It was different with her.

She's a fuck girl.

"Out, out, brief candle!"

"Life's but a walking shadow,"

"a poor player, that struts and
frets its hour upon the stage.."


"and then is heard no more."

- Not applicable.
- "It is a tale told by an idiot,"

"filled with sound and fury,"

- "signifying nothing."
- Why are these guys performing today?

Hello, friends.

- Oh, hi.
- DRAM SOC, hi, what's up?

Fuck off, please.
Thank you very much.


"Out, out, brief candle.
Life's but a walking shadow."

"A poor player that struts and
frets its hour upon the stage..."

- I said fuck off.
- "signifying nothing."

And with that, Mr. Shakespeare,
Tanu Kumar signing off.



unfortunately, I cannot join your band.

I've joined Kerbie's band.

And I am going to perform on stage.

You really love to perform, don't you?

- Come on, show me what you got.
- Don't be an asshole. Let it go.

Should I escort you to Dhanbad now?

Should I?

"The poet tells an ancient tale

about a girl's
lustful coming-of-age story.

What a delicate face o lord!

But her vagina was a bottomless fjord.

Small, fat...

short or long."

Bro, has she lost her mind.

"Hand her an electric rod.

Whatever the world could tender,

had not the might to bend her.

A sage then found something worth.

An elephant's hooked tooth handy in girth.

He shoved it in her steaming engine.

She rode it like a train in motion.

Moments and hours passed unbridled.

All her troubles fell by idle,

when she screamed in ecstasy,

'I am coming,

I am coming,

I am coming,

I am coming,

Don't stop, keep going,

I am still coming.'"

Can we practice?

You know the difference
between a girl and a 'girl'.

So she was a bit like... that.


Like what?

An easy rider.

Bro, you look like Storm

from the X-Men.

I mean it's not exactly white.

It's a bit grey.

And you're exactly an asshole.

What do you think of the word
'Sargoshiyaan' (whispers)?


But how will this fit
in the meter of the song?

What the fuck! You don't even listen.

- How are you, bro?
- My professor screwed me.

Give me a smoke. What are you doing?

Nice change.

What about her look?

Shall we tell them best of luck?

I'll be back.

Hey, VJ!

When is it?

- Happy V Day.
- What's up, bro.

I am performing today as well.

Opening act.

Watch me!

I'm gonna slay.

She's gonna 'slay'.

Of course, we're going to watch.

VJ, listen up.

You can even come backstage with me.

Interesting, but we've band
practice. So let's go.

Do I look stupid to you?
I'm doing the opening act.

- What are you even practicing for?
- Yeah, what for?

- Move aside.
- Does she look stupid to you?

VJ, Asif Shaikh is looking
for a kickass lyricist.

And no one writes better
songs than you in DU.

Do you want me to introduce you?
I can do that.

I am the songwriter.

- Hi!
- That's right.

I thought he took you on board
because you're his girlfriend.

That was, oh my God!

I wouldn't have taken that.

Nanki, I wouldn't have taken that.

I'm joking.

- Bro... sorry.
- Bye, bro.

Listen, she's new here.
She doesn't know a thing.

There's no band without you.

You know that, right?

Leave it.

Happy Valentine St. Martin.

How's everybody doin'?

On the night of the concert, Asif Shaikh
was singing his usual 90s hit songs.

What the fuck, Asif Shaikh!

Got a lighter?

Winter had set in,

but the temperature was soaring
due to Valentine's Day.

The music is fuck all.


Wait... wait a minute.
Please tell me clearly, Tashi.

Were you with VJ or not?

We were rolling joints,
with Tarun and Raj,

VJ's boarding school buddies.

They would often come to our college
to smoke up.

Tanu had hit the jackpot
because she took a sip from VJ's beer.

Don't. Don't.

She kept coming on
to him the entire night.

- VJ.
- Nanki.

VJ, it's V day.

VJ. Come.

All I remember from this point,
after smoking the joint,

is four of them sneaked into VJ's room
through the hostel's back gate.

Come along, VJ.

And then?

Then what?

What happened then?

Then I passed out.

But what will you do
with all this information?

File a case.

So tell me,
when did you hear of Tanu again?

After that night,
Tanu disappeared completely.

Fully off the radar situation.

Rumor was that she'd flunked,

which was pretty obvious.

One can only survive in Martin's on merit.

Quotas don't get you far here.

And then one day, out of nowhere,
during the MeToo ruckus...

Perfect. This is what I am looking for.

- Looks good.
- Looks good, man.

- Do you think this will work?
- A little bit.

You won't believe
who has been called out this time.

Stop building suspense
and just tell me who it is this time?

Shamsher Khan.

- Actor?
- Yeah.

What the fuck.

You know in some sense

Draupadi was the first Indian badass
who MeToo'd..

and actually insisted on justice.

What? What about Sita then?

Ravan asked politely.

He didn't force himself on her.

So you're saying
abduction is not creepy.

It was a war crime.

There was no Geneva Convention back then.

# believeher #timesupdrinkupandshutup

My God, a casting
director is out, bro.

Don't know, don't care.

Bollywood guys are screwed.

Fucking screwed.

What screwed.

It's all a fucking
calculated compromise.

Really can't say shit
like that anymore, bro.

The hashtag police will come and get you.

There you go
with your feminist statements again.

You're a woman, after all.

So, I want to get this done.

Say what bro...

Bro, you don't know Nanki.

I can't hear you, bro. Speak louder.

What is this nonsense, asshole.


Guys, this is serious.
Pick up your bags and leave.

Bro, what the fuck has happened?
Are you going to say something?

- We're in deep shit.
- What happened?

Bro, Tanu has MeToo'd our bro.

- VJ?
- Yes.

- She's MeToo'd him.
- What the fuck!

I am calling him.

Nanki come on let's go.

Can't keep quiet anymore.

Feb 14, 2018, I was raped by

VJ Pratap Singh!

What? My heartthrob?

As his friends watch
the show and laughed.

@St.Martin's College.

# RajKhosla#TarunKhanna#Evillaughter

# MeToo#NoMeansNo#BlackHeart

This is full hashtag whoring man.

You know guys, they do drugs as well.

But get this guys,
do you know what her handle is?


Unmindful it feels

Like a mistake, It feels like

You are wounded just like me

I am wounded just like you

Your state is just like mine

"You are wounded just like me.

I am wounded just like you."

In these times of MeToo, you should
do these things behind closed doors.

I feel relieved seeing
that you are normal.

Otherwise your sincerity always
scared the shit out of me.

You impressed the boss.

I, too, am in a state of mess

You are wounded just like me

I am wounded just like you

Rajat Khosla.

