Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns (1985) - full transcript

The tale of young Gritta who lives with her father, an unsuccessful inventor. When her new stepmother tries to put her away in a convent she discovers some dark secrets there.

Gritta of Ratsinourhome

(Narrator) Once upon a time...

Yes, once upon a time,

100 or 200 years ago,
there was a girl living...

in the old ruined castle of the
Count of Ratsinourhome.

Her name was Gritta.

Gritta lived here with her father,
the High Count Julius Ortel...

and the faithful servant Müffert, who
had stayed with them out of pity.

The High Count of Ratsinourhome
was more and more impoverished.

Government was not his strength.

But with pleasure he had studied
mechanical engineering.

In this area he had
some successes.

He invented an oatmeal
cutting machine for the farmers,

a speak-far machine, called
Bellophone, and a water clock.

For 7 years he had been building a
throne rescue machine for the king.

The king was terrified
for his life...

and for his throne. That's why
he sent word out into the country:

Whoever builds a throne rescue machine
for him will be well rewarded.

- Gebhardt Müffert, wake up!
- Is it already morning?

No, but the world is getting
ready to perish.

I'll stay with you tonight.

Go back to bed!
I'll sleep in the chest.

Stately the world is declining.


♪ Oh, how is it possible
then, that I can leave you?

♪ I love you with all my heart,
believe me now

♪ You have captured my heart...

♪ So completely,
that I love no other...

♪ but you alone.

Wonderfully super!

The king is raising the reward for
building a throne rescue machine.


Whoever quickly builds a rescue machine
for the king will be rewarded...

with the 1st class engineering
medal and with gemstones...

and a bag of gold pieces.



The 1st class engineering medal.

With gemstones.

First eat, Dad!

Oat pops again!

Dear Müffert, is it oatmeal
or oatmeal pudding today?

Oat parfait, Mr. High Count!

Stately the world is declining.

Do we have to eat oats until
the end of our lives, Dad?

We are not horses!

Maybe you'll invent an egg-laying
machine or a sausage machine?


Then the farmers would send me
eggs and sausage besides oats.

Wonderfully super.

This lowlife is too stupid
or too lazy to lay eggs!

As always I expect you
at 9 in my workshop.


With my throne rescue
machine TRM, model 1848,

the person sitting on the throne
is thrown up in case of danger,

by a well-calibrated bow release,

so he can escape any
danger successfully.

Wonderfully super!


Don't be afraid!

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

Kuno Gebhardt, you look like a lamp,
the way you're hanging there.

Wasn't that a great bow release?

You, my own noble flesh
and blood, are a coward?

It's an honor to test a
royal throne rescue machine.


- For the honor of your country!
- Just get going!

Wonderful! Wonderfully super!

Most wonderfully super!

There's just a bit of
built-in safety missing.

Maybe a screen, filling
up with the light air,

could unfold at the back
of the flying person?

A parachute!


That's it!

A... para...


Child, be careful!
Hold on tight!

Do we have to spend
the winter up here, Father?

Have some patience!

I'll borrow a
ladder at the mill.

And for that he sold everything:
Furniture, lamps, curtains.

It's a good thing that the
Blessed High Countess...

is no longer experiencing
the decline of the house.

I should look after dad better.



Hello! I should
invent a hello-machine.

No, rather a signpost machine.

Oh lala!

Oh lala!

Daddy should have learned
better how to govern!

I'll never get a husband
when I always have bruises.

Will the king will reward us too,

when this stupid machine
is finally finished?

Say something! You're always quiet.
You never give your opinion.

You're poor, you don't receive a wage...

and have yourself shot to
the ceiling every day.

Say something!

Poor people must be obedient.

God wants it that way.

I brought visitors.

May I introduce them?

My daughter Gritta, the
young High Countess.

And Kuno Gebhardt Müffert, our
faithful servant, cook and bodyguard.

Dad, where is the ladder?

Please forgive me!
I forgot the ladder.

