Groundhog Dave (2019) - full transcript

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Hey, everybody, welcome
to another fine year.

Hope you all had a white
Christmas and an awesome winter.

As my Daddy, Daniel used to say,

it's time to put down
those hot chocolate mugs

and grab those smoothie cups.

You know what time it is?

Of course you do.

That's why you're all
here at my little shack.

Hope you like what I've
done with the place.

I cleared some standing room
after last year's crowds.

Talk about claustrophobia.

But that's in the past, and today's today.

It's time to dance and romp and play.

Goodbye, snow.

Hello, sun.

And now for the hundreds in attendance

and the millions watching
around the world,

are you ready for some spring?

Are you, oh I get it.

This is a surprise party.

Oh, you shouldn't have.

I mean, really, you shouldn't have.

Come on out.

Let's get this party started, woohoo!



Was it something I said?

Nobody's here.

I'm just talking to myself.

Chester, you're the first animal
I've seen since I woke up.

What in the world's going on around here?

Is everything okay?

Oh, uh, yeah.

But things have been pretty weird, Dave,

and they're getting weirder everyday.


What do you mean, weird?

As soon as the winter snow melted,

all these trucks and heavy
equipment started coming in.


Heavy equipment?


And lots of big dumb
humans who talk too loud

and litter everywhere they go.

I've picked up more soda
cans and snack wrappers

in the past week than I did
in my whole life before this.

That's not good.

What about the news crews, Chester?

Why didn't the news send people
out to film me waking up?

It's usually a big story every year.

They did.

But they got blocked when they showed up.


Who would block such an important event?

It was these guys in helmets.

They specifically banned all news media

from visiting or filming their activities.

Privacy rights, they said.

Privacy rights?

Springtime isn't about privacy.

Springtime's about nature,
giving, sharing, joining.

Springtime is our time.

And I'm be doggone if some guys in helmets

are going to take our spring from us.

Uh, be careful, Dave.

They get real mean if
we cross their paths.

Mean schmean.

I have a spring to announce,
and I'm gonna announce it.

Come on, Chester, let's go to town.

I want to see what they're talking about.

Ah, okay, Dave.

But you're not going to like it.

Fredo, just the mouse
I wanted to talk to.

Ah, I've had a slow winter, Dave.

I ain't got the cantaloupes I own ya.

Talk to me in the summer, yeah?

I know you're good for it, Fredo.

That's not what I wanted to talk about.

Oh, ah, is this about Mary Beth?

Mary Beth?

What about Mary Beth?

I knew you would open
your big mouth, Chester.

I just knew it.

It wasn't me.

It was Chet, the chipmunk.

He saw you two walking

in the field in February, told everybody.

Whoa, what are we
talking about here, guys?

Uh, nothing.

It's nothing.

Come on, you two.

I might have woken up today,
but I wasn't born today.

Fess up.

Fredo took Mary Beth
for a couple of walks

in the field outside town.

I didn't mean to.

She said she'd never been,
and I said they're nice.

So then she said she can't wait to go.

And I said they ain't far.

Next thing you know, we's walking.

And Chet saw them while
he was foraging for fruit.

Came back to town and told
anybody that would listen.

That rough rat.

He ought to be ashamed to
call himself a chipmunk.

So, that's it?

That's it, I swear.

We didn't even stop for lunch.

And there was berries
and grains everywhere.

We took a couple of
walks, came right back.

Did Mary Beth have fun?


Said she can't wait to go with you.

Then cool.

Thanks for showing her around

while I was hibernating, Fredo.

You ain't mad?

No, why would I be mad?

You're a friend.

That's right, I'm your friend.

Friends to the end.

Listen, Fredo, Chester told me

things have been getting
weird around here.

Ha, weird?

That's one way to put it.

I know you see everything that goes on.

What's been happening in
Bucketville since I went to sleep?

Oh, bro, you wouldn't believe it.

This town ain't what it used to be.

Now you gotta be careful where
you go and when you go there.

It's getting dangerous.


Big time.

Buck got picked up by Animal Control

just for basking in the town square.

Nobody's seen him, three weeks now.


But he's a turtle.

Basking is what he does.

Yeah well, I know
that and you know that.

But try telling it to them hardhats.

Chester mentioned the helmets.

I want to meet these guys.

No, you don't.

Trust me, bro.

Times are changing around
here, and not for the better.

Hm, we'll just see about that.

Come on, Chester.

Oh ah, okay.

Ah, Fredo, watch our backs?

Yeah, I'll do what I can.

Oh, and if you see that ratfink Chet,

tell him I'm looking for him.

I can't believe this, Chester.

This isn't the Bucketville I
know after a long, cold winter.

I don't even recognize this place.

Something bad is happening.

That's what we're
trying to tell you, Dave.

Mrs. Snorts will know
who's responsible for this.

Come on, let's go by her place.

Groundhog Dave, welcome
back to Bucketville, my dear.

How was your hibernation?

Hibernation was great, Mrs. Snorts.

I always enjoy a little R and R.

But what have I missed around here?

Things are a mess.

That's one way to put it, Dave.

Our beloved Bucketville was
sold to the highest bidder

just after the new year.


But who on earth would
want to buy our town?

Mr. What Not, that's who.

Mr. What Not?

The crazy anteater?

No way.

I'm afraid so, my dear.

Mr. What Not now owns Bucketville

to do with as he pleases.

But what does he want to do?

It appears as though he
wants to generate revenue

and recoup his investment
by turning our little town

into a massive shopping center

as well as a worldwide Groundhog
Day tourist attraction.

Whoa, a Groundhog
Day tourist attraction?

But that would mean...

That you'd go to work for Mr. What Not.

I'd never do that.

What Not's a slimy, stinky,
scurrilous swindler.

Bucketville, a shopping center?

Chester, we can't let this happen.

This is our home, our sanctuary.

It's all we've ever known, all of us.

I feel your pain, Dave.

But what can we do?

We're just a couple of animals.

And those guys are big bruisers,

and they have bad intentions.

Countless allies,
endless resources.

