Große Mädchen weinen nicht (2002) - full transcript

Kati and Steffi are best friends since childhood. But as they step into adulthood, both their perfect friendship and their personalities get harshly tested by a series of unfortunate events; mainly caused by Steffi finding out her father wasn't quite faithful to her mother, and the two girls getting hit by the consequences of her delirious revenge plans. When things get out of hand, the two girls find themselves in the middle of a mess, and Kati starts questioning whether or not Steffi is really so precious to her. Where will Steffi's plans of penalizing her father's "evil" lover will end up..? Will the girls' friendship be saved..?


You look at him and can't decide
what you like best.

His butt.
His eyes. Or his hands.

He looks at you and you just melt.

Jochen? Give me a break!

Well, not you.
Not even Carlos turns you on.

-He does too.
-Oh, really, where? In your ears?

I mean, these ears.

So are you a couple now,
you and Jochen?

I don't get it.

We made out like mad
in Dazed last night...

...then I went to get him a drink,
and, bam, he's with Yvonne.

What are you two talking about?

We were talking about sex.

Come on, Steffi, give us the details!


...get up and take a seat here.

How come?

Why must I sit me there?

You either sit over there
or leave the classroom.

Go sit down over there, Katharina!

You said "either-or,"
which means I have a choice.


I can't get up that high.

Now you know why the band
needs a new singer.

-What's his problem?
-Search me.

They did it
in the bathroom at Dazed.

You're kidding.

Everyone knows.


Yvonne and Jochen.

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest.

And let these gifts to us
be blessed.

And thank you, Lord, for not putting
yucky little eggs in the salad.

My, this looks good, Ingrid.

I wasn't sure if you liked parsnips.

Taste it first!

Chill, Mama.

Here, take mine.
I'll go to McDonald's.


-For God's sake, nothing happened!

It's not about the salad.

It's about respect!


I'm going out.


Must you wear so much makeup?

It makes you look like a slut.

Bye, Mama.


Ann, hurry, or you'll miss your plane.

What, you have a date lined up?

I told you I'm having dinner
with my editors.

You look great, Papa.
Did someone die?

Smart aleck!

Turn around.

Pull up your jacket.


What's wrong?

Not bad.



I'm not ready yet.
Come on in.


What's it supposed to be?

A cucumber in chocolate mousse.

What else?

-Is that what Carlos' looks like?
-Stop it, it's totally embarrassing.

Maybe you ought to let
someone else be the first.

Okay, watch.

Yvonne's gonna regret she ever
messed around with Jochen.

Mind if we have a seat?

Jochen and I made out a little,
and the whole school thinks we did it.

I just thought I'd give it
to you straight. He's got crabs.

I only gave him a blow job.

Then you got them for sure.

You really think so?

Sure, hair is hair.

Meet Klaus and Jani.
Klaus is a photographer and Jani....

Jani is Jani.

And Klaus is more like
an assistant photographer.

You don't mind, do you?

Why should I?
We were about to go, anyway.

Hey, sit down.
We just ordered some food.

Hey yourself,
and hands off.


You want me to serve
the kiddies too?

-What'll you have?
-I'll take a beer too.

Me too.

We'll be right back.


-Don't they have anywhere to go?

Typical you!

Do you know her?

Have you seen her before?

Jeanette Novak.

She works with him at the paper.

They researched an article together
while my mom was in the States.




Hey, you two!
What's going on?

She's going to regret this.

What are you planning?

What are we planning?

We're gonna make her life hell.

Did they kick you out too?

I almost believed your story
about the crabs.

Doesn't matter now, anyway.

Can you keep a secret?


I'm going to Paris.

I don't get along with my father.

My mother knows...

...but she can't do anything about it.

She always locks herself in her room...

...and gets a headache.

Where are you going to get
the money for Paris?

Nebula Entertainment?

As soon as I have enough money,
I'm out of here.

It's really pretty easy.

All I have to do is take off my clothes.

And this weirdo tapes everything.


Too bad.
We might've become friends.



What were you talking to her about?


She was just telling me
about her new job.

