Guest from the Future (1984) - full transcript

6-grader Kolya Gerasimov discovers a time machine in a basement of an old house in Moscow and gets transferred into the 21st century. There he is allowed to look around. Accidentally, Kolya witnesses two space pirates who arrive from Saturn and later try to steal a device called a "Mielophone" (which can read thoughts) from Alisa Seleznyova - a girl that performs experiments with this device and animals. Kolya manages to save the device from the pirates and brings it back to the 20th century. But both pirates and Alisa get there too. Alisa knows where Kolya studies but doesn't know what he looks like. Pirates saw Kolya, but don't know anything about him.

Central Studio of Children and Youth
Films named after M. GORKY

First Creative Union

A six-form pupil from the
school number 20 Kolya Gerasimov

finds a time machine
in the basement of an empty house

and goes to the future
without permission.

He finds himself
at the end of the 21st century,

where he meets robot Verter,
who let Kolya to visit Kosmodrome.

Kolya sees space pirates
Cheery U and Rat,

who came to the Earth to get a unique
device for mind-reading Mielophone.

And they steal it from Alice

Kolya comes to help Alice
and he intercepts Mielophone.

Pirates chase him.

And only robot Verter's help
let Kolya come back to our time

and to save Mielophone.

But Verter dies.

Space pirates come to our time too.

And so does Alice.

Alice meets Kolya Gerasmov's
classmate Yulia Gribkova

and goes to study in the 6"C" form.

But there are three Kolyas in the

And the friends don't know
which of them hides Mielophone.

Kolya Gerasimov
would be happy to confess,

but Fima Korolyov frightens him
and persuades him to hide.

The ring round Kolya tightens.

An attempt to send Mielophone
into the future fails,

because the entrance
to the time machine is closed.

Alice temporarily studies
in the school number 20

and proves to be an excellent pupil
and a sportive girl.

This is the proof, that in a hundred
years all pupils will have excellent marks

and have good results in sports.

Finally Kolya decides
to give Mielophone back to Alice,

but at that day the pirates
come to school.

Saving Alice and Mielophone Kolya
decides to divert pirates to himself.

Pirates chase him.

Alice chases pirates.

Yulia Gribkova
tells everything to her friends.

And they hurry to help
the girl from the future.

They don't know
that pirates got Kolya

and that they are preparing
to torture him

to worm a secret
about Mielophone.


Part Five

I'll kill you if you open your mouth.

I don't interfere in anything.
That's the main thing. Am I right?

I just wanted to help.
He must be heavy.

- Don't.
- May I go?

Sit. Don't even think about police.

Of course not. I just wanted
to help to carry that boy.

If anyone runs past you and asks you

about us and the boy,
what would you say?

I saw no one. All people are
brothers and must help each other.

Good boy. Sit and read.

Excuse me,
did you see anyone here?

Who do you think
supposed to be here?

A boy.

A boy?

How old is he?

He's my age.
And two criminals followed him.

One of them is thick,
the other one is thin.

He's in danger.

What has the boy done?

Not him.
They want to do something.

They are very bad people.
They're criminals.


No. I have never seen criminals.

They must have been here.
A minute ago.

If I saw something bad,
I'd notify the right people.

Maybe they ran there.

I even almost sure they did.

I didn't see anything,
but I heard everything.

Go and look there.

Just as I thought.
High temperature.

It's time to go to bed.

Guys, let's divide into groups.

Each group is gonna take
each alley.

Bad idea. We don't know
where they are.

Maybe they are in Maryina Roszha.

Kolya, think faster, you're smart.
They're in danger.

I think we need to do the following:
Yulia, you go home,

you, Fima, go to Kolya.
Maybe they've hidden.

I won't go.
I have a better plan.

Come on, say it.

Don't rush me.
It's all your fault.

Fima, they would've
got to school without her help.

I know it's my fault,
but why do you always blame me?

Okay, let's forget it.

I take stronger guys and we're going
to the house with the time machine.

They will get there
and we'll catch them.

No, we're all going there. Why
are we standing here? Where is it?

Okay, let's go.

Martha! Martha!

Did you see Alice here?

Of course I did.
Your Alice is totally out of control.

I told her about her future in sport
and do you know what she answered?

- What?
- Nothing.

And moreover, she ran away from
me. But it's temporarily.

