Guilt (2020) - full transcript

Angered by all the child abuse in the world, a former child psychologist goes vigilante, targeting child sex offenders. However, disturbing revelations about a former case cause her to ...

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Hi, Adam?

I'm Adam.

- Mrs. Barring?
- Yes.

I'm just here to
fix your toilet.

- Come on through.
- Through here?


Well, found your problem.

Tap was turned off.

Oh, how embarrassing.

It's all right, it happens.

Sorry, I didn't know,
I just moved in here.

You haven't got any
other shower heads or taps,

toilets you want me to
look at while I'm here?

No, everything
works just fine.

Did you want a
drink or something?

Well, that would
be lovely, thanks.

Oh, actually, you haven't
got any soft drink

by any chance, do you?

Yeah, I do.

Too easy.

I have no soft
drink, only water.

Oh, that's fine.

Thank you.

I normally carry some in
the van, but some days no.

How long have you been out?

I know you're an ex con.

That's okay.

I knew when I booked you.

I didn't go to prison, so
technically I'm not an ex con.

I was in a rehabilitation
unit for...

You know what, I really
need to get going.

I've got more job.

So how about I...

You went to rehab for six
months for molesting children.

I was sick, I got help.

I have a new business
now, I'm a changed man.

So not even kiddie porn?

No, no.



How many were there,
the little boys?

Eight, nine.

I don't know.


And they sent you to a
clinic to get some meds

and talk to a doctor
about your feelings?

Now you're out.

New start, shiny new business.

Access to family's homes
and their children.

Take off your clothes.


Okay, okay.

Drop your pants.

Get on all fours.

What are you gonna do?

Please don't, don't hurt me.

Please don't hurt me.

I'm so sorry, I'm sorry.

I'll do anything,
I'll do anything.

I promise I'll get
into the clinic.

I promise.

I promise I'll do anything.

It was nine boys by the way.



This is my life.

I just wonder if
every day is gonna be

like this for the
rest of my life.

Did you know that when
I do exercise now,

when I do pushups, if I'm
exerting a lot of energy

I start having an orgasm.

Some might think
that that makes me

wanna do more exercise, but
I get fucking exhausted.

You know, I've always
thought of studying.

Dunno if it's worth it.

I could probably do
psychology actually.

You know, they say most
psychologists are nuts anyway.

Probably fit right in.


That's our session
done for today.

That felt like a bit,

I think we're like
another half hour yet.

If and when you're ready,
we can continue next week.

Just make the
appointment with Helen.

You know, it wasn't
very much to ask

but they couldn't
handle the job.

It sounds a bit silly
but I compare myself

to Queen Elizabeth, you know?

The reigning monarch,
all those prime ministers

who came and went so quickly.


They couldn't handle the job.

But still, she remained.

Oh, Jessie, did you
get yourself some cake?

There's cake out the back.

Dr. Hamilton's birthday today.

I mentioned it a few
times throughout the week.

I'm always the one buying
cake for birthdays,

I can't help it,
it's in my blood.

Hey, Swan.

We're heading off down
the pub, you coming?

Thanks, I'm gonna stay
here a little longer.

Oh, come on.

Give the books a
rest, all right?

Take some time off.

This is doing my head in.

It just doesn't make any sense.

These pedophiles,
they get released

and then within
months they vanish.

This again.

Look, Swan, you're
investing way too much

time in these
scumbags, all right?

The department doesn't
have the resources

to follow them around 24 hours
a day, seven days a week.

We'd love to, but we can't.

So what are we
supposed to do, huh?

Come on.

Top button's undone,
ties loosened.

One drink, first
round's on me, come on.


One drink and then
I'm going home.

One drink.

Hi, Charlie.



No, no, I won't
forget, I'll be there.

I'm at work, I gotta go.

All right, bye.

Grace O'Connell was a victim

of domestic violence
who's manipulated

into carrying out certain
acts in order to survive.

She is not a bad person and
she is not a danger to society.

