Guendalina (1957) - full transcript

A teenage girl vacations in the Italian Riviera during the summer with her wealthy parents. But, as her parents bicker and contemplate divorce, the young girl finds love in the arms of handsome student.

I saw you last night...
- Oh, shut up!

You're a gossip!


Wait for me!

Will you wait for me?

Guendalina! Guendalina!
Guendalina! Guendalina!

Yes, I'm coming!
- All right!

They're all here, you know?

That's ready. Take it away.
- Yes, Ma'am.

So, Mom, will you let me or not?

If not, I'll tell them now
I'm not going, then forget it.

What is this "Goodbye Day"?

A day for goodbyes, right?

I didn't ask for a translation.
I know English better than you.

Yes, Mom.

I'd like to know what you do out
all day until past midnight?

Why we swim,
then we eat at the beach,

after 12, dancing at the "Lantern",
then bike riding,

then we leave and then
I don't know what... everything!

It'll be our last day.
- Who are you going with?

The usual crowd.
- Finish later, Attilia.

There's Carla, Titti Mariani,

There's Giovanna...

Guendalina, it's no use just
telling me the girls' names.

And Dad gave me permission at once.


Yes, he also advised us not
to go to the "Golden Horn",

because the food's bad and
it costs a fortune. So, can I?

Yes, go ahead, Guendalina.
- Thank you, Mommy!

I'm coming!

You'll see, I won't be late: midnight
or one. Anyway, I got the keys.

Where's dad?

I don't know.

Probably in his room.
I haven't seen him this morning.

Dad? Dad!

Do you really leave them
alone all day? - But...

Must be nice! - What? Dad has
come on purpose to leave with us.

He even bought her a present.
- Well!

"Well" yourself!

Guendalina! Guendalina!
- Hurry up!

At last!
- Look, I'm coming!

- Hello, Miss.

Have you seen my dad?
- I saw him at the barber's.

Hit 'im hard, we're bone dry!
20 or 30 thousand. He's very rich.

Hi, Dad.
- Hi, baby.

You forgot about it, eh?
- What?

Hand it over. C'mon!

You find it, go on.
- On the right?

How much will you give me? One or two?

Morning, Engineer.
We're just like the Romans:

women or not,
everyone pays their way.

Take what you want, go on.
- Thanks, Dad!

Thank you, Engineer!
- See you later!

Kids are great blessing, right, Sir?
- For sure.

You can't understand if you don't
have any. Sir, by the way,

I was going to say the other day,
I spent 3500 lire to make my boy happy.

Just to get him a...
- And what's this pretty girl's name?


What did you say?
- Nothing.

Hi! Hi! Hi!
- Hello!

Some friend, you don't even say bye.
- Why? When are you leaving?

Between today and tomorrow,
at anytime. - I didn't know.

No wonder, we never see you.
- No, I was busy.

Come on, dummy, let it all go and
come to the beach.- Thanks, I can't.

You're invited and won't hafta pay!
- Thanks so much.

Don't insist, if he can't!

As soon as I'm done, I'll join you!
- Bye!

Go! Go!

Come here! I'll take care of you!

I'll make you pay the damages!

Another 300.


We now have 9 hours and
47 minutes to be together.

Please, the trains are always late.

Here's the young lord who
kept us waiting. - Hello.

Hi, Vittorio.
The next dance is mine, eh?

Hey Oberdan, there's
an amazing new record!

Will you get me a Coca Cola?

Two Coca Colas.
- 300. I said 300.

I get 12 minutes to think it over.

OK, I fold but you're bluffing.
- 2 queens!

That's where you stop.
- You should've called.

So, are you coming?
If you can't with this one, my boy...

Hold me tighter.

Mamma mia, how stiff you are!

Why don't you visit me in Livorno?

I wish!
A nice idea but how can I?

At carnival, there's a dance.

If you come,
I won't invite anyone else.

Promise me.
I've a surprise, if you say yes.

A souvenir.
- What is it?

Promise first.
- Ugh, if you don't want to say!

Hey! Rock and roll!

So, what is it?


Later, I won't care. Go get it.

Well, at least come with me.
- If you want, let's go.

Here it is.

What is it?
- A radio.

So small?
- They make them in America.

It has great battery capacity.

Look, it's turned on.

With the sea, I can't hear a thing.

Yeah. It sounds good inside.

Of course.
It's good for listening in bed.

That way you disturb no one.

When you listen, will you think of me?

You know where else I can use it?
School. I can even use it in class.

Well, will you think of me?

Of course, you gave it to me.
Every time I turn it on, I will.

It's still hot...

in Milan!

Why don't you want me to kiss you?
- You did!

A real one.
- No, open the door!

I leave tonight. - Let me out!
- My love, why don't you want...

Here, I don't want it anymore!

If I ask my dad, he'll buy it for me.
- No, take it. Guendalina, why?

What do you want?
- Nothing, I'm looking for the bags.

You saw and heard nothing.

- OK, I understand.

Word of honor? - OK, word of honor.
Whaddya want me to say?

Oberdan! Oberdan! Oberdan!
Hurry up! - Here I am!

Seems Emanuele is a born Don Juan.
- No, for crying out loud.

Yeah, he is.

Have you decided where you're going?

Yes, my dad'll first take us for 3 or 4
days to Venice for the music festival.

Dodecaphonic? How boring!

And then, abroad.
- Abroad? Where?

In Austria.


Do you forgive me?
- No, you were a real jerk.

Guendalina, I'm in uniform.

When you were a jerk,
you were a civilian.

I'll write and explain it all.

Gianluca, I'll get you a seat!
- Thanks! Good!

You try, we'll see. When one's
a jerk, he's a jerk by mail too!


I wish you take this all the same.
- No. - Bye!

Bye! Have a good trip!
- Bye!

Write, OK?
- Good luck! Bye!

Please, Guendalina.
- Gianluca!

Thanks, I'm coming!
- Hurry up! The train's leaving!

Bye, Guendalina!
- Bye! Bye! Bye!

Bye! Have a good trip!

Guendalina! Guendalina! Bye!

Goodbye then, see you next year!
- Bye! - Say hi to Vienna!

- Hi, Guendalina.

Where are you going?

Give me a kiss.

Why are you leaving?

I'll be back soon. Come, kiss me.

It's true: you were never
one for staying put.

You're not going to start
preaching to me like your mother?

Come on, go home.


Did you have fun?

