Guddiyan Patole (2019) - full transcript

Two sisters come back to their village from Canada to see their maternal family and take their grandmother for a short leisure trip, but end up meeting a boy from Punjab along the way.

you have a letter from Punjab.

I won't be able to go there.

Why don't you go to Punjab, dear?

Why? What will I do there?

They've invited us after
such a long time.

It's a kid's birthday.

If I go there, they will start
talking about the past.

That I ran away and got
married to a foreigner.

They will taunt me too, because
my marriage didn't last long.

-They are your mother's family.
-You should go there.

But Mom...

I won't go there alone.

Don't go there alone.

Take Kash, Kashmir with you.

And who will convince Kash?

I won't take to her.

We've received a letter
from Mom's village.

Oh, I see. After all these years?

What does it say?

They have asked her
to visit Punjab.

So will Manjeeti go?


She wants us to go.

What will I do there?

That's what I told her.

We have no reason to go there.

And we don't know anyone
there either.

Would you like some coffee?

I won't go there.

...then why did you divorce her?

Yeah, dear?

Anything else?

She is Nicole's mother.

Have a safe trip.

And don't talk to strangers.

Let's go, already.
Aren't you done yet?

Don't blame me if we
miss the flight.

Ask Kash to dress appropriately.

Well, why don't you try
telling that to her?

Okay then, I'll get going.

Both of you, don't go for a
coffee or something now.

Go back to your respectable homes.

Father, I won't stay here.

Uncle loves to curse.

-Let me come back to the village.
-I'll help in the fields. I promise.

It's okay,
all uncles love to curse.

Don't worry.
You should work hard, son.

He humiliates me over everything.

You cannot expect any respect
after you get your aunt married.

Don't you hear me curse
your mother's brothers?

Now behave and get to work.

He is afraid of a few curses.


-Get me two cold drinks.

-Sure, go ahead and drink them.
-You don't like to work, do you?

You only enjoy having
cold drinks.

You are kept here on
a salary of 3,500 rupees.

And you drink cold drinks
worth 4,000 rupees.

Drink it. I'll deduct it from your salary.

Take it.

Take it back.

Too much sweet causes diabetes.

There is an airport pick up
tomorrow. Inform Satta about it.


those girls are from Canada.

Ask him to be careful. There
shouldn't be any complaints.


From Canada.

If they are from Canada, then
Amrik Singh will pick them up.

Hello, where are you?

I am right here. A red Innova is
parked next to the dustbin.

-We cannot see anyone.

I am walking towards the gate
now. I've gelled my hair.

I am wearing blue jeans.

I'll be damned.

Hot chicks.

I want just one.

Good morning, ma'am.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I am not a driver. I am the owner.
But I'll help you, ladies.

Just put the luggage in the car.



You too.

I know you must be hungry after
such a long journey.

Take it.

I'll some buy peanuts
on the way too.

Will we manage to reach
without the car?

-Or will you have to drive it?
-Consider this an aeroplane.

Consider yourself at
the destination.

Let me share something with you.

You shouldn't tell anyone
that you're from Canada.

People here are as crazy
about Canadians...

as Discovery Channel
is about snakes.

You don't need to worry about me.

I am quite chilled.

I am not interested
in going to Canada.

But I would like to give
you a tour of Punjab.

Look at all the green fields...

filled with golden gems...

Look, that's a pumping
station. It is quite useful.

It helps water the fields.

There are many more uses of it.

How did you like our
colorful Punjab?

This is called... a speed bump.

-They are here. Come on, everyone.
-They are here.


Our daughters are here.

-Come here, dear.
-God bless you, dear.


I'm judging her by the
amount of clothes she is wearing.

Dear, any problem in the way...

her clothes could have easily
fitted in a pouch.

Why did she bother
carrying a bag?

-Hello, my dear.


The other one dresses like us.

-How did you like our Punjab?
-Meet them first.

You can find faults
in them later.

My darling daughters.

I have been yearning
to see you two.

I have waited for you
standing on one foot.

Come on, Charno. Stop lying.

It's not like they would've

if you had waited standing
on both your feet.

How restless of you!

Wonderful! Amazing! My daughters
are finally here.

I am so happy.

She has such curly hair.

Oh, my God!

Stop it.

Go kids, they are your aunts.
Touch their feet.

Come on, kids.
Touch the feet of your aunts.

-Come on.
-I seek your blessings, aunt.

-Come on.
-I seek your blessings, younger aunt.

-Hello, aunt. Hello.
-Both of them are very naughty.

-Come here.
-Hello, aunt.

-Tie your hair.

They know that we
are their aunts.

Now how about telling us how
is everybody related to us?

Sure, dear. Right away.

-Labhu, please stand with your family.

Come on.

Dear, I am your mother's youngest
brother, Ajaib Singh.

She is my wife, Charno.

He is my son, Neeta.

-He is my grandson, Gopi.

He has come to stay with us.
He is my daughter's son.

Just like you two have.

-Labhu, your turn.
-Go on.

I am your mother's eldest brother,
Labhu. She is my wife, Mukho.

Come on now.

How about telling them
my real name?

I am your aunt Mukhtiar Kaur.

Mukhtiar Kaurji.

He is my eldest son.
Come forward.

-She is his wife, our daughter-in-law.

-Meet their children. Anmol and Babbu.

-That's my daughter, Jassi.

-She is studying... what does she study?

-Yes, nursing.
-That's right.

Come on in, dear.

-Let's have some tea.
-Let's go.

-Come on. Come inside.
-Come on, dear. Let's go.

Mother, have some tea.

I don't want it.

Take it back.

Give them to the ones
sitting outside.

They are already having it, Mother.

I gave them some biscuits too.

The ones who have sidelined this
old women, may you be doomed.

I didn't let my daughter enter
this house for 20 years.

You have hurt my feelings
by inviting them home.

You will never stop complaining.

Let me know once you are done.

Give it here.

Oh no. Here you go.

I won't eat till they stay here.

As you wish, Mother.

I am such a fool.

Why did I bother getting tea
when I know you are angry.

It's okay. I won't make any
dinner for you then.

-It will save some dough.
-Are you going to leave or not?

I am going, Mother.

-Let me run.
-Stupid woman.

Oh God, I pray that a lizard
falls into their dinner.

I won't be eating it anyway.

He makes noise like
a rusty engine.

Look at that.

Aunt, what is this?

This tea is very sweet.

Get me a pill for diabetes.


Here. Take it.

Uncle, I am taking a sprayer.
I need to spray the field.

Take it. They don't even
let you enjoy tea.

People these days don't
even offer you any tea.

Eat it, dear.

-You too have some.
-Yes, have some.

Why sister couldn't make it?

Mom couldn't leave her office.

I am sure it gets quite cold
when it snows there.

Then the kids must be filling
their stomachs with ice.

Look at these kids.

They are always close
to the refrigerator.

