Grizzly Mountain (1995) - full transcript

Present-day Portland suburbs kids Dylan and Nicole go on the camping trip with their family, and when they enter a mysterious cave in the mountains, they're transported back in time to 1870, where they meet mountain man Jeremiah.

(birds chirping)

(tense music)

(Indians chanting)

(saw scraping)

(peaceful music)

(Indians chanting)

(tense music)

(tree falling)

(geese squawking)

(big cat growling)

(bears grunting)

(birds squawking)

(tree falling)

(Indians chanting)

(tense music)

- If he gets this approved
by the mayor, Chief,

I don't know how we're gonna stop him.

- The only thing we can
rely on, my brother,

is prayer.

(light playful music)

- [Man] Hey.

- Sorry, Dad.

- Let's go, Dylan, get
your mom and sister.

Come on.

We're hittin' the road.

- Let's go!

- Oh ho, ho, ho, ho.
- Ugh!

- Like we said, no basketball.
- Let me go.

Come on, Dad!
- No TV.

- Let me down!
- Just you, the woods,

wild animals, poison oak and poison ivy.

Get in the car.

- [Dylan] Ugh!

(cheery music)

Hold on!

I forgot my Walkman.

- [Dad] Uh uh, no turning back, Dylan.

(adventurous music)

(video game blasting)

- You can take the boy out of the city,

but you can't take the
city out of the boy.

- I consider getting
this far a minor victory.

- I'd consider changing your mind

about developing the mountain a victory.

- Are there any wild animals up here?

- Sure.

There's birds and squirrels
and even a raccoon or two.

That's the Mark's family
in the great outdoors.

(light adventurous music)

There you go.

- [Dylan] Okay.

- Ugh, here you go, Nicole.

Hey, bud, why don't you give
me a hand with the tent, huh?

Give me a hand with the tent?

- Okay.

- [Dad] All righty.

- So what kind of work do you
have to do up here, Daddy?

- Well, it's so beautiful up here

that I'm going to approve
a developer's plans

to build houses on the mountain

and stores and golf courses
and things like that.

- Can people go build a house
on any old mountain they want?

- (chuckling) No.

You see, a long time ago, in 1870,

that's before your
great-great grandpa was born.

The lease, which is the
right to use the land,

was given to the Indians for 125 years.

(peaceful music)

Well, this year, the
state gets the lease back

from the Indians.

So I'm gonna recommend selling the lease

to a developer after I survey his plans.

- See, I told you Daddy owns the mountain.

- No, sweetie, the state of
Oregon owns the mountain.

Daddy just decides what to do with it.

- Daddy better get some work done

so we have some fun later.

- Can we go exploring?

- Well all right, but
don't be gone too long.

I'm gonna fix a good lunch.

- Hey, hey, hey!

You two forgetting something?

(light music)

- [Both] Oh, our backpacks.

- You never know.

You always gotta be prepared.

- Say goodbye, Miss Betty.

Bye, Dylan.

Bye, Nicole.

(light cheerful music)

- [Dylan] Let's go up there.

- Where are you going?

- I think I see a cave or something.

(curious music)

- [Nicole] Don't bears live in caves?

- [Dylan] There's no bears up here.

Wow, it's so clear out.

- Is it safe in here, Dylan?

- [Dylan] Yeah, but I got
to check my batteries first.

- Come on.

- I'm right behind ya.

(light cheerful music)

(video game blasting and booming)

- [Nicole] Dylan, come on.

It's dark in here.

- [Dylan] All right, I'm comin'.

(mysterious music)

- [Nicole] Hello?

- [Dylan] Shh.

- [Nicole] I thought you said it was safe.

- [Dylan] It is, if you're quiet.

Come on, let's see where this goes to.

(mysterious music)

- [Nicole] Wow.

This is kinda spooky.

- Yeah, this is cool.

(dramatic music)

What's happening?
- It's an earthquake!

Let's get outta here!
- Run, Nicole, run!

Come on!

We gotta get outta here!

(dramatic music)


- What was that?

- I thought we were dead.

That must have been the
biggest earthquake ever.

- Let's go find mom and dad.

(curious music)

- What the?

It was clear just a minute ago.

Come on!

(dramatic music)

- [Nicole] Do you think we
came out on the wrong side?

- No, I know this is the right side.

Maybe they moved the tent.

Maybe it's this way.

(tense music)


- [Nicole] Dylan, where are we?

- [Dylan] I don't know.

- [Nicole] Where do we go?

- [Dylan] First we have to find the road.

- Whoa, kids.

Where's the fire?

Well, I'm sorry for surprising you two.

(peaceful music)

Where are your kids from?

- Portland.

Isn't everybody up here from Portland?

- Well, not everybody.

Could be a few folks from Portland.

- Our folks told us not talk to strangers.

- You're a smart boy.

Where are your folks?

- Well, we were in a
cave somewhere up there.

- You mean to tell me you
kids went into that cave?

- Yeah.

It shook.

And then...

- And then you lost your folks?

I tell you, you kids
are gonna need some help

finding your parents.

My name's Jeremiah.

I think the best thing you guys
would do would come with me.

Or you can stay here with the bears

and the mountain lions if you want.

(peaceful music)

- [Nicole] Well, where are we going?

- [Jeremiah] We'll head down
this way towards my cabin.

Look right out through there.

You ever seen anything so
pretty in your whole life?

- [Dylan] This is amazing.

- [Jeremiah] Were you kids
up by this lake before?

- [Nicole] No, we just got here today.

- Well, the first time I saw this meadow,

I knew I was home.

Come on in.

- Wow.

You must be old.

- (chuckling) I'm a few
years older than you are,

but I can still get around
the mountains all right.

- [Nicole] Do you have a car?

- A car?

- Yeah, so we can go find her parents.

- Well, I know we got
to find your parents,

but I don't know what a car is.

I sure don't have one.

- Hey, mister, where are we?

- We're about maybe two or
three days ride from Portland.

- Two or three days?

It only took us two hours in a car.

- Two hours?

Well now, you're gonna
have to explain that to me.

Look, I've got some business

I got to take care of in town.

Why don't you kids stay here
and watch the fort for me,

and when I get back,

we'll see about getting
you back to your parents.

How about that?

- We have to find them now.

They'll be worried.

- I thought you said
you were gonna help us.

- I want you both to sit down.

I want to tell you something.

Sit down over here.