We believe that victims
of domestic violence

deserve the chance
to start a new life.

And we have every faith that
Grace will do just that.

Thank you.

Oh my God, I
forgot to tell you.

We got a new patient in.

Mr. Reynolds.


- Mr. Reynolds?
- Yeah.

Our Vice Principal,

- Mr. Reynolds?
- Yup.

What's he doing there?

Needs aged care.

- Aw, wait, how old is he?
- 87.


He was 87 when we
were at school.

I know, his nose hair
now is out of control.


First thing I have to do,
go in, give him an enema.

- No, no.
- Yeah.


Mr. Reynolds who I haven't
seen since I was a kid,

I've gotta go in and
give him an enema.

Does he recognize you?

No, thank God.

Poor Mr. Reynolds.

- Poor you.
- Thank you.

Well, you're very
good with poop.

Hey, what happened?

I just love seeing you laugh.

I love seeing you happy.

You were always such a
happy kid even when...

I wish I was there.

You were a kid too.

We were both kids.


You were the best big
sister I could ask for.

You make me laugh.

I'm so proud of you,
did you know that?

The work that you do,
Jess, it's so important

and you do so much.

I have to do more.

Yeah, hi, it's me.

Could you pass on my message?

I don't have a contact number
yet for him to call me,

so why didn't you
pass on the message?

Thanks for nothing.

- Hey, how you doing?
- Good.

What would you like?

- Long black, please.
- Sure.

Excuse me, are those
chocolate muffins?


Are those chocolate muffins?

Yeah, three of them.

I'm so sorry, I
know this is strange

but they've actually
run out of them

and I was wondering if I
could have one of yours.

I'll pay you for it.

Five dollars for a muffin?

Thank you.

Why not go somewhere
else and buy one?

Oh, they make
it the best here.





You're like Meg Ryan.

Like what?

From that movie where she's
getting off in the cafe.


Don't ask me to
do the whole scene.

Not while you're
sitting next to me.

- How's your coffee?
- Pretty good.

I've put like five
sugars in mine.


You haven't been answering
my calls or returning them.

Kristina, I told you, I
can't see your son anymore.

I don't take appointments
with children.

You're the only
one he can talk to.

It took him months to open up.

And then you just
dumped him, Jessie.

It's been years since
I saw Jack, Kristina.

You need to find someone else.

Someone else won't do.


They're not like you.

We tried.

He won't tell them anything.

- Please, please, Jessie.
- I'm sorry, I can't.

But just him, just him,
nobody else needs to know.

If I see him, I'll have
to see the rest of them.

But he needs you.

He needs his mother,
not his psychologist.

This mother isn't
enough, is she?


I'm sorry, I can't
help you, okay?

- Please leave me alone.
- Okay.

Look, look, I can pay you.

I can pay you, I'll
get another job

and I'll give you all the wages

and it'll go straight to you.

- Get...
- It can be...

Get away from me.


Dammit, Grace.

And now in local news.

Following the discovery
that convicted

child molester Kit
Richardson has moved

into their local
suburb of Harlington,

community groups are up in arms.

Kit was tried and convicted
when he was 17 years old

for molesting two
10-year-old boys.

Now it was an
incredibly vicious crime

so he was tried as an adult

and subsequently served six
years of time in prison.

Given the viciousness
of the crime,

community groups believe
that he should be

pushed out of the suburb.

But Freedom For All
activists believe

having served his time, he
deserves a second chance.

Lucy Collins reports.

I'm joined now by
Dan Leung who heads up

the community group.

Thanks so much for
joining me, Dan.

Did you wanna start by
telling us about the group

and what you hope to achieve?

Thank you, Lucy.

So the group was formed by
few of us concerned residents

after we discovered that
this child molester,

Kit Richardson, is living
in our neighborhood.

Now the school is
just down the road

and Richardson is only
a few streets away.

So we are just appalled
that this monster

is allowed to roam freely.

I understand
your concerns, Dan.

