Guerrilla Girl (1953) - full transcript

Demetri Alexander, during the Nazi occupation of Athens during WW II, is posing as a Nazi officer while working for the underground, and falls in love with Zaira, another underground agent. They are separated at war's end and when they meet again he is a member of the Greek government forces while she has joined the Communist-dominated resistance movement.

This is not a made up story.

It happened.

It was midnight in the impenetrable
black nighttime of the world.

Midnight in Athens.





What is it dear?

What happened?

Toula, how horrible.

All night long.

What is it Nina?

That man they hanged in the square.

It's become a nightmare
hanging over my sleep.

Why did they have to
hang him out here?

The Germans say he was a communist.

They didn't have to hang him before
our very eyes to keep as a reminder.

They'll use any device to show
us that their objective is sacred.

I hate them.

All of them?


It's so good to have
you back with us again.

Unfortunately, it
won't be for very long.

You better go inside.

Athens has strange eyes these days.

Are you sure no one
saw you come here?

What if they did?

I'm a German officer.

Oh Demetri, you look perfectly
handsome in that uniform,

but come on in here.

You must have a million
things to tell me.

Come, sit down.

Toula, would you prepare
something for Demetri?

Yes, miss Nina, right away.

No, please don't bother.

I want be able to stay very long.

It'll only take a minute.

Colonel Von Berlin speaking.


Demetri Alexander.

Yeah, he's here in Athens.

I'm following him.

Good, don't lose him.

We want that information.

We don't want any
slip up this time.

How have you been getting along?

Oh, it's horrible, frightful.

Why, we're living like peasants.

You seem to be doing quite well.

The house is warm...

There's no gaiety left in Athens.

The theaters dead,
the opera's closed.

We have no parties any more.


Well, it's ghastly.

Nobody smiles anymore.

You wouldn't like
it either, Demetri.

I'm tired of all
these inconveniences.

I can't stand it any longer.

Oh, Demetri, when will it all end?

When will we be able to go
back, take up life as it was?

We'll never take up life as it was.

The struggle will go on.

Don't you see?

Don't you understand. Nina?

To go back to the life
you're dreaming of

would be a greater tragedy than
the suffering we're going through now.

It would mock every sacrifice.

But how long will it go on?

I want it to end.

It won't end.

Not until the blood shed
by millions of people

buys what it was shed for.

The blood of free men
is a grim invest, Nina,

paid by people who don't ask
for the theater and the Opera.

All they ask for is a piece
of bread and a little warmth.

I've got to be leaving, Nina.

Who is it?

Open the door.


The birds are wearing
strange feathers these day.

Oh, my good friend,
where have you been?

Oh many places.

When did you get back to Athens?

This evening.

I came to pick up some orders.

I will be gone by
tomorrow, midnight.

You will have to put
me up for the night.

You know you're
always welcome here.

You must be careful.

Nazis have little
mercy for imposters.

The Nazis have little mercy.

Have you seen Nina?


But they were not all like Nina.

History has recorded their
deeds, but not their names.

Who are they?

Just people, ordinary
people who became fighters

against the enemy, against
hunger, against sickness.

My poor child.

Have courage.

Have patience a little longer.

I'm patient.

I have the courage to die quickly,

but no patience to die
a little bit day by day.

My poor child.

What can I do for her?

Her lung's need warmth and food.

Uncle John can't
hide him any longer.

He found out the Nazis suspect him,
so I brought him here.

Don't worry.

In a few days we'll
take you to Turkey.

Hunted themselves, they did not
hesitate to help other hunted men,

other victims of the common foe.

Come now, we can go.

No George.

You promised not to take him yet.

You'll stay here
with mother and sister.

Oh no, father, I'm going with you.

You'll need all the help
you can get tonight.

The gestapo are slipping.

They used to be smarter than this.

This way, Major.

Good luck making it.

It was nothing unusual if
you were an intelligence officer

for your missions to
begin with violence.

It was the end that mattered.

In this case, an
important mission to Egypt

to supply the allies with information
on German defenses in Greece.

The island of Chios was a main
stop on the underground railway.

The Islanders, using
their native talent

for smuggling and deception
were a great help to the resistance.

But there were
Germans on Chios too.

There was danger.

When are we gonna get some chow?

I haven't had any food since
I got shot down last night.

I've got to get past that sentry.

Not if he can help it.

The four will be along in a minute.

Then what are we waiting for?

If he don't get us, they will.

Do you want to take a chance?

