Grey Skies (2010) - full transcript

A group of old college friends reunite to relive their glory days by renting a beautiful cabin in the woods. As the sun sets on their first day in the cabin, bright flashes of light announce the arrival of mysterious creatures. These friends will have to outwit a force that is both inhuman and extremely intelligent in order to survive. The outcome will shock and amaze you as we come to realize... we are not alone in the universe.

- Val.

- No, no, no, no, no.

You don't call me that anymore.

Just stay away from me.

- Please, Valerie.

- Glen, Glen, Glen.

- It's okay.

I'm here.

What, what?


They said they were coming back.

- Baby, how did this happen?

- I went for a walk.

- I wanted to tell you.

I'm pregnant.

- Yes, that's why
we're celebrating.

- What's happen...

- Shh.

For better or for worse.

- Don't leave.

- You win.

You said you wouldn't
talk the whole trip,

I took the bet, I owe you $100.

- Don't worry about it.

- No, no, I'm a man.

A man who's word is as
strong as Chinese handcuffs.

You're still upset, I
acknowledge that, I do.

But, you should be happy
now 'cause you'll have

100 of my dollars,
proving, in fact,

that you are capable of not
saying shit when you're angry.

- Robert, are you finished?

- No, no, no.

I think it's terrific
that you didn't talk

for three straight hours.

Yes, I'm finished.


- $100.

- I don't have the
money on me right now.

- I'll take what you've got.

really taking my money?

- Oh, I'm taking your money.

- Oh, wonderful.

- Hmm.

- I'm looking forward
to this weekend.

- Annie knew we
would work it out.

- She said the same thing to me.

Well, she's my friend, too.


Come on.


I got it.

- You left for over a week.

Leaving no clue as to where
you went, no calls, no nothing.

- Well, I.

I guess I just need
some time to think.

- Robert, it was just a fight.

We're gonna have many
more in the future.

- Well, with that
attitude, yeah.

All right, look.

Hey, it's our one time a year
for everyone to get together

and I don't want to
ruin that, all right?

Can we just?

- No, because everyone's
gonna be talking.

- No one's gonna be talking.

- Robert, our
friends like to talk.

- All right.

I hope no one will be talking.

- You know what?

You can talk to me.

That's our deal.

We work through things.

- Can I say something?

- I'm listening.

- I'm good for the
100, all right?

Oh, my god.

Who are we
renting from again?

Her name is Betty.

Oh, Betty.

I told her 4:30.

I hope she's nice.

Nice enough to
let a bunch of children

pretending to be adults
rent it for the weekend.

No shit.

- I told her it was a
bunch of college roommates.

- Yeah, drinking heavily.

- How else would we
relive the glory days?

- And smoking pot?

- Oh, those glory days?

We are in the middle of nowhere.

Yeah, seriously.

- So, you know what?

We can be as naughty as we want.

- You think so?

- Well, I was hoping
there'd be a little naughty.

- Hmm, we'll see.

- I brought my sexy underwear.

- Which ones?

- The ones with the
Captain America shield.

- Where's that?

- Over my penis.

- Yes.


- Let's get him.

- Jesus.

Even from this
vantage, I'm lost.

Where the hell are we?

Your turn to pick this year,
Robert, and you bring us here?

I like the quiet.

- Well, I'd like Zac Efron
locked in a cage on my bed,

but you know?

You, come here.


- God bless you, God
bless this little girl.

Now, are you happy?

- I'm happy.

- Good.

Come here, brother.

Hey, man.

- Don't you leave her again.

All right?

- Michael, you're
doing it again.

- Isn't he so cute?

That will be all, Brian.

You may wait in the car.

- Michael.

It's good to see
you again, Brian.



- And you can come in.

I say it's okay.

- Brian, this is Robert.

Robert, this is Brian.

- Nice to finally meet ya.

How do you do it?

- Put up with his shit?

- Put up with his shit.

- You're so cute and little,
I just love him so much.


Hold on a minute.


Well, you're lost?


Dropped call.

Of course, right?

- Yeah.

What was the point?

- Can you hear me now?


- Can I get one
of those for you?

Thanks, yeah.

It's nice to get out of L.A.

- Yeah, Michael's
been talking about

bringing you for a while.

Glad you could make it.

Let me get that for you, babe.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Oh, wow.

- Isn't it amazing?


Is it
time for Betty yet?

Uh, now she's late.

Look who made it.

- Ah, finally.

Let's go say hi.

What's up, suckerfish?

What's going
on, blowfish face?

- Oh, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

Have you lost weight, huh?

- I have not, but
thank you for noticing.