They eat the ice as soon
as it is formed.

The driver wants biscuits.

Give him two pieces.

-Take it, son.
-Go on.

What's your name, young man?


Amrik Singh, we will need your
car for another few days.


-So why don't you stay here?

-We will set up a bed for you there.

I'll go home. We have some
construction work going on.

Fine, as you wish.

But don't be late,
they can be quite rude.


Give me one, son.

He isn't giving me a biscuit now.

Later, he will have to hand
over his aunt to me.

Doesn't he look just like you?

the expensive butter worked.

She compared me to a foreigner.

I know I am handsome.

But your sister-in-law
is no less either.

Right? You also know that...

Jaggi, I had gone to Neeta's
house to get a sprayer.

They have two girls who
are here to visit them.

They are very beautiful.

One of them is tall.

-She's hot.

The other one is short.

-She is hot as well.
-Getting to the point is a jackpot.

I'll get married to one of them.

Then I will go abroad.

Done bluffing?

Shut up.

Aunt, it's great that people
make everything at home here.

Right, dear.

Nothing can be compared
to a home-cooked meal.

I heard people make liquor
at home as well.

Yes, dear.

Your uncle too used to make it.

Police broke a few of his bones.

Now he purchases it.

-You are back?
-Didn't you say that there was some...

-construction going on at home?
-That's what my father told me.

"The construction is on,
where will we place you?"

-Hence, I came back.
-Good that you came back.

Take the big bed
and place it under the shed.

-Come with me. Come on.


Hello, aunt.

You left in the morning.
Where have you been?

I went to the city
to watch a movie.

This great Dharamendra
was watching a movie.

-Take this.
-Give it here.

-Don't drink it.
-Take it upstairs.

Let's go then. Keep it aside.

You already drank from it.
Let's go.

-You are studying nursing?
-Yes, sister.

Don't worry.

I'll help you.

-Jassi, go and help downstairs.
-But I want to study.

Come on,
even after all the education...

you are only going
to be a nurse.

It's not like you will
be injecting people.

You will be only passing them to
the doctors. Go downstairs.


Sit down.

He is my nephew, dear.

He coincidently came to meet me.

-He is well-educated, he has completed...

Yes, the same.

How do I communicate
with an educated bunch like you.

You can continue talking.

I'll teach him a lesson.

-Damn you! You idiot!
-What's wrong?

-What's wrong?
-Why did I make you sit here?

You have the earphones
in your ears.

-Not my hair! Let go of my hair!
-Get out of here now.

-I made a mistake, aunt.
-Damn you!

Here I am working hard for you.
You have no shame.

He has those damned earphones
plugged into his ears.




Do you drink liquor?

Yes, I have beer sometimes.

I heard that homemade liquor is
easily available in Punjab.

people here say that imported...

liquor doesn't make them roar.


The sound you make after
you get drunk?

That's what it's called.

Can you get me a bottle?

-For you?

-Hurry up.

Oh no, girl.

What are you doing?

-It's nothing, aunt.
-Don't embarrass us before the villagers.

At least take an onion.

People will say we didn't
offer any snacks.

Wait, I'll get you some.

Listen, don't feel shy.

There is nothing wrong in
having a sip or two.

You have to change
with the world.

I am not like your grandma.

So what if your mother had a love

I have a daughter as well.

Parents are the only support
a child gets.

God forbid, if Jassi
falls for someone...

then I will stand by
her and support her.

Okay, dear. You continue drinking.

I'll get onions for you.

Dear, you always have earphones
in your ears.

How about having a conversation
with us sometimes?

Sure, aunt.

Here, have these with milk.

I'll hit you twice now.

You are eating all day long,
yet you are never sated.

Give it back.

Go away.

Dear, you should have a lot
of milk and buttermilk.

Don't make your mother complain...

that we have made her
daughters look dull.

Aunt, I am dieting.

And I am doing IELTS.

-How is education related to food?
-You should eat well.

You need to get married eventually.

I'll find a suitable
match for you.

Whether you like it or not.

The boy should be good.

Color doesn't matter, right?

they must have air condition...

even in the shed in Canada.

No, it's quite cold out there.

Come on,
so what if it's cold out there?

I am sure they enter the
shed to escape the cold.

Move, you blackie.

What have I done?

Can't you eat later?

Liquor is good.

But not good for her.

Henceforth, in this house,
women will eat before men.

Aunt has had liquor.

I think she is drunk.

If you cook then you
should eat first.

Come on, sit down.

-Eat in front of me.
-We will have it later, dear.

Eat right now.

who brought the liquor for her?

Liquor makes you feel different.

Fennel seeds water doesn't
even help you whistle...

so roaring is a
far-fetched thing.

-Go to sleep, dear.
-You should be proud, ladies.

Go to sleep, dear.

God bless you, dear.

-Why should I go to sleep?
-First finish your dinner.

We'll eat it, dear. We'll eat it.

Aunt has defeated father as well.

Eat it.

I don't want to eat.

Oh no, it's so spicy.

What's going on?

What's the commotion about?

I am sure their mother has
taught this to them.

You cannot blame anyone when
your own family is crazy.

They will eat last.

-Oh, God...

This house should get
buried underground...

but only when I am not at home.

Oh, God!

-Yes, dear?

Henceforth, in this house,
ladies will eat first.

-Okay. Please eat food.

Move aside,
I am having a meeting here.

Henceforth, in this house,
ladies will eat first.

My dear is very smart.

She acts wild after
getting drunk.

It's okay, I'll manage.

Oh no.

I am fed up of these doctors.

They ask me to have milk before
taking medicines.

Those who will see me like
this will wonder...

what this old woman is eating.

I won't eat anything
they offer.

It's okay. Don't worry.

Otherwise, I won't even eat
a morsel made by this family.

If I can stay hungry
all day then...

nights aren't that long either.

It's the medicines which
have made me weak.

What's your ID?

My ID is Brown Jat.

Go downstairs.

Shall I leave?

Okay, okay.

You should stay away
from this boy.

Oh really,
as if you worry about me.

I am not worried.

You two can share your meals,
as if I care.

Here's lemonade for you, sister.

-It helps with the headache.

Dad too asks for that.


Okay. Okay.

Sister, when my friend's sister
came from abroad...

she had brought an
iPhone for him.

-And your friend accepted it.
-Of course.

Your friendship is shameless.

He took an iPhone
from his sister?

You should be friends with
such greedy people, Neeta.

See you didn't ask
me for an iPhone.

Very good.

My dream of having an iPhone
shall always remain a dream.

Neeta, give me your iPhone,
I'll charge it.

-Wait, I'll teach you a lesson.
-Wait. I'll teach you a lesson.

-Hello. Welcome.
-Be careful, son.

Hello, chief.

Hello! How are you doing,
Lambardar Sahib? All good?

Maggar, it's not the same
as Makhan had done.