(concerned music)

Listen, kids, now there's
an old Indian legend

about that mountain.

When you go deep into those caves,

well, it takes you into another place.

And when you kids went into that mountain-

- You mean we're someplace else?

- I don't know everything
about this Indian legend.

- I want to find Mom and Dad.

- When I come back,
I'll do everything I can

to get you back to your parents.

I promise.

You'll be safe here while
I'm gone, both of you.


(sneaky music)

(crate bangs)

- Well, I think that's enough
dynamite to blow this-here

mountain sky high to the moon! (laughs)

- You set that dynamite down any harder,

and next time you'll blow us to the moon.

- Ugh!

- [Man] How many of
these things I gotta do?

- Oh, about 40 or 50 of 'em.

You never know how long it'll take

any of those fools to find any of it.

- Hey, hey, Roscoe, Jones,
fools to find fools gold.

Fools to find fools gold.

(all laughing)

- What's so darn funny, Jones?

(funny music)


Now look what you've done.


I don't know why I even
work with you nit-wits.

Now Jones, I want you to start over,

and get it right.

I don't have any more
of those lead stones.

- Where do you want us to hide 'em, ma'am?

- Where do you think?

- Well, I
- Well-

- Where people'll find 'em.

And don't you dare slip up
in front of my darling Burt.

Do you understand me?

I don't want him to worry his
little head about our plan.

Cover up that paint, Jones.

Why, hello, darling.

- Jones, what are you doing?

- Oh, he's just doing a
couple of things for me.

Don't trouble yourself.

How was your meeting with the mayor?

- Oh, I got him behind us all the way.

- Well isn't that just sweet then?

I'm gonna run into town, dear.


- Well, come on, men, step it up!

(men muttering)

(air whooshing)

- [Woman] There's got to be
some animals up here, Bill.

- There haven't been any wild
animals up here for years.

Relax, honey.

- Oh, did they leave their walkie-talkies?

- I already checked.

- I have my walkie-talkie.

In Nicole's backpack.

- Honey, they're kids.

I'm sure they just lost track of time.

(air whooshing)

- Maybe we should've
said goodbye to Jeremiah.

- You're probably right,

but it's too late now.

(tense music)

Do you think Dad and Mom
will really believe us

that we went back in time?

- Do you really think we did?

- [Dylan] Well, there's
only one way to find out.

- All right, men, we need to
blow a hole for the tunnel,

and we're gonna do it right
here under this old cave.

- We gonna b-blow it today, boss?

- As soon as you men get the
dynamite in place and wired.

Why, Jeremiah.

(throat clearing) What brings you

to our humble neck of the woods?

- I thought I'd just stop by

and make sure you gentlemen
weren't gonna blow

that mountain out from
underneath my house.

- (laughing) What makes you
think a crazy idea like that?

- Now come on, Burt.

The chief and I know what you
and your girlfriend are up to,

and I just want to let you know

that the residents of this
mountain aren't gonna give up

without a good fight.

- Jeremiah, relax.

There's no need to talk about fightin'

The townspeople seem to be
behind our little railroad plan.

- Doggone it.

- The residents I'm talking about, Burt,

are the Indians and the animals and me.

(men muttering)

I have nothing against
these good town folks,

but you're a real smooth talker, Burt,

and they'll follow you anywhere

after you tell 'em how
rich they're gonna get.

- Jeremiah, I'm tryin'
to help these people.

They have dreams.

(melancholy music)

And we have plans to help the Indians.

- [Jones] Yeah, we got
plans, all right. (laughing)

- I know what your plans are.

- Look, Jeremiah, we're
just trying to create

a little progress here.

And the people seem to agree with us.

Now, as much as I'd love
to have your support,

all due respect, we, we
don't really need it.

- Well, with all due respect, Burt,

if you're still planning
on building that tunnel

for that choo choo, I'd reconsider,

slow down a tad.

If you know what I mean.

(men muttering)

- Bye.

(cautious music)

- Maybe it's where we were standing.

- This is where we were standing.

- Keep trying.

- How can a cave take
us to some other time?

- Oh, this is hopeless.

We better get back.

- Let's get Jeremiah to help us.

- Jeremiah?

We've been gone too long!

Come on.

(Dylan gasps)

(mountain lion roars)

Run, Nicole!

Come on, run!

It's gonna eat you!

Faster, Nicole, run!

Come on!
- It's gaining on us!

- [Dylan] Run! Faster!

(horse whinnying)


(Nichole gasps)

(horse whinnying)

- [Nicole] Come on, Dylan.

- Nicole!

(mountain lion roaring)

Uh uh!

(tentative music)

This is good.

- It is snake eyes.

(all laughing)

It is a corn mix.

(all laughing)

(video game guns blasting)

(toy siren wailing)

(serious music)

- Where do you come from?

- From our parents' house in Portland.

- Did you come to our mountain on horses?

- No, through the cave.

- Quickly, get the chief.

- [Nicole] Will the chief know
where to find our parents?

- You came through the cave?


- Yeah, our parents were making lunch.

They trust us to go by ourselves.

- [Jeremiah] Yeah, at least
you'll listen to somebody.

- [Dylan And Nicole] Jeremiah!

- Been lookin' all over for you.

I was worried sick about you two.

It's not safe for you to be up

in these mountains, especially now.

You gotta listen to me.

- Very sad time, Jeremiah.

- I'm embarrassed for my people, Chief.

I'm sorry.

- I know they are not your people.

Together we must defeat them.

(gentle music)

- We're going to have to do
whatever we can to stop them.

- We won't run away again.

Please don't hurt us.

- We weren't talking about you.

Nobody's gonna hurt you

as long as I'm around.

Those bad guys I was telling you about,

they came up here to
destroy the mountains.

They're gonna blow holes in the earth

and tear out the trees.

Till we stop 'em, it's
not gonna be safe for you.

- What's going on, Jeremiah?

- I want you kids to stay
with these nice people.

I'll get you home.

I promise.

(lively music)

- Looks perfect, Betty.

How'd you do it?

- Oh, just don't you
trouble yourself, Mayor.

You just make sure that
you're real convincing

when you tell those people it's real.

- Well now, if I do that,

there's gonna be a hailstorm
of people through here,

the likes of which this town
ain't never seen before.

- That's exactly right.

And whether there's gold or not,

we won't be able to count all the money

we're going to make from the railroads,

the boarding houses, the
hotels, the bars, the works.