Where did she run?

Do you see that gray house?

There's an entrance
and it seems to be through,

because she didn't return
and I didn't find her there.

Although I ran without the lift
to the sixth floor.

When you find her, tell her
she can't get away from glory.

It's a sin to ignore that.
Tell her just like that.

- Hello.
- Hi, little girl.

Did you see a boy here
and two criminals chasing him.

- What criminals?
- What do you mean?

No, we didn't.
What a barbarity to chase a child!

- Natasha!
- Vanya!

- Pavlik!
- Misha!

We need to do something!


- Alice, did you run them down?
- No.

- And you don't know where Kolya is?
- No.

But we're together now.

And it's always better
to do things together.

Alice, I'm sorry,
but I told everything to the guys.

- They understood everything.
- What did you tell them?

About Mielophone
and that you're from the future.

Don't worry,
this secret will die with us.

Thank you, guys.

But I don't understand anything

Alice, I'm sorry, but it was
me who brought them to school.

I thought it would be better,
that you were just a sick girl.

They told me you were crazy.

Why are you standing here?
They might be torturing Kolya now.

Children, go away
with your war games.

I just went to bed
and heard about torturing and stuff.

Streets are not a proper
place for such games.

There are special
places for that.

We're not playing.

Don't argue. Let's go.

Wait. Where are we gonna find

The worst thing
I saw him running to the entrance,

and he never went out.

How do you know
that he didn't come out?

There was a man in the street, he
was reading a book and he told me.

Maybe he was carried away
with the book.

Did you notice what book
he was reading?

- It was a cook book.
- He could've been carried away then.

Of course, if he didn't have dinner.

Let's go.

There are two questions
on the agenda.

Why two?

Question number one:
how to save Kolya?

Question number two:
how to find and return Mielophone.

Do you have something to say,
ladies and gentlemen?

Or you want me to speak?

Nobody chose you as a chairman.

At the most critical moment,
the cleverest one takes the helm.

Or the ship would sink.

I give floor to Alice.

I have told you, the pirates
ran into the house and never left it.

You think the pirates
are in that gray house?

We have to search that gray house.

There are at least
20 flats in each entrance.

So what? I think the pirates
are in the loft.

- Why do you think so?
- I just feel it.

Girls, I worry so much,
that I think I'm gonna scare to death!

I wish I didn't know about it.

Go home then.
You're worthless anyway.

Borya, stop it!
And you, Albina, too.

I just wanted to say
that because of it I got very hungry.

I'm even hungry during the tests.

Okay, let's search the flats.

Wait! We can't solve one problem
without solving the other.

I think Kolya is being torturing now.

Stop saying that.
Nobody's torturing him.

Last time I saw Mielophone
in Kolya's closet.

There's a chance
that it's still there.

If they torture Kolya,
he might confess.

Pirates will come to his house, I
can't imagine what it's gonna happen.

He will not confess, I know him.

We've got to take that device

but first we need to save Kolya
and then we'll take the device.

What do you think?

You think if I came here to
take the device, I will go for it now?

And I will leave Kolya in troubles?

Alice, don't worry,
we can do that without your help.

We understand the situation.

I agree with you.
First we need to find Kolya.

Mielophone can wait.

That's right. Let's go then.

Maybe we can do both.

Does Kolya's mother trust you?

Of course, even more
than she trusts him.

All mothers and grandmothers
think I'm positive,

because I have good appetite.

Then we're going to check that
house and you go to Kolya's flat.

And think out something, so Kolya's
mother would let you take Mielophone.

And then go to us.

- I like it.
- Fima, do you need guard?

Actually I can do it alone.

Okay, give me your guard.

Guys, who wants to guard Fima?

I repeat, who wants to guard Mielophone
which can be a reason of the space war?

If you put it that way, I'll go.

Fima can confuse something.

Sadovskiy, no criticism, please.

- You're my guard and nothing more.
- Understood.

Okay, let's go.

Sadovskiy, follow me!

No, it hasn't been open since winter.

Fima felt it.
We shouldn't have trusted him.

I knew we wouldn't find anything
here, except this rusty lock.

Where's Kolya?
He disappeared again.

My dinner is getting cold.

We're repairing a bike.

What bike?
He never repaired bikes.

We have an assignment from school.

