Gui meng jiao (1988) - full transcript

Years ago, a village head in the Hong Kong countryside executed a man for committing adultery by drowning him in the ocean. His mistress, in attempts to flee the village, dies when she plummets into a pool of quicksand. Years later, people swimming in the ocean mysteriously vanishes, and their bodies wash ashore days later. A local policeman named Lu Hsien who practices Taoist magic believes a water ghost (presumably the ghost of the adulterer) is responsible for their deaths. Therefore, he joins forces with his colleague, Wang Hsiao-Ming, to rid the countryside of this demon before he can strike again. However, Hsiao-Ming is unaware that the ghost of the mistress, having risen out of her muddy grave, fell in love with him and will see to it that no other person falls for him.


Get him!

Master! Master! Master!

Let me go! Let go of me!

Master, don't kill me!

Please let me go!

Don't try to kill me...

...or I'll haunt you all!

Throw him into the sea!

Drown him!

- Damn it.
- How dare he do this?

Let's go back!







Are you reporting as a new posting?

Yes, sir!

HQ is posting a divisional chief,

a sergeant, and an officer here.

PC5726, Wong Hsiao Ming,

Police Academy class of 1987
with honors. Nice to meet you.

PC167, Lu Hsien, class of 1947 with honors.

In the force 20 years, still a constable.

My only advice is to change jobs.

Change right away, if you can.

Thank you, sir. Thank you for the egg, sir.

Don't be so formal.

They call me "Old Man" behind my back
but "Master" to my face.


- Have you had breakfast?
- No.

Do you want chicken or eggs?

Eggs, of course.

This hen has just laid eggs.

If word gets out that you killed it,
no hens will lay eggs anymore.

There are 10 "don'ts"
for an urban police officer,

but only two for a West Bay officer.

What are they?

You've violated the first rule:
"Don't be curious."

If I were curious,
the first question would be:

Why is West Bay also called "Ghost Bay"?

You've violated the second rule:
"Don't talk about ghosts."


Have you eaten breakfast?


Then eat.

It's covered in your saliva.

How can I eat at a time like this?

Calm down first.

A corpse washed up on the beach.

A drowned person like this is so horrible.

What have you discovered?

The deceased is female.

What's so special about that?
Your mom's female too.

What did you say? Say that again.

Your mom's female too.
What's so special about that?


Right. From the moment you
opened your eyes this morning...

West Bay's Divisional Chief.


PC167, Lu Hsien,
reporting for duty!

PC5726, Wong Hsiao Ming,
reporting for duty!

Say your mom's female too.

What's so special about discovering
that the deceased is female?

The deceased is female.
My mom is female too.

But the deceased is not my mom.

Is that a discovery, sir?

Is your mom's body still under the sea?

Open her mouth and take a look.

I'm talking to you.

What do you see?

A tongue.

There's always a tongue
in the mouth, idiot.

Her mouth is full of mud.

This shows she was drowned

and was not dumped
in the sea after death.

Sir, this is an important discovery.

Of course.

Stop kissing ass.

This really is an important discovery.

If the deceased were dumped after death,

it would mean she was murdered
and dumped in the sea.

If it is a murder case,

then it is above your
pay grade to handle this.

I'm not trying to handle it.

I order you to call
East Bay to send a boat

and transport the body to
the Hong Kong morgue.

And bring the autopsy
report back with you.

Yes, sir.

Is it painful to be drowned?

Would a drowned person become a ghost?

If she did, would I be in danger?

Am I that horrible?

Your hair's a bit ugly.

That means there's a pearl
under the haystack.

Under this ugly hair is a head

full of wisdom, intelligence, and theory.

My name's Queency,
Chief Coroner Chen Ta-wen.

Just call me "Queency".

I'm PC5726, Wong Hsiao Ming,
in charge of the West Bay PBF case.

How long have you been a policeman?

I'm fresh from the Police Academy.

Today's my first day of duty.

This isn't the first time
you've seen a corpse, is it?

No, I saw the remains
of my dad when he died.

You didn't call it
your father's corpse,

which means that this is the
first time you've seen a corpse.

Right. It's the first time.

