Gubbi Mele Brahmastra (2019) - full transcript

Software engineer Venkata Krishna Gubbi meets Purple Priya, and falls head over heels for her. But that's only the beginning his problems. All hell breaks loose once Gubbi finds himself on ...

They say, Life should
be like a flowing river

But, mine is diving
like a waterfall

Every movie begins in silence.

But, My movie begins
with violence.

Three people are the
responsible for ruining my life

Robin hood.


Venkat Reddy

Actually, there are four people.

I'm sitting right next
to that person.

My close friend, Nani


He is a perfect match.

This is my Dad
Gopal Krishna Gubbi

I'll call him.

Gubbi, wake up
you are getting late

My Mom, Rukmini Gubbi

Mom!, Call me Krissh

Though there are many
other problems in the city

People are more worried
about my marriage

When is your son's
marriage Madam?

I'll invite you when
it happens, Now go.

Even I'm trying hard
to scout my bride

But I'm yet to succeed

Hi Gubbi...
- Please call me Krissh

Shall we go for a
movie in the evening?

Sir Two tickets...

Buy three

Oh!, is it to avoid
people sitting next to us?

Sir give three tickets...

Why three tickets?

For Me, My husband
and My child

Where is your Husband?
- He's standing there

I listened to every
astrologer I knew...


Hello Madam,
skipped one circle

we completed it - No
madam you did just eight

How do you know?
- As I was following you...

I think he's physco,
Come let's get out of here...

I became sure of one thing.

No matter how early I wake up...

I won't get a girl.

Now if I have to say
something about Nani..

His Dad...

Is it a boy!?

I thought it would be a Girl.

So, He was born in confusion.

And that's the reason,
He's always confused in life

This is my problem

One day...

Am I in the right place!?

What happened here?

Where is everybody?

They are inside sir.

What are they doing inside?


70% of human body is water

Water has no life


Oh god!

Human's are 70% Dead...

Wait, listen to what he's saying.

I'm the Inspector

Come here

What's happening here?
- Discourse Sir.

Who's the guru?

Sir, He is the guru.

Which Institution is he from?
- He's not associated to any sir.

What? he's not associated with
any institution. - No Sir

Hey! get up

Get up everybody,

I said get up,
you bring him.

Do you come to the
station for this?

Bring him.

Is this a play-home?

Why are you guys coming behind me?
Go do your work

Go fast

Go, bring him here

Do you think this is a cattle farm.

Hello Nani, what is it?

This is not not Nani,
we are calling from the Police station

What Happened Sir!

come to the station first

What happened sir,
Why the station?

We are unable to
bare his torture

Sir tell me, is the
matter serious.

I will harden my heart.
please tell me

I don't care what you do,
come to the station ASAP.

Come here fast

you should be here
in 10 Minutes

Hello Sir
- Hello

Sir I got a call...

Answer it
- OK sir

No Sir, I got a call
from the station


My friend is arrested

- Sir, his name is Nani.

Is Nani your friend?

Kick that bast*rd
and take him away

He's Torturing us a lot

How is he sir?

Are you in the hospital to
inquire about his well being?

Come I will show you, Move.

See yourself

He's spoiling everybody's health

I can't bare to see him like this
- even we can't

Sir give me two days.

I will bet my life and
get the bail

Don't bother with your
life, just take him away.

I want to take him
out, abiding the law

Don't worry about the
law, just take him away

Sir FIR has been
registered right?

I will Shred the FIR

Sir Police compla...
- I'm the police you idiot.

Sir please use
parliamentary language

How do I convince him?

Sir I'm begging you

Take him away from here

- OK sir...

You guys are friends from?

From Childhood sir.


How do you bear him?

God bless you.

What happened?

I was walking on the road by myself

Someone drove through the puddle
and ditch-water fell on me

felt like shit

So went to a store
to buy new shirt


Shit! Electricity is gone.

[Thief’s Murmuring]

Sit down there.

Who are you guys?
- Thief’s


[Thief’s Murmuring]

Come here.

Who are you guys?

Thief's sir...

You came here yesterday
to buy clothes right?

Come to the station,
they’ll teach you a lesson

Coming sir..

How dare you guys
commit robbery?

I'll teach you guys
a lesson today...

Sorry Sir...

How can you hit me there?

Is it paining a lot?
- Yeah, he hit me very hard.

Hello sir
- Hello

That day, you came to our house?

Uncle how are you
- I'm fine.

That day someone
else came with you

In a saree...

- yeah

She's in home, bye.

One minute.

Mother wanted to see you.


My Mom wanted to see you

our house is in the
neighbourhood, Please come

No I'm busy right now
- Just for a bit...

Mom wanted to..
- No I'm busy uncle

Just for a while please come..

[Arguing indistinctly]

Sir, Look somebody is calling you


Sir my friend is right
outside, take him also..

Hey come inside.

I insisted them to take you
- Why did you?

Hello Sir
- Hello.

It's a kidnap right?

Why are you so happy?

It's a big day in my life

Listen, I will explain.

The thing is...

Till now only celebrities
used to get kidnapped

Now as we are kidnapped,
it means we are celebrities


I have nothing worthy
other than this eyeglasses

be quite.

Sir, I have few things to offer.

Look it's a lady!

Madam you look
beautiful in the saree

Women empowerment.
Even you should work in this field.

I'm so happy
- which power?

No you shut up..

Madam, Sorry, Madam.

Firstly I'll explain
what I posses

My salary is 1.5 Lakhs

- dude, Don't say anything.

You should be transparent.

In that 1.5 Lakh,
80 thousand...

Sir even you listen..

80 thousand is
debited for home loan

Then, I give 30 thousand
for house expenses

10-15 thousand rupees
remain in my account.

Don't share those details..

Stop it, its not a problem

I can give that to you

Other than that...

I just have the excel
file, I saved in my laptop.

I have not saved anything
else, I am sorry.

Just shut-up and sit quite,
how much do you blabber?

Mom!, You...

Why did you kidnap us?

Can't you wear nice clothes
while you come outside?

What's wrong with this?

Isn't this nice? They say parent's
love their child no matter what

You guys never liked me.

We like you, but...

You shouldn't look ugly to
the girl you are about to see

Which girl sees me?

Now we are going to
see a girl for you.


Hello, My name is Alphiah

She's my wife Alpakumari


Go get Alpini

Who's the groom here?

Is he groom?
- No, He's not a Man

Use the language properly.

Say he is not the groom.

What do you mean
by he's not a Man?

I always say, get
proper education.

you guys never listen

I'm Gopal Krishna Gubbi

She's my wife,
Rukmini Gubbi.

- He's my only son

Venkata Krishna Gubbi.
- Dad call me Krissh.

He like's being called Krissh.

Did you guys have
a love marriage?

Did he tell you that?

Yes, The thing is...

I had been to Manglore on work

People comeback
eating fish from there

But I brought a fish from there.

Nobody's Laughing?
- It's an old Joke

Why do you look sad,
such a happy occasion?

The thing is..

In a society where they
serve upma with fork

How can I look happy?

Sorry sorry..

It's a small mishap.

Alpini, while coming
bring a spoon.

Come Sit.

She is My daughter Alpini.

She's beautiful...

Who's this...

Dad, Who is he...

Your Daughter is
saying something?

It's nothing...

She's just saying..

If the groom had
more hair on his head

he would have looked handsome.

You shut-up.

What do you mean by that,
isn't he now?

My son's salary is 1.5 Lakhs

Take it
- leave it...

It's OK, if there's
less hair on the head

But if he had hair and no
head, it would have been hard

Can you sing any song?

Uncle the thing is?

I have not learn
anything academically

If you wish,
I will sing few lines I know

Go on..

I knew you'd ask,

So I have written some lines.

Do we need this now?
- She's very fast

In this note.

Voice is very good.

[Singing in Gibberish]

What's happening!?

[Singing in Gibberish]

Enough child.

You continue.

- No you should enjoy this

It's good continue.

No you stop it...

[Singing in Gibberish]

What's wrong with him?

Enough child...

Tell her to stop
- you sang well child

- you sing well

Dad another song..
- Enough, Stop it

Why did they act crazy

I want to talk with
the girl in person

It's Ok go.

Go child, Show him the house.

Take this and practice.

Why should I practice this?

This is my third time

It's a first for me


Oh! you came in shorts
to see the bride

Actually, I sort of liked it.

I wanted to say something

What is it?

I smoke cigarette.

It’s OK

All cigarette smoking
people aren't bad

Likewise, all people flaming
incense sticks are not good

I drink liquor daily and
my liver is also damaged

It's OK.

My teacher used to say...

