Grotesque (1988) - full transcript

A gang of crazed punkers breaks into a family's vacation home in the mountains and slaughters the entire family, except for one daughter who gets away. As the gang pursues the girl through the snow, they slowly realize that some kind of murderous creature is chasing them...

(ominous music)
(lightning strikes)

- Is it so long ago, John?

It seems like a lifetime now,

as I look back on
those early days.

(lightning strikes)

Days when we were young.

And our hopes of the future

were nothing but
dreams unfulfilled.

(lightning strikes)

It was then that you
came to me, John.

Like a zephyr in the wind.

Like a storm in the night.

(lightning strikes)

It was as if you
were sent to me from

somewhere in the distant past.

(lightning strikes)

Where the churn of our
beings were nurtured

and given a life.

Then he came.

Like a torrential
river in the night.

Unasked for.


With hate and fear in his being.

(lightening strikes)

Why was it he, John?

Why had he traveled so far
and so long to haunt us?

And why weren't
we able to escape

his vile clutches?

Must he haunt us forever?

Is there any rest for us John?

Are we destined
to run before him

for all eternity?

Never sleeping?

Never peaceful?

Never the eternal darkness
that we both long for?

Agonized for?

And prayed for?

It was then he changed me, John.

Made me as I am today.

You can no longer
look upon me now,

for I have lost blushed youth,

and flavored my being with
the rustic essence of age.

Like a fine wine
exposed to the wind.

I am left too long to the ages,

and now I have turned into
the vinegar of bitter gall.

(lightening strikes)

When I was young,

and my body beautiful,

you wanted me then.

(ominous music)

Now, John,

you desire me no more.

(ominous music)

I must now give myself to you.

(ominous music)

I know, I know that you're
out there waiting to take me.

(lightening strikes)

To devour me and
make me your own.

I've fought you for so long.

Now I must give myself to you.

(ominous music)

Take me,

or kill me.

Do whatever you will.

But whatever you do,

please do it quickly.

(lightening strikes)

(ominous music)

(woman yelps)

(ominous music)

(film reel rolling)

- Well, you did
it again, Orville.

You're a damn bloody genius.

That has got to
be the best makeup

and special effects
that you have ever done.

Sweet, haunted,
simply marvelous.

- Thank you sir, but,
that's what you pay me for.

- Not half enough.

There'll be a bonus
in this for you baby.

As soon as the first
monies come in.

- Oh, sure.

- You got another one going?

- No, I'm going up to my
house in the mountains.

Got a little family reunion.

I've gotta get out of
the Hollywood scene every

once in a while.

- Yeah, I know what you mean.

Nothing but a bunch of
phonies around here.


- Well that's movie
magic, isn't it?

(people chattering)

- Good afternoon.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Can I offer you ladies
something from the bar?

- Um.

I'm driving, so, I'll
have an orange juice.

- Madam?

- Uh, I'll have an orange
juice and a Bacardi,

premium black.

- Very good.

(people chattering)

- I'm not driving.

(people chattering)

- Nice menu.

You all right?

- Eh, he didn't call.

- You checked your
answering machine?

- He didn't call.

I just can't believe
he didn't call.

- Well, tomorrow's a big
day, we'll have some fun.

Put him out of your mind.

- Yeah, really,
to heck with him.

- I got an idea.
- What?

- There's a real
hot spot in town.

Tomorrow night,
we'll go dancing.

- That sounds good.

You know, Lisa, you're
really a good friend.

- Thanks.

(upbeat music)

I hate this part of the road.

- You worry too much Lisa.

The worst that could happen
is a thousand foot fall.

- Thanks!


I'm really glad you came around.

- Yeah, me too, but
what about this snow?

- Oh no, it's okay.

The weather up here is
constantly changing.

I talked to mom and she
said that the snow had

pretty much melted at the house.

- Oh well, that
makes me feel better.

I didn't exactly
bring my long johns.

People here sure are friendly.

- Yeah, that's one of
the reasons mom and dad

moved up here five years ago.

Eh, my dad was tired
of the Hollywood scene

and he needed some
peace and quiet.

- Oh they sure got that.

I never met a
special effects man.

Does your dad know a
lot of movie stars?

- Yeah, I guess.

Never brings any home though.

- Oh, what a rip off.

I mean, he could bring
home like Dustin Hoffman

or Sylvester Stallone?



- Is that Blane?

Get off my butt.

(people yelling)

- Hey, let 'em pass.

Listen, they're
crazy, all right?

- Well I'm tryin'.

- Get off the road!

Get off the road you bitch!

Move it over!

Get it out of the way!

I'm gonna get you!

I'm gonna get you, you bitch!

- It's a bunch of punkers.

Like I said, people sure
are friendly around here.

(cars passing)

- You know, I gotta
warn you about my dad.

- Hi welcome to Burger King.

