Groupies (2018) - full transcript

Four groupie teens kidnap their music idol Shea, for fun only to find themselves at the mercy of a manipulative psychopath on a deadly mission to settle old scores.

How did this all happen?

I've played this over and
over again in my head.

If I'd done something
or said something,

none of this would've happened.

I just wanted to hang out with
the popular girls at school

so I became a groupie
and just played along.

How I wish I could
turn the clock back.



What, Carmen, what?

Have you seen my purse?

I don't know, it's
around somewhere.

Mom, it's Shea's biggest
concert of the year

and I'm already late.

Life of teenagers.

Ha! Ha! Hey Carmen,
come and get it.



Give me that.

Hey, let go.

Let go. Let go.

Okay, bye mom.

Be careful.

I will.

We want
Shea! We want Shea!

We want Shea! We want Shea!

We want Shea!

So, Shea, are we going
to the after-party?

That would be so cool.

Are you kidding me?

This is the after-party.


Shea, what the
hell are you doing?

Hey, Scott!

We gotta get out of here now!

Oh heck no, I'm having fun.

So should you, douche bag.

Shea, not again.

Oh fuck off, Bill.

Just get the double.

No, it's too
late for that now.

Would you guys get
out of here now?


Hey, don't be that way.

Be nice to my groupie friends.

I've got a problem here.

I need makeup, I need coffee,

I need it...

black and strong.

Hey, leave me alone. I
just wanna go to sleep.

Hey, easy man.

You wanna choke me?

I think I'm good now.

Not quite.

Makeup. I need...

Would you sit up?

Hey, don't tell me what to do.

Well then sit up!

I need a miracle right now.

What a waste of my time.

I don't need this
shit all over my face.

Hey, Wendy, you should
be paying to touch me.

Is he ready yet?

I was born ready.

I'm so sorry.

Are you gonna be
okay on your own, dear?

You'll be all right.

Don't worry mom, I'll be fine.

Just have fun in Africa.

Yeah, the African Safari,

the sounds of the African Drums.

I think I'll bring
my own drum too.


Honey, they have plenty
of drums in Africa.

Oh, all right.

Hey, did you pack my underwear?

Of course I did.

Do I have my passport?

Yes, you do now.

Oh, my poor baby.

Bad idea, mom, I don't
want you to catch anything.

Maybe call Dr. Richards,
maybe he can come over.

I will.

And you can call us anytime.

No, no phone calls.

Just enjoy your vacation.

Don't worry, I'll be okay, mom.

We love you, Jamie.

I love you too.

Bye, mom.

Bye, Jamie.

Bye, soldier.

Bye, dad.

Let's get this party started.

Oh, I see you buddy.

Do your thing, do your thing.

Don't leave me hanging.


Hey, Jenn,

take a hit of this.

No thanks.

You don't fool me.

I know what you're trying to do.

What do you mean?

Small town girl who
moves to a new school,

wants to hang out with
all the cool girls.

I feel you.


What's this fans of Shea shit.

I know you don't give a
flying fuck about him.

You don't know me, Rocky.

All right then, prove it.

Prove it, prove it, prove it.

Rocky, leave her alone.

You are stoned out of her mind.

What do we have here?

It's good.

See that's why she's my girl.

Is everybody
having a good time?


Wasted! Wasted!

Wasted! Wasted!

Wasted! Wasted!

Wasted! Wasted!

Wasted! Wasted!

Wasted! Wasted!

Wasted! Wasted!

Wasted! Wasted!

What the?

Did I die and go to hell?

Hey, Jenn, wake up.

Jenn, wake up.

Oh my God, look at this mess.


Damn it.

Ladies, wake up.

We've gotta clean this mess.

Go away.


Oh my God.


Hey, Rocky!

Where is everyone?

Dude, it's like the
morning after the party.

Where's my shirt?

Who's Brandi?

Man, Dawn's gonna be pissed.

Where's my wallet and my phone?

Oh fuck, I was robbed.

Oh, here it is,
here's your phone.

You should call someone.

Call your mom or someone.

All right.

Hey, yeah, mom.

It happened again.


Can you come pick me up?

All right.

Fuck off.

They stole my pants.

Oh, Rocky.

We've gotta clean up this mess.



Jamie, what're you doing?

Put that thing away!

Okay, it's fine.

I'm just messing around.

It's fine.

Don't you ever do
that to me again.

You scared me.

It was just a joke.

Where's you even get that?

My dad's.


do you ever feel that
your life is meaningless?

That you're only existing
and not really living.

Don't be silly, Jamie, you
have such a wonderful life.

You're the most
popular girl at school.

If I were to drop dead today,

right now,

the world would still carry on.

Nobody cares.

Nobody gives a shit.

Jamie, that's not true.

I wanna do something
exciting with my life.

Something that would
actually mean something.

Let's get breakfast,
I'm starving.

Shea could be here
with us, right now.

Oh my
God, I would die.


Like, how crazy?

Honestly, that's
such a dumb idea.

How would that even work?

It is impossible.

But I love it, it's awesome.

I knew you would go for it.

Don't be stupid.

Hey, it's not stupid.

I have Shea's schedule
for the next three weeks.

Sick, I'm loving this already.

My parents are
gone for two weeks,

so it's literally
perfect timing.