The Marlboro Man died of lung cancer,
you know.

Too bad.

Whenever I quit smoking,
my boobs get bigger.

Remember Christmas?

I quit and, bam, I go from C to D.

Well, well,
hanging out in the Wild East again?

You guys just took off,
left my brother all confused.


-He's your brother?

Did you think
that lunatic's my boyfriend?

Here, tell him he can give me a call
if he wants.

I'll do that.

What the hell are we doing here?


Who is this?

Okay, she's home.


Hey, look at that.

Hello, ma'am.

Enough of this loitering!

Stop yanking!


It's me.

What's wrong? Forget your key?

Some idiot glued up the keyhole.

-I can't open it, either.
-Let me try, darling.

Hi, Hans.

Be an angel and go to the store
and see if they have turpentine.

Tell Mama I'll be right back.

-Those damn skinheads!
-Hey, it's nothing.

Come on.
There's nothing else we can do.

Sure there is.
First we'll get the little "angel."

Excuse me, where can we get
something to drink around here?

Only in the youth club.

-Really? Is it nice there?
-I don't know if I'd put it that way.

Do you play in a band?

Got any concerts coming up?

I wish.
I just play for myself.

Too bad.
What kind of music?

Blues. Rock.
That kind of stuff.

Mostly I sing.

You know what?

A band I know is looking for a singer.
You want to meet them?


What's your name?


Cool name. I used to have
a guinea pig named Tessa.

My dad stepped on it
and broke its neck.

It wasn't really dead
and just kept on convulsing.

My mom flushed it down the toilet.

In the end it probably drowned in shit.

Yeah, well, it's still a nice name.

Come on, we gotta go.

Give me a call.

Now what?

Why do you want to get her into
Carlos' band? What's in it for you?

You'll see.

I didn't want to snoop in your things,

I was just looking for
my nail clippers.

And as if that weren't enough....

Why would I have your nail clippers
under my mattress?

That's not the point.

Then what is?

-Do you want me to get pregnant?
-My God, Katharina... know how bad
smoking is for you.

And if your mother...

-...knew about your....
-My what?

Sex life?

She'd be so upset.

You won't tell her?


Hey there, sweetie.

What's wrong?
You look so pale.

I have to talk to you, Mama.

Is it about Carlos?

Then what?

I don't know if I should
even tell you at all.

That's what parents are for.


He has to be available.
I don't care.

We have sent off all
the bloody contracts....

That is my client's final word. Yes.

Sorry, that was important.

Where've you been? I was hoping
you'd pick me up at the airport.

It's a long story.

I was in Lichtenberg.

Hi, my angel.

Stop calling me "angel,"
I'm not a baby anymore.

-You have one new message.

Hi, it's Klaus.
I got your number from my sister.

I was wondering if you felt
like getting together.

I'll call back later.

Are you asleep?


Is that Steffi?

It's Tessa.
You remember, don't you?

I was just thinking about you.

-You're Kati, aren't you?

She sings something, we tell her she's
got a great voice and send her here.

She'll have to take her clothes off.
If she does, she's an idiot.

If she doesn't,
she gets kicked out and feels like one.

Either way we've won.

And what does Carlos think?

Nothing. He doesn't know.

Boy, are you heavy-duty.

Pull down your shirt.
Tessa's here.

This is embarrassing!

Can you play this?


Who's it by?

I wrote it.

Carlos is gonna want her
in the band right away.

We should have strangled her
in the elevator.

You want one?

No, thanks.

Great voice.


Excuse me.

Do you like her?


I've had it with this shit.

I'd say I have every reason
to be jealous.

You got it. I want to fuck her.

Why bring me a singer if you
can't deal with us playing together?

Let's get something to eat.

-What about Carlos?
-He'll catch up with us.

He's listening to your tape.

Yeah, that's it.

When would it suit you?

Tomorrow evening at 8?

Okay, Mr. Winter.
Thank you.

Carlos thinks you're great.

You're in the band.

Wow, really?

Did he just tell you that?

Nebula Entertainment.
Is that a record company?

Yeah. You have an appointment
tomorrow at 8 p.m. with Mr. Winter.