However, some of your
neighbors believe that

he deserves a second chance
and that he's served his time.

What are your thoughts on this?

No, I don't believe
that for one second.

Richardson is a dangerous man

and he is a real threat
to the community.

And we're not gonna
put up with it anymore.

So we're gonna do
something about it.

So if you'd like to attend,
we hold evening meetings

at the Harlington
Community Center

and we plan to
protest to the council

or to anywhere else that
will hear our voice.

And if we're not listened to,
we're gonna speak even louder.

As you've heard here today,

the residents of Harlington
are quite distraught

that Kit Richardson
has moved into town.

I'd love it if you could
make a comment, please,

to the parents of Harlington.

They'd like to know, are
their children safe...


Get off.

Get that fucking
Camera out of my face.

Just one comment.

Jimmy, Jimmy!

I'm Lucy Collins
from Channel 42 news.

Now joining us from
our West Coast studio,

Gerry O'Brien represents
the Freedom for All group

regarding the controversy
around Kit Richardson

moving into the
suburb of Harlington.

Gerry, what are your thoughts?

Look, as a group
we've always stated that

we believe in people getting
a second chance at life

and that with the right support,
they can be rehabilitated.

He's someone who was 17 when
he committed that crime.

He was still
considered a juvenile

but he was tried as an adult.

you have to admit though,

it was an incredibly
vicious premeditated crime.

We're not denying
that, but he was a child.

Who knows that he was
pushed on by peer pressure

or what kind of
upbringing this, you know,

now young man has had.

So how do you know he
can't be pressured again?

Is that really a risk
we're willing to take?

This is his chance to come
back and be rehabilitated

and have the support
he needs to have

a second chance at life.

Thank you
for your time, Gerry.

Now over to Peter
with the weather.

Excuse me.

- Hi there, I'm Dan.
- Nancy.

Are you here for the meeting?


Good to see some
new faces to the team.

Yeah, I'm new to the area.

I have a three-year-old.

Oh, I hear ya.

My boys are five and four.

I'm absolutely ropable that
this guy is in our neighborhood.

Yeah, yeah, I'm scared.

That's okay.

We have a full force
here in this community

and we won't be going
down without a fight.


Well, grab yourself a
coffee and take a seat.

Meeting's about to start.


Shall we?

We have not been listened to.


Even though we have voiced
our concerns countless times

at the council meetings.

Yeah, right.

And still not listened to.

That's outrageous.

So here we are, a
determined bloody bunch

to get this sicko out
of our neighborhood.

Kit Richardson was
imprisoned for only six years

for taking those two little
boys out into the bush that day.

We know what happened.

And now this sick piece of shit,

excuse my language folks,
but that's what he is.

He's in our neighborhood,
down the road,

near the same school
that my boys go to.


Now, we have signs,
we have placards,

and we have people power
and a clear message.

And we will not give up until
this guy is out of here.

- Yeah!
- That's right.


My car is not working, would
you mind helping me out?

Fuck off, you slut.



Fucking whore!

Fuck you, fuck!

You fucking whore.

Get me out of here,
I'll fucking kill you.





It was their hair,
their soft skin.

Their lips.

They begged me for it.

Morning, Jessie.

Morning, Helen.

Actually it's, oh,
yes, it is still morning.

Good morning, Jessie.

My mother was always telling me

to get my greetings
accurate because a greeting

is the first impression
you make on a person.

Now, Jessie, I wanted to
check a few things with you

before you start your day.

We have four of the
psychologists here

at the center doing
pro bono on Saturdays.

Did you want me to
add you to the list?




Yeah, hi.

I wanna know how much it
costs to see somebody.

Well, the first
session is $200 dear,

and do you have
private healthcare?

Well, they do pro
bono on Saturday

so you can come in
for a free session

if you don't have
much money, dear.

Yeah, I called, the chick at
the refuge center might help.

Can indeed.

Why don't you give me your
name and I'll book you in?

Grace O'Connell.