What's the point of this?

We'll bring him to the cabin

and convince him to make us
part of his music entourage.

That's so cool.

Be his backup dancers.

Concerts all over the world.


what about Rocky?


Rocky who?



It's not that big of a deal.

It's just for a day or two.

It's still too dangerous.

I'm sure we will be fine.

Jamie, how long were
you planning this?

Long enough to know
we can pull it off.

Jenn, are you with us or not?

This is insane.

I said, are you
with us or not?


Sure, I'm in.


We can't tell anyone.

Seriously, no one can know
about this, all right?

To Fans of Shea?

Fans of Shea!

Here with me tonight is the
music sensation, Shea Bowman.

Thank you, Kay.

So, Shea,

how does it feel

to have the world at your feet?

To have thousands of fans
screaming and passing out?

Looks like the fans cannot
get enough of Shea Bowman.

Kay, I love and
respect my fans

because my fans are smart
and intelligent enough

to recognize true talent.


So tell us, what do you
have next for your fans?

As I was saying,

there are so many copycats
and wannabes out there

but there's only one, and
I repeat, one Shea Bowman.

Mark my...

Shea, it must feel great
to have such a huge fan base.

Kay, you just cut me off.

Can you let me finish?

As I was saying, there are
so fakes in this industry

trying to be me, trying
to copy my style.

Shea, tell us about
your motivating factor.

What is it that motivates you?

I'm sure your fans
would love to know.

What is it that keeps you
spinning hit after hit?

Kay, you keep cutting me off.

Look, I'm done with
this interview, okay?

I'm out of here.

Fuck this!

It's getting pretty late.

I think we should do it two
days from now, on March 15th.

Great, the Ides of March.

Shea's scheduled for
a barber's appointment

at Barry's in Ridge park.

They usually drop him off and
pick him up an hour later.

How about his body guards?

I checked.

When he goes through
Ridge Park, he goes alone.

Homeboy feels
safe in his hood.

So this is how
it's gonna roll.

I was able to login to the
company's dispatch system

and his usual preference
is a black SUV.

So once we log into the system,

we'll just switch it
to a two hour pickup.


When he's done at Barry's,

we'll pick him up in
out own black SUV.

But how're you gonna get that?

Don't worry about it.

I still think this
isn't a good idea.

Anything could go wrong.

What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, Jamie nailed
it down pretty much.

Yeah, it's gonna be
so easy, I promise.

Shea, what is wrong with you?

What the hell was that?

Why are you making such
a big deal out of nothing?

No, this is a big deal.

It's gonna hurt your career.

I was trying to make a point.

She kept cutting me off.

I picked you out
of the streets, Shea.

Don't you forget that.

Mr. Superstar.

Oh stop it, Scott.

That's so cliche.

Why are you hellbent
on destroying yourself?

We're just trying to help you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.

The Fans are going crazy

and Shea's ratings have
gone through the roof.

What is it about Shea Bowman?

Now listen to that.

Do you think he's gonna
be around for a long time

or do think he'll
be gone in a flash?

I mean, he's been around
for a long time already.

I'm sure he'll be around
for a little while longer.

What's your favorite
thing about him?

His hair? His music? His voice?

His voice.

His voice, yeah?

Do you think he's cute?

On a scale of one to ten,

how cute do you think Shea is?


Aw, that's so sweet of you.

Would you think you're
his number one fan?


He's a commodity,
let's just say.

Commodity? Thank
you very much.

Wow, let's celebrate
and pop some champagne!

Just looking out for you, kid.

Look, I don't need
anyone looking out for me.

I'm a grown man.

Scott, don't act like we're
family because we're not, okay?

Don't have none,
don't need none.

No, no, Shea.


It's all there.

Here's your key.


Ditch them when you're done.

Yeah, of course.

Shea, wait, wait.

I'm sorry I came
down so hard on you.

Why don't we have lunch today?

Just the two of us.

Scott, I know all you
care about is the greens.

I care about you, Shea.

Believe me, I care.

Come on, man, I
was just kidding.

You and I have come a long way.

Indeed we have.

Look, I can't do lunch today.

I have to run to Barry's but
dinner's fine, so book it.

Why do you keep going to
the barber shop in Ridge Park?

You shouldn't even
bee seen there.

It's hard to leave
some things behind.

Cut the nostalgia.

They can't do a
thing for you, Shea.

All they can do
is take from you.

Scott, you
wouldn't understand.

Hey, Scott.

I don't mean half the
things I say to you, okay?

It's all good, Shea.

It's all good.

You okay?

I'm not really hungry.

You've gotta eat something.

I'm gonna be late anyways.

Bye Dillon, be a good boy, okay?

Listen to everything mom says.

Carmen, you're crying.


I just have something in my eye.

I'm gonna be working on a
project with Jamie tonight.

So I'll be there.


See you later.

Bye Carmen.

Bye Dillon.

I just sent you a text
with the login instructions

for Executive Limousine,

so exactly 2:15, login
switch pickup time to 4:15.

Okay, got it.


I don't have to use it, do I?

No, it's not even loaded.

It's just to scare him.

So when he gets in the car
you're just gonna point at him

and tell him to be quiet.

Are you good with that?

Yeah, yeah.