You might be right.

They might have the trucks and they might

have the muscle, but
we've got the numbers.

There are way more animals

than there are construction workers.

And we've been here longer.

If Bucketville's citizens don't want

those buffoons here, they have to leave.

We all just need to stand up
on our hind legs and say so.

Come in, you barbarians.

Groundhog Dave, you're back.

That's what I do,
come back every spring.

Long time no see, Mayor Mort.

Looks like I've missed
lots of new developments.

Ah, so you heard.

I had no choice, Dave.

They insisted I sell to
that heel, Mr. What Not,

or else they'd use the
power of imminent domain

to take Bucketville outright,

with no fair compensation to any of us.

At least this way we might
be able to settle elsewhere

when the time comes and
keep our animals together.

How did it come to this, Mayor Mort?

Why is What Not so determined
to take our Bucketville?

There's no good reason
that I can see, Dave,

other than to spite all of us.

What Not never really
fit in here, as you know.

He's far too ruthless, cunning, devious,

and duplicitous to ever truly belong.

His instincts have always been wrong,

and he's grown to resent

and despise us for his own failings.

But everyone's been nice to him.

Even last year when he was reprimanded

for selling counterfeit
tickets to the Spring Bash.

We still let him attend and enjoy the day

along with everybody else.

Yes, well, sometimes
our all just isn't enough.

Some animals you just can't reach.

So you get what you got here now,

which is the way they want it.

It's not fair.

Life's not fair, Dave.

There's no point arguing it.

But you don't really plan
to just hand Bucketville

over to these jerks, do you,

to turn into a big shopping mall?

It's already done.

We have two choices.

Do as What Not commands,
or stay out of his way.

Far out of his way, if you want my advice.

Did you hear what happened to Buck?

Animal Control.


He was basking on his
favorite paving stone

when they grabbed him.

He never knew what hit him.

Where is he now, Mayor Mort?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Perhaps they released him to the wild.

Perhaps they sent him to a
reputable pet store for rehoming.

Or perhaps he escaped, like he
did a couple of seasons back,

and we'll find him lounging
on a roll of tinfoil

for the ultimate warm basking experience.

Mayor Mort, I understand
your motivations here.

But I don't think it's
right what's going on.

Bucketville means too much,
to us and to the world,

to be co-opted and exploited like this.

What's done is done, Dave.

With all due respect, sir, no.

I want to stand up for
Bucketville's future,

for all of our futures.

Gosh darn it, I just woke up

and I don't intend to
walk away without a fight.

Dave, if it's a fight you want,

it's a fight they'll give you.

Those brawny behemoths have no intention

of backing down from us.


We'll see whose will is stronger.

Do you really know
what you're doing, Dave?

Of course I do.

As soon as I get face to
face with Mr. What Not,

he'll realize what a
mistake this whole thing is,

and he'll back down.

Then we can finally hold our annual bash

and get on with springtime.

Doesn't that sound nice?

Boy, it sure does, Dave, but...

But what, buddy?

I'm scared.

Those guys are all so unpredictable.

And they're not used to
folks standing up to them.

There's no telling how they'll react.

Well, we know What Not,

and we know he's a coward at heart.

The rest of his crew
can't be far off the mark.

Maybe you're right.

Okay I, yeah I'll trust you, buddy.

You can always trust me, Chester.

I'm Groundhog Dave.

Hold it right there, chums.

Where do you think you're going?

Can't you read the signs?

This here's private property.

We saw the signs, Mr. Doberman.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Groundhog Dave.

And I'm Chester, the friendly reindeer.

Well I'm Rips, the mean guard dog.

You want to come here and
make this quick and painless?

Or do I gotta chase ya and make it ugly?

Well, I guess you're
gonna have to chase me.

No, Dave, no chasing.

Uh, don't chase us, Mr. Rips.

Have it your way, rodent.

What's going on here?

Oh, we got us a couple of intruders.

Thank you for trying to
dissuade Groundhog Dave

from confronting Mr. What Not, Fredo.

Although I knew he wouldn't listen.

Ah, he wouldn't be our Dave

if he wasn't so headstrong, Mayor Mort.

Yeah, I'm aware.

And although it's my first instinct

to protect all of Bucketville's animals,

perhaps Dave is exactly what we need

to go up against What Not.

Yeah, you think so, huh?

Why not?

Everything else we've
tried has utterly failed.

And if Dave doesn't return,
we'll know he failed too.

If he does return, don't
tell him we talked, okay?

I don't want him thinking
I'm some kind of rat.

I'm a mouse, you hear me?

A mouse.

Settle down, Fredo, settle down.

I won't mention this to Dave.

I just hope he comes back to us.

Yeah, so do I.

Well, well, well, if it
isn't shadow boy himself.

And whoever you are.

I'm uh, I'm Chester.

How did you get past Rips?

Guess he wasn't hungry enough.


How's the springtime business coming?

Not as fun as years past.

Imagine my surprise when I
woke up today and found this.

Yes, I can imagine it was quite a shock

for your delicate sensibilities.

You groundhogs aren't exactly known

for your rugged toughness.

Why are you doing this, What Not?

Was Bucketville so bad to you?

Yes, if you must know, it
was drab and dull and dreary.

But when I'm through with it,

it will be a glittering
hub of shopping splendor.

All the latest styles and
fashions and technology.

Folks will come from far
and wide just to stroll.

And ice cream.

There'll be many flavors,
thousands of flavors of ice cream.

Want your cone sprinkled with ants?

You got it.

Just imagine the cash registers ringing

and singing everywhere you turn.

Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.


Well, it's my job to be clear.

What Not, I'd like to restore

the spring announcement and celebration.

Folks feel lost without it.

We deserve our tradition.

Do folks feel lost, or
do you feel lost, Dave?

I don't enjoy not
having a cheering crowd

as I check the ground for my shadow,

if that's what you mean.

Ha, well that job's no longer

needed in the new Bucketville.

What I do need, however,
is manual laborers.

How much can you lift?

I can lift my head
to check for my shadow.

And I can...

