Grounded for Christmas (2019) - full transcript

When a winter storm hits Cleveland and grounds flights, it brings two opposite fellow pilots together.

MAN 1: Guess what,
Milwaukee boys and girls?

Winter storm Meghan is here,

and she is making a mess
of the roads out there.

Businesses across
Indianapolis are having

no choice but to close shop
and send workers home,

due to heavy snowfall and ice.

WOMAN 2: You thought
Cincinnati had it bad,

you should see
Columbus right now.

And yowzers,
look at this storm.

MAN 2: Looks like
Meghan is headed towards

Cleveland next.

WOMAN 3: It is official,
winter storm Meghan

is the biggest snowstorm
that the mid‐west has seen
in over a decade

with below freezing
temperatures and
icy conditions

in cities including
Columbus, Detroit,
Ann Arbor,

as well as Green Bay
and Philadelphia.

There's no question,
it will be a white Christmas

for this entire region.

Temperatures continue to drop
right across the mid‐west

as winter storm Meghan begins
to make her presence known

with an arctic
blast that is sure

to make this a very
frosty Christmas.

(cell phone buzzing)

Hi, Mom, hi, Dad.

Hi, honey,
is this a bad time?

Actually, it is.

If I don't get outta here soon
I'm gonna miss my flight, so...

MOTHER: Well, that's what
we're calling about.

Is there any way
we can convince you to
stay here for Christmas?

I wish, but it's our busiest
time of year, you know?

I just‐‐
I can't take off work.

Well, you haven't
spent Christmas with us

in over three years,
ever since‐‐

Ivan and I broke up!

Yep, I remember.

I was there.

Did I tell you that I am
the chairwoman this year

for the Snow Ball?

Only about 1,000 times.

Oh, it's a shame
you won't be there.

I know.

We just wish we
could all be together

at Christmas for a change,
you know?

I'm sorry, Dad, I know.

You know what,
maybe next year, right?

And send me some
pictures from the ball.

I'll call you on
Christmas morning, I promise.

‐Okay, hon.
‐All right.

Well, be safe up there, Nina.

Always, Dad.

Love you guys.

Love you, too.

WOMAN: The question now is,
exactly how bad

will winter storm Meghan be

for the Cleveland
metropolitan area?

Will our city bear
the full brunt of Meghan,

or will we be able
to quickly get back
to business as usual?

Only time will tell.


‐Hi, how are you?
‐Good, thank you.

‐Right this way, ma'am.
‐Thank you.

GUARD: Go ahead.
This way, please.

This way, ma'am.

Sir, excuse me!


Excuse me, sir, sir.

You have my suitcase.

I don't think so.

I do think so.

It's my suitcase, I would
recognize it anywhere.

Oh, why is that?

Because it's a Hobson Matador.

It's the best carry‐on
you can buy.

We've been all over
the world together,

and she is very dear
to my heart.

I feel the same
way about mine.

How about a bet?

If it's yours,
I'll give it back.

If it's not...

you'll give me your number.

I'm late for my flight and
you want to play games?

Yeah, I'm sorry,
I'm just, you know,

tryin' to have some fun.

Your suitcase is
waiting for you.


I'm sorry.

Easy mistake.

‐Safe travels.
‐You, too.


Oh, four minutes late,
Rooney, that's not like you.

I know, I know. Look,
I would've been on time,

but some guy tried to
ask me out at security.

Oh, that happens to me
all the time.

Some guys just have a thing
for a woman in uniform.

Or for a man.

More guys ask for my number
on the airport shuttle

than anyplace else.

I kinda love it.

Well, all I know is
we are one flight away

from a week on the beach
in Turks.

Why can't I come
with you again?

Jay, it's a girls' trip.

We're gonna be
lounging by the pool,

and reading trashy magazines
and going to the spa.

Right, so why can't
I come with you?

‐She has a vision.
‐(chuckles) Stop.

You know I love you.

All right, fine,
girls' trip.

Who are you flying with?

Someone named Brady Sloane?

‐He must be new.

‐What, you know him?
‐Mm, I haven't met him yet.

But he used to work
for Sun Bolt.

Only been with Jet Jet
for a few months,

and already he has
quite the reputation.

He's a quintessential fly boy.

You know, charming,
too handsome for his own good.

Probably has a girlfriend
in every city.

And a few in the air.

Well, good thing we will not be
falling prey to his charm.

Because we follow
numero uno

of the airline
10 Commandments.

"Thou shall not date pilots."



Nice suitcase.
Is that a Matador?

Got me.


Nina Rooney.

It's nice to see you again,
Nina Rooney.

You guys know each other?


We just met, at security.

Our bags got mixed up.

It was a case of
mistaken identity.

"Case," good one.

‐Could I see the manifest?
‐Oh, yes.


Is that the guy who...


And you said no?

Commandments, right?

Uh, yeah, sure, whatever.

Wow, that looks really nasty
out there.

We need to get this bird
loaded up and off the ground

before winter storm Meghan
steals our vacation.

Amen to that.

Everything else
looks good. Thanks.

Good afternoon, everyone.

This is a service announcement
for Jet Jet flight 454

with service to Miami.

We're going to begin boarding
in just a few minutes, so‐‐

Oh, no.

I'm sorry, everyone,
but it looks like

all flights out of Cleveland
have been canceled

due to dangerously
low temperatures.

it's too cold

to load the bags
or prep the planes.

We have vouchers for
those who need hotel rooms.

Again, Jet Jet flight 454
is canceled.

We apologize for
the inconvenience.

Hi, step right up, thank you.

May I see your ticket?
I am so sorry about this.

Okay, there you go, thanks.

‐Can you check this?

Unless you guys need me,

I'm gonna wheel
Mrs. Cheddy out here.

We're good, thanks.

Hasta mañana.

NINA: Okay.


BRADY: Hey, Rooney!

You want a ride?

Where are you going?

Does it matter?
Come on!

Thanks. Could've
been there for hours.

Co‐workers gotta
stick together, right?

I'll get dropped
at the Skylodge,

and then the cab's all yours.

‐Sound good?

Uh, yeah.
How'd you get a room?

Oh, I didn't.

Well, you might want to
check the app,

I heard a couple passengers
saying that

Skylodge is booked up.

Yeah, I, uh‐‐
I don't use apps.

Uh, how old is that thing?

I don't know. I've had it
for a really long time.

Can see that.

You can laugh,
this thing is indestructible.

Well, you might want to call
the hotel, Fred Flintstone.

I'll be fine.
I know a guy.

The manager.
He always hooks me up.

All right.

(camera shutter clicks)



Just wonderin' if you're
the kind of person

who has to post
every moment of their life
on social media.

Not every moment, no.

But I feel like
I'm being judged.

Not judging.

I just prefer to be present.

In the present.

Well, I'm present,
in the present.

Whatever that means.

Well, we've been in this cab
for what, 10 minutes,

and you've barely said a word
or heard anything I've said,

let alone made any eye contact.

I barely know you, buddy.

And I'm trying to learn more
about winter storm Meghan,

which is, frankly, threatening
to ruin my vacation.


