Guerrero (2017) - full transcript

Iguala "Home of the flag"

After the disappearance,
Mexico is in a state of shock.

Various civil organizations
from several universities

are searching for the students.

And they are asking the authorities
for a real investigation.

Mexico burns.

The destiny of the 43 students
is still unclear.


26, 27, 28, 29, 30 ...

Because these bastards
are sweeping away everything.

After the forced disappearance
of the 43 Ayotzinapa students

Guerrero, a town beleaguered ...

... by the narco and
a corrupt government, rises up.

In Tlapa, teachers and activists
occupy the city council

urging to boycott
the upcoming elections

and to create a popular assembly.

In Iguala,
the relatives of disappeared persons

organize the search
of their loved ones.

The citizens of Petaquillas

in order to defend themselves
of the constant abuse

by drug cartels
and corrupt authorities

form a community police force.

Petaquillas' Bridge


Listen, comrades.

The challenge here is to set tires.

To make holes and set tires.

- Does anyone know how to?
- Like making a step?

Who knows how to?

The ones working are
young people,

once accused of a crime.

Like drug possession.

Some are suspected "falcons."

People who pass on
informations to cartels.

Apparent misdemeanors.

Most of them drug related.

They have already served a sentence.

And the second part
of the sentence is...

the obligation of doing
community service.

I have been participating in
the community police because ...

... the mission was
a community project ...

... for the common good.

The thing here is that
a great water flow comes downhill.

So we're digging a ditch.

But I'm not sure if it should be here,
because the wall may fall down.

If we dig it here, it'd go downhill.

We need to analyze it,
so the wall won't fall.

It may fall down otherwise.

I never wanted to fight
with guns against the narcos.

But against the bad government,
I wanted to fight all my life.

We cannot see ourselves
only as police officers

or just as a security protect.

Security and development are
the two central pillars.

None is more important than the other.

Now security is more urgent
but not more important.

We can take some actions
that are clearly urgent.

One of them is the reforestation.

Rain season is about to start
and it's the time to reforest.

When a project gestates
in a vertical way, it's a failure.

A failure.

A project should gestate
from the interest

and consciousness of the people.

We need the participation
of the real actors.

And the real actor are ...

The real actors aren't
the ones here right now.

The real actor for
this to be a success ...

-It's the people.

It's the people.

Now how do we engage people?

Let's eat, comrades!

I hope you work as much as you can.

Next Sunday we come here to finish,
then we go to another community.

You are working for your community.

In the beginning it's a punishment ...

But later when your comrades
thank you for your work ...

That is priceless.

Let's go, Coni.

I mean, really,
there was a beautiful moment

when a banner was hung
from the bridge ...

and it said,
"Welcome to community territory."

I felt utterly fulfilled.

It was like reaching hope.

Unfortunately, throughout the years,

political parties
have only divided people.

People, instead of working together

to fight for
their common interests ...

... they're divided
and fight each other.

And they fight for their
party's interests.

Trying to stop an alection.

They see it as an electoral offense.

You can go to jail.

And we're a threat to the State.

In this country,
everything is dangerous.

Being an activist much more so.

Throughout the country,

there has been disappeared
and murdered activists.

It's way more dangerous
to do nothing about it.

They will continue
to do as they please.

We've arrived to school.
They're building a wall.

Since it's election year,

the president is ...

He's trying to look good

with public works.

To convert
the vitamins the leave has ...

... to be contained in a flask ...

Let's write, "vitamins."

If we analyse
the plans and study programs

when they refer to "competences"

in education
and "educational standards" ...

What they mean is to raise
docile and obedient people.

People that serve capitalism, money.

People that serve their boss
and not their community.

And that the one who protest and
defend their rights is a criminal.

Who was the ancestor of the dog?

The wolf. Very good.

Eventually that wolf became a dog.

How do you think that happened?

Human beings didn't live
as we do now, in towns.

-They were nomads.
-Exactly. Very good.

When humans were nomads

they'd leave bones,
and skin that wolves could eat...

Time is our worst enemy.

If I sleep in for another half hour

I may make a bit more
progress here.

I don't know how much deeper to dig.

In this country,

the word "justice" exists,
but it isn't enforced.

I go out to search, dig.

I've been
to criminals' territories.

I didn't do that before.

We found
a place in Coahuila, where ...

some people were burned up.

We don't know how many.

I stole a bone from that search.

Unfortunately, they were burned up.

There's no way to identify them.

This was a human being.

In Guerrero, we're lucky because

they don't disappear
our relatives like this.

Let's go.

My father bought
this land 32 years ago.

I moved here, to Petaquillas.

Recently, I've thought
of settling down here.

This territory is controlled by
the FUSDEG Community System.

It's a very important territory,
because historically

this is where Guerrero's amapola
has been produced.

It's the amapola that has been sold

in the United States,
for over 50 years.

The amapola is used to produce heroin.

What I have tried to do in life is ...

... to be
where I can fight for something.

He was my father,
Saul López López.

She's my mother.
They were newlyweds.

He was documenting the social movement

that was taking place in the city.

Well, not just in the city,
but in the whole state of Guerrero.

They called people to join them
and defend the building ...

... where the university strike
was taking place.

They clashed with the army.

My father climbed
to the roof of a house ...

and he took pictures from there.

He captured the first moments,

when the soldiers
and the people clashed.

