Guest of Honour (2019) - full transcript

Veronica wants to remain in jail for a sexual assault she knows she's been wrongfully indicted for. She and her father, Jim, find themselves acting out of the bounds of good behavior as the past haunts them.

Okay, thanks.



- Pleasure to meet you.
- Thanks for taking the time.

Hey, of course.

I just got an email from
one of our older parishioners.

She was wanting to know
what her cut was going to be

from the sale
of her deceased husband's books,

which I thought she'd donated
to the church rummage sale.

So, I, uh, gotta figure out
how to deal with that.

Sounds complicated.

Uh, please, have a seat.


Sorry. I'm a little nervous,
this is a little bit...

My condolences.

I'm extremely sorry
for your loss.

Thank you,
that's very kind.

As I mentioned on the phone,
it's um...

it is unusual that your father
would have insisted on services

and a funeral here.

- I understand.
- Right.

So I take it
he never visited the church?

- Not that I'm aware of.
- Right.

So that makes it
a little unusual.

Though, of course,
we can fulfill this final wish,

we'd be more than happy to.


But, um...
I'm glad that we could meet,

I just think it's important
we spend some time so that...

so that you can give me
a sense of who he was.

That way, I can say
some words about him

for the service,
if that's all right.


So, while we think he might not
have been a churchgoer, um...

well, is there anything that
you might wanna have mentioned

about his spiritual path?

Spiritual path?

Um... whatever made him
special to you.

A lot of things
made him special.

I found this in my rice.

You need to wear
something on your head

to protect your hair
from falling in the food.

It's not my hair.

There are rules.

We're talking about a code.

What's your name?

- Lisa.
- Hmm.

Employees working
in food preparation

need to wear a cap
or a hairnet, you see?

I am a food inspector.

Now, it's all right,
this is a private meal,

you're not in trouble, Lisa.

The idea is to stop people
from finding hair in their food.

It's not hygienic, is it?

What, so he would have worked
for the city?


Go to the restaurants, um...

see if the food was okay,

people were wearing hairnets.

- Right.
- Make sure it was clean.

- Stuff like that.
- Mm.

Always making sure
things were up to code,

not contaminated.

It was all about
the contamination, for him.

It seems like one of those
people that you, uh...

that you kind of hear about
but you never actually see.


Yes, sir,
are you here for lunch?

Could I speak to the operator
of the restaurant?

- I am the operator.
- Right.

It's a customary check,
Health Services.

There's no need
to stop what you're doing.

- This is our busiest time.
- Yes, I understand that.

You want to show the kitchen
or shall I make my own way?

All bottles
and storage containers

need to be clearly identified,

- Okay, so...
- Now, that's for the safety

of your workers,
not to mention the customers.

Yes, I'm perfectly aware
of that.

But everything made in here
goes out there,

and that's who I'm here
to protect.

You're working
in a restaurant!

Wash your hands!

What is "conditional"?

Well, it means
what it says.

Yes, I'm very impressed
for a new establishment.

So, uh...
we got a good rating?

Yep, you've done
a wonderful job.

Thank you!

Thank you, thank you.

You're welcome.

I'll just need
to sign this certificate

so you can put it in...

Right, are you sure
about this, Veronica?

Because once you give
an animal a name,

it can't be changed,
it's very bad luck.

What are you telling her now?

I'm just telling her
the simple truth.

You can only give an animal
one name.

Once it's uttered
from your lips,

that's what it will always be.

Right? So here we go.

Now is the moment of truth,

and the bunny's name is...

- Benjamin.
- Ah! Benjamin.

Does this mean I can't serve
rabbit at my restaurant?

Don't look at me like that!

Does this mean you want me
to work at your restaurant?

No, let's open something new.

I'm sure you parents
would love to invest

in a Brazilian restaurant.

Well, actually,
this is a Portuguese dish.

Okay. So we'll make
my second restaurant

a Brazilian-Portuguese

and name it after you.


Beautiful name for the most
beautiful woman in the world.


It's true,
I'm the luckiest man alive.

If you only knew
how happy I feel right now.

See, I'm just trying
to get as much of a sense

of who he was
in the brief time that I have.

Was there anything
about his work

that you'd like to mention?

Like what?

You know, that he was
respected by his peers.

I never met
any of his co-workers.

He kept to himself a lot,

especially after my mom died.

They met in England.

That's where he's from,

and my mom's Brazilian.

Raised here.

