Guerra de Likes (2021) - full transcript

We have tons of work,

I haven't had such
a crazy case in years.

emotionally unstable...

And this one,
public disorder, contempt

and psychopath
with homicidal tendencies.

I promised my wife I'd be early
to watch the end of the soap opera.

Finally "Mr. Police Officer"
is willing to enter here!

Maybe you don't know who I am,
but with one tweet, in two seconds.

this torture will be published
in all the newspapers in the country.

As soon as I get my phone back,
I'm going to post a review on you

and in two seconds
they'll shut this pigpen down!




It's my birthday!

Happy birthday Cecy!


do you have some
sanitizing wipes or something?

This table is full of buggers.

I'm getting sick just looking at it.

I'm talking to you...

Is it real you treat people
like this?

You hurt me Mexico.

AGE: 37



Enough! Wait!

As you can see, this party
is completely out of control,

and the house of the influencer
Cecy Diaz is on fire...

Well, as you can see,
this is how Cecy Diaz,

one of the most beloved
influencers in this country,

ends up confronting Raquel Gamez
in social media.

What started as a social media

transcended from the virtual world
to the real world.


Listen lady, let's make this quick.
I need you to cooperate.

I want to know exactly
what happened.

From the beginning?

I'm afraid so, from the beginning.

- Want to know the truth?
- That's why we' re here.

Raquel Gamez ruined my life.

Cecy Diaz ruined my life.

- She's a climber.
- A fickle.

- An imposter.
- An arrogant.

- A gold-digger.
- A fake.

- A pyromaniac.
- A hypocrite.

- A two-faced!
- Stop!

It all started in high school.

When personal
relationships were analog,

but nevertheless complicated...

We were in the typical "mirrey" rich kid party
way before the term was even invented.

By all means boring as hell.

In high school, there's always a pretty
girl who gets along with everyone,

and that girl, clearly was not me.


I was the nerd in a school full
of privileged, wealthy, douchebag kids

who did what they want
with their daddy's credit card.

Have you ever felt alone even though
you are surrounded by people?

Not me.

Everyone loved me.

Hey Cecy! You're the newcomer,
so bottoms up!

- It's tradition.
- OK...

Don't even think of drinking this!
You put a pill in here, don't lie.

- Stop talking nonsense!
- Really? Well, then you drink it!

- No, I won't stoop down.
- You're a real man, aren't you?

Dude... my highlights!

- Now you're laughing!
- Look, she fell!

Pool party!

- You are new in town, right?
- Yes I just moved last month.

I'm a rookie,
I've got a scholarship, so...

- Don't say that here...
- What? That I have a scholarship?

I mean it.

Everyone sees what you pretend
to be, few see who you are.

Wow... then I declare myself
a total disaster.

- What?
- We talked for hours.

- Obviously Phoebe is the best!
- No, no! What did you say?

Say "cool".

And I never thought I'd have so little
and yet so much in common

with someone like Cecy.

- I love this song.
- And I love Miguel Bose. I love him.

I love him!

Stop the corniness and polaroids!

I don't care
what happened years ago.

I'd like to know why I'm arrested
when that pyromaniac

filled my house
with undesirable people.

I believe you...

The thing, is the officer
who arrested you, found you

with your hands around
Mss. Gamez's neck.

And you were saying:
"I'm gonna strangle you to death,

you damn bitch, slut, vampire..."


That's impossible.
Because I'm a lady, detective...

What is this?

Damn you fucking bitch!

Fucking bitch, slut...

There you go.
I never said "vampire..."

Oh, my God... I need a macchiato.

Bring two macchiatos.

Yes, detective.

But... What is a macchiato?

- Two black coffees please.
- The service sucks.

You were saying
you were best friends?


We were like
fries and ketchup.

Well yes,
we used to be friends.

- Like Gloria Trevi's song?
- Just a little...

- Inseparable!
- Yes... at the beginning...

- That's strange, isn't it?
- We did everything together.

I never imagined having
a friend so different from me...

She told me to celebrate our birthdays
together. It would be the event of the year.

- With Raquel I could be myself.
- Finally, I felt I had...

A friend, yes...

A true friend.

Ready? Let's go!

I've never liked birthdays.

And I was thrilled like
a silly girl.

So we invited all our friends
and everyone was so happy to go.

And I thought I started to fit in.

You're invited!

Best party ever!

I'm sorry...

So I waited...

...and waited...

and waited....

And overnight,
without any explanation,

she stopped talking to me.


My friendship with Raquel
diminished my popularity.

They found out
she had a scholarship.

She was a nerd.

Besides I didn't want to
celebrate my Birthday on her roof.

Cecy Diaz
erased me from her life.

We have been here all night.
It's already dawn.

Can you tell me what does this
have to do with your case?

What? It has everything
to do with it!

I was not good enough
for her, right?

And I started feeling
betrayed and used...

and that's when I started
to be lonely and invisible.


Look how handsome
is Miguel Bose...

I like you.

Fortunately, since high school
things got a lot better...

Well not a lot better,
really almost the same...

I'm sorry, Sr.!

Or worse.

I was working for four years
in the coolest add agency in town.

The Hive...

I was still invisible,
and still could not fit in.

I'm sorry, sorry ,sorry.

I was a little late
because I had an accident.

But I brought donuts for everyone.
They're super tasty!

- Here.
- No! How come you bring donuts?

we are all on a diet...

We're gluten free here.


Your coffee,
one sugar, and...

- Milk cloud.
- Right, Flavio.

Thanks Raquelito.
And please, call me "Fly".

Yes, Fly, I'm sorry...

Well, then I see this design "flat".
I don't know if it's the color.

I'll hear your proposals.

Flavio, Fly... I'm sorry...
May I interrupt you? I'm sorry...

Remember we've talked about
this campaign a few months back?

Before... Anyway...

I was working last night and...

If it's a Mexican campaign,
and a Mexican brand

that is selling abroad,
I think we can sell our identity

as Mexicans, right? I used some
"Mexican pink" because...


These are very beautiful
cardboards... but no...

I mean, thanks and all, but...
What is this? Poo...

Because nowadays
everything is di-gi-tal.

Digital Raquelito.
How many trees are in there?



No Raquelito.
You can't do things like this.

This is the reason I was the one
who was promoted. MOI.

Because I know social media.

Social media
no longer needs to be viral.

They need to be... in...

- Immersive?
- Right, thanks Julio.

For example... all of us...

are brands...

You are a brand, and you!

You with your hair...

Or you Julio! I saw your stories
with your girl in Acapulco.

She's hot, by the way...
Well, that's your brand.

She's my mom.

Oh ok, ok son...

Or you, that you sell...

