Grüner wird's nicht, sagte der Gärtner und flog davon (2018) - full transcript

Georg "Schorsch" Kempter is a gardener in a small Bavarian town. When the owner of the local golf course tries to cheat Schorsch for his money, he grabs the control stick and flies away in an attempt to save his plane and himself.

Notice anything, Mr. Kempter?

Totally different.
- Of course it is.

It's basically in the desert.

And here we have...

Mr. Kempter, please. No excuses now.

What exactly is the problem?
- The green.

It's not right.
- How so?

It's the wrong shade of green.

It just won't do.

It's as green as it gets.

I told you, the board...
- What board?

The board of trustees has explicitly said
it wants the same green

as the Shadow Creek Golf Club
in Las Vegas.

That's Californian grass.

It'd get washed away here.
It doesn't even know what rain is.

If you had doubts
you should have informed us.

I did. I told you
that Yankee grass was bulishit.

I want my money, and I want it now.

I know. Trust me, I'm on it.

I'll do what I can.
The new developments...

I'll discuss it all with your wife.

She does your bookkeeping, right?

Chin up.

Life goes on.

I'm on it. Trust me. OK?

What a load of bull.

Fimpel? Do you read me?

It's me, Schorsch. I'm taking off now.

Schorsch, abort!

No clearance for takeoff.

You don't take off!

I'm going for a spin.
- Abort!

Stop, Schorsch! I said no clearance!

- Abort, abort? I am aboard!

You haven't paid your fees in months!

You owe the airport 1,200 euros.

Do you hear me?
- I'll pay when those golf bozos pay me.

You're a troublemaker and a wretch!

You can kiss my ass!

You can't keep running away.

It's not going to work.

Schorsch? Do you hear me?

You can all kiss my ass.


Wow! Mom!

What do you think?
- It's great.

A bit too much purple?
- Nah, it's amazing.

Clowning around in the air again.

I bet he got nowhere
at the golf club.

What do you think?

Good. Great.



He said he'd discuss it with you.

He wants you to stop by tomorrow.

- Who else?

You do the bookkeeping.

What's that nonsense out there?
Those gumboots could've come in handy.

That nonsense
is my submission for the art academy.

Well, so much
for your career as an artist...

As if you knew anything about it.
- I don't need to.

She won't finish it anyway.

Like she never finishes anything.
- Dad, I'm not...

You'll take over the nursery.

Like I did from my blessed father.
- Amen!



Why are you so rough on Miriam?

Let her have dreams.

Dreamers sooner or later
wake up and their dreams are gone.

Waste of time.

She has to get that into her head.


Yes, goodnight.

I'm from Berlin, you know.

But all that hassle,

the constant noise, the pollution,

all that negative energy.

Get two more trays.

Not everyone catches it,
but I'm just incredibly sensitive.

- She's driving me nuts.

It's a profound gift

rarely encountered.

Women like me were once burned as witches.

I tell you, it's not easy. Not at all.

My husband and I yearned for nature.

We craved contact with that primeval energy.
- Box honeysuckle.

On the left.

Dig hole, put in, green end up.

And getting our hands dirty.


Come in.


- Hello.

No, please stop. Please!

I told you last time was a slipup,
and a major one at that.

How can true love be a slipup?
- You got me drunk.

Like some bubbly?
- No, we have to talk.

Fine, Mrs. Kempter.

Then shoot.

You gave Schorsch the cold shovulder.

There are rules. The board...
- Then tell your board what to do!

They're sharks, soulless capitalists.

You owe us 83,461 euros.

We're facing seizure.
- I'm doing what I can.

But my hands are tied.

Why so dismissive,
if you want me to help you?



You're a lousy gardener.

I feel like apologizing
to the plants for you.

Truth is, I'd prefer to work in IT.

With computers.
But there's no work like that here.

But later I'll move to New York,
or Nuremberg.

I wanted to be a pilot
back when I was your age.

A pilot? A real one?

Welcome aboard our Boeing 737.

I'm Georg Kempter, I'll be your captain
on our flight to the North Cape.

And why didn't you?

My father owned a nursery,
not an airline.

We have to do something, Schorsch.

The utilities sent notice,
the tax office has sent two.

Seizure will be next.

Did you hear me?

I heard you all right.


Maybe if I go ahead with my...

You starting with your orchids again?

And your "Floral Worlds
by Monika Kempter'-nonsense?

No one needs that.

Dinner's still at six. Got that?