Where you headed after Miami?

Turks and Caicos,
for a week of relaxation,

cocktails by the pool,
just doing nothing.


What does "hm" mean?


I'm just not a
do‐nothing kind of guy.

I prefer a little more
adventure, personally.

Kuala Lumpur, Tibet, Mongolia.

You know,
that kinda thing.

Honestly, so do I,
but last year,

I dragged Tara to
the Galapagos over Christmas,

so this year
it's her turn to pick
and she chose Turks.

Which is fine by me, I mean,

anything's better than
spending Christmas here.


I would love the chance to have
a real white Christmas.

You got snow on the ground,
icicles on the windows, snowmen.

You do not get that in LA.

Yeah, I guess you could
say I'm dreaming‐‐

Of a white Christmas?


Here we go.


You hungry?
It's a well‐kept secret

this has one of the best
seafood places around.

You know, uh,
thanks for the offer,
but I'm‐‐ I'm good.

I mean,
it's not a date,

it's just two co‐workers
gettin' to know each other.

On me.

You asked for my number
two hours ago
and that didn't work,

so now you're just trying
a different angle.

Now I feel like
I'm the one being judged.

Look, I don't know you, but
I know pilots like you, okay?

What does that mean?

It means, thank you
so much for the cab,

and nice to meet you, and
I'll see you at work tomorrow.

And if I don't,
some other time.

Sounds good.

‐Uh, stay warm.
‐You too.



‐Wait a sec.
‐DRIVER: Yes, ma'am?

‐We gotta go back.
‐DRIVER: No problem, ma'am.


Come on,
I know you got a room in
that computer somewhere.

I wish I did, really,

but we're
fully booked, Brady.

This storm's got way
too many travelers stranded.

There's nothing I can do.
I'm sorry.

That's all right. Thanks.

‐How's the wife?
‐Wife's good.


Forgot your phone.


‐Thank you.
‐No problem.

So, uh, is that your guy?

Yeah. Turns out
the hotel is booked.

Oh! Hm.

But now that I
got my phone back,

I can figure somethin' out.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'll be fine.


Well, good luck.


BRADY: Can't get any bars.
It's gotta be the storm.


‐Look, call me Brady.

Okay, Brady, you can crash on
my couch tonight if you want.

'Cause a minute ago‐‐

No big deal.

We'll share a cab to
the airport in the morning.

I don't want to impose.

No imposition, just come on
before I come to my senses.

Oh, sir, no,
I'm not staying here!

‐I'm going downtown, remember?
‐Not with me, you're not.

They're closing the highways,
it's too icy.

When it's unsafe, I go home.

Now, you and your boyfriend,
you owe me 18 bucks.

No, we're not together.

That's none of
my business, okay?

$18, please, young lady.

Okay, uh, where's home?

You can't stay with me!

I know, I just want to
know where you live.

Oakdale, it's about
an hour west of here.

Okay, do you think
you could drop us

at Vernon Falls
on the way to Oakdale?

It's just a few miles before.

‐Okay, come on, come on.
‐Thank you, thank you.

Bring your boyfriend,
come on, let's go.

‐What's at Vernon Falls?
‐Oh, my parents' place.

They've got plenty of room and
they wanted to see me anyway,

‐so it's a win‐win.
‐Yeah, I appreciate this.

Don't get too excited.
My mom will give you

a third‐degree grilling
on your whole life story,

and my dad will
definitely tell you
about his fear of flying

and how he thinks I should
have a job on the ground

like everybody else.

It's okay.
I'm good with parents.

Then tonight will be a breeze.


My parents love the holidays,
if you can't tell.

I like their style.

Oh, no.


What's wrong?

We can't go in there.

It's my parents' annual
tree trimming party.

That must be why they
wanted me to come by.

Am I missing something here?
I'm just not seeing the problem.

You don't understand,
it's all our family friends.

People who've known me
my whole life.

You know, all they
ever want to know is
"Why aren't you married yet?"

And "How's your love life?"
Blah, blah, blah.

It's why I have avoided
coming home for Christmas
the past three years.

Look, these questions come
with singlehood, I get it.

Okay, well, then
you should also get

why I don't want to go inside.

Yeah, there's something
you're not telling me here.

I mean, why three years?

Why not five or 10?

Okay, fine.
My ex, Ivan and I,

we broke up three years ago
right before Christmas,

but our families are
still friends,

and he's in there,

so I am definitely
not going inside.

Okay, but what exactly
are we gonna do?

Because it's freezing and we're
not gonna get another cab again

‐until New Years, so‐‐
‐I know, I know, I know.

We just need to find
a workable solution.

Sip a little eggnog,
sit by the fire,

avoid your ex
for a few hours.

Or, we go in,
casually, no big deal,

and if anyone asks,
you say you're my boyfriend.


You're not serious.

I'm serious and I'm desperate.

You want me to lie?

Fudge, a little.

No way. No.

Do this for me tonight, okay?

And‐And‐And I'll owe you
a favor.

What do you say,
come on, please?

MOTHER: Nina, is that you?

Mom, hi!

I thought I heard
people out here.

What a wonderful surprise!

Who's this?

Oh, him, uh‐‐
This is Brady.

He's‐‐ Well, how should
I put this, he's, uh‐‐

I'm the boyfriend.


(indistinct chatter)

Look who I found
lurking in the driveway.

My globetrotting daughter
and her boyfriend.

Hi, everybody.

‐Hey, hon!
‐Hi, Dad.

Hey, I thought
you had to work?

Winter storm Meghan
had other plans,

so we need a place to crash.

Of course.

Hi, I'm Bert, Nina's dad.


‐Boyfriend, really?

So, can I get you some of
my famous eggnog?

I would love some,
but unfortunately,

we're not allowed to drink
within 12 hours of the flight.

We work together.

Ah, another lunatic who thinks
it's okay to work in the sky.

‐Suppose I am.
‐Air travel's never
been safer, Dad.

‐The planes practically
fly themselves.

BERT: Is that supposed
to reassure me?

I don't care what anybody says,

you won't catch me
up there again.

One bumpy flight five
years ago and I am out.

Which is why Santa
is probably going to be

bringing us
an RV for Christmas,

as opposed to
the African safari
I was wishing for.

‐NINA: Sierra!

If it isn't my favorite niece!

‐Merry Christmas, Aunt Nina.
‐Merry Christmas, Sierra.



Is that your boyfriend?

Yep, that's my‐‐
that's Brady, mm‐hm.

Are you guys
gonna get married?

‐Well, sweetie,

Auntie Nina isn't exactly
the settling‐down type.

All right, you know, look,
things with Brady are very new,

so we are taking it slow,
step by‐‐

Who cares?
You lock it in.

That man is cute
and then some.

And so are you, honey.


Anyways, how is it possible

‐you've never
told us about him?

Oh, I'm sure I told you
about him weeks ago.

Potentially months ago.

Uh, believe me, I think
we would've remembered

you mentioning
a new boyfriend.

And bringing him home
for the holidays?

It's a pretty major
statement there, huh, sis?