According to chemistry
Alcohol is a solution

Bloody teacher

I'm in a relationship
with a girl

I'm OK with it.

It's good to have experience

More than that,
when we go to buy a vehicle

Do we buy it straight away...

Don't we test drive 3-4 vehicles

Oh! they are already
here!, Hello.

Sorry, I got delayed in
commissioner’s office

He's My brother
Alpesh Kumar

Had your coffee?


- Oh!!

Is he the Groom?
- He's not a Man.

How many times should I say?

Groom is talking
with Alpini upstairs

Oh! OK,
So he's not the groom

I'll be back in a minute.

What is it?, Come inside.

Uncle, he will not
reach home safely

Look, I'm not interested
in this wedding

it's OK...

But why!?

The thing is,
I should fall in love

I will marry only when I'm in love

Then love me.

No it should come from inside

Then make it...

No no...

Look, you are very
cute and good looking

You will get a
better groom than me.

Now listen,
we'll go downstairs

I am not feeling it,
you understand it right?

Now we'll go inside,
you just sit quite. that's it

you understood it right
- but the feel...

Thank you so much?
- Alpini come here.

I'm coming - OK now come fast.

What is happening here?

He's here
- Where?

Oh! you are the groom

I will be waiting in the car.

Should I wash the glass!?

OK then

We'll let you know
what our opinion is


If everything goes fine we'll
finish the engagement very soon

Yes for sure.

Let's do as the elders said

wedding should be lawful,
& rooms should be architectural

Stop it now
- bye.

Why are you still sitting here?

See you soon.

What bullshit is this?

What kind of a son
did you gave birth to?

He's rejecting such a good girl,
What's wrong with him?

What is wrong with you?

Haven't you heard the saying...

A Man must be married and
own a house in his lifetime

What was wrong with that girl?
- Answer her

Open your mouth

Just because she
sang few lines badly

How can you say no
just for that?

after marriage,
Will you guys join orchestra

Girl was beautiful right?

As if you are an handsome hunk?

So did you guys like the girl
- yes

OK, then adopt her

Don't ask me to marry her

Oh my god!
look how he's talking

He has all your traits...

Only your family
argues like this

Hold it...

It's not our family trait

It's from your side,
when my mom saw you...

She asked me,
do really want this truculent

I was fooled by
your fair beauty

Ok, blame me for everything

I have brought so many sarees

Not even a single saree
has lost its color

I am an expert in
selecting sarees

But I failed in
selecting an husband

I'm living like a corpse
after marring him.

Am I living like Power
star Puneeth Rajkumar

Even I am living like a corpse

Look at him!!!

While we elders are
fighting over him,

look at him sitting like a doll

Is there some coffee for me?
- Come it's here.

Did you drink?
- Yes.

Let me warm it
- no it's fine

You live once and die once

Even love blooms only once


Express your love right now

What if I search in that?

Hello, Good morning
Myself Riddhima

And I am looking
for a suitable groom

Who will never call
me with a pet name

Guys should strictly
remember that

He shouldn’t call me
Pumpkin, Honey, Sugar

Or any other sweet name

Because, I am not a dessert

Which idiot calls people like that!

I am looking for someone
with good Academic background

Clean shaved with a
pleasant personality

Personality: Fair and Handsome

If Shah Rukh Khan
was Software engineer

Even he would have
an haunch back

Who is this Purple Priya?

Request Photo.

Why should I wait,
till I get the Photo?

What if I copy her Mail ID
and check in Facebook?

If she's in Facebook,
I will find her

let's do it

Purple Priya!

How Does she look?

Welcome Krishna

Welcome Krishna

Welcome Krishna

I Surrender myself to you

From Madhurapuri
with a silky skin

Madhu Sudhana,
Welcome Krishna

I Surrender myself to you

From Madhura Puri,
With a silky skin

Madhu Sudhana,
Welcome Krishna

I Surrender myself to you

From Madhurapuri
with a silky skin

Madhu Sudhana,
Welcome Krishna

Welcome Krishna

I Surrender myself to you

Welcome Krishna

I'm exited and psyched
from this sweet sound

My Heart is pounding...
I'm intoxicated for you

I'm exited and psyched
from this sweet sound

My Heart is pounding...
I'm intoxicated for you

Oh! dear... My dear....

Hey handsome, come here

Fun is awaiting you

Let's go for a ride
in a Kawasaki bike

And watch a movie
in the Rockline Mall

Let's do a Wheelie
in Devanahalli Road

and Play with marbles
in Mandya farms

From this sound...

My heart is pounding hard...

- No Just Krissh.

Our Dear Friend from
earth, Krissh is here

Make is heart go wild.
- As you wish My lord

Dear angel,
your form is so luscious

When you come near me its frenzy

Dear angel your form is so luscious

When you come me near its frenzy



Your are ravishing...

My Heart is
going crazy for you

Dear angel,
your form is so luscious

When you come near me its frenzy

Offerings for Krishna

Take it

What should I message?

Hi, Ok


With some respect



Tell me how I should kill you?
- Why?

Call me Krissh

New Message!?
- its a client

For real, its work related

I swear

Ok come, Boss is calling you
- you go, I'll come

Come fast
- You Go, don't you know the way?

we are getting late
for the meeting

Now you go, I will follow

Please Reply

The goal of the year 2019

Is to reach,
Fifteen Million dollars.

As a team if we work together

- Hi?


I am talking about
this High sir...

As a team we should focus and

concentrate a little better

Why no reply? bye.

Why no reply? bye.

what's happening here?

Sir... please call me Krissh


You just take a
break and comeback

Thank you sir.


I never send much

I sent so many stuff
like a poet

But she ended the conversation
with just three words


You were not like this before.

You used to be
in high spirits

Now you are so pale

like all ladies avoided me

They are avoiding you

If she was avoiding,
why did she message me?


We catch a fish with a bait

Guys realise about the

only after they
break-up with the girl

I knew about this
in my third grade

When she stole my
Apsara pencil from me

and refused to give it back

That is when I realised

All girls are frauds


Promise me
- Saying?

Saying, I will not
talk to any girl

You are mad stop it
- never see any girl...

Promise me that you will
stay bachelor like me.

No I won't

Do You think you look
like Shah Rukh Khan

You look like Bank
Ganardhan's last brother

Don't say too much

Just promise me

will you be quite
if I promise?

- I swear

He did it!

I'll be back, a messag...
- What!

I will go to the washroom


It's alright,
I will teach you

It's not a problem
- Sign sir


Hello sir.
-Sit down

Ok Sir, I will call you later.

What is he looking at?

Are you looking at me?
- Yes

Then it's fine

Nani, How are you.

Sir How can I be fine
in a society where

People sell Ambode [Indian snack] as
Masala Vada

Why are you always sad?

Why don't you stay
happy like us?

Look, this universe is so vast

Everyone in this earth...
- If everyone's happy in the universe?

Why do we cry,
when we are born?

I can't change him

You are like a footwear

First you'll bite us

Later we'll like you

I would have been better
if you had not praised me

but you compared me
to a footwear

It hurt me a bit.
I'll leave now

sit down

Sorry, I said it in the flow

Bring some tea...

- Hello

Bye sir.

What about me?

Shall I?
- Please...


Nobody should know
that you came here



You should only tell the truth


Your friend...


How is he..

I mean... his character?

Like anything unpleasant to hear

Or any indecent stuff you see at
Lal bhag or Cubbon park

You know what I mean?

Oh!, this Ia a
background verification?

I said, there's something



Everybody has that.

Every hot blooded
fellow has anger

Earlier even I had anger issues

Now its less,
Did you know that?

Can you see anger?
Can you see anger in my face?

No Sir.
- Then...

It's not a problem.

Anything other than that,
Something special?

My friend...

Consumes Alcohol.



Can he drink Syrup even
after earning 1.5 Lakhs,

let him drink. I drink, you
drink, everybody drinks alcohol

Let him drink...
that is not a problem

Anything else apart from that?

Thing is...
- yeah common tell me

Can I get some more tea

Shit!, it fell into my eyes

Get him flask full of tea

You mean...

There is no Issue

There is no issue in getting
our girl married to Gubbi

Sir the thing is...

Tea... Go drink outside.

Sir the thing is...

Genuine Character is important

The thing is... our Gubbi

Your Gubbi...

You are stammering,
tell me what is it?

Our Gubbi...

Tell me What happened to Gubbi?
- Our Gubbi

What is wrong with Gubbi...

Our Gubbi...
- Tell me

Sir it doesn't work


Sir look here

So Gubbi's...


- Not even a bit

I knew

Guy's salary is 1.5 Lakhs

And sits 24/7 in
front of a Computer

Some part of the body
has to be defective.

