Gromkaya svyaz (2019) - full transcript

Seven friends, having gathered in a country house, begin to play the game in a joke - participants must read out aloud all messages that come to them, and answer calls only via speakerphone...



>Finally not there.>

>Okay, that's it, I give up.>

>Oops-la-la. I beg.>

>- Well, how could I ...
- Why were you arguing?>

>- What?
- What?>

>Well, you asked something.
- What ... A.>


>Which one?>


>Uh-huh. Okay, come on.>

>Well that's it, I'll be ready,
I'll dial it for you then.>

>That's it, mom, I'll call you back.>

>- Who did you talk to?
- With no one. With Leroy.>

>- Sonya, do you want to tell me anything?
- Not.>

>- Going somewhere?
- In the movies, I already told you.>

>A. Well, let's say.>

>- And besides Lera, someone is coming?
- Not. I do not know.>

>- And Pasha won't be there?
- Well, even if, so what?>

>- And then you go to him, right?
- Not.>

>- That's not mine.
- Whose?>

>And where did it come from in your bag?>

>This is Lera. She asked to buy it for her.>

>Sofia, your lies you
you are not insulting me, but yourself.>

>- Why?
- Don't you understand?>

>- I do not understand.
- It's a pity.>

>It is a pity that for 17 years I
I never managed to explain it to you.>

>Well, you see how stupid I am.>

>And the fact that you rummage in my bag
you insult not only yourself, but also me.>

>Well, that's impossible.>

>Granny, what kind of soup is so bad?>

>Whoever finishes the soup will receive jelly.>

>- Oh, more jelly.
- And get your elbows off the table.>

>- Take the bread.
- Bah, I don't want jelly.>

>- I'm ready.
- Now.>

>Nadezhda Fyodorovna,
where is the tangerine tree?>

>- I thought it was for us.
- I don't want jelly.>

>- Is there a bonus card?
- Yeah.>

>Katyusha, ..>

>... what about the mood?>

>Nothing, everything is fine.>


>Wadi, just these meetings of yours ...>

>It feels like above me
everyone scoffs.>

>- Come on, they are joking.
- How to understand?>

>Vaughn Borya last time, he is
told me all evening>

>as a child sat on Stalin's lap.>

>And I believed, Wad. Well, what a fool.>

>But it’s true.>

>Remember how many
the people were sitting.>

>Wad, well ...>

>Lyova, Sonya lies all the time.>

>Why are you silent?>

>Well listen, she's not allowed to date
with a person she likes>

>what can she do?>

>- So you don't like him either.
- Yes.>

>We both don't like him, so
she meets him, not us.>

>Listen, well there are things that we
we understand, probably better than she.>

>We're her parents.>

>Your parents were against it too
so we can meet. And what helped?>

>Listen, you can't tell her anything
she immediately rushes.>

>Eve, honey, but this is absurd.>

>You are a professional psychologist yourself,>

>through your office
hundreds of teenagers pass by.>

>Well abstract, well imagine
that this is just another ...>

>I can’t abstract and imagine
that is just another.>

>Because this is my daughter
and not some incomprehensible teenagers there.>

>You are so beautiful when you are angry.>

>- And I'm also afraid of Eve.
- Eve? What are you doing !?>

>I do not know. She's just kind of ...>

>Just every time I start
tell something,>

>her or her phone rings,
or the waiter approaches.>

>Do you know how?>

>Wadi, well ...>


>Don't push my mom.>

>I'm not putting pressure on your mom.
I just ...>

>... explained a little louder.
She hears badly.>

>Although sometimes I have a feeling
that hears everything very well.>

>Well, why are you starting this?>

>You yourself were with her at the doctor,
she has these ...>

>- Exostoses, yes.
- Here, yes.>

>Why, when I say to her face:>

>"Don't buy Igor synthetics,
he sweats in it, ">

>does she not hear?>

>she heard everything perfectly.>

>Still, please don't yell at her.>

>We've been living for a long time>

>i know well when you
you speak loudly when you scream.>



>- Struggle.
- AND.>

>- Will you take the tree?
- Yes Yes Yes.>


>And the packages?>

>Eri, Eri, Eri.>

>Hello. I love everyone, kiss.>

>- Do they take off your shoes or not?
- Don't.>

>- I still didn’t take it off.
- Yeah.>

>- This is from Alina.
- Hello.>


>Leo, turn on the light.>

>- Borya, what is this tree?
- It is a symbol of family, love and fidelity.>

>- Hello.
- Hello. - Hello.>

>- Oh, what earrings.
- Thank.>

>Tell your friend to see a doctor
comes off. Runs every half hour.>

>Katya, this is our Nadezhda Fedorovna -
it's just fucked up.>

>In short, I'm buying expensive
balm for hair in the salon.>

>She decides to wash their hair.>

>Well, she squeezes out, it doesn't foam.>

>She squeezes out, lathers more
it does not foam. Well, it's a balm.>

>Then he comes out, says to me:>

>"Alinochka, you are this shampoo
don't buy it, it's defective. ">

>- What, you quarreled, or what?
- Our daughter suddenly matured.>

>We found condoms at Sonya.>

>E-mine. Wow.>

>Yes, no, well ... no, well, if I were with Nastya
found condoms, yeah ...>

>Listen, but what's wrong?
Nastya is already 6 years old, it's high time.>

>- Only 5
- Oh, no, 5 is too early.>

>Very funny.>

>You ...>

>- Hello.
- Hello.>

>- Hello.
- This is us.>

>- Oh, nifiga yourself.
- Vadik, is it yours, or what?>

>Ay, I snapped myself off!>

>- Made in Australia.
- Great.>

>I don't know how in the country
in Moscow exactly this one.>

>- And this is the only merit?
- Oh oh! V8, 3150 horses, diesel,>

>while eating 10 liters in the city.
- ten?>

>- A, 12-13, Took it for a penny.
- Lucky.>

>Listen, Vadik, why do you need this?>

>Well, the Tajiks are calling, the cement is over,
I threw two pouches or a box of tiles.>

>At the same time, look, the salon, eh?

>Leather, everything.>

>- Wow. Aunt Lyudin, pets?
- Yeah.>

>- And this is also aunt Lyudin?
- It's mine.>

>Listen, so under this case
urgently need a drink.>


>Herring, of course, in general.

>Katyusha, and you for salty
just like that, or ...>


>It's definitely not.>

>Although ... Now.>


>But we are working on it.>


>Well, always.>

>I mean, often and ... Oh, that's it.>

>- Well, at least someone is fucking.
- Come on, as if you have once a month.>

>Ha, once a month.>

>- Katyusha.
I am now.>

>I find out what Vadik wants there.>

>What, less often?>

>What, Vadik?>

>What about you?>

>- I went to a sex shop.
- For what?>

>Well, to what, to what?
To buy yourself a vibrator.>


>I came, there are a million of them, you know?
Everyone is different there.>

>I barely got there anyway,>

>and now I will ask
and this is why and how to use it ...>

>To, I also couldn't get out of there, count it.>

>Well, now someone will definitely see
that I went in and out of there.>

>Listen, well, I would take it home, and there somehow
figured out, I do not know, by typing.>

>You have secrets from me, right?>

>Katyusha, it's all right, we love you.>

>Listen, it's good that we
we got out into nature.>

>- Air, forest ...
- Here. Lakes, again.>

>- Let's drink?
- Sure.>

>Listen, Dima today
will be with this ...>

>- With Olya.
- He said that with her.>

>- Has anyone seen her before?
- Me not.>

>So do I. What is it?>

>Nothing, he just tells
that she is some kind of incredible beauty.>

>I’m sure it’s not true.>

>- Come on, come on.
- Well, do you remember his women?>

>- They are all kind of like that, well, very so-so.
- Well, yes, tudym-syudym.>

>No, well, they seem to be different, but at the same time
some are the same.>


>Even so, they are equally ugly.>

>And he is not very beautiful.>

>Remember, I brought Alina
all of you are like, "Fuck.">


>And he told me:"Well, this.">

>Well, yes, and so it was about Eve.>

>And I think I know why.
This is his protection.>

>He, apparently, once decided
that he cannot reach the beautiful,>

>and so ... well, excluded them for myself.>

>How to exclude them?
And you need to consider them ugly.>

>But these mediocre ones, on the contrary
appoint beautiful. It's easier for him.>