When he was taking these pictures,
a soldier sees him ...

... and fires at him.

Apparently he lowered his camera,

the shot hits the camera
and ricochets ...

... and destroys his jaw,
on the left side.

Over 20 people were killed.

His pictures became
representative of the 60's movement.

The thing with Guerrero is that ...

... there has always been
a strong repression

towards social movements.

And at the same time

there has always been groups
fighting violently or peacefully.

I take a lot after him.

Maybe it happened to him
like it happened to me with FUSDEG.

He got excited
and got involved in a

very combative movement

and with a
very important mission for Guerrero.

What we seek is ...

... a real democracy for the people.

Just like in native communities.

When they appoint their leaders,

they have a community assembly.

And they all have to serve
as leaders, at least once.

Because they don't get paid for it.

There must be a people's council.

The president shouldn't be
the lord and master.

Presidents come and go

and they only get rich and steal.

Until now, Tlapa's city council
is still occupied.

This makes you "abandon" your family.

You barely spend time with them!

And my wife... well!

She doesn't like me spending
most of my time there.

But history will judge us.


We have it occupied
in solidarity to the parents.

We won't move because
the students haven't appeared.

Only if the parents tells
us to leave, we leave.

If they tell us to negotiate,
we'll do so.

Let's pray.

Our Lord, we offer you
this sacrifice to heavenly things.


You can go in peace.

May the relatives of
the disappeared approach.

The mass graves' hunter,
let me hug you.

The next generation
of mass graves' hunters.

He'll find the ones we don't.


Here, the police escort.

- Good morning.

- I'm sorry, I didn't know the time...
- Don't worry.

Let's go...

to the 5 mass graves where...

30 young people were found.

I'm coming.

Look, you even have
spare shoes.

My snacks!

They're all crushed.

Mao Tse-Tung says

that when your enemy attacks you

and discredits you

rejoice for you're doing things right.

Worry when the enemy
indulges and pampers you

because it means
you're goofing around.

They should be worried, not us.

Rights should be promoted, guaranteed.

They shouldn't be imposed.

And they wanna impose
the right to vote.

What do you think, Toño?

The only way is to fight.

Tune in a radio station
with men's music.

Revolutionary music.

Don't bullshit us!
That's for narcos.

Preserve the scene
without lifting any evidence.

No one should touch what is there.

So we can test the DNA in the remains.

I think I'm the oldest one.

How old are you?

What do you think?

50? 55?

I look that old!?
I'm 50 years old.

I'm about to turn 50.

- How much he said?
- 55. Do you believe that?

He's mean.

We caught a guy.
He does't have an ID.

He has a gunshot in his hand.

He could be people of "El Taliban".

I wasn't doing anything bad.

Yes, but the operation can't stop!

What did he have?

They think he works for "El Taliban."

They get them there, they kill them
and then they throw them.

Sometimes they throw them alive.

I have tape to close the area.

We could do that to send
a signal to the media that ...

The first one is up there.
Next to the blue can.

The first one is there.

The second one is lower.

Shall we send the tape?

Let's do something
right in that sense.

Take the tape to close the area
where the bones are.

You first because of age.

With a 10-day blockade
of ports, airports, roads ...

We paralyze production.

Without any bloodshed.

A stoppage.

You can tell your boss to fuck off.

They're used to that.

But paralyze their production,

ruin their profits.

You'll see how they respond.

Ok, the goal of the
the government is ...

... to put fear into
other organizations.

Don't get organized,
because if you do,

you'll be in jail or dead.

Like the community police officers.

Well we're already here.

There's conscience.

We lack wealth, but
we do have a clean conscience.

Follow us, comrades.

Let's go!

They've used these
to tie victims up.

I just can't imagine ...

how they brought
our relatives here.

My brother ...

... was kidnapped.

And I figure he was probably here.

This puzzles us.

We mark it as probable mass grave.

There's no reason
for a hole to be in here.

We pile up some rocks

to mark
that there is one here.

The PGR digs them up

and removes the corpses.

They take to their labs
everything they recover

to carry out DNA tests.

They're very sluggish.

In this area

there are around
seven possible mass graves

but the holes seem too big.

They say we tamper with evidence.

I think that after all this time,

my brother, after three years...

What evidence can they find?

We've seen their neglect.

This isn't new.
It has happen for years.

There are disappeared persons
from the 80's and 70's.

From what they call the "Dirty War."

Look, Mario.

Those things belonged
to them, right Mario?

Can anyone take photos?

These blankets
don't get here by themselves.

That's a bedspread.

I cried here for the first time.

I arrived up here.

Someone might recognize these boots.

If you want, take a picture.

- The shorts' tag might have an ID.
- No, we already checked.

30 burned bodies were found here.

The stench was unbearable.

Unburned wood is coated
with human fat.

And the smell is awful.

Horror, hatred, helplessness
can be smelled here.

All of that exists here.

It exists on this camp.




We should try to do it right.

Otherwise we are doing
the same as the government.

We should do our best.

We should avoid doing things
on the spur of the moment.

We should know the process.

In this case we should close
the area, wait for the teams ...

To do things right.

With preparation and professionalism.

These are points
that we should follow

to avoid making
the same mistakes the State makes.

The State just mixes things up.

Yes, ma'am.

The first mass grave.

I dunno how many bodies
were recovered.