The same old, same old.

I saw dad was leaving.
- Yes.

Yes, he was called back
suddenly to Rome. - And us?

We stay here.

Dad has decided it.
Now no more Vienna, no more Venice.

We'll be staying here, I don't know,
1, 2, 3 months, until he...

I'd like to know why do
I always get caught in the middle?

It always ends up like this!


Yes, I know! I know!
I've always known!

You must think I'm blind or stupid!
It's always the same story:

We don't go to the movies, theater,
and I'm sent to school for 6 months!

It's this, that or the other!

I'm in the middle of
"this, that and other" too.

Of course you are. And I did all
I could to help with the mood,

trying to keep you cheerful,
always talking to you

and pretending nothing was wrong.
The work of a slave!

Thank you.
- But I can't do it anymore!

I wanted to go to Venice,
Vienna, Salzburg, as you promised.

Why do I pay for your not getting
along with Dad? - So, it's my fault?

You don't get him.

I know well how to handle him.
Dad can't stand long faces.

You need to be more understanding.
The fault is yours.

- Stop it!

You dare to judge me at your age.

You offer your advice...

and... and you're nothing
but a selfish child.

A thousand times more
selfish than I knew.

I need to be more understanding?

I meant to say...

that maybe with a little good will...

If you knew how miserable good will is

when someone doesn't
love you anymore.

That's not true.
Dad loves you in his own way.

I'd bet on it.
- In his own way?

I am too young and full of life,
to be loved in that way.

Yes, I know, it'd be great for him:

you and me on one side,
a home, a family...

And then?
And then there's the rest.

Your father doesn't
have enough imagination,

to devote himself to one woman.

He gets bored. That's why
his unexpected appointments,

his unforeseen departures,
his mysterious telegrams.

But maybe, you've noticed too.

It's almost a ritual.

As soon as he arrives, he's called
immediately to somewhere else.

Real estate, International Farm,

Poor Mr Valletta,
if he only knew how he works him.

Now you're exaggerating.

You know Dad's very
busy with business.

Yes, incredibly busy!

Look: this is what he gave me after
his first time being "very busy".

To make it up! You see,
at first, they want to be forgiven.

I'm not saying this to
turn you against him,

but since now you think
it's my fault and only my fault...!

And then, you see, it's not only that.

The fact is we change
and not just in our looks.

And so tonight,

with your father,
we've decided not to go on.

We got tired of the bickering,
as you'd say.

And seeing there are lawyers
and courts for this kind of thing...

But don't...

We're staying here
to be away from the gossip

and to do things calmly.

Now, think about it.

And if you can, try to help me.


Come, go to bed.

Get some sleep.

Attention, all! This evening,
at the "Paradise of the Sea",

for the closing of the season!
- Oberdan!


Stop! Wait for me!

Did you hear? She said wait.
- What does she want?

I'm not leaving yet!

Who's that?

Someone from Milan! - Is she ugly
you don't want to pick her up?

No, she's cute.
- Let yourself be led then.

It took you a while to understand.
- My fault, Miss.

He understood you right away.
- You haven't left?

Like I was saying.
- How come?

We're staying a little longer.
The weather is so mild.

And everyone else?
- All gone.

I'm alone like a dog.
Is that your sister? - My niece.

Hi, what's your name?

Aren't you jumping in? Come on.
- Well, honestly...

Don't make her beg!
- C'mon, get in!

The kid!

I'll take her home!

What is she? Retarded?

No. She's deaf.

Take this.
- Thanks.

The water's quite chilly.
- It'll get warm in November

for 10 days.
There'll be an African current.

We'll be able to swim then.
- Of course.

Why? You're staying until November?


My mom's burnt out and the pines
are the only thing that do her good.

You see, at least until she's better.
- What about school?

I've decided I'm only going to
study languages. Can you get my bag?

What classes are you doing?
- I got my diploma.

Only history and philosophy
are left for October.

Then I'm enrolling in architecture.
- Then you'll build skyscrapers?

You know Milan is all one skyscraper?

I'll decorate windows for tourism.

This way, I can pay my tuition.
- Hear that?

Very well.
- Gianluca gave it to me. Poor baby.

Wait, I wrote him a postcard.

Here, you sign it too.

Want me to sign?

Won't that annoy him?
- No, why?

You're practically engaged.
- Engaged? Are you nuts?

A 19 year old kid?

Go on, sign it.

"Oberdan." Who gave you that name?
- My father.

Historical names are popular here.

My sister is called Italia,
my cousin is Bersagliere.

Totally crazy!

You see, the spirit of
the Risorgimento still lives on.

Especially in old anarchists.

Your father is an anarchist?

He was. He died 2 years ago.

What did he do?

- A painter of the sea?

That too.
But he preferred to paint women.

He said they were the most important
thing in the world. - Nude?

Some of them. - I can imagine
the scenes your mother made!

Not at all.

My mother would have. I gotta run.

She'll be irritated, if I'm late.

How'll you do it without clothes?
- My uncle'll lend me something.

Ah, right, your uncle's the lifeguard.
I'll get dressed.

I'll go home.
- No, stay here and then go with me.


What are you going to do tonight?

Well, it depends. - What are
they showing at the Dante Arena?

A western with Stanwyck.
- Oh, she's an amazing actress!

Yeah, not bad. I saw it last night.

I'm going, you want to come too?
- But I saw it last night.

See it again, if it's good.

But I...
- See you at 9, at the entrance.


Here we are.
- Hi.

A pleasure, Pancaldi.
- Padovani.

Let's go, it's starting.
- What's the use? It's going to rain.

What rain? Yeah, right!


- They're coming.

You go ahead, Attilia.

There it is, in front.

Have we missed much?

Only 5 minutes.
- There, look.

Excuse me.

May I?

May I? Excuse me.

No, there are two more in the middle!

Sit down! Be quiet!
- Excuse me.

- Excuse me, sorry.

May I?

Yes, here. It's a better view, no?

So sorry.
- No worries.

It's almost over. There's the cavalry.
- No, it's a flashback.

She's telling a story.
- Is he the bad guy?

No, he's a good guy.
- And the other one? - Him too.

You call this a western!
Where's the bad guys?

- No, I don't smoke.

I always do at the cinema.
Get a light off someone.

Excuse me?
Excuse me, do you have a light?

Well, how about it?

Excuse me, may I have a light?
- Here, take it.

Oh, sorry. I'm very sorry.
- Sorry? Leave me alone!