That'll be two dollars, please.

- Thank you.

He's a really great guy,
but he's got a strange

sense of humor.

- Here's your change.
- Thanks.

- Well I think I can handle it.

- There you go.

- But you know what,
I'll keep it in mind.

- Thank you very much.
- Bye.

Hey, hi, Tammy.

- Hi, Lisa, how do
you like my doll?

- Very nice, what's her name?

- She doesn't have a
name, she's an orphan.

- That's nice.

Hey Mr. Fulton.

- Hi, Lisa.

It's been a long time since
we've seen you up here.

- Yes it has, nice motor home.

- Well, I don't know how
I'm gonna pay for it.

Your dad said you were
coming up for a visit.

- Hey, how about these?
- Oh, those are great.

Mr. Fulton, have you
met my friend Kathy?

- How do you do, Kathy?

- Hi, nice to meet ya.

How much do we owe ya?

- Nothin', it's one the
house, don't worry about it.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

- Listen, Lisa.

I want you girls to be careful.

There are a bunch of
freaks that came in here

about a half hour ago.

They really looked
like mean ones.

- You mean those punkers?

- You can call 'em
that if you want to.

But they looked like
troublemakers to me.

You girls be careful.

- We will, thank you.

- Oh, Lisa.

Tell your dad that I'm
gonna be up there first

thing tomorrow morning.

We're gonna go deep sea
fishin' in that pond

behind the house.

- All right.

Take it easy, thank you.

- Okay, thanks for
the chips, good bye.

- Bye, bye.


- Now I am losing my patience!

How much longer do I
have to sit here, huh?


Do you have thing
thing fixed yet?


- In a minute, man.

In a minute.

This is a bunch of bullshit.

- Bullshit?

Don't you talk to
me about bullshit!


This happens every
time we have a job,

and I'm tired of it.

Now you get this thing fixed!

- It's a piece of shit, man!
- Yeah!

If you don't get engine minted
and this whole little gig,

just about ended.


- Lighten up, Scratch.

It'll go down okay.
- Okay?


Do you remember Nevada?


You assholes slaughtered
a whole family.

- If you'd would've had
to, you would yourself.

- Get out of my face, Val!

You better be right about
this Hollywood asshole.

- My dad used to bring
us up here in the summer.

I remember they
used to talked about

how there's this great,
big secret going down

in this house.

- So?

- There's gotta be
something heavy up there.

It's either dope, or money.

- Yeah?

Well I'll believe
it when I see it.

Now get this car rollin'!



- Why are you slowing down?

- Well I can't run him over.

(dramatic synth music)

- Hello, ladies.

My friends and I
have had some trouble

with our van.

Do you have any
tools we can borrow?

- No.

- Well open the door
and let me look.

- Come on, open up, we'll
be your best friends.

- Lisa, let's get out of here.

- Open the fuckin'
door or I will.

Open the fuckin' door!

Open the car bitch!

Goddammit, open the door!

Open the door!

(water flowing)

(Lisa and Kathy chattering)

(water flowing)


(dramatic music)

(Lisa and Kathy laugh)

- Hey mom!

- [Mother] Lisa.


- I'm gonna wear my
sneakers next time.

- Hi sweetheart.

- Ooh.

- Oh darling, it's
so good to see you.

Here you are.

- Mom, this is Kathy.

- Hi, Kathy.
- Hi.

- Welcome darlin'.
- Oh, thank you, thank you.

- I brought this to celebrate.

- Oh, we're going to enjoy this.

- Listen, we just
saw Mr. Fulton.

I guess he's coming
up to go fishing.

- Is he?

- Yeah, tomorrow.
- Oh, good.

I got your room all
fixed up for you.


- Oh, I forgot how the
altitude affects you.

- Oh.

- I've gotta quit smoking.

- Listen, we
expected you earlier.

You didn't have any
problems, did ya?

- No, we didn't
have any problems.

Where's dad?

- Oh he's puttering
around, you know him.

Listen, the water's hot, so uh,

why don't you guys take
a shower if you'd like?

- When's Uncle Rod coming?

- Uncle Rod will hopefully
be here tomorrow.

You know how hard it is
for him to take off work.

- Mom.

How's Patrick?

- Uh.

He has his good
and his bad days.

But now, come on,
let's take our showers

'cause supper's cookin'.

(Lisa chuckles)

- You wanna shower first?

- No, you go ahead.

Save me some water, okay?

- Okay.

I am so tired.

- Take your time.

(heavy breathing)

(dramatic music)

(heavy breathing)

(dramatic music)

(heavy breathing)

(dramatic music)

(heavy breathing)
(shower water running)

(door closes)

(heavy breathing)

(floor creaking)

(door knob rattling)


(door bangs)


- Dad.

Come on, stop it.

I'm really sorry about this.