Maybe we'll get lucky
and he'll crash in his damn plane.

How can you say such a thing?

Because it's true.


What's this all about?

Get away from my plane!

Mr. Kempter?
- Yes, that's him.

Mr. Kempter, Officer Bergstedt.
- Who cares.

We have three orders due to...

Step aside.
- Three orders due to outstanding debts.

Here's the seizure order.

He's seizing your plane.

You can't do that.
- I'm sorry.

We value it at...
- Not my plane!

You should've paid your debts.

Well, Mr. Kempter.

Right. And then sign there.

I still have some
things of mine in the plane.

Can I get them?

Sure. I'll finish this in the meantime.

Is the address of the airfield correct?
- Yes.


Mr. Kempter,
you're only making it worse!


Stop now, Mr. Kempter!

Schorsch, you stupid idiot!

Piece of crap!

But that can't be.

Yes, he just flew off, the moron.

Just like that? And where to?

How should I know?

He has nothing on him. No money, no phone.

What's he doing?

He's nuts.

He's lost it.

But you know, there's nothing
he loves more than his plane.

Ah, the time's come.

Munich, Munich.

This is Delta-Mike-Mike-Whiskey-Whiskey.

How much does gas cost down your way?

What's that?
- Leave my airspace now.

Well, up yours.

Come on, we'll manage that little bit.


Up you go! You can glide!

Come on!

Come on now!


Not in the water! Come on!

Are you one of those nudists?

Are you from East Germany?

No. I ran out of gas.

Damn near landed in the lake.

You wouldn't have survived that.
- Yeah.

You hungry?


Right then. Come along.

I'll wait by the tractor.

This is my house.


Here we are.

You just took off?

And your family is sitting at home
without a clue?


Want to at least call your wife
and tell her you're safe?

Sooner or later, sure.

You? Don't you have a family?

My wife said she was going into town
to shop, that was seven years ago.

I'm starting to think
she might not be coming back.

Now you do everything alone?


My kids want nothing to do with me.

So I'm alone.

At least you have your daughter.
- Oh well...

My daughter...

I'll keep it up as long as I can.

And when I can't anymore, I'll drop dead.


What are you doing?

You'll get twice as much fruit next year.

I'll prune the cherry tree for you too.

If you want
I can help you clean up the house.

Not going to happen.

Are you flying home now?
- No.

To the North Cape.

I always wanted to see
the Northern Lights.

Flying a plane right into them
must be incredibly beautiful.

I thought you had no money.

I'll have to get by somehow.
I can work.

The guy who owns all this land here

is some rich crackpot,
an aristocrat with a castle.

He babbles on about wanting
to develop the grounds.

I can call him, tell him you're coming.

Where is he?
- In the north. Near Dusseldorf.

Why not?

Yeah. Right then.


- No worries.


Yes. I understand.


- The police say it's not their job

to catch men
who run out on their wives.

Maybe it's better this way.


You're not happy with Dad anyway.

And he doesn't give a shit
about me, either.

That's baloney, Miriam.

He can't help it. He's just like Grandpa.

He's never hugged me.
Did you know that? Never ever.

Who cares. He's gone now anyway.



You were just flying that thing?


What galaxy are you from, alien?

Lake Tegernsee.

I'm looking for the castle.

The castle?
- Any idea where...?

I'll show you. Hop on.

No, that's OK...
- It's on my way.


OK, then.

By the way, my name is Philomena.

- Schorsch?

That's no name, it's a grunt.


Boy, you're really heavy.

Now it's your turn, OK?

But you have to push as well.

Come on, push!

Behold, Squire Schorsch:
Lord von Zeydlitz's castle.

Ancestral home
of noble men and geniuses.

Blessed be their name.

Yes, thanks.

Did you send me another horrible video?

- I thought you'd like it.

You'll drive me to my grave!

And who's this?




Did you hire a gardener?

There you are! Very good.

Wonderful. You'll dine with us.

Richard von Zeydlitz.

Kempter, Georg. Schorsch.

Schorsch, I like that.
Honest, authentic. A fine chap.

My wife, Evelyn.

You already know my daughter Philomena.

You'll put something else on for dinner.

As you like it.

I'll tell Arthur to set another place.

Pardon me a moment.


Kempter Nursery, hello?


- I..

Don't worry.

Where are you, Schorsch?
What are you doing?

You come back right now!

Right now!

Schorsch, where are you?

Don't be shy. Come along.