There it is!

Stupid, let's go!

- Where did you run off to?

I couldn't find you. This rain!
Walter could've come and got us.

Eh, he has his girlfriend.
- We'll get pneumonia!

No, this won't work with 3.
- Lend me your raincoat.

Gladly. - You might find someone
with an umbrella. Check the bar.

Let's hope so. I'll be fine.

Bye, give me a call.
I'll give you my number: 23-25.

Good night.
- Remember: 23-25!

Bye! Thanks!
- It's nothing.

Such a nice gabardine.

English as well.

It would cost 50,000 lire to
buy it nowadays. - What?

Your uncle's raincoat, Nini.
It was still good.

What do you mean "was", Mom?
I didn't lose it.

- Ah, when one starts lending stuff...

- Yes, dear, just like poor grandpa.

Always lending and never getting back.

In short, did she ask you
or did you give it to her?

Him! Of course him!
As if I didn't know him.

He probably insisted.
- No, it was her.

Well, Mom, you must consider that
men sometimes have obligations.

Are they honest people?
- Filthy rich.

Rich or poor, my dear,
they're all greedy for nice things.

Go and get it back today.
- Today? Not today. Mom, be patient.

Let him. Maybe he's
annoyed because of the girl.

So she's suddenly crazy about you?

She's alone, she says she's bored.
Night, Mr Alberto. Night, Mr Angelo.

I'm making a call. - Right.
You'd make a nice lady in waiting.

You're being an idiot but I...
- She wants to rule you, I see.

Stop playing the idiot.
Will you do me a favor or not? - OK.

If I see her again, she'll cling to me
and make me play ping pong.

You phone and leave it to me.
- Thanks.

Hello? Who's this?
Hello, Miss Attilia.

Is the Miss there?



It's the maid.

No, I don't have relatives in Veneto.
Thanks. She's coming.

It's 50, I've put 10 for Santucci,
in case you get a hare. - Thanks.

Well done. You sure waited
a while before you called.

What do you think phones are for?
The dogs?

But... - What have you decided?
Are you coming to see me?


No, today's a bit impossible here.
Maybe we can meet outside.

- No, that's impossible as well.

I have to study. I've some left...
- Then why did you call?

Well, to say hi.

Fine. Got it. Very good. Bye.
- No, no! Hello?

And how are you?

How should I be? Fine.
- Well, last night with that rain...

Speaking of the rain,
if you don't need...

the raincoat anymore,
I'll send a friend to get it.

Wow! You're afraid I'll steal it?

Why say that?
I hafta go hunting tomorrow.

Hunting? Then I'm coming too!

Why? Do you know what a walk it is?
- I'll walk rings around you!

Oberdan, if you don't bring me,
I swear... - You'll hafta rise early.

I can get up at 6, at 5, at 4,
whenever you want.

This way, I'll give back your raincoat.

Fine, at 6 but be on time, eh?
- Agreed.

Wait, I hafta end this,
Dad is calling me from Milan.


Hello! Yes, this is Viareggio.

Hi, Daddy! How are you?

Yes, we're all fine. Mom is here.

- We have all the facts,

rest assured, Ma'am,
I'll go to Milan. - Mom?

Guendalina, can't you see I'm talking?
- It's Dad. Come.

What does he need now?
Anyway, I'll let you know, Councilor.

Good night, Ma'am. Patience will
be needed. Bye, Guendalina.


Yes, I understand but there's no need.

It's better we not discuss that.

I've settled it all with the lawyer.

He just left.
He'll come to you in Milan.

No, it's useless for you to come.
You can make a deal with him.

Yes, I think it'll be better that way.
In a few days, he'll be with you.

No, come, Dad, I'll wait for you.
Tomorrow's my birthday.

Come here, Dad, please! Do it for me!

No, Miss, I'm hanging up.
Until tomorrow, Dad.

Will she be long?
I've been waiting 40 minutes.

She's in the bathroom.
- What?

Yes, the bathroom.
- Please...

Yeah, I get it!
But don't take it out on me!

Morning, Oberdan!

Morning, Leccesi.
- You're late, eh?

I know.

It burns!

You want a cup?
- No thanks, I've had some.

Want a hard-boiled egg?

You still don't know
I can't stand them?

Ah, wait!

Here I come.

Bye, Attilia.
- You have a handkerchief?

I've got your raincoat.
This way I'll remember to return it.

And we can use it to eat off.

Here, catch!
- No, you'll spoil the dog!

It's not like I threw it at his head!

He mustn't fetch things.
He's a hunting dog. You'll spoil him.

Oh, God, what a bore!

You can't talk or play or do anything
and you even hafta get up at dawn.

If I'd known, I wouldn't have come.

And where are these famous quails?

Ask the hunters who were here earlier.

How this bag weighs a ton!

Come on, I'll carry it.
- Thanks.

How it stinks here!
- It's the waste from the tannery.

Look: so many blackberries! Nice.

- Shut up!

I've got some fantastic blackberries.

But why didn't you shoot?

Wow, you suck.

You want some blackberries?


Then wait for me here.

For heaven's sake! Help me!


Are you hurt?

Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
I don't want you to! I'm disgusting!

Gimme your hand to pull you out!
Gimme your hand!

No, go away! I don't want to see
you again! It's all over!

Where are you going?
Don't lose your head! Come out.




What are you doing? Are you crazy?

I know what I'm doing!
Leave me the raincoat and turn around!

Turn around and leave me the raincoat!

There, I feel like a new person.

And your clothes?

I've built up an appetite.
Here, let's eat.


Later we'll continue with the quail.

You still don't get it?

I'm not too crazy about this hunting.

It takes passion.

Perhaps, if I were the shooter.

It's good even without it
but shooting makes it better.

Look at those pretty wild ducks.

Really? They're homing pigeons.

What are you waiting for?

Shoot them, they're right there.
- It's prohibited.

The next time we go hunting,

make a me a list of all
the prohibited things.

You don't know that homing pigeons
are respected all over the world?

Careful, it's loaded!
No! What did I just tell you!

You see how it's done?

Look there.

Strange, it seemed bigger.

What nice colors.

Who knows where I wounded it.

I don't see anything.
- There. Can't you see it's bloody?

You shouldn't have done it. Damn it.

Come on.

Let's bury it.

Here's where.

Damn it, the gamekeepers.

- Good day.

Show us what you have there.
- Well done! Nice entertainment!

