Guardians of the Night (2016) - full transcript

Contemporary Moscow. When eighteen-year-old Pasha rescues a beautiful young woman from a band of strangely powerful attackers, he discovers an underworld of supernatural beings living among us.

Help me!

Son... are you okay?

Did you dream you were flying again?

I better move the nightstand.

Dear passengers! Please remain calm.
The train will start moving shortly.

Please be reminded that the train will
not be stopping at the Sokol station.

Release party of DANA's
new album 'Help me!'

Good evening. Wings of
Moscow, express delivery.

A concert of a Lithuanian
singer Dana Lokis was canceled.

According to the official site,

any information about the singer's
whereabouts will be rewarded.

Music critics share the belief that

it's just a marketing trick

aimed at boosting the hype around
her upcoming album 'Help me!'

We'll be back after these messages.

Stay tuned!


I need a room.

Yes, ma'am. Just a minute.

- Hey!
- Goodnight.

Thank you!

Help me!

What's her room number?

Want me to call security?

- That's Dana, the singer. I want her autograph.
- Yeah, right.

I want a lot of things, too.

That's all I got.

Believe me, I just want to see her.
She's a famous singer.

You can google her. Name's Dana Lokis.

Help me out!

Dana Lokis...

Does anyone else know?


I'm doing this just for you. 1307.


Hey, you owe me!

Any information will be rewarded

Who is it?

Wings of Moscow, express delivery.

I didn't order anything.

Yeah, I know. Could you open up, please?

I know who you are, I wanna help.

Go away!

This will sound ridiculous, but...
I saw you in a dream.


I'm sorry.

Forget it.

Are you a warrior?




My little girl!

- We got you, don't resist!
- I'd rather die!

- Enough!
- Let me go, jerk!

- Let me go!
- Calm down, my love!

- That's no way to greet the love of your life.
- Let me go!

- Take it easy, my love.
- They tracked us down. Hurry!

- You all right? Give me your hand!
- Hands off!

Let's go! Hurry!

This way!

Bring her to me.


- What's going on?
- Who are you?

- Did you bring them here?
- Me?! I have no idea who they are!

Come on!

What are you waiting for?!

We have to leave!

No! No way, no!

I'll stall them!


Yankul, leave him! Focus on our goal!

Gamayun speaking. Eliminate the targets!

Did you see that?!

You killed Mikhal.

You are a warrior!

What is your name? What
clan are you a part of?

I'm Pasha. A courier.

I've been waiting for
you, Pasha the courier.

We need to go.

- Hold on! Wait...
- Why? You're staying?!

- I can't go!
- Why not?

You want to protect me? Find me, then!

What are you doing?! Wait!

Where are you going?

Mikhal! No, no!

I'll gut you like a pig!

Listen, man! Let's talk this over quietly!

- It wasn't me!
- Yankul!

This won't change anything, she's not here.

They are coming. Let's go!

No, please... Stop it, stop!

Did you do this?

He did this on his own.

What's your name, champ?

Who are you? What is going on here?

- You like answering questions with a question?
- Why?

- Do you know where she went?
- Who? Dana?

That means you do.

Seems like you know more than I do, huh?

All right, slow down. I just met you.

I work as a courier. I saw her on TV.

These freaks came...

He smashed the door and went after me.
Then he just crumbled.

That's insane!

- Can you tell me what's going on?
- Nothing special.

- Who were those people?
- They aren't people.

What do you mean by that?

Hold it for me. I got something in my eye.

- You okay?
- This damn nightstand...

Mom, how did I get home?

I've told you a million times!

Your job is melting your brain.

Give me a break, my head
is killing me as it is.

A doorbell in the middle of the night.

That was you, completely comatose.

- That's what your job is doing to you!
- Hold on!

Pasha, what's happening to you?

Find me, then!

Well, champ. Let's take a ride.

Let me go! Help! Help me!

I saw you yesterday. Who are you?

Doesn't matter. Let's find out who you are.

Looks so real. How much did it cost you?

- Purpose of your visit to Moscow?
- I live here.

Get your hands off! Now!

You want to do it the hard way? Up to you.

Kolya, take us to Taganka Square.

- Any thoughts on the kid?
- I don't see anything special.