Why do uncles have
such big egos?

They keep troubling us
because of aunts.

Are you alright?

Have you never seen balloons?

We need to go and get cold
drinks. Let's go.

-Yes, brother?

Let's go and get cold drinks.

Keep this in. I'll be right back.

-Let go of my collar.
-You let go of my shirt.

Let go of my collar.

-You let go of my shirt.
-I'll punch you.

-Go ahead.
-If you have the courage then go ahead.

You go first.

-If you have the courage then go ahead.
-Go ahead.

Stop talking and hit him.

-Go on.
-Today is my birthday.

Otherwise, I'd show you
what I am made up of.

-You come here.
-I am here.


-They are your sisters.

I want to marry one of them and
go to Canada. Right, brother?

How about some music, brother?

Hello. Is everything alright?

It's mine.

-Eat something.
-Welcome. Hello.

The whole village is sitting
on the chair...

and all of you are sitting
here and cooking.

Why didn't you get some waiters
for the function?

-What else can it be?
-Didn't I explain it last night...

that men and women are equal.

-Don't you want to enjoy?
-Dear, there are no waiters here.

Here you have to do everything
on your own.

But aunt, she is talking about
our rights and welfare.

Show it to me, sister.

-You are here and that's enough.

Don't you have any shame?

You are punishing these women.

Either call for waiters or
order food from outside.

she will get us into trouble.

Come on girls, continue working.

Keep cooking.
Don't let the bread stick.

-I barely escaped.
-Thanks for saving me.

Make some more rotis.

To you, dear.

Which sweet would you like the
black one or the white one?

I like the black one, dear.

-Tell me, who sent it?
-The aunt from Canada.

I wonder what those witches
must have spiked it with.

Their mother sent them
here to kill me.

Go away from here.

Listen... come here, dear.

Come here.

Which one of them is
more beautiful?

Shall I call them here?
Do you wish to meet them?

I am not interested. Buzz off.

It is very sweet.

Come on wish him, or are you
here only for free food?

God bless us all!
What has she done!

It's okay, have some cake.

-Eat it, already.
-Everybody, eat the cake.

Eat the cake, kids.

Damn, what are they doing?

-Take it.
-Aunt, I want some.

Ajaib Singh, have you ordered any snacks
or should we keep our plates down?

We got humiliated.

She is dangerously sober as well.

I cannot handle her.

I'll have to let her go.

Take this, Jassi.

-Eat it.
-The younger one is good.

Here, give it to the girl.

Don't make a fool of yourself.
Okay? Go.

I won't return empty-handed today.

-Where do you think you are going?
-To give lunch to Nicole.

Keep it down.



Come on.

Let go of my hair!
Don't punch me.

How many times have I told you?
Don't you understand?

If you try to come
closer to Nicole...

then you're done for.

Go and give it to her.


She is very rude to
her brother-in-law.

Please eat it.

Thank you for caring for me.

Who says it's care?
I just don't like him.

Kash, you care for me.
You just don't accept it.

Okay tell me, what my fault is.

Mom divorced Dad, I didn't.

I didn't get Dad's love.

At least, let me get some
of my sister's love now.

Manjeeti's call?

How did you like my family?

Your mother is one angry lady.

We both haven't met her yet...

out of the fear of
being thrashed.

Mother has always been like that.

But she doesn't hurt anyone.

She had beaten me up just once.

When I had worn that
flower-embroidered dress.

-The flower-embroidered dress?
-Yes, ask her about it.

Bye, good night.

You should go meet your grandma.

Kash, shall we go meet grandma?

-You want to get thrashed?
-She won't beat us up.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, boy. Give me my stick back.

This whole family is
after my blood.


Should I do this to you?

Grandma, here is your stick.

For your own well-being,
go back the way you came.

Mom said she is rude but
she doesn't hurt anyone.

Grandma, at least hear us out.

I'll beat you with my stick.

Grandma, what grudge are
you holding against us?

We are here just to talk to you.

Talk about what?

The things your mother
taught you?

Fine, don't talk.

At least, tell us what is the
mystery of the flower dress?

Mom said we should talk
to you about it.

Don't trouble me.
Go away from here.


Mom loves you a lot.

Ask him to sit outside.

Go and sit with Nicole.

I won't.

Don't make me hit you.
Why won't you leave?

Our family could have a million
things to discuss in private.

-Come on.
-Go away.

Take this.

Look brother,
you are the eldest...

it would be better if
you spoke to them.

It won't look good if I say it.

It's not about seniority.

You know
what will I tell them.

Come on, brother.
Don't delay.

-We will have to talk to them.

What will the villagers say if
the younger brother does this...

in the presence of an
elder brother?

Villagers? Fine, then give
me an anti-anxiety pill.

What's up, bro!

Come on, have a seat.

-How are you?

Whatever your girl did with
you was not right.

-She shouldn't have been so harsh, right?
-Which one?

You don't need to
hide it from me.

I saw her pulling your hair.

You two will soon get married.

After marriage, people tend
to get a little shameless.

But it is not right now.

No, brother. I am going to get
married to the younger one.

I never liked the older one. Yes.

-The younger one?
-Yes. She is beautiful, isn't she?

-No, no, no.
-Why? What's wrong?

I can't discuss it.

You should go to sleep,
my brother.

No please, tell me what's wrong.

-Nothing stays hidden from drivers.

I saw her having tobacco.

-For real?

-She has tobacco?

Oh, this is great.

And I feared I won't get
tobacco in Canada.

Both of us will have it together.

Stand up, get up.

He is here to give me
a sleepless night.

Get lost from here.

You are the one who asked
me to come here.

I asked you to,
like you are some big shot.

Everyone's so nice.

They love us a lot.

I just wonder why Grandma
is so upset.

Everyone else is very nice.

We missed these things in Canada.

Mom and Dad's fights
separated us.

We learnt what a family
is after coming here.

I wish Mom and Dad too
were here with us.

Aunt, would you like some sugar?

Come on, girls.
Drink your milk and go to sleep.

We will go to the market
in the morning...

where you can buy
Indian dresses.

I don't wear Indian dresses.

It's okay, dear. You can buy
anklets instead. Go to sleep, girls.

Come, kid. Your mother is looking for you.


Come with me. Drink the milk
before it gets cold.

-Come on, Grandma.
-Shut up. Come with me.

show us some bright colors.

Show us pure silk dresses.

Here's one in orange.

It's very good.

Karmo, we need to buy knickers
for your father too.

-They have gone tight.

Here's another one.

Oh, no. Embellishments on knickers
will cause rash.

This is an Indian dress.

Then show us something good.

Hey, why don't you order
some cold drinks?

-These girls have come from abroad.
-This one...

-Get four and a half cold drinks!
-Half for whom?

-For me.
-Damn you.

Show me an embroidered veil.

Big flowers or small flowers?

Anything would do.

It should just look good on her.