It's the first time. - How many did
you kill? - Just this one, I swear!

We heard two shoots.

I was firing at random just
to amuse the young lady.

But I just hit this one.
- You know what I should do now?

But not my rifle!
It was from my father.

I'll pay the fine.
- As if this were just about the lire!

I don't have it on me, but I'll pay.
- That's crazy! 5000 lire?

If I were you, they'd wait a long time!
- Do you know it's the law, Miss?

Listen, gimme a break, 5000 lire for
one pigeon? What is it made of? Gold?

Be quiet, don't argue.
- No, Sir, I will argue!

You let them walk all over you
but I'll keep arguing until doomsday!

Besides, I killed it! - And no license?
- Pay her no mind, she's a novice.

Will you explain to me the difference
between this bird and any other?

What do you mean by homing?
Of course, all birds go home!

They do that their whole lives!
So there!

Hello? Can you get me Mr Oberdan?

You can't now?

All right.


Good day. - Where did you go this
morning that you had to leave at 6?

- Hunting? And who with?

With Oberdan. - Who is this
Oberdan I keep hearing about?

He's from around here,
the lifeguard's nephew. - Lifeguard?

But they're a very honest family.
Anarchists, you see.

He's studying to be an architect.
- And what are you doing?

Preparing an attack?
- Mom, what do you think we do?

That's what I like to know.
- I already told you! We went hunting.

And they took away his gun, poor guy.

Well then?
- Daddy, good! You've arrived!

I'm so happy!
- You're pleased?

I obeyed: You said come and here I am.

Here, I robbed a newsstand just for you.
- Thanks! And what's that over there?

What do you think it is? Your gift.
- Bring it here right away!

I want to see what it is.
Put it here, hurry up.

Oh, a tape recorder!

You're a genius!
- I know.

Come, show me how it works.
- Good day, Sir.

There are packages in the car.
Bring them in, please. - Yes, Sir.

Let me look at you.
You know you're a marvelous girl?

Hello, Francesca.
- Did you have a good trip?

Great, thanks, dear.

Guendalina was sure you'd come.

But not you.
You're always skeptical, eh?

You well know that's not the point.

A model nobody has. I can do
everything with this, even study.

Shall we record something tonight?
- OK.

This way you can stay with us,
right, Dad? - We'll see.

No, say yes, yes, yes...

We'll see, Guendalina, we'll see.
If nothing urgent comes up, I'll stay.

What did you do in Milan?

Did you see the Wanda Osiris opening?
Was it good? - Yes.

Did she sing her usual songs?

I don't know, a strange song about
flowers, the moon, fruit but I...

I don't remember those things.
- Will you take me?


May I go, Engineer?
- Yes, thank you, Walter, you may.

What's in there?

Gifts for your mother.

Damn, you're so good. If I show you
to my girlfriends, they'll go crazy!

Thank you.

No, that's enough. I'll put on
the record and you two dance.

No, you dance.

No, today you do must what I say.

You know what we should do?
Go to Livorno and dance at the club.

Bravo, Daddy!

How marvelous!
I'll turn the heads of all the cadets!

But it's an hour on the road.
- Come on, Mom.

Attilia! What a marvelous idea!

Mom's satin coat!

Guendalina at the ball!
Guendalina at the ball!

Walter, get the car ready!

I'll get it! I'll get it!

Good evening, telegram for
Engineer Guido Redaelli.

The engineer isn't here.
- All right, you can sign for it.

But couldn't you come back tomorrow?

Are you joking? It's urgent.

What is it, Guendalina?
- Telegram, Engineer Redaelli.

Thank you.

Thank you.

How annoying.

I must be in Milan by morning.

I'm truly sorry. I really thought
I could spend a few days with you.

What happened then?

A telegram, calling me to Milan.

A telegram!

Just as we expected,
right, Guendalina?

What does that mean?

You used to be more inventive.
Now your ruses are contemptible.

So, Guendalina, was I right or not?

Leave Guendalina out of it.

I don't think you should.
- The fault is yours, not mine.

Dear Francesca, we've arrived at
the point where I don't need any ruses.

I can come and go whenever I like
without needing any telegrams.

And I'm not in the habit
of discussing business!

This is not just about your business.

How you know how to make
yourself hateful, Francesca.

That's right, Guido.
We've already came to that conclusion.

There's no use in starting it again.

We've exhausted all argument.

And for the rest,
we have fine lawyers!

Guendalina, I think it's better
that you go to bed now.

Guendalina is no longer a child!
That made things too easy for you.

Guendalina must be
a stranger to our history.

You aren't going to pretend
you care about her upbringing?

Here comes the celebration
of your virtue again.

You feel irreproachable because you
never had the courage to take a lover.

Or let's just say you're clever
enough to wait for the right time.

Certainly, it's not very convenient
to find yourself in the wrong.

Yours is a fine tactic.

And you weren't calculating
when you asked to marry me?

I never asked you to marry.

We were...

two kids in the middle of a war.

We were in love, that's all.

Now you've come to accusing me
of making money off your dowry

but you got back all of your money,
all of it! To the last penny!

Don't you realize you're being vulgar?

Excuse me. It's probably your company!
- Francesca?


I'm sorry I was right, Guendalina.

Now go to bed.

I know, but this morning
there isn't time.

One moment and I'm done.

An express letter.

An express letter from the city.
- Thanks, Mom.

Dear jerk,

I'm tired of hearing that illiterate's
voice who answers the phone.

I include the document
to recall the gun,

thanks to my mom who's
a friend of the mayor's wife.

If I exhausted myself in phoning you,
it'd be only to tell I got it in my hand.

I was going to rip this up
but as I'm far too generous,

I'll send it to you by post.

What manners!

What's with you?
- Where are you going, Uncle?

You've finished studying already?

Don't you have anything better to do
than to control my life? Let me live!

Remember the gabardine!
It's now autumn.

"A nice suit."

Yes, Nini, the lady would
make herself a nice suit with it!

Come on, Mama, don't be ridiculous.

Hi, Uncle!
- Sure, where she is, you show up!

She's crazy. I put the red flag up,
but she does it to spite me.

I must thank her because she got
me back the rifle. - Yeah, yeah...


Thank you!

Hey, Guendalina!



Hey! Are you listening?

Can't I even thank you?

But I'll do it anyway.
See, I don't care much about things,

but I do care about this in a way.

See, my father used to
go hunting with Puccini.