My mother's parents gave
a lot of money to the church.

It was important to them.


How many people are
you expecting at the funeral?

It's hard to say, I...

He used to own a restaurant,

but that was a long time ago.

And that would have been prior
to his having become

a health inspector?


I don't know why he did that,
that was an odd choice.


He made a lot of odd choices.

He's looking really tired.

Is he drinking enough water?

He's 15 years old, Veronica,
that's ancient for a rabbit.

Do you remember
all the ribbons

he used to win
in the pet fair?

Mm, yeah.

Where are those?

In my desk.

I'll see if I can find them.

Top drawer,
way in the back.

I was wondering
if you'd had a chance

- to speak to your lawyer.
- About what?

Early release.

But I don't want
an early release, Dad.

You know that.

No one decides
to stay in jail.

- I have.
- Why?


It's what I deserve.

After what I did.


Clive, I told everyone,

leave your phones on the bus,

on your seats, no distractions,
come on, let's go.

I gotta bring this back
all the way inside,

- is that it?
- Yep.

That's right. Mike will be here
the whole time,

and if he leaves,
the door will be locked.

You can leave your phone
by mine in the front

if you're too tired
to walk all the way back.

Guard this with your life,
would you?

Like you're guarding
her phone

and all the other
fuckin' phones in this place.

There's no way.

Yeah, just watch.


Yep. We'll do it.

That's for sure.

What time we gotta be back
on the bus for again?


we have an hour for dinner
before we need to leave.

You wanna join me?

Where's everyone going?

Wouldn't be everybody,
it'd just be the two of us.

That wouldn't be
such a good idea, Clive.

Why not?

Because I'm...
I'm having dinner with Mike.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.


I don't get it.

You don't want to be here.


No, I'm just saying
the reason I came over was...

Clive had asked me out
and I needed an excuse.

Which is dinner with me.


'Cause otherwise,
you would have been

forced to have dinner with him.

But I never would.

'Cause he's a student.


So I guess I don't have
to pay for the meal, huh?

So he's attracted to you.

That's not the point.

Of course it is.

What do you mean?

He wouldn't have asked you out

if he didn't think
you were attractive.

- Does it matter?
- Doesn't it?

Doesn't it make you feel good?

Why would it make me
feel good, Mike?

You know, there's nothing wrong
with feeling good.

Good about yourself,
you know.

Havin' fun.

I'm not saying it's easy,

You know, I feel good
when I listen to your music.

It's so beautiful.

We're two adults
chaperoning these students

on a band trip.

I'm no chaperone.

I'm a bus driver.

My job is over
when I turn the engine off.

Nah, this is just
a part-time job for me

while I figure out my life.

For you, it's easy...
I mean,

you're the hot young teacher.

There was one at my school,
I mean, wow, she was...

Aww, please...
no, sit down, please,

I didn't mean to...

It's okay, Mike.

This hot young teacher
needs to cool herself down.

Okay, all right,
not even talking.

Send it.

Yeah, she got it.

Wouldn't it be nice

if nothing actually happened
with those boys, Dad?

If those texts were sent
by somebody else?

If I did all of this because

this is where I needed to be?

I don't understand, love.

Try, Dad.

I know you can.

You're not suggesting...

- Hello.
- Hello, this is Jim Davis.

I'm here with
my daughter, Veronica.

We're a little early,
I'm afraid.

Oh, that's okay.

You can wait
in the piano room downstairs.

I'm just finishing
a lesson with my son

on the second floor.

Or, actually, come on up,
if you want.

So you want to keep your hands
very light,

loosen the wrists.


I'm Alicia.

- Jim Davis.
- Nice to meet you.

- This is my daughter, Veronica.
- Hi, Veronica.


This is my son, Walter.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Well, that's a beautiful
instrument, isn't it?

You ever seen
anything like that?

So the lessons will actually
take place downstairs.

I just... I didn't quite
understand the setup, Alicia.

- Is it...
- Sorry, it's Ali-sha.

Oh, sorry, Alicia.

Have you got
two apartments?

Well, the woman downstairs
rents from me...

Oh, I see; that's why
you call it a piano room.

Here's a thing
you can say about my dad.

- Okay.
- You can tell everyone

how he helped look after
my rabbit.

It died.

Just before my father
found out he was so sick.

And what was its name?

- His name.
- Excuse me, his name.


Benjamin Bunny.

That's nice.

I was nine
when I got him.