You're a loser, a failure,
a dead-end! A sad sack,

A wash out! A dead beat!

Hey! Is that how you speak
to your High Count father?

The child is somewhat precocious.

Her education lost its direction
through her mother's early death.

She reads too much, rebellious books.

Oh, Mon dieu!

I inherited the castle
from my ancestors.

It's already a bit ruined.

Ruined castle.

Ruined castles are my favorites.

Here it doesn't smell like the
Count's boredom as it does at home.

Gracious beautiful Miss! Do you
want to stay here for a few days?

Je veux. I want to! I want to!

It's only a single one.

Wait one more month.
Then come get her.

Back off, old witch!

It's an honor for your goose
to come to the King's table.

Let her go!

Let him go! Or else I'll tell
my dad the High Count!

The one up there?

- She means the High Count Spinnefix.
- Oh, give him a nice greeting!

- You may remove yourself gracefully!
- We're honored, Miss Countess.

And to the Lord Papa a fine greeting!

All this because I waited so long for you.
Why are you so late?

Why why! Because for three hours
I was hanging from the ceiling.

Look at the bruises.

And then we had visitors.

Who then?

Countess Zimtzicke with 100 ribbons
and 7 sugared garden gnomes.

You're not very nice today.

Why should I? They stole 3 geese.
The miller will beat me.

- Are you afraid of the miller?
- Yes.


Many kinds of dishes only
spoil the stomach.

C'est une délicatesse délicieuse.
A tasty delicacy.

Oats not only strengthen, but
also heal and aid growth.

Simple dishes do taste best.


♪ Under the moonlight,
My dear friend Pierrot,

♪ Lend to me your pen so
I can write a word.

♪ My candle is dead
I have no more light

♪ Open for me your doorway
for the sake of God.

♪ Au clair de la lune,
Pierrot répondit

♪ Je n'ai pas de plume,
Je suis dans mon lit.

♪ Va chez la voisine,
je crois qu'elle y est,

♪ Car dans sa cuisine
On bat le briquet.

♪ Au clair de la lune,
L'aimable Lubin

♪ Frappe chez la brune,
Elle repond soudain:

♪ Qui frappe de la sorte?
Il dit à son tour:

♪ Ouvrez votre porte
pour le dieu d'amour!

♪ Au clair de la lune,
On n'y voit qu'un peu.

♪ On chercha la plume...

A cat! Bring cats into the
castle right now!

The rats must go!
Or I'll stay no longer.


What are you doing here?

I am no longer with the miller.
She drove me out.

Well, come with me!

I want! I want! I want!

Hey, that's fithy!


- I'm scrubbing the stairs, father.
- Good, good.

No way! That's your upbringing!

It's time that she learn embroidery,
spinning and weaving.

For you. Our new tower horn player.

- Do you notice something?
- Yes.

- What?
- It tickles like ants.

Me too. To the tip of my nose.

Now clear to my toe tips.

Do you love me?

- Then you have to prove it.
- How?

When you're in love, you'll do
everything for your beloved.

- Everything!
- Yes, everything!

So eat, as proof of love
for me, a stinging nettle!

Bravo, my brave knight! You've
passed the first acid test.

And now the second one.

Fly with my fly-bike, as proof
of love, over this valley.

Fly, brave knight!

Fly! Higher!


My brave knight!

You have passed the
2nd acid test.

But you will receive the reward
only after the third one.

Lovers, kiss each other!
On the mouth, that's healthy.

You stupid sugared garden
gnomes, you plush-ears!

Quit! Finished! Go walk on the tower!
And you, Gritta, to the spinning wheel!

It's going to change.
Much will change here.

And my dad has a crush
on this silly old bat.

Since she's come here,
everything is different.

She yells and I have to jump.

I think Dad doesn't
love me anymore.

If this goes on, I'll take off.

I don't care what Dad will do.

Say something!

You're like Muffert. "We have to be
obedient, God wants it that way."

One can't change the
world with you either.