- How many types of corpses are there?
- I don't understand the question.

There are many types: fresh,
mutilated, dried, decayed...

What's a drowned corpse?

A swollen corpse.

Half right. It's called "swollen"
because it is filled with water.

But it may become decayed after
being drowned for a long time.

Even a slight tug can take
its skin off like a glove.

Don't be scared. This is
only a glove, not skin.

What kind of corpse is
one hanged to death?

Dr. Queency, let's get back
to the corpse that I delivered.

Its lungs and stomach
are filled with water.

And the mouth, nose, and throat
are filled with sand.

The body does not exhibit
any external bruises.

Come here.

Dr. Queency, when will
the report be ready?

I'd like to get out of here
as soon as possible.

Officially or privately?

Can a coroner's report be private?

Some causes of death are unconvincing.

I'll write a private report for myself.

Is there something implausible
about your report?

My hair, for instance, regularly
in contact with antiseptic

in an air-conditioned room,
has turned grey...

Let's get back to the coroner's report.

I'll write "Accident" in the
official report for your corpse.

The cause of death is drowning.

In a private report I'll write "murder".

- Murder?
- The murderer is a water ghost.

Good, you didn't laugh.
That demonstrates your widsom.

You know it's based on logic.

I like you, young man.

What does a sea monster look like?
Is it horrible?

- Are you alright?
- What is it?

I'm alright. I was just daydreaming.

Stop dreaming. Stop dreaming.

Master, do you believe in water ghosts?

If I didn't, why would I
be burning these?

Are we having a barbecue?

What does a water ghost look like?

I told you not to talk about ghosts.

What if we do?

Then ghosts will appear.

I don't see any, do you?

Of course not, because we're lucky.

Lucky? Tell me more.

Wait until tomorrow.

Why not tell me now?
You said we're lucky.

The ancients said that
water ghosts walk barefoot.

They hide in boiling pots
when the sun rises.

They chill to the bone
when the sun sets.

Raindrops are like arrows
piercing their hearts.

Darling, you died a tragic death.

What's that sound?

What is it?


What are you burning?

Paper money, for the water ghost.

Water ghost? What water ghost?

The coroner told him there are
water ghosts in this bay.

Water ghosts?


My skin was all wrinkled
after swimming all day.

There's not even a shadow.

If there were water ghosts,
you wouldn't be talking such nonsense.

Go down to the water. Right now.

What is it?

Evidence. I want evidence
of water ghosts.

Forget it, sir, it's pitch black now.

Don't put off until tomorrow
what you can do today.

It's dangerous.

Dangerous? You believe
in water ghosts too?

He can't swim.

He might drown, even if
there is no water ghost.

Before discussing whether I
might drown, let's make it clear

that it's the marine police's
duty to go down to the water.

Okay, marine police?

Luck is against you if you offend
your superior inadvertently.

Luck is against me?



A policeman's career is a nightmare.

A swollen female corpse
greeted me this morning

and I spent the afternoon
with a different corpse.

Oh, crematoria, your name is "monster".

Oh, mammalia, your name is "nice".

What a difference between the two.

A boy fed with powdered milk,

a boy who's never touched the teats.

Oh, God, why make me spend
my afternoon in the morgue?

And why make me meet
that corpse butcher

Dr. Queency, who utters nonsense?

Is luck really against me?

So if I saw a ghost,
would it be a water ghost?

No, a female ghost.

No, a big head ghost.

Ghosts don't really exist.

Master, it's you?

Are you crazy? You scared me!

You scared me. You didn't make a sound.

I thought you were asleep,
but you were sneaking around.

What were you doing?


Don't tell me what you saw.

Don't say that you know me.

That will prevent it from
finding me. Goodnight.

Then I jinx you.

Jinx...jinx...jinx you!

Wong Hsiao Ming, you're adorable.

I won't let you get hurt.

I won't let anyone
get close to you either.

Do you know what you're doing?

Sure, village head, I'm raising the flag.

Are you a sissy?
What are you coming over here for?

The sea is calm without any ripples.

The TV weather report was a cartoon of
someone picking a flower and whistling.