You know, it just happened,
it's no big deal.

It's just this thing
that happened.

Uh, hey, honey!

Oh, excuse me.

Boyfriend? How long
have they been going out?

I don't know.

This is my brother, Will,

and my sister‐in‐law, Marcy.

‐(chuckles) Hi.

So, how did you guys meet?

That's a great question.

It's actually quite a story.

Oh, it sure is, yeah.

Why don't you tell 'em?

Oh, I'll let you tell it.

You tell it so much better.


Well, um, we‐‐
actually, we‐‐

we met in the security line
at the airport.

‐Of course.
‐The craziest thing happened.

I thought that he
took my suitcase.

So, she yelled at me

‐and rudely demanded it back.

I wouldn't say‐‐
I wasn't rude, just insistent.

Anyway, it turns out we have
the same suitcase.

You must've been
so embarrassed.

Yeah, I was, until
he asked for my number.

Which she gave me immediately.

Only because he looked
so desperate and lonely.

I thought, why not have coffee
with the poor guy, right?


And the next thing I know,
here I am in Vernon Falls.

It's a great story,
it sounds just like a movie.

We've been doing the
long‐distance thing.

Talking on the phone,
meeting up when our routes

So, where was the last
place you guys met up?

Oh, that was at

‐San Francisco‐‐ Diego.
‐San Diego.

San‐‐ It was San Diego,
we were in San Diego,

but then Brady, so sweet,

planned a romantic day
trip to San Francisco.

Oh, that's so sweet.

Wow, I'm just amazed
that you were able

to keep this secret from
the family. (chuckles)

Well, you know,
it wasn't intentional.

You know?

‐Gosh, I'm hungry.


NINA: We're just
gonna grab a bite.

‐Bye. So good to meet you.
‐It's good to meet you guys.

‐Boyfriend, yeah.
‐This is good.

‐This is crazy.
‐And your idea.

I know, I know.
Look, it's way more
than I bargained for, okay?

We just need to
get through tonight,

we leave first thing
in the morning and‐‐

‐Hi, Nina.
‐Nice to see you again.

And Mary.

‐And I will make it
up to you in spades.

Okay? I promise.

‐You better.
‐Wait, no, no.

We have to stick together
the rest of the party, okay?

I don't want you going alone.

Fine, I'm sure
I'm gonna have to

save your butt
a couple times anyway.

And what is that
supposed to mean?

Not exactly too quick
with this whole charade.

Oh, okay, and you are?

Better than you.

‐Nina, hey.

‐ Merry Christmas.
‐ Hi, merry Christmas.

I didn't expect
to see you here.

I didn't expect to be here.

Oh, this is Brady.

The boyfriend.
I heard.

He's the big news
in the living room.

Ivan York.
How are ya?

You look fantastic.
How long has it been?

Oh, gosh, I don't know.

You know, time's
just zip‐zappin' by.

Been super busy, so‐‐

I know, work has
been crazy for me.

The insurance game
never lets up,

you're looking at

the number one broker
in the county.

I even bought a house
last year.

Oh, wow.

‐For you and‐‐

No, no, we, uh‐‐
we broke up a few months back.

I'm a bachelor again,
much to my parents' dismay.

You know, they, uh‐‐

they still refer to you as
the one that got away.

That's sweet.

But she didn't get
away from me. (chuckles)

Yeah, unfortunately,
I have to leave.

I have a really big morning,

it was really great
to see you, Nina.

And good to meet you.

If you ever need term life
insurance, give me a call.

Ivan, you are not
leaving, are you?

We need you for
the annual photo.

Come on, you guys!

Come on, all right!

Let's do this, everyone!

MOTHER: Honey,
you look great.

Here, let me take it.

It's okay, we're good.

No, we want you in it,
come on!

You have to be in
the picture, come on.

‐Okay. Everybody ready?


Say merry Christmas.

ALL: Merry Christmas!

(camera shutter clicks)

Okay, everybody,
pie and ice cream, this way.

‐It's cute, it's a good one.

‐Yeah, can you post that?
‐Sure, sure.

I'll post and tag everybody
so you can see it.

Thank you.

Yeah, I don't want to be
tagged on Instagram.

Oh. Sorry, too late.
I just did.

It won't happen again.

BRADY: Well,
growing up an army brat,

it wasn't easy
to have a Christmas like
the ones I saw on TV.

I mean, it was just a miracle
getting a Christmas tree

on a base in Seoul
or Abu Dhabi.

To be honest,
when Nina told me

that this was
a tree trimming party,

I thought,
I should bring shears.

‐Or an ax.

An ax would've made
quite an impression.

Will you be seeing your
family at Christmas?

both my parents have passed,

and I'm an only child.


So, usually, when
I'm not working,

I'll spend Christmas in
Encino with my Aunt Sofia
and my cousins,

but I can promise you,

it does not hold
a candle to this.

Thank you.

You're making my
wife's night, Brady.

You are good with parents.

Are you sure you can't
stick around for the Snow Ball?

What's the Snow Ball?

Oh, it's our annual
Christmas gala

for the children's hospital.

You get dressed up,
you bring a date.

Everyone votes on
their favorite couple.

It's like prom for adults.

You two would be hard to beat

for this year's
Snow King and Queen.

Dad, who cares
about that stuff?

Uh, you do.
Why, a few years ago, she was‐‐

Okay, well,
I don't, anymore.


I stand corrected.

Look, we'd love to
stick around,

but we both have to get back
to work tomorrow.

‐It's true.
‐Maybe next year.

Next year.


Wow, I suddenly feel
like I'm scuba diving.

(chuckles) Yes, my brother
really fancied himself

a budding marine biologist.

Being your boyfriend
is exhausting.

Come on, it wasn't that bad.
Everybody loved you.

I'm glad.

But being on every second
of the night wasn't easy.

I know.
Thank you.

So, what was it like
seeing your ex again?

That's never fun.

You got a lot of those, do ya?

Hey, this isn't about me.

For what it's worth,
Ivan seemed like a nice guy.

He is.

So, what happened
between you two?

You know, I don't really
want to talk about that.

Barely know each other.
I get it.

‐Night, Sloane.


(cell phone buzzing)

Oh, please tell me you found
a way for us to get to Turks.

Um, have you looked outside?

It's snowmageddon out there.

I know, it's insane.

‐What's up?
‐Well, you tell me!

I mean, imagine my surprise
when scrolling through Insta,

only to find a photo
of none other than
Brady "freaking" Sloane

standing next to you
at your parents' house.

It's nothing.
He needed a place to crash,

so I'm helping him out,
that's all.

You're helping him out?

That's why his
arm is around you?

He's kidding.
He's like that.

Look, there's
nothing going on here,
Tara, believe me.

but you just gotta remember
commandment number one.

I mean, I know he's cute‐‐

he's hot, actually, but‐‐

Okay, I will explain
everything tomorrow, I promise.

Better be a good reason
is all I'm saying.

Goodnight, Tara.


♪♪ (peaceful)


What's all this?



You know, it's so important
that we start our day

in a state of openness.

You know, open to the world
around us in the moment.