Children can't change the world.
We know too little about it.

Maybe that's why.

The adults are already used to everything.
Also to the bad and evil.

If you can't find the countess,
I'll have you locked up.

She was promised to me,
the Governor of the king.

- She was promised.
- Yes, promised.

I'll get her.

We'll bring her back. We'll search all
over the country. But give us time!

You'll guarantee
with your assets.

With our assets.

Lock the gate!

They want to kidnap me!

Lock the gate!

Arm yourselves!

The court, appointed by the
Benevolent Council, 2 guardians,

demands to talk to the Countess
Nesselkrautia Anna Bolena.

I'll only speak through the door!

We order you to travel immediately
with us, your master guardians,

to the castle, designated for you.

And to stay there
until you are of age.

And to do only what
we guardians approve.

I don't want to!

If Countess Anna Bolena Maria
does not turn herself over...

then she, and everyone who
keeps her from doing her duty,

will be punished by us, her guardians.

That's an order! And this whole
ratty castle will be smoked out.

Would you have the goodness
to disappear? You monsters!

Do you really think
I'll be marrying him?

Be a good child and follow us!

- I won't even think of it!
- She likes it here!

- That might suit you!
- She is a minor!

That does not matter.

This fiend!

- This is illegal!
- Phooey!

- Phooey!
- Double phooey!

- This disgrace!
- A fraud!

You only want my money.
That's why I'm supposed to marry him.

If I refuse, they'll put me in the
convent and collect my inheritance.

- She's my bride!
- Pooh!

Here is my fortune,
my father's will.

Only 3 months left.
Then I'm of age.

And rich, rich! And then I
want the count. I want!

- He seduced her!
- He'll answer for that!

(Parrot) fire! Fire! Fire!

I'll get you for this!


Baron Julius Ortel
of Ratsinourhome.

Do you want this maiden:

Nesselkrautia Anna Bolena Maria,

ss your other half and Mistress.

Then say a clear yes!

Then say a clear yes!

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Get out!

Gritta, sit straight!

Straighten your back more.

Gritta, chin higher!

And how am I supposed to
see my dumplings now?

You don't have to see them. You
know that they are oat dumplings.

There has never been anything
else at your father's.

My love!

I will complete the
throne rescue machine.

The king will reward me. I'll be rich!
Rich, rich, rich!

Mon dieu, you and rich!
Better take care of your daughter!

She doesn't embroider, doesn't spin.
Instead she reads books.

And chooses this no-good
for confident.

Peter isn't a no-good!
You don't get to order me around.

- How you do talk to your mother!
- You're only 4 years older than me!

So shut your yap!

Eat properly, child!

It's your wild education.
That's over now.

From now on the child will be
educated in a convent school.

This is my last word. Vraiement.

You slimy stupid cow!


Child, look!

You're already a big girl!

Come to the point, dad!

I know, you've always been diligent,
you've learned, read a lot of books.

Rebellious books.

But it was free,
undisciplined, wild.

That wasn't an education, Gritta!

That's why it's good when
you finally go a to school.

A convent school.

- Look...
- You love only her!

Yes, I'll go.

Because I love you.

- We'll take you there.
- No, I want to go alone.

But Gritta, child,
that's not possible!

Yes, dad. When I go, I'm going alone.

And now please leave me!

- You'll forget me.
- Not in my life.

- Shall I bring you?
- No, I'm going alone.

Stay with my father,
that old fool.

Take care of him when I'm gone.

The little High Countess
of Ratsinourhome.

Come, child!

- What's wrong?
- What's wrong? You're in a convent.

- How come you're in my bed?
- I can ask you that, too.

The old biddies save on everything.
Not even a bed for yourself.

Where does she come from?

I hatched her tonight.

I found the egg in the garden.

Does she have feathers?

Don't push like that!

One, two, three!

Now we've baptized you.

High heavenly mother!
Look up from your glory,

be mild and gracious to us. Be our
guardian in the dangers of life...

through all time. Glory be to the Father
and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

For ever and forever.