One trick ponies will have a hard time

around here from now on, Dave.

Maybe you should think
about scuttling along.

I'm sure some other lame town

will welcome a lazy groundhog
with a dumb tradition.

There's no point
talking to you, is there?

Probably not.


Want a job digging
holes with those antlers?

Not really, no.

Then I'm going to have to ask you both

to leave my property.

You aren't supposed to be here anyway.

Ruff, Tuff.

Yes, boss.

Escort these rubes off
my property, will you?

And don't be gentle.

Yes, boss.

Take it easy, fellas.

We're not looking for trouble.

I can't believe that What Not.

What a jerk.

Destroying a whole town just because

he didn't like living there.

Why doesn't he just move?

What are we going to do now?

Hi, Lulu.

We're ah, just trying to save Bucketville

and having no luck.

On no, how are y'all
trying to save B Town?

The best way we know how, Lulu,

through peace and diplomacy.

Peace and diplomacy, that's for humans.

We up in the animal kingdom
gotta be more forceful, you dig?


Mm-hm, straight up.

Ain't nobody ever given an animal nothing,

except for them house pets.

And they get everything they
want on a silver platter.

House pets are soft.

We need something out in the
wild, we gotta scrap for it.

Scraps are about all we'll have

after What Not's done with us.

Well, I don't know about you,

but I ain't leaving Bucketville.

You're not?

Heck no, I'm a snail.

You know how long it took me to get here

just from the edge of the woods?

Two years.

You think I'ma turn
right around and go back?

Pfft, you must be crazy.

I see your point.

You better.

By the time I get anywhere,
the season changes.

Last time I went to eat
some carrots and lettuce

from the town garden, winter hit.

Them veggies was buried in the snow

by the time I opened my
mouth to take a bite.


Yeah, why do you think I hang around

the town square all the time?

Best access.

Proximity's everything to a snail.

What do you say we join forces, Lulu?

We'd make one heck of a team.

What's in it for me?


Cama what?

Is that like the spotty green stuff

all them stupid hunters wear?

No, that's camouflage.

Camaraderie is the
mutual trust and friendship

among people who spend
a lot of time together.

Dictionary definition.

That dictionary really
sharpened you up this winter, eh?


I don't know, guys.

That sounds like a lot of work.

I'm good how I am, just chilling.

But whatever happened to scrapping?

And being forceful?

Ah, you dig?

You making fun of the way I talk?


Better not.

So, what would our team do exactly?

We'll form a rebel alliance
that fights for nature,

the animals, springtime, and Bucketville.

Keeping nasty anteaters
like Mr. What Not

and his gang of cronies

from stealing our homes out from under us.

Oh, I see, kind of like animal Avengers.


That sounds dope.

Okay, I'm in.



Yeah, I got nothin' else going on today.


Wild animals unite.

Who's next, Dave?

Hm, I think I know just the guy.

Hey, Lenny, what's going on?

Oh hey, Dave, Chester.

I'm just packing my things.

It's a real pain.

Why are you packing your things, Lenny?

'Cause it's no fun around here anymore.

I see the writing on the wall.

Before one of those mohawked
ninnies rounds me up

and puts me to work or
calls Animal Control

to come get me, I'm moving out.

Oh no.

But you're our friend.

Where will you go?

Who knows?

Anyplace is better than here these days.

Maybe I'll find some sand some place,

burrow in and relax a while.

I understand, Lenny.

Believe me, I do.

But what if we banded together
and fought for Bucketville?

Ha, Animal Control would probably

bring the extra big
truck to fit us all in.

Well, Chester's antlers are
great for flattening tires.

One poke is all it takes.

Oh yeah?

Hm, I don't have any
destructive skills like that.

You don't need destructive skills.

Our ultimate goal is, and
should always be, peace.

But if we're attacked,

it's important that we
stick up for ourselves.

I get it, kind of like
wild species Super Friends.

- Exactly.
- Exactly.

That sounds fun.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't

looking forward to moving
out of Bucketville.

None of us are, Lenny.

Yeah, nobody likes the thought of that.

So we'll stand our ground,
just the three of us?

Not just us, Lenny.

We're talking to everybody.

That's right.

We're building an army
of Bucketville defenders.

Hey, I like that.

We could call ourselves
the Bucketville Defenders.

Eh, it sounds like a bowling club.

Yeah, kind of like a softball team.

Well, I mean, it
doesn't have to be that.

We could think of something else.

Well, let's think of something else.

Yeah, we'll figure it out.

Let's not worry about names right now.

Let's think action.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I think there are enough of us united

to take this plan to Mayor Mort

and get his stamp of approval.

What do you think, Chester?

Mayor Mort has a stamp of approval?

I never knew.

It's not an actual stamp, Chester.

It's a figure of speech.


Oh, right.

A stamp of approval is like
an indication of approval.

That's right, buddy.

Come on, let's go tell Mort

we aren't backing down without a fight.


Phew, I'll go unpack my suitcase.

What a relief.

I had no idea how I was
gonna fit my exercise ball.

Okay, Chester, this is it.

We'll let Mort know that we're serious.

And a lot of other animals are too.

And no matter what tricks Mr.
What Not has up his snout,

we're prepared to fight tooth
and nail to save our town.

Sounds good, Dave.

Ah, what if he doesn't like it?

What do you mean, what
if he doesn't like it?

What's not to like?

Well, Mort's still our
mayor and he's in charge.

Maybe he'll veto our idea and
want to do something else.

I don't think anyone's

really in charge right now, Chester.

That's the point.

Dave, you're back.

I am indeed, Mayor Mort.

It didn't go great out
at What Not's place.

So I heard.

What Not called me right
after you two spoke.

He did?

Yes, he told us in no uncertain terms

that if any other animals from Bucketville

trespass on his property,
we'll all be sorry.


Trespass on his property?

This is the same anteater who couchsurfed

through all of our homes

after his place got
overrun by ants last year.

Remember that?

How could I forget.

He mistook my pepper
shaker for an ant farm

and devoured the entire
thing in one sitting.

He coughed and sneezed for days.