10 o'clock on Saturday.

This Saturday.

We'll see you then.

- Mr. Leung?
- That's right.

I'm Detective Swan.

I'm sorry to call so late.

I just like to ask you some
questions about Kit Richardson.

Kit Richardson?

What about him?

He seems to have gone missing.

Look, I'm not sure what
it is you're suggesting here

but I didn't do anything to him.

I'm not suggesting anything.

You're on the
neighborhood watch group.

You hold weekly
meetings and protests

to have Mr. Richardson
removed from the area.

Yes, that's right.

The people that attend these
meetings, do you know them?

Are they local?

Yes, they're members
of my community.

We go to the same
church and our kids

go to school together.

You don't feel as though
some of your members

might ever get a little
bit carried away,

approach Mr. Richardson
on their own?

Look, we're all law
abiding citizens, okay?

It's our right to protest.

I've got two kids
ready for their baths.

I'm sorry I can't be
of any further help.

Thank you for your time.

If you do think of
anything, here's my card.

Please don't hesitate
to contact me.


Hang on, there was this woman.

A woman?


She was new.

Dark hair, tall,
she wore glasses.

She attended one meeting
but haven't seen her since.

Did you get her name?

Nancy, that's it.

Her name was Nancy.

Anything else?


Well, if you think of anything
else, you've got my card.

Thank you.

No worries.

Oh, shoot, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, please let
me buy you another meal.

It's all good, I'm clumsy too.

Hey, it's you.


You gave me a muffin,
chocolate muffin.

I don't have
any other muffins.

Yeah, I know but you
also don't have a meal.

Let me buy you another
burger, please.

I'm so sorry.

Okay, sure.

- Okay, good.
- Thanks.

Do you always
have a late dinner?

Mostly when I'm bored.

I prefer it when it's quiet.

People tend to
leave me alone then.

Should I be going?

No, no.

People come up and talk to you

without having knocked
over your dinner first.

I'm sorry about that.

So do you have a boyfriend?

- No, you?
- No.

I don't trust men.

I've been cheated on a lot
and, you know, hit a few times.

Oh, okay.

Sorry, too much information?

I just like to be an open book.

- Do you know me?
- No.

I guess I'm getting to know you.

I was involved in something
a couple of years ago

and it was on the news.

Oh, is everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, just
some shit with the ex.

He used to beat me and...

Oh God, I'm so sorry.

No, no, it's cool,
it's cool, all good.

He's in prison now, so I
haven't really made any friends

or shit since, you know?

When I'd get calls it was from
the journalists harassing me.

Well, the good
news is I don't pry.

And I believe in giving
people a second chance,

a fresh start.

- It's quiet.
- Yeah.

They got pretty good food.

Yeah, the burgers
are pretty nice, eh?

Oh, that was good.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

It's cold, I should head back.

Oh, my car is just over there.

I can give you a
lift if you like.

No, I'll get the bus.

Do you wanna grab
a drink or something?

Are you a lesbian 'cause
I've got a boyfriend?

A boyfriend?

I thought he was your ex.

Whatever, he's my boyfriend.

He was then and he still is now

just 'cause he's locked up.

I know what you're
thinking, I'm weak.

Stay with the guy
who beat me up.

That's not what I'm thinking.

You avoided jail time by playing

the domestic violence victim.

But you're still in
contact with him.

You do know who I am.

Long before we met, Grace.

What are you doing?

I remember that story you
told in your court case,

about how you and your boyfriend

kept those children
you kidnapped.

Fed them stale bread.

You'd take off little pieces.

You'd tell the kids that
they could only eat it

if they caught it
in their mouth.

It's all a game to you.

Some light hearted fun.

Fuck off!

I said fuck off!

You were never punished.

You should've been.

You were sentenced to what?

Five years?

But you were granted a retrial.

I was a victim myself.

My boyfriend, he used to
beat me every single day

until I had no choice.

I remember your testimony.

He beat you into submission,
made you fear for your life.