Tanu Kumar has tweeted

that Vijay Pratap Singh raped her
on Valentine's Day, 2018.

She is lying.

VJ refused to date her

so now she's going
all Gone Girl on him.

And what were you doing there that night?

It was Valentine's Day, bro.

Checking out chicks.

There were five people in that room.


The duo, Tarun Khanna, and me.

But when VJ and she started going at it,
we checked out.

Who is #EvilLaughter?

Who knows?

She never makes any sense.

And you're taking her seriously.

Tanu Kumar has tagged VJ,
Raj Khosla and you in her tweet

with the hashtag no means no.

Does this mean she resisted?

So did you try to stop VJ?

I mean, why stop them?

It was their personal affair.

And they are adults.

When we felt this is
about their privacy, we left.

You're saying it was consensual, Tarun.

Fully! 100%.

I also want you to know,

I mean this is no 'outrage of modesty'
because VJ...


Can you please make him
sit in conference room 3?

Thank you.


I told VJ, she is fucking crazy.
So take it slow.

But VJ, being a nice guy,

pittied Tanu.

He said, "She was here on scholarship.

We'll let her perform one song."

And now we're all screwed.

You see, this happened three days ago..
when the Tweet surfaced..

Sanket, Siddharth, Aakash, Disha...

Fuck. Guys aunty is here.

Dev Sir, we'll have to file
a defamation case... today.

And I think this is just a publicity stunt
trying to cash in.

Hardy, does Nanki know?

Kerbie has tweeted as well.

You know Dev sir, this is just a
new trend these girls have started.

And our stupid kids fall prey to it.

Okay, try Nanki at the library.

- Yes.
- Let's go from here.

No, there's been
no official complaint yet.

I've already reached
out to the Commissioner.

But what about the internet,
where it's already become a sensation?

Not to mention, this is a golden
opportunity for the opposition party.

They've been trolling us ever since.


No, never.

Of course not.

None of us will go.



Dev sir...

I need your best team of lawyers.

Thank you.



Take it.

And don't tweet anything.

Stay away from social media.


I haven't done anything.

Look, I understand
you guys are stressed

but, just let me go to the
Police myself, I'll handle this.

No, you're not going to the Police.
Not at all.

Pratap, you go.

Of course...

I'll go.

I am a Politician after all.

And I keep dealing with the law
all the time.


Doesn't my career matter to you?

Have some water man.

Am I not answerable to my party?

Who will give an election
ticket to the father of a...

He hasn't done anything.

How do you know?

- Were you there?
- Then don't do anything.

Look, I don't need
you guys to do anything.

I can handle it myself.

Son, please...

You won't step out of the house!

VJ's privileged.

So people are likely to think
that he's at fault.

Even when he has done nothing.

She isn't answering my calls.

Come on.

There's going to be trouble today.

You cannot go inside, sir.

- This is not the first time I've got in.
- I have my orders.

Just move aside.

Calm down, man.

I'll lose my job.


Keep this.

CCTV is working.

- VJ, don't do this.
- Get lost!

Bro, this can be a problem.
You will regret.

Tashi, come here.

Have you lost your mind? Let's go.

VJ, like seriously, dude.

Call Nanki!

- Calm down.
- Nanki!

Call, Nanki!

If you guys don't leave
I'll call the warden.

- Go ahead.
- Just wait.

- Nanki.
- Nanki.

Now shut the guard up.

Seriously, guys, you're fucking it up.

Why aren't you answering my calls?

Why didn't you come home?

Baby, I don't know why
this happened to us.

I haven't done it.

Do you think I did it?

And you know what
dad thinks I've done it.

He told me he thinks I've done it.
You know me right?

I haven't done it.

- I don't know what to do?
- I know.

So Nanki didn't go to see VJ
after the tweet.

Seems like an unlikely match.

I mean...


is the daughter of two college professors.

VJ's father is a politician
and real-estate magnate.

Mother was a former model

and is now the toast of Delhi society.

What are you trying to imply?

We pick our friends because of that?

Do you even fucking know how we met?

That was in your first year,
if I'm not mistaken.

Aye, Arnab, asshole, what is this?

She barged right in
the boys hostel toilet.

She climbed on top of the counter.

She climbed up and
wrote that in bold letters.

I was right here
controling my urge to pee.

"I'm not who I look like,
I am who I write like."

Nanki Dutta, did you write that inside?

Yeah. Did you like it?

I liked it.

You should write songs.

For who? You?


Anything wrong with me?

Must be something.

Everyone's flawed.

Let's find out.

Nanki. Vandalism, really?

Problem child.

Come along, come to my office now.

What is all the commotion?

What is this? Just not done..

Come on.

Boys toilet? Really?

What a player bro. Very smooth, yeah.

Here come the love birds...
very much on time. Assholes.

But then this problem child
wrote such sweet songs.


Are not the one

For whom I felt infinite love


Are not the one

My habit you had become

Why have you returned?

To show me a mirror of myself

Why have you returned?

To shield me from myself

Leave it

Let me be alone

Let me be alone

Let me be alone

Are you

The one?

Whom I have been missing

Are you the one?

Whose presence I have sensed


Allow me to show you

A glimpse of lovely things

In the narrow lanes of lost desires

Let me take you for a spin

Like an old wound

You have returned

Like a new salve

You have become

Leave it

By your pillow

Leave it

By your pillow

Leave it

By your pillow

Leave it

Let me be alone

Let me be alone

Hi, I am Danish Ali Baig.

I am investigating and prepping
all the witnesses in Vijay's case.

How would you respond to
allegations of privilege on Vijay?

What does that have
to do with this?

Got it.

They are going to make this about

him fooling around because
of his privilege, right?

Look, he's privileged. That's a fact.

Does he exploit it?
I don't think so.

This can be contested by the defense.

This document clearly shows that
Vijay didn't get into St. Martin's

on the basis of his marks.

You had no idea did you?

And this is exactly
what defence picks on.

Okay, you wanna talk
about privilege, then

shouldn't we be talking about
Tanu Kumar's lack of privilege?

And how she's manipulated that.

What's the long queue for

No one knows.
God knows what's going on.

We are standing here since 15 mins.

Rude as fuck!

The newbie has her head in the air.

- She's still washing clothes.
- Come out.

Are you deaf?
Do I use sign language instead?

Time to wash clothes is
between 2 pm and 4 pm. Come out.

I just got here from Dhanbad.

Don't care if you're from Dhanbad or
Dimapur. Rules are the same for everyone.

Come on, out.

Who do you think you are?

You think your piercings scare me?