You should understand, that in our age
everyone must know how to repair a bike.


What do you need?

Do you know a box in the closet?

Where he keeps his junk
which I'm going to throw away?

That's right. There is a tester
for electricity supply network.

Kolya asked me to bring it. May I?

You wouldn't let him go back.

Go, look for it.

Hmm, where did he hide it?


You were going to take the tester
and not just sit on the floor.

Who is going to put it back?

- I will.
- I doubt it.

Take the sandwiches to Kolya.

Eat it and tell him
that this is the last time I bear it.

Otherwise I'll take measures.

Got it.

- Is everything fine?
- Mielophone's gone.

He hid it again?

I'm afraid bad things happened.

That he took it to school
to return it to Alice,

but he didn't have time for that.

And now pirates have Mielophone
and Kolya proves that he's not guilty

somewhere in the year 2100.

Stop joking!

Eat this.
He's not gonna need it anymore.

Stop it! Did you look
for Mielophone carefully?

I looked everywhere.
It wasn't there.

We don't hurry.

Nobody's gonna find you here.

- You'll be caught anyway.
- Silence!

You'd better tell me
where you hid Mielophone.

What Mielophone?

Don't start it.

You think we're ridiculous pirates.

- Cheery and...
- Rat.

...running in your time
and looking for Mielophone?

You're wrong.

We're not ridiculous.

Don't do this.
The boy is gonna tell us everything.

He's a good and well-educated boy.

He will think and tell us everything.

Of course he's good.
He's a romantic.

You could be a good pirate.

Look, maybe we'll take
him as a ship's boy.

He'll be an adventurer,
an expert in space routes.

What do you think? Do you agree?

All right, then we'll have to take his
mother, bring her here, to torture her.

Children don't like when their
parents are being tortured.

You scared,
which means you've got nerves.

We'll bring Alice too.

He could've given the device to her.

No! Nobody knows about

Neither my mother,
nor Alice knows about it.

If you scream, we'll...

eliminate you.

So where's Mielophone?

- We've got nothing.
- We've got nothing too.

- And I'm hungry besides that.
- Wait, I think I had a chocolate.

I wish we had Mielophone,
we could use it now.

Nice idea.

Guys, what is it?

I guess it's Sadovskiy's tricks.

He always puts something to my
bag. What is it?

- We found it.
- Found what?


Girls, I will not survive.

How does it work?

- Is it really it?
- What did you expect to see?

So many things happened because
of it.

So you thought
it would look like a space ship?

How did it get to the bag?
Someone had to put it here.

- Maybe Sadovskiy?
- I don't know.

I remembered that before the class
started Gerasimov came to Yulia's bag.

And I saw that he put a note there.
I asked him if he had fallen in love.

A note?

That's why I asked him that

To Alice.
Alice, this is for you.

Read it.

Let her read.

Alice you might have guessed,
or you're gonna guess.

If you think it's my fault
and I deserve a punishment,

I won't argue with you, but I swear,
I didn't want to take Mielophone.

I wanted to save it from the
criminals. I'm sorry for the delay.

Do you want a bike?


A scooter?


Do you want a car?

You're young and you'll be with a


You want money?

Much much money.

I don't need your money.


You'll have nothing then.

Do you remember how we tortured
a treasurer from Vetriy?

Yes, I do.

How long did he hold out?

He told us the safe's code very

We have time.

That's right. Nobody's home.

Maybe they just don't think.

It's not easy. Only a genius
like you can be without thoughts.

There are a husband and a wife.
They're arguing. They're fighting.

They started in the morning.
Who should go to buy milk.

They're without milk now.
Even their cat is without milk.

Poor cat.

- I fed a homeless kitty yesterday.
- Good girl.

- Alice, let me try.
- Okay.

Why doesn't he call me?

I want him to call.

Maybe he wrote a wrong number?

No, I wrote him my number.

After the dance
I wrote him the phone number.

And he promised
to call me in the morning.

I think it's some kind of a fool,
who's in love.

I don't feel comfortable
listening to her.

It's not an entertainment.
It's business.

And we don't suppose
to have satisfaction doing that.

We wasted 30 minutes
and found nothing.

Negative result is a result too.

Now we know for sure
that Kolya is not here.

- And we found Mielophone.
- That's right. Let's go.

- Guys!
- Here they are.