Don't move!

Showtime, ladies.

See you in an hour
and don't be late.


It's good to see you.

How are you my man, Barry?

How're you doing?

You've been on the news a lot.


So listen,

we want a quick trim?

Yeah, just a little bit off.

Ha! Yeah right.

Just a little.

I'm gonna make this quick.

Dino wants to talk to you.

He says it's really important.

Let him wait.

What does he want?

You'll find out.

I can't log in.

Try again.

We have to call Jamie.


Hey, Jamie, we have to abort.

Login failed.

What? Try again.

Repeat, we have to abort.

Login failed.

Carmen, calm down.

Just try it one more time.

It's not working, Jamie.

We have to abort right now.

Just give me it.

Jamie, let me try.

It's not working even for her.

Okay, they
must've changed it.

I just need a couple of hours

to log back into their system.

We don't have a
couple of hours.

Hold on a second,
the Caps Lock is on.

Jamie, we're in.

Great, let's
proceed as planned.

All right, bye.

Is that good?

Awesome, thank you so much.


You're a good kid.



Good luck.

See you around soon, okay?


See you, kid.

Superstar is here.

You wanted to see me?

You're late.

I hear the press has
been rough on you.

It's all good. It worked
out well in the end.

Now let's talk business.

You have a Canadian
tour in a week, huh?

What's that got
to do with you?

They love you
over there, I heard.

Fans go crazy.

Bring in the candy.

Don't even think
about it, Dino.

Really, across the
Canadian border?

It's like a fucking
drive through.

You'll be all right.

Just stop, I don't
care! I'm not doing it!

Dino, no, no and no!

After this run, kid,

you can vacation in Africa

and finish your
orphanage project.

How do you know about that?

Dino knows everything.

In fact, I know
this loudmouth punk

kid shit you got going on

is just a show for your fans.

Do me this favor

and I'll never bother you again.

I'm sorry, Dino, I can't.

After all I've done for you,

this is how you pay me back?


I know you took me
in when momma overdosed

but I'm done with that life
now and I'm never going back.

Ah, yes.


Lovely woman.

It's a shame.

She would have been better
off if she had overdosed.

What're you saying?

momma is still alive

but her brain is fried as hell.

Tell me the truth,
is Momma still alive?


I know you wouldn't lie to me.

Tell me the truth,
is Momma still alive?

Dino figured you didn't
need anymore problems.

Yeah, she's alive.

You owe me, kid.

I've always had your back

and you need to appreciate it.

Why didn't you tell me?


I wanted to tell you.

But you became a superstar.

Then I thought, I
couldn't do that to you.

I have to help her,
I have to see her.

That's where you're going.

To Canada.

You just need to deliver
a little package for me.

Why Canada?

I thought to keep her
away from the paparazzi.

Also, those folks in Canada,

they mind their
own damn business.

That'll be a
sweet reunion, kid.

When can I see her?

You made the
right decision, kid.

Ouch, easy, you're
gonna break my back.

You're a strong lad,
you'll be all right.

When you cross into Canada,

my contact will pick
up the goods from you

and tell you where she is.

This is probably the last
time I'm gonna see you guys.


I finally got chartered.

10 long years it took me,
so I'm retiring after this.

Congratulations, Goggles.

Hey, stay still.

Jamie, I'm really
freaking out right now.

Okay, calm down,
it's gonna be fine.


I have to carry
my own damn shit

and open my own damn door?


Crappy service.

Shut up.

Don't move.

Who the fuck are you?

Don't move.

What happened?

Oh my God, it's Shea!

I'm freaking out right now.

You guys, this is
not the time for this.

Let's get this dude inside now.

Is he okay?

Is he dead?

No, he's fine.

I just had to whack
him a little bit.

He was getting out of control.

Aw, poor baby.

You'll be all right.

He's bleeding, maybe we
should take him to a hospital.

No, we can't, he'll be fine.

Let's just get him inside.

Carmen, get a hold of yourself!

Get the guitar.

Why is it so heavy?

So he wasn't at
the barber shop?

No, I didn't know the
times had changed.

Okay, thanks.


That was the limo driver.

Got to the barber shop
and Shea wasn't there.

That's odd.

He's fine, he's
not a kid anymore.


we were planning to have
dinner at the Riviera tonight.

He would've called if
he was gonna be late.

Probably still mad at you.

You know, I can't
figure that kid out.

One moment, the sweetest
kid in the world.

Next, he's just a fucking diva.

You let him get
away with everything.

Maybe I shoulda
book therapy sessions.

You've been saying
that for ages.

Our concerts and
tours are back-to-back

for the next couple
of years anyway,

so I wouldn't worry about it.

Well, it looks like I'm
gonna have dinner by myself.

Reservations are booked.

You wanna join me?

You go ahead, Scott, I've
got some things to finish up.


You'll call me if
you hear from him?

Will do.

Enjoy your dinner.

Who are you?

Where is my guitar?

Where is it?

What is the big deal
about this guitar?

You have no idea what you're
getting yourselves into.

I said where is my guitar?

Wow, this thing is so heavy.

What's in it, rocks?

If this is about money,

you can call my manager, Scott.

He'll give you
whatever you want.

Oh, we don't wanna hurt you.

We're fans.