All the reflections are fine.

There's something about him.

He has a nose for them.

Are you saying he's...

We'll find out.

You drink coffee?

Major Gamayun, Federal Security
Service, the "S" Division.

You can call me Igor.

Pasha Smolnikov. A courier.

A non-federal one. You can call me Pasha.

What does "S" stand for?


My Division oversees the alternate

lifeforms that reside in Moscow.

You are pulling my leg, aren't you?

Real-life Men in Black?

Take your coffee and let's go.
I'll show you something.

Or what?

Or a magic spray in the face.

Non-GMO, I brewed it myself.

Wipes your memory for good.

Okay, I got it! Got it.

What's your pick?



Hey, guys!

Bitsa Park, a basilisk encounter.
Reported by a senior citizen.


Kirill, if that's Basil
fooling about again,

bring him to me, I'll sort him out. Go
easy on the old man who reported it.

Dear passengers! Please remain calm.
The train will start moving shortly.

I repeat. Dear passengers.

- Due to technical issues...
- A basilisk?

There's much more to this world
than you think, courier.

- Here, catch up on the background.
- That's fairy tales!

There's plenty of fiction in there
but it's all based on facts.

It's all real.

There are about 40 types of
alternate lifeforms in Moscow.

They call themselves "the Fallen". My
job is to keep them under control.

- Why?
- Things weren't always this way.

Before the Middle Ages, we were enemies,

then we made a deal:

we let them be if they behave.

- We have to make sure they do.
- Who are the guys from yesterday?

Ghouls, predators.

Like, vampires or something?

Vampires are in movies.

These are ghouls.

Is that Dana?

She's not just a ghoul.

Princess Lokis.

An apparent heiress of one of the oldest

clans of bloodsuckers.

Pretends to be a singer who
was touring our country,

and went off the radar,
that's where we come in.

We tracked her down thanks to a borderer

who picked a strong supernatural
presence in the hotel,

where we got attacked by
ghouls, which never happens.

And then found a body of that Fallen

killed by a man!

Which is a first in the last 140 years.

- The one that I...?
- The one that you.

After what you've done, our goal

is to locate this gang, isolate them and
hand them over to our European colleagues.

Our goal?

I need you, courier.

- You are a borderer.
- I'm what?

- Do you have weird dreams?
- Everyone has weird dreams.

The recurring one. That's where
you saw her, not the TV.

- So, my parents are...
- Not necessarily.

Could be your ancestors who were
involved with the supernatural.

Hard to say.

A Fallen can't hide in a
room full of mirrors.

All yours reflections are clear,
you can sense the supernatural.

- Is there a lot of guys like me?
- No.

Only one in a million
has this set of skills.

Put the footage back on.

Remember this fella? We're
trying to find out who he is.

That's a matter of time.

He's the one who put my
borderer in a hospital.

Without him, we are as blind as bats.

It's a fun job. Tons of adrenalin.

Not a word about all this to anyone!

- We are spooks, we are invisible.
- Hold on!

- I didn't say I was up for it.
- So, courier's job is cooler?

Sorry, this sounds like a prank.

- I don't believe in vampires, witches or werewolves.
- But you saw them.

So what? Could be fake. You could have
cameras installed all over the place.

- Could be a reality show.
- That's okay if you're scared.

Take your time, we'll talk tomorrow.

It's your call.

Are you a warrior?

What is your name?

I've been waiting for
you, Pasha the courier.

You're staying? Why?

Find me, then!

I've achieved everything I could in the
courier field. I want to try something new.

Congratulations! Glad to hear that.

Life should be lived so
that one does not regret

one's life lived in vain.

That's beautiful.

- That's Ostrovsky.
- A playwright?

A young communist.

Get in.

Hey, boss. How long are
you keeping us here?

The best way to defeat the supernatural is
by using their fear and your faith.

Your faith will ensure your victory.
Try it on.

Go ahead. The other arm.

Will come in handy. It
saved my life many times.

I have to trust you, my life depends on it.

Fits you like a glove.

- Come on, hit me.
- What for?

Defend yourself, then!

You have to be alert.

Stop it!

A knife is just a piece of steel.

You turn it into a weapon.