Oh, and all because of
my wise old Mayor Bronch.

- (laughing) Well, now.

I just hope for your sake

that you can make it all happen

before the bank needs the money

to close on all that land.

Or before somebody really
starts checking out

these rocks you been hiding.

- How sweet of you to worry, Mayor.

- Now, Betty, you know,
people around here,

they like old Jeremiah.

The Indians too, for that matter.

No, I think-

- I'm not payin' you to think, Mayor.

No more than those silly
people are gonna be thinking

whenever we ask 'em to do anything

for a chance to get rich.

(Mayor chuckling)

(door opens)

- Uh, no.

No, I don't see anything in here

about any Indian land rights.

- Oh, the Indians don't
care what land their on.

They're not gonna mind moving that little

village of theirs to
a new mountain either.

Especially when they see
what's happening to this one.

(all laughing)

- Well, thank you kindly,
Mayor, for checking for me.

- Oh, you're welcome, Miss Betty.

- And I guess I'll see
you at the town meeting.

- Oh, this town meeting
sure is exciting, isn't it?

It's just rewarding to know that we're

helping all these fine townspeople.

Well, Mr. Mayor, good afternoon.

(lively music)

(Betty sighs)

Believe I got the mayor on our side.

- Probably more than you know, dear.

- [Dylan] There's got to be
a road around here somewhere.

- [Nicole] I hope so.

♪ Fake gold, fake gold ♪

(man humming)

♪ Fake gold ♪

Oh, this ought to be
perfect, right over there.

I'm all right...


(funny music)






Help me!


- Jonesy, gimme some more of them things.

Come on, give 'em to me.

(sneaky music)

Come on, give me.


I said give 'em to me,

not throw 'em at me.


- What are you doin'?

- Well, isn't it just
like you to go swimming

while the rest of us is working.

- What are you talking about?

- Yeah.

- I almost drowned out there.

- Drowned.
- What are you, crazy?

- Oh boy, oh boy.
- You know I was yellin'

your name.

I don't know where the heck you was.

- I didn't hear a thing.

I was working.

- You know.

I wasn't swimming in my clothes.

Now give me some more of them-there rocks.

(men muttering)

- [Dylan] Hey, can we
get a ride into town?

(tense music)

- Hide 'em!

- Will you give us a ride to town?

- Why sure, kids.

Jump on in.

We's just on our way into town ourselves.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well come on, right over here, little man.

Step right up.

That's it.

Come here, little lady.

Right over here, step right up.

That's it.

Come on, little man.

Right there.

There we go.

(peaceful music)

- [Dylan] Thanks, mister.

- Sure.

- hat were you doing in the woods?

- Uh, well little man, I, uh,

I was looking for
rattlesnakes in the grass.

Make darn good belts,
you know. (tongue clucks)

- Were you throwin' rocks at 'em?

It looked like you had some shiny rocks.

(man spits)

- No, no, no, no.

Them's, them's my rattlers.

Yeah, see.

Right there, right there.

(Roscoe hisses)

Brings 'em out quiet, real quiet,

shh, then wham! (laughs)

You got 'em!


- Are we almost in town yet?

- Oh, little lady, we're almost there.

Ooh, gah, my hand.

- Where do you think them kids

got those funny lookin' clothes?

- You know, Jonesy, you
shouldn't ought to make fun

of the less fortunate.

(peaceful music)

- So I say to you,

if you want your businesses to grow.

If you want progress, prosperity

and a thriving community.

If you want your children
to have a better life,

then vote for the railroad
and mountain development plan.

I thank you all.

- We're all behind you, Burt.

(people cheering)

- Well, thank you, Burt.

Now we'll hear from Jeremiah.

- Thank you, Mayor.

Well, I don't know all you folks,

so it'd be wrong of me to tell
you how to live your lives.

It's not my place.

But the ones of you that
I do know are good people.

You want the best for your families.

You like to be treated with respect.

All I want you to do is
to stick by your beliefs.

Progress comes from good hard work,

(gentle music)

not from a get-rich-quick
scheme from a developer.

It comes with respect,

respect for future generations,

respect for the chief
here and for his people,

for this beautiful countryside,

respect for the animals.

This is their home too.

As far as the railroad

and building this little town

too quick, too fast will destroy it.

Think about your beliefs.

Then listen to your heart.

Thank you.

- Jeremiah's right.

I saw what happened in Calico.

A lot of people you
don't want came around.

And when a boom town goes bust,

those kind of folks turn to crime.

- Well, we've, we've heard
quite a bit here tonight.

I suppose.

- Gold!


I found gold!

(people shouting)

Jimmy's got some too.

- Ladies and gentlemen,
ladies and gentlemen,

some order, please.

- We're gonna be rich, woo!

- Ladies and gentlemen, order, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, please,
a little order here, please.

What I want to know is, is it real?

Virgil, let me see that rock.

(anxious music)

People, all we have here is

100 percent pure gold!

(people cheering and clapping)

And if there are.

Folks, folks, if there aren't anymore

unreasonable arguments,

I feel it my duty as
mayor to allow Burt here

to put the town of Saragosa on the map.

(people cheering)

And he can do that by
running that railroad

right by the edge of town!

And effective tomorrow,

you have every right to blow
that cave to dig your tunnel.

And you can continue logging the mountain

for all the lumber we're gonna need

for this coming gold rush and the building

of our new big city!

(people cheering and clapping)

- We really did go back in time.

- And if they blow up the mountain,

we'll never get home.

- We gotta stop them.

(dramatic music)

(air whooshing)

- Nicole, Dylan!
- Nicole, Dylan!

- [Mom] No luck?

- I'll gonna the police.

(phone beeping)

- Did you get through?

(phone beeping)

- This thing isn't working out here!

How come these things never work

when you need 'em the most?

We gotta look ourselves.

- And we need more people looking

or the police that know the area.

- You're right.

It should be dark soon.

By the time we get to the police station

or even find a phone out here who knows?

- Yeah, the kids are gonna
think we deserted them.

- Or they're walking into the hands

of the wrong kind of people.

(air whooshing)

(tense music)

- All right.

Take this to the marshal.

He's the only one that can stop 'em.

It's gonna take you
half a day to get there,

So ride like the wind and be careful.

- Ya!

(horse whinnies)

- The message will get there, my brother.

So now we wait.

(animal roaring)

- Whoa!
- What is that?

- [Dylan] Nicole, get back.

- [Both] It's a bear!