- Wait a minute.

Maybe you're thin
because I've lost weight.

- Oh, yeah.

I think that's great.


- He-he.


- Oh, my god.

Congratulations, girl.

Thank you.

Look, look what he did.

- Wow.

It looks like you finally
got it right, huh?


- Fucker.

Good to see you, buddy.

- Good to see you, too.

Oh, say hello, babe.

- Hello, babe.

- I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

Where are my manners?

I'm Michael and
you must be Marsha.

- It's Sandy.

- Oh, Sandy, yes.

Well, I've heard
nothing about you.

- Ah, Jesus, Michael.

Come on.

- Now, come here, come
here, sweet Sandy.

Let me take a look.


I love her.

You don't deserve her.

Well, the
jury's out on that one.

- Are you Robert?

Oh, Betty, hi.

- I see you got the
whole crew here.


- Sorry I'm late.

Front door, back door.

That's it.

- Thank you.

- You guys like the
quiet, don't ya?

- Well, he does.

I always pick Vegas, Betty.

If you must know.

- We promise to keep it down.

Ah, no need to.

Got enough quiet to spare.

- Well, that's nice.

You guys got your pot?

'Cause if you don't,
I can get you some.

- Oh, Betty, I love you.

it's what the Mr. and I

used to do when I lived
up here years ago.

Y'all ain't never
seen so many stars

in one place except right here.

And you see them on dope?

Oh, stars are just flying.

Oh, Betty, you
may just be my mother, huh?

Wouldn't be
the first bastard out there.

Okay, there's a phone
in there just in case.

And there's a liqueur
store down the road a bit.

About 40 minutes.

Well, Robert was
supposed to take care of that.

And I did.

I was supposed to
bring the pot.

- This isn't a sting
operation, is it?

'Cause I gotta ask you.

Are you a cop?

- Betty, I'm a lawyer.

- He's the one that
saves you from the cops.

- Yep.

Oh, God bless America.

Yes, ma'am.

You kids
have a good time.


- Oh, and leave the keys.

I need 'em.

Last guy just up and left.

He did leave the place spotless.

Thanks, Betty.

Thank you, Betty.

Thank you.


- She's wonderful.

Where did you find
this place again?

- Um, Google.


- Hey, you.


- How are you?

Good, how are you?

- Good.

So, are you guys?

- Yeah.

- I knew you would.

It is Robert.


- Wow.

It's beautiful.

- Yeah.

Want to see the house?

- Yeah.

- Hey.

Um, sorry.

- You should be.

- Come here.

You okay?

I'm good.


Oh, yeah.

Show's over.

- My friends like to talk.

- Looks like the
show's about to begin.

There is a cougar on
the fireplace in here.

It's humongous.

- Seriously, this
is a brand new one.

Um, just came to my head.

♪ I've got a girl named Sandy

♪ She's 'bout the cutest
girl I ever did see

♪ She loved my daily

- Baby.

Well done.

- I take it rare.

- Since when?

- Hey, grub's on, folks!

Come and get it!

- Yeah?

All right.

Are you ever going to
stop following me around?

'Cause it's getting
really annoying.

- Are you ever going
to stop calling?

That's getting annoying, too.

Oh, wow.

- I'm going to smoke
some pot with Michael.

Uh, okay.

- She likes me
better than you, hmm?

- Hmm.

But, she give me something
a little bit more.

- When I smoke pot, I feel sexy.

You should smoke some pot.

- You might feel sexy.

- It's beautiful.

- Yeah.

- So, you're a photographer?

- It's a hobby right now.

I'm actually just a waiter.

- Michael says you're good.

- You want to check it out?

- Yeah, can I?

- Sure.

Okay, just push that
button right there.

- Okay.

You took this?

- Yeah.

- Oh, my god.

It's so cool.

Oh, I wish I was a photographer.

So cool.

- Why aren't you?

- Well, I'm on the last
chapter of my dissertation,

so I guess it's a
little late now.

- Dissertation for what?

- Psychology.

- Oh.

- I always wanted a
creative mind like that,

but now I'm gonna spend
the rest of my life

just dissecting
people's thoughts.


Honestly, who cares why people
do what they do, you know?

People just make stupid
fucking decisions.

- Are you venting to me?

- Yes, I am.

- You know, Michael.

He asked for my number
after I served him

his fifth piece of key lime pie.

- You never know.

- You never do.

- All right, I need to know.

- No, no, no, no.

- Robert, this is
between me and Jenny.

You move away.

Bring it.

- Karaoke.

- Oh god, that is awful.

- Hayden, it was romantic.