I envision it like a Sassanid garden.

Late Persian Empire. You know?

Lots of roses,
fruit trees, flowing water all over.

An illusion of heaven on earth,

the reflection on the water

a mirage of happiness
conjured up in a man-made oasis.

My dear Schorsch, that is my garden.

Oh yes, I see.
- Philomenal!

Would you please take off the glasses?

You said put something else on.
- But not those ghastly glasses.

Take them off now!

- You know what the therapist said.

We will not be...
- ...provoked.

But the way she looks and behaves!

You should know, Schorsch.

I used to call Philo "honeybun."

Or "little bunny.” Now she hates that.

Look at her.
Now she's an angry little bunny.

Ah! The meal already.

Arthur and Irmtrud, our good souls.

So, what are we having tonight? Thank you.

Poached artichokes

in soy truffle cream
on red beet carpaccio.

Marvelous! Bon appétit.

Dig in, Schorsch!

We're vegans, three days a week.

The other four we're cannibals.

Her therapist says the angry bunny
must have a right to exist.

It provokes its own extinction
through its behavior,

and by threatening its own existence
it secures its own identity.

Wonderfully interesting dialectic, isn't it?

Want to know what I think?
- Yes.

Please do.

Please excuse me a moment.


We will not be provoked...

You really wouldn't rather sleep
in the manor?

Certainly not.

I wish you a pleasant rest, Mr. Schorsch.
- Thank you.

Damn it!

This is driving me crazy.


Am I disturbing you?
- No.

Schorsch, you aren't like us.
You're hard-working.

You get your hands dirty. You're all man.

You have to eat something proper.

Well, I am a little hungry.

My first husband was a hands-on guy too.

God rest his soul.

Oh, you can't sleep like that.

I'll help you. One moment.

You sure are fast.

One moment.

Come on, help yourself.

Go on, don't be shy.

Soy cold cuts.

That's all we had today. I'm sorry.

I's fine.

Well then...

Goodnight, Schorsch.


Look, this is how I envisioned it.

You may not know, Schorsch,
but paridaida is Old Persian for garden.

It became paradeisos in Greek,
paradisus in Latin, then our paradise.

I did my thesis on it.
- It's pretty elaborate.

The longest journey
begins with a single step.

But we can't just plant Persian grass
here in your pari...dados.

- It has to be local grass.

It'll be as green as it is
and nothing else.

Yes, it'd be good if the grass were green.

Plus I'm flying in a few days.

You'll have to find another gardener.

Yes, that's a shame.
But a traveler must travel.

The grumpy face makes you look old.

Portrait of an alien.

Shouldn't you be in school?

I'm a big girl, Uncle Schorsch.
I finished school already.

Is that so?

I had a private tutor.
- I see.

My parents got a medical release.

And suddenly
I couldn't go to school anymore.

And why couldn't you go to school?

I'm disturbed.

We all have our issues.

I cut my thigh.

Many, many times.

No need to tell me that.
Now let me get back to work.

May 1?

- Operate the digger.

I've never done it, Schorsch.

A young, pretty girl,

who's never ever done it.

Whoa there! No!
Nice and slow now, OK?

You have to go in deep.

Bust it all up.

Then you loosen it, nice and good,

fill it up again,
only then something new can grow.

Now get started.

That's right. Keep going.


Go for it.

That's good.

Over. Too fast!

Now dump it.
- It's empty.

A little bit. Not bad for starters.

And what's the name of that one?
- Cockscomb.

And that?
- Dahlia.

And that one?
- Verbena.

And what's your wife's name?
- What?

The ring. You're married.

Take one of those.

Oh no! Is she dead?
- No.


None of your business.

What? Schorsch!
You left your wife for a man!

How awesomel!

And he"s 30 years younger than you?

- What?

That's her name. Now cut the crap.

Do you have kids?

Do you?



Hey, Miriam!

I need you
to trim the pool hedge tomorrow.

With Dennis.
- Yeah. OK.


You know what? Tonight I'll order in.

We'll get all the stuff Dad doesn't like.

Then we'll open a bottle of bubbly,
watch "The Bachelorette”

and have a nice girls' night. Huh?

Yeah. Great idea, Mom.

If Philomena's bothering you
send her away.

She's doing a very good job.
- Drink?

No, not right now.

You know,
she's sometimes a little bit...


Evelyn was my mother's nurse.

Did you know that?
- Philomena!

She's as noble as a shovel,
but thinks she's the Empress of China.

