Gripsholm (2000) - full transcript

Based on the Kurt Tucholsky's novel Schloss Gripsholm and on his real life story, this beautifully produced feature film plunges the audience into the pleasure-craving, decadent world of Berlin cabaret at the beginning of the 1930s. Kurt Tucholsky, who was an important Jewish German intellectual, give us Kurt, a German-Jewish publisher, ironic author and, thanks to his risqué chanson lyrics, a celebrated star of the cabaret. After writing inflammatory articles about the Nazis, in the summer of 1932, Kurt travels to the Swedish palace of Gripsholm with his girlfriend Lydia and their friends, the seductive vaudeville singer Billie and the passionate fly-boy Karlchen. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Adapted from motifs by Tucholsky

## Tamerlane was
the Duke of Kirghizstan. #

# In Asia, everyone knew that man. #

# Tamerlane galloped
o'er fields of green. #

# And wherever that boy trod #

# no grass was seen. #

# Every single woman #

# listened for his fearful step. #

# And when cities fell, #

# all the girls fell and wept. #

# The wildest battles he always waged. #

# In Asia back then, #

# those were wonderful days. #

# I'm truly in the mood #

# for some Tamerlane spice today. #

# A little bit of Tamerlane
would be nice. #

# If I were ever flustered
by something like that, #

# well then what a laugh! #

# I believe something's going to pass. #

# I'm truly in the mood #

# for some Tamerlane spice. #

# A little bit of Tamerlane
would be nice. #

# I look at the crowd
sitting in this place. #

# There's a certain aura,
a certain grace. #

# Oh man, go away.
It's pointless today. #


Flowers for the ladies!

What are you doing? Don't!

Let me go!


My intact ladies,
provided there are any,

and gentlemen!

Welcome with me
the author of this evening...

Peter Panther,

Kaspar Hauser, Ignaz Wrobel, or
let's call him by his real name...

Kurt Tucholsky.

# Tamerlane, my dearest child,
it's you. #

# I'd like to have a Tamerlane, too. #

# For a Tamerlane,
you must always watch out. #

# People who speculate
have bellies that are stout. #

# You'll search here in vain
for your Tamerlane. #

# You can look all around,
but you'll never find that man. ##

This just came in on the ticker.

The Reichswehr wants to
bring charges against you.


Based on the well-known quote:

"Did I say murder? Yes, of course!
Soldiers are murderers."

Of course, the Brownshirts see red!

Who will they press charges against?
A pseudonym?

Ignaz Wrobel.

All Berlin knows you wrote it.

The text is a year old.

Times are getting tough.

As if writing could change things.

It can... Your life.

Is your editorial finished?


Hurry up, Kurt, or you'll miss
more than just your train.

Alright... good luck.

I want your article on my desk
in two minutes, and no mistakes!

Just a minute!

What about the love story
I suggested to you?

The love story. Dear maestro,

what do you want?

An ironic tale with tender feelings
and a colorful cover.

Love! At a time like this!
Love nowadays?

People want something
besides politics,

to give their girlfriend.

Perhaps a little summer tale.

Wonderful! The very thing
for a writer like you!

Listen, Kurt! The contents
can be as free as you like.

Are you sure?

Absolutely. As long as
it doesn't get me jailed.

Like your editorials
will do some day.

And 15 percent commission
like last time?

15 percent
is my only means of existence.

Publishers only pretend to be human.

14 percent!

You won't get a word from me.

I start writing at 12 percent.

That's impossible!

Oh, alright. 12 percent...

Does that mean "yes?"

Thank you. Goodbye.

Freimann and Sons called a 2rd time

to inquire about the unpaid soap
from last November.

And Oppenheimer complained
he hasn't been paid for 5 months.

Off you go!

Your temporary replacement
can't wait to get started.

Don't forget to mail the letters.

- Have a nice vacation.
- I will.

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

Why don't you kill him?

Someone else is taking care of that.

All I do is write letters explaining
that he can't pay his bills.

If they stop delivering,
he threatens not to pay at all.