>- Masterfully crap.
- Yes.>

>Yes, men, and you gossip is even worse
than women.>

>Al, but tell me, Dimka could you
like, well, basically?>

>Well, in principle, I might like it, of course.
He is reliable, caring, decent.>

>For women
that's what men like.>

>- Yes.
- Reliable, decent ...>

>So, in short, let's go, everything is already there.
You’ll get drunk here now.>

>And they should get drunk there.>

>Oh, Dmitry and his beauty Olga.>

>Well, where are you, Dmitry?>

>How lost?
Where can you get lost here?>

>What a spotted fool?>

>My car.>

>What are you laughing at?>

>And, Dimochka, everything is correct.
This is Vadik's new car.>

>And in my opinion, beautiful.>

>- Goat.
- We are waiting for you.>

>So, I remind you>

>man has the first serious woman
for three years.>

>More benevolent.>



>- What?
- Where is Olya?>

>And Olya is very sorry, she got sick.>

>- And what, will not come?
- Not.>

>She is ill and will not come.>

>And we were waiting for her.>

>She was very upset too
and will not come.>

>And what, will not come at all?>

>So, I did not understand, should I leave?>

>So, Dim, stop it. Come on.>

- Give me a melon.>

>- And you lost weight, in my opinion.
- You are not sick, the main thing. Well done.>

>- Maybe we would have made friends with her.
- Come on in.>

>Eh, melon. And what are we going to do with her?>

>- What?
- Well, how is that?>

>It is incompatible with either
what other products.>

>- Here.
- Thank.>

>It can only be done on an empty stomach, well ...
Well, or so that 4 hours have passed, only then.>

>Dmitry, what are you,
wanted to poison us, or what?>

>- Why?
- Well, how is it, you brought a melon,>

>and it is incompatible with any
other products.>

>And we have a whole table of other products.>

>Someone will combine.>

>- So what?
- And that's all.>

>- And the jamon with melon?
- So this is a jamon with a melon,>

>eat it as much as you want.>

>And the melon with ham is a kick.
Here is such a kusmanchik.>

>Guys, stop joking about Katya, eh.>

>Let's start.>

>- Dim.
- Mm? - Vadik.>

>- Well, at least tell me what she is.
- All. - Who?>

>Everything, everything.>

>- Melon.
- Melon?>

>Well, I can about the melon too.
You won't eat it anyway,>

>I'll at least tell you what she is.>



>- She is good, kind ...
- Good, kind, well?>

>- Maybe she's still beautiful, tall ...
- Beautiful, tall.>

>Why are all of you ticks
need to be pulled out?>

>- How old did you say she was?
- I didn’t speak at all.>

>So tell me.>

>- 28,
- 28?>

>- Well done.
- But Stasik surpassed him anyway.>

>- Is this his girl 21?
- She will only be 21,>

- They have an affair for a year and a half,>

>they met in Turkey.
That is, you understand. -Yes Yes Yes.>

>Wait, how do you know all this?>

>Did you know they were having an affair?>

>- Not.
- Come on, well ...>

>Here you are bastards, eh.>

>Well, well, but if only they knew
Well, what does it change?>

>- Like what? I should have told Dasha right away.
“Of course, she’s our friend.>

>Who is he?
So so - the husband of a friend.>

>Just Stasik is an asshole.
I had to erase the text messages>

>and nothing would have happened.>

>I did not understand, that is, he is not to blame for
that he had an affair with this bitch>

>but the fact that he did not erase the text messages?>

>No, he is to blame, he is bad - a-ta-ta.>

>But simply, if it happened,
have respect for your wife, erase sms.>

>- Al, I mean it.
- Fine.>

>And what does it mean "it happened"?
He just walked, and that's how it happened?>

>- What did you attack me, do you hear?
- Because you protect him.>

>Alin, well, really, why are you?>

>Vadik, for example, always erases everything.>

>- What erases?
- Lingerie.>

>Katya, he's trolling you.>

>I ask you very much, if suddenly at Vadik,
well, something like that, I want to know.>

>- What for?
- Well, well, well, so as not to look stupid.>

>Everyone knows this, they discuss it, this ...

>... it's so humiliating and ...>

>Promise me if suddenly you, well, something
you will find out, you tell me everything.>

>“I swear I'll be the first to tell you.
- Wad, well ...>

>- I swear.
- Do you really want it?>


>- Well then listen.
- Stop.>

>Well, she will believe, I have to live with it.>

>Katya, don't worry, everyone
sooner or later it will be recognized.>

>- Why is this?
- Because everything secret becomes apparent.>

>- Who said that?
- Philosopher.>

>Which philosopher?
Everything secret becomes clear>

>only when the goat is
who tells everything.>

>He also considers himself a decent person,
he told the truth.>

>Life, bitch, ruined people.>

>And if the goat is not,
then everything secret remains secret.>

>It's just that the goat is almost always there.>

>No, there is no need to interfere with someone else's life.>

>If only because you will become an enemy
and for both.>

>- And I think you need to tell.
- Melon.>

>We take, we combine, we are not afraid.>

>I beg.>

>So you think it's better
in 30 years, yes, somewhere to find out the truth?>

>Ay, you won't care in 30 years,
You will walk with a stick, and I will die already.>

>Well, by the way, Vadik is right.>

how many people>

>divorced, that's just
by reading each other's phone?>

>Yes it's true. Boris never in my life
he won't give me his phone.>

>- Why won't I give it?
- Well, what will you give?>

>You are welcome. Here, take it.>

>- I'll take it.
- Take it.>

>- Ah, hands are shaking, look.
- Come on.>

>Struggle, I'm worried about you, stop.>

>No, really, you take it.
Just put yours here.>

>- Easy.
- Come on.>

>Anyway, there are sms
only from our children.>

>And, well, also from your sister
with questions about your mom.>

>- And what is she writing to you?
- Who else?>

>Who goes to the hospital with your mom>

>measures her pressure, then another
listens to everything from her?>

>- And I don't even have a password.
- Right. Why should I get into your phone?>

>But for Lyova, the telephone is generally sacred.
You can't even touch him.>


>Because this is my phone
and, in general, that's enough.>

>- However, I can explain.
- Oh, listen, you better not.>

>No-no-no, let him explain.
Bora will come in handy.>

>Well, look when you talk
with Eve on the phone,>

>she always goes to another room.>

>It's not because you have any secrets,
but because this is your conversation ...>

>- Well.
- ...Your relationship.>

>And in the end, you have to discuss,
what we are with Borya goats. Yes, Bor?>

>- Yes, that's all we do.
- And that's okay.>

>With me you would have spoken differently.>

>Lyova, what's so difficult?
You have an iron excuse.>

>Eve will find a naked woman on your phone,
well, I'm sorry, but you:“This is my patient.>