She moved in six weeks after Mom died.

We were all very sad,
except for Evelyn here.

She was happy.

And then my father went and married her.

Come on. Let's get back to it.

No! Don't pick him!

Go before it's too late!

I think he's cute.
- What? Him?


To us.
- To us.

My sweet little artista.

Look at him in those pants!

Right down in the ground

then cover it with soil.

That's right.

I'll make wine from these.

You'll have to wait a few years.

Until you get decent wine.
- Years?

It takes time.
- Oh, fiddlesticks!

Philomena Klarabella von Zeydlitz

had to wait far too long
to challenge a gardener

to a duel.

En garde, old man!

Stop with the nonsense.

Stop it!
- Come on, Schorsch! Defend yourself!

Oh, "Saber-Schorsch” strikes again!
- I'll show you.

The duel in the pavilion.

No! Pease stop now.
Please, peace.

Peace. OK.

What a wimp.

This is Kempter Nursery,
we're looking after our flowers,

but please leave us a message.

Thank you.


Are we digging the ditch tomorrow?

My time is up.


I fly out today.

- No, I...

I want to go to the North Cape.

I'm coming along.


I'm serious.

I have to get out of here.

You have to go in deep.

Bust it all up.

Loosen it all, nice and good,

fill it up again,

only then something new can grow.

Take me with you. Please.

You know that's not possible.

All the best. It was good to meet you.

Good work.

Thank you.


- I don't know where she is.

That's our angry little bunny.
Well, bon voyage.

Yes. Thanks, God bless.


Are you crazy?

You have to take me along.

I'll die there.
- I'm going back.

- Sit down properly.

I said sit down!
- I'll jump if you don't take me along.

This isn't some flying circus.
- Please!

Well, all right. But sit down!

- You're taking me along.

Yes! Now sit down!

You have the prettiest plane
in the world.

Philomena, headphones.

Commander Schorsch, come in please.

I can hear you alright.

You can drop me off
at my grandma"s in Sylt.

It's on the way.
- Well...


You've already invited the press?
- Of course.

A few days before the opening
we've got to get the PR train rolling.

We're even expecting three TV crews.

Would you like
a little glass of bubbly now?

I don't want any bubbly.
I want my money.

My hands are tied in here.

Your lawyers can clear that up with ours.

I don't have any lawyers.

What I have is a court officer
breathing down my neck.

Monika, let's deal with this
like civilized people.

You know we like each other.

How do you do it?

Do you have no shame?

That's probably
just how you are, isn't it?

And you've got the smallest wiener
I've ever seen.

Little wiener, big asshole.

Teeny-weeny shrunken wiener.

How does he even find it
under his potbelly.


Yes, this is Della...
- Canl, can 1?

Alright then.

You have to say our name first.

Like Philo and Schorsch?

No, the name of the airplane.

The plane has a name? How awesome!

What is it? Hulky?

The call name
is Delta-Mike-Mike-Whiskey-Whiskey.

And I thought my name was crap.

Here comes Delta-Mike...

Philo! The white button.

Press it.
- Oh.

- Hello?

This is Delta-Mike-Mike-Whiskey-Whiskey.

Now you have to say,
"Request for landing.”

Clear the fish off the runway.

We're coming down. That alright, boys?

Alrighty, come on down then.


Is your grandma
your father's or your mother's mother?

Grandma on Dad's side.

My grandma on Mom's side already died.

There's no one left on that side.

Here, look.

This is her. This is my mom.

I think you're the first person
since my mom to cheer me up.

I didn't.
- Yes you did.

You're great.

You'd have made such a great dad.

Better than mine in any case.

Right. And now I'm going for a swim.


Philo, hey!

Are you nuts?
The water's freezing.

So cold.

I'm free!

I flew the skies with you.

Now I'm going to cross the seven seas.

Now get out of there.
You're such a nutcase.

Come join me!

Come on!

You could get pneumonia.
- Oh, fiddlesticks.

We're nearly there.

Now if I...
- Shh! It's a surprise.

That's her, that's my granny.

Which one?

On the left.
The one on the right is Katja, her wife.

What do you mean?

Your grandma's wife?
- Yeah. My grandma is so cool.

She got sick of men,
so she married a woman.

- Philo!

Oh, Philo!
- Hello.

You're soaking wet!

So are you now. I was in the ocean.
- You're nuts!

Who's that?

This is my hero.

Your hero?

Yes. Germany's only flying gardener.

