Growing the Big One (2010) - full transcript

Seattle radio talk-show host Emma Silver inherits grandpa Walt's pumpkin farm in Valleyville. She didn't plan to respect his last will, which was to run the farm, but loses her job and is forced to accept hosting a new 'green' program. In order to keep it, she must pay off a $75,000 mortgage. To that end, she hopes to win the pumpkin growing contest using grandpa's winning seed line and cultivation log. Neighbor Seth Cullen, the town's handyman (and actually a Stanford engineering graduate), has a hard time convincing her they need to team up.

It's hard to believe,

but we have come to the end
of another week

of Seattle pulse!

We still have a minute left,

and you all know
what that means.

I will answer as many questions
as you can throw at me

in 30 seconds.

Caller one, you're on.

I have two words--
"natural metallics."

Spring sale at shoe inc.

Caller two!

Best steak house
for the in-laws

coming in
from Pittsburgh?

Well, that's a no-brainer.

Make sure to ask
for a patio table.

Caller three!

Local wine to serve
with sea bass?

Chateau St. Michelle
chardonnay, 2006.

All right, that is it
for Seattle pulse,

the heartbeat of the city.

This is Emma silver,

reminding you
to smell the coffee,

drive carefully,

and, of course,

join us again on Monday.

great show.


You got a sec?

For you, ed, always.

Well, I'll just
cut to the chase.

We are now part of
the worldmedia merger.

I'm not really sure
I like the sound of that.

Read my lips,
nothing's going to change.

Well, how can you be so sure?

Kbmu's been around
for 40 years.

They're not going to tamper
with success.

I uprooted my life in New York
to move here for this job.

I know.

I invested my savings
in a condo.


I have a dentist,
I have a hairdresser,

I have a nail salon

that actually
understands my cuticles.

Are you done?

I have a three-year
iron-clad contract.

"Nothing's going to change"
did you miss?

Enjoy your weekend.

I'll do my best.

See you later.

Emma, you have
a call on line two.

He said
it's important.


Yeah, this is Emma silver.




I-I got a call,

and I won't be in
on Monday.

I have to go
to valleyville.

My grandfather died.

Aw, geez, Emma.

I'm so sorry.

So I'm going to make

a... list of, encore shows

for you to air while I'm away--

okay, don't worry.

I'll take care of things here.

You just do what
you have to do?

I'm so sorry.

Is it supposed to rain?

That's what
they're saying.

I don't think so.

Anybody know?

I'm not sure, though.

Hey there, hon,
are you lost?

I think I have
the wrong address.

I'm looking for a law office.


You must be Emma.


My condolences.

I'm Bobby Ellis.
I called you.

I thought you said

that you were
an attorney?

But a man has to have
a lot of irons in the fire.

If you want to
follow me,

my office is
out back.

So that's Walt's

Are you out of
your mind?

Walt's granddaughter
used to come up here

she had short hair
and freckles.

When she was
12, maybe.

12, wasn't that
about the time

you learned to read?

Don't make me
hurt you, Hank.

It's funny, we've
lived here 15 years.

Never laid eyes on her,
have we, Jeff?

Yeah, she stopped
coming by

after the accident.

What accident?

Her folks.

Real good people.

No, no, no,
not good people.

Emma was away
at college,

and they were coming
in from the city

no, no, it was

Their anniversary's
in the summer, fool--


there was a storm,

and their car
missed a curve...

It was real tragic.


Okay, I think this is...

Yup, Walt silver...

The file.


How do I go about
making the arrangements?

Well, there's no need.

As soon as Walt
found out he was sick,

he took care of

He left a very specific
set of instructions.

I didn't even know
that gramps was ill.

For the last six months, yeah.

If he'd told me,
I would've been here.

Emma, you were
very precious to Walt.

He bragged about you
all the time,

about your radio show
and all your success.

He even
showed me albums

of the trips
you took together.

Bobby, I really appreciate you
telling me this,

but still--

well, you know
what they say...

"Nothing drags heavier
than a big old sack of regret."

Walt went out
on his own terms.

You got to
respect that.

Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Your grandfather wanted
a very simple funeral,

followed by a hearty lunch
back at the farm

for all of his friends.

He even specified
the menu.

Fried chicken,
garlic mashed potatoes,

corn on the cob,

and, of course,

pumpkin pie for dessert.

Yeah, that...

Wow, that sounds like him.

I'll take care of it.

There's no need.

The ladies are cooking up
a storm as we speak.

Services are Monday at noon.

Now, if you
can just sign...


I can officially
hand over the keys.

The keys?

To the farmhouse?

He left me the farm?

You're his next of kin.

I don't actually know
what to do with a farm--

Something else.

There it is.

Is for you too.

What are they?

They're pumpkin seeds.

pumpkin seeds.

Why would he leave me these?

Maybe he wanted you to enter
the pumpkin growing contest,

keep the tradition going,
so to speak.

I-I don't know anything
about pumpkins.

Walt's granddaughter.

It's in your genes.
It's part of your DNA.

Yeah, well,

there's a missing link

And this is
for you as well.

He always called me Emmy-Lou...

You can call me
if you have any questions.

"Dearest Emmy-Lou...

You're probably
not too pleased with me

for foisting the farm on you,

but here's the thing...

This land,
small though it may be,

is my legacy,

mine and grandma Eleanor's.

Every seed
was planted with love.

Every tree grows with
a bit of our souls in it.

I just can't go to my maker

thinking it will be razed
to become a highway

or a parking lot.

I know you're not a farmer,

but I also know
how smart you are.

"...To make sure

the place goes to someone

"I'm counting on you
to take care of the things

that I couldn't take care of.

I love you, my sweet girl..."

Hey, boys.


Seth, it's been over a week.

When's my tractor
going to be ready?

You ready to pay me?

You know
the answer to that.

How about Betty bakes you
a couple of her delicious pies?

My freezer's already full
of Betty's pies.

I need cash, guys,
so I can open my shop.

So that I can earn the cash
to pay you.


Well, you
figure it out.

You know, this is why
mighty muffler's

going to put you
out of business.