I knew it.

I was unaware that the
main switch was defective

By saying the truth

You have saved our girls life

Thank you.

Look Nani...

No matter where you are

In any situation

If you are in trouble

Inform me,
I will be there for you

Ok, Now you go.


Get your girl married to
any Mechanical engineer

What an Idea?

If he's a mechanic,
He'll repair it himself

There will be no problem

So happy to meet you.


Bye then.
Give me some tea

I meant it for me.

Always keep serving him.

Help me, I can't reach it.


How can you say no now,
you agreed a while back

What about our
reputation in the society

Shall I serve the breakfast?
- NO.


What's the problem?

Drink some water..
- No, go pour it on yourself

Not for you.

What's the problem here?

My son is not the problem here.

You and your family
is the problem here

I am not the problem,
I am the truth.

Shit! Even shouting
did not work.

Hey Gubbi...

Call me Krissh

They said you have a
problem, what is that?

What happened?
you were shouting on the Phone

Bride's father had called me

They canceled the wedding
saying. he has some problem

Problem in Me?
- Yes

What is your problem?

What problem do I have?

I eat my food on time

If you don't have
any problem...

why did they
cancel the wedding?

I don't know which
sage cursed me...

I gave birth to you!
- Mom Stop it..

Now stop lamenting


- yeah Krissh

Come with me

At least have some coffee.
- No


come sit here...

I am not your father...

Was it sage's curse...!?
- Oh!

Think of me as your friend...

Now you might feel
shy to share...

some things with your parents.

I know about that...

If you have any problem, If any

Tell me, Science has
improved. we'll do something

I have no such...
- Shut up

You have some problem

Look, the bell rang

Before inventing the bulb

Thomas Alva Edison

Failed a thousand times

So You should not
settle down after losing

send a message right now

This program is sponsored
by Susheela Silks


A Song from the
Movie "Chamak" for you

I'll message her

Madam Purple?
- get lost


-Tell me.

Not you...

Tell me, what is it
- Sorry not you, I got confused.

Madam Purple?

Oh God!!

Is She purple Priya?

God why are you doing this?

As you wish...

Please let her be beautiful...

Madam can I Sit here?
- Sure

Puple... Purple

A gift for you


Very nice coconut

I saw your Facebook profile

It was nice

One minute,
Don't be in a hurry

I am not Purple,
Purple is waiting at the top

So you are?
- I am Pink


She's at the top right?

Madam give me the chocolate

You gave it

Madam you have two,
please give me one at least

It's big, take this.

Thank you madam

I meant to say something,
but I said something else.

I was going somewhere,
But I came near you

Nowadays I spend more time
in front of the mirror

Even there I see you,
and go crazy

These sparkling eyes are
advertisement of fantasy

Your words reached me
even before you spoke

If this love blooms this way

What can I do Dear...

Flowers from the tree lane are
Changing into my hearts color

It would be beautiful if
people understood our love

Shall I exhibit My
feelings and pawn it

Without a hint

If this is happening
in you also...

Please tell me how to survive it


Your Facebook profile
is very interesting

It's nice.
- My Facebook profile?

I have not posted any DP

Actually, that is what
I found very interesting

it's very cute

Actually, I was in
love with a guy


But later I dumped him

Actually, this is very nice.

Then I told my dad

Any groom I see next
is the final one.

Was that the reason
you finalized me?


Then there is one more thing.

I sent my friend
Pink, as purple to you

But so sweet of you

You gave her a chocolate

She grabbed it from me


A gift from me, take it

So sweet of you..

You brought me a purple doll,
this is my favorite

Even I like it


It has melted a
bit from the heat

Adjust a bit.

I'll buy a new one
- Ok

Look, Bring your parents
to My home tomorrow itself

For wedding?
- yes


I have no other conditions

But I have only one condition
- What is it?

I have no problem with
staying separate from parents

That's completely fine with me.

- Nani, How are you?

They keep a Vada
between two buns

and sell it in the
name of burger.

How can I be happy
in this society


Don't spoil my mood by
saying anything bad,

I am very happy

I want to tell you
an important thing

It's a Happy news

First You tell me what it is

I will decide whether
it's good or bad

The thing is...

Even you used to say,
I won't get a beautiful girl

Today a girl proposed me

If I say how she is...

You have to wash your
hands before you touch her.

She's so beautiful

What are you saying?

Wash hands before touching her,

Did you propose to an infant?

It's not that, not an infant

But she is as
beautiful as an infant

And the other thing is...

Her house is...
Three roads after my house

there is a beauty parlor

Did you get it?
There is a huge gate.

Whom do you want?

Purple Priya's house?

This is it, and you are?

- Oh! I was waiting for you.

Come, Come...


Why are you dragging me,

calm down
- OK sit down

Why is he like this?

Is he the guy my
daughter selected?


My daughter said
you'll be here by 10:30

Till then I'll go sit in
cemetery and come back


You said such a
inauspicious thing

Say sorry
- Sorry

What will you like to drink?
- Some poison

See, again same
inauspicious words

Once again, say sorry
- again sorry

I meant will you drink
coffee or tea?

Get me some coffee

Bring some coffee

Ok Sir.

My daughter was
raised motherless

So I have raised her
with lot of pampering

I never said no her

Now she said,
I love someone

This is not our time

In our time, we were not aware
of falling behind girls or love

The thing is after the invention
of Facebook and watsapp

Everybody is a Kosher

What are you looking for?

It's our own house

- Yes.

No, I meant coffee's not here

Oh!, its on the way.
come fast

I'm coming sir,
I was cooking upma

that's the reason for delay

OK serve it.

What happened?

Coffee is too strong.

Brew fresh coffee and bring it.

Bring it Hot.

While she comes
back eat the upma

Is it bitter?

Stone, Rava is not
roasted well

I think she has roasted like this.

It should be roasted like this.

More than that,
seasoning has burnt

My mouth became bitter

Look, I don't want this marriage

Does anybody reject a marriage,
Just because Upma is bad?

You don't get it

We agreed for it only
after you agreed

Don't force me.

I once wrote a erotic poem

about not getting into a
bus, Hall or bed by force

I think people of your
age have not read it

- One minute listen to me

Coffee's here, have some.
We'll talk later

What happened?
- Same coffee

She has warmed
that cold coffee

Its still bitter

Listen, I will tell you

Never hit on top of the filter,
to get the dicoction fast

That is when it gets
bitter, bye.

Fire her from the job

She doesn't know anything

Such idiots...

You have worn a nice saree today

It's Priya, Purple Priya
- Speak to her

Priya tell me.

How can you cancel our wedding

I agreed to marry you on pity

But you are Shaming me

Don't speak
- But I...

You don't even have enough hair to
comb, While I tie my hair.

who are you to say the
wedding is canceled

I'm telling you, this
wedding is canceled

From now on,
Don't call me or message me

But Priya
- I don't like you

I don't want you. And I don't want to
see your face ever again, good bye.

If I ever get a call from
you, I'll teach you a lesson

what happened

Sir Shall I move?

Turn off the car.

Sir what happened?


Even this...

That's it

I knew about this

This is some Sage's
curse, causing us all this

You don't cry now, stop it

Tell me sir what happened

You shut-up

In everyone's house dosa has holes.
In our house even Dumplings has holes

He's adding ghee to the fire.

Come let's go.
Everybody get down

Aunty how are you?
- I'm fine.

Take some
- No, I don't want it

How many of you are coming
- have some...

No I've had enough

Go now



When is your marriage?

What's your age?
- Eighteen

How much
- Eighteen

What are you studying?
- Engineering

Take this 5 rupees

Now go eat a candy

We'll about marriage later

Gubbi what is this?

Even children are
questioning you

When will you get married?

Gubbi, when is your marriage?

What's your problem?

I'm asking seriously
what's your problem

Have I ever come to you
saying, I will not marry

I am asking everybody,
what's your problem?

They say all love stories
are born in the hospitals

A cute infant boy
will be sleeping.

Next to it they bring a beautiful
baby girl and put her to sleep

There, love blossoms a bit

But I was born Via home delivery

Was it my fault?

I am asking you, is it my fault.
It's not right?

They joined me to the school.

They made us take pledge

All Indians are my
brothers and sisters

I'm Ok with brothers

But sisters?

In everyone's life, that
pledge has been broken

But in my life, it
has become a thorn

is it my fault?

Answer me...

While I was going to college,

you said study well
you'll a beautiful girl

I believed you and spent
time in the library

After graduating from
college I realised

Girls were partying
in the canteen

You taught me and
this is your fault

On a valentine day,
I sent her a message saying "Hi"

I got a reply on
Raksha Bandhan

She said she was busy.

