Grotesque (2009) - full transcript

An unnamed doctor has always had everything he's ever wanted, but that has only made him develop more extreme and depraved needs. He kidnaps a young couple in the prime of their life together and forces them into a game of torment that slowly extinguishes their hopes for survival.

Which one?
Number 1 or number 2?

Which one?

Go ahead! Which one?

Smells sweet....

just like cream.

No, please...


Should I spare him?

Would you die for him?

On your chin...

The other side...

That OK?


Why did the boss call you yesterday?

The boss of Minato Kosan
called to ask how I'm doing.

He wanted me to recommend some
people to him.


I refused!

Oh... I understand.

Um, well... one question...

Forget about it...

What? Ask any questions you like.

Well ...

I was wondering whether
you have a boyfriend or not?


No, I don't.

And what about you?


Do you have a girlfriend?

Oh, no. No, I don't.

I like you.

Love at first sight!

Will you go out with me?

You are not unsympathetic to me.
That`s why I am here.

- So?
- That`s not the point...

But... this is a bit sudden.

I'm referring to the fact it`s
only our first date.

I`m not sure...

Please understand me... maybe we
should get to know each other better first.

Yes... Of course...

You're right.

That's a tall order
on the first date...


Did you enjoy yourself?



I thought that you didn't like it.

No, I also found it very beautiful.

I'm relieved to hear that.

Mr. Koijima...

Would you die for me?
- Eh?

Would you... die for me?

I'm just kidding.

Let`s go.

When the crunch comes,
I will do my best.

What a delicious cake!

The cream is excellent.
Simply excellent.

A really exciting
taste experience!

I have a question.

How many times did you have sex?

Listen to me, dude!

More than a hundred times?


Now you!

More than ten times?

At least once?

Not a single time?

Really? Did you just meet?


Do you like him?


Do you like her?

I see...

Would you die for her?

You will both die here anyway.

But there is a loophole.

You must excite me sexually,

turn me on.

Excite me with your will to survive.

Then I'll let you go.

I give you my word!

Let's get right into it.

Look at me!

This is a command!

Open your eyes.

You must look at him!

And you look over here!

Don`t move!

Calm down...

Calm down!

Breathe out slowly.

Breathe in...

Breathe out...

Breathe in...

Breathe out...

I will be nice to you.

Be a good boy now!

Is it tight enough?

Hey you! Look at him!


That`s enough.

Only talk if I ask you something.

If you can endure it,
I won`t gag you.

Do you think you can endure it?



You`re still soaking.

Say: "Please kill me!"

Go ahead!

It's just words.

"Please kill me!"

"Please kill me!"

"Please kill me!"

"Please kill..."
- No!

Only talk if I ask you something.

If you can endure it,
I won't gag you.

You think you can endure it?


Now the real pain begins.

Try your best to excite me.

Please... Why?

Let us go...

We will not reveal anything.

Let her go at least.


A gift from him.

It looks good on you.

You should give him a gift, too.

No... please!

I did not ask you a question.

Now, I must punish you.

Stay still, otherwise I'll cut too deep.


I have treated the wounds.

And now a gift from her.

What a nice finger...


I'll kill you!

You would die for her... right?

But first I will torture you.

I will cut you into pieces.

If you break down, she`s next in line.

Be brave and I will spare her.
You agree with the rules of the game?

First, I will hammer some nails
into your nuts.

If you surrender, I`ll stop your
torture and start torturing her...

The nail will go in exactly here...

It will be very painful.

To surrender is not a disgrace.

You said you would die for her...

But the human being is
weak. That's okay.

Therefore, will you give up?

Crumpled poor little thing...

And now for your penis...

I will cut it off.
You'll never have sex again.

Not even with her.


First, I'll have a look at that
eye of yours.

Please, no...

And now your penis...

- Eh?

Who has allowed you to speak?

Should I quit?

Put yourself in his place.

I`ve deeply felt...

The sexual stimulation!

You`ve won!

I`ll not let you die.

Miss Miyashita...


I'm glad that
we are still alive.

Were you ready to die?

I was in mortal fear.

But... I did my best...
as promised.

Anyway, we suvived.
You and me...


Both of us... together.

How are you?

You're both still too weak.

You can stay until you have

This is my way of saying
thanks for the thrill of excitement.

Why should we trust you?

Stop bothering us!
- Relax.

Of course you don`t trust me,

after what I`ve done to you.

I will do my best
to convince you.

I hope you understand my feelings.

That`s so selfish!

- Skip it, please...
- Oh, that`s OK...

However, I am selfish.

I have a selfish
desire to serve you.

Nevertheless, I insist
that you wear these chains...

Why have you shackled us?