(bear roars)

- [Dylan] He's huge!

- (chuckling) Come on, Jack.

What are you doing scaring my new friends?

You stop it.

You leave 'em alone now.

You go off and play.

Come on, kids.

Come on.

Jack, go on, go on.

Go down to the river.

Sit down, kids.

I'm sorry.

Jack's harmless.

So I guess you guys thought you'd leave

the chief's village and
bring Jack home to me, huh?

- He lives in your house?

(gentle music)

- Well, I wouldn't say he
actually lives in the house,

but he comes by to see me once in a while.

- His name is Jack?

He looks so mean.

- Ah, not Jack.

He's not mean.

He looks mean when he's hungry.

He comes by to get a meal
from me once in a while.

- As long as it's from you and not me.

- (chuckling) Well, Jack
likes most everybody.

One guy Jack don't like though,

and that's that old boss man.

- Will he help stop boss man

from blowing up the mountain then?

- Well, you're a pretty smart little lady.

How'd you know he was plannin' to do that?

- Why didn't you tell us?

- Well, I figure you kids have
been through so much already

that I didn't want to scare you

once they started blowing
holes in all these mountains.

- Then we'll never get back.

Isn't there somebody
who can tell the mayor

to not let 'em do it?

- Well, I've already taken care of that.

I have a real good friend
of mine that's a marshal,

and I sent for him.

- Can he stop them?

- Well, he sure can.

But we got to wait for him to get back.

While we're waiting,
I'm gonna figure out how

to keep you kids from going to those caves

and sneaking into town
every time I turn my back.

- We have to find our parents, Jeremiah.

- Yeah, and we want to
help you stop boss man too.

- We've got something that you can do,

but while we're waiting,

I got something I want to show you.

(peaceful music)

This is it.

Isn't this beautiful?

These are the mountains
where all the animals live.

You know, the Indians have lived here

almost as long as the animals.

- This is beautiful.

- Cool.

- Yeah, it is beautiful, isn't it?

Let me help you down.

Can you make it?

That's a girl.

You want to see something
really beautiful?

Look just up above that tree.

(bird screeching)

That's a golden eagle.

His name is Thor.

Let me see if I can call him down.

(Jeremiah whistles)


Yaw, Thor!

- [Nicole] Look at his wings.

- Whoa.

Look at him floating in the wind.

- Yaw, Thor.

(Jeremiah whistles)

Here he comes.

How's my boy?

How you doing?

I've been missing ya.

- Do you know him too?

- [Jeremiah] (chuckles)
Old Thor's been my friend

for a long time.

- I bet Thor never stayed
at your house before.

- He did for a while when he was hurt.

I was helping him get better.

He stayed for a week or two.

- Did you ever do anything nice for Jack?

- Jack and I are good old friends.

- Good, because here he comes now.

(Jack roaring)

- Jack.
- Hello, Jack.

(peaceful music)

Well, I heard this little
bear make this sound.

And I looked under the brush,

and there this bear was.

And his mama was laying
dead on the ground there.

And I saw this little bear,

and I said, "Come here, little guy."

And I leaned down and all of
a sudden I heard this whoo.

Well, my heart was pounding.

I mean, I thought my heart was gonna jump

right out of my shirt.

And I turned around, and
I looked up at that bear.

I'm about six feet tall.

This bear must've been 10 feet tall.

That bear must have weighed 1,600 pounds.

I mean, his head was so
big that my shoulders

could fit in between his ears,

and his paw, when he stood
on a piece of wet earth,

his par was at least that big.

And his claws were that long.

Well, I picked up that little black bear,

and I was running as fast as I could.

And I looked behind me,

and I could hear that big
giant grizzly bear just whoo.

And he got closer and closer to me,

and there was nowhere I could go.

And all of a sudden that little bear,

he was so frightened,

he grabbed me and he bit me by the arm.

And I dropped the little bear.

And as I went to reach
for the little bear,

and I said, "We made it a
little Jack, we made it."

(calm music)

- Ya!

(dramatic music)

(horse approaching)

(curious music)

- Where can I find Marshal Jackson?

- If you got any bad news,
he's gone till morning.

If you got some good news,
you're looking at him.

- I was sent by my chief Tuyonka

and by your friend, Jeremiah.

- How can I help you?

(horse whinnying)

(calm music)

Is Jeremiah all right?

- Yes, sir, he is.

He wanted me to give you that message.

- How come he didn't bring it himself?

- [Man] He has his hands full, sir.

- And we find ourselves with
the gravely serious problem

of stopping them before
they destroy the mountain

and it's forest.

The mayor has approved
their destruction to serve

the reckless greed.

I can't do anything about this.

- [Man] Sir?

- Well, the mayor has jurisdiction here,

and as long as they're not
doing anything illegal up there,

well, I mean, it says right here

that the mayor gave his approval.

- But it's our home, sir.

- Can't stop him.

I am sorry.

(calm music)

- Jeremiah said to tell you
he was counting on you, sir.

(horse whinnying)

- Come on, kids.

Why don't you leave those behind?

They're gonna slow you down.

- No.

We're used to it.

- It's okay with you, Nicole?

- Yeah.

- Well, you kids know best.

(light, lively music)

(suspenseful music)

(men laughing)

There they are right down there.

- [Burt] What in the blue
blazes is goin' on here?

Oh, Jones, get up.

- We're gonna have to stop these guys?

- Well, unfortunately, Dylan,

these guys are as
dangerous as they are dumb.

Come on.

Be quiet.

(sneaky music)

- [Burt] Now load the dynamite
on the wagon and get going.

- Now, I want you kids to stay here.

All right?

Promise me you'll stay here.

I got some business I gotta take care of.

- Come on, let's go.

(light adventurous music)

(sneaky music)

(busy music)

Come on, Jeremiah's going to be back soon.

- Where have you two been?

- We were watching the
mining company for you.

- You know, I can get Jack that old bear

to mind me better than you two.

Do you think you could follow me to town

without getting lost?

Come on.

- We're right behind you.

- Good.

(gentle music)

All right, I want you to follow me.

Walk right behind me up past

the mayor's office, you understand?

Wait for me out behind the barbershop.

Now, will you wait for
me this time, please?

Excuse me, Mayor.

- [Mayor] Where you off to

in such an all-fire hurry, Jeremiah?

- Howdy, Mayor and Mr. Mountain Man.

- [Nicole] Howdy.