This is my fault right?

While working in the MNC

I thought, I'll catch a high
profile girl and marry her

But even before me

they were running behind
the Manager with a bucket

Just like you were running
behind us with a bowl

I said f*ck it

I wandered all the markets

Looking for a middle class girl

Girls are not coming out
even to buy curry leaves

They say online shopping.

This is our fault right?

If you have a good bike
with some hair on the head

Girls fall in line

They chat if you flirt

But for people like us

They say, You will get
a better girl than me.

If we try to warn her

Saying he has three
girlfriends, they shut us

by saying, he has a good
heart and I have seen it.

As if they roam around
with an X-ray machine.

They see heart...

They say law of the
universe is change

I think, mostly they brought
me from another universe

There is no change

I was single, when I
came out of my mother

Now my stomach is quite big,
even now I am single

why am I talking to you guys?

Still so much food is
left, eat well.

Don't waste anything

You have roasted me well

I remembered Someone,

I will comeback after
talking to her


Who is it?
- Krissh

We don't need any dish,
we have it already

Krissh is my name

Hey Baldy...

Did I come here that day?

I asked,
did I come here that day


Go bark that
to your daughter.


Telling her is enough right,
Why bark?

Ok do that.

Ok, But why should I tell my
daughter that you were not here


She thinks I was here

No she won't think like that

Look if you were here,
she'll know you were here

If not, she'll think
the other way around

If you were not here,

Why will she think
you were here

She called me herself
and said it.

She thinks I was here,
please tell her

Is that it?
- That's it

You could have said this before.

Such a nonsense fellow

- Yes dad.


Dad, why is he here?

The thing is, He was
not here that day

Now he's here to say,
I did not come here that day

I told her,
are you OK with it?

Now go

Krissh you may go
- One minute

Did I come here and tell
you I don't want this girl?


That day he did not come here

It was another guy

Yes Madam,
That day, he was not here

It was other guy
with squint eyes

Though I brewed coffee
twice, he said it was bitter

More than that,
He preaches me on how to cook upma

Yes child

Ask this guy...

Krissh! he's my Dad

I meant ask your dad...

its Ok


That day he was supposed to be here
- Yes

But the guy who came
here was different

But somebody was here


Is he the guy?

Yes sir, bless me

God bless you

Nice beard.
- Thank you

You do one thing.

Tomorrow come here
with your parents

Let's finish the engagement

If we delay it...

Some guy other than you...
- No, No, No

You take care

- Hi

But you did not believe me

Sorry Krissh

It's Ok


Somebody is trying
to spoil our Love

That squint eyed guy.

You keep a straight eye on him

Squint eyed guy right?

Oh! Donk seena is here...

He was the one who
murdered seven people

Close your doors

[People murmuring]

It's Somebody's last day alive

[People Murmuring]

Why are holding
such useless stuff

Uncle where is Nani?

What can I say about his misery

See for yourself



Finally you came


What's wrong with you?


Why did you put Loose
motion tablets...

in the poison bottle?

I took all of them
without knowledge

I went 24 times...

Stop with your detailing

I came here to tell
you an important matter

Never come between
Me and purple again

are you listening?

You are here,
stay here itself

Don't go up or down

Did you come here to tell that?

Yes, who comes so far to see you

Take care

And firstly remove these
shitty poems you wrote

I feel like dying,
just by reading these

Take care
- Ok

You came so far to say this

Rukmini, Gubbi
- I'm coming

We were supposed to be
there by 8:30, it's already 9

Bad time with start very soon

Listen, its true...

Who is it, come in...

Hello sir
- Hello

What is the matter sir?

I am here to eat breakfast?

Oh! Sorry, we are going outside.
Come tomorrow - Shut up

Call Gubbi
- Gubbi

Dad it's Krissh
- Krissh

He'll be here soon
- Ok

Come fast
- What is it Dad?

Trouble has come to the
house, handle it carefully

I am ready,
Why do you keep shouting...


You have lost some weight.
- Right...

How are you sir?
- I'm fine, Thank you

But you are under arrest
- But why sir...

- What did I do sir?

I'm so happy to arrest you.

What did you do...?

Who gave you the complaint sir


Constables, bring him in

Explain everything to me.

Sir, Think about it

Why should I think?

You think and explain it to me

Thing is, Will I kidnap the
girl I am supposed to marry?

This is going wrong

Are you playing games with me?
- No sir...

Answer me
- Gubbi

Dad, Call me Krissh

I will trash you in
the police station


You shouldn’t scold
a grown-up son

Call him Krissh and sit down,
I will talk to you later

OK Sir

What do you think of me?

I am police

You said he kidnapped her

Now He's saying
you kidnapped her

Are you playing games?

Do you know who I am?

I am B.P Alpesh Kumar

I will trash you guys if
you play pranks with me

Tell me what happened

Tell him

Sir the thing is...

I should tell...

Or else she will feel bad.

I will go there and text...

Madam where is
house number 13?

Number 13, its right there...

who are you guys,

Why are you kidnapping me?

Oh! even you are here..

Today it's her,
tomorrow its your turn

and then your Gubbi.

Move fast
- Stop...

They kidnapped her!

Who's help shall I seek.


Karnataka has only one Rajkumar

Police station has only Sai Kumar

The one man who will always
help you, is Alpesh Kumar


Why did I tell him that!?

Sir, today is
My son's engagement

After many years.
He finally got a bride

Now we should
finish the wedding

If we leave another year
- He will get wasted

Not that sir...
- then

If we get him married when
he doesn't have Guru's strength

They say he'll not live long

You don't need Guru's
strength for marriage

You need strength

Nani, It's a
problem right?

You sort of impressed me

- Look

Though the tablets are expired,
you have still kept it for sale

I am happy for you

It's a problem you
can't talk about.

Yes sir, it's a problem

I don't know why,
all the trouble finds me?

It's an internal problem

You can't see it outside

Why does he keep asking me?

Hello, Robin hood

Why are you dragging
it, say it shortly

Robin hood
- OK what is it, Robin hood?

I am a villain

What is it, villain

My name is not villain,
I'm Robin hood and I am a villain

I will kick your bloody arse,
are kidding with me?

Tell me correctly are
Robin hood or villain

I am Robin hood, villain

Robin hood,
villain say what is it?

I want to speak with Gubbi.

Its not Gubbi, its Krissh
- Thank you sir!

Oh OK, I want to speak with him

OK I will pass it to
him, take it

How does he know I'm here?
- I don't know

- Hello

Robin hoooood


Did you remember me?

Now look

The girl you love,
Purple is with me.

If you want her alive

Don't inform the
police And come alone,

Do you know where?

He's talking a lot

You should come to..
- where sir?

Shall I tell?
- yes sir, one second

I won't...

If you don't
say, where do I go

You stole a bike
that robin hood stole

It's not hard for you to find me

But remember one thing...

If you want to enter my fort

You have to say this code

The code is...

I am an idiot


I am an idiot

This is your code.

If you forget this code

it's equivalent to
forgetting your purple

You know the code right?

Yes sir.

Robin hoooood

What is it?

I am an Idiot

I know that,
what did he say?

Sir 15 days back...

Little bit

is it enough?

it gets stained

What is that?
- turmeric

Put it here

give it to me.

White bike, its hard to wash

Do we have to crack coconut?
- yes

Do that a bit far from here

If it hits the bike

Just a safety precaution

Nani keep an eye.

Take this

God bless you


For what? let it be.

Why did you take so long?

I brought a new bike so...

First time in my life...
- Where

Where is the bike?

He took it.

Who took it?

- what were you doing?

I was feeling sad

Why didn't you call me?

He gave this and took it

Idiot,which side did he go
with the bike?

This side
- come lets go


Come fast

Did you see

No I did not
- To say that...

You eat the banana, come

Sir... This bike is mine

I won't give it get lost

Come this side,
Sir, We'll block it.

Step aside
- No

We don't get afraid
if you start the bike

I won't get afraid even
if you make a moving sound

He is turning that side.

Nani look..

Look this side

This is a very big
challenge in our life

By any means

we have to steal the
bike, they stole from us

Now what I am doing is,
I'm following him everyday

I know what he does
at any point of time


He comes on Monday

Drinks coffee in the tea shop

Smokes a cigarette

Gives him the money

Then takes the bike and drives away

He comes on Tuesday

Drinks coffee in the tea shop

Smokes a cigarette

Gives him the money

takes the bike and drives away

Then he comes on Wednesday
- does he repeat those things

Yes he repeats it
- go forward


If we want to do anything

That is our time

What do we do?

