Gui lin rong ji (1998) - full transcript

Talking about my grandpa's restaurant in Guilin

no one there would deny its fame

Everyone knew his Rong's Noodle Shop

My grandpa started by selling horsemeat noodles

He sold hundreds and thousands of bowls a day

Most of the time they were sold out

well before the shop closed

At that time, my grandpa's restaurant

made a lot of money for the family

But my own shop in Taiwan

does not have the same fortune

I never thought

I would open my own noodle shop...

after I fled to Taipei alone...

and run it for years

My regular customers

are mostly from Guilin too

The rice is ready!

Please help yourselves

Where are the dishes?

Coming up

Mr. Lu, please help yourself

It's very kind of you, thank you

It's my pleasure. Go ahead and help yourself

May I take your order now?

Noodles with mixed meat

Noodles with mixed meat

Yes, madam!

Dishes are coming

Come on, same crap again?

Even the dogs won't eat it

You'd thank God for having food today

Stop dreaming about delicacies

Madam, where shall I put this rice?

Why do you come now? I am damn busy

Put this over there

If you pay me $100 more

I'll serve you with the best dishes

Take a seat please

May I take your order?

Noodle with soup please. Fried noodle please

Noodle with soup and fried noodle

Yes, Madam!

Two pounds short, why?

We'll make up for it next time

Total $126

Got you

My boss asked you to pay

the overdue bills first

I'll go to your shop and clear them up tomorrow

Can't you see I am busy now?

My boss said that you must pay today

Otherwise, I will take the rice back

Your boss is so cruel!

For years, I've only ordered from him

Doesn't that count for anything?

Alright, I'll pay today's bill first

One hundred and twenty-six

Take it

Where are the girls?

Be careful!

Qin, behave yourself

You'll see if I catch you next time

Another bowl is broken

Damn you old zombie

They cost me 90 cents each

From now on

you should use plastic bowls

Plastic bowls from now on

Chef Chan

Xiu-hua, you are here

Go inside, your anutie is busy now

I'll wait for her

You've come so early

Let's go upstairs

A sudden gust of wind is blowing...

Come over

Take it

Pay the rent first

Give me some time and I'll get more for you

It's okay, Xiu-hua. I have to go to work now

Half-town Li!

Half-town Li!

Mr. Li...

Can you pay your meals for the last month?

Stop it, don't count on me for charity

Madam, my son will send me money soon

Within 2 days, I promise

Two days? Already 2 months

Madam, I need this for my cigarettes

You still owe me $439

Chef Chan...

the business is going downhill lately

Can I pay your salary later?


So, I have to spare this cigarette for 2 more days

Grandma, I've finished it


Rong'er, with this shop

I can give you the best dowry when you marry

Mrs. Rong, the noodles for

Lu's family are ready for delivery

Good. I'll go now


Come with me


Good afternoon, Madam Lu

I wish Madam Lu longlife and happiness

I wish Mr. Lu every success

This little girl is so pretty and smart

You must be a sweetheart of your grandma

Thank you, madam

Grandma, I am back

My sweetheart, what have you learnt today?

The teacher said that the moon is a planet...

and there isn't any fairy or rabbit on it

That's all you've learnt today?

I've learnt a poem too

Which one?

Can you recite it to Grandma now?

Leaving at childhood, return home when old

My accent hasn't changed butI'm getting bald

On way home, I meet I'vechildren never seen

They smile and ask...


They smile and ask where I come from

Smart boy

Give this to Rong'er

Thank you, Madam Lu

Thank you, Madam Lu

Thank you, Young Mr. Lu

You're welcome

Old Mr. Lu was a government official

of the Qing Dynasty

He is also a well-known philanthropist in Guilin

The Pei Dao College was founded by him

Grandma, I want to marry

an educated man in the future

Just like Young Mr. Lu

My goodness, you are still a kid, aren't you?

So what? I really like Young Mr. Lu

You kid!

Be good and come down. Hurry up

Come down, be good

Come down

Be good and come down

Come down

Hurry up

All of them have come down

why do you still stay up there?

If you don't come down, I'm going to catch you

Come here and be good

Come down, hurry up



Mr. Lu

Mr. Lu, what are you doing up there?

I was catching my chicken


Oh, there is a feather on your hair


Thank you

You're welcome

Mr. Lu

Feeding your chicken?