I mean, Christmas,
it's not about presents.

It's our presence
that makes it special.



Thank you, Brady.

Oh, it's my pleasure, really.

Nina loves our
morning meditations.

I do?
I‐‐ I do.

I didn't know you
took up meditating.

Yes, it's something new
I'm trying.



‐Ah, thanks.

‐Coffee, honey?
‐Yes, please.

‐The airport's still closed.
‐(sighs) No big deal.

Easy for you to say.
I mean, I love my family,

I'm supposed to be
laying on a beach by now.

It'll be open soon.

Well, if it isn't,
then you two

will just have to spend
Christmas with us.

BERT: Great!

I was thinking,
I should just find
a nearby hotel.

‐That's not a bad idea.

Didn't you sleep well?

Oh, no, no, no,
I slept great.

It's just I figured you guys
want some quality time together

without me hanging around,

It's no imposition,

you're our daughter's

And you don't want to
waste all that money

when we have a perfectly good
room for you here.

And this way,
we get to know you better.

Well, it's whatever
Nina thinks is best.


Great, I mean,
just one more night.


And my parents made
such a good point, I mean,

why wouldn't I want my adorable
boyfriend staying here?

‐(chuckles) With us.
‐Yeah. (chuckles)

I just don't know what we're
going to do all day.

Well, I'm gonna be tied up
all day planning the ball,

Oh, honey,
would you be really helpful

and pick up this from
the confectioner's for me?

‐And you could give Brady
a tour of the town!

‐I do have to do some
Christmas shopping for Sierra,

so this is a great idea.

Perfect, I have relatives
to shop for, too.

NINA: Ooh!

So, um, what're
we gonna do now?

This really great toy store.

I'm talking about
our situation.

Uh, right.

I mean, it's one thing
to help you for one night,
but, um‐‐

I know, but...
I mean, we're stuck here,

and I'm not sure what more
we can do other than

just pray the airport
opens tomorrow.

Yeah, and keep playing
our parts in the meantime?

Let's go.

Wait a minute.

Why don't we walk to town?

No way, it's freezing!

And we're dressed for
the North Pole.

Do you see how
beautiful this is?

It's a winter wonderland.
You were lucky

to have Christmases
like this every year.

Come on, we're walkin'.

‐Hey, Sloane!

Town's this way, buddy.


Welcome to the incredible,
thrilling Vernon Falls.

Home to zero
five‐star restaurants,

zero hot nightclubs,

and exactly zero chance
of spotting a celebrity.

I think it would be nice
to live in a town

where people actually
know each other.

Each other and
everyone's business.

That's why I have
a hard time with this place.

People grow up here,
they get married,
they settle down.

No one ever leaves.

I mean, I moved to the city
to go to pilot's school

and live my dream
and see the world.

People here just don't really
seem to relate to that, so...

every time I come home,
I just feel like an outcast.

Yeah, I know that feeling.
I mean, I'm always on the road.

I don't know my neighbors,
I barely see friends.

It's hard to have
real relationships,

let alone a romantic one,
when you're never around.

Well, from
what I understand,

you are doing just fine
in that department.

Well, don't believe
everything you hear

in the airline gossip mill.

(cell phone rings)

Sorry, I gotta take this.



Yes, speaking.

We've had this conversation.


Yeah, absolutely.


♪ Up on the housetop,
reindeer pause ♪

Gonna hop in line.

♪ Down through the chimney
with lots of toys ♪

♪ All for the little ones,
Christmas joys ♪

Was that Veronica?

You know Veronica?

Took a guess.

She called when
you left your phone in
the cab last night.

Well, nosy Nina,
it was not her.

That was my Aunt Sofia
calling to make sure that

I'd be home for Christmas.



‐Okay, you got me.

You're just humming along.

Right. Look,
I can't help it, okay?

"Up On The Housetop" is
my favorite Christmas song.

Nothing to be ashamed of,
it's an amazing song.

(chuckles) It's not,
but it makes me smile.

And hum, apparently.

Look, I'm just trying to be
"present in the present."
You know?

Yeah, I do not
sound like that.

‐Do I sound like that?
‐For Rooney.

"Give me your number
and I'll tell you."

Okay, I, um‐‐
I did deserve that one.

Oh, don't be so hard
on yourself, Sloane.

Nobody's perfect.

Not even you.


Well, honey, the bird is
just spectacular this year.

Mom, Dad, thank you.
This is amazing.

Well, it's so rare
that we're all together

at this time of year,
your mom and I got inspired.

And we haven't been able
to welcome Brady properly.

‐Oh. (chuckles)
‐It's so sweet.

‐Thank you, guys. Yeah.
‐You really shouldn't have.

SIERRA: Aunt Nina,
can you help me build a
gingerbread house this week?

Everyone else is too busy.

Oh, they are?

I really wish I had a
little brother or sister

to do stuff like that with.

You do, huh?

That's been coming up
a lot lately.

Interesting, interesting.

Well, in the meantime,

I would love to build a
gingerbread house with you.

If I'm in town, absolutely.

Me too, if that's okay.


Wow, looks like
Brady's got another fan.

Brady, it doesn't
bother you that

Nina never told
any one of us about you?

Not at all.

Oh, I get where
Nina's coming from.

You know, you start
seeing someone new.

People tend to get
their hopes up,

but if it doesn't work out,

you feel like you're
letting people down.

‐Yeah, like what happened
with Ivan, right?



I'm sorry, sorry.

Not all of us are
as lucky as you, Will.

But if there's one thing
I've learned, it's...

that tomorrow's
not guaranteed.

You have to treasure
each day you have together

as if it's your last.

Wise beyond your years.

Thank you.

He's a keeper.

I mean, no pressure.


Uh, I'm sure she'll get
tired of me soon, right, Nina?

Oh, yeah, right,
get outta here, mister.


Okay, guys, I have to ask.

What was Nina like
as a little girl?

NINA: Oh, I don't think
we need to do that.

‐I think we do.
‐Well, for one thing,

she did always
want to be a pilot.

Ever since her first flight,

when the captain
showed her the cockpit

and gave her one of those
little pins with the wings.

(chuckles) I still
have that, actually.

Did she, uh, tell you about
her Christmas world tour?

Oh, come on, Will, why?

Okay, okay, okay, so
when Nina was about seven,

she had this giant map
on her wall,

and she had this whole
world tour mapped out.

I'm talking like,
I don't know, 20, 25 cities?

So the plan was, she was gonna
stay up on Christmas Eve,

and then when Santa came,
she was gonna, you know,

convince him
to let her tag along.

So, she's all packed up,
she's ready to go,

but then she falls asleep
and she missed Santa.

So then the next morning,
before anybody else got up,

she called a cab and headed
straight to the airport.


You really did that?

She did.

Yeah, the only
problem though, hon?

She didn't have a plane ticket,
or the money to buy one.


I didn't even have enough
money in my piggy bank

‐to take a taxi home.

So... so when she calls
me from the airport,

I don't know whether
I should laugh or cry,

or ground her for a year.

You should've grounded Will!