Even I don't know what to do

We have to do something...

you brought this
bike with cash right?

I paid full cash.

Other key?

Mother has kept it in the
Locker, we have it.

Go start the bike and bring it

Well done
- Why sir?

You did all this with
40kgs of body weight,

Sir now it's 43
- did you gain weight?


What did he say in the phone?

Come near sir...

He said he has
kidnapped Purple Priya

He gave me a code,
saying don't reveal it to anybody

He said don't inform the police

We don't have to inform
them, sir?

There is no need of it now
- that is what I thought sir

Sir!, even you are a police..

I said it in a flow, sorry

Who is this Idiot fellow

I've heard of lightning
striking the head

lightning has
struck his brain

He makes a call to police
station and says not inform them

Sir, he might be
having some problem

Everybody has some sort
of problems - yes sir

What was the code?


It's Ok, say what is it?

I am an Idiot

Excuse me
- who is it?

Hello sir,
I am an Idiot

What is it?

What do you want?
- Idiot is here sir

Oh! Idiot, come inside

Sir it's a nice place

He's sitting on top of it,
It's a nice spot...

Sir do you sell Vehicles?

Where is the boss?

Robin hoooood

Sir I can't see you...

Can you see, where is the Boss?

Where is he?

Sir, Can you see?

You can't.

Sir I can't see you

If you come outside

It's others era only till I arrive

I know this...

After you arrive its your era.
This is from the movie Ramachari

It's a nice movie,
I have seen it thrice

In the end, there's a Scooter scene
Between Father-Son, its so emotional.

I could not control
it, Sir I cried a lot.


Welcome Gubbi, Welcome

Sir, please call me Krissh.

What's in the Name

If we don't call rose as rose

It's scent won't change

Our Balanna used to say this

Sir actually,
Shakespeare said it

May be

But Balanna told me

OK, May be

You stole a bike that
Robin hood's gang robbed

I appreciate your talent

Thank you sir,
He gave it to me

I will come to the
matter directly

yes sir

You should do a job for me

What is it sir?

If you go one KM further
from the Kengeri Flyover

On the left there is a
Gramina Pragathi bank


Go to that ATM...

Should I withdraw cash for
you sir, give me the ATM card

You should...

Steal that ATM van
- Sir!

Should I do the robbery?
- Exactly

Sir it's will be hard

If not for you

You will do this job
for your love

Sir you are such a huge Don,
sparks fly when you walk

Sir You can do it yourself.

I Could


Recently our guys...

While waging a war
with the opposite gang

Killed some unknown guy

We are unable to go outside

Police are behind our guys

We need money
for expenditure

You will bring that.

Sir if you don't go outside

why do you need
money for expenses?


He is calling

If I say eat panipuri,
you should just eat it

I will sir.

You should not ask

how many times he scratched
his butt while preparing it?

OK Sir, I will try.
But I can't guarantee it

Even I will release Purple Priya

but I can't guarantee her life.

Oh! you came in that way?

Sir, I will do it.

One minute

Other than you and me

Nobody should know about this.

Sir these guys know,
You know it right?

I am deaf


We'll be watching you 24/7

You can't even come out of here

And you keep watching me 24/7

Now come open the door.

You keep watching me,

First you fix that punctured tier

Bro, come open this

Now close the door,
you can watch me 24/7 later.

Your In-law gave this for you

Hi Krissh

You like antiques a lot right?

That's why I brought you this

Actually I searched a lot


Today is our engagement


I am a lot more
Happier than you are


This day comes only
once in everyone's life


I had no clarity in my life

What to do,
How I should be...

Without any commitments...

I was happy and
jovial like a queen


From now, I will be with you

From now...

Our world is same

It's so surprising

Your story is different

and My story is different

But now together we are
going to write a new story

Though our story's are different

I love this story a lot

Do you know why?

Because this is the story
that brought us together.


After 80 years

Both of us should Hold
each others hand...

and say, Yes we made it.

Love you Krissh


Sir are you taking the vehicle?
- Yes

I will move those bikes aside

Thank you sir.

Sir, our country is progressing
because of people like you

One minute sir


Did you come here to say
you can't finish the job?

No sir, I brought the vehicle

I came here to give the
keys, vehicle is outside

Did you really steal it?

Oh! was I not
supposed to steal it?

Sorry sir, My mistake...

Keep it, keep the keys

We struggle for ten
Days to rob a house

But you...

stole it so fast

Learn from him

Thank you sir..
- Get lost

[Gang members murmuring]

Please go...

I appreciate your talent
- thank you sir

How is this possible?
- I was talented from a young age

It did not get the spotlight
between home work and work from home

You finished your job,

Now I have to finish my Job

Yes sir.

When I say go away,
why does everybody go?

Come here
- come fast

Let his lover go

Go fast

What will you have for a drink?

Whiskey, Brandy, Bee..
- Lime tea is fine

- Yes sir

You come here

Bring him some lemon tea

Boss the thing is...

are they out of lemon?

Don't bring her, stop.

Sir, I don't need lemon tea

Purple Priya is enough,
Please sir, I don't need tea.

God!, I don't need it.
Just because of the tea...

Stop it calm down

I am flattered by your talent


I am giving you another task
- Sir this is fraud

You may be a thief, but what about
professionalism and work ethics?

Will you do as I say or not?

Do you want purple or not?

Yes, I want her

Then come here

- Where is she?

You don't worry, she's fine.

In the Andhra-Karnataka border...

There is Manthralaya,
I have been there with my family




Oh!, sorry sir.
Your Balanna.

Continue sir
- Where was I?

You were in the border
sir, Andhra...

In the Andhra-Karnataka

There is a person
called Venkat Reddy

He has a beautiful sister
- Ok sir

Called Venalla Reddy

I am...

Loving her

Sir Congratulations,
but, let purple go


You have to kidnap her
- I will sir, but Purple...

Sir Kidnap!

First you said robbery

and now you are saying Kidnap

If you kidnap her

I will take the responsibility
of your marriage with Purple



- Thank you sir

You can use any vehicle
here for this job

Sir that black BMW is

can I get that?

We were searching for it's key

we haven't found it yet

For now take this
- Old one

One small request
- What is it?

Can I talk to Purple for a while?

Just to talk right?
- Yes

go straight,

take left in the dead end,

then take right

Your Purple is right there
- Thank you sir

Super Boss, You caught two
birds with a single strike

you are fabulous

I am always like that

even from my childhood

I laugh twice on a single joke

Dude, I'm coming



Listen to me...

Why are you throwing my clothes?

You are my only friend

You should take responsibility
of my marriage right?


But why do people
die, for marriage

Marriage is a huge...
- Please stop.

Don't give any suggestion
unless someone asked you to

they call it suggestion
when its not requested

Please stop, I can't bare it.

Where is the Zip?
- It has no Zip

Where are we going now?

Keep it

Does this have a spare tire?

Will you please come back.

- Where is the trunk?

Here it is

What is this?
- This was in the trunk

Only this was left
in an ATM van?

He has stolen that van after
they have deposited all the cash

I Had my doubts on him

You were fooled

I already sent him...

At least he brought this
on his first attempt

Keep it there and go.

This is not even
sufficient for ten Days

Will he kidnap her within that?

I have some work to
do, I will comeback

Even he's gone

- Sir.

Did you get the Photo
of that ATM van thief?

I sent that photo on watsapp sir

You sent it to me?
- Yes sir



Show the License and...
where is the helmet?

I don't have it sir

That is what I am asking you.
you go that side

Stop it, get down

Hello Sir

How are you?
I am fine sir

Oh! Nani...

You guys are always
together like Ram-Hanuman


I'm Happy to arrest you

Sir why are you arresting me?

You stole the ATM van

Sir, How did you know?

Custom is, after you
rob, you should just go

without Peeping outside

CCTV Camera has caught
you in the act of Peeping

Am I in the CCTV footage?
- Yes

Sir, Do I look good?
- Very good, looks natural

Is that BBC World news?

Just a CCTV Camera,
Don't you have any common sense?

Come to the station
- Sir, I'm in deep trouble

I know, Only people
in trouble rob

It's not like that sir
- shut up

Sir really sir,
he's in deep trouble

No Nani stop it,
you don't understand this

Sir, He's really in trouble

Nani, you are coming for
his aid and rescuing him

What is it, tell me
what is your trouble?

You tell him
- Tell me

The thing is...

All this happened sir
- Venkat Reddy right?

Do you know who he is?
- Yeah, he works as a don

Not Work.

He is a Don

Let him do anything for his livelihood.
I have no Issues

There will be hundreds of
people to heed his needs

Sir we don't need hundred People,
we are just kidnapping his sister

Because we don't have space in the car.