Mielophone is gone!

- It can't be.
- Don't you know what it means?

- What?
- Kolya took it to give it to Alice.

But he didn't have time for that.

And now pirates have Mielophone
and Kolya is dead.

No, we found Mielophone.

- You really did?
- Ask questions later.

Why did you send us to his flat then?

Look, Fima,
didn't you really eat it all?

It was for everyone.

I've been thinking.
And food helps to think.

Alice saw Kolya entering
this entrance,

but nobody saw him leaving.

Besides that one pirate came in
there and he didn't go out either.

And we checked all flats
with Mielophone, right?


And Kolya is in none of them.
Here's the result.

She again.

And she brought someone.

Why is she looking at me like that?

Doesn't she suspect me?

It's him.

I don't want to interfere.

It's their business.

They're all criminals.

Even when they are children.

I don't want them to think I'm afraid.

Can't get out of them.

Maybe to scream?

No, it's okay. It's day time.
Somebody will see me.

And I'll be saved.

I got into trouble.

It's two gangs.

What if I scream they may...

Later it won't bother me.

No, today I'll take a train or a plain
and I will run.

That's right. He lied.

- Now I'm gonna talk to him.
- Wait for me.

Don't go anywhere
and watch this!

- Excuse me, are you Napoleon?
- Sorry?

What are you talking about?

If you're Napoleon,
I'll have to warn you,

that the Napoleon
hunting season is open

since yesterday.

- I'm gonna flay. Is it genuine?
- Yes. Hooligan! A typical hooligan!

Secrecy didn't help anyone.

When my grandfather
was hunting for Napoleons,

he took a bucket with kerosene.

Just splash a little
on the Napoleon's tail

and he surrenders.

But once he decided
to catch a tiger that way,

and he didn't tell anyone about it.

Quiet, don't scream.
We know your every thought.

What thoughts? I don't have any?
I swear my mother's health.

Did they catch the boy?

I don't know, but they threatened.

I don't know if they caught him.

I saw only
that they carried an insensitive boy.

Where did they carry
the insensitive boy?

The boy? They carried him
to the loft of this house.

I swear my mother's health.

I'd never tell you
about the nailed house.

He confessed that pirates
brought him to the nailed house.

I didn't confess,
I'm gonna sue you.

I don't know anything
about nailed houses.

You should learn how to lie
in your age.

What an amateurishness?
"I didn't see, I didn't talk?"

I didn't lie.

It angers me when someone sees two
big men carrying an insensitive boy,

and they don't interfere,
and try to conceal it.

What if they have a right
to carry boys?

There's no such right!

They're criminals.

You're a rascal!
I challenge you to a duel!

You can use any gun you want.
Any time, any place.

I'm ready.

Let's catch him.


You can't re-educate him.

He's too weak.

- I don't like it.
- That's okay.

We're late, Cheery.

- Got it?
- Of course.

What are we gonna do with him?

Let him lay here.

Got it.

Got it. Got it.

I'm distracting children,
you're ensnaring Alice.

- Got it?
- Yes.

Repeat it.

You're distracting children,
I'm ensnaring Alice.

Don't worry.

Work it, son.

Guys, come on, follow me.

I didn't tell them anything.
And I will never tell.

Where is he?

- Did you see a boy here?
- What boy?

He ran over there.

I went to buy some milk.

Alice, Alice! I'm here!


Save me! They're gonna kill me!

Go for the guys.

Got it.

They tortured me.

But I didn't tell them anything.


- Where are the guys?
- They are following Kolya.

What Kolya?

I just saw him.

It's some pirate stuff.

- Where did they go?
- Over there.


What are you doing?

It hurts!

Alice, save me!

I won't tell you anything!

You can kill me if you want!


Kolya, what's happened?

What did they do with you?


I didn't tell them.


My little girl.

You can't escape from your glory.

That's it!

That's it!

I was at the window.

And you don't understand there
could be more than one Kolyas.

Alice, you don't realize
what you refuse.

What's going on here?


To the wall!

To the wall, silly!

- Pirates.
- Cheery.

- The one I met.
- I met him too.

It's Cheery U. He's a pirate.

What have you done?

You killed a man!

You killed him.

I'll tell the police to arrest you all.

He's dead.
I'm gonna call for the ambulance.

- She took Mielophone.
- We've got to do something.