>I gave her an operation on Tuesday
I'm doing it on my chest. All.>

>Because I'm not looking
here are such easy ways.>

>What if she finds 500 naked women?>

>And he is a demanded surgeon.
This is a queue for 5 years.>

>You ask some Denis Matsuev:
"What are you doing on March 12, 2022?">

>He will tell you:
"I play a Beethoven sonata at the Albert Hall.">

>And Leva will say:“I'm reducing my ass
Tamara Gennadievna ".>

>You knew.>

>So guys, no one
no secrets, or what?>

>- I am clean.
- You - yes.>

>Eve, I beg you.>

>We've known each other for so many years
what secrets?>

>Let's play one game then.>

>- In which?
- What game is this?>

>- Come on, you still refuse.
- Why do we refuse?>

>Oh, I adore her, she always
knows everything about us better than ourselves.>

>Yes, you refuse, refuse.
You will definitely refuse.>

>- So why?
- Just about, please. Here ...>

>That's when I gave up?
When did we all give up good play?>

>- Tell me already, which one?
- A very simple game.>

>We all put cell phones on the table>

>all calls to speakerphone,
we read sms aloud.>

>We don't have any secrets.>

>What kind of game is this, Eve?>

>Give, give a kiss.>

>- A fun game.
- And it seems to me not very much.>

>Well, if you have any secrets,
then of course not.>

>I have not, but if you cheat on me,
I don't want to know that.>

>If I had
would be a lover>

>I would never in my life
this game was not offered.>


>Or maybe to the Mafia?>

>Why sit at home, guys?
Into the forest, picking mushrooms.>

>- Now is the mushroom time,
from 6 to 9 pm. - Uh-huh.>

>- They literally stem from ...
- Enough.>

>I told you they would move out.>

>I think it's interesting
maybe it will be funny.>

>Yes, and I think it's worth a try.>

>Here in you girls
I had no doubts at all.>

>- Dim, will you support us, mm?
- Well, please, well play with us.>

>- I AM?
- Yes.>

>Hmm, please.>

>And what? It's like "I believe - I don't believe".>

>Remember we all played together in childhood?>

>We all jerked off together in childhood, so what?>


>- I was not with you.
- And you are an individual peasant, retired.>

>- Nightmare.
- Yes.>

>Come on, Wad, put your phone on.>

>- Where?
- Well, how where? On the table.>

>- Or your secrets?
- Yes, I have no secrets.>

>Well, it's just some kind of bodybuilder.
What is it?>


>Wad, put it in.>

>Or should I start to worry?>

>Oh please. What problems.>

>These are ours.
And here's mine.>

>And Levin is already on the table.>

>Hey, I don’t get it, are you serious, or what?>

>- Yeah.
- Yeah.>

>We play.>

>- Dad, can I have you?
- Yes, Sonechka. Sorry.>

>Dad, please give me some money.>

>- What did you not ask for there?
- Mom is there.>


>Well, stop making your mom a monster.>

>Well, she really loves you very much.>

>Mom just wasn't used to it
that you grew up>

>and the love that she loved you with
earlier in childhood, you no longer need it.>

>Dad, you know you love me
I see it.>

>And my mother, along the way, hates me.>

>Sonya ...>

>- Do I know why girls want to play this?
- So.>

>“They just all have lovers.
- How.>

>- And me?
- Sure.>

>Class! So what?>

>“And you want to be discovered.
- I wonder why?>

>- I read at Nesbo's, recently it came out ...
- Who have you read?>

>Well, the Norwegian detective is crazy.
Y. Nesby.>

>Younesbo. Oh great.>

>Yu - name, Nesbo - surname.>

>No, I know him.
I have been always interested in,>

>here Yu is the full name,
and what is his shorthand?>

>Well, what did his parents call him as a child?
Well, Yu is a bit long.>

>Yu, go home. YU.>

>- So, what are our lovers?
- Yes, lovers.>

>So he has a serial killer there,
and he really wants to be revealed.>

>Such a theory exists in psychology.>

>And some criminals do everything
to be arrested.>

>- And what do you mean?
- To the fact that you want to be arrested.>

>- What for? What for?
- You ask Nesbo.>

>- Not at Nesbo, but J. Nesbo.
- Guys, you got carried away somewhere.>

>Let's eat some pie.
It was Katyusha who baked herself.>

>- Katyusha, without what?
- Gluten free.>

>- Oops.
- Lactose free.>

>- Yeah.
- And most importantly, sugar free.>

>- You have.
- And what is there in general?>

>Awesome recipe. Need to...>


>This is the first message.>

>- On my.
- Read it.>

>I am reading.>

>Read, read.
"Baby, I want you so.">

>- So what does it mean.
- I do not understand.>

>A good start.>

>- Well, how do I know? Well, Katya, this is ...
- Wad, tell me, who is it from?>

>I do not know this number, I swear to you.
This is the first time I see a number ...>

>- Maybe someone was wrong?
- Maybe someone was wrong, Dim, yes, right.>

>And why was he wrong that way,
what came to you?>

>Well ... Dim.>

>- Well, he had to be wrong somewhere.
- Yes.>

>Oh, this is the one from whom
message, calls.>

>- Answer.
- Why should I answer ... What if it is ...>

>- Maybe ...
- Answer.>

>- Vadik, pick up the phone.
- Well I ..>

>Well, take it.>


>Yes, hello.>

>Yes, I am listening to you.>


>Speak, you cannot be heard.>

>- There is someone breathing.
- Well, is he breathing, and should I breathe back there?>

>Do not be silent!>

>- Who is it?
- Someone, Agnia Barto!>

>- Lyova!
- Well, what, I was joking, well.>

>Well, okay, what are you?>

>Lyova, of course you have
a specific sense of humor.>

>- Well, guys, but how?
- And I liked it.>

>-You'd see your face now.>

>And I would look at yours,
if only ... yeah ...>

>Listen, I don't know, I somehow
I immediately realized that this was a joke.>

>And we immediately understood
that you knew right away.>

>- Dad, that's it, drive the phone.
- Yes sun.>


>- AND...
- Do you want to say hello?>

>Why say hello? I am already leaving.>

>Goodbye to everyone.>

>- Here's how you can communicate with her, how?
- She's not always like that.>

>Usually even worse.
Well, Ev, well, this is a transitional age.>

>“Look, it's a common problem for fathers and children.
- Yeah.>

>- Alina and I still have to.
And with two. - Oh yeah.>

>Dima is great.
He decided this question for himself.>

>- What?
- Well, no children - no problem. All.>

>“That's not why.
- Oh, like that, right?>

>It's just that I never do anything
if I don't understand why.>

>Dim, you wanna say that you
don't understand why children, right?>

>I do not understand. And most importantly,
nobody can explain.>

>Every second one asks me:
"Dima, why don't you have children?">

>I say:"Why?">

>"Well, well, there must be children.">

>I say:"For what?">

>And then those who are dumber say:
"Well, a glass of water before you die.">

>Those who are smarter:
"The notorious glass of water.">

>I then came up with and told them:>

>“And if I pour this glass myself in advance
and put it on the nightstand, is that all? ">


>There is really only one reason
to have children - you want.>

>I don't want to.>

>Dim, well, you are now somehow everything ..>

>Well, I don't know, for me my children
this is the meaning of my life.>

>But it seems to me wrong to do
the meaning of your life is someone else's life.>

>This is his life.>

>And he himself must find meaning in it.>

>And you try to find it in yours.>

>Okay, "the meaning of life" ...
There is no meaning in life.>

>No, well, old man, you know ...
Well, how can there be any sense in>

>what did they give you without asking
and without saying, will they take it away?>


>What's again?>

>- Vadik, have you read it somewhere?
- Nowhere, I said and said.>

>Oh, what am I? Vadik read it.>

>Mm. Fuck you.>

>- Let's drink.
- Let's.>

>For ... For the children.>


>- So, the phone rings.
- Calls.>

>- O. - Speaker background.
- OK.>

>So I took her.>

>I didn’t hear, please say it again.>

>That's what I'm saying, I took it.>

>Mash, one more time from start to finish
say the phrase.>

>- What is so loud with you?
- We're just on speaker.>

>- Don't say anything superfluous.
- E.>

>Oh, well ...>

>So what should I do?>

>Mash, well, repeat the phrase again
from the beginning to the end. The whole phrase.>

>Which one?>

>Mash, I didn't hear what you wanted?>

>Nothing. I just took the dry cleaning.
Can I add it?>

>No, don't. Don't, then.>

>I'm just around here, and here's a whole bag.>

>- Well ... well, leave it at the concierge.
- As you say. Otherwise I would just spread everything.>

>Don't, I'll put it all out myself later.>

>Everything, goodbye. Thank.>

>What, did I do something wrong?>

>No, well, then I'll be right.>

>What did you not want
so that she came to you?>

>- Olya is sick.
- AND.>

>Maybe she fell asleep.>

>And Masha, she is so loud.>

>So I'm sure that Dima will
a very good father.>

>Wad, come on.>

>Try it.>


- Come on, come on, come on.>

>Here's an interesting thing, right?