Have you seen my tattoo?

- Bitch!
- Get out of here!

Take your hands off, whore.
Let me go!

- Let go of me.
- Give it to her!

Give it to her!

- Give it to her!
- Let me go!

No ma'am, I never teased
her for her vernacular accent.

What shit..she's
making all of this up.

You can ask anyone, madam.

She threatened me.

Threw my clothes outside.

Bullshit. I never did that!
When did I do that?


All because I shared your bathroom.

She's always ragging me,

because I am from Dhanbad

and a scholarship student.

They try to demoralize me.

These upper-class, English-medium kids.

What shit...

I am not blacklisting you, Nanki.

- Ma'am..
- But take this as last warning.

Next time it's...

Tanu, you can finish
washing your clothes today.

But the time to wash clothes
is from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. strictly.


She's a fucking liar.

This only proves that
you're resentful of her.

As she is of me.

Look, I know you're thinking
that I am petty and entitled

but you don't know Tanu.

She can do anything to grab attention.

Including Me Too.

So are you saying that...

Tanu Kumar slept with your
boyfriend on Valentine's Day

to get back at you.

But what about your boyfriend?

- Why did he sleep with her?
- She made him.

Didn't he have a choice?

- You know how men are.
- Excuse me.

You heard me.

I know how I am. Let's not generalize.

She manipulated him.

And he got manipulated?

Where are you going?

Hostel curfew at 8 pm.

We're not done yet Ms. Dutta.


- I have a request to make.
- Yes, tell me.

If you need me for any
research or ground work

I've a friend who works
in Dubeyji's team.

Danish. Danish.

Could I get a lift to the metro?

- Of course.
- Thanks.


No, don't change.

I love Faiz's poetry.

Shall I just drop you to the hostel?

That new one right? Banerjee West.

I'm ex St. Martin's.


Which year did you pass out?


Wait, you got the Inlaks
Scholarship to Cambridge, right?

I saw your pictures. No wonder.

I am applying to Rhodes.

You have the HAIR for it.

Metro is fine. Thank you.


You were right.

He had a choice

Just made a bad one.

VJ came to meet me
after the concert that night.

I fucked up Nanki.


Why did you leave me alone
with her (at night)?

You left me alone with her.

- I was drunk and she was all over me.
- Yes, I wish I could unsee that.


Whatever happened,
it didn't mean anything.

She was coming on to me
as it was Valentine's Day.

Just get to the point.

Baby, I still...

Get to the fucking point!

What did you do?

Get to the fucking point.

I cheated on you.

I slept with her.

You can ask Tarun and Raj.

She started it.
Kissing, grinding, everything.

Fuck you, man.

I was drunk.
I was drunk Nanki, I am sorry.

- Fuck you, I really can't believe..
- I am sorry.

I am sorry.

Don't fucking touch me.

Please. Please.

Don't touch me!

Get out of here.

Don't ever fucking touch me again.

Fuck VJ! I can't believe.

Is that when you wrote that song?


"You are wounded just like me.

I am wounded just like you."

Both the culprit
and the victim are injured.

It's... It's very mature.



Yes tell me what happened?

Guess who is in college?



Don't tell me.

The rape victim?

She's with the warden and the dean

in the warden's office.

Why? What does she want now?

I guess..she's trying
to get back to the hostel.

The girl has guts.

It hasn't even been a week
since she MeToo-ed.

You should have seen
what she's wearing.

You raped him, slut!

What? You?

I slapped her.

VJ is guilty lots of things
but not rape

It's just a very hard time
for him right now.

Anyway Nanki.

It really helps VJ's case that
he confessed to you that night.

At the end of the day
you are his girlfriend.


his honesty in your relationship
will work in his favor.

And I am so sorry I cut you.

You were saying?

The entire college knows she's using
Me Too just to get back into college.

And you're allowing it. How?
She failed!

First, you suspended VJ.

And now Nanki.

Do you even realise the
message you're sending out there?

But at a time like this, when even the
college is being called into question

this child has gone and slapped a girl

who is claiming to
be a victim of sexual assault.

Two weeks of suspension
is very lenient.

That girl is lying.

That may be so,

but until the Internal
Complaints Committee makes a decision,

I cannot be seen taking sides.

But suspension at this time?

It's the week of finals, Dr. Roy.

I've got so much library
work to do for our project.

I've got... I haven't even started
finishing my applications. And...

This is going to cost me my entire future.

You can't be suspending me at this time.

I've got so much work to finish

You'll be all right.

I'll send all the books
and all the papers to your room.

You can ask warden Promila
for whatever you want.

But how am I going to complete it?

Use this time to finish your statement
of purpose

for the Rhodes scholarship, Nanki.

I am here.

Please don't tell my
parents about all of this.

Have I ever?

Problem is, event the faculties
will divide over this.

- We want to see..
- ICC!

- We want to see..
- ICC!

- Tanu Kumar!
- We're with you!

- Tanu Kumar!
- We're with you!

- Tanu Kumar!
- We're with you!

That's fine. Put it here.

That's enough.

Kerbie and the Student Union.

Singing for Tanu's justice is just a way
to promote his music career, right?

What's happened with Tanu,
it's really wrong Nanki.

It's not just us.

Other colleges are also
offering their support.

You're such bloody snakes.
Admit it. You guys have never liked VJ.

And now they are just targeting him.

Jha wants the seat in DUSU,
and you want inter-collegiate fame.

And anyway, after the ICC's decision,
VJ can join college,

if he's proven innocent, right?

His entire career is at stake, Arnab.

Do you even realise that?

This accusation has cost him his...
His whole reputation is in shit man.

You know we can't even
join the Transcend Fest anymore.

I completely understand your point.


VJ's been good with you, right?

I am just asking like that.

Just casually.

You want something.

- Don't be...
- Arnab!

They are not even giving
him a chance to prove himself.

They only hate him
because of his power and money.

VJ is not a proven offender.

She forced herself on to him, dammit,
how many times do I have to repeat myself?


You did say.

You slapped her
because she raped him.



Will you go hungry till six o'clock?

Why am I here till six o'clock?

Because we have to get
your boyfriend off the hook.

And the office is only open till six.

Ms. Dhanbad had OD'ed.

She was coming on to all of us,
and everyone was having fun.

Nanki was fucking furious.

If someone's trying to seduce
your boyfriend in front of your eyes,

you won't just
stand there and watch right.

Fuck Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day was just an excuse.

Later, she disappeared.

And after that, I...

And I was enjoying the
concert like a good kid.

I was drinking water, not even booze.

And where was Tanu at this time?

No VJ.

No Tanu.


Pin-drop silence.