- You didn't like it?


I put on new latex
and everything.

Well aren't you
going to introduce me

to your lovely young friend?

- Well I'm not so sure she
wants to meet you after that.

Kathy, this is my
father, and dad,

this is my girlfriend, Kathy.

- If I said that I
didn't mean to scare you,

I'd be lying.

- Yeah, well, you're good.


- That's great.

I've been making my
living scaring people

for a long time, I'm
not about to stop now.

Um, your mom has a lovely
dinner for you downstairs.





That's a dangerous
habit, you know.

- Not as dangerous
as the freeway.

- Uh, right.

But you're buckin' the odds.

- Mr. Kruger.

Lisa was telling me that you
work with all the movie stars.

- Oh, some of them.

Mostly horror films.

I always had a fascination
for making scary faces.

- Oh, we like to think
that while dad is

turning people into monsters,

Uncle Rod is turning monsters
into handsome people.

- Oh.

He's a plastic surgeon.

- Oh, oh.

Well that sounds
really interesting.

Could I see some
more of your work?

- Dad, why don't you
show Kathy the den?

- Well I don't think
she'd be interested.

- Oh yes I would.

- All right then.

But you've gotta
promise to be shocked.

- You do that and Lisa and
I are gonna do the dishes.

(dramatic music)

- Oh, that's gross.
(Orville laughs)

- Too many cigarettes.

Oh, that little guy.

He was a feature creature
in Oriental Nights.

Did you see that movie?

- No, I don't think
I saw that one.

- That was before your time.

How about that one?

- Yeah, it scared
the hell out of me.

You know, he looks so real.

You know sometimes
it's so hard to tell

the difference between
what's real and what's not.

- What is reality,
and what's illusion?

Row row row your boat
gently down the street,

merrily merrily merrily merrily,

life is but a dream.

You think that's possible?

- No, I think I know the
difference between what's real

and what's not.

- Perhaps.

But I wonder.

(dramatic music)





(dramatic music)


Will you stop giggling,
and keep a straight face?

- I love you.

- To whom it may concern,

I'm not going to
erase this tape.

I'm gonna keep it as proof
how desperately my family

is trying to ruin my career.


And that is what is
jokingly called home movies.

- And that's the closest I'll
ever come to killing you.

- Well it was different.

Must have been unusual
living with your dad.

- No, it had its moments.

Well, I'm pretty tired,
I'm gonna go to bed.

- Good night sweetheart.
- Yeah, me too.

If there aren't anymore tricks.

- Oh, no.

Only one trick per customer.

Good night gals.

- Good night.

- How about 11 o'clock news?

(insects chirping)

(lightening strikes)

- You know, I really
appreciate you having

me up here, Lisa.

- You really miss
him, don't you?

- Yeah.

- Well.

Uncle Rod is coming tomorrow
and he's really funny.

So he'll help us take
our mind off him.

- Yeah, is he cute?

- I don't know, he's my uncle.

- Well you know
what I mean silly.

- No, I don't know
what you mean.

(chuckles) Of course
I know what you mean.

(wolf howls)

(lightening strikes)

(ominous music)

- Looks like we're in
for another thunderstorm.

Sweetie, I've fed Patrick
and he's doing just fine.

(ominous music)

(insects buzzing)

(lightening strikes)

- Lisa?
- Hm?

- I like your mom and dad.

- Mm.

Yeah, me too.

Good night.

- Good night.


- Oh.

Sometimes dad has more
than one trick a night.

- Oh.

- See?
(Kathy gasps)

It's just a prop.

- Ugh, gross.

(ominous music)
(insects buzzing)

(lightening strikes)

(ominous music)
(thunder rolling)

(ominous music)
(thunder rolling)


(dramatic music)



- Bitch.

- Get up, bitch,
we're doing this now.

(Lisa yells)

(dramatic music)

- Come on, come on!

We're havin' a party!

- [Shelly] Yeah!

- Shut up!

Knock if off!

- What do you want here?

- Your money.

(staggered breathing)

- I don't have any money.

Get out of my house!

- Tear his eyes out, Scratch.

- Maybe we got it
all wrong, Scratch.

I think he's kind of cute.

I've been waiting
for Santa Claus

to come down my chimney
like's he's always done.

(woman laughs)

Santa Claus.

I'll give you a ride...

You'll never forget.

(dramatic synth music)

- I feel so sorry for you.

- I dare you to fucks
with us, old man!

Now, I know you got a lot
of money stashed here,

and I want it!


(dramatic music)

You son of a!

(dramatic music)

- He's mine!

- No!




(dramatic synth rock music)

- He's dead.

- No!

No, no!

No, no!

(heavy breathing)

- Oh, is that your daddy?

He's dead.

(dramatic music)

- And you're next sweetie.

- No!

Don't touch my mother!