- Children.

- Kids.

- Cute kids.

Whose are they?

- Well, I'm not sure.

They look familiar, though.

I was coming to see you anyway.

I need your help.

I need you to stop Burt for me.

- What?

Now, now, Jeremiah, you
saw the town's folks'

reaction at that meeting.

Why, what they want, he can provide.

And who am I to stop it?

- Now listen, you know as well as I do

that nobody's ever taken any
gold out of these mountains.

Now, this is a mistake or it's a trick.

- Jeremiah, come on.

These good people, they
know what's right for 'em.

- Oh, Mayor.
(people muttering)

- Tell him, Mayor Bronch.
- We're behind ya.

- You tell him.
- So, why haven't

you knuckleheads found any gold

like Cyrus here did, hmm, hmm, hmm?

- [Man] Well, I guess
it's like you say, Roscoe.

We is just plain stupid.

- [Jones] Who are you
callin' stupid, dummy?

- Why don't you jokers
go see if boss man's

back with the wagon so we can get the rest

of the dynamite set up hmm?

- [Man] I'm goin', Roscoe, I'm goin'.

- Hard to believe my
looks is gonna get better.

Ain't it, Cyrus?

(townspeople shouting)

- Look here, look here, Jeremiah.

Now, that mountain don't belong to you

any more than it belongs to any one of us.

Ain't that right?

But that doesn't mean I can't stop 'em

from destroying this mountain,

from destroying the Indians' homes,

the animals land, and for what?

For some silly greed
that's gonna go up in smoke

just like this mountain is.

- But you don't know that, Jeremiah.

That's all we're saying.

- Yeah, tell him.
- Yeah.

- Well, I do know that Burt doesn't have

to blow this mountain up
to build that railroad.

(dramatic music)

(townspeople muttering)

(horse whinnying)

- Whoa.

You know, Betty, once
we get this town going

and well, get ourselves
a nice little nest egg

and town people are all happy,

what do you say you and me get...

- Uh, Burt, I really think that we should

like turn this around
and head back to town.

- Well, I will, in a minute, Betty.

I just, well, I think there's some things

that we haven't really
stopped to talk about.


- Like when to blow up the mountain?

Oh, I know.

See, I really think that we should invite

all the townspeople.

- No, no.
- I mean,

I know how much you care about 'em,

and well, I mean, we all care

- Betty, I-
- I care.

It's just well, you know,

I just don't want to
see anybody in danger.

And then there's that darn Jeremiah.

I know he's gonna do anything
he can to try and stop us.

- Betty-
- So you know

what I think we should do?

I think we should just go
ahead and do it right now.

- Betty, I'm gonna blow the mountain.

- Burt!

We should go ahead and do this now.

Now come on, honey,
turn this thing around.

- Betty, honey, I want
to talk to you about-

- Burt!


Let's go, now.

- Ha!

(air whooshing)

- Well, I'm doing a final evaluation

for a proposed development
site for the state.

That's why we're here.

- Mighty pretty country up here.

I hate to see all this ruined.

- Actually, we hope to enhance it.

- Yeah, sure.


(melancholy music)

What we've got here is an
intensified search team

that's been in this area and
found absolutely nothing.

What we're going to have to do is fan out,

cover a lot more ground than we have.

- Megan, darling, Mom and Dad will be back

in a little while, okay,

with your brother and sister.

- Stay with the captain, honey.

We'll be back shortly.


(air whooshing)

- Whoa.

(man whinnying)

(funny music)

- I can't believe boss man stranded us.

- Well, you never can tell what he'll do

when he's with Miss Betty.

(men laughing)

- Or what Miss Betty'll do to him.

Hey, look, my nice comfy boots.

- [Roscoe] Ah, home sweet home.

(slide whistle blowing)

(Roscoe yells)

- [Man] What happened?

- (laughing) What a bunch of fools!

You guys are the stupidest
people I ever saw.

- [Roscoe] Oh, God, my nose.

(bucket rattling)

- What's so funny, Jones?

What are you bone-headed
nitwits doing now?

- [Roscoe] I think they got us, boss.

- Yeah.

- Stop fooling around and get over here!

All right.

Don't drip on me!

Go down the hill, get the wagon,

bring the horses up here,
and get 'em watered, will ya?

- Go down the hill, get the wagon,

- No, you!
- And bring the horses.

- No!


- You go inside and see how
much dynamite we have left.

And Roscoe.
- Yeah.

- Get that dynamite away from me.

- Sure, boss.

- Today!
- Oh, yeah, yeah.


(perilous music)

Gimme that.

I got it, boss.

(playful music)

- What the?

- Oh.
- Oh, my.

Boss man.

(Jones laughing)

- Shut up!


- See, Mayor, what
could possibly go wrong?

- [Mayor] This.

- Shh.

Here they come.

You guys stay right here.

Jack and I are gonna
go have a look around.

Stay right there.

Be quiet.

- [Jones] Ugh.

- The dynamite, get.

- [Dylan] Hurry, here they come.

- [Nicole] All right, let's go.

- Plant it here.

I'm going down by the river.

- [Jones On Recording] Dummy.

- What'd you say?

- I didn't say nothing.

- [Jones On Recording] Dummy.

- Hey, who are you calling dummy?

This is as good a place as any.

- Well, I didn't say it wasn't.

- [Bailey On Recording] Stupid.

- Look, if you want to start something,

rocks for brains, I'm ready to go.

- Start what?

I ain't the d-d-dummy calling names, am I?

Come on.

Come on now.

You just come.

Hey, you come on now.
(kids giggling)

(Jack roaring)

- Whoa!
- Hey!

- What's the matter boys?

- G-g-get that thing away from us.

- Now, now, Jeremiah, you and that bear

now take it easy.

(Jack roars)

- You all think I can control this bear?

- I'm serious, Jeremiah.

Get that bear away from us.
- Just.

- Come on back, Jack.

Let's leave 'em alone.

Jack and I don't like the
mountains being destroyed.

You understand me?

So you guys be careful.

Next time I might not be with him.

(lively banjo music)

- Bye.

- Bye.

(Jack roars)

(Jones and Bailey yelling)

- Hey, Bailey, Jones, I was just planting

dynamite over there...

Right over.


Where is those two lame brains?

I gotta do everything my.

It's in plain view, lazy bums.

- [Dylan] Nicole, watch this.

Leave Grizzly Mountain alone.

Leave Grizzly Mountain alone.