The Royal Observatory isn't reporting
anything abnormal. Why raise a red flag here?

Village head, you don't understand.

Don't you know today's Sunday?

Many people are coming to swim today.
All our business is on weekends.

Are you trying to ruin us?

Are you out of your mind?

No, it's because there
are water ghosts here.

He's really gone crazy!

Nonsense! Take down the red flag at once!

For the sake of public safety,
I am obligated to do this

to warn the public against swimming.

For the sake of public health,

I the village head have a
duty to remove the flag.

Village head, listen...

Nonsense! Get lost!

I told you to get lost!

Get going.

If you keep this up, I'll arrest you.

I should be the one arresting you!

Don't move.

Let go! Let go!

Master! Master!

What is it?

Master, lock him up!

The police can't just arrest
someone without a reason,

let alone an officer.

He put up the red flag
to ruin our business!

He's allowed to do that. Listen...

You listen!

He... He groped me. Put him in jail!

Ma'am, it's a crime to
file a false police report.

Ma'am, why did you say that?

Don't worry about me. I sacrificed
myself for the good of the community.

Lock him up!

Lock him up!

What happened?

I was groped.

You were groped.

Why are you staring at me like that?
What's the big deal?

I'm a police officer.

Don't stare at me like that either.

Do my eyes look funny or something?

No, but you doubted that I was groped.

It's sort of an insult.

Frankly, I don't think that
a woman who has been groped

would be so lively.

Have you ever been groped?


Then how would you know
how a groped woman would look?

Ha! If I had your looks and got groped,

I would be dancing for joy.

I'll kill you, bastard!


What's going on? What's all the fuss?

Why such a crowd?

Sir, there are three cases in progress.

One: Obstruction of a police officer
in the execution of their duty.

Two: A police officer groping a woman.

Three: A woman beating a police officer.

One more: They're all groping me.

And she's framing us for
obstruction of justice!

Also, falsely accusing the police.

If you don't act justly,
I'll sue you too.

Who's not involved in a case?


Lock them all up.

On what charges?

Shut up!

Everyone except the police
get out of the station

and forget what has happened.

- Master...
- Don't talk terms.

- Master...
- Don't file reports.

- Master...
- Don't cause trouble.

Don't stare at each other.

Let's go.

We're going.

- Don't go.
- Quickly!

Nice work with the groping story.

Go on and thank the lady.

Don't mention it.
There are two kinds of people:

those who solve problems...

...and those who cause them.

If there were no troublemakers like us,

you'd have no reason to exist.

Hello? Speaking.

The beautiful Sergeant Pai is
in front of me right now, yes.

Very serious, yes.

Doesn't joke around, yes.

Despises men, yes.

A black belt in karate who can kill you
by grabbing you by the waist, yes.

Thank you, all clear.

Was that my old superior at Kowloon HQ?

Yes. Miss Pai, welcome
to our West Bay ranks.

Thank you, sir!

Take Miss Pai to the dormitory.

Yes, sir!

What's the future for a policewoman?

The best thing is to find
a man to protect her

and dedicate herself to
cooking and raising a family.

Are you trying to mess with me?

No, I was only joking.

Joking? How are you gonna get
promoted with that attitude?

Can you get rich by doing that?

I see you don't like jokes.

I never joke. I mean everything I say.

I do everything I say I will.

Is there anything you can't do?

No. I can do anything.

I wasn't able to raise the flag
this morning. Help me raise it up.

There's no reason why you can't help me.

What did I say wrong?



To avoid the death of swimmers

I raised the red flag enthusiastically

but all I got were curses and jeers.

To hell with them!

No one died the whole day.

The only thing that
died was my dignity.

Its killer is that woman who slapped me.

I only asked her to raise the flag.

Is it wrong to save lives?

I've done nothing wrong
yet I've lost my dignity.

Why should the woman who
slapped me go unpunished?

I'll avenge you.

Was that you? Did you come
into my room and slap me?

You're lucky. If I had
gone into your room

I would have done more
than just slap you.

If you came into my room stark naked

I'd gun you down.

This woman is totally unreasonable.



It felt like you were groping my food.

What are you doing?

Ravaging my rice.