You already killed my father,
what do you want from us?

- Well maybe you didn't hear
me right the first time.

So I'm gonna repeat it!

We know you have a
lot of money up here,

and I want it!

- You're crazy.

There is no money.

- You're lyin', lady!

- That's Orville
Kruger, isn't it?

- Yes.

- Then we in the
right place, Jack.


- He was a big man in
the movies, wasn't he?

Well we heard he had
a big secret up here.

- Maybe a stash of cash.

- Maybe a big stash of cash,

maybe some diamonds, some gold,

maybe even some dope.

- Now give us the money, honey!

'Cause I know that
there aint no dope.


- I tell you, there is no money.

- Well sure, lady.


Ear Box, Donna, take the good
lady on a tour of the house

and maybe she'll
remember where she hid

the family jewels.

- Come on lady!

(Kathy gasps)

- No!



- Don't hurt them!
- Get her out of here!

Now maybe you'll
remember where mommy

and daddy's loot is.

- What do you mean we're
not having any fun?



Knock knock?


Is anybody home?


(mimicking a monkey)

Can Orville come out and play?


Oh, yeah.

We can dress you up, but
we just can't take you out.

Oh, no.


Hey, man.

Come on, man, give me five.

Give me a five, man.

Give me five, man!

Give me five!

Give me five.


(Lisa yells)
Die, baby!


Come on, baby, five.

Come on!

- Shut up!

- They can stop at
any time you want,

it's all up to you.

- I think you're all scum.

- Oh, it's a scummy world,

and it's better to
be king than pauper.

- What do you wanna do with us?

- Oh sweetheart, you
really don't wanna know.

- Yeah.

I'm gonna show you
a little preview.


Don't give me that
wild-eyed look.

(lightening strikes)


- Lisa, run!

- Get her!

Get her!

Get 'em you son of a bitches,

or it's your asses!

(Kathy yells)


I don't believe it,
I don't believe it!

One chance and they
fuck it all up!

(heavy breathing)

Look at that.

I have to kill the whole family.


You're the only one I trust.

When this is all over,
and we find the stash,

it'll just be you

and me.


Sounds good.
- Yeah.

- You

and me.

- I'll take care
of the business.

(ominous music)


(Kathy yelling)
(ominous music)

(chair creaks)

(Kathy sobs)


(lightening strikes)

(Kathy screaming)

- Come out, you bitch, so
I can return your kiss.


Oh yeah.

There you are.

Got you.

I got ya.



Come on, come on you bitch.

I want you.
(Kathy whimpers)

(Kathy yelling)

- No, please.

Please, no.


- I want a kiss.

Oh yeah.

- [Shelly] This one's mine.

- What the hell are you doin'?

- I said this one's mine.

- Try and stop me.

(Kathy yells)
- What?

- All right, all right.

You can have her.

- Come to me.

It's okay.

That's it.

- Please don't let them hurt me.

- No one's ever
gonna hurt you again.

That's it.

(dramatic music)

(Kathy groans)


(Kathy cries out)

Good night, sweetheart.

That's it.

(dramatic music)

(Lisa breathing heavily)

- She almost got away.

- You know what I think?

I think you'd better talk to me.

- Where's my mother and Kathy?

(heavy breathing)
- You want your mother?

She's with your papa.

And Kathy makes three.

- Shut up.

Now listen you little bitch.

You tell me where your mommy
and daddy hid the money,

because this party is over.

- I told you, there is no cash.

- Well we heard there
was some stuff up here.

Your father didn't work in
Hollywood all those years

and not come up with nothing.

- Yeah.

We heard this was a big secret.

Now what did he do
with the money, huh?


- It wasn't for the money.

- Then what was it for?

Now I'm tired of
fuckin' with you!

Now you tell me

or I'll set Shelly loose on you.


- I have nothing to say.

- Oh.

She's not gonna
cooperate with us.

Tear the house apart!


You too!

- Bullshit!

You go!

And I'll watch her.

- Cool it!

- There's no way
you're gonna have her.

There's no way.

- Oh, god!

(Lisa breathing heavily)

- Yeah, you think you can
get away now, huh bitch?

Here, lady, I'm
gonna get you, bitch.

Try it, try it!

Let's see you get
away, come on, bitch.

(Lisa screams)

(glass shatters)
(Lisa screams)

(Lisa grunts)

(Lisa breathing heavily)

Ear Box, get her!

- Ear Box'll take care of her.

(Lisa yells)

(dramatic music)

(Lisa breathing heavily)

- Hey, bitch.

I'm gonna get you.

Got you, bitch.


Here I come, bitch!

I'm getting back at you, bitch!

Here I come!

You're all mine!

Your ass is mine!

Here I come!

(Lisa screams)
(Ear Box laughs)

(lightening strikes)

(ominous music)
(thunder rolling)

(Gibbs yells)

- Come here, bitch.

