Gripped: Climbing Killer Pillar (2019) - full transcript

Gripped is a feature length rock-climbing survival epic that takes place on the side of a thousand foot cliff in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Gripped tells the story of Rose, ...


This is crazy!

This is amazing.

Where do we begin?

I don't know.
All this stuff looks so steep.

Hey. How about that one?

Nice little warm-up spot?

- Is that?
- Yeah.


Come on, girl.


Got you right here.

You're all right.

Here we go.

- Whoo.
- You got this.

You may wanna move
the pad over.

Thanks, I got it.

Oh. Oh.

- You good?
- Yeah.

- Thanks for the spot. Oh.
- You're welcome.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

The idea is to get your
foot to stick to the rock.

- Cute.
- It's our first time coming outside, so...

- Really?
- Yeah.

It's a long way from
the climbing gym.

Oh, wow, yeah. The view's
a lot better, isn't it?

Yeah, when you live in a city,

you gotta make do
with what you got.

No, gyms, I mean,
gyms are great.

They, they get
you strong, but...

now you're outside, you gotta
learn how to climb for real.


Well, climb safe, ladies.

Not bad, right?

Yeah. If you like blond girls.

Well, maybe I like blond girls.

- Please. No. Not a chance. Not a chance.
- Hmm? Hmm?

Oh, man.

This is party central.

- Oh, yeah.
- He's got a bigger wingspan.

- He's got like a plus four.
- You gotta check this out.

So, where are
you guys from?

- LA.
- No, really.

Yeah. First time, actually.

Get your beer open.
It's a bottle opener.

- Hey, thanks again for that spot today.
- You're welcome.

- Here we go.
- Who's your friend and who's her friend?

- Hey, Brett. How's it going?
- Hi, Catrina. It's going good. How are you?

- So what did you climb today?
- Uh, today was kind of more of a rest day for me.

Oh, my God.

- Why is he coming towards us?
- Oh, my gosh. I don't know. I don't know what's happening.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Hey, you wouldn't have
a spare avocado, would you?

- No. Sorry.
- Yes, we do.

- Here.
- Thanks.

- You're welcome.
- Hey, we're having a little potluck

over in Site 42 if you

wanna stop by. I could
probably get you on the list.

Where is Site 42?

It's over there.
It's Brett's camp.

- I think we're good.
- Well, no, actually, I think that sounds like a lot of fun.

- And that's why we're good. 'Cause we'll be there.
- Great.

Domo avocado, Mr. Roboto.

What? Brett's the guy we met
at the boulders today, remember?

He's cute.
So is he.

I'm not here to meet guys.

Now, you're the one that said we
needed to try new things, so...

- "Domo avocado, Mr. Roboto." That's not funny.
- That was funny.

- Steve!
- What's up, Brett?

- How are you doing? Good to see you.
- What's up? How are you?

Good to be seen.
What'd you get into today?

It's not so bad.

- Hey, you guys.
- Hey, you made it.

- Yeah, thanks for having us.
- Of course.

- Um, I didn't catch your names earlier. I'm Jeremy.
- Oh, this is Jade and I'm Rose.

Hi, Jade. That's how
we do that. Yeah, hey.

Hey, these two are
camping next to Jackie's site.

Jackie Blackstone.
She's like a climber legend.

Big wall first ascents
in the valley.

- The Yosemite Valley?
- Yeah.

- First woman to solo the nodes.
- Good Lord. You mean without any ropes?

No, not free solo.
Solo climb with gear.

- So, she slept on the wall?
- Yeah.

You should try it
sometime. It's amazing.

Huh? What do you think?
What do you think, Jade?

- Something to drink?
- Yes, please.

How about some drinks, huh?
Beers? ROSE: Yes, please. Thank you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Uh, we met earlier
today at the boulders.

Yeah, I remember.
I'm Rose, by the way.

- Brett.
- It's nice to meet you, Brett.

Nice to meet you, Rose.

I'll be right back.


- Hey.
- Thank you.

- To the good life.
- To the good life.

To the good life.

- Oh, Jesus.
- Sorry.