They were burned.

All this came out
of their excavation.

The wood's still buried
down there.

No, they're human bones.

They're from a hand.
They still smell.

Check it.

- These are bones from a hand.
- That's not possible.

These appeared from
the dirt right here.

Mr. Raul, can I borrow this?

There'll be more bones around here.

We've found many bodies.

They come up here
daily with the PGR.

Every day.
We already recognize bones.

It hurts that they tell us
they are careful ...

... and then we find these.

This is also a bone, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

- Look, here.
- Here's another bone.

There are several here.

- Look.
- Those are bones.

How can this happen?

These are from either
a knee or an elbow.

That's why they fear us
watching them.

Because they're sloppy
and here's the proof.

It's 12 plus 6,
gotta be 18 vertebrae.

Because they have
different names.

Three, four, six.
There are seven here.

A finger.

It's a toe. This is a toe.


Smell it.

There were
some seedlike things, right?

It smells bad!

- There's some hair here.
- It's blond.

Look, it's blond.

- There's hair here, look!
- Here it is.

Supposedly, it's easier
to extract DNA from hair, right?

- Look!
- Does it have flesh?

Does it have flesh?

- It's got skin.
- It still has skin.

Look at that Mario!

No, just a little twig.

It looked like a bone.

Comrade Toño has the floor now.

We'd like to thank
the media for coming

to this city's council,
which belongs to the people.

It's been 6 months since
the tragedy in Iguala,

and the authorities
haven't given a clear answer

to the demands of those 43 parents.

The State is trying
to impose elections,

knowing that in a popular assembly

we agreed to boycott

electoral activities
in the state of Guerrero.

The way that the electoral institute
appoints governors is not viable.


one thing is the big movement

and another's
this cartoon of a movement.

I've told them so.

And they don't like it.

Lenin, Marx,
dialectics of the concrete ...

These morons know shit about it.

What's dialectics of the concrete?

It's to go all around

to get to the essence
of the thing itself.

That's dialectics of the concrete.

Do you think they know about it?

Do you know Lenin?

Do you think they know?

Do you think they know Marx, Engels?

Or Engels.
What did Engels do?

But they're "a movement."

Yeah, right!

Excuse me.

Revolutionary alcoholism.

Comrades. Young people.

My name is Antonio Vivar.

I'm an indigenous law attorney.

The popular movement
has overtaken a struggle

now eight months old.

We're tired ...

physically, economically.

We've bugged some sectors.

Some of them from society.

But this is
a necessary struggle, comrades.

Why? Because it's not
just about Ayotzinapa.

Today's struggle is
for all those who disappeared.

For all the murdered ones.

For all the raped women.

For all those being kidnapped.

Comrades, it is necessary

that you take part
in the struggle.

Those who went to get
the bags, please.

I ask you not to touch
the remains.

The bags, only.

Please, don't come too close.

They seem to be two men.

They're remains
of a broken skull.

Gentlemen, it's a shame

that this shitty government

ignores and discredits
our heroic police,

and call it illegitimate.

Legitimacy is bestowed
by the people.

Because it was appointed
by the people.

- Yes or no, comrades?
- Yes.

- I can't hear you. Yes or no?
- Yes!

It seems that crime is
spreading gradually.

They're gaining terrain.

Because we allow them to.

It's necessary,

I insist,

that every last one of us

keeps a weapon at home.

I don't promote violence, comrades.

It's the last thing I want.

We're tolerant,

but tolerance also has its limits.

The problem
with the narco, with hitmen,

it wasn't about drugs.

The problem was
when their greed for money

crossed the line.

And they started kidnapping
because they wanted more money.

- Look at his short!

And here they are.

But we're not gonna allow it.

The lady said,
"Oh, look at these cute boys."

And then, you started punching
and shoving at each other.

You'd just made your
First Communion.

I was so embarrassed.

She just had said
you were the cutest boys.

You should've told her
we were exorcising.

- He looks so young here.
- Yes.

Here he is not so chubby.

Where's your uncle Tomás?

You know him. You do.

Uncle Tito.

You do know your uncle.

Don't you remember him?

How many months old was he?

- Five, six?
- Six, six.

He has a photo with Tomás.

Here, look.

Look who's here.

He doesn't know him.

Who's that?

- My uncle Tomás.
- Your uncle Tommy.

A journalist says
we even smile differently.

I said no, we're just older.

But I guess we do.

Look, his smile. Look.

It's his natural smile.

We were all happy and joyful.

The first call was for Mario.

And you put me through.

They said he was kidnapped
and hung up.

That's when you looked
for the car.

- Who got the car?
- Vero and I did.

I thought they'd moved it...

in the morning with a tractor.

They didn't even close the doors.

I think they just dumped it there

because a delivery man told me,

"We went by and
the engine was running."

"It was around 7 am
and it was on."

"We even thought Tomás
was around here."

"He must've brought
somebody here."

He was well-known then.

Everyone knew his car.

The way the car was found?

The way it was found.

So they dragged him out quickly.

Because they didn't even
close the doors.

Who knows?


They threw some flyers,
urging to stop the community police

or there will be consequences,
for everybody.

There are 3 opposing forces –

accused of being with the cartels,

the cartels and us, FUSDEG.

3 different stances,

which are apparently in opposition.

Because supposedly
UPOEG also fights the cartels.