It is sinful to look at yourself
in the window glass.

You should never do it again!
Pray for punishment 3 Lord's Prayer!

♪ I don't like eating barley,
And don't like rising early.

♪ I should become a little
man, but have no love for that.

♪ So I wish bad luck to them,
who want to take this poor girl,

♪ me, to the convent.

♪ The habit as it's cut,
Is way too long for me.

♪ They cut off my hair short.
It scares and frightens me.

♪ So I wish them that...


Yes, they're sleeping alright.

Good night. Sweet.

What are you dreaming about?

You're at your machine all night
while the rats are tormenting me.

I have to think a lot
about my daughter.

Then hurry up with
your rescue machine!

If only I could find Gritta!

And get the rats
out of the house!

- Here we lie in the dust before
you, God Zebaoth. - Read louder!

Here we're in the dust before you,
God Zebaoth. Why do we have to?

Because he made us out of
dust and we'll be dust again.

As punishment for our vanity.

- God should treat us better.
- Oh, you nasty kid!

How can you have such
impure thoughts!

As punishment you go to the chapel.
Pray for an hour, but on your knees!

Soon we'll all be that scared.

We've got to get away from here.



I'm coming tonight.
There's important stuff to report.

I gave bacon to a rat, so it
will eat the count's last will.

Okay. But come through the chimney!

Do I have to crawl like a
secret lover to his sweetheart?

If he sneaks into the convent
as a fake priest, he must.

Was the rat already there?

Damned fireplace!
You burn your feet.

- Did you accomplish your mission?
- I ate the will.

Unfortunately it was just paper.
But the finest, fat parchment.

Now the Countess is as poor as a mouse.

- All money goes to the convent.
I'll take care of that. - Good.

That's the punishment because she
expelled Gritta. Is she still alive?


Take the reward and leave!

Get lost already!

We've done it.

You have done a good job.

And if you don't succeed in
becoming king yourself?

I'll deal with the king.
I also have the prince in the bag.

Here's some signatures.

I persuaded some parents to leave
their lambs in the convent forever.

That brings many gold pieces.

Margarethe and Camilla.

And Petrina.


- I get half of the money.
- ...and little Hermina.

- I get half of the money.
- Yes, yes, you dirty rascal!

- Stop! Who's there?
- I had to go.

Go to bed and sleep!

- Get up! We have to go!
- Go?

Hurry up! I know a way.

Crawl to the door, open it carefully.
I'll wake the others.

Margaritha, Wild Berry, Camilla,
Petrina, Reside, Hermina.

Run up to the wall!
We'll meet there.

Come on, hurry up!


Come on!

Hurry up!

Run as fast as you can!
So we have a head start.

Do we have them for breakfast?

Look! Here come the nuns.

Fast! Lie down again! No sound!

Come! We have to go on.

- I can't go on.
- You gotta!

If they catch us, they'll put
us in the convent forever.

Get up! Breakfast!

We'll stay here.

And there we'll live.

When we'll have chickens
and eggs and pots.

And little lambs and goats.

Hopefully they won't find us.

I have some more!

A lion!

Here comes a savage!

We deign to be kind to you.

Go ahead! Kneel before me!
That's fit and proper.

Never in my life!
What do you want here?

I am Prince Bonus. You have
to rejoice and applaud.

Come on!

And if I don't rejoice?

Then I must have you punished.

All subjects must rejoice when the
king shows himself to the people.

His Highness, Prince Bohne (Bean)!

Why are you wearing
your head on a platter?

This is my neck collar.
I have to change it twice a day.

My name isn't Prince
Bohne, but Prince Bonus.

His name isn't Prince
Bohne but Prince Bonus.

I'm very disappointed that
you didn't recognize me.

In the country everyone else knows me.

I have to show myself
daily to my people.

So that I learn how to rule it.
Don't you here read a newspaper?

My picture is on the second page
every day, right after the king.