Yes, Mrs. Gu

Mr. Lu, since you're an honest person

that's why I've to warn you

You'd better stay away from that slut

From whom?

Ah Chun, the laundress

She isn't a good woman

Be careful. She could ruin you reputation

Thank you. I'll pay attention to that

Mr. Lu, about the rent of this month...

Shouldn't it be due two days later?

But you paid two days late last month

Alright. Please come with me

Thank you so much

Would you like to join our private savings fund?

Sure, sure

I'll take two units please

Sure, sure

That's correct

Mr. Lu, you should get married

What the fucking hell are you doing?

Can't you see me sitting here?

What do you want?

I've apologized to you already

So you can kill me with apologies, huh?

You slut, who you think you are?

Bitch! You mother-fucker!

How dare you talk to me like this?

Don't run!

Don't run!

Be care

Stand up!


Good morning sir!

Good morning class!

Please sit down

Open your books, lesson two

Walk in a row, don't go away

Watch out when you cross the road

Watch out, go forward

I'm confident that my Guilin Noodles...

are the best in Taipei

The Yunnan-style, Guangdong-style ones...

are definitely not as good as mine

Everyone who has tried them

would agree with me

Only if you bribed them beforehand...

Mr. Lu, try my Guilin rice noodles

Thank you, madam. You're welcome

Excuse me. Can I have a bowl of that too?

Sorry, your order will not be entertained

That's for sure, because I'm not as young as he is

Of course, younger is better

Who would like crazy old grump as you?

Mr. Lu, help yourself

Don't bother with what he said

How's the taste?+D1+D1027

Oh, not bad


Another bowl is broken

What's wrong with you?

I've told you to use plastic bowls

What the hell is this?

Take a look yourself

Sand in rice and files in dishes

How come there is sand? How can we eat this?

These days, no one should complain too much...

you'd better save your breath

Your temper reminds me

of my lovely concubines!

But they're more beautiful than you

Don't judge from my appearance now...

I was a number one beauty in Guilin

Give me a break. Who will believe you?

In our Guilin, there are

beautiful mountains and rivers everywhere

They shine your eyes

cleanse your body and purify your soul

In Taipei, there is nothing

except typhoons and earthquakes

No beauties could survive

in such a messy hell as Taipei

So, typhoons and beauties are correlated. Huh?


Our Commander comes here to greet you

Officer Li, how is the weather today?

Invigorating, sir

How about a walk along the Blossom Bridge?

It would be nice if Miss Rong could join us

Will Miss Rong accept my invitation?

In my opinion, Miss Rong would like

Sir to invite her personally

Miss Rong, shall we?

I haven't done enough business today

so I can't leave now

How about 100 bowls serving here

and 500 bowls taking away?

I think, Miss Rong would consider it enough

Good! Officer Li!

Tell all soldiers here to eat ten bowls right away

And take 500 bowls back to the camp


Come on, Miss Rong. Let's go for horse-riding

I don't know how

Are you afraid?

Don't know

Let me teach you


Come on

We ride together?

Don't you trust me?

Come on. Let's ride slowly

Gorgeous. What kind of

perfume are you wearing?


I am a soldier. I don't know about ladies' affair

I've sprayed water under the Blossom Bridge


If you don't believe me, go down and smell it

Yes, I can smell the same fragrance now

Hold me tighly

It's useless for us to cry terribly

Miss Rong, have some dim-sum

I must leave for the battle

It's sad for me to leave you

If you don't like it, I can change for others

I'd like to take you to hot-pot tonight

It's sad for me to let you go

I miss you, my dear

I miss you too, my darling

Leave my wife by the shore





Don't panic. I'll work it out for you

The money will be ready in this afternoon

Auntie, I'm sorry to bother you again

Come on, I'm your Aunt and you're my

only relative here. Back to work

Xiu-hua is so unlucky

But.... she is single-minded

I've told her not to wait for Wei

and she just never listens

Well, it's understandable.They grew up together

You still remember Wei? When he joined

the army, Xiu-hua was still a teenager

Did she come for money again?

Don't worry, I won't give her your salary

I... I... don't...

Look at you. You stammer when you are stirred

I'm just joking

Good morning, Mrs. Zhang and Mrs. Li

Mr. Li, did your son send you any money?

I'll get it in the next few days

Eat more, sleep more and lay more eggs

Mrs. Gu

Mrs. Gu

Good morning, Mr. Lu

Good morning, madam

Mrs. Gu went to the market early this morning

The chicken you've raised look very good

Bright and big

I think they weigh at least 7 lbs, right?