Well, I'd love to since that's
all I've been doing with my life.

All right.

As soon as he rounds
the corner, you run.

What are you gonna do?

I'll cover you.

This way.



They say that he
has eluded the patrols

and has headed in this direction.

He may already be here.

He's a big fish and slippery one.

Have CC patrols double check and
initiate the house to house search.

You're lucky it's
just a flesh wound.

You couldn't stay here.

The patrols will be out searching.

You've got to leave as
soon as your guide arrives.

This is just a temporary dressing.

It'll be all right until
you reach the submarine.

You'll have Tommy.

We've got some downed
American Flyers.

And just...

There's been trouble.

The sentry at the warehouse.

Stop it, gypsy.

Zaira, have you gone mad?

This is the man you're to guide.

I was luckier than the German.

Your teeth are as
deadly as your gun.

I'm glad you're on our side.

Zaira is one of our
best fighters, Major.

How do you like her gypsy costume?

It fooled me.

You're a relentless enemy.

But a good friend.

There's no time to lose.

Patrols will be
scouring the village.

Where's the American Flyer?

He's on his way to the camp.

Are you ready?

Yes, let's go.

God be with you.

Zaira and Demetri had
met in the curious way.

In those days there was little
use for formal introductions

and sometimes being shot in
the arm served just as well.


They'll tell us here
whether we can go ahead.

Who are all these people?

They're friends of my fathers.

Where is your father?

I lost him when the Germans
found out he was in the resistance.

I'm sorry, Zaira.

Is this the reason why
you joined the partisans?


No, seemed the natural thing to do,

take up my father left off.

We're using the gypsy camp
to cover up our holds.

We'll do a lot of damage
before we're caught.

They won't catch you.

The way is clear
through to the Gypsy camp.

I don't you think
we've time for one drink.

What will we drink to?

A girl you love?

You know Zaira, in times of crisis,

one discovers a lot of
things about people.

One time I thought I loved someone.

And now?

Now, I don't know.

Well, then let's drink
to the girl you will love.

Sad how they can delude
themselves with just a song.

I envy their simple,
uncomplicated way of life.

You envy them?

They're slaves, they have nothing.


But they'll awaken someday and
demand a better world for themselves.

And from whom will they
demand this better world?

From whoever makes
the world what it is.

But do we make it what it is?

When we forget that,
then we are slaves.

Hi there, Zaira.

How's Trix?

There's a little girl that
we've grown attached to.

Each night, our island is
haunted by this sad refrain.

Am I meant to love?

Whose life was but a gasp,

flaming briefly in that moment
between meeting and parting.

This is her song,
her mute complaint.

Who are you stranger,

passing through my
life so suddenly?

Leaving behind the
torture of your absence.

The echo of our
happy years is silent

as fate mocks us from
the place of no return.

They're gypsies, but sometimes
strangers do visit camp.

Strangers, eh?

Take the camp.

Tell me again what
will happen then.

After you've gone, I'll have
only the things you've told me.

There is a man in your life,
he will never leave your life.

He will go away for a while,
but he will return.

There will be peace
then, a great joy.

He will love you
then as he does now.

You will always be together.

Major, the landing party
from the submarine is here.

When are we leaving?


I will be there.

You are a brave little girl.

Not at this moment.

You're not going to cry.

No, Demetri.

Time to go, please hurry.


So long, honey.

I'll be back for you.

What do you mean
you'll be back for her?

I am, I am.

I'm gonna take that
gal back to Texas.

How are you gonna
explain that to your wife?

Hurry, Major.

We have to leave.

We haven't much time now.

All right, let's go.

Where is Demetri Alexander?


She doesn't know.

None of us do.

Oh, you don't know.

Arrest these gypsies.

Burn the camp.

The concentration camp had
become a familiar European institution.

Adolf Hitler's most memorable
contribution to the culture of the times.

Be patient, my friends.

Soon the war will end and all
Europe will lie prostrate.

That will be the hour of
our great opportunity.

Yes, the world will drop into
our hands like a ripe plum.

There will be
opportunities for all.

Curse my stupid
tongue, comrade Vanda.

Of course I meant there
will be opportunities

to serve the people's revolution.

Exactly, comrade Danoff.

We must drive out the
imperialist hordes.

Yes, drive them into the sea
and trample them into the ground

with the rotten carcasses
of our native fascists.

But why must there
be such bloodshed?

If the cause is right can't be
people be won to it with reason?

You're naive, Zaira.