Yeah, but mighty muffler
isn't going to have

my flexible pay-as-you-can
schedule, are they?

But at least
I'd have my tractor.

it's done.

It's behind
the barn.


Why didn't you just
tell me in the first place?

At least I can have a little fun
watching you squirm.

Seth, take a look
at this thing.

Seems to be missing
something under here,

I don't know.

Well, for a couple
of your pumpkin seeds,

I will.

I don't think I have any
to, spare this year.

I need that prize money.

Russell, how about you?

Well, no offense,

but I can't share
my winning seeds.

Why don't you ask your
new neighbor over there?


Now, she's got seeds.

Walt's seeds?

Yeah, and we all know
what that means.



I might have to
check that out.

Okay, let's see,
what do we got here?

Okay, it's
good as new.


You know, Russell,

that boy's a lost ball
in tall weeds.

Hello, hi, there's someone
outside my house.

It's the silver farm.

Route 7.

Can you please hurry?

Stay where you are.
I have mace.

And I have wd40.


Who are you,
and what are you doing?

I'm fixing the lock,
and I'm your neighbor.

I'm going to stand up now,
nice and slow.


I'm Seth Cullen.

I live next door.

The junkyard?


Home sweet home.


Emma silver.

So, do you always break
into people's houses?

Well, do you always threaten
to mace your visitors?

I'll have you know

that this is
a very sensible precaution

for a woman who lives alone.

Well, maybe
you haven't noticed,

but these aren't exactly
the mean streets.

Okay, you could have knocked.

I did knock.
You didn't answer,

and that lock's been jammed
for weeks,

and I fix things,
you know?

It's what I do.

Okay, um....

Well, I'll just
get my purse, then.

How much?

For what?

The lock.

Nothing, I'm just...
Trying to be neighborly.

Okay, well, thank you, then.

You're welcome, then.

You know what,

since I'm here,

You expecting

Sort of.


You called Quinn?

okay here?

I got a call about
a disturbance.


I was mistaken.

I believe
the technical term

is "paranoid."

And I believe
the legal term

is "breaking and entering."

I was fixing
your lock.

Well, who asked you to?

Your grandfather, actually.

We were friends.

We helped
each other out.

And on that note,
I think we'll just

call it a night,
won't we, Seth?

Yes, we will.

Welcome to
the neighborhood, Emma.

Nice service, father.

Just the way Walt
would have liked it.

Short and sweet.

It is so nice of you all
to do this, Mrs. Burns.

Mrs. Burns
is my mother-in-law, honey,

and we don't mention her
while we're eating.

You call me Marie,

and it is
our pleasure.

This whole town
loved your grandpa.

Kimmy, more
rolls, honey.

Good to see you made it
through the night.

Do you have
enough food?

Because there's
a feedbag by the barn.

Well, I'll keep that in mind
when I go back for seconds.

Did I mention
that I do auto repairs?

Because that little
BMW of yours

could probably use
a tweak.

German cars
are always over-tuned.

Why do I get the feeling that
you want something from me?

Well, as a matter of fact--

is Seth
bothering you?

He has a habit
of doing that.

Just like Bobby
has a tendency

to run off
at the mouth.

Can I talk to you
in private?

Sure, yeah.


In his letter,

gramps refers to

"things he couldn't
take care of".

Do you know
what he meant by that?

Your grandfather was in debt.

Serious debt.

Gramps was as sensible
as they come about money.


and at the time,
it seemed sensible

to take out a small mortgage
on the farm

when things got tough,

and when they got tougher,

he took out
a second,

and then your grandma
got sick...

Well, he just
always thought

he'd catch up.

How much?



I need to get
back to Seattle.

Okay, how much
time do I have

to come up with
the money?

Well, the notes
come due in November,

and then if it isn't dealt with
by the end of the year,

the bank will foreclose.

I can take the equity
out of my condo,

but that still won't even
come close.

Who is the bank manager
around here?

Kyle finster.

He's also the mayor.


I will talk to him
first thing tomorrow.

He's out on the front porch
stuffing his face.

You don't sound
too fond of him.

Let's just say

that finster never
dipped his toes

in the milk
of human kindness.

I'm sure that
I can reason with him.

Well, you would be
the first.

So, mayor finster,

I'm sure you can see

how counter-productive
it would be to foreclose.

I may need
a bit of time,

but I'm sure I'll find
the right buyer.

We already found
the right buyer.

You do?
Who is it?

Well, I'm not
at Liberty to say,

but let me assure you,

it all comes under the umbrella

of the growth incentive
for our fair town.

I have a feeling

we're not talking about
a local farmer.

Well, I did say
"growth incentive."

Mighty muffler,

subdivision, condos,
that sort of thing?


Well, the bank can't
do anything

until November, right?

It'll be here
before you know it.

More chicken,

Don't mind
if I do.

Ooh, just...

Hi, um...

Look, I know
this may not be

the best time
or place, but...

I will give you $100 each

for a couple
of your pumpkin seeds.


But it's really
all I can spare right now.

I'm a little busy right now.

Okay, 110.
That's final offer.

That went well.

That was a great
send-off for Walt.

We'll be seeing
you around.

Thank you.


You make sure
you call me.

I will.

Bye, thank you.

You're welcome.

...what a super day!

This is Savannah grace,

and you're listening to
Savannah's super Seattle!

It's the first day
of my new show,

and we are going to have
an amazing time--



Remember I told you
how nothing's going to change?

Ed, my show!

As I've just been fired,

I think I may have been

Wait, what?

I-I don't understand.

I think you'll
find your answers

from the new
station manager.

You'll find her
in my former office.

Great working with you, Emma.

Best of luck,

...come on, people,
black is so yesterday.

Let's talk about pink.

You cannot not love pink.

Pink is, like,
the best color in the world.

You have got
to be kidding me.

Savannah loves you!


Rinaldi-Rogers, I..

Emma silver,
of course.

I'm so sorry about
your grandfather.

Um, thank you.

Actually, I'm here
just because i--

you must know
Savannah grace.

We've never met.