Lousy fencer
but gifted digger operator.

And he freed me
from my prison castle.

So, Mr. Kempter.



My granddaughter says you're one cool dude.


That's a good thing.
- Yeah? I'm not sure.

Enjoy it.
Philo doesn't dish out much praise.

She"s no follower, and that's good.

'Cause the sheep
that always follows the flock...

...never sees beyond the butts.

If not for girls like Philo,
we women would still be sitting at home

waiting for our husbands.

In any case, I'm glad
you lured Philo out of her gilded cage.

Well, I didn't exactly lure her.

Life is like dealing with illnesses.

You have to suffer through a few of them

to summon your defenses.

But you can also
build up too many defenses.

Then you end up fighting off everything.

Even the good things.

Father reads books, Grandma people.

Oh! He spilled!

I think he's afraid of you.
- I am not.

Being afraid is perfectly OK, Schorsch.

You just mustn't run away from it.

Sometimes you hide
from something half your life.

And when it finds you anyway

you don't understand
why you were so scared.

But by then you've already become
a different person.

Isn't that right, Schorsch?

What do I owe you
for the food and lodging?

You don't owe me anything.



Good morning!

Why did you sleep out here?

Breakfast is ready. You coming?

- Morning.


Mornings are the most beautiful.

But you only realize that in old age.

I have to thank you.

I haven't seen Philo
so cheerful and open in a long time.

This isn't her usual wound-up melodrama.

She's truly happy.

She just had to get out of that castle.

You do her a lot of good.
- 1 didn't do anything.

I'm flying out again today.

She told me
she was flying to the North Cape with you.


Oh no! That's not possible.

I can't take her.
- I think it's a good idea.

- Why not?

It'd do you good too.

Not having to fly alone.

- I like being alone.


I think you've been alone far too long.

Let's have breakfast, then talk it over.


- I'll be right there.


cleared for takeoff.


Schorsch! Take me with you!


- Damn you!

Why did you do that? Jerk!

Am I supposed to fly by myself or what?

You didn't even say goodbye.

Like I don't mean shit to you.
You just took off.

You don't understand.

Am I really that bad?


Then why did you do it?

- Because...

Because your grandma is right.

Right about what?


It's done.

Tastes good.

I have to tell you something.

I lied to you. I have a daughter.

Actually, I didn't lie to you.

I don't understand.

We tried for a baby
for a really long time, my wife and I.

Monika was already pretty frantic.


then I secretly went to the doctor.

To have myself examined.

And when she got pregnant later

I knew that it couldn't be mine.

But you never said anything?


Not about the doctor
and not that I knew Miriam wasn't mine.

I remember holding her in my arms.

This little munchkin smiling at me.

And the only thing I could think was

she's someone else's,
she's not my child.

At some point
I stopped holding her at all.

Who's the father?

I don't know.

Who is the father?

I just said I don't know.

Who's your daughter's father, moron?


I'll do the borders at the church.
- No, I will. You're busy enough.

I'll manage. You finish the sculpture.

Don't you have to submit it next week?
- Forget it.

It's just bullshit anyway.

As if someone like me
belongs in the art academy.

- You think it's a pipe dream too.

What gives you that idea?
- "My sweet little artista!”

That's not what I meant.
- You're right. I suck.

It's crap!
- I's not crap at all.


Miriam, please!

You have to do your thing.

Forget what people say.

You have to go your own way.

And why don't you do your thing?

Why don't you sell
the beautiful orchids you breed?

Why don't you open the damn flower shop
you've been talking about forever?

You have to preheat it.

You guys always know what I have to do.

Maybe you should figure out
what you have to do first!

What's this?



- Damn it!

The stick.

- Grab the control stick!

I won't.
- We have to find an airport.

I won't do it.
- Just hold it tight.

Are you nuts? I'm not steering a plane.
- Take over. I'm letting go.

Grab it!
- No!

No! I can't do it!

Keep steady!

Schorsch, it's burning!

All that screaming drives me crazy!

There's an airfield.

You can let go.

I'm taking over.

Oderbruch Airfield,

this is Delta-Mike-Mike-Whiskey-Whiskey.

Request landing.

Hello? Is anyone there?

This is Delta-Mike-Mike-Whiskey-Whiskey.
Request landing.

We have a technical issue.
We have to land.

Oderbruch, please come in!

I'm going down, we have no choice.

No one there?

Holy shit.


Nobody here.