- Hi sir

If I let you go like this

I would be like, I
Cheated the nature

Give me a chance.

For what sir?
- I will encounter you

Sir, sir, sir!
- Give me the gun

And cremate you here itself

Sir Please sir

No Nani, I will Kill him


Every time...

He is escaping
just because of you

Sir You listen to
him every time,

why don't you listen
to me even once?

What does he have in
excess, that I don't possess?

That thing
- what is that thing?


He does not have it,
tell him?

Be quite for a while

Sir now what should we do?

Not you,
Tell me what I should do?

The thing is...

You should help us
in this Kidnapping.

Now which place is it?
- Kolar sir

Kolar, Via Mulbagilu...

Do one thing,
there's a Halli [lizard]

Sir Halli [lizard] is in bathroom also
- Idiot.

You are speaking about an
animal, I am tell you about a man

- Now both of you go there

Now go tell him,
I said like this

Like this

He will do like that

Kidnap his sister,

and bring her here

Like this...

Please don't say anywhere,
that I told you this

Nani you be careful

Already he's hollow
- what!

The thing is...
- Sir Hollow...

Tell him
- I will explain it you later

Bye sir
- You go now

- Just go now

Hey send him


You told car was
in good condition?

But this stopped
80 Times in 8 Km's

I will be fine if a
Mechanic inspects it

You are supposed to show to it
the Scrap guy, not a Mechanic

I doubt weather it will
be of any use of to him?

Check if there is
any smell or smoke?


Excuse me Sir

Is any Mechanic available here?

Will you please check it

Oh!, I should open the bonnet


What happened,
you said you will see the car?

I just saw it, now go

Sir, Please repair it...

It's Ok, even if there is
no punch in the dialogue

There should be clarity

One minute

Come, come do it...

Take a selfie..


I said self start the car
- Oh Ok!


Thanks a lot sir

Once Test drive it yourself

What if he steals the car?

you ****, Sit down

Shall I go?
- Go


Hi Sir, My name is Krissh

Thank you sir,
What's your name

Shraddha Srinath

Sir don't feel bad but...

Your name feels
like a ladies name

Everybody has their
Father's name as last name

With love, I have kept My
Mothers name as my First name

Love you Mom.

Love you too Mom.

Sir, What do you do here?

There is a NASA branch office nearby

I work as a scientist there

Sir, I have a suggestion for you

Next time when you launch a
rocket, don't sit down

Ashes get struck to your face

Sir does anybody stay
here in such a huge plot?


Then why does this tea
seller have a shop here?

Stop asking silly questions

Sir what else can I do?

Where is My car,
He took for a trial and its been a while

He has gone to send-of

To send what?

To Finish

You mean murder?

He took my vehicle
to murder someone!?


Come here
- yes sir

Haven't you ever
seen a murder live?

No sir


Open share-it,
I will send you...

No sir, I don't want it...

Nothing will happen...

No my mom will scold
me, we should not see it

What is wrong with you

Give him some tea
- Lemon tea sir

It's Ok, give me normal tea

Such a scumbag...
- What is it?

Sir has something to say

Sir What happened?

What's wrong with these guys

They haven't fueled the car

Boss, did you finish the Deal

While coming back after
finishing the deal

we escaped it a bit

Or else, I would be dead by now

Sir you repaired the car

but you don't have the common
sense to look at the fuel level

Boss, He's torturing me
a lot, I will kill him


looks like,
you are not from around here

Where are you from?

Sir, we are here so meet
someone called Halli

We had some work,
so we are searching him

How can you ask for water, while you
are standing in front of tsunami

Boss I will squeeze...
- Shraddha No...

I am very sir...

I really did not
know you were Halli

I swear.

If I knew, I would have
filled the whole tank

He is Halli

Hello Sir

Get lost

What's the matter
- Alpesh sir...

Here even wall's have ears

Not here

Come lets go

- Shh

Did Alpesh send you?
- Yes sir

What is the deal?

We just have to kidnap Venkat
Reddy's Sister, that's it.

If you show us the
address, we'll finish it

Do thinks its as easy as stealing
grocery from a street vendor?

Venkat Reddy!
- Sir

Sir, stop it. I had enough
of these build-ups

For real

Script is demanding it...

- OK, Don't over do it

He is Venkat Reddy

Blood was flowing in
every streets of Kolar

He drenched in that blood,

Washed his hands in blood
and Played with colors.

Mighty warrior who's

Sitting on the Kolar's Throne

How are you?

Is Everybody safe in home?

Your father was a
very good Human being

Had an untimely death

Would you like coffee,
tea or Horlicks?

No thanks sir

Drink Horlicks in our
house, it's very delicious

We are ruling Kolar
for generations

Did you really think...

I would die with a simple stab?


Venkata Reddy

Welcome inspector

Come sit down

Is everyone safe in home?

Which station


Coffee, tea or Horlicks?
- No

Drink Horlicks...

My wife makes it deliciously

Dear, one Horlicks

What is the matter?

Warrant has been issued

Oh Papi

Boss, Add Reddy to it

I will add someday,
enquire him?

Sir what's the matter?
- Warrant has been issued

Which case?
- 307

Sir, it's that Bangarpet case...

That one...

Take this

take this also

In this there is bail papers
for cases from 301-310

As this is Shravana Month,
Brother is will be busy

You keep coming and
take such papers

Sir I have some work,
I will meet you later

Ok all the best

Come dear

Give it to him.

Take it
- Please take it


After drinking the Horlicks...

You can keep the
glass here and go


This is Venkat Reddy

How will you go to his
house, and...

Kidnap his sister

Can you?

That aside....

Sir is there such a
scarcity of water in Kolar...

I mean washing hands in blood.

I said that for build-up in the flow

They wash there
hand in water

Who does that

- If it's for the feel of it

- Yes

As you said you are
a Police informer

and also work with Venkat Reddy.

You could make a deal with
police and get him arrested?

- What is Paga sir?


My 40 Year old revenge

Sir what's your age?

Thirty two

Forty year old revenge
for thirty two year old guy?

It's illogical sir

Make it thirty

It's just 2 year old baby,
what does it know about revenge?

Will Twenty five work?

Sir how can you?....


Just an intern, after
finish graduation

No way!


Decrease it a bit

Don't negotiate it a lot

Make it five years
- No sir

At least Six months?

OK sir, as you are requesting a lot...
I will agree on 6 months

Thank you

Don't say anything else

- Ok sir

Revenge of Six months

Who is that Idiot
Chanting Paga Paga?

I will come there and
kick you out

Shut-up and sleep

Come close

Landlady is scolding...

Lets go outside and talk

See this is Venkat Reddy's house

Thank you sir...

I will kidnap her and comeback



First go steal Venkat
Reddy's Chappal and comeback

Sir don't feel bad but...

I am capable of bringing a
lone elephant single handedly

Give me a bigger task
Sir, Hit me hard

Shraddha, Now hit him

Boss you give me the
order, I will trash him

I ordered you just now



Don't think its too easy to
enter Venkat Reddy's house

Minimum 100-150 People
will be guarding the gate

But I will give you a hint...

From 11:25-11:30 PM

Guards go for a smoke break

In the meantime you go inside...

And steal Venkat
Reddy's Chappal

Hello sir,
I reached here safely

I had a doubt...

Should I steal just the
Chappal or anything big?

That is what you get easily,
steal that and comeback

Hello sir,
I need an information

Here, there are just 15
pairs of footwear not 150

Steal any one and comeback

Hello sir, Do you want ladies
or gents footwear

I don't know your preference

That Chappal is not for me...

It's a test for you

Oh!, Ok fine sir

How many times do you call?

there is one with thong,
and two without it

2 pairs with a Pin and
2 pair of ladies Chappal

Which one do I should
pick for you, sir...

Bring the one you are wearing
- Ok sir

Calling so many times...

How do you tolerate him?

You don't know
anything about me

Who are you?

Sir.. Chappal... footwear, foot....

Dynamite?, Catch him

Don't shoot, catch him

Catch him, stop running


Boss he's coming...
- Wait till he's here

Finally, What did you do?

They did even let me
remove my slippers

I ran fast

What kind of people are they?

They waste 400 Rs bullet
for 40 Rs Chappal


How is the security?

Sir they have security
but no maturity

You are talented
- Thank you sir

But you lack technique
- What?

From tomorrow...

I will train you

Ok sir

This is Power goddess

This Goddess protected me

You need it's blessings a lot

Take its blessings

That should be in your
heart, get up


How is the Josh?
- High sir

Not like that.

How is the Josh?