Sorry, I'm actually
late for an interview.

It was awesome to meet you.

Awesome meeting you, too.

Why Savannah's on the air
and you're not.

Well, actually,
I'm more than wondering.

I just thought
that all of this could wait

until after you returned.

How much I value
your contribution here.

Shall we walk?

So, what
is going on?

The new kbmu
is all about youth.

Savannah's been on
three magazine covers

she is the face
of young America.

Okay, but we're
on the radio.

I was speaking

I'll speak

My show's ratings
have gone up 33%

in the last
six months.

Yes, but that 33%
doesn't consist of

the demographics
we're aiming for,

which is the
18 to 24 year-olds.

So that's why
I'm being replaced?

You're not
being replaced.

You're being


Yeah, to "green
is the new black."

Okay, what is that?

It's the program
that was formerly titled

"the garden gal."

You mean that really
boring gardening show

that no one listens to?

But we're going to bring it
into the 21st century.

Our market research

is very popular
with the younger demo.

I-I don't know anything
about gardening.

Well, you didn't know
anything about Seattle

when you got here,

but you figured that out
for the "pulse."

This is ridiculous.

I won't do it.

I have an iron-clad
three-year contract.

Your contract
is with the station,

not the program.

reassigning you.

That sounds like
a terrific plan.

Let's just force your
on-air talent to do a show.

I mean, I might as well
broadcast from my tractor.

You own a tractor?

Technically, yeah,
on my farm.

You have a farm?

Temporarily, yes.

That's perfect!

That's the angle
I've been looking for.

We'll broadcast from your farm!

It's not in the middle
of nowhere, is it?

Um, it's where farms tend to be,
out in the country.

Where exactly?

About three hours from here--

that's beyond perfect!

So that the fans can watch it
on their computer!

18-to-24 year olds
will love it!

You'll be like Rachael ray,

except on the radio,

and not as peppy.

Okay, let's just hold on
for a second here, all right?

You literally
just thought of this idea

two seconds ago.

I mean, it's not
a done deal,


Of course not.
I'm not insane.

Thank god.

For a second there
I thought that--

we'll do a test
run of six months.

Broadcast twice in a week,

and syndication
all across the country.

Okay, you have to be joking.

I've never been more serious
about anything in my life.

Go, go back
to your little farm.

Get busy.

We'll do a trial run
on Wednesday,

and broadcast on Saturday.

Ta ta!

You're putting
a webcam in the house?

Nobody said anything
about inside the house.

Take it up
with management.

Okay, where are
the others?

Well, there's one
right there,

one up there,

and another one
over there,

and we've got
three outside.

Now, they're all
placed and activated

to pick up anything you do
within a hundred yards.

So anybody with a computer
can just tune in and watch?

Kind of creepy?


All right, well,
here's a rig

in case you need to do
a remote broadcast,

and, good luck
with your show tomorrow.

This just gets
better and better.

Get your Bobby's blended!

It's a magical blend
of ingredients for you, sir!

Well, hello.

Hey... Bobby.

So, what's going on?

This is
the pumpkin parade.

Be well, Emma!


So you,
change your mind

about the,
pumpkin seeds yet?

What is it with you
and the seeds?

The mighty muffler
chain is opening,

so I need to open
my own shop to compete.

To open my own shop
here on main street.

That's your
business plan?

A pumpkin?

Seth, Seth...

Seth, sorry,
my lawn mower's starter--

hey, whoa, whoa,
hold on a sec.

Emma, I will give you $200

for one pumpkin seed.

Think about it.

Think about it,
200 bucks.



Get your skinny
butt over here...

I just got back
from Seattle.

Any of you think you can grow
a big pumpkin this year?

Now, I mean a big,
orange, monstrous gourd!

A pumpkin so big

that when people see it,

they will hide their children

and scream for their mommas!

I've been hearing
that same speech

all my life,

and it still
gives me the chills.

And how many of you
really speak pumpkin?

Who is this guy?

Al, one of
the original

big pumpkin growers,

along with
your granddad.

During the contest,
keeping things kosher.

This is a great day
for your town,

but it's also a day

to remember someone
who was close to our hearts.

Walt silver.

Now, Walt was a hell
of a pumpkin grower.

But most of all,

he was a good friend
to all of us.

So I would like

to dedicate
this year's contest

to Walt silver!

And Walt must be
smiling down on us,

because this year's winner

will go home...

With this!


I like the sound of that.

The pumpkin almanac
will double the $25,000

if anyone beats the world record

of 1,878 pounds!


I'd like to get
my hands on that.

I'll say.

Yeah, dream on,

Are you ready?



Nine, eight, seven...

Six, five...

Four, three...

Two, one!

I can do this.
It's in my genes.

What is?

I am going to grow
a giant pumpkin

and collect
that prize money.

This is like reading Chinese,


with a blindfold on...

Who is it?

It's your neighbor!

Seth Cullen!

I pre-announced myself
with a knock,

followed by a friendly exchange
of pleasantries.

I'll let
myself in.

Of course you will.


if you are here about the seeds,
the answer is still no.


Well, I found this
by your mailbox.

It's got a Seattle postmark.

Ooh, great.

I've been
waiting for this.

I see you're adjusting
to the country life.

And I saw
the trucks outside.

What are you doing,
a reality show

or something
like that?


I'm broadcasting
my radio program

from the farm.


What are you
going to talk about?

The earth...


Animals, growing things.

I see,

and do you know anything
about those things?


You know,
it's been really lovely

chatting with you like this,

but I've got to get back to,
you know...


Okay, 300 apiece.


Like I said before,
they aren't for sale.

Besides, I need them.

For what?

Well, i'm
going to enter

the growing pumpkin
contest myself.

Why in the world
would you

want to do that?

Because I like challenges.

You like challenges.

All right, let me just make sure
I got this straight.

You are going to plant those
little seeds in the ground,

you're going to nurture
them, protect them,

watch them grow
to unbelievable sizes,

and then you're going to
haul them off

to the contest,
is that it?

Is that your plan?

Yes, and I
intend to win.