Fine, but don't spill it
on the table, understand?


Not on the floor either.

Even when eating he has lewd thoughts.

Sgt. Pai, you must feel very uncomfortable
sharing a dormitory with him.

There's nothing I can do about it.

Come stay with me.

What did you say?

There's an available room in my dormitory.

Let me take it!

No, no...

An inspector's dormitory should be reserved
for those with the most seniority.

Master, you take it.

Miss Pai, you take it.

Screw it! Let the ghost have it!

Excuse me, is Wong Hsiao Ming here?

I'm here!

I've found you at last.

Don't you know I've been
looking for you for months?

Nobody knew where you'd been transferred.

I thought you were transferred
to the Political Department.

Are you happy to see me again?

Don't ask such a baffling question, alright?

I get it. Sometimes a man
cannot understand himself.

Don't act so highbrow.

Those must be your students coming, right?

- Hello, Miss Wang.
- Hello, Miss Wang.

This is Mr. Wong.
He was my neighbor 6 months ago.

So you deliberately brought us
to camp here, Miss Wang...

You were trying to find your friend, right?

Miss Wang, is he your boyfriend?

No, just an ordinary friend.

We're ready! Let's go swimming!

Wait. Let me warn you in my
capacity as a Royal Policeman...

- No smoking!
- No drinking!

- No gambling!
- And no boy-girl relations!

Boy-girl relations?
No boy-boy relations for you, either!

No swimming.

- What?
- No swimming.


There has been a red tide
in West Bay the last few days.

Red tide?


Besides the red tide, there is a
blue ghost and a giant jellyfish.

Are you sure?

And there are sharks.

Don't exaggerate.

You know, there are other
things to do besides swimming.

Don't swim. Listen,
I wish I could swim, too.

But this beach has many problems.

This beach is a bummer.
What are we supposed to do, sir?

What to do...?

- Don't get cute!
- Not cute is no fun.

Let's make a time capsule, okay?

I'm putting this newspaper in it.

I hope it's still a means of
communication for the people

in 1997 the way it is now.

I'm putting this worn-out map in it.

I hope that in 1997
they think it's a treasure map

and use it for treasure hunting.

What a good prank!

Here comes Mr. Wong.

Hurry up, Mr. Wong.

It's your turn now.

Hsiao Ming, what are you putting in it?

I'm putting my diary in it.

So I will forget what has
been happening recently.

Let it be buried for ever.

What has been happening recently?

Tell us.

Nothing special.

Life only lasts a few decades.

Let's make good use of this next decade.

We'll open this capsule in ten years.


Fatty, let's go.

Wait for me.

Hold this.

Hey! No swimming!

Don't worry, sir, we'll be back soon!

Come on.

Come back! It's dangerous!

Wait for me!

Mangos, grapefruits, Japanese honeydew
melons, watermelons. Your turn.

Jack, pineapples, Del Monte
pineapples, mangos,

grapefruits, Japanese
honeydew melons, watermelons.

You can't do it by looking at your chest.

Jack, pineapples, Del Monte
pineapples, mangos,

grapefruits, Japanese honeydew melons,
watermelons, durians, mangosteens.

Well done.

Can I ask you something?


You know, I never did it before.

I did it with you, so...

Are you regretting it?

A little. I regret doing it so late.

You're naughty.

Was it your first time too?

I'm not telling you.

Was it your first time?
I don't know how to tell.

I put a note about what happened
that night in the time capsule.

You'll know in ten years.

Now it's your turn!


Don't be so effeminate.

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

It's late. I have to
get back to the dormitory.

See you tomorrow.

Wake up! Wake up quikly!

What's with all the noise?

Wake up! Fatty's missing!

Miss Wang, Fatty didn't return last night.

What's all the fuss about?

What? Fatty's missing?

Let's spread out to search for him.

Let's go over there.

Fatty! Fatty!


- Fatty!
- Fatty!


- Hey, Fatty!
- Fatty!

Carman, let's go over there.

Fatty, where are you?

Fatty! Fatty, where are you?

- Hey, fatty!
- Fatty!

I don't think he's here.

Let's spread out to search
for him, but not too far.