>We can drink there in the house
no one forbids us,>

>but this is a separate pleasure,
like that on the sly on a glass.>

>Come on.>

>- Shh.
- Ding. Like this.>

>In short, count up, the only one
hotel throughout Yoshkar-Ola>

>is called, naturally, "Yoshkar-Ola".>

>The locals joke that everything is off.>

>The poster is huge from the window
"Time to live in Yoshkar-Ola".>

>- Times are not chosen.
- Yes.>

>- And what are you doing there?
- And we muddy one story there.>

>We are repairing the embankment.>

>Yes, if everything grows together
there you can lift well.>

>Is it like a seed?>

>What am I with a seed?>

>There, if not for these goats,
I would have been covered in chocolate, you know, Leo.>

>Look, you have these goats too,
and the Finns are goats.>

>Only the Turks are great.
What good fellows?>

>No money, no sealant. Well done.>

>Listen, I really want him to
everything worked out already.>

>And it is clear that nothing will work out.>

>Why doesn't it work?
Because everyone is goats.>

>That is, they are to blame for everything,
and he has nothing to do with it.>

>- Fuck you!
- Well yes.>

>Do you love Alyosha more than me,>

>You shouldn't sigh about Alyosha.>

>All your dreams are about Alyoshka,>

>You have forgotten only about Seryoga.>

>You are still quite naive and pure,>

>Your life is empty without Alyosha.>

>- Struggle, are you all?
- No, I'll still eat.>

>... from afar,
Only between us the river tears.>

>Because you have Alyosha,>

>You shouldn't sigh about Alyosha.>

>All your dreams are about Alyoshka,>

>You have forgotten only about Seryoga.>

>- Katyusha, why don't you sing with us?
- I sing.>

>Because you have Alyosha,>

>Struggle, Struggle. Katya, Katya.>

>- Ev, phone.
- Who's there?>

>Dad. Look at what photo.>

>- Dad.
- Dad.>

>Dad. Oh hold it.>

>- Ev, Ev, where did you go?
- Well, sit down.>

>How did it start?>

>- Hello.
- Hello, daughter. How do you?>

>Yes, dad, hello. Things are good.
We are sitting with friends, having dinner.>

>Mm, I'm quick. Greenberg agrees
you just need to choose the day of the operation.>

>I'll send the phone right now,
call him and arrange.>

>Okay, dad, thanks.>

>- All right, kiss, honey.
- Yes, kiss. Until.>

>- Ev, what kind of operation?
- No, it's okay.>

>Ev, really, what kind of operation?>

>Mammoplasty, I want to enlarge my breasts.>

>- Well, I want to make boobs.
- Boobs?>

>- What didn't you tell me?
- You would go for the company.>

>We have just now an action-
4 boobs for the price of 3,>

>- Ev, well, you're a psychologist.
- So what?>

>- Psychologists do not enlarge breasts.
- Why?>

>I don't like my breasts
and I want to increase it.>

>So that's the point,
you should like her.>

>What is it?>

>No, I don't know anything, how is it,
but just why should?>

>She is a psychologist, she must accept herself.>

>Yes, they even have an oath written there:>

>Joining the ranks of psychologists
I solemnly swear>

>take all of yourself,
especially boobs.>

>- And if you are a man?
- Well, men also have something to take.>


>- Vadik, what are you starting now, huh?
“That's not what I meant.>

>- What did you mean then?
- That. But not in that sense.>

>And in what?>

>So I meant dick and balls
sense of dick and eggs. Is that all, Dima?>

>- Finally, the truth.
- Wait, I didn't understand.>

>If a woman doesn't like her breasts
what does it mean, she does not accept herself?>

>Well yes.>

>Well then. I accept everything
except for boobs. Okay?>

>Well, boobs are also an important part of you.>

>My friends, pilaf!>

>- Oh!
- Wow!>

>- Here. AND?
- A spoon.>

>A spoonful.>

>- Mm. Mm?
- Mm.>



>I just didn't understand one thing
sorry, well, with boobs.>

>Why isn't Leva operating?>

>Well, because dad said no.>

>- Yeah.
- Mm.>

>Our dad is not just a dad,
he is the head physician.>

>And therefore, all the best for the daughter.>

>Greenberg - professor, luminary,
head of the department.>

>- Did you say everything?
- Well, what's wrong?>

>This is all nonsense.>

>Just a husband shouldn't do
such an operation to my wife,>

>because he can lose
sexual attraction to her.>

>- Mm. By the way, that's right.
- Yes.>

>Well, this is the official version,>

>in fact he just counts me
a mediocre surgeon.>

>Leo, come on, come on.>

>Well, how can you relate to a person
whom you only hired because>

>that he is your daughter's husband?>

>And you also didn't want him to be a husband.>

>Well, then so.>

>Well, we must somehow arrange a son-in-law.>

>And it really doesn't matter what kind of surgeon I am.>

>And what can I be at all
in this situation?>

>- Are you a good surgeon?
- Good. He is a very good surgeon.>

>Yes. Only indecisive.>

>I should have left for a long time
to another clinic,>

>and it would be already at least
it would be clear what I'm worth.>


>Let Greenberg make one breast
the other is Leva.>

>But let's not tell which one.>

>The council decides which one is better.>

>And the winner gets the title of professor,
laureate, head of the department,>

>at the same time Eve and the chest.>

>- And dick and balls to the heap.
- Wad.>

>It's funny. But the funny thing is that I think
she doesn't need any operation.>

>It was he who complimented you.>

>You see, it happens so often
that you even paid attention to it.>

>- Well done.
- Thank.>

>- Let's drink.
- Let's. - Let's.>

>- For my chest. - With pleasure.
- The name of Greenberg.>

>Dim, I have a problem.>


>Well, a friend of mine, she's at 10 pm,
well, every day he sends me, well ...>

>- Good night wishes?
- Your photograph.>

>Yourself ... well, such ...>

>- Naked?
- Not.>

>Not always.>

>Well yes.>

>- Well, you got it.
- Yes.>

>So, we have with you
the same phones, right?>

>Let's exchange now
and then she will send me>

>and change back.>

>No, Bor, well, no.
Well, no, that's all.>

>- But why? Well, you're alone now.
“So I’m not alone.>

>- No, well, you are alone here today.
- All the same, everyone will say>

>that I am cheating on Ole.
And we have just started.>

>I do not want with girls.>

>“They won't tell anyone anything.
- Yeah, I know "they won't tell anyone anything.">

>They will tell everyone everything and add at the end:
Just please don't tell anyone.>

>And this will mean that they
did not tell anyone anything.>

>- Don't you care what I have
the family will collapse? -Not.>

>You just didn't have to play.>

>How not to play? You said yourself:
"Let's play, I agree.">

>- So the women did not have to start.
- How ... how ... you know ...>

>- What kind of a woman?
- Young, beautiful.>

>Who cares? I have been married for 15 years.>


>Well, no, Bor.>

>Where did you come from?>

>Cool shorts,
Former Levi's jeans.>

>Simple makeup,
You smell like the first lily of the valley>

>I won't rip you off ..>


>Where did you come from?>

>By the way, I think to tell you
or not to tell.>

>Because it seems to me
what is right - tell you.>

>Because if I don't tell you,
it will be wrong what you know>

>but I knew and did not tell.