His picture is on the second page
every day, just after the king.

We can't afford a newspaper.

We'd rather hear what the
sparrows chirp from the rooftops.

I like it here.

One sits in the green lovelier
than on the golden throne.

- I have to test-sit every day.
- You're a bit stupid, Prince Bonus.

Yeah, yeah. You get used to it.

I could find lamp light
more beautiful than the sun.

And the noise of wigs and dresses
prettier than the rustle of trees.

I'd gladly stay with you.

What's your name? I like you.


You can stay.
But you'll have to work.

Chop wood or thatch the roof.

I'd like to do that for you.

But I have to ask Governor
Pekavus how many collars I need.

And how many jackets
and silk boots.

Don't ask him.
He's dangerous and evil.

He is boring and stupid.

I heard myself that he wants
to harm you and the king.

He just wants your
money and the throne.

I don't believe that.

Maybe I can help you?

My dad has a throne rescue
machine. And when you join in...

So here's the throne-inheriting head!

Run away!

Hurry up!

Beggar children! Blabbing rabble
I've been hunting for a long time.

Governor Pekavus!

I order you not to offend
my friends! Apologize!

Accursed brandy guzzler!

Now you stop at once!


Or I'll tell the king that
you want to murder me.

You haven't done that in vain,
my prince! And you...

I'll put you in jail as vagrants.


You won't escape me any more!

If my father doesn't believe me?
You have to help me!

How do I get into the
city without toll money?

Come to the tower at the city wall.

I let a basket down there
every Monday night.

You get in it and you'll be with me.

Come soon, my little forest maiden!

We can't stay here. We'll
look for another place to stay.

No, Pekavus will catch
us and lock us up.

Margaretha, you're the oldest
and you know the roads.

Take Hermina and
the others home.

I've been longing for
home for a long time.

Me too.

Gritta, where have you been?
We searched everywhere.

Then we scolded your stepmother
and drove the stupid pages away.

- I was in a convent.
- You were in a convent?

He didn't tell me that,
greedy Governor Pekavus.

Deceit! I'll pay him back,
with tweaks and twitches.

Pekavus is dangerous. We'd
better do that together.

Let's go! Let's go!

- First I have to find my dad.
- I know where he is.

I'll take you to him. But don't let him
see me because he's angry with me.



Wonderful! Wonderfully super!

Daddy! What are you doing up there?

This is the contact reception
with the moon dwellers.

Yesterday I saw a
little man on the moon.

He waved a flag.

When we get in touch
with the moon dwellers,

I'll become the most famous
man in the world.

My little daughter!

My Highly Gracious Little Daughter!

Anna Bolena, Peter!

Come and see who we have here!

Do you like your little brother?


We were worried about you.

When we learned that you were no longer
in the convent, we got worried.

Do you have your throne
rescue machine ready?

She's ready. With parachute.

Do you want to try it?

No, not today.

But we'll need it soon.
For the king.

I built it for him.
But I can't get to the king.

Pekavus demands 20 gold pieces
for entry into the city.

We're now selling wooden
spoons and whisks in the village,

so we can earn some money.

I'll take you into the city.

I already know how.

We only have to wait a few
more days. Until Monday.

♪ To Seville! To Seville!

♪ Where the elegant buildings
stand tall on the wide streets.

♪ From the windows, rich people
can see well-dressed women.

♪ There's where my heart yearns.

♪ That's where my heart yearns.

♪ To Seville! To Seville!

♪ Where the latest houses are, the
neighbors happily greeting,

♪ Girls looking out their windows
while watering their flowers.

♪ That's where my heart longs for.

♪ That's where my heart longs for.

Hide yourself!
I'll get you soon.

How nice that you came,
my little forest maiden.

I thought about us,
terribly long.

It hurt plenty in my head.
I came to the following decision:

You'll stay here in the
tower until I'm king.

Then you'll be my queen.

Don't be absurd!
I'm here to expose Pekavus.