We are surgeons in a social cause.

Cancer must be cut out with
with sharp instruments,

not with mild nostrums.

And surgery means blood.

Would you hesitate to draw
blood to protect human rights?


Would you die for your ideal?


Then you belong with us.

Unorganized liberalism is weak,
it's ineffectual.

It's no good.

You must have a frame.

Yes, a political union
for your liberalism.

Land's doom is
approaching, comrades.

Yes, fast approaching.

Already the glorious legions of
the Soviet republic are rolling West.

You must have faith in them.

Yes, they are our true liberators.

The smoke from the clamor
of the fighting dies away.

The wounds of the bleeding
land are bound up.

The implements of peace
are put to use again.

This is the moment we have suffered for,
prayed for.

This is the moment...

Hey, repairing the damage done?

Don't you think it's a
little too soon for that?

You can't begin to soon.

What's more important now?

The big job is cleaning up.

We gotta clean up,
clean up the poison left by the swastika

and those who believe in it.

You know what I mean, son.

I see you love your uniform so
much you can't bear to take it off.

You even have your gun with you.

Are you planning an attack?

Yeah, we're planning
to take Athens.


Athens is ours.

You people have been
living in the dark so long,

you come out into the
light, you can't see.

Come on, get your gun.

What are you waiting for?

Peace, what we've
all been waiting for.

The peace we want is in the
new world we're gonna make.

Another new world?

General Headquarters
has ordered units

of 1st and 34th divisions to
advance to positions outside Athens.


We go wherever the party
directs, comrade Zaira.

Yes, comrade.

Upstairs, comrades.

We're leaving soon.

Yes, yes Marshall.

All our units are ready
to proceed as ordered.

I'm always sensitive to the
wounds of a beautiful girl.

You're troubled, Zaira.

Who isn't these days, though?

I noticed your reaction
when Athens was mentioned.


Does it conjure up memories?

Danoff, have you
ever lived in Athens?

Yes, many years.

Beautiful city, Athens.

Who knows, comrade?

Maybe one of us will be chief
commissar there someday.

Have you ever heard of a man
named Alexander, Demetri Alexander?



He's an important man in
the intelligence service

and a dangerous
contact for a comrade.

Move quickly.

We have a long march ahead of us.

Check all equipment.

Make sure you have
everything with you.

I see you can't forget
the man of Athens.

Suppose I find him
on the other side.

And he must be your blood
enemy as he would be ours.

Why must it be this way?

Why can't people have different
opinions without being blood enemies?

I can't think of
Demetri as an enemy.

You must not think.

I understand, luckily.

There's no room for thinking
in the people's democracy.

You've made your
pledge to the party.

Welcome to Athens, comrade Vanda.

Sit down.

I'm here at your orders, comrade.

My units are ready and waiting.

Comrade Vanda, this is
the people's demonstration.

Thank you.

They must be aroused to
march with us to freedom.

Without their help we shall fail.

Does Demetri Alexander live here?

No, this is 14A.

He lives in 14B, the
house with the big garden.

Is Mr. Alexander in?

No, the major is away.

When will he be back?

I don't know.

Thank you.

Where did he go?

I don't know.

He called to tell he'd
arrived in Athens.

The next thing I knew
he had gone away again.

I don't understand.

I'd expected at least...

Spiro, do you think he's
avoiding me purposely?

What makes you think that?

The last time he was
here he was so strange.

This leaving so suddenly,

where could he have gone?

The Germans arrested her.

No one has seen her since then.

She's never come back to Chios.

We just received the
wire from Athens, Major.

You must return there immediately.

Frustration here in Athens.

Demonstration will be the
signal to our comrades

to rise and strike down
these these fascists.

The eyes of the Communist
world will be upon us.

Will we fail?

Comrades, quiet, please.

To organize the Committee of
liquidation for the western sector.

This should be a most satisfactory
assignment, comrade Lockni.

Your conduct must reflect
the discipline, devotion,

and resolve

of that great protector of
the workers of the world.

Yes, that valiant
defender of world peace.

Did anyone call?

Yes, you have a visitor.


In your study.


The mountain didn't
come to Muhammad...

Won't you sit down?

I missed seeing you since
you came back to Athens.

I've been very busy.

We've had an influx of strange
characters into town lately.

It seems they're converging
on the city cause of trouble.


I'm afraid I haven't
been very fair to you.

I should have had a
talk with you sooner.

I'm not angry, Demetri, not really.