-That late?
-He didn't have time earlier.

No, thanks.

My singing teacher is really strict.

You didn't say you had
a singing teacher.

No one asked me.


What the hell is this all about?

I've been running around like
an idiot looking for you.

Talk to me.

She had to leave.

Kati and I took her to the train.

Come on, what's the real story?

I don't feel like fighting all the time.

-Do you have them?

You know.

Steffi, don't feel you have to.

I don't care when we do it.

But I do.


He makes me sick.
I hate him.

He had no way of knowing.

Keep out of it.
You don't know a thing.

-Klaus wants to see me tomorrow.

By the way, I don't think it's as great
as you keep saying.


You slept with Carlos?

Well, yeah, until my father came.

Your father came?

Came home, you idiot!


Oh, you're a darling.

I made it!

I'm in a band.

And I'm meeting
the record producer tonight.

That's great!

Hey, can I borrow your boots?

I won't be late. I promise.

You too.

He's the cutest guy I've ever met.

And I know he really likes me.

Or your tits.

Well, let's hope you don't
mess things up this time.

-This is different from Jochen.
-How do you know?

You only met him once.

Why are you being so mean?

Steffi, this feels creepy.

Tessa hasn't done anything.
It's not her fault.

Call it all off.

You know what your problem is?

You want everyone to like you.

You have to know what side you're on.
It's either her or me.

Hey, you know I'm on your side.

How did you get up there?

Press 2.4 or 3.5.

And then you set the shutter speed,

If he starts to bore you,
I can switch him off.

No, I'm totally interested.

We don't open until 8.

What time is it?

Half past 7.

Sorry, I have to leave.

I forgot I have to be somewhere
at 8.

Did you have trouble finding us?

We just moved in. It's still all
a bit chaotic. Hope you don't mind.

So you're from East Germany?

From Halle.

But I moved to Berlin with
my mom when I was 6.

East German women fuck better.

They had nothing else to do.

That's what my mom says.

She was 17 when she had me.

My father was on tour
with his band. He was Czech.

That's all I know about him.

Take that coat off.

I wrote a song for him once.



Take your fucking clothes off!


There's not a soul
in the whole building.

Just you and me.

I said,
take your fucking clothes off.

You want to sing a song?

Then sing!



Here, put this on.

These are my mother's favorite boots.

She saved forever to buy them.

Why did you send me there?
What do you want from me?

Steffi found out your mother's having
an affair with her father.

Do you want to go to the police?



Oh, no, not again.

I told you not
to jump into bed with him.

It's not about Klaus.

You want to come watch too?

-Hey, I got pizza.
-I'll eat later.

What did the record company say?

They'll get back to me.

Let me see your new haircut.

What happened?

This damn neighborhood!
I'm calling the police.

You fool around with a married man...

-...someone's bound to get hurt!
-Tell me what happened.

Okay, watch this.

Look at little Kati.

She couldn't even swim.


It was really love at first sight
with you two.

Remember the little boy
who stole your rake?

I really clobbered him!

It cost him a tooth.

I got your rake back, didn't I?


Good evening, is Hans home?


Ann, who is it?

What's this about, Hans?

We're having an affair.

Hans promised me
he'd tell you everything.

So I waited.
I fell in love with him...

...and at times I thought
he loved me too. I don't know.

Could we leave
the children out of this?

No, they're already
in the middle of all this.

Is that them?

Are those the two girls?

You lousy little snitch.

They sent her to
a porn photographer...

...and told her
he was a record producer.

Do you realize
what could have happened?

I'm sorry.

For what, exactly?

For the true confession?
Or for screwing my husband?

Go to your room.

Go on.

You act like a child,
you'll be treated like one.

Anything else?

He's yours.

Ann, what the hell are you doing?

I'm not waiting for you
to leave me, Hans.

I'm going.


I'm sorry.

Shut up.

For once in your miserable life!


Give me a smoke.

You're always welcome to stay
at my house. You know that.

From one screwed-up family
to the next? No, thanks.


You have to help me.
Steffi won't give me Tessa's number.