But... I'm a brand! I'm Fly!

And that's why
that the Hive Challenge... get 10,000 followers
in each of your social media.

It sounds like a lot, but... It's easy.

Show your boobs a bit more on your pics.
Or you could show your mum...

is that clear?

And whoever doesn't get them...

...leave this hive... OK?

- Sorry. Come, come...
- What?

- I'm gonna get fired.
- What? Why?

Because Flavio has gone crazy

And he wants me to get
10,000 followers as if they grow on trees.

Why don't you call the agency
who's looking for you?

- It's an escort agency.
- Oh, yeah...


Haven't you seen if someone
grabbed my quesadillas?

No. But you can grab my quesadilla
anytime you want, cutie...

- Really?
- What?

I tell you I'm gonna get fired
and you don't care.

- I do care!
- Well, I don't!

Let them fire me,
I'll be happy and I don't care.

Yeah, sure! That's why you brought
donuts for everyone.

You need to digitalize.

I'm not digitalizing
or modernizing myself...

This is why everyone
is so unhappy.

No one is with anyone, and everyone
pretends to be someone they are not.

You know why they call them
social network? Because they trap you.

- Chill out, little fish.
- What?

Oh... your quesadillas
are gone?

But you can taste my donut
if you want.

Melissa always made those
kinda comments

and nobody reported her
to HR office because,

Well, she was Human Resources.
Besides my roommate.

You're so awkward,
you know that?

Why? Try it, it's good.

Sexting, texting, ghosting,
a thing that is called catfishing...

and here we go again,
what fishing means, to catch a fish.

And this is because
you get trapped by social media.

It's your personality,
it's your way...

- You know where I can find Mr. Fly?
- Who?

He hired me to be copy
for some accounts.

Oh oh...copy,
she'll be your boss.

He saw my boomerang,
and thought my meme was hilarious.

- What's that?
- A meme!

- Melissa will help you.
- She's so vintage...

- I'll record you!
- Don't!

I can't stop watching it...
I can't.

- I can't stop watching...
- Stop making fun of me?

People are bullying other people
and they're measuring...

It's like if you compare your penis...

I did not follow you, that's weird.

It's worse than I thought...

- Four pictures and with your cat?
- So what?

You know what you have to do?
Show some skin...

- You don't have much, but anyway.
- My thing is face-to-face.

- Face-to-face with your cat.
- Yes, with my cat.

His name is "Señor Gato"
and he's the only person I like.

He's not a person...

These are good tacos...

Let's cover our ears!
Come on!

Oh no... It looks like I have
a stomach ache...


So let's see the pictures?
Yeah, let's see them!

Look, I don't look very well, right?
No, you look awesome...

- Are you talking again with the cat?
- No, I'm not talking with the cat.

What about the taco man?
Is he back at his stand?

He has a spectacular sausage.

Why do I ask you that?

What are you doing?
Are you making your profile?

- It's not your business!
- Finally! I'll help you!

- I don't want you to help me...
- Let's see.

I don't need any help.

No... wrong, wrong, wrong.

- What's wrong?
- "It's complicated."

Why do you put it's complicated?
Stop telling lies.

I don't have my degree... What's that?
"Communication strategist"?

I'm a junior creative.

No... at 35 you're not
a junior anymore.

Don't be rude then...

That's it! I just need
to link your contacts...

And... ready! Let's see...

Patricio Solis?
The office janitor?

- Yes, what's the matter?
- I'm adding him as a friend too.

Cecy Diaz?

- What...? What is it?
- Do you know Cecy Diaz?

Yes, since high school,
but she's not my friend.

Wait, she is the biggest influencer
in lifestyle and beauty.

And her husband...
He's spectacular, I would lick his...

- We are not going to get her into this.
- Why not?

- Because...
- Come on!

3.9 million followers?

Yes, well almost four but...

There are people
who do gardening, embroidery...

But I like to cultivate my precious
presence in social media.

Good morning Cecy family!

This is what you need.

You're so stubborn!

I told you no! That woman represents
everything I hate about social media.

Oh, so you have been checking
her social media.

Can we go please?
We're already late.

- Just a little...
- No!

- Why?
- Don't be stubborn.

Why not? Add her!

- I don't want to...
- What can you lose?

- My dignity...
- What dignity?

She owes you! She caused you
a trauma in high school.

It's not a trauma...
Don't exaggerate...

Think this could be her way
to compensate you.

Compensate me? Look, we were friends,
and it was really cool.

But then it was not cool anymore,
so I don't want to...

I'm not interested
in interacting with her.

That's what social media is for.

So you don't have to interact with her,
just in the virtual world...

OK... virtual... hold on to this...


Oh... What have I done?
I'm sorry! I just pressed "follow".


- I love Nature.
- No! You can't have...

The Venice canals
Coffee shops in Paris.

Hurry up!

I love my life.

I hate my life.

Come here!
I'm talking to you!

- How are you, honey?
- Fine!


- What is this?
- I'm putting a tie on you...

- What are you doing?
- Ivan, come on!

I don't like ties.

Come on, Ivan please,
just for the photo!

Who's that man?

- She's Angela Merkel.
- It's spectacular.

The German chancellor.

Paola, couldn't you make
something nice?

A rainbow? A flower?
Remember, to be a princess

you must think as a princess.

Please Mom, stop it
with your feminine stereotypes

Ok... It's fine. Please,
lift up the plate so it looks nicer.

Thanks, Dad.

- Honey, I have to go.
- And the photo?

Honey, there a lot of more
important things in life

that the tie matches the strawberry
marmalade. I'm leaving, bye...

Remember you promised to go
to my school to talk about your work.

- Claudia! Please get out of photo!
- Of course I remember, darling.

- Thanks Dad!
- I love you!

Got it!

- Damn... You got away with it...
- You can go now.

Darling, and these school
talks, are only for fathers?

Well, no... there are some
mothers coming, but...

Only those who work, so...

I know you make
a lot of money and all, but...

Really what do you do?
Take cookie pictures.

- You put chayote in the juice.
- No.

You did!

- Just a little...
- Well, please change it?

"Nothing better
than a family breakfast".

"So cute".

"Cecy, we have to meet soon".

"New notification"

Raquel Gamez!

Hey, please don't take this one.

Yes, well... No.

It's her... she added me...


- I don't want to answer...
- The Hive!

No shit! Help me,
she's calling me.

Who calls on Facebook?
What should I say?

- "Hi Cecy".
- I don't want to!

What should I do?
Please tell me! No, don't!



Raquel Gamez?

- Hello Cecy.
- Tell me everything.

We haven't seen each other in ages!
Do you have kids? Did you get married?

Why "It's complicated"?