And how old was Benjamin?

Almost 16.

So rabbits live that long?


They can... the oldest one
on record is 17, so...

that's something
you can definitely say

about my father.

He was so good
at looking after my rabbit.

Whenever I'd go away,

I'd leave Benjamin
with my dad.

Last time was quite a while.

And where were you?

I was in jail.

I woke up this morning

to find that we have outlived
the myth of trust.

You woke up this morning

to the fact
we've lost the things

we took for granted
between us.

...will still
fall off the tree.

When you're in as deep
as we are, honey,

it's so easy
to get washed out to sea.

For the facts of life
are not man and wife,

but man and woman, sadly.

And the apple that doesn't
want to get eaten

will still fall off the tree.

I woke up this morning

to find that we have outlived
the myth of trust.

I just...

watched the flames
and walked away, I think.


Walter! Oh!

I'm leaving this on
your phone.

You don't need
to show anyone.

All these years
that I've adored you,

given you my love.

Is that what I get in return

for you telling me
about what happened

with my mom in the fire?

And then,
did you let us get this close

just so you could tell me?

Now this is why
you want to break up?

Leave me?

Do you feel better
about yourself now?

Now that you've told me the
truth that I have to live with?

Except the joke is on you,

I'm not gonna live with this.

'Cause I'm gonna join my mom

in whatever underworld
you put her in.

Till the crowds are...

Followed in the...

Is it you I'm talking to?

But my reflection
in the wind...

You're kidding me, man.

What's up?

Two of the kids,

they're fucking
in the room beside me.

Is one of them married?

Why would you say that?

What are you suggesting
we do, Mike?

Knock down the door,
barge in there,

see if it's all okay?

Why do you make me
feel like this?

Like what?

Like I'm stupid.

I'm just trying
to see the situation

for what it is.

They're teenagers.

There are rules, but...

Yeah, you're right, um...
the walls are thin.

I was just trying
to play my music.

I understand.

Can I come in?

I wanna talk to you
about something.


Is he bothering you?

I notice
he's sending you texts.

How... how would you know that?

Um, on the bus, all right,
I notice things.

It's about the music.

The texts,
they're about the music.

Good night.

It's not possible.

Are you saying
it's not your restaurant?

Clearly the same place.

I've never had rats here.

Well, perhaps
you've never looked.

Can I see your kitchen?

Someone brought that rat in

and let him loose.


You know someone who would do
something like that?

I do.

People are jealous.


Certainly, some people are.

It would be rather
an extreme thing to do, though,

wouldn't it?

It is. Maybe this
isn't so anonymous.

Ah, there we go.

It's not possible.

Jesus Christ.

That's fresh.

Someone put them there.

- By bringing in a rat.
- Yes!

All right, let's assume
that that's what happened.

- It is what happened.
- I'm just saying that...

- Luigi, is it?
- Yes.

The combination of that video
that someone sent in and this

means I'm gonna have
to close you down.

Are you gonna put that
on your notice?

- What?
- That you found a rat?

That someone put a fuckin' rat
in my restaurant?

- My customers...
- Oh, Luigi, look.


If there were anyone here,

I'd have to ask you
to get them to leave.


- I am begging you.
- If they're truly loyal,

- they'll understand.
- I know my customers.

They won't come back.

- Not after this.
- Listen.

I'm going to give you a list

of government-approved

so you can get on to this
right away,

and I don't normally do that.

But someone put a fuckin' rat
in my restaurant.

You seem very certain
about this.

I know exactly who it was.

I can give you their name,

I can give you their number.


If that is the case,

you need to go
directly to the police

and tell them.

And don't put the blame
on yourself.

That's the worst thing
you could do,

that's what they want you to do.

Whoever did this,
you need to strike back.

Oh, God.

Yeah, man, that was great.

Thank you.

Nicely done.

Can I talk to you
about something?

About what?

Uh... this.

I didn't send this.

No, I know.

It was sent yesterday while
we were giving the concert.

Which means...

Well, which means
it was sent from the bus,

which is pretty obvious
who it is.


Yeah, I'll...
I'll report him.

No, you don't have
to do that.

Who's gonna drive the bus after?

No, you wouldn't want...

wouldn't want
to cut the tour short.

Right? It could wait.

What do we do until then?

We could hang out.

It's a way
of getting back at him.

It's not a good idea.

Well, he's already
expecting me to react,

tell all my friends.

No, you already
told your friend.