- Yes, sir.

I'm leaving.

I was, I was, uh...

Huh, huh!

Huh, huh!

Boy, these woods is
playing tricks on my mind.

That's it, right on.


- [Dylan] I said, leave it alone!

- All right, you yellow belly.

You come out here and fight like a man.

Come on.

I'm right here for you.

Hiding in the trees is ya?

(all yelling)

What are you trying to pull?

(guns firing on recording)

- [Bailey] They're comin' for us, Roscoe!

They're comin' for us!

- Shh.

Come on.

I think I see something up there.

What is that?

What's that?

(guns firing on recording)

- Get 'em, Roscoe.

- Do it again.

- Yeah.

(guns firing on recording)

(kids giggling)

(sneaky music)

- Hey, you.

(kids struggling)

Oh no, no, no, no.

No more tricks from either
one of you. (laughing)

Oh, kick and scream all you want.

I don't think Jeremiah's
around to hear you.

No. (laughing)

- Well, I hope you children
enjoyed your little pranks.

(men chuckling)

You do know that trespassing
is against the law, don't you?

Have you children ever been in
trouble with the law before?

(concerned music)

- Dylan?


Where are ya?

- Hey.

Hey, how'd you do them there
things with your voices, huh?

- Roscoe.
- Boss, he...

- How do you know Jeremiah?

- Should we tell him what
we did with the last little

delinquents we caught? (laughing)

- Jones, please.

- What?

What little delinquents was that?


Oh, those little delinquents.

- We met him in the woods
a couple of days ago.

- A couple days ago?

Well, why the devil are
you helping him then?

- Because he's nice, and he helped us.

- Well, that's all well and good,

but what I want to know-

- And what I want to know is

what are you doing sitting around

talking to two small children?

- Darling, don't sneak
up on a man like that.

- Um hmm.
- Yeah.

- May I inquire as to why you four

men have two small children bound here?

- Well, they were the kids
that messed up our plans.

- Untie them.

Untie them now.

The men had the children
tied when I came in.

I didn't, have-

- [Betty] And I'm working with you people?

- Oh yes, ma'am.

- Oh, yeah, yeah.

- Great.

- Dylan?


(concerned music)




Yaw, Thor!

(Thor screeching)

You're a good boy.

I knew I could count on you.

This is Dylan's.

I need you to go find him for me, okay?

All right, now go on.

You're my eyes in the sky.

Don't let me down.

(Thor screeching)



- Dylan?


(air whooshing)





- Okay, Gordon, 10-4.

- Do you think they're okay?

- Megan, I'll make you a real big promise.

We'll find those kids.

- Anything?

- [Man On Walkie-Talkie]
Unit seven to base.

Come in base.

- Go ahead.

- [Man On Walkie-Talkie] Yes, Captain,

I just covered the north face

of Grizzly Gulch and got nothing.

- Okay, keep at it.

Keep me advised.

Over and out.

Base to unit six, base to unit six.

- [Unit Six] Unit six here.

- [Captain] What have you got?

- [Unit Six] Nothing, Captain.

I'm circling around the lake.

- Okay, over and out.

Folks, just before you got here,

I got a call that fire

down on Juniper Canyon is
spreading out of control,

and I've had to send most
of my people down there.

- How many are left?

- Well, I can only spare a couple.

- You gotta be kidding.

Our children are out there.

- Come on, you gotta help us.

- All right.

I'll call town, see if I can
round up a few more volunteers,

but now that's all I can do at this point.

- Yeah!

Okay, Megan, dear, you
have to come with us.

(air whooshing)

- [Betty] Just how does Mr. Jeremiah

plan to try and stop us?

- Plan?

To stop what, ma'am?

- Don't play dumb with me, young man.

You may have outsmarted those dimwits,

but you don't do it with me.

- No, ma'am.

- Such a polite boy.

The parents of such nice children

couldn't be that far away.

- We, uh, they're gonna meet us here.

- They're on their way.

- Well, you may be nice children,

but I don't believe that
you're helping Jeremiah

out of the goodness of your hearts

or that your parents are on their way.

So unless you attempt to redeem yourselves

by telling me what you
know about Jeremiah's plan,

I'm gonna have the two of
you sent away at sunup.

- And then you'll never
see old Jeremiah again.

(men laughing)

- Darlin', would you mind if I spoke

to the children myself
just a moment, please?

Thank you.

Come on now, children.

Old Jeremiah is just a silly mountain man.

(dramatic music)

- Well, if it in the rugged mountain man.

- We caught your ill-behaved
little friends here, Jeremiah.

I believe there is a
law against contributing

to the delinquency of minors.

- What are you up to, Burt?

- Now, Jeremiah, you know
that better than anybody.

And everything's gonna work out just fine.

Best thing you can do is set yourself up

to make a little money,
just like everybody else.

- You try and destroy these mountains,

the accidents around here are
gonna get a whole lot worse.

- [All] Ooh.

- Oh, I'm scared.

- (throat clearing)
You must excuse my men.

They don't seem to realize

that in your own, albeit misguided way,

you're trying to help the townspeople,

just like I am.

- And what about my people?

- Well, we have contingency plans

with alternate other possible-

(Betty throat clearing)

We're working on it.

- Well, we intend to help you

in any way that you need help.

Uh, resettling, starting
new businesses in town.

- What we need is for you not to destroy

our homes and the homes of the animals.

- Well, we'll find you a new home.

There's a-
- That land is sacred

to our people.

- What are you gonna
do, scalp us? (laughing)

- Yeah, or do a war dance.

(men whooping)

- Quiet, you lunatics!

- Sorry, boss.

- Jeremiah, I don't know what to tell you.

The railroad is coming to town.

- And the kids are going with me.

- Ah, now, these children
have broken the law.

They have trespassed.

They have, have knowingly
sought to hurt my men.

(men muttering)

And we have no parents
to turn them over to.

- So you thought you'd just kidnap them?

(serious music)

- Well, well, I wouldn't
say we kidnapped them.

- [Jones] Pie.

- We more like borrowed them

long enough to ascertain
who their parents were,

and where they-

(Jones screams)

(men yelling)

Shut up, you idiots!

- Ants.

- Mr. Jeremiah, we will
entrust these children

into your protection.

We were just trying to take care

of our interests and
look after their safety.

- Something stinks around
here, and I don't like it.