Well it's complicated, because
there are thousands of prospects.

Thousands of men everywhere,
but I'm not a slut...

Sort of... European style.

I get it... I'm super single...

Well, there are ways to see life...

It's great you accepted
my friendship. I'm glad...

Hey! I'm looking at your profile,
you work in The Hive!

Yes, I work in The Hive,
is super top!

Do you handle any luxury brands?
Jewels, watches, champagne?

Do I handle a brand?

I work with the CEO!

I would love to see you!

Wouldn't you like
to come to my house?

If I go to your house?

Eh... no, no...

Well, no, no...
I'm too--

Hello? Cecy?


I'm Melissa,
Ra's assistant... I mean, Raquel.

We are checking her schedule.
Give me a second. Yeah...

Yes, she's available!
She'll love it. I already scheduled it!

So we are settled then!
Cecy, right? Kisses! Bye-bye!

- I'm about to slap you!
- One photo with Cecy Diaz,

you'll get your 10,000 followers
and you won't lose your job.

You owe me one...

Make this face.

You look so pretty!

Stop having
an orgasm in my ear.

I'm not. It's clear you don't know
what an orgasm is.

Hello, good morning...

- There's no photoshoot today, girl.
- No, I didn't come for a photo.

Are you from the catalog?
that's with Rosita the next door.

- Are you a Jehovah's witness?
- Sorry?

Yes! You look INEGI type!

- I have an appointment with Cecy...
- With Mrs. Cecilia, you mean...

We are longtime friends...

You look like the gas lady...
Please my love, check her bag

- My bag?
- It's just a routine.


How are you?

It's great to see you again!
What are you doing here?

We settled
the 9th at 10 AM, right?

The 10th at 9 AM.
So distracted!

My assistant.
She spaces out so often.

Don't worry. The thing is
I have brunch with the girls today.

- I can comeback another day...
- No way... you're staying.

No, it's not necessary

Please, get the swimsuit,
the orange one, the big one.

A swimsuit?
I hardly wear swimsuits.

I haven't used it
since I was pregnant. Come.

I'll introduce you to my friends...

They're so nice!


- 15,000? No way!
- Yeah! I don't get it!

How are you?

- Why 15,000?
- I don't know! It's like a formula.

- Always my abs pictures have...
- I'll steal a donut.

Go ahead. They're made by my baker,
paleo, gluten free, vegan, delicious.

And the cherry tomatoes
are fertilizer free.

Girls! She's Rache!
We are friends from high school.

They are Bianca
and Ana Karen, my friends.

Hello. And she just showed up
again in your life?

Yes! I'm so happy
this is so cool.

Yay! Sure!
That's cool!

- She's the creative director at The Hive.
- Really?

And now she'll help me to plan the cover
of the first number of No Filter.

Wow! No, shut up!

Did you get the cover?
Not Mirna?

Who is Mirna?
Who is she? Who knows her?

No Filter, you said?

No Filter... The new 360 platform
from Zarina Clark.

- Yes!
- Biggest event ever!

The event of the year...

We get so much work
that I get mixed up...

Of course you are
the creative director.

- Well, not exactly...
- My friend, you have to help me...

Please help her...

Actually, I'm going
to take a leak fast...

I'm having a urinary urgency...

Who says "I have a urinary urgency",
for Christ's sake?

Keep screwing things up, Raquel.

I'm sorry!

Who are you?

Your mum told me... Cecy's your mum,
right? She told me I could...

- I'm a friend of hers...
- You're not her friend.

You're not an influencer.

You'd be surprised,
but I have my audience...

Is not an offense!

I don't know,
you look cool.

Ah, you think so?

Anyway, don't be fooled
by appearances.

Right... and that's
the only thing my mom cares.

Appearances. Her looks...
like her pictures and social media...

It's just like I say,
social networks...

- They trap you!
- Exactly!

What's going on? Paola!
What are you doing? Are you crazy?

- I want Megan Rapinoe's look!
- Who?

- She's cool!
- We're in the middle of a photo shoot!

God forbid the internet survives a minute
without a picture from Cecy Diaz!

See? I'm adopted...

To your room!

I'm sorry, would you mind?


Get ready for the picture!

Fix my caftan so it looks nice.

- Okay.
- And get Fashion.


I'll tag you all!

One photo with Cecy Diaz,
and you'll get your 10,000 followers.

To the center madam... that's it...

Looking to the horizon!

Back there looking to the sky...

Look! Look at this!

I don't see anything... Come!

Look at these girls,
they're so intimidating!

- Where are you?
- There!

And I don't like it,
I don't belong there...

Look into her Instagram...
Trips to Tulum,

VIP concerts...F1...
Nothing to do with me.

Don't worry.
That's why Photoshop was invented.

- I won't lie!
- We'll fix it now, don't worry.

Julio! Come...

Don't be afraid, come in.

I need you to retouch
some pictures.

Yes, ma'am.

I hate when
he calls me ma'am.

- Have you been in Acapulco?
- Yes, so?

- Have you been to Paris?
- Yes, we went in middle school

to the philosophy Olympics.

- And where else have you been?
- Tepeji.

Okay, so we change it
for "Tuscany".

Look, it worked!

Cecy liked a photo and
two unknown people follow me.

Wow...very good!

Now I have six.

- You are tremendous!
- I'm, right?


Ivan, I'm so happy with these creams
they sent from France.

They are really impressive.

I'll make a video to thank them,
can you record me?

- Nah.
- That's rude!

At least a picture, come on.
Ivan, don't be like that!

I'll post you gargling!

Please don't show Mexico
and the world our intimacy.

You married an influencer,

Do you want me to cooperate?
Let's make a kinky video...

Those that work in that shallow
an empty world of yours.

I don't live in a shallow
and empty world.

You don't? And what do you call
being glued to your cell phone?

It's my work-tool.

It's not a good example
for your daughter.

You're saying this because
of feminism? It's just a phase!

That's a problem,
and it's called addiction.

- I don't have an addiction.
- How come?

I know you have many followers,
but you don't have one friend.

- I have lots of friends...
-You do? Name them.

- Well...
- Not an acquaintance, a friend...

- Bianca is my friend...
- Sure! Come on...

- Ana Karen is my friend!
- Ana Karen! What's her last name?

You don't have any friends.

Because you live
in your world of illusions.

You're such a dick Ivan!
And all because I asked for a video.

I invite you to "Pujol".

She invited me to one
of the finest restaurants,

not only in Mexico,
but in the world.

Have you been here before?

Yes, I love it.

Yeah! I love it too!

- Hi, Cecy.
- Juan Carlos, so good to see you!

You look so cute!
I'll call you later!