Oh, my God.

- Hi.
- Do you wanna come inside?

- Is it your place?
- Yeah.

"House of Dreams," huh?

- Very good. Let me get the light.
- Thank you.

Watch your step.

- This is so cute.
- Yeah.

Not too shabby.


Oh, my God. Is this you?

Uh, no. It's one
of my favorite photos.

But did you see
what I mean about

gym climbing, right?

It's just practice
for this big rock.

Yeah, but this is just
something I don't understand.

I don't know,
it's like...

It's like you have
a death wish or something.

Oh, um, climbers actually have a life wish.
If we wanted to die, we'd just let go.

Well, okay,
I get that, but...

Why put yourself in that
kind of danger to begin with?

For the bliss.

You know, when you're up there,
nothing else can come in your mind.

It's total focus.
More real than real.

- "More real than real"?
- More real than real.

Can you explain that

a little bit better
for me, please?

Um, when you're on

a 1,000-foot face,

there is nothing like it in
the world. It's total freedom.

Yeah. Freedom to plummet
straight on down to your death.

Okay. I see we got
some work to do.

- Close your eyes. Close 'em.
- Why?

Trust me.


Take a deep breath.

Now, imagine you're
on that 1,000-foot cliff.

Look around you.
You see ravens soaring below you.

You're clinging to the rock
like a lizard.

You feel the quiet
of the desert.

Rising, filling you up.
Making you feel lighter.

You're aware
of every muscle...

every nerve...

tendon, bone in your body.

And in your spirit...

it makes you feel
like you're flying.

- I'm sorry. I...
- Um...

- Got carried away.
- Yeah. Me too.

- Oh, hi.
- Hi.

Tell me what's happening
over here. This looks intense.

That's an alpine route.

- An alpine route?
- Yeah.

Well, I think I might
wanna try an alpine route.

You've come to the right place.
Wanna climb tomorrow?

Yeah. I wanna fly.

'Sup, girl?

Let's go.

Well, see you manana.

Jade. Hey.

Hey, don't forget we're gonna
go bouldering tomorrow, so...


Yeah. Great.

- Maybe. Maybe...
- Maybe not.

Uh, someone made a friend today.

I can't believe you
ditched me like that.

Oh, come on. We are
not in high school anymore.

- I like these people.
- Rock brats?

Well, maybe
I like rock brats.


You coming in?

I'm sorry. I was
just looking around.

At nature.

You want some coffee?

I'm good.
Thank you, though. Um...

Actually, that
sounds really nice.

All right.

- Coffee.
- Mmm.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Hey, that's pretty good.
- It's my secret recipe.

What's the secret?

Uh, I couldn't tell you that. I'd have
to kill you if I did, it's classified.

Well, you see, actually, I have level 10
security clearance, so I sort of outrank you.

Madame X, I should
have known, sorry.

Uh, it's sage.

Sage? Like sage brush?

Yeah, it's growing
all around the campsite.

You put sage brush
in your coffee?

Well, it's a herb.
A sacred herb.

I use it for a lot of things.

- Like what?
- I'll show you.

See, smells good.
Apply generously.

Oh, come on. Is that what
I'm drinking right now?

No, obviously not sage
that was in my armpits.

Um, I cook with it. A lot. And it's, if you're
in a pinch, it's really good for wiping your...

Oh, God, Brett.
Seriously? Come on.

I'm done. I'm done with the personal
hygiene classes. Please, thank you.

Done with class.

I thought we were
going climbing anyway.

Yes. Um, I'll come back
and pick you up in five minutes.



- Where are you going?
- Morning. Going climbing with Brett.

- You're ditching me again?
- No. He's just taking me on a route.

A what?

A route, like
a multi-pitch climb.

Ugh. Don't leave me with
that Jeremy guy again, please.

You're gonna be fine, darling.

Besides, I really
wanna try this, okay?

- Morning, Jeremy.
- Hi. Have fun.

I will.

Still wanna go bouldering?

- You got beer?
- We always have beer.

- You ever used a GRIGRI?
- Um, sorry.

- It's easy. I'm on top.
- Okay.