Just imagine,

the other evening they told me
the two gamekeepers were mad at me.

And who knew when they'd give it back,
if they ever did.

When you called me, I was so nervous,
I didn't know what I would've done.

You don't believe me, I know.
Do you know what it was?

The fact that I don't know you well.

You couldn't say we do, right?

We've never talked seriously.

When I saw you there,
alone in the middle of the sea...

Why? Was there something wrong
with that as well? - No, indeed.

Indeed, I was saying... - You only
said that because I was inside.

It felt like I was in a confessional.

Don't fool yourself,
I'm laughing out of nerves.

Where are we going?
- For a walk.

I gotta find a pair
of sandals with Spanish heels.

Bye, Uncle!

Bye. Good day.

I don't know what to buy:
I have everything.

Hi, Oberdan!
- Oh, hi!

I wanted to give you the salesman's
address in Pisa. - Ah, thanks. Bye.

What's that? - It's for an American
hearing aid, the latest model.

The strongest there is.
- Why?

For my niece. The little girl
on the boat, don't you remember?

Then it's true she doesn't hear.

Excuse me, if for once,
I asked you a stupid question.

I'm truly sorry.

It's hardly a tragedy.

The doctors say she'll hear with time.

We just need patience
and many treatments.

Did you do that?
- Well,

I did what they asked me:

a billboard for the carnival.

Not bad. You want to be
a designer or a painter?

To become a painter it takes more
than talent, it takes passion.

I'm going to become an architect.
- 5 years of university!

Will you get me some punch?
I need to warm up.

Just about everyone's gone.

Do you want to know why we stayed?

Wasn't it because of your mother?

- Two punches.

With tangerine.
- Me too.

My mother has an iron constitution
but my parents are separating.


They separate. How does one separate?
One goes here, one goes there.

And goodbye everybody.
- Forever?

Of course.

Legally? - Legally.
The house is full of lawyers.

How come?

My father ain't no saint.

Mom says she doesn't want to live
a life of compromise. It never ends.

You know what?
Maybe, it's better this way.

And you?
- What about me?

Are you going to try to do anything?

What can I do? I've tried everything.

What can I come up with?

Didn't your parents ever quarrel?

Of course.
My father didn't have a red cent.

And at the table, we all trembled
because that's when the arguing started.

Politics, art...

My father was a volcano and
we never ate in peace.

Oh, God, I've left my mother
on her own all day!

I must get going. Here's my bus!

Bye then, until tomorrow!
- The usual time?

Usual time, usual everything!

And the raincoat?

I'll bring it tomorrow!

Good evening, Miss.
- Evening.

Hello, Mommy. What? Going out?

You're back in time to say
good evening. Lucky me.

At this time of the year,
the bus is at half service.

I had to wait 30 minutes.

Where are you going?
- If you're interested, out.

Are you mad at me?
- No, my dear, I'm not.

I was worried.
I wish I could be angry with you.

Now, I'm just simply worried.
- About me?

I didn't see you this morning.
You came back for lunch,

ate for 5 minutes and
then ran off with some fruit.

And there's a movie tonight.
- Mommy, we're on vacation.

And is that a good reason to stay
out all day with heaven knows who?

With Oberdan, Mom.
The one with the rifle.

Right, the provincial anarchist.
But my God, how shabby you are!

You look like a gypsy.
- 3 minutes and I'm ready.

Thanks, but tonight
I'll manage without you.

Where are you going?

Now you're the one
keeping tabs on me!

Good night, Guendalina.
I hope to you see at breakfast.

Good night, Mom.

Where is she going?

I heard her ask Walter to
prepare the car to go to Florence.

Should I serve?

I'm not hungry at all.

Why didn't Guendalina come
to the beach today? Is she sick?

Ah, it's you!
Finally you've deigned to show up.

Guendalina, how are you?
- How you want me to be? Bad, terrible.

I got spots on my throat and
such a cold that I can't stand myself.

Come on! Push the gate, lift the
latch. I'm alone in here.

Come on up then.


- Hi.

Shut it.

No, I can't stay.
- Why? Close it.

Well, you don't feel well...

and I don't know if your mother...

If I can't have visitors when I'm ill,
then I might as kill myself.

Go on, sit down.

Did you wait long on the beach?
- No, not long.

How was the sea?
- Not bad. Better than yesterday.

Can I come in?
- Come in, Attilia!

Come on in.

The medicine.
- The horror!

Good day, Sir.
- Good day.

Take it all at once. Four at a time.

Today a double snack!
- Can I help?

Oh, no.

God, how disgusting!
It's gone to my throat. It burns.

Ah, something great!
You know this?

- It's crazy fun.

I can't remember what's here,
let's see.

It's Attilia talking
with the fishmonger!

I recorded them the other day.
Ah, you want to recite?

- The two of us.

There are plays on the bookshelf.
Pick one.

This one?

Come here.


Something American. Great!
Wait, here's a good scene.

I'll hold the book, you the microphone.
From here to the bottom of the page.

Hello, boy,
you come from the countryside?

Hey, girl, which way to town?

Why? Trying to cheat me?

Listen, girl, if you don't answer
I'll catch you and spank you!

You have a pair of dark evil eyes.

I bet you know what
exactly to do with women.

You know you're not bad?

How do you know?
- My dark evil eyes.

I'm afraid, you know.
I'm afraid that if you kissed me,

I would be suffocated
in those strong arms.

What's your name, boy?


You're a terrible ham!
- I told you.

But this is too much!

Why is he called Cain?
- Dunno.

Just listen to that!

Evening, Ma'am.
- Evening.

It looks like we're not doing bad.
- Yes, I'm bringing a snack.

We have a visitor:
It's the young gentleman Oberdan.

But what are they doing together?
Did you tell her no excitement?

I told her. I told her.

Take her temperature.
- Yes, Ma'am.


Give me Florence, it's urgent.
57-2-13. Thank you.

Mom says I wasn't born to dance.
What do you think?

You're phenomenal.

But you're burning up.

Now sleep and try to rest.
- And you?

I'll go home.

Oh, no.
- No? You need to sleep.

How can I sleep, if I'm not sleepy?

Bye. - First have a snack
and then we'll see.

But cover up, you're all sweaty.

And then...

my father had to stop working.

Just like that.



And he could no longer paint.

It was really that that killed him.

He felt like a burden.

And he looked for
every way to help us.