Marianita, so glad to see you!

Raymundo, how are you?
See you in a bit!

Who is that and
why did she call you Raymundo?

You burst into your friend's life
to take advantage of her.

- You're exaggerating...
- Yes or no?

Well, she owed me!
And by that time the only thing

I wanted was a picture.
After that everything went out of control.

It has mayonnaise
and "chicatana" ants, delicious!

It has ants!

- Delicious, right?
- I love it!


- How old is the mole?
- 2033 days...

Spectacular, isn't it?

I was surprised by the ants...

- How are you Enrique!
- You're very welcome.

- Hi, how are you?
- Raquel, nice to meet you.

- I hope everything was perfect.
- It was delicious.

For dessert:
corn cake & vanilla ice cream.

Let's take a picture?
I'm such a big fan.

- OK.
- Right! take it?

I was just about to be immortalized
with the most famous chef of the world.


That doesn't match in any way
with Mrs. Diaz's statement.

If you could let me finish...
I said "I was about".

The trouble we would have
saved ourselves.

One, two...

- Done! Thanks Enrique!
- Enjoy your meal.

I look fat!
I'm going to delete it.

- Oh no! Why? Let's take another.
- I deleted it.

- Take another one!
- I'll call him.


Oh no! Let's go...
That's Mirna, a social climber!

She only wants a photo with me
to get more followers.

That's awful that people
do that... Right?

Yes, well... Come on

Stand right behind me, she won't see you.
Because nobody ever sees me.

But if you walk like that maybe
it draws more attention.

- Oh, I think she just saw me...
- Let's go!


- She saw us.
- What's going on?

I'll invite some Mezcales.
But we have to... run!


"Toques" one, two, three...
take one!

One, two, ready!

Hang on... Are you feeling it?

- What the hell?
- One more?

I never ever...


Some friends of a friend...

One that starts with an "A"
and ends with "na Karen"

And one that starts with a "B"
and ends with "Ianca..."

No shit! I thought
they were your friends!

Rache, they are not my friends.

They look like your friends,
but they're hags.

I'm leaving them...

Don't leave your husband,
he seems very cool...

I don't know him very well,
but he seems nice...

These, they're bad for me...

- What?
- All this shallowness, in social media...

- Are you shitting me? Serious?
- I'm leaving them...

I never lived glued
to this anyway.

I think it's important, it's good for you...
It makes you...

Maybe I can help you find something...
But you're right. And I admire you...

No, I better help you
find something...

Let's open a profile in a match making
app to find men.

Give me... You need it...

I don't need it...
I can be alone fine too.

First we're going
to take your picture.

There you go... see?
You don't help yourself.

- This picture...
- Please don't post it!

We upload it...

Umm...this one!

I never, ever...

...have I ever peed myself
on the street...

I never, have I ever, ever...

No shit... no shit....

I never, have I ever seen
Miguel Bose live...

No, no, no, no not live...
I mean in person.

Seriously! He's behind you...
Please turn around, please...

- Miguel?
- No, not that one! Behind you!

It's HIM!!!

Okay...I'm gonna go.

- Hello, hi... Hi, Miguel Bose...
- Hi.

We are your biggest fans since...

Since forever
And my dream has always been

to dance with you "Como un lobo"

It's done!

Oh no!
This is the best day of my life!

No way!
It's out of focus!

I love you Miguel!

Let's go
to one of your bars...

- Do you want to go to the Condesa?
- No not the Condesa.

Office geek bars.
Fuck shit!

- Police on our back, Raquel.
- No shit!

If that cop stops us, and sees
that I'm drunk, my life's over...

Pull over to the side.

No shit!

- Raquel he's going to put me in jail...
- No, he won't!

All right... let's change places...



I can't...

I can't take my leg out...

I can't either!

He's coming, hurry!

- Papers please...
- I'm sorry...

I had a hair in my mouth.

It's been so long since
I had a good time...

With Raquel
I had nothing in common.

We were so different, but...

She was the person
with whom...

I could be myself.

I'm not denying that I had a good time,
but, super expensive.

20,000 pesos?

Don't be hard on me,
I have a triple hangover.

Why are you using my card?

I had to pay the fine with a credit card,
mine are over drawn.

Because living in Cecy's world
is super expensive.

And who forced me to do it?
You... so it's payed with your card.

I'll pay you later!

"You drunk"! Look!
Even the cat is ashamed of you.


Patricio Solis!

Welcome! Good morning.

He obeys me in everything!

And you couldn't take
a picture with Cecy?

Well it's not that easy.

You downloaded Pinder?

You gave into technology!

No, no, no...
give it to me...

- Yes... There you go.
- Will you hand it to me?

And there you go,
stupid Raquel

helping Cecy
in everything she wanted.

I even took her
to a Social Media detox.

Because her husband gave her
an ultimatum.

We are here...
to find our place in the world.

To heal our emotional gaps...

Leave your cell phones here...

and breathe...

One more...

This chair...
This chair symbols your fears...

Your deepest sorrows...
We have to face them...

- Talk.
- Me...

Hi chair...

A little varnish
would suit you well.

But I would like to ask
for forgiveness for...

not appreciating you...

And also, I want to ask for...

for dumping you
on our birthday and...

for telling everyone
you had a scholarship.

- Scholarship?
- What?

- Really? You had a scholarship?
- Unbelievable.

- Scholarship?
- What? Calm down for a sec?

You do have a problem.
Your being needs readjustment...

- Hope that incense clears you mind...
- Don't go!

I'll leave, thank you so much.
Renew your heart... this place... Maybe if you inject
yourselves the incense...

- How do I get out?
- Hold on!

No way! I'm leaving!

"Get close to the chair..."
"Talk to the chair".

What is this?!

Oh! I loved it!

Yes, I saw you...
I saw you right into it...

But thanks for the apology.

Why didn't you come
to the party?

I mean it was "our" party...

Because I was immature, silly...

Because I feared my "friends"
would stop talking me.

Having a scholarship is positive,
but we were young and dumb.

It really felt awful.

I know...

And for years
I thought I've ruined your life.

It brings such peace
knowing It's not true!

Look at you!
You rock Raquel!

Executive in The Hive...

Well it's not that...
a position...

Shall we take a selfie?

Yes, of course.
Yes, yes... but our phones...

Look! I got them
everyone had their eyes closed.

Yes, and this tech detox crap...
is done, right?

No, I shouldn't do it.

Well you know what?
A photo never hurt anyone...

This has to be done step by step.
To remember the moment...

Yes, and the place
is super nice...

- Look at this!
- Why?

Did she go without us?

Then, we all lie?

Well, yeah... we all lie.

OK. Nice to meet you.