High sir

No Loudly, How is the Josh?
- High sir

Let's go

How is the Josh?
-High Sir

How is the Josh?
-High Sir

How is the Josh?
-High Sir

Oh Warrior...

Show your strength
to the world

Oh great warrior

Your Achievement is a
model for the society

Whole world will follow you

You are the essence of Bheema

You are from the Creed who
doesn’t step back without winning

Oh! Warrior strike like
Thunder and lightning

You are the Lord, Sultan,
and Kali of the Kaliyuga

Hey come fast

Sir I broke everything,
How is the Josh Now?

I would have done it here

You were supposed to jump

Sir shall I jump now?

You fiddled enemy's
eyes, with your finger

Your Fingers are like knifes

You filled there heart with fear

You are an angry Lion

When the coach is
with you stop worrying

Your goal is in
front of you, go ahead

Oh! Warrior strike like
Thunder and lightning

You are the Lord, Sultan,
and Kali of the Kaliyuga

Now come fast

Today Your training
is completed

Sir, We trained for just one day!?

You were saying lone
elephant, single hand...

Not like that sir

I am capable of bringing a
lone elephant single handedly

This is the dialogue

we don't need correction
during the Kidnap

Sorry sir

Ok, You remember the plan right?

I was involved in the song sir

I forgot the plan,
What do I do?

- Yes sir

As you enter the house
there are 2 staircases

From this side its third room

From that side second room

As you enter the house
Shraddha will cut electricity

You enter the room,
kidnap her and...

Go from the back door

Outside Nani will be
waiting in the car

- Deepak...?

I am here

I will manage here
- Did you bring the bag?

No I did not!

You always do this,
Now come fast

Come inside

The thing is...

I don't know how to
drive a car

Can a flower bloom
from a shriveled Vine?

Can you see the light?

Robin hood


Look how your life
has panned out

You were not like this before

You don't say anything,
be quite

You went office in the morning

And meet me in the evening

And went to home in the night

But now?

You rob in the morning

Kidnap people in the evening

And in the night,
you knock doors like a thief.

Everything for that bloody Owl

What did you say?

You said....?

Whom did you call Owl?

Who was it?

You are taking lot of lenience
just because you are my friend

Go away from here

I'm telling you seriously,
Get lost Don't say anything about her

More than Thirty years of
friendship, Thirty days...

Yes, More than you She is
important to me, so what?

Now you go.

Now go away from here,
Don't make me loose My patience

You are not understanding me


Will you please go?

As you wish

Robin hood

Finally, I will tell something...

Don't brag, saying
I have a girlfriend

Don't brag saying
I have a girlfriend...

I have seen all the girls
tying Rakhi to you...

Enough now, go.

Robin hood

Robin hood

Hey stop...
- Sir please don't stop me

Where is Robin hood
- I can't control it sir

Where is Robin hood

It's almost out

Tell me where is he?
- Please let me go

Get lost

Thank god!

Gubbi, so early in the morning...

If you call me Gubbi,
I will kick you

Call me Krissh

why are you acting like this?

Who's the dude,
Don't I have a name?

Krissh, Krissh is my name.

What's in a name...

Drop your hand, do you think
you are Shah Rukh Khan?


Tell me what is your profession

I am a Don...
- Shut up

Don't this to any child,
they laugh on your face

You don't know how to
kidnap, I did that

You don't know how to do robbery,
I did it Which type of a Don are you?

You can't even open the door,
I'm back from kidnapping.

Useless fellow
- You kidnapped her!

Wow Man!
- Wow man?

Shameless fellow

what else will I do?
Sell groundnuts?

I did one Kidnap and a robbery

If I decide,
I can become a Great don

But I won't,
do you know why?

Look at your costume with some
granny Skirt and ladies nighty

Cool, cool - Don't
touch me, I'll kill you

Now look,
I'm taking her with me

You should just be
quite and watch it

Or else, I will slash you

Did you listen?
- yes

Cool Balanna, Coo...

I have kidnapped her

She's in the car

Go talk to her

Before you go, brush your teeth.
its stinking

You can't even open the door
- who's that


I'm warning you,
I will kill you...

What is it,
another task?

You said kidnap,
I did that

I did a robbery

Now, is it Murder.
First, I will kill you

Give me a knife,
- Yes give the knife

I will kill him myself
- why sir?

What have you done?
- What did I do?

I told you to Kidnap
Venkat Reddy's Sister,

But you have kidnapped his wife
- Just miss...

Not Miss....

What did you say,
I'm unqualified to be a Don...

Sir forget the past,
- How can I forget it?

Boys Kill Purple
- Sir!...

Calm down sir...
- No, I can't

Now tell me
what should I do?

Not much
- Thank you sir

Listen completely

Go leave Venkat Reddy's
wife back and...

Bring his sister and then
take your girl

Sir what are you saying?


Can we make an
adjustment here?

Is it a footwear to adjust?
- yeah!

You are putting Me in a crisis

- Shut up

Give respect
- Now...

I have a doubt

If I go there to leave her

Will they leave me alive

If not, will I leave you alive?

You are right

I will do something,
You can't do anything - what!


I have a doubt
- what is it?

I am screwed right?
- for sure

thank you

Balanna, Balanna...

Hey Balanna is mine
- get lost


Who are you?

Sir I'm basically a Software
engineer from Bangalore

Ok, what is the matter?

If I tell You,
you might get afraid...

Have some strength

Actually, I have
kidnapped your wife

What is your name?
- Sir, Krissh

It's Krissh sir
- Full name?

Venkata Krishna Gubbi

Venkata Krishna,
How man?

You wait Boss,
Where's Krissh in this?

Pet name
- Oh! is it?

This is the first time,
I am seeing you

There is no dispute between us

yes sir

Then, why did you
kidnap my wife?

Sir, it was my mistake

I was supposed to
Kidnap your sister

Sir, they will die of High B.P,
send them to some health camp

Always pointing the gun

Remove it.


Why did you try to
kidnap my sister?

Actually... Love sir

So you are loving my sister

Not me sir, the other guy

Who is that guy?
- Robin hood

Who is Robin hood?
- Your sister's Lover

So you are from his gang

No sir, I'm not his gang.

He kidnapped My Lover, so I...

Your sister...

Robin hood himself could
have kidnapped My sister?

Sir He's afraid

So your are not afraid?
- what is that?

very good

I like you

Thank you sir
- Good

Now do one thing
- yes sir

Go outside,

Bring my wife

Then, take my Sister

Promise sir?
- Mother promise

So simple!
- It's very simple

Thank you sir,
I will come back



Idiot, I have a hole in heart

Sir, can we kill him
- you should!

But, His death should
be so ruthless that

Media should show it for a week

It should become such a news

Why are walking like that?,

come sit down.

Sit down, What is it?

what Happened?

There is a small error

Car is exchanged right?

You are absolutely right sir.

- How many cars do you have?

Just one sir.

How can one car get exchanged

My friend took my car...

And I have brought his car

So, did both cars
have the same key?

How's my point?
- super

Madam, had left her
bag in a room

She went back to get it,

My friend took my car

I drove my friends car

This is agreeable

Sir, it's not convincing

He's not convinced?

Sir you are a lawyer right?

You have intelligent,
How did you know?

You are in Lawyer costume

Sir now lets not waste time
- yes

Lets do one thing...

It takes 3 Hours go
there and come back

If you give me three hours,
I will make her sit in front of you

Is this a comedy show?

I can't give you three Hours,
within two...

Stop... Sir stop it

Why do you shout so much
with a hole in the heart

Why are you telling
it in front of him?

I will give you 4 Hours,
go bring her

Thank you sir
- If you don't bring her

I will teach you a lesson

Stop... I have...

Sir, One request
- What is it?

Increase his salary,
He's working hard

He asked for 3 Hours,
why did you give him 4 Hours?

Boss, If he did not
comeback in four hours

lets put all our cases on him

You stay calm,

I have some work in
court, I will come back.

In this election
let's help that Raju

Boss, twenty five
thousand is very less

At least he gave that,

No other guy is
giving us anything

Who is Robin hood here?

How dare enquire about
us, in our own place

It's Ok, let him go.
you come this side

What is it?

Boss is calling, Will you come with
Me, or should I kidnap you?


I am the boss here right?
- Yes Boss

Which Boss is he talking about?

Who is he?
- Venkat Reddy

Tell him, I will come

Now you go,
we will come

Come to our place,
I will teach you a lesson

Look at the house it's so beautiful

- Mom!, Dad!

Dad did you join Rowdyism?

They have kidnapped us

Yeah, even I was wondering
when you became so gutsy

Shut up, we prayed
so much for your birth

If I knew you would
turn out like this...