-Show me that one, the one in blue.
-The one at the end?

She will tear it apart.

The one on this end.

It's an excellent piece.

She is your sister-in-law.

I am talking about the veil,

-Today, you will meet your end!
-Stop it!

-I won't spare you!
-Now look at them!

-There they are!
-Give it to me!

-I want the chocolates!
-They brought chocolates for us!

You want all of it!

-You witch!
-Yes, sister?

Here, I have brought anklets.

And I also brought a
few Indian dresses.

The one with flowers on them.

-They are so beautiful.
-Aunt brought them.

We will wear the dresses
with flowers on them.

I dare anyone to do
anything they want.

-I'll get them stitched tomorrow itself.

-They are beautiful, aren't they?
-Yes, they are.

-What is this?

What have you been up to?

Mother, aunt from the city
got it stitched for me.

You want to be fashionable!
You want to wear flowery dresses!

I'll kill you if you wear
this dress again.

She wants to dress
like actresses!

Dear, brother Labhu wanted
to talk to you.


I have been wondering whether...

or not to discuss
this with you.

You know how we are
a big happy family.

We like to live together peacefully.

We don't fight over
land like others.

But who knows about the future.
Look, Mother has aged.

-I'm not well.
-We sat together and decided that...

we should all take
our shares now.

We don't want our kids to
fight in the future.

And then dear, all of you are
well settled in Canada.

-As for us, we are bound to suffer here.


So I thought that as you
are already here...

why don't we all take our
shares and end this matter?

Dear, as you know this is what
has been happening since ages...

the land always belonged
to the sons.

-We had invited sister.

-But she sent you two.

Let us know what you want to do.


We have made their will.

If sister manages to come
then it will be great.

We have everything ready.


What's this?

-What are you doing here?
-Father, what are you doing here?

I have come here to take a form
to open an ostrich farm.

What are you doing here?

I am here with some
Canadian passengers.

They have rented uncle's car.

If they have rented
the car then your job...

-is to only drive them around.
-Why are you carrying their bags?

Father, don't you always say
that we should help others.

-Wonderful. My son is very smart.
-Then do one thing...

carry this sack and help me
load it on the mini bus.

Father, you are still
stuck on a mini bus?

Here I am making plans
to take a flight.

Very good.

I wonder what will happen
to this new generation.

I like a fool have come here to
take a form for ostriches.

No one would give them forms
even for poultry.

Maggar, my father too is
here, in the court.

We should get your sister-in-law to
touch his feet, right?

I think you too love dogs.

No, I don't like them.
I am scared of them.

You need to take 12 shots
if a dog bites you.

People keep pampering them
for no reason. Idiots.

Stupid. Do you know how
kindhearted dogs are?

They are so loyal.

They love more than humans.

I will surely get into trouble
because of you.

It's me, Kash.

Yes, Kashmir.
Are you liking it out there?

Like it?
I don't wish to come back.


Couldn't you tell us sooner that
your family is so nice?

You know we went for
shopping today.

Aunt forced me to
buy anklets too.

I bought so many Indian dresses.

The ones with flower
embroideries on it.

Okay, everyone is staring at me.
We'll call you later.

We won't tell Mom what
happened here.

Her family thought about
her after so many years.

Why should we spoil her mood?

They couldn't talk about
it directly with Mom.

What do we have to do
with their property?

Looks like our parents
are very good.

Whatever it is, they
do it in front of us.

At least, they aren't

I think they are the ones
troubling Grandma.

She is so upfront. If she is
angry then she is angry.

Here you go, Amrik. Set them up.

Here, Neeta.

-Take it.
-No, sister.

Take it.

Tell your friend that your sister
bought you an iPhone.


Look at this.

Do it.


-You won't feel scared now, will you?
-No, I won't.

Will you take me to Canada
after I grow up?


Take this, girl. Here's yours.

I didn't have change.

You have to pretend
before the world.

I don't know whether
or not we will...

get to see each other again.

It will be between you
and your uncles.

You are always welcomed here.
How does it concern me?

Take this.

Tell your mother to wear this
flower-embroidered dress.

I was anyway going to use
it to mop the floor.

Grandma sent a dress for Mom.

Mom didn't send anything
for Grandma.

Stupid, Mom sent us for her.


Turn the car around.


I was wondering, you haven't
even toured Punjab as yet.

How can you just leave!

I know it is my love that
made you stay back.

Look, you shouldn't
be rude to the driver.

They sometimes drive straight
into a river when angry.

-But you don't need to worry.
-I am not a driver.

I am the owner.

We have many cars on the road.

It's not our fault.

I don't talk to Manjeeti.

Come with us, Grandma.

It will be a lot of fun.

-You will be happy.
-I am happy.

Liar! Your eyes are still red.

Hello, uncle.

What's wrong?
Did Grandma pass away?

Shut up.


Give me the sprayer.
I need to spray the fields.

Does our sprayer kill
more insects?

You can take it today,
but never ask for it again.

Otherwise, I will throw you out.

Reshma, give him the sprayer.

She is just pretending to be
angry. She will come with us.

-Come on, let's go.
-Come on.

-Let's go, let's go.
-Come on.

-Come on.
-Take her bag.

Why are you dragging me along?

Here you go.

Don't worry, uncle.

We will be back in five to seven days.

It will be a good change
for Grandma as well.

It's okay, dear. You are very
smart to convince her.

-God bless you.
-Bye, aunt.

You are leaving?

Here's the sprayer.

Sprayer for what?

To hell with such a sprayer.

These sprays have
destroyed Punjab.

You should eat these
poisonous grains.

I will do organic farming now.

Bye, uncle.

I will get going now.

Bye, aunt.

you don't need to worry at all.

We will enjoy life to the fullest
in the next five days.

Your decision to take Grandma
on a tour has won my heart.

Is your heart a world cup...

-that winning it is an achievement.
-Shut up and drive.

"Won my heart..."

Oh no, what is this room?

Grandma, this is an elevator.

-It will lift you up very quickly.
-Let her lift your grandmother.

I don't want to die so soon.

-Come on.
-Let's go, Grandma.

-I don't want to enter it.
-Nothing will happen.

-Let's go.
-I don't want to enter it.

-I will feel suffocated.
-Nothing will happen. Let's go.

My sons have locked me in a room.

And you are locking
me up in here.

it will take us up quickly.

Nothing happened. You are fine.

Nothing happened.

These idiots have blankets
on the floor.

That's a carpet.
It's called a carpet.

Tell me about it.

It's over here as well.

It's everywhere, Grandma.

Welcome home, Grandma.

Come in.

Such a big room!

come here, look at the view.

No, I will fall down.

-There's a glass window here.
-Did you like the room?

I have never even dreamed of such
a beautiful place, dear.

Grandma, look over there,
that's the bathtub.

Oh God, such a beautiful bathtub!