And he thought my laser
pointer toy was a death ray,

so he stole it and chased
bugs around town for weeks,

shining light in their eyes

until the batteries died.

Not brightest bulb in
the socket, that What Not.

And that's why we can
beat him, Mayor Mort.

At the bottom of all this,

he's still goofy What Not the anteater.

Heck, if we just got some
ants to run past him,

he'd probably chase them
into the woods and get lost.

Like he did on our field
trip to Paddleboat Lake.

Remember that?


He fell down a mineshaft
chasing a termite.

Bucketville Fire Department
had to rescue him.

That's right.

What Not's gotten himself
to the position he's in

because of the people surrounding him,

those big ugly guys and
that mean, nasty dog.

Mean, nasty dog, yikes.

I don't like dogs ever since that Akita

nipped at my heels last Christmas.

I avoid 'em like whistles.

My point is, yes, What Not has power.

But he achieved it by aligning himself

with others who had power.

I've got partners and a plan.

We can take that power
back and rescue Bucketville

from this stupid development
idea before it's too late.

I'm afraid it's already too late, Dave.

Bah, until we see
parking spots being painted

where our homes used to
stand, it's not too late.

Dave, What Not's threats
have become too much.

I'm an old owl, and our citizens

don't deserve this level of hostility.

But Mayor.

It's over, Dave.

I'm arranging a summit to
sign a treaty with What Not.

I'll vacate the mayor's office

and grant him full control of everything

in exchange for letting
Bucketville's animals

live their lives in peace.

But that'll make
Bucketville a dictatorship.

Our town will be no more.

None of us will have homes left to save.

There'll never be another
spring announcement again.

On the contrary, Dave, What Not

plans an even bigger spring celebration

with a network television deal in place.

It'll be broadcast around the world,

translating to a higher
profile and new tourism.

No way, I won't do it.

He can't make me.

He's not going to try, Dave.

Mr. What Not is interviewing groundhogs

to find a new host for the
start of spring announcement.


A new host?

But, but Dave's our host.

Dave's always been our host.

Dave's world-famous.

He's the face of spring.

People love Dave.

Times change, Chester.

People change too.

They'll accept a new groundhog
host and Dave will be free

to live out his life in
peace, as will we all.

You sold us out, Mayor Mort.

No, Chester, please understand.

It's a win-win situation for everyone.

No, we should hold out, keep
negotiating, stand together.

I tried everything.

It did no good.

No one wins in war.

He's right, Chester.

If nobody cares anymore who hosts

the spring announcement,
I should step aside.

It's been a good run, a long run.

There's no need to hog the
spotlight, so to speak.

If Mayor Mort thinks this treaty

is the best thing for Bucketvilleans,

we should stand with him united as one.

But Dave, you can't be serious?

You're just, you're
just going to walk away?

If it saves everyone
else, yes, I'll walk away.

A glorious new dawn
approaches, gentlemen.

Say goodbye to quaint little Basketville

and say hello to the most multifaceted

shopping and entertainment
center the world's ever seen.

If your scale models are any indication,

it's going to be awesome, Mr. What Not.

I have a clear vision, Lug.

And with all of your help
and your strong backs,

I will achieve what no anteater

in history has ever achieved.

Mr. What Not, entrepreneur,
visionary, pioneer.

What about me, What Not?

What about you, Rips?

I'm doing things lots of dogs don't do.

What would you call me?

Ah, you're a good boy, Rips, a good boy.

A good boy?

Pfft, that doesn't sound
like a savage doberman

who's chased more terrified strangers

and bitten more ankles, calves...

Easy, Rips, easy.

You may look fearsome, but you're still

my little bugsy-wugsy,
my scrunchy munchkin,

my barking baby boy,
my bundle of black fur.

Don't embarrass me, Lug.

- Give me a woof.
- Woof.

Give me a howl.

Give me a ruff.

Yeah, my point, gentlemen is this.

We're making fast progress

and everything's moving according to plan.

But there are still some
issues that need tended to.


Who do I gotta bite?

Let me at 'em.

Patience, Rips, patience.

I'm talking about logistics,
about preparation.

We're off to a smashing start

but we must continue to expand.

Today Basketville, tomorrow the world.

We need more signatures, more contracts.

Which means we need more contract paper.

And this new shopping center
will need ample parking

to accommodate the thousands
and thousands of shoppers

who will visit daily, which
means we need to pave space.

Where do you want us
to start, Mr. What Not?

Let's eliminate some of
these lush trees around here,

starting with that big bag of bark, Jerry.


You mean that big, beautiful
oak tree in the town square?

Jerry's been around forever.

He's an old eyesore.

And he's overstayed his welcome.

His bulk will yield almost
10,000 pages of contract paper,

tons of timber for construction,

fuel for cooking and heating.

And with this big truck out of the way

we'll have a dozen new parking
spaces for our shoppers.

Oh, that kind of bums me out.

I like Jerry.

Well then, you two tree huggers

should go swing from his
branches one last time.

Because we're sacrificing Jerry

to the cause tomorrow morning.

I'll warm up the bulldozers, boss.

Good idea, Lug.

We'll reconvene in the town
square first thing tomorrow.

Who'd like to come to my
house for some ant casserole?

Ah, what else are you having?

What else?

Does there have to be anything else?

Well, I mean, yeah.

We're not anteaters, boss.

Oh, right.

I keep forgetting.

Well, that just means more for me.

Who'd like to come over and watch me eat?

Oh no, this is bad.

What Not wants to cut down Jerry.

Oh, we've got to stop him.

Dave, Mr. Mort's losing
his grip on this situation.

You can't listen to him.

Basketville needs you.

We need you.

None of that will matter
if there isn't a Bucketville

left after all this is over, Chester.

But it's true.

We can't allow that treaty to be signed.

If What Not becomes Bucketville's mayor,

this town's doomed for sure.

Oh, there must be a way
to stop it from happening.

There must be.

Dave, bro, there you are.

I've had my ear to the ground
and found out some things.

I have good news and I have bad news.