And you thought my
business plan was flawed.

Right, well,

it was really nice
speaking with you.

Hey, my pleasure.

To hear what you have to say
on your radio show

about growing things.

Should be very educational.

This is Emma silver

coming to you from
the all new, eco-friendly

"green is the new black" show!

We're going to be broadcasting
for the next six months

from valleyville, Washington,

scenic home
of giant pumpkins.

Right, now, I know that usually
on shows like this,

the host goes on and on,

but I want to hear
from you listeners.

What do you have to say
about gardening,

mother earth,

and anything you like
that's green,

because as we all know...

Green is the new black.

All right,
all lines are opened.


All right, caller one,

you're on.

What do you want to tell us?

I have a question.

Wonderful. S hoot.

How do I tell if
a mushroom is, like, poisonous?

You know, I have,

often asked myself
that very same thing, and...

Seems like
there's a lot of options.

I know.

And we're going to make,
like, soup.

No! No, no, no,
don't do that.

Not until you've consulted
a professional.

I thought you were
a professional.


Okay, so,
in my professional opinion,

I would just throw
all of the mushrooms away

and go to the supermarket.

I recommend
mom's organic mushroom soup.

Very tasty, low sodium.

Okay, next caller.

Wh-what would you
like to share with us?

I don't know.

I have a question, though.

Another question.

Of course, okay.

What is it
you would like to know?

Are dragonflies dangerous?

Just a moment...

Are you looking it up?

Yes, you are.
I can see you!


No, i-I'm just checking
on the nitrogen content

of a new potting mix
that's about to hit the stores.

I mean, come on,

don't you people know
how to multi-task?

Okay, next caller.

Sorry, we'll have to deal with
organic mulch next time,

because our time is up.

All right, this is Emma silver,

reminding you
to smell the coffee,

drive carefully,

and, of course,
join us again on Monday.


how time flies by

when you're doing
such a fascinating show.



Well, that was a disaster

to rival
the sinking of the Titanic.

Who forced me to do
this stupid show.

Are you
going to quit?

Not in this lifetime!

Well, then, the only other
option you have

is to get better.


I'll be listening on Monday.

Go away!

We'll go away...





Hi, hi, hi.

Aw, we heard
your broadcast.

you might need

a little cheering up,

and these are
just in case

our sparkling

don't do the job.

Should we
come back later?

Are you kidding?

The corkscrew's
in the kitchen drawer,

and the glasses
are on the top shelf.

All right, girl!

This farming stuff
isn't that hard.

That's the last
of Walt's seeds.

Onto the growing lamps.

Follow me, girls.


So that's what
that thing is for.

You want to
keep the soil

at 82 degrees.

You don't want
the seeds to dry out.

How do you know
all of this stuff?

Jeff grew
the damn things

till I put
my foot down.

He used to keep
the seeds in the bathtub

an electric blanket.

I couldn't even
bathe our own kid.

That's nothing.
Russell sold my car last year

so he could buy a forklift
to haul his pumpkins around.

Hank sleeps in the field
with his pumpkins,

arthritis and all.

Okay, that is just crazy.

The whole giant pumpkin thing
is an obsession.

Last year,
some maniac drilled a hole

into the champion

stole the seeds.

Pumpkins are
like thoroughbreds.

You have to write
the parents down.

Okay, this just gets
freakier and freakier.

Mother nature never intended
for these puppies

to grow so big.

They are fragile!

They can grow 30,
40 pounds overnight.

One tiny little crack...


It's all over.

But the cryin'!

So are we done for now?

You'll wish we were.

We have to sing to them.

Excuse me?

It's what
your grandpa did.

It's pretty strange,
but it worked for him.

Any particular song?

Yeah, afraid so.


Come on,
girl, sing!

they can't
hear you!

I cannot
thank you all enough.

I just wish
we could tell you more,

but, you know, our guys
are pretty tight-lipped

about their pumpkins.

The journal!

That's right!

What journal?

He carried it everywhere
during the season,

it had all of his
growing secrets in it.

Okay, what does it look like?

A brown book

with a soft
leather cover.

It's about, um,
this big,

and, honey,
it is filled with secrets.


Your yankee
doodle serenade

is a YouTube sensation.

The website's had
over 100,000 hits already

in 12 hours.

The younger demo loves

that freaky giant
growing-pumpkin thing.

I totally forgot
about the webcams.

I'm going to build
an advertising campaign

around it.

You're doing what?

Yup, "Emma silver
grows the big one!"

I can see it on buses,
park benches,


No, no, no, no,

let's just take a step back.

Now, make sure

the show focuses on the contest.

The world will be watching,
so you better win.



One more thing.

Oof, what?

It's too early for this.

You're going in the drawer.
That's it.


No, this can't be right...

You found
the journal.

Yup, that's the good news.

The bad news is,

I can't understand it.

What? Why?

"She looks to the sun.

"Her skin is pale
those first days,

"but glows more strongly

with each ray."

It sounds
like poetry.

I know Walt
wrote poems.

"She is wind
and water.

Love her like
there is no other."

It's code.

poetry code.

Walt did love his pumpkins.

He called them
his orange ladies.

Okay, how do I break
this pumpkin code?

I don't know.
Let me look?

"She is hungry for your kiss.

"Feed her

with the bounty
of your being."

I'd say that's about manure.

It's divided into months,

so is that the key?

I have no idea.

So, that's Walt's famous
pumpkin Bible?

What does it say
to do next?

She puts her bare feet
in the warm soil."

Sounds like
it might be time

to plant them
outside soon.

Yeah, maybe.

You're welcome,

but that is
the last free advice

you're going to get,

unless you would
like to partner up?

In case you
haven't noticed,

we don't exactly
get along that well.

Well, we don't have to,
to grow pumpkins.

I need to do this
on my own.

Okay, I hear you.

Although there are
certain things

that can be better

when you do them
with someone else.

We're talking
about pumpkins.

I'm talking
about pumpkins.


You're not talking
about pumpkins.

So, folks,
thank you for your Patience

while we get
the kinks worked out,

and for following along
via webcam as...