How are you going to defend her
if you can't defend yourself?

- It really hurts!
- Am I interrupting?

- What is it?
- We spotted Leshy.

We'll get back to this later.
Let's go visit Leshy.

What's a leshy doing in the city?

He lived outside Kaluga years ago.

He moved here after the deforestation.

The Fallen use disguises and covers.

For obvious reasons. Ghouls
tend to work in show business,

goblins prefer to be concierges.

Leshy settled here, amongst the Bohemians.

Which is really convenient.

He knows everything about everything.

Leshies are masters of blending
in with the surroundings.

A perfect chance to test your sense.

Find him.

The dreadlocks guy?

Go ahead if you are positive.

- Hiya, didn't recognize you.
- Get over here!

- Where did you take off to?
- No, stop it!

Got scared of someone?

- I can't stand this, stop!
- Whom are you afraid of?

- I'll tell you everything, Igor!
- Why are you turning yellow, huh?

- Blood pressure.
- Blood pressure?

I'm not afraid of anyone.
I'm not! Let me go!

Will you let me go if I tell you?

I'll tell you!

Clan Drako!

- These guys?
- Yes! Real creeps.

I'm done for if they find out
I'm here, do you hear me?

- Why are they after Dana?
- What?

Why are they after Dana?

Dana... Old Lokis died.
She is a princess now.

Whomever she marries will become
the leader of the Fallen.

Leshy, did you come to pop the question?

Laugh all you want, but before you know it

everything will turn into a shitfest!

What are you saying?

The Great Shift is coming.

Day will turn into night.

The Prince of Darkness will appear.

The Prince will taste the Princess' blood.

He will gain the power...

of the daylight!

Do you believe in that crap?

All the Fallen will come
together under his leadership.

A great new war will break
out against people.

Why are you doing this?! Damn you!

You just wait! Wait for the eclipse!

The Great Shift is coming! It's near!

The Romanians have info on Yankul: he's a
spintekator, in other words, a ripper.

Adherer of the Shift and war with people.

He is behind that bloody
killing spree that took place

in London in 19th century.

- Where was he all these years?
- He believed to be dead.

When ghouls decided to make peace
with people, he was the only one

who opposed that.

The Clan Council made a
decision to kill him.

- At least, that's what they told people.
- They lied, then?

They must have isolated him,
but something went wrong.

So, now this ripper

is roaming around the city. Just great!

Sure, we'll owe you one, Boar.

Let us know where she is when you find out.

You are too impulsive, brother.

If we want a different life for the Fallen,

we need to negotiate with
people, not fight them.


They killed your warrior.

Mikhal did not want war.

"Did not want war."

I spent 140 years in darkness.

It was worse than being
dead, little sister.

And now you want me

to live according to the laws
of these worthless insects?

Don't forget that I broke
you free from those chains!

I remember who put them on.

- Our father made me, he was tired of that war.
- Father was weak.

And you remembered about me
only when you needed me!

Father knew that only together...

we can achieve something.

You will destroy everything if you act
alone. When you become the ruler,

we will unite the Fallen and
make people treat us well.

We will become equal.

We aren't equal. They are inferior!

Can I count on you?

Or you'd rather go back to the dungeon?

I'm at your service, heiress.

That's Kondakov, he is my informant.

- Hey, my dear Igor!
- Hey, fatty. What's up, Colonel?

Your girl was spotted at
Kitay-gorod, by the subway.

- Why didn't you apprehend her?
- We wanted to... Here you go.

My men were watching her,
but she disappeared.

Into thin air.

Thin air? That's darkness
she disappeared into.

- Someone is helping her.
- You think?

Your fox is bringing darkness
upon Moscow on her own.

We'll figure this out! You'll see.

Listen, this one is big.
You should lay low.

Let me get her on camera.

You like enjoying someone
else's achievements, don't you?

Each coin has the flip side.

Go for it, Igor!

He called her a "fox"?

Relax, kid. I see everything.

I got one eye, but it works
perfectly, like a periscope.

You're like a lobster?

Listen up. I want you to be
quiet and radiate confidence.

Li Wen, come out! You don't need to hide!

Hiding is not my thing, sir.

A new borderer?