- Raquelito!
- What's up, Flavio?

Please take Zeus. If he does not pee...
His balls get too sweaty.



This is what we need.
We need to digitalize ourselves.

Virtual, virtual.

Keep uploading
those fabulous pics.

I'll handle your numbers.

I never imagined having a friend
so different from me, but well...

Raquel was...

Raquel was somebody special...

I researched their last
editorial launches...

And they seem
to have ran out of ideas.

They use the same models, same pics
same color, same fashion... It's horrible!

- It seems like they don't care.
- Raquel!

Let me introduce you to Zarina.
She arrived early...


I'm a big fan of your work...

Thank you. Imagine how good it
would be if we really cared.

- Shall we start?
- Sure!

I meant...

Everything in the house
has the latest technology.

Everything is voice activated.


Come here.


No, wait...


And this is my favorite...


I'm not sure my readers would
like to see how you flush.

Honestly, I have made
a decision, my dear Cecy...

You get page 5.

No, Zarina...
I think you are making a mistake.

- It's okay.
- No, wait! She's wrong.

Zarina please, listen to us for a second...
We have some cool designs...

- Really...
- I know...They're nice.

I know you want No Filter to be
a boom in social media, right?

There's no one more influential
in social media than Cecy Diaz...

Imagine her almost
four million followers

plus, your followers in an app
I'm designing in augmented reality.

Enter the world of Cecy Diaz like
no one else has ever entered!


See, it's her own style, very authentic,
It has never been seen before...

So, you can move around the house,
but from another angle...

Seen as she sees it...

Congratulations Cecy.

We'll make an appointment
for the photo shoot

and I want more
of these virtual videos...

They are exquisite.

We are such a great team,
you know?

At the beginning, I thought
I've lost it...but then I recovered.

Sun, so nice...
Sun is life, do you feel it?

- Yes, totally...
- Madam... it's mask time.

The mask...

I must do a video for my channel.
Would you help me?

Me? Yes? Yes, I'll help you
more than happy...

- Let's record this...
- Am I well-dressed though?

Hold on, hold on...

3, 2...


Hi Cecy's Family how are you?
I'm very happy to be with you

Today I'm with a friend


She'll help me test this mask,

It basically...

measures the amount
of toxicity in your skin...

So if you eat fried tacos,
or drink 25 vodkas,

well your skin
will speak for you... Ready?

- Yes!
- Ok, let's see please lift your hair...

We are going to apply it...
that's it...

Oh! it's cold!
But it feels good...

And we are going to wait
a few minutes...

Don't worry... in editing
we'll make it short.

It feels like...

...little stings, like...

Are you sure it's all right?
Because it's itching...

Your face is red?

It says that if a person is "Toxic"
it will react wrongly...

- Toxic?
- Yes, that's right.

- What do you mean?
- Clau, I've never seen that reaction...

- It says that.
- It's really itching.

- Blow on it...
- Can I take it off?

- Blow?
- You must be toxic.

I'll take it off!
How Is it? What?

Ah, it hurts very much!

Blow on it!

- Oh, it's freezing!
- Are you OK?

Don't laugh!

It's still burning a lot!

You know what? I got you...

I got you.

I know the truth now...

- Cecy, it's not...
- No, no, no... don't say anything...

I already noticed.

I wanted to tell you
about my job but...

That's it!
You're destroying yourself.

I notice that you eat wrong...

You eat pure junk...

You know the amount of antibiotics
they add to chicken?

It's out of this world Raquel...
and that enters your body...

and reflects in your hormones
and your weight...

You are not ugly...

Behind all that...
There is a diamond in the rough...

And I'm polishing it...

Hi Vero! how are you?

- Welcome Mrs. Diaz, how are you?
- I'm fine, thanks.

She's Raquel Gamez, my friend.
She can come anytime.

Perfect, it's not necessary, don't worry.
I love your post with the pink dress...

- Thanks!
- You looked lovely!




How awful.
Let's see one...two...

I'm not sure to wear
all red, no?

No, I love it...

Hey I love this store!

Look at these. They're wonderful!
I love them!

They're divine!
Why don't you buy them?

Take a video, to give Ivan
"an idea" for my birthday...

One, two...

Ivan! I love these shoes...

If you don't buy them for my birthday.
I'll be forced to steal them...

Don't listen to her!
We're kidding!

Well thanks! Bye!

- Where do we go now?
- Shopping!

- Hi, how are you...
- Look who's just arrived! Cecy Diaz!

Let me introduce you.
She's Ingrid Duchamps, she's royalty.

- This is my friend...
- Raquel! I've seen you in every post now.

I'll wait for you down there ok?
Excuse me...

Photo, photo!

- Sorry...
- There is Mirna too...

You are Raquel, aren't you?

Yes, how do you know?

You're my replacement
in Cecy's Universe, dear...

Hi everyone,
I'm glad to see you all...

Oh! Mirna,
I didn't seen you...

- I'm fine.
- That looks very nice on you.

I wore the same one
last season.

The three of them posing together!

The photo of the year!

Look how Mirna is trying
to get her head in...

The truth is they both
look gorgeous.

I hope it doesn't turn into a brawl
on the red carpet.


Oh girl!

I never thought
I could like this...

My inner nerd was resisting,
but the glamazon...

...was taking control.

Hey Raquelito, let me snap a photo...

- Stay there...
- Don't be a fool!

There you go
Julio please, show her

your bees are doing
bug work.

Look, what do you think, shitty right?

Still too flat... it lacks depth...

Maybe, if we add moving particles,
and rotate the background.

You see this is what we need
in The Hive.

- Beautiful girls?
- No, idiot! Talented Bees!

- Okay?
- Something like that?

We are thinking of doing experiences
in "La Condesa" area.

I'd go where more where the influencers go
or you'll end up with office geeks.

- I spend all my time in "La Condesa".
- Me too.

See what I mean...

- Too many office geeks.
- Move your asses, back to work.

I was thinking of...

- ... giving you the Diame account.
- Well, nothing lower than Cartie.

- What?
- I'm kidding!

I'm super happy with Diame!

Well, don't get that exited,
prepare an event, with Cecy.

I want Cecy in the Diame event.

OK, sure...

Get me Cecy, if you get her,
you have an account...

- Yeah, sure.
- No Cecy, no account.


No, not for me thanks.

Who are you?
And, what did you do to my friend?

Don't overreact.

You dressed up as Cecy Diaz
to impress Flavio?

I did not dress up as her,
Cecy Diaz and I are friends.

- Best friends...we are like a team.
- A team? We are a team.

We are roomies, besties, cuties...

We are not lovers because
you don't want to... You're mine.

I'm not yours!
You are jealous, right?