As if...

he were trying to pay his debts...
or to be forgiven.

And the care that he took,

the attention...

Just imagine,
one night I was studying there,

it must have been about 3,

I thought I could
hear noises outside...

but I paid them no mind.

And instead,

the door opened...

and it was him.

He had gotten up
to make me coffee.

You know what I think?

You are good. Truly good.


Do you...

Do you think the court will let me
decide if I want to go with my father...

or with my mother?

Yes. And what will you do?

I don't know.

I'd rather go with my dad,

because I'd have
a fine free life, always happy...

But I could never leave my mother.

On the other hand,
you know, she's still young.

And suppose that she remarries?
What will I do?

Don't think about it.
There's still time.

Guendalina? Why is the light off?

Evening, Ma'am.
- Evening.


Nothing, Mommy, we were talking
and forgot to turn it on.

They're bringing you dinner.
- What? So soon?

It's past 8.

Your friend must go home too.
- Yes, indeed, it's very late.

Good night.
- Bye! Call me tomorrow.

Tomorrow you'll be in bed
and no visitors.

Good night.
- Good night.

Good night, Sir.

Good night. The raincoat, please.

But why?
- Because I say so.

I don't like you hanging out with him.

Look here, Guendalina, woe to you
if I find out you saw that boy again.

- And don't argue!

Fine, Mom.

Hey! What are you doing?

Who gave this to you? - Have you
been over for tea with Mommy?

Don't be stupid. Where'd you get this?
- It's a rental. Bye.

Can you take me home?
- We're going the other way.

What for?
- We can't tell you that.

Right, Guidino?
- I'm coming.

Look, we're going with some ladies.

What ladies?

Tell him, Guidino. What are they like?

Respectable, refined ladies.

They hang out close to
the Migliarino motorway.

Well, when you've made up
your mind, let me know.

Ah, you were serious.

You see, with us...
we don't fool around, eh?

What are you thinking, Oberdan?

Yeah, he won't say a thing.
He's scared.

He knows this time he can't escape.
- Go to...!

Yeah, that's how life is, boy.

C'mon, they won't eat you!
They're good girls.

We're at the 16th km.
Let's see if the bottle's there.

- The Chianti sign. Ah, there it is.

Oh, yes.

Baldi said,
turn right after the wine bottle.

Turn here.

They'll be there?
- I made the date.

There they are.

Hey! Hey!

Thank goodness, there's 3 of you!
- Like the 3 Graces, a perfect number!

A little young but still!
- But they're cute!

I like that one over there!
- Fine.

Hey you, dark and handsome!

Hey! You're in too much of a rush!
Hands off!

How deep are your pockets?

Let's see.

Is it all here?

Isn't it enough?
- It is, if that's all you have...

Hey! Where are you escaping to?

Where are you going?
- They can see us there.

Don't worry,
they've other things on their mind.

What's the matter?

Are you ashamed now of me?

Oh, no.
- But you are ashamed.

Is this the first time
you've been out this way?

I'm new here too, ya know.

I always worked in Livorno,
but then I got dragged here.

Who knows why.

Where are you taking me?

I confess the trees at
night scare me a little.


You're a real he-man,
that's what I say.

Strong arms...
Tell me, do you like me?

You're tiny.

I thought heels weren't good
for walking in sand.

You hear this silence?

It makes me feel a little afraid.

What's your name?


Keep an eye on it, please.
- OK.

Excuse me, is this bus going to Pisa?
- Yes.

Oh, hi!
- Hi.

How are you?
What are you doing here?

Did you look for me at home?
- Yes.

Where are you going?
- To Pisa.

To get the hearing aid for my niece.

I'll go with you.
- Tickets... Start, Tonino!

We need to return by 8,
before Mom gets back.

Yes, by 6. By 5.30.

You want one?
- Thanks.

Then you're cured?

Yes, for all you know,
I could've been dead.

Where have you been hiding yourself?

I was busy. My relatives came.

You're all red.
- Me?

Yes, you.
Let's have a little look.

Oh, no.
- Oh, yes. Tell me why.

I don't know. I don't know why.

- Two for Pisa.

How silly you look
dressed in city clothes.

I almost don't like you
anymore, ya know?

This device is excellent.
- Let me try. Say something.

Don't ruin it!
- How polite you are to women!

They've made him general
manager of the London branch.

Apartment in Piccadilly,
weekends on the Thames...

And my mother, crafty and silent,
made me sign the petition first.

"To the illustrious tribunal,
I, the undersigned,"

"beg to be entrusted
to mom's custody."



But who cares about London?
You know my mother thought...

But I'm happy for Dad, poor thing,
he's in his element abroad.

The English will go wild.

Leave it to him,
now that he's piratically a bachelor.

My handsome Dad Ciccino!

Well, so handsome and such a rascal!

What's so funny?

To be blunt, if you were the judge,
you'd side with your father.

It's a big problem, let me tell you.

Even the judge knows what he does
to his wife. But what do you expect?

Men need understanding.

If I married,

do you think I'd blow up everytime
my husband went with a slut?

Not in the least.

Oh, kitty, kitty. My kitty!

I like men who are a little lively.
The super faithful turn me off.

How about you?
- Well...

Don't you think men must
have some experience?

Well, I think...

Listen, I gotta tell you something.

Are you listening? Hey!


Hey, when will you stop
calling me "hey"?

Do you know that since we met,
you've never called me by my name?

Let me hear how you sound. Try it!
- Guendalina.

Pathetic! An important name
from Celtic myth: Guendalina,

a princess of the Round Table.
Louder! - Guendalina!

More natural. "Hi, Guendalina".
- Hi, Guendalina.

Now I'm over there, at that light.
- Guendalina!

Now there, at that bridge.
- Guendalina!

Now call me in as many ways
as you can think of.






You know, they're women
like anybody else.

Without all that romance
they put in books.

Good girls who do work as old
as the world. You believe it?

Have you met many?
- Well, a few.

Please. You wouldn't even
know what to say to them.

It wouldn't matter.
They do all the talking.


And what do they say?

The usual stuff.

Do they charge much?

It depends. Sometimes,
it's just a question of liking.

Really? And do they like you?

They say I'm all right.

Who says this?

I went with some friends
to the pines the other night.

Really? You went to
the pines with some friends?

For company.

And yours?

What was her name?

I didn't ask her.

What does it matter?

See who gets there first!

What are you doing? Are you crazy?
- Get away! Don't touch me!