So, you can sell them for more than $20 each

Sure, it could be sold for more than $30

Five, six, seven, eight...

Wow, if you sell 4 or 5 a month

then you can make more than $1,000 a year

It's wonderful

It's also a living

Excuse me, madam. I have to go to school now

Yeah, that's your job

See you, madam

See you


I know I would get this

One unit, two units... Five units for you

and four units for you

Look, I almost made it

I don't think so

The crow cried...

Mr. Lu is such a hard-working person

He works day and night


I haven't seen such a decent man

Iike him before

Except playing Er-hu and singing Guilin opera

he has no other hobbies

Mr. Lu teaches in the morning

and tutors at night

Adding the interest from the savings fund...

I think, he's got...

at least $100,000 in his pocket

So, he can afford to get a wife

Of course

What? You want to marry him?

What are you talking about?

So why are you so eager to know about him?

I know, you wanna have a young husband

I think you are the one who wants him

You always talk

about him everyday

You even know how much money he has

Shut up. That's enough

I shouldn't have introduced him

to board at your restaurant

That's why people say...

Hu-bei people are gifted in arguing

I'd better keep my mouth shut

Another bowl is broken

I need to charge you double

It's not broken

But the rice you dumped also cost me money

I really need to clear up your account today

You haven't paid for three months

Sorry, madam

My son hasn't sent me money yet

Can you give me some more time?

No way. You don't pay

and you keep breaking my bowls

Crying doesn't help but paying does

Give me the money

He will send me money soon. I'm sure he will

Stop crying

Boys who cry are losers

Stop crying. Can you hear me?

If not for my mom's sickness

I would never sell this place

We all have troubles, don't we?

You know, our country is in chaos now...

and actually I can't resell this place at good pri

or lease it out easily

Frankly speaking...

I just love collecting deeds

Otherwise I wouldn't buy it from you

Take a look, my son

From the hillside to the city wall

half of the houses belong to our family

You should learn from me

Now I'm greeted as Mr.Half-town Li

because I own half of the houses here

When you grow up, you should buy

all the houses in Guilin

And people will greet you as Mr.Whole-town Li

Got it?

Are you listening?

I want candies!

You're hopeless!

Mr. Li

Why are you so late today?

Something happened on my way here

Sorry, still no remittance for you

I know it

Can you manage?

I'll try my best

Reading your deeds again?



This is the deed of Mao's house

I paid a thousand taels of silver to get it

The Mao brothers quarrelled and

wanted to split their assets

The younger one went to Shanghai

the elder one was a gambler

Eventually the deed came to me

Who's living there now?

How should I know?

I just hope I can go back to Guilin before I die

To be honest

I really hate living in Taipei

It's such a messy hell

Take a break and have some tea

Sorry, I can't. I've a lot to deliver today

Some other time I promise I'll sing with you

Okay. Take care

See you


Lin Rong Guang, please come over here

Take a seat

Thank you

What's your name?

Lin Rong-guang


How old are you?


Date of birth?


Male or Female?


Father's name?

Lin Qing De

Sir, I'd like to change my name

What's your name?

Lin Da-wei

Louder. Can't hear you!

Lin Da-wei


Get a form and fill it out first


Over there!

Lin Sao-feng

Thank you. Bye

Sir, I'd like to apply for an lD card


Fill this form first

Thank you

Have you got a pen?

No, I haven't

Use mine

Thank you

Need any help?

Sir, I forgot to bring my chop

Never mind. We can take your finger prints

Finger prints?

What are you doing?



You pretended to get my finger prints

but you touched my breast instead

How dare you take advantage of me?

Sham on you! Bastard!

You are too much!

Xiu-hua, someone is looking for you


Sit down

Take it

Look at your hands

Covered with callouses

You'd think about your own future

I know you love Wei and you won't mind

waiting for him forever

But look at me

I am the best negative example for you

Even if Wei is still alive

you may not have chance to see him again

What say if he is dead?

You would waste all your time

Don't be upset

It's stupid to keep waiting for him

Let me find a good husband for you

Lu Pei-ming is one of my customers

He also came from Guilin

and he is now teaching in Taipei

He is quite well-off and he is a really nice man

Even his landlord, Mrs. Gu always praises him

You know this woman. She is so tough

She is a typical Hu-bei person

She has nothing good to say for anyone

But Mr. Lu is an exception

She said she has never met such a nice man

as Mr. Lu before

How about this one?