- What?
- You're jealous!

Of course not!

Now you have the 10,000 followers,
what else do you want?

Cecy is my friend, you are judging her
too fast, she has feelings.

She's the best...
Look, look how cute she's here.

Raquel: Bestie would you come with me
to the Diame event next week?

Cecy: I'm in!

I knew my
social media addiction

was breaking up my family
and I had to stop.

- Cecy, why don't you answer?
- I promised Ivan I would limit my cell use.

What if you and I have
Mother-Daughter Day?

I got feeling you are doing this
to getaway,

to help to overcome your
social media addiction.

- Honey, how is soccer going?
- Super, Dad.

I have a match on Thursday,
in the afternoon.

- I want some more coffee.
- At 6 PM, if you can come?

Yes, I'll be there. How many goals
have you scored?

Like seven, I think.

All right my scorer!

- Very well!
- No, but I have to improve though...

Don't worry.

Well done, honey.

Claudia, could I have
more coffee please?

Of course, Sr.

You can't spend two minutes
without your cell, right?

It's not what it seems!
Look, look!

it has been off for hours check it,
look no updates...

It hasn't been updated...

You decide your followers
or your family. Your choice.

Done, I decided,
throw it in the pool I don't want it...

I won't look at it, You'll find it there
when you're back. I won't touch it all day.

Till tom... or tom... or... tomorrow...
In the morning.

The ugly thing about addictions,
is that you can't quit.

- True?
- Yes.

Yes... of course!

The husband got mad and left.

Listen, he left her...

No, I fixed that too,
I talked with her husband.

Look how beautifully the sunlight
hits the piano. Isn't it cool?

It works, it really works

You do your magic,
please feel at home,

whatever you need,
be careful with the carpet.

Wow... The gas girl...
My boss is doing a good job with you.

Claudis... I think
the light hits beautifully here too,

so maybe she sits here...

No but this is her good side,
she sits here like this. Casual.

Clau, what's going on?

I've been sending messages
Whats and IG...

and she's not answering...
It's been two days since her last story.

She's not feeling gorgeous.

- What?
- She's not feeling "divine".

Okay... You know what?
I'm going up.

No, no, no...
She won't want to see you.

Clau, please help me!
Somonte is here.

Somonte! I'll go with you.

Come on guys!
Cecy will be here soon!

What's wrong why aren't here?
Are you crazy?

Everybody's waiting for you.
I've told Lorena Saravia to wait for you.

Tendencies are super hot!

Mrs. Cecilia, are you available?

Hello bestie! How are you?
What's this?

Jour, rideaux!
Light, why is this not opening?

Because they're American.

Thanks Clau. What's up, girl?
Today's the shooting for the platform.

Why aren't you ready?
They're waiting for you downstairs.

I'm not doing them.

What? No. I think we will do them,
because everybody is waiting for you.

- We already organized it...
- No.

I had a fight with Ivan, he left.
I've been eating ice-cream,

and watching movies
the whole day.

Look, calm down,
a little ice cream has never hurt no one.

It's Keto, so who cares?

Let's see.

I talked to Ivan,
and he is coming.

Did you talk to him?

That's weird, I've been calling him,
his not picking up.

Girl, someone had to be in charge.
It's a very important day

You've been two days in bed.
In love with Tom Hanks 30 years younger.

Come on, get dressed!

- Photos!
- Photos!

I had to sort some things,
because they had run out of them.

But I got it! The last one.

- Thanks a lot.
- It was a pleasure!

So we were wondering
if you'd put it on for the pictures.

- Can I?
- Sure! That's the thing!

You have to look
like you really are!

- What's going on?
- I'll put it on for the photos.

Why don't you wear one of the
thousand beautiful dresses you have?

No, you know what?
Zarina wanted these pictures to be...

...more organic, more natural,
less traditional... Cooler!

What Zarina wanted?

Look, let's talk with Somonte
to see where we go.

I had told him you wanted
to be in the photo...

- It looks great like that, right? I think.
- Very well!

Can you please
move away from the frame?

I'm just checking it looks
really well close up.

My love!

No please, don't stand up!
The dress wrinkles...

Hey! What's up?

Fine! I'm glad you made it.
Thank you.

After all those messages?
And calls... I thought it was life or death.

That's enough.

- Hi...
- My love.

- Thank you for coming.
- You look pretty!

Do you want Ivan in that color,
or should we change something?

He's fine...

You know, this is the last time
I do this for you my love.

Can you smile a little more?

- Clau, out.
- Mom, so what!

Claudia, get out of my photo.

Can I see?
Don't erase it.

A serious look...

Don't raise your arm
It looks weird.

In that position.

I love it!

She looks just like Napoleon!

It's lopsided?

If you cross your arms,
it makes you look serious.

Bring me the dog, and you
go and have a coffee.

I'll be right back,
I'll bring you something.

Oh... not that face!

- I can't believe it!
- I swear, I swear...

Yes, she was up there!
Without a skirt...

She didn't how
to get on the zipline.

She didn't know
she was climbing?

No, I swear,
I have videos and everything.

Having a good time, aren't you?

We opened a bottle
of champagne to celebrate.

how well it went!
And how beautiful you were!

That Ivan came.

- Cheers!
- I'm going to miss you...


It's just that we've spent so much time together.
I'm going to miss all this...

Honey! What are you cooking?

The truffle pizza
with champignons that you love.

Yeah, but it's not like
we won't see each other anymore.

We have this event
on Friday, remember?

I do.

I'm so sorry
you can't stay for dinner.

- How come, why?
- She has a date, honey.

- Really?
- You're completely right, excuse me.

I've been here all day,
and you want to rest,

have dinner and be together...
Everything is fine, I'm leaving...

It'll be ready soon...

That Cecy is a real witch.

Silence during the interrogation!
Or I'll send you all to the pool!

Be quiet!
The gossip is getting good!

I sent hundreds of messages
of the Diame event,

she didn't reply to any,
as if I didn't exist.

Cecy: did you get the invite?
It's tomorrow at 6:00pm.

- Where's my favorite bee?
- Here!

- Tomorrow see you sharp. At the event.
- At the event.

Take the day off, take Cecy
where ever she wants to go. Choose one.

- This one.
- Nothing.

Try this one. Nothing.
What do you get? A hug from Fly.

How nice.

You've gone up!
What do I see there?

The black card
from the company, okay?

Take her to the Spa,
or lunch or whatever,

but I want you on time with Cecy
at the event!



- Everything!
- You cannot enter.


The special guests need
a four-digit code.

Remember Cecy Diaz said
I could come anytime I wanted?

But if you don't have
the four-digit code, you cannot enter.

The four-digit code is...