But you have the
right to know how things are.

Oh, don't let what's
passed bother you, Demetri.

These have been abnormal times.

None of us has been quite
himself lately, but that's over now.

No, it's not over now.

Something has happened to me.

It isn't easy to explain.

There's another woman
and you think you love her,

but really, Demetri, can these
wartime romances be trusted?

After all, conditions
being so exciting and all.

This is not a wartime romance.

Where is she now?

I don't know.

She was arrested by the Germans.

Nina, please don't
judge me too harshly.

Please try to understand that I...


What is there to understand?

I should be self-sacrificing,
but I can't.

I'm a woman.

All I understand is the man I
love is in love with someone else.

I didn't want it written that way.

I can't help it that my
world turned upside down

the moment I met Zaira.


Is that her name?

Strange name, awful strange.

I just can't believe it.

I made such plans for both of us.

Beautiful plans.

I hoped that we can start
living them outdoors and...

Everything's ended now.

I shouldn't.

It must be just as painful
for you as it is for me.

Don't come any further, Demetri.

Farewells are brittle.

They don't stretch.

They break.


I'm sorry.


Sorry you're in love?

No, Demetri.

I wish that love were mine.

Poor victim of party injustice.

You weren't given the cream of
the assignments as you'd expected.


All Danoff got was skim milk.

Even the party makes mistakes.

He should at least
have been given a list

of top officials to be liquidated.

Everybody's talking
about this list.

Do you know who's on it?

Who else but the heads of intelligence,
police, and people like that.


Has anyone seen these names?

No, the names are
known only to Vanda

and the one who gave him the list.

This'll only take a moment,
but I had to see you privately.

We're ready?

Yes, the signal for the
uprising will be given

at the climax of the demonstration.

We shall seize the utilities,
police headquarters, then public Works.

And the purge?

Will begin simultaneously.

We are particularly
interested in first 10.

Demetri Alexander is your
personal responsibility.

It will not be easy,
but it must be done.

It will be done.

Now, I have something for you.

You'd like to get Demetri
Alexander, wouldn't you?

This man's applied
to police headquarters

for a permit to leave the country.

This is all that we have
on him in our files.

All right, Andrew, I will
call you when I need you.

Yes, sir.

Paul Dano, sir.

That's a Russian name.

No, Romanian origin.

I'm a citizen of Bulgaria,
as you can see in my papers.

And how long have
you been in Greece?

Since just before the war.

The Germans came, I was put in a
concentration camp, also in my papers.

Why do you want
to leave Greece now?

Frankly, Major, I don't like
the hot breath of communism

breathing down my neck.

Are you afraid of the communists?

No, I don't fear
them as much as I hate them.

I don't want to be here
if they ever take over.

You seem to be pretty
certain that they will.

I've heard them talk, Major,
in the concentration camp.

They were supposed
to be our allies.

They never lose sight of
their final objectives.

I can still hear
Lockni's sinister voice.

She was a gypsy, fanatic communist.

All she talked about was
the coming revolution.

Tell people that, they
don't believe you.

They'll believe it
when it's too too late.

Dano, were there any other
gypsies is in the camp?

There was another.

I never could figure her out.

I don't think she
was really a gypsy.

Do you remember her name?


So she was at the camp with you?

Yes, Major, stalag camp number 16,
particularly brutal camp.

We had an epileptic commandant.

You know what happened to her?

She was liberated,
turned loose on the land like the rest.

You have any idea where she is now?

No, major, I don't.

I have a friend who might know.

Dano, I'm extremely interested
in getting in touch with the lady.

You would do me a great favor
if you can find out for me.

Major, I'm just a little man.

I'd like to be of service.

Who knows when I might need a
favor from a man in your position,

but you'll excuse me,
I'm not an informer.

I never did trust Danoff,

but what's inside his mind?

The situation is very dangerous.

He got too close to
intelligence headquarters.

You better have to talk with her.

She is planning to
go into the city.

Why did Danoff go to
Demetri Alexander's office.

Demetri Alexander's office?

What are you and Danoff plotting?

What do you mean?

Don't play innocent.

I know nothing about this.

Don't lie to me.


Don't you leave your side
unit under a circumstances.

That's an order.

Look, Danoff.

Please, Major, please.

It's extremely important
for me to get in touch

with Zaira, extremely important.

You understand?

I think I do, Major,

but how do I know the lady
wants her whereabouts known?

What is it, Danoff?

You want money?


if you will only be kind
enough to tend to my permits.