It's a very dangerous situation

because the 3 of them
are well armed.

This checkpoint is of UPOEG.

Good afternoon.

This is Acahuizotla.

This community is allied
with UPOEG.

FUSDEG is formed as the result
of the separation from the UPOEG.

UPOEG was the territorial project.

When it became clear that

it wasn't a community project,
but just a way to get power...

They started receiving bribes,
and releasing criminals ...

until they separated.

I'll show you in the base.

I made a draft the principles ...

... a police officer,
a guard must have.

And that's what we're doing.

We're only nine members, damn it.

But every time we're on duty
there's something to do.


Very well, but women do too.

- Yes, of course!
- Men and women.

- You said it right, more so women.
- Yes.

-So, this is the community base.

It was the base
of the local police

but we remodelled it.

Then we built that one

because we're installing
a barrier arm...

to have a little more control.

This is me.

We went to Nicaragua

to support the Sandinista movement

after the triumph
of their revolution.

A large group of university
comrades went too.

This is the Guerrero contingent.

From the then
Guerrero Autonomous University.

We're in Managua.

My wife's uneasy about
my participation.

My children instead
of being upset...

My eldest son, Lenin,

he says, "Dad, listen..."

"What you're doing is right.
It's right. We got your back."

"Every human being ..."

"... came to this world
with a mission."

I tell him, "You're damn right son."

The hat is a must.

I can't live without it.

Don't be shy and grab me!

Go to Chilapa, scumbags!

You got nothing to do here.

INE (National Electoral Institute)

Forward group.

The struggle continues.

-Ayotzi lives.
-The struggle continues.

We gotta go around, comrades.

Out! Go fuck yourselves!

Come on, scumbags.

No rocks.

Stop the rocks. Stop the rocks.

Teacher, move over, move over.

If they had caught one of us
they would have killed him.

Go tell your superiors
that we respect here.

Let's go. Let's go.

Ayotzi lives! The struggle continues!

You've been defending him for long.

We're not defending him!

- We're not defending him!
- Cool down!

Please, calm down, comrades.

Send that scumbag to the front.

To the people of Tlapa...

Today we have one of
their policemen detained.

We also have
a lot of comrades injured.

Today state police came
to provoke the movement.

Our comrades only
responded to the aggression.

Because they are policemen.

And the ones who took
the students were policemen.

We're being told

that the clash group

is coming our way

to hit the movement!

Ayotzi lives!
The struggle continues!

Ayotzi lives, lives!
The struggle continues, continues!

That's the clash group.

Supported by the state police.

Bring the loudspeaker truck.

Bring it to stop 'em!

Come on, dudes!


Today the situation in
the whole country is critical.

And it's important because

tomorrow is election day.

And they're
the most illegitimate ones ever.

A large part of
the population is against them.

we decided not to stop them.

Out of respect of the people who ...

... still have one last hope.

They wanna vote, use their right.

As we decided not to boycott them,

there are some people who did.

They're very brave people.

Today's proposition is to...

share with you a petition made...

by the Ayotzinapa comrades,
who came yesterday.

If the army or the police occupy
the Normal School,

they would, most likely,
need temporary shelter.

Are you in favor of
sheltering Ayotzinapa comrades?

Raise your hand if you're in favor.

These people are lying.

They should speak truth so that ...

So that you understand.

Because you don't understand
what they're saying.

They're speaking
in favor of political parties.

I wanna make it clear, comrades.

Let's fight!

This is how you speak!

Listen, Mr. Gersain.

Mr. Gersain,

Mr. Gersa.
What lies did I tell?

You're not saying anything.

I won't say anything else.

I didn't tell any lies, as you said.

Just don't! I already said it.

What really worries me ...

I don't speak for all the people.

If we support the Ayotzinapa students,

which is valid,

and true, we should support them.

What if the clash group comes?

If we think Ayotzinapa
as just a clash group,

we're giving wrong information.

I'm sorry but
the Ayotzinapa comrades ...

They're the most dignified people
in Guerrero.

Because they're
the only ones fighting.

And for ages.

I think
it's important that we realize ...

that today and tomorrow ...

... are days of brutal repression.

It's not about deserving it.

It's like telling a beaten up woman,

"What did you do?"

We're in a safe place.

In this country ...


people with different
political and social views

have no place in here.

Watching poor people

broke people like us

with no education

beat up a teacher who fights

to end with all that.

Watching that

is very dismaying.

Because ...

The people we're fighting for ...

are beating us up,

Aren't they?

They wanted

the movement leaders to sign ...

a document where they promised ...

not to take action
against the election.

That was their condition.

Because of the election

they're doing all this.


We see that the teachers
are demonstrating peacefully.

Listen, listen, listen.

People in Tlapa know who we are.

We're being hunted down.

I was told they're after me too.

I'm wanted.

A teacher told me yesterday

she overheard a police officer saying

they wanted to catch the tall one.

The tall one is me.

We, the teachers,
are not stopping the election.


We hereby submit

our resignation
as Electoral Counselors

of the 05 INE District Council

based in Tlapa.

Because we don't want
to validate with our presence...

the different incidents
of social and political violence

occurred in our district.

We are convinced that

the Federal and State governments

have contributed
to social instability.

And they greatly contribute

by not generating
the necessary conditions

for the celebration
of the concurrent elections

programmed for June 7th.