From a distance,
it looked like a dog was shitting.

But as I took a closer look,
it was fucking KP, puking.

He can't drink. He's still a kid.
He can't handle it.

But then I remember,

I saw Nanki outside the staff quarters.
She was looking for VJ.

And rightfully so.

They were both missing. Tanu and Vijay.

After that, I think she headed
towards the boy's hostel.

Hang on. What time was it?

1- 1:30am

And you're sure Nanki
headed to the boys' hostel?

Of course I'm sure. I'm sober, bro.
What do you mean I'm sure?


Who's testimony am I

Who's testimony am I

Who's testimony am I

Sir, Nanki.

Nanki, what are you doing here?

My suspension is over, sir.

How is it going?

It's going well. I just
have to ask her a few questions.

- She is dating him.
- Are you stalking me?


Always over-reacting this child.


Danish is an ex-student of mine.

She will cooperate. Nanki.

- I'll see you.
- Sure sir.

And now you're even in my college.

Isn't it hard enough?

- You don't answer my calls.
- So?

Nanki, I needed to know,

where were you on the night
of 14th February at 1 a.m.?

Why? It's going to prove VJ's a rapist?

Nanki, please listen...

You know what,
you listen to me now.

- Stop snooping around.
- What?

Stop checking my Insta-stories.

I can see you seeing
my Insta-stories.. And stop..

- I am doing my job.
- Stop looking at me like that.

Why the fuck did you look me like...

I am going to complain
to Sushma aunty.

- What happened to you suddenly?
- Watch it.


- Please sit down.
- Thank you.

Can I get you something Sushma?

- Drink.
- No, I'm good, Dev.

- Are you sure?
- Thank you.

- Danish, come.
- Sir.

Mrs. Pratap Singh has some concerns.


Are you here to defend
my son or frame him?

Let's just address the elephant
in the room. Shall we?

My son,

he may have slept with her,
but he has not raped her.

Because he is a good child.

He respects women.

And he has a very kind heart.

Do you know that he sponsors the education
of the children of our entire staff?

At his age.

How many boys do you
both know who do that?

Do you do that, Danish?

Ma'am, I am just looking at
it from the judge's perspective..

Let the judge do his job. Please.

Because even the judge knows
this is a defamation case.

It is not a rape case.

We took a rather aggressive approach
by filing a defamation case.

Especially now in the times of Me Too

the judge and the media are going to come
at us with an equal amount of hostility.

What if the defence calls on
a new witness?

Hashtag evil laughter?

Who is it?

Which one of the three
is hiding information?

Tashi, Hardy or Nanki.

I need to know,
so that we can be prepared.

Ma'am, my job is only to
arm Mr. Mirchandani with

all the arsenal he needs
before we get to court.

He's there to win, ma'am.


Come, Sushma.

I tell you, Sushma, these young girls...

- Danish.
- Sir.

...they all have lost their minds.

I'm on the verge of firing
all my female interns.

Guess what? I have written a new song.

Wait for it.

Whose dream,

whose thought is this?

We'll let KP do something,
really cool.

In whose failure am I the catalyst?

What the fuck.

Why would you do that?

Where were you that night, till 1 a.m.?

At Roy's, I told you.


What do you mean "why"? Thesis work.

On Valentine's Day?

What was our whole fight
about earlier then, Nanki?

Didn't I tell you
that Roy's exploiting you

just to make you
ghost-write his thesis.

Didn't I tell you not to go?

What do you mean you said no?

I had to go. He's writing
recommendations for my scholarship.

I really don't expect you to understand.


Just say it.

Say it.

I am not as privileged as you, right.

So, I'm going to have to get
myself exploited, in your words.


Where is this coming from?

Come on, man, say it.

I saw your mark sheet.

You couldn't have
got in without pull.


Stop trying to turn
this around on me, okay.

All I know is that
Roy should leave you

the fuck alone at 1:00 in the
night on any fucking given day.

VJ, I had to go, okay.

He called me because
he had that heart thing.

And he only has me over here.

How could he have told the faculty?

It could jeopardise his
entire deanship prospects.

He had to call me. I had to go.

What "heart thing"?

What heart thing?
Are you dumb or what?

A smart girl like
you can't see it.

He just wants to get
into your pants, that's all.


If you keep indulging him,
you must be wanting it too, right?

What the fuck. How dare you
bloody talk to me like that, man?

What the fuck dude.
I can't believe it.

You're character assassinating me

when you're the one
who's bloody accused of rape.

- I am just saying what I feel, that's all.
- Fuck you dude.

Stop the car, I want to get out.

Stop the fucking car, I am serious
I am going to jump out of the car.

Stop the fuck. Stop the car.

Are you mad?

I told you I'll jump out of the car
if you don't stop the car right now.

I want to get out of your fucking car.
Stop it right now.

- Nanki, it's the middle of the road.
- I don't care.

Are you...


- Nanki..stop it, dude.
- Go fuck yourself, man.

Where to, madam?

We'll take you for a ride.


I'll pull your fucking balls out!



Danish Ali Baig.

What's with your focus on me?

How does it matter
where I was that night at 1 am?

I am neither the victim,
nor the bloody accused.

Why is this detail
important to the case?

Why did you try and get me fired?

What are you hiding?

I am not...

- There are no secrets, Danish.
- Really.

Okay, let me just put
this as simply as I can.

A gold-digging as fuck wannabe girl

wants a privileged guy
to be her boyfriend.

After they have sex,
the guy refuses to be her boyfriend.

It's as simple has hell
hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This is no Me Too.

She is just trying to take revenge. She's
out for retribution. Don't you see it?

Unfortunately I do see it.

Now I need to show you. Come on.

She was barefoot.


- First thing I noticed.
- Any sign of injuries.


She was carrying her shoes in her hands.

She was kinda swaying.

I don't know. Maybe she was drunk.

Or she could be limping.

I am not saying that, sir. You are.

I said she was swaying.

So I saw Nanki after that.

She was coming from the Admin building.

Tanu went up to her.

It felt like she was asking her something.

I thought Nanki will help her out.

But she pushed her away.

I am focusing on you
because you skipped telling me this.

He's talking shit.
He was drunk out of his wits.

- Were you in the room?
- What?

Are you #Evillaughter?

Excuse me!

Did Vijay and you plan this revenge?

How dare you talk to me like that?

- Do you want to send VJ behind bars?
- What?

Have you got me here.

Are you trying to get
into my pants or something?

- Is this why you got me here?
- What?

You want to send VJ to jail because...

And I've been talking
to you all this time.

What are you saying?