So you did what he said.

In your re-trial, the
judge took pity on you.

Believed your sob story.

I don't buy it.

So, you will stay here

and you will serve your time.

Until I see fit to release you.

However I may release you.


Help me!


You can call out for help,
by the way, I don't mind.

Scream all you want, you're
in the middle of nowhere.

Plus what did you do when
the children called for help?

Put your cigarette
out on their skin?

I don't take photos of my
victims the way you used to.

But then again you
were in the business

of selling children.

So you needed it for
advertising, right?

I draw pictures.

It's not very good I know,
but you get the idea.

The good news is your
day of punishment

has not yet arrived.

The bad news is you have
to sit in your filth

for a bit longer.


Don't be so stupid
as to ask why.

You know why.

Hello, Mitchell.

Little Mitchell Douglas.

Look at you all grown up.

Hey, Dr. Fuller.

Jessie, you can call
me Jessie, remember?

What a lovely surprise.

How long has it been
since I last saw you?

Five years?

Five years?

That's a long time.

Yeah, well, you
stopped seeing kids.

Yes, I did.

And my math isn't
too good but I think

that would make you 17?

Still a little bit too
young at this point.

You'd have to wait another year,

but I can recommend a youth
counselor if you like.

It's okay, Jessie,
I can take this.

Can I help you, young man?

I'm not here as a patient.

We can go to my office
and have a chat if you like?


Okay, come on in, take a seat.

Tell me what's happening.

Are you still doing
the gaming stuff?

I lied.

About gaming?

No, about what happened with...

Was it War of the
Worlds or something?

Geoffrey Callaghan.

How's your little sister?

I lied about
everything I said.

What I told you never happened.

Stop, Mitchell,
and think about

the words that you're saying.

Please, think carefully.

But Dr. Fuller, he never
did those things, okay?

I lied.

He took my footy and he
wouldn't give it back

and then I just wanted
him to, you know?

And then he died.

He was murdered.

I knew it was my fault.

I knew he was murdered
because of me.

But you gave such
detailed accounts

of what he did to you.

I watch movies, okay?

I lied, I made it all up.

That's all, I lied,
that's all I do, okay?

But I can't do it
anymore, I'm sick of it.

This is it, this is the truth.

This is what happened, what
I'm telling you right now,

- this is what happened.
- No.

Mitchell, this is not the truth.

This isn't the truth,
please, tell me this isn't.

I'm only telling you
'cause you were there for me.

And you were patient
and you listened to me.

Mitchell, hold on.

No, look, this is
confidential, okay?

So just don't tell
anyone, just let me do it.

Who are you?

I'm with the police.

I heard there was a
disturbance in the area

so I thought I'd come
and check on you.

And by the way your
backdoor was left open.

Well, can I see some ID?


I can leave if you'd like.

No, no, no, sorry.

No, wait.

Wait, please.

My wife, Maggie, has had
to go and stay in a hotel

things have got so bad.

My daughter took her
there two days ago.

It's just been me on
my own ever since.

You know, I never
touched that boy.

I don't care what the jury says.

I did not lay a hand on him.

But you were convicted.

Every single member of
the jury found you guilty.

Got off pretty
lightly if you ask me.

I've been accused.

I've been painted
as a child molester,

accused of a crime
I did not commit.

The most hideous
crime imaginable.

Don't think that's
getting off easy.

You get to wake
up in your own bed.

You can watch TV,
eat what you like,

go outside, do some gardening.

I don't go out there.

They throw rocks at me.

They call me a...

If you knew me, you would know

that I could never hurt a child.

I never even
smacked my own kids.

I do know you.

I know people like you.

You can lie to
yourself, old man.

But I don't believe you.

May I please have some water?

Your boyfriend put you in
a hospital several times.

But you never pressed charges.

I was really scared of him.

What's the worst thing
he ever did to you?

I've had a really tough life.

Heaps of bad shit's
happened to me.

What is the worst
thing he ever did to you?