He's the one who helped me pack.

It was the least
I could do. (chuckles)

Hey, you know, um,

you guys should
come out with us tonight.

Oh, yeah, to the Elbow Room.
It's sort of become

like a holiday tradition
when everyone's in town.

And there is a Santa contest.

Oh, that sounds fun.
Count us in.

‐MARCIE: Great!
‐All right.


Why not?

I guess I gotta get
a Santa outfit?

I got you covered.


Hey, it's so good to see you.

Hey. (chuckles)

You know what?
Let's get outta here.

We just here.

Yeah, I know, but
I know too many people.

The whole town is here.

What's wrong with that?

That I'll spend
the entire night hearing about

how Madison won the spelling bee
and so‐and‐so made partner.

And how you became
an airline pilot?

Give it half an hour.

If you're not having
a good time, we'll go.

Shirley Temples are on me.


Hey! (chuckles)

Hey, guys?
Hey, before I forget,

we're having
a little get‐together at
our place tomorrow night.

You should come.

Gosh, so many invitations
from you two.

Hey, it's not every
Christmas you're here.

And with a man friend
by your side.

I have a feeling
that's the real reason.

Hey, just come, okay?

And it's a white elephant party.

Yeah, I don't know what that is,
but it sounds awesome.

Count us in.

All right. (chuckles)

We're a maybe, a maybe,

if the airport doesn't open
and we're still here.

I have a feelin' you'll be
making it to the party, sis.

‐A Christmas miracle.

Stayin' in Vernon Falls, woo!


Looks like you're
stuck with me.

And you with me,
my friend.

All right, everybody!

It's time for the annual
Santa Claus contest!

So, line up,
show us your Santa stuff.

The first prize this year
is a romantic sleigh ride.

I am so winning that.

Oh, come on, you're not
really going up there.

I'm wearing a Santa costume
in a bar in Vernon Falls.

It's a once in a
lifetime opportunity.

♪ Come on, Santa ♪

♪ Now don't be late ♪

♪ I've been good all year ♪

♪ Have you lost
some weight? ♪

♪ I've got my gifts
wrapped up ♪

♪ The tree's all trimmed ♪

♪ Come on, Santa ♪

♪ Let the fun begin ♪

♪ Let's have a
rockin' Christmas ♪

♪ Let's have
a jolly season ♪

Seven. Who's next?

(audience laughs)

‐There it is, all right.

There it is!

‐A little old school.
‐I love your work!

Here it is, it's an eight,
everybody, for him, eight!


There we go.


I loved it.

Come on!

No, Marcy!

Come on!

Show us what you've got,

Here they come!
Oh, we got a duo!

♪ Bring good kids
new shiny guitars ♪

♪ Dump your joy all
under the stars ♪




I like it, I like it.

We've got some choreo here.

(cheers, applause)

I'm givin' 'em the first nine
of the evening, everybody.

The first nine!

BRADY: No, I'm not‐‐
I'm not just saying it.


‐We were robbed.
‐I don't care.

That is the most holiday fun
I've had in ages.

Me too.

But do not forget.
Fun ain't free.

How could I forget?

I've figured out how
you're gonna pay me back.

Oh, really?
How's that?

Well, I've only been with
the airline for a few months,

but I feel like,
for some reason,

everyone's already made up
their mind about me.

Even you.

I mean, I have no idea why,
it's‐‐ it's not fair.

But admit it.

I am not the guy
you heard I was, right?

Okay, I admit,
You have exceeded

my very low
expectations of you.

Where are you going with this?

You are gonna help me
fix my reputation.

That is the favor.

And how am I gonna do that?

By spreading the word
through the airline gossip mill

that I'm not the guy
they think I am.

Send texts.

Post nice things about
me on social media.

Whatever you gotta do.

Just let our co‐workers
know that

I'm actually one of
the good guys.

So, what do you say?


All right. I'll help you
with your reputation rehab.


Thank you.

(cell phone chimes)


Goodnight. St. Nick.


What are you doing,
Nina Rooney?



(clears throat)

Oh. (chuckles)


Gettin', uh‐‐

Gettin' in a little
early workout, I see.

Comes with having
a Marine for a dad.

Been doing this every day
since I was a kid.

Well, it's paid off.

Uh, I think I'm gonna
grab some breakfast.

Right behind ya.

How was the party last night?

Shockingly fun,
I have to admit.



‐Help yourself, Brady.
‐Oh, thank you.

I'm glad you're both up.

Listen, um...

your mother and I have
something that

we need to talk to you about
that's been troubling us.

What's up?

Is there something you two
would like to tell us?

What do you mean?

We mean...

you're staying under our roof.

I think we deserve
to know the truth.

(clears throat)

Mom, Dad, you do deserve
the truth, but...

please understand,
I didn't mean to lie,

and I certainly never
meant to hurt anyone.

You could've just
told us that you two

didn't really have to work
at Christmas.

A getaway in Turks and
Caicos sounds very romantic.

Even if you do
have to fly there.

‐How did you find out?

Well, I wasn't snooping.
I was hanging up your coat

and your hotel reservations
fell out.

You could've just told us.
We would've understood.

I know, of course, of course,
I could've told you.

I‐‐ I'm sorry, I‐‐

you know, I was‐‐
I was keeping it‐‐

I was keeping the trip
a secret.

It was my fault.

Christmas was the only time
that our schedules lined up

‐for our beach getaway‐‐

so I told Nina
to tell you guys that

we were working so she didn't
feel pressured to stay home.

So much pressure.

I'm really sorry, guys.

You'd be surprised how
understanding we are.

Thank you.

‐I'm sorry.


Doesn't look like you're gonna
be flying out today, either.

I think that I'm officially
out of warm clothes.

No problem,
I've got you covered.


And since you're both free,

we sure could use your help
getting ready for the Snow Ball.

We have so much work to do
before tomorrow.

Yeah, she needs
some other minions

to order around besides me.

Well, we're happy to help.

‐Good. Thanks.

Six plates.

‐Okay, this is done.
‐I can pick up the cupcakes.

After I do the tables.

‐Honey, I need you
to do place settings,

and Brady, can you help him
with the tables?

I'm all yours, Mrs. Rooney.

And mine, though too,
right, honey? (chuckles)

Yeah. (chuckles)
That's right.

‐Have fun.
‐All right.

Oh. (chuckles)

Hey, how are you doin'?

I have an idea.
Tell me what you think.

‐Take it right over there.
‐All right.

‐Yeah, all right.
‐Hey, Bert.

I got this.

Oh, good, I've got
other things to do.

Still here, huh?

Oh, yeah.

So, how long have you
and Nina been dating?

Oh, um...

A little while.

Months or weeks?

A few months,
and a few weeks.

Here you are,
meeting her whole family,

everyone she knows.

Everyone in town is
talking about you.

You're practically

Our very own, uh,
Brangelina or Bennifer.

I guess that makes us Bradina.

Guess it would.


Those couples broke up,

I mean,
they started out strong,
but they flamed out.

It seems to me
that a couple who's known
each other a long time,

has been friends first and,
you know, hasn't rushed it,

just think they got
a better chance.