Are we going to forget the
innocent man they betrayed

so the backstabbing
could remain full?

The land is ours.

Let's take it back,
let's take it back now.

Workers, listen.


Women, you can not bring bad
things aplenty into your homes.

Let's cheer, get them now.

Athens will be placed
under martial law.

Troops and police units
will remain alerted

for the duration of the emergency.

They'll be unarmed.

Why not let them have their say?

It's not what they say.

It's what's behind it.

I'd shoot 'em.

You can't shoot people for talking.

In time the people generally
figure things out for themselves.

Comrade, this is it.

It's set for midnight.

The people are with us.

They collaborated during the war

to live the life of ease while we
rotted in the hills with the Germans.

I cry justice now.

Justice now.

Once again, the
land is plunged into darkness.

The lights flicker on feebly,

but it is a sign of hope.

I've never been so
afraid as I am tonight.

With the lights turned out,
they're fighting in the dark.

How do they know who
they're shooting?

Who is it?

It's me, Spiro.

What are you doing out
at the time like this?

Thank God I found you at home.

I've been at your
office twice tonight.

The fighting has spread
to every part of the city.

Yes, I know.

How did you get here?

I really don't know.

By all odds I should be dead now.

They have a machine gun
on every corner, it seems.

Why did you take the chance?

I had to.

Nina's in great danger.


The guerrillas have
reached her neighborhood.

We've got to get her out of
there as soon as possible.

Is she at home?

She was.

I hope she still is.

All right, let's go.

A priest.

What next, comrade?

Nina Christos.

That's the house across the street.

I can't believe this is happening.

Come on, hurry up.

Hurry or we may be next.

Where are you taking us?

Well, the nearest
shelter's Thomas' Inn.

We better go there.

I won't be able to go
all the way with you.

I've gotta go back to headquarters.

We'll manage, Demetri.

Come on.

Please, caused me to
lose my night's rest.

You're lucky that's
all they cost you.

Heaven's I forgot my jewels.

Nina, the jewels
are not important now.

Come on.

Take them out the back door.

Search the house, comrades.

Your man from Athens,
he said he'd come back.

He did.

No, I swear.

Shut up.

Shut up, I said.

You're a liar.

You were seen coming out
of major Alexander's office

in the Intelligence Bureau.

I was there was there
on party business.

On whose assignment?

On my own initiative.

I saw a chance to do a
great service to the party

and to you, comrade Vanda.

What do you mean?

Don't you realize that
your position in the party,

maybe your life depends on
Major Demetri Alexander.

Isn't it true that he is high

on the Central Committee's
list of those to be liquidated?

Isn't it also true
that his liquidation

is the responsibility
of yourself, comrade?

What's your point, Danoff?

My point is this.

Major Alexander will
not be easy to take

and should you fail...

Go on.

Don't worry.

I have a plan to deliver major
Alexander into your hands

without hurting a hair
on the comrade's head.

Why are you taking on
such a great responsibility?

Party loyalty and concern
for your welfare, Vanda,

but I wouldn't be
angry if you saw fit

to reward me with the chairmanship
of the Personnel Committee.

That's one of the most
important committees.

Exactly, and one that needs
a man of superior talents.

How do you plan to do it?

You must leave that to me, comrade.

You want him, I have
the way to deliver him.


I'll have him in
your hands tonight.

All right, Danoff, I'll give
you a chance to make good.

You deliver major Alexander
it gets you 112 tonight

or you'll be dead by
morning, you understand?

Yes, comrade.

I understand.

Well Danoff, have
you seen your friend?

I'm sorry, Major,
I just can't do it.

I'd like to help you,
but I can't turn in an innocent girl.

You're wasting time.

I'd like to leave now,
Major, if you don't mind.

I will hold you responsible
for whatever happens.

I can't be an informer, Major.

My conscience won't allow it.

Please, Major, I'm
only a little man.

Let me walk my own little path.

I told you, this
is a personal matter.

I know the girl.

My interest in her welfare is
greater than yours could ever be.

Will you give me your word
she won't be in any danger?

Yes, yes of course.

Where is she?

She's living with
a family at Gazi 112.

Danoff, you've done
me a great favor.

Think nothing of it, Major.


wait here until I come back.

Keep him in until I return.

Danoff, Danoff.

All this will pass and
everything will be all right.

We didn't just go straight before.

The first time I've ever had
close contact with my neighbors.

They're really quite nice.

Too bad it takes a catastrophe to
bring people close to each other.