Just like any other device.

Brake hands on the bottom.
If I fall, you catch me.

- Simple.
- Wait, no, no. But how do I do that?

It's auto-locking,
so just lean back.

Okay. Good luck.

Okay, you're on belay.

- Okay. Climbing.
- Climb on.

Nice, Rose.


Come on, Rose.
Don't stop now.

- My foot is stuck, Brett.
- Just pull it out.


- What do you think I'm trying to do?
- Yank it straight back.

Ah, you got it.
Nice. Keep coming.


My hand feels like it's
gonna slip.

Chalk it up.

It's kind of wedged
in a wall right now.

Crank it in there
and then step up.


Nice. Really nice.

This does not feel good.


Let me take it.

- Thank you.
- Give you a break.

Yeah. Oh.

Your hands, you're starting to
look like a real crack climber.

- Everything hurts.
- Yeah.

How high are we?

Oh, about 300 feet.

- This is crazy.
- Definitely.

- You're crazy
- Now, you're up.

What do you mean?

- It's your turn.
- For what?

To take the lead.

- You want me to lead?
- Ha, ha. You'll love it. It's a...

Five 8 bolts. You know,
try the shortcut.

It's totally within your score.

- I have never led outside before.
- But, oh, you gotta try it.

- No.
- You'll love it. Try it.

- Why are you telling me?
- Come on.

- Be adventurous. Okay? All right.
- Okay, okay, okay.

Why do I let you convince
me to do these things?

Well, what do I do?

Just climb up left, and all the way at the top
of the pitch, there's anchors. Just clip in.

- All right. You got me?
- I got you.


Easy. Look at that.



- Yeah.
- I don't like it.

Clip that and you're as
safe as you can be.

- Nice, Rose. Whoa.
- All right.

- There's nothing up here, Brett.
- Just stay on the arete.

You got it.

I don't...
I don't like it, Brett.

- What?
- Can I come down?

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- Let me know when. I'm on it.
- Okay, yeah.

- All right, lowering.
- Okay.

Oh, God. Oh.

God, that sucks.

It's not like a bouldering problem.
You can't just jump down from 300 feet.

- God, everything changes when the rope is below you.
- True.

There you go.

All right,
you're on belay.


Slap me in
the fucking face.

Oh. Oh, shit.



Up rope.

There's a good hold right above...
Yeah, right there.

- Yeah. It holds all the way.
- Jesus.

- Yeah.
- Would you pay attention, Brett, please?

That tension, you kept
slapping me in the face.

Well, one minute, you want tension
and next minute, you want slack.

- I need you to keep it tight.
- I was keeping it tight.

- What if I fell?
- I would have caught you.

- When? When I hit the fucking ground?
- Your anchor.

- Don't be ridiculous.
- Me, ridiculous?

Are you kidding me right now?
You're the ridiculous one.

- Oh, yeah?
- Seriously.

What the fuck
is going on here?

- And you're just standing there.
- Yeah, I'm just standing here.

Yeah, just standing there,
hanging off a cliff, looking at me

with that stupid smirk
on your face, that's...


- Oh, my God. Don't do that.
- I got you.

Come here and sit.

- Are you kidding me?
- All in the rope.

You're a real climber now.

I love it up here!

How do we get down?


That's so great.
Good job.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Grab my bag?

You got it?

Thank you.

- There you go.
- There are gentlemen left in the world.

Thank you.

Oh, ouch.

- You want some water?
- Yes, that'd be great.

Would you listen to these names?

Crack of Doom,

Cliffs of Insanity,
Wet Denim Daydream,

Stoner's Highway.
Of course.

Who in the world comes up
with these names?

The first person
that ascends it

gets to name it. Climbers
are very melodramatic.

Uh-huh. You don't say.

Oh, this is it. This is what I wanna do tomorrow.
Killer Pillar. I was thinking about it.


I'm not afraid. Come on.
You're my rope gun.

Look, Killer Pillar,
it's the real deal.

It's not just a couple pitches.
It's a commitment.

- It's a Grade V.
- Okay, well...

I did good out there today.
You said so yourself.