So you don't try to escape.
It`s dangerous. You need rest.

I am a good doctor...
When you've recovered,

I`ll take you to the police.


I'll give myself up to the police.

You'll get all my assets...
a 700 million yen injury award.

Compared with the excitement that you
gave me, it's nothing.


Tell me...
- Yes?

Isn`t it a little odd...

...that he's treating us so well?

What's his plan?

What`s going on in his head?

Maybe he really will let us go free,
as he said.

Who knows...?

Let's hope so...

He's still mad!

Even if he's telling the truth,
he's still a pathological sadist.

We must keep our eyes open!

I thought... if we get out of here...

I know... I am
a cripple now, but ...

If we get out of here...

I would stay with you, if you`d like.


I'm also a broken man...

but together we form a unit!

I'd like you by my side.

I will do my best.

By the way:
I have to go to the bathroom!

It's never more than
30 seconds until he is here.

You're right.

And this other thing...
it really cracks me up...

Yeah, me too!

I wonder if he even noticed.

If so, he would have done
something about it.

I do believe that
he bathes regularly.

He smells a little like
soap and shampoo.

Have you guys finished?

I need to go to the bathroom.


I`m sorry...

You all right?
- Alrighty!

I am fine.

What perseverance!

Your will to live is admirable!

It will soon be over.

Shall we go?
- Of course.

I`m really so satisfied.

If you both feel better,

you`ll be free in two or three days.

And now, take your medication.

What does that mean?


What is going on here?

Shut up and relax!

You`ve really excited me,

therefore I want to taste a
little more of it.

That you're back here now...
must make you feel a deep despair.

And now,
show me your survival will again.

You've got what it takes...
I`m sure.

I don`t break my promises,

but I was not excited enough to release
you guys.

Now you can prove that you're
ready to die for her.

I`ll make a clean cut and
pull out your rectum.

I'll cut in the vicinity of your
anus, where the bowel ends.

Then I'll hook the intestinal end on here.

Once your guts are hanging out...

you can go straight up to her.

Here is a pair of scissors.

Your guts only reach to here,

so you'll have to cut it,

remove her manacles...

and release her.

If you can make it,
I'll let her go.

But your life is probably over...

So what? It's romantic, right?

Make me horny!
I know you can!

What's with this look?!

Her life is in your hands.

Be strong and brave!

Here... good...

Should I torture her, and
cut her into pieces?

I thought you would do it.

Was I really all wrong about you, huh?

Good... good...
you can do it!

You can do it!

You can perform miracles!

Go ahead!

Go! Go!



Good... good...

A few more steps!
Keep it up! Go on!

You have almost reached the scissors.
Go on! Keep it up! Good!

Go ahead!
You're almost there!

A tiny weeny bit more!


Try harder!

Good... almost there.


You can perform miracles.
You can do it! Yeah!

Now! Do it!

A bit more!
Yes! Yes!

You're doing it! Good... go ahead!!

Go... go... go!

C`mon, it`s not so far...

Go ahead!
Just a few more centimeters!

Rescue her! Rescue her!
You can do it!

Right there!

You can do it! Good!
I know you can do it!

Yeah, do it! Right!
Buck up! You did it!

Get a grip!
Go on!

Stand up!

Intersect it!
Yeah, you can do it!

Go! Hurry up!

Hurry up! Play up!
Try harder!


It`s OK: you can cut through.

Was that it?

A futile attempt.

Show me one last
time your will to live.


Yes. That is the correct look.

I was with your mother.

She`s a prostitute in Okubo.

A fat whore, with
tons of make-up on her face.

A virus-contaminated sheep!

I was with her.

You look exactly like her.

And you have this thing, too.


What thing?

You don't even know?

Tell me.

You really don't know?

I`m sorry for you!

You never had many friends, right?
Am I right?

Above all, girls have always
shunned you.

And only whores like your mother
wanted to have sex with you.

You were never loved
by a woman, right?

Do you know why?

Do you want me to tell you?

It is hereditary.
The genes of your whore-mother.

The prostitute from
Okubo stank like a skunk.

Therefore even drunks didn't want to
go to bed with her.

If she hasn`t told you,
she knew it would not tell itself.

Shit happens, son of a bitch!

I stink?

You and your whore-mother.

You spread a
terrible stench.

Your armpits stink.


You cannot smell -
am I right?

This lack of the sense of smell...

is what you have also inherited.

You stink horribly and
you can`t even smell it.

There are people like you.

You stink. That`s the reason why
everybody gets out of your way.

If somebody really
loved you, they would have told you.

If nobody ever said it to you, that means
that no one has ever loved you.

You make these insane
things because you're so lonely.

Am I right?

I am so sorry for you!

Poor devil. You're lonely...