Oh no, more bad news?

I don't know how much more I can take.

What is it, Fredo?

Tell us.

You want the bad news
first or the good news last?

That's the same thing, Fredo.

Oh right, okay.

Mr. What Not and his crew are coming

to the town square
tomorrow to cut down Jerry.

Cut down, Jerry, why?

He says they need more paper.


He wants to cut down a 300 year old tree

for some sheets of paper?

And construction timber.

That monster.

And parking.

That soulless beast.

And heating.


Oh, well I do like to
stay cozy in wintertime.

What's the good news, Fredo?

The good news is still ain't great.

Then why are you calling it good?

It's better than the bad.

Out with it, Fredo, tell us.

What Not's cronies, Ruff and Tuff,

don't seem too into the idea.

They like Jerry, just like we do.

Can they stop What Not
from cutting him down?

Can they?


They can pick that runt up by his tail,

swing him around good.

But will they's another story.

They being paid well.

Even if they don't like it,

I think they'll let
What Not call the shots.

We have to warn Jerry, Dave.

There's nowhere to hide in the square.

He's a sitting duck out there.

You're right, we have to
go tell him what's going on.

Hey yeah, don't tell
him I told ya, okay?

Why not, Fredo?

I don't want folks thinking
I'm some kind of rat.

I'm a mouse, you hear me?

A mouse.

Besides, it looks like
What Not and his crew

are taking over Basketville

whether anybody likes it or not.

I want to get in good with them,

let 'em know they can trust me.

But they can't trust you, Fredo.

Yeah, I know that and you know that.

But they don't need to know that.

Okay, we won't say you told you.

Good, now if you'll excuse me

I don't want people to
see me talking to you two.

I think you're going
to be folk heroes soon

and I want to maintain
my anti-hero status.

Hm, do you think we're
going to be folk heroes, Dave?

Only if we can save
Bucketville, Chester.

Come on, let's head for the square.

Time's running out.

Let's go break the bad news to Jerry.

This might be the last time
we get to hang out together.

I'm sad, Dave.

So am I, Chester, so am I.

Oh my, what a pleasant surprise.

It looks like spring has sprung.

Welcome back, Dave.

How in the world did I
miss your announcement?

There was no celebration
this year, Jerry.

Because the town's in big trouble.

Oh, that doesn't sound good.

It's not, friend.

Some of us are in a lot of danger.

Oh no, who's in danger?

You, Jerry.


Surely you are mistaken.

I don't engage in conflict.

I'm the most peaceful resident
of Bucketville, leaves down.

We know, Jerry, and so do some others.

That's why you're in danger.

They see you as an easy
mark to get what they want.

What is it they want?

And who are they?

Mr. What Not has assembled
a crew of developers

to take over Bucketville and
turn it into a shopping center.

Developers, huh.

They're more like glorified wreckers.

Mr. What Not, that annoying anteater?

That's him.

He's up to no good, and
getting worse everyday.

We just found out his
plans to chop you down

and we had to come warn you right away.

Can you get out of here, Jerry?

Can I get out of here?

Yeah, lay low for a
while until we figure out

a way to get Bucketville out of this mess.

Why no, I
can't get out of here.

I'm a 300 year old oak tree.

Look at how big I am.

And my roots are seven times
wider than what you see.

Oh, wow.

Get out of here.

That's the funniest thing

anyone's said to me this millennium.

I see your point.

I was going to ask if you could leave.


Here we are, boys,

the final days of the town of Bucketville.

You smell that?


No, it's not patchouli, you big rube.

It's defeat.

I love the smell of victory.

But you just said it was defeat.

Yeah, which is it, victory or defeat?

It's victory.

The smell of Basketville's
defeat is our victory.

You understand?

Oh, so we are smelling
defeat but it is our victory.

What's wrong with you two?

I hired you to tear
this place to the ground

and leave it smoldering
in its own footprint.

You did?

Yes, I did.

And all you've done since you got here

is coo about the flowers
and the birds and the bees.

Don't forget the cute trimmings.

This town's interior design is some

of the absolute cutest I've seen anywhere.

Right, Tuff?

This is madness.

What happened to the two
bruisers I hired off the wharf?

I give up.

Come on, we're going to be
late for our appointment

with the soon-to-be ex-mayor, Mr. Mort.

Just imagine what a
majestic shopping center

this place will be with shops galore

and parking for miles and miles.

I still kind of like it the way it is.

I sense the urgency in
your voices, my friends.

And I appreciate the fair warning.

But alas, what will be will be.

We don't understand, Jerry.

How can you hear the news

of this pending attack
and still be so calm?

It is easy, my dear Chester.

Understand, I've spent several

of your lifetimes in
peaceful contemplation

and I've done my life's work
to the very best of my ability.

I've budded every spring without fail

and shed every fall like clockwork.

My lifetime is only in and of itself.

There is no regret, only pride,

pride for a story well
told and a job well done.

Likewise, there is no
anger, only acceptance.

Acceptance that all things
end as they begin, naturally.

For one's demise is also part
of the sacred cycle of life.

That's deep.

Yeah, totally.

Oh, what to do, what to do?

This is quite the conundrum.

Oh, um yes?

Who is it?

Your new mayor.

Open up, Mort.

It's time to settle this.

Yes, yes, one moment.

I can easily fit through the window.

Come on, Mort, come on.

We haven't got all day.

I've taken time out of my busy schedule

to come down here to your little
dump and do this paperwork.

Now let's get it over with.


Oh, I think it's quaint.

Mm-hm, downright cute even.

Stop, both of you, just stop.

We're here to do business,
not hang draperies.

Right, boss.

But if we were
here to hang draperies,

I'd choose magenta.

Oh, magenta would be lovely.

Wouldn't it though?

Oh, it's amazing I've
gotten this far, just amazing.

Dave and Chester were right.

I'm a fool to trust What Not

and I'd be a fool to enter

into any agreement with him and his crew.

We must resist.

Making a run for it was all I could do.

Now I must find the others

and drive What Not out of Bucketville.

I must.