So they deliver
until we don't pay again.

Then he calls them
Jewish scoundrels.

A kiss for Lydia.

Someone once said
our lives consist of moments,

moments we recall in the very
last seconds of our lives.

Looking back on my life,

the most important moment
was the summer of 1932,

the most important time of my life.

A wonderful summer.

Perhaps because I didn't know
what was going to happen.

It all began in Berlin,
the center of Europe,

the craziest town imaginable.

He sure knows how to stage things.

So nice you're there.

You say that to every woman.

That's a big fat lie!

Sometimes I also say
or at least think:

It's nice you're there...
and not here.

Go to hell!

Mrs. Kremser told me to take along
my fur and lots of warm coats,

because there's no summer in Sweden.
That's what Mrs. Kremser said.

Is it really that cold up there?

It's strange. Every time
Germans think about Sweden...

Not like that. Like this.

They think,

Swedish punch... very cold.

Matches... very cold.

Blond women... very cold.

It isn't so cold in Sweden.

Is your editorial finished?

As if writing could change anything.

I'm 24, and I still don't know

why a ship floats on water.

It weighs too much.

With the anchor and the smokestack
and the train cars.

It's the oxygen in the bulkheads.

The specific gravity of water.
The higher the water column,

the more water is displaced.
That's why it floats.

Shut up! If you use so many
technical terms, it must be fishy.

It's a shame you're so stupid.

I'm a writer. What do you expect?

We're being devoured.

Why the frown?

You'll see Germany again in five weeks.


Say something.

You dummy.




You got it back.

That's not
how to get that tale written.

Can you speak Swedish?

This is what I do:

I add the ending
"as" to lovely German words.

And these "speakas understandas"
very well.

Let me introduce you
to Baron Valberg.

The taxi boss is a baron?

Why not?


Everything went well?

- Yes, thank you.
- Fine.

"Goodas Dayas."

Oh, you speak Swedish, Princess?

Uh... how did he know...

You tricked me! You know each other.

You're going to pay for this!

Look ahead...

Oh no. A real castle.

Gripsholm Castle.

And it belongs to you?


This way.

Thank you, Mrs. Anderson.

So, you don't mind
staying here a while?

A while?

I'll stay here forever.

Typical, isn't it? I hate you.

I hate you. How do I look now?

Let me see. Like this.

You know just
what I'm talking about.

Too small for you?

Too big?

I have nothing to wear,
nothing suitable.

What a creep.

My dear... Princess.

No matter what you wear,
you always look enchanting.

We've been together
for just a few days,

and you're staring at other girls!

A man's basic instinct.
We can't help it.

You're already tired of me?

I was hoping you wouldn't notice
till dinner.

If you thought I'd be jealous...

after all those tests
of faithfulness, you're mistaken.

Got any Swedish money?

What for?

To buy buttons.

Nice money.
We should be very careful with it.

I'm not the baron, only his guest.


Yes, those two. Thank you.

I hope you are enjoying your stay.

Your husband...

He isn't mature enough for more.

You know how sensitive
men are today.

At first, they complain,
that they aren't taken seriously.

But a proposal...

If I accept it before he asks,

he suddenly gets the shakes
and goes to bed.

Thank you for your generosity...

Nonsense. Stay as long as you like.

Marry this woman,
and raise her children right here.

Or do you love your country so much

that you rule out this possibility?

The love for my country
is difficult.

Nonsense, you dunderheadas.
Excuse my Swedish.

A man who writes such passionate and
intelligent things about Germany...

and such poetic things,
must love it.

You have someone
who truly admires you, Kurt.

I thought that was my privilege.

I must leave you here alone now.

I'm leaving early tomorrow.

Goodbye, dear Princess.

Mrs. Andersson
will take care of you.

Thank you, Baron.

Make my home your castle.

- Good night.
- Good night...

Sleep tight.

How did you earn all this,
you creep?


Little kings have always
had their little court jesters.

But the baron isn't like that.

No, he's a real patron.