You were doing great, but this is
a whole other level of shredding.

Oh, it's a whole
other level of shredding.

God, I love these technical
rock-climbing terms.

Hey, look. If you don't wanna
go, then just say something,

- and I'll find somebody else to climb with.
- Wow.

- Ouch. You fight dirty.
- Whatever it takes.

- Please?
- All right. If...

If I were to say yes,
and that's a big if,

you would have to be ready
for some serious suffering.

And I, I really wanna
make that clear.

I mean, I think I can handle it 'cause I
have been hanging out with you all day.

Oh! Stop!

What are you gonna do
with that water?

I'm thirsty.
I was gonna have some water.

Oh. Don't!

Don't do that. Stop!


- "Don't drink some more water."
- No!

No! Stop!

- Hey.
- Hello.

- Still making barbecue?
- Uh, no, not yet. But I'll get on it.

- Do you wanna come have some food with us tonight?
- Yeah, sure. I'll make a salad.

Great, bring a salad.

- Bring your friend Jade.
- Oh.

- Oh, I'll do it.
- I mean, it doesn't... I didn't.

- Whatever.
- Okay.

Hey. You're,
you're Jackie, right?

- And you are?
- I'm Rose, I'm your neighbor.

- Do you mind if I ask a question?
- Go ahead.

How do you do it?

Do what?

Sorry, um, how
do you lead climb?

Just practice.
That's all it takes.

Yeah, but,
I mean, can you...

Can you tell me about it?

You just gotta
get out of your head.

Well, that's not the
first time I've heard that.

When you're climbing,
especially leading,

you have to
trust your body.

It's a lot more
reliable than your mind.

And if you can start trusting,
that's when you can

step into your real power.

Easier said than done.

- Right?
- Let's try something.

- Hold out your arm.
- Okay.

- I'm gonna ask you some questions.
- Okay.

But don't answer
out loud, okay?

Are you in Lone Pine?

Do you like climbing?

Are you a happy person?

- Mmm.
- What does that mean?

That means that your body knows you a
whole lot better than you think you do.

It'll make a lot more sense
once you've been out there.

So, where are you
climbing tomorrow?

I think we're going to do Killer Pillar.
I wanna get on that route.

- I think it's called Southwest Buttress?
- That's a really sporty route.

- Who're you climbing that with?
- Oh, my friend, Brett.

- Just a guy.
- Is he familiar with long routes like that?

Oh, yeah, yeah. I mean, he says
he knows what he's doing, so...

- Don't they all?
- Yeah.

- He's amazing, actually.
- Yeah?


I had a lot of fun, actually.

Whatever I can
do for you.

- Hey, hi.
- Hey.

Thanks for coming.
You brought lettuce.

- You'll want it later. Trust me.
- Okay. Great. Thanks.

- How's it going?
- It's going.

- You had fun today?
- I had a really good time today.

- Good.
- It's like, everyone comes from everywhere.

All over the world. Lone Pine is a
central hub for the climbing community.

And they all just come
here to hang out?

Hang out and climb.

Doesn't anybody work?


- I mean, right?
- Sorry, yeah, yeah. It does make sense.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jackie
Blackstone is in the house.

Jackie Blackstone is here. Are you seeing this?

Jackie Blackstone is here.
Give it up.

- Whoo.
- First ascent in the Valley.

- Oh, Jesus.
- Oh, God. It's happening.

- It's happening!
- It's going down.

♪ I flow 5.10
in a moment of Zen

♪ Been pulling down
the rocks since way back when

♪ When you say Muddy Valley
where it all began

♪ With your royal robins

♪ They call me Blackstone

♪ Big wall slayer watch me
take this to another layer

♪ I blow the gate roof
on a single prayer

♪ Point-5 aliens
and brass nuts

♪ I'll see you later ♪


Yeah! He did it!

- What?
- What happened?

What happened?

- Very pretty.
- Thank you, Jackie.

It's for you. It's for you.

- What?
- Hmm.


Amazing night there.

I don't know.

It doesn't even look real.

What do you mean?

Looks like the planetarium.