- What are you doing here?

- You're sexy, you know that?



Come on, baby.

(ominous music)


(ominous music)
(Lisa breathing heavily)

(lightening strikes)



Oh yeah.


(heavy breathing)

(lightening strikes)

(heavy breathing)
(thunder rolling)

(dog growling)

(toy squeaking)

(ominous music)


(ominous music)

(lightening strikes)


- [Gibbs] Yeah, baby.

Give it to me.

- Oh, give it to me.

- Yes!

Come on!


Yeah, oh, yeah.


Give it to me.


Give it to me.

Oh, shit!


- I told ya I didn't
wanna do it here.


But that's the craziest
orgasm we've ever had.

- You're fuckin' sick.

(thunder rolling)

- Jesus.

I think there's a
room behind here.

- Well open it up.

Who knows, it may
be full of jewels.

It's a nursery.

- It's a baby's
nursery. (chuckles)



(Patrick yelling)




(Patrick sobbing)

- No!



(Patrick yelling)

(ominous music)

- Papa.









(heavy breathing)

- My god, get out of here.

It's a freak!
(punks yelling)

(Patrick yells)

(Patrick yells)

(punks yelling)

(woman screaming)


(heavy breathing)

(ominous music)

(Patrick grunting)

(Patrick yells)

(heavy breathing)
(ominous music)

We've gotta get away
from that thing.

We'd be better off if
we split up, got it?

You, you go that way.

You, come with me.



(Patrick breathing heavily)
(ominous music)

(breathing heavily)

(ominous music)

(breathing heavily)

- I've had it.

- I wonder where
the others split to.

- I really could care less.

You know, I'm getting tired
of running from this thing.

Let that son of a bitch come.

- Right.

- Where'd you get that?

- Back at the house.

I was gonna use it on the chick

until you unraveled and
fucked everything up.

And now I'm gonna use it on him.

Where are they?

Let's go!


- Oh yeah.


Oh yeah.

We're so lucky we
found this mine shaft.



- I think it's stupid to
build a fire with that

maniac around here.

- You've got a choice, you
either face the maniac,

or you freeze your ass off.


- My ass doesn't get cold.

- I don't doubt it, Donna.

That's because you think with
your ass and not your brain.


- Come on, Gibby, I
can keep you warm.

- Fuck off, okay?

You think all you have
to do is shake your ass

and the whole world
comes to a stop.


Get a clue, bitch.

The world is still
rockin' and rollin'.




- You're a real asshole, Gibbs.

- Oh yeah?

You're gonna learn
that your body doesn't

buy you everything.

No, baby.


- Maybe not.

But the next time you try
to make it with a chick,

why don't you try to get it
in before you get it off.

Where you goin'?

- I'm getting as far
away from you as I can.



And when that boogeyman comes,

let's see if you can charm him.


(Patrick grunts)
(Gibbs yells)

(Gibbs yelling)


(dramatic music)

- Oh, I don't hurt me.

- Hurt?




- No.


- San,

Santa Claus?

- Yeah.

Santa Claus?

You're like Santa Claus.

- Santa Cl--
- Santa Claus.

You like Santa Claus?


(Patrick whimpers)

Santa Claus good.





(heavy breathing)

(dramatic music)
(woman whimpers)

- Papa.



(dramatic music)

(Lisa breathing heavily)

- Come out, come out,
wherever you are.

You know you can't get very far.


(dramatic synth rock music)


(dramatic synth rock music)

- We got two choices.

We could either go
down the mountain,

or retrace our steps
back to the house

and look for the others.

- Doesn't matter to me.

I can go either way.

- You crazy bitch.

You'd love to use that
knife on that monstrosity,

wouldn't you?

- Yeah, and why not?

He's the freak, aint he?

- Yeah, he's a freak.

But what does that make us?

- We are people, real people.

Everyone else is
phony, but we are real.

- Oh shit.

Let's go find the others.
- Shit.


(heavy breathing)

(heavy breathing)

(Lisa breathing heavily)



- [Ear Box] I'll
fucking kill you!

(Patrick grunts)

(Ear Box grunts)

(Ear Box yells)


(Patrick whimpers)

(Patrick sobs)

(Patrick yells)

(owl hoots)

(upbeat country music)

(upbeat country music)

(upbeat country music)

(upbeat country music)

(upbeat country music)

(owl hooting)

(owl hooting)

(owl hooting)


- Orville?


Who broke your window?

Oh my god!

(owl hooting)

- [Man On Radio] Pine
Adams to Central.

(police radio chatter)

That one's gonna be
1061 with the mail run.

- So what do you know
about the family?

- I was real good
friends with Orville.

We used to go fishing a lot.

They were a real nice family.

They never had any trouble.

(police radio chatter)

I don't know why
those punkers would do

a thing like this.