This one

Twenty-Five dollars

Thank you

Mr. Lu. You are selling chickens here


Give me a discount and I'll buy one from you

Sure. How about this one?


Mr. Lu, where are you going

for Mid-Autumn Festival?

Staying home as usual

Why don't you join us for dinner?

We can play mahjong afterwards

No, thank you

Come on. It's festival time after all

By the way, there won't be a big party

Just Chef Chan, my niece and me

What do you think?

It's a deal, isn't it?

Sure it is

How much? $25

Call it $20


Thank you

Thank you

Rong'er, I am a soldier and

I have to go wherever I am ordered

While I am away, to take good care of yourself

If you feel bored, you can play mahjong

I know no one here

Don't worry

Many people want to get close to you

Come on. Smile, my little sweetie

Give me a smile

I'll be back soon

It's okay. I'll back soon

Attention! Right turn! Move!

South Wind. (Mahjong slang)


Mrs. Zhang, you're getting better at this game

Practice makes perfect

Sometimes, you just need luck to win this game

She is right. Yes

Look at mine

Let's play again

You are the big winner

You are really lucky


Madam, here is a letter from the commander

What a short letter. Just a few words

It's good enough for me to have a letter

My husband never writes me a word

It's good to know he's still alive

I agree


Let's go on playing

I bought this Guilin wine

from a smuggler years ago

I keep it for special occasions

Let's open it to celebrate

the Mid-Autumn Festival

Chef Chan, sit down. Yes

Mr. Lu, sit next to Xiu-hua. Yeah

I'm okay with this seat

You young people should sit next to each other

Yes, I agree

Chan and I need to sit here to serve you food

Come on. You're a grown man

and you shouldn't be shy

Sit here or I'll get angry with you

Mr. Lu, you should drink this up with Xiu-hua

I can't drink

Don't worry. It's festival time

This wine will remind you

of your best times in Guilin

Come on, drink it up

Mr. Lu, what do you think about Xiu-hua?

She likes you very much

And she always praises you

Don't make fun on this please

I didn't

I really think you should thank me

for this match-making

And you two should get married soon

Would you please stop this?

I've been engaged in Guilin

Mr. Lu...

Excuse me. Could you tell me

where Li's Grocery is?

It's not too far away from here

You need to turn at that corner

Thank you

Excuse me. Is Half-town Li's son living here?

Who are you?

Half-town Li boarded in my restaurant

and owed me some money

We have no money for you. Please leave

He really owed me $875

I'm not kidding

I came a long way from Taipei

you didn't even give me a drink

but ask me to leave

I'm not leaving!

Well, I'll wait here for your busband

He won't be back. He never will

I would thank you if you can find him for me

Take this to Mr. Lu

I'm not going

What's the matter?

It's nobody's fault for the match-making

you shouldn't blame on him

You know nothing. I'll do it myself

Thank you, madam

Mr. Qin, what are you doing here?

How dare you push a county mayor

Take her out for execution!

Are you crazy? Get out of my place!

Chef Chan, kick him out

Calm down, madam

Just let him stay and leave him alone

Poor guy. He's just got fired


So he can pay me no more

Don't let him come after this month

Business is business

Hey, wake up

Mayor Qin, please get in

The 1st Lady of Guilin, please get in

The 2nd Lady of Guilin, please get in

The 3rd Lady of Guilin, please get in

Scratch for me

Feel good?

Want more?

Baby, scratch for me

No, I want you to scratch for me

Okay, I'll do it for you

What is it?

Want more? Sure

Baby, how come you didn't wait for me?

I wanna sleep. Don't bother me

Get up and scratch for me

But I want to sleep

Alright, I'll scratch for you first

Don't run, baby...

Don't run, baby. Scratch for me

Don't let him come again

Baby, scratch for my!

Baby, here comes the mayor...

Scratch for me...


Here comes the mayor!

Scratch for me...

Baby, scratch for me

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the

wedding banquet of Jia-hao and Xiu-hua

I am much honoured to have your presence here

It's my toast to you all


Thank you

Enjoy your meal

and help yourselves

Thank you very much

Mr.Zhang, thank you for coming

It's my pleasure...

You are the host of the wedding

and you should drink more


Thank you

Wish you a happy marriage

Thank you for coming. Cheers

Congratulations, madam, and Xiu-hua

Come on, madam, cheers!