- Because you make me sick!


You touch those women
and then you touch me!

Oh, yes, nice stuff!
You had the nerve to tell me!

With your little brother airs
but you're a pervert!

Then why is you're father so amazing?
- Why bring him up?

"There's nobody like him!
You like guys just like him!"

And yet, I'm the pervert!

My father, my dear,
doesn't go with those kind of women!

It's exactly the same thing.

Everything in life
is a question of style!

Come on, you idiot of a driver!
Why do you brake if you can pass!

Are you blind?

I curse the day I met you.

Can one know what I did?
What's with you tonight?

I have five to eight.

You'll be home by 8:30.

And at 8:31 another tragedy starts.

And who knows why
tonight is so special.

Because my mother will
know I was with you. - So?

She doesn't want us together.

She forbade me to see you,
if you must know.

Really? - Of course.
She doesn't like you at all.

She doesn't trust you.


And maybe she's right.

Come here.

I'm... I'm your girl. I forgive you.
I forgive you everything.

But don't go back to those others.
- I swear, Guendalina.


What are you doing you idiot cyclist?
Keep to the right or go to bed!

Good evening, Mr Vini. Thank you.

Hello? Hi.

And your mother?
- She's not back yet.

Everything OK? - Not here.
They've moved the exam forward.

I'm ruined!
- Are they crazy?

There's going to be a strike by the
professors, so it's on Thursday at 8.

How much do you have left?
- 1000 pages, at least 500 years.

I'm at the Middle Ages, then geography,
philosophy... I'll shoot myself!

I'm coming over.

Don't you understand that my life
is ruined? Don't you realise?

But when will we see each other?
- How can I see you, Guendalina?

But I want to help you study.
I'll make the outlines.

I can't. I can't! I've been
an idiot to waste so much time!

You call spending time with me a waste?

I didn't mean it like that.
- You said it.

Anyway, I'm coming.
We'll see if I waste your time.

Listen, Guendalina...
- She's coming. Bye.

Hi, Mommy.
It's late. You had me worried.

What did you expect?
There was so much to discuss.

Anyway, how are you?
- Better. Quite well.

I just now had a great bath.

Did she rest all afternoon?
- Yes, Ma'am.

Well, good night.


It's me, your mama.

Can you hear me?

Who am I?




You know that uncle Oberdan
lent her his gabardine again?


Did you speak to her about it now?
- Oh, Mom!

"From the Valois family."

"Now fear of the Turks and
the exhaustion of the fighters"

"induced the people to peace..."


Hi! How are you?

Come down for a moment.
What's happened to you?

Nothing, I just finished.

They're really criminal.

You love me?

Ah, take this!

- Thanks.

For tonight, I'll take care of it.
Leave it to me.

- Hi!

What's going on?
- Nothing. I've come to help you study.

How did you do it
without a prescription?

My mother is a lunatic,
her drawers are full. - Maxicol?

"Lucidity, euphoria, self confidence,
easy talking, ready memory."


"Exhaustion, neurasthenia,
mental insufficiency,"

"drowsiness, lethargy."
- May I?

Here's the coffee.
- Thanks.

If you want anything else,
you can go in there and make it.

- The young lady mustn't be too late.

No, surely not.

Good. We don't want to worry her mom.

Come on, Mom, let them study.

Italia, I just wanted to say
something to the young lady.

About Oberdan's raincoat.

Yes, Mom, she has it at home!
How many time must I tell you?

Now let me study. It's late.

Please remember it
or I'll be driven insane.

But did your father always
get along with her?

Yes, but she's not usually like that.
You hafta get to know her better.

I already made you lose too much time!

Oberdan, if they flunk you,
I don't know what I would do.

Oh, God, I don't know what to do.

Now sit down and take the pills.

Won't they harm me?
- Please, they give them to babies.

Sluggish sucking babies,
one tablet a day.

For grown-ups like you, 3 greens
and 2 reds. Open your mouth.

Drink the coffee.

We seem like two lovers poisoning
themselves for love. - Come, it's 10:30.

Look, I've made a timetable:

history until 3:30, then geography,
which I know, I just need a refresher.

Which page?
- 250.

No, tell me the name.
Jo...? Jo...?

Well, John.
- John what?

A kind of farmer... unemployed...

John Lackland, 1215!
- Perfect! - He of the Magna Carta!

Yes. Now let's see...

Are you feeling any effect?

Well, it's still early. Wait and see.

Tell me...

Tell me...

- Why don't you go?

Not in your dreams!

Your mother might realize
you're not there.

Please, she took her pill. You won't
hear a word out of her until 11 am.

But you're tired. I'll get by.

No, maybe later,
when the pills start to work.

Come on then:
Who was Erasmo Gattamelata?

A great condottiero of the 1400s.
- Good.

His real name was Erasmo da Narni,
but he was called "Gattamelata".

And who knows why he was called
Gattamelata? Gattamelata! (Honey cat)

It doesn't say.

Yet I want to know!
- Why does it matter?

There must be a reason they
called a condottiero "Gattamelata."


he had a cat who ate honey.
- Oberdan.

Is that so strange?
We had a cat who ate fennel.

Or better yet: not honey!

It was bald! It was a bald cat!
Then it became a honeydew melon!

Oberdan, what effects are you feeling?

Fine. Excellent. I got something
here... that feels like a motor.

Let me think. Now Gattamelata...

Oberdan, come and study!
- What am I doing?

I'm not one of those who can
learn by rote. I reason it out!

Know what I think? He was bald!
So his soldiers said,

"A bad sign:
Erasmo was scratching his scalp..."

Don't be an idiot! Stop it!
- All right.

Come on, let's study seriously.

You could even write an article
on Gattamelata. - Help!

Who's that?

Him again?

My husband is a cuckold!

Now I'll show you how to treat women!

- Why do you care? Come, study!

Now I'm coming!

Come on, sit down.

The Council of Trent was from
1545 to 1563. Are you listening?

I'm hungry!

You know what? I'll make some pasta.


Let me serve you!

In Brazil, in South America.
In Brazil,

Brazil, a great producer of coffee.

And also they produce
tobacco and cotton...


What is it?
- Nothing. Nothing, be calm.

Ask me...

anything about South America!

At random! At random!

Pernambuco... - Pernambuco,
Pernambuco, Pernambuco...


Good morning, Miss.
- When did Dad arrive?

40 minutes ago.

Is he resting?