Leave the kid alone! We're on business.

You used to come by just for fun.

I terribly regret it.

I don't.

Dana's spreading darkness, are
you involved? Where's she?

- My lips are sealed by an oath.
- She's here illegally.

You're forgetting something, sir:
your laws mean nothing to us!

We want to help her.

I'll tell you where she
is if you mean well.

But you will have to reveal yourself to me.

That's enough. Are you
going to help us or not?

I'll close down your shop in no time. Then you'll
pack your bags and go to Israel... I mean China.

I am not kidding!


Don't you love me anymore?

I couldn't tell a word,
so I showed it to you.

You know everything.

I have a question!

Is she in Moscow? Is she in town?

That's the right question. She
is in Moscow, but not in town.

I don't get it.

She is in your heart.

Listen to it and you'll
be able to help Dana.

Go in peace. If you need me,

stand at the crossroads
and call me three times.

And tell Igor I'm always here for him.

"In Moscow but not in town?"

Sounds like a Chinese riddle.

What did she say? Verbatim.

I told you already: I can
find her if I want to.

- What did you see?
- It was dark...

There were lightbulbs there.

- A lot of drawings.
- What's on them?


birds, geese... or swans.

- Got it! Call fatty!
- Roger!


Looks familiar?

Not really.

But she's close, I can feel it.



Only your heart could lead you to me.

What's wrong?

Federal Security Service, Major Gamayun.

Dana Lokis? You're under arrest.

Listen, I'll explain everything.

- It's better this way.
- No, it's not!

Dana, calm down!

I trusted you!

Why did you bring them?!

Do your job, kid!

Are you deaf?!

Why did you betray me, warrior?

I'm not a warrior.

Fight back!

Pasha! Full throttle! Come on!

Back down, protect the cage!


My baby!

Come to me! You can't escape your fate.

He's mine, Major!

Let's go!


Well, Pasha.

Let's please our guests!

Welcome to Moscow!


Igor, help me!



Almost there!

Help me! Quick!

- Faster!
- C'est la vie, sister!

- I'm begging you, I am your sister!
- Hold on tight!



Farewell, little sister!

They turned Stefa to dust.

People don't treat us like we're equal.

Worthy of living.

They must pay for everything they did!

Listen up, everyone!

There's been an extremely arrogant
attack at a graduation party.

Who is behind this?

This is lawlessness! I'm
calling for action!

Operation code "A"!

- Pasha, you're staying here.
- Why?

This one is serious, I can't
risk losing my only borderer.

Use a secure communications
line, do you understand?

- Yes.
- You're in charge of Dana's safety.

Let's roll!

You left it in the hotel.

It's my mother's. Thank you, warrior!

I mean...

What makes you think I'm a warrior?

- Saw it in the dream of fate. Do you know what that is?
- A recurring dream?

The future is encrypted in it.

What do you see in your dreams?

My warrior.

I don't see his face, but I
know when trouble comes,

and there will be no hope, he
will come from above and save me.

I thought it was you because
you defeated Mikhal.

Pasha the courier.

It happened by accident.

I'm not even a borderer.
I don't believe in myself.

- I'm ordinary.
- Maybe it's irrelevant.

What are you saying?

- I feel like you should be by my side.
- Pasha! Pasha, do you copy?

I need you.

Pasha, a new attack,

Mayakovka station, do you copy?

Pasha, are you deaf or what?!

A new attack! Mayakovka station!

The line is clear.

Come on, kid! They are already
at the Belorusskaya station!

Clear the orange line for Kirill.

VDNH and the Botanical Garden. Do you copy?

Roger that. I have a second line.

Pasha, we need access to Frunzenskaya.

What's going on?

Vystavochnaya, Park Kultury,
Rimskaya, Dubrovka...

- He's luring them away.
- Yankul? Where is he taking them?

He's taking them away from the base!

He knows where the base is! Copy!
Do you copy? We got a problem.

Yankul knows where the base is!
Yankul knows where the base is! Copy!

Come on, respond!

Let's move!

About 40 of them are isolated in
Lefortovo, the rest are under control.

We'll apprehend them within hours.

I trusted you, punk! You just lost her!

You should stick to
delivering pizzas, courier.