Nine, one, two, six.

No, you've gone up.

- Did I hit one?
- No.

- Raquel!
- Hi! How are you?

Hey! Great to see you!

- How's soccer?
- Cool!

The lady is trying to get in
with a fake code.

Not true!

Don't worry, she's with me.
Our code is 5,2,3,6.

You see?
I did hit one! Thanks Vero!

So we found out, that your beloved
friend from childhood

is only an assistant... she had to get


- That's why she used you...
- She used you!

- She deceived you
- Imagine...

...someone from your past,
suddenly reappears.

casually, on the moment
you're most famous.

For God's sake, open your eyes!

I opened the doors to my house and
she went all the way to kitchen!

She was my only friend...

- Thanks!
- I don't want to see her ever again.

Well, that's going to be complicated,
because she's very intense.



- Speaking of the donut devil.
- Hi! Good morning, how are you?


What if I treat you all
to a Spa day?

We'll have a great time!
I can't go. I have tennis with Paola.

I just saw her, actually.
Today is the event.

- Yes, yes...
- You aren't going to forget, are you?

No, specially if you remind me
all the time.

I'm sorry for being so persistent,
but it's a very special event for me

- and I get very nervous...
- I know.

- See you tonight then.
- Kisses to Paola, have a good time!

- Hey! Where is Cecy?
- She's coming...

- I don't see her.
- Where is she?

- She's on her way.
- How come on her way!

- I told you to come with her.
- She'll be here soon.

Alex! How are you?

- How's Cecy going?
- She's coming.

- She's coming, she's on her way!
- Are you sure about it?

- What time?
- What?

- What time?
- Yes...What time?

- Right now.
- French time? or Mexican time?

We are in Mexico.
Of course she's coming.

- Don't worry, she's coming.
- She's coming.

My wife dreams of a photo with her,
a selfie or something...

- And she's going to have it.
- Tonight.

Where are you? We're waiting for you.
What time are you getting here?

Where is she? Where is she?

Fly, don't panic. She's going to come,
everything's gonna be alright.

What did I tell you?

Look! Cecy Diaz, just
checked in on the other side of town.


My wife is going to kill me!

She's gonna kill me!
I'm not sure why I'm still alive!

Listen, it must be a mistake...

Help me, please.

Bestie, you never showed up.
Are you all right? Cecy?

I had no idea what was going on.
Cecy Diaz was ghosting me.


Ghosting me.
They stop answering.

Basically, is an educated way
to tell you to fuck off.

You started ghosting
Miss Raquel without any reason.

Well look, the truth is
I did what had to be done.



She defriended me.

What am I missing?

And I felt betrayed, humiliated,
I was invisible again.

But this time, I was not going
to let her do it.


#Spoiled girl


Cecy Diaz.
Is that Cecy Diaz?

Do I have monkeys
on my face, or what?

What a shame.

- Oh no, Cecy!
- What?

I'm going to have to steal them.

I'm going to have to steal them.

This was that lousy witch.

It was a joke!
It's obviously a joke! It's a joke!

It's a joke!

It's a joke.
Why would I steal some shoes?


- I told you Cecy is still super sick.
- Raquel!


I think she will be ok, I think she has mono
or something.

Mononeucleosis, really? she's posting
as if she's healthier than quinoa?

I said she hadn't posted anything new,
because she has tock posts,

you know how influencers are...

HA HA HA! With capital letters!
What stock?

Look! #YouAreOver!

- From where...?
- What?

It has a lot of views!

#Ridiculous #After25Vodkas #Disgusting
#Ignorant #CrazySeal #URToxic

- Why do they hate me so much?
- They really hate and detest her!

They hate the seal.

Fly it's just a video,
I think we can work it out...

Look, Raquel. The Hive is the # one
digital agency.

We can't afford to have
an employee with such pathetic stock.

Sorry, but I think
it's time for you to...

- No, Fly...
- Go pollinate somewhere else.

Yes, but...

Oh, I'm a bee!
Oh no I'm not a bee, I'm a seal!

I'm sorry, thank you for everything.
I'll solve the campaign with the interns.

They do it better. Come on girls!
How long have you been an intern?

- #Thecrazyseal #TheUsualHaters
- Of course I wasn't invisible anymore.

My followers started rising as foam.

But not the kind of followers
that anyone would want to have.

I hate you!

- Do you recognize this video?
- No.

- Was it you who published it?
- No, I don't know what you're talking about.

You didn't publish it in revenge
of the shoe episode?

No, probably
it was a Russian hacker.

Ah, nobody likes us Señor!

I do like you, because
I'm your Señor Gato.

Señor, come here...

Señor wait!

Señor, Señor!

Señor Gato!

Your friend was bullied,
humiliated in social media...

She lost her job...
Even her cat left her...

Señor Gato!

Señor Gato!

Oh... Lord!

And Señor Gato never returned.

- He didn't?
- He didn't.

But at that moment, I remembered
how I was in high school.

But this time
it was not going to be like that.

This time I was grabbing
the bull by the horns.

And so... the war started!

Hi, friend!

How are you? You look amazing!
Hi everyone!

Raquel, nice to see you,
but this is a donor only gala.

Yes! that's why I told them
I was coming with you!

How I could I not come with you.
I'm Raquel Gamez, hi.

As I was saying, this is a cause
I love to support...

Me too, because I love clean oceans,
who doesn't want clean oceans, right?

Yes. Well, my father was a scuba diver,
It was very important.

Actually my father was a fisherman!
He died in the ocean.

A big wave crashed on him.

I always carry an object
related to the ocean,

in this case,
these earrings with a pearl.

She has a pearl earring,
but I have it tattooed on my skin.

- It's actually a character...
- Sponge Bob Squarepants?

Yes, it is. Yes, I'll tell you more,
when my dad used to leave...

- Spongebob helped me...
- Raquel, I'm very sorry,

but you have
a big red stain on your dress.

- Where?
- On the back.

Red. Very big!

Thanks! Thanks, bestie!
I'll be back. Raquel Gamez with a Z.

I'll go check my dress...

It's because...


No, no, no!



Fashion, look!

Eat that chicken!

You'll shit everywhere.

Let's go!


Hello, good morning...
We are now in Celebrities and Pets.

Today we have a very special guest.
Cecy Diaz!

She's an iInfluencer.
But above all, an animal lover.

- What's your puppy's name?
- His name is Fashion.


Isn't it lovely?

You know what I love?

I love that he is always flawless.

Please tell us, is he your refuge?

Yes, I tell him, everything.
He's my best friend, my confident.

But what are you feeding
this lovely puppy?

He eats fruits, vegetables...

What did you give him?

What a shitter! Yuck!