- I don't sing well.

- Yeah, we know this.

- He got up in front of
everyone and sang Journey.

Fucking Journey.

- Open Arms.

Oh, no.

- And he butchered the hell
out of Steve Perry's lyrics.

- I don't sing well.

- And he did it all while
sipping on a shot of tequila.

- Now, that was
part of the plan.

And he
ran up right after,

he yelled at everyone in
the bar to just shut...

- Shut your cake holes.

- He got down on one knee,
looked me in the eye and said.

- Let's step into
the unknown together.

- Oh, now that is the
shit that I needs to know.


- Cheers.

- To Robert, and
Jenny, and Open Arms.

- Robert and Jenny, and
stepping into the unknown.

Yeah, that part.

All right.

Drink up.

- I stepped into the
unknown the other day.

Turned out to be a
homeless woman's vagina.

♪ This is a song for my hot babe

♪ It's been a long time coming

♪ But, I finally
got you here to stay

♪ Boy, I hope so

♪ But, I don't know, but I'm
feeling pretty good so far

♪ Especially when there's
a fire in the fireplace

- You, uh.

You still want to marry me?

- Hmm.

A little spackle, some paint.

I'm pretty sure I can
double my investment.

- You know me so well.

- Is that really possible?

To know someone so well,
they can never surprise you?

- We've got 50
years ahead of us.

I hope there's gonna
be some surprises.

- Good surprises?

- Mm-hmm.

♪ Hey

♪ Baby, make me sweat

♪ Where there's smoke you
know there's always fire

♪ And I'm burnin'
like a cigarette

♪ Baby, ooh

♪ I'd love to burn

♪ But, when you play with fire

♪ There's a lesson
you've gotta learn

♪ Oh, yeah, burn

♪ This love's got me burnin'

♪ Love's got me burnin' good

♪ Love, love's got me burnin'

♪ Love's got me burnin' good

♪ Yeah

♪ I've got you wrapped around
my pretty little finger

♪ And now I do what I wanna do

♪ Caught in the moment
and I wanna let it linger

♪ I'll do whatever it
takes to get me through

♪ Now I've got you baby
right where I want you

- Whoa, did you see that?

- I'm gonna go get the guys.

- Whoa.

Betty was right.

It's so much better stoned.

I think I can see Jesus.

Yo, Hayden!


You've gotta see this, man!

- Finish what you started.


- Oh, wow.

Hey, look at this.


- Ah.


Fucking beautiful.

- What was that?

- A shooting star has to
land somewhere, right?

- Now that is a
romantic sentiment.

- Let's find it.

- Yeah, you want to?

She's fucking crazy.

- Come on.

Let's go looking.

- Gee, I would love to, but
I have a previous engagement

with a fold-out couch
and a tub of Red Vines.


- All right!

Come on, let's go.


Are you okay?

- Yeah.

- Go on, man.

Have fun.

- All right.

- They're gonna get lost.

- They'll be fine.



- I'll leave you guys alone.

- Sorry, Annie.

It's okay.

- You know, we're off.

You all right?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

Go ahead.


Holy Christ.

I just squirted.


I just saw you here and um.

- I.

Can't sleep?

What's wrong?

- When you guys had that
fight, Robert came to my place.

- Oh, my god.

He was gone for over a week.

I should've known that...

- A week?

No, he left that night.

- Why did you come here?

You think you know someone.

Jesus Christ.

- Good morning.

Oh, it
is just a morning

and there is nothing
good about it.

- Check out Sandy.

Oh, and it was just
the first night.


Jenny, what's wrong?

- Did you know?

You're a good friend, Michael.

- Fuck.

- Good morning.

- It's just a morning.

Nothing good about it.

- Did we have
another dream fight,

'cause you know those
aren't real, right?

- I'm pregnant.

- Morning.

Good morning.

- Guys, Hayden didn't
make it home last night.

I was so wasted, I passed
out in the fucking boat.

- Well, when did
you guys separate?

I don't even remember
getting back to the house.



- He's not in the house.

- Well, where'd you guys go?

- He wanted to see where
the glowing was coming from.

- That was a star light.

- No, there was something.

Something in the woods.

I saw it.

It was
probably an animal.


- Hayden!

Come on, man.

This isn't funny.






- Baby!

- Hayden!

- Hayden, come on.

- Baby!

- If I get poison ivy, I'm
gonna be pissed off, man!

- Hayden!

- Hayden!

- You guys were fucked up.

- Yeah, he probably
just passed out.

- Oh, you think?

- Yeah, I do.

- I'm gonna go over here.

Brian, come with me.