Igor, I got the outside camera footage.

They were waiting right at the exit.

Real pros.

- That's how you do it.
- What is it? In the corner.

- Can we check the other camera?
- Yes, in a second.

A pig! In all senses!
That's our old friend.

Main team, we're moving out in two minutes!

- We need to find Dana!
- You need to go home!

You're suspended from the
operation for arbitrariness.

- Kirill, you're in charge while I'm gone.
- I must save her!

- Enough! You'll do more harm than good.
- I want to help!

Wanting is not enough if
you can't do a thing!

I better not see you again. I mean it.

- Do you care about people at all?
- No!

Such is my nature. I can't
live without betrayal.

It's hard to resist so why
resist it in the first place?

If you need me, stand at the
crossroads and call me three times.

Li! Li! Li Wen! Li!

You don't have to yell.

Li, listen. Igor kicked me out.

Yankul has Dana, I don't know what to do.

Listen to your heart. Go and save her!

- Only you can do it.
- Me? By myself?

I'm not a warrior, Li! I'm just a man!

You are what you choose to be.

Everything has blended
through all these years,

the Fallen blood flows in all people.

Everyone has wings, but not
everyone can spread them. You can!

But how?

We are all guided by love and fear.

Love lifts us up, fear
pushes us into the abyss.

A warrior is one who forgets about fear.
Love gives him wings!

Fear of my clan made me
lose my love long ago.

- Do not repeat my mistake.
- I don't even know where to look for her.

You do. You saw it.

Try to remember!


- Hi, Vova!
- Dear Igor, you scared me.

- I didn't expect that.
- Me neither.

I can share with you.

Do you have enough for everyone?

Take it all!

Tanya, go after him!

Plan B!

You are a real pig!

I'll make sure everyone knows what you did.

You'll get pecked by your own folk.

It's too late! You can't change anything!

Everything will drown in flames soon!

The Shift has already begun!

Day is becoming night!
It's already changing!

The eclipse!

Full combat readiness!

Day will turn into night

if his blood mixes with Dana's

during the eclipse.

He will become omnipotent.

Tonight will seem like a walk in the
park compared to the coming Apocalypse!

We must stop them by all means!

- Stop them? We don't even know where to find them!
- I do.

You have to stall them. Our guys
will be there in about 15 minutes.

Peel the garlic right before you get there.
It'll work better.

I hope you're right about that.
If not, Gamayun will kick my ass!

Good luck!

It's time.

Darling! It's time!

I am a warrior.

Faith conquers fear.

I am a warrior, I am a warrior.
Come on, come on!

- Who are you?
- Wings of Moscow, express delivery.

- What the hell is happening?!
- My warrior is here!

You're in deep trouble!

- Take care of him!
- Pasha!

You don't have much time. Hurry!

Darkness. Thank you, Li!

Help me!

Look! Look!

- Pasha!
- Hush!

Hush! Don't be afraid!

Just one kiss!

- Pasha!
- A kiss!

A warrior!

Wake up! Princess, wake up!

My God, you are a real pest!

Get up, it's time! It's time!

Faith conquers fear.

Die! Die!

He's going to be all right.

He's awake.

Pasha! My boy! Thank God!



Where am I?

It's okay! How are you feeling?

I'm okay.

I'm fine.

Mom, could you give us a minute?

Sure. It's all going to be fine.


Remember me?

Where's Dana?

She's doing fine.

So are you.

How did I manage...?




No, no.

No, no, no, no!


- All right, calm down, Pasha.
- No way!

- How did I survive, Igor?
- You didn't.

Technically, you're dead.

- I can't believe this.
- Look at the positive side.

You are immortal now.

- The Fallen truly respect you.
- Why?

Well, you and Dana united
during the eclipse.

You are the coolest ghoul now. Plus,
your mentor works in the Service.

Is this, like, a congratulation?

There are no medals in our agency.
Here, a present for you.

- Keep it as the apple of your eye.
- Why are you dressed up like that?

It's a laundry day.

- You have a date with Li?
- Shut up, kid.

How am I supposed to live now?

I don't know.

Just live.

Don't be late for your date.
Chicks hate that.

Subtitles by johnnydeep, synced by z-z-z88