You already told Lenny.

I have 30 witnesses who know
I was conducting a band

at what...
2:45 yesterday afternoon?

I know, yeah,
and they'll know that

when we get back
from the tour,

I thought maybe until then
I'd just act like

I received this text
and I'm okay with it.

- So?
- Is one of them married?

Why would you say that?

We're taking this further.



It's the only way
I'll go along with this

is if we take it further.

Hey, it's working!
He's coming.

And just like I said, guys,
act like we're having fun,

act like we're having fun.


- Woo!
- Woo!


Niggas, don't fuck up my vibe.

Been killin' the game and now
I'm actin' like it's mine.

You might fuck her once,

but I can fuck her
all the time.

Everybody dap me up,
I'm thinkin' it's a sign.

I'm the fuckin' man,
if you can't see that,

then you blind.

Rippin' every track, man,

it could never
block my shine.

I cannot afford
to go ghost.

Look at me, swear to God,
I do the most.

I don't ever look
at what you post.

Walked by a group of fans
and everybody froze, whoa.

You can roll a blunt
from my roach.

Really wanna meet me, when
I'm there you can't approach.

Touchin' all the kids
but I'm feelin' like a pope.

Huh, killing your career,
here's a rope.



This is where
you'll find me.

Blood, mess, and all.

The mess you made
of my life.


I want to haunt you,


Someday, you may find
a version of me

that you don't destroy.


They're your students.

They're fucking kids!

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

I'll become a ghost
from your past.

I wrote that text.

Like you made my mom
a ghost from my past.

I wanted to piss you off,
I wanted to make you honest.

I don't know,
have a conversation!

- I wanna talk to you!
- Don't fuckin' touch me!

- Just fuckin' talk to me!
- Let me in!

Let me in or I'll scream.

I just wanna talk to you,
all right?

Party's over.

Everyone back
in their rooms.

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

What the fuck is wrong
with you?

What the fuck
is wrong with me?

I'll show you.

Hey! Get off! Hey!

Get back in your room,

- Get back in your room.
- You're crazy!

"I heard you fucking
in your room last night."

Shut up!

You wish it was you, huh,
you fucking...

Shut the fuck up!

Is that the only way
you can get attention?

Party's over!

So the police,

they wouldn't have known
that this all started

with just a stupid prank?

It just set the stage
for what I did.

The hoax we played.

What do you mean?

I told the police
I abused my position of power.

Whether the kids consented
to anything we did after that

didn't matter.

I was their teacher,

they were my students.

All under 18.

I asked for the severest
possible sentence.



I wanted to go to jail.

I didn't want
any of the students,

the victims,
to testify.

Okay, but there weren't victims.

There wasn't any sex,
you just explained that.

Nothing actually happened.

I wanted to go to jail.

For something
you didn't do?


For something I did do.

I found it in the drawer

when I was looking
for the ribbons, remember?

You played it
at the recital.

I remember the recital.

Everyone was so impressed.

I remember it
for different reasons.

You always wanted
to become a composer.

Do you remember
when you were very little,

we took you to that
visiting children's symphony?

You were sitting beside her.

As I was playing.


My teacher.




You were sitting
beside Alicia

and Mom was beside you,
on the other side.

She was already sick.


Might have been
one of the last times

she got out.

She thought
she was going to faint.

She really wanted to be there.

She loved you so much.

I also found...


A lucky rabbit's foot key chain.

I was surprised
to find it there.

You were so disgusted
when I gave it to you,

you wanted to get rid of it,

and then I told you
that it was bad luck

to throw a good luck charm
away, and I suppose...

well, I suppose you must
have taken me seriously.


Alicia was holding your hand.

Her son was playing
on the stage with me.

What are you talking about,

As I was playing,

I looked over
and you were holding hands.

That's impossible.

You left me alone
in her piano room,

while she showed you
something upstairs.

That happened
a couple times.

That's when I composed this.

As I was waiting
for you to come down

from whatever
you were doing.

I don't remember
what made these things

so lucky.

It's not something
we normally use

in our cuisine,

but it's an ancient dish,

and we thought
we'd present it

as something special,

just to try.

What about the ears?

Why have some of the ears
been cut off?

The ears are for
another restaurant.

They serve them as a specialty.

- Hello.
- Garo, this is an inspector.

He's from the health department.

Hm, I see.

Um, is there something wrong?

Where are these rabbits from?

Our usual supplier.