You know what I mean?

‐How's it goin', honey bun?
‐(laughs) It's going good.

Snookums, snooker‐doodle.


I was just about to tell Ivan
here, when it comes to love,

there's no one recipe
for success.

We're proof of that.

Well, these tables
won't cloth themselves.


Hey, thanks for the help.

‐Yeah, any time.
‐Better put these on.

Yeah, I'm gonna help you out.

Thank you so much for help.

Couldn't have done
it without you.

‐I know.
‐Thank you, sweetheart.

Appreciate it.

‐Come on, we have to‐‐
‐Yes, yes.

So, uh, when am I gonna get
the whole Nina and Ivan story?

You don't want to
hear about that.

Uh, yeah, I do.

It's the whole
reason we're doing

this crazy charade
in the first place.

Okay, that's fair.

I've known Ivan a long time,

but we only started dating
about five years ago,

and it was right when I got
my commercial pilot's license.

And I thought he'd be really
happy for me, you know?

I was living my dream,

but he ended up just being
really frustrated

that I wasn't around enough.

The curse of the
travel industry.


Eventually, he got so fed up
that he told me I had to choose

between being a pilot
and being with him,

and I didn't know
what to say,

other than I don't see why
I can't do both.


So, when the holidays
rolled around,

I made sure to be here
for Christmas.

I‐‐ I got a new gown
for the ball,

I even planned this romantic
getaway for New Years Eve.

And then the night
of the ball, he, um‐‐

He broke up with me.


Wow, that's pretty cold.

Yeah, I stayed home
that night, it was...

I was so heartbroken.

And, well, later,
I found out he went, alone,

and danced with
Julie Pendergast.

I guess they connected and...

before long,
they were dating.

I haven't been home
for Christmas since.


Being back here and...

seeing him,
seeing everybody...

getting a taste of this life
that I passed up, I‐‐

I don't know.

I can't help but wonder
if I made the wrong choice.

Do you still have
feelings for him?

I didn't think I did.

I don't know.
I don't know how I feel.

Well, breaking up's
never easy.

Trust me, I know.

Yeah, but I'm sure
you're the breaker,

not the breakee,
most of the time.

Why would you say that?

Come on, who's gonna
break up with you?

You'd be surprised.

In fact,
I was dumped recently.


‐(cell phone rings)

‐I gotta take this.
‐Saved by the bell.


No, we've been
over this before.

My answer's still the same.

‐Everything okay?
‐Yeah, it's fine.

Everyone wants to know
when I'm getting to LA.


I would like to
know that, too.

Are you sure I'm
doing this right?

You're doing fine, rookie.

Yeah, lay off
the candy, though.
Ornamental use only.

Hey, part of my process.


Thanks for helping me
with this, you guys.

Of course,
favorite niece.

It's not every day
we get to do something
like this together.

I wish you could be here
for Christmas every year.

I know.

All right, so you're making
your first gingerbread house,

you got runner‐up
at your first
Santa competition,

you attended your first
tree trimming.

Anything else on your
holiday bucket list

we should tick off
while we're here?


As a matter of fact,
there is.

What's a white elephant party?

The way white elephant works is

we take turns in
numerical order.

When it's your turn,
you can take a present,

or you can steal someone else's
already‐opened present, okay?

And if your present is taken,
you can choose a new one,

or you can steal someone's,

unless it's been stolen
three times already.

Hey, don't get too
attached to those.

I really always wanted
a copy of this.

‐Thank you.

Oh, I've always
wanted to go there.

BRADY: Me too.


uh, number five,
sorry, not sorry, sis.

‐You're joking?

Will, you never travel.

‐And now I do.

Hey, you can go again, Nina,
it's okay.

Oh, okay.

Hmm... penguins.

That was a good choice.

Thank you. I love a penguin.

‐Oh, no.

‐Oh, come on! What?

Somethin' tells me you're
stuck with those, Nina.

MARCY: You can make
anything work.

‐Who's up?
‐I'm up, I'm up.

All right,
decisions, decisions.

Come on, go for
the headphones.




Chivalry is not dead,

‐Mr. Nice Guy, all right.

‐Hand it over, buddy.

‐Was that three times?
‐You had it coming.

Come on!

You didn't have to do that.

You kiddin' me?
I wanted this.

‐It's a win‐win.
‐(laughs) Yeah, right.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

All right.
Mistletoe break.

Yes, a little work,
a little play.

Can work and play
at this party.


‐There we go.
‐All right.

All right, you two.

‐Oh, no.
‐Oh, no, yeah.

We're just not
really the PDA type.

Oh, come on,
respect the kisstletoe.

Don't make us kick you out.


‐All right. (chuckles)
‐No big deal.


NINA: Fine.

Totally, so‐‐


(glass breaks)

Oh, club soda, quick,
quick, quick, honey.

Oh, you're not getting
an invite next year.

I'm joking, I'm joking.

You two really get each other.

Is he the one?


Okay, okay, you're
pleading the fifth, I get it.

I respect that.

(cell phone buzzing)

I'm sorry, this is work.
I'll take it really quick.

No problem,
take your time.

Please tell me
the airport's opened.

I don't know how much
longer I can do this.

You're not
seriously still at it

with the faux‐couple thing?

Nina, what are you doing?

Brady will leave
in a day or two,

and if anyone asks,
I'll just say we broke up.

Oh, so your solution's
more lying?

Wait a minute.
You like him.

He's not such a bad guy,
if you get to know him.

Oh, Nina, no, this is bad,
bad, bad, bad.

We have the commandments
for a reason!

This is not gonna
end well for you.

I'm a big girl, Tara,
I can handle myself.

I gotta go, okay?

Thanks for this, boyfriend.
I'm gonna hit all 1,000.

‐I hope you do.

I don't know about you,
but, uh, I'm not tired.

Yeah, me neither.

Are you thinkin'
what I'm thinkin'?

That depends.
What are you thinking?

Hot chocolate and
a Christmas movie, of course.

Get out of my head, Sloane.

That's perfect,
I'll get the hot‐‐


I'm beginning to think
winter storm Meghan hates us.




Spent two weeks
trekking there.

Is there anywhere
you haven't been?

Okay, come on, my turn.

Oh, this is an easy one.

The Louvre.

Many times, I love Paris.

Okay, come on.

Okay, I can't
pronounce this one,

but it's in Namibia,
I think,

it's, uh, Sossusvlei?

The sand dunes.

Yeah, I've never been
but always wanted to go.

Oh, me too.

‐One day.

Maybe I'll see you there.

We have the best job.


For me, being a pilot was just
a means to explore the world.

You wake up in the morning,
you choose a destination,

and then a day or two later,
you're there.

I feel the same way.

Not everyone can just

drop everything and
run off to Machu Picchu.

That's true. Well,
expect for people like us.

Or flight attendants.

You date a lot of those, huh?

No way. No.

I mean, nothing against them.

I don't know,
I just don't think

mixing work and relationships
is that good of an idea.

Wait a minute. What about
when you hit on me in security?