Emma grows the big one.

Okay, as you can see,
my plants are doing great.

All right, let's go outside,

where I will be transplanting
my little plants

any day now,

somewhere right around...


All right, this is Emma silver,

reminding you
to smell the coffee,

drive carefully,

and, of course,
join us next time.


Hey, Seth!

Hey, Bobby.

I'm taking a load
of my special blend

over to Emma's.

Well, I'm sure
she'll be appreciative.

Yeah, well,
it's been forever

since we had
any sophistication

so I want to impress her
with the good stuff.


Well, if a truckload of manure
won't do it, Bobby,

I don't know what will.

Thanks, buddy!

Good luck.

Hey, Bobby,
what have you got there?

Well, I have
a surprise for you.

I love surprises.

Well, then, you are
going to love this.

This is
Bobby's blend supreme.

And I throw in a little
bit of bat guano

to give it
that extra kick.

That's great.

You don't have to worry
about it or anything.

I left a big old pile of it
in my living room

and there wasn't even
a trace of toxicity or stench.


That is just
so nice of you.


It's all for you.


Now, that
is romantic.

I see Bobby brought
you his gift.


What am I supposed
to do with it?

I can think of
a few things.

Walt tilled it into
the ground, though.


With his tiller.

It's in the shed.

You know...

It's probably
out of gas.

You knew
it was out of gas!

I suspected.
Big difference,

but I'll
tell you what.

I'll start it
for you.

Then all you
got to do is steer.

The tiller
will do the rest?


Don't let the cameras
make you nervous.


My offer still stands.

You want to partner up,

I'll take care of
all the machinery,

the tiller, tractor,
all that stuff.

Partnering up as in
splitting the prize money?

Yeah, that sounds fair to me.

Not interested.

I don't really need you.

I have secret
growing information.

I'm sure you do.


You're doing great!


You broke
the casing.

You bent the blades,

you broke
the fuel line,

not to mention
the fence.

No, I'm fine, it's okay,
thank you for asking.

Come on, face it,
you do need me.

So, are we going to
partner up or what?

Over my dead body.

I don't think that's
going to take very long...

I'll get the tiller!

Come on, Marie.

No, they won't.
I'm bringing the beer.

You play
poker, Emma?

I know my way
around a deck.

some new blood.

Hey, everyone.

You know, if you play
the way you till,

this could make for

a very interesting evening.

No, come on in, join us.


I fold.

This brie
is heaven, Emma.

Not as good
as the gouda, though.

Only thing you know
about cheese is cutting it.

Okay, that's enough, boys.

I'm out.

Okay, slick,

I will raise you...


I re-raise you...


Well, you know
what they say...

I'm out.

All right, call.

let's see--

She got
you, buddy!

Got smoked?

Our city girl knows
what she's doing.

Yeah, well, I paid
most of my college tuition

from playing poker.

That's funny,

'cause I spent most
of my time studying.

You went to college?

Yeah, I went
to college.




I would think
that a Stanford man

would play smarter.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just deal,
it's not that funny.

Wasn't that funny...

All right,
you two,

what about me?

I know you're bluffing.

You do?

I'm out.

You know, you should
probably fold too.

I raise you four.


Tell you what,

you want to make this
real interesting?

What do you have in mind?

I win this hand,

you and me...

Pumpkin-growing partners.

And if I win,

you do all of my tractor work,

my tilling,

and all
the heavy lifting.

No charge, of course.

Yeah, okay,
I'm in.

Let's see what you got.

Full house,

Jacks over kings.

Somebody's working.


That's a really
good hand, yeah.

I have...

I have two pair.

I have a pair
of black eights,

and I have this pair
of red eights.

Well, I guess
that does it...

I'll see you
at sunrise, partner.

Nice, nice...

Emma, always a pleasure.

We are back with
another broadcast

from pumpkin central.

Now, so far,
we have tilled the soil,

and we have transplanted
our seedlings,

so, the lines are open.

Do you have
a pumpkin question for me?

No, I have one
for your partner, though.

You know what, I'm sorry,
but he's not available.

I can see him
right behind you!

This is really important.


Someone needs to talk to you.


All right.

Just put these on?


How can I help you?

My girlfriends and I
think you're hot!

Well, thank you.

And we'd like to know
if you're single.

That is not
a pumpkin question.

Why, yes, actually,
I am single.

We think you have sexy eyes.


He does not.

How can you say that?

Because I am
sitting right here

looking at him,

and he is...


At best.

You must be blind.

Okay, do you have
a pumpkin question?

Seth, call me at 978--

Hey! That was rude.
She was nice.

Get dates
on your own time.


Caller two,
you're on the air.

Hi, Emma, it's Bobby.

Hey, Bobby.

Do you have
a question?

Yes, I do.

Are you free for dinner?

What are those?



Yeah, the journal says that

"she enjoys
gentle breezes

and summer days."

Well, I put a fan
in each of the greenhouses

and each house maintains
a constant 85 degrees--

a nice summer day

I guess that makes sense.

Okay, where are you going
in that dress?

I'm, going to dinner
with Bobby.


But I actually need you

to help me
with these.

Okay, I'll help you tomorrow.


Okay, no, that's great.

I mean, if you want to
chance the coyotes

getting at
the crop tonight.



Well, I just thought
that was you.

Um, you know what,
you should've told me before.

But, um...

I will help you
first thing tomorrow. Okay?


I mean, if there's
anything left.

Have fun
at dinner!

I will!

Well, Emma, I had
a really good time.

Your choice of wine
was perfect.

My god...



Coyotes, coyotes.
We have to scare them off!

With what?

What are you doing?

I have to...

Get out! Scram!

You maced me!

Okay, what were you
doing there?

I was checking
the greenhouses!

I can't believe
you just maced me!

Okay, I thought
you were a coyote.

Coyotes don't eat pumpkins.

No, he said...

You are lucky
it was just mace.

My bag?


Thank you.

I had a really
good time.

Me too.

- Good night.
- Good night!

Seth, you ruined
the end

of a really
lovely evening.