What do you think of
having children?

Kings have slept here.

And I bet they did
some very "unkingly" things

with their mistresses.

Is this "unkingly?"

There was once
a Dutch girl in Paris.

She had a tattoo on her thigh
where she loved most to be kissed.

Yes?... Where was it?

I believe it was here.

Are you sure?

No, now that you ask.

Or maybe...

No hands?

Just a second. No hands!

Watch! Look! No hands! No hands!

First one to be at the castle!

Step on it!

Okay, you won!



Princess! Give up!


Don't be so dramatic, Daddy!

We all have to die some time,
you sooner, me later.

No splashing
in the presence of a lady.

Or I'll get all wet.

Let me down! Please, don't!

It's so cold!


Did you know that women
always remember the first kiss?

- Really?
- Yes.

Even after
they've forgotten the man.

Tell me you love me.

Princess, you know I can't lie.

Would you marry me?

I promise to refuse...

at first.

How do I know
you're telling the truth?

We'll see.

We'll go to bed together,
and we'll get up together.

And you'll know all his nuances...

And his underpants.
He'll become complacent.

You'll know his jokes by heart.

I know every single poem of yours.

Are you going to write
your summer tale?

You have a meaningful topic.



I'm your muse.

Of course, you're the hero.

I'm no hero.

You're my hero.

Heroes are people
without imagination.

Then I can't be a heroine.

I have too much imagination

regarding certain things.

Oh, people!

Stay together.

Come on.

Hurry up, Pia. Come on.

Hey there. Here.

Thank you.


Did you see the pain in her eyes?

That little girl.

Children aren't always happy.

Ever want to have a child?

Tell me.

What if it inherits my face?

Just as long as
it inherits my intelligence.

I mean it. Have you ever
wanted to have children?

Sometimes, when I was younger.
I always thought...

I could teach them everything,

the way my father taught me.

You're very well prepared.
You heard what the baron said.

We could start at once.

Children need a future.

Children only have a future.
The past is what they lack.

My grandmother always said,

"When you have a child,
you have hope."

And I'll give you hope.

I might stay here.


We could lie here all day.

What did you say?

You aren't going back to Berlin?

I'm so tired.

It isn't my thing anymore.

You're the nation's conscience.

You can't always preach
the opposite of what people want.

So I'll keep my mouth shut now.

You can't scream at the ocean.

You'll drown in speechlessness.

German is your life.
What do you want to be?

Something inside me
has been silenced.

What about us?

I don't know.

I have a suggestion.

Let's enjoy the summer.

It's all there will be.

When it's over,
we'll know what to do.


Anything else?

That's Karl!

You old bastard!

Hey, he's coming directly at us!


My God, he's crazier than you.

Yes, sir.

Come on.

Karlchen! You hell-flyer!
It's great you're here.

Do I know you, madame?

I had a totally
different picture of you.

Short, fat and ugly?

No. Tall and slender and handsome.

Then I feel no aversion
to meeting you.


Hey flatfoot.
You fly worse than 2 years ago.

No more juice in the balls, huh?

- You writer!
- You animal!

How do you like it here?

It'd be great without him,

but you know him. He jabbers away
all day and doesn't leave me alone.

A nice chick. Did you play?

You might say so. Russian roulette.

Russian roulette?

It's been a while.
Can I take a jaunt?

Sure. But I'll remove
the champagne first.

- A very welcome bubble bath.
- Yep.

- Here.
- Start it.

Right away.

Uh... start it up?

The engine.

You're just kidding, aren't you?

- Nope.
- Contact.

- Contact!
- Dear Kurt!

Kurt! Kurt, damn it!

Come out of there, you damn idiot!
Come out of there, Kurt!

He's doing great.

You're as much an idiot as he is!

You never know when to stop.

What if he crashes?

You'll still have me.

What an improvement!

I wouldn't let him kill himself.

He still knows how to fly a plane.

He never talked about flying.

Everyone has his own little secret.

Goodness gracious.

I'd love to be led over
the threshold of youth here.