He held knives to my throat,
to different parts of my body

threatened to cut
my breasts off.

Said he'd cut me up in my sleep.

So I should pity you, Grace?

You should have some
empathy for me, yeah.

I should.

Can you let me go?

I'm not a bad person.

And maybe if you
talk, we talk enough,

I tell you about my life,

you'll see that I'm
not a bad person...

Don't try to influence me.

Just answer my questions
when I ask them

and I'll figure out the rest.

That drawing you did.

When's that gonna happen to me?

I don't know.

I don't know what I'm
gonna do with you.


Hello, Helen.

Are you free to speak?

50 minutes is $200.

Please take a seat and
tell me your problems.

Start with your childhood.

No, nothing like that.

The job can be a
lot for us, I know.

It can really take its toll.

While I have not been
in this room myself,

I have worked at clinics
like this for 15 years

and I have seen
the impact it has

on the mental well-being of
our marvelous professionals.

You take a lot on.

Some of it is really heavy,

especially someone like yourself

who's come out of working
with children's issues.

I can only imagine the
horrors you have heard

about on a daily basis.

Is this a therapy
session, Helen?

Because you're not qualified.

No, no, no, it's
not professional,

it's on a personal
level, a friendly level.

There was a psychologist
who worked here

long before you came along.

And he, the job got too much.

We don't have
to do this, Helen.

He took his own
life one evening.

Went home after seeing
10 patients that day.

Hung himself.

I'm not gonna kill myself.

Well, you do
display some traits

if you don't mind me saying.

Humor is always a good way
of covering up our pain.

The pain in people's
lives is not your problem

nor your responsibility.

You can only do so much.

I'm aware of this,
Helen, thank you.

And I know that
Mitchell was a patient

of yours for a while.

And you had a soft spot
for the children you saw.

Why are you
bringing up Mitchell?

He spoke out against a man
named Geoffrey Callaghan.

Accused him of the unspeakable.

And the man was murdered
during his house arrest.

And now Mitchell has come
out confessing he lied.

It's not your fault the boy
lied and you believed him.

It's not your fault you cared.

I would've done the same thing.

How do you know this?

How do you know anything?

Have you been
eavesdropping, Helen?

Because it was all over the
news this morning, Jessie.

He confessed to lying.

Mitchell was on the news?

No dear.

His mother was.

She read out his suicide note.

I'm sorry, Jessie.

What the hell
do I do with you?

What do I do with you?


It was so easy to get you here.

Tie you up, starve you,
deprive you of dignity.

But then I discovered something.

Something from my old life
and it put me off my game.

That never happens.

I assure you, it never happens.

So it seems that there is

a different side to a story.

That you were this
victim of circumstances.

But you kept pleading
to the court.

I promise I didn't
hurt those kids.

It was like you said, a
victim of the circumstances.

My boyfriend took
them off the street.

He did the bad shit.

Bad shit?

Yeah, the trafficking.

You sold those
children to pedophiles.

I was a victim myself.

The court saw that,
everybody did.

That's why they gave me
a retrial, let me go,

took mercy on me.

You know, you're more
likely to get killed

by your partner after you leave

not while you're with them.

So you know that's why I stayed.

You could have
everybody on your street

be your friend and offer
you a couch to sleep on.

But that's not gonna
change the stats.

And that's not gonna
change the odds.

They're against you.

You leave, you're dead.

That's interesting.

Stand up.

Walk over there.

Open up the first drawer.

- Why?
- Go.

Take out what's in the drawer.

Put it around your neck.

Go on.

Go on.

How do you feel?

I feel sick.

Keep going.

I'm scared and
I wanna go home.

Tighten it.

Keep going.

So going back to
what you were saying,

as long as you stayed you
were pretty much assured

that he would not kill you.

I stayed because I was afraid

if that's what you're asking.

What I'm telling
you is, if you had not

helped him with his
little business,

he would not have killed you
as long as you stayed put.

He beat me.

I was afraid that he might.