In villages, many houses don't
even have such beautiful halls.


It is actually a place where
one can bathe, dear?

Yes, and you too will bathe here.

Get in, Grandma.
You will have a lot of fun.

No, I won't get in there.

Grandma, you will get a massage.
Come on, get in.

I will drown, dear.

-Get in, Grandma.

No, dear. I won't get in.

Come on, Grandma.

Oh, come on, Grandma.
You will be relaxed. Come on.

Let your mother relax!

-They want me to relax.
-Stop, Grandma!

-I'm going home.
-Come on, come on.

No, let me go.

Eat it, Grandma.

I don't want it.

Eat it.

And what you are holding
in your hand is a soap.

Don't eat it.

I want to go back home.

Come on.


Where's Grandma?

Come on!

Where should I go?

Oh no.

Oh, God. I am lost.

Where should I go?

Where to?

-Come with me, Grandma.
-I won't.

Sorry, we won't trouble
you anymore. Okay?

-I won't sleep with that witch.
-Fine, you can sleep with me.

Let's go back.

How did you like it today?

You loved it, right?

Grandma, hit her with your stick.

Grandma, you didn't go back home?

How does it concern you!

Let's click a picture together.

Let her talk.

I'll join in.

Good night, Grandma.

Maggar, they went upstairs
and left us here.

Is this fair?

It's okay.

If we want to go to
Canada then...

we'll have to make this sacrifice.

How are you, brother?

What's wrong?
You're talking to a plastic dog.

Come with me,
I'll treat you with egg curry.

No, thanks.

I know how our life is.
We don't ever get a stable house.

I am still lucky,
I salute ten cars every day.

Guys like you spend all
your life on this seat.

No, brother. I am not a driver.

I am going to marry someone
from Canada.

My wife, my sister-in-law and my
grandma-in-law are upstairs.

I came down here because I don't
want to be with the ladies.

You should work properly,

Otherwise, the hotel management
will fire you.


I think he is into drugs.

He says he
wants to go to Canada.

We don't even get
to eat them and...

he is placing them on my eyes.

-That will be too much.
-Black will do.

What are you doing to my hair?

It's nothing, Grandma. He's just
getting rid of your dandruff.

What's that, girl?

Grandma, she meant scurf.


It has been a week since I bathed
in buttermilk at home.

Ma'am, should I do threading
for her? It will look good.

Wax her.

Oh damn! Where's my stick?

-Give me my stick.
-I... here you go, ma'am.

Wait, I'll teach you a lesson.


Grandma, listen to me.

Don't hit him.
What are you doing, Grandma?

-Grandma, listen...
-Fine, stop it now.

Damn you... you have brought me to
a house full of mirrors.

I have never even looked
at the mirror at home.

-Fine, sit down.
-They keep calling me "Grandma."

Nothing will happen, Grandma.

-Come on, sit down.
-Sit down, sit down.

-Give me my stick.
-Yes, give her the stick.

Oh, God.

-Enough... calm down.
-Nothing has happened.

-Here I am folding my hands before you.
-Go back.

Leave my house.

-Look over there, look at your hair.
-Look, Grandma...

-What have you done to me! My arm hurts!

Look over there!
You look so beautiful.

-Your hair looks great.

-Look at them.
-Aren't they beautiful?

-Oh no!
-You look so beautiful.

Damn, you two!

Your mother had turned my face
black with disgrace...

And you two have blacked my hair.

Go away from here.

-How will I face anyone?
-You are looking so beautiful.

You are back! I won't spare him.

That hurts.

Maggar, do you want a
collar or something?

Let's go shopping.

Who is Maggar?

My dog's name is Maggar.

My husband's name is Maggar.

And you are addressing
him as Maggar?

It's okay, Grandma.
We will change his name.

We will call him Johnson
from now.

Johnson is our Dad's name.

What does he think of himself!

Do you know how softhearted
dogs are?

They are so innocent.

You cannot even imagine.

They love more than humans do.

They are so loyal.

Maggar, you will
help me get the girl.

Where are you two dragging me to?

-Let's go.
-Oh no, this is the first time... I..

am seeing these movable stairs.

-Let's go, Grandma.
-No, no, no. I am scared.

Nothing will happen, Grandma.
I'll get on it first.

Give me your hand.

-Come on.
-Come on, Grandma.

Hey girl, he is going upstairs.

Fine then, see you upstairs.

No, you said you will make
me have a good time.

Have you brought me along
to sightsee or scare me?

Bloody wretches.

-Nothing will happen, Grandma. Be brave.
-I get on it.

-Let's go.
-Yes, let's go.

Lift me up, dear.

-I will.
-You let it be. God will lift you up.

I don't want to have a good time.

They want me to enjoy life.

Fine, those stairs will take
you down. Go, get down.

Go on.


Come on, Grandma, let's go.


Give it to me, I'll carry it.

Don't show us your teeth.

Take this and keep all
the bags in the car.

Hold it.

My sister-in-law doesn't let me
stay at one place for long.

This one is good.

-Isn't it too bright?
-No, it's nice.

Nice? It's very good.

Maggar... sorry... Johnson...

No more shaking your head now.

You should start getting ready
to ride in a plane.

They were two crazy
girls earlier.

Now the third one
has joined them.

I hope they don't spoil
the old woman.


he looks like a Kabaddi player.

What is this?

My husband died a long time ago.

-Why are you making me wear bangles?
-It is necessary, Grandma.

-They won't let us go inside without it.
-One more.

What's inside, girl?

Don't make me slap you.

Will you have it as well?

No, Grandma. I don't drink.

Back then, old men used to
get drunk and hurt us.

I think the girls get
drunk and hurt men.

How times have changed!

-At least, try it, Grandma.
-Shut up.

Move! They call this fun!

"The world dances to your tune."

Grandma, how about a dance?

They can dance only after
getting drunk.

Then you show us how to dance
without getting drunk.

Kash don't be rude. It's okay.

No, it's not okay.

Only the one who knows how
to dance can dance.

Stop it.

Grandma, I am with you on this.

We will have to show it to them.

Your Manjeeti used to say...

Kashmir you have gone
after your Grandma.

Low on beauty but
high on attitude.

So I finally made you dance,

Maggar, reason it with me.

Plead to me.

Do you want to go to Canada
or get your bones broken?

I am sure he is taking drugs.

-Brother, why are you doing this?


Tell me the truth,
what are those pills?

Life is short, you can get
rid of this addiction.

-No, brother.
-I have popped many pills as well.

I have been high quite
often on cannabis.

But I have never managed
to reach Canada.

It's not Canada, it's death.

Life is short,
follow the right path.

Follow the right path.

Who wants words of wisdom
from the wise?

The drugs you are taking will one
day make you sell your car.

What's wrong, Grandma?

My sister's granddaughter
is getting married.

You want to attend it?

What will I do there?

That means you want to go there.


-Shall we?
-What will I do there?