You definitely need
to get outside more.


Mmm, check it out.
It's starlight.

It's where we all come from.

It's everything.

We're all just...



Well, when I was a kid,

my dad loved
to point out the fact

that by the time the light
from one of those stars

reached us on Earth,

the star was already dead.

He told you that as a kid?


That's when he was
in a good mood.

How do you feel right now?

- Right now?
- Mmm-hmm.

I don't know.

Kind of nice.

- Ouch, ouch.
- Okay, here.

Yeah. Slow.

Wasn't that nice?

- Hey, Brett.
- Hi!

What'd you climb today,
Pine Creek?

Yes, that's...

- That's what we climbed today.
- What we climbed, yeah.

Hey, Lee, how do you like being
Brett's new belay slave?

- Wow.
- Jesus.

Hey, Catrina. I think somebody's
looking for you over here.

Well, let me guess.

You climbed
Crack-a-Go-Go, right?

Yeah, I bet you really
liked that third pitch.


Yeah, it was fine.

I bet it was.

- Jeremy, can you get her out of here, please?
- Yeah. Sorry, man.

Hey, I thought
we talked about this.

Huh? Come on,
are you about done?

Okay. Are these all yours?

Hey. Hey, where are you going?

I'm tired.
Long climb tomorrow.

Oh, Catrina. She drinks
and she can't stop...

Come on, Brett.
Just don't do that.

Don't treat me like I'm an
idiot, because I get it.

Get what? That I've climbed
with a woman before?

Oh, God. Forget it.

At least now I know my job.

Belay slave.

Oh, come on, Rose.
You're being ridiculous.

- Rose.
- I'm being...

Brett, this is just happening
too fast for me, okay?

What is?

- Everything! All of this.
- What?

I am not used to camping

or to looking up
at all of these stars

or being dragged up
an 800-foot cliff.

And I'm certainly not used

to the way you keep
looking at me.

How do I keep looking?

- I don't know, Brett. I don't know.
- Tell me.

Like you care.

I do care.

Could you please not say that
if you don't mean it?

I mean it.

I'm going to bed.

Rose, you awake?

Mmm. No.

Do you still
wanna go climb?

- Yes.
- Okay.

Well, I got all the gear
ready in the car, so...

You just need to get up.

I'm up.

I'm awake.

It's barely
even light outside.

It's gonna be in 45 minutes.

And it's in an hour approach
to the Pillar.



- You good from here, or...
- Yeah, I'm good.

- Boom.
- Dang.


- What's going on there?
- Oh.

- Brett.
- Hey, what's up?

- Jade.
- What's up?


- 5:00 a.m. We're going climbing.
- We just got done drinking.

You just got done drinking?

- All night long.
- We ran out of beers, so...

So then the game's over.

Well, we... We won.

I'm going to bed.

Are you guys not still drunk?

- Good night, Jade.
- Good night.

Okay, have fun.

- Oh.
- Be well.


Oh, Dad, I'm doing it.

That's what a thousand feet
looks like.

You ready for this?

Um, how many pitches
is it again?

A lot.

Descriptive, thank you.

And it says

the route starts
left of the trees.

So that's right here.

What is this?

Uh, it's a topo.
It's like a map of the climb.

So there's no actual guidebook?

No, I have one,

but a topo is way easier
to carry than a whole book.

What the hell does
any of this even mean?

Well, that is a crack climb,

and this is
a left-facing corner.

Um, that's a chimney, bolts.

You don't know
what any of that means?

- Sounds amazing.
- Okay.

- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.

You have the harnesses, right?

Oh. Yes, I do.

Oh, good.

- Ready?
- Yep.

Watch me.


I'm climbing.

Climb along, baby.

- Is that you?
- That's me.


All right,
you're on belay, Rose.

I'm climbing.

Climb on.

Rose, reach left there.

There's really good holds
above you, bombers.

I can't reach it.

Yes, you can.

Draw your foot up to that lip,

and then crank up.

Right next to your left foot,
there's another great...

Just let me climb?

You all right?




Okay. That's harder
than it looks.