As Electoral District Counselors
and the citizens

we're no strangers
to social and political crisis

that disrupts the state of Guerrero.

Such as the violent actions,

the mass forced
disappearances of students

government corruption,

flagrant violations
of human rights ...

It starts here.

Look. The cops, it's the cops.

They're getting ready, you see?


Normal School organized
the demonstration.

The gathering would start here.

I think it's right here.

Yeah, it's here. We're here.

We'd like to decide
whether to march or

make a permanent sit-in

to protect the entrance

to the Ayotzinapa Normal School.

If the army

or the federal police want to enter

they'll have to do it
through this gate.

The people of Tixtla

the people of Guerrero

and many states
of the Republic nationwide

are against the elections

taking place tomorrow

June 7th.

Because they took them alive!

Alive we want them back!

Alert! Alert! it's walking ...

... popular guerrilla
through Latin America!

Fight, fight, fight!

Don't stop fighting.

For a scientific
and popular education.

Because they took them alive,

alive we want them back.

Shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow.

We're all, we're all Ayotzi.

We'll never beat the government ...

... in the ballots.


We need to get organized
in another way

in order to

give the power

to the people,
so they can appoint their rulers.

That's why we express this outrage

at this government

that doesn't help us to find them.


Hello, it's me! I'm in Tixtla.

I can barely hear you.

How are things there?

What happened?

Really? Ours?

Don't say! It's terrible!

Yes, yes.

Yes, yes.

It's worse than we thought.

Community Police went to ...

FUSDEG Police went to a town

because there was a problem

and they clashed against UPOEG again.

And apparently
there are five casualties.

This can be an excellent excuse

for the government

to block us.

To tell, "You see ..."

"... you can't agree on anything."

"So we're disarming everyone."

"We disarm
the community police and UPOEG."

Comrades, as you already know

FUSDEG suffered three casualties.

The other side ...

... suffered twelve, I think.

Their casualties.

You know what, comrades?

You know what?

Don't feel down, comrades.

We gotta show what we're made of.

What people
from Petaquillas are made of.

Long live the community police!

Long live!

That's it. Long live Petaquillas!

Long live!

Twelve from the other side!

It's nonsense, it's horrible!

And three from ours.

From the same family.

In the towns of Acapulco
and Juan R. Escudero

there's a lot of confusion

about who's in FUSDEG
and who's in UPOEG.

Because in both towns,
there are still groups

of police officers

more loyal to UPOEG.

We insist that
there should not be a confrontation.

Not to have a large commission

going in and
trying to convince them because

that's a way of

making trouble,
that's a provocation.

I'm on my way to vote.




This was the parking lot.

The navy and army burned
several cars here.

A Ford truck plate.

We don't burn cars on the hills.

I don't know why they burned them.

Today, it's Sunday.
Election day.

I'm more interested
in finding my family

than voting for another government.

We speak a different language.

We have different interests now.

What a nasty ...

What a nasty way to live.


We are in Tlapa,
on the high mountains.

There were
some fellow teachers and teenagers.

They hit them and entered.

They hit our comrades.

You could hear their screams.

I counted 10 patrol cars.

It's not fair,
they come looking for trouble.

We were all calm.

The election is going smoothly.

The teachers are here
in their office.

Look, neighbors.

Some comrades already
made a proposal.

The elections are being held.

And a way of making pressure ...

... is to stop the election.

Until we don't get our comrades back,
we won't release the voting booths.

Let's go to the voting booth.

But without violence.

Everyone be calm!

Be calm, comrades,
because we're civilians.

We're coming through,
coming through.

Let us through, please.

We're from this neighborhood.

We're residents.

What we're doing is defending
our neighborhood.

It's not fair, you took children.

Look at the situation
of the country.

It seems they've picked up
the voting booths.

What we must do now ...

... is to box the Federal police.

To the roofs, let's stone them.

A few days ago,
you also attacked the teachers.

We ask educational workers,
workers in general ....

... and residents of
the neighborhoods ...

... to come help us.

Here we are.

Do you think they would take revenge?


They were subordinates.
They only followed orders.

Yes. They were just sheep.

I don't think so.
They definitely won't do anything.

They won't fight because
they know they will loose.

Someone has to fall.

That is the nature of this fight.

Yes, this is hard.

Not like this. No.

Why like this? Why?

Why like this?
Why? Why?

The abandoned people had
to take arms ...

Fill up with courage ...

And fight –
this is the cost of sacrifice.

God has won some angels
that without a doubt

will be on His glory ...

Because they were people
who gave their lives for others.

This shouldn't be here.

In my hometown

a family whose son disappeared ...

We found him in Iguala.

In the lagoon area.

I met the family in the group.

And they looked like ...

the way we all do.

Now they've recovered their son...

.. even if it's nothing but bones ...

... their look already changed.

They've found ... peace.

I call that a miracle.

For my brother

the negotiation lasted
two and a half months

but there was never proof of life.

The day they put my brother through,

one gets really emotional.

I remember my brother's words.

"Bro, I'm kidnapped."

"Ask our friends to help you
raise the money they want."

We were all jumpy.
It was a Sunday.

We wanted to go pay the ransom.

But we were advised
by experts to wait.

"This is business."

"If they have your relative,
they'll call back ..."

"... because they want
your money."

And they did call back.