- Hey, Fatty!
- Fatty!

What a nuisance. Where is he?


Help! Help!


Fatty's missing, sir.
What do we do now?

Stay calm. Don't make such a fuss.

It hasn't been 24 hours yet, so he's
not missing. I know what to do.


You're pissing me off!

Help us, sir!

There seems to be an object over there!

Could it be Fatty?

Pull him out! Let's see
if we can still save him!


Help, Master!

Fatty is dead!


Don't cry, I'm still alive.

5726, take him to the morgue
and write a report.

Yes, sir!

All of you, come with me to the
police station to give statements...

...then return to Hong Kong.

Miss Wang han't been found, sir.

Don't be silly. She's not a child.

She won't drown. She'll be back.

Don't cry.

I've done nothing wrong
yet I've lost my dignity.

Why should the woman who
slapped me go unpunished?

Did I slap him by mistake?


If there really is a water ghost,
let's be prepared.

Master speaking.

- It's Hsiao Ming.
- We haven't found Miss Wang yet.

Not yet?

No, not even a phone call.
Shall we report it to the police?

Dummy, you are the police.

Of course. Sorry.

Let's wait until dawn. Bye.

What are you doing here?

We've been looking for you.

You have been? really?

Didn't you know that?

I know everything.

Don't you know...?

Know what?

That I'm madly in love with you.

Yes. I mean, no.

Anyway, don't say anything now.

Why not? Nighttime is the best time...

...for cuddling.

Don't you know? I was deeply impressed

the night you burned clothes for my lover.

Your lover?

You may think that I'm fickle,

but life in hell is monotonous.

It's so boring without sex.

What do you mean?

Anyway, I've never felt that you're fickle.

In fact, I feel you're a devoted lover.

Right. I'm deeply attached to you.


What are you doing?
Do you think my hands are candy?

To me, your whole body is candy.

Don't! Don't!

Don't! Don't!

- Someone's here!
- I couldn't care less.

No, someone's really here. Hold on.



Sorry to bother you.

It's no bother at all.

What is it?

Red bean soup. For you.

For me?


Sorry? Did you say "sorry"?

Here, take this.

Well, I saw your diary entry
from two days ago...

...and I know I wrongly blamed you, so...

...sorry about that.

Are you regretting it now?

You're generous. Forgive me.

You're not going to forgive me, a "killer"?

A killer must be killed.

What about killing dignity?

You killed my dignity.

Don't push me.

Give me back my dignity.

I boiled sweet soup for you as an apology.

Isn't that a loss of dignity?

No, it will go on forever.

What do you consider to be
a loss of dignity, then?

Being kissed unwillingly by a man.


I kill, kill, kill your dignity!

Wait here. I'll go find Master.

Don't close it.

Tell me, are you in love with him?

Are you deaf?

Tell me, are you in love with him?

Do you really want me to answer that?

Yes, you must.

If things get intimate, I'm open to it.

What have you got to compete with me?


So she thinks I'm in love
with Wong Hsiao Ming.

Love comes and it goes. That's life.

You can't win through competition alone.

Look at your arrogant face.
You want to compete with me?

You want to test your strength against me?

I like all types of sports.

Let's go.

Use your strength.

You'll lose for sure.

One competition alone
doesn't decide anything.

How about that?

You're finished.

Why are you using violence?

I'll use more than violence.

How is that possible?
I didn't do it on purpose...

I killed someone!

You think you can kill me like that?

Come pick up your head.

Get up. Why are you lying there?

Why so glum?

I'm going to get it in place first.

Try again if you dare.

You're not human. You're not human.
You're a ghost!

A ghost!

Don't! Don't pull on me!

Bitch, you want to compete with me?

Arrogant bitch. I'll get you in the chest.

I'll get you in the stomach.

You can't fight anymore.

Stop that!

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Why are you fighting?

I'm not fighting.
She hit me. She's not human.

You're not human. You hurt me a lot.

You have to talk it out.

With a ghost?

Who wants to talk to you?
You hurt me a lot.

Don't cry.

You're a black belt in karate.
Why are you hitting her so maliciously?