VJ's going to go
to jail because of me

Ms. Nanki, are you alright?

It's my fault that he's going to go..

I've done it again.

Are you okay? Listen to me.

Nanki, just relax.

Vijay, why do you
have a room in the hostel?

We have to stay in the hostel,
for exams and all.

It's easier.

What's the big deal?

Big deal because you have
a seven-bedroom house in Sainik Farms.

What does that prove?

It proves entitled behavior.

The defense can argue that snatching
a deserving, outstation student's right

is not a big deal
for a privileged student like you.

It will further the argument
that you disrespect the system.


Where is Dev uncle?

- Calm down, Vijay.
- Call me VJ.

Sorry I can't.
I am going to read you something.

"Can't keep quiet anymore."

"February 14, 2018, I was raped by..."

Yeah, I know. I've read that tweet.
I was tagged.

I had sex with her.

I am not proud of it
but I didn't rape her.

And why would I rape her?

Or anyone for that matter,
I've a girlfriend.

And yet you cheated.


That means she must have...

Please, coming to
my room was her idea.

I have witnesses.

Raj, Tarun and not just them.

The whole college knew that she wanted to
sleep with me that night.

Do you know the difference between
consensual and forced sex, Vijay?

What do you think I am?

Do you think I don't know what sex is?

You think
Tanu's the only girl I've slept with?

It was fucking consensual,
I am telling you.

Why don't you deal with this, man?
I am telling you the truth.

How are you Singh sir? Also has anyone
gone upstairs to call Ms. Nanki Dutta?

Okay. Thank you.

Careful with the bags.

Yes, yes.

- Wait. Wait. Wait.
- Why?

You can't go in
without the warden's permission.

You guys know that.

It's fine, fine. I can go on my own.

I'll manage.

The other bag.

Pass my bag. I'll go.

I'll go on my own.

- Call us if you need anything.
- Thank you.

Let's go. Come on.

Sorry Miss Dutta
I've come into your space again.

You know I don't want to
make you feel uncomfortable or anything,

but you never answer my calls.


I need to procure
some very important footage from

a student's phone from that night.

He isn't cooperating, and...

Hardy said he won't say no to you.


I thought you'd come to tell me
Tanu's back or something.

Yes, she is back.

And the ICC isn't even
operational anymore.

Tanu is the complainant,
so she can come back.

And please don't intimidate her.

It will only weaken VJ's case.

Unsolicited advice from the solicitor.

I don't get it.

I'm only doing this because it's my job.

But this is your life Nanki.

Don't you want to go beyond
this whole he said she said

and know what actually
happened that night.

Why? Will the truth set me free?

I don't know.

But denial surely won't.



The videos are all here. I don't
know what he's trying to hide.

Thank you.

Should I leave?

No, come if you want.

Hey, come here.

There's Nanki.

- Look.
- Hold the phone. Hold it.

Go on.

- Should I leave a button open?
- No, no. It's perfect.

Go, go.

I love you. I love you.


Is this some kind of freakin' joke to you?

No, I was just not expecting this.

You were not expecting what?

You've been telling
me that I'm hiding stuff

making me feel like I'm
some bloody freak or something.

When actually you'll
have been hiding stuff?

- Hiding what, Nanki?
- Hiding what? Seriously?

The blood.

What blood?

Don't mind fuck me, okay.

I saw the blood. Which means
it has to be in the evidence.

You all have probably suppressed and...

I don't get it.
What are you trying to do? Are you...

What is this?
Some loyalty test or something.

Like. What am I, the star witness.

You're trying to make
me the snitch bitch. Why don't...

Fucking playing mind games.

Don't act so stupid, man.


What blood?

Yes, Ashrut.

I'm looking for some mention
of blood injury in this case.

I remember you saying Dubey ji,
that you have a friend.

Find out will you.


On 15th February,
the morning after the alleged incident,

Tanu filed a police complaint.

Yes, but it wasn't registered then.

You're right, sir.

There was no official FIR.

But there's an entry
of the complainant in the records.

Entries don't make a difference
when there was no official FIR.

It's a weak case.

The matter is pretty clear.

And anyway, even the police
have some responsibility.

They won't file
an official complaint so easily.

But the Police are
notorious to not file cases like this.



The point is, why didn't you tell us?

Danish, please'

This is going to be a landmark judgment.

In the age of social media
and freedom of expression,

anyone can say what they want.

Someone will have to take responsibility.

There ought to be checks.

It's important.

Pull over here.

Yes, sir.

Really makes no sense
to pursue this any further.

Rape or no rape, Danish, it doesn't
really change anything for us.

And defense can't use this.

Thank you.

So you focus on winning.

Hello Ashrut.

Any update from forensics yet?

Yes, sir. I mean, no sir.

There was no medical test conducted.


Madam, tea?

Tanu made a police complaint
and you never told me about it.

If there was any merit in it,
I would've told you.

Promila and I decided it was best not
to involve you in all these things.

I am involved in it.
He's my boyfriend.

Don't I have a right to know.

Just because I am your local guardian,

it does not mean I can divulge
confidential information.

about other students.

I am equally responsible
for his reputation.

Do you want to eat something?


Are your symptoms coming back?

Maybe some.

Are you writing more?


that's how all the poetry started, right?

But, it's all right.

Creative people need to exaggerate their
feelings for the sake of creativity.

In fact,

a wild imagination is
very, very good for a writer.

I feel envy sometimes.

Dr. Roy, do you think he raped her?

After all these years as a counselor,

I've discovered that there
are different kinds of women.

Some just bring
out the worst in men.

Tanu Kumar, she's got
trouble written all over her.

So no, I don't think she was raped.

I am getting concerned
about you, Nanki.

You're so fragile.

And this is not good for you.

And don't let a bright future
be spoiled because of a boy.


You're special, Nanki.

You're special, Nanki.



My parents.

There's no need.
They don't know about VJ.

Will Dr. Roy tell them?

No, baby.

Dr. Roy and I are
just worried about you.

You can't jeopardise your
Rhodes scholarship for this.

You can't fall sick.

Then tell me about that night.

I know you went with
her to the police.

Tanu came to me.

It was around 2:30am.

Vijay Pratap Singh raped me.


I need to go to the police.

- Come in...
- I must go to the police right now!

Come in for a second.

Please, I must go to the police.

I made a call to the office.

We tried to tell her about
the repercussions of everything.

For her present, for her future.


Why are you wasting time
making me sit here?

I want to go to the police!

Why is she here?


We have your statement.

But we must give VJ a chance, too.

After all,
we have to be to be fair to everyone.

You guys are being unfair!

I've been raped!

Listen, child.

Talk to me.