- We'll see you the next show!
- Cecy, you have poop all over you.




I can't stand you!

You are single right?
No husband, No kids, No dog.

- You are 100% available.
- I'm willing to travel.

We like your content
your style very much.

- This video on the otter...
- We love it!

- The seal, you mean...
- Raquel!

Raquel Gamez.


She was
the love of my life.

- What?
- Our children...

I don't know him, really...

You can't be here, Sr...

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.

And our children?
When will you let me see them?

I don't know him.
I don't have any children...

And clearly. He wasn't
the love of my life...

No, no, no, Charlie.

No... That's all?

I lost all my flowers.

Crazy woman!

Damn witch! And you too!
You have to stop this!

Let's see, what does Cecilia Diaz
care for the most?

Well herself. Her perfect image,
her perfect house.


Our birthdays are soon
and she wanted to organize party.

She was going to invite
all of the Mexican high society.

You know what?

If she wants to play rough,
we'll play rough!

We'll make that party!

Julio! Little guy!

What's up my love?

Come my love,
we need you for a little bit.

Hi Julio, good morning.

Welcome. Little guy.

Not so little, eh?

Listen my love,
could you take out the...the



I found my soul mate!

- New event, Cecy Diaz's birthday
- This is exciting!

Inviting the pole dance union.

The circus syndicate...

What's your friend's name?
The fire eater from Viaducto.


- Some drag queens?
- Yeah some drags!

My friend... here she is.

One, two, three...

- It's done, it's done!
- Good!

I admit, the party
went out of my control.

Chapultepec's neighbors are complaining
because of a party

at famous influencer,
Cecy Diaz's house...

The neighbors
have blocked Reforma Ave.,

until authorities listen to them...

Good evening.

One drink for you...
and one for me.

Welcome Hunk...

Mmm Hunk!

Claudia... What is this?

We were waiting for you!
Madam... Let's go to the party!

Hold this.

The party!

Ever seen a cooler candle?

- What's this?
- The best party you've ever been to!

- What did you bring, girls?
- We brought gluten free cupcakes.

Gluten free... BRAVO!

You know you do this
because you envy Cecy?

- You'd die to be like her...
- I don't want to be like Cecy Diaz!

She always wanted
to be like me! Always!

Over my dead body!
Would I want to be like you.

- You are pathetic!
- Pathetic!

Let's celebrate
no one really cares for you!

Happy Birthday song.

Stay there!

Wait! That's super expensive!

Oh... Is it?

You'll pay for this!

Come here! Wait!

Wait! Come here!


All right! Bring it on!

I'm going to strangle you, stupid!

Kill her! Kill her!

Come get it! Cecyslut!

I'll make you pay for every
fucking thing that you've ruined.

Bring it on, bitch!
Come on!

Stupid bitch vampire!

Hey! Repeat it!
I wasn't shooting!

As you can see, this party
is completely out of control.

And the house of the influencer
Cecy Diaz is on fire...

According to authorities, both women
were involved in a fight

that ended in arson.

Trying to kill each other
with luxury items.

Fortunately, although ten people
were slightly injured,

the accident did not escalate.

Cecy Diaz is coming out,
and we'll try to interview her.

I can walk by myself!
There's no need to carry me...

Ouch! My head.

Sr., I need to interview...
Cecy...tell us!

Cecy also didn't press charges
and they set us both free.

I talked with the insurance
guy, honey.

They say it will take long,
but they'll fix everything.

There are some things
that cannot be fixed.

Of course they can.
Trust me.




Together, darling. Together.

What's wrong with Claudia?

Are you okay?
What did you take?

Me? Nothing.

I can't remember a thing...


That's it!

Bravo Paola!

Great goal!

There you go Megan Rapinoe!


How are you?

You are playing better
than ever, right?

I scored twice today!

Well he first one you were ahead.

How's your mother?

She's still depre.


Why don't you call her?

Well, I have to go.

See you later.

- Great seeing you.
- Same here.

Everyone sees what you show.
Only a few see what you really are.

Well then I'm a complete disaster.

Those go in the kitchen.


What's up, honey?
I thought you were ready

to go to the
No Filter launch party.

- I'm not going.
- Why?

I don't want to be there
to be humiliated.

Nobody is getting humiliated.

Besides, who cares
what people think?

Come on! Let's go!

Look at that!

Paola, you look so nice
in a dress!

I dressed like this
for your gala, Mom!

We are not going, love.

Come on, let's go!
Let's go!

- Come on!
- Let's go!

Mom! I'll be there with you!

- My love...
- That's how you talk! Come on!

Okay, let's go!

I'll get done up super fast,
be ready in 10 minutes.


Thanks! Thank you very much!

Good afternoon and welcome.

Thank you for being here.

We are very proud
of our first issue!

No Filter.

A digital 360 augmented
reality platform.

I'll ask you all to lift
your cellphones

and point them
to the screens.

Cecy Diaz!

The publications
in this editorial house...


I'm sorry, I'm nervous.

You can do it, Mom!

Have always been distinguished
by their elegance, and I...

And I'm very honored...

to be part of this first issue.

As an influencer...

This is ridiculous, let's go.

- Where are you going?
- What?

Why don't you sit?
She's not finished. "Girls".



Could you take a seat, please?

Have a donut,
maybe it cheers your life.

Maybe something in your stomach
helps to digest your envy.

Cecy, just listen, I know I'm
the last person you want to see here.

In part I'm responsible
for people judging you like this.

And I want to say I'm sorry.


Cecy Diaz is not a fraud.

She is the opposite, she's...

She's super cool.

Thanks, but
you should not say "cool".

Yes you can say cool,
because you are a cool person.

Even though you burned my face
with a mask.

Then, I burned your house
that's worst. Sorry.

But above all, I want to say
I'm sorry because...

For many months
I lied to you.

pretended to be someone I am not.

To gain status, followers...

and those things that
everyone seems to care about.

And I judged you...

And that's exhausting. Try to make
nearly four million people happy.

Well, bit less now.

And thank you!

For making me realize
that the worst mistake you can make.

Is trying to be someone
you're not.

Because the people
who really love you...

...will aways be there for you.

And that's it.

I'll leave now.

No, no, wait. Don't go.

I don't know what to say Raquel.
I feel you destroyed my life...

But you know what?

I'm guilty of that.

Because I wanted all of this!

And you achieved it!

And, in a strange way,

you made me realize

this is not me.

And you helped me
get my family back.

And my friends.

Because you are my friend,
aren't you?

Well I think so, right?
I hope so.


Do whatever you want with me,
tear me apart, take your worst photo.

I don't care...

That's it.

Less likes. More Life.


Let's go!