No wonder you both look so superb.


The wine is ready. Please.

Dear Mrs. Anderson.

Your surprises
are the most pleasant.

How did you cool it so quickly?

Your nickname
has become prophecy, Lydia.

Yes. Kurt's a clairvoyant.

And a pessimist.

That's no contradiction.

thank you for the compliments.

What do we drink to?

To friendship. Your friendship.

To friendship,
for it means home to me.

Does it taste good?

Like at Widow Cliquot's.

Did you bring some newspapers?

Yes, and the advance
from your publisher.

Have you been writing?

No! I'm on my summer break.

We know what that means.

You never told me
you could fly a plane.



Feeling good?

Very good.

You're part of Berlin.
And Berlin is part of you.


To everything we love.


To everything we hate.


## The white limbs entwined themselves. #

# The last pieces of clothing fell. #

# Stretched out voluptuously,
the orgy. #

# Undressed right to the belly, #

# from under the belt.
What a hotbed of vice. #

# What a house of pleasure. #

# Hey, police on Alexander Square, #

# everyone likes
his own little treasure #

# and some pleasure. For example, #

# this little show
was for the dingalings. #

# So don't worry about anything.
We'll give it to you. #

# Watch out for your husband! #

# You journalists,
forget that moralizing. #

# Or should I tell you #

# about something more shocking...
than this nightclub? #

# They went naked into dens of vice. #

# But you, my dear, do it every week. #

# 12 times! ##

"Dear Kurt,

I understand very well why you're
staying clear of your home country,

since the weather here is miserable.

Events aren't very cheery either.

They've set a date
for the "soldier" trial.

It wouldn't help you
to come to Berlin.

The reactionary press
would tear you apart,

which they're are doing already.

Just one heart-felt wish:
Don't tense up.

We want to get together
and laugh about the past.

Sincerely, Oss ( Ossietzky )"

Remember the crazy way
people looked,

when our money disappeared?

And you could buy all of Germany
for practically 1,000 dollars?

We all wanted to be cowboys.

It was a nice time.

What's she doing?

She thinks that's
how Swedes catchas fishas.

I got one! I got one! I had one!

How do you say "Soldiers
are murderers" in Swedish?

Pardon me?

It's the language
you'll be writing in now.

What's on your mind, friend?

It was a bit radical. Or to be
more precise: a daring statement.

Other people have expressed it
before. I just copied it.

I'm gradually
becoming a megalomaniac,

hearing how I ruined Germany.

Yet in all those years,

I never succeeded in getting a
single policeman to leave his post.

And that hurts.

Daring, huh?

Desperate maybe.

- You were a soldier, too.
- Sure.

So that also makes us murderers?

- Must I explain that?
- Yes.

We were lucky.
We weren't lying in the trenches...

- ...but in pretty girls' arms.
- Sure, we were lucky. - Yes, we were.

No one wants a new war.

Germany needs new self-confidence.

With a Nazi salute? Horst Pressack.

Hey guys! I caught one.

You'll get him!

I'll call him Kurt.

See if you can do this!

Or this!

That looks nice.

And the moon rises.

Yes. Very nice.

Mind and body are one.

The personality is formed
by self-control and discipline.

She reminds me of my mother.

The fat woman?

The one with the drum.

Who was that?

Yes, who was it?

Honesty is part of it.

Ada still doesn't know
why she's here.

Your mother told me
to make a useful girl out of you.

And I will.

I'm afraid,
Ada has to go to her room.

She can't take part
in the group activity today.

Now line up!

Look this way!
The girl with the flowers.

And once again from the beginning:
one, two, three...

Anna, go get her.

She's coming to you.
You made a good impression.

She senses your motherly instinct.

Ada! Stop! Stay there!

We're staying at the castle.

Now one, two, three...

four, five, six, seven, eight...
And the moon rises...

I'm going to hit the sack,
so you two can chat.

Chat with us.

No. I'm beat.

I'll see you later.

I'm worried about you.