Can I see some documentation?

We don't usually do this.

Do what?

Separate the ears.

That's not what concerns me.

You shouldn't be processing
the meat here.

We're not processing.

This is from our supplier.

We just needed
a large quantity of meat and...

And this is cheaper.

Well, it might indeed
be less expensive,

but thriftiness
and the health code

aren't necessarily
the best of friends, are they?

No, no, no, no,
that's just an invoice

for the delivery
of the rabbits.

It shows where they're from.

They're coming here unskinned,

That's against code.

We have an arrangement
with another restaurant.

Yes, so she told me.

They serve deep-fried
rabbit's ears as a specialty.

As a specialty.


All right.

I see.

Well, I'll accept that
you're not having me on

about the ears, but there are
two contraventions.

The first is that you're
processing the meat here.

The second is that
you're reselling it

to another establishment.

Those are properly farmed

I'm sure they are, but they're
not properly processed.

I'm gonna have
to close you down.

Close us down?

Yes, these are
major health code violations.


Look, sir, there must be
something we can do.

There is a huge event here,
and we really...

- I'm just doing my job.
- And so are we.

No, no, no, you're not,
though, are you?

You're not just doing your job.

If you were doing your job,

we wouldn't find ourselves
in this situation.

Your job is to make sure
that this restaurant operates

in full compliance
with the health code.

That's not happening here,
is it?

This is the second restaurant
I've had to close today.

That doesn't make me happy.

I understand how hard
you both had to work

to make this place what it is,
and I know it's not easy.

Please, I know
it's not easy to...

build a reputation.

Maybe I wasn't clear.

This is for a private event.


Meaning we are not charging
anyone for this meat.

They are friends
coming here for a party.

So the restaurant
is closed tonight?

It's on Tuesday.

We're closed
for a private event on Tuesday.

So you're telling me
that this rabbit meat

will not be served
to any member

of the paying public.

Are you sure about that
'cause I didn't see a sign

about the restaurant
being closed...

I was just about to put it up.

What about these ears?

We can throw them away.

No problem.

Why are you showing me this?

It's proof.

Of what?

How could I be holding her hand
if I was shooting this?

Does it take two hands
to shoot something

with your camera?

It takes concentration.

- But one hand.
- Does that make

any kind of sense to you,

That I could be
shooting you playing

whilst holding
your teacher's hand

and your mother is sick
beside me?

Your mother was seated
on my left.

Your teacher was seated
on my right.

The beginning of this video
makes that perfectly clear.

Now this was
a right-handed camera.

I'm right-handed.
How could I be shooting this

with my right hand

if I was holding her hand
at the same time?

It's impossible.

I understand.

You've done an excellent job
in proving that.

Thank you.

She was the love of my life.

- Who, Dad?
- Your mother.

You must know that, Veronica.

I could never love
anybody else.

And you promised her
you'd look after me.

Her dying wish.


And here I am.

Here we are.


One more.


How is everything, sir?

- Delicious.
- Thank you, sir.

I wonder if I could have a word
with your manager?

Your cousin, I believe.

Is there something wrong?

No, no, no, no. I just have
a question for him.

- Ah.
- Thank you.

Yes, sir. I hope everything
is to your satisfaction.

Oh, completely.

The food was delicious.

There was a small problem

in the washroom, though.

I didn't know...

It's all right.

It's not an official inspection.

I'm actually here as a fan.

I saw that wonderful article
in the newspaper

and thought, "Well,
I've got to check

that place out for myself."

You just might want to take
a careful look at the floor

in the men's washroom.

Excuse me.

- Heinz.
- Ja.

I do know your name.

I read that article
in the newspaper.

That's how I know Gunter
is your cousin.

I started a restaurant myself
many years ago.

- Oh, in this city?
- Yes, though I did have plans

to expand into other cities.

Very good, yeah.

Build an empire.


That's history now.

Had to sell half to my partner,

get into something
with more regular hours.

- Ah.
- I needed to spend more time

with my family.

Anyway, I'm sorry.

The reason I called you over,

I wonder if you could
get me another glass?

I'd love to finish this wine
with Gunter.

Oh, naturally.

One moment.

I'm so sorry.

Take a seat.

I wonder if you'd...

if I could offer you
some of this excellent wine.

It's inexcusable.


These things happen.

At least it didn't occur
during an official inspection.

You wouldn't want to have
this place closed down.

Not after all the hard work
you've put into it.