We go to all your concerts.

We follow you everywhere.

Yeah, we like to
call ourselves...

Fans of Shea.

Crazy groupies,
that's what I need.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

We wanna tour
the world with you.

We wanna be your
backup singers.

Stop, you think
kidnapping me at gunpoint

was gonna make that happen?

You're all a bunch of psychos.

Can you even sing?


We took singing lessons.

Do you wanna hear something?

Yeah, go ahead.

Let me hear "Cinderella."

Okay, let's show
him what we got.

♪ Be my Cinderella

♪ A princess way past midnight

Oh my God, you guys are
awful! You're hurting my ears!

You guys suck!

You wanna be part of my team?

Look, that's a joke.

We can do something
different if you like.

I hate to tell you this, but
there's no sugar-coding here.

You can't threaten
you way to stardom.

Why are you so mean to us?

I'm sorry, honeybunch,
but you know me,

I don't believe in bullshit.

You just don't have what
it takes to be a superstar.

Hey, you.

You seem to be the leader.

Stop this right
now and let me go.

Shut up!

And if I don't?

I'm gonna shut you up.

Hey, be careful with that.

And stop pointing
that fake gun at me.

You think it's fake?

You don't scare me.

You're fucking crazy!

You know it's real.

If you wanna stay alive,

keep your mouth shut
and don't piss me off.

Ladies, let's see what's so
special about this guitar.

Hey, you don't
wanna mess with that!

Jen, get over here.

What's that?


That shit belongs to
some really bad guys

that could do some damage.

Oh, I'm sure.

Would you have any idea how
long you get for kidnapping?

You get 14 years in prison.

14 years?

Yeah, 14 years in prison.

Jamie, is this true?

Don't listen to
him he's a liar.

You're all going to
jail unless the bad guys

kill you first.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

I wanna go home.

Jamie, maybe we
should rethink this.

Maybe we should just let him go.

Finally, a voice of reason.

You shut up!

Ladies, let's go to
the next room and talk.

This changes everything.

Hey, you come back here!

You let me out of here, okay?!

I don't think he likes us.

Called us crazy groupies.

We're screwed.

I say we go to the police
and turn ourselves in.


They will put us in jail.

You guys, calm down.

I got this.

I have an idea.

Say we ask for ransom.


You can't be serious.

Say we ask for 500 thousand
dollars and split it evenly.

That's a lot of money.

Yeah, he's worth
millions to them.

Sure hope you know
what you're doing.

Come on, guys, this is
taking it to a whole new level.

This wasn't part of the plan.

Guys, I got this, okay?

Just go home tonight,
get some rest,

I'll watch him tonight and
we'll meet up tomorrow.





Will Shea be okay?




Okay, bye.

See you tomorrow.

What're you doing?

You're insane.



Son of a bitch.


I've seen you somewhere before.

I guess you have all night
to figure that out, don't you?

Don't try anything stupid.

For God sake, who is that?

I gotta get it.

It could be Shea.

Is it authentic?

Yeah, I'm on my way in.

Where you going?

I'll let you know
when I get back.

500 thousand dollars.

Hey Bill.

I'm glad you could make
it here so quick, Scott.

Scott, Joe Schneider,
private investigator.

Nice to meet you, Scott.

Joe was with
LAPD for 15 years,

so he's got some experience
with this kind of stuff.

Don't worry, I'm gonna
take care of everything.

Okay, where's the ransom note?

been instructed to write this

"by my captors.

"They'll let me go if you abide

"by the following instructions.

"Go to two of my banks and
ask for 500 thousand in cash.

"Take the money to
Lake Wilcox Park.

"There is a phone booth there.

"At exactly 12:30PM
the phone will ring

"and you will be given
further instructions."


That's Shea's
handwriting, all right.

We've got the Canadian
tour in two days.

Back-to-back concerts

that have been pre-booked
for over a year.

This is messed up.

I will try my best
to wrap this up for us.

Are you sure we
shouldn't call the police?

Too dangerous.

You read the note,
there's nothing we can do.

How the hell did he
get himself kidnapped?

Thanks but I could use a scotch.

I'm gonna ask a few
routine questions here.

Sure, go ahead.

When was he last seen?

He was heading to his
Barber in Ridge Park.

No one's spoken to hin since.

Know anything about
the barber shop?

Same barber he's
used for years.

Since he's been a kid.

Old Italian guy,
his name is Barry,

treats him like he's his kid.

Anyone been up there yet?

Yeah, Bill was,
but all he knows

is that he was dropped off
and picked up by a black SUV.

Okay, here's what
I want you to do.

Go to the bank,
take the money out

and just play along.

Joe, are you sure?

We're gonna be watch
their every move.

We're gonna apprehend
those bastards

just like that.

I knew I could count on you.

You can be rest assured,
your money is safe.

I don't care about the money!

I care that the kid is safe!

Don't worry.

We're gonna have
him home quickly.


Thanks, Joe.

Hello, Scott.

How do you know my name?

I know who you
are and I'm watching you.

Let's see, you're wearing
an old black suit,

tacky brown shoes.

Your point?

Follow the instructions
and it'll be over quickly.


There's a cellphone
behind the phone booth.

See it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it.


Now hang up the pay phone.

Are you with me, Scott?