-Let me sleep.

Where are you, knucklehead?

Don't curse, uncle.

-Grandma, want some?
-You are...

what you are.

Scoundrel, I am worried about you.
Where are you?

our vehicle is on the road.

I am making money here.
Don't worry.

I worry because you don't
have a permit.

Speak up now, will you?

I'll talk to you later.

He disconnected it, again.

Give me a biscuit.

There is a police
check post ahead.

And I don't have a permit.

-If they ask, tell them this is your car.

License and registration, please.

-Show us all the documents.
-Go on.

I have all the documents.

Here's my license.

And here's the insurance.

I have a pollution under
control certificate too.

-Who are they, your passengers?
-No, my family.

He is my grandson and
they are his sisters.

We're going for a wedding.

-Reshma, let them pass.


What's wrong with him, girls?

Why is he coming back?

They aren't my sisters.

Then who are they?

One is my wife and the
other is her sister.

But they are your family.

-It's okay, give me a ticket.

Shinda, give him a ticket.

Where did that pigeon go?

I don't know what he is up to.

I think he is crazy.

Thank you.

Here's the ticket.

Want one?

Then feed me.

My hands aren't free.

Oh, damn!

Sister is here!

I seek your blessings.

Hello, sister.

God bless you, brother.

My sister, the cop is here.

I am so happy!

Hello, Mother.

What are you doing here,
shameless ones!

-We are here since yesterday.
-These fritters are delicious.

-Let's eat them.

Black hair,
glowing face, dark glasses...

Our sister is getting
younger by the day.

I hope she doesn't cause
much trouble.

I'll have to give dowry again.

Dowry? As if you gave me the
Taj Mahal as dowry earlier.

These girls are behind
this change.

-Say hello, girls.

-He is my brother, Janta.
-God bless you.

And she is my sister, Golo.

-Sister, these girls?
-Manjeeti's daughters.

Oh, wonderful!

These girls are all grown up!

-I seek your blessings, aunt.
-God bless you, son.

We feel blessed with
your presence.

This wedding celebration
just became more alive.

Mother won't just stop talking.

How about letting her have
some water, at least.

-Let's go, aunt.
-Let's go, son.

Boys, serve tea.

And some sweets too.

He didn't offer a single
sweet to me.

Look at his antics.

God bless you for
taking care of...

my sister more than your life.

Let's go, girls.

Let's go, dear.


This is a strange tradition here.

You don't respect your elders
but everyone else.

Come on girls, sit down.

It's not our wedding, grandma.

The way you behave, it will
be difficult to marry you.

Make them sit down. Sit down.

-Let it be, Grandma.
-Come here, dear.

-Get them here.
-Sit down.

-Sit down.
-My face.

-I might be allergic to it.
-Sit down.

-No, nothing will happen.
-Take this.

-Grandma, why don't you understand?
-Apply it, girls.

-Apply it.

-Nothing will happen.
-Apply it.

-What is this, grandma?

Dear, this is the
rustic way of waxing.

It needs to be done only
once in six months.

-Here you go.
-That's enough.

Enough, already.

I had told you not to force
Grandma for waxing.

She is taking revenge from us.

you look as fair as milk now.

make them stand in front for...

-the ribbon cutting ceremony.
-They will only give you 2,100 rupees.

Whereas, they will give way
only after given 5,100 rupees.

My brother-in-law had only
given two rupees.

Bloody miser.

As if your husband gave
me a treasure.

Listen to her complain.

Girls, you should take the center
stage only when required.

I don't want you to
take the center stage...

-throughout the wedding.
-Like an eager goat.

go and get the Indian dresses.

They will wear the
ones they like.

I won't wear an Indian dress.

Yes, of course. Why would you
wear an Indian dress?

You weren't born to be obedient.

"I won't wear an Indian dress."

What does she do?

-Have a look.
-Pick out of these.

Take your pick.

Here are some more.
Check them out.

Trouble, you too check them out.


Here you go.

She won't wear an Indian dress,

There you go, Jagroopa proved
to be a good host.

And we have taken care
of our responsibility.

Mother, she has gone into
a good family. Right?

Right. It is a good thing.

Are you tired, dear?

Look are your companions...

they are sloshed and
lying on the bed.

And look over there.

Dear, you don't need to
drink to dance.

You should have
the desire to dance.

I got your point, Grandma.

There you go.

-Do you too drink, dear?
-No, I don't.

-Then join them.
-You too.

I will have to agree on
one thing, sister.

You took a lot of blame for us
and got beaten up by Dad.

Your desire to be an
artist turned me...

black and blue a
number of times.

I used to support you and Dad
used to say that I spoiled you.

Janta, you remember, once you
had started singing.

And I started playing the music.

And then Dad started
beating us both up.

Whatever it was sister, father
might have no liked singers...

but I will make sure my son
becomes a famous singer.


Do you remember you had
once brought me a harmonium?

Yes, I do.

These days, it's your nephew you plays it.


-He both writes and sings well.
-If I could...

I would've also brought you a
drum along with the harmonium.

Janta, we have to agree, no one
enjoyed as much luxurious...

as much as we did with
sister's support.

You are right, sister.

She isn't our elder sister,
she is our mother.

I wanted a guitar,
but you never brought me one.

Be careful.


-Where were you last night?

-In the shed.

-You should have slept with Janta.
-Come on. Uncle slept there too.


Sons-in-law got a room.

Roop's in-laws got one room and
his sister-in-law got another.

Here or there,
I just had to sleep.

And this way, I didn't feel cold.

Good that you came here, aunt.

You will get to see a wedding.

You didn't get to see your
own daughter's wedding.

Is it tasty, son? Eat it.

do you really need to say that?

Come on, I just said a fact.
It's not a big thing.

-But you...
-Who are you to say that?

Go and sit in your car.

Worthless driver!

He isn't a driver.

He is better than
relatives like you.

He has a heart of gold.

Here you go.
A small gift.

No, Grandma.
Let it be.

-Take it, dear.

-Take it.
-You should.

-Take it.

Be happy, dear.

Lead a happy life.

Thank you, sister.
You are always welcomed here.

What's the hurry, Mother?
I won't let aunt leave.

No, you look after your in-laws.

They are guests.

I don't matter. I have only fixed
flooring with your mother.

Take this, give a gift to
the girl on my behalf.

Let's go, everyone.

Where will you go, sister?

Your house, why?

Don't you want to leave?

They will treat you
as they treated you.

Good that you came to meet me.

Who knows when we might
hear about each other?

We don't know whether or not they
will even send us a message?

Stop it, you fool.

Uncle, don't be so crude.

Didn't we let you marry my aunt?
We trust you.

And you don't even trust
me with your car.

When you knew that car
didn't have the permit...

then did you have
to take that car?

Then why didn't you buy
a permit for the car?

-Why did you cut corners?
-I cannot lie like this.