- Come on, man!

- Hayden!

- Hayden!







- Hayden!

Hey, Jenny.



Is that you?

- Hey, guys.

- Jesus, Michael!

- Check this out, come here.

It's pretty weird, right?

Must be a
coyote or something.


- We're over here!

I don't think that's a coyote.

- We can't find him.

What are they?

- I don't know.

- Shit.



Hey, buddy.


Oh, god.

Take it easy.


Easy, easy.

- We were worried
sick about you, baby.

Can I
have some water?

I'll get it.

Dude, what happened?

- I don't remember.

- Hangover.

I'd say nine, nine point five.

- Thank you.

Slow down, slow down.

- Oops.

Too much fun, baby?

- Oh, fuck.

What is that?

- Here, wait, let me see.

He just hit his head.

He's okay.

- I don't remember falling.

- When you fall down
and hit your head,

that tends to happen.

Take it easy.

- I think I'm gonna go lie down.

- I'm changing my rating.

Hangover, 11.

- What's with them?

- I think you're gonna have
to go cook me an omelet

with no cheese and
some jalapenos.

- All right.

- And this is disgusting.

- Jenny?

- I think I was almost
jumped by a fucking raccoon.

- Hey, Jenny?


- Hey, you okay?

You can find
a ride home, right?

You won't
even listen to me?

You spend all day
locked in the bedroom

and then you just
decide to leave?


Robert, I can only
use my imagination for so long.

We were
drinking, so you know,

I can't really
say what happened.

- You just did.

- Don't stop.


- And then you want to wrap it.

- You want me to just
forget everything?

Pretend to be happy
so people won't notice

how fucked up we are?

- That's not what I want.

- I don't even know
who you are anymore.

- I'm the father of your child.

- Go fuck yourself.

- What the fuck was that?

- Were those headlights?

- No way.

No, that was something else.

gonna check it out.

- Maybe it was the raccoons.


Where's Sandy?

- I don't know, okay?

I mean, I woke up
and she was gone.

- Wait, I'm sorry.

What the hell do you
mean she was gone?

I mean, gone.

What the fuck do you...

- Hey, all right, all right!

There's not a lot of
places she could be, guys.

Calm down.

- Well, I just don't see
how you could lose someone.

- Here, let me, let me.

- What were you doing
in there, Hayden?

- We were fucking, Jen.

- Are you fucked up again?

- No.

- Any luck?

- No.

It's like that flash sucked
all the power out of the house.

- Well, what could do that?

- I don't know.

Did anybody
check her bedroom?

- She's not in here.

- No, she's not.

Wanna go back in the closet?

Let's get out of here.

- She's not in there.

- The windows are
locked from the inside.

We would've seen her.

- You sure you
checked everywhere?



- You all right, man?

She's not down there.

- Whoa, Speed Racer.

You're the quickest Sherlock
Holmes I've ever seen.

Annie, it's okay, sweetie.

Here, hold this.

Now where do we look for her?

- Why would she
crawl out the window?

- If something scared
her enough, right?

Do, do, do.


Come on, guys.

Keep it light.

- I'm a little freaked
out right now, Michael.

- Well, you're always a little
freaked out right now, Annie.

Good god.

- What is that?

- It's.

What the hell?

Oh, it's hot.

- What do you mean it's hot?

- The metal's heated up.

There's no way someone
could've done that.

At least, I don't
know how the fuck

you could do
something like that.

- Don't get freaked
out, Michael.

- That's it, I'm
calling the cops.

- What the fuck is this?

- This is really happening?

Of course it is.

- There's gotta be
something we can do.

No phone,
no cell service.

No Sandy 'cause this
is a fucking joke.


- Michael, come here.

- What is that?

Is it a deer?

Or that's
something else.

- Give me that.

What the fuck is it?

- Let me see.

- Okay.

- Where'd that come from?

All right, just stay
calm, all right?

Everybody stay calm.

- Robert?

- What?

- You're gonna need this.

- Uh, okay.



Who's there?


Grab her, grab her.

Put her on the floor.

Wrap her up, wrap her up.

Get her.

Got her?

Watch her head.

She's burning up.

wrong with her?


Sandy, you're safe.

- No one's safe.

- Oh, god.


Sandy, where were you?

- I was in the woods.

- Someone's in the woods?

- The wind was everywhere.

I couldn't breathe.

- Did you hear that?

- My stomach hurts.

It's okay.

You're okay.

- What the fuck
is wrong with her?

- Sandy.

Sandy, who did this to you?



Get her legs.


- We're getting out of here.

- Jenny, get the door.