- What makes you think you
think the punkers did it?

- They damn sure didn't
do it themselves.

I saw those punkers
in my store yesterday.

They were lookin' for
nothin' but trouble.

- Looks like they found it.

Who's that?

- That's Rod Kruger.

- Looks like he's gonna be
in for a hell of a shock.

- What's going on?


Why would they wanna kill 'em?

- Did your brother
have any enemies?

- No, none.

- What about your niece?

How'd she get along
with the family?

- They were a close family.

- She's a very nice girl.

- Hm.

Somebody obviously
didn't like 'em.

- You're wrong, sheriff.

There's no reason.

It's a senseless killing.

- You've gotta find whoever's
responsible for this.

- Well they couldn't
have gotten far

in that blizzard last night.

That should be easy.

- Not too easy.

We're gonna have
to form a posse.

You see, Kruger, there's
a good possibility that

your niece is still alive.

- I wanna be part
of this search.

(dogs barking)
(dramatic music)

(dogs whimpering)

(dramatic music)

- That blizzard must've
slowed them down a bit.

- Yeah, but no tracks.

(punkers breathing heavily)


The most natural path
is in this direction.

Past that, it's anyone's guess.

- Chuck?

Why don't you take your
guys off to the right,

I'll take the left.

And uh, remember, no
unnecessary shootin', huh?

You hear that guys?

- Yeah, if I shoot, it
won't be unnecessary

and it won't be off target.

(dogs barking, whimpering)
(dramatic music)

(dog barks)

(dramatic music)

(dogs barking, whimpering)
(dramatic music)

- All right,
everybody spread out.

- Hey.

If, if those punks
don't know this area,

they can get lost pretty easily.

- Let me tell you
something, Kruger.

When someone's running
for their life,

they get animal instincts,

sometimes better than an animal.

Come on.

(ominous music)

(dog barking)

- Did you see anything?

- No.

All right, let's keep moving.

(dramatic synth rock music)

- This one's still alive.

(dramatic synth rock music)

(Patrick yells)

- No!




(Patrick yells)

(Patrick yells)


(dramatic synth rock music)

- Stay there.

(Patrick yells)

- Oh, papa!

- That shot came
from over there.

Come on, let's go.

(dramatic synth rock music)

(dog growls)

- You two stay here, come on.

(dramatic synth rock music)

(dogs barking)

(dramatic synth rock music)

(dogs barking)

(Patrick grunts)

- No!


- Don't shoot him!


(heavy breathing)

- Papa.

- Shoot him, shoot him!

- Don't!



- There's our killer.

(dog whimpers)

What the hell happened here?

- We had some trouble with
our car on the highway,

and we went to that
house for some help.

That's what happened.

- Yeah.

Yeah, then Frankenstein
here just bust in

and killed everybody.


- He's a maniac!

He came after all of us.

Some of us tried to get away,

and some of us didn't make it.

(machines beeping)

- [Woman On Intercom]
Dr. Firestone, east wing.

Dr. Firestone, east wing.

Mrs. Smith, extension 400.

Mrs. Smith, extension 400.

- She's resting quietly.

We shouldn't disturb her.

(machines beeping)

- What's the prognosis?

- She's developed a blood clot.

She can't be moved.

Tomorrow morning, we're bringing
in a specialist to operate.

- What's her chances?

- 50/50.

- [Woman On Intercom] The
owner of a light blue Chevy,

license number LXC458,
please call the operator.

- Oh nurse, take
him to that room.

- All right, let's take
it all the way from

the beginning once more.

Why were you at Kruger's house?

- It's like I told ya,
we went into that cabin

to get water for our car.

We had a leaky radiator.

- Oh no you didn't, you
went there to rob and kill.

That's exactly what you did.

- You're dead wrong, man.

We just went there for water.

- I think you're a fucking liar!

- Hold it, Bill.

Don't hurt him.

Come on.

- Sure.

- Now, look son.

Maybe somebody said or
did something to uh,

provoke you there, huh?

- Yeah, a monster attacked us.

- Why do you think
he attacked you?

- 'Cause he's crazy.

It don't take a genius
to figure that out.

- And you people didn't do
anything to provoke him?

- No, man, we're in
the place, he comes out

of nowhere and starts
killing people.

- Bullshit!

Bullshit, man.

You people saw a chance
to get a nice, good mark,

and you end up
killing everybody.

- Screw you man, I
want out of here.

- Get the fuck down!
- That's it, man!

I want a lawyer now.

- And you know when you're
gonna get an attorney?

When I wanna give
you an attorney.

You understand that?

Why were you at the house?


Answer me!

- Easy, Bill.

- Answer me!
- Easy.

Take it easy on him, come on.

Now, son.

(Bill chuckles)

You can trust me.

Now maybe somebody did
attack you up there, hm?