I don't have it.

What the hell is wrong with you two?
First Steffi flips out and now you.

I'm fine, Carlos.
I just don't have her number, okay?

There's one thing I don't get.

How did she know who we were?

How did she figure out
we knew Papa?


What do you mean?

-May I have your attention, please.
-Good morning.

My name is Füllgrap
from the police department.

This is Yvonne Strätling,
one of your classmates.

Yvonne hasn't been home
since last Tuesday.

How many of you know Yvonne,
even just by sight?

Has anyone talked to her recently?

She hung around more with boys.

There's not much you can say
with your mouth full of cock.

Shut up, man.

I spoke to her.
No idea where she is, though.

Maybe she killed herself.

What if she got kidnapped?

Who knows?

What if her parents killed her?

What did Yvonne tell you?

I promised not to tell.

Since when do you two have secrets?
I thought you hated her.

Maybe, maybe not.
What do you care?

Okay, I'm going.

Leave me a smoke.

Are you still being weird or are you
gonna give me Tessa's number?

So did your secret little talk
with Yvonne help the police?

What, are you jealous
of everyone now?

Yvonne's missing.
It's only natural we all want to help.

My, what a model citizen you are.

When did you start smoking?

What do you want me to do?
Get down on my knees?

No need, Carlos.
It's over.



What was that about?



Dear God,
we know you're really busy.

You're all alone and there are
so many people in the world.

And maybe some of them...

...are starving and poor
and stuff like that, but...

...please, Lord, let Mama and Papa
hurry up and get divorced.


You know...

...when you were a little girl
and had a bad dream... always called for Papa...

...never for me.

He always took care of you.

Don't ever forget that.

I've written something... you can read it later.

I thought it would be better this way.

My dearest daughter:

You're grown up now.

I hope you can understand us,
your father and me.

We're going to separate
and divorce."

I don't want to turn back.

It's too late.

Shall I read on?

Was that it?

Don't you want to talk to us?

What about?

It's all decided already, isn't it?

What are you doing here?

I just wanted to pick up my song.
The one I wrote.

I tried everything
to get hold of your number.

You could've just asked
your girlfriend.

I don't have a girlfriend anymore.

The search for the missing
Yvonne Strätling continues.

The special police task force
is no longer talking to the press.

Isn't it awful?

Her poor mother.
She must be worried to death.


Can't you stay home just once?

You say something for a change!

It's much too dangerous out there.


-Wait. I can't get the button undone.
-Let me see. (GIGGLING)

You know what they say about men
who keep their socks on during sex?

I'm not coming home this evening.
Make something to eat yourself.


Can we get two more, please?

That really takes nerve!

Tessa's in the band.

I should've told you, but....

You mind keeping that bitch
out of my sight?

Or I might have to slap her.

You leave her alone, okay?
I'm warning you.

Oh, real funny!

You know that bastard
almost raped her?

If Tessa weren't so cool about
keeping the story to herself...'d be up to your neck
in your own shit.

How sweet of her!

I really ought to go over
and give her a big hug, eh?

Cheers, Carlos.

To you and that sick

What a joke. Raped!
In her dreams, maybe.


Hi, Conny!

They turned out great, didn't they?

You look super.

Don't sneeze.

You don't have to.

We won't give up
until we find you, Yvonne.

Please come back home.
We miss you so much.

In case Yvonne is with you,
whoever you are....


If you only knew she made
a porn flick to escape you.

You can't imagine how much pain
my husband and I have suffered.

Please let her go.


The police have announced that more
investigators have been assigned....

Steffi, it's me.

Look, my bracelet.

Let me get you out of here.

You're so sweet to me.

You may not be the smartest,
but you are sweet.

What did you mean just now about
Yvonne making a porn movie?

You weren't supposed to hear that.

Was Yvonne involved
with that man you sent Tessa to see?

You know what?

I feel like shit.
I just want to go home.

You okay, Mama?

It's half past 3,

Yes, Mama, I have a watch too.

I'm so ashamed.


We wanted to keep calm.

Katharina, we really have to talk.

From now on, new rules!