Spin her.

- Annie, get on the other side.


- We follow the same
route that led us here

the first time we're
here, we look for help.

Got it?
- Got it.

Get in the fucking car, Hayden.


Come on,
come on, come on.

- My car won't start!

Does anyone know how
to work one of these?

I'm gay!

- Let me see.

Oh, my god.

- What?

We have no power?

- Get her on the couch.

Easy, easy, easy.


- What the hell is out there?

- Sandy?

- Goddamn it!

- Please, wake up.

- Is she dead?

- I don't know.

I'm not a fucking doctor.

- Where's Brian?

- Brian?

Don't do this, Brian.




- Michael, calm down.

- Do not tell me to be calm.

One moment he's here
and now he's gone?

- We'll find him.

- No!

- Michael!

Don't go out there!

Michael, Michael!

- Brian!


Tell me where you are!




- We have to go back.

They're coming.

- Brian!

- They have Brian.

- Brian!

- Come on!

- No, Brian!

No, no.

- What do you mean
they have him?

What did you see?

- It wasn't human.

- That's bullshit, Annie.

Someone did that to Sandy
and someone took Brian.

- Robbie?

Are we sure every window and
door in this place is locked?

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

- What the hell are
we dealing with here?

- I don't know.

- It's not human.

- Would you stop?

- No, I won't stop!

Annie, stop.

Calm down.

- A bright light and then
Sandy suddenly disappears.

I mean, her fucking necklace
melted in the ceiling.

It's not normal.

You guys need to start
thinking, I mean,

really fucking thinking
about what this all means.

You guys don't want to talk
about these disappearances, huh?

What, you can't wrap
your head around it all?

- Oh, and you can, Annie?

- I saw something watching us.

It was right outside.

We're like rats in a maze.

And then Brian just
up and disappears.

Oh, my god.

They know we'll freak out.

- Annie, Annie.

- They do.

- You've got to shut up.

- They know it, they know it.

They want us against each other.

No, they do.


- They do.

There's something different
about Hayden and Sandy.

What happens when
they come back?


- Brian?

Why are
you guys shouting?

- Brian, stop.

Where were you?

- I was asleep.

I got dressed when I
heard you guys down there.

- Dressed?

- Maybe we missed him.

Did we miss him?

- That's not Brian.

- Shut up!

- Michael, I was in bed.

I was taking a nap.

- We were leaving.

You were with us.

You don't remember?

Are you okay?

- What happened to you?

- I.

- You disappeared.

Sandy, who did this to you?

Answer me.

- What is wrong with you?

Great vacation pick, Robert.

Where shall we go
next year, Elm Street?

- Oh, fuck.

They're coming.

- We're gonna be okay.

No matter what happens.

- What?

- Oh.


Come on, come on!

Michael, come on!

- Run!



Go, go, run!

Go, go, go, go.

- Let's go!

Annie, come on!

Brian, let's go!

- Come on, come on.

Annie, go.

Come on.

- Ow.

- Michael.

Michael, come on.

- No, Annie.

Go, go.

Go, go!

No, no!

Get off of me!

Get off!

No, no, no, no!

- Robert!

- Shh!

- Shh!

Over here.

I found a hiding place.

- No.

No, we have to keep going!

- Calm down, Annie.

The others are waiting.

It's not safe out here.

- He's one of them, Jenny!

- Annie, please.

- Let go of her!

- Let go of me!

- Annie.


Come on, come on.

Oh, Robert.

They're behind us.

They're behind us.
- Right where?


I don't see them.


- No!

- Come here.

Go, go, go!


Go, go!


- Come on!

Shh, shh, shh.

- Hayden tried to
take us to them.


- They're experimenting on us.

- What are they?

- I never want to find out.

Oh, god.

We can just.

- Michael.

- We have to keep them out.

Robert, I'm not gonna
kill my friends.

- You won't have to.

- Robert?

What are you doing?

Robert, no.


- It's so quiet up here.

- Robert, that fight.

You were gone so long.


- They got you.

- Jenny.




I'm so sorry.

- It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter.

Annie, listen to me.

They take 'em one at a time.


- It's the two of us.

- Okay.

And no matter what happens.

- No matter.



- Annie, you stay
close to me, okay?

- Maybe they're gone.

- No, stay close.



I'm the last.

You took everything from me.

- Jenny?

Oh, Jenny.

They don't mean us any harm.

They've shown me everything.

You'll see.

Don't be scared.

I'll be waiting here for you.

Let's step into the
unknown together.

- I don't care
where you come from.

You're not taking me.

You're not taking me.


Please, please.


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