Can you believe Jerry's
unshakeable calm, Dave?

I'd be shaking in my hooves

if someone told me what we told him.

I'm telling you, nothing
gets to that tree, nothing.

I guess when you've been
around as long as Jerry has

you learn a thing or two about life.

Dave, Mr. What Not
and two of his henchmen

are banging and hollering
outside Mayor Mort's door.

I fear they're going to force their way in

and do something terrible.

On no.

They're there now?

Right now.

Forgive me, you two, but
I'm a delicate reindeer.

I don't have the stomach
for this level of fighting.

I'm going home at once where
I'll be hiding beneath my bed.

Now's the time to stand
up for what's right.

Now's the time to stand
up for Bucketville.

I'm giving you a count of three

to open this door and let us in, Mort.

Ooh, this ought to be smashing.

One, two...

Hold it right there, What Not.

You two again?

I though you were scared
straight after our last talk.

Well, I was a...

No, all it did was leave me

feeling kind of sad and wistful.

Sad and wistful?

For your lame duck mayor
and your overthrown town?

No, sad and wistful for lost friendships

and missed opportunities.

Once upon a time we
were buddies, What Not.

Yes, you, me, and Fresno Bob.

You know what they did to Bob, hm?

No, but I'm sure he
brought it on himself.

Like when we used to tell him

not to tightrope walk on the power lines,

he never listened until
one day he got zapped.

I remember that one.


I know we've come so far

it may seem like there's no going back,

or no go back to the way
things were, the way we were.

But gosh darn it, you're
talking to a groundhog.

And if there's one thing a
groundhog knows, it's this.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

I feel like we should be
playing music behind this speech.

We don't all have to be
best friends forever and ever.

Heck, we don't even all have to get along.

But to lose our basic respect

and understanding for
one another hurts us all.

A friend of ours once
said, nobody wins in a war.

Well, he was right.

If we're unjustly attacked

we have no choice but to fight back.

But choosing to remember
what we once enjoyed

about each other and rediscovering

common ground is far better.

Did you rehearse that, Dave,

like you used to do
your spring announcement

with that silly, oh look,
there's my shadow shtick?

No What Not, this one's

off the top of my head from me to you.

Such a little wordsmith.

Oh, he's so cute.

I want to pinch his chubby cheek.

My cheeks are pretty chubby too.

Hush, you buffoons.

Enough of this wasting.

I want a signature on this treaty contract

and I want it now.

Where's your buddy, the owl?

I have no idea where Mr. Mort is.

Time's up, Mr. Mayor.

Open this door right now or else.

Mr. What Not, is screaming and hollering

and kicking down doors really the way

you want to go about this?

Yes, yes it is.

Break it down, boys.


Don't listen to him.

Listen to me.

I sign your checks, you tools.

Ah, right.

Now, bust this door down and
let's drag that scaredy owl

from whatever hiding
place he's burrowed into.


What is so difficult about my orders?

Am I not being clear enough?

Don't break the door.

It was handcrafted by Wally
the woodworking woodpecker

for the first ever town mayor's ball.

I'll talk to Mort.

I'm make sure he signs your contract.

He trusts me.

He listens to me.

Yes, he's always had his
eyes crossed on idolatry.

Ah no, he's just a
little cross-eyed is all.


If they didn't stick cameras
in your face once a year,

Mort wouldn't even know
your name, groundhog.

Sometimes I wish no one knew my name.

It's a lot of pressure
being Groundhog Dave.


I don't hear you complaining
on the news stations.

I just hear that goofy
laugh of yours.

Is it really that annoying?

It's that annoying.

Hm, I'll have to work on that.

No, you won't, because I've hired

a new springtime groundhog,
and she starts next season.


You go, girl.

Oh, oh, I love
secrets being revealed.

Oh well, I hope she works out.

But I hate a sad groundhog.

Yeah, dislike.

I'm sure she'll do just fine, Dave.

Enjoy your retirement,

unless you want to come
dig ditches for us.

It's okay, I've always wanted to travel.

Does that mean you're leaving us, Dave?

Well, travel to my warehouse later.

You know where it is.

Bring the contract with
the owl's signature.

Then you'll be free to walk away.

One more thing.

Are you kidding me?

What is it?

Spare Jerry the tree.

He's one of our town's founding fathers,

and he means a lot to a lot of animals.

Yeah, save Jerry.

No promises.

You can build your
shopping mall around him.

It'll be notable for
its beautiful oak tree.

Yeah, the best oak around.

That tree is gorgeous.


You Bucketvillans
just be at my warehouse

before sundown tonight.

And no funny business, or all your buddies

will be shank deep in a ditch,

digging until I tell them to stop,

using their shovels like spoons.

Hello, Chumps.

Remember me?

Mort, how could I forget.

You look old.

I am old, Chumps.

And I'm here because I
need to ask you a favor.


Uh, I built you a dam years ago, remember?

Saved your whole town from
a devastating flash flood,

and not even a Christmas card.

Running a town can be
overwhelming, Chumps.

Sometimes I didn't give
thanks where it was due.

Yeah, that was one of those times.

What do you need now, old man?

Mr. What Not is threatening
to raze Bucketville

and turn it into a shopping center.

We must stop him.

What Not, the anteater?

I hate that jerk.

Last season he stole a whole nest

of soft-bodied grubs from me.

That sounds like something he'd do.

He never copped to it either,

even with a footprint trail
leading right back to his place.

That long-nosed thief.

Now he wants to rob hundreds of animals,

break up their families,
leave them without homes,

and scatter them into the
wild to fend for themselves.

After I worked my tail
off to build that dam

you never thanked me
for, I don't think so.

I have a vested interest in Bucketville.

I was hoping you'd say that, Chumps.

Sounds like you need some muscle,

and I know just the muscleheads.

You do?

Of course.

Beefcake and Loaf.

You'll find 'em in the repair shop

just over the hill, like you.

I suppose I deserve that.

And I deserve a thank
you party or something.

If you save your town,
I'll expect an invitation.

Better late than never.

Consider it done.

And Chumps.