- Jeremiah, you make sure that you find

those kids' parents by tomorrow,

or else I'll see to it

that they're sent to an orphanage.

- Come on, kids, you're going with me.

(grim music)

- What's gonna happen, Jeremiah?

- Ooh, I hope nothing does, honey,

but people do crazy things
when they chase money.

Dylan, you about ready?

- [Dylan] In a minute.

- You find a way home we
don't know about, Dylan?

- Not yet, but I'm workin' on it.

- Now look, tiger, I don't know how

all those gadgets work,

but tomorrow's gonna
be a real serious day.

I think maybe it'd just be best

we leave 'em behind so
they don't slow us up.

- No, I gotta take 'em, Jeremiah.

They'll help us.

You'll see.

- Well, all right, but
let's get a move on.

It'd be best we weren't here
if they come looking for us.

Come on, let's go.

Thank you.

- My men have tracked them closely

and know where most of
the dynamite is hidden.

But surely not all of it.

- I don't know, Chief, we're
just gonna have to tie 'em up,

get rid of 'em, so they
can't blow up anything.

- Hmm, and so tomorrow we may be in jail?

- Who's going to jail?

- You two are spending
too much time up here.

I can't even hear you guys
sneak up on me anymore.

- Maybe we can use the kids to help us.

- Where'd you get this?

(curious music)

- I found it outside of boss man's.

Isn't it pretty?

It was in an old bucket.

- I think you're right, Jeremiah.

- But there's only one way to find out.

(gun fires)

(horse whinnies)

- Hey, look.

(tense music)

- Tukayoo, take these fake
gold rocks to the marshal.

This time he'll have to help us.

(exciting music)

- Ya, ya, ya!

(horse whinnying)

- Let's go.

That Injun's got one of
them fake gold rocks.

- Oh, no.
- Come on.

- [Roscoe] Ya, ha, ha!

- [Bailey] Ya! Ya! Ya!

- [Tukayoo] Ya!


(exciting music)


(horse whinnying)

Ya, ha, ha, ha!

Ya, ya, ya, ya!

- Well, I think we can make this, guys.

- Short cut.
- Short cut.

- [Tukayoo] Ya!

- [Roscoe] There he is.

Let's get him.

- Yee-ha!

Roscoe, Jones!

Wait up for me, I'm comin'!

(Bailey yells)

- He-ya!


- Come on, you big oaf.

We got to get to head off that Injun.

Come on, boy.

(men arguing)

Ha! Ha!

- He-ya!



- [Roscoe] W-Well, I still
think we can make it.

- Ooh, uh uh.

(exciting music)

- [Tukayoo] He-ya! He-ya!

- [Jones] (laughing) Yeah, this ought

to shake 'em up a little.

(Indians chanting)

- Well, the mining
company was empty, Chief,

when I got there.

There was nobody around.

We can only hope that the
mayor didn't go to Portland

for that big meeting.

- Who else can stop him?

- We can only pray

that Tukayoo can bring
the marshal in time.

- Too bad you guys haven't
invented the telephone yet.

(Roscoe laughing)

- [Jones] Whoa!

(men yelling)

- Where you?

Where have you been?

- I just rigged a big one
over at old Jeremiah's place.

Teach him a lesson.

- [Bailey] You what?

- Relax, it was just a little one.

(both laughing)

- [Bailey] Well, that's awful dangerous.

Nobody's supposed to get hurt, you know.

- No one's gonna get hurt, I told ya.

Just gonna teach him a little lesson.

You know, hit him close to home.

(both laughing)

- Yeah, that ought to
send old Jeremiah away.

We don't need any more of his problems.

(air whooshing)

(concerned music)

- Dylan, Nichole, can you hear me?


- Megan!
- Here, she's in the cave.

(air whooshing)

- This telephone, you can talk into it

and people can hear you
anywhere in the world?

- Well, the furthest I've
called is my grandma in Florida.

- What about the people?

- They're basically like everybody here,

but they have more modern stuff.

- Do they still fight?

- CNN shows wars all over the world.

It seems like there's a lot of them.

- You mean you can watch people fight?

- Yeah, on a TV.

It's a little box with
moving pictures inside.

- What about the Indian and the white man?

- Well, they don't really fight anymore,

but people still say mean things

about other people who are different.

And they argue about
stuff like cutting down

all the trees in the world.

Like my mom and dad.

My dad works for the state of Oregon.

He's gonna hire a bunch
of guys to come cut down

all the trees on the mountain

and build condos and
stores and golf courses

and stuff like that.

- I miss Mom and Dad.

- It is almost sunup.

We will pray for this day.

(speaking in foreign language)

You two go with Oyakuee.

(Indians chanting)

(gentle music)

- Okay, make sure everything works.


(siren wailing)


- Flashlight.

- Come on.

- Walkie-talkie.
- Check.

- Check.

- Can't test these.

- [Megan] Dylan, Nicole, over.

- Quick talk to 'em.

- Megan?

- [Megan] Dylan, Nichole, can you hear me?


- Megan, come out of here.

- Shh.

I found Nicole.

- You heard something?

- Nichole, sweetie, is that you?

Is that you?

Honey, quickly, where are you?

- We're in an Indian village,

but we went through the cave.

We went through the cave.

- Dylan?

Dylan, if you can hear
us, we're in the cave.

- No, get out of the cave!

- Mom, Dad?
- Dylan?

- Mom?

- Dylan.
- Dad.

- Dylan?

(air whooshing)

- [Dylan] Get out of the cave!

(exciting music)

- Marshal Jackson will come,

but he's hours behind me.

- Thanks, Tukayoo.

There's no way we can
wait for the marshal.

There's too much to do.

(speaking in foreign language)

I want the women, I want
the children to stay here.

We'll take turns going into the tepees

if we have to pack our things and leave.

Tukayoo, I want you to take your men.

I want you to find
Roscoe, Bailey, and Jones.

I want you to tie 'em up.

I want you to put 'em somewhere
where nobody can find 'em.

The second anybody finds
a bundle of dynamite,

throw it in the lake,
throw it in the river,

do whatever you can.

Make sure these guys can't
find it and rewire it.

All I can say is we gotta go.

We got a lot to do,

and I wish you the best of luck.

I know we can get 'em.

(gentle music)

(speaking in foreign language)

Dylan, Nicole, come here.

- [Dylan] Jeremiah,
what about our parents?

- I know, Dylan, I know.

- But our parents are still in the cave.

We gotta get 'em out.