>Leo goes to a psychologist.>

>- What lion?
- The king of beasts.>

>Your husband, Leo.>

>Goes to a psychologist?>

>How do you know that?>

>Well, Borya told me.>

>Well, he told me to
I didn't tell anyone.>

>I told you, I didn't, did I?>


>This is my?
Is yours.>

>Who's calling?
Your love.>

>- What is my love?
- "Yurochka is my love.">

>What kind of Yurochka?>

>- Hello, Yurochka, hello.
- Hello, Alinochka, my love, hello.>

>Everything works out for us
I transferred this red habalka to 5,>

>so at 3 I'm yours.>

>Thank you my dear.>

>My darling, you me very much
helped a lot, I owe you.>

>Fuck you, what are you saying?
Everything, come on, kiss. Until Monday.>

>- Kisses, kisses. Until.
- Smack, smack, pookie.>

>No, well, it's clear about Yurochka.>

>Why "my love"?>

>Hmm, you heard
as he called me.>

>Yes, he calls everyone that.
Even this red haired habalka.>

>Well, it's better than

>- Yura the fagot you can.
- Vadik.>

>Pieces of meat first
fry in oil>

>then add the onions and carrots ...>

>- Oh, message.
- Another.>

>- "Yanik, football".
- Me too. "Yanik, football".>

>Yes, Janik, confirmed
on Monday we play.>

>We're playing, right?>

>But it didn't come to me.>


>Will come.>

>Sometimes it is delayed.>

>And I heard that they are now
block these here,>

>and it can come in a day.>

>Dim, you turn it off and on.>

>It's just that the connection is so bad outside the city.>

>- Pour boiling water over it all.
- Yeah.>

>- Carrots, onions, fry everything ...
- Or maybe you just>

>everyone agreed not to call me?>

>Brother, what are you doing?>

>- Yanik. Well, don't you know Janick?
- I know. So what?>

>- Well ...
- Well, Yanik, he's like that, he's ...>

>- Which one?
- Well, what? He's sloppy.>

>- I forgot to just send, that's all.
- Listen, well, Yanik, he's all the time ...>

>Well, Janik.>

>The newsletter just comes to everyone who is in the chat.>

>Have you opened another chat or something
without me?>

>What are you saying, Dim?
Come on, then.>

>- We're just expecting you on Monday.
- Sure. Get in shape, come.>

>You never know, well, no SMS came.>

>I didn't come a hundred times
I came that.>

>They think I play badly.>

>They only call when there are not enough people.>

>- True? - Of course not.
- Generally not true.>

>Well, it's kind of dishonest.
You are friends.>

>Katya, yes ... Everything is good.>

>Listen, let's
let's play something already, huh?>

>Or are we already playing?>

>Well, we just don't play something.>

>In general, nothing came to me.>

>Oh, Vadik has come.>

>Who is it?>

>Yeah. "Call urgently.">

>- Valentine.
- Valentine.>

>Oh, and three exclamation points.>

>And what kind of Valentina is this
who needs to call urgently?>

>- Katyusha.
- I will disappoint you.>

>This is his customer Valentina,
crazy aunt.>

>- A month ago I finished the repair,
still calls. - Yeah.>

>"How does it turn off?
How does it open? ">

>So you call her back.>

>We are wondering what kind of customer she is.>

>Stop it. Now it will demand
for me to come. What I do not know.>

>Uh-huh, she's the last time for him
at half past one in the night she called.>

>Imagine, I forgot
how the locker opens.>

>She has medicine there and ...>

>She herself asked, yes,
to open, well, by pressing.>

>Lucky you, Vadik.
You don't have a jealous wife.>

>- This one?
- I am not jealous?>

>What are you doing? Yes, you know, how jealous I am.>

>Just, well, when everything is clear
why be jealous?>

>- And what, went?
- Not.>

>- Thank God, I managed to explain
how it opens. - Yeah.>

>So maybe I would go.
She threw a tantrum ...>

>Listen, I have a toast.
Let's pour it.>

>- Dim, come here.
- Dim, come to us.>

>I suggest a drink, oddly enough,
for our wives to be jealous of us.>

>But at the same time we did not give them
no reason.>

>- Not understood.
- And what's not clear?>

>Ah, then I understood.>

>No, well, just when you are jealous,
this, of course, is bad, this is unpleasant,>

>but when you are not jealous
how would you be with it,>

>it seems to me much worse.>

>Let's drink.>

>It started.>

>- Ah.
- Oh you...>

>- Here I am, well done.
- Yes.>

Listen, what, what?>

>- It needs salt. And boiling water. You need boiling water.
- Vodka. Vodka generally cleans everything.>

>- Vodka everything ...
- Especially if inside it.>

>- Fast boiling water.
- Come on, I'm in the kitchen. Help.>

>Yes, Leo, there ..>

>- Why didn't you tell me anything?
- What?>

>That you go to a psychologist.>

>Yes, I recently went.>


>If you and I still divorce,>

>I will not reproach myself for
that I haven't tried something.>

>So how is it?>

>Does it help?>

>This is what you have to say
helps or not.>

>- But I learned one thing.
- Which one?>

>Don't turn every conversation
into the battle for supremacy.>


>In the last second, score into your own goal.
- this is decent for him.>

>Well, you can play football
Well, stay at home and play chess.>

>And I'm bad. Yes, I'm a friend, and I didn't call.
All bad.>

>Why are you silent?
Well, now you're fattening off a peach like him.>

>We prove all the time
each other is right in everything.>

>It's more important for us to be right
than to be happy.>

>And concession is not a sign of weakness, it is ...>

>Not if I want to defeat you
then this is weakness.>

>And if I want to continue to live with you,>

>this is a manifestation of power.
And even wisdom.>

>- Did I say something wrong?
- Oh, what are you.>

>You always say only that.>

>He himself is not sick of the fact
that you are always right>

>Talk to your psychologist about this.>

>Do you remember how Dovlatov's?
You give the woman convincing reasons>

>somehow you explain everything to her, well, it's so logical,>

>but she, it turns out, is just disgusting
the very sound of your voice.>

>What, we already have it?>

>Guys, maybe
Let's listen to music, eh?>

>- Dim, well ... well, go and dance.
- I can not.>

>Well, I can't either.>


>A. By the way, Dima has a message.

>- Oops. Turn off Mouzon.
- And this is a photograph. And not from Olya.>

>- Pay attention, not from Olya.
- So what, what is not from Olya?>

>Nothing. This is simple...
This is some kind of Ira-Peter.>

>- Here, Ira-Peter.
- So what?>

>Nothing. Just some kind of Ira-Peter
sent him a photo at 10pm.>

>- Why are you so turned on?
- Yes, I did not start, what is it to me?>

>It's just not Olya, but so please.>

>And who is this Ira-Peter
who sent you the photo?>

>Well, this is Ira from St. Petersburg, who
sent me a photo.>

>Well, show me.
What for? This photo.>

>She sends me sometimes.>

>Well, what are you turning on the partisan now?
Well, let me see.>

>- It's personal.
- Everything is public now.>

>- There is nothing interesting.
- So we are not interested.>

>- You just show it, that's all.
- Dim. -Okay.>

>- Take the handle, hand.
- Listen, well ...>

>Uh, wow.
Borya, look.>

>- Wow!
- What? What is there? What?>

>Nothing special at all.>

>- Lyov, go, there is such a thing.
- What's up there?>

>Come on.>

>- So, bastards, let me see.
“You don’t need to look.>

>Do you want me to tell you?>

>Specialist. Wow,>

- Yeah.>

>- And to whom did it come?
- Dima.>

>- Dima?
- Yes.>

>- And Ira-Peter, is that Olya?
- Not.>

>- Well done.
- Let me see.>

>- Oh.
- Wow.>

>- Well, not at all.
- So guys.>

>This ... this is not my girlfriend.>

>Yes, this is not his girlfriend.>

>Well, that is, I have something wrong with her,
what did you think.>

>I just don't need words.>

>- Give me a cockerel.
- Fuck off.>

>Something I was so upset.>

>Dim, but you really ...>

>But isn't it?>


>You're simple, right? Well that's it ...>


>Okay then.>

>Poor Olya.>

>Come here.>

>Corps de ballet.
Let's drink tea.>

>Here's a telegram.
From the Hippopotamus.>

>- So what is it?
- It's still a message.>

>- And who is the message?
- For you.>

>Like me?>

>Yes, to me.>

>- Did you put Aibolit on the message?
- What am I, a moron or something, to put ...>