Why are you doing this?

Don't ask
stupid questions.

Look for the garbage can.

No, to the right!

Do you see a red backpack?

Good job, Scott.

Now transfer the money
into the backpack

and do it quickly!

Okay, I'm done.

Now take the backpack
and walk across the bridge.

When was the last time you
took a walk in the park?

That's none of
your damn business.

For you
executives it's all about

money, money and more money.

Business a usual.

Can you just get to the point?

I said, keep walking!

Okay, I'm walking.

I'm walking.

Do you
see the backpacks?

No, I don't see anything.

To the
left, you idiot!

Yeah, I see them.

Drop the cellphone
inside the backpack

and drop off the
backpack with the rest.

Then go home.


You will receive
further instructions.

Where's Shea?

I said go home!

We'll contact you.

I'm watching.

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Now let's see what happens.

No kidding.

What the fuck?!

Which backpack has the money?!

Hey kid, what's your name?


Justice, that's a
nice name, I like it.

I think you have the
wrong bag, though.

Thank you.

Oh no, thank you.

All right kids, let's go.

All right kids, time to go.

Teacher, the new bus
driver is really cool.

So what're you
trying to tell me?

A bunch of kids disappeared
with 500 thousand dollars?

I'm sorry, Scott.

This is a highly
sophisticated operation.

We could be talking terrorists.

Now what?

Now we know what
we're up against.

We're going to catch those
motherfuckers, don't you worry.


I'm calling the police.

You know what, this
is way over your head.

I don't think you know what
the hell you are doing.

Scott, let's stop and think
about this for a minute.

So we lost 500 grand?

We make that in
less than a week.

If the press gets a hold of this

and they find out
about the double,

we are screwed.

There will be lawsuits
and it won't be pretty.

Joe, how many cases
have you solved?

This is actually
my first case.

But you were with
the LAPD for 15 years.

I was a janitor for 15 years.

I worked nights and
I studied case files.

I know how these people operate.

Let me handle this.

This is a joke, right?

I'm sorry, Scott.

I did not know.

I know, Bill, I'm worried
about the kid's safety.

For once, I'm gonna
do the right thing.

Which is?

There's been a kidnapping.

Oh, God.

Thanks for coming
on short notice.

Hey, no sweat, no sweat.

Glad I could help.

Hey, this place is chill.

Respect man, I love it.

Thank you.

This is cool.

Hey, check out my
new move. Ready?



check out my new song.

I wrote it myself.

You know what I'm saying?

I don't wait around

for people to write
shit for me like Shea.

You get what I'm saying.

No, just hear it out.

You're not Shea and
you're never gonna be Shea.

Okay, listen, just
stick to the script

and don't screw this up.

I got it.

Okay, I got it.

I got it.

No shaking, no shaking.

I think you should let me go.

That would be the
smart thing to do.

I'm sorry, I can't.

You seem like a nice girl.

I'd hate to see you go to jail.

Stop, Shea, I
don't wanna listen.

I can tell you're
different from the rest.

How can you tell?

I can tell.

Let's talk about
you, I'm curious.

Why did you get
involved in drugs?

Well, I never
really knew my dad

and my mom was a dope addict.

So the choice was
pretty well made for me.

Everyone has a choice.

My dad left when
I was only seven

and my mom just gave up on life.

She would just sit at
home all day and smoke.

I'd steal groceries and
bring them home to mom.

Hi, momma.

Here are the groceries.

Thanks, hun.

Just put them in on the counter.

Thanks, sugar.

Maria, you need to get
off your fucking lazy ass

and get yourself a decent job!

You need to take
care of that boy!

Boy's fine.

No, he isn't.

He's out there stealing
and selling drugs.

He's gonna get himself killed

or child services is
gonna come take him.

Is that what you want?


You better clean yourself up.

You look like hell.



No one's gonna take my boy!

No one's gonna take my son!

Eva, help Eva.

No one's taking my boy.

All right, listen, I'm gonna
help you get a job, okay?

That's what families are for.

Sherman, what're you doing?

Are you waiting for me?

You should be in bed.

I think I got me a new job.

I'm so excited.

I'm a bit nervous.
It's my first day.

It's gonna be fine.

You'll be fine

and you look so pretty, momma.



That must be your Aunt Eva.

Okay, up to bed?

Don't answer the
door to anybody.

I'll be home in a bit.


Love you.

So here?

Uh huh.

Here he comes.

My freaky Friday John.

I call him Fred.

All right, well I'm
out of here, girl.


Good luck.

Hey, rookie bitch.

You talking to me?

What're you doing
in my territory?

You got a problem?

No, fuck you!

Later, girl.

Hey, baby.

Want some action?


Oh my God.

She started selling herself
to support dope habit.

Help me!

Help me!

Help me!

What do you want?


Max, please, I need some stuff.

Get the
fuck away from here!

No! No!

I'll pay you back.




You again?

Please, I need some.


There's no credit
here, you gotta go.

Here, here, here.

No, you're
not getting anything.

You're no getting no more.

You owe me too
much money already.

I'll do anything.

Look, you want some of this?

Go get some money.

Come back and you can
have all you want.

I'll pay you back.

There's no more
credit. Get her out, Max!

Get the fuck out of
here, you crack head.