Bobby, trust me,

one of these days
you are going to thank me

for saving you
from that lunatic.

It takes one
to know one, my friend.

You know
what I don't get?

Why is she so gung-ho
on winning this contest?

Well, you didn't
hear it from me, but...

Walt's farm's
in big trouble,

and she wants to
pay off the loan

so it doesn't go
to some big developer.

Good night.

Hi there.

Good morning.

Are you...

You going
somewhere, or...

To your place.

I-I was just going to
leave this on your door.

"Seth, I shouldn't have
maced you.

I'm sorry."

Apology accepted.

Actually I was,

just coming over here
to apologize to you,

you know, for the,
whole coyote thing.

Yeah, why did you
lie about that, anyway?

You wanted to ruin
my date with Bobby.


You wouldn't

Try me.

Okay, um...

I was trying to keep Bobby
from getting hurt.

You thought I would hurt him?


I would.

The sun mixes with the moisture
beading on her skin."

I'm don't think
that means sprinklers.

I'm telling you,
they need water.


The stop I've been waiting for.

How are Walt's seeds doing?

And a couple more
back there as well.



Well, y-y-you don't have
enough pumpkins here

to make a pie.

They should be
huge by now!

You should be up
to your knees

in pumpkins!

I told you
those greenhouses

well, your singing didn't
help things, did it?

Okay, this isn't
"American idol"!

Yeah, it's not
American express, either!

What is that
supposed to mean?

Not everything
can be bought

on a credit
card, okay?

Comes in a ups box
from Seattle or New York--

quiet down,
you two!

Now, look,

I'm not supposed to
be giving out advice

the competition,

so you did not
hear this from me--

Feed those babies!

They're starving!

More fertilizer?


Don't say it.

Told you so.

Don't say it.

Hey, Seth!

Could you explain to our
listeners and webcam viewers

what exactly it is
that you're working on?

It's an extreme
nutrient machine.

Okay, can you tell us
how it works?

Thank you.

Why, certainly, Emma.

You put the raw manure
in there,

and then the machine
mixes it with water

in there,

and then
a time-release mechanism

pumps it to the pumpkins.

Right, and how much
manure does it take?

That depends.

How much can you
come up with?


Yeah, you.

I do the machines,

Okay, you know what,

after the show,
I will run down

and get some of
Bobby's blend.

This machine doesn't take
commercial fertilizer.

Only the real deal.

Raw manure.

So, you want me
to collect--

the latimer farm
just down the road?

Lots of horses.

Have fun.

So, there you have it, folks.

One more step towards
our march to victory.

You done good.


I am so pleased.

I mean, I would hate
to have messed up

collecting horse poop!

Come on,
you want to win, right?

No, I want to
go home,

all right? To the city.

Where they have movies,
and concerts, and lattes,

and where it actually
smells good!

Drama queen!

Would you like to go
to the movies with me?

There aren't any theaters here.

There's actually
a very elegant theatre

is this another one
of your coyote stories?

Movie starts
in 20 minutes.

Okay, I'll go
put my clothes on.

Not on my account.

This better be for real.


John, go,
go on in there.

All you have to remember
is to be sincere--

this is great.

I told you.

Okay, you get up,
wander around,

stretch your legs,

I got to change
the reel.

You know, I love
old movies.

Me too.

Wilder, capra.

Man, they just don't make 'em
like that anymore.

Hey, there, kitty, you lost?

more like it.

She's yours?

Um... yeah.

Her and...

A couple others.

Okay, actually,
I got five cats,

but don't tell anyone,
all right?

I miss having a cat.


Really, seriously?

Because a grown man
shouldn't have five cats.

No, um, you know,
I wish I could, but...

My life right now,

it's just too much

Right, yes, I know.

I know, this is just
the big stopover

on your way back
to your other life, right?

Can I ask you something?

Well, you can ask.

I'm not sure
I'm going to answer.

Why is a Stanford
engineering grad

making a living
fixing cars and tractors?

Who said
I'm making a living?

You're serious, um...

Okay, well,

I had a cush job once
at a big firm in L.A.,

and I had the house
with the pool, and the car,

and the girlfriend,

and the whole thing.

A lot of years flew by

before I finally woke up
and realized

that I was wasting my life.

And that's when
you came to valleyville?


It's home, you know?

I like the honesty.

I like the small town kindness.

It just...

It kind of suits me, you know?

What about the girlfriend?

She lasted a whole week
before she ran off screaming.

I'm sure you can empathize.

I seem to remember
Walt saying something

about you having
a boyfriend in New York.

That didn't
work out.

Why, what happened?

My job.

I got this great offer
in Seattle.

I went, he stayed.

Wow, you must really
love your work.

I guess what I really love
is talking to people.

You know, ever since
I was little,

I dreamed of having
my own talk show,

and my parents used to save
the empty paper towel rolls,

and I would use them
as microphones

and interview my Barbies.

I even had a name picked out--

but that would require you
to have friends.

Come on,
that's a joke.

No, I know
it sounds stupid.

No, it doesn't sound
stupid at all,

not at all.

I'm sure your parents
would be very proud.

Thank you.

Well, um, reel's ready.

Let's watch some more movie.

Okay, be prepared...

To be entertained.

Now, please, John,

you won't let me down,
will you?

Mother says
good luck, too.

Please, please believe
every word of it.

He turned out to be
a wonderful person, John.

John Doe,
the one in the speech.

I've actually
fallen in love with him.

Okay, the ac is off,

so I'm interviewing

pumpkin widow support group

here at Marie's general store.

So how was
movie night?

this is a gardening show.

Okay, so I'll
rephrase that.

Um, did anything bloom
in that barn last night?


can you ladies
tell me

what you talk about
while you meet?

Well, basically

just complain
about our men.

At least Jeff lets
you in the patch.

Yeah, Hank's got his

I have to toss his lunch
over the fence!

This time of year,

Russell's completely
lost interest in me.

For the orange hotties
in the garden.


We haven't been on a
vacation in 10 years.

Hank took the blanket
off our bed

and put it on his pumpkin.