That's strange.
I'm worried about you.

There are lists of so-called
traitors circulating around Berlin.

With your name on them.

At the very top.

So, so.

And you're flying a Luftwaffe plane
that doesn't officially exist?

And it's said that it does
its practice flights over Russia.

Russian roulette?

I'm a passionate flyer.

I know... And I...

I'm a passionate writer.

At least until recently.

And now?


What about you?

I still love to fly.

I do, too.

Karl, it's high time that
we drink to our friendship.

And your busty girlfriend?

Has one thing on her mind.

What's wrong with you?
I'm thirsty.

You're good at it.

21 to 1 for me.

22 to 1 for me.

It's gotta be Billie!

At last! It's great you're here.

Hello, Berlin's most sinful voice.

Where did you get the snazzy car?

My little sweetie pie. Nice, huh?

Paid for with pleasure or money?

None of your business!

Shut up, and bring the lady's bags
to her chambers.

Mrs. Andersson.

Come with me!

I thought you were sold out.

What a sensation.

Hey, that's enough. Mrs. Anderson,
do we have a room for the lady?

This is Mrs. Andersson.
She does the cooking here.

Hey, fatty.
Your ivory tower's finished.

I'll just freshen up. See you later.
See you later.

My happiness is perfect now.

Are you inviting all of Berlin?

Princess, we're the guests,
not the owners.

You invited your friend.
I invited my girlfriend.

Where's the difference?

That's easy. Karl invited himself,

whereas you invite people to come

without asking me beforehand.

Now slow down.

The nice baron said:
"Make my home your castle."

My friends are my home.

I don't want to be
reminded of Berlin.

So that's what's eating you!

Then spit it out.
I'm from Berlin, too.

They are a real success.

Listen. It says here...

"Especially Billie Sunshine
is grand."

I know.

Wonderful. It also says:
"The most elegant woman in Berlin."

Hey guys. You gotta see this.

"Frivolous. Even
the most perverse people blush."

You look captivating.

Without you,
Berlin is just a provincial hole.

I think so, too.

We are the big hit, Kurt.

At all levels.

What do you mean?

I am charged.

Forget about that now.

We're all together now.
Let's have some fun.

Faster! Faster!

- Those two are crazy.
- Hurry up! Where are we?

This way!

Wrong! That way!

Time to cool off!

No! Let go!

I can do that, too.

Hold on. It's my turn.

To the summer residence.

The lady's talisman.

No eavesdropping here, sir.

But you could make yourself useful
and fix us a nightcap.

Fine, madame.

What would you like?
Water, water or water?

Swedish water.

Schnapps for me.

You'll stink all night.

Who's gonna kiss me?

The castle ghost.

Find yourself another nest.

Billie's going to sleep with me
tonight. You don't mind?

How could I?
I was seeking solitude here.

Want one, too?

Are you going back for the trial?

Would you?

"You have to face your problems,"
as Jacob always says.

If I had his problems,

I'd listen to my instincts
and not to my own necessity.

Can you revoke it?

Of course.

Should I deny myself?

Sometimes you need courage
to be a coward. It wouldn't hurt.

What have they got on you anyway?

You're an educated young man.

And you know about
the history of totalitarian,

power-hungry populists.

First, they go after
the writers and journalists...

real journalists,
and not these corrupt serfs.

They are silenced.
Then their books are burned.

Then it's the artists' turn.
Then the court jesters'...

Jews first.

Don't give me that nonsense.

Who would sacrifice
his intelligence?

Our people need law and order
and self-confidence

after the chaos of the past,

a future worth living for.

Or dying for.

Karl, we're holding speeches...
of the worst kind.

It hurts to even listen. Terrible.

It hurts me
to see you this way, Kurt.

You've become so pessimistic.
I don't hardly know you.

Where is your famous irony?

I lost it somewhere.

How did we become friends?

Come on, let's play a round.

Try your best, Kurt.

What I want to do?
Take a walk around the area.

Good job, Billie.
I couldn't have done any better.