This is like in some apocalyptic movie.

A plague has wiped out everyone but us.

Where are we anyway?



In Brandenburg, in Brandenburg

Another guy just ran into a tree again

What is there to do
when you're 17 or 18 in Brandenburg...


- And what's that?

- Schorsch?


This really is a brand new model.

What museum did you steal it from?

This is one for plane lovers.
- So you're a lover? I see.

I think the fuel pump is broken.
- Yep.

I can order a new one. Takes a few days.

That's Timo.
He's my techie.

Hey! I got your motion detector.

Like I need one.

So you don't bumble around in the dark.

All the bric-a-brac he's installed.

Electric shutters, internet radio.

Even a camera in the fridge.

So I can see it on my cell phone.
Except I have no cell phone.

Want a coffee?
- Yes.


I have a motion detector.



Plum cake?

- Oh yes. I'd love to.

Like a piece too?
- Nope.

- Looks good.

I made it myself.
- Really?

OK, then a little piece.

Don't let him fool you. I made it.

He can't even fry an egg.

So do you have a name?


That's an odd name.
- Yeah.

You'll have to stay here for now.
I have two guest rooms.

I'll get bedding.
Is 30 euros a night OK?

Yeah, great.
- Our names are both Greek.

- Timo comes from Timoétheos.

And it means "He who serves God."


I used to fly almost every day.

You're a pilot?

I used to dust crops in East Germany.

Boy, the crap we dumped on those fields!

And what do you do now?

I made so much money after the
Wall came down that I bought an airport.

I never have to work again.
- Really?


And what did you earn all your money with?

Wholesales. Saxon pointy hats
and night caps. Worldwide.

It was a gold mine.

Not the brightest bulb around, are you?

I've had it up to here
with flying and all that crap.

So why do you own an airport then?

It's a long story.

I have time.

Wow, this is gigantic!

Watch this.

What are you doing?
- Wait.

Stay there.

- And close your eyes.

- Are they closed?

- Trust me. I worked on it for a week.

Eyes closed.



I told Hannah to empty the hangar,

put in a sound system
and throw a monthly bash.

Cool idea.
- It's totally dead around here.

They'd come from all over Brandenburg.
I'd deejay, we'd make a killing.

Really? Can you do that?

DJ MC Timo Fly!

Yeah, DJ! I love that sound.

You really left your wife
without knowing where you were going?

I thought you fellas only jumped
when you had someone to catch you.


I don't even know if I left her.
- What else?

If she has a hint of self-respect left
she won't take you back.

You men are always so afraid of the truth.

Being afraid is OK,
you just mustn't run away from it.

Someone told me that before.

It's time.

Goodnight, Schorsch.

Come on! It's like being in the ocean.

This is so awesome.


So beauvtiful.

You taste like bratwurst.
- What? Oh God.

Sorry, I had a bratwurst earlier.

I love bratwurst.

I have to go.
- What? Already?

See you tomorrow.

Till then.


I'm no lawyer and it's all gibberish,

but if I get it at all this should work.

The bank?

On board too.

I'm going to do this now.

You're the type that can't sit still.

I'd do a lot more here.

For example, I'd build a playground.

Swings, a seesaw.
Families would come here.

All little boys love planes.
Set up a decent grill.

Your plum cake's already a hit.

You a gardener or a business consultant?

It's just an idea.

Have breakfast, you jack-of-all-trades.

Where's He who serves God?
- Who?

- Usually over by the old helicopter.




Really yummy. Bye!

Oderbruch Airbase.

Today? I'll have to check
my appointments first.

Three gliders are coming in later.
Can you aerotow them? I have an old plane.

Yes, sure.

You're in luck, someone just cancelled.
Four is fine.

See you later.


Next to the big one, a bit to the right.

Looks like a turtle.

Nothing doing.
- Press harder.

That was too much.


Hannah! Hannah!


No, not that old stuff.

All right.

Just once.

Sometimes it seems
the hands of time are standing still

And going round in circles
is all that you can feel

Sometimes we all just
have the need to get away

Sometimes all you want to do is stay

Sometimes you can make the whole world turn

Sometimes, even lucky stars crash and burn

Sometimes we keep taking
when we should give

And hate all the things
that we really love

It's seven bridges you must cross

Seven years of darkness it will cost

Seven times like ashes in the night

To once become the shining light

I like it
how you do all of this here.


If you knew.

If I knew what?

- You don't say anything.

Well, you don't ask.