Uh, what now, Mort?

Thank you.

Hey look, what
do we got here, a pigeon?

No, that's no pigeon, Beefcake.

That's a brown falcon.

Oh right, a brown falcon.

Good eye, Loaf.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

My name is Mr. Mort and I'm the mayor

of a little town you may
have heard of, Bucketville.

They elected a falcon as mayor?

Ain't that wild.

An owl actually, a horned owl.

Oh, of course, I see it now.

My bad.

It's quite all right, young man.

I get mistaken for a variety

of winged creatures quite often.

I'll bet.

It's the glasses that threw me off.

What brings you all the way
out here in the daytime, owl?

I was hoping you might
be able to help me.

I spoke with my old friend, Chumps,

and he referred me to you two.

Chumps, that's our boy right there.

Yeah, he helps us build dams fast.

We'd do anything for Chumps.

Even battle an ornery anteater

with big burly roughnecks of his own?

Big burly roughnecks?

I never met a big burly
roughneck I couldn't tackle.

And once he tackles 'em
I keep 'em pinned down.

Oh excellent.

Who's the ornery anteater?

His name is Mr. What Not.

Mr. What Not?

Are you familiar?

Are we?

Is there an echo?

Maybe those metal walls.

That bum, Mr. What Not swindled us

out of a week's pay on
work we did for him.

Yeah, we built him two whole warehouses

for his compound and he stiffed us.

Well, he's also trying to
steal our town from under us.

There are many animals
who make their livings

and raise their families in Bucketville.

But What Not plans to tear us down

and build a big shopping mall.

A shopping mall?

There's that echo again.

Shopping malls mean shoppers.

And tourists.

And coffee shops.

And litter.

And noise pollution.

And traffic jams.

Got more cars than a beach got sand.

That would ruin this
woodsy oasis we call home.

That's right.

May as well move back to the city

if there's going to be a shopping mall.

We don't like the city.

And we don't like Mr. What Not.

Will you help me?


Okay, this is it, gang.

It's the 11th hour, go time,
do or die, now or never.

Go, go, Bucketville Braves.

Bucketville Braves, what's that?

It's the name I came up for us.

Do you like it?

It sounds like a baseball squad.

- It does, Lenny.
- Yeah, like little league.

Little league?

Oh, come on.

I think it sounds heroic.

Who'd want to mess with
the Bucketville Braves?

I'd mess with them.

Well, of course you would,

but what about rational folks?


Okay, listen, gang, I have a plan.

I love it when
a plan comes together.

Tell us, tell us.

I need you three to go
intercept Lug and Rips

while I take our new
bodyguards, Beefcake and Loaf,

to the meeting with
What Not and his goons.

Wait, I'm confused.

I want to make sure I got all that.

Rips is a big ugly dog, real mean.

Yes, watch out
for Rips especially.

Yikes, I have nightmares
about dogs chasing me.

Oh, give me a break.

What a wimp.


Try wise.

You ever see the teeth on those things?

Look, there are three of
you and only two of them,

and they're not very smart at that.

You don't have to be smart
to bite somebody's leg.

Mm-hm, but you do gotta be wimpy

to find excuses out of a fight.


I'm honing our plan of
attack, thank you very much.

Besides, you're a snail.

One bite from that doberman and you'd look

like something somebody
blew into a tissue.

I take offense to that.

Braves unite.

Oh please.

Guys, guys, come on.

We need to think and act as one.

Come morning this place is going

to be crawling with work crews.

And the first thing they're
gonna do is cut down big Jerry.

Oh, we can't let that happen.

No, no, so Team A will go
our way, Team B go your way.

And we'll get this done.

Remember what's at stake.

If we play our cards
right and don't back down,

we can still save Bucketville
and everybody in it.

Wait, so we're playing cards?

Oh, I'm great at gin rummy.

Yo, can I get some new partners?

Here we are, guys,
our beloved Bucketville.

How I love her so.

We all do.

Don't worry, Morty.

We'll keep this place safe.

Mort will do.

Call me Mort.

Or Mr. Mort.

Or Mayor Mort.

But Morty's like a bro thing.

We slap a Y on there, it
means you're one of us.

Yeah, he calls me Loafy for short.

For short?

But that's actually longer than?

And he calls me Beefy.

Yeah, I mean, he is, so.

Okay, okay, Morty will be fine then.

Guys, this little town
may seem inconsequential

to two worldy men like yourself.

But it means the world to the animals

who live here and call it home.

I'd give anything to protect it

and I'd defend it to my last breath.

But I'm an old owl and I
just don't fly as fast,

swoop as low, or squawk
as fiercely as I once did.

Well, I throw a pretty hard punch.

Thank you so much for
coming here with me, you guys.

I appreciate everything
you're doing to help

an old bird and a town full

of animals you've never even met.

It warms my heart more than
I could put into words.

Let's go get 'em.

Mayor Mort, where were you?

We were all worried sick.

What Not and his two goons
almost kicked in your front door.

Until I talked him out of it.

You talked him out of it?

How in the world?

I convinced him that there
was a more diplomatic way.

But I have to meet them
at What Not's warehouse

with your signed contract
surrendering the mayor's office.

The warehouse we built.

We know that place like we
know the back of our biceps.

Would that be our triceps?

Let's just call 'em our guns.

Yeah, like the back of our guns.

So that'd be the butt of our guns.

We know it
like we know our butts.


Dave, it's going to be
extremely dangerous out there.

Much as I want to, I'm not
sure I can make that trip.

But these two good men
will gladly accompany you.

- Absolutely.
- No doubt.

Dave, I'd like to
introduce Beefcake and Loaf.

Hey, what are you anyway, a possum?

Nah, I think that's a gopher.

I'm a groundhog.

- Oh.
- Oh.

But not just any groundhog.

Allow me to introduce Groundhog Dave.

You guys may have heard of him.

Hey, the dude from TV.

Oh, you see your shadow and all that.

Yeah, something like that.

- Cool.
- Cool.

Okay well, let's do this, guys.

Thank you, Dave.