Maybe you just had
to defend yourself.

- Now why don't you guys take
this good guy, bad guy act

and go on the fuckin'
road with it, huh?

- Sorry, Blane, you lose.

My turn.


Better start talking
soon, you know that?

- Not without my attorney.

- Oh yeah.

All right, let me
get this straight.

You say you went to the
house to get water to fix

a leaky radiator, right?

But the only leaky radiator I
see is your story. (chuckles)

You're not too good
on VWs are you?


Let me ask you a
question, sunshine.

How do you put water in
an air cooled engine?

- I didn't say that, man.

- What did you say?

- You're trying to confuse.

You're putting words
in my mouth, man.

I didn't say that.

- You know if it was up
to me, you little bastard,

you know what I'd do?

I'd blow your head off.

- Come on Bill.

We have him.

His girlfriend's already talked.

- Oh, don't play this cop
bullshit with me, man.

She didn't tell you
anything 'cause there

aint nothing to tell.

- Blane, get this asshole
out of here before I--

Get him the fuck out of here!

Piece of garbage.

- Take this thing
back to his cell.

And bring up the girl.

- He's lyin'.

- Sure he is.

But we don't have
anything to hold him on.

Look, the judge is gonna
look at it from both angles,

and their angle is
as good as ours.

- Judge wasn't there.

You know that, I know
that, Kruger knows it, too.

- The judge and jury wasn't
there, and that's what counts.

- Playing the only tangible
thing we got is the girl.

I mean, if she
survives this surgery,

she's the only
eyewitness we got.

- We better get
something on 'em quick,

or we might have
to cut 'em loose.

- You play the
bad guy next time.

You're much better
at it than me.

- What are you guys
gonna do with me?

- Thanks, Gene.

Just relax, Shelly.

There's no reason to be nervous.

Now, you can make things very
easy on yourself, Shelly.

We're here to help
you, not hurt you.

You understand that?

- Yeah.


- Look at me, that's true.

I mean that.


your boyfriend's copped out.

He's told us everything.

So I would suggest that
you turn state's evidence

and testify against him.

- But I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

You know, I'm a good girl.

I'm not a bad girl.

And I've never done
anything wrong.

I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

I don't know what you
want me to testify about.

- For killing all those people.

- Shelly, look at me.

Why don't you just simply
tell us what happened?

The state's very lenient,
with a little cooperation.

Besides, your boyfriend
copped out anyway.

You've got nothing to lose.

What do you say?

- If Scratch said something,
you guys must've done

something pretty bad to him
because there's nothing to say.

All I know is that we
went up to this house,

and the next thing
that we know, this man,

this crazy monster
came running out

and he started
chasing everybody.

And then he started
to kill everybody,

and then he came after me, and
then he came after Scratch.

And he tried to kill us
too, and then you guys

came along, and
then you shot him.

You shot him.

I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

I don't know what you
want me to testify about.

- You lying little bitch!

Come on, tell us the truth!

- Hey Blane, what's
the matter with you?

You crazy or somethin'?

You're talking to a lady here.

You're talking to a good
girl, not a bad girl.

You okay honey?

- Yeah.

- What did happen honey?

I feel there's something
you might have left out.

- I have nothing more to say.

- Certainly there
must be something that
you have left out?

- No.

I have nothing more to say.

I wanna talk to an attorney.

I wanna talk to my lawyer now.

- [Woman On Intercom]
Housekeeping, call the operator.

Housekeeping, call
the operator, please.

Dr. Levinson, extension 400.

- Doc, how is she?

- I'm sorry Mr. Kruger.

She didn't make it.

(Rod sighs)

- God, they killed her.

They killed my whole family.

What are you gonna do about it?

- Well, uh...

All we can do is give
you our sympathy.

- Your sy--


Your sympathy doesn't make it.

- We're doing all we can.

We've done all we can.

- You're sure?

Well when you've convicted
them, you make sure

you slap their wrists real hard.

- Now just a minute.
- Now wait, Mr. Kruger.

Mr. Kruger, look at me.

I know there's nothing
that anybody can say

to make it feel any
better right now.

I know this.

I can only imagine how you
must feel at a time like this.

But we still have to
ask you some questions.

Would you mind accompanying
us to the station?

- All right.
- I mean just for routine--

- All right.

- This way.

There are two things that
puzzle me, Mr. Kruger.

One is why did you
try and stop me

from killing this
monster and secondly,

why all the grief for him?

- Dammit he wasn't a monster.

He was a human being.

- Hell, he killed your family.

- He wouldn't kill anyone.

My family raised him.

- Your family raised him?

I mean, he actually
lived with them?

- He was a child
that no one wanted.

And my family took him
in, and raised him,

with love and compassion.

This was a man who
was, he was sweet.

He was innocent.

He was incapable of murder.