And to bring the throne rescue
machine to the king.

Did you see a rat with an earring?

A rat? Why a rat?

What is that?

I have to go to the royal supper.
See you soon.

And I'll bring you some fine food.

Don't forget!

I am glad, my son, to finally
see you smile again.

Oh, I don't feel good!
May I be excused?

You stay here!

Quit that!


I'm a servant.

Because the prince can't
come, he sends me.

With a greeting and
a gingerbread.

Does one serve a cookie to a lady
from a cupped hand?

He's quite a pig.
If his king only knew!

King Gänserich has
really fat servants.

But since he's here, he can get
me a fur out of the closet.

Because in this castle it's not only
boring, but also freezing cold.

Who are you, beautiful child?

I'll tell you when you
bring the fur. Go on!



Three, four.


Open the door immediately!

I'm the king! Your king!

I already know that.
I'm not stupid.

Open up immediately! Or I'll
have you tarred and feathered!

Where's the guard?


Only someone who does wrong
screams so loudly.

Wrong? I don't know anything
about that. Open up!

You know nothing?
Everyone in the country knows it.

You won't get out until
you promise something.

I don't think about promising
something to a child.

Then you're king in the closet now.
The dust will cover you.

The woodworm is your hourglass.

- Your bones will be found in 100 years.
- What do I have to promise?

First, open the city gates, so that
anyone can go through without money.

Second, stop the goose
tax for the poor people.

You don't understand their need.

If I stop the goose tax, I won't
have any more goose pate.

Thirdly you should
punish Pekavus.

He is a swindler and cheater.

That's not true. Slander. It's
nowhere in the national newspapers.

It IS true!

Just wait! When I come
out, you nasty child!

You won't come out
without promises. Too bad!

Now my dad waits in vain with the throne
rescue machine in front of the gate.

A throne rescue
machine, you say?

Open up! I promise you
everything for this machine.

It's about time. Else I would have
thrown the key out of the window.

You don't promise anything, Tubby!
Now I have the key.

I'll also get the throne rescue machine.
And you can eat woodworms.

Is that you? Governor Pekavus?
How dare you!

King Pekavus!

Now I am the king!

- It's over!
- Ouch!

Gritta, don't worry! We'll get you
out, but you have to be patient.

Where is Gritta?

She'll be somewhere, your Gritta.

What's wrong now?

Is it that scoundrel again?

That crook?

Good that you finally understand.
Now be quiet, don't move!

Otherwise a rat will eat
your fat goose belly.

Rats? No! No!

- Please, no rats! No!
- Oh, shut up!

Highly Honored Majesty!
My invention is...

this throne rescue machine,
called TRM, model 1848.

The person on the throne at
the moment of greatest danger...

will be thrown from the
endangered "throne"...

by a well-calculated, gentle bow release.

Secured by a security parachute.

The machine corresponds to the
latest state-of-the-art technology.

I tested it successfully
for many years...

- on many people and animals.
- Good, good!

Tell me how that thing works!

Your Majesty, that's not how it works.

That won't work.

That's wonderful! I'll rule
by lightning and thunder.

Kneel before me!



Come back immediately!
This is my machine!


Now he's gone!

Damn it! Now I'll probably
have to govern alone.

Child! I'll install you in my cabinet.

As first female adviser.

Nobody needs to be scared anymore.

I'll order everyone to get
along with each other.

If one is mean, then...

Let's have a party!
Geese, er music!

Your Majesty is already back?

And without a parachute?

Child, this is my best day.

Once I'm the king,
then you're my queen.

Ouch! Leave it!

I won't consider
marrying so soon.

And certainly not such
a velvet and silk guy.

♪ Blue is a little flower

♪ It's called forget-me-not.

♪ This little flower is close to my heart...

♪ And...

♪ think of me!

Narrator: Here ends the biography of...

the little High Countess
of Ratsinourhome.

The clever child, whose example
each child should follow.

Subtitles by Brunello and Subransu