Oh, what, so you're
not talking to me now?

This is my punishment
for disobeying you?

Look, Brett,
I appreciate the help. I do.

But how can I learn if you're
feeding me every move?

- You were floundering.
- I was what?

You were having a hard time.

I was not.

This is a hard rock.
I'm still learning.

Exactly. That's why
I pointed out a hold to you.

Okay, well, sometimes I need
to figure it out for myself.

Yeah, and you did, all right?

You're doing good, Rose.

Thank you.
Was that so hard?

Are we cool now?


What's next?

We're going up there next,

and that is called a chimney.

And it's fun.

How do you climb it?

It's kind of like making
your body into a human wedgie.

Well, that sounds awkward.

You're pretty when you smile.


That's a good word
for it, though. Awkward.

All right. On belay.

- Put me on.
- Okay.


- Come on.
- Climbing.

Come on. Hold that.

Nice work.

Reach up, yeah.

Find a good grab, good crack.

All right. Can you go higher?

Does it look like it?

How am I supposed to get
in a chimney with this thing?

Use your back.

Press your hands
against the wall.

Oh, my God. Okay.

Don't look down. Come on.

Yeah. Push against the wall,

smashing your back
in the other wall,

and just up, up.

There you go.
How's that left hand feel?

Not good.

Look for a little cracks

with the inside
of your right foot.

Stand up on your right foot.

Keep smearing.

I can't climb
with this backpack.

Yes, you can.
You're doing it right now.

Keep climbing.

Good. Wedge your body
in the chimney.

Use opposing force
with your hands.

Press your back up
against it. Good.

Top rope.


Whoa. Okay.

Okay, okay.
Is there room up here?

- Yeah.
- Phew.

This thing, put it back
in the... Yeah.

- Oh.
- There we go.

I hate this backpack so much.

You got a little banged up.

You're starting to look
like a real climber.

- Oh, yeah?
- How'd you like the chimney?

It was pretty fun.

Yeah, it's pretty fun.

Even with the backpack.

Okay, I'm safe!

Ah, what?

All right,
you're on belay, Rose.


Climb on.

Well, this next move's
the pendulum pitch.


Yeah, it's a swinging
across move.

Once you commit,
there's no turning back.

So what's your point?

Well, are you sure you still
wanna keep going?

Uh-huh. I feel great.

- Let's keep going.
- Okay.

Okay. Follow my lead.

All right.



Okay, I'm safe.

Okay. On rappel.

- Here, a bomber. Almost.
- Oh, shit!

Run faster, Rose.

- You got this.
- Okay.

Holy shit.

This time, run across,
just go for my hand.

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, shit.

Ah. Ow.

You all right?


Can you grab some
of those friends for me?

- What the fuck was that?
- I don't know!

Oh, fuck. That was
a number four, Rose.

We needed that.

Okay, I'm sorry.

Okay, I hope you are.

The fuck you do.

Come on, it's...
Just help me on belay.


How's this look?


Um, the way I'm looking at you.

It's still too much?

It's growing on me.


I think she likes it.





Brett, are you okay?

You gotta come over
to me, okay?

I'm gonna throw you the rope.
You gotta hold on.

Okay, I'm gonna throw you
the rope, you gotta hold on.


Wait for me.

Brett, I can't get
any further! Come on!

Keep coming!



Get here.

What happened?

Ah, my shoulder.

- Oh, shit, Brett.
- Careful, careful.

Oh, sorry.

Oh, fuck. What do we do?

What do we do?
We're kind of fucked.

- "We're kind of fucked"?
- Yeah.

That's what you wanna say
to me right now?

Can we just go back
the way we came?


Ah. Can we swing back?

No, it won't reach.

Well, there's gotta be
something we can do.

There is, but you're
not gonna like it.


You have to lead this.


You have to lead climb this.

No way. You just fell.
How the hell am I supposed to climb that?

A hold broke. That happens.

And it'll happen again.

No, you can't think
like that, Rose.

No. We're gonna sit here until
somebody comes over here.

- Nobody's gonna come up here.
- Why not?