I would have ate
two pieces of Papaya

now shut-up!
why are you weeping?

Everything I say
looks like weeping to you

Now stop shouting,

we are in someone else's house

As if this is a library,

And scholars are
widening their knowledge

Don't spare him,
He kicked the door frame,

Collect Three thousand from him

Didn't I say, we are
from Rowdyism family

He's in rowdyism
from three days,

He will kill you for sure

Though it's nice dialogue,
this is not the right time

Why, doesn’t it work?
- it will work on us

Is it!

Uncle how did you come here?

I came to your house
to talk with your dad...

Oh! you were Kidnapped,

You are having a very bad phase

Yeah! as if you are having
a tremendous phase in life

Isn't the Joviality visible...
- ask him to shut-up.

Good afternoon sir

Sir why did you bring
me, not me..

Why did you kidnap my family?

Have I done anything
to your family?

You Kidnapped My Wife.

Oh! Wife is also family


My House is like a Parliment
- Yes sir

To come in, there are
hundred types of checking

How did you kidnapped
My wife so easily

- Because of the training sir


He saying, training.

Sir I did not train him!

You did not train Him?

- His name is Halli sir

He trains well


Where is the lizard?

Sir, its not that?
the short guy

Our guy, with curly...
- yes he's the guy

Bring that dog here
- Not Dog sir, Halli

Our guy!


Hey Dog, come here

Get lost, go... stand there

Do you know him?

Yes sir, He is Halli.
He trained me well

Do you know him?
- Boss, who is this new guy...

I don't know him.

Sir, I think he has
forgotten me.

Halli sir, its me
- be quite

How is the Josh?
He taught me

How is the Josh?
High sir

How is the Josh?

Boss, I don't know him,
It's the first time I'm seeing him


Oh! was I not
supposed to say it?


Catch him

Tell me who are you?

Boss I am Halli,
I work for you

I had a doubt on
you from many days

I knew you would
cause trouble

I think this is it

Tell me who are you?
- Boss I work for you.

Tell me who are you?
- Police!

Vishnu Prasad IPS

Batch Number 7386

Trained in Dehradun,
I am Police.




All applications are rejected

Oh god

Hey shorty, step aside

Aunt, your daughter is here

Hi Purple!

Step aside...
- How dare you

Who are you?

Who is he?

Robin hood

Take him,
Take this dog outside and tie...

I want to talk with
Boss, leave me

Be quite, they will
send us home soon

Yes Boss

Will you come today?

To the house?

Ok ok

Was he here before?

guy with the glasses,
I am asking you

It's been three hours
since I came here

Was he really here?

I was with you Boss..

Why did you come?
- Oh god

What is in his mouth?
- I don't know sir

Ok leave it,
was he here before?

I work in second shift.
I came here, just now

Oh!, take that gun
and shoot yourself

What is it?
- Yes sir, he was here.

In the same spot

Everybody's hands
are tied except his,

Is he your relative?

No Boss
- Go tie his hands



I know you are not the
guys, I was waiting for

That diamond box in your hand...

It know it does not have
any diamonds

Then why waste time

Let's go for action

Come fast

Go that side

Even you are here

So sweet Krissh

Remove the knot

Somebody come shoot me

Please come shoot me

All this happened
because I followed you

Sir, for the wedding...

What if we add the dish with...

Carrot and Groundnuts?

I heard nowadays
Corn is the trend

Lets add that

What do you say?
- what's in that, anything is fine

Lower your head

For god's sake...

Come, come here
shoot me

Leave me, go away...


Are you afraid Krissh?

No I'm holding it so
you don't get afraid

I am not afraid

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Section 302


Oh! what is this?


For my daughter...

I have kept twenty five Lakhs aside

Is it! lets have a blast...

Look you should...


I want to buy
Kanchivaram Silk saree

we are dying here, do you
want to talk about the saree

I was thinking,
why don't you go and fight there

I thought of taking your
permission, before I fight

Permission granted,
Go fight now

I am a born fighter

The thing is...

I will go,
- Go Krissh

Go fast
go, go, go

Why did you!?

You saved my life

You saved Reddy's life

What do you want?
Ask me...

Ask me anything other
than Money and assets

I will grant it to you
- Sir I don't want any of that

Get your sister married with me

You are telling me this now?

She went to Bangkok, just because I
did not buy her Mobile back cover.

- She will comeback

When she's back, I will
arrange her marriage with you

And one more thing,

don't wear this candy seller
dress when she's here.

She will get afraid
and go to Hongkong

I will give her to you.
- Ok sir

You did not elope?


I am sorry...

Forgive me.

When a husband makes a
mistake wife forgives

You made a mistake,
This Reddy will forgive you

Papi, Cancel that
Divorce Application

Is it deep?

Sorry it's bleeding

- What is it?

I told you to fight

You fired a gun!
- Yes I did

I Did not think your
life would be so violent

No, No Krissh.
we have to breakup

- But Purple...

Why, Purple one minute

Why, What did I...

I forgot to tell you
an important dialogue

What is it?

You will get a better girl
than Me, Ok bye


- Call me Krissh

Ok something...

This is why elders said

Relationships are
cattle and wife's....

Actually it is, Every relations are
the result of previous birth bondage

Your life is going haywire,
do you need corrections now?

The count of hair I have
on my 60 year old head

is not visible on
your 30 year old head

Don't talk abut my hair...

This was meant to happen

I thought of saying no
to you when you came home

But I couldn’t say it that day

You deserved this

Listen, not just Mother's curse

Even Dog's...

Father's Curse work

You will be destroyed,
- What...


Even she left me

Now only You can
find me a girl

I accept my defeat

No Gubbi...

Even I lost


They say, even when all the god's fail.
Mother god never fails you

But you are saying...

If your words are really true

Salman Khan would have
been married by now

- No Kanchivarm & carrot dish

Dad, Dad...
- What is it?

What is your decision on this?

Same as your mother

Gubbi what happened?

Krissh, thank you so much.

I thought of taking your
marriage responsibility

But You made my marriage
Possible, Thank you

Stop it.

You should come to my marriage

don't miss it
- I won't come

Krissh you can't say like that

You should..
- no matter what you do, I won't.

How can you bring me to eat Palav
in someone else's wedding

Is it a right thing?

Shut up, I will kill you

Come here

Go bring your sister in law

Boss, we are From the Groom's side.
we should show some attitude

Shasi come here

- Boss, I will...

Go bring Sister in law
- She's getting ready

Go get her as she is...

Hey... Come here

Ladies take time to get ready

Let her take time and come

Bloody Bachelour!

Oh!, She's here

See there

What is this?

I'm telling you with
care, I will kill you

Now go

Bye Madam

What is wrong with you?

you don't respect
Nature and love

Did you leave me because,
He's like that and I'm like this

Tell me, Why did you
break up with me?

You asked Me to fight
- I did

You asked me fire
- I did...

I did not ask you to fire
- Mostly Mom said...

After all that,
why did you break-up

Do you know I'm in
Depression, Look at my beard

Ask Nani about my Depression...


Please don't ask Nani..

Why did you break-up?

Even I felt, I shouldn’t
have done that

Forget it lets patch-up today


We just patched up

Thank you for wishing.

Don't go behind
the girl like a dog.


Come here


Her Dress is nice
- Let it be...


Gubbi come this side

- Hi


Bride is still not here

One Photo?
- No Photos, go...

What is wrong with him?


Thank you Gubbi.

I was supposed to help
you in your marriage

But you are helping me

This side
- always sticking together

Thank you so much
- It's Ok

You should be here
till the ring ceremony

I have some work

Krissh Please

Both of you...

Boss someone has called you

get lost..

It is some lady...


One minute Krissh

- Mary, Little Mary

Mary why did you call me?

I know you are waiting for your
bride, in the reception hall


But your girls is not there

She is with me



Where does Lankini stay

Where does Lankini stay?

Where does Lankini stay?

Actually I don't know
- Even I don't know

In Lanka

Actually I'm in Malaysia

If you want your bride

You should come here

Should I come there?

Don't come alone

The guy who helped your love

Bring that son of the Dog also

Don't forget

You know about me,

Little Mary

Krissh come let's go
- Where?

To Malaysia

Actually we have
booked tickets for Allapey

Not for the Honeymoon

They have kidnapped My Bride

So let's go and get her

Sir I can't, I mean

Not this time...

Why can't you?
I have done so much for your love

Can't you do this...

Last time we had a break-up
we patched it just now

And the other thing
is its Appraisal time

I took so many holidays
for rowdyism's sake

L.O.P, So I can't sir

Is it?
- Yes sir, You continue

Where is Purple?

Subtitle by Bharatha Jayasimha