You can talk to me. Even I am a woman.

I am going to the police...

even if no one accompanies me.


Relax! Sit.

We can always sit and talk.

Call her parents.

- We can't be talking to this kid.
- I am not a kid!

The dean was sending his official car.

We had to wait almost an hour.

I offered to clean her up,

but she refused.

She didn't even come inside.

And sat out there, in that state.

She didn't even wash her hands.

She said,

"It will ruin the evidence."

Promila Ma'am.

Was there any blood?

Any sign of injury?


I could barely look at her.

But one thing was for sure.

She was going to make VJ pay.

I'll show you.


Tanu Kumar, you're a brave girl.

And girls like you are one in a million.

And we're all very proud of you, Tanu.

Friends, Tanu Kumar's decision
to return to Martin's...

Excuse me.

No mansplaining, please.
Let's hear it from Tanu.

Tanu. Tanu. Tanu. Tanu. Tanu.

Tanu. Tanu. Tanu. Tanu. Tanu.

Tanu. Tanu. Tanu.

This is where I was humiliated.

But now I'm here to regain what I lost.

I haven't come back
just to continue with my studies.

I'm here for justice.

I've the right to live with pride,

as much as some rich, spoiled brat.

Please attend the rally!

Please retweet my tweet.

Tanu! Tanu! Tanu! Tanu

Asking for retweets.

Is that what she wants us to do?


Who is this guy?

I don't know, man.

You two seem to be friends.

It's my personal matter
dude im pleading the 5th okay.

- That's in the American Constitution!
- I have the right to remain silent.

Hardy, not again.

Tanu is planning a rally with DUSU.

And we?

we're struggling
to get basic evidence.

If she was actually raped,
she should be pressing charges.

She's only interested in getting on stage
and giving speeches.

We cannot stop the rally.

But we got a pre-emptive
gag order against her.

That's it, then. Case closed.

Come on, stop harassing my friends.
They said everything they had to.

There's nothing more to say.

And I told you the truth, right?

Of course.


First of all, we welcome Tanu Kumar,
on behalf of Martin's,

and we commend her
for taking this bold step.

One. Two. Three. Four.

Hardy, has your guitar also pleaded
the Fifth Amendment, asshole?

What are you saying?

That is
in the American Constitution, asshole.

Fuck you. Just play the drums, asshole!

I'm tired of this fucking lawyer shit.

Why do you care? Play the music.

Tell him that, bro.
Why are you telling me?

It's always the victims of sexual assault
who are put on trial.

In response to the gag order,
Tanu Kumar has tweeted this picture.

Then throw the book at his father
who is implicated in the coal scam.

But then there are legal process
as well, madam!

Don't ask else I may tell the truth

Go fuck yourselves.

Come on, guys.

Fuck this shit, man.
I am tired, and I am sick of the shit.

And I am going, go fuck yourselves.

She's a brilliant artist.

We will try
that she returns to the band soon.

We'll be reporting LIVE
tomorrow from the Red Fort

for the Tanu Kumar protest rally.
Stay tuned.

Delhi court orders a ban
on Tanu Kumar's rally.

Dipti Kaushal says that the decision
should be taken in favor of Tanu Kumar.

She has gone crazy.

What was the point of me getting
the judge to pass that order?

They are calling it a gag rally...

He called me at 10 p.m.PM Pratap
Singh must be really desperate.

DUSU is anyway against
Pratap Singh's party.

They are saying they will all come
wearing a gag tomorrow to India Gate.

That's a very strong image.

- Are you KP?
- Yeah.

- There's an invitation for you.
- Who's sent it?

Let go of me!

- Who do you think you are?
- Let go of me!

Come on, get inside.

Let me go. I haven't done anything.

I haven't done anything.

Let go of me! I haven't done anything.

Restrain his hands.

Please just let me go.

Please, just let me go.
I haven't done anything.

What the fuck do you guys want?

What do you guys want?
I haven't done anything, alright!


Did you really think you could escape us?

It's your birthday my love.

Fucker, you thought we wouldn't party.

Let's have some cake and celebrate fucker.

- Happy birthday!
- Surprise!

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear KP.

Who is that guy
in the picture, Hardy?

- Nanki, it's my personal thing.
- Don't call it personal things.

Have you lost it?

- What are you doing?
- Are you hiding something or what?

Arre he's my dealer, relax,
it's nothing big.

That lawyer has already scared me.

Just because VJ got caught,
it doesn't mean we'll all go to jail.

- What do you mean..
- He didn't mean it like that.

- I didn't mean that.
- I was asking him about the picture.

He didn't mean that.

- Please Nanki.
- He didn't even mean it.

It's weird how much closer
I've felt to all of you through this.

But the only thing I am getting in
return is all of you pulling away.

It's not like that, bro.

Especially you.

VJ, that's not true. Listen to me.

- Now, this news will reach BBC too.
- Sir, 1500 retweets and counting.

It's already viral.
The news must have already spread.

She's outsmarted everyone.

Pro-bono lawyers will line up at her door.

Free publicity. She's happy with anything.

Sir, now she will write a book.
"Black Valentine."


So why hasn't she filed a case yet?

Even the news channels
are leaving no stone unturned.

- At it.
- Danish.

- Yes, sir.
- Come on.

- Excuse me, guys.
- Yeah, sure.

My son sent me these.

What the bloody hell
is going on in this law firm?

Tanu Kumar has made news headlines
and gained public support.

And our client is partying
like some B-grade Bollywood villain,

and posting the pictures on social media...

Exactly my point.

Look at this man. Look at his face.

He looks like a bloody rapist.

I am not going to lose
this case to social media.

I haven't said this before,
so listen to me carefully.

This is just the kind
of shit that weakens our case.

Sir, it's still not adding up.
Why isn't she filing for a rape case?

What is she waiting for?

She is waiting for
an out of court settlement.

Danish, I want you to get into
a room with Tanu and her lawyer, now!


Hello, uncle.

They are from Dev Mirchandani's office.
Danish and Laksh.

Come in.

Hi, sir.


- How are you, Dubey ji?
- Shall we start?

Where are the other 97 lawyers?

You'll need 99 lawyers to win this case.

It's not like that, Tanu.

But that's a good line.
Are you thinking of using it next?

You make her understand.

Tanu, think about it with a cool mind.

You are our priority.
The cause is secondary.

People will soon forget about Me Too.

But your future's at stake here.

And once you get branded,

you'll be known
as a trouble-maker forever.

You're fighting the case in the court,
but what if you lose?

Think about the difficulties
you will face.

You won't get a job.

How will you be successful in life?

How will you earn money?