You wanna buy a dog?

Bugger off.

Get out of here and
don't come back, okay?

Please! Please!

No, get away!

I'm sorry, Sherman.

I'm so sorry.

I love you, momma.

I love you.

Shortly after that she
overdosed and Dino let me in.

I thought she overdosed.

Three years ago there was
this talent show at Ridge Park

and Scott was there.

After Scott saw me perform,

he signed me right
away and we left.

Why did you go
back to doing drugs?

I didn't.

I mostly go to Ridge Park from
time-to-time to see Barry.

He was like the dad I never had.

Somehow going back there made
me feel connected to mom.

When Dino told me she was
still alive, I had no choice.

She's still alive?

Yes she is, Carmen.

He told me to move
the drugs to Canada

and he'll tell me
where to find her.

Now I'll never see her again.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't realize you had
all this shit to deal with.

Yeah, well we all got shit.


I've never told anybody this,

but I wasn't always
the spoiled rich girl

who grew up in the suburbs.

My dad was a high
school teacher.

He killed himself
when he lost the job

he had for the past 18 years.

Before we knew it,
the debts piled up

and he just couldn't
deal anymore.

He drove his car over a bridge.

It was ruled an accident

and my mom got this huge
insurance settlement

and that's how we were able
to afford to move here.

He gave up his own life so
we could have a better one.

I didn't cry at his funeral.

I hated him.

He had no right to take his
own life if he truly loved me.

The problem is, Shea,

I really miss him.

I think about him
every single day

and the fact of the matter is

he's never coming back.

I shouldn't have done that.

I'm sure the DA
can cut you a deal.

You can still walk
away from this.

I don't know, Shea.

What if this is some
made up sob story

about Dino and your mom?

What if it's all just a lie?

Carmen, you have
to believe me.

I don't trust you, Shea.

I wouldn't lie to you.

I'll be outside.


I'm Detective Steve Callahan,
this is my partner, Wayne.

This is Bill, the
assistant manager,

and Joe, the
private investigator

whose been working on the case.

All right, I'm gonna need a
list of all of Shea's friends

and anyone else
he hangs out with.

That'll be pretty easy.

He spends most of
his time with us.

No girlfriends?

The odd groupie,
nothing serious.

Do you know anyone
who may be behind this?

Not a clue.

I'm gonna need recent
footage of all of his concerts

and I'm gonna need
to know more about

that school bus trip as well.

Like taking candy from a kid?

Five hundred grand.

How the hell did that happen?

We're close to
solving this case.

My men are on it.

Is that right?

Do you have any suspects?

Any persons of interest?

We're looking at everything.

Terrorists, alien abductions,


We're gonna get those bastards.

Those motherfuckers
are going down!

I just need a couple more
days to wrap things up.

15 years with the LAPD, huh?

Oh my God.

Scott, just sit
tight, we're on it.

Bye the way, Joe,

you're officially
retired from this case.

I'm really sorry
about all of this, Shea.

You'll be home soon, I promise.

It's okay.

Do you want some?


You're so cool,
I can't believe I'm standing next to you.

Thank you, Jenn.

You're very pretty, Jenn.


I like your eyes.

They're really
bright and sincere.

I can see right
through your heart.


Do you have a boyfriend?

No, we broke up.

Well some day you're gonna
make some lucky guy very happy.

I sure hope so.

Um, Jenn, I need to
go to the bathroom.

Can you untie these ropes?

It'll only be a few minutes.

I should ask Jamie.

No, wait!

I want you to take me.

I'll ask Jamie, it'll
only take a second.

No, wait!

There's nothing to eat here.

Oh, that's cute.

Jamie, Shea has to go pee.


Wait, what about this one?

I like this color too.



Sorry about the gun.

Jamie told me I had to.

Now the other one.

Okay, let's go.

Up the stairs.


Are you gonna come in and
watch me and my business?

I guess I'll wait outside.


Shea, are you okay?


Oh shit!

Jamie! Jamie!

Shea got away!



Where is he?

He ran out back.

Jesus fuck!

Stay here!

Come on, let's go!

I'm sorry!

He couldn't have gone too far.

Let's just split up.


Where the fuck are you?

Split up.


Shea, where are you?

Shea, I don't
have time for this.





Hello, superstar.

I oughta shoot you.


Come on you guys.

Chain him up, ladies.

Sit down.

I just need a minute.

Why don't you guys go home?

Jenn and I will
watch him tonight.


Okay, good night.

Jenn almost got away
because of your stupidity.

This has nothing
to do with her.

That's not exactly true.

Jenn's been a bad girl and
now she's gonna have to pay.

Leave her alone,
this is all my fault!

I'm really sorry, Jamie.

Hey, it's okay.

I bet he used his rockstar
charms on you, huh?

I guess I just didn't
know what I was thinking.

Have you told
anyone about Shea?

No, I would never do that.


I know I can trust you.

Why don't I give
you a ride home?

No, I think I can manage.

You sure?


All right.

I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

All right, bye Jamie.




Here's the list of the
people front row seats

at seven out of ten of
Shea's pervious shows.

Any of them look suspicious?

No, they look all
pretty normal to me.

You a big Shea fan?


I'm too old for
that kind of music.