There aren't many restaurants
like this left, are there,

built on so many years
of tradition.

I read that in the article.

How your family came here
after the war,

how tough it was to settle in.

I understand
a little of that myself.

It's not easy
being from somewhere else.

We just had an inspection
a few weeks ago.

Like I said,
I'm not here officially.

Then why did you mention
closing it down?

Well, that would be
a last resort.

You can do that?

On a private visit?

Well, it's much the same
as a citizen's arrest.

Although, of course, this would
carry much more weight.

I am a professional.

I do have a badge.

What do you want from me?

You mean besides making sure

that you get rid of
this rat infestation?

Your grandson works here
in the kitchen, doesn't he?

Is he here tonight?


Well, I'd like a word with him.

I've tried reaching out,
phone calls, texts, e-mails,

but he just keeps ignoring me.

I think you might know why.

You're her father.

Yes, I am.

When did you work that out?

Just now.


I'd like that conversation

here with your grandson
right now.

I'd like you to be seated
across the room

on that stool by the bar

and make sure
he doesn't avoid me.

Now, if you do that, I promise
I won't show any photographs

of the rat shit in the washroom

to my colleagues at work.

Now, does that sound fair?

They were holding hands.

He denies it,
but it's what I saw.

He only let go of her hand

when he applauded me
at the end.

Was your mother aware?

What do you mean?

It's just that I think
sometimes people,

whether it's right or wrong,

they, um,

come to an arrangement.


The lessons were at her house.

It was close to where we lived.

I could walk home alone.

I began lessons
when I was eight.

This was a year later.

I remember because I got
Benjamin that year.

Benjamin Bunny. Right.

Yes. Benjamin Bunny.

Sometimes Alicia
would send me off,

say she needed a rest.

I think she got migraines.

She'd go upstairs and smoke.

This one day,
I didn't leave immediately.

I had an idea
for a composition,

I was writing it down.

When I finished,
I went upstairs

and I saw her.

I remember the cigarette
in her hand.

I remember her hand falling.

The cigarette was still lit.

There was some sheet music
stacked there.

It caught fire.

I didn't want her
to become my new mom.

It must have been hard
for my father.

Losing both women
so close to each other.

I've been reaching out to you,
but you've been ignoring me.

I was told not to respond.

By my daughter?

And others.

I have a right to know
what happened.

A right?

I'm the victim here.

Your daughter
is the one in jail

for abusing
her position of power.

What she did to my friend
and me.

Of course.

What's left to know?

Well, she's come out
with some new details.

- Like what?
- Like the fact

the texts weren't sent by her.

Is that what she's telling you?

Yes. So I did some checking
of my own.

The schedule
of the concert times

and the first text
that was sent.

- Mm-hm.
- They don't match.

She was conducting
and you must have been playing.

Yeah, maybe.

And if I know my daughter,
and I do know my daughter,

she would have asked everyone

to leave their phones
on the bus.


So someone else sent that text
to you from her phone.

I have nothing else to say.

You know, I could close
this place down.

Didn't your grandfather
explain that to you?

Yeah, did he tell you
that it would be extortion?

After what I found...

I cleaned that bathroom
spotless two hours ago.

And then the rat came in.

Did he?

I saw you go in there
right before you called

my grandfather over.

- So?
- So,

you could've planted it there.


So is it fresh?

If I took it to the police?

You're right. That's precisely
the sort of thing

the police would love to throw
all their resources behind,

checking that the rat shit
you're presenting to them

is indeed fresh.

Has my grandson answered
everything you need to know?

I'd like a few more minutes.

- Can I get you anything?
- Just the bill, please.

No, it's not a problem,
it's on us.

I insist.


All I want to know
is if that's the truth,

that the texts
were waiting for you

when you got back to the bus.


It happened.

The bus driver sent them.

- The bus driver.
- Mm-hm.

- And you responded?
- Sure, yeah.


It was a prank.

If I responded, then he'd
be able to see the text

next time he got access
to her phone

which was every time
that we were playing

and every time
that he was alone.

Was this bus driver
upset with her?

Upset, yeah.

Yeah. Obsessed is another way
of putting it.

He was messing around with her,

so we started messing
around with him.

That's how we lured him
into the room.

I sent her a text
inviting her to a party,

and he got it when he got
access to her phone.

And when she told the police
she'd had sex with you...

I said yes.

I said that the rumors
about the three-way,

- they were true.
- No, they weren't.