I did what he said
because I was afraid.

Not for your life.

Your life was fine as long
as you did not leave him.

You said so yourself.

Stats show.

But you helped him.

You helped him steal
those children.

So surely there was nothing
to warrant a beating

because there was
no disobedience.

He trafficked 87 children
and you helped him

with each and every single
one of those 87 children.

You did as he told you.

So what was his reasoning
for beating you?

I don't know, he
just beat me anyway.


He was violent to you whether
you helped him or not.

Yet you chose to help him.

You chose to lure
those children in

and rip them from
their childhood.

He beat me, I was afraid.

You did not help him because
you were afraid of his fist.

You helped him because he
loved you when you did.

You had their small hands in
yours and you betrayed them.

All for the love of a monster.

First I thought it
was your workbook.

Notes from sessions
with clients,

a description of their thoughts.

But what have you been doing
when nobody is watching?

I need my diary back, Helen.


I'm not gonna hurt you, Helen.

I need the police.

She's quite the decorator.


That's Grace O'Connell.

She's the convicted
child trafficker

that got recently released.


She's supposed to check in with
her case worker once a day.

Let's see if she's checked in.

Yes, Jane Simmons, please.

Detective Hancock.

They're all pedophiles.

Hello, Jane?

Yeah, Detective Hancock.

Look, I'm calling
about Grace O'Connell.

Yes, I believe she's supposed
to check in once a day.

I knew there was
a link, I knew it.

They're all linked, I knew it.

Can you do me a
favor, can you give me

a call back on this
number if she checks in?

Yeah, thanks, I appreciate that.

Thanks, talk to you
soon, bye bye now.

Has she checked in?

No, and the
refuge hasn't seen her

for the last couple of days.

These are all pedophiles.

We have to find this place.


Hi, Charlie.

I'm well.

I had a bit of a rough day

so I just want to
hear your voice.

No, no, nothing serious.

Just counseling stuff.

Taking on too much of my
patients' issues, I guess.

So just distract me, talk to me.

Tell me about your day.

It's good, Charlie.

It's good.


Yeah, I told you, I'm fine.

Charlie, I need to get going.

I just want to tell
you I love you.

You have been my sanity
and my best friend.

I just love you so much.

Hey, lost you
there for a moment.

Yeah, I'm fine.

I told you, I'm just having
a proud older sister moment.

I have to go, Charlie.

You take care, sis, okay?

I love you.

What's the situation?

Looks like we're too late.

No one's home.

Detectives, thanks for coming.

have you got for us?

The house was already vacated

by the time our team got here.

Jessie Fuller was long gone.

Come through.

This is a really strange
place, I have to say.

Yeah, why is that?

Place is connected
by underground tunnels.

It's a bunker full of supplies.

It's got canned vegetables
and beans, beers.

It's like some kind
of doomsday shit.

Yeah, right.

This place isn't in
Fuller's name either.

You won't believe
who it belongs to.


Ever heard of Harry Holmes?

Pedophile rapist?

Yeah, I know him.

He was sentenced for 15 years.

But soon after his release
he was off our radar.

Not surprising.

I'm sure we'll find
his mugshot somewhere

in Fuller's apartment.

Tell me, what do you know
about about Fuller's character?

I did a bit of digging
on the way up here.

Jessie Fuller, age
32, PhD in psychology.

Served in the military, front
lines in the psych unit.

Did one tour in Iraq and
two tours at Afghanistan.


Then she moved into private
practice several years ago.

She's a practicing psychologist

and had been there ever since.

One, she does have
a younger sister

who works as a nurse at
a retirement village.

Now she states that
she has no idea

how any of the things got
into Jessie's apartment.

Our team's still
interviewing her.

The diary.

The one the receptionist
called in about.

It's all in here.

Descriptions of the
killings, drawings.

She knew we were coming.

She wanted us to find her.

Bag and tag that.

You guys finished now with the
photos and prints, et cetera?


Where are you, Jessie Fuller?