>The children were probably playing and ...>

>- Oleg. Asks how are you.
- And what kind of Oleg?>

>Oleg. This is from the legal department, there is only one guy.>

>- I know him?
- No, he was recently hired and ..>

>... I think they will soon be fired.>

>- What, something happened?
- Yes yesterday I freaked out because of one idiot, here.>

>And he saw it and came up, supported.
He says there:"Old man, don't worry.">

>- Well, good guy.
- Mm.>

>Well, then tell him.>

>Well, what will I answer?
Day off, the person is resting.>

>I'll see you on Monday
and discuss everything.>

>I don't understand people at all,
who do not immediately respond to messages.>

>Is it difficult for you, or what?>

>“It's okay. I'm having supper. ">

>We can supply a smiley.
We can not bet.>

>Why such details
to an outsider?>

>- "I am eating my dinner"
- Well, how? The man showed attention.>

>It is necessary to answer him somehow in a complex way.>

>And also make it clear that you are not very
you can talk now.>

>Oh well. Then:"I'm having dinner with friends."
So that he surely ...>

>These are unnecessary details.
Who cares who you dine with?>

>Hmm. I like it.>

>Previously asked:
"How are you? How are you?">

>Now:"Where are you?
What are you doing now?">

>- So he asked:"How are you?"
- Well yes.>

>A person must have
personal space?>

>- Yeah.
- Come on, ask me now,>

>How many times have I been in the toilet today.>

>What have I got to do with it?>

>But because there is no need to ask
idiotic questions!>

>I'm asking you where you are.
Because I respect you as a person.>

>And I don't give a shit where you are and with whom.>

>So what to write something?>

>This is your friend. You and write.>

>But I would write:>

>"Thank you. Good.>

>I'm having dinner. "Without a smiley face.>

>Good. No emoticon.>

>Brother. What was it?>

>- Vadik. Dima for personal space.
- I understood it.>

>But I just know him for a hundred years
and never saw>

>to be so
for personal space.>

>- Oh, it's Alina's. Unknown number.
- Read it.>

>- Can I?
- What?>

>Well, I've learned to do one thing here.>


>Siri, please read
last sms.>

>I found the most recent message
from the sender.>


>Hello Alina.
This is Diana from the Zarya sanatorium.>

>We are pleased to inform you that from August 1st
we have one seat vacated.>

>If this is still relevant for you,
Please contact me,>

>or call direct
directorate telephone.>

>Sanatoriums for the elderly "Zarya" are the best,>

>what can you offer your loved ones.>

>- Want to write an answer?
- No no no.>


>What is it?>


>Yes, we went with Natasha,
visited her mother.>

>So, well, I asked.>

>And they already write everything here at once, offer.>

>That is, you want to hand over my mom
to a nursing home, huh?>

>I don’t want to give anyone anywhere. What are you?>

>This is a good sanatorium.
There is fresh air, nature.>

>- Fruit care every day.
- She helps you. It...>

>She sits with the children, cleans up.>

>- I am very grateful to your mother.
- I see.>

>Well, admit it, from that moment
how she began to live with us,>

>our relationship has become much worse.
Sorry guys, now ...>

>Thank God, they found a reason.>

>It turns out in all our problems
Mom is to blame.>

>What are you twisting?
Why all? Oh well...>

>I, hear, I am very grateful
to your mom.>

>- Yeah.
- She's a very good person.>

>I just could tell the nanny
don't give Igor bread for the night>

>with salt and butter, it makes him fat,
but she doesn't.>

>Well, of course, it's like a caviar sandwich.>

>And that's it, he's used to it.>

>And I'm already bad.>

>And he's getting fat. I don't like
how she cooks. All.>

>Because she cooks tasteless.>

>So it cooks tasteless,
yes, it turns out?>

>- Yes, and does not admit to the stove.
- Yeah.>

>Don't, I myself.>

>And I love to cook.
I want to cook at home.>

>Vegetable stew, French soup,

>This cake with a liver
very tasty with you.>


>Maybe let's go take a photo?>

>And then never together
not photographed today.>

>Right. Right.>

>- On the street.
- Right. Let's go.>

>- Yes?
- Yeah.>

>Struggle. Come.>

>- Vadik, come on already.
- Take the far away.>


>- On the.
- Come on.>

>So, heap.>

>Boris. Closer to Alina.>

>So, we smoothed out the whistles.>

>And a smile.>

>And that he greets you
Saturday night, huh?>

>And who is it?>

>- Her ex.
- It's a classic.>

>Saturday. Evening.
I drank. He writes.>

>I don’t understand, did you take the picture or not?>

>- Let's start again?
- Come on.>

>And why is he "Yegorushka" recorded?>

>- Well, it was always recorded like that.
- Do not.>

>Rewrite him by last name
or erase it altogether.>

>- Yes, or block it.
- And burn the phone, and kill him.>

>- Yes, you can kill.
- Guys, come on, well, dog.>

>- It's hard.
- Okay, come on.>

>Uh ... uh ...>

>What, fucking?>

>Listen, is everything going on with you, or what?>

>- Wad, there ...
- Just calm down.>

>“Maybe he’s not her.
- Yeah. And to whom?>

>Elvira Nabiullina?
On her phone Yegorushka isn't her?>

>- Give. - Give what?
- You will break.>

>- Yeah, break it. You’ll break it.
- Give me the phone.>

>What, you are going to delete the correspondence, eh?>

>- Tsh-sh, Tsh-sh.
- What?>

>- Hello?
- Hi, Yegor.>

>- What do you have?
- Bad for me.>

>I think I already
I can't live without her.>

>Be patient. It will be easier soon.>

>You see, she just wrote
for me to come.>

>- No, I didn't answer her, of course, but ...
- Yegorushka, by no means.>

>You read the book
which I told you about?>

>- About which planet?
- Not about the planets.>

>And "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.">

>There are answers to all questions.>


>Look. You will come to them.
You will feel better for a second.>

>- And then again ...
- Yes I understand.>

>- But how will I introduce her ...
- Well, you agreed,>

>that she has already betrayed you once.
So he will betray again.>

>Sorry, it's not very convenient to speak.
Come on, don't go anywhere now.>

>And tomorrow we will call you
and we will discuss everything in detail.>

>Okay, forgive me.
I understand that I got it.>

>- In general, thanks for helping me.
- Yeah. OK Bye.>

>- And what, he has no one to call, or what?
- Not.>

>Well, he went to ...
Yegorushka, do you hear?>

>- All?
- No, not everything, Katya.>

>Well, when everything is done, then come.>

>Where is my dog?>

>- And there she is.
- Yes, we'll find her.>

>- Here. Where is she, Lord.
- Here.>

>- There she is.
- Hey Hey.>

>Former. So.
There are no former exes.>


>Australian bullshit.>

>Well, Vadik has a face, of course.>

>Yes I represent
if Alina had such a thing,>

>- what would your face be.
- Okay.>

>- Alina would not have been sent this.
- Why?>

>Because Alina came out
married to Borya at the age of 18,>

>Alina's ...>

>- Alina has no exes.
- Oh, got a job.>

>But what does it taste so bad to you?>

>- It doesn't taste good to her, right?
- Struggle.>

>Let's not continue?>

>Struggle, well, I'm sorry.>

>Aunt Nadya is wonderful.>

>She's just cooking
well, really, well, somehow ...>

>- Kissel remember?
- Oh yeah.>

>She is also very hospitable
Constantly treats.>

>"Guys, jelly. Who else is jelly?
Well, here's jelly. ">

>“You ungrateful creatures, eh.
- That's for sure.>

>Mom tried.>

>Although jelly, of course, yes.>

>- Oh, Sonya is calling.
- Answer.>

>Ask when she gets home.>

>- Yes sun?
- Dad, hello. Can you speak?>

>- Yes of course.
- Dad, this is how it happened.>

>In short, it turns out
Pasha's parents left.>

>And he calls me to his home.
Well, with an overnight stay.>

>- So.
- Well, I don't know what to do.>

>No, I probably would.
But just somehow, very unexpected.>

>Maybe it's better not today.
But on the other hand, if I don't go>

>I think he'll be upset
well, I mean, he'll be offended.>

>And then we may quarrel altogether.
In short, I don't know.>

>Dad, why are you silent?>

>I think.>

>Well, first of all, this is for sure
no need to do>

>just because he is offended.>

>No, well, dad, well, of course,
not only because of this.>


>And you understand that I won't
jump for joy,>

>- if you stay with him.
- Yes, I understand.>

>In general, Sonya ...>

>important point.>

>This is what you will
remember then all my life.>

>If you are sure that you will
remember it with a smile,>

>Well then, go ahead.>

>And if you are in doubt>

>then don't.>

>You still have plenty of time, Sonechka.>

>Dad, you gave me the condoms yourself.>

>Ah ... well, this is ...>

>This was not a guide to action.>

>Dad, now you've got me confused,
I don't understand anything at all.>

>This is because the solution
after all for you.>

>Yes, I understand. Come on, you know how.
If I decide to stay, I will write to you.>