You come straight home after school,
you hear?

Have you lost it?
I've got a right to my own life.

Oh, your own life?

Is this what you mean by
your own life?

You'll end up in the gutter
if you keep this up.

What the hell are you doing?

Just calm down.

You've really gone crazy!

Stop trying to be someone you're not.

This is who I am, Mama.
Look at me.

That's what you've always
been afraid of, isn't it?


I've never felt so shitty in my life.

My head's about to explode.

We have to go to the police.

They don't know that Yvonne
was at Nebula.

There you go again.

-Can't you just drop the subject?
-No, I can't.

Grow up, Kati, will you?
The world is full of perverts.

Take Conny.
They're all like that.

Yvonne ran away from home.
She's in Paris.

That's why she needed the money.

That guy was totally harmless.
He filmed her and that was it.

He's not at all harmless.

And he did try to rape her.

Yeah, that's right. I was there.

I told Tessa everything.
It was me.

So now I'm next on your list, right?

But you know what?

I don't care.

I'm not scared of you.

I don't like you anymore.

I'm here about Yvonne.

Have a seat.

I heard she ran away to Paris.

Where did you hear that?

She told me.

What's your name?

You were there too, weren't you?

You saw him...

...that man, Winter.

Why didn't you come to us sooner?

We found Yvonne.

She's dead.


That's a copy of the video we found
at the scene of the crime.

Do you know that girl?

The body found this morning... in fact that of the girl reported
missing, Yvonne Strätling.

The 16-year-old was identified
by her parents an hour ago.

The murderer, who is still at large...

...lured young girls into his
alleged film studio... this building.

We take you live
to the press conference.

This boot was found
at the scene of the crime.

Tests reveal that it did not belong
to Yvonne Strätling.

Thank God!

We've been worried to death.

What's wrong, Mama?
Why are you hugging me?

Hi, I left my jacket here.

Come on in.

I have no idea
what the police told you...

...but I've never been in a porn movie.

Dear, let's not talk about it now.

The only thing I care about... that you're safe.

I mean, I like Kati,
I like her a lot...

...but I've applied to a photography
school in Chicago...

...and if they take me,
I'll be gone for three years.

Is that bad?

It is for Kati.


Oh, come, now.

I'm sorry.

I just can't.


Hi, it's me.

I saw you with Klaus.

Yvonne is dead.

Do you understand?
That guy killed her.

Harmless, yeah, right.


At 2:00 the school bell will ring.

I'd like you to rise.

We'll have a minute of silence
for Yvonne.

Please take this time to think of her.


What's wrong with Steffi?
Is she sick?

I don't know.

I don't understand how
you can be friends with her.

She's a total jerk.

Maybe it's better she's not around.

I don't want anything
to do with her anymore.

It's a shame.

She's really changed.



Steffi, open this fucking door!

You stupid idiot!

Oh, my God!

I need an ambulance.

Gronnestrasse 23.

What? No.
She slit her wrists.

Both wrists. Yes.

I feel a pulse.

Dear God...

...I know you must think I'm an idiot
by now, but if you really exist...

...if you really exist...

...then please,
please don't do this to me.

I don't want her to die.


Dear Kati:

I'm writing to you because
you probably understand me best.

Everything's become so difficult.

There's no other way out.

Whatever I do
leads to disaster.

I'm not a good person.

None of you need me.

You either, Kati.

I only did that with Klaus
because I was so angry with you.

He likes you. I know he does.

I'm sorry.

I was always
so good at punishing others.

This is my punishment now.

I love you, even though
I know you can never forgive me.

Thank you.

You okay?

Thank you.


Where are we going?

I guess I should hate you, shouldn't I?

And do you?

I said, I should.

No, Klaus.

Do you need more time?


Here, I brought you a few things.


Sorry I didn't come visit you sooner.

That's okay.

It's not true what you wrote.

You don't need to find a solution
for everything.

Sometimes things just suck,
but you have to keep going, anyway.


You don't have to say it. I know.
It's my own fault.

-I didn't say that.
-But you thought it.


Hey, careful. I'm an invalid.