They were just to bug him.

- What about your reputations?
- Our reputations?

Listen, you really think
having sex with your daughter

is gonna affect
our reputations?

They put her in jail.

No, she wanted to go to jail.

She confessed.

Nobody asked me to testify.

Nobody asked me to go to court.

They gave me some pretty useless
counseling sessions

for the terrifying trauma,
sleeping with your daughter,

and that was that.

She might have mentioned
something else.

About her boyfriend's suicide.

What did she say about that?

That she felt responsible.

- Why?
- I don't know.

You should ask her.

You know your daughter, right?

From the moment I began,

she told me
I should've started earlier.

I was gifted,

but I needed to catch up.

My father would sit in a chair
in the room

and watch the two of us,

but I began to realize
he was watching her.

The lessons were
just an excuse.

Why couldn't he see her alone?

Maybe this is how
they wanted to...

to see each other.

As though my... presence made
their feelings for each other

more intense. I...

Is that possible?

That I was responsible?

Well, your mother was sick,

and whatever
might have happened

between your father
and your teacher

didn't cause that.

Might have happened?

I just meant that I...

Wait, so...

So you're saying this could
all have been in my head.

It wasn't in your head,

It did happen.

Alicia felt terrible
about the affair.

She was mortified
you'd find out.

She was a member
of our congregation,

and she and I became
quite close.

Well, Alicia told me
that your mother knew about

what was going on.

That she'd given
your father permission.

Did he know that?

My father?


I delivered the eulogy
at Alicia's funeral.

Your father told me
I'd done a good job

of summing up who she was.

I asked him how he knew her.

And he said
she was your teacher.

That you were too upset
to come.

Like you were so upset
about her son.

About Walter.

Why didn't he tell me
any of this?

Maybe he thought you wouldn't
have believed him.

Now it looks like she won't
be coming home at all.

They want to move her
to a hospice

and I can't administer
the medicine.

What does Veronica think
of it all?

Oh, I haven't told her.

She knows her mommy is sick,
but I haven't managed

to talk to her
about the full gravity of it.

I don't foresee a time
where I'll ever be able to...

what's happening right now.

We thought you might come back.

I thought you were throwing
these rabbit ears away.

On second thought,
since you told us

we cannot distribute them,
we thought we might as well

serve them to our friends.

That's okay, isn't it?

It's not that
they're very popular,

as you can see.

- Are you still on duty?
- Oh, no, no, no.

Well, perfect then.

Please enjoy.

Thank you.

Another, please.

- Thank you.
- Hello, everyone!

Hello, may I have
your attention, please?

Thank you.

Time for a few words.

I'd like to introduce you
to the person

who organized this happy event,

not that she needs
any introduction, Anna.

I love you, Anna.

Thank you, thank you.


A word.

This way.

Mm, and this.



Well, hello.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Um, I don't know what to say.

Um, well, my name is Jim.

That's a start.


Um, I am a food inspector,
as it happens,

and I, um, I spend my days

going from restaurant
to restaurant,

making sure that things
are up to standard, you see.

Standards of health
and cleanliness.

And I was going to close
this place down, actually.

But, uh, no,

I thought I'd observed
a contravention,

something to do
with those ears over there

but, in fact,
I realize what I saw

was not what it was.

There was, in fact,
a greater health issue at work,

namely the health
of this family

and your desire to celebrate
a milestone.

Um, I don't even know,
what is it,

a wedding announcement,
I presume?

- She's becoming a doctor.
- Oh!

Thanks, Mom.

Well, um, congratulations.

- Thank you.
- Doctor. Goodness.


A reputation
is about to be made.

And here you all are, in unity,

for this feast

that will bind you
all together, so...

His blood.

I don't understand.

I'd inspected the restaurant
earlier in the week,

and they made me a promise,
so I went back to check.

I found something
they weren't supposed to serve,

and I could've
closed them down,

but then they told me
it was for a private party.

So you went back to make sure.

Yes. And like I say,
they welcomed me

and they made me feel at home.

- That's nice of them.
- Yeah.

At one point they asked me
to get up and say a few words.


I think I had become
their guest of honor.

Some of you may have heard
about my daughter.

What happened
to her reputation.


You see, if I told you
my daughter's name,

you'd all reach
for your phones, wouldn't you?

All pick up your phones and...


And there'd be a flurry
of articles, and you'd think,

"My goodness, how could a woman
do something like that?