Where's my mommy and daddy, mister?

You're John Karras'
little boy, aren't you?

Yes, sir.

You know my daddy?

Very well, son and I
know you wouldn't like

to see his little boy
crying, now would he?

No, sir.

You're not gonna cry, are you?

No, sir.

Good boy.

You know where they are?

No, son I don't.

But, don't worry.

You'll find them.

I gotta find them.

They went away and left me.

That poor boy will never
see his parents again.

They killed them this morning.

They said that they
collaborated with the Germans

and that they're going
to kill the whole family.

Nobody move.

Well, what an aristocratic party.

Look comrades, we're in time.

We called at your houses.

You weren't at home.

Of course you didn't expect us,
but we left our cards.

Now we're gonna play a little game.

Our good comrade here will call
out the list of the wanted.

If you don't answer your names,
why we'll kill all of you.

Read, comrade.

George Stabo.

Yeah, the fat baker

who's been stuffing his belly
with his worker's sweat.

Outside, Georgie.

Nico's Kostas.

Lily Mauro.

Come here, Peter.

I have something to tell you..

What are you doing here?

I expect to see your
mommy and daddy soon.

I'll tell them where to find you.

Will you?

Yes, but you must promise to
be brave for a little while longer.

Will you do that?

Yes, sir.

Good boy.

Nina Christos.

This is the time
for the courage, Nina.

Only fear can hurt you.

All right, Zaira, read on.

You have my name on your list?

What is your name?

My name is Peter Karras.

Peter Karras?

All right, outside.

I'm so afraid.

I am too, Nina.

Afraid I'm not worthy of
the great gift before us.

The next names, Zaira.


No more names.

You're making a place for
yourself against a wall.

What makes you so sure
we're killing the right ones?

Who judged them?

Did we give them a chance
to defend themselves?

How many of these are innocent?

In all revolutions some
die who are innocent.

We have time for trials later.

Drop your weapon.

Don't hit him, he's English.

So what?

Is is not easy,
even for the fighters themselves

to distinguish friend from enemy,

but that's the way it
always is in a civil war,

that most bitter, most bloody,
most tragic of all wars.

It's no use.

You won't be able
to make it across.

Where do you live?

On the square.

They're even burning the synagogue.

It's all right.

We'll build another one.

Not here, the window is broken.

He's just been hurt.

I couldn't take him home.

Will you please get some water?

What's your name?

Demetri Alexander.



You will be all right now.

Goodbye, David.

Demetri Alexander is gonna
die tonight and I'm gonna enjoy it.

Demetri Alexander?

= Yeah, Danoff finally got him.


Gazi 112.

Our position is critical.

We may be forced to
withdraw temporarily.

Tell them to maintain contact
and stand by for further orders.



Did you have to
be armed to meet me?

There's no time to talk now.

We've got to get out of here.

We're in danger, Demetri.

Listen to me, please.

Danoff set a trap for you.

And you were the bait.

No, Demetri, please.

Listen to me, please.

No, Demetri.

Would you stay a
while, Demetri Alexander?

I've been waiting for
this visit a long...

Come out, Zaira.

You've gotta meet your destiny.

That's something you didn't teach me,
Vanda, how to die.

Perhaps not.

Nor did I teach you
to be a traitor.


Not anymore.

I was a traitor when
I listened to you.

This is between you and me, Vanda.

The army.

The army, they'll
be here any minute.

Where are the people?

Are we forced to retreat?

Yes, we'll be back.

You're not leaving, Vanda.

You're not afraid of a traitor.

Wouldn't you rather die here

than have the people
hang you in the square?

Zaira, don't be a fool.

Get away while you can.

No, Demetri, this
can't wait any longer.

It must be settled now.

You betrayed the cause?

You call waking up a betrayal?

You're a traitor, you understand?

I understand this.

My ideals were right.

Your methods were wrong.

Ideals, methods, right wrong right.

Our victory was right.

What victory?

Where are your people?

Demetri, forgive me.

I spoiled your love for me.

No, that can never change.


wait for me.

I was a fool.

I didn't know what I was doing.

You didn't come back to me.

I searched for you everywhere.

And you found me too late.

No, Zaira.

Look, Demetri.

Our love never had
a moment of peace.

It was born with the
sound of guns in our ears,

but all that will be over.

We will have peace.

Our lives will be filled
with sunlight and laughter.

We will be able to...

Brave little girl,
your struggle is over.

Ours goes on.