I told them, "Hey, I'm nervous."

"Put my brother through."

But it's not so easy.

They were always so rude.

"Fuck you.
I make the rules here."

"You want me to kill him?

"You want me to kill him now?"

One is nervous, begging.

"Please, I'm nervous.
Put my brother through."

"I didn't recognize him."

So they put him through.

It was the same words,

"Bro, I'm kidnapped."

"Ask our friends to help you
raise the money they want."

The advisors told us,
from their experience,

that it was a recording.

"A recording doesn't warrants
that your brother ..."

"... is still alive."

Watch out, watch out,
watch out with Guerrero.

Guerrilla People!

Go away!

Out, out, out!

We bought your weapons
so you'll defend us.

Not to repress us, assholes!

You eat thanks to us, jerks!

Fucking government!


– How much longer to ...

We already did something important.

We forced them back
to the highway.

You did it?

- We all did it.
- Because you say we did it.

I didn't say I did it alone.

All right?

We gotta keep cool.

And not give in to provocations.

Are we waiting for dusk
to be beaten up?

We gotta disarm the ones
we have here.

And lock them up somewhere.

In the chapel.

We gotta regroup because
we're all scattered.

We've been informed that

the army is surrounding us.

What do you think?

Right away, right away!

- Peacefully, peacefully.
- Peacefully.

There are more coming.

Ready to hit you!

We want to control that.

We're in the same situation.

We have orders to cool down.

The only thing I ask.

The only thing, please.

Leave me here with my people.

We won't move or do anything here.

It's the only thing I ask.

People don't want that.

- Do you want to be beaten?
- No, no!

Can you control those people?

When people get angry,
it's another story.

The Delegate is here
representing us.

Nothing will happen to you.

- It's OK.
- That's enough.

- Easy, we're smart.
- Yes.

Give us the radio to talk
to your people.

Up, get on please.

Neighbors, listen up.

We're not going to let them...

Go ahead!

Let us talk.
They agree to leave.

Go ahead.

So, please.

Make way so that
they can go through.

Make way.

Leave one by one.

Calm down neighbors.

For the last time.

Bring ropes.

The people united
will never be defeated!

The people united
will never be defeated!

Cool down, cool down.

Make way, please.

Don't hit them.

It's time motherfuckers.


- The fence.
- Close the fence to stop them.

It's for them not to beat them.

Do not give in to provocations!

We reached an agreement
with the government.

They've promised to release
our comrades.

In Tlapa, something is happening.

And it was bound to happen.

But there were doubts ...

... whether the people would
participate or not.

But they messed
with what's most sacred –

the family.

The Feds arrived with
their usual violence.

And they trespassed
private property.

All the people participating

in this situation,

are living a very harsh experience.

And now they realize ...

We can tell them and explain.

But today they're living it.

Today they're setting
their parties aside,

and they're coming together.

Now they realize that

the people united
will never be defeated.

They're living it.

Ayotzinapa sparked the fire.

Today the fire is spreading.

I don't want to go on.

I don't see eye to eye on everything.

Of course I can participate
and do things.

Everyday reality

keeps pushing us into
the police realm.

On top of that, there's no real

vision of doing transforming
and revolutionary things.

We're sucked up by police stuff

by chasing criminals all the time.

There's a vision
that violence is a way.

For example to make
criminals spill the beans.

Truly disgusting and nasty things.

Totally far from a respect
and conviction logic.

A completely different project.

That really disheartens me.

I'll keep my distance.

And I'm sure that ...

the day they try to fuck us up ...

Like when we need to mobilize ...

I'll surely fall into temptation
and mobilize.

We were on top of the chapel.

They called the alert
for the riot police.

They wanted to free their partners.

The Delegate made a mistake.

He wouldn't touch them.

He wouldn't disarm them.

They were still armed and ...

... they were sent inside
the church like that.

The riot police got all the way in.

I saw some detonation
from inside the church.

And I saw ...

... the guy called Toño ...

... lying on the ground.

He was unconscious.

He had a ...

... gunshot wound ...

... in the heart.

I think ...

Nothing will change around here.

- Come down.

- Calm down, let me through.
- Toño!

Bro, let me through.

- Was he shot?
- Yes, let me through.

- Yes, he was shot.
- Toño, look at me.

Please, come round!

I think it's on his right side.

He's still alive.

-Ok, ok, let's go.
-C'mon, c'mon.

Quick, please, quick.

Toño, it's OK, Toño.

- The cell phone, pick it up.
- Toño!

Good evening, Mexican people.

Democracy makes progress in Mexico.

This Sunday we exercised
our voting right

with the simple,
yet significant, action

of going to the voting booth

and place our vote in
the ballot box,

confirming our desire
to live in a country

of rights and liberties,

of plurality and democracy.

Some people tried
to wrong the election.

In the past few days

they even participated
in violent acts

trying to dishearten
the population.

However, despite all that

this Sunday,
millions of Mexicans went to vote.

Convinced that democracy

is the best path for Mexico.

Thank you very much.

I bring you
all the news and photographs

of this bloody electoral day
here in Tlapa.

I have all the information
of this clash in Tlapa!

There are deaths,
injured and detained persons!

One dead riddled
with bullets yesterday night!

Several injured and 16 detained.
We have the names and the photographs.

See the preliminary results
of yesterday's election!

16 deaths in the community police!