Have you imagined
who will take care of your parents?

No, Tanu.

You belong to our homeland.
We can't see your life getting ruined.

Don't want this.

He's right, dear. Listen to him.

You must cancel the rally
and delete the tweet.

We'll withdraw the defamation case
within 24 hours.

It's not a bad deal, Tanu.

Settlement? Again?

- No.
- Again?

This time, I want justice.

Wait a second.

What do you mean by "this time"?

If she took the money last time,
then that's all we need to prove.

I was scared.

I didn't want the money.

But it was forcibly given to me
to retract the police complaint.

Then the case is over.

No settlement required anymore.
Clearly, she is guilty.

I am not guilty, you are.
Because you're asking for this settlement.

You are offering the money.

You are trying to hide the truth, not me.

Don't make this a
morality issue, Tanu.

If you took money to withdraw the case,
then it looks like blackmail.

That will leave your
testimony untrustworthy.


you have some kind of evidence.

DNA? Blood?


Look at what she's doing.

Let's inform the warden.

Yes, sir.

You know, that girl. That VJ's girlfriend.

Well, she has been disbarred
as a witness.. by her own college ICC.

In all fairness,

her fragility makes her
an unreliable witness.

But is she all right, sir?

Shouldn't she just be home?

She is perfectly
safe with us over here.

I am her local guardian.

Yes, sir.


don't mention 'home'.

It's her trigger word.



I've been Nanki's counselor

since she was 13 years old.

She doesn't like to talk about it.

She is a troubled girl.

I am doing this for her
sanity and for her future.

I've promised to send her to Oxford.

I've promised her.

So, it's best we don't
involve her in all this.

- Thank you so much for your time, sir.
- Thank you.

See you.

Why didn't you answer my calls?
I was trying to call you because I...

I know what happened. About the blood.

There was no blood, Nanki.

Tanu said there was no blood.

I'm sorry. Your testimony for VJ
wont be accepted in court.

Your college's ICC
deems you too fragile.

If you need to talk, I'm here.


The Pratap Singhs have filed
another case against Tanu Kumar

and this time it's
extortion as per IPC 383.

Now this false accusation
will be investigated

to find out the ulterior
motive behind the crime.

The entire country is
following this case closely.

In the wake of these extortion
charges of Tanu Kumar

the DUSU rally has
been abruptly called off.

This rally was planned
in support of Tanu Kumar's

allegation of rape
on Vijay Pratap Singh.

I know my dad is a politician
which is why people judge him.

But everything my parents have done,
they've only done because they loved me.

His only fault was that
he offered money to Tanu Kumar

to withdraw the complaint.

I guess they got scared.

If they hadn't,

this case would've been investigated
right then and closed right away.

I just think that Me Too
gave it a different colour.

I am sorry that to prove my
innocence, I had to weaken the movement.

It's not my win. It's our loss.

The court is adjourned.

In a landmark judgment,
the court has directed

Tanu Kumar, accused of defamation

to pay the plaintiff
five lakhs in damages.

In a landmark judgment, in the Me Too case,

the court announced its judgment
in Vijay Pratap Singh's favor.

That whiskey is mine.

Why are these waiters
dressed better than me?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Mom asked me to wear a blazer.


Fuck it guys.

I am like really happy. Why the fuck
aren't you drinking, bro?

We're performing at Transcend.
That's the best news of the day.


That's the best news of the day?

Fuck, sorry-sorry.

I am happy for you.
I am really happy for you.

Anything for you, sir.

Just water.

A glass of water for sir.

- Thanks.
- Thanks you


Thank you.

Recognize me?

Oh, yes.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Totally slipped my mind
you are absolutely right.

- Hello.
- Hi!

- Cheers anyway.
- Cheers.

Oh, hi. Baig!


Sir, what are you doing here?

Pratap Singh has hired our law firm

to defend the coal block case.


No wonder you didn't
counter the extortion charge

with the fact that the
offer itself is proof of guilt.

But Dubey ji.. Coal Scam.. wow.

Come on, Baig.
You've won the case. Cheers.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Just leave this water bottle.

And hold this.

No, I'm good.

You have to be very good,
just like you are in your job

Hold it, it's for us.

That's good.

Dubey ji, learn something from him.

He shows true promise
and will succeed in the future.

He is on our team.

You broke my heart.

I'm slipping into KP mode.

Guys, I've to go to the loo.

- Get some ice, Nanki.
- I will.


Come, have a drink with us.

I guess you're getting bored
with these oldies.

That's very kind but no, thanks.

I feel disgusted.

But you...

You party on, dude.

Why shouldn't I?

VJ has been declared innocent.

No, he has not.

We just won the defamation case.

- No one is talking about the rape.
- Because the rape never happened.

If it had, she'd be fighting it.

What are you saying, Nanki?

That's what they (want you to...)

Are you blind?

Can't you see what's happening here?

And I am the catalyst in... fuck!

Danish, my man.

Danish is here, bro.

Danish, thanks, man.

Sorry about the cut.

If you youngsters just hang around here,
who will start the party?

I'll do it.

Come on. Come on.
All of you've to come.

Danish. Come on.

Oh, that's great.

- Sir.
- Danish. Danish.

- Come, my boy, have a drink.
- Sir, I'm leaving sir.

Hey, waiter. Get a drink for Danish.

- Sir, I am leaving.
- Leaving? Why?

But the party has just begun.

- Come on. Come on.
- I resign.

What? Why?

What is this, Danish?

Oh, come on.

Oh fuck.

KP man.

Nanki, I am so sorry.

Why are you always drunk.

I am not drunk. This is not alcohol.

Wednesday is my music fast day, idiot.

- VJ, my man!
- Sushma aunty is going to kill me.

Where is Tanu?

She left.

She called me
and said she's never coming back.

You can take whatever you want.

I called her an e-rick.
But she left her luggage behind.

She gave me 300 rupees.

Tanu. Tanu.


Nanki, don't do it.

Tanu. Tanu.

What are you doing?

- Stay back! Let go of me!
- Don't...

You have your full
life ahead of you, Tanu.

- What?
- Don't do it. Are you mad?

What? I am not committing suicide.

I don't need your fake sympathy.

Tanu. Tanu, please come with me.

I think I can help you.

Why try to save me now?

I did come to you that night.

Really sorry.

What good is your apology?

I am going to Mumbai.

To become a star.
Make more money than you can imagine

and then I'll shut down
your stupid Doobydo band.

Your lowlife boyfriend,
and his sick friends.

And that bloody wimp #EvilLaughter
who was watching everything.

Why have you come?

Get off me!

What happened?