Despite the threats we face,
without heroes like you

there would surely be no Bucketville.

Gentlemen, good luck and God speed.

Whoa, boy, easy Rips.

Who goes there?

Who are you two runts?


Pfft, we're a highly trained
team of professionals.

And we come in peace.

Well, you're going to leave in pieces

if you come any closer, you hear me?

What do you want?

We want you and your crew
to leave Bucketville alone.

Ha, no can do.

But you look like a tasty snack.

Come here.

Please, sirs, Bucketville is chock full

of animals who only want to live in peace.

They never hurt or bothered anybody.

We have happy cows, and
geese, and mice, and chickens.

And bees, and birds, and
rabbits, and groundhogs.

And ferrets, and reindeer,
and fish, and trees.

Sweet rolling countryside

and sprawling farmland as
far as the eye can see.

Oh, did you say sprawling farmland?

Yes, acres and acres.

It's amazing how happy
the animals are there.

And rolling countryside?

Sure enough.

Lush and green and just
as pretty as a picture.

Mm, I like working
with you and all, Lug.

But I'm not getting any younger

and I've been thinking
about my retirement.

You have.

You never told me these things, Rips.

I didn't think you'd want to hear it.

When you land a development
contract, you're all in.

And I like being your dog,
but it gets lonely sometimes.

It does?

Oh Rips.

Well, you're onsite a lot

and I'm chained down at the base.

There's not much to do but bark,

and look mean, and scare folks.


But I'd really like
to make some friends,

have some room to roam, or run, or frolic,

jump, roll, play.

You sound like a good dog to us.

You just want to love and be loved back.

Rips, is that true?

Yeah, it is, Lug.

I'm sorry, man.

Oh, Rips, don't be sorry.

To tell you the truth,

I've hated every minute
of this latest job.

You have?

- You have?
- You have?

Yes, I have.

Mr. What Not's an insufferable
jerk with a lousy plan.

And he doesn't even know what he's doing.

This development's going to be nothing

but a money pit and an eyesore.

And to boot, it's only making

a whole lot of folks sad and mad.

That's right.

I've thought long and hard about it and,

and I'd like to up and quit,

to use our skills to make
something beneficial to society,

to do something that benefits
people and animals in need.

- Wow.
- Wow.


I never knew you felt that way, Lug.

Oh buddy, I was only hanging on

because I thought you enjoyed your work.

If you're miserable, there's no reason

for us to be doing this.

No, there isn't.

That settles it then.

We quit.

Now remember, you two.

When that fool, Groundhog Dave gets here,

rough him up good, but not before

I get my paws on that signed paper.

You got it, boss.

No prob, boss.

Oh look, here he comes now.

There they are, guys.

I can see those jerks from here.

What Not's running.

He's getting away.

No, he's not.

Go get him, Davey.

You go, boy.

Stop right there, What Not.

This whole deal of yours is over.


No, no, no.

I'll say when it's over, Dave.

Why are you doing this?

Nobody in Bucketville ever

went out of their way to hurt you.

No, they didn't.

They just ignored me.

I had ideas, thoughts, dreams, interests.

I would have played nice with others,

joined committees, planned parties.

Heck, I'd have even
baked cookies and cakes.

And I hate pastries, unless
they're filled with ants.

But no, nobody wanted
to talk to the anteater

because they thought they
were better than I was.

I ate bugs, after all.

Who wants to be see with someone
eating bugs off the ground?

I would have loved to
hang out with you, What Not.

I always thought you were interesting.

We all did.

You did?

I mean, no, you didn't.

Yes, we did.

You were quiet and aloof,
and then kind of a jerk

when we did start talking to you.

But you were always a snappy dresser.

Well yes, I'm an anteater.

We have impeccable style.

Yes, you do.

And you're smart too.

Well, yes, yes I am.

Thank you, Dave.

It's nice to hear a
Bucketville acknowledge it.

We always acknowledged it.

No one ever took that away from you,

even when you were being a jerk.

Hm, well, give me the paper.

Ah, I don't have it, What Not.

You what?

That was the whole point of this meeting.

Then why did you run when you saw me?

Because you brought thugs with you.

You're obviously looking for a fight.

No, I'm looking for peace.

I'm looking to protect
my home, my friends,

my loved ones, all the things
you're trying to destroy.

Well, I mean, destroy
is such a harsh word.

But can't you see
that's what you're doing?

Everyone hates you because
you make them hate you.

And the rest are afraid
because you make them fear you.

But no more.

If you want to destroy Bucketville

you'll have to go through us to do it.

Bucketville's all we have.

It's our home.

And just like you said,
it holds our thoughts,

ideas, hopes, and dreams.

It's everything to us.

And we're not backing down.

Okay, fine, you can have it.


Yes, really.

It's so much work taking
over a town anyway.

I had no idea what hard work it was,

even with helping hands.

I'm exhausted.

Well, you know what they say, What Not.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Yes, well, I just want to sleep.

Then I'll decide my next move.

But first I have to find
a place to lie down.

Why don't you just go home?


It's in Bucketville city limits.

I'm not welcome there.

Sure you are.

You grew up there.

You're one of us, Mr. What Not.

I am?

Yeah, you're a Bucketvillean
too, not a Bucketvillan.

Dave, no one's ever
told me I belong before.

Thank you.

It's my pleasure, What Not.

Just take it easy for a while, okay?

Let the dust settle.



Now I never thought I'd be saying this,

like not in a million years,

but I have a spring to announce.

Hello, residents of Bucketville.

I know this is a little bit overdue

but we had some other unexpected
business to attend to.

And that's all settled now, so it's time

to get down to things that
really matter, like home.

Like family and friends.

And like all of us living
together in peace and harmony

and finding the things we
like about one another,

the things that bond us,

the things that make this place

the best little town in
the whole wide world.

It sure was a long winter, wasn't it?

The thaw was interesting too.

Well, without further ado,
I'm happy to tell you,

and I'm hear to say,

I see my shadow.

Winter's over, Bucketville.

Welcome to spring.

Subtitles by explosiveskull