I only kicked her but her head flew off.

But she's able to put it back on.


Right. How can you knock off
a head with a kick? Try it.

Don't try anything foolish.

Fine, I have to prove it to them.

Are you crazy?

She is possessed. You have
already seen it. Stay alert.

You don't believe me?

We can't. You kicked her for no reason.

They say a woman gets toughter in a fight.

Don't cry. Get up.


Are you alright? What's happening?

Keep away! Keep away!

Master, are you alright?

I'm a little dizzy.

Look! Look!

Wong Hsiao Ming.

Trying to escape?

Get a mattress to block the door! Quickly!

Use this! Push!


Quiet! She can't open it.

Make way!


Vermillion bullets.

Shoot her! Shoot her!

Presto! Presto!

Vanish! Vanish!

It's done! It's done!

Master! It's done!

He's done too...

There really is a ghost!

You... Young and ignorant with
little knowledge, but plenty of energy.

So you sometimes imagine things.

And you... Young, charming, and shapely.

But you are a woman, after all.

So your heart rules your head.

You... Old, arrogant, and stubborn!

You make bad judgments
and you can't hear well.

I've been patrolling since
you were still in diapers.

Right, and it's made you an old fool.

So you're pretty much useless.

If that weren't the case,
you would be the inspector...

..and I would be the constable, right?

You're right about all of that,
but it really is haunted here.

Don't talk such nonsense.

Evidence. I want evidence.

An upside-down house riddled
with bullet holes alone

doesn't prove that there are ghosts.

Otherwise my dormitory could be haunted too.

Look, everything is so clean here.

But it'd different.

No more talking about ghosts!

If anyone talks about ghosts,
I'll shoot them.

Morning, everyone!

Sir, I'm Queency, here to catch ghosts.

Get out!

My sensor indicates that
there is something wrong.

My sixth sense is telling me the same thing.

Isn't that right, Master?

I don't have ESP...

...but my first, second, third, fourth,
and fifth senses all tell me the same.

Don't scare us!

You're scaring me!

Let's search everyhwere to
see if we can find anything.


Look around.

Let's go.

This is so horrifying!

Look everywhere. Don't mope there. Get going.

Follow me.

And one...and two...

Be careful.

I will.

Help! Help! Help! H-help! Help!

Grab my belt.

That hurts! Are you trying to kill me?

Grab it! Grab it!

Don't help! Don't help!

- Help! Help!
- Help! Help!

Help! help!

- What is it?
- Watch the quicksand. Step around here.

Help him!

Master, help!

You don't have to do that. Jump to him.

Jump? How am I going to get that far?


Grab it!


He's heavy!

Don't give up!

Something's grabbing my foot!

Come on, quickly!

Pull his hand!

The other one too!


Yes, it's true!

Something is still grabbing him!

Harder! Pull him out!

Don't let go! Harder!

Say your respects to the ghost
and maybe it will leave us alone.

Wong Hsiao Ming! Old Man!
Sergeant Pai! Queency!

Where are you?

If you come back, I'll gun you down.

- Is there activity again?
- Yes. What's up there?

The police station.

Who's moaning in there?

Come inside!

Who pissed in front of the police station?


Over there!


Let's get down there!

Hsiao Ming, don't!
You could get pulled in too!

A water ghost!


- Call East Bay Station for help!
- Uh-huh!

Get that!

Are you deaf? We can even hear it over here!

East Bay Police Station.

Our chief has been drowned!


He was pulled into the sea by a water ghost!

Pulled in by a water ghost? Dumbass.

What was that bullcrap?

Someone's just being a dumbass.

Who's a dumbass?

You calling me a dumbass?

This is what it's come to...

Who would call one of us a dumbass?

Play, dumbass!

Hsiao Ming, what did they say?

The guy called me a dumbass.

It's pitch black. How can we find him now?

Even during the day it would
not be easy to salvage him.

It's like finding a needle in the sea.

What a ridiculous comparison.

Hsiao Ming, get a watermelon for tomorrow.

A watermelon?

Is there any scientific basis to this?

No, but there is a historical basis.

How is a watermelon going to
help you find a corpse?

What's "watermelon" in Mandarin?

Hsi ka.

"Hsi ka" sounds like "corpse melon".

Hsiao Ming, throw the
watermelon into the sea.

Can you swim?

I didn't say I can't.

Master, would you do me a favor?

What is it?

Lend me your amulet.

How could the watermelon sink?

The corpse is down below. Dive down.


Close the windows in there.


Hurry up. Everything's getting soaked.

The corpse will be stinking
at dawn with this weather.

No way. Who's going to come pick up
a corpse when there's a storm?

What an explosion!

Don't be chicken.

The spark was caused by the
joining of two lines.

The collision between yin and yang.

Have you ever felt such a spark?

My sensor is picking up something.

Calm down, it's only the spark
from my hand touching hers.

- Impossible.
- Why?

Is that right?

Where is it pointing?

It was jostled. I have to reposition it.

Only then can I know the exact location.

You said its soul has no shelter.

Now the sensor keeps making sounds.

Could your sensor be out of order?

If it had no shelter,

where's its soul now?

Either in the five elements
or in the three spheres.

What does that mean?

The five elements are metal,
wood, water, fire, and earth.

The three spheres are...

It's crossing the border.

No, heaven, earth, and the human world.

I mean the position and
the spark are on the same line.

Now the position is the police station.

It means that something is wrong here.

He's staring at you like he's in love.

No way!

- Where's the amulet? Give it to me.
- No, grab the electric baton.

Okay, let's go!

Go now! Go!


- Let go!
- Let go!

Go to hell!

Don't be afraid, I'll jinx him.


- It's not our concern. Let's go!
- It's not our concern. Let's go!

What about me?

Master, how do you feel?

I'm seeing stars again.

Let him stay out here.
Let's get into the small cell.

- Hurry up! Hurry up!
- Hurry up! Hurry up!

Lock him out there!

Nice going, butterfingers.

Don't let him get in.
At dawn he'll be finished.

What if he gets near us?

I don't know. I'm out of ideas.

I have an idea.

Let him put the key between my fingers
and I'll snatch it away from him.

Put it in!

That doesn't look real. Let me try.

Will it fool him?

I don't think so.

It's fooling him. Get the key.

Your mother!

Help! Save me!

Why didn't you hit him?

I didn't have a chance.

Master, are you alright?

I'm alright.

Are you sure?

What shall we do now?

Nothing. There's a storm and we
don't have a boat, a car, or a plane.

We can't stay here long.

If the water ghost possesses
him again, we're screwed.

We'd better take him to
East Bay Police Station.

At least there are more people there.

What? The chief's possessed? You dumbass.

Dry the floor. I have to close the door

or the rain may be able to get in.

What kind of dumb mess is this?

Well, it's...uh...

Don't be so stupid.
A dumb mess is a dumb mess.

What is this?

A corpse.

I know that. This is the bag it came in.

I mean, is it following protocol?

Will there be any trouble
if we leave it like that?


Yes, according to the zoning regulations.

Very, very good!

It's serious, Inspector.

We could be in trouble. I suggest...

Good. Veterans have experience
in this kind of thing.

There will be trouble if we do it wrong.

Let's get it out of here.

Put it somewhere else
and send it to HQ tomorrow.

What's this?

A charm, sir.

Was it there when you found the corpse?


Remove it. Leave the corpse
as you originally found it.

That will spare us unnecessary trouble.

Horndog, remove it.

Yes, sir!

Don't! The corpse could come back to life!

Dumbass! Sergeant, remove it.

Yes, sir!

It really will come back to life!

Put it in a cell.

Let's get back to our routine.

Egghead, get it out of here.

I'll help you.

Why are you two standing there?

He has removed the charm.

Now what?

Help me carry the body to a cell.

Go on.

- Is there any wire here?
- Yes, in the storage room.

Help me.

You help move the body,
I'll go make preparations.

Watch for any changes.

Hurry up.

Hey! Don't bother me for anything!

Be careful.

What's wrong? Can't keep your eyes closed?

Don't open them. I'm helping you close them.

Close your eyes.

Were its eyes open or closed?


I just saw it with its eyes open.

Hurry up.

Sir, it'S a zombie. Its eyes are open.


Sir, it's a very powerful water ghost.

Now it has been transfigured.
Let's run away now!

What a nuisance.

Egghead, go see what's going on.

I already did. Have someone else go.
Let me play for you.

Sergeant, go take a look.

Yes, sir!

That's my seat.


Thank you. All in the same suit.
Maximum multiplier. Pay up.

Are you sure? Did we lose that quickly?

What's going on?

What happened?

It's coming.

It's alright. It's a blown fuse. I'll fix it.

Bring me a flashlight.

Do you have a flashlight?

Yes. I'll go get one.

Bring a couple more, too.

Master, the corpse had its eyes open.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- Hurry up.

Coming. The flashlights are coming.


Luckily there are two flashlights.

Closer, or pieces might fall off.

Okay, go on.

Bring them closer.

- How is everything?
- It's alright.

- Get up.
- Let me play one more game.

Let him play. You're bad at it.

Get up.

Okay, I'll go take a shower.

Why is the table so wet?

Is there a leak in the roof?

No, there's no leak.

I'm sweating. I'm hot.

Make your move.

You've never sweated so much.
Is something wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

Why's he so sweaty?

Could he be possessed?

It's salty. He really is possessed.

- What did you play?
- 8 bamboo.

8 bamboo.

What's he saying? Did you eat his tongue?

What are you doing?

- Nothing!
- Nothing!


- Maximum multiplier!
- Maximum multiplier!

- Game over!
- Game over!



It's a zombie!

Close the door!

Don't move or I'll shoot you!

Don't move or I'll shoot myself!

Sir, no!

Don't move or I'll shoot him!

He's afraid of the vermillion
that's around your neck.

Stop him!

You're not playing mahjong anymore?
Now you're playing hawk and chickens?

Can't you get them?

Step aside. Let me play.

I'm going to get you!

Here I come! Here I come!

What? Why not me? Why him?

Electrocute him!



Let's go!

- Over here!
- Over there!

Help her!

Come on!

I have to try everything that I can.

- Over here!
- Over there!

Aren't you afraid of my vermillion?

Come back! The water ghost
gets stronger when it gets wet!

Come back! Quickly!

Come back! I'll kill him!

I can't stop him for long! Come back quickly!

We're coming back!

Wong Hsiao Ming, get rid of him!

Old Man, you're great!

Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay!

Put me down! The water ghost is still alive!

Why is there so much water?

Egghead must have forgotten
to turn off the water.

Go turn it off.

It's not on, but water has
welled up from the nullah.

Damn, the water ghost
has possessed one of us.

Not me, surely.

Someone possessed by a water ghost
is sweaty and soaked through.

We're all soaked through.

The water ghost's sweat is especially salty.

Mine doesn't taste like anything.

You can't lick yourself.
We'll lick each other.

Lick each other?

You lick me.

Let's make a circle.

Now we'll stretch out our right hands
and each lick the next person's.

Whose is salty?

His is!

Can Emperor Guan counter evil?

A woman can't touch Emperor Guan!

Keep away!

She's the toughest woman in the world.
What a fright, eh?


I'm the kindest man in the world.

- Master!
- Throw it off! Throw it off!

Shoot it! Shoot it!

What now?

I'll kill you!

What's wrong?

I'll gun you down when I see you.

Quit playing games. Now is not the time.

What are you talking about?

Your hand.

Huh? Both hands? Then that's...

It's in here! Help!


Lend a hand, quickly!

Go or I'll kill you!

Still not leaving?

Sir, shoot! We don't need to save face!

- Shoot it!
- Come and help!

I can't take it! I can't take it!

It's not leaving! I can't take it!

I really can't take it anymore...

You were too late! It was already gone!

Get a sword to stab it in the leg!

Four Eyes, follow me!


- What now?
- Hold it.

Hold it.

Wong Hsiao Ming, grab him by the neck!

His neck?

Come on!

Sir, in one minute, shoot him!

Stick it in his mouth!

Ready! Shoot! Go now!

Shoot! Shoot already!

Go now!

Let's go.

Huh? Why me?