Thanks, but the tire is useless.

Oh no, can we fix it?

Alright, gentlemen.
Let's get cracking.

We need some sort of jack.

You got 2 wheels anyway.

One of 'em should fit.

We'll leave it up to the men.
Have fun!

Thanks. We'll do our best.

How're we going to jack it up?

What would Archimedes have done?

He'd have smoked a cigarette first.

Then he'd have said,
"Give me some leverage,

and I'll turn the world
upside down."

Come on!

They are so beautiful.
Just like in a fairy tale.

Don't touch them. They're deadly.

Just a bit.

I think it looks erotic.

Very erotic.

What are you up to?

Just wait.

You can't make pancakes with them.

Yes, I can.

Let's go. Come on.

What happens now?

Just wait.

Let go.

Germany needs new self-confidence.

What day is it today?


Two days ago was Sunday, too.

Who cares anyway?

how's your artistic work going?

I have an offer from Babelsberg.

Great... What's it about?

Garters and singing
and dancing and kissing.

I play a tart who shows
old moneybags what paradise is like

before they fry in hell like
in real life.

I always knew
you'd be the next Asta Nielsen.

That's a topic for you.

You're at home in the demimonde.

Exactly. Write the screenplay.
Good idea.

No. My writing days are over.

Who's supposed to make the movie?

Some Austrian.

Wilder is his name.
Supposed to be quite talented.

The Austrian talents
are becoming quite fashionable.

C'mon, Karl. Let's go flying.

I need a fresh breeze.

I'm coming, too.

I'm not.

Sure, you are.

No, I need to stand on solid ground.

Anyway there are only 2 seats.

You don't need to be afraid with me.

Wasn't there another plane?

The yellow Stearman from Bengtsson.

Let's take it.

Hey, there they are!

They are crashing!

Wobbly legs?

It was so great!

Are you okay? I'll be right back.


How was it?

Lydia, honey!

You damn idiot!

You wanna kill yourself?
Then do it, alone,

you egocentric coward!

You're going to Russia for fun?

You're so idiotic. You've got
Nazi crap coming out of your ears.

People like you

without discipline
and national pride

are making our country
go to the dogs!

Take your fingers out of your ass.

You might relieve the
excessive pressure in your head.

Let's at least save the memory.

Come on.

Give me a kiss.

Now kiss each other.

## I gave you all I had, #

# my time, my money, myself, my soul. #

# You are a man, you are my life. #

# You are my little underworld. #

# Oh yes, I've found my happiness #

# in sometimes gazing at your face. #

# I've known you in so many hours. #

# But gentle?... Not a trace. #

# You kiss quite well. #

# In many ways,
you show what pleasure is. #

# You like gossip. #

# You tell me softly #

# when to paint my lips. #

# Even with other women, #

# you keep a certain balance. #

# I sometimes even trust you. #

# But gentle?... Not a trace. ##

Should I or shouldn't I?

I can't do it.

A strike is not a hit.

Are there fishes here?

I'll show you.

No! We need a man!

Come help us get dinner!

He who eats, shall not work.

- Ada!
- Here!

Crawl into the woody area.

I just touched one.

I caught one!

You can fry it tonight.

Looks delicious.

since we didn't catch any fish.

My shoes are ruined,
my dress is, too.

It's all your fault
with your "catchas fishas."

I think we have a visitor.

I thought they only have trolls
like that in fairy tales.

We know you already.
Come out of there.

Come here.

Don't be afraid.

C'mon, we'll sit you down
on the bed.

What kind of trouble
did you get into?

Why did you run away from the Home?

Are you hungry?

A definite yes.

Uncle Kurt will make dinner.

Will Aunt Billie help him?

Yes, we'll make something yummy.

Now you'll get something
yummy to eat.

Then we'll put you in the bathtub.
You look like a dirty beggar.

Tell me who you are.

I don't want to go back. Please.

What happened?

I don't want to die.

But you're much too small to die.

Sophie died.

Was Sophie
at the Children's Home, too?