Men, do you hear
what your women are saying?

Shame on you.



So, guess what,

Hank and Russell
have invited us

on a stealth run.

What's a stealth run?

That's when you sneak
into a farmer's patch

to find out
his secrets.

Now, I said no,

because these things
always turn out bad.

Who were they
going to go spy on?

Our not-so-honorable
mayor finster.

Apparently his pumpkins
are already 1,000 pounds.

1,000 pounds?
We have to go.

Hey, I'm trying to be
the voice of reason here.

Yeah, well, tell that
to mighty muffler.

Let's go.

Good point.

So, what's the plan?

All right, finster's
at a christening--

no, no, no,
it's a wedding.

He'll be back
in an hour.


So, I'm going to
wait in the truck.

I'll be the look-out--

it's my truck.
I stay in the truck.

Hank, you'll
fall asleep.

All right, we got to
sneak around the side,

because he's got

Hit the deck!


Look at you,
crawling in the dirt.

Keep going.

Yeah, I-I heard you
on Emma's show.

I'm sorry, honey.

Look, I'll take you
on a cruise, I promise.

Gotta go.

Look at that.

Let's go check out his barn,

see what he's using.

All right.


He's got nothing but
Bobby's blend here.

I didn't know
finster had a Harley.



That's a '91 heritage!



Here, kitty, kitty, kitty...



What are you
doing here?


Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Here, kitty--

Hey! Hey!

Nobody move!

Go, go, go!


Don't think I don't see you!

Seth Cullen,
I see you running!

You too, Russell!

Wait for me!


Stay away!

I stink!

I noticed!

Come on...

Hey! Hey!

I'm sorry!

Come on!


How can you mistake a skunk
for a cat?

I don't know.

All I know is that
everything I do

ends up with me stinking.

What are you doing?

Moving upwind.

Look, I told you.

I told you this always
ends badly--

if I had known
there were going to be skunks.

What are you
looking for?

My wipes.

You are
way past wipes.

And this, this is
just great.

Better and better.

Holy Moses!

Who got hit?

these two!

Come on, it was
just a stealth run.

What's the big deal?

It was

All right, someone needs
to take me home.

You get in my vehicle,
and I will arrest you.

I want these two

to the full extent
of the law.

Come on, you got to be
joking me.

I'm pulling you guys
out of pumpkin patches?

As far as I'm concerned,
she can go free.

She's not stinking up my jail.

Whoa! Jeez...

All right, Kate, it is late,

and I have had
a hell of a day, so--


You're kidding me.

Well, yeah, I mean,
of course I'll be there.


Yeah, I'll ask.

Thanks for the ride.

Well, well, well.

Is it safe to approach?

If you like
tomato juice.

So how was
your night in jail?

Well, other than
having to fix two CBS,

a scanner, and a coffee maker,

it was very relaxing, actually.

Well, you won't have
to fix anything

at the four seasons.


The station called,

and, we are
number 2 in the market.

That's great!

that's awesome!

So they're doing a promo shoot
tomorrow in Seattle,

and a big party

at the hotel.

Congratulations again.

My boss wants me to bring you.

Good publicity,
and, well,

there is a free dinner.

Well, I never turn down
a free dinner.

So you'll go.

Well, that depends.


Who's asking?

Are you asking,
or is your boss?

Um... I'm asking.

Then yes.

So it's a date.

Sort of.

"Sort of" works
just fine for me.

Okay, then.



Where's the farmer?

If you're talking about Seth,

I'm sure
he'll be here soon.

Don't tell me he
fell off the tractor.

Nope, I'm just fine.

Savannah grace.

You're a lot
bigger in person--

Kate Rinaldi-Rogers,
station manager.

Let's get you
into wardrobe.

You too.

Well, honky-tonk

Look at you two.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Right this way.

This should
make you feel

right at home.

Yes, ma'am,
it certainly does.

I mean, you have
captured the lifestyle


and the cow and the pig,
very nice touch.

Very nice touch.

Okay, people,

let's do this.

Hi, this is Emma silver.

When I left Seattle
for a life on the farm,

I thought that I would die
without my lattes,

the bright lights

and the heartbeat
of the city.

Lattes are just
coffee with milk,

and the stars in the country

outshine every light
in the city

without even trying.

As for that heartbeat?

Well, I learned that it lies
in people, not places.

The people of valleyville

are the most sincere people
that I have ever met,

especially my giant
pumpkin growing partner,

who gives all-new meaning
to "growing the big one."


That's a keeper.

Excuse me.



So, what part of that
did you mean?

Every word.

Marcus masters,

vice president
of worldmedia,

and may I say,

you have
a face for TV,

not radio.

Thank you.

This is Seth--

I've been following
your career.

New York, Seattle pulse,
the whole pumpkin thing.

Now that I see you
in the flesh,

I'm sold.

On what?

We need a new
morning co-anchor

at New York morning
on wmbc-TV,

and we want you.


Yes, you.

Are you in?



I'm in.

I've got to run.

I'll phone
with the details.

Welcome back
to the city.


So I guess your dreams
are coming true?

Yeah, I guess.

I have to say, i'm
absolutely thrilled for you,

but you will have to
get a two-bedroom place

because I am
coming to stay, a lot,

as long as it's nice,
of course...

Where did you
disappear to?

You know,
you missed a free dinner.

I chewed on some straw
on the ride home.

I, wish
that you had stayed.

You had
your hands full.

Seth, I'm sorry
that I have to leave

right after the weigh-in.

Nah, there's nothing
to be sorry for.

I mean, you've got a chance
to do your thing.

If that's going to
make you happy, then...

By all means.

Yeah, but...

You and I...

I mean, us, I...

Sometimes you...

You plant a seed
and it doesn't take.


We better get some sleep.


We've got pumpkins to tend to,



Goodnight, Emma.


That is my extreme
nutrient machine.

Well, show me what you got.

What's wrong?

Not a thing,
city girl.

Now, that is
more like it!

What have you two
been doing?

Just been following
gramps' journal.

You know,
singing to it,

poetry reading,
massaging it.

The usual stuff.