But my niece, she's
crazy about Shea.

If she knew what was
going on right now,

she'd be crying her eyes out.

I bet.

So these girls are so into it

that they get tickets to almost

every one of this
guy's concerts?


How much do those front
row seats cost again?

I don't know but it's
gotta cost a fortune.

Must be a bunch of rich kids.

You got that right.

Sorry to interrupt.

Yeah, come on in.

I pulled a picture
from security cam feed

of the barber shop.

Jamie, senior at
Richmond Falls High.

She was adopted at age nine
by Annie and Ron Feldman.

She grew up in the same
neighborhood as Shea

and not too far from
the barber shop.

Great, thank you.

Holy shit.

There's gotta be some
sort of connection there.

That's what I'm thinking.

You know what,
just keep digging.

See what you can find.

I got it.



Hey, man.


Yeah, Dino sits over there.


This is all they have.

Have you looked
through it yet?


According to our guy, the cops
say the girls in this photo

are in connection
with the kidnapping.


It's Stone.



Now this makes sense.

This was from
the school camera

from the box's exchange.

Looks like your kidnappers
got away with a cool half mill

and they still haven't
gotten your boy back.

This sounds like a job
only Stone could pull off.

Now this makes a lot of sense.

She must've known
about the Canadian runs.

I want you and Goggles to
find Stone and find her quick.

I want my merchandise back.

Do whatever you need to do.

And I thought I was
gonna retire quietly.

Just find her!

Come in.



A Miss Duncan is
here to see you.

Send her in.

Thank you.

Hi, I'm Detective
Steve Callahan.

Donna Duncan.

My daughter is missing.

Have a seat.

How long has your
daughter been missing?

Almost two days.

Did she call?

It's so unusual for her.

Who are her closest friends?

Well, she's been hanging out

with this girl
from school lately.

Can you identify any of
these girls in the picture?

That's Jamie and Dawn

and the new girl
from the east coast.


And that's my daughter.

Can you tell me anything
about her recent activities

or any odd behavior?

Is she in trouble?

Is she okay?

We don't know all
the details yet.

But I promise I'll do
my best to find her.

So please, call me if you
hear anything from her.

You have to find
her, detective.

She's my little girl.

I promise I'll do
my best, Mrs. Duncan.

I'll find her.


Thank you for coming in.

Thank you, detective.

Wow, this guy is so annoying.

What do you want?

We have to get out
of here right now.


Jamie's dangerous,
she's gonna kill us.

She killed Jenn!

Now I know you're
acting crazy.

Why would she kill Jenn?

I swear I heard the gunshots.


Jenn ran away.

Listen, I care about you.

This may be the only chance
we have to get out alive.

Can I really trust you, Shea?

I have feelings for you.

I know you feel it too.

I can see it in your eyes.

That night in the woods.


I don't know.

Yes you do.

This is crazy.

Hey Carmen.

We got it.

Hey, Rocky and I
can take it from here.

So I guess we'll take
care of Shea tonight

and Jamie said we could.

So you can go home
with your family.

Oh, okay.

Later, Rocky.

Chains and gags, Carmen?

She's crazy.

I got groupies too.

Okay, stop.

Dawn, come here.

Dawn, we have to
get out of here.

Jamie is dangerous,
she's gonna kill us.

If we do not get out of here
right now, we're gonna die!

- Shut up!
- We're going to die!

Dawn, look what I found.

What now?

A guitar.

I'm gonna sing him my song.

Please, help me.

He's gonna sign me
to his record label.

Hey, buddy.


What conditioner
do you use, man?

Some of that lady stuff?

All right.

I'm gonna take a
selfie with you.

All the chicks are
gonna be digging it.

All right.

One, two, three.


Rocky, please carry
this, it's heavy.

Grab the money, let's go.

What about your groupie pals?

Hurry up.

Don't worry about them.

Let's go.

Rock on, buddy.

Can't wait till your
next album comes out.

All right, we're
gonna go to Delaware,

but first I need to buy
some weed, all right.

You guys going somewhere?


Drop something?

Oh, Shea.

Jamie, just give me
my cut and I'll leave.

You got the gun.

Just take it all.


Who the hell is this guy?

Shut up, Rocky.

How do I put this?

I'm her partner in crime.

Amongst other things.

She did.

So, Dawn,

you broke the code
of secrecy, huh?

Look, Jamie, I
just told Rocky.

He won't tell anyone.

You broke the code, Dawn.

Jamie, don't do
anything stupid.

Yeah, you got the money.

Come on.

Let's just go for a walk.

You're not
gonna get away from this.


We're all fans of Shea.

We're friends, you know.
We smoke weed together.

Oh no!



We have to get out of here!

Jamie's going crazy.

She's killing everybody!

We have to leave now!

Let's go.

Hello, Shea.


Where's my merchandise?

Jamie's got it but we have
to get out of here right now.

How the fuck did
you get entangled

with a bunch of crazy groupies

putting my business at risk?

We can talk about
all of this later,

but right now we really
have to get out of here!


Jamie, as you call
her, or Stone,

is a cold-hearted assassin.

You should know her.

Stone's from Ridge
Park, just like you.


Can't be.

It is.

That overweight little kid was
adopted by some wealthy folks

right after her
parents were murdered.