This criminal groups
of community police faced off

and 16 community policemen died.


Yes, let's go.

But that doesn't mean
they won't kill us.

Bad guys come out
whenever they want.

Yes, we've been out of town often

in lots of meetings in Mexico City.

But still nothing, uncle.

No, I don't know
what they did

to those people.

Yes, it's been more
than a year.

They must think it's over.

They've solved their problem.

Don't mention Aguas Blancas.

That was Figueroa's deed.

You can mention any ...

Anything but Aguas Blancas.

And as if nothing happened, uncle.

I hope they're brought
to justice one day

for what they did.

No, we have already rebel.

We've grown.

I feel nostalgia, sadness and rage ...

I have mixed up feelings.

Because he didn't died
because of a personal cause.

He died for a social cause.

Toño was always there

willing to convey
a message to the people,

a message of what was wrong
in this country.

Unmasking all the lies that

the political parties
tell us each election.

He paid with his life for it.

Toño always said, "what will
happen after the 7th, who will die?"

Toño always liked to organize,
to tell people what to do.

Police noticed that.

Maybe it wasn't his intention but
unconsciously he sacrificed himself.



From now on

if you want to honor his memory

if you want to remember

comrade Antonio

I don't want you to ask ...

... for a moment
of silence in mourning.

He would've wanted a war cry

that lasts an eternity.

Long live commander Toño.

Your death shall be avenged.

And who shall avenge it?

The organized people.

Fight, fight, don't stop fighting

for a popular government,
for workers and farmers.

The UN Committee
on Enforced Disappearances

issued precautionary measures

to the search group
of disappeared persons.

So we don't move without
police security.

It's an agreement, they must be here.

It's 10:27
and officers haven't arrived.

It's dangerous out there.

We've been threatened.

"Stop searching.
Just drop it."

"We're gonna kill another relative."

I have a photo of a guy who
warned me to cut it out.

"The boss is telling you to stop."

"Or else we're gonna
take you down."

And I replied,

"Tell your boss I'm just looking
for my brother."

"I'm not looking for those
who did it."

"I don't care about them."

"I just want my brother back."


- Mario?
- How are you, sir?

Look, they answered already.

I don't think
they'd come Mario.

You should've told me on Wednesday.

I called you to know ...

whether the police officers
would join us or not.

Who did you call?

I called you, on the phone.

I'm sorry Mario, but you didn't.

I mean ...

Did we talk on Wednesday?

Wednesday or Tuesday,
I asked for security.

You said it had been arranged.

But that was long ago.

It was last week Mario.

It was this week,
my phone registered it.

No. I didn't get any calls, Mario.

Ok, no problem.

– Yes, there is a problem,
we're already here!

If someone had let me know

I would've gotten in
touch with you.

Yeah, because, well...

At council meeting we'll report
government blunders,

because you promised
to provide security

but you haven't delivered.

Mario, don't go
without security, please.

Ok, I won't.

11 am and we're informed
they won't come.

No, not without security.

they say there won't be security.

We don't go because
there's no security

and something could
happen to us.

The day something happens to us

we'll be really fucked.

There are bodies in that cave

and they'll remain there.

If one of us gets killed,

that person won't be
here next Sunday.

Mrs. Pera.

- Don't give up.
- No, Mario, we won't.

We're here.

Keep on looking for your relatives.

I was going to Mexico City
tomorrow anyway.

- Bye, Mario.
- Take care.

-See you.
-Have a nice day.

The government excuse is that...


Down with the bad government!

Long live FUSDEG!

Long live!

We have to fight.

We're not confronting.
There's no violence.

Just to the U-turn and that's it.

We're not asking for anything else.

You can go through,
but unarmed.

As any citizen
can go through, unarmed.

- Wherever you wanna go.
- Yeah, but ...

There's an agreement with
the federal government.

Not state, but the federal government.

FUSDEG has free transit
in its territories.

State police,
you're also part of the people.

You also suffer.

You should be on the people's side.

Police officers,
you're also part of the people.

It's outrageous
with all due respect,

that you come as State's negotiator

and knowing we were coming

you didn't place your
checkpoint ahead.

I understand you're worried

we might enter Chilpancingo.

But then go to Chilpancingo's limits.

You're invading Petaquillas.

They want to provoke us.

To come and hit us later
and blame us for it.

That's the way your boss operates.

That truck you put there...

Put it at Parador del Marqués.

This is our territory!

On January 11th my husband was killed.

Where were you then?

With the criminals.

You don't protect anyone.

The government does nothing but evil.

They never do any good
for the people.

We're all working so
that you can eat.

Sowing corn, sowing beans...

Corrupt government!



- They... What's that called?
- Incinerate him.

They incinerate him.
Then apparently they ...

enter a furnace at more
than 100 degrees

and it's a closed space.

And after three or four hours burning

they put the remains
in a crushing machine.

- Grinder.
- A grinding process.

So just imagine.


Time's up!

Today, reality is that due to

and social net in Mexico,

there are no conditions
for every state

to take responsibility
of its disappearances.

That is to say, most disappearances

have been perpetrated
by organized crime

due to this national decomposition.

If we don't walk

having in mind the country's context,

we're going round in circles.

The parents of
the Ayotzinapa students are here.

Can we give them the floor?

Good evening.

Ladies and gentlemen.