What kind of home
must she have come from?"

Well, I can tell you she came
from a very loving family.

A very loving family.

And my wife and I supported
her musical talent,

and I took precious time
away from work

and I was thrilled.

Thrilled to support her.

I'd attend her classes, and...

And, then...

Well, then,
her entire world collapsed

when her mother died,
of course,

and everything was different
then, everything.


You see...

I could never believe
that my daughter...


...was capable of such...

terrible crimes.

And, now,
I suppose it's up to me

to find this person
who spread these rumors,

these awful rumors,
they just grew like a...


Like an insidious cancer.


Not everything can be cured.

These rumors that landed her
in jail, my little girl.

So, if necessary,

I will extract
my own vengeance...

...on this bus driver.

In fact, I swear, now,
here in front of you all...

...I will find

this horribly diseased beast...

...and kill it.

Here, the taxi will
take you home.

- Yeah.
- Careful.



Drink as much water
as possible.

- Okay?
- Mm-hm.

This man you're speaking about,
the bus driver...

He destroyed
my daughter's life.


Where does he live?

I'm not sure.

That's good.

Drink a lot of water
before you sleep.


What's your address?

I'll tell him.


Jim Davis?

You mentioned something
about your daughter.

No, no, no, no.

This has nothing to do
with my daughter.

Is this something
the two of you discussed?

Extracting some sort of revenge
against this individual

- who sent the texts?
- Revenge?

The type you mentioned
at the party at the restaurant.

"I will extract my own vengeance
on this bus driver,"

or, "I will find this horribly
diseased beast and kill it."

Have you made any travel plans?

What do you mean?

To pay the bus driver a visit?

There's also a report
of you drinking a lot.

Look, we all understand
this is probably the result

of a drunken night,
so let's just get this done.

And we'll leave you alone.

Mr. Davis?

Um, excuse me for a second.

I wanted to ask you a favor.

If you could take the feet off.

I'd do it myself,
but it doesn't seem right.

You've got the tools,
you've got the experience.

I've already cleaned the feet.

I washed them in warm water
with soap

and rinsed them thoroughly,
and then squeezed out

the excess water like this.

Now the feet
need to be separated.

I did try, I just couldn't
cut them off.

But you could.

Like you did with the ears.

You'll have to leave.

You reported me to the police.

You told them I was
going to kill someone.

Please, let's go this way.

Please, please, come.

Through here, come.


Just four quick chops
with a cleaver

and then I'll leave,
I promise.

I'll never bother you again.

Take it.

Thank you for this.

Now you must leave.

...horribly diseased beast...

...and kill it.

Where did you get this?

It was sent to the police
by someone at the party.

They were kind enough to share.

Who was kind enough, Dad?

The police?

The person who took this?

I got carried away.

Why would you say
something like that?

It came over me.

And they took you seriously?

Well, they had to, love.

It was a public event.

I uttered a death threat.

They were just following
the rules.

And why would they think
I'd have anything to do

with a death threat?

Because of these visits.

They thought we might be
planning something.

Does this mean my sentence
is extended?

What's wrong with you?

You are, Dad.

Everything you've done,
everything you are,

everything I've watched
with you growing up

is what's wrong with me.

And what's right with me.

I was lucky enough
to have met Jim.

It was brief, but memorable.

I had just arrived up here
and, frankly, at times

I felt a little out of place.

It was my first eulogy
here at this church

and it left an impression.

It was for a young woman,

who had passed away tragically.

Jim approached me
after the service

to say how proud he was

of his daughter's
musical talents,

and the tremendous inspiration
that Alicia had provided her.

Like so many
in our congregation,

he was devastated by her death.

So while we're here today

to mourn Jim's passing,

let's also take a moment
to remember Alicia.

there's one last thing.

I was wondering if you could
bury these with my father?

Maybe I'll keep one.

You can have one too.

You'd like for this
to be in the grave?

Uh, I was hoping
that they could be

in the coffin with him.

That was my father's
final request.

He wanted one in each hand.

Benjamin meant a lot to him.

He meant a lot to both of us.

I looked up what made
rabbit feet so lucky.

My favorite theory
is that they're lucky

because rabbits
live underground.

It's their natural habitat.

They communicate with spirits
of the underworld.

The last work on the program
is an original piece of music

I composed myself.

It's a tune I came up with...

...uh, a very difficult
part of my life...

...when I was a girl.