I didn't say anything my entire life.

Then it doesn't help
if someone asks.

My husband and I bought this airfield.

For a famous "token mark"
after the Wall came down.

Boy, we worked our asses off.
But I didn't care.

It was our airport, our thing.

We had just put in the kitchen
when a tiny car stopped here.

A "Smart” car.

My husband turned white as a sheet.

I thought he was going to keel over.

Yeah, and then a woman got out.

Half as old as me.

She said she was sorry about it all,

but he had to make up his mind.

At first I didn't get what she meant.

Then my husband started crying

and said, "Forgive me, forgive me,"

and then he got in the car.

They drove off.

After 23 years.

I'm strong, but...

something inside me broke.

I felt so...

worthless, chucked away like garbage.


And for some reason it doesn't go away.

You could've at least
taken off your gum boots.

What is it?

It's been a long time.

You'll get back into it.
We'll start with the basics.

And if you have any questions,
just let me know.

So far so good? You still remember this?

What is it now?
- Can we maybe turn the lights out first?

Timo installed that.

And our hothouses...
l mean our greenhouses

are all individually climate-controlled.

And here, around the main building,

we had a drainage system put in
about a year ago.

And the outbuildings
were renovated about six years ago.

No need to tell us all that, Mrs. Kemper.
- Kempter.

It'll all be torn down.

But where exactly does the property end?

At the road.

But the field behind the greenhouses
is part of it too.

But you'll have to decide quickly.
We have several interested parties.

I see.

Where were you last night?

What garden did you cultivate?

Stop it!

At your age?


Hush up!
- Loverboy Schorsch.


Then I'll leave you two lovebirds alone.
- Very funny.

I'm going over to see Timo.

It was nice yesterday.
- Schorsch!

Your wife doesn't know where you are,

you ran away from a shitload of problems

and now you're playing Latin lover.

Yes, it was nice yesterday.

But yesterday was yesterday
and today is today.

What about tomorrow?

You said it's OK to be afraid.

I'm afraid
I'll be the one left out in the cold again.

So I prefer to focus on today.


We were young then.

Why didn't you leave Dad much earlier?

Because it wasn't possible.

Don't say because of me.


He never would've managed alone.

He can't even fry an egg.

You're not serious.

Oh yes I am.

Seems he's doing pretty well on his own
now that he's taken off.


Why do you want to go to the North Cape?

It must be beautiful.

Why didn't you leave your wife earlier?

She wouldn't have managed
at all without me.

She was always entirely dependent on me.

To this day.

So dependent on you
that you left her with all the problems?

Your fuel pump is coming.

Now you can fly home
and clean up the mess you made.

Kempter Nursery. Hello.


Are you there?

I'm here, yes.

I have...

We have to talk.

Now you want to talk?

Right, then talk.
- Yes, I..

I'm sorry, I...

I went to see the notary.

He drew up a contract.
I have full power of attorney.

I don't understand.

When the debts are paid
you get a third.

The rest goes to me and Miriam.

You want to sell the nursery?

No. I want to sell your old underpants.

Of course I want to sell the nursery.

If not it'll be auctioned off
and we'll get even less.

Goodbye, Schorsch.

Oh, damn it!

There you are.


Can I ask you something?
- Yeah, sure.

When was your first time?

First time?

Yes, Godfather Schorsch. Your first.

When your little gardener entered
the garden of lust and you became a man?

Yes, I get what you mean.

I think I was 16.

How was it?

Somehow it was...

Yeah, it was... coincidental.


It wasn't true love, that's for sure.


I just thought I should finally do it.

With Timo, that is.

I had never done it before.
- Oh, I see. Yes.

Somehow it was just so...


It didn't even last one minute, then he...

You know.

I thought it'd change things, change me.

That I'd be more normal, more grown up,

and not so crazy.

But somehow...

I'm exactly the same as I was before.

Oh boy!

You're just right the way you are, Philo.
Just right.

Everything else will fall into place.

You're flying tomorrow?


Yes. This time you really can't...
- I know.

I called my father.

He's leaving Evelyn.

Now he wants to travel the world with me.
Life. Adventure.

Sounds good.

I've had enough of senior citizen trips.

I'm going to go on my own journey.

To the back of beyond if I have to.

The time with you, Schorsch...

It was the best time ever.

You gave me the world.

You did.

I love you.


No! Not like that! Yuck!
You're an old fart.


I love you... here.

A lot. Real bad.