- We'll get 'em out of the cave,

but first I gotta find
that detonation box.

(men snoring)

- What in tarnation?

(door slams)

(men grunting and groaning)

- [Bailey] Mommy, Mommy.

- Get out of bed!

- Where you been, boss?
- I was just getttin' up.

- It's none of your
business where I've been.

You just better be able to tell me

that that mountain is ready to blow!

(Roscoe yawning)

- Oh, we, we ran out of wire, boss.

- You ran out of wire?

There's enough wire in the wagon

to reach from here to Portland!

- Y-y-y-you had the wagon, boss.

- I had the wagon?

I had the wagon.

(Bailey muttering)

- Wake up, wake up!

Yeah, boss is right.

We gotta hurry.

We gotta hurry.

Don't worry, boss.

All I gotta do is a get a couple of wires,

hook it up to a main.

A main detonation wire

Put it into a-

- I want you men outside,
ready to go in five minutes.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, five.
- Five, five.

- Bone-headed, chicken scratchin',

gold frickin, gum flappin', flea-bitten.

(funny music)

(men muttering)

- [Jones] Oh, dagnabbit,
that bed was itchy

as all get out.

- I was itchin' all night.
- Boneheads.

Get over here!

Now, show me where else you have to wire.

- Right there and, uh.


Oh, I'm sorry, boss.

Right there.

- Then b-b-boom.

(men laughing)

- Well, get going!



(funny music)

I want you men to blow the mountain.

- [Man] Yeah.

- Find a safe place.
- Yeah.

- Or don't worry about a safe place,

just blow the mountain.

Blow the mountain!

(exciting music)

- What are you waitin' for?

- I'll do it.

- Wait, wait.

Don't you think boss man want to see this?

- [Jones] He said to blow it right now.

- Oh now, wait a minute.

Let me think about it.

He, uh.

Yeah, I think he did.
- Okay.


And two.


- Whoa, whoa, wait.

What if he's near the dynamite?

- He ain't that stupid.

- Yeah.

We better find him.
- Yeah.

- Hey, psst, this way!

(cheerful music)

(Jack grunting)

- [Nicole] Good job, Jack.

(toy siren wailing)

(squirrel squeaking)

(horse whinnying)

- Oh, the map said the fork in the road

not the tree in the road.

Shut up! (muttering)

Oh, keep it right here.


Yeah, that's it.

There now.

That's more like it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Boss man!

Boss man, I did it.

I put the plunger right there
in the fork in the road.

- Hey, boss!
- It's sittin' pretty

in the fork in the road.
- Boss, hey, boss!

- [Roscoe] Get out of my way.

Boss man, it's right there.

Buffalo breath, get in here.

Hey, boss man, it's right, boss.

- I don't believe it.

We came...

Well, what are we gonna do now?

- Hey, if, if...

- I got it!

I got it!

(man yelling)

- [All] Injun!

(all yelling)

(Indians yelling)

(dramatic music)

- [Nicole] Dylan!


(gentle music)

- Why do I have to do everything?

I'll blow it myself.

(dangerous music)

(Nicole gasps)


- Uh!
- Wait.

(Dylan yells)

Get off me.

(Dylan grunting)

- [Nicole] Get him, Dylan.

- [Burt] Let go of me.

- [Nicole] Get him, Jeremiah.

- [Dylan] Get him, Jeremiah.

Get him!

- [Burt] Oh, my neck.

- So where do you think
you're goin' mister, huh?

- [Burt] I can't breathe.

Let go of me!

(dangerous music)


- Such a gallant effort by you both.

- Like I said, railroad's comin' to town.

- Don't do it, ma'am.

I know everything, ma'am.

I said don't do it.

- Don't do it.


(suspenseful music)

(explosion booming)

Isn't that your place, Burt?

- Nah!

- Lookin' for these?

- Ugh! (laughing)

(Jeremiah laughing)

(lively music)

- That's funny.

- [Both] The cave!

(woman screams)

(dramatic music)

- [Bill] Right now, move it, move, move.

- [Nicole] Hurry up, Jeremiah.

(wondrous music)

- [Bill] Dylan! Nicole!

- [Dylan And Nicole] Mom! Dad!


(joyful music)

- [Bill] Thank you.

- No, it was my pleasure.

Thank you.

(townspeople shouting)

- Kill 'em.
- Hang 'em.

(gun fires)

- Thank you, folks.

Now, I do appreciate you coming out

to discuss politely the events
of the last day together.

And I do believe at this time

the honorable mayor has a few things

he'd like to share with you.

Mr. Mayor.

- [Townspeople] Boo!

String him up!
- Hang him!

- Friends, neighbors, you all know me.

I'm not a dishonest man by nature.

(men groaning)

- [Dylan] Look. (laughing)

(funny music)

(people laughing)

- [Men] Whoa!

- But in conclusion, I would
just like to say that I am,

I am deeply, deeply, sorry.

(melancholy music)

- Burt.

- Although I was not personally aware

of the so-called gold scam, my men

(men struggling)
and I were

indirectly involved,

and I wish to apologize for
our irresponsible actions

as well as the actions of Miss Betty.

In an attempt to repay
those to whom we were

so greedily disrespectful,

I'm hereby relinquishing my rights

to develop the mountain area.

And I am signing over the leasehold

to the Indian community

for the remaining 125
years left on the term.

- [Man] Here here here!

- I'd like very much to
help develop this town,

but, well, maybe Jeremiah
and I could do it together?

- [Man From Town] That a boy, Jeremiah.

(people clapping)

- Come on, ma'am.

(people talking)

(gentle music)

- Thank you so much for
taking care of our children.

We owe you all we have.

- It's my pleasure.

It seems that they helped
me as much as I helped them.

I don't think we could have
saved the mountain without 'em.

I think there were the
answer to our prayers,

that's for sure.

And I think the kids were
the secret to that cave.

- This is one mountain that
should remain untouched.


(Indians cheering)

(drums beating)

(Indians chanting)

(air whooshing)

- We made it.

We're back.

(peaceful music)

- [Captain] Megan.

Where have you guys been?

- [Mom] Oh, boy.

- Uh, Captain.

- Good to see you.

- You have no idea.
- Where did you find them?

- You would not believe
the stuff we saw, Captain.

There were, there were,

there were Indians.
- Looked all over

these mountains for you people.

- [Bill] There were tepees.

(peaceful music)

(adventurous music)