You're coming tonight, right?

Just please come.

Just be yourself, okay?

Hello Transcend!
How are you guys feeling?

Doobydo crew is here.

To groove you away.

- Arnab, I'll kill you.
- Yes it's almost done.

Just start it.

Increase the volume on the drum.

It's fine now.

Where are you?


- He is with me, let him come.
- Sorry guys, we're starting soon.

Come fast.

So what's the plan?

Everyone's staring at me.

Oh, god.


Sorry, guys. Technical difficulties.

What's up?

KP, that Valentine's
night was a Wednesday.

You didn't puke because you were drunk
because that's your music fast day.

You puked because of what you saw.

KP, that was your ringtone.

It was you.

He is #EvilLaughter.

That was your ringtone last year,
the evil laughter, the evil joker laugh

- Why are you doing this right now?
- You saw it, KP.

Why are you doing this?

- It's not, KP...
- VJ's our friend.

Who cares, KP?
You have a chance to...

Are you serious?

- KP.
- I'm sorry, man.

Doobydo starting soon.
Hardy my boy, on the key and guitar.

- Tashi on the drums.
- Tanu.

KP on the bass.

And here we have Tanu Kumar,
I don't know for what.

She's still wearing
such revealing clothes,

even after all of this.

What is she doing here?

Attention whore!

Yeah, I want attention.


Yes, I had a crush on VJ.

I wanted him to break up with Nanki
and become my boyfriend.

He was the college heartthrob.

And I wasn't the only one
with the same desire.

Yes, I wanted to go with him to his room.

But not with his friends.

I wanted him to touch me.

But not while his friends were watching.

You two, please leave.

I yelled and screamed.

I even slapped him.

But that hurt his ego.

I had never seen that side of VJ.

He threw me on the bed.

VJ stop!

Dhanbad is performing.

It's a masala movie, man.

VJ, no! VJ stop it!

Backstage... understand VJ!

VJ, please! VJ, please!

I want her performance.

- Stick it in her ass.
- VJ please stop it.



No, please.

VJ, no!

VJ, no!

Hurry up. She's saying, "please."

- Otherwise she will slap you.
- Don't do this.

VJ, no!

Stick it in her ass.

Fucking do it.

I was unconscious...

when I heard a voice.

And that coward,

who was quietly watching everything.


Evil Laughter.

- KP.
- Nanki, listen to me, please.

Nanki, don't...

I can't do this. I'm really sorry.

They're all the same.

These college people,
police and my parents

He's my friend

They didn't let me release the video
because they said

It was my shame?!!!

Nanki, what's going on?

Tanu, enough. Just stop it.

Go from here. Just go.

What has she done?


Who do you think you are, Tanu Kumar?

What's happening here?

What did you think?

You put one tweet out there
and got 1,000 likes,

you think you can say anything

and we'll accept it?

You're guilty,


you liked him.

You were flirting with him.

And you wanted to have sex with him.

So it's obvious that you're guilty.

You say whatever you like
to whomever you like. You're so confident.

Always want to be
the centre of attention.

Your problem is you want too many things
and you go after all of it.

Funny, actually.


even VJ has the same qualities.

But that's what I like about him.

- Nanki, what...
- So do you.

But with him, it's different, Tanu.

You see, because he's a man.

You understand, your problem is

you don't know
how to conduct yourself.

You have to be more responsible
to stay out of trouble.

Right, Dr. Roy?

Isn't that what you taught me?

When I was 13

you told me that I have
to be more aware, and careful

because men can't change themselves.

They can't control themselves, so

we have to behave accordingly.

- Really..?
- Nanki..

KP, please,
you have to tell everyone the truth.

Please, KP.

No one will believe me.
But everyone will believe you. Please.

KP, just do the right thing.

KP you won't be able
to live with yourself.

I saw it.

He did it.

I saw the entire thing.

I'm really sorry.

Where is he going?

Not from here.

Not this way, sir.

Lock the gate.. Lock it!

Definitely not this way.

Then which way should I go?

Fucking rapist.

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Make way.

Clear the way.

Make way, please.

Stop it. Stop it.

Shame. Shame.

Stop it I said. Enough!

Shame on you.

How could you do it?

Shame on you! Disgusting.

I'm guilty too.

Being a part of this village that helped
raise a boy to think it was okay to rape.

Violate someone like that.

But I am not guilty
of what happened to me.

Of what he did to me

Dr. Roy, I told you about it.

I was 13 years old.

He was a man.

He was my...

You told me keep quiet

"Otherwise, there will be chaos."

You said

that I had a sexual vibe.

So it wasn't his fault

that he climbed on top of me.

You betrayed my trust.

And told them I was crazy.

I need help.

I was making things up.


All your theories of

my creativity

and imagination and exaggeration.

It can't wipe out that memory.

Is it because you
want that power over me.

And I kept quiet.

Just because I wanted
a normal life like anybody else?

Which is not about this

But it doesn't leave
me even for a second.

It's always right there,
no matter how hard I try.

It's always right there.

Maybe because...

Because I kept it a secret.

Our secret!

And it kills me inside.

I am ready to speak up now, but...

is anyone ready to listen?

My lips have started speaking up

They were sewn shut

but have begun to unravel

My lips have started moving up

They have begun soaring over limits

Now I tell the truth

To my whispers and to my silences

I tell them

I tell them

I hope you will not leave all this

You will appeal the high court.

For obvious reasons,

I cannot appear on your behalf.

This is advocate Mathur.

He is more than willing
to file on your behalf.

But, Tanu,

the courts...

They are not this.

I'll do it.

Now we are there for ourselves.

I tell them

I tell them

To the broken stars, I say

To every particle of the universe

Listen, now that my lips are free

To the watch guards of conscience

To the customs and traditions, I say

To the deserts awaiting each drop of rain

Listen, now that my lips are free

To the watch guards of identity
I say

I tell them

I tell them

To Faiz, to Firaq, I say

To the words burning in my heart

Listen, now that my lips are free

To those who suppress voices

I tell them

I tell them

I tell them

It doesn't look like my writing

In whose story am I the muse?

Whose dream is this?

Whose thought is it?

In whose failure am I the catalyst?

It's me

Don't provoke me

Or I'll speak the truth

Don't provoke me

Or I'll speak the truth

It doesn't look like my writing

In whose story am I the muse?

I am

Whose dream is this?

Whose thoughts are these?

In whose failure am I the catalyst?

I am

Don't provoke me

Or I'll speak the truth

Don't provoke me

Or I'll speak the truth

Don't provoke me

Or I'll speak the truth

Don't provoke me

Or I'll speak the truth