She shows up one day
and asks me for work.

I think we should get out
of here before she gets back.

Stone took out my boy, Bling.

He was my trusted friend,

my bodyguard and friend
for more than 20 years.

She has to pay!


I'm sorry

but this has gone way
to messy and bloody.

What're you doing?

Come on, Dino, don't do this.

Stone would've
killed you both.

So it makes no difference.

Sorry, Shea.

But like they say
in the business,

it's just a bunch of loose
ends that need to be brunt off.


Damn you, crazy bitch!

I should've done
this a long time ago.

Recruiting kids into
your dope squad?

Most of them dead
before they hit 16.

Any last words?


Did you kill your parents?

What do you think?

Am I missing something here?

Enjoy the romance while it lasts

but I have a plane to catch.

I'm sure you know who
I am by now, Shea.


You look different.

So you do remember me.

I'm so sorry, Jamie.

You knew her?

Yeah, Shea.

Go ahead.

Show her your ugly side.

Show you how you turned my
childhood into a nightmare.

How I wanted to kill
myself because of you.

Hey guys.


Wanna go pick on
fatso over there?

Yeah, let's go.

How's it going, fatso?

Hey there, weirdo.

Hey there, stone
face, stone, stone.

You gave me that
name, "Stone."

We were just kids having fun.

Bullying is fun,
isn't it, Sherman?

Isn't that exciting to see
the look on those kids faces?

That kid's messed up for life.

Okay, guys.

We go in, we grab
the stuff and we run.

Is that Stone behind us?

She's kinda spooking me out.

Yeah, I think she
likes you, Shea.

Shea, tell your girlfriend
to stop stalking us.

Okay, she's not my girlfriend.

Leave us alone, Stone!

And stop following
us, you freak.

Stop, what's
that in your hand?

They're getting married.

I know, right.

I don't even like her!

Let's go.

She's so weird.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, I was stupid.

It's too late to be sorry.

Jamie, did you really
kill your parents?

Always creeping up on people.

Fuck, beat it, fatty!

Amber, is that you?

What the fuck?

Mrs Watkins, help, help!

My parents have been shot!

Oh my God.

I saw him shoot them.

I'll call 911.

Come on in!

Damn dope dealers.

They didn't give
a shit about me.

I put them out of their misery.

Then I was adopted
by the Feldman's.

Started a new life
in the suburbs

hanging out with
all the rich kids.

That got boring real fast.

So I went back to Ridge Park
and started working for Dino.

I worked with him
until last month.

You used us.

That was the easy part.

You're all so dumb and naive.

A bunch of spoiled rich kids.

Jamie, you need
help, let me help you.

Just put the gun down, okay?

This is for all those
times in Ridge Park.

I wanna hear you say it again.

Come on, say it.


Ugly Duckling?

Stone Face?

Weirdo, loser? Fucking say it!

I'm sorry, Jamie!
I said I'm sorry!

I was young and foolish!

Look, Jamie.

Just put the gun down.

I know you don't wanna do this.

Shea, don't come any
closer or I'll kill you.

I know you're hurting.

Okay but that's in the past now.

You can still make this right.

Shea, I'm sorry but
I can't go to jail.

They have doctors that
will make you well again.


Jamie, look at me.



Well, well, well.

Darling, wasn't that a
trip down memory lane.

Bill, you're involved in this?

Hello, superstar.

You know, that was really good.

You almost had her.

No hard feelings, Shea.

Bill, wait.

Let's just talk about this.

What is there to talk about?

I can't fucking think
straight right now!

You can't fucking
think straight

because he's messing
with your mind!

Don't move or I'm gonna
shoot your girlfriend.

You think I care?

Go ahead, shoot her.

Why, Bill?

Because I am sick

of listening to your
wining and your bullshit!

Babysitting your grown ass

while Scott lets
you disrespect me?

And poor Scott.

Poor Scott, he's never
gonna know anything.

Bill, you can't be
serious right now.

Now put the gun down

or go ahead and just
shoot her already.

You know he's
not gonna kill me.

Just let them go.

Get out!

Just go!

Come on, Bill.

Let's just go.

We have new identities,
we have the money,

let's just go!

Now you're having regrets?

This is not you, Stone.

No killings, Bill.

Shea, go!

Stay right there!

Don't you know the rules?

I'm so sorry.

I just couldn't do it anymore.

Just go.

Get out of here.

This time for real, Carmen.

Jamie, no!

I'm sorry, Jamie, for
all the pain I caused you.

Goodbye, Jamie.

It didn't have to be this way.


You kids okay?

Yeah, we're okay.



Sherman, is that you?


I failed you.

I failed you, my boy.

No you didn't.

My poor sweet boy.

I'm now a rockstar, mom,

and I've come to
take care of you.


Shea, I am so sorry.

I've let you down.

It's okay.

Who's this?

This is Carmen.

She's a very special friend.

Hi, Maria.

We've come to take you home.

I will
always miss my friends,

Dawn, Jenn and Jamie.

A part of me died that night.

I lost them

but I found love.

I guess being the wife of
a rockstar is not too bad.

I still go to Shea's concerts,

so I guess I'm still a groupie.

Well, sort of.

How are you doing
today, Mrs. Bowman?

I'm doing well, James.