Yeah, well,
keep up the good work.

You two are definitely
contenders now!

Thank you,
that's awesome!


Gimme a hug.

We're contenders!




Hey, Marcus.

Yeah, that sounds great.

I can't wait to get started.

What is all this?

Things I no longer
need to survive.

Well, goodbye,
boring coffee at home.

Thanks, Emma.

Well, thank you
for making me feel like

I'm a part of this place.

Well, that's what friends do.

Besides, you are
a part of this place,

but if you really
want to thank me,


The last thing
I need

when he could be
fixing my refrigerator

for free.

Well, we talked.
He understands.

You know, um,

I had to choose between a job
and a man once.

I chose Jeff.

Never regretted it.

Of course,
the job was at dairy queen.

You just follow
your heart, honey.


Okay, guys, let's have a look.
Let's see what we got here.

Ooh, wow.

It's gynormous.

Holy moley.

Walt would be

You'd better cut
its thingy.

You mean the stem?

Yeah, we got to
cut the stem.

Here, you cut
the stem.


Yeah, you.


How long do I
leave it?

About 10
or 12 inches.

You don't want it
to dry out.

Keep going...

Okay, there you go.

All right, I'll...

I'll go 'round
and get the truck.

Let's load this baby up!

I got
the tractor.

I'm going to leave you
in charge of the camera.

You know
how to work it?

Sure. I'm a kid.

Walt got the
trophy last year.

So we can give it
to the engraver

for this year's winner.

I'll go get it.



I have something
pretty shocking

to show you.

What is it?

The real
pumpkin journal.

The one that
I found before

was just what it seemed...

Poems that gramps
wrote to grandma.


"After July 1st,
water three times a day,

at least four gallons
per plant."


"She opens her heart
to the sun,

"and the light caresses

all who look
upon her..."

You know, it's pretty amazing

that we managed
to grow pumpkins at all.


"My days, my heart,

and my soul belong to her..."

I say we stick
with the poetry.

Yeah, I had a feeling
that you would say that.


Okay, I'm just going to...
Put this one away.


People all over the country
are weighing right now,

and what do we care?

We got the mother lode
of pumpkins

here in valleyville!

Now, our next

is two-time champion
Hank moffat!

Bring 'er in, boys!

Careful, careful
with that tractor

'round the corner, come on,
come on, come on.

Lower it down, now...

There we go!

Okay, baby.

Do me proud. Do me proud.

Sorry about
the explosion, Hank,

but now you're

And now,

our last three top competitors
have yet to weigh in.

Russell winslow's pumpkin!


Come on, baby!

1,701 pounds!

Yes! Yes!

That's a marvelous achievement,

but not quite
the world's record, folks.

That's okay, baby.

And now,

our own mayor finster!

You're going to
have to step back

so we can
weigh it.

Okay, okay.

Whoa, doggy!

Another great number!

That's a winner!

And now,
our last pumpkin,

grown by Emma silver

and Seth Cullen

from Walt silver's seeds!

Hey, I just
want to say that,

no matter
what happens,

thanks for
putting up with me.

It seems like
just yesterday

when you maced me.

Now, look at that baby!

What do you think
of that, folks?

That is an amazing pumpkin!

A wonderful gourd!

Now, let me remind you

that the world record
is 1,878 pounds.

Now, silence,

so we can weigh
this magnificent beast!

I'm so nervous!







And 80 pounds!

We got the biggest pumpkin
ever grown!

Way to go, Seth!


Well, now it's time
to award the grand prize.

Get up here, you two!

Well, a lot of us
were skeptical

when you decided
to team up,

but you should be
really proud.

I know Walt is.




Here you go.
A total of $50,000.

So, we hear
you're leaving us.

You have any message
for valleyville

before you head out?

Well, for once, I don't
really know what to say,

except that...

From the moment I got here,
you've all made me feel at home.

This place not only
grows great pumpkins,

but great friends.

I am going to miss you all
so much.


We'll miss you,
too, Emma.



I guess we should
get to the bank

so they can split up
this check.


Um, if we don't,

would you be able to
pay off Walt's place?

You know about that?

Emma, your grandfather
was the best man I ever knew.

Owing money
on his land

is nothing
to be ashamed of,

and you didn't answer
my question.

If I had the whole
prize money,

with the equity
from my condo,

I could pay off the debt.

Okay, do it.


You heard me.

Okay, what about your shop?

What about mighty mufflers?

I have faith
in the people of this town.

They're not going to abandon me
for some fancy chain,

at least, I hope not.

Thank you.

I'll pay you back.

I know.

You know,

I think I finally realize
why you decided to stay.

Let's go.

Your limo
awaits, madam.


Thank god
that is over.

Let's get back to
civilization, shall we?

Three-year contract,

with an option
to renew.

Our stylist will
meet you in the A.M.

Looks like we need to
Polish you up a bit.

I bet you're glad

to be leaving
these Hicks behind.



What's going on?

We got a plane
to catch.

I've changed my mind.


I want the big pumpkin,

not the big apple.

Welcome back
to "Emma and friends."

I have a very special guest,

my co-world record-holder
in growing giant pumpkins,

Seth Cullen.

A pleasure
to be here, Emma.

All right, many of you
may be contemplating

growing your own giant pumpkins,

so if you have any questions
for the experts,

the lines are now open.

Caller one, you're on.

What's the secret
of growing giant pumpkins?

Bobby's blend!

It is. It really is.
It works.

Well, technically
speaking, yes,

the right manure
is important.

Caller two.

Are going to team up
again this year?

Well, actually,

that is a very
good question--

and one, actually,

that I would like
to answer,

if I may, um...

As some of you may know,
I'm a fix-it guy.

I like to think of myself
as a fix-it guy.

But there's
one thing

that I've been working on
for a while

that still isn't quite right,

and then suddenly
I realized

what was missing.

My god.

Pumpkin seeds.


And this...

Come on. Give me
your hand.

Emma silver...

Will you marry me?

Come on, girl,
don't keep us waiting!

Yes, I'll marry you.

Ooh, hey, hey...