My best friend.
I want to go to my mommy.

That short moment of silence
when the engine stopped.

The wind.

I could have
sailed downward forever.

Until the crash?

Why not? It will come anyway.

You're staying?

It's possible.

That's too bad. We'll miss you.

What about you?

I want to work.

Don't miss the chance to get out.

I'm more popular than ever.

Abroad I'm a nobody,
in Berlin I'm a star.

It would be stupid
not to take advantage of that.

I needn't tell you that our world
will cease to exist in Germany.

Men are men,
whether in a tux or a uniform.

She doesn't want to go back.
She's so afraid.

I would be, too, if I were her.

Take her back, please.

Would you, please, drive her back?
I want to stay here.

Yes, I'll get changed.

He's right.

We should keep her here tonight.

What for?

The child apparently ran away.
She's made up tall tales.

She's missing at the Home.
We have no right to keep her here.

So, please, take her back.

Be careful getting out.

Good evening.

Thank you
for bringing the child back.

We were very worried.

Ada, where were you?

We looked everywhere for you!

This child is always running away.

It happens often?

Yes, little Ada
only thinks about herself.

Now get washed, and get to bed!

Ada told us some things.

Oh! The child
has quite an imagination.

What about Sophie?


Is she still here?

No, Sophie is no longer with us.
Thank you for your trouble.

But now...

Let me go!

Just a moment!

- Hold onto her!
- What are you doing?

I'll make you
like your mother wants!

What are you doing in there?

You spoiled brat!

You little devil!

Now think it all over!

I'm going to write your mother
and tell her what you did!

We'll write her mother tomorrow.

What do you want to write her?

Ada is really homesick.

We don't even have her address.

Oh yes, I do.

Ada Collin, Lowengasse 22, Wien.

So? What should we write?

Why us?
I'm sure not gonna write the woman.

It's absolutely none of my business.
And it's none of yours either, dear.

You don't always
have to be the guardian angel.

You saw the pain in her eyes
and the despair?

Yes. I feel sorry for the girl,
but I can't change it.

There's no reason to get involved,

just because the little miss
is unhappy.

I'm sure her mother doesn't know
what her daughter's going through.

And the thing with Sophie
is very odd.

How do we know it's the truth?

Maybe her mother
wants nothing to do with her.

Be a bit more realistic
and not always so sentimental!

I'm not!

Oh yes, you are.

Get off your high horse!

Show some feelings for others,

instead of feeling sorry
for yourself!

She was afraid.
You know what that's like.

Or do you deny that, too?


Express letter.

Don't worry.

I'll deal with it.

How was it? Satisfied?


Now I like you idiots again.

## When the hedgehogs
in the quiet evening air #

# went after their mice, #

# I was captivated by your lips, #

# and I was completely lost. #

# And you gave yourself to me #

# in the underbrush, #

# to and fro, to and fro. #

# And you asked me
with your German pride, #

# if I had been to war. #

# Anna-Louise... #

# Anna-Louise... ##

Now take care of yourself.


And drive carefully.

And don't smoke so much.

Sorry for disturbing you.
Here is your mail.

Thank you.

More tea?

No, thank you.

Here's a letter for you.

For me?

it's from Mrs. Collin in Vienna.

Time to eat, children!


We have something for the girl.

A letter from her mother!

Now get to work.

Hello, we're here because of
the letter Ada's mother sent to her.

Don't stand there gaping!

She asked us...

The lady is in the house.

We just want to talk to you.

Ada, this is for you!

She'll get it,
when she deserves a present.

Can I help you?

Mrs. Collin asked us to talk to you

about the girl. We have a letter.

A letter?

She asked us to visit the girl
now and then.

Yes. She knows
how sensitive the girl is.

Follow me, please.

If I have to punish my charges,
I do it out of love, you understand?

What if we ask you
to remit Ada's punishment...

No, no.

I can't make up my mind to do so.

By working hard
and making sacrifices,

she will learn to fit in,
to become obedient.

Mrs. Collin asked me
to be strict towards her child.