>Tell your mom that I stayed with Lena.>

>Why don't you tell her yourself?
Dad, what are you doing? She doesn't listen.>

>She immediately starts yelling,
be a shrew.>

>Sonya. I think you
just don't have the patience.>

>Dad, you just love her so much
that you don't notice anything.>

>- Bye bye. I'll write.
- Sonya.>

>You were great.>

>- You see how the psychologist helped you.
- Katya.>


>Someone goes to a psychologist? Who?>

>He told me all the same, right?>

>Only Katya.>

>And I just Dima.>

>- Well, I'm Bore.
- Well, she's my wife.>

>And she's my best friend.>

>Well, what's wrong?>

>You go to a psychologist
and not to a prostitute.>

>Oleg. "Why do not you answer?",
- asks.>

>Look how persistent, huh?>

>No, well, you probably need to answer.>

>- He will not lag behind.
- Well.>

>So it means.>

>"I'm having dinner with friends. It's okay.">

>- Yeah.
- I'm sending.>

>- Didn't you send it then?
- Well, I got distracted and ...>

>- He wrote:"Bastard!"
- Wow.>

>- Fine.
- Ha.>

>What is he?
- I also wonder, what is he?>

>Yes ... Yes, he's a weird guy.>

>No, of course, it's nice that he's there
supported me, well at work.>

>But even then I felt
something like a bust, well.>

>And now it's clear, crazy.>

>Your psycho is calling.>

>What should i talk about
with an abnormal person?>

>Well, who cares at all?
After all, what a manner.>

>An ordinary employee calls me.
Where is some elementary ethics in general?>

>I shouldn't be with him ...>

>A. Here, here.>

>So he understood everything that this is incorrect.
and ne ... re ... and everything and ..>

>- And calls again.
- Will you answer?>


>- Hello?
- Why are you whispering?>

>What, I ran to the toilet so that
God forbid, haven't you heard?>

>Listen, you yourself still
are you tired of this hide and seek, mm?>

>I already told you what your problem is.>

>You just can't make up your mind-
man, woman.>

>Understand before you do this>

>you will ... Fuck you.>

>The man's roof has gone completely.
Crazy, of course.>


>What, stunned, or what?>

>Do you think that I am this, or what?>

>What are you looking at me for? It's simple...>

> He fell for me, that's all.>

>Alina, I repeat, this is a colleague from work.
He pesters me.>

>Well, well, well, guys, I remember you,
I told you>

>you still laughed, remember?
- AND.>

>Yes Yes. You told us
and we laughed.>

>- Colleague?
- Yeah.>

>- Did you sleep with him?
- What?>

>This is a very simple question. Did you sleep with him?>

>Are you completely out of your mind?>

>What are you talking about?
Have I slept with a man?>

>How? How do you do that
can you imagine?>

>How will I be him like this, or will he me like this?
How in general? As behind, sp ...>

>Fuck how they do it anyway
I do not understand?>


>Everyone has the right. I absolutely ...>

>Everyone has their own cockroaches in the ass
or wherever they are.>

>Well, I have something to do with it, well?>


>You and I have been married for 15 years.>

>We have two kids.>

>You represent me
in bed with a man?>

>I swear to you that I have nothing
with this as his,>

>- Oleg.
- Thank.>

>There was never anything.>

>Here's a telegram.
From a hippo.>

>Audio message.>


>I just miss your kisses.>

>- Is he a fagot?
- Not no.>


>Listen, he's not cheating on you
with another woman.>

>It's just that men at this age have a crisis,
and sometimes they are drawn to some such thing.>

>“But that doesn't mean that ...
- Is he gay or not gay?>

>Well, why immediately gay?
They are just men from Mars.>

>- What are you talking about?
- From which Mars?>

>Oh e.>

>And we are from Venus.>


>You just told, the story is funny.
Something there Valdai, 3rd year.>

>You are with some woman.>

>And here is the husband, and she to you:>

>"Go out the window.">

>Was that a woman?>

>Or a man?>


>That is, all these 30 years,
What, were you lying, or what?>

>Well, I know
that I have such a friend.>

>He is a friend, he is Borya.>

>And he in general, well, that is
it's all not true.>

>- What's not true?
- What are you climbing, huh?>

>- What changed?
- Everything has changed.>

>Well, bro, how? Well, I know that here ...>

>I have here, well, here is how ...
And this is generally it, well, that is, well ...>

>- At all!
- What in general?>

>This is the same person with whom
you lived well for 30 years and ...>

>And he took the stew to you in the hostel,
when you lost money.>

>That's it! I ... I a hundred times ...
We are with him a hundred times under the same blanket>

>we spent the night there!
We go to the shower, uh ... after football, heh!>

>I kiss him when I meet him.
Fu, disgusting!>

>You stop. You're going overboard now.>

>- Am I going overboard?
- Yes.>

>I do not understand, who are you for?>

>It's still not a fungus.
It is not transmitted in the soul.>

>But tell me now.
Only now without ...>

>Now we have found out.>

>Nothing has changed for you, right?
Well, attitude. You...>

>Aren't you disgusted?>

>How do I feel about this?>

>To this? I do not know yet.>

>But what you say now
this is definitely disgusting to me.>

>A-ha-ha! Fine!
Ha ha! Boris.>

>Excuse me, Boryusik.>

>Sorry to be such a netolera ...
netarelan ...>

>Fuck! Fuck you!>

>But tell me.>

>5 minutes ago, I was your friend Borya.>

>Only straight friend, and you are for me,
if anything, anyone, right?>

>- Yes.
- But you found out.>

>And we're not friends anymore?>

>What happened? What?>

>I betrayed you, I stole your money,
fucked your wife, eh?>

>Than I have hurt you, that I ...>

>- AND?
- You...>

>- Are you kidding me? Why are you doing this?
- No, you wait!>

>And if you found out that I have hemorrhoids,
and I hid it from you?>

>And you are like this:
"Bitch, he has hemorrhoids.">

>I would stop being your friend too, huh?>

>You don't really understand
what am I talking about, well, honestly?>


>- Guys.
- Do not.>

>- How long has it been going on, huh?
- What?>

>Just come on now, no lies. Just...>

>We have not had sex for six months.
Come on. When?>

>When it started?>


>And how many?>


>How old was it before him?>

>Not at all.>

>He is the first.>

>Vadik, yours.>

>Enough already.>

>Vadim, hello.>

>Sorry it's late.
Is it convenient for you to speak?>

>Yes, Fima. Nothing, nothing.>

>Oh, I'm sorry, I just wanted to know.
How did you like the ring?>

>Yes very. Thank.
Perfectly. And the size?>

>Straight just right. Thank.>

>- Everything, I ... Goodbye, I ...
- Yes, Vadim, I'm sorry. What about Shaw's earrings?>