I think he told the lawyer
to meet him in the afternoon.

Is this lawyer here too?
- No, at the hotel.

- You're welcome, Miss.

She's your daughter, my dear. We should
have expected it. Why be melodramatic?

You shouldn't find it
hard to justify her.

For me, it's just one more
pain or shame, you know.

But how is it possible, by God?
You must explain.

You say you were aware of it,
and did nothing to stop her...

I forbade her!
Threatened her!

What should I've done?
Write to you?

Ask for your intervention?
- I don't know, maybe!

Don't be ridiculous, please!
When did she ever have a father?

Answer me! When? - I would've
kept her home, taken her away.

Something. I don't know!
- You don't know!

Then keep quiet! Don't reproach me!

But we must do something.
What are we waiting for?

Viareggio is hardly New York.
I'll go to the police.

Why do you need the police?

You'd know better than they would
where to bring a girl at night!

Oberdan has an exam this morning
and he wasn't prepared.

I've been at his house,
helping him study.


Open up, don't act like a child.

I must speak to you seriously.
Open up!

When am I going to meet Oberdan?

Do I look like I've been crying?
- No.

You know, sweetie, I'm sorry
about what happened earlier.

Please, Dad, let's not talk about it.

Just thinking about it,
I feel something come over me.

Ah, right.

It's been far too long
that we've been apart.

You know, this morning when I arrived,
I immediately went to you.

To give you a kiss.

But I found...

the room empty.

And the bed not slept in.
- Why? What do you mean?

Guendalina, does it seem
right that a girl like you

spends the night out with a boy?

Why not?
Mom won't let me ever see him.

I get on well with him.
Where's the harm in it?

Of all people,
only he understands me.

And he's a wonderful boy.

So loyal, honest.

Sweet Oberdan...

So, you don't love me anymore.

What does that hafta to do with it?
- You chose to stay with your mother.

What do you want me to do?
Leave mom on her own?

Besides, you couldn't keep me.

You've always wanted to be free.

It's true. When did you ever
spend one evening with me?

You're right.

Will you visit me in London?

Here we go again...


I've done it!

Alberto, it went great!

Damn, he's still under its effects.
Who knows what he did in there?

It was the simpamine.
- Oberdan!

Hey, Guendalina!

How did it go?
- Fine! Great!

They asked me only the things
I knew. Incredible but true.

My father.
- A pleasure.

Get in, Oberdan.

But no, Mom. I'm telling you
it all went very well.

Not have the courage to come home?

I'm at Tito's place.

I was invited. By her daddy.

Shall we go in?

Look who's here!

Radaelli! What are you doing here?
- I should ask you.

Every year, though the world should end,
my wife comes to Salso.

I take my coat and I'm off.
You understand?

And I'm the coat. A pleasure.

Will you eat with us? - No, thanks,
today I've an important invitation.

My daughter and her friend
who graduated. - This is the heir!

The Bondiolis.
- A pleasure.

And this is Mr Pancani, rather
the future architect Pancani.

A lad who'll be going a long way.

We'll see you then.
- Of course.

He's an old friend.

Hello, Sir and Madame.
- Two martinis to start.

And after?
- Let's see.

So, at your house,
they're breathing freely now, eh?

My mother doesn't believe it.
- Finish telling us about it.

When I gave them the answer
about the density of the population

they nearly fell on the floor.
- And Gattamelata?

Now we can ask him. - Dad,
do you know who Gattamelata was?

A condottiero, I think, right?

Yes, but why was
he called Gattamelata?

Good day, Miss.
- Goodbye, Franco.

- Good day, Commendatore.

Hey, the weather is changing.
- No, I doubt it.

What are you doing? Leaving so soon?
- "Soon"? You must be crazy!

They made us eat and
drink like pigs in there.

And then with this sirocco, we'll go
to the hotel and have a good nap.

Right, baby?

By the way, Guido, if you go to London,
try to get me that commission.

This way, I won't have to write to
those scoundrels. - OK. Don't worry.

Not bad for a kept woman!

Goodbye, kids! Goodbye!
- Goodbye!

So long!

Where are we going?

Where? To bed and to sleep, no?

It's only 3. Me and Oberdan
will go for a walk, right?

With pleasure.
- Aren't you sleepy?

I can understand Oberdan with
all those pills he took but you?

I feel great.

Tell me, what will your mother say?

I'll see her tonight. You've much
to discuss if I'm not wrong.

Goodbye, Oberdan.
- Goodbye and thanks a lot.

Bye, Guendalina.
- Bye, Dad! See you later.

They're just two kids.

I love Guendalina!

I love Oberdan.

Guendalina loves me!

Oberdan loves me!

Oberdan is dead.

Oberdan is dead...


Oberdan, go home and sleep.

Get up.

My girlfriends didn't tell me anything.

And I'm not going to tell you either.



You haven't kissed me today.

Good evening.

You know Councilor Di Gianni?
The one you didn't like at all?

You said so a thousand times.

Well, you won't see him again.

We've... we've fired him.

Yes, we've fired the lawyers.

We're certain we can go forward
very well without their advice.

What do you think? Guendalina?

Perhaps she doesn't find
us reasonable enough.

Excuse me, Ma'am,
should Walter bring out the trunk?

Yes, the big one goes in the car,
we'll bring only two suitcases.

I thought so.

So, it's true we're leaving? When?

I confess that spending another night
in Viareggio would be too much.

So, let's take the train tonight
and tomorrow we'll take a flight.

Straight to London, Dad?
- No.

It looks like we'll be stopping
for 3 days in Paris.

You like that?
- Yes. Yes...

And Guendalina's first evening
dress will be made in Paris.

That's why we decided to spend
a very dazzling winter together.

And there'll be more holidays,
you'll see.




You called me?
- No!



- Oberdan, come on. Get up!

C'mon, Oberdan, you can do it!
- Wake up!

Oberdan, you must get up! Come on!
- Damn you!

Be patient!
She's leaving in 15 minutes.

I thought you'd want to wake up.
- Leaving? Who?

That young lady.
- They've already phoned twice.

When did she phone?
- Down in the store. They let us know.

Why did you let me sleep?
- Come on!





Where are you going?

Leaving. We're leaving.

Bye, Oberdan!

But what happened?

They're taking me away.

We're all going to London.
- When will you be back?

I'll write you!


You're never coming back.

Goodbye, Oberdan.



Revised English subs
by sineintegral@KG