Certainly. Some children have to
be brought up with strictness.

But not to the point of despair.

Who's driving the child to despair?

Bring up your own children,
if you have any with the lady.

This child is being raised by me!

Do you have any children anyway?

No, we don't!

Just what I thought.

We aren't married either.

But we love each other.

In the same bed!

By the way, four times this morning.

I'm sorry dear.
At the tree trunk... five times.

We became one with each other.
Unity of mind and body.

You terrible person!

I feel that I
fit into you quite well.

Take your filth to Palestine.

That's nice. Stay in tact:

one, two, three, four...
It's getting worse.

We make love inside and out,
night and day,

on the floor
and in God's own Nature.

In God's own Nature! It...

It was a great victory.

"Go to Palestine."
I heard her say it.

A Communist? No. A parasite? No.

A pacifist? No. A homosexual? No.

But she smelled that circumcision.

What got into you?

You only made things worse.

Sorry. I was beside myself.

Fine, but stupid. I messed it up.

You sure did.

You felt the narrowness yourself.

I couldn't take it. I exploded.

You completely
forgot the little girl.

I'm sorry. I'll write her.


To the mother.

You haven't written a single line
since we arrived here!

I'm on my summer break.

I'll tell you what you are.
You're burnt-out.

It's nothing more than a joke
for you.

Your books and me, too.

Your whole life is
as meaningless to you as that girl.



Let's go.

Sophie. 1924 to 1932

Princess! Princess!

Would you kindly allow us
to enter this room?




"Makes everything so bright."


You wonderful world.


"You wonderful world."


Let go of the child!
Get off my premises!

Let's go on.

I have the parental authority
for her!

You think you have it all planned!

I'll press charges
for trespassing, kidnapping.

Please, have a seat. Thank you.

We won't kidnap the girl.

Listen here! I have my principles.

As long as that child
is under my authority...

We'll relieve you of that burden.

The child won't stay with you.

We're taking Ada home to her mother.

That's a lie!

Here is the power of attorney.

So that's the thanks I get

for looking after
that unkempt little brat!

You talked her mother into this!
Heaven knows what lies you told her!

We're taking the girl with us.
Here is the check.

You can't manage this
with money alone! You understand?

It has to do with
something quite different!

We'll pack her things.

I've become so attached
to the children.

I've studied
the essence of human beings.

Don't say it.

It was a short summer
full of love and tenderness.

You made it easy for me to enjoy.

In spite of everything.

You were right.

It isn't that cold in Sweden.

But now you have to wrap up.

A long, hard winter
has been forecast.

So write.
Writing will keep you warm.

Remember that Dutch woman in Paris?


I forgot about her.

But I know a young woman in Berlin.

She has the most beautiful eyes,

the most sincere soul,

the most sensual mouth...

and she's such a home to me...

that one could find the courage
and the faith... to escape despair.

Thank you for the wonderful time.

Take care.

I'll think of you.

Drive... Drive!

Kurt told our story differently.

Some of what we experienced
appeared in it.

Some things he changed.

It was supposed to be a summer tale,

something people
could give their girlfriend.

A little story,
slightly ironic, tender,

with a colorful cover.

He died three years later,

not far from the place
where we had spent our summer.

I'll never forget his final words:

"You often think that
love is stronger than time,

but time is always
stronger than love."

## I was captivated by your lips #

# and completely at a loss. #

# You gave yourself to me
in the dense underbrush, #

# to and fro, to and fro. #

# And you asked
with your German pride, #

# if I had been to war that time. #

# Anna-Louise... ##

In 1933, Kurt Tucholsky

was among the first
to be expatriated.

His books burned,
as Europe was to do.

"Gripsholm Castle"
was his last major work.

After the Nazis came to power
he published nothing more.

On December 19, 1935,

he took the poison
he had long kept by him.

His grave is in Mariefred,
near Gripsholm.

This movie combines ideas
from the novel "Gripsholm Castle"

with real events
from Kurt Tucholsky's life.