You've found her

such a rich husband. So you don't have to work

Iike a dog from now on

You can retire and enjoy your life

Mr. Lu, I've never thought

you could sing Guilin Opera too

No, I couldn't. I know just a little

I miss Xiao Jin-feng's singing so much

I like her songs very much too

Her opera Coming Home

really strikes my heart

After 18 years' waiting

the wife finally met her husband again

Could you sing that song for me?

I'm afraid not. I sing so terribly

Just one segment, okay?

In return, I'll cook you the best Guilin noodles

It's so embarrassing


I am longing for his return...

My son has gone hunting...

by the river

Can't understand at all

The sun sets in the west mountain...

Officer Li. Yes

Buy something for me to eat

No, don't do that

You just know eating while you are with me

You spend all your time eating...

here and there

and never spare some for me before you leave

Open the door...

to see my son

Rong'er, you'd better go home first

Madam, everything is ready

Leave it here



Don't panic

The war will be over very soon

Have you packed everything you need?


That's all?

I want to go with you

No way

Tomorrow, you'll retreat to the south

with other soldiers' families

I'll be back soon

You always say I'll be back soon


I really mean it this time

Give me a smile


Take my words. I'll be back soon




Madam, are you okay?

I'm alright

I just had a nightmare

Want a glass of water?

No, thanks

Go back to sleep

Have some tea

Thank you

Pei-ming, it's been a tough time for you

You've been waiting for so many years

Thank you

Don't worry. I'll arrange for your fiancee

to go to Hk as soon as possible

Wait for my good news

This is a letter from your fiancee

Thank you so much

Come on, I'm your cousin

Count on me

Thank you

Look. Everything is brand new

See? This is a 100% silk blanket

Mr. Lu, is there any good news?

This is a letter from her

Your fiance'e?

Yes, she is now in Guangzhou

My cousin is arranging her to come over here

Who is she?

She is the daughter of Mr.Luo Jin-shan

I see

When I was in Guilin

I always went to Luo's shop to buy silk

At that time, their business was...

as good as our rice noodle shop

We grew up together

She was my classmate in Pei-dao High School


I'm coming down

Smile and say cheese...

Come on, smile...

Say c... h... e... e... s... e...

What are you doing?

Are you crazy? You are nuts!


I must beat you to death!

Beat him to death!

You drunken evil!

You pig! I'll kill you!


Have a cigarette...

We're just playing mahjong, not gambling at all

Don't be serious

Who is the boss of Rong's Restaurant?

I am

Please come with me

Don't move

Sign here

Sir, the boss of Rong's Restaurant is here

Please pay his bail

Why? What's wrong with him?

You'd better ask him yourself

Why should I bail him out?

He said that you are his only frient in Taipei

How much is it?

Two hundred and fifty dollars

Two hundred and fifty? That's a lot of money!

Sorry, I can't help.You'd better ask someone else

Bad luck



I don't want this. I want rice noodles

Okay, pay me back $250 first

Mr. Lu

What's wrong with you? Why don't you eat?

Mr. Lu, what happened to you?


Tell me slowly...

My cousin...

He is a beast! He took my money and gone

I saved that money

bit by bit for 1 5 years...

I couldn't find him any more

My fiancee...

My money...

Sir, watch out for the motorcycle!

Mr. Lu, watch out for the motorcycle

Mr. Lu...

Mr. Lu, watch out for the motorcycle

Sir, watch out for the motorcycle!

Lights are out

Help! Put out the fire!




Your father is waiting for you. We have to go


Let's go

Will it rain? I have to pack my stuff

No, just stay, wouldn't you?

No way, I live on those tools

The rain will ruin them

Don't leave me. You're so annoying

Shit. It's raining

Chef Chan, seal the doorway. Hurry up!

My goodness...

Mr. Lu, I can't close the window

Please help me

You two should be struck by lightening!

Lights are out

Chef Chan, any candles?

I find it for you

Typhoon Jimmy arrived in Hua-lian

at 8:10 p.m. Iast night

The thunder storm will affect the whole Taiwan

The Observatory estimated the

Typhoon will leave Taichung at 2:00 am

It swept through Taichung

Xin-zu at 8:00 a.m. this morning

The Observatory estimated

the Typhoon Jimmy will completely pass

through Taiwan around 10:00 a.m. this morning


Bad news...