We too have some duty
towards our country.

Says the freedom fighter.

Get this straight.

I'll turn you black and blue like the

Get the car back or
you've had it.

Okay, I am coming.

-I'll get it, okay.

He disconnected my call again.

-What are you waiting for.
-Come on, girls.

-You go first.
-No, I won't. You go first.

And they were forcing me
to get on the elevator.

-Come on, climb up.
-No, it cannot carry my weight.

Don't fear it.

When you die,
this is what will carry you.

Jatts can be only be found
at police stations and bars.

-Does your son write such things?

I will take the harmonium back.

-You go first.
-Hold this.

-Look at her, Kash.
-Be careful, sister.

-Climb it slowly. Come on.
-Just stop this.

Hold it still.

Climb it,
what are you waiting for?

I am coming.

Follow me up, or do you want
me to get down again?

-Come on, climb up.
-Let it be, sister.

No way, I say!
They acted brave before me.

-Now will you two climb up or not?
-Keep it down.

Come on, boy. Secure the ladder.

-Go. Go.

-Come on, nothing will happen.
-Come on.

-Come on, climb up.
-Very good.

-Come on, hold it.
-And you made me take the elevator.

I didn't even cry,
why are you crying?

-Here, hold my hand.
-Come on. Come on.

-Very good, my child.
-Come on.

Very good, step over there.

Very good.

She climbed up.

-You too climb it.
-Come on.

-Come on.
-Come on!

-The second one too got on it.

-I'll handle it, Dad. Let it be.
-Come on.

Come, my child.

-Don't worry, nothing will happen.
-It's very easy.

-Take our hand.
-Give the other hand too.

-We won't let go of you now.
-Nothing will happen now.

-Very good.
-Oh my God!

-Don't look behind.
-Don't look behind.

See, you did it.

Oh my God, it's too high.

Isn't that a beautiful view, girl?

if I had been born here...

I wouldn't have even
touched liquor.

I would have lived
a healthy life.

If you had been born here...

by now you would've ruined
your kidneys by drinking.

Don't take what he says to heart,

No wedding is complete in
Punjab without a fight.

Here's your medicine.

Damn you to hell.

-Don't you have any shame?
-Sister dearest...

had she been my nephew,
wouldn't have I offered it to him?

So, what if she is a girl?


My brother has such
noble thoughts!

Show it to me, dear.

-My bottle!
-Here you go.

He thinks he's doing good.

Here I am trying to put them
on the right track...

and he is trying to spoil them.

Did it hurt?

Hey! He says did it hurt!

Yes, Nicole. Where are you?

Mom, we are at your mother's
brother's house.

-See it for yourself. She is very happy.

-Let me show it to you.
-It has a lot of calories.

I don't eat these things.

You throw away the one
thing I could drink.

You want some?

Don't say anything.

-I won't be able to eat anything, dear.
-Are you happy now?

I'll call you later, bye.

Eat it.

Here, look this way.

You too have some.


-Why are you cursing, brother?
-No, brother. I am not cursing.

-I am just trying to hit the right notes.
-I am rehearsing.

-These high mountains, these sunsets...

-The flowing water, days fading away...

that's quite deep, brother.

-But what does it mean?
-I don't know what it means, brother.

My master used to say it.

These things get you
a girl very easily.

Really, brother?

Then do something for me too.

Right away.

Hear this.


Amazing, brother. Superb.

Write me another song.

No brother, one is enough.

You just need to trap the girl,
not kill her.

If the girl hears a few of
my songs, she will die.

actually, there are two girls.

My heart says one thing and
my mind says another.

There's a confusion.

No, brother. I will get cursed.

This isn't what my master
taught me. No.

What has your master said?

That I shouldn't teach one
boy how to trap two girls.

I could lose my skill.

You don't have any skill
to begin with.

What did you say?

I said your skills...

Don't challenge me.

If I start singing, I can light
up lamps with my songs.

Then do that.

Go to sleep!

If I decide to find my slippers...

you'll be singing
a different tune.

She insulted my talent.

Mr. Nusrat would never
forgive her.

-Take a blanket and go to sleep.
-You are right, brother.

Come on, get in.

It's just water, get in.

-I won't be getting in that.
-Do you know how cold this water is?

Dear, this is our Jacuzzi.

Get in. Have a bath.

-I won't bathe in it.
-Get in.

Who knows when you will
come here next.

Get in. Come on.

She says, "let me show
you our life."

Now you look at our life.

Come on, get in.

They say glass rings and
delicate hearts...

-What is your name again, brother?

Listen to me. Glass rings and
delicate hearts, don't break.

The gifts I gave once in love,
please don't return them.


-What a great poem, Manak.
-Stop fooling around. Let me play.

Here, do whatever you want.

Tell me, which one should I move?

-Left one or the right one?
-Whatever you like.

The one on the left
is the one I like.

Then remove the left one.

Oh no, it's not you, but God
who makes all the moves.

Heer demands and Ranjha offers.

What a poem, amazing!

you just reminded me of a poem.

-Go ahead.
-I'll regret for being at your wedding.

-What will I do, Dad?
-Regret it.

I'll regret on being there
for your wedding.

But don't you worry...

I won't leave anything
undone at your funeral.

I won't leave anything behind.


Hey boy, take back his harmonium.

-No, aunt.
-No brother, not the harmonium.


get some carrots from the field!

We need to make carrot
pudding for your aunt.

Or else she will take
the harmonium away.

-Girls, what you see now...

is the way of our life.

These bitter and sweets
moments make up life.

Life doesn't always have to be
about makeup and lipsticks.

No matter how hard you try.

I don't use any, Grandma.

This is a lip balm.

I was just saying it, dear.
Come here, sit with me.

Look, your mother left us.

Sons kept me restricted
to a room.

You had some pity on me
so you took me out.

I am the same person.
I haven't changed.

Now look at my brother,
he has been pampering me.

it all depends on your mind.

You should fear God.

Everyone has to face these days.


Which Gurudwara Sahib
is this one?

this is Shri Anandpur Sahib.

Give it here.

Give me the other one,
not this one.

-Wow, this is delicious.
-Grandma, have an ice cream.

You are offering ice cream to the girls?

I brought one for you too.

-Come here.

You know everything.

I have years of experience.

-I was once young like you.

It would be great if one
of them stays here.

At least she won't cause trouble
like her mother did.

You can choose one of the two.

If you say anything to the other
then here's my stick.

Now give me my ice cream.

Give it.

Hey, girl. God has blessed you
with a beautiful body.

Why do you want to destroy
it by these scribblings?

I just want one last tattoo.

-I want to write Justin Bieber here.
-Who is he?

Look over here, Grandma.

He is a singer.

Don't you have any shame?

You will write a stranger's
name on your chest?

Look at this idiot laughing.

-I am right, dear.

You shouldn't destroy beauty...

With exposure.