- Fima, think!
- Quiet!

- Stop! Give me Mielophone!
- Never!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!

You wanted to run away?




I'll kill anyone who moves.

They won't dare. We're in
Moscow in the 20th century.

Let's go around.
Near the wall. They may not see us.

Why are we standing here?
They will leave.

Of course we will.

In the name of the galaxy law,
you are arrested.


Drop your weapon.
You're powerless.


Did you kill them?

That's okay.
They are paralyzed.

When we need that
they will come to consciousness.

Fima, where's Alice?

You know my name?
So you are really...


Where's Kolya?

I'm here.

This is all my fault.

We've got to return.

Of course we have to make you
promise us you will not say a word

about that you saw here.

It's impossible. Someone
will spill the beans for sure.

Wait, are you talking about me?

You'd better erase Fima's memory.
He can imagine a lot.

Me? I won't say a word!

Who knew from the beginning
that Gerasimov was into the future?

Did I say anyone about that?

I'll definitely say to someone
about it.

I didn't think you would keep
the secret, but that's okay.


Because nobody would never
believe you.

That's right, even if the whole class
tell people

they fought
with space pirates,

everyone would think
it's some kind of a game.

Say goodbye.
You have two minutes.

You have two minutes.
Say goodbye.

- Don't cry.
- I'm not crying.

I just always wanted
to have a sister like you.

If I'll have a chance
I'll write to you.

Alice, I've got a question.

Did you hear anything about me
in the future?

Where could I hear about you?

Maybe in the list of academicians.

Or maybe a picture
of a great scientist Fima Korolyov.

I'm sorry, but I met you here
at first time.

My modesty always puts me in a

Even in the future.

You don't understand. if she didn't
tell me, that means it's forbidden.

If you want I can tell you.

Of course we want.

Borya is going to be...

a famous artist.

His exhibitions will be held not
only on the Earth, but on Mars too.

And on Venus.

Mila will be a pediatrician.

Children from the whole galaxy
will fly to her.

Katya Mikhailova...

will be a champion
of the Wimbledon Championship.

Martha will help her in that.

Sadovskiy is going to be
a usual engineer.

And he will invent
a usual time machine.

Lena Dombazova...

is going to be...

an actress.

Poems will be written about her.

And the one who will write poems...

Yes, Kolya Gerasimov.

Well, I have to go.

If I were you, I'd think closely.

Martha, I'm an ordinary girl.

Everyone can learn how to do that.

You've got a point.

I'll train my own sportsmen.

Guys, Alice showed us
what we need to achieve.

I have to go.

Alice, you didn't tell me about

- Do you want to be a famous traveler?
- Of course.

Then you'll be.

Unfortunately, your travel books
will have mistakes,

because you will want
to brighten it up.

I agree.

If you don't believe me, you will see
it yourself, when you're in our time.

How are we gonna get there?
They don't let us go through.

Year by year and you are there.

Written by Kir BULYCHEV

Directed by

Directors of Photography

Production Designer

Music by

Lyrics by


Alice Seleznyova -
Natasha GUSEVA

Kolya Gerasimov -
Alyosha FOMKIN

Yulia Gribkova -

Fima Korolyov -
Ilyusha NAUMOV

The Space Pirates:
Cheery U - Vyacheslav NEVINNY

The Space Pirates:
Rat - Mikhail KONONOV

Also starring

Alik Borisovich -

Robot Verter -

Maria Pavlovna -
Valentina TALYZINA

Martha Erastovna -
Natalia VARLEY

Polina -

Granddad Pavel -
Vladimir NOSIK

Professor Seleznyov -

Shurochka -

Ishutin -

Yulia's grandmother -

Eduard -
Vyacheslav BARANOV

Kolya's mother -
Tatiana BOZHOK

Alla Sergeevna -

Electron Ivanovich -

Ivan Sergeevich -

Maria -

Gogi -

The pupils of the 6th form:
Kolya Sulima -

The pupils of the 6th form:
Kolya Sadovsky -

The pupils of the 6th form:
Borya Messerer -

The pupils of the 6th form:
Mila Rutkevich -

The pupils of the 6th form:
Katya Mikhailova -

The pupils of the 6th form:
Albina Fetisova -

The pupils of the 6th form:
Lena Dombazova -

The End