>Are the pendants short?>

>- Not. Not.
- Just cleaned up ...>

>Who liked the earrings?>

>Katya, you. Earrings for you.>

>I liked it.>

>I saw it, liked it, bought it.
I think I'll give it as a surprise.>

>But Fima set me on fire.>

>My ears are not pierced?>

>So I and ...>

>bought remembered.>

>Katyushka's ears are not pierced.>

>- Well I ...
- Where are they?>

>Katya, stop it. Nobody here.>

>- Earrings.
- Oh, earrings?>

>And they...>

>Something I ... got sick of your shnyaga!>

>Well, actually already it! Why is this needed?
Who came up with this whole story with ...>

>So, well, I understand that I am talking nonsense!
Well, because, well, everything ...>

>In such tension
what else will be found out>

>- that I'm a fag too!
- Vadik, for whom are these ...>

>- Katya, yes ...
- Do not interrupt me!>

>Who are these earrings for?>


>So this is Valentine. Why would I be?
Well, don't.>

>Katya, give me your phone. Katyusha, give me.>

>Give. Please give me a phone.
Katya, give me your phone!>

>Caution. Well, don't, don't.
Give me the phone, Katya.>

>I beg you, give me the phone!
Katya, don't!>

>Hello, Wad. Hey.
Um ... Hmm ...>

>I'm sorry please
that I call so late. I ...>

>I mean, I just
did the test and didn't ...>

>I have it in my hands now, and on it ...>

>Two stripes.>

>Wad, are you there?>

>Wadi, can you say something?>

>I ... I don't know how else to do it.
You ...>

>Zai, can you hear me?
Can you ... can you tell me something?>

>Katia. Katyusha.>

>- Katyushka.
- Katyusha.>

>- Katyusha, open it, please.
- Vadik, go away!>

>Katyusha, open it. You misunderstood.>

>Eve. Are you okay?>

>Yes, it's okay.>

>Well, what the hell, huh?>

>What, what is this anyway?>

>We are, we are doing well.>

>We are...>

>We're not getting out of bed.>

>What a fool I am. Fool.>

>Everyone told me that he was with everyone.
I didn't believe.>

>I ... I thought that ...>

>that everything is somehow ... I don't know how ...
In a special way.>

>I'm already 23 years old.>


>What am I going to do now?>

>I also changed my surname. Gribkov.>

>And there was Preobrazhenskaya.>

>- Vadik, go away.
- It's me. Open up.>


>What does it have to do with it? It's not that at all.
This is from Facebook.>

>We are not even familiar with him.>

>A stranger asks
did you take off your panties?>

>It's a game. We...>

>We haven't seen him.
We're just texting.>

>Yeah. Good game.
Call him.>

>- In terms of?
- In direct.>

>- Take it and call.
- I can not. We...>

>- What we?
- We have agreed to.>

>He has a family and we are
just texting.>

>- I have never called him.
- So we will check it now.>

>Well, what can I tell him?>


>- Alina, is that you?
- Yes it's me.>

>Why are you calling?
We agreed.>

>- Yes, I just wanted ...
- By the way, I did not represent your voice that way.>

>A ... Why are you silent?>

>Well, I just ...>

>I do not know what to say.>

>Are you upset about something?
Did you have a fight with your husband again?>

>Hmm. Lucky.>

>- Do you think?
- Yes. Just ...>

>my wife and I have already passed this stage.>

>They used to swear, get divorced
every day.>

>And now that's it. We live like neighbors.>

>Many people think that
the opposite of love is hate.>

>And in fact, this is hatred
the same feeling,>

>only with a different sign.>

>And the opposite of love is indifference.>

>When you feel nothing, do you understand?>

>So you're still not so bad.>

>Do you want us to meet?>

>No, I guess.
Probably not worth it.>

>I think we are with you
they came up with everything very well.>

>Well then ... Goodbye then.>

Wait, Alin, wait.>

>And you ... Well, did you complete my task?>

>- I'll write to you later.
- Good. I was glad to hear from you.>

>And, most importantly, all the time he thinks that ...>


>... well, I'm a good girl.>

>I love my husband and children. I don't flirt with anyone.>

>And then bang, you know what ...>

>... your husband doesn't look at you.>

>You have no sex.>

>Heat too.>

>He only speaks
with your friends.>

>You think, "What's wrong with me?">

>And then you find a person on the Internet.>

>You remember:"I'm alive.">

>Smart, beautiful.>

>Everything is fine with me.>

>But even that you took from me.>

>Tell me.>

>Just wondering.>

>Have you taken off your panties?>

>Stop it.>

>- Stop it, I told you, do you hear?
- What, don't you like it?>

>Oh, yes, I forgot.
You're not on this case.>

>If only I knew earlier that you are a fagot.>

>Actually, I'm a fagot.>

>And you too?>


>- Are you fucking crazy?
- The idea was so so.>

>Exchange phones.>

>- Yes, Bor?
- I agree.>

>Here. Fag.

>What else do we call it?
Homik, heh. Stuffed cabbage.>

>- Hamadryl.
- Here.>

>- You yourself are hamadryas.
- What?>

>He asked, I answered. What are you?>

>- Well, what did you not tell before?
- I myself did not know before.>

>- And then, well ...
“I'll explain that.>

>I was a fagot for 2 hours today.>

>I had enough.>

>Do you think I got fired for 3 lateness?>

>- Someone told the chief over there.
- So sue him.>

>So that everyone knows?>

>I never dared to tell you.>

>Can you imagine
mom, dad, relatives.>

>Who hired me
after that will take?>

>In general, I'm sorry. I let you down.>

>What are you, Dimon, what are you?>

>I let you down. How?
What is it all about. What are you?>

>You ... You are not guilty that ...>

>Well I felt that well, Borya,
well, it can't be.>

>And you, please.>

>How many do you want.
Well, I mean, as long as you like.>

>Yes to health.>

>- Vadik!
- What are you Vadka me?>

>You tell me the whole evening:"Vadik, Vadik"!
You zee ...>

>- Good already, eh!
- What?>

>In general, I was glad
that we started to play all this.>

>I just wanted to tell you everything.
And who, if not you?>

>Well I just didn't want to
so that at such a price.>


>Katya locked herself there and did not respond.>


>- Katya.
- Katia.>

>- Katyusha, open it.
- Katia!>

>- Katya, open it!
- Break it down.>

>- Get away!
- Come on, come on, come on, come on.>

>Your mom called.>

>I said you would be a father.>

>She was delighted.>

>Well, what are you standing for?>

>Follow her.>

>Okay, don't touch me.>

>And, most importantly, he assured me
what a civilian.>

>And the mafia itself. Wadi, well, I believed.>

>- Well, how is it possible?
- Come here, this is a game. Come here.>

>Eh, uh, uh>

>Here, by the way, some
15 years of marriage. And you.>

>Have a conscience.>

>Yes, and when you come back
Deal with debauchery.>

>“There are elderly people behind the wall.
- And also for him to work.>

>- The day after tomorrow.
- Yeah.>

>All. I'm going out. 20 seconds.>

>- Dim, are you not staying?
- Well, still no. Olga is sick.>

>- Not good.
- Yes.>

>That's it, come on. By the way, what about football?
Are we playing on Monday?>

>- I have not received anything.
- Me too, apparently not.>

>- Yes, if we find out something, we will write.
- OK, bye.>

>- Until.
- Until.>

>Let's go to.>

>- If anything, we're on the lake.
- Yeah.>


>Half past five in the morning. Maybe bainki, eh?>


>Why didn't you want to play?>

>Well, just when you offered it,
I've already played it.>

>Well there.>

>Mentally. Inside myself, or something.>

>So how is it?>

>Well, not really.>

>Well, someone found out about me
something bad.>

>Well, or something that I would not want,
so he knows.>

>Is that bad.>

>Or did I find out about him
something the same.>

>What's good about that?>

>I don't know at all>

>who can win in this game.>

>Do you have something to hide?>

>On the. You can see.>

>There is no password here.>

>Beautiful earrings.>


>- You were so scared.
- When did I get scared?>

>Well when Eve suggested
this game with your phone.>

>- I wasn't scared at all. Just me ...
- And now I was scared.>

>It was Lev who did not want to play.
What is it to me. I please.>

>SMS to you.>

>I know.>

>Will you take a look?>


>Look, this is from me.>