I love you too.


I'm going now.

I made you a few sandwiches.
It's a long flight.


You owe me 90 euros for the rooms.

Oh yeah.

Of course.

Well then...


You're a better man than you think.

I'm sorry.

What are you sorry for?
- I'm sorry I didn't meet you earlier.

Just beat it.

Good luck,

Have a good trip.


I'm sorry.

Where were you?

Everywhere and nowhere.

The buyers come in two days,
the contracts are signed.

The buildings will be torn down.
They just want the land.

I was not a good husband to you, Monika.
I know that.

And I know Miriam's not my child.

I saw the doctor before you got pregnant.

I can't have children.

Why didn't you ever say anything?

Because I was afraid.

I felt ashamed.

I always wanted to tell you, but...

at some point it was too late.

Fools we were, the two of us.

And the sculpture?

I thought she wanted to submit it
to the art academy.

She said you were right.

That she didn't belong there anyway,
in the academy.

But she really wanted to be an artist.

That was her dream.

But you wake up from dreams.

Didn't you say that?

Oh yeah, I said that.

Are you driving it
to the junkyard?

No, to the academy.

It isn't even finished.

It's art.

No one will know
if it's finished or not.

Let's go.

You look different.






You submit it over there.

Listen, I'll take it from here.

Oh yes, I see.

Thanks for driving me.

I'm incredibly proud of you.

Give me a call, OK?
- Yeah.

Bye, Dad.

You should have told me!
- That the roses have thorns?


Then I never would've taken this hedge.

You talked me into it.

It's not at all what I imagined.

Now you want me to sand the thorns down?

You are liable for this.

In the case of such a complaint
you are legally obliged

to return it to the prior state,
to how it was before the hedge.

Oh, that's how it is.

Yes, that's how it is.

Mrs. Klompke.

The nursery no longer exists,

but you who yearned so
to be in touch with nature

can finally get your hands dirty now.
- Unbelievable!

Yes, yes.

Dr. Starcke, one question
from the Wirmtal Messenger.

What are your feelings
regarding tomorrow"s opening?

I'll answer that question soon.
First, let me thank you all for coming.

At the grand opening
we'll have the great pleasure

of welcoming the Prime Minister,

as well as a group
of underprivileged youth.

In our charity competition
they won the privilege

of participating in a trial class.

Hey! What's that guy doing?

Stop! Hey there! Hey, you!

Hey, stop! Not on the green!

Hey! No, no, no! Stop! Stop!

Dr. Starcke! Hello there!

Are you crazy? Stop that right now!

Just doing my duty.
You said it wasn't right.

Wrong shade of green and all.

In a case like that
I'm legally obliged to correct it.

To return it to its prior state.
- I'll... I'll svue you.

Oh my.
- I can ruin you.

You already have.

What do you want?
- Only my due.

I can't do that without the board.

Well, so much for the wrong green.
It all has to go.

OK, I... Stop.

I'll transfer it. First thing tomorrow.
- Now.

183,451 euros. I.

83... 83...

If it bounces, I'll be back.

I have plenty to tell
those people from the press.

This will have consequences.
- We'll see about that.

Everything's fine.

I'll be right over
to continue the press conference.

That's your homepage.

You can scroll up and down.
- Scroll?

Move it.
- Nice.

Mrs. Kempter?

Is it OK like this?
- Up a bit higher.

And a bit to the right.

Now left.



I think that's it.

We have the keys
and everything's signed.

Well then...

Mr. Kempter.
- Goodbye.

All the best.
- Goodbye.

Right, that's that.

Kind of sad now.

Come on, let's go.

Not taking them?

- Your garden gnomes.

My garden gnomes?

I never liked them.

You always wanted...
- Me?

I always thought they were
stupid and disgusting.

They bugged me every day.

Which one is the most disgusting?
- All of them.



It's going to be torn down anyway.

Now you.

Her! She's always annoyed me.

She reminded me of me.

Now together.


- ... three!

We should have done this a long time ago.

Take care.

You too.

One thousand,

one hundred, two hundred.

So? Are you flying to the North Cape?
- Yep.

All good then.
- All good.

Dear Schorsch,

on my journey to the back of beyond

I discovered there is no such place.

Everywhere I go
things are somehow magnificent

because life itself is a journey.

And you showed me that, Schorsch.

Here, look at this.

I'd so love
to fly through it with you.

But, as you know, you always fly with me.

In here.

Bon voyage, Schorsch.