- Other climbers take the route.
- It could be days

- till another climber does this route.
- Somebody will hear us.

- Help!
- No one's gonna hear it.

- Help! Somebody!
- Rose. Rose...

- Rose!
- What?

Please, just listen
to me, okay?

The only way down is up.

Now, you see that ledge
up there?

You need to lead climb
up to that ledge

and build an anchor.

I'll make a prusik with these

and make my way
up the fixed line.

We'll keep doing that
all the way up to the top.

I can't do that.

No, I'm sorry. I can't do it.

Rose, you climb...

or we die.

Okay. Okay, okay, okay.

Okay. Okay.

All right,
talk me through this

'cause I have no fucking clue
what I'm doing.

All right.

All right, look...

- I'll put you on belay.
- Okay.

Oh, shit.

Yeah. There you go.

Can you just...

I got ya. Oh, God.


Oh, my God.


Hey, stay awake.

- Okay.
- All right.


Can you talk to me?


Oh, it's you.

What to talk about?

I don't know.

How did you become

such a badass rock climber?

My father...

used to

take me to a summer camp

at Yosemite every year.

That's where I learned to climb.

That's where
I fell in love with it.

It was the only thing

that made me feel free.


What was home like?







How are you doing?

Can you sit up?

- Can you sit up?
- Yeah.

Here we go.

Just, yeah, perfect.



Open up.

Tilt your head back.


Okay? You okay.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You finish it?

All right, we gotta
keep going, okay?

- Can you stay with me?
- Yeah.

Look at this.

This is where
we need to go, all right?

Can you see it?
Can you focus?


Where are we going, hmm?

Can you tell me?

Yeah, you have to go up
that right crack.

There we go.


- We gotta get moving, all right?
- Yeah.

You got it?

All right. Stay with me, okay?


- Climb off.
- All right.

Okay, Brett.
Rope is fixed.



Hey, did Brett and Rose
sleep here last night?

Uh, no, I thought
they were at his campsite.

No, they are not there.

Do you know
what route they went on?

but that was over 24 hours ago.

Hey, Jackie. Did Brett and Rose tell
you where they were going yesterday?

Yeah, as a matter of fact.
Killer Pillar.

Oh, crap.


Brett has something of a reputation
of getting benighted on long routes.

We should think about
organizing a search party.

There's nothing up here, Brett.
It is completely blank.

I am fine. I am fine.







Hey. Hey.


Are you okay?

- You okay?
- Yeah. It's just...


- Am I gonna die?
- No.


You okay?

Look at me.
I need you to stay with me.

- I need you to hold me tight, all right?
- Okay.

I can do this, okay?

I can do this.

Oh, crap.

You got it, come on.

Come on, you are so close,
come on.

That's it.

I got you.

There you go. There you go.

You did it, Brett.

Oh, you did it.

Okay, we'll head up
into the watch,

and then we'll split up.

All right, buddy.

Let's go.

Come on.

Hold on. Hold on.

All right. Ready?
Here we go.


That's it.

That's it. Good.

Oh, God.

Sit up.

Sit up.

You got to stand up, Brett.

You got to stand up.
There you go.

There you go.
Come on.

Look at me.

Right there.

Okay. Okay?

All right? You got this.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Stay with me, Brett.
Come on. Yes.

Good. Good.

I got you. I got you.

I got you.

There you go.


It's them.

Hello, Jackie.

Rose. Rose.

We found them in the wash.
We need your help.

How's he doing, man?

He's breathing.
He's got a pulse.

You ready?

On three. One, two, three.

One, two, three.


Come on.




One, two, three.

- Hi.
- How's that shoulder feeling?

- It's actually not that bad.
- Yeah?

Just can't do anything
physical with it yet.

So that's what Jackie
was talking about.

What's that?

Just listening to your body.

- Oh, yeah? I'm listening.
- Hmm.

- Letting it guide you.
- Guiding.

My body has a lot to
say right now, so...

I hope that's not
too physical for you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's up?

- How are you?
- Good.

- How have you been?
- I've been good.

- You ready to go?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- Come on.

Hey, Rose.


Right. Come on, baby.