I didn't know we
were co‐workers.

I was wearing my uniform.

All right.

This is the truth.

I've seen you once before.

It's about a year ago and
I was working for Sun Bolt,

we had a layover in Philly
and, uh,

HQ sent us to the wrong gate
and you were there.

You remember that?

Oh, yeah.

I mean, it's not every day
that you see a female pilot,

‐even this day and age.
‐That's true.

I was just wondering
to myself

who you were and...

you must've been so determined.

I had to put up with
a lot of people

who didn't take me
very seriously.

I bet.

And then, next thing I know,
I'm in the airport,

and you're yelling at me.

Accusing me of
stealing your suitcase.

I thought, well, you know,
life is presenting me

with an opportunity,
so I took it.

Guess you gotta break
your own rule sometimes,


Glad we got to chat.
That was fun.

Yeah, I should, uh‐‐
it's getting pretty late,
I should get goin'.

Yeah, tired too.

All right, goodnight, Rooney.

Goodnight, Sloane.


BRADY: Namaste.


Ah, you should've
joined us, honey.

‐Get centered for the big day.
‐Are you kidding me?

I've got way too much
on my plate already,

including this last‐minute
social media push

to get the attendance
up tonight.

Oh, Nina, I posted the party
on your board.

‐Wall. Whatever.

I hope I did it right.

Many of the major roads
have now been cleared,

so traffic is resuming and
people are getting out there,

completing that last‐minute
Christmas shopping.

Although the worst of
winter storm Meghan is over,

Cleveland International
remains closed,

due to ice and
unsafe conditions
on the runways,

just two days
before Christmas.

Looks like you two
aren't going anywhere soon.

Brady, I'll have a suit

for the party tonight.

And you two will be
our guests of honor.


I'm so happy!



‐Can we talk?

Yeah, come in.
What's up?

That is a lot of pink.


I think we should
tell your mom that I'm sick.

What? Why?

So we can get out of
the party.

You don't want to go, right?

I didn't want to go, but...

But now you do?

I was hoping to avoid
the whole Snow Ball thing,

my parents really want us
to go and...

it won't be so bad,
now that I have a date.

Even a fake one?

Wait a minute.

Is this about you
and the whole

Queen of the Snow Ball thing?

No, no, don't be ridiculous.

I don't care about that.


Look, every day that
this charade goes on,

I feel worse about it, okay?

We're making fools
of people out there.

These are your family
and your friends.

It is not an ideal situation,
I know that,

but we're here, and I'm
trying to make the best of it.

And don't forget,
I will tell everyone

what a great guy you are.

I won't even have to lie.

So, do I have a date?

You have a date.

‐BRADY: It fits perfect.
‐You look so handsome.

‐Thank you.
‐Chairwoman shouldn't be late.



You used to look at me
like that.

I still do, my love.

What're you
lookin' at, Sloane?

My date.

You look stunning.

Thank you.

Like a woman in love.

Probably just
the holiday spirit.

Hey, let me get
a photo of you two.



What're you doing?

You look really stiff.
Put your arms around each other.

Of course.

‐Yeah, okay.
‐MOTHER: Nice.

Just put your heads
a little closer together.


‐Lovely, oh!

All right, say Snow Ball!

BOTH: Snow Ball!

(indistinct chatter)

Listen, you two
look amazing together,

and you make me sick,
okay? (chuckles)

Here's the happy couple!

‐Whoa, look at you,
miss thing.

Aren't you
the belle of the ball?

‐What are you two‐‐
‐Don't worry,

we're not Snow Ball crashers,
right, Nina?

No, no, look, I invited them
last minute, okay?

It's fine.

I've heard about this
Snow Ball thing for years.

No way I was gonna pass up
the chance to be with my girl

on her special night.

Okay, Tara.

Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to the
35th Annual Snow Ball.

(cheers, applause)

Tonight, we have
raised over $50,000

for the Cleveland
Children's Hospital.


You so broke our
number one rule.

I did not, we have
an arrangement, that's all.

Yeah, right, I've got eyes.

I can see the way you two
look at each other.

Okay, have you ever heard of
immersing yourself in a role?

Oh, so you're
Meryl Streep now?

You have all voted and I have
the results in my hand.

It's time to announce
this year's Snow King
and Queen.

Oh, here we go, you guys.

Oh, this is wonderful.

Brady Sloane and Nina Rooney!

(cheers, applause)

I've been wanting to
do this for years.


(cheers, applause)


What is that?

Oh, it's tradition.

The king and queen
always have the first dance.


♪ Bells are ringing
down the street ♪

♪ Children singing
soft and sweet ♪

♪ Knowing there are
presents on the way ♪

I just want to say thank you.

I've had the best
holiday season
I've had in ages

and it's because of you.

I feel the same way.

You shared your family
with me,

and you gave me a taste of
a real Christmas.

Well, maybe next year,
I should come to LA

and pretend to be
your girlfriend.

I don't think so.

(chuckles) Okay.

I don't want to pretend.

I want to take you on
a real date.

And not just anywhere,
I mean, we can‐‐

We can meet up in Florence
or Paris or Bali or...

anyplace in that book.

Well, they all sound perfect.

As long as you're there.

♪ All I'm missing
is your kiss ♪

♪ All I want is you
on Christmas day ♪

I've wanted to do that from
the first moment I saw you.

I'm glad you did.

(cell phone rings)

It's HQ.

They reopened the airport.

Are you still flying with me
to Miami tomorrow?

I have a 10 a. m. to Dallas
and then onto LA.

Back to work we go.

And on Christmas Eve.

It feels weird
to be leaving here.

That's the job, right?

That's the job.


Mind if I cut in?

‐Ivan, actually‐‐
‐It's not a problem, is it?

I mean, you guys aren't
really a couple anyway.

Ivan, what are you
talking about?

We're‐‐ We're together,
we've been together for months.

Are you sure about that, Nina?

I just met your girlfriend.

Yeah, outside.

Merry Christmas, Brady.

I've missed you.

what are you doing here?

Coming to your rescue,
of course.

After I saw you tagged
in that photo on Instagram,

looking like you'd been adopted
by a bunch of strangers

in some Ohio burb,

I booked the first flight

I wasn't sure where I'd
find you until, luckily,

the cabbie said
the whole town was here
at this party,

and here you are.

Hi, I'm Veronica,
Brady's girlfriend.

Your girlfriend?

No, we broke up, almost
two months ago, right, V?

(chuckles) Brady, we were
taking a little time out.

That's all.

I know,
I know it was my idea.

Dating during the holidays
freaks me out,

but I've come to my senses
and here I am.

And I didn't want you to be
alone at Christmas like always.

He's not alone,
he spends Christmas
with his family in LA.

Brady doesn't have
any family there.

Or anywhere, for that matter.

Is that true?

Yeah, I made that up.

I didn't want to look pathetic
in front of you and your family.

You didn't have anything
to do for holidays, so...

you used me to pass the time
until you could get back to LA

and your real girlfriend.

If you can please just
let me explain this.

You wanted me to help you
with your reputation, but...