We are the parents
of the 43 students

who are missing today.

We've been going
to a lot of places

asking for your support
and for you to join us

to demand from this government

that they return our children.

Because there's evidence

that the local,
state and federal police

were involved in this incident.

We have a national network.

It's made up of over
30 organizations.

Let's talk outside.

My son changed my life because ...

when you have such a responsibility

you take things more seriously.

This fight, this resistance,
to reject the establishment ...

It's all for him
and the other children.

We want to leave them a better world.

With this situation in our country,

you have a conscious
about the state of things ...

It's very difficult for me
to turn the other way.

Many citizens are discontented.

That explains
the state terrorism policy.

With the fear
and punches they infringe on us ...

They somehow stop us.

All these things that

the ruling class
is trying to impose ...

It's going to result
in a very big social clash.

Here in Guerrero,
there is a long tradition of that.

And it will culminate in
lots of bloodshed, lots of deaths.

Common people are
the ones getting killed.

We come out searching.

I went to Cocula on Saturday.

There's information about
the burning of four students.

Have you heard of it?

Way before the landfill.

This is next to the Cocula landfill.

Next to it?

That's the ash left

when the government
found the bones.

Here it's true,
not as in the landfill version.


I even have some bones
that I picked up there.

This is ash.
It's best if you don't touch them.

These are just bone fragments.

They're burned bones.

We got there.

We put them on that rock.

Where is the work?

Their protocols
of not leaving anything?

They're tiny.

It was a huge bonfire.

People say the flames roared.

They could be seen
from the distance,

but weren't big enogh
to burn everyone.

Not everyone was burned.

Remember that.
Not everyone was burned.

They talk about only four students.

I'm looking for my brother.

I'm not looking for

your relatives.

I look for mine and in searching

I find a lot of people.

Maths don't lie.

If you find eight people
in seven years,

and 13 people go missing every day,

as society,
we're doing something wrong.

Why don't we think about
national unification?

You're requesting for it.

And we already have it.

I told Mario when we met,

"You don't need to walk
seven years ..."

"... the way I did."

"Tell me what you can
use from me."

"Ask me anything I can help you with."

"And I'll help you."

It's the ones whose
chairs are empty.

I'm missing half my family.

And my house isn't a home anymore.

The moment they disappeared ...

I never came back.

Because it's just an empty house.

My house is experiencing disaster.

And if I come back,

I'll come back in defeat.

Because we grieve
for our disappeared relatives.

We miss them. We get home ...

and feel broken again.

So do we.

I don't mind dying.

I'm not afraid. I think...

living the way I live.

- I don't give a fuck about dying.
- It's not about dying.

- I mean in case it comes to that.
- It's not about dying.

But yeah, we gotta fight first.

I'm not interested in dying.

They have tried to kill me twice.

Put it there.

- Alcohol.
- Alcohol?

Yes, alcohol. Take it.

Alcohol, painkillers,
here's the box.

Here, you can tie it up.

Carry it like this.

I don't think I'm ready for war.

It's not the time for

a group of armed guys
to do something.

If an armed conflict started

the government would have
the perfect excuse to kill us all.

Here in Guerrero's high mountains

we believe
and dream for a better world.

In a world of peace and fraternity.

A world of justice –
there can't be peace without justice.

We fight and dream for that world.

A world of fraternity.

Make sure you turn off
your cell phones,

radio communication devices,
or any other gadget

which may distract the speakers.

My name's Mario Vergara Hernández.

My brother is kidnapped.

And I've been told

to use these spaces

where society is getting an education.

We've met the Attorney General,

senators, representatives,

and all they do is listen to us.

But this is a huge problem.

I think the government won't solve it.

Society must solve it.

When I come to Mexico City,

my mom gives me lots
of recommendations.

If they ask for the time,
don't answer.

If they greet you, don't answer.

And ...

We come here with lots of fears.

It's said there are over
30,000 missing people.

Multiply that for

four children in that family.

It's lots of thousands.

Those children are growing
with hatred.

They're growing with a grudge.

When multiplying

the tens of thousands
by four children.

Imagine the number of people
we'll have tomorrow

filled with hatred.

Do you know who are
those who kill?

Those without feelings?

It's those who grew with hatred.

When the parents of the 43

found five mass graves,

with 30 bodies.

I went there two months later.

The stench was unbearable.


I cried there.

Because it was...

a kidnapping camp.

I hear the words the 43 shout.

Alive they took them!
Alive we want them!

And I get goosebumps.

But if you go to the hills ...

where I live,

there's lots of buried people.

So I think ...

those words are meaningless
in my hometown.

This goes on.

And it will go on.

Because our society
is indifferent.

But if we start working,

maybe tomorrow

perhaps in 20 or 30 years

things will get better.

But if we cover our eyes

as my mom suggests,

don't greet, don't answer,
don't look.

Don't intervene when
someone's being beaten.

This will continue happening
and growing.

Genaro Vázquez Rojas,

Your death was not in vain,

The rifle you left
we carry it with us


Fascist government
that kills students!

Fascist government
that kills students!

Now it turns out
the historic truth,

presented by Murillo Karam,

is just another hypothesis.

It's clear

they don't know
how to clean their mess.

27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 ...

34, 35, 36, 37 ...

38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 ...


Alive they took them,
alive we want them back.

Alive they took them,
alive we want them back.