It catches an evil eye.

These girls didn't keep you well,

Like you have kept feeding
me with healthy things.

Don't you have anything to say?

What happened if I threw
away the tea?

Couldn't you offer it
to me once again?

She just left with the glass.

And taunted me too.

-And you two...
-You want me to transfer the land to you?

Kids come to their mother's
maternal home to have a good time.

But they've uncles like you...

then they'd never even
wish to look here.

They are the daughters
of the sister...

who fed you her
share of morsel.

You are a clever lot.

And you Ajaib?

It is your land.

She won't be coming here.

Do you understand?

Couldn't you be upfront?

Why did you have to beat
around the bush?

I thought your father never
invited them, but you did.

Mother, you too were upset.

Don't I have a right to be upset?

And you can do whatever
you please?

Don't you two too have brothers?

Do they also behave like this?

Embroidered Indian dresses.

They aren't greedy for them.

Her pants are more expensive than
all the clothes you have.

Grandma, it was the land
clerk who instigated us.

And how is he related to you?

Don't you have any brain?

Let's go.

They just walked away.

-Here you go, Mother.
-The fight over land has come to an end.

Here you go, Mother.

-What did you tear?
-The title of the land.

Then what did I tear?

-You tore that kid's certificate!


Is that all?

You lot, go and make some tea.

You are sitting here as
if you are guests here.

We'll make it, Mother.

Aunt, I want some bread with
pickle along with tea.

Sure, dear.

You taught them a good lesson.

Everybody's fine.

Here you go.

Why don't you help me?

like a good sister-in-law?

You will have to talk
to her on your own.

She will say that the one
who cannot even say it...

how will he fulfil it?

And sharing your feelings with
a toy dog won't help.

Just go ahead and tell
her everything.

Shall I call her?



Once I go to Canada, you will
be the first one I'll invite.

God bless you, son.

But when are you going?

I'll go once you get me married.

Fine, I'll get you married but
first let us find a girl.

Come on,
you have two girls at home...

and yet you want to go outside
to seek a bride for me?

Damn you to hell!

You have ill intentions for
the girls of our family!

-What happened, Ajaib?
-I'll teach you a lesson.

What else could have happened,

He has ill intentions for
the girls of our family!

-Teach him a lesson.
-I'll send you to Canada, come on!

Come here, Neeta!
Reshma, come here.

Save me from uncle's wrath, aunt!
Hurry up!

-Help! Someone save me!
-Hit him harder!

-Help me, aunt!
-He is your uncle, let him beat a little.


Calm down.

You think others are foolish.

-You are the only clever ones.
-Yes, yes.

teach them a lesson right here.

-Hit him hard.
-Don't hit me, brother.

Oh no!

Neeta, what are you waiting for?

-Hit him as well.
-Not my hair, not my hair...

Teach a lesson to this lover boy.

Brother, I am begging you.

Brother... let me go, brother.

Turn his ears red.

Yes, Amrik?

Nicole said you wanted
to talk to me?

I wanted to say that...

Settle my dues.


I'll settle the dues tomorrow
when we go to the airport.


do you want to pinch or punch?

-I'll pinch...
-I'll punch.

-Pinch him!
-Stop it!

Take these.

Eat them here itself.

You won't even get
a bite outside.

They keep eating them
quite often.

Manjeeti too used to feed
her brothers like this.

Oh no, I don't know why I
mentioned that cursed one.


Mom, here, talk to Grandma.

Hello, Mother?

You finally missed me?

Now will you only keep wailing or
will you also say something?

I made a mistake, Mother.

I was of such an age.
I didn't have any sense.

You were smart enough.

You must have thought
that your father...

would marry you off to
someone dark and ugly.

So you found someone fair
as milk for yourself.

Hey, I am sure he didn't love
you more than I did.

Did you never miss us, dear?

I used to miss you a lot, Mother.

But how could I talk to you?

I had made such a big mistake.

Please forgive me, Mother.

"Please forgive me, Mother."

I feel like hitting you just the
way I had beaten you up...

in the storeroom, when you had
worn that embroidered dress.

Now will you only
keep crying or...

will you say something as well?

will you say something or...

will you only keep cursing me?

You look so good in the
embroidered dress.

Look, I am wearing an embroidered
Indian dress.

Grandma didn't beat me up.

Okay then, thanks.

Let's go.

Have a safe journey.

And call once you reach.

I am thinking...

we don't know for how much
longer grandma will be among us.

I wish to spend some
more time with her.

You should come back
quickly with Mom.

I promise.

Buy yourself a guitar.

-He likes you. He's a good man.
-I know.

The one who cannot even say it,
how will he fulfil it?

I know you won't say it.

Fine, say it to him instead then.

Don't act too smart.

Don't miss your flight.

You want to take Grandma
out again?

Okay, let's take her to Shimla.

Such a wimp.

Do you know any good tattoo artist around?

Yes, I do.

-Let's go there.
-Let's go.

Hey, girl. You didn't leave?

I had, but I returned.

-Where's your sister?
-She left. She will be back with Mom.

Girl, either stay back or leave.

Don't keep changing your mind.

It's confusing whether we
should feel happy or sad.

Don't worry, uncle.
I am here to stay.

I won't be going back.


What will you do here, dear?

I used to run a restaurant there.

Here I shall open a
local roadside restaurant.


I wanted to talk to you.

Uncle, settle his dues.

Tell me, how much do we owe you?

No, I wanted to talk about
something else.

-Oh, really?
-Then say it in front of everyone.

Why hide anything
from the family?

In front of everyone?

Go ahead, son.

Grandma, I have chosen...

Now save me from
getting thrashed.

I really like you a lot.

I won't be going to Canada.

It's okay.

When you open your restaurant,
I'll peel potatoes for you.

Grandma, shall we go after him?
He is flirting with our aunt.

No, he is no stranger.
He is your uncle.

Don't go after him.

Instead shift his bed,
get it here.

Go, hurry up.

-Come here, son.

-When uncle will show up...
-They will cook meat.

-When uncle will show up...
-They will cook meat.

Girl, you couldn't stop yourself
from getting these scribbling...

-could you?
-Didn't I say I wanted a tattoo?

I got it done.

Grandma, aunt has your
name written on her arm.

Come on, get started on
peeling the garlic.

We need to make chicken
for the son-in-law.

Why would the ladies peel them?

If you want to eat it
then you'll peel them.


Fine, dear.

Now I fear you might want to
become the village chief.

What are you looking at, kids?

Uncle is talking to aunt.

Uncles are allowed to talk.

Come on, come with me.

Such smiles!

What else is left to do?

You couldn't go to Canada.

It's okay.
Canada for me is where you are.

Oh my!

Now say that while looking
into my eyes.

I won't be able to say it.

I sometimes feel that you are
a girl and I am a boy.

Then you say it.

What should I say?

Tell me.

You want a hug?