Now that scum you've got in
jail, they're the guilty ones.

- Well, the problem is
we don't have anything

to hold 'em on.

- Oh, what the hell
are you talking about?

You know damn well
they're guilty.

- No.

I don't know that.

If I knew that, I'd have
them detained and booked.

You can't prosecute a
person on supposition.

You've gotta have facts, proof.

- The bodies of my dead family,
that's proof enough for me.

- Yeah, well, the law's a
peculiar animal sometimes.

Sometimes it treats
the guilty the same

way as the innocents.

But the bottom line is this:

in a court of law,

you have to have proof.

And we don't have any.

I'm gonna have to let
them go in 48 hours.

That's the law.

- Release them?

That's the law?

Well fortunately
for me, gentlemen,

I'm outside the law.

I don't need any proof.

- Sounds like a man
who's gonna take

matters in his own hands.

- Frankly, Blane, I
don't give a damn.

(dramatic synth music)

- May I help you?

- Yes, I'm Dr. Kruger.

I called about renting
two surgical tables?

Well I'm here to pick them up.

- Okay Dr. Kruger.

They're ready for you.

Are you gonna have them long?

- I don't think so.

- Okay, they'll
be ready shortly.

- May I use your telephone?

- Of course.

What number can I get you?

- 653-4427.

Thank you.

- [Receptionist] Mhm.

- Charlie?

Did you get it?


Where will I meet you?


(synth rock music)

(Charlie laughing)


- Hey, doc.

- How you been?
- Good.

I was really surprised
to hear from you.


It's a little sweetheart.

Take care of it.

You sure you don't want
me to do this for you?

- No, there's something I
gotta take care of myself.

- Well you know you
can always count on me.

- Charlie?

I owe you.

- You can always fix the nose.


- Hey doc?

Take care of yourself, huh?

(dramatic synth music)

(truck starts up)

- Come on, come on, come on.


Yeah, it's me, man.

Ernie, just shut up
and listen, okay?

We're at the Big Bear
Police Station, man.


Jesus, Ernie, shut up.

Now listen.

You've gotta come and get us.

I'll exp--

20 minutes.

20 minutes.

He'll be here in
20 minutes, man.

- Well I hope he
gets here quick.

I just wanna get
outta here before

these guys try to pin
something else on us.

- They got nothin'.

They never will, man.

You've gotta play this
game by their rules,

and in this game, the
rules were in our favor.

We're outta here.

(people chattering)

- Hey.

I wanna talk to you.

- Yeah, what do you want?

- I think you'll be interested
in what I have to say.

- Well what the
fuck do you want?

- You.

Now get in back, or I'll
blow your fuckin' head off.

- Okay.


(dramatic synth music)

- Get in there.

- Are you crazy?

That freak killed your family.

- Did he now?

- Yeah.

So why don't you
get rid of your gun

and let us go, okay?

- Both of you in there, go on.

Get in there.

- Jesus.

- What's this all about?

- I went through a lot
of trouble getting this

equipment up here for you two.


On the table.

Strap her down, go on.

- I don't like
what you're doin'.

- Oh you don't like
what I'm doin'?

Well I don't like
what you did either.

Get the--

(Scratch grunts)

- You're not gonna
do anything stupid.

- Stupid?

I'm gonna let you in on
a little family secret.


was my son.


Unfortunately, he was retarded.

I didn't have the
heart to put him away.

So my brother
Orville and his wife,

they took good care of my boy.

I thank God they were
able to help me out.

I thank God they
were able to help me.

- Help you?


- How?


(Scratch yells)

Go on, look at me!

- No!

- Yes.

My brother made this
mask for me so I could

function in the outside world.

But society won't
accept ugliness.

And now that I've
seen you and you,

and your kind, I don't
need this mask anymore.

I'm beautiful by comparison!

- If you're gonna
kill us, kill us!

But you're a pure ass monster
and nothing can change that.



- My brother made
this room sound proof.

You'll always be
able to hear me,

but I'll never hear you.

- No!


- No!

(soft orchestral music)


(people chattering)

- What the hell is going
on in the projection room?

- Hey, Mike, just
relax will you please?

Hey, Pete, did you
cut into that scene

until the end of the film?

- Well you were looking
over my shoulder

cutting every frame.

- You'd think with all
the money they'd spent

for these screening rooms,
they'd find somebody

who can run a projector.

- Why did you break
the projector?

- I hated the picture.

I mean, it didn't show us
for what we really are.

- I liked it.

- You liked it?

- On a scale of 10,
I thought it was,

perhaps, an eight.

- Nah.

- Mhm.

- Hey, I got an idea.

Let's go in there and
show them what monsters

are really made of.


(people chattering)


(groaning, howling)


- [Frankenstein's Monster]
We're still the scariest.

- [Wolf Man] You're
darn right we are.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)