Brady, the truth is,
you're not a great guy.

Our deal's off.

You lied to me.

Please go.

Both of you.

‐Nina, I am so‐‐
‐Ivan. I‐‐ I can't.


What did you mean by "deal?"

Brady and I aren't together.

We made it up so that I could
get through the holidays here.

What were you thinking?

I didn't mean to lie to you.

I‐‐ I saw Ivan
through the window at
the tree trimming party

and I panicked,

so I convinced Brady to

pretend to be my boyfriend
for one night

so that it would easier
to be around Ivan,

and then the storm happened

and we were stuck and
I didn't know what to do,

and for once,
it felt like

I actually fit in here.

I mean, you invited me to
parties and dinners.

And why?

'Cause I had a date?

That was the most fun we've had
as a family in years,

and it was‐‐

It was because of a lie.

I'm so sorry.

You have every right
to be upset with me.

I made a huge mistake.


Look, I'm sorry that you
came all the way out here,

but I'm not leaving with you.

What? Why?

Because we broke up.

And now we're
getting back together.

Couples do that.

when we were together

we drove each other crazy.

So, we break up.

And then...

we start missing each other,

so we get back together again.

‐We needed our space again.

It shouldn't be this hard, V.

Look, I care about you.

You're a good person,

I know now that
you're not my person.

And I think deep down...

you know I'm not yours,

I just thought that
even though you weren't

answering my calls,

maybe if I took a chance
and showed up in person,

it would make things better.

I just thought
if we tried harder,

it would all be okay.

You deserve better than okay.

We both do.



Goodbye, Brady.


Hi, honey.

Mom, hi.

I'm so sorry about the party.

I ruined your big night.


You just made it
a little more memorable.

I'm the one that's sorry.

We never wanted you to feel
so pressured to find someone

that you felt like
you needed to lie.

I know.

I think it was just...

seeing Ivan and...

feeling accepted by everyone.

Realizing I could
finally be queen.

I'm so stupid.

You're human, Nina.

And when it comes to
your father and me,

just know that
if you're happy,

we're happy for you.

And don't worry about what
anyone else around here thinks.

You are a smart,
strong young woman.

And a pilot, no less.

Just know that we are
so proud of you

for all the things
you've accomplished.

I know it was
a rough night, honey,

but tomorrow's another day.

Christmas Eve, no less.

But that Brady
was quite a catch.

So you've said.

Maybe he's feeling as bad
about tonight as you are.


Morning, Captain Sloane.

My uniform's still at
the Rooneys', so‐‐

We keep a secret stash
in the coat hatch.

You're not the first
to need it.



You know, thanks to Brady,

I'm thinkin' meditation
could help with my anxiety.

Who knows. Maybe I'll
be okay flying again.

That'd be good.



Hey, um...

I know last night was hard,

but I've been thinkin'.

I'm not sure you two
really told the truth.

What do you mean?

Well, you said the relationship
was a lie, but...

there was something real
between you two.

And when you came down
those stairs last night
in that gown‐‐

(chuckles) the look on
that young man's face.

You can't fake that.

No matter how hard you try.

I hope you two think about
giving it another shot.

For real this time.

Thank you.

I love you.

Oh, honey.

Oh, sweetheart, it was
so nice having you home

for the holidays
for a change.

Even though you only did
make it to Christmas Eve.


I had fun too, Mom, okay.

‐Love you.
‐Love you.

Be safe.


Bring on the
I told you sos.

No, I'm gonna spare you.

things are lookin' up.

Guess who sweet‐talked
the hotel manager

and got him to change
our rezzies?

We're goin' to Turks tonight.

We can ring in New Year
on the beach.



That's amazing.

Bye, Brady.


I'm not going to Turks.
Or Miami.

I'm sorry.


We've been talking about
this trip for months,

and you hate being home
for the holidays.

I know, you're right.
I‐‐ I did.

But I want to see my niece
open her presents.

I want to sing
Christmas carols
with Will and Marcy

and play board games with
my parents by the fire.

I don't want to miss
that stuff anymore.

Who are you and what
have you done with my Nina?

I'm so sorry.

It's just what I need
right now.


Well, you do look like you're
coming down with something.

‐Flu, maybe?

Oh, yes, yes,
you are burning up.

You better get yourself home.

I'll find somebody else
to fly this bird.

Thank you.

Will you do me one more favor?


Check this one through to LA.

It's Brady's.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, babe.

‐Oh, seven.
‐Oh, playing a strategy game.

‐Yeah, oh, that's good.

‐Getting close.
‐Good one, honey.

‐Four, five, coming up‐‐
‐She does it again!

‐How did she do‐‐
‐Aunt Nina!

You're back again!

Well, if there's
one good thing

that came out of
winter storm Meghan,

she reminded me how much
I love spending Christmas
with all of you.

Anyone with you?

No, Mom, just me.

That's just fine.

And we could really use
a sixth player.

‐Well, count me in!

Let's just start over.

‐What? I got a great hand!

‐I'll shuffle, I'll shuffle.
‐Grandpa will shuffle.

‐(indistinct chatter)

It's not poker, sweetheart,
it's not poker.

It's Brady's.


Merry Christmas.


♪ Up on the housetop,
reindeer pause ♪

♪ Out jumps good old
Santa Claus ♪

Oh, hey, sweetheart,
did I wake you?

No, but why are you playing

"Up On The Housetop" in
the middle of the night?

Oh, that.

that's a good question.

Which I can't answer.

But he can.

♪ Down through the chimney
with old St. Nick ♪


♪ First comes the stocking
of little Nell ♪

♪ Oh, dear Santa... ♪

‐ Merry Christmas.
‐ Merry Christmas.

I'm gonna go now.

What're you doing here?

I came to get my bag.

We have got to stop doing this.


What about LA?

I was at LAX when I got
the call from the airline that

they had my bag,

and I realized it was
the wrong one.

And then Jay told me that

he was going to Turks
instead of you.

I knew I had to
come back to Cleveland.

And Veronica?

I am so sorry about that.

We broke up months ago,
I swear.

All the phone calls and...

No, no, I never
took her calls.

That was Sun Bolt,
my old airline.

They wanted me to come back.

They told me that they would
give me a raise and promotion

if I got on a train
to Atlanta

and started working
right away.

But I refused.


Because there was nowhere else
that I wanted to be but here,

having my first
real Christmas with you.

And you wanted me to
help fix your reputation.

No, I don't care about that.

I know this whole thing
started off as being fake,

but the way I feel
about you, it's‐‐

it's very real.

So, as long as you think
that I'm a good guy, it's‐‐

It's all that really
matters to me.


I don't think
you're a good guy.

I know you are.


(mother laughs)

Okay, okay, everyone, I have
something for your mother.

Merry Christmas.

It's an RV.

Open it.


Look, look, look!


Oh, honey!

(gasps) I'm gonna be
a big sister!


‐Are you kidding?
‐You're not joking?

Okay, okay, one more.

‐This is for you.
‐Thanks, Mom.

‐This is so great.
‐Thank you.

‐Merry Christmas.
‐Merry Christmas.