Qin is dead!



No one knows when

he fell into the gutter

They said that he has been dead for 3 days

His body should be cremated at once...

to avoid the spreading of bacteria

Lunch is ready

What are you doing? My nail polish is still wet

Madam, Xiu-hua has come

They've come

Xiu-hua, Jia-hao


How are you?

This is for you. It's very kind of you

Take a seat

What's up?

Jia-hao has a chance to work in Singapore

He wants me to go with him

So I can't come to visit you very often

Singapore... It's far away from here

I guess it's even

further away than Guilin


Instead, I should be happy for you

Jia-hao is a nice person

You can live a better life than me

What's this?

It's my gift for you.Thank you for taking care

of me during these years

You are my niece and I should do that

You don't need to pay me back? You silly girl

The typhoon has caused you a lot of damage too

and this money is only a little help to you

Please take it

So sour!

Please pay

For what? I didn't buy anything. Are you crazy?

Don't forget to write me letters

after you reach Singapore

Let's go

Don't go! You've tasted everything

Don't bother me again

Their taste so bad and why should I pay?

Stop nagging

Hurry up, you walk like an old grump

Mr.Lu is washing bed sheets again

He washes them a couple of times a week

He live with a laundress

but he has to wash the bed sheets himself

Does he know how to clean those stains?

You're getting stronger than before

You have nice body too

Really? How about my skin?

Really beautiful

Mr.Lu doesn't know

how to wash bed sheets, does he?


The stains are still there

It's so disgusting

Price reduction


How come you cut down the prices

of your famous restaurant?

Forget about your business

Let's play mahjong right away

I am not as lucky as you are

Stop bothering me

No, Mr.Lu is coming back

So what? It won't bug me. Just do it!

No, let me go

What do we have for dinner?

What do we have for dinner?

It's weird

I am asking you. What's wrong with you?

What do we have for dinner?

What are you doing? Where are you going?

You mother-fucker! How dare you?

I'll kill you!

Don't beat me...

Shit. They are fighting!

Pull them apart!

Stop fighting!

You, mother-fucker!

What the hell are you looking at?

Mr.Lu, this is your favourite

Guilin rice noodles

Mr.Lu, madam comes to visit you

Take a rest. I am leaving now

Mr.Lu, when you've recovered

come to my restaurant again

Your business extends to my place

If you cook for him, I won't mind

But I can never find anyone

as mean as you are

What do you mean?

If I was not there...

Mr.Lu would have been killed by that slut

Enough is enough

Put some more

Don't be afraid, we'll go home soon...

He wanted to have fun with that slut

but he almost got killed by her

He's so stupid to tease a tigress

He dumped himself in deep shit

There's no free lunch in this world

Mr.Lu, eat it while it's still hot

Eat up

I like rice noodles the most

It's delicious

Finish the noodles and I'll bring you home

I'll bring you home

keep quiet!

You're laughing at me?

How dare you laugh at me?

How dare you laugh at me?

I'll kill you!

Don't, Mr.Lu!

I'll kill you! You laughed at me?

You laughed at me?

Let me go!

Mr.Lu. Stop it! I'll kill you!

I'll kill you! Let go!

I'll kill you...

I'll kill you!

Mr. Lu you are still sleeping?

Time to go to school

Mr. Lu

MR. Lu

Mr. Lu

Oh my God. Help, somebody help!

Mr. Lu is dead!

Mr. Lu is dead!

Help, somebody help...

Chef Chan, let's go

Cause of death should be... cardiac arrest

Take him back for dissection

Zhang is the best blacksmith in this place

So my sister wants a pair of scissors

from that blacksmith

I bring her Zhang's scissors

and asks me to stay

I can't stay...I can't stay

I wanna go home and play

I want my man

I want my man

I want my man...

Mr. Lu boarded in my restaurant

for almost eight yaers

He's also from Guilin

God knows he died that young

Take this permit

So you can take anything from this house

to compensate for his debts

Thank you

Mr. Lu left nothing valuable

I just took this photo of him with Miss Luo

which was taken in Guilin

In the future, I will show

this photo to my customers

They'll know how beautiful Guilin is...

and how cheerful the Guilin people are

See? That's my grandpa's restaurant

It's still there

Next to the Blossom Bridge

Well, I think

it needs renovation

I'll discuss it with Xiu